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itm* mw. sram&T holsto atm - sr^w sB&mams ss-sm, $#»
At $$ per annum, payable half yearly.
At £5 per annum, payable in advance.
Terms of Advertising:
Advertisement* neatly and conspicuously inserted at
the rate of one dollar per square for the first three in
sertions, and twenty-five cents for every subsequent
insertion. A reasonable deduction will be made in
the caae of yearly advertisers.
Far Amsterdam.
The A l copper-fastened and copperdd Brit
&[email protected]:i*h Brig DUKE OF CLARENCE, Fenwick,
master, will take small freight) for wh ch apply to
dec9_W^FOWLE C£l
sugar, Beef. &c.
8 BOXES prime White and Brown Sugar
10 barrels prime Bectf
3 tierces Oil
5 kegs Ground Ginger
Just received, per schooner Virginia, for saie by
jan 4 Vow^lPa wharf.
UrouiuV A\vuu Salt
C> Bushels ot Ground Alum Salt, cargo of
the schooner Armida, Capt. Philbrook,
now landing, and for sale by
dec 31 A. C- CAZSNOVE & Co.
ll^&raullc Cement.
4 FEW casks water proof Cement, just received and
jV for sale by ROBERT U. MILLER.
12th mo 30 _
New Orleans Sugar.
8 Hogsheads good quality New Orleans Sugar
20 bbU- prime Apples, “ free of Corporation duty*'
Just received, aud for sale, very low, by
P)Q(in Bushels expected to arrive during the
present week As we wish to set! it from
the vessel, the terms will be favorable- Apply to
dec 30 GKO. JOHNSON ** Co.
CVi'a Hogsl.eadsof Porto Rico and N. Orleans Sugar
<Sill 200 tags of Rio Cuba and Java Coffee
dec 30 For sale by A, C. CAZKNQVE fc Co.
L’atenl Balances.
B Setts of Patent Balances, to weigh 1800 each, for
sale by dec 30M A C. CAZKNPVB t? Co.
Xvv\u\g Wjaon Tea
7 Half Chests superior Young Hyson Tea, just re
ceived, and for sale, very low, by
New Crop New Orleans wugar
5 Hogsheads New Orleans Sugar, new crop, just re
ceived, and for sale, low, by
jsn i Vowe'.l's wharf.
New Orleans **ugav.
r Hogsheads New Orleans Sugar, of the new crop,
•)/ landing from the Brig Uncas, Capt. Moore, from
New Or'eans, and for sale by
j( Smith1* Line) will, o ■ Tuesdav,
I'hursday, and Saturday, leave
■Warrenton at 7 o’clock M. and
react* Alexandria at 4 P. M. This will save nigh tra- j
veiling those days
It will, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, leave
Alexandria for Washington at half after 4 P. VI punc
It will, or, Sunday, '' ednesday, and Friday, leave
Alexandria for Washington at 11 A. VI promptly,
dec 14—tf W VI. SMITH.
Ground Waste*,
For sale by the Ton, Barrel, or Bushel.
FI1HE subscriber has on hand, and intends keeping
1 during the season, Ground Plaster, which will be
sold at as tow prices as it can be procured at in the i)is
trier . JQN.t J \N*N*•'Y
JbitiwtuU W ^altrv'nuiie4
RESPECTFULLY inform* his friends and the pub. !
lie generally that he hi* ronirm >c^d the
•n all its various branches, at the north corner of King
and Columbus streets, in the house formerly occupied .
by James tt Jacob Douglas, where he hopes, by perse
vtrance and industry, in connection with an experi
ence in the above business for the last eight or ten j
years, to merit a shaje of public patronage.
HisfUKSlTUKE will be made by experienced jour
neymen, after the latest fashion, and in the most du j
ruble nunner, which he will warrant to be equal to any ;
wlanufactured in the District of Columbia.
jafi 9—3 m
LYvlna and Vjatth'tn'wate.
HC. SMITH has received, per Brig Belvidera, j
• from Liverpool, and offers for sale, on the low
ut terms, wholesale or retail— .
^ Jtk Crates of Earthenware and China
Jfc 50 boxes English Pipes. 3 groce each
Also oil hand, received lately, making his assortment i
very complete and extensive—
* 150 crates and hogsheads China, &c.
60 packages Glassware, cut.plain and moulded
1150 boxes German Pipes
Window G'a9s, every size and quality
Black Bottles, pint and quart
Demijohns, from quart to five gallon
Stoneware of an excellent quality
India.phin%, in complete fets or any one arti- i
etc separately—a full assortment
Boston Crown Glass, at Factory price {
Merchants ami dealers are particularly invited to '■
call und examine the ware and prices, as every atten- !
t;°& will be paid to render satisfaction. sept 16
PERSONS suffering under Rheumatic Affection are
respectfully assured that they can obtain of the
proprietor and his agents a safe and admirable reme
dy for Rheumatism, however obstinate the disorder
may be, and in all its different stages.
will afford immediate relief to the patient, wnd has
sometimes been attended with such extraordinary sue
cess as to cure the most distressing Rheumatism in
twenty four hours, even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recommended
with a confidence founded on the experience of ma
ny years, not only as a cure for that excruciating d s
ease, but as an excellent application for Stiffness of the
Joints, Numbness, Sprain* Chilblains, &c.
(This article is considered so superior to every
thing else, e »d to possess such uncommon virtues, th*at
it is ordered from all parts of the country ]
(Jj” An Agent recently writes: " Please send me a
further supply of Jebb's Liniment the first oppoituni
ty—l shall probably sell a considerable quantity, as it
is recommended by some of our physicians very high
ly, although contrary to their rules and regulations to
give encouragement to such (or. patent) medicines ”
But is a most decided proof of their confidence in Its
invaluable properties
Another agent writes: “ l wish you to forward me
some more of Jebb’s Liniment, which has recommend
ed itaeif very highly.” Price SO cents a bottle,
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint of
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous instances
bn.® been thoroughly cured, bv the admnistration of
approved compound also mitigates sad re
j_ moves the symptoms which frequently acc mp.t
IV. that disorder, and increase the danger of the pa
tient, viz: pains in loins, headache, loss of appetite, !
indigestion, and other marks of debility ,
A n fi O n t ivsifac f'n i \ m a /liutsnr^*
“ It is but justice to inform *ou, that I have used j
vour Dumfries' Remedy for the Piles for 8*,me time !
past, and have found it eminently successful.”
The remedy is quite innocent, and may be adminis
tered to all ages and both sexes. Plain and ample di. j
rections, with a description of the complaint, accom* i
party each package, which consists of two boxes, one 1
containing an Ointment, and the other an Kiectuary. j
Price $1 for both articles, or 50 cents where but
oiu# is wanted.
fltUfi extensive sale and established reputation of
t. Dumfries'Itch OintmeRt, encourages the propri
etor to recommend it with rene wed confidence to the
public, as a most innocent as well as powerful applies- ,
tion for this anno\ ing disease The most inveterate |
Cases have been cured is ose hoom! by this ester m- j
ed Ointment It contains no mercury, or othi r noxi
ous ingredient, and m.y be confidently applied even
to the youngest children, or to pr-.gnant females.—
Price 374 cents.
*#* None genuine uo esa signed on the outside prin
ted wrapper by the sole proprietor, T. Kidder, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. T. Conway. For sale,
with all the other “ Conway Medicines," at Ins Coun
ting Room, No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug
Store, corner of Court and Hanover streets? near Con
cert Hall, Uostotij and also, by his special appoint
ment, by Vv M. SI A »LEU,
Fairfax street, Alexandria.
*•* Large discounts to those who buy to sell again,
jail 15
ON sale by WM. M. MORRISON—
The L ife and Writings of MajorJack Downing,
of Downin^ville, away down Fast, in the State of
Maine, written by himself.__jqn 1
The AVft'x.amVria Almanac,
FOR 1834,
O MOWING the true declination of the sun, the time
O of high water, 5;c. Sic —-nil the calculations being
untie b> Benjamin Mallowell—just printed and for sale
at this Office, and at the different Bookstores, by the
single copy, dozen, or groce. Orders from the coun
try dOepdtdto dec 55 tf
mu;*, ar.e.
VANILL A Bean, of excellent quality
Kowand’s tonic mixture for the fever and ague
Jujube paste in sheets and boxes
Wistar’s cough- foxonge*; Jackson’s pectoral do
Compound svrup of liverwort for coughs and
hoarseness; liquorice ball of first quality
English peppermint')
lio Fruit > Lozenges
Do Ginger j
Joffes’s chlorate matches for smokers, in pocket
cases; Wafs’s chlorate matches
German taoers; machine do
Cupping instrument*
Best French sulphate of quinine
Henry’s calcined magnesia, genuine
London do do light
Loudon do do ponderous
Adhesive plaster, spread, of superior quality; pre»
pared by a celebrated manufacturer in England
Nail brushes and tootii brushes, an assortment
Soda for washing; scented bar soap
English scented soaps, a variety
Hayden's baUym for the tooth ache
Fire King’s tooth ache drops
Edinburgh tooth ache paste
Chlur;ne tooth wash; do do paste
Moxon’s magnesian aperient, a pleasant medicine
Sod* water £ in bottles
Saratoga do >
Preston salts; English pungents
English flesh brushes; long pepper; blue saucers
Best Be»muda arrow root
Mexican black lead for cleaning stoves, a superior
article; Paris white; nursing bottles
Swaim’s panacea; do vermifuge
Trusses of various kinds and for persons of difier*
ent ages, a full assornient
Surgeons’instruments; patent pump syringes
Oompound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared
by a process that extracts and retains the ac
tive part of the medieine. This is an excel
lent remedy for the Rheumatism, King’s Evil,
and for the depraved state of the system pro
duced by ulcers of long standing.
And almost every other article in the DRUG LINE.
The subscriber respectfully informs Physicians and
others that he selects or prepares, as tjie case may be,
the articles which he offers for sale, with unremitting
attention, endeavoring to nave every medicine that
gues fcotuhis store of the fi.st quality in all respects,
and put up in the safest and neatest manner
11th mo 15tb, 1833, [Warrentoa SpecJ
Vew London WiUous PiWs.
JUST received, a fresh supply.of the above useful
Medicine, direct from Dr. Lee's Dispensary
12th mo30th, 1833. W. STABLER.
The following extract is published by Dr. Lee's au
thority, viz;—
Extract of a letter, written by a very respectable gen
tleman, residing in Baltimore, to the subscriber, who
deems it his duty, though unauthorized, to lay it be
fore the public, withholding the writer’s name, for
particular reference* should any require it per-ion
ally. 3AM II. P LEE.
Baltimore, August, 1828
Doctor S. H. P. l.ix, New London, Conn.
Dear Sir —It is now upwards of twenty years that I
have used your New London Bilious Pills in my fami
ly, and always found them an efficient purgative in al
most every description of disease, and believe they sa
ved many a long doctor’s bill by their early and timeh
use. 1 never found their uncustomed certainty to vary
in their operation and effects until a few months past;
and having, since then, been sadly disappointed in eve
ry instance of using them, I began to conclude that you
had made your fortune, and abandoned their nmnufac
ture to mercenary and unfaithful hands. Under this
impression, I accidentally saw an advertisement of
yours in a New York newspaper, designating spurious
imitations from your own manufacture, by having your
WRITTEN SIGNATURE to each hill of directions,
an t that in no instance were the imitations signed with
pen and ink, although a perfect copy in every other
respect Finding those I had without this test, I be
gan to suspect (hat il all was not fair in medicine, as
well as in politics, and called at si vend of our apothe
caries for your pills, with your written signature. I
found m*ny without this test, but none with it, until 1
came to the Messrs Keerls*, who assured me they had
them direct from you. I procured a box, and on using
them, found the same effects from them I had always
experienced, and am so much rejoiced on finding my
se^fin possession of a medicine I so highly prize, that
that 1 cannot, injustice, refrain from giving you this
r.. n<> .M .r„ ..c ......
*'»ou8 imitations, as related above, the purchaser has
only to examine the bill of directions covering each
box, and if signed at foot, in my ow n handwriting, im
madi.-.tely under my printed name, they are genuine,
and prepared by me; but if ontr the printed name is
affixed, they are spurious, and to be avoided.
S. H. P- LEE,
Me w hondon, Conn Dec. 1821
Jll- WHITE has received, bv recent ar
# rivals from the North, a considerable ad
dition to Shirk, him to offer
almost every article in the HOOP and SHOE
line, either wholesale or retail, upon the best
tennvand particularly cheap for Cash. Among
them are,
Men's calf sewed Boots, ! st, 2d and 3d quality —
Do calf pegged do
Do nailed Boots [cheap] [tide
Do fireman s water prof Bouts [an excellent ar
Do coarse pegged Boots
Do -Cuf sew-d and nailed Slipper Boots
Do calf sewed pegg d and nailed Munroes
Do K'p and grain leather do
Do coarse uegged Brogans and Shoes
Do gum clastic and Icathe: Over Shues
Boys' calf sewed and pegged Monroes
Do catf sewed Vhoes
Ladies' gaiter and leather B ods
Do fur trimmed gum elastic Shoes
Do calf seal, ana moroctn Walking Shoes
l)o seal and lasting ■'I pper, and Jtjfarsons
Misses' and children’s Boots and Bootees various kinds
Jilso, lluir drunks deal Caps. <JXc c
Made to order, Ladies and Gentleman's Boots
and Shoes, of the best materials and workman
ship. dec 18
H A I S, CAPS, &c. &c.!!!
JOHN T. KVANS respectfully informs his
o1il customers and the public generally, that
he nas on hand a splendid assortment ol superior
BLACK HATS, of all shapes and qualities,
manufactured by journeymen of long and well
tried experience. A9 he keeps no apprentices,
he can therefore, with confidence, recommend
any work which mav leave his shop.
He has just received, by the last arrivals from
Boston and elsewhere, CAPS of latest fashions
and of best workmanship and materials; among
them will be found Youth’9 and Men’s Cloth
Caps, of a variety of palterns. Also, a few do
zen Ladies’ Cloth Riding Caps, a new ajid beau
tiful article. He continues to kepp LADIES’
FURS of every kind, *uch as Fur Stocks, Boa
Constrictors, &c. &c.
And For Skins for gentlemen’s cloak collars.
He is now manufactoring LADIES’ BEAVER
BONNETS of the latest fashion, which are
thought, handsomer than any thing of the kind
ever before offered to the public* All of which
he will dispose of, on accommodating terms,
nov 28—d3m______
ttata &Cs>.\>8—latest Fftstoms.
fglHOWAS L- MARTIN, at his old stand on King,
JL three doors above Fairfax street, has on hand an
extensive assortment of
HATS of the latest Fashion, ;
and all the variety of shapes and qualities
that nre worn, manufactured under his
own immediate inspection, by the most
-w experienced workmen.
Having sold out his establishment in Washington, his
whole attention will be devoted to his business in Alex
andria; and he is determined to have hi9 work got up
in a style that will give satisfaction.
He has also a large supply of
travelling caps,
comprising all the variety of the season, viz. -Sea Ot
ter, Mock Otter, Cloth, Hair; Seal, Ac. All of which
he will sell on pleasing terms, wholesale or retail.
Dealers are invited to call and examine his stock.
Boat Boat.
STOLEN, oB Friday night lost, from ship General
Smith, near the White House, her STERN BOAT,
sixteen feet long, painted light green, with white bot
tom Five Dollar! reward will be paid for the delivery
of tlie Boat to STEPHEN SHINN.
d,c 30 Jannay’* wharf.
ftpleuAiA Furniture,.
Cabinet, Chair and Sofa Maker, King, next dooi
to the corner of Mfred street.
a AS on hand, and constantly manufactures a gene
ral assortment of
Which, for elegance and durability,defies competition
His stock, generally consists of
Grecian and plain sofas, couches^nd !ouages
Mahogany and all kinds of drawing-room chairs
Grecian, winged and single wardrobes
Pedestal-end sideboards with marble tops and mircr*
Gothic and various other ditto
Pier tables, with marble and mahogany tops
Pillerand block dining, card and breakfasttables
do claw do do do do
Plain do do do do do
Centric or loo uo
Frenchand variou other bureaus, with anu wilhou
Ladies ireasing tables, with and without mirrors
Ditto workstands and music stools
Dittoand gentlemen’s abinet, secretaries and book
Waskstands, with marble and mahogany tops
Richly carved and plain mahogany, bird eye, and curl
maple and common beadsteads
Cribs, cradles, candlestands,shavingdo'vpo* table desks
and every other article in the cabinet line. -
Mahogany of various kinds, steam sawed, curl and
shaded veneers, copal varnish,sacking bottoms, cords,
B2D3, ftXA.Tr&&S323'&a.
The above articles will be disposed offor cash or to
punctual persons on the most liberal terms.
Avery extensive patronage from Washington indu
ces me tosay, that I will leiiver furniture to any pur
chasers that city free ofexpence.
Turning <V Carving executed in lhebest manner*
may 20
C&biuet, I’Mt, feuta
JAMBS GUKBN, Cabinet maker, hasonha 1, and
wi) 1 constantly keep, at bis old stand o, Royal
st., Alexandria, and at thecorner oflOth st., * cfinsyl
vnnia, Avenue, Washington, a genera ass^, -ent ^
The most fashionable 8f durable FURN1] *IRE*
which he will warrant equal, it not superior, in
quality, to am ever ofFeyed in the District:- Jor.sist
ing, in part, of
Grecian, winged and plain wardrobes
Gothic, pedestal end and plain 3idebofc if
Ditto, with cellareits and marble slabs
French and plain bureaus
liu v» iili mtrrvi b
Ladies' and gentlemen's secretaries and book
Pier table, with marble and mahogany ops:
Pillar and claw dining, breakfast*!* car tables
Plain do do do do do
Ladies’ work stands
Shaving and candle stands
Wash *tands with marble and m&h *g*n> tops
Grecian sofas; mahogany chairs
Music, stools, bidetts, crios, cradles
Portable writing desks, fiic.
IVilh a general assortment of BEI)S7 EABS,
j inoiiiy carved mahogany, maple and stained
woods All of which wdlbe so*d as lew, for cash,
as they can be purchased of the same quality
at any other manufactory in the Union.
An assortmen of St. Uomingo and Bay ofllnn*
duras Mahogany, a part of whici is suitable for
handrail*; steam sawed Curl and Shaded Veneers;
Copal Varnish of a superior quality; Sacking
Bottoms, Cords, &c.
TURNING CARVING handsomely executed
oct 5:5
oVfcpnfcu o- onnger,
!N endering his sincere acknowledgements to his
friends and the public for p«9t patronage, respect
fully informs them that he still continues to manufac
ture. am! has now on hand,
of good materials and workmanship, which he will dis
pose of upon reasonable terms
The public are solicited to call, before they pur
chase elsewhere, at his
on King street, between Columbus and Henry streets,
where he will satisfactorily execute ail orders for arti
cles in ei'.her cf tbe above branches. Repairs in cither
line done neat, cheap, and expeditiously,
oet 8-—tf ___
liwi llut&le,
HAVING taken his brother, THOMAS T. HUH
OLE. into partnership, will continue at the old
stand, south-west corner of King and Columbus streets,
to carry on their business as
\nd where they will make, and keep constantly for
sale, a? fair prices,
i A general assortment of Gre
ciaa, Fancy and Windsor
The public are resp ctfully invited
to call and examine their present as*
sortment. They feel assured that they
will be found not to be inferior, either
in the durability of their materials or the neatness of
their execution, to those of any other manufacturer in
the District. They will execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting and Gilding,
in all their various branches, on the most accommodat
ing terms
OLD CHAIRS will be taken in part payment for
new ones, or will be repaired or re painted at the
shortest notice.
Chairs purchased at this manufactory will be sent,
free ofexpense,to any part of the District.
nov.23—tf _____ —
Fur Capea.
If FRIGHT & MADDOX have receive-an addition
? V al supply of HANDSOME FUR CAPES, of
various colors, which are offered at reduced price*.
| They have also received more OLO \ which
' makes their assortment very general. ^tn 1
l • • *- " ■.
Eli Renoe, Esq. is recommended to the
voters of Prince William County, to represent
them in the next General Assembly of Virginia.
Many Voters,
tCg* We are requested to announce Arthcii
F. Lane, Esq. as a candidate for a seat in the
next Virginia Legislature, from the County of
Fairfax. Many Voters.
|L|r* Bazil Brawner, Esq. is recommended to
the voters of Prince William, to represent them
in the next General Assembly of Virginia.
__ Many Voters.
-| K Bags Rio Coffee, part very superior, just
X tXreceived and for sale by
FOR manure and other purposes..
tfJX Hogsheads of Whiskey, received per
tX steamboat Columbia, landing this day and
for sale by A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
jan 15
-f Hogsheads Baltimore Whiskey, for sale
jan 11Janney’s whnrf
6AAA Dollars, in Mechanics’ Bank pa*
^IXIXIX per, for sale by
jan 11_ _ S. MESSERSMITH.
-J Barrels Newark Cider
XIX 25 barrels Pippin Apples
On board schooner Virginia, for sale by
jan 11 STEPHEN SHINN, Janney’s wharf.
Cedar Posts, of excellent quality'', some
vU large, for sale.
1st mo 1C ' ROBT. H. MILLER.
NO. 1,2, and 3 Fall-caught Mackerel, in lots
to suit purchasers, for sale by
jan 7 LE VV1S McKENZIE, Union wharf
A QUANTITY ot White Oak Timber,.suita>
ble for a vessel of about 160 tons. Persons
wishing to contract for its delivery within three
months, may apply to
jan 15 A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
AND on sale bv WM. M. MORRISON,
j practical manual for every day life. P.- c? 75
I cents.
We recommend the possession of this work
to every young man who wishes to become use
ful, virtuous and happy.—Ar. H. Gaz.
Its contents are of a high moral character,
and it should be in the possession of every young
man.—Portsmouth Journal.
The work is a good and useful one. and wor
thy the serious attention of young men.— Chris
tian Register.
\ It is written in a plain direct style, and enliv
ened with anecdote and narrative.— The Reli*
gious Magazine.c
An admirable production, communicating
sound and wholesome truths.—Boston Trans•
rript. jap 20
ELLIOT’S Almanac for 1834. Tins will be
found useful for every man of business, as
it contains a complete list of all the Officers of
the Government, as well as of the three Corpo
rations in the District, including all incorporat
ed companies, dec. Also, the Churchman’s Al
manac for 1334._jan 11
OF $100 and under,for transmission, may be
always obtained of JAS. RIORDA 'L
Exchange Office, corner King & Royal sts.
503* American, French, Spanish and English
Gold Coin purchased. Bank Notes of the va
rious States discounted.jan 15
Fare to Washington - - 25 cents > ,
to Baltimore - - - $3 00 $011 ^
For seats please apply at
Beltzhoover & Co’s Office,
Royal-street live or six doors
south 6f Newton’s Hotel; at
the Franklin House Hotel; and at R. H. Har
rington’s SteamBoat Hotel, near the wharf.
Passengers going to Baltimore will always
•find a Coach in Washington ready to take them
through without any delay; and every exertion
used tor the safety and comfort of those who may
favor this line with their patronage. No racing
allowed._G. M. BRUCE, Agent.
A-A I will let the DWELLING and STORE
Hll iHOUSE at the corner of Water and Prince
streets at as low a rent as any property in the
town, (considering location.) It is well calcula
ted for a wholesale or retail grocery, segar fac
tory, slopshop, &c. &c . &c.
j jan 17 _JOSIAH H. DAVIS.
The BRICK HOUSE at the intersection
Ml of Cameron and Pitt streets, now occupied
by Mr. Charles Gawler, is to rent. Possession
I may be had 1st February. For terms inquire o *
| jan 9 SAMUEL B. LARMOUR & Go.
Ji A SMALL HOUSE north of the resi*
idence of Samuel ^.Larmour.
JOSIAH H. DAVIS respectfully informs his friends
fcnd the public that hie PATENT itOPE-WA(«£
s now in complete operation, and he will thankfully
execute ail order* at the shortest notice. Inasmuch as
I have got this business up sA great cost au<l trouble, (
hope to receive all thesupport I may be found wor^
thy of. Alexandria, January 3, 1834,

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