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rphp Northern Neck District.—Instructions to
1 ' Mr. Chinn.
We are glad to see that the intelligent and
respectable people of the Northern Neck of Vir
ffinia have made a demonstration in favor of
constitutional liberty. We have, for some time
past, been convinced that a majority of the peo
ple of that Congressional District were opposed
to the Administration on many of the important
political subjects of the day. Their Represen
tative in Congress does not, we believe, feel as
satisfied of this as we do. On the subject of the
Deposites, however, we hazard little in saying,
that a great majority are opposed to the course
of the President. It would have given us great
pleasure, then, to have seen their Kepiesenta
jjve—whose intelligence and worth are acknow
ledged by all who know him—ranging himself,
on this question, with the State from which he
comes, and with the high-minded and generous
people who have honored him with a seat in the
National Councils. This would have required
no sacrifice of principle—involved no inconsis
tency of purpose; and we therefore the more re
gret that his sense of duty does not permit him to
pursue such a course. We come, however, to
the design of this article.
A public meeting of the citizens of Westmore
land was held at the Court House of that Coun
tv on the 27th ultimo. Daniel Payne, Esq. pre
sided. The object of the meeting was explain
ed in an appropriate address by Willoughby
Newton, Esq. and strong resolutions against the
Removal of the Deposites were presented by
Dr. Robert Murphy, and against the usurpation
of power on tike part of the President by G. W.
Lewis, Esq.; which were adopted with two or
three dissenting voices. The names of these
gentlemen will show the respectability and cha
racter of the meeting; and we particularly re
joice to see the course that Mr. Newton has ta
ken—he having been formerly, we believe, one
of the most ardent supporters of the President
in his county.
Alter the adoption of the regular resolutions,
on motion of Willoughby Newton, Esq. it was
Resolved, That the following letter of instruc
tion to our Representative in Congress be sign
ed by the members ofthi3 meeting, and that the
Secretary forward copies of the same to such
persons in every part of the District as he thinks
will further the object of this meeting, with a re
quest that they will, alter procuring a sufficient
number of signatures, transmit them by mail as
speedily as possible to Joseph W. Chinn, Esq.:
“The undersigned, voters of the Congres
sional District at present represented by Joseph
W. Chinn, E>q. understanding that their Repre
sentative has determined (unless instructed to
the contrary) to oppose the proposition now
pending in Congress, to restore the Public De
posites to the Bank ©f the United States, take
this as the only practicable method, at this in
clement season, of expressing to him their views
and wishes upon this interesting and important
The undersigned, therefore, express distinctly
to their Representative, their deliberate opinion
that the removal of the Public Deposites from
the Bank of the United States by the Executive,
under existing circumstances, was unwise, ille
gal, unjust to the Batik, and in its consequences,
likely to affect most injuriously the great com
mercial, agricultural, and manufacturing inte
rests of the community; that it has in fact pro
ducer! most extensive embarrassments in the
commercial cities, which is rapidly extending
to the country, and is already very seriously felt
by his immediate constituents. That the only
(hu avilc flnvi irm1 frnn> tliic linwie**
measure is to be found in the prompt and decid
ed action of Congress, in repairing as far as is
now possible, this breach of the national faith,
by annulling the lawful proceedings of the Ex
ecutive, and providing for the future deposite of
the public money in the Bank of the United
‘‘Firmly convinced that this measures is
alike necessary to the vindication of the nation
al honor, the protection of the public in
terests, and the restoration of public tranquility
—we, the undersigned, in the exercise of our un
doubted right as electors, respectfully, but de
cidedly. instruct our representative in Congress,
Joseph W. Chinn, Esq., to use his best efforts to
procure the adoption by Congress, of such
measures as will ensure the future deposite of
public money in the Bank of the United States.”
That these instructions may be speedily and
extensively circulated and signed, active mea
sures ought to be taken. We trust the people of
Mr. Chinn's district will lose no time in forward
ing the expression of their sentiments on this
important question—a question which involves
public liberty. Should time not be given for the
voters generally to sign the instructions, we
hope, if decided evidence of the wishes of the
people is given in any other way, that it may
be regarded as a virtual instruction, and acted
upon accordingly- The people ought, in this
matter, to be obeyed; for it is a matter which
intimately and directly concerns them.
In any remarks which are here made, we
trust the Representative from the Northern
Neck will see nothing unkind or disrespectful.
There is nothing of this intended. The repre
sentations of all w ho have the pleasure of Mr.
Chinn’s acquaintance induce us to entertain no
other feelings towards him but those of respect
and esteem.
The Canada papers state that Lord Aylmer,
die Governor, has refused the Representatives
flf the People certain information requested by
them in relation to subjects of a public nature.
He has also refused them the usual warrants for
money, as he claims to have exclusive pow7er
over the Treasury. •
f o/. Crockett.—It may interest the friends of
this genuine son of the West to learn, that he
has lately completed, with his own hand, a nar
rative of his life and adventures, and that the
"ork will be shortly published by Messrs. Carey
&, Hart, of Philadelphia. The work bears this
excellent and characteristic motto by the author:
I leave this rule for others, when I am dead:
Be alway sure you’re right—then go ahead!
The Richmond Compiler, heretofore tak
| ing but little part in politics, has at length enter
! ed the arena boldly and decidedly. It nomi*
' nates Henry Clay as the next President—to be
supported against Martin Van Buren.
A public meeting of the citizens of Cumber
i land, New Jersey, has been called to take into
consideration the present deranged state of the
currency. The call is signed by a number of
the friends of the National Administration.
Mr. Booth has been playing at Louisville and
with entire success. The Louisville Journal
says that “ popular sentiment is undivided in pro
nouncing him the first of living tragedians. When
the elder Kean died he left Booth without a com
petitor.” _________
Mr. Editor:—1 see from your paper that the
! friends of several gentlemen have proposed
them as candidates for the suffrages of the peo
ple of Fairfax County, at the ensuing April elec
tion: and as the time has arrived when the poli
tical principles of each candidate should be
well known and understood by the people, I
have taken the liberty of calling upon them,
through the medium of your press, to know
their sentiments upon the important subject
which now agitates the minds of the people.
Mr. Editor, we feel insecure—we know not
where we stand. The commercial spirit and
enterprise of the country is destroyed: all busi
ness is at a stand: dismay and ruin stare upon
us from every quarter; and every thing portends
the near approach, not only of the ruinous con
sequences of a depreciated paper currency, but,
Mr. Editor, of the entire destruction of our hard
earned liberty—for all history, the example of
other nations, teach us a lesson not to be mis
understood; it teaches of the danger of permit
ting the control of the public revenue to go out
of the hands of the immediate representatives
of the people, even for a limited time. At one
time, liberty itself was in danger of becoming
extinct, in the whole British empire, from this
very cause: and I am well convinced, that the
Representatives of the People of these United
States will see the importance of preserving
the power over the revenue in their own hands,
which has been placed there by the people of
the United States;—if they do not, let them sanc
tion this dangerous assumption of power—this
gross violation of chartered rights; and let them
permit Andrew Jackson, now dizzy and drunk
with power, (which in an evil moment was com
mitted to him.) to assume the “ responsibility’*
of usurping powers not vested in him by the
laws or the Constitution,—and what, let me
ask, will there be to prevent him from placing a
crown upon his head and transmiting it to his
successor, the present heir apparent.
But, Mr. Editor, there is some consolation
that one portion of the United States will not
quietly submit to this outrage upon their rights
and liberty. Already has Virginia, good old
Virginia, stepped forward, in all her majesty,
and snatched the bleeding Constitution from
under the feet of the despot, and told him, in
language plain and unequivocal, that he has vi
olated the Constitution, and trampled upon the
rights of the people. And, Mr. Editor, as I well
know that it is the wish of the people of Fairfax
that Virginia may always present an unbroken
rront in resisting enuruauumems anu assump
tions of undeleguted powers, from every quar
ter, I am induced to ask of the gentlemen now
before us their sentiments in relation to the Re
moval of the Deposites from the United States
Bank. A VOTER.
Fairfax County, Fa. Feb. 4, 1834.
Mr. Snowden—It is well known to the public
at large, and to several individuals in particular,
to whom the gentleman who is supposed to be a
Canal Stockholder has addressed himself, that
he has not ceased to speak of many of the Di
rectors in such style as to justify the language
used by “ Civis,” and it is not surpi&ing that
the substance should find its way to your co
lumns. If any should doubt of the truth, they
may refer to the President. But I trust that
neither “ Civis” nor any other will further in
trude this matter on your time and valuable pa
per. _______ X- Y*
Airival of the Hon. Mr. Hamm, from Chili—
The brig Lady Adams of Baltimore, anchored
in Hampton Roads on Saturday evening last,
in the remarkably short passage of 70 days from
Valparaiso, via Coquimbo. Among the pas
sengers in the L. A. was the Hon. John Hamm,
Charge d’affaires of the United States to the Re
public of Chili, who came up to this place last
evening in the steam boat Pocahontas, for Bal
timore, via Annapolis. We have been oblig
ingly favoured with the following extract of a
letter from a passenger on board the Lady.
“Mr. Hamm is the bearer of the Treaty of
Commerce and Navigation which he conclud
ed with the Chilian Government some time ago,
and which was duly ratified by the President
and Senate of the United States;—but the time
limited for the exchange of ratifications at
Washington having expired, and' sundry
amendments having been proposed by the Chil
ian Congress, it became necessary, as I learn, to
enter with the Plenipotentiary of Santiago into
an explanatory Convention, and to have again
the whole matter submitted to the Chilian Con
gress for their approbation. These Prelimina
ry arrangements were all satisfactorily settled
in November last, by the ratification of the trea
ty as well as explanatory Convention, and an
envoy was appointed to proceed directly to
Washington for the purpose of exchanging the
ratifications, and reside near the Government.
Senhor Don Manuel Carvallo, the Chilian
Envoy, is also a passenger in the Lady Adams,
and will proceed to Washington with Mr. Hamm,
1 for the purpose of laying the whole before our
Government, he being the bearer of the Treaty
and Convention in the Spanish Language.
“ It will be found that in the performance of
his highly responsible duties, few men have had
more embarrassment and difficulties to encoun
ter and contend with, and few have more per
fectly accomplished the objects of their mission
than Mr. Hamm. How gratifying therefore it
must be, on his return home, after so long an ab
sence, to congratulate with kindness, and receive
with a hearty welcome the public servant who
has thus so sucessfully and honorably filled the
i most sanguine expectations of his old friends and
acquaintance, in rendering such essential and
important services to his country, by firmly es
tablishing with a most flourishing section of the
South American continent, relations so flatter
ing and encouraging to our enterprising and
commercial community.
“ And allow me to add, that to have discharg
ed the difficult and complicated obligations of
a Foreign Minister, (particularly in South Ame
rica, where revolutionary movements are so
frequent among a people so peculiarly consti
tuted, and this being the first Treaty that the Re
public of Chili has ever entered into,) to the en
tire satisfaction of the Government by which he
was appointed—and that, also, at which he has
so long resided, is truly a public claim to respect
and confidence which few diplomatic agents
have the abilities and rare good fortune to
“ Mr. Hamm’s friends will rejoice to hear of
his safe arrival, in good spirits, and his health
much benefited, by the sea voyage; and that af
ter having enriched his mind with the treasures
found in the Southern hemisphere, he may re
turn to his much loved adopted State, Ohio, so
improved in health as to serve his country again,
is the sincere wish of one who is well acquainted
with his firmness of character, personal merits,
his frank, patriotic purposes, and safe judgment.
f Norfolk 1 hr aid.
Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
Wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel - $4 50 a $4 62 1-2
Wheat, per bushel, 0 75 a 0 90
Corn, do - 0 50 a 0 55
Rye, do - 0 55 a 0 60
Oats, from wagons, bush 0 37 1-2 a 0 40
Do from vessels, do 0 33 a 0 35
Corn Meal, white, do 0 58 a 0 60
Do do yellow, do 0 55 a 0 50
Cloverseed, do 6 00 a 6 25
Faaxsf.ed, do 1 25 a 0 00
Whiskey, per gallon, 0 25 a 0 27
Bacon, per cwt. - 6 50 a 7 00
Butter, fresh, per lb. 0 20 a 0 25
Do lirkin, do - 0 12 a 0 15
Lard, do - 0 07 a 0 08
Plaster Paris, retail, ton, 6 00 a 0 00
Wagon Pork, per 100 lbs. 5 50 a 6 00
Flour.—Tuesday, the wagcn price of Flour
was currently $4 50, though two or three loads
were taken at $162 1-2. Yesterday we heard
of no change in the market, and but little sold
from wagons. Sales from stores at $4 75.
Some few sales of Pol Ashes were made this
morning, at $4 25, last year’s brand. 25 bbls.
Pearl, same brand, at $4 25. Cotton— The
transactions this morning have not been large:
from 40 to 50 bales of Georgia at 11 cents cash;
25 do. Florida, 11 1-2 do. and 30 do. Mobile 12
1-2 on time. We quote the following cash
prices: Louisiana 11 a 12 1-2; Mobile 11 a 12;
Florida 11a 12; Georgia and South Carolina
10 a 11; North Carolina and Virginia 10 a 10
1-2. Flour—After our statement of Saturday
was prepared, 1000 bbls. of Western were dis
posed of at $5 3-8. About 300 tierces of Rice
were nt ft*? 7-8 a $3 .- li.r i time—Com. Vr
mt SH IP _ NEWS.
Sailed, Ferruary 5,
Schooner AbH, N'^1. cr^cn. New York.
ri_Jr» We are authorized to announce Henry
Fairfax as a candidate for a seat in the Legisla
ture of Virginia, from the County of Fairfax, at
the ensuing election. Many Voters.
£l3= Major George Beard is recommended to
the voters of Fairfax to represent the County in
the next General Assembly. Many Voters.
ILf* We are authorized to announce William
S. Daniel as a candidate to represent the Coun
ty ofFairfax in the next Virginia Legislature.
ETT We are requested to announce Dr. 11. C.
Mason as a candidate to represent the County
of Fairfax in the next General Assembly of Vir
ginia. Many Voters.
113s We are requested to announce Arthur
F. Lane, Esq. as a candidate for a seat in the
next Virginia Legislature, from the County of
Fairfax. Many Voters. *
ITT Thomas B. Hooe, Esq. will he run as the
Working Men’s candidate to represent the
County of Prince William in the next General
Assembly of Virginia. A Working Man.
OA Bales of Bridport Shad and Herring
£i\3 Twine, at reduced prices, for sale by
feb 5 W. FOWLE & CO.
5 Hogsheads handsome quality new crop New
Orleans Sugar, just received and for sale by
QA Hogsheads of Porto Rico Sugar
f 20 tierces and hogsheads Refined Sugar
200 boxes Bunch Raisins
200 do Muscatel do ^
50 casks Sun Raisins. For sale by
Also, No. 1, 2 and 3 Mackerel, late inspection.
__jan 31
A O Hogsheads New Orleans Sugar, of the
*A:Yj new crop, for sale by
A GENT LEM AN well qualified to teach the
Latin and Greek Languages may hear of a
good situation by making immediate applica
tion to the Editor. One qualified to teach the
Mathematics also, would be preferred.
The DWELLING HOUSE at the cor
UsHt ner of King and Columbus streets, with im
mediate possession. Apply to
jan 17—eo7t JNO. D. VOWELL.
In the Senate yesterday, Mr. WEBSTER
from the Committee on Finance, made a Repori
on the subject of the Removal of the Deposites,
j The Report is a most able and conclusive one,
i in opposition to that measure. It occupied bet"
! ter than an hour in reading it. Upon the mo
! tion to print G000 extra copies of this Report, a
most interesting and animated debate took place
—in which Messrs. FORSYTH, WEBSTER,
CLAY, WRIGHT, WILKINS, and others, took
part. The debate involved the whole subject.
At half past four o’clock, the motion to print
was agreed to, and the Senate adjourned.
In the House of Representatives, after the pas.
sing of a number of private bills, Mr. ARCHER
resumed and concluded his speech in opposition
, to the Removal of the Deposite. After he had
concluded, Mr. PEYTON, of Tennessee, took
the floor in favor of the Removal; but before he
concluded, the House adjourned.
In Baltimore, on Tuesday morning, the 4th
instant, by the Rev. Mr. White, Mr. George W.
Gordon, Merchant, of Providence, Fairfax Co.
V a. to Miss Jane Eagleston, of the former place.
At 3 o’clock yesterday morning. Mrs. Eliza
beth Day, consort of Mr. Horatio Day, of this
place, in the 37th year of her age. The
friends and acquaintances of the family are re
spectfully invited to attend her funeral, from the
dwelling of her husband, on King street, This
Afternoon, at 3 o'clock.
In Georgetown, D. C. on the 2d instant, Lo
renzo Dow, a well known Itinerant Preacher.—
He was one of th<* most remarkable men of this
_c i.:_ l ] it....... i.i n
cJ£iu 1UI tins tea. attu lauuius in me: tauw U1 I c
ligion. He was a native of Coventry, Con
necticut; and in early life became deeply im
pressed by the truths of religion, and felt urged,
by motives irresistible, to devote his life to the
preaching of the Gospel iu various parts of the
world. His eccentric dress, and style of preach
ing, attracted great attention; while his shrewd
ness, and quick discernment of character, gave
him no inconsiderable influence over the multi
tudes that attended on his ministry. lie travel
led extensively in England and Ireland, and re
peatedly visited almost every portion of the Uni
ted States. He had been a public preacher for
more than thirty years, and it is probable that
more persons have heard the Gospel from his
lips, than from those of any other individual
since the daj^s ofWhitfield.
He wrote several books, particularly a histo
ry of his own life, so singularly eventful, and
full of vicissitude. His purity of purpose, and
integrity and benevolence of character, can
hardly be questioned. He was a Methodist in
principle, and though not in connexion with that
socicfy, was held in esteem by many of that bo
dy. A wanderer through life, it is believed he
was a sincere Christian pilgrim, seeking a hea
venly country, and that he now rests in the Ci
ty of God.—Nat. Int.
Five hundred and forty-two deaths occurred
in the city of Charleston during the year ending
on the 1st of last month. Of these, ninety-two
were by consumption; ten intemperance, fifteen
lockjaw, &c.
VANIUA Bean, of excellent quality
Rowand's tonic mixture for the fever and ague
Jujube paste in sheets and boxes
Wistar'9 cough lozenge-; Jackson's pectoral do
Compound syrup of liv. rwort for coughs ami
hoarseness; liquorice bull of first quality
English peppermint
bo Fruit
l)o (linger
Jones's chlorate matches tor smokers, in pocket
cases; Watts's chlorate matches
German taoers; machine do
Cupping instruments
Best French sulphate of quinine
Henry’s caicined magnesia, genuire
Condon do do light
London do do ponderous
Adhesive plaster, spread, of superior quality; pre.
pared by a celebrated manufacturer in England
Nail brushes and tooth brushes, an assortment
Soda for washing; scented bar soap
English scented soaps, a variety
Hayden’s balsam for the tooth ache
Fire King’s tooth ache drops
Edinburgh tooth ache paste
Chlorine tooth wash; do do paste
M ox on’s magnesian aperient, a pleasant medicine
Soda water ) . ....
o „ , > m bottles
Saratoga do S
Preston salts; English pungents
English flesh brushes; long pepper; blue saucers
Best Bermuda arrow root
Mexican black lead for cleaning stoves, a superior
article; Paris white; nursing bottles
Swaim's panacea; do vermifuge
Trusses of various kinds and for persons of differ
ent ages, a full assor merit
Surgeons’ instrument.-; patent pump syringes
Compound Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla, prepared
bv a process that extracts and retains the ac
tive part of the medieine. This is an excel
lent remedy for the Rheumatism, King’s Evil,
and for the depraved state of the system pro
duced by ulcers of long standing.
And almost every other article in the DRUG LINE
The subscriber respectfully informs Physicians and
others that he selects or prepares, as the case may be,
the articles which he offers for sale, with unremitting
attention, endeavoring to have every medicine that
goes from his store of the first quality in all respects,
and put up in the safest and neatest manner
11th mo 15th, 1833. [Warrenton Spec.]
tieU-U&ng\ug, ’Lock SjW \vvU
THE subscribe- respectfully informs the Public,
that, in consequence of the liberal encourage
ment he has received during the present year, he has
been induced to buy a general assortment of materials
in his line of business, consisting, in part, of
Silver Plated Bell Pulls
Brass do do of every description
Base. Surbase and common Cranks
Bell Springs and Carriages
& licet Brass, suitable for Bell Plates
New Keys of every description
Brass handles and Spindles for Lrcks
With every other article necessary for the business,
dec 23—d3t&w3w GEO. 11. DUFFEY
ON Saturday next, 8th instant, at 12 o’clock,
will be sold at the Warehouse on TJiomp
| son’s Wharf lor the benefit of underwriters anc’
all others concerned,
damaged on board the schooner Robert Gor
don, Baker master, on her voyage from George
town, D. C. for New York.
Terms cash. WM. D NUTT,
feb 6
VaYuabYfe iMropert^j for aivYii.
The subscriber offers for sale
situated in Fairfax County, about 12 miles
from Alexandria, and one mile and a quaiter
ruin Occoquan. containing, bv the last survey,
This laud is of good quality; about 400 acres of
which is well timbered, consisting principally of Oak
suitable for building ships, erecting wharves, pumps,
&c. and would probably average 20 or 30 cords per
acre, exclusive of timber The land is not hilly or bro
ken, but presents a moderately waving suiLee, sothai
every part in sufficiently level for cultivation. There
is a fine stream of water running through it; its situa
tion is healthful and beautiful, and by a system of good
husbandry, may become a delightful and profitable re
sidence. The improvements are inconsiderable, though
there is a SAVV MU.I., convenient, for sawing plank
and scantling, which adds greatly to the facility of
building. To persons wishing to enter into the Wood
or Timber business, this would be a de.iirable purchase
The tract may be so divided as to afford two produc
tive Farms, and will be sold on very reasonable terms
If not sold before Saturday, the 7th day of Decem
ber next, I shall, on that day, off r it for sale, for cash
to the highest bidder, at Otis’ Tavern, West Knd o~
Alexandria. L) MINOR,
nov 8— dl wfcr'?awt7th!>ec
Id/’ The above sale is postponed till Sa(u.'
day, 21st instant. Terms m:*de known 8t sale dec 6
The sale of the above described property
is further postponed until I he 2 la* day o' January next
The sale of the above property is further
postponed till Tuesday, the 25th February next
jan 21—2awt25thFeb
Liwivd for fen\e.
IOFFRH fur sale my Plantation called CLOVEh
LAND, ly ing in the County of Prince M illiam, 3t
miles distant from Alexandria and Washington. !
12 00 ACRES,
Has on it a large DWELLING*
HOUSK, Barn, and other improvements;
and an excellent Mill Seat, on which »•
i Saw Mill is erected. The land lias r'etn
weil tilled, and for several vears past unproved by the
u*>e of clover and plaster; the eflects of which are n'v
where more visible, or mure fully proven !’ is divid
ed into lietds of an equal and convenient sze, and u«*
der the beat enclosures. ’I his Plantation is justly cot?
sidered among the best in the upper country; its shut
tion is healthful and bpautiful.
Ah purchasers wi I view the premises before maktry
an offer, farther particulars are deemed unnecessary.
If desired, immediate possession may be given ‘.Li
ters addressed to me (po*t paid) in t> he directed
Bichmond City, Oct. 10'b, 1823.
N B. In my absence, Mr Kdinund New man, Agent
on the premise*, will attend to gentlemen wishing to
view the premises. C. S C.
To Uire,
TWO I.ADS, one of 1(5, the other 12 years old- —
I he eldest a complete Dining Boom Servant; »h„
youngest accustomed to House-work Ir quire of thw
Printer. ian 3—2awtf
JUST received and for sale by
From the lion. Gideon Lee, Mayor of the Cu <
of Ne w York.
“ Few men in the community have a greaic
contempt for nostrums in general than myself.
Patent medicine and catchpenny, with me, hav*
been synonymous. I am constrained, however
to relinquish these sentiments as respects Dr.
Rogers’s Vegetable Detergent, the effects of
which I have recently witnessed. A young lady
in my family, by using two papers, I have rea
son to believe, is effectually cured of an alarm
*ing Pulmonic Complaint, which in all its symp
toms gave evidence of immediate consumption
I communicate this with a view of usefulness,
and sincerely hope that such persons as haw*
complaints similar to the above, will make a tri
al of the medicine. Gtoeon Lee.”
ON Tuesday morning, between Fredericks
burg and my plantation, in the upper <nc
of Stafford, a NEGRO MAN, and the MARE
on which lie was riding, both belonging to me
were stolen by a man who seems to have bee*
a stranger in this part of the country. Whor
seen in possession of the Slave and of the Marc
he was inquiring his way to Stafford Court
House. He is described to me as a person be
tween fifty and sixty years of age, with :.*c
markably white hair; his stature stout and wel
set. He wore a brownish colored stuff cloak
The negro is between twenty-five and thirty
years of age, as well as is remembered; stout f
his person, and about five feet ten or eleven in
ches high; has a drawling manner of talking,
and appears to be much less sagacious than he
really is. His name is Jack. His dress was r.
blue cloth cap, a grey great coat, and his under
clothing drab cloth.
The Mare is a fine large sorrel, without any
spot of white about her, unless perhaps there
may be some few white hairs in the centre o
the forehead, not covering more than the size r. •'
a four-pence-halfpenny.* She is, as well as i :
recollected, going on seven years of age; is
markably long in her body; has a long tail, and
it is remarkable where it joins the rump. The: *
may be discerned in the film ofoneofher cy;
an incision which was made a year or two eg
to cure the hooks.
One Hundred Dollars Reward will be given
therecovery of the above Slave and Mare, o*- i
the proportion of four and two for the recovery o
Fredericksburg, Jan. 23, 1331.
The white man calls himself Ashberry.
jan 27—tf_____
ORHPANS* COURT, Alexandria County, '
January Term. 1331.
trix de bonis non, with the will anne.:
ed, of Edward Lloyd, deceased, exhibited totfi^
Court her fourth Administration account, win
the vouchers in support thereof, which accoue
is received, will be allowed and duly recorded,
unless cause be shewn to the contrary on or b:*
fore the first Monday in March next; of whici
all persons interested or concerned will take no
tice. A copy: Test,
jan 13—w6\v A. MOORE, Reg. Wills

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