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A ________ ' '
“ 22d FEBRUARY.”
The celebration of the Anniversary of the
R'rth Day of Washington passed off coldly this ,
' throughout the country. The peculiar si-.
iuation of affairs at this time was mainly the
With us, the indisposition of the Orator ap
pointed by the Washington Society prevented
[■ e delivery of the usual address, and the in
| vmency of the weather was the cause of there
i.Pjng no military display. Salutes were fired—
National Standard displayed, and the ves
sels in port decorated with their flags.
The Annual Birth Night Ball was numerous
ly and fashionably attended, "find got up in a
tyle which reflected great credit upon the wor
host of the City Hotel. The Ball-room was
decorated with great taste under the direction
of Mr. Mountford._
We are indebted to a mercantile house in this
,’ace for the following extract of a letter, dated
New York, February 20.
u gjx failures have taken place this week, some
of them for large sums; and others, I fear, will
follow. To-day there is a great panic in Wall
street about the Western Safety Fund Banks:
their notes have been selling at 1 1-4 a 1 1-2
]ier cent, discount; but now, the Brokers will
not buy them unless at 5, 6, and some 10 per ct
discount. If Mr. Van Buren and his friends do
lot become “ fatigued” with the prospects that
now opening in regard to their “Safety
Fund’* Banks, I shall be much mistaken. The
distress in the interior of this State will soon be
terrible, unless there is some relief. Alexan
dria Mountain Flour $5 i-S a 5 1-4. New Or
leans to arrive, subject to inspection, has been
sold rt $4 3-8.
In addition to the above, we regret to learn
tuit letters were received in this place last Sa.
Ulrday, from Boston, giving accounts of more
failures in that city.
It seems, then, that the pressure and distress
ate going on, and even increasing. We ardent
ly hope for the best, but it would seem that we
are hoping against hope.
It will be seen, by the proceedings of the Se
nate on Saturday last, that Mr. Rives has re
signed his seat.
We see by the bills that the Wandering Piper
is now in town, and intends playing at the
Brooke Lodge Room to-day and to-morrow.
Richmond and Potomac Creek Railway.—The
charter of this company has passed the lower
house of the Virginia Legislature, and will, in all
probability, meet with no opposition in the Se
nate; so that the friends ofthe improvement may
consider themselves secure of an act of incorpo
ration, in many respects of a very favorable
character. _
Congressional Election in Massachusetts.—The
election of a member of Congress, to till the va
cancy occasioned by the resignation of Gover
nor Davis, took place on Monday last. From
returns received at the office of the Boston At
las, there is no doubt of the election of Le\ i
Lincoln by a large majority.
The Globe, in the name of the Kitchen Cabi
net, declares that if the State Banks refuse to
keep the Deposites, then the people’s money
shall be locked up in the iron chests of the Col
lectors of the Ports for safe keeping.
A Sank.—The ‘ Merchants and Planters Bank’
of Magnolia lately failed A committee who
investigated its affairs, reports the following
among other curious disclosures of the state of
its allairs, and the mode of transacting business.
The circulation at the time of stopping pay
ment was 865,618, and its assets in discounted
notes 875,603, of which nearly 873,000 were in
the notes of three individuals, one of whom was
the President of the Bank.
The charter requires a statement on oath of
the condition of the Bank. In November last,
the statement was made of the available funds;
of which two thirds appear to be checks drawn
by one of the same three persons on banks in
Georgia, which checks are still in the bank.
The way they did business may be gathered
from two orders passed in November. The first
declares that the President and Cashier shall be
authorized to transact all business relating to
the Bank, during the absence of a Board; and
the second, that the Cashier shall be the Board
in the absence of the President: so that, from
that day up to the suspension, the Cashier was
President, Directors and Company.
- - - ■ -
Sank of Hew Brunswick.—We omitted to no
tice yesterday the failure of this Bank, although
the following notice was sent to the office by the
C ashier. It was also sent to the Standard, the
'gracious editors and conductors of which print,
changed the language of the notice so as to read
In consequence of injurious reports of the
P>essure of the times,” instead of “and the pres
sure of the times”! This to say the least of it, was
a miserable trick, and will scarcely have the ef
cct of making the people believe that there is
'no pressure.”—H. Y. Star.
Iu consequence of injurious reports and the
p essure of the times, the President and Direct
u , the Bank of New Brunswick, have been
at (!er the necessity of suspending payment; but I
ti *nSame bme they deem it their duty to cau
banLr 6 against sacrificing the bills of said
ana tiT?S believe the bank to be solvent;
lal eventually all the bills will be redeem
er,,.,.-. F* Richmamd, Cashier.
150 ?ults 9olt’s Cotton Duck, No. 2 to 10 |
zes for , coils Manilla Cordage, assorted si
f«b% a,eby W- FOWLE & CO
Baltimore Patriot Office, >
Friday, 1 o’clock, P. M. $
The Market.—Upwards of 1200 bags old crop
Rio Coffee was sold for exportation at 12c 6 mos.
Western Bacon, hog round, is selling at 6 1-2 a
7 cts. Indigo, Caraccas, dull at 1 25.a 1 38.— ,
No. 1. Herrings are very scarce, not a barrel in
first hands—the last sales were at $5. Nothing
doing in Spices—the stock of Pepper is large,
7 a 7 l-2c is the asking prices. Salt continues
dull and without any sales of moment. No fur- |
ther arrivals of Sugars—100 hhds. daily expect- >
ed from Porto Rico. ■
/70Mr>_The market continues dull, and with
out change. We note the sales of 300 or 400
bbls. Hovvard-st. Flour, from stores, at 5. The
wagon price is about 4 75.
Grain.—Nothing doing in W’heat. Two lots of
white Corn, afloat, were sold a few days since
at 56 cts. per bushel—yellow Corn at 57 a 58
cents. Good Cloverseed from wagons is 4 50
sales from stores at 4 75. Oats 35 a 36 cts.
Whiskey.—Sales in hhds 24 a 25 cents. The
wagon price in bbls. has declined to 20 21 cts.
per gallon, exclusive of the bbl; store price 24 a
25 cents.
Pork.—Killed Pork is $5 50 a 6.
Beef.—Good Beef is worth on the hoof $5 3-4
a 86.
28th December, 45 S. S. W. of the Lizard,
ship Virginia, from this port for Amsterdam,
was spoken by barque Ellen, at New' York from
Brig Mary Helen, Ryder, of this port, sailed
from Boston for Montevideo 17th inst.
Schooner Velocity, Ryder, of this port, sailed
from Boston for Porto Rico I7M) instant.
6* 4 \ j 1 Pounds Corkwood
100 coils Coidage, assorted sizes
500 pounds Cotton Twine
50 barrels Tar
► 1000 pounds Oakum. For sale by
feb 24 STEPHEN SHINN, Janney’s wharf.
r A Casks Air-slacked Lime, for manure and
other purposes.
rtlHE Alexandria Temperance Society will
A meet in tiie Baptist Meeting House on
Tuesday Evening, 25th, at half past 6 o’clock.
The meeting, it is expected, will be made inter
estingby addresses on the snbjectoftemperance.
feb 24—gt R. JOHNSTON. Jr, Soc’y.
No. 5—24—72—Prize of- - $300
No. 5—24—25—Prize of - - • - $400
Literature Lottery, Class S—both sold at Rl
OIIDAN’S office on Friday. The fortunate hol
ders will call and receive the cash.
$30,000 CAPIT AL, and 75 Prizes of$l,000!
Maryland State Lottery, Class 4 for 1834,
Will be drawn in Baltimore on Tuesday, Feb 25
1 prize of $30 000 1 prize of $4,000
1 do of 10,000 1 prize of 3,000
75 Capital Prizes of $1,000! &c. &c.
Tickets 9; halves 4 50; quarters 2 25; eights 1 12
On sale in great variety by
Uncurrent Notes and Foreign Gold pur
Drawing Literature Lottery, Class 8:
72 31 24 6 65 54 25 5 G2 14 17
Ditto, Virginia State, No. 3:
12 44 4 58 36 35 61 17 29 8
Maryland State Lottery, Class No. G for 1834,
To be drawn in Baltimore on Tuesday, Feb 25
1 prize of $30,000 1 prize of $4,000
1 do of 10.000 1 prizes of 3,000
75 prizes of $1,000! &c. &c.
Tickets 9; halves 4 50; quarters 2 25; eighths 112
To be had in a variety of numbers of
Lottery Exchange Broker, Alexandria.
Drawn Numbers in the Virginia State Lottery,
for the benefit of the Petersburg Benevolent
Mechanic Association, Class No. 3 for 1831:
12 11 4 58 36 35 61 17 29 8_
Maryland State Lottery, Class 6 for 1834,
To be drawn at Baltimore on Tuesday, Fel) 25
1 prize of $30,000 l prize of $4,000
1 do of 10.000 1 do of 3,000
75 capital prizes of $1,000! &o. &c.
Ticket.- $9; halves 450; qrs. 2 23; eighths 1 12 1-2
To be had in a variety of numbers at
Lucky Lottery Office,
Upper end King Si'eet, near the Diagonal Rump.
Orders from the country, enclosing the
cash or prize tickets, promptly attended to.
Drawn Numbers in the Virginia (Petersburg
Benevolent Mechanic Association) Lottery,
Class No. 3 for 1834:
12 44 4 58 36 35 61 17 29 8
To sail in all next Week,
The fine Schooner GLEANER, Capt.
y£££MAYo, wants the bulk of 300 barrels to fill
up. Apply to W. FOWLE & CO.
feb 22_
si-sr The Schooner MARIAN, Captain Par
s£!4fker, a first rate vessel, burthen about 1000
barrels. A freight to a Southern port would be
preferred. Apply to
rfK. The Schooner LENITY, Capt. Scull,
bur then noo barrels. Apply to
The Schooner RENOWN, Capt. Ris
burthen 1000 barrels. Apply to
Who has received for sale, by said Schooner,
84 tons Plaster.feb 19
The schooner HORE, JonN Beetly,
master, a first rate copper-fastened vessel,
stows S50 barrels, and in readiness to receive
cargo to-day. Apply to the master on board, or
feb 18
In the Senate onSaturday, after the presenta
tion of petitions—
Mr. RIVES rose, and, in an appropriate and
handsome speech, in which he explained his
course, particularly in relation to the Deposite
question, and his view with regard to the in
structions he had received from the Legislature
ot his State, resigned iiis seat as one ot the Se
nators of the United States from the State of.
The memorial presented by Mr. SPRAGUE, }
from Portland, on the Deposite question, was j
then taken up; and, after an animated debate, :
in which Mr. WEBSTER, Mr. FORSYTH, '■
Mr. CHAMBERS and Mr. KANE, took part, ;
the Senate adjourned.
---- i
1 OAA Bushels Turks Island Salt, for sale
IaUU by W. FOWLE £ CO.
feb 21__
X X A Casks Nails, assorted sizes, for sale by ,
feb 21 W. FOWLE £ CO.
8 Pipes superior old Port Wine, from the
house of Hunt, Newman, Roope £ Co.
40 cases Sparkling Champaigne. For sale by
fob 21 W. FOWLE £ CO.
-| Pieces, assorted sizes, received per Ma
rion, from Boston, for sale by
jan 20 W. FOWLE £ CO.
rO Barrels prime, received this day, for sqje
feb 20 _
7 Bags Green Coffee, just received and for
sale, low, by
Pieces Paper Hangings, just received
£*J\J and for sale low by
a AAA Bushels of St. Ubes Salt, in
117»UU v store, for sale oy
4AAA Bushels of Curacoa Salt, very
coarse, and similar to Turks Isl
and, for sale by
riy AAA Bushels Bright St. Ubes Salt,
the cargo of the Brig Belvidera.
Capt. Fletcher, from St. Ubes, for sale by
STOLEN or strayed, from the subscriber, in
Alexandria, on Sunday, the 15th Decem
ber, a
small size, blazed face—no other marks. He was
a fine pacing animal, and was newly shod all
round. He was 12 or 13 years old. Also,
with a small bell attached to his neck, with no
clapper in it.
I will give $10 reward for the recovery of the
Horse and Colt, and all reasonable charges
paid. II. B. SMOOT,
jan 28—2awtf _
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, )
January Term, 1834. $
CtHARLOTTE JACOBS, (late Deagun,)
' Executrix of Henry B. Deagan, dec’d. ex
hibited to the Court her fourth account, as Exe
cutrix aforesaid, with the vouchers in support
thereof; which account is received, will be al
lowed, and duly recorded, unless cause be shewn
to the contrary, on or before the first Monday
in March next; of which ail persons interested
or concerned will take notice. A copy: Test,
jan 1*3—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, >
January Term, 1834. $
Logan Brandt, Orphan of Richard Brooke
Brandt, exhibited to the Court her first Guardi
an account, with the vouchers in support there
of; which account is received, will be allowed,
and duly recorded, unless cause be shown to the
contrary, on or before the first Monday in March
next; of which all persons interested or concern
ed will take notice. A copy: Test,
jan 21—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, )
January Term, 1834. y
rp HE Rev. William Jackson, Guardian of Ma
-L ry Lee, exhibited to the Court his second
Guardian account, with the vouchers in support
thereof; which account is received, will be allow
ed and duly recorded, unless cause be shown to
the contrary, on or before the first Monday in
March next; of which all porsons interested or
concerned will take notice. A copy: Test,
jan 13—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, >
January Term, 1834. y
Edward Lloyd’s children, exhibited to the ;
Court her fourth Guardian account, with the i
vouchers in support thereof, which account is
received, will he allowed aud duly recorded, 11
unless cau^e be shown to the contrary, on or j
before the first Monday in March next; of which i (
all persons interested or concerned will take no
tice. A copy: Test, A. MOORE,
jan 13—wGw_Reg. Wills, | j
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, >
February Term, 1834. y j i
WILLIAM JACKSON, Guardian of Mary :
Lee, submitted to the Court his second
Guardian account, with the vouchers in support : ]
thereof; which account will be allowed, passed, <
and recorded, unless cause be shewn to the con- i
trary, on or before the first Monday in April ]
next; of which all persons interested or con- 1
cerned will take notice. A copy: Test, l <
feb 10—w6w_A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, ) j'
February Term, 1834. y
GEORGE WISE, Administrator of Augus
tine Alexander, deceased, submitted to the '
Court his final Administration account, with
the vouchers in support thereof; which account .
will be allowed, passed, and recorded, unless 1
cause be shewn to the contrary, on or before ]
the first Monday in April next; of which all per- j
sons interested or concerned will take notice.
A copy: Test, A. MOORE,
• feb 10—w6w Reg. Wills. ' j
Printed, with neatness & despatch, at this office !
H3 Col. John Hooe will be supported as a
candidate, at the ensuing election, to represent
the County of Prince William in the House of
Delegates. Many Voters.
U3 Thomas B. Hooe, Esq. will be run as the
Working Men’s candidate to represent the
County of Prince William in the next General
Assembly of Virginia. A Working Man.
H3* You are authorized to announce Col.
Spencer M. Ball as a candidate to represent
the County of Fairfax in the next General As
sembly of Virginia. Many Voters.
H3 We are authorized to announce William
S. Daniel as a candidate to represent the Coun
ty of Fairfa-x in the next Virginia Legislature.
|I3 We are requested to announce Dr. R. C.
Mason as a candidate to represent the County
of Fairfax in the next General Assembly of Vir
ginia. . Many Voters.
We are requested to announce Arthur
F. Lane, Esq. as a candidate for a seat in the
next Virginia Legislature, from the County of
Fairfax. Many Voters.
H3* We are authorized to announce Lewis
Beard, Esq. as a candidate to represent the
County of Loudoun in the next Virginia Legis
113 We are authorized to announce John M.
McCarty, Esq. as a candidate to represent the
County of Loudoun in the next Virginia Legis
U3 We are authorized to announce Major
Charles A. Alexander as a candidate to repre
sent the County of Loudoun in the next Virgi
nia Legislature.
JUST received, The Practical House Car
penter; being a complete development of
the Grecian Orders of Architecture, methodized
and arranged in such a simple, plain and com
prehensive manner, as to be easily understood;
each example being fashioned according to the
style and practice of the present day; contain
ing one example ofthe Tuscan Order, three ex
amples of the Doric, three of the Ionic, one ex
ample of the Corinthian, and one of the Compo
site Order, with all their details, drawn to a large
. . ' i • i iii _•__ r i \_i_
scale; iu which uie uuucu a suics ui
for Porticos, Frontispieces, Doors, Windows,
Caps and Silis, Sash-Frames and Shutters, Base
and Sur-Base Mouldings, Architraves, &c. &c.;
engraved on sixty-four large quarto copper
plates, by Asher Benjamin, Architect, “ author
of the American Builder’s Companion,” and
“The Rudiments of Architecture.” For sale by
fY/Y Fancy Portraits, (Lithographic) color
1UU ed and plain.
Miss Leslie’s 200 Receipts for French Cookery
A Whisper to a newly-married Pair, by a
Widowed Wife, 5th edition, 2 vols.
Subaltern in America, 1 vol.
Traits and Traditions of Portugal, 2 vols.
Tom Cringle’s Log, 3 vols; Sydenham, 2 vols
Pin-Money, 2 vols; Man of-War’s Man, 2 vols
Stanley Buxton, or the School Fellows, 2 vols
Alice Paulet, 2 vols; Match-Making, 2 vols.;
and the
Penny Magazine, Nos. 9, 10, 11, 12. 13.
Just received by E. KENNEDY.
]^s KENNEDY has just received the folio w
ing, viz:
Dewees’ Works; Ellis’Formulary; Cox’s Dis
pensitory; Dunglisson’s Dictionary, Physiology,
and Hygeine; Eberle’s The repulics; and the
Journal of Medical Science, No. 26, being
twelve pages larger than the last number, price
$5 per annum; and the
Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine and Surge
ry, being a digest of Medical Literature, edited
by Isaac Hays, M. D. Part 3d; price 50 cents.
Subscribers will please to call for their numbers.
^ J R. BORRAS, a native of Spain, and who
ItjL has been for the last ten years constantly
employed as a Professor of Modern Languages
in several institutions, takes this opportunity to
thank the ladies and gentlemen who have so
liberally favored him with their patronage in
Washington; and now extends the offer of his
services to those institutions by whom lie may
be employed, either in Washington or in Alex
Mr. B. will continue to give private lessons, if
not prevented by previous engagements.
For Terms, qualifications, character, and Mr.
B.’s standing, apply to him at Mrs. Arguelles’s
Boarding House, corner of Ninth Street and
Pennsylvania Avenue.
Washington, feb 19—6t_ - \
Il\ UUUiNvJILi, r< ilioR UAKi 1U, 1831.
THE following persons were appointed Com
missioners for holding Elections in these- I
veral Wards on Tuesday, the 4th day of March 1
next, for members to serve in the Common ]
Council for the ensuing year, viz: S
James P. Coleman, Lincoln Chamberlain,
Stephen Shinn, at the house of Anthony Rhodes,
nn Union street, for the First Ward.
Silas Read, Hugh Carolin, Guy Atkinson, at <
:he old Reading Room, for the Second Ward. <
Andrew SchoJfield, James Douglas, Joseph |
Smith, at the old Indian Queen Tavern, on King j
street, for the Third Ward.
William Fowle, Benjamin S. Kinsey, William (
D. Nutt, at Miss Mills’s, corner of Prince and <
Alfred streets, for the Fourth Ward. ;
feb 19—t4thMar <
ON Tuesday morning, between Fredericks
burg and my plantation, in the upper end
3f Stafford, a NEGRO MAN, and the MARE
3ii which lie was riding, botli belonging to me,
were stolen b}r a man who seems to have been .
i stranger in this part of the country. When
seen in possession of the Slave and of the Mare,
le was inquiring his way to Stafford Court
Rouse. He is described to me as a person be- .
;ween fifty and sixty years of age, with re- ]
narkably white hair; his stature stout and well
>et. He wore a brownish colored stuff cloak. <
riie negro is between twenty-five and thirty 1
pears of age, as well as is remembered; stout in <
lis person, and about five feet ten or eleven in- <
dies high: has a drawling manner of talking, t
md appears to be much less sagacious than he 1
"eally is. His name is Jack. His dress was a ]
line cloth cap, a grey great coat, and his under (
Nothing drab cloth. 1
The Mare is a fine large sorrel, without any (
;pot of white about her, unless perhaps there
nay be some few white hairs in the centre of i
he forehead, not covering more than the size of i
i four-pence-halfpenny. She is, as well as is
•ecollected, going on seven years of age; is re- r
narkably long in her body; has along tail, and
t is remarkable where it joins the rump. There (
nay be discerned in the film of one of her eyes p
in incision which was made a year or two ago 1>
o cure the hooks. k
One Hundred Dollars Reward will be given for
herecovery of the above Slave and Mare, or in s
he proportion of four and two for the recovery of p
it her. JNO. TAYLOE LOMAX. v
Fredericksburg, Jan. 23, 1834. g
The white man calls himself Ashberrv.
THIS MORNING, at 10 o'clock.
ON Monday, the 24th instant, at my Store.
corner Prince and Fairfax streets, I will
sell all my Stock of
As I am determined on settling my present
business, the sale will be positive. The Boots
and Shoes deserve the attention of Fishermen.
Terms liberal.
N. B. All persons indebted to me will please
forthwith settle their accounts.
To Let, The STORE.feb2Q-4t
UNDER a deed of trust, executed by the Me
chanics’ Bank of Alexandria, on the 16th
October, 1832, the subscriber will offer at public
sale, on Saturday, the 15th day of March next,
the following VALUABLE PROPERTY, situ
ate and lying in the Town of Alexandria, to wit
on the north side of King street, between St.
Asapli and Pitt streets; beginningon King street
at tfW south-west corner of the lot conveyed by
Peter Wise to Robert G. Lanphier, being
feet to the east of St. Asaph street; extending
thence on King street, west, fifty feet; thence,
northwardly, one hundred and sixty-one feet
seven inches, to a fifteen feet alley, leading to
St. Asaph street; thence east, on the said alley,
fifty feet; thence south, parallel to St. Asaph st.,
and running with Robert G. Lanphier’s line to
the beginning.
MOne undivided moiety, or half, of a
WHARF, with the BUILDINGS and im
provements thereon, in the town of Alexandria,
bounded as follows: Beginning on Prince street
twenty-nine feet eleven inches to the east of the
east wall of the brick house built by George Sla
cum; thence, on Prince street, east, into the river
Potomac; thence south, to the middle of an a)'
Im«t loLl fFLir rrm C~1 i I im’ n n nd W li T ^
LV/J iUlM VII J MJij/UI IUIU WUM. * v V*. uu U
rason, from Union street to the river, parallel to
Prince street; thence west, with a line drawn
from the point of beginning, parallel to Union
street, and crossing the north ineof the said al
ley twenty-nine feet eleven inc ics to the east of
the above wall; thence with t mt line to the be
Ml beginning at the intersection of King and
Fayette streets; and running thence eastwardly,
on Kingstreet, forty-three feet five inches; thence
northwardly, and parallel to Fayette street, one
hundred feet, to a ten feet alley; thence west
wardly, on the alley, forty-three feet five inches,
to Fayette street; thence southwardly, with said
street, to the beginning.
The sale to take place at the Mechanics’ Bank
and to commence at 10 o’clock, A. M.
The terms are: One-fifth of the purchase mo
ney to be paid in hand, and the residue in six.
twelve, and eighteen months, in equal instal
ments; the purchaser to give notes, satisfactorily
endorsed, bearing interest from day of sale; and
on full payment thereof, with ail costs, charges,
and interests, the subscriber will convey to the
purchaser all the right and title conveyed in the
aforesaid deed. R. SMITH, Trustee.
£n3* After the sale of the above, the Trustees
of the Mechanics’ Bank will sell the residue of
the PROPERTY conveyed to them, viz:
y No. 1. A three-story BRICK DWELL
fssfllNG on the north side of Kingstreet, and
adjoining the house on the corner of Washington
street, occupied by C. Neale, about 20 feet on
King street; the back lines, according to the pre
sent holding, occupied by Dr. Alexander and
Mrs. C. Fleming.
MN'o. 2. A three story Brick DWELLING
and LOT OF GROUND on the north side
jf King street, between Alfred and Columbus
streets, 20 feet front by 100 feet deep, to an alley
low occupied by Cupt. Thomas Munroe, under
a rent fee of $20.
No. 3. A LOT OF GROUND, on the
Siinorth side of King street, between Patrick
and Henry streets, on which is erected a two
story Brick Dwelling House, now occupied by
lolm P. Cowman, under a rent of $38 12 1-2.
Hill OF GROUND on the north side of Oronoko
street and west side of St. Asaph street, at their
ntersection; on which is erected a large and
convenient Brick Dwelling House, now occupi
ed by Mrs. Portia Hodgson, subject to an annu
li rent in fee of $66 67.
mk No. 5. A LOT OF GROUND on Fay
l^ette street, about 20 feet front, (north of the
rrick warehouse in the occupancy of Daniel Ca
vood.) on the rear of which Jot is erected a
3rick Stable, subject to an annual rent in fee of
m 67.
w No. 6. One undivided third part of a LOT
fell OF GROUND, and the thjee-story Brick
WAREHOUSES erected thereon, on the north
;ide of Fayette street, and on the south east side
>f Cameron street, in front on Fayette street 150
eet, on Cameron street 95 feet; the whole sub
ect to an annual rent in lee of $62.
No. 7. Tiie TRACT OF LAND, in Alexan
h ia County, called the Sebastian Spring Tract,
containing 247 Acres, to be divided into six lots,
i plat of which will be prepared on the day o f
Terms at sale. R. I. TAYLOR, ^ „
The property will be shewn by application to
lie Cashier of the Mechanics’ Bank.
[SHALL offer at public sale, on the first Mon
day in March next, at Prince William Court
douse, being the Court day of said County.
me containing 383 Acres, per patent and sur
rey, both of which will be exhibited on the day
)fsale. This Tract lies in Fairfax County, but
)n the line of Prince William, and has been in
he possession of Col. John Hooe for some time,
vho now relinquishes all claim to it. It lies on
3ull Run, and on the line dividing the Counties
ifPrince William and Fairfax, and adjoins the
ands of Col. Hooe, Mrs. Kincheloe, and the heirs
)f Thomas Blackburn, deceased.
The other Tract contains 73 Acres, and lies
n Prince William County, near Dumfries, and
s at present occupied by Wralter Davis.
The terms of sale will be accommodating, and
nade known on the day of the sale. Captain
rhomas Nelson, Surveyor of Prince William
bounty, knows both tracts of land well, and will
ive any information relative to either that may
e wanted. Letters to him on the subject must
e post paid.
As this land will be sold by me as a Commis*
oner, appointed by the Federal Court for that
urpose, 1 shall only guarantee such title as is
ested in me; but I consider the title perfectl)
feb 1 l~dt3dMfrr Commissioner.

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