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... , ,>resideut. in li» late Message re-aomi- j
arine the-rejected Government Bank Directors,
nbviously considers them as the mere instruments
i his will. He threatens not to nominate any
°‘ ' The official Journal now, however,
0 s us to understand that other persons will
’ £ nominated. This is another retraction.
PeepmdTgnation is excited at the conduct of
Com. Jesse D. Elliot, in having the graven im
ze of Jackson put on the bow of the old Con
tuition. Allusions are made publicly, in the
newspapers, to events in the life of Com. Elliot,
in connection with the naval history of the coun
trV| yhich must cut him to th^flquick.
The particulars of an awful earthquake in
South America are’given in to-day’s Gazette.
In the debate in the House of Representatives
on the appropriation for the mission to Russia,
Mr. Davis, of S. C., humorously adverted to the
use niade of it, “ as a sort of hospital for refrac
tory members, where they might enjoy otium,
but not cum dignitate.”_
To the Editor of the Alexandria Gazette..
Mr. Snowden:—Will you allow me space in
vour paper to make a remark relative to the lo
cal money concerns of this District, and espe
ciallv in reference to the Corporations of Wash
ington and Georgetown; as also the abomina
ble system of sharing, as practised by the Bro
kers in the three towns. No man can doubt
tiuit. ultimately, the holders of the Corporation
notes of Washington and Georgetow n will not
be losers. The <k cunning Isaacs” are aw are
0f this,—and accordingly, when you ask or
look for these notes, where do you find them?
Locked up in the Brokers7 chests! 1 hey regu
late for the present their value—shave them at
just what they please, and lower or raise their
• priCe in the market just as it suits their own
pleasure. Washington is one #vast Broker’s
shop. Never was there such a scene upon a
small scale. The people are fleeced—the ho
nest and industrious mechanics and laborers
are tricked out of part of their daily wages eve
ry week, and the Brokers are now reaping their
harvest from other men’s earnings. Ought this
to be so? Ought the community to submit to
it? I think not.
I believe that this could be put a stop to by the
union and determination of the business men
of this District, who ought to set their faces
against such impositions, and humanely protect
their fellow-citzens, who otherwise would be
compelled to bear this burthen, from such ag
gressions. Nay, I even think some little sacri
fice ought to be made to stop this proceeding,
and I, for one, am prepared to make it.
The Corporation of Washington may be in
debt and in difficulty. But will any man tell me
that, with the Government to back and support
the Metropolis of the Union, the holders of
its one and two dollar notes are in the end to
lose their money, or the half of it, or the tenth
part of it? And ought it to be borne that some
dozen or two Brokers are to depreciate these
notes, at their own will and pleasure, to fifty
per cent, below par, and render the issues of
the Corporation useless?
1 would earnestly call public attention to this
subject. The situation of the local currency
of the District perplexes and annoys every
irnan, and I may add woman too, in the Dis
trict. i think that the derangement is in a great
degree unnecessary, and might be remedied by
a proper action on the part, especially, of the
merchants, traders and banks, who are them
selves vitally interested In the matter.
Altx’a., May 3, 1834. A CITIZEN.
To the Editor of the Alexandria Gazette.
Mr. Snowden:—Mr. Taney promised us a
'safer and a better currency,” and we are now
reaping the benefits of the “ Experiment” in
this town. No one doubts the solvency of the
Virginia Banks; yet; from the interruption of
Exchanges, and the immediate want of funds
that are convertible on the spot into specie, Vir
ginia paper is from 1 to 3 per cent, discount:
and every business man is suffering more or
less in consequence. The dry goods or groce
ry merchant, who sells his goods to the country
merchant, receives his remittances in Virginia
paper, and before he can use it to pay his town
debts or drafts on him from the North, has to
undergo the operation of shaving to the tune of
* 1*2 per cent.
The flour merchants, in consequence of the
confidence the Virginians have in their own
Banks, buy up Virginia paper, and pay it out
to the wagbners for Flour. This enables them
0 give a greater price than they otherwise
couto, as they can sell their flour for town funds
und purchase Virginia paper at a discount.
but lhe flour merchant, who has flour consign
to him, and the proceeds deposited to the
rtodit of the owner, subject to his order, is the
offerer, having to give the current market price
111 ^ lrginia paper, and subjected to the pa> ment
town funds. Thus you will perceive that all
*u^er> more or less; and none are benefitted,
Xcept it be the Brokers. I have thus pointed
'JUt toe evil w ithout being able to suggest a re
unless it be by the action of Congress or
“e People; and, from late indications, there is
some hope even from the White House, it
uving been satisfactorily ascertained that the
Old Roman” may in some cases be forced to
As regards the evil spoken of, so far as re
Jy*8 to our tow-n, my impression is that it might
e lessened by our Banks taking Virginia pa
at a small discount, say sufficient to remu
nerale them for the delay and expense of con
ing it into District funds*—though I am free
0 confess that I am not sufficiently skilled in
s,1ch matters to risk an opinion on the curren
f; Nvith any degree of confidence when we
see such total failures in the calculations or
“ such” men as Honest Amos and Mr. Taney.
On the subject of shaving, I speak experimen
tally, having since the pressure been alternate^
ly the shaver and shavee: but my object is, if
possible, to reduce the AGIO.
Alexa.,, May 3, 1834.
To the Editor of the Alexandria Gazette.
My business in this state
Made me a looker-on here in Vienna,
Where 1 have seen corruption boil and bubble,
Till it o’errun the stew.”
When shall we see the last of the evils result
ing from the seizure of the public funds by
the Government”? We understand that all
the bonds given for duties on goods imported
into this place are now collected in the pet Bank
at Washington,—thus subjecting our merchants
to the expense and inconvenience of going or
sending to the city. Will they tamely submit to
thisimposition? Is this arrangement permanent?
or is Mr. Taney waiting to see which of our
Banks will hurra the loudest, and be most rea
dy to defend him in the public newspapers, af
ter the manner of the President of the Balti
more pet Bank? We wish it understood that
we make these enquiries without consulting our
Merchants, or any person connected, directly
or indirectly, with either of our Banks; though
we have heard much complaint, and think it
singular that the Bank of the Metropolis, which,
to say the least, is no safer than ours, should
have been selected to collect bonds due in Al
exandria, when the solvency of our Banks is
undoubted. We should like to know what our
Collector has been about. He found no difficul
ty, we believe, on a former occasion, when
elected President of a Jackson Bank, in obtain
ing for it the collector! of a"part,- if not all, of
the duties due in A*)6iiRlna:
Alexandria, Mpy 6. 1884.1* A. B. & CO.
To the Editor ofithe. A&ewandria Gazette.
When the deposites were' removed by order of
Gen. Jackson, among other injunctions to his
Pet Banks, Mr. Taney directeirthem to accom
modate the merchants, especially the importing
merchants, by lending them money to aid them
in paying Custom House Bonds due to “ The
. We have lately had a practical example of
the degree of favor which the merchants of
Alexandria are to expect from the Pet Banks
of this District. Some time after the failure of
the Bank of Alexandria, (one of the fruits of the
“Experiment,”) the Collector of this Port was di
rected by the Secretary of the Treasury to place
his Custom House Bonds in the Bank of the Me -
tropolis for collection. A citizen of this town,
having a bond falling due the past week for near
$2000, applied to the Board of that Bank for a
discount to aid him in taking up his bond. He
did not obtain a dollar, and was obliged, at
whatever sacrifice, to pay up the whole amount.
And for what purpose, 1 would ask, is the mo
ney thus wrung from the merchants of Alexan
dria? Why, sir, for the purpose of swelling
the amount of the Government deposites in the
Bank of the Metropolis, which already exceeds
half a million of dollars. It is also confident
ly believed, that on the very day upon which
this application was rejected, a Jackson office
holder of this place, who, of course, could
have no Custom House Bonds to pay, obtained
a loan of some five hundred dollars. If he did
not, he can say so. POST BOV, Jr.
\1nu n
mf _
Sugar Refinery.—This bids fair to become a
profitable business at the South. The New Or
leans Advertiser of a late date says:—
“There are now loading at the Sugar Refi
nery of Messrs. Forestall & Co. four vessels for
the Mediterranean. The Refinery is situated
about two miles below the City. One hundred
and thirty men are employed in it, and the
quantity of sugar refined amounts annually to
about 12,000,000 pounds. The whole process
is done by steam, and it is said to be without ex
ception, the most extensive and complete esta
blishment of the kind in the whole world.
ON Saturday evening last, some person
stole my POCKET ROOK from my
coat pocket, containing three or four dollars
in notes upon the Corporation of Alexandria,
and one dollar of American coin coined in
1800; also a considerable amount in promisso
! ry notes, judgment bonds, receipts, &c. &c.
I As the Pocket Book and papers can be of no
benefit to any one but myself, and of consider
able value to me, I will give the above reward
i for the return of the same, and ask no ques
tions concerning it.
Amongst the judgment bonds in the Pocket
: Book are the following:
One bond against Thomas Peyton & Alfred
Peyton, in favor of John H. Clarvoe, debt and
costs $7 27, issued bv Jonathan Shillabar, J.
P., dated 18th Feb. 1834.
, One bond again-t Jeremiah Satterwhite &
James Mason, in favor of John H. Clarvoe, debt
and costs $3 24, issued by Jonathan Shillabar,
J. dated Jan. 27th, 1S34.
One bond against Charles King & Thomas
Berry, in favor of John R. Esleeck, assigned to
John H. Clarvoe, debt $10, issued by Jonathan
Shillabar, J. P., dated Dec. 17th, 1833.
One bond against Thos. Brocchus & Tarlton
Henderson, in favor of Hyde assigned to Corn
wall, assigned to John H. Clarvoe, debt $6, is
sued bv Jonathan Shillabar, J. P., dated Jan.
11th, IS34.
One bond against Wm. Benter & Charles
King, in favor of Wm. H. Glasgow, use of
John H. Clarvoe, debt and costs $6 44, issued
by Newton Keene, J. P.
One bond against H. M. Lloyd & John W.
Smith, in favor of John H. Clarvoe, due the
15th of May, debt and costs $46 73, issued by
A. Lynn, J. P.
One bond against Jno. Bell & R. Bowles, in
favor of Jonn H. Clarvoe, date unknown, debt
and costs $6 21, issued by A. Lynn,
may 6—3t
Printed, with neatness & despatch, at this office
Steam Boat Disaster.—A letter from Colum
bus, Georgia, states that on the 18th ult. the
steamboat Star-in-the-West, plying between
New Orleans and Mobile, burst her boiler, by .
which accident two men were killed and seve
ral others wounded. An endorsment. on a way
bill from Mobile says—“ all is confusion here
no mails from New-Orleans.”
Marriage notices are never inserted un- 1
less they are accompanied with a responsible
name, or handed in person. The reason for
this must be obvious, and we have repeatedly
given the information. We repeat it now again,
because three or four have lately been dropped
into our letter box anonymously.
On the 1st inst., by the Rev. Mr. Mann, Mr.
John It. Adam, to Miss Ellen B. Simons, all of
this place.
Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
Wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel - $4 52 a $4 60
Wheat, per bushel, 0 75 a 0 90
Corn, white, wanted, 0 58 a 0 60
Do yellow, do# 0 54 a 0 56
Rye, •- - - 0 60 i2 0 62
Oats, from wagons, bush 0 37^ a 0 00
Do from vessels, do 0 34 a 0 35
Corn Meal, white, do 0 70 a 0 00
Do do yellow, do 0 65 a 0 00
Faaxseed, do 1 00 a 0 00
Whiskey, per gallon, 0 22 a 0 23
Bacon, per cut. - 7 50 a 0 00
Butter, fresh, per lb. 0 20 a 0 25
Do firkin, do - 0 12 a 0 15
Lard, do 0 07 a 0 08
Plaster Paris, retail, ton, 5 00 a 0 00
Flour.—Yesterday the wagon price of Flour
ranged from $4 52 to 4 60; principally taken at
$4 59 payable in Virginia paper.
Sales were made of a few- hundred barrels
from stores at $4 56, payable in town money.—
Not having received a return of the quantity
inspected during the last week, we will give it,
together with the exports, in our next.
Wheat.—Nominal—none arriving.
Flour.—Sales at 4 50 a 5 this week, but under
circumstances so peculiar that we believe more
than $4 50 a 4 75 is not a correct quotation.
Tobacco.—Supply small for the season—prices
fully sustained.
Flour.—The supplies arriving have been
large. Full 35,000 since the Canal opened. The
arrival has depressed prices about 50 cts a bbl.
Last week Western sold at 85 37 a 5 50, and
yesterday common brands sold freely at 4 87 a
5; Fancy at 85 1-8. This has had an influence
. on all other descriptions. New York and Troy
sold at 5. Richmond country has been more
enquired for; sales of 3000 bbls at 5 1-8 a 5 1-4;
and 1000 Richmond City at 6 1-4; Howard st.
very dull at 5 3-4; Georgetown 5 3-4 to city ba
kers. Rye Flour 2 87 1-2.
Although the arrivals of most descriptions of
grain fresh up to this morning’s market were
limited, the trade in general was dull; and not
withstanding wheat was not cheaper than du
ring the past week, scarcely any but the finest
qualities could be disposed of, a great deal
comes to hand very rough, and such lias no de
Arrived, May 4,
Brig Token, Eld ridge, Boston; Plaster to Ed
ward Dai ngei field, and Freight for the District.
Schr. Potomac, Jennings, New York; Freight
for the District.
Schr. Citizen, Wheatley, Philadelphia; Coal
to R. H. Miller.
Schr. Mary Ellen, Travers, Patuxent; Tobac
co to Wm. Fowle & Co.
. tv II TT* n_ X _ CN X
scnr. uriiii, rennewen, > teuua, v>uin tu oic
phen Shinn.
Schr. Victory, Washington, Yeocomico; Corn
to Master.
Schr. Red Rover, Duncan, Bladensburgh;
Tobacco to Henry Daingerfield.
Schr. Lynx, Summers, Salisbury; Lumber to
Schr. Fair Trader,-, Philadelphia; Coal
to R. H. Miller.
i Sloop Statira, Teal, Philadelphia (by sea;)
1 Freight for the District.
Steam Boat Fredericksburg, Jenkins, Balti
more; Freight and Passengers for the District.
Schr. Mary Jones, Rogers, Nevvbyport.
Schr. Senator, Rogers, hence at New York
2d instant.
| Schr. Washington, Knapp, hence at New
I York 2d instant.
rfw The Packet Brig TOKEN\ Eldridce,
master, having the principal part of her
freight engaged, will meet with despatch. For
freight of a few hundred barrels, or passage,
having handsome accommodations, apply to
Who has received per said vessel, for sale,
80 Tons Plaster. may 5
200 LOO do Lemons ( *n P^me 01 ^el
Landing from brig Token, Eldridge, master,
from Boston, for sale by
-J Bags Filberts
L\J 20 boxes Lemon Syrup
Just received and for sale by
LEWIS McKENZIE, Union wharf,
may 6—3t__
1 O Hogsheads Prime Molasses, just received
! JL" per schooner Potomac, from New# York,
j may 6Vo well’s wharf.
A FEW Tons of Schuylkill Coal, yet unen
gaged, represented to be of excellent qua
lity, and may be seen at Union wharf; price un
usually cheap. Apply to
5th mo 6_ ROBT. H. MILLER.
O Reams Envelope )
jLtmk 40 do Tea, and > PAPER
100 do Tow Wrapping )
Received for sale by
may 6—eojt E. KENNEDY
The inclemency of the weather prevented us
from obtaining our usual report of the proceed
ings of Congress yesterday. -We learn, ver
bally, that Mr. Wright occupied the floor of the
Senate in a speech in favor of the protest, and
that the House of Representatives was engag
ed in receiving petitions and memorials. !
• Mr. Calhoun has the floor in the Senate for
No Richmond papers by last night’s mail, and
no additional returns, except the confirmation
of the report that Hampshire^ sends one Whig
and one Jackson man.
1HAVE just received a small lot of Four
keyed Concert Flutes, of very superior tone
and finish, for sale very low.
may g AUG. JACOBS.
IN Cabinet Furniture, for Alexandria Bank
Notes, at the corner of King and Columbus (
may 6— lm ____
1. S. NICHOLLS wishes to purchase Bank
Notes of all the Banks which have stopped
specie payment within the District of Columbia,
and will give the highest prices in specie—80 to
85 cents. Washington, may G—dtf
The Southern Literary Messenger,
To he devoted to every department of Literature
and the Fine Arts.
IT is a remarkable fact, that, in all the South
ern portion of our Union, there is not one
journal of a character exclusively literary. Not
even does “ the great State” of Virginia, with
her two Universities and her three Colleges,
furnish her quota to the literature of the day.
No one of us would be willing to admit that this
results from want of literary talent or of literary
taste, yet no one essays to cast off the reproach
—for reproach it certainly is, that a department,
oi literature now occupying so conspicuous a
station, should with us be entirely neglected.
Asa literary journal performs an important
function in the present organization of society,
it behooves him w ho presumes to undertake such
a work, to bring to the undertaking a fixed de
termination to make it worthy the rank which it
ought to occupy and the end which it ought to
Such, the Publisher of “the Southern Lite
rary Messenger” can with confidence assert, is
the determination with which he regards the en
tcrprize before him.
If talents can be commanded by money—and
if unremitting diligence and steady persever
ance on his part will produce their ordinary re
sults, then may he venture to assure all those
whose regard for literature may prompt them
to look upon the design with favor, that “ The
Southern Literary Messenger” will be worthy
] of their patronage.
The Southern Literary Messenger will em
j brace every subject within the range of litera
; tureand the fine arts; and that the scope of sc
i lection may be as wide as possible, and insure a
; body of matter always interesting, the best
J foreign, and all the domestic reviews and other
1 periodicals, will be constantly at the disposal of
; the editorial department.
j In fine no trouble or expense will be spared to
! render the publication such a one as an enlight
i ened public will take pleasure in supporting.
! GER” will be issued once a fortnight. The
first number to appear on the 15th of June.—
| Each number to consist of 32 octavo pages,
neatly covered, (same size page and type as that
of the Farmers’ Register.) The paper ol a
superior quality.
The subscription will be FIVE DOLLARS
; per annum, payable on the reception ol the first
number, or any time during the year. Pay
ments may be made through mail, at the risk of
thePronrietor. Gentlemen who may procure four
new subscribers, and transmit their first year’s
1 subscription, shall be entitled to a fifth cop)', for
the current year, without additional charge,
j fE^r* Gentlemen who may feel desirous to con
j tribute to the literary reputation of the State, are
respectfully requested to favor us with commu
nications on literary and scientific subjects. The
postage will be cheerfully paid by the Proprie
tor. Richmond, May 1, 1834.
££f=*Mr. Zimmerman, of the Alexandria Post
Office, will receive subcriptions to the South
ern Literary Messenger. may 6—3*
£grv The good Schooner FIRM, Spencer,
master, will meet with despatch. For light
freight or passage apply to the master on board,
may 5—3t_Union wharf.
The Schooner JEM, Davis, master,
Sjgfrgwnnte 100 barrels and small stowage; for
which apply to W. FOWLE & CO.
i m ay 3_
^Trs. The Brig ROVER, Jordan, master, a
• ^H^good vessel, burthen 1250 barrels, will be
: ready for cargo in a few days. Apply to #
i may 2_W. FOWLE & CO.
The Brig RUBY, Captain Leavett,
I now loading at Cameron street wharf.
' For freight or passage apply to the master on
board, or to * A. C. CAZENOVE & CO.
The Steamer COLUM
BIA, Capt. James Mitch
ell, will leave Lambell’s
wharf, Washington, at 12,
and Thompson’s wharf, Alexandria, at 1 o’clock
P. M. on Friday, the 9th instant, for Norfolk, ar
riving at Norfolk on Saturday, in time for the
Stages going South, and the Steamboat Patrick
Henry for Richmond. Returning to the Dis
trict, she will leave Norfolk on Sunday, the 11th,
at 3 o’clock, P. M. Passage and fare $8.
H3* The Columbia will leave the District for
Baltimore on Monday, the 12th instant,
may 3—dt9th
2AAA Bushels Striking and Packing, to
close sales, will be sold at low
price by SAM’L. B. LARMOUR & CO.
may 5____
t Feet Mahogany, assorted, 3-8 to 2
lOUU 1-2 inches, and Scantling. Also, 2
boxes Veneers. Just received and for sale by
° may 5 WM. D. NTTTT. f
JUST opened, to-day, a handsome LO 1 Uf
GOODS, which makes our assortment ge
neral. We shall continue to receiveevery week
something new and desirable, which will be sold
low for cash. We invite our friends to call and
examine our Goods.
may 1_WM. H. MOUNT & CO.
HAS imported, by the ship Herald, via Bal
timore, and offers for sale—
Shoe Thread in bales, superfine and common
Cambric and Shroud Muslins
Boys’, Misses’, and Ladies’ Cotton Hose, best
Ladies’ Black Cotton, Random. Angola, and
Silk Hose
Men’s black Silk, mixed Raw Silk, brown Cot
ton, and Random Half Hose
English Galoons and black Lustring Ribbons
Fine Linen Tapes, in great variety
Clark’s Mile-End Spool Cotton *
Tailors’ patent Black, Blue and W. B. Thread
6-4 Book Muslins and Hdkh, very fine
Superfine white and printed Marseilles Vest
ing, in small ends
A few bales first quality Burlaps, 1, 2, 3, & 0
apr 29 _
WILL be sold for cash, on Saturday, the 10th
day of May next, at 11 o’clock, all the
right, title, and interest, of Peter Hewitt and
Jane Moxley in the following Property, to wit
MOne LOT, with a two-story Brick HOUSE
thereon, now occupied by Hugh Leddy, si
tuated on Royal street, between King and Ca
meron streets, 24 feet on Royal street, and run
ning westwardly 124 feet.
Also, one other FRAME HOUSE and
Hill LOT, now occupied by the said Jane Mox
ley, situated on the east side of Pitt street, and
binding on the said Pitt street 22 feet, and run
ning eastwardly 114 feet 5 inches, to a nine feet
The above property is sold to satisfy a judg
ment due Tench Itinggold, for the use of Ashby
and Stribling, plaintiffs, against Peter Hewitt
and Jane Moxley, defendants.
apr 9—eots For H. Ashton, late Marshal.
WILL be offered for sale, at public auction,
to the highest bidder, on Saturday, the
17th day of May next, at Possum Nose, on Po
tomac River, in Prince William County,
Seine Boats, Fish Stands,
Fish Barrels, &c. &c.
Terms of sale: A credit of twelve months wit.
be given, the purchaser or purchasers giving
bond, with approved security.
apr 28—2awtl5thMny
BY virtue of a decree of the Circuit and Su
perior Court of Law and Chancery for the
County of Frederick, the subscriber offers at
private sale a TRACT OF LAND, in Alexan
dria County, in the District of Columbia, situ
ated on the right hand side of the Middle Turn
pike, about three-fourths of a mile from Gordon’s
Tavern, on said Turnpike, nine miles from Al
exandria, and four from Georgetown, belong
ing to the heirs of William McEndree, deceas
sed. This Tract contains about Ninety-two
acrt*s, is well watered, and has upon it an ex
cellent and productive ORCHARD, and
igf. A comfortable DWELLING HOUSE
Sand other Buildings. It has usually rented
for $100 per annum, but at this time is renting
for $(30. If not sold at private sale before the
| 21st June, it will on that day be offered at public
j sale, at Mr. Gordon’s Tavern; Whether sold at
public or private sale, the terms are: One-third,
of the purchase money in hand, the balance irt
two equal instalments of nine and eighteen
months; the deferred payments to be secured by
bond and approved personal security, and a
deed of trust on the premises. Persons wishing
to purchase at private contract, will please ad
dress the subscriber, at Shepherdstown, Jeffer
son County, Virginia.
apr 29—wt2lstJu Special Commissioner.
PROPOSALS for the supply and delivery of
SAWED SCANTLING' of Yellow and
Pitch Pine and White, for that part of the Road
between the Point of Rocks and Harper’s Ferry,
will be received by the subscriber at Ellicott’s
Mills, Maryland, until the first day of June next.
The Scantling must be full six inches square, of
sound timber, free from windshakes, arid clear
of sap, except on one corner of each piece,
where one inch of sap will he admitted. It must
be at least twelve feet long, but may be longer,
provided it is increased in length by regular ad
ditions, that is, it may be 12, 16, 20, and so on,
feet long, clear of kerf. If two or more kinds of
Timber are proposed for, the kind, quantity,
and price of each will be separately stated.—
Sucli as may be delivered by water will be de
posited on the berm bank of the Chesapeake
and Ohio Canal, at such point or points as the
subscriber may designate; but if transported by
land, the proposer will state the point or points
on the line of the Rail Road at which he can
most conveniently deliver it. One-third of the
quantity proposed for to be delivered on or be
fore the first day of August—one-third on or be
fore the first day ofSeptember—and the remain
ing third on or before the first day of October
next, without fail. The Timber to be inspected
on delivery, and approved by an Agent of the
Company, before it will be accepted and paid
for. About one hundred and thirty thousand
feet lineal measure will be required in the whole,
but bids will be received for any quantity from
one thousand feet upwards. Proposers in the
Southern States, or on the navigable waters of
the Chesapeake Bay, may avail themselves of
the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal from the Dis
trict of Columbia, or of the Baltimore and Ohio
Rail Road from Baltimore, as cheap and safe
modes of transportation. Proposals may be
transmitted to the subscriber by mail.
Ellicott’s Mills, Md. 29th April, 1631.
may 1—tlstJume_
Chests ) Young Ilyson Teas, ‘ Pro
20 half chests \ videncc’s*’cargo,
of prime quality. Received per schooner Alex
andria, for sale by
apr28W. FOWLE & CO,
*| A Tons, the cargo of Brig Rover, from
1 viU Lubec. for sale by
may 2 VV. FOWLE A CO

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