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I Alexandria:
Accounts are received direct from Fort Mitch
e\\ Alabama, which confirm the fact that there
p3d been no cholera or other sickness among
troops at that fortress.
Beverly G. G. A. Lucas, Esq. Clerk of the
Superior Court of Russell county, Alabama,
w3s shot by an Indian, while sitting in front of
his house in Macon county, Ala. and expired in
ibout ten minutes afterwards. The Chiefs ot
the Creek Nation promise that the offender
diall be given up to the civil authorities, if he
can be identified. The Creek Indians show
strong symptoms of general hostility to the
* bites. _ _
Richard J. Manning has been elected, by a
majority of more than 600 votes, over Mr. El
more, his opponent, to fill the vacancy in the
^presentation in Congress, from South Caroli
na. occasioned by the decease of Gen. Blair.
The venerable Bishop Chase, says the Detroit
Journal, arrived in our city some days since;
he preached on Sunday last at the Episcopal
Church. This estimable man resides in the St.
Joseph country, he appears to enjoy excellent
health, and amid the cares and employments of
a new farm in a new countiy, he finds leisure
for intellectual labors. The occasion of his vi
sit to our city is in part to superintend the pub
lication of j pamphlet he has prepared for the
Mr. Duane is no*v on a visit to Providence,
U. I. He has received many marked attentions
from the citizens of that place.
I it is expected that ten thousand emigrants
from Germany will land in the United States
and the Canadas, during the year 1S34—about
that number have made preparations to leave
Water Sptjut.—A violent storm of wind and
rain visited Charleston on the 30th ult. in the
afternoon, and continued until the next morn
ing, when an unusually large waterspout made
its appeal ance in the bay, near Fort Johnson,
and passeJ up Cooper river. The appearance
is said to have been very magnificent, and
though it did come in actual contact with any
of the shipping, it caused a ship in the stream
near which it passed to heel considerably. The
storm during the night was accompanied by the
appearance of fire balls and other electrical
phenomena. _
We are informed that the tempest of last
Wednesday was very destructive in its pro
gress in some of the neighboring counties of
North Carolina. A citizen of Camden, whose
name our informant thinks was Stokely, while
on his way home from attending court that day,
being overtaken by the storm, dismounted and
led his horse into a meeting house on the road
side for shelter, and while there, the building
was blown down, and both man and horse
were killed! The devastation in same places
is represented to have been terrible: not only
were houses and fences swept away like chaff
before the mighty hurricane, but the stoutest
trees of the forest, some of which had proba
bly withstood the fury of the elements for half
a century, were either up rooted or broken in
twain like pipe stems.—Norfolk Herald,
After a long and tedious investigation, the
ilouse ofilepresentatives yesterday determined
ihat it could not determine whether Mr. Letcher
or Mr. Moore was entitled to the contested place
• n that body, from Kentucky; and the election
is turned back to the People. Mr. Letcher v as
yesterday within three votes of obtaining the
seat; and if the members detained from the
House by illness could with safety have attend
ed, he would have actually been admitted to
♦he seat, to which, now the question is ended,
we feel bound to express our belief that he was
justly entitled, according to the decisions of the
House itself.— Sat. Int.
We published a few days ago a list of ten ves
sels, lost on their way to Quebec, with 456 lives.
The last Montreal Gazette contains an addi
tional list of the loss of eight other vessels with
248 lives; making a total loss of 704 lives with
in a few weeks. The New \ ork Jouinal of
Commerce justly remaks that either crazy ships
were employed, or that they were commanded
by incompetent men.— Balt. Amer.
A very useful contrivance, to prevent the
wheels of stage coaches from coming on while
running, has just been applied to one of Messrs.
Stockton & Stokes’, intended to run the W est
ern route. The invention is by Dr. Zcllic 'li
ter. We shall not attempt a description of it,
but merely state that its practicability was fully
tested yesterday by driving the coach alluded
to through the streets, the nuts at the end of -
axle-trees being taken off, and the ie c
on by Dr. Zollickoffer’s invention.—Am.
Death by the sting of a Locust!—We are in
formed that a colored boy, about 12 or 13 years
of age, died very suddenly on Tuesday last, in
N\ High street, O. T., from the sting of a Lo
cust, in the thumb. This is the third or fourth
instance which we have heard of, where chil
dren have died from the sting of these insects.
[Balt. Pat.
Locusts.—We have been disposed to ridicule
the reports circulated in the papers, of the death
of several children from the sting of locusts.
Hut we learn, that the bite of this noisy visitor,
has, in several instance^ proved fatal A black
boy, in or near New Castle, (Del) last week,
"athered several locusts, and P^t them into his
hat, to be carried to school. While thus con
lined, the animals bit his head in several places,
in a short time, the places bitten became inflam
■>d the head swelled very much, and the bo>
died in*a few hours afterwards. We saw seve
ral sores on a person's hand, caused by the bite
of locusts.—Phil. V*S. Gaz.
The number of children in the various public
school of the city of New York, is 11,265. The
number of teachers is 49, assistant teachers 28,
monitors 75; the aggregate of whose salaries foi
a year amounts to $35,659. P i .
The Presbyterian Church at Hoosick Falls
was broken into on the 17th of May, and much
injury done. The pulpit was broken, and every
bible, hymn book, &c. in the Church were cut
and disfigured. The Sabbath School Library |
was entirely destroyed, and the pannels of all
the pews more or less mutilated. The Visigoth
who did this deed deserves “ ten* Spanish Inqui
sitions.”— iV. Cour.
The trial of Mr. McChesncy, late merchant of
this city, for forgery, resulted yesterday in his
conviction at the Court of Sessions.—N. Y. Cum.
Decree respecting Convents.—The Queen Re
gent of Spain has issued a decree regarding
| friars and convents. Article 1. provides that
j any monastery or convent, of whatsoever order,
j from which any individual of the brotherhood
shall have fled to join the rebels, and the Prior
of which shall not have denounced such flight
* within the time of 24 hours, to be immediately
suppressed. Art. 2. Any monastery or convent
from which the sixth part of the brotherhood
shall have fled to join the rebels shall also be
suppressed. Art. 3. The same measure shall be
executed against monastery or convent in
which, with the connivance of the superior, any
arms, ammunition, or other effects of war, shall
have been received and concealed. Art. 4. And
any monastery or convent in which it shall be
proved that secret meetings have been held,with
the permission or knowledge of the superior,
for seditious and treasonable purpose, shall al
I so be suppressed. Art. 5. All the articles used
in the performance of Divine Service, and ap
pertaining to the suppressed convents, shall be
distributed by the Bishops among the most nee
| dy of the parishes in their diocesses; and of I
! such distribution the Queen is to be informed.
' Art. 6. The other property, movable or immov
able, of the convents thus suppressed, shall be
sold by public sale, according to law. Art. 7.
The fund accruing from such sale shall be em
ployed in the payment of the pensions which j
the Queen assign to the fathers, widows„and or- i
phans of the loyal Spaniards that may fall in ;
defence of the legitimate rights of her august !
daughter. The rest shall be appropriated to the
extinction of the public debt. Art. 8. The pre
ceding provisions are not to be understood as
hindering the institution of judicial proceedings
in cases of conspiracy against the State.
[ U. S. Gaz.
Pulpit Eloquence.—The Washington corres
pondent of the Boston Transcript speaks of the
Rev. Mr. Stockton, chaplain to the House of
Representatives, in the following terms:
- He is a Maryland man, I believe, and a Me
I thodist; what else I know not, but from his
I preaching, which was certainly remarkable
■ enough to entitle him to a paragraph, as well as
to the crowded and distinguished audiences
which commonly collect around him. Imagine
a man of thirty-five years of age; tall, thin,
erect; with lustrous eyes, aimed, for the most
part, over the heads of his hearers, and uni
formly conveying the impression and expres
sion of a mind absorbed in the imaginative con
templation of unseen and future things. To this
air of enthusiasm, spending itself on phantasies
of the invisible world, his whole manner and !
matter in a great degree correspond. He preach-1
ed on the divine character as the source of life
and light, and his speculations, metaphors, and
language, were intellectually worthy of his theme;
always commanding attention, and sometimes
startingly beautiful. The discourse was neither
extempore nor written, blit apparently very well
studied, and perhaps arranged with the aid of
note§. His voice is indifferent; his gestures ra
ther monotonous, but occasionally striking and
bold, much after the notion we have of White
field’s manner. His power was feelingly tested
by the effect he produced by a picture of domes
tic bereavement, which brought tears to my
eyes before 1 was quite aware what the gentle
| man was driving at; and by the time 1 had fair
ly repented of my frailty, he was talking, with
his hands flying over his head, about the "‘yel
low garland of the morning, and the spheres
that fill the ear of boundless space with their mu
sic.” 1 never have seen a speaker unite so much
deliberate dignity of style; for he is slow almost
to a fault; with so much enthusiasm of senti
Anecdote.—In West Africa, the Church Mis
sionary Society of England have a school for
poor negro children. It is related of a little
i girl who belonged to that school, that when one
j of her fellow pupils had beaten her, she was
asked—‘‘Did you beat her again?” She an
swered—“ No, I left it to God.” The annals of
philosophy and human wisdom might be search
ed in vain for any thing equal to that answer—a
diviner spirit was there.
Transference of Vital Tower.—A not uncom
mon cause of loss of vital powers is the young
sleeping with the aged- This fact, however
explained, has been long remarked, and it is
well known to every unprejudiced observer.—
But it has been most unaccountably overlooked
in medicine. I have, on several occasions, met
with the counterpart of the following case: I
was, a few years since, consulted about a pale,
sickly and thin boy, of about five or six years
of age. He appeal ed to have no specific ail
ment,but there was so slow and remarkable a de
cline of flesh and strength, and of the energy of
all the functions—what his mother very aptly
termed, a gradual blight. After inquiring into
the history of the case, it came out that he had
been a very robust and plethoric child up to
his third year, when his grandmother, a very
aged person, took him to sleep with her; that he
soon afterwards lost his good looks, and he had
continued to decline progressively ever since,
notwithstanding medical treatment. I direct
ed him to sleep apart from his aged parent, and
drescribed tonics, changes of air, &c. The re
covery was rapid—Doct. Copeland. #
The Steamer COLUM
BIA., Capt. James Mitch- |
ell, will leave Lambell’s i
wharf, Washington, at 12,
and Thompson’s wharf, Alexandria, at 1 o’clock
P M. on Friday, the 20th instant, for Norfolk, ar
riving at Norfolk on Saturday, in time for the
Stages going South, and the Steamboat Patrick
Henry for Richmond. Returning to the Dis
trict she will leave Norfolk on Sunday, the 22d,
at 3 o’clock, P. M.j and will continue, during the
season, to make a trip between the District
and Norfolk every two weeks, leaving each
place on the days and hours above named.
For the accommodation of persons tiavelfing
from Norfolk to Fredericksburg, or from Fre
dericksburg to Norfolk, an arrangement has
been made with the proprietors of the steam
boat Sydney, (plying between Washington and
Fredericksburg,) by which they will arrive at
either place, at an early hour, on the days fol
lowing the departure of the Columbia, without
any additional charge for passage
Passage and fare S3. June 14-dt20th
At Montpelier, Prince George’s County, Ma
ryland, on Thursday Evening, the 5th inst. by
the Rev. Mr. Smallwood, Mr. Horace Capron,
of New York, to Miss Louisa, daughter of the
late Nicholas Snowden, Esq. *
In St. Johns, N. B. Hon. John Saunders, aged
80, Chief Justice of the Province and President
of the Legislative Council. He was a native of
Virginia, and during the revolutionary struggle
raised a troop of horse, at his own expense,
joined the King’s standard,and was in most of the
general actions, under Col. Tarleton. The ter
mination of the war deprived him of two va
luable estates, inherited from his father, when
he repaired to England, and in 1790 came to
N. Brunswick, as Judge of the Supreme ^ourt#
Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
Wagons and Vessels.
Flour, per barrel $4 50 a $0 00
Wheat, per bushel, 0 75 a 0 90
Corn, white, - - 0 55 a 0 00
Do yellow, do 0 53 a 0 55
Rye, - - 0 52 a 0 50
Oats, from wagons, bush 0 40 a 0 42
Do from vessels, do 0 30 a 0 38
Corn Meal, white, do 0 62 a 0 65
Do do yellow, do 0 60 a 0 02
Flaxseed, do 1 00 a 0 00
Whiskey, per gallon, 0 22 a 0 23
Bacon, per cwt. - 7 50 a 0 00
Butter, fresh, per lb. 0 15 a 0 18
Do firkin, do - 0 10 a 0 12
Lard, do - 0 07 a 0 OS
Plaster Paris, retail, ton, 4 50 a o 00
Flour.—Thursday the wagon price of Flour
was most current at $4 50; a fraction over was
paid. A lot of Potomac Flour of 356 bbls. sold at
$4 50. Yesterday the current wagon price was
$4 50 , Some lots of stored Flour were priced at
$4 50. We hear of no transactions from stores.
Flour dull, without any alteration in price.
Correspondence of the Baltimore Patriot.
Rio de Janeiro, April 25, 1834.
Fresh Haxall Flour is held at 181(000 bbl.;
other descriptions of sweet Flour rule down to
1411 bbl. according to quality. Hyson Tea is
abundant and without demand; may be quoted
nominal at 1||000 lb. Sperm. Candles are in
request, a 600 rs. lb. Soap abundant, SO rs. lb.
nominal. All other imports are plenty and dull.
Exports.—Business is dull in the produce
market; but little is doing in Coffee at the mo
ment, regular quali ies held at 3j|700 a 3||750 rs.;
better descriptions rule to 3(1900 according to
quality. 2000 cases Campos Sugar were pur
chase<i some days since at R 21(000 lb. M 1 ((600
lb. Hides 170 rs. a 185 rs. lb., nothing doing in
them. Exchange nominal; bills 39 1-2; money
a 40c.; Spanish Doubloons 221(200 ea.; Spanish
Dollars 1||240 ea.
Arrived, June 12,
New Brig Casket, Davis, Boston; Plaster to
Edw’d. Daingerfield and Freight for the District.
Passed up to Georgetown, Brig Mohegan, of
Brig Zealand, Keating, hence at New York
Brig Clinton, Cole, from Georgetown, at New
York 11th.
Brig John Alexander, Berry, of this port, at
New York 1 Ith, in 45 days from Rio Grande.
Capt. Berry, of the brig John Alexan
dr, informs us that the brig Ganges, Baker, from
Boston, arrived at Rio Grande in March; the
authorities having suspicion that Capt. Baker
had false coin on board, seized his brig and hod
her discharged—found all her cargo was entered
on the manifest. There was 25 boxes soap on
the manifest: because it did not state shaving
soap, the captain was fined 300 milreas, and
one weeks imprisonment. They could not find
any thing on board contrary to law.
N. Y. Amer.
Nantucket, June 5.— Notice to Mariners.—The
tower of the North Congressional Church in
this place has recently been taken down. This
constituted one of the principal landmarks for
navigators entering the port—and some months
will probably transpire ere another is erected.
We have therefore deemed this notice necessa
ry, that vessels coming hither may be governed
The superior coppered Brig CASKET}
$|£££Davis, master. For freight, which will be
taken at a low rate, or passage, having superior
accommodations, apply to
WX Boxes Fresh Lemons, received per brig
$ Casket, for sale by
june 14_W. FOWLE &. CO.
X Barrels, received per brig Casket, Davis,
1J from Boston, and for sale by
june H L. McKENZIE, Union wharf.
rfjc The Brig OLD COLONY, Crosby,
y master, will commence loading immedi
ately, and take fifty hogsheads and small stow
age on freight. For terms apply to
rfjc The Schooner SANTA ANNA, Capt.
Williams, rising of 500 barrels. Unless
immediately wanted for some other port, will
take freight as above, and have despatch.
june 12 ■ A. C, CAZENOVE & CO.
The good Schooner HIIiAM, IIallet,
^4-master, burthen about 600 barrels, is now
ready for a cargo. Apply to
The superior copper fastened Ship
&APJOHN MARSHALL, Ebfn. Bacon, mas
ter, will sail about the 15th instant, and take
small stowage on freight. Apply to
"f O j^°£sheads l New Orleans Molasses
A Vf 5 tierces S
10 catty boxes Imperial Tea
20 boxes Sicily Lemons
Received per schr. Columbia, and for sale by
STEPHEN SHINN, Janney’s wharf '
A Great Curiosity.—A few days since, a gen
tleman residing in the vicinity of this city pur
chased several well grown Hogs; and being
about mowing time, when fat pork is peculiarly
grateful to the knights of the scythe, he directed
one of the above hogs to be slaughtered, which
happened to fall to the lot of a good looking
sow. On opening the animal, it was discover
ed, for the first time, that she was with young.
This circumstance led to a more minute exa
mination,—when there were found within her
ten well shaped pigs, perfect as they should be,
together with an animal having a perfect re
semblance to an elephant’s head, instead of that
of a hog. The head and countenace is not on
ly like that of the elephant, with the proboscis
in its proper place, but has only one eye, which
is very brilliant, and placed directly in the cen
tre of the forehead. The body, ears and tail,
also correspond to those of the elephant. This
singular production of Nature was presented to
the Alexandria Museum, in good order, on the
day it was discovered—has been duly preserv
ed—and is well worth the attention of the na
turalist and the curious.
IN COUNCIL, JUNE 12, 1331.
The Committee appointed to examine the
Fish Wharf, made a report: Whereupon,
Ordered, That the Superintendent of Police,
under the direction of the same Committee, do
cause such portion of the Fish Wharf as has gi
ven way, to be taken up, and to be replaced by
a bridge wharf, to be connected with such parts
of the present wharf as may be lound substan
tial; and a sum not exceeding four hundred dol
lars is hereby appropriated for that purpose:
the expense to be paid jointly by the Corpora
tion and Robert 1. Taylor, in proportion to the
extent of wharf owned by them respectively.
And. it is further Ordered, That the Superin
tendent of Police, when renting said wharf for
the balance of the present year, reserve to the
Corporation the privilege of using so much of
the same as may be necessary for carrying the
foregoing order into effect.
A petition from Wilkinson Williams and others
was received and read, and referred to Messrs.
Baird, McGuire, and Hough.
The Committee to whom was referred the
communication from J. & W. II. Irwin, made a
report, which was concurred in by Council.
Extract: I. P. THOMPSON, C. C.
AN ACT making an appropriation, in part, for
the use of the Poor House, and for out-door
Pensioners, for the year 1834.
Section 1. Be it enacted by the Common Coun
cil of Alexandria, That the sum of four hundred
dollars be, and the same is hereby, appropriated
for the use of the Poor House, and the sum of
one hundred dollars for out-door Pensioners, for
which the Auditor is authorized to issue war
rants on the Treasurer, upon the requisitions of
the Trustees of the Poor, as they may be wanted.
Sec. 2. And be it further enacted. That this act
shall commence and be in force from and after
the passing thereof.
Passed in Council, this thirty-first day of May,
eighteen hundred and thirty-four.
Ii. I. TAYLOR, President.
Approved: BERNARD HOOE, Mayor.
Test: I. P. Thompson, C. C.
Virginia State Lottery,
For the benefit of the Dism al Swamp Canal Co.
Class No. 11 for 1834,
Will be drawn at West End, Yra. on Saturday, j
June 14
l prize of $20,000 1 prize of $5,000
1 do of 10,000 1 prize of 3,000
100 Capital Prizes of $1,000! &.c. cYc.
Tickets 10; halves 5 00; qurs. 2 50; eighths 1 25
To be had in a variety of numbers of
Lottery Exchange Broker. Alexandria.
Virginia State Lottery,
For the benefit of the Dismal Swamp Canal Co.
Class No. 11 for 1834,
To draw at Alexandria, Virginia, on Saturday,
JuTie 14
1 prize of $20,000 1 prize of $5,000
1 do of 10,000 1 prize of 3,000
100 Capital Prizes of$l,000! &c.
Tickets $10; halves 5 00; qrs 2 50; eighths 1 25
On sale in great variety by
fCT Uncurrent Notes and Foreign Gold pur
Drawing Grand Consolidated Lottery, No. 11:
_59 72 45 37 51 3 18 30 07 48 42
Virginia State Lottery,
For the benefit of the Dismal Swamp Canal Co.
Class .Vo. 11 for 1834,
Will be drawn at Catts5 Tavern, (West End,)
Alexandria, Vu. on Saturday, June 11
1 prize of $z0,000 1 prize of $5,000
1 do of 10,000 1 do of 3,000
100 Capital Prizes of $1,000! &c.
Tickets 10; halves 5 00; qrs. 2 50; eighths 1 25
To be had in a variety of numbers of
Lottery and Exchange Broker,
Near the corner of King and Fayette Streets,
Alexandria. I). C.
Virginia State Lottery,
For the benefit of the Dismal Swamp Canal Co.
Class No. 11 for 1834,
To be drawn at Catts5 Tavern, West End, on
Saturday, June 14
1 Prize of $20,000 1 Prize of $5,000
1 do of 10,000 1 Prize of 3,000
110 Capital Prizes of $1,000! &c.
Tickets $10; halves 5 00; qrs. 2 50; eighths 1 25
Sold, in great variety of lucky numbers, by
(Sign of the Flag of Scarlet and Gold,) King st.
__Alexandria, D. C.
FIRST, Second, Third, and Fourth Proof
WHISKEY, received by the Canal from
Washington County, Maryland, for sale at the
Warehouse of the subscriber, near Georgetown
Ferry. J. MASON, Jr.
__Georgetown, june 10—eo2w
BENJAMIN REISS, late of Cassell, Germa
ny, Professor of Music, has the honor of
informing the citizens of Alexandria that he will
give LESSONS on the PIANO and in SING- ,
1NG, as soon as a sufficient number of scholars
are obtained, twice a week—Wednesdays and
Saturdays. He is now teaching in Washing
ton, where all communications to him may be
addressed. may 29—eo6t
In the Senate on Wednesday, the motion to
print 30,000 copies of the Report of the Com
mittee on the Post Office, with the statement of
the Minority, was carried—yeas 26, nays 14;
and the printing ordered to be done under the
direction of the Committee.
In the Senate on Thursday, Mr. Chambers,
from the Committee on the District of Colum
bia, to which had been referred the memorial of
the City of Washington, reported a bill granting
the sum of 70,000 dollars annually, for three
years, to be expended under the direction of
the Mayor and Boards of Aldermen and Com
mon Council of said City, towards the extin
guishment of the interest on a public debt;
which was read, and ordered to a second read
j The Senate, yesterday, was engaged on pri
vate bills.
In the House, the Joint Resolutions of Mr.
i Clay, from the Senate, were, on motion of Mr.
Polk, laid on the table—101 to 113.
| The Drawing of the Virginia State Lot
tery, for the benefit of the Dismal Swamp Canal
Company, Class No. 11 for 1834, will take place
THIS DAY, at 2 o’clock, P. M. at Catts’ Tav
ern, West End, (Alexandria. Va.)
YATES & McINTYRE, Managers.
june 14—It_
; ITJ^The Savings Fund Institution open eve
ry Saturday afternoon, from half past 3 to £
o’clock, under the direction of a Committee of
! the Managers, at their Room on Fairfax, a few
: doors north of Prince street —Those to whom
j it would be more convenient, may make then
| deposites on any other day of the week, with
1 William Stabler, Apothecary, vie. Fairfax
I street._ [eSat
|Ed NOTICE.—There will be a public meet
ing of the Piscataway Temperance Society on
the 4th of July next, at 11 o’clock, A. M., when
there will be several interesting addresses deli
vered on the occasion. june 11
Id NOTICE.—The Voters of Prince Geor
ges’County, Maryland, opposed to the recklesL
and ruinous system of the General Government
are requested to meet in their respective EJec
tion Districts, on the last Saturday of the cur
rent month, for the purpose of choosing five pri
sons from each District in said County, to mee*
in Upper Marlborough, on the first Saturday ii
July next, to nominate four suitable persons tc
represent the county in the next General Assem
bly of Maryland. june G
id’ We are authorised to announce to the
voters of the Congressional District composed
of the counties of Westmoreland, Richmond
Northumberland, Lancaster, King George Staf
ford and Prince William, that John Taliaferro
Esq., has, in compliance with the wish of man’
voters, consented to become a candidate at thr.
next election of a Representative for that Dir
trict in the Congress of the United States.
LANDING from on board the schr. Sana
Anna, Williams* and for sale by the s:;i
20 hogsheads West India Molasses
S3 boxes Window Glass, various siic;
3 bales Cotton Duck, and
135 sacks of Fine Salt
june 12_A. C. CAZENOVE & CC .
X/yi Bushels of Coarse Live-pool S;;u
in lots to suit purchasers, for sale b-'
june 9_ A. C. CAZENONE & CC.
Boxes Lump and Single Lum.: Sugar
£ 10 barrels Double Loaf
Received per sloop Miller, for slic- by
june 9_ A. C. CAZEN OVE A • O
2AAA Pounds good quality LiCaf Sugar
5 Wvr just received and for sale low by
±4 A convenient three-story brick DWEi -
Hi 1 LING HOUSE on Duke street, in com
plete repair, having a Carriage House and other
out.houses attached to it. It is in a pleasant and
healthy part of the town.
As the subscriber is desirous of selling out her
STOCK OF GOODS, she offers them at redi •
cod prices. REBECCA TAYLOR.
She also offers for hire, by the year,
valuable MAN SERVANT. june 13-dtf
Kyle, care of J. D. Kerr, Alexandria, was
shipped from Baltimore on the 26th April Iasi,
and is supposed to have been delivered impro
perly to some other person. If such a Box should
be in the possession of any person that muy have
received goods by the steamboat of that day, or
may have any knowledge of such, will please
give information to any of the Agents of the
Baltimore Steam Packets, or to the subscriber.
Alexandria, june 12 B. WHEAT.
EO* National Intelligencer a o 2 weeks, - *u
charge this office.
THE subscriber respectfully informs his
friendsand the public that he lias removed
his Book and Stationary Store a few doors east
of his former stand, nearly opposite Jonathan
Butcher’s Hardware Store, where lie will sell at
a very small advance, particularly for cash.
He will also pay particular attention to keeping
a proper stock for the use of Schools and Semi
naries, having made such arrangements as will
enable him to supply them with classical nd
other works generally in use.
Books procured to order, with all possible de
spatch. june 11_AUG. JACOBS.
SEALED Proposals will be received at my
house on Payne street, until Saturday next,
at 12 o’clock, FOR RENTING THE FISH
WH ARF the remainder of the year, ending on
the first day of March next. Good security u ill
be required for the payment of the rent; and in
case of failure to comply with the Rums, the
premises will be let to the next highest bidder,
june 10—114th WM. VElTCH, S. p.
FOR sale, 230 Ox Hides, of superior quality
For Rent, till May next, a spacious and
very desirable DWELLING, with out houses
and superior Fruit Garden of fine promise
south of my residence.
Wanted, an elderly Female SERVANT
ivhite or colored, of strictly moral character',
md fiee of encumbrance. Apply to
Vt the W arehouse ot Sam’l. B. Larmovr& Co,

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