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jPwM ie ,Mttention!
IS respectfully solicited bv the subscriber, to an in
valuable preparation, the merits of which have
been tested by time, and are sustained by undoubted
ff7* Botanical Drops!
are every year increasing their long established repu
tation. They hare outlived many rival preparations,
and are continually gaining upon public confidence.
The Botanical Drops have been successfully admin
istered for manv years, as a thorough remedy for that
well known and prevalent class of inveterate diseases
which originate from a vitiated habit of body, or an he
reditary predisposition in the patient, and generally
appear under the various and diatreasmgshapesof
Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Leprosy, St. Anthony’s Fire,
Fever Sores, White Swellings, Scurvy, Fool and Ob
stinate Ulcers, Sore Legs and Eyes, Scald Head, and
Venereal Taint.
In the last mentioned condition of the system, the
Botanical Drops will be found to eradicate the lurk
ing poison, where mercury has totally failed, and thus
prevent the patient from entailing the seeds of an he
redibsry disease on his offspring
Dr. Relfe's Botanical Drops are successfully used in
cages of violent eruptions after the measles—red
blotches—pimples on the face—festering eruptions on
the skin—and other diseases of the external surface;
and are one of the b$st Spring and Autumnal physics
known, to free the system from humors.
A physician of eminence, who had witness'd the ef
ficaev of this article, had the candor recently to ack
nowledge to the proprietor, that he considered it the
best medicine known, for the complaints for which it
is intended, and that it ought deservedly to stand at
the head of the whole class of such remedies.
Price f 1 a bottle, o" 6 bottles for
TrioSE who would retain or restore these desmble
personal advantages, are assured that no compo
sition can be obtained superior tc the
This u an elegant and pleasant preparation 10 every
respect, and has, for many years past, given universal
satisfaction wherever it has been used.
The Antiseptic Dentrifice is exempt from acid and
other deleterious ingredients, which too frequently
enter the composition of tooth powders in common
use, and it whitens the enamel of the teeth without
doing it the least injury. The regular use of this ad
mired powder, by purifying the mouth and preventing
the accumulation of tartar, operates asthe best pre
ventive of the Tooth Ache- The Dentrifice removes
discolorations, and restores the beautiful native white
ness of the enamel. As its application braces and
strengthens the Gums, it secures to them their healthy
and florid hue, and. by removing all offensive foreign
accumulations from the teeth, preserve# the natural
sweetness of the breath. Pric** 50 cents
• #* None genuine unless signed on the outside print*
ed wrapper by the sole proprietor, T- Kidder, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. W. T. Conway For
sale, with all tue other “Conway Medicine.” at his
Counting Uoom, No 99, neat door to J Kidder’s Drug
Store, corner of Court and Har.over streets, near Don
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON KIDDEK.
And, by his special appointment, by
WM. S TABLE!!, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
*.• Large discount to those who buy to sell again.
Asthma! A* Catarrh!
IN that long irain of diseases which seem to grow
with the growth of civilized society, Consumption
tikes the lead in its relentless inroads upon human
life; yet this dreadful disorder is easily overcome in its
earlier stages. It is only when neglected that it ar
rives at the terrific maturity which so often baffles the
sagacity of professional science. An obstinate cough
is the customary forerunner of the pulmonary con
sumption Improper neglect in the timely adminis
tration of simple and salutary remedies, ii sure to be
reproved by a dreadful succession of consumptive
symptoms—oppression of the breasts greenish and
bloody spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shri
veiled extremetiea, and general era., .ation of the
whole body; prostration of strength; fiualied cheeks;
swollen feet and legs; and at last, in the full posses
sion of the mental faculties, aod while hope still wins,
pers her flattering tale—cold extremities, and a pre
mature death.
For the various stages of this complaint, one of the
most approved remedies ever yet discovered is
Tnis exceedingly powerful, and yet equally safe and
innocent preparation, has effected thorough and rapid
cures upon patients supposed to have been far ad vane
edit! a confirmed Consumption, and who have exhibit
ed the appearances which usually indicate a fatal ter
mination of the disorder.
Asthe Pills require in ordinary cases no confine
ment, they may be administered with confidence and
safety to all ages and clasaes of people. Unexampled
success hat hitherto attended their administration in a
great variety of cases; and the proprietor can refer to
a multitude, which testify to their efficacy in reviving
the emaciated victim from the bed of disease, and re
storing him to the bleating* of accustomed health and
Price #1 for whofe boxes of 30 pills, and 50 cents for
half do. of 12 pills, with directions.
Debilitated Females!
fjJIHB complaints peculiar to the temate^psrt of the
no rvw^— _ • .
M community, hiyc been long iucceeful!y treated
by the administration of the AromaUc PilU. origRlsIly
prescribed and compounded by Dr. Helfe. They
cleanae the blood from thoae disorder* of the female
constitution, for which the pills are an effectual speci
ficj thev restores free circula ion, reform the irregular
operations of the sanguiferous system, and rectify the
disordered habits. The proprietor's confidence in the
superior excellence of this equally innocent and pow
erful preparation, is founded on the most decisive tes
tSmoay from mauy restored patients. He can asaare
this Dortton of the public, that when
are regularly taken, according to the directions, ac
companying them, they revive and establish the desir
ed healthy habits, and restore to the pallid counte
MMS the natural glow of health and good spirits
•lurried ladies will find the pills equally useful, ex
cept in cases of paegnancy, when they must not be
taken; neither must they be taken by persons of hec
tic or consumptive habits. They may be used success
fully by either men or women in all Hypochondriac,
Hysteric or Vapourish disorders- In all cases of this
description, the pills purify, invigorate, and revive the
disordered system. Price $1 50 a box.
•t* None genuine unless signed on the outside print
ed wrapper by the sole proprietor, T. Kidder, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. W. T. Coqway. For
■ale, with all the other "Conway Medicines," at his
Counting Koom, No. 99, next door to J. Kidder's Drug
Store, corner of Court and Hanover strata, near Con
rt Hall. Boston. THOMPSON KID Obit.
And alao, by his special appointment, by
WU. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
*4* Large discounts to those who buy to sell again.
To Rheumatic Invalids!
Persons suttenng under KUeumatic Affection are
rcapectfuliy assured that they can obtain of the
proprietor and his agents a safe and admirable reme
dvnr Rheumatism, however obstinate the disorder
may be, and in all iu different stages.
jfcr. JeM’i Liniment!
will afford immediate relief to the patient, and has
sometimes been attended with such extraordinary sue
eeesutTcure the mom dbtemstag Rheumatism in
twenty -four bourn, ere* whmi of year, standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recommended
Witb a confidence founded on Hie experience of ma
ny year*, not only as t care for that excruciating d'*1
ease, but a* an excellent application for Stiffneaa of the
Joints, Numbness, Sprains, Chilblain*, Ac
(This article is considered so superior to every
thing else, and to possess such uncommon virtues, that
it is ordered from all parts of the country.]
An Agent recently writes: ** Please send me a
further supply of Jebb's Liniment the first opportune
ty—I shall probably sell a considerable quantity, as it
is recommended by some ot our physicians very high
ly, although contrary to their roles and regulations to
give encouragement to such (or. patent) medicines
But is a most decided proof of their confiJence in its i
invaluable properties ,
Another agent writes: "I wish you to forwarvl roe ,
some more of Jebb's Liniment, which has recommend
ed itself very highly.” Price 50 cents s bottle.
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint of
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous instances
has been thoroughly cured, by the administration ot
07- THE PILES. .
THIS approved compound also mitigates and re
moves the symptoms which frequently accompa
ny that disorder, and increase the danger of the pa
tient, vis: pains in loins, headache, loss of appetite,
indigestion, and other marks of debility.
A relieved patient writes from a distance:
•• It is but justice to inform you, that 1 have used
your Dumfries’ Remedy for the Piles for some time
past, and have found it eminently successful.” _ #
The remedy is quite innocent, and may be adminis
tered to all ages and bath sexes. Plain and ample di
rections, with a description of the complaint, accom
pany each package, which consists of two boxes, one
containing an Ointment, and the other an hlectuary.
Price $1 for both articles, or 50 cents where but
one is wanted
Itch Ointment!
THE extensive sale and established reputation of
Dumfries’ Itch Ointment, encourage* the propri
etor to recommend it with renewed confidence to the
public, as a most innocent as well as powerful applica
tion for this annoying disease. The most inveterate
cases have been cubed ur o»i nnos! by this esteem
ed Ointment. It contains no mercury, or other no*i
out ingredient, and may be confidently applied even
to the voungest children, or to pregnant females —
Price S7i cents .
, *,• None genuine un’ess signed on the outside prin
ted wrapper by the sole proprietor, T. Kiddtr, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. T. Conway. For sale,
with all the other *4 Conway Medicines,” at his Coun
ting Room, No. 99, neat door to J. Kidder’s Drug
Store* corner of Court and Hanover streets, near Con
cert Hall. Boston THOMPSON KIDDER.
And also, by his spec; ! .-ppoinTmeni, by
jan 15
•/ Large d’^reunts
< -erect, Alexandria,
ouy to sell again.
rglHC Alb. i » • on* l
fie s.t”
old end tough, a<
Tne relief afforded u
The proprietor begs leave to
case, from Mr Stowe!!, who '<•;
habitants of this city, especially
South Boston, as a very worthy
•rr., however
very roots,
nd tho
sub:'.* i
at the South
and respect
»* owing
A Car*.
Sin -I do not hesitate to give my most unqualified
approbation in favor of your vahuble Albion Corn
Plaster By the use of less than a box, Mrs Stowell
has beer, cured of a corn on each foot, which h.vllieen
exceedingly troublesome and painful lot years, and I
think it but justice to your invaluable preparation to
add, (for the encouragement of those who, owing to
repeated disappointments in the various remedies re
sorted to, have finally despaired of a cure,) that your
Plaster cured her corns, alter trying other highly re
commended remedies to no purpose: and what in
creases mv confidence in the superiority ot your Plas
ter. is the fact, that it has been used by several of my
neighbors with equally good success. (Signed)
Skth Stowiil,
Keeper of the Toll house, South Boston Bridge.
Mr. T. Kidiibu. Proprietor of the Conway Medicines.
Boaton, June 17th, 1823.
•#* Price 50 cents
THE studious, the weakly, and o’hets, who are
troubled with soreness or inflammation of that
delicate organ, will be able to obtain a most pleasant
and invaluable application, in
This well established Wash for the Lye is perfectly
innocent, and gives immediate relief, even in very ag
gravated cases of soreness and inflammation.
Price 25 cents.
THIS agonizing disorder is cured in its most painful
stages, by one of the most simple t9 well a» pow
erful remedies known in modern practice. The
afford instant relief, without inflicting the slightest in
jury on the teeth They are applied externally to the
parts affected, with the greatest ease and expedition,
and generally operate as a soothing lenitive to the
suffering patient. Price 50 cent9 a box.
Dyspepsia 4$
OF moat obstinate character, after hav .ig baffled
the skill or the most eminent physicians, and
withstood the most highly recommended med tal pro
parations, has been checked, relieved, and cured, in
a number of instances in and about tius city, by usiiu ,
for a short time, Or Kkifk’s
in connexion, according to the directions accomp.tr.. ■
ing the Specific It is also one of the best medicines
known for Sick Headache, Sickness at the Stomach,
Nausea, and Flatulences.
Price of the Specific and Pills, 50 cents each.
•#* None genuine unless signed on the outside prin
ted wrapper by tKe sole proprietor, r. Kiddder, im
mediate successor to the late Or. w. T- Conway. For
sale, with all the other “ Conway Medicines,” at his
Counting Koom, No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug
Store, corner of Court and Hanover streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KIODEU.
And also, by his special appointment, by
jan 24 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
•t» Large discount to those who buy to sell again.
SHEPHERD’S patent specific
OINTMENT, (formerly Judkins’,)
Prepared by C. HERSTONS, near Frederick•
town, Maryland.
Bictuoao. Va- July 15, 1830.
THE public will be pleased to understand that I was .
the original discoverer of Judkins* Ointment, and
sole proprietor of the patent from September, 1817,
until the expiration of the same; but, having connect
ed myself with Dr. Judkins in the commencement, I
permitted the Ointment to bear hia name. The term
of the patent having expired on the 26th June, 1 have
made an improvement in the same, and uken out a pa-i
tent thereon. N. SHEPHERD.
Imposition having been practised upon the nub- i
lie bv a spurious article, bearing the name of “ jud-1
kins' Ointment,” tbe proprietor avails himself of the
authority granted to him in hi# Icttera patent, now to i
call the Ointment after his oarn name. Henceforth it ]
will be known by the name of
MENT, (formerly Judkim'.)
When I first made and prepared this Ointment, and
had, in several instances, experienced its good effect*,
I sent it to several physicians, with instructions in what
cases to apply H, who were of opinion that the Oint
ment would be a valuable public benefit. I concluded
that the Ointment would occasionally fall into many
hands, some of whom would probably undertake to
make it, and knowing the difficulty of the process-ne
vertheless. it might be progated in this adulterated si
; tuation, as it might in some degree resemble the origi
I nal— and in this way its good effects would be oblitera
ted- Under these considerations, I aeeured the origi
I nal and certain remedy for those obstinate diseases,
! some of which have so long baffle J the sk»l* ofme
i dies) science: . .
1st White swellings of every description;
2d Sore legs and ulcers of long standing,
3d Schirrus or glandular tumors, particularly those
hardened tumors in women’s breasts, which oftentimes
terminate in ulcetated cancers;
4th Felons; or what some people know by the name
' of catarrhs, of pvery description. .
5th Rheumatic pains ofthe joints; #
| 6th Sprains and bruises ofevery description,or in
: whatever part situate; ...
| 7th Tetters of all kinds. In this complaint the pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
I out of water;
8th Chilblains or parts affected by frost.
It is also one of the best remedies for burns and
; scalds. It eases the pain and draws the fire out in a
i short time. . , , , ,
I For inflamed women’* breasts and glandular swel
lings, it is superior to any medicine yet known to the
! medical faculty. It is much safer than mercurial ap
plications, (as it does not contain the smallest atom of
any preparation of the mineral,) because it does not
lay the patient liable to injury from exposure to cold.
This Ointment has cured sores of many years stand
ing. Where it is impossible or imprudent to heal the
j external sore, in consequence of the bones becoming
| carious oi rotten, it will stop the progress of the caries,
'increise the quantity of discharge, remove the often
| five smell, and ease the pains
It cure* the worst Felods and Whitlows, on applica
tion of fortv-eiirht hours
From the Hon. John Cocke, Member of the House of Re
presentatives in Congress.
>Y ashinotok, March 22, 1826.
Sir — My son having been afflicted for five yean
with white swelling, and having applied evrry reme
dy recommended hy the most eminent physicians
within my reach without success, I at length procured
one jug of Dr Judkins' Patent Specific Ointment, and
made the application according to the directions ac
companying the Ointment, and state, for the benefit
of the afflicted, that before one jug was used, a perfect
cure was effected. My son has enjoyed good health
ever since. I have no doubt that to the Ointment alone
he is indebted! for nothing else was used for more
j than nine months before the application of the Oint
ment. liespectfully, Jobs Cocke.
I)r. Wm. Gunton, Washington City.
From L P. tV. Balch, Esq Counsellor at Law, F ede
rick. Md
Fueuerick, Md. May 6,1831.
Mr. C Her stuns—I deem it proper to state, for the
benefit of the public, that, several years since, two of
r.ry children were affected with scald head of an inve
iprate character. My family physician, Dr John T.
Wiison, of Leesburg, Va. who was very skilful and ju
du ious in his practice, in vain endeavored by every
means'to effect a cure- At length Judkins’ Ointment
was applied, and the affection was permanently reliev
ed. Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
L. P. W. Uaixh.
From the Honorable John Taliaferro, Member of Con
gress, dated
WasBiiroTOK, January 22,1829.
Sik—It has been my wish, fora considerable time,
to communicate to you the good effect with which I
have used the Ointment invented by a Mr. Judkins,
snd which 1 now understand is made and sold by
agents appointed by yourself, I have applied this
Ointment during the last three years to every species
of tumor and wound, without failure to produce a cure
in every instance. 1 consider it the most decided and
efficient remedy in all cases of tumor, be the cause
wbatit may« and I have found nothing so good for
wounds of any description It may be proper to
add, that the cure of a tumor called white swelling,
given over by thf most distinguished physicians as in
curable. and which th ;y decided would, without ampu
tation, prove fatalto the patient, was, under my imme
diate notice, effected bytheuse of Judkins’Ointment,
and the patient is in fine health. His limb affected by
the tumor being restored to a perfectstate of sound
ness. Also that the leg of an aged man which had been
wounded, and exhibited one dreadfully ulcerated sur
face from the knee to the foot, and which, for more
than two years,had been considered incurable, wasef
fectually cured by the application of Judkins’ Oint
ment. I mention these two cases, which fell under my
immediate notice and management, as a decided evi
dence of the efficacy oftlus remedy in caaea of tumor
and ofulcern I have expe.ienced, as decidedly, the
good effect of this remedy in the cure of Felons, and
of every specie- of fresh wound. It seems to me that
any one who wll observe on the operation of this Oint
ment, must be satisfied as to its beneficial effect I can
with the utmost confidence recommend the use ofthis
valuable remedy. lam, sir, very respectfully,
Jons Taliaferro.
N. B, To m>ire fully guard the public, (the proprie
tor) C. Herston’s name will appear in his own hand
writing, written through the circle outside the ointment
nr> Sold by appointment, in Alexandria, wholesale
and retail, by WM. S1ABLEK,
oct 18 Druggist, Fairfax street.
Xp.w L»\mCUm BiUoua PVUs.
■ / UST received, a fresh supply of the shove useful
■jr Med'cine, direct from Dr. Lee’s Dispensary
l 2ih mo 30lh, i833. W. STABLER.
j The following extract is published by Dr. Lee’s au
j thoritv, viz;—
! Extract of a letter, written by a very respectable gen
tleman. residing in Baltimore, to the subscriber, who
deems :t his duty, though unauthorized, to lay it be
fore the public, withholding the writer’s name, for
particular reference, should any require it person*
ally. SAM. U. p. LEE.
Baltimobx, August, 1828.
Doctor S. H. P. I.**, New London, Conn.
Dxa« Sib—It is now upwards of twenty yesrs that I
have used your New London Bilious Pills in my fami
ly, and alwayafound them an efficient purgative in al
most every description of di-ease, and believe they sa*
ved many’ a long doctor’s bill by their early and timely
use. I never found their accustomed certainty to vary
in their operation and effects until a few months past;
and having, since then, been sadly disappointed in eve
ry instance of usingthem, I began to conclude that you
i had made your fortune, and abandoned their manufac
! ture to mercenary at\d unfaithful hands. Under this
impression, I accidentally saw an advertisement of
yours in a New York newspaper, designating spurious
imitations from your own manufacture, by having your
WRITTEN SIGNATURE to each bill of directions,
and that in no instance were the imitations signed with
pen and ink, although a perfect copy in every other
respect. Finding those I bid without this test, I be
gan to suspect that “ all was not fair in medicine, as
well as iB politics, snd called at several of our apothe
caries for your pills, with your written signature, 1
found many without this teat, but noae with it, until 1
came to the Messrs. Keerls’, who assured me they had
them direct from you. 1 procured a box, and on using
them, found the same effects from them I had always
experienced, and am so much rejoiced on finding my
»e*fio possession of • medicine 1 *o highly prize, t*i%t l
that I cannot, ia justice, refrain from giving you tbi* !
OCT To avoid the imposition of counterfeits and spu- j
rious imitations, as related above, the purchaser has !
only to examine the bill of directions covering each
box, and if signed at foot, in my own handwriting, ira* I
mediately under ray printed name, they are genuine, |
and prepared by me* but if o»lt the printed name is
affixed, they are spurious, and to be avoided.
S. H. P. Lf-'.B,
New London, Conn. Dec. 1823.
HE following testimonial* of the superior efficacy
of the HYGEIAN MEDICINES in the cure of
our diseases, speak in a language which must carry
conviction to the mind* of the most skeptical:—
Brown University, Dec. 25, 1833j
To Mr. Samuel Young, Agent for the H>geian Vege
table Universal Medicines, for tbe State of Rhode
Sin—Gratitude to the Great Preserver of Men com
pels me, in compliance with your request, to give a
brief statement of a cure, which, I think, I received
from the ilygeian Medicines. I give publicity to the
same the more cheerfully, because thereby, perhaps,
I may be useful to some of my fellow-men, who may
| be afflicted with a similar disease.
My complaint was called Pulmonary Consumption,
; and that my real condition may be explicitly unler
i stood, 1 state, in connexion with the relation of the
1 cure, some of the symptoms of the disease. In Sep
I temher, 1812,1 caught a severe cold, which settled on
I my lungs; I was confined to my room about one week,
| with a fever, attended with considerable cough; my
; cough soon abated, and apparently, I was regaining
i my health; when, after about three weeks, in the
course of rhe night, having returned the evening be
fore in usual health. I found myself bletd'ng at the
j lungs, I had not, to my knowledge, received any hurt
I or strain, to which the cause of this might be attribut
j ed. I spat blood, occasionally, for four days; it left
j me with some fever, pain in the breast, very little ap
I petite, and withal, very weak
A few weeks determined that'I was in a decline I
• received the attention of the most skilful Physicians,
| who often seemed to check the progress of the dis
ease, and inspire the hop&jfcfrspeedy recovery. Dut
rel pse upon relapse, airoWch bringing me lower
than the preceding, seemed to baffle all human skill,
and warn me of an approaching dissolution. Thus,
months after the first attack, a “ tubercle” [imall ul
cer] broke in the Inngs, after which I spat blood, one
day. I continued to decline two months longer, when
j I obtained the Ilygeian Medicinea. 1 had now been
I unable to sit up a whole day, for four months and a
J half. My feet were cold and lifele»s sleep unsound,
| cold night sweats constant, tongue furred, pulse in the
afternoon from seventy-five to one hundred per mi
nute, food produced great distress, appetite very
poor, pain in the breast directly opposite the heart,
attended with some cough, f*c. he Such was my
condition, when I first became acquainted with the
! Ilygeian Medicines I commenced taking the medi
j cinea, four pills at a dose, an l increased the dose dai
ly, one up to the number of twelve. In about ten
days, my appetite became good, and foid produc -d
no distress, sleep soon became sound e.v] r«-fr- iv • ,
and in about forty days tbe symptoms of the '. • jv
hid nearly all disappeared.
I took the medicine sixty days regularly e. sbt,
averaging about ten pills at a dose; the gre im
ber taken at any one time was fifteen Afur is, 1
took about four doses a week, until I had taker, d-iout
thirteen hundred pills, when 1 found myself restored
to health. After I commenced the Hyg'-ian, I took
no other medicine. One year from the first attack, f
was able to resume my studies in college, where I
have since remained without any recurrence of the
disease Hitherto 1 have been convalescent; and if
my strength is not yet fully returned, I am certain I
nave less pains, and am more free from temporary
sickness* than at any time since my earliest recollec*
tion. Yours, with respect,
Dr H. ShspbiaDD Moat.
Dear Sir—l wish to state that my sister, after severe
suffering, and employing a medical man three years,
was relieved by the use of the Universal Medicines.
Her complaint was a violent pain and soreness in her
side; indeed, to use her own expression, her >• on
one side had turned in, actually deformed The pain
was a violent burning pain, almost intolerable; so see
vere, that she could not sit up for upwards of three
years. It was occasioned by over-iacing hers o If, and
perhaps, over exertion with it. After using a few,
doses of No. 1 and 2, alternately, about eight pills for
a dose, the pain decreased, and, by perseverance in
their use, she is now restored to health; and I have
no objection to this cane being made public for the
benefit of others; and am, dear sir, yours trulv,
Lowell, Massachusetts, Feb. 8, 1834
Injustice to Dr. M., her medical adviser, when he
heard her improvement in health, he recommended
perseverence in the use of he medicines.
This valuable Medicin* being composed only of
vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and warranted,
on oath, aa containing not one particle of mercurial,
mineral, or chemical substances, (all of which are un
congenial to the nature of man, and therefore destruc
tive to the human frame,) is found to be perfectly
! harmless to the most tender age or weakest frame, un
der every stage of human suffering) the most pl asant
> and benign in it< operation, and at the same time the
most searching out the root of every complaint, how
ever deep, and of performing a cure, that was ever
offered to the world. This wonderful effect, too, is
produced by the least trouble to the patients, by
merely swallowing a certain number of small pills, and
being called a few extra times to the purposes of eva
cuation, with the least possible sensation of pain, or
exhaustion of bodily strength, and without the tear of
catching cold, or attention to dress or diet, in any way
different from their accustomtd habits.
These pills cure all cases, and cannot be taken to
excess Experience, which is the touchstone of ail
human knowledge, has long borne testimony to the
fact) and extensive use of them has already verified
its truth in this country.
These medicines cure by purging) and yet the weak,
the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the delicate, are
in a few days strengthened by th<gr operation, because
they clear the body of its bad humours, and invariably
procure sound sleep. They are the safest and most
efficacious menicine to take to sea) preventing scurvy,
cosiivencss, &c.
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders are of great as
sistance to patients, and facilitate the evacuation of
bad humours) they soften, cleanse, and detach the
acrimonious phlegm) are cooling, and allay the thirst.
One, two, or three powders msy be taken throughout
the day) mixed in half a wine glass of water.
The genuine Medicines can be had of
WM. POMEROY, Alexandria,
Sole Agent for the Diitrict of Columbia and ita vicinity.
By whom the Pills are sold in packets of one, two,
and three dollars each, and the Powders at 37i cents
i per box, with printed directions) and also by the fol
lowing Sub-Agents: H. W. Polkiiihoni, between 9th
and 10th streets, Pennsylvania Avenuei John Stillins,
Navy Y*rd, Washington) and Vbumas C. Wright,
Georgetown) of whom alone can the Medicines be
warranted genuine. By appointment of Dr, H. S.
Moat, H. P. ML, U B. C. H., Brooklyn, New York, 'he ;
sole importer of these Medicines.
Morrisonia, or the Family Adviser, price 02 7S; Prac
tical Proofs, illustrated by numerous esses of cure,
third edition, price 374 cents) to be hsd as above.
apt 5 —tf__
IS. NICHOLLS wishes to purchase Bank'
. Notes of all the Banks which have stopped
specie payment within the District of Columbia,
and will give the highest prices in specie—80 to.
85 cents. Washington, may 6—dtf
T1IE subscriber respectfully informs his
friends and the public that he has removed
his Book and Stationary Store u few door-. east
of his former stand, nearly opposite Jonathan
Butcher’s Hardware Store, where he will sell at
a very small advance, particularly for cash.
He will also pay particular attention to keeping
a proper stock for the use of Schools and Semi
naries, having made such arrangements as will
enable him to supply them with classical and
other works generally in use.
Books procured to order, with all possible de
spatch. june 11_AUG^JfACOB'?.
AD. HARMON has just received, per brigs
• Token and Wankinco, from Boston, a
Further Supply of
Gentlemen’s Seal-skin and French-edged Mo
rocco Boots, suitable for summer wear
Men’s fine Shoes and Pumps
Do fine and common Munroe Shoes
Ladies’ Lasting, Seal-skin, Kid, and Moroc
co Slippers
Misses’ and Children’s Shoes, various qualities
Together with those manufactured in town,
comprising every variety, making his assort
ment complete; which are offered, either whole
sale or retail, very cheap,may 9
IN tendering his sincere acknowledgement* to
his friends and the public for past patronage
respectfully informs them that he still continues
to manufacture, and has now on hand,
And Cabinet Furniture,
of good materials and workmanship, which 1.*
will dispose of upon reasonable terms.
The public are solicited to call, before they
purchase elsewhere, at his Upholstering and Ca
binet Ff'are-/?oo»i, on King street, between Co
lumbus and Henry streets, where he will satis
factorily execute all orders for articles in either
of the above branches. Repairs in either line
done neat, cheap, and expeditiously,
oct 8—tf
THEsubscriber has now open, and offers for
saie, a large and handsome assortment of
GOODS in his line, which he is anxious to dis
pose of at moderate prices. Among them are:
Blue, brown A purple Dinner Services
“ “ “ Plates<f other table ware
“ “ Bowls, Mugs Tea ware
“ “ “ Ewers A Basins & Toi
let Sets
China Teasets and Cups <f- Saucers, plain and
China Pitchers, Mugs, Bowls, Ac. do do
India China Dinner Service, dishes and
plates extra
Cut and plain Hall and Table Lamps, great
Cut, plain, pressed and moulded Glassware
Blue and green-edged, cream-colored, and
painted or enamelled Ware, in all their varieties
Stoneware of excellent quality, Alexandra
Pipes in boxes, 3 gross each, English and
Black lead Crucibles; Cooking Furnaces
Furniture Knobs; Window Glass in halfbox-;
Cash sales being out of the question, a liberal
credit will be extended to punctual customers
Alexandria, 3d mo 27, 1834 _
HC. SMITH has on hand, and offers for
• sale on moderate terms, a full and hand
some assortment of CHINA, GLASS AND
China Tea Sets, plain f gilt, various pattern-*
Jlinner Sets, blue, purple, and pink, printed
ndia China, in sets or separately
Lamps for Passages, Tables. Ac.
Castors, silver mounted and plain
Pipes by the box
Window Glass of every size
Stone Ware of an excellent quality
HAS received the .following articles, wi n
others, in addition to his stock, viz:
'■ Fresh Chamomile Flowers
Soda for Washing; superior Sal JEratus
Butler’s Magnesian Aperient
Moxon’s do do
Best Honduras Sarsaparilla
Best Jamaica Ginger, bleached, in race a:
Best Turkey and India Rhubarb, in root
Washed Sponge; Evans’s Lancets, genuine
White Mustard Seed, very superior and fre.-i ;
for medical use
Camel’s Hair Pencils, long and short, super -r
Pure English Mustard
Opium, Turkey and Egyptian
Bermuda Arrow Root
Griffiths’ Adhesive Plaster, spread
English do do do
Fine Flake Manna; Prepared Charcoal
Spanish Float Indigo
Pearl Tapioca, a beautiful article
Salad Oil, fresh
Sheet Gum Elastice, for Rheumatism
Silver grain Cochineal
Calcined Magnesia, (English)
Do do do heavy
Do do Henry’s
Acidulated Lemon Drops, (E nglish)
Ginger, Peppermint, and Fruit Lozenges (<iv
Dr. Ambler’s Tooth Powder
Low’s Double Distilled Lavender Water, s
very superior article, (English)
Au assortment of NEW CHEMICALS, '-7 ;
Strychnine, Morphine, Quinine, Iodine. Ac. '
N. B. SODA WATER, carefully preparr
by W. S. with apparatus of the best constrw
tion, may now be had, and will be kept runni'^
throughout the season. Particular attention ■
paid to the Syrups, which are formed of then*-'
materials.__4th ino --
The Cana
s Packet
TON has commenced her regular trips.*'
Tuesdays and Fridays, for the Great Fail’l'
Crommelin, starting from Frederick ^tre*
Bridge, (Georgetown) at 8 o’clock. A. '*■<al ;
returning the same day at or before sunset, rai
to and from Croinmelin, 50 cents.
The Canal is now in fine order, and the cov
try presents a beautiful appearance. To tn ^'
who are fond of a short excursion, and de--*
a short relaxation from business, a trip to t
Great Falls offers a most delightful treat.
fry* Parties, on any other days of the ^ y
can be accommodated, by giving a short no.
or application to the proprietor, living on '
street, Georgetown._Z. M. OFFt
HELL Combs,, of all sizes, that have oe
k-/ broken or injured, will be cemented or
paired by the subscriber. Also, SHELL LV.
made to order. JOHN CUUUPP.
Corner of King and Roy a. stff •
mar 25—Om

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