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rhm nails continue In operation with a re**
J.f.ud Sill that h» never been «urp.«eJ.
(V Gemini! The Globe forgot to add that the
Post Offlce Department is in a most flourishing
Mr Samuel H. Davis, the former able editor
rL Winchester Republican, has issued pro
for publishing a daily, tri-weekly, and
P~k!f newspaper, in Wheeling. The expe
of the past gives full assurance of the
ratine character of the proposed publica
J* |hat u will be worthy of the “ rising city
t,on’ ypt9i» and fully sustain the well esta
1L. character, for tact and good taste, al
ready acQuive^ by Mr. Pavia.
Thc York Evening Post of Thursday
h the following in relation to the Cholera in
that city, which has so far abated that the Board
* f Health have discontinued their reports. A
JL jporadic cases, caused by imprudence, oc
enr but the disease as an epidemic is said no
longer to exist:
.. The number of deaths occasioned by cho
i ~ this city since its ravages commenced
" r to the present time, embracing
‘^terdav’s final report of the Board of Hea,th’
rgf This is the total of the daily reports: the
nYmber of deaths by cholera during the same
as shown by adding together the week
rimenu of the City Injector, U 734. In
during a corresponding period, the num
i!?of deaths bv cholera was 3513-nearly five
as many as those of the present season.”
The alarm of fire on Saturday evening was
man in consequence of the burning of several
•tacks of hay and fodder belonging to Mr.
f-rtmoton, near the Poor House.
\lr Editor: 1 was rejoiced to hear that thc
JZL o', Richmond had extirpated from among
the tran^ of gamblers and blacklegs who
SSuSSSWity for some ye.rv past I
hone the occurrence of Monday night in l'ich
will have its proper effect upon that sort
of gentry throughout our land, l-et those who
were recently prosecuting the same business in
Alexandria, and all others, beware how they at- j
tempt it again. 1 s «y, let both the professed ,
tnd the more prirate gamblers (some of whom |
we have among us, and who are veil knovn.)
beware- they are watched; and in an hour when
thev little suspect it—when they may be engag
ed in despoiling some thoughtless father or son
of his substance, they will be detected, and the
tile implements of their nefarious gains de
vour citizens, generally, should look to this
matter, ahd endeavor to ascertain the locations
of these wretches. A.nti-leti-athan.
Mestrt. Bril and Polk of Tennessee—The Speak
er electefl, and the Speaker defeated.
Open war has been declared between the
friends of these gentleman, as “ war in disguise”
has prevailed between the gentlemen themselves,
since the election of Speaker.—Rich. Whig.
In Lancaster, (Pa.) on the 14th inst., James
Horxus, Esq. the oldest and one of the most [
wninent members of the Lancaster Bar. Mr.;
Hopkins had attained an age when, in the com-1
■ion course of events, it was but natural to
suppose that the fell destroyer would not much
longer withhold the demand w hich, sooner or
later, he ever so surely makes. But the manner
and time of his death were, nevertheless, pecu
liar and striking. Atrial, of great interest and
importance, had been progressing for nearly
two weeks, in which Mr. Hopkins was the lead
ing counsel for the plaintiff. On Thursday af
ternoon, just as Mr. Buchanan, who was one of
the counsel for the defendants, had risen to ad
dress the jury, he was interrupted by Mr. Hop-1
kins, who expressed a desire to read to the court
and jury certain authorities upon which, among
others, he said, he intended to rely. Mr. Bu- •
chanan gave way; but Mr. Hopkins, after a few
incoherent remarks was unable to find the au
thorities, and resumed his seat.
There can be no doubt that the fatal inroads
of disease were then commencing; lor, a short
time after he was discovered to be apparently
asleep in his chair. There was nothing extra
ordinary in this, and the first alarm w hich com
municated itself, was on the part of one of his
colleagues, who, after having made several at
tempts to arouse him from his supposed slum
ber, expressd his apprehension of something
serious to the Court, when, upon examination, j
it wa* discovered that his fears were but too well
He was immediately carried home in a chair,
medical aid called in, and bleeding promptly
resorted to—but in vain—the ravages of disease
baffled the energies of science and skill, and he
lingered on in a nearly unbroken lethargy, un
til about nine o’clock of the succeeding Sunday
On Thursday last, Aaron Van Coble, an old
rewdent, and a very industrious, useful, and
worthy citizen of Washington.
HIS is to give notice, that the Snap <f Candle
i u heretofore conducted by the
late John Major, is still continued. Having the i
to£**'her with some improvements
which have recently been made in the establish
ment, it is expected that all orders can be sup
plied without delay. The business will be con
ducted by experienced hands, and the public
may rest assured that every attention will be
Ff'tk ^V?";!lity 01 ,he artlcles manufactured
in this establishment, as I am well aware that it
was through attention to this particular that this
manufactory obtained the custom which it has
5ad; 1 tr,ust that^ though the atten
f . d industr.v of those to whom the charge
UJjf business will be committed, this establish
rnent will continue to possess the same share of
^lie patronage with which it has hereto
.. t>wn favored; and I hereby solicit the con
t , an^e °f lbe custom of those who have here
m.°re ^avored this establishment, together with
r„ ^ custom of all others who may be disposed to
f 'or me herewith. All orders, whether from
,n r jQlJntry\ will be thankfully received,
tk a ,ndod to with promptness and despatch,
e business will be conducted by my sons, in
in.amu an<^ ^or m>’ benefit; and they will at
wi»k ii manufactl,re of the articles, together
lishme t °r ^us*ness connected with the estab
MOI ld and DIPPED CANDLES, of a supe
r quality, is kept constantly on hand, and will
t^r^l8P°se^ °* on the most accommodating
MARY MAJOR. Alexandria.
sept 22-3}
Baltimore Patriot Office, )
Friday, 1 o’clock, P. M. $
Th4 Market.—Owing to the weather the sales
of Sugars at Auction were postponed—private
sales are to a limited extent, prices same as last
week. Porto Rico Molasses is held at 30 and 31
cts.—a few lots received coastwise has been sold
at 28c; the supply is ample—no New Orleans in
first hands. The Coffee mr.rket is fair, Rio is
bringing 11 3-4 to 12c; St. Domingo 10 1-2 cts.;
Angostura 13 1-2 cents; prime Java continues
scarce. The trade is selling the Walter’s car
go which is a prime article, at 14 cts—other lots
are held at 12 1-2 cts. Spices of every descrip
tion arc plenty and dull. Cotton and Indigo are
quiet. No. 1 Herrings §4 1-4—Mackerel con
tinues very scarce;-No. 3 is selling at 4 1-4.
Flour.—The operations in the Flour market
are of a regular business character—no thrift
cular animation or stir and the prices r®J|f|
nearly the same with our Tuesday’s repodB®!«
quote"the price from wagons at §5, and
from stores as ranging from 5,12 1-2 to BBS#?1
We note a sale of 300 bbls. at 5,18 3-4, aff||
days, with interest added. The demand is about
in proportion with the receipts.
Grain.—There has been no change in the
price of Grain of any description worthy of
note. We quote prime red at $1 a 103; strict
ly prime, 103 a 105; fair to good, 99 a 100;
white 1 00 a 105; family Flour, white, 1 12 a 1
14. Rye, 65 a 67c. Corn, white, 65 a 66c., yel
low, 65 a 66c. Oats, 31 a 33. The supply of
all kinds good, except Rye, which is scarce.
Whiskey.—The price of this article continues
to improve. We quote the wagon price to-day
at 28 l-2cts. Sales from stores at 32 a 33c.
Arrived, September 20,
Schr. William Henry, Hatch, Eastport; Plas
ter to S. Messersmith.
Schr. Edward, Scholfield, Eastport; Plaster
to W. Fowle & Co.
Schr. Red Rover, Duncan, Bladensburg; To
bacco to A. C. Cazenove &l Co.
Schr. White.Oak, -, Occoquan; Flour to
J. & J. H; Jan hey.
Schr. Good Intent, Smith, from Washington
City; to Lambert & McKenzie.
Brig Poultney, from Baltimore, passed up to
Brig Philip Doddridge, McKenzie, at Cadiz
12th ult.
Schooner Alexandria, Britton, hence at New
York 18th.
Memoranda.—The following extract of a let
ter from Capt. Lambert, of the brig May Dacre,
to the owners, gives a particular account of the
disasters which befel the vessel on her passage
from Boston to Valparaiso:
Valparaiso, June 5th, 1834.
Gentlemen—After a long and very unfortu
nate’ passage of 125 days, 1 have, through God’s
mercy, been peimitted to arrive here in safety,
but with the good brig May Dacre very much
shattered, for since 1 last wrote you we have
been torn to pieces by lightning, the particulars
of which are as follows:—On the 25th of March,
while in latitude of betwixt the latitude of 34
and 42, 8. and Ion. between 51 and 52, W. we
had a most gloomy, stormy night, with much
forked lightning. At 6 o’clock in the morning,
the lightning struck our main top-gallant mast
head, stove that into splinters, descended down
the topmast bet weed the eye of the lower rig
ging and mast to the deck, where it exploded
with a most tremendous report—it ripped up the
deck amidships, the partners and comins of the
mast, and went into the hold, where the electrie
fluid separated again, one part flying aft through
the cabin door, staving every thing in pieces in
its course, but the other most fatal passpd out
through the brig’s side, close to the water’s edge,
starting on all the bends amidships, and a great
quantity of the copper, leaving the brig on fire
inside, and filled with sulpher smoke. Who can
attempt to describe the appearance of things
upon deck? If I was to write forever, I could
not give you an idea of it—there was a total
wreck over head, the ship on fire below, and
said to be sinking; however, wc did not despair,
but used every exertion, and soon succeeded in
extinguishing the fire before it had done much
damage. But had it taken the ten barrels of al
cohol, which it went within three inches of, we
should all have been launched into eternity be
fore we had time to make our peace with God
or man. A great quantity of water went into
the hole before we could get the rent stopped,
for we had to stop the hole outside as well as
as we could, just to keep her from sinking—in
doing which, we stove our surf boat, but you
may depend we wrere not idle during the whole
of that day till we cleared the wreck, and se
cured the mainmast so that we could carry a
whole maintopsail in light wind. A Her getting
over the disaster, in a measure, and we scratch
ing along as well as we could, (lor we could
piake but poor headway with a very lame side,
crippled mainmast, and the copper dragging a
cat by the tail, if I may be allowed the expres
sion.) we fell in with on the 1st of Apiil, ano
ther very dangerous impediment, islands of ice,
which we did not get clear of for six days, part
of the time the wind blowing a violent gale, and
and we completetely surrounded by ice; but we
had the good luck not to strike any of it.
At length, after encountering all these difficul
ties and manv other smaller ones, we entered
the Straits of Magellan, 95 days from Boston.—
It being the worst season of the year, we had
verv bad weather through the Stiaits. On the
1st of May, while lying in a snug harbor, dur
ing a gale of wind, we were attacked by the
Terra del Fucgo Indians, but we soon silenced
them with our cannonades and muskets, for we
were prepared, having been informed by the
captain of a sealing schooner, that they had
tried to take the Avon; he also informed us that
the Avon had lost both of her cables and anch
ors, but was fortunate in getting an anchor out
of a Baltimore schooner, and succeeded in get
ting through the Straits. I came out of the
Straits with a fine breeze, but it was not long
before we met with our old companions, gales
of wind and heavy seas. While in the Straits
we had almost continued rain and snow, and
taking altogether, our brig looks like the picture
of distress. She is not only stove to pieces, but
the paint is washed off. what there is left whole,
and the sea has washed her trail boards off her
head. This being the first port where we could
repair, I made for it with all might, and arrived
here on the 24th. The brig’now is in an advanced
state of forwardness as regards her repairs. I
shall proceed as fast as possible, and the mo
ment my cargo is replaced, proceed on my
voyage. Next opportunity you shall receive
my protest and accounts. My carpenter and
Elijah Do we, hare deserted me. Hoping soon
to bt able to forwatd you all the particulars,
I am your humble serv’L
[Signed]J. L. LAMBERT.
rfK The Packet Schooner COL U.MBIA, Ru
ttl&frna Knap*, master, will sail on Wednes
day, and can take some small freight. Apply
on board, or to STEPHEN SHINN,
sept 22 _Janney’s wharf.
rffc The Packet Sloop UNION, James Tat
££&£ lob, master, will sail on Wednesday. For
freight apply on board, or to
sept 22 STEPHEN SHINN, Janney’g wharf.
A vessel of this line will leave Philadel
phia for the District of Columbia on the
iday of each week for the balance of the
I. For freight or passage apply to
No. 7, North wharves, Philadelphia, or to
sept 22—2awl0wAlexandria.
jot The Schooner ANNE VALERIUS,
5fc£i£Captain N. Tcdd, will be ready in a few
days to take freight to Richmond. Apply to the
master on board, lying at George H. Smoot’s
wharf. sept 22—3t
rfjc The Schooner EDUARD, Schoheld,
SfcSt^master, burthen about 1000 barrels, will be
readyfor cargo in a few days, and take freight
lowJbnApplication to
sept30 W. FOWLE & CO.
The Packet Brig RANGER, Jno. C.
Sfelfc^RYnER, master, will have despatch, and
take freight low. Apply to the master on board,
at Central wharf, or to
sept 19 W. FOWLE & CO.
A FULL FREIGHT Irom Fredericks
Sfe££Aburg to a Northern port, for a vessel of
800 to 1000 barrels, can be had on application to
sept 19W. FOWLE & CO.
The Schooner BALTIMORE, Waide,
!ife£4£master, burthen about 1200 barrels, will
take freight at a low rate; for which apply to the
master on board, or to
-g Tons, the cargo of the schr. Edward,
A OAF for sale by
sept 20W. FOWLE & CO.
Just received, per Sloop Union,
-g AA Kegs No. 1 White Lead, Roberts’
AAFAF brand, Philadelphia, and for sale by
JAMES W. SCOTT, Union street.
_sept 20—tf__
-g HhdsN. O. and prime St. Croix Sugars
AO 12 do N. O. f English Island Molasses
7 boxes prime white and brown Havana
3 do Lump Sugar
12 half chests Y. H. Gunpowder Teas,
of prime retailing quality
10 bags Porto Rico Coffee
2 do African do
1 bale high flavored Mocha do
3 bags ol.i Java do
5 frails Almonds
4 bales English Walnuts
6 kegs Malaga Raisins
2 bags Pimenta
20 dozen Corn Brooms
10 boxes Mould Candles
18 do Plug Tobacco, (I2’s)
1 case English Mustard
5 boxes Chocolate
10 bbls Prime Pork, (N. Y. City Inspec
10 do No. 1 Boston Beef
7 casks superior Goshen Cheese
Now landing from on board schr. President,
from New York, and will be sold on reasonable
terms, by ANDREW J. FLEMING,
sept 20 _On Irwin’s wharf.
5 Half Chests Young Hyson Tea
2 chests Souchong do
5 hhds prime Porto Rico Sugar
20 bags prime Rio and Java Coffee
20 boxes Soap, Mould ^ Sperm Candles
5 boxes prime Starch
1 ceroon Indigo
8 quarter casks French Brandy
Just received, and for sale, low, by
sept 20—3t JOS. HARRIS & SON. |
CANDY, Ac. &c.
k a Bags prime scented Rio Coffee, part green
OAF 10 kegs Ground Pepper
10 do Ground Ginger
10 boxes Mustard, part halflb canisters
5 boxes Fell’s Extra No. 1 Chocolate
10 boxes fine Rock Candy
AA Hogsheads prime Porto Rico Sugars,
ZU landing from brig Ranger, for sale by
sept 19 _W. FOWLE & CO.
-g Casks, assorted sizes, received per
_1 31/ Ranger, for sale by
sept 19 W. FOWLE & CO.
WA Tons, on board brig Ranger, for sale by
7U sept 19_W. FOWLE & CO.
K Barrels, received by schr. Emerald, for
ZD sale by A. C. CAZENOVE & CO.
6ept 18 _____
Qi'k Barrels Tanners’ Oil, of good quality,
&\3 iust received and for sale by
OF good quality, for sale by
fept 17 A. C. CAZENOVE & CO.
-f aa Boxes Window Glass, 8x10 and 10x12,
J.UU from the Franklin works, Philadelphia
60 Cooking Furnaces, cased with iron or
hooped. Just received and for sale by
9 mo 20th_R. H. MILLER.
JUST received, a small but neat assortment of
Astral Lamps for the Centre Table J with
Mantel Lamps $ P,a!n
or rich cut glass shades
Suspending and Wall Lamps for shops or
churches; with a variety of Glass Lamps, plain
and cut. 9 mo 20th B. H. MILLER.
Capt. Hatch, of the Schooner William Henry,
from Eastport, takes this opportunity of pub
licly returning thanks to Capt. J. C. Jones, of
the U. States Revenue Cutter Campbell, his offi
cers and crew, for their assiduous and kind at
tention in relieving his vessel, when she had
run ashore near Clement’s Point, in the Poto
mac river.
AAAA Bushels Yellow Corn
1000 do White do
In store, and for sale by
sept 22 STEPHEN SHINN, Janney’s wharf.
| Tons Plaster, the cargo of the schoon
101 er William Henry, for sale by
sept 22S. MESSERSM1TH.
■g Qn Sacks Liverpool Factory filled > «
-I- OU 600 bushels do Ground Alum £
Just received, and for sale, low, by
sept 22—3t JOS. HARRIS & SON.
Bushels New York White Flint Wheat, a
very superior article, for saie.
sept 22—eo3t
On Casks Rosendale Hydraulic Cement, just
" received, and for sale by
9 mo 22d ROBERT H. MILLER.
DCr" Testimonials of the high character ofthis
Cement may be seen at my store. R. H. M.
JUST received, and for sale by the dozen or
single one, Looking Glass Plates of the fol
lowing sizes: 14 by 1U; 33 by 13; 24 by 14; 30
by 18; 26 by 15. Any other sizes, as large as 36
inches by 20, can be procured in a short time, if
wanted 9 mo 22dR. H. MILLER.
THE cargo of the schooner Annavelerious,
Captain N. Todd, Superior Virginia Grate
Coal, now landing at my wharf,
sept 22—3tGEO. H. SMOOT.
E KENNEDY has just received from New
. York, per schooner President, the follow
ing, viz:
Charts of the whole Coast, from New York to
Havana, latest survey; West India Chnrts.
London Tinted Crayon Boards, Royal size,
three sheets thick; Do white do, Demy, two
sheets thick.
Newman’s Colours, a complete assortment.
Gold and Silver Paper, and Borders; Dentist’s
Gold; Gold and Silver Leaf, and Bronze, of the
best quality.
Mitchell’s Traveller’s Guide, with Book, lat
est edition.
Wafers, fine red, small size; very best Seal
ing Wax.
Comic Almanac for 1835, (ninety new cuts)
Guy Rivers, a no\'el, in 2 vols, a Tale of
Pearl Powder and Vinegar de Rouge, from
the factory ofN. Smith Prentiss.
Orange Flower, Florida, Lavender, Cologne,
and Camphor Waters; Tooth Powder and Chlo
rine Wash; and a variety of Fancy Soaps, &c.
sept 22—eo3t
INDIA China Dinner Setts and pieces separate
French China Tea Setts, broad gold band
English do do plain enamelled.
very cheap. Just received and for sale by
9 mo 20_K. H, MILLER.
THE subscriber has received a supply of
FRESH COCOA NUTS, from the quint
essential particles of which he is enabled to
supply customers with the mellifluous—rare
excellent—admirable viands, cognominated as
Alto For Sale,
Fresh Olives, Capers, Pickles, Preserves; Rich
London Sauces for Meats and Fish; Cordials,
Wines, Brown Stout; Vermacelli, Currants, Sul
tana Raisins, Citron, Pine Apple Cheese, and
CONFECTIONARY of all kinds,
sept 19—3t __ J. B. HEPBURN.
AMONG the many articles offered to thenub
fic for the growth and preservation of the
hair, none seem to have given so much satisfac
tion as the Purified Bear’s Oil, which has been
known, in many instances, to restore the hair on
heads which have been bald for years; it also pre
vents the hair from falling out, and quickly re
stores it when lost from sickness, or any other
cause. It gives to the most stubborn lock3 a
strong, glossy and lasting curl, removes the
dandriff, which often impedes the growth of the
hair, causing head ache, &c.
The Bear’s Oil is far superior to Antique or
Macassar Oils, which, being of vegetable origin,
soon make the hair hard and crisp, while ani
mal oils, on the contrary, make it soft and beau
tiful. Of the latter class, the Bear’s Oil, being
more penetrating, is, of course, preferred. Mo
thers will find it excellent for the heads of their
children, and to gentlemen of fashion it is re
commended for the growth of whiskers. When
used, it should be well rubbed into the roots of
the hair with a penetrating hair-brush, which
excites also a healthy action in the skin; the
hair should be well oiled every other day, be
fore combing it. Being highly purified, and
pleasantly perfumed, it w’ill be found decidedly
superior to any other article for constant use in
dressing the hair. Price 25 cents per bottle.
JtJ*' A fresh supply of the above incompara
ble article, with an extensive variety of Elegant
Perfumery, on hand, and for sale by
sept 10—3t J. B. HEPBURN.
DOCTOR HARRIS, being on a short visit
to Alexandria, will, during his stay, per
form any operation in Dental Surgery that may
be wanted. His room is at Mr. Newton's Hotel.
References: Drs. N. Potter, Thomas E. Bond,
W. W. Handy, Samuel Baker, G. C. M. Ro
berts, Baltimore; Drs. Washington, Fairfax,
Alexander, and Richards, Alexandria.
{Cj* As his brother is associated with him in
practice in Baltimore, he will be able to spend
a few days in this city every five or six weeks.
Those who wish his advice or services during
his present visit will make early application.
sept 19—tf_ ___
THAT a General Meeting of the Stockhold
ers of the Fauquier and Alexandria Tura
pike Company will take place at Buekland, 01.
Friday, 15th August next, for the purpose of
electing a President, four Directors, a Treasur
er and other officers of said Company.
BERNARD HOOE, Troaourer.
jy 18—tl5thAug
The above meeting is postponed till
Thursday, the 25th September next,
augli—eot25S B. HOOE, Trefflurer.
IN pursuance of a deed of trust from Jamea
L. McKenna and Ann Cecelia, his wife, to
Jonah Thompson, for the purposes therein men
tioned, recorded in the County Court of Lou
doun, lib. Ill, fo. 133. will be exposed to sale,
in the Court House Vard at Leesburg, at 13 o'
clock on Monday, the 22d day of September
next, being the first day of the Superior Court,
MA certain TRACT of LAND, on which
hal formerly been in operation a Grist and
Saw Mill, lying and being on Broad Run, In
the County of Loudoun and State of Virginia;
containing by survey thirty-three acres and ten .
poles, and adjoining the lands of William and
George Shed. Terms of Sale, one-fifth Cash;
the balance in four equal instalments of six,
twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months. Tha
deferred payments to be secured to the satisfiaQ'
tion of the Trustee. 1. P. THOMPSON,
Executor of Jonah Thompson, dec'd.
aug 18—ts [Leesburg Genius of Liberty to]
ON Thursday, the 25th instant, at 10 o’clock,
A. M., will be sold, in front of my Auction
Store, a variety of HOUSEHOLD FURNI
TURE, principally new and in good order; such
as Sideboards, Bureaus, Tables, Chairs, Wash
Stands, Feather Beds, Bedsteads with Sackings
complete; 1 Child’s Carriage, complete; 1 large
Painted Counter; 1 Glass Chandelier. Also, an
excellent Barouche, with Harness in good or
der, having been recently painted aud thorough
ly repaired. GEO. WHITE,
sept 22 _Auct
THE subscriber, having been appointed by
the Superior Court of Fairfax County, Va.,
to act us Trustee, under a deed executed on the
3d January, 1821, by the late George Mason,
Esq., of Gunston, will, with the consent of the
family of Mr. Mason, offer at public sale, for
cash, at Mr. Samuel Catts’ Tavern, West End,
near Alexandria, on Wednesday, 22d Oct. next,
at 11 o’clock, A. M., a part of THE SER
VANTS conveyed in said deed, consisting of
sept 20—dts WM. D. NUTT, Auct.
TO the Jail for the County of Alexandria,
District of Columbia, on the 2d of October,
1833, as a runaway, a yellow woman, who says
her name is REBECCA SMITH. She appears
to be about 35 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high,
stout and well made. She says that she belongs
to a Mr. Freeman, a negro trader from the
South. The owner is therefore requested to
come forward, prove property, pay charges,
and fake her away; otherwise she will be sold
out to the highest bidder, on the 2d day of De
cember, 1834, in front of the Court House door,
as the owner has been notified before this ac
cording to law. D. MINOR,
Deputy Marshal, and Jailer for the County of
sept 12—2awt2dDec Alexandria, D. U.
I OFFER for sale my LAND in King George.
It borders on Potomac Creek, and is situat
ed immediately adjoining the steamboat land
ing. The tract contains a little upwards of 8(50
acres, and is well suited to the production of
Tobacco, Corn, Wheat, Rye, and Oats. Red
Clover delights in the Upland, and there is a
lull portion of as fine Meadow Land belonging
to the tract as is to be found in Virginia. The
soil is a dark loam, easy to cultivate, and cer
tain to produce. The locality of its situation,
both natural and acquired, gives to the tract in
calculable advantages. This Land will be of
fered for sak, on the premises, on the first day
of next month, to the highest bidder, on terms
then to be made known, reserving to myseifona
Culpeper County, Va. Aug. 7—eotlstSep
Jtj* The sale of the Land above mentioned
has necessarily been postponed until the 4th
day of October next. aug 27—eot4thOct
THE subscriber offers for sale an Annual
Ground Rent of One Hundred and Nine
teen Dollars and Eighty-Four Cents, secured
upon the frame dwelling and store house on the
south side of King, between Fairfax and Royal
streets, and now occupied by Augustus Jacobs.
One ditto of Ninety Dollars and Eleven Cents,
secured upon the house now owned and occu
pied by Thomas L. Martin.
One ditto of Thirty Dollars, well secured up
on a house on Wolfe street.
Nine Shares of Alexandria and Washington
Turnpike Stock.
Six ditto Little River Turnpike do
Ten ditto Marine Insurance do
Besides various other Stocks,
sept 19—eo3t SAM’L. H. JANNEY.
TEACHER OF MUSIC, from Berlin,
HAS the pleasure to inform the inhabitant
of Alexandria that he has located himself
in this place, for the purpose of giving instruct
tion on the Forte Piano, Guitar, Flute, and Vo
cal Music. His method of grounding beginners
in the Science of Music is one long approved of
by the best masters in Europe; and he hopes,
by a liberal patronage, to be enabled to give
proof of his talent as a teacher. He wishes par
ticularly to make up a School of Ladies and
Gentlemen, to teach Vocal Music, to form Cho
ruses in Churches and Concerts.
He also offers his services to tune Pianos, and
his charges will be moderate and suitable to the
times. He can be found at Oaptain Blunt*
Boarding House, corner of King and Pitt streets.
sept 19—eo3t_ , —
The Steftmer COLUM
It/A, Capt. Jambs Mitch
" ell, having resumed her
timore and the District of Columbia, will, dur
ing the season, leave Baltimore for the District
of Columbia every Saturday, at 4 o’clock, P:
M.; and returning, will leave Washington at «,
and Alexandria at 7 o’clock, A. M. every Wed
nesday, for Baltimore. Passage $2.
sept 18—tf_
CONSTANTLY on hand, and for sale by
sept 17——eo3t B. WHEAT A SON.
NOW landing from on board the brig Alex
andria, Capt. Bowers, from Stockho m,
Tons of Swedish Bar Iron, Plough
Plates, and Landsides.
And in Store,
350 Tons of Swedish and V°“» ffJJJl
, .. rqnnare and round o&rs^ ro&kinf
listing of Hat, *“^hich will be told low,
a complete assortment, wm JANNKY *
J on application to *
i Alexandria, 9th mo 10, 1834 eo7t

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