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•„ ,v •< held in abeyance, and the interest of
t»je nation P^ as^ confidently, be a doubt of
.^motives of the President in postponing the
l,il utlon uf that gentleman to the Senate.
IK'“*‘I,iV until the meeting of Congress, but un
, ».1 lose of the most important session hold
1111>\ ,rK ttie Constitution—not only until the
ea.,o utment of the Committees charged with
aW” -i.Mtion ol executive measures, but un
f It* ill* ,:..U__>1__ 1._
■?wbt" that the Speaker yielded to the tempta
and fulfilled the expectation of the PresS
Tl'—that he held fast tiie contract between
h iii^eit and the President, the completion of
“ cu he could expect only by promoting the
ii.l,dent's views, which was the condition pre
•'•at:' It is notorious that, in the discharge
l. r or din iry official duties, he gave such of
).■ >• to the House, that several weeks elapsed
l! resignation, before the customary vote
| a‘ was reluctantly and ungraciously
tendered to hiui; and that his devotion to exe
I It* measures has separated him from the
p..' , of hi' District, and the Legislature of his
1-,!*■ fie- Senate of the United States, in re
II ni the nomination, has most properly set
" iai'' odusion the seal of reprobation, for
tle*iv never has been a more imperative
1' i roiiieiit; and it is greatly to he regretted,
, (l. c.,inpav'ion, sympathy, friendly consider
i i oranv other personal motive, should have
.Y.itc l tii it reprobation Irom being more im
' aii'l exemplary, tty a greater number of
A m nine a n Ui ahtckly.
M.r'ii is lh>- Prophet.—Soon alter the open
; »ot the court, Hubert Muttnias, falsely deiio
■t. w lose cause was set down
; i U' al t'l.s *Iay, was ushered into the court
j, n and was placed near the door of the
i j j u’s (hamber. He was clad in a
,v a j( . ; i .ui cloth do k. lined tarouglmut
, ... . > nh fru< iv coat, which cost
s i a vaid. faied with pink satin, with a silver
,t.ii' -ii breast, and seven silver stars on
•■••right; a handsome scarlet colored sash, of
. JiK. round In*1 waist; pointed lace rutiles at
. .. A1band.'; a tine bull vest, and brown clotli
' . ,• , , i|..; .iii.l shoes and stockings oil his leet
, I jfjjs. 11.s beard, now given to grey, was
\ lVV-a tilth • .eagth of about 2 inches,on his chin
' jj»t i . •». and lie w as ipiiie free w iltr Ins con
^ -,i. h\ wall those who assembled about him.
. ,u alter las introduction into court, the
р. vu t Attorney rose, and addressing the
с, ,art.-stated tii.it he entertained strong and
ve\; (iiaiidej doubts of the solidity of tile mdict
m-ut ag mist Matthias. That although it was
<liawii with all possible tare and attention to
tecniucai rule, and embraced all the facts ol
t . cas-as piesented to the grand Jury, yet, he
be.ievcd, t i.it it did not and could not embrace
t ..-O'-sciitiai attiibutes of guilt, which in a le
g.i. point ut view were numerous, to constitute
too ciimeof which he stood charged, and there
fore moved the court to take the indictment in
ti consideration, and. if defective, to enter a
,\ • i>; i.vv./m i,i the case. This motion was
►resoled by Mr. Western. Counsel for the priso
ner, w;io c intended for the right of a fair and
impartial trial, lie stated that be had intended
toluve till'd a demurrer against the indictment'
and thereby to have its legal validity tested, and
the i to h ive it tjuestumed; but til explaining the
natter to the prisoner, he positively refused to
y; ivtio i th • proceeding by demurrer, as cal
c: '■I to implicate bun into an acknowledge
tne.it if guilt, w hereas he contended that he
*as<* urely innocent, ami had been traduced
ini'..' i iiactor as to the principles he profess
ed, ami the public mind abused arid misled on
tr.«. subject of his belief, and lie therefore claim
ed the right to be tried.
I>> tins determination of his client. Mr. Wes
tern said he entirely responded, and although he
mua leave the polemical and religious point ol
Mr M Killian's defence to be taken care of by
n.mv‘11. yet lie must ni'i't upon having tlie mat
ter tr -t!, tliat the guilty and the innocent might
be known. Audit was rendered the more im
portaat. that such should be the case, inasmuch
Mr. Matthias w as to tie tried in a sister ciillli
t. I 'l'.ia impute 1 otfenceof a much more seri
is nature*, winch might involve Ins tile, and the
P -' it proceedings might have an important
-■ hi the trial at M estChester, w inch was
t'i> .*• tins, riiedisiiact Attorney, however
v.' ■ i t !.• court to dwell on the indictment, and
f ail a letter limn Mr. Kolger, the complain
a‘t. "how shed ail pioceedmgs to be su-pend
* Fite com t entertained the notice, and will
lext. V Y. Dai. 1 dr.
1 it \»\l» 01*4 t?a U
■’. Miiisi:r»ber Ini'just received a supply of
' •' -: Ur tard Gra^s Seed. which be oilers
: -1 - r wah a s.itafi lot of new Tnno
v l" J AS. I >. K EKR.
1» V\• I.NG it iIt h if,.
I \I' '■ • N EKES has the honor of informing
* 'f.>•».!> .unitin' ladies an:! gentlemen
^1 1 » hut his Dancing School will be
:",sh v-iy. on Eml.iv next, the 1 lth hist..
■ ■ ' I in- pi u ,* .is last winter.
I:v" "I liiition—For Young l.adies, at 3
' y Friday afternoon, and 10 o’cloc k
, s ■ 1 Lv m .in tg for Young Ludie.. A
" ^ "'nig (ientieiiien at 7 o’clock.
Jlov n
I ■ "• H iak of Potomac lias declared a divi
'■ • ol I'wo per Cent, for the last six
■ • ■ eon Wednesday, the5th <>i V>
''1 r next, p.v order of the President and
'vtl>r*: C. PAGE, Casliier.
J:“v l—d3;Jt en.3t
11 !■■: \ T AND G uo END P L A ST EI 1.
I * • highest market price will be given for
4 -"»•! oIIKAT. at Accotink Mills, eight
. ' tmm Alexandria; also at the Cameron
> xandria; where GROUND PLAS
1 may lie had. ;»t six dollars per ton.
l:t|lria. 10th tno 30—eot»t
‘ c.n rtot the ship Potomac, from Ltver
i1 J" . consisting of
J,) Bushels Ground Alum Salt
1,000 sacks Blown (tilled 10 to
, n») Salt
1 bushels of best Orrel Coal
P .1 yards half bleached Sacking
II) '^'!iea»ls. •• Luther Felton’s” brand, re
( . per brig Wankinco, for sale by
: W.\l. FOWLE A CO.
-V ’ ‘ ‘1 »nal supply of raylor *v Mason’s
1 " 1 halienge Blue king. «arranted
* i-v k’ -*Ust rocmvd and lor sale ;it reduced
Price of Produce in Alexandria yesterday, from
Wagons and Vessels.
Flour, new wheat, bhl So 00 a SO 0*0
Wheat, per bushel, 0 95 a J 02
Corn, do 0 72 a 0 00
j Rye, - do 0 02 a 0 00
; Oats, from wagons, bush 0 33 a 0 35
Do from vessels, do 0 30 a 0 32
Corn Meal, white, do 0 SO a 0 00
Do do .yellow, do 0 75 a 0 00
I Whiskey, per gallon, 0 27 a 0 30
| Bacon, per cwt. J - 10 00 a 10 50
Butter, fresh, per lb. 0 16 a 0 20
Do iirkin, do - 0 10 a 0 12A
[ I.ahd, no - 0 09 a 0 00 •
j Plaster Paris, retail, ton, 4 50 a u 00
Flour.—Saturday the wagon price of Flour
opened at Si 93; subsequently 84 95 became the
current price of the day, and for a few loads
$5 00 were 'paid. Yesterday the ruling price
was $5 00, though 85 02 were paid in a few in
stances. We have heard of no sales from stores.
Export for the week ending Saturday, 8th
in>t., 175s barrels; 1022 foreign, 414 coastwise.
Quantity inspected during the same period,
King street, 2097 bbls.
J)'hurf 479 256 half bbls.
2276 5 56
Flour ami Mail.—Tlie prices of Flour is very
firm at S3] — the demand fully equals the sup
ply. The retail business is very fair—3330 bar
rels have been sold for export at the above rate,
with the exception of 3<»t3 barrels, extra brand,
which brought 85$ —100 half barrels $'2 18:{, and
100 do at 82:{. No sales of Rye, stock light and
price 81 Corn Meal in barrels is arriving
more freely, the price is S3 50, at which 350 bar
rels have been sold—the last sale in hlids. was
at 816.
<train—Wheat—the supply is pretty good, ful
ly equal to demand;—tin* sales are about 4000
bushels at 81 01 a 81 07. We quote at 81 01 a I 06;
the latter price for very good parcels. Rye. 67 a
69c, receipt' fair.and sales tolerably ready. Corn
—Sales of 3500 bushels yellow flat, at 70 a 71c;
700 do inferior and heated, 69c; 4000 bushels
white, 69 a 70c; and 1500 bushels R. yellow, 72 c.
The demand is fair, and receipts rather mode
rate; white is ready sale at959e; yellow at 70 a 7 lc.
Oats—Sales of 2000 bushels at 32 a 33c.
Pot Ashes have sold at SI 03 a 10. Liverpool
Coal has declined. In Collet* the principal bu
siness has been in Java, at 13cts lb.; St. J>omin
go has sold at lOcts, g per cent oil. cash. Cot
ton continues in demand at full prices, though
the stock is too small to permit a large business.
Upland has sold at lU a 17 cts Orleans at 16
a 17.‘,cts. All sorts of Fish remain much ns last
week. Western Flour of common brands, is
<5. and Trov 81 91: Georgetown 85 50.
Toe grain market is in general rather lower, I
a cargo of Maryland corn, however, sold at 7<>
cts. Raisins are still higher, bunch sold at 82
50 a 52 per box, Muscatel at 82 12 a 15. There
have been some large sales of iron. Turpen
tine is quite scarce. Rice has sold to the amount
id'.300 tes. at 3‘ a i cts. per II). Salt lias arriv
ed freely. Sugar remains in favor and at full
prices. Molasses is heavy, Orleans has sold at
29 a 29 cts.
The Hide market is scantily supplied. Olive
Oil has r.dvanced to 100 cts. gall. Whale Oil
scarce. Linseed continues to advance. Small
sales of Whalebone at 20 cts. lb. No c hange iu
Frieghts. Exchange on England 7 a 7 J m em.
poirr of i/./;.Ywd/i/a, d. c.
Arrived. November 10.
lirig Dunlap, Sturdevatit. Portland; Plaster
and Molasses to \\ . I'owle A t o.
Sclir William <!t Nancy, Eights, Buckspnrt;
Potatoes mid Bark to Lambert «V McKenzie.
Si ir. L ifayette. Snow, Hampden; Potatoes
to Henry I hinigei fii-ld.
Sclir. Accolink Packet, Accotink; Flour to
Jos. Jannev.
Schr. White Oak, Occoquan; Flour tuJ. A .1.
H. Janney.
Schr. Red Rover, Duncan, Patuxent; Tobac
co to A. <'. Uuzenove vV^‘o.
Schr. Thaddeus. Machodoc; Corn and Wheat
to (ieo. Jolinsoii & t •*.
Schr. Sloan. U'lantico; Flour to do.
Sloop Dcidamiu. .Machodoc; Corn & M heat
to do. . ,
Sloop Union, Taylor, Philadelphia; I« reight
for the Dsti iet.
Steamer Columbia. Mitchell, Balt.; Freight
and passengers for the District.
Steamer Chesapeake, U dson, Nor.oik; I a>
Beiow—2 Brigs and l Schooner, bound up.
Sloop Statira, Hand, Philadelphia.
Ml! Molt \ xm.
Biig Philip Doddridge, McKenzie, of ibis port, |
sailed"from Cadiz 22d September for Marseilles.
Schr. Baltimore, from Baltimore, at Sayan- j
nab 3d inst. On the 30th ult. of! Cape Fear.
I li-ui v Simms, ol Alexandria, D. C. fell It oni the
foreyard and was lost. Experienced severe
weather on the passage.
Sclir. Washington, Knapp, cleared at New
York for this port 8lh.
Ship John Marshall, Bacon, at St. Lbes for
this port, 29th Sci t -mher.
,rjr The Packet Schooner MOi\\T \ EU
;’.'V VO.V. Mahsto.n. Master, is now ready to
receive carm>, and will take freight low. 1* oi
ICr:rif"' 1IF.XUV I»AIXOEKriEJ>-_
BUSHELS Mercer Potatoes hour
OUUU ly expected, for sale by
nov 11 WM. FOWLE A Co.
Hhds prime retailing Molasses, landing
from Brig Dunlap, for sale by
I Bags fresh Brazil Nuts, just received from
|_1/ \(uv York, per schooner Robert Gordon,
,,,1*1. together w ith an assortment heretofore re
ceived,~o| Groceries, Fruit, Nuts, *ic. *fcc., are
offered' for sale, by ANDREW J. FLEMING,
j .>7 Irw in’s wharf.
Bags old White Coffee, represented to be
— # a handsome article, landing and for sale
hy nov § S. MESSERSM1TH.
The missions of the Moravians to Greenland
commenced more than a century since. First in
point of time in the great work of Missionary
enterprize, this exemplary sect stand also first
in di'gree of exertion, in comparison to their
number and means. They maintain in differ
ent parts of the world, 12 stations, two hundred
and eleven missionaries, and report, since the o
peningof their labors in this field of benevolence
tiie conversion ol more than forty thousand in
Why steers yon bold, adventurous prow,
Thus toward the artic zone,
Defying blasts that rudely seal
To Ocean’s breast, like stone?
Why tlare her crew those fearful seas,
Where icy mountains dash,
And make the proudest ship a wreck,
With one tremendous crash?
They come, who seek the spirit’s gold,
They dare yon dreary sphere;
And Winter startles on his throne,
Their strain of praise to hear:
They come salvation’s lamp to light
Where frost and darkness reign,
And with a deathless hope to cheer
The sons of want and pain.
And 1<>! the chapel rears its head
Beneath those stranger skies,
And to the^sweet-toned Sabbath bell
The thick-ribbed ice replies:
The Esquimaux does seek that clime
Where llowers forever bloom,
And with undaunted courage pluck
Their victory from the tomb.
When the last tinge of green departs,
The last bird takes its flight,
And the far sun no beam bestows
(>n that long polar night;
When in her subterranean cell,
To shun the tempest’s ire,
Lite shrinking guards the pallid flame,
That feebly lifts its spire.
The teachers of a love divine,
That firm, devoted band,
With no weak sigh of fond regret
ltecal their father-laud;
The peaceful smile that lights their brow
When storms of winter roar,
Doth better prove their heaven-born faith
Than learning’s loftiest lore.
THE Schooner L I/'.l Wv'/'V'/i, Snow,
Master, carries eight hundred barrels, and
is in complete order for any voyage. For terms
2300 Bushels of first quality of Mercer Pota
toes, for sale onboard said vessel. Apply as
above._n«»v 11
THE superior coppered Ship l*()T(t-\
U 1C, L. M ahiu kv, Master, will be ready
to receive cargo ina few days. For term* apply
nov 11
t 1 °ns Waster Pans
I ^i) 120 bbls Herrings, of superior quality
20 casks 1 Nova Scotia Blue Pota- j
48 barrels \ toes
On board schooner Baltimore, from Eastport,
and for sale by S. MESSERSM1TH. j
nov 8 _J
N. E. RUM.
| n Hogsheads N. E. Rum, received per:
1 IF sc hr. Mount Vernon, from Boston, for
sale by nov - WM. FOWLE & CO.
Casks, assorted sizes, received per j
m O’ F sclir. Mount Vernon, tor sale by
nnv S_WM. FOWLE & CO.
Barrels No. 2 Mackerel
.‘>7 half do do do
S barrels No. 3 do
23 kids No. I do
27 do No 2 .do
pm hu>iieis Chenango Potatoes
Received per svhr. .tulia Ann. from Portland,
for sale by WM. F«>\\ LE & CO.
nov 8
,>aq Y'ards Strong Kersey, manufactured
at (luautico. just received and for sale
by nov 8 GEO. JOHNSON & CO.
•y ~ Half Barrels of Mackerel
pj p) sii boxes Mould Caudles
10 barrels New England Rum
Received per sclir. Mount Vernon, for sale by
Also, 12 boxes Lump Sugar nov 8
/•/k Tons Planter, and a few bales fresh Hops.
|)l F of the Boston inspection, now landing
from the schooner Pamela. < ’apt. Small, and for
sale bv nov 6 A. • . t AZENOY E & I O.
*y 4 u k Bushels first rale Eastern Potatoes, on
•)IFf F board brig Albert, at Wm. Fowle &
Co.’s wharf __nov 4
| ik Barrels English Venetian Red, received
If* per ship Potomac, from Liverpool, and
for sale by LAM BLR I & McKENZIK,
no\* 4 Union wharf.
Ip' a p' Feet Mahogany, J to 2 inches and
upwards, landing from steamer Co
lumbia. and for sale by
nov I WM. D. NUTT.
| 1 l. tlSKS Jjlli MI i J11 • f l M V ' nt « nv,v»»vv<
• f per sc hr. President, from New York, and
for sale by ANDREW J. 1‘LEMING.
nov 3__
i)A Tierces prime Retailing, received per
^ I f schooner President, for sale by
nov 3 WM. FOWLE & CO.
4 All Reams superior AY rapping Paper
4UU ion do Cap Writing, assorted do
ino do Letter do do do
10.000 Quills, of various qualities and
prices. Just received cm sale by
?rp=- Shopkeepers would find it to their advan
tage to examine the above goods and their pri
ces. _
1 A A Pipces, assorted numbers, “ Colt’s”
I I ‘If Cotton Duck, received per schr. Ro
bert Gordon, for sale by
oct 30 WM. FOWLE <fc CO.
*rrs. The superior Packet Brig AMULET
y-^G. G. Nickerson, will have despatch. Fot
freight or passage, having elegant acconmio
dations, apply to
_nov S _ ' WM. FOWLE & CO.
fire The Schooner BA LTfMOKE, Waide,
tSx&e master. She will take a few hundred bar
rels on freight, at a low rate. Apply to
fftv The good Schooner PAMELA, Capt.
t -PSm>i i burthen about 750 barrels, now ly
ing at Cameron street wharf. One for the West
Indies or South would be preferred; but if none
offers immediately, she will load for Boston.
Apply to nov 6 A. C. CAZEXOVE & CO.
■" niimsil OoNSCCATB, )
Hnttimnrc, Xnrcmhrr G, 1^31. $
TVTOTICE i- hereby given. Hi it Thomas 1*»>in
-L y cy. Esq. bus been appointed Acting IJritish
Vice Consul for the District of Columbia,
nov s—3r
rill I AT the subscriber, of Alexandria Coun
A ty in the District of Columbia, hath obtain
ed from the Orphans’ Court of said County let
ters of administration, with the w ill annexed,
on the personal estate of Joshua Yeaton, late of
the county aforesaid, deceased. All persons
having claims against the said decedent are
hereby warned to exhibit the same to the sub
scriber. passed by the Orphans’Court, on or be
fore the 1 1th day of October, I s3d. or they may,
bylaw, be excluded from all benefit to said es
tate; and those indebted thereto are required to
make immediate payment. (Jiven under my
hand, this llth October, 1MJ4.
WM. 1>. NUTT.
Administrator, with the will annexed, of Joshua
oct II—enlw Yeaton.
^■HIAT the subscriber, of Alexandria Coun
JL ty in the District of Columbia, has obtain
tainod from tlu* Orphans’ Court of said county
letters of administration on the estate of RE
BECCA MILLS, late of the county afore
said, deceased. All persons having claims
against the said decedent are hereby warned to
exhibit the same to the subscriber, p issed by
the Orphans’ Court, on or before the 10th of Oc
tober,183.3,or they may by law be excluded from
all benefit to said estate; and those indebted
thereto are required to make immediate pay
ment. Given under my hand this llthdayol
October, 1831. MARY G. NOYES,
oct ll—eo3w Administratrix.
PASTOR’S Testimony; Preble’s Christian
Year; The Nun, by Airs. Sherwood; Mrs*
Sherwood's < 'omplete Works, (uniform edition);
Helen, by Aliss t dgeworth; Airs, Sigourney’s
Sketches; Barnes’Notes on Acts; Portable Cy
clopedia; Father’s Book; Knapp’s Tales; Todd’s
Lectures; Delingcourt on Death; The Connec
tion of the Physical Sciences, by Mrs. Somer
ville; Necessity of Popular Education as a Na
tional object, with Hints on tlx* Treatment of
Criminals, and Observations on Homicidal In
sanity, by James Simpson. The above just re
ceived oil sale by
nov 6 WM. M. MORRISON.
I EFT Alexandria on Satmday, 1st instant,
very dark nr black; another a red; ami the other
a lead colored pied. They were seen in the
neighborhood of the Factory that afternoon.—
The black one had, when he wentaway, ushort
rope tied on Ins horns. They were brought
Irom the farm of Mr. N. Grigsby, in Fauquier.
To secure them in a pasture, and give me inhu
mation. oi deliver tln*m at my pasture, near
Town, I will give a suitable reward.
nov R—11 WM. I). NUTT._
|M >< roll W EDDERBl BN,
VT his shop on i\iug slie< t. m*xl above Mor
risou’s Hook Sion*, lias pist received a
fresh supph «> 1 GF.NI’INK MEDICINES.—
\niongsl them aie a lew bottles best Castor
Oil, of the last growth, and a number of other
articles suitable lor the season.
November l. 1838.
. 5 RE\Y «i: D.
STRAYED from the subscriber, about tin
giilh of last month, a RED BCFFALt
COW, with a w hite t.iee. Tin* above lew an
will be given for returning her to the subscriber
nov 6—tf GEO. lUtKNi’.
F \SI ll« »N A I’f.F. HATS AND CAPS.
OXEN JOSSKLYN. Agent, north ea -t cor
ner of King and Royal str»'et>. i •*>pecllull\
informs Ids old customers ami the public gem*
rallv that In- i< prepared to furnish them will
EL EG ANT BLACK H A TS. got up in the lir
style, ofthe best materials, ami by experience*:
and faithful journeymen. Also, Brown am
Seal colored I lat >.
C \PS.
Gentlemen’s, Youth’s, and Children’s T nr
Cloth, and Hair Si*al Caps, of the various qua
lities and patterns.
Every exertion will lx* used to please, and al
favors thankfully received.
N\ B. Old Hats taken in part pay for new
ones. All kinds of FURS purchased as above
nov 1—3 m___
MESSRS. C U a N E & E LDR E E D most re
spectfully infoi in the ladies and gentlemen
of Alexandria that they will exhibit their splen
CUS, together, in Alexandria, on Monday and
Tuesday, November IT and IS. at 1 o’clock. I*.
M.; also at 6 o’clock in the evening. Good Mu
sic will attend the Exhibition, and teats prepa
red expressly for the Ladies. Every attention
will be given possible, to render the performance
agreeable and interesting to those who may
please to give them a call.
Admittance 25 cents; children half price,
nov 1—dtlSth __
a DIVIDEND of Forty Cents on each Share
_/\ of Stock held in this Institution has been
declared, payable on or alter the 5th instant, tc
the stockholders or their legal representatives
nov ]—eo2w
OPEN, daily, from 10 to 12 o’clock A. M. and
from 3 to 5 I*. M jan 24
ON Wednesday, the 12th inst., at 12 o’clock
will he sold on the premises,
A HOUSE iV LOT, on the south side>1
iti f Prince street, between Pitt amt Royal sts.,
frontingon Prince IT feet, and running buck74
feet, to a four feet alley.
Terms of sale: One-third cash; the balance at
six and twelve months; satisfactorily secured,
bearing interest from the day of sale. By order:
nov T_GEO. WHITE, Auctioneer.
On «S\1 Tilt DA Y, 15t/i November next.
UNDER the authority ol a Deed of Trust
from the Mechanics’ Bank of Alexandria
to the subscribers, they will offerlorsnU* the re
sidue of the VALUABLE PROPERTY con
veyed to them, viz:
?-y No. 1. A three-story Brick Dwelling
‘11 IIoii.se and Lot, one door east of Washing
ton >tieet, on the north side of King street, about
; 20 feet front on King street, with right of an al
ley, in depth about Jo loot, under rent to Mrs.
Catherine Fleming, at $111 per annum, in fee
| S'i. 2. A Brick Dwelling House and Lot
Vilon King street, north side, between Coluni
bus and Alfred streets, now occupied by (.’apt.
Thomas Munroe, at a rent of $100 per annum,
under a rent in li e of $v0
/.No. 3. A Brick Dwelling House and Lot
ii; Ion the north side of King street, between
Patrick and Henry streets, now occupied by
John P. Cowman, at $80 per annum, under a
rent in fee of $3$ 12 ' °
No. 4. One Af o. •• r. . 'quare ofGround,
•on the north s i nt Or i -i -pet, and west
i side ol St. As 11>ti. ;u tin-.i in'm -ection, on which
is erected a large and ct iim ii nit Brick Dwel
ling House, with back building-:, now occupied
by Mrs. Portia Hodgson, subject to an annual
rent in fee of $66 i>7. The pteinises are of first
rate materials and workmanship, marble man
tel-:, &e. etc. and cost the gentleman who built
it for his private use at least $15,(100.
No. 5. A Lot ofGround, about 20 feet front,
I on Fayette street, north of D. Cavood’s Flour
i Store, binding on an alley, on which is erected
a Brick Stable, subject loan annual rent in fee
! of $20 S3.
No. 6. A Vacant Lot, on the north side of
Prince street, and east side of Fayette street, at
! their intersection, subject to right of dower of
j Mrs. Rebecca Taylor.
No. 7. A \ aennt Lot of Ground, on the east
j side of I'a vette street, and south side of Came
1 t on - reef, at their intersection, subject to an an
! nuul. i.t iii fee of $ 11 07.
No. One undivided third part of a I.ot of
■ Ground mo ifn tl:** c-story Brick W arehouses
j erected t. rei > on :l •• p ir'!i side of Fayette
j street, and on the south-east side of Commerce
: street, in limit on Fayette street 150 feet, on
Commerce -fleet 95 feet; the u hole subject to an
j annual rent in fee of $02.
' No. 9. The Sebastian Spring Tract of I,and,
' in Alexandria County. This valuable Tract
i contains 227 acres. 2 roods, 13 poles, exclusive
j of the Alexandria Canal that will pass through
i it. and ol the W ashington and Alexandria Turn
I pike, also the Columbia Road, is divided into
j six separate Lots, containing from 15 to65acres
; each, w ith two very fine springs of water. Its
situation so near to the W ashington Bridge,
, now free ol toil, renders it an object lor im
provement. The-.Hid on a part of one of the
! lot— can ie sold at high prices to builders in the
< 'tty of Washington. Plats can be seen by ap
j plication in Th«»n»«<*i Vow, II. < ?n>liler of the Mo
I chatties’ Bank, at his office mi Fairfax street.
Sale to commence at 10 o’clock, at Lot No. 1,
; on King street. The tei m> w id be made known.
GEO. BRENT. Trustees.
net 1 -Oct LlawGlMhN'ov&dt lothNov
jC?" In addition to the above list of property.
/ v The two-story Frame DWELLING
JiijLl 11 tl S E. on the north side of King street, 16
j led limit. w ith the privilege of ti four feet alley,
' between this hoti-o and I.ot No. 1, will be soid by
• the Ti ti tees. OCt 30
a > v a virtue of two several deeds of trust re
| corded in the U. S. Circuit Court for the
< ‘minty of Alexandria, lab. O. No. 2, fill. 99, and
j lab. It. No. 2. Ibl. 62. I shall, on Wednesday, the
2'it .i ii i v of November next, olfer at public sale,
I'm*cash, A l.oT OF GROUND in tin* town ol
Alexandria, beginning 57 1-2 feet from the cor
! net of lb iiii ess and Union streets; thence South
with Union street I » ('unway’s line; thence East
j with said line, amt parallel to Princess street,
into lie* River Potomac; thence North with the
Rivi'i to the line ol John Adam; thence with his
. line to lie* beginning.
Should the proceeds of such sale be insuffi
ident for the purpose of the trust, I shall then
I proceed to sell, for cash,
1. A LOT OF GROUND on Water and
j Princess streets, Mb feet on M ater street, and
| 136 on Pi incess street.
2. A LOT oppo-ite the same, (1) on Prin
ces-.street and an alley, 4$ feet by 46 feet.
3. A LOT OF GUoC.ND on Oronoko st.,
being I f of a square, running through the cen
tre to Pendleton street, and opposite the late
Mordecai Millers Bake House.
4. < >ne halfofan uurli vided 11A LF S'QUA R E,
less sixty feet, on Oronoko, Royal, and Pitt
streets, where the od Catholic ('Impel stood,
and opposite Hollin-biiry’s late brick yard.
5. A LOT OF GROUND on Molfe street,
opposite the residence of John C. Vowell, and
fronting on M olfe and Pitt streets, 1 -R of a square.
Tin sale w ill commence at the first mentioned
piece of property, and w ill then proceed on the
premises of each lot as advertised.
, Should the sale be prevented on that day. it
I will take place the re-xt fair day, and be con
tinued from day tA day until finished.
jlfjr Sale to take place at 12 o’clock, M.
i sept 24 — 60d Trustee.
fjS I will sell the HKICK STORE HOUSE
; J'jj[.and LOT, in possession of George VY. Gor
don. Fairfax Court House. Y'a. If not sold he
: fore the 1st October next, it u ill be then rented
j for the next ensuing year, and immediate pot
session given.
Also to rent, the T AY ERX HOUSE occupied
I by YVm. Lee for the present year; and sev'
other Tenement-, suitable for niecbato.
! rents shall be moderate and poss. >*u*i
inuarynext. RODT. RATCLiFFb,
i Ex'r. of Rich'd Ratclifie, dec’d.
aug 2$—eotf

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