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*f%DR1FIBD Camphor
JL Best English Mustard, a choice article
Dr. S. H. P. Lee’s Patent New London Bi
lious Pills, direct from the Patentee
Dye Stuffs of best quality
Pure Jamaica Ginger in powder and race,
very superior
Henry’s Magnesia Genuine
French Sulphate of Quinine
Superior Gum Arabic
Florida Water
Weller’s Vegetable Rheumatic Compound,
Rheumatic Liniment and Indian Pa
Swaim’s Panacea, direct from Swaim’s
Indelible Ink
Pearl Ash and Sal Bratus of the best qua
Sponge of very fine quulity
English Wafers
Refined Borax
Spanish Arnotte'
Castor Oil of the best quality, refined
Jebb’s Liniment
Relfe’s Botanical Drops
An Instrument combining a cupping set, a
stomach pump, a pump for discharging
coagulated blood from the bladder, a
breast pump, and an injection or lave
ment apparatus, at a moderate price.
This instrument has been examined
and approved by many physicians at
the North
Soda for washing and Soda for medical use
of very line quality
Shell Lac and AlcohoJ
Selected Gum Myrrh
Best fresh and clean u’hite Mustard Seed
A valuable remedy for the Tic Douloureux
Carrageen or Irish Moss
Jujube Paste
Liquorice Bull
Wistar’s Cough Lozenges
Jackson’s do do
Coxe’s Hive syrup, prepared in the best
manner.—This is a valuable remedy for
bad Coughs, Asthma and ('roup
Senna Syrup } for Coughs
Hoarhound Syrup [prepared
Compound Syrup of Liverwort V{,y the sub
Cayenne Lozenges, for hoaise- | / ih
ness and sore throat J
Moxons’ and Butler’s Etfervescing Magne
Siam Aperient
An assortment of best English fancy Soaps
German Cologne (Farina’s) genuine
Florida water do
Ginger, Peppermint and Fruit Lozenges
Lilac, Blue and Pink Saucers
Chlorine Tooth Wash
Do do Paste
English Tooth Brushes
Preston Sails
Robinson’s Groats and Barley
African Pepper
Mexican Black Lead i Superiorarticles for
German do do $ cleaning Stoves.
Pratt’s Patent Nipples
Bernard’s Renovating Liquid, Ac.
Fresh Salad Oil (Bordeaux) and
luable article for children cutting their
teeth. This is an English preparation
imported expressly for the subscriber
U3*Careful and unremitting attention is paid
to the selection and oreparation of every article
12th ino 2d. 1934 ' WM. STABLER.
day received a further supply of seasona
ble Goods, among them are the following:—
15 pieces Blue, Black, and Col’d Cloih, ve
ry cheap
70 pieces Sattinetts, at all prices
20 “ 6 4 French and English Merinos
7 4i Black and Blue Black Italian lus
10 pieces Black Italian Crapes
White, Red and yellow Flannels
Bleached and Col’d Canton do
50 pair 9, 9, 10, 11 and 12 4 Rose Blankets
200 “ Fancy and Striped do
2 Cases low priced Calicoes
14 Bales Brown and Bleached Domestics
Cotton Oznaburgs and Colored Cambrics
Plain Linsey, Ac. with u great variety of other
Goods, all of which we will sell at Re
duced Prices. nov 29
JOHN T. EVANS respectfully informs bis
o.d customers, and the public generally, that
he ha? on hand a sple <dil assortment of SUPE
RIOR BLACK HATS, of all shapes and qua
lities, manufactured by journeymen of long and
well tried experience, as he keeps no appren
tices; he can, therefore, with confidence recom
mend any work which may leave his shop.
He has just received, by the last arrivals from
Boston and elsewhere, CAPS of the latest fash
ions, and best workmanship and materials.—
Among them will be found Youth’s and Men’s
Cloth and Fur Caps, of a variety of patterns.
He continues to keep LADIES’ FURS of
every kind, such as Fur Stocks, Boa Constric
tors, Ac.; and FUR SKINS, for Gentlemen’s
Collars, of every description.
He is now manufacturing LADIES’ BEA
VER BONNETS, of the latest fashions and
best materials. oct 13—3m
THIS is to give notice, that the Soap and Can
die Manufactory heretofore conducted by
the late John Major, is still continued. Having
the same htensils, together with some improve
ments which have recently been made in the es
tablishment, it is expected lh.it all orders can be
supplied without delay. The business will be
conducted by experienced hands, and the pub
lic may rest assured that every attention will be
paid to the quality of the articles manufactured
in this establishment, as I am well aware that it
was through attention to this particular that this
manufactory obtained the custom which it has
heretofore had. I trust that, through the atten
tion and industry of those to whom the charge
of the business will be committed, this establish
ment will continue to possess the same share ol
the public patronage with which it has hereto
fore been favored; and I hereby solicit the con
tinuance of the custom of those who have here
tofore favored this establishment, together with
the custom of all others who may be disposed to
favor me therewith. All orders, whether from
town or country, will be thankfully received,
and attended to with promptness and despatch,
The business will be conducted by my sons, in
my name and for my benefit; and they will at
tend to the manufacture of the articles, together
with all other business connected with the esta
A supply of Yellow and Brown Soap, Mould
and Dipped Candles, of a superior quality, is
kept constantly on hand, and will be disposed
of on the most accommodating terms,
oct 3—If MARY MAJOR, Alexandria.
THE Stockholders of the Farmers’ Bank of
Alexandria are notified, that an election
of Directors for the ensuing year will be held at
their banking house, on Monday, the 5th day of
January next. JOHN HOOFF.
dec 3—lawte_
A VALUABLE specific offered to the public
from which a permanent and radical cure I
may be obtained of that disagreeable pain, the
TOOTH-ACHE, with all its attendant ev ils
such as fracturing the Jaw in extracting the
Teeth, which often proves more painful than, the
Tooth-Ache itself, and cold passing from the
decayed Teeth to the Jaw, thence to the head,
producing a Rheumatic affection, with many
other unpleasant effects, such as a disagreeable
breath, and taste in the mouth, dc.c.; all of which
are produced from foul or decayed Teeth.
Certificates of Dentists and Physicians—
also, Directions for using, accompany each bot
tle. WM. riARPER, Druggist,
june 11—wly Fairfax Street. Alexandria.
WILL practice in the Courts of the District
of Columbia, and in the Superior and In
ferior Courts of the neighboring Counties in Vir
ginia. He will be in Alexandria by the 20th
instant, and may always be found in the office
formerly occupied by T. \V. Hewitt, Esq. after
the first day of October next.
sept 18—dlwifcwtf_
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, t
October Term, 1834. y
mini Barcroft’s children, exhibited to the
Court his second account, as Guardian afore
said. with the vouchers in support thereof;
which will be allowed and duly recorded, unless
cause be shewn to the contrary, on or before the
first Monday in December next; of which all
persons interested or concerned will take notice.
A copy-Test A. MOORE, Reg. Wills,
oct 25—w6w
Fur Sale.
rjiHIS LANDING, which Is equal—and the
JL accomm dations for curing superior—to
any on the Potomac River, lies on the Maryland
shore, about 20 miles below Alexandria. To it
is attached a very fertile FARM/of about 100
Acres. The improvements are a good Brick
DWELLING, large Tobacco Houses, with
U3m other necessary Out-Houses, besides the ve
ry extensive Buildings of the Fishery. For par
ticulars and terms apply to George Mason, 01
Hollin Hall, Va. near Alexandria, D. C.
jy 3—wtf
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, i
September Term, 1834. >
tor of Carlyle F. Whiting,deceased, exhibit
ed to the Court his first account, as Executor
aforesaid, with the vouchers in support thereof;
which account is received, will be-allowed and
duly recorded, unless cause be shewn to the
contrary, on or before the first Monday in De
cember next; of which all persons interested or
concerned will take notice. A copy—Test:
oct 25 - w6w A. MOORE. Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, i
October Term, 1834. \
PHINEAS JANNEY, Executor of Ann M.
Patton, deceased, exhibited to the Court
his second account, as Executor aforesaid,
with the vouchers in support thereof; whicn
account is received, will be allowed, and duly
recorded, unless cause be shewn to the contrary,
on or before the first Monday in December
next; of which all persons interested or con
cerned will take notice. A copy—Test:
oct 25—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, f
October Term, 1834. $
WILLIAM JACKSON, Gardian of Mary
Lee, exhibited to the Court his third
account, as Guardian aforesaid, with the vouch
ers in support thereof; which account will be
allowed and duly recorded, unless cause be
shewn to the contrary, on or before the first
Monday in December next; of which all persons
interested or concerned will take notice.
A copy—Test: A. MOORE, Reg. Wills,
oct 25—w6 w
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, f
August Term, 1834. $
BENJAMIN S. KINSEY, Administrator, with
the will annexed, of John A. Foucard, de
ceased, exhibited to the Court his first account,
as Administrator aforesaid, with the vouchers
in support thereof; which account will be allow
ed. passed, and recorded, unless cause be shewn
to the contrary, on or before the first Monday in
December next; of which all persons interested
will take notice- A copy—Test:
oct 25—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’COURT, Alexandria County, )
August Term, 1834. $
JOHN McCOBB, Guardian of Joseph Tho
mas’ Children, exhibited to the Court his
final account, as Guardian aforesaid, with the
vouchers in support thereof; which will be al
lowed, passed, and recorded, unless cause be
shewn to the contrary, on or before the first
Monday in December next; of which all per
sons interested will take notice. A copy—Test:
oct 25—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alexandria County, )
September Term, 1S34. $
CHARLES MURRAY, AdministratorofMa
thew Robinson, deceased, exhibited to the
Court his fourth account, as Administrator afore
said. with the vouchers in support thereof; which
account is received, will be allowed, passed, and
recorded, unless cause be shewn to the contra
ry, on or before the first Monday in December
next; of which all persons interested will take
notice., A copy—Test:
oct 25—w6w A. MOORE, Reg. Wills. I
MI wish to sell a TRACT OF LAND in
the County of Fairfax, containing about
800 Acres, seven miles from Alexandria, and
one mile south of the Little River Turnpike
Road, formerly the residence of the late Dr. j
Craike. It adjoins the lands of Daniel Minor j
and William Moss. I will sell the whole or a
part a great bargain. •
oct 14—w6w_W. H. THOMPSON, j
TO the Jail, for the County of Alexandria,
D. C., on the 10th inst., as a runaway, a
black manmcalling himself JOHN TURNER.
He says that he belongs to a Mr. John Taylor,
of Georgetown, D. C. He is 5 feet 7$ inches
high, has a scar below the right ear. He ap
pears to be about 23 years old. T he owmer is there
fore requested to come forward, prove proper-!
ty? P^y charges and take him away, otherwise
he will be disposed of according to law.
dec 12—3taw2w D. MINOR, D. M. |
a? JPwWIc Mention! I
(3 reapeetfiilly solicited by the subscriber, to an in
valuable preparation, the merit* of which b«ve
been tested by time, and are sustained by undoubted
testimony _
o?- Botanical Drops!
are every year increasing their long established repu
tation. Thev have outlived many rival preparations,
and are continually gaining upon public confidence
The Botanical Drops haie been successfully admin
istered for manv years, as s thorough rem-dy tor that
well known and prevalent class of inveterate disease,
which originate from a vitiated habit of body, or an he
reditary predisposition in the patient, and general y
appear under the various and distressing shspesor
Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Leprosy. St Anthony s Fire,
Fever Sore*. White Swellings. Scurvy. Foul ami Ob
stinate Ulcers. Sore Legs and Byes. Scald Head, and
Venereal Tsint. .
In the last mentioned condition >f the system, tne
Botanical Drops wiil be found to eradicate the lurk
ing po'-son, where mercury has totally failed, and thus
prevent the patient from entailing the seeds of an he
reditary disease on hi* offspring
Dr. Itelfe’s Botanical Drops are successfully used in
esses of violent eruptions after the measles-red
blotches —pimples on the fsce —festering emotion* on
the skin-and other diseases of the exiemal surface,
and are one of the best Spring an 1 Autumnal physics
known, to free the svstem from liumois
A physician of eminence, who had wi'ness’d theef
ficaev of this article, h id the can lor recently to ack
nowledge to the proprietor, that lie considered it the
best me licine known, for the complaints f»r which it
is intended, and that it ought deserved'y to stand it
the head orthe whole c'assof such remedies
Price $1 a bottle, o" 6 bottles for f5
rplIOSB win would retain or restore these desirable
I. personal advantages, are assured that no compo
sition can be obtained superior t • the _
This is an elegant and pleas mt prepiration in every
respect, and has, for m»ny years pa<t, given universal
satisfaction wherever it has been used
The Antiseptic Deiitrifice is exempt from acid and
other deleterious ingredients, which too frequently
enter the compoaiti >n of tooth powders in common
use, an I it wh tens t ie enamel of the teith without
doing it the least injury, I'he regular us of this ad
mired powder by purifying the mouth and preventing
the accumulation of tartar, operates as the best pre
vcn'.ive of the Tooth Ache I'he Dentriflce removes
discolorations, and restores the beautiful native white
ness of the enamel. As its application braces and
strengthens 'he Gu ns, it secures to them their healthy
and florid hue. and, t.y removing all offensive foreign
accumulations from the teeth, preserves the natural
sweetness of the breath. I’ric 5U cents
• • None genuine unless signed on the outside p'int
ed wrapper by the sole proprietor, I K-dder, imme
diate successor to the late Iir W. | Cuuwav. for
sale, with all the other * * Conway Medicine, at his
Counting ttoom. No 99, nest door to J Kidder s l)ru(j
Store, comer of Court and Mat.over stree's, near Con
cert Hall, It .stun I HOMI-SON KIDDKIt.
And, by Ins special appointment, by
WH. SI'AUI.KH, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
• • Large discount to those wdm l»nv to sell again.
Aitlmin! fr L'nlnrrli!
IN that long train of disease* which seem to grow
with the growth of civ.lized society. Consumption
takes the lea I in its relentless inroads upon human
life; yet his dreadful disorder is easily ov« rcome in its
earlier stage*. It is only wli«*n neglected that it ar
rives at the terrific maturity wht h so often baffle* the
sagacity of professional science. Anohstmite cough
is the cii'toimry forerunner of the pulmonary con
sumption Improper neglect in the timely a.lmims
tration of simple and salutary remedies, is ante to he
reproved by a dreadful succession of consumptive
•.ymptoms oppres-iou of the ureas’; greenish and
bloody spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; sliri
veiled extremi ties, and general einacia'ion of the
whole body; prostration of strength; flushed cheeks;
swollen feet and legs; and at last, in the lull posses
-.ion of the mental faculties, and while hope still whis
pers her flattering tale—rold ext.emities, and s pre
mature death.
For the various stages of this complaint, one ol the
most approvi <1 rfiiyedies ever vet di-covered is
Tnis exceedingly powerful, and vet equally sate and
innocent preparation, has effected Ml *r.»ugh and rapid
cures upon pa'ieuti supposed to have been lar advanc
edi'i a confirmed Consumption, and who have exhibit- •
ed the appearances which usually indicate * latai ter* i
initiation of'lie disorder.
As the Fills require in ordinary cases no confine '
ment, llity may be administered with confidence and
safety to all ages and classes of people. Unexampled
succ ss has hitherto attended their administration in a
great variety of cases; a id the proprietor can refer to
a multitude, which testify to their efficacy in reviving
the emaciated victim tram the bed ol disease, and re
storing him to the blessings of accustomed health and i
activity. !
Price $1 for vvho/e boxes of .10 pills, and 50 cents for
half do. of 12 pills, with directions.
Albion Corn Plaster!
rtlllK Albion Corn Planter soften* the corn, however
I. old and tough, an l extracts it to .the verv roots.
The relief afforded is gentle, immediate, and tho
The proprietor begs leave to submit th; following
case*, from Mr Stoweli, who is well known to the in
habitant* of this city, especially at the South Knd and
South Uoston, as a very worthy and respectable citi
A Cas*.
Sib -I do not hesitate to give my m ist unqualified
approbation in favor of your valuable Albion Corn
Plaster By the use of less than a box, Mrs Slowell
has been cured of a corn on each foot, which had been
exceedingly troublesome and painful for years, and I
think it but justice to your invaluable preparation to
add, (for the encouragement of those who, owing to
repeated disappointments in the various rem-dies re
sorted to, have finally despaired of a cure,) that your
Plaster cur'd her corns, after trying other highly re
commended remedies to no purpose; and whit in
creases mv confide nce in the superiority of yuhr Plas
ter, is the fact, th.t it Ins been used by several of my
neighbors with equally good success (Signed)
Ssth Stowkll,
Keeper of the Tollhouse, South Boston Bridge.
Mr. T. Kiunaa, Proprietor of the Conway Medicines.
Boston, June 17th, 18:?.
Price 50 cents
f|TIK studious, the we*kiy. an l o her*, w .o are
i troubled with soreness or inflammation of that
delicate organ, will be able to obtain a m ist pleasant
and invaluable application, in
This well established Wasa for tne Kye i* perfectly
innocent, ami give* immediate relief, even in very ag
grmvatei) cases of soreness and inflammation.
Price 25 cents
•t» None genuine unless signed on the outside prin
ted wrapper by t e sole proprietor, T Kid Ider, im
mediate successor to the late Ur W T Conway. For
sale, with all the other “ Conway Medicines," at In*
Counting Hoorn, No 99, nest door to J Kidder'* Orug
Store, corner ol Court and Hanover street*, near Con
cert llall, Boston THOMPSON KIUDEU.
And alao, by Ilia special appo-ntment, by
jan 24 Fairfax street, Alexandria
*c* Large ount to those who buy to sell again.
To Rheumatic Invalids!
PERSONS •uttering under Rheumatic Altecu«m if6
Respectfully insured thit they cm obtain of the l
proprietor and his agents a safe and admirable reme
dy for Rheumatism, however obstinate the disorder
msy be, and in all i»s different staees
Or. Jebb'H FAniment!
will afford immediate relief to the patient, and has
sometimes been attended with such extraordinary suc
cess as to cure the nost distressing Rheumatism in
twenty four hours, even when of rear* standing.
This highly va'uab'e Liniment is recommended
vith a confidence founded on the experience ofnia*
civ years, not only as a cure for that excruciating d'S*
ease, but as an excellent application for Stiffness of the
Joints. Numbness, Sprains, Chilblain*, &c.
(This article is considered so superior to every
thing else, and to possess such uncommon virtues, that
it is oidered from all p irts of the country.]
ijT An Agent recently writes: " I’lease send me a
further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the first opportuni.
ty—I shall probihly sell a considerable quantity, as it
is recommenJed by some ol our physicians very high
ly, although contrary to their rules and regulation* to
give encouragement to such (or. patent) medicines "
Hut is * most decided proof of their confiience in its
invaluahle properties
.Another agent writes: “I wish you to forwar I me
some more of Jebb’s Liniment, which has recommend
ed itself very highly." Price 50 cents a bottle.
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint of
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous instances
has been thoroughly cured, by the administration ot
TIIS approved compound ai»o mitigates and re
moves the symptoms which frequently acc »mpa
ny that disorder, and increase the danger of the pa
tient, viz: pains in loins, headache loss of appetite,
indigestion, and other marks of debility
A relieved patient writes from a dis'ancc:
" It is but justice to inform ion, that I have used
your Dumfries’ Remedy for the Piles for some time
past, and have found it eminently successful ”
Die remedy is q lite innocent, and mav be adminis
tered to all ages and b >t!i sjxes. plant and ample di
rections. with a description of the complaint, accom
pany each pickige, which consists of two bozes, one
containing an Ointment, and the other an Klecluary.
Price H for both articles, or 50 cent* where but
one is wanted.
^1TI!S agonizing dis >rder is cured in its m >st painful
JL s'age*. by one of the m »>t simple as well as pow
erf ul remedies known in modern practice. I lie
afford instant relief, without inflic ing the slightest in
jurs on the teeth They are applied externally to the
parts affected, with the greatest ease ami expedition,
and generally operate as a southing lenitive to the
I suffering patient. Price 50 cents a box
| §3= Dyspepsia =£$
OF most obstinate character, aft--r hav ng baffled
the skill of I be most eminent physician-, and
] withstood the most highly recommended medical pre
parations, lias been checked, relieved, and cored, in
‘ a number of instance- in and about this city, by using,
for a short time l)r ''f.i.fk’s
in connexion, according 'o ihe directions accompany
iog the Specific I' is also one of the he-t medici .es
known for sick Headache, Sickness at 111- Stomach,
Nausea, and Flatulences.
Price of the Specific and 50 cents each
Debilitated Females!
r IVI K s |H cim*r hi jo. k iijic pif of * he
1. corr.in huh , h*'e ntvn lo ie suecmstuli treated
(>y the admmn-triation "f the Aromatic Pills, original,y
prescribed and compounds I t>V Dr Itelfe I hey
cleanse tile hlnnd fro u those disorder! <d (tie female
constitution, fur which Hie pills ire an rff,citiil speci
fie; the; restmea fr • circo'a ion, reform Hie irregular
operations of the s.an.;u l.-r nts sistem, an i rectify the
dimrdered Inbi s I'he proprietor’s cooliit. nee in the
superior excellence of ilns equall. innocent and p iw
erful preparation, is f mn led on the most decisive tes
timony Iron many restored pi ients lie can assort
this portion of the public, that when
are regularly taken, acoor hug to 'lie dir e ions, ac
coinpsnv ing them, they revive and establish the desir
ed healthy habits, and restme to the pallid counte
nance the natural g;ow of health md good spirits.
Married ladies -.vill li id the ,oll» eqotily useful, ex
cept in cases of paegnanev, when they most not tic
taken; neithei mint they hetikcnbv persons of lice*
lie or consumptive liaOits. They may he usi-J success
fully In ci'.hei men nr w nneo hi ail Hyp iciioudriac,
Hysteric or X’ap mrish disorders In ail cases u| ton
description, the pills purify, invigorate, and revive the
disordered system Price fl 59 .a box.
•#* None genuine tin ess signed oil the outside prin
ted wrapper by toe sole proprietor, I'. Kiddtr. imme
diate succes-or to the late Dr. I*. Conw.ay. Fur sale,
with all the other •• Conway Me licir.es,” at Ins Couo
ting Itomn, No. 99, next door to J. Kidder's Drug
Store, corner of Court and tan over streets, near (Jon
cert Hall, Oust on THOMPSON KiDlJ&K.
And *13", b) his special upp nntment, by
ian 15 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
•#* Large discount* to those wito buy to sell again
Itch Ointment!
Ift extensive sde a • I i stanlisiicil reputation
l Dumfries' Itcli ointment, encourig-*s the propri
etorto recommend it with renewed confidence totlie
public, as a most innocent as well as powerful applica
tion for this annnung disease The most inveterate
case* litve been ruar.n is oss ir>on! by tins esteem
ed Ointment It contains no in -rctiry, or other noxi
mis ingredient, an 1 in iy he c<> ifi lentlv applied even
to the voungest children, or to pregnant females —
Price .57$ cents.
*,* None genuine iiuUji signed on the outside print
ed wrapper by the sole proprietor, T Kidder, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. W. T Conway. For
le ,with all the other '• Conway Medicines,” at his
Counting Boom. No 99, next door to J K-d ler’s Drug
Store,corner of Court and II mover street* near Con
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KIODKB
And also, by his special appointment, by
W\l. S I* \BI.KB, Fairfax sireet, Alexandria.
*»* I *'(?» -tisro-m's In »!».,«,• who bin- t-» «-'l strain.
LEFT Alexandria on Saturday, 1st instant,
very dark or black; another a red; and the other
a lead colored pied. They were seen in the
neighborhood of the Factory that afternoon —
The black one had, when he wentaway, a short
rope tied on his horns. They were brought
from the farm of Mr. N. Grigsby, in Fauquier.
To secure them in a pasture, and give me infor
mation, or deliver th**in at my pasture, near
Town, I will givo a suitable reward,
nov 0—tf WM. D. NUTT.
With potsetsinn l6//t /)ece>nher next.
The very desirable Two-Story DWEL
jjjiLING on Union, near Princess street, with
Kitchen, Bath and Smoke H uise, &c. Also, a
STONE HOUSE and spacious LOT, in a good
situation for business, at present occupied by
Mr. Peter Hewitt. Apply to Sam’) B Larmour.
sept a7 SAM’L. B. LARMOUR & CO.
, ELE< having resun,^^
timore and the District of Columbh1^? ?**•
in? the season, leave Baltimore for the r' .r’
of Columbia every Saturday, at 4 nvi?^
M.; and returning, will leave Wa,hiJ°cl<- p
and Alexandria at 7 o’clock, » S'«i
nesday, f ir Baltimore. Passage §•> y
sept IS—tf 3
rpilh following testimonials 0f ihs suwll)r
our diseases, speak in a language which m , *
conviction to the minds of the most skeptical- Curf
n* »w!i UsirtrasiTT, Dec.'>5’ism
To Mr. Samuel Young. Agent for the llvgeiL v "
table Universal Medicines, for the State,,!
Sin-Gratitu !e to the Great Preiervtr of u,
pels me, in compliance with your request in ?■C°*'
brief statement of a cure, which, I think | 1
from the llygeian Medicines. I give publieii.?'!^
game the mure cheerfully, because thereby „ |"ht
I may he useful to some of mv fclljw.m-n *PS
be afflicted with a similar disease. ' ' J ntaT
My complaint was called t*ulm inary Oomamnf
and that my real condition may be explicitly i
stool,! state, in connexion with the relation jjlf
cure, some of the symptoms of the disease i.,
teinber, 1812, I caught a severe cold, which settled
my lungs; | was confined to my room about one *1?
w,th a fever, attended with ennsi lerable couel,
cough toon abated, and apparently, | w„ *
mv health; when, after about three weeks ,n ih*
course of the night, having returned the ever,in.
fore in usual health. I found myself bleed ng ,1 th
I '''"i?*- * not. to my kuowle lge. received invl.„*
or sir on, to which the cause of this might be attribut
ed I spat blood, occasionally, for f„nr dan; i|
me with some fever, pain in the breast, very linu.r,
petite, and withal, very weak p’
! A few weeks determined that I was in a decline |
! received the attention of the most skilful PlivsicnJ
who often seemed to che k the progress of the div
, ease. a"d inspire the h ipe of a speedy recovery |Ui
rel-pse upon relap-e, ami each bringing melo*ef
than the preceding, seemed to baffle all human skill
ami warn me of an approaching disso'iuion. Thus’
1 months after the first -Mack, a “ tubercle" f.iyi.'l u|
i cer] broke in the longs, after which I spat blood, «e
; day. I continued to decline two month* lunger, vrhtn
I I obtained the llygeian Medicines I had n»* been
unable to sit up a whole d.y, for four month* inj ,
! lulf. M> feet were cold and lifele«, sleeo unsound,
! c 'I'! night sweats constant, t uigue furred, pulse in the
I afternoon from seventy five to on r hundred per mi
, uu’e, food produced great distress, appetite very
1 poor, pain in the breast directly opposite i|,e
I attended with some cough, he. he. Such wit no
Condition, when I first became acquainted with the
llygeian Medicines I commenced taking the mrdt
cities, four pills at a -lose, sn I increase I the d-oe dai
ly, one up to the number of twehe. In about ten
• lavs, my appetite became good, and foul produced
: no distress, sleep soon became sound ami refreshing,
| am! in about f-.rtv days the symptoms of the lueue
' had nearly all disappeared
I took the medicine sixty days regularly every night,
averaging about ten pills at a dose; the greatest num
ber taken at any one time was fifteen After this, (
to-k about fi-nr doses a week, until I had taken about
thirteen him lied pill-, when I found myself restored
• o health, \fter I commenced the llyg ian, I took
no other medicine. One year from the first attack, I
w.» able to resume tny stu-li s in college, where I
have since remained without any recurrence of the
disc .set llitlt- rto I have been convalescent; and il
my strength is not yet fully returned, I am certain I
ave less p iins, and am m ire free from tefn|mnr)i
sickness; than a1 any time since my earliest recollec
tion. tours, a'ltli rvsp ct,
ilu II cHKi'HK*n» VI<ut
IK 'ir Sir—I wish to state that my sister, after«mre
suffering, an I employing a medical man three year*,
w is relieve I ny the use i»f the Universal Medicine*.
I r c ‘Uiplaim Was a violent pain and soreness in her
ode; indeed, to use her own expression, her is <*
one '•ill** had turned in, actually deformed Thepiin
was a violent burning p.in. almost intolerable; to aet
veie, that -lie could not ait up for upwards of three
.ears. It was occasioned by over-lacing herself, »nd
perhaps, over exertion with it. after u*ing i few,
• loses of No l an I 2, alternately, about eight pilbfof
a dose, the pain decreased, and, by perseverance in
their use, she is now restored to health; and I hoe
no objection to tins case being inide public for the
jcik lit of others; and am, bear sir, yours t/u'y,
t.nwrell, via s .rhn -etts, Feb 8 I8.>4
Injustice In llr vl. h*rm-diial adviser, when he
heard her improvement in health, he recommended
persevtrence hi the use of he me.hones
Thin valuable Me Urine, being c'onnrofd only "I
vegetable matter, nr m ••licuul lierii*. and warranted,
un oath, as containing nut me particle of inercun*,
mineral, nr chemical mi ist.»nce», (all nf whicli »re UI1‘
congenial to the nature nl nun. and therefore dritnic
ive to the hum in fra nc,) is found to be perfect y
harmless to the most ten U r <<e or weakest Iraine, un
ler every stage of lioman sufT-ri'igt the mist pi a’**
slid benign in it operation, m l it the sene tone t e
most searching out the ro »t of every c imji'aint, •,w
ever deep, and ol perfol ruing » cure, that *»* f,tf
offered to the world I’lns won lerlnl i-ll <-t, t°°i '*
produced l*y the least trouble to the I**''**' J
merely swallowing a cert iin number of sm«d |»u j* *"
•eing called a few exlri times to tile purpose*"
Citation, with the least possible sensation ol P*,n‘
exhaustion of bodily s rength, and without th* f*r ®
catching cold, or attention to dress or i‘iet, in an) * ;
liffcreni from their accustom* tl luhits.
Tllcse pills cure all cases, and < annot bet* 1
excess Experience, which is the touchstone o
human knowledge, lias Ijng borne testimony
fact; and extensive u->e ol liieui has sire*-1) v<;''
its truth in this country. , ^
rhesf m dicint fccure by purgings andyrl '* *
the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, the •' c‘ ^ ^
hi a few days strengthened by tlteiroper»tiJ‘b e
they clear the body of it» ha 1 humours, *<•' 1 M** mi|>j
procure sound sleep They are the vilest _
efficaci-ius menicinelo take to seat preve»l"8
r.oaiivenesf, t*c, . , u
The Vegetable Cleansing I’ow lers are 0 B
sistance to patients, and facilitate the V*!' '»ch d'*
had liunioursi they sullen, cle.nse, »n,‘ ^ (hint,
acrim-miuiis phlegm: are cooling, »nd »H»y 1 , .
One, t wo, or three powders may be taken through^
the day, mixed in half a wine glass of water.
The genuine Medicines can be hau o'
WM. POMEROY, Alexandria
Sole Agent for the /Httriet of Columbia and if *» '
lly whom the Pillaare »old in packet* oj »yj'ceirti
and three dollars eacli, and the Powder* • J j-j,
per box, with printed directions; and also > ^
lowing ”»•* >- kgrntst U VV. Polsinhorn, e .g^
and lOtl* 'tree!*, Pennsylvania Avenuei J<1 .ig
Navy Y-rl, *V««hington; and I’lioniaa ^
lleorgetown; of whom alotie can the r‘ ^ j
warranted genuine. Hy appointment o •
Moat, II. P. %!., U II C. II , llrooklyn,New Y •
•ole importer of theae Medicines. aors-Pr**'
Morriaonia, or the Family Adviier, price r- ■
tical Proofs, illustrated by numerou* coses
third ed.iinn, price Jr$cent*j to be had a**
api5-tf —■
THE subscriber has just received aS*,PI’ ^j
fresh Orchard Grass Seed, which he •
for sale, together with a small lot of new •
thy Seed. uov 10 JAS. D.

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