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e,il which can alone be remedied by ou
iw_UMd Canal. By an act of Congress
, permission was granted t<
'^Authorities of Georgetow n to build a cause
- across, and stop up the Southern channe
ALriver, with a viewr to benefit the navigatior
V'heir harbor the work was accordingly done
Irou^h this farm of the river and a shallow
hannel south of Alexander’s Island (where th<
C Jge now stands) the river boats had a saf<
d sheltered navigation to the Town of Alex
and at tnat time Alexandria had a
*“ if not the major, part of the trade of th<
ptornac. I am not old enough to recollect, anc
** have unfortunately no record to resort to,
t 0ur older citizens say, without hesitation
hat from the completion of that work, the rivet
,'rade left as rapidly; and I know, that for years
st not one single boat has reached out
Chan ts. All the produce (and it is but a small
rtion) that does reach us is transshipped al
heavy expense at Georgetown, and the re
turn trade, which is most valuable, entirely lost
This, then, is a positive and serious evil, result
j from the legislation of Congress, and one
'which would have been unquestionably avoided
had we been under the dominion of Virginia—
for obvious reasons:—In the first place, she
would not have consented that any power should
have impeded the navigation of one of her ri
vfrs. and it would have been her obvious duty
to have prevented a possible injury to her peo
i__ rival interest.
Again—had we been under the jurisdiction ol
Virginia, we should have been saved from the
unfortunate subscription to the Chesapeake
>nd Ohio Canal;—unfortunate, not that 1 be
l,ere it was injudicious under the circum
junces then, but unfortunate in the result.—
We anticipated no rivalry or obstruction in its
completion from a neighboring powerful and
wealthy city—which impeded its completion.
Instead of having it finished, as we confident
ly believed, in four or five years, when its pro
fits were expected to relieve us from the burthen
of interest on the debt we had contracted and
remunerate us for the outlay during that period,
we have now been struggling under an annual
weight of about *14.000 for years and see but
small prospect of a change. The prospect of
benefit to the trade of our town, was the
motive of our subscription, and that induce
ment would have operated upon the State:—
She would have felt more disposed to ex
tend a helping hand to that great work on
that account—we should have had an influence
in |)er councils to have urged it; and with our
people to aid and foster, she would have coupled
with ter subscription, the condition that it should
be brought into her territory and ended, as it
ought and unquestionably yet must, at the head
of good ship navigation. I fear 1 am prolix,
that I have extended into argument what it
was only necessary to state as facts and leave
the deductions to be followed out by your more
comprehensive judgment—but the deep interest
1 feel in the matter n»u-t plead my excuse. Now
comes mv proposition for the remedy for the
grievances of Alexandria. As we have not be
nefhted by the legislation of Congress, and as
we occupy their time and distract their at
tention from the great interests of the nation,
when our petty local interests are brought up,
let Congress cede us back again to our native
State. “But you have refused to go.” True,
we have refused; and will continue to refuse to
go back—as beggars, paupers and slaves. We
were placed under the parental (as was suppos
ed) guardianship of Congress as our local le
gislature, a flourishing and thrifty people—we
have been stripped, our trade intercepted or
driven away, beggared and in debt. Who
should have prevented this? or who should aid
us in our efforts to a better state of things? Con
gress unquestionably. Has Congress done so?
I reply boldly in the negative.—What has Con
gress done for Alexandria?—built her a jail:
when her town was half burned down and her
people almost perishing in the inclement winter
of 27,28, Congress extended to them a charita
ble hand, and Congress has given $100,000 to
wards the construction of the Aqueduct;.just
enough to induce a commencement of that
which, if not finished, must end in her total ruin.
But to the remedy: Let Congress return to the
people of Alexandria, with interest, the portion
Virginia gave with them, and it will enable her
to pay her debts, relieve her from her burthens,
and she will then throw herself into the arms of
toe good old Dominion, and ask her protection
and fostering care; and my life upon it that pro
tection—that fostering care will he extended,
Correspondence of the Journal of Commerce,
Boston, Dec. 15, 1834.
\ ou have noticed no doubt the pardon of Otis
by the President. A very interesting scene oc
curred yesterday at the Rev. Mr. Taylor’s
Church, in which the released man had a prin
cipal part. Mr. Taylor preached upon the ge
neral subject suggested by his circumstances,
and with great eloquence and effect, to a crowd
congregation; at the close of which he re
marked that Otis wished to say a few words,
and turning round to him, gave him permission
~*P**k.—Otis addressed his ‘fellow shipmates’
about ten minutes in a remarkably sensible and
striking manner. He avowed himself on this,
a*on all occasions, innocent of the crime of
*htch he had been accused; but confessed that
ne had been in some specific instances a bad
man-, and that especially he had blasphemed his
*h i r xn the most sllocktng manner. On the
n°.e, he considered what had happened to him
through false testimony) as the judgment of
j**1 in his manner of life; and he expressed
thankfulness that be had been spared
indi life* Wilh *he Jl*dge, JU«T. Counsel
‘ th»7aw’ declared himself wholly satisfied;
con^ c?u'** aot do otherwise than they did.’ He
mat - w,tb 3 stronS warning to his ship
moj' . ese remarks tvere heard with the
(}„ .Profound attention, and evidently sank
P.tnto the hearts of a vqst^uUtude of seamen.
>; -—
* Neither House of Congress was in session la
1 i Saturday.
, I ' - ■ " ■ - 1 - ■ ■ - ■
The interesting debate which followed th
, reading of Mr. Tyler’s Report in the Senate, o
, last Thursday, will be found in to-day’s Gazetti
How admirably Mr. Tyler contrasts with Mi
, ‘ We understand that the young Men of ou
I town are actively engaged in resuscitating an
. improving the Fire Companies. Their lauds
ble efforts deserve every encouragement.
It is with heartfelt pleasure we state, that ev«
ry appearance indicates that the current of put
lie feeling in Virginia, is beginning to turn de
cidedly against the Van Buren scheme of secrc
instruction; and that a most confident hope c
Mr. Leigh’s re-election increases, instead of di
The Boston Atlas comes oat strongly in fnvQ
of Daniel Webster, as next President of theL
States. Daniel Webster is one of the greates
men of this age or country. Were he President
we should have a statesman worthy of that hig
office. ___
We are much pleased to see that the Antimn
sons of Connecticut have nominated Governo
Foote for re-election. For Congress, they hav
. nominated four of the present Whig delegntior
viz. Messrs. Trumbull, Miner, Young and Jack
son. The new candidates are Charles J. Me
Carriy of Lyme, and Alancon Hamilton c
Bridgeport, both men of ability and good Whigs
| Bernard and Bresson, the new French Minis
ters, are confident'y relied on to favor the caus<
of justice in our dispute with France.
The Boston Transcript of Monday evenin
states that orders had been received at the Navs
Rendevous to enlist Jive hundred seamen for th
Frigate Constitution.
The resolution relative to Rail Road Ir« n
which has given rise to so much debate in th
House of Representatives, was laid on the ta
ble last Friday. Reqniescat in pace..
We understand that a work entitled “ Sketche
Historical, Political and Topographical, ofLou
isiana, East and West Florida,” will probabl;
beput to press in London, the ensuing year.
This work is from the pen of Col. White of Flo
rida, and will contain many interesting fact
connected with the early history of those provin
ces never before published, with extensive ex
tracts from the correspondence o.f the Britis
ministry with the Governors of East and Wes
Florida, during the Revolutionary war.
The challenge between the New York ani
Philadelphia Fire companies has ended in smoki
The Philadelphians have backed out with ihei
engines, and are content witii spouting idl
words in lieu of streamsof water. They begai
it by throwing out dark hints, which reachin/
the ears of the New Yorkers, the courage of th
latter flared up. and a bet to any amount, fron
SlOOlf to 2000 was offered, which was rejected b;
they of the city of brotherly love. We shall no
be hooked into such a scrape again.—^V. V. Stai
The Mahket.—Owing to the had weathei
there has been but little doing in the grocer;
market, which is without change. Coffee rt
mains as last quoted—Rio 11$ a 12$; St. Do
mingo, 93 a 10$. Cotton—there is but little do
ing in this article, sales 17$ a 18$. b ish Mack
1 erel, No. 1, $7; No. 2, 6; No. 35 a 5,12$. Mo
lasses—a sale at auction of 25 hhds. Cuba a
20$ a 22. Sugars are rather lower, 100 hhds a
' auction, of old crop, Orleans 86,40 6,75.
Flocr.—Howard street. There has been m
' change in the Flour market since Tuesday’s re
port, transactions continue limited, and prici
, from wagons remains at 4,50; sales from store
S4 62$.
i (Jwain.—The supply of all kinds fair. W hea
I has declined a shade—we quote to-day prim
red. at 93 a 95c.; strictly prime, 95 a 98.; fair l
! good, 90 a 93c; white, 95 a 98c.; nothing doim
in family Flour, white. Rye. g0 a 63c. Corr
white and yellow, 55 a 56c. Oats 30 a 33c.
Whiskey, we continue to quote at 27c. fron
wagons—and from stores, 30 a31$c. in bbls.; ii
hhds. 29c.
Catti.e.—Sales continue to be made at 85 a C
as in quality. Hogs, the price appears to be 01
the advance, we quote sales at S5 a 5,25. .
R31* Our advertising customers are request
ed" during the session of Congress to send ii
their advertisements at as early an hour in tin
dav as practicable.
" — arrived.December 20,
Schr. Spica, Black, Philadelphia; Coal t
Geo. H. Smoot.
Sloop Frances Maria, Bacon, Richmond
Coal to Geo. H. Smoot. _ . ,, f
Sloop Miller, Teai, Philadelphia; Freight fo
the District.
The packet Brig Uncas, Bush, New Orleans
PaSchoonrer Albert, Reynolds, Salem.
Brig O'ranto, Fowler, - N. YorK.
21st —Ship John Marshall, Crandell, Peters
burg. .
Brig Metamora, Hallet, Boston.
! Weather moderate.
Brig Majestic, Perry, 22 hours from Alexan
dria. went to sea on the 16th.
Schooner William Thompson, and Cecil, iron
Alexandria, for Boston, in Hampton Roads 15tr
Schooner Orator. Somers, 5 days from Alex
andria, bound to New York, put in to Philadel
phia in distress, having lost the head of the fore
4 BOXES Loaf and Lump Sugars
25 qr. bbls. Buckwheat Meal
Landing from on board sloop Miller, from Phi
, ladelphia, and on sale by
CHESAPEAKE and Ohio, or Alexandria
Canal Stock, wanted in exchange for o
, LOT of GROUND, on the corner of Duke and
Henry streets, at fair relative valuutton. The
"t Lot is 60 feet front on Duke, and 80 feet front
on Henry streets. JOSIAH H. DAVIS,
doc 22
n rpHE Bank of Potomac will be closed, on
>. JL Christmas day next All notes falling due
, on the 25th, are requested to be paid on Wednes
* day, the 24th; and all notes intended to be of
fered for discount, are to be put in Bank on
r Wednesday, before 1 o’clock, P. M.
^ dec 22—3tC. PAGE, Cashier.
Alexandria County. } ° *
Circuit Court U. States.—October trrm, 1834.
* Isaac Nickolls, surviving execu ’
- tor of Isaac Nickolls the elder,
deceased; Isaac Nickolls, Wil
t liam Hoge, and William Pig
. got, executors of Samuel Nick
' oils,deceased; Ann Hunter and
David Hunter administrators
of Mary Hunter, deceased; and
Moses Gulick and John John
r ston, executors of John Gulick,
deceased—Complainants yin Chancery.
Daniel Graham and Maria, his
’ wife, and John Mclver; the said
^ Daniel being the administrator
of Jon Mclver the elder, de
ceased; nnd the said Maria and
John being the only children
r and heirs at law of the said
e John Mclver, the elder—Defen
dants. J
. rpHE defendants, Daniel Graham and Maria
X his wife, and John Mclver not having en
’ tered their appearance to this suit, and given
*. security according to the statute and the rules
i. j ol the Court, and it appearing to the satisfac
1 tion of the Court, that they are not inhabitants
of the District of Columbia, on the motion of
? the Complainants, by their Counsel, it is ordered
that the said Defendants do appear here on or
before the first day of the next May Term of
? this Court, and answer the Complainants Bill,
,| and give security for performing the decress of
the Court; and that a copy of this order be forth
with published for two months successively in
the Alexandria Gazette, and another copy post
f ed at the front door of the Court House of said
» County.
Test: EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
dec 22—2m _
s ^JEALED proposals will be received at my
. house, on Payne st. until the 1st of January,
T for cleaning and keeping clean, for one year, all
the streets, lanes and alleys, paved and unpav
* ed, within the limits of the corporation: the Con
- tractor to commence the work on the 1st of Ja
* nuary, 1835. W. VE1TCH, S. P.
dec 22—dtlJ _
Thomas w. smith and Joseph h.
COATES having entered into partnership,
t the Alexandria Foundry will, after the first of
January next, be conducted by them, under the
f firm of THOS. W. SMITH & Co.
» ! AND
r ! THOMAS W. SMITH & Co. execute orders
; for High and Lox Pressure Steam Engines, Fire
i Engines. Patent Rope Machinery, Iron, Brass
r and Composition Castings of every description;
t; Mill Work, both Wrought and Cast; Cast-iron
.: Rollers,Chilled and Soft; Soap-boiler’sand other
Kettles and Pans; Mill and Tobacco Screws;
Turning Lathes; Stocks, Taps and Dies; Letter
Copying Presses; Soda-water Apparatus; Mo
dels of Machines, Brands, etc. Having superior
Slide Lathes, they can execute Turning with
great accuracy and dispatch. All articles made
i at this establishment, may be relied on as being
1 of the best quality.dec 20—d3t&2awly
BARRELS Baldwin & Russett Apples
uU 10 bbls. Potatoes
, Received per sclir. Ruth, from Boston, and for
. sale by LAMBERT &, McKENZIE,
1 , dec 20 Union Wharf.
, LEMONS. ' "
. BOXES fresh Lemons, landing from
» schr. Ruth, for sale bv
’ I dec 20 W. FOWLE & CO.
t A Meeting will be held, on Tuesday evening,
; next, the 23rd inst., at the Mechanic’s Hall,
) at half paste o’clock, for the purpose of re-nr
I ganizing the Fire Company, formerly attached
, to the “ Old Street Star Fire,” to which all in
terested are invited to attenddec 20—3t
TrlA l u>u away irom /\ruiigiuii r m m w nu
' in ten days past. Three Young Stecre.—
’ Two of them are red, with white faces, and
1 streak of white down the back, about 4 years
old, and well matched. The other younger and
smaller, and of a brown and white color. With
the steers strayed a COWr of little value The
1 steers are supposed to have joined in with some
? of the passing droves. They are very fat. A
suitable reward will be paid for the cattle, or
; such information as will lead to their recovery.
. Apply at Arlington, one mile Irom Georgetown
- ferry. dec 19—3t
THOSE indebted to the late firm of James
McKenzie & Co. are notified, that all ac
' counts and notes due them, must he placed in a
; legal train of collection, after the 1st of January
1835. as no further indulgence can be granted,
r dec 19-dtllJAME<a
MRS. HONFLEURE respectfully informs
the inhabitants of Alexandria, that she
will receive her last pupils on Monday next.
She will therefore feel obliged, if any ladies or
gentlemen wishing to receive her instruction,
would enter their names prior to or on that day.
Having gone through her courses with some of
the most respectable citizens of the place, she
now can with pleasure produce specimens by
her pupils which will prove that the system is to
be learned in the number of lessons specified in
, her circular._dec 10-_d3t_
• rtA HHDS. prime new crop New Orleans
* £d\J Sugar
Porto Rico and 8t. Croix
30 hhds. Trinidad and Matanzas Molasses
. For sale by A. C. CAZENOVE A CO.
dec 15 _ -
‘ OA HHDS., of prime quality, received per
Wankinco, for sale by
dec s WM. FOWLE A CO.
• -I
£itk The brig ENTERPRISE, Smith, mas
SSicter. Apply to
dec 19A. C. CAZENOVE <fc Co.
(Tn sail early .»ext week.)
rfgc The Brig REMITTANCE, Samuel 9
Sl&uA Bears, Master, she can take some smal
freight, and accommodate a few passengers.
dec 17
rftc The brig ALBERT, Capt. Hanna, hai
^a half of her cargo engaged, and will sai
first of next week. Apply to
dec 16 WM. FOWLE & Co.
LOOKING Glass Plates, by the case, dozen
or single one, of the following sizes:
10x14, 13x22, 14x24, 16x29, 18x30.
12 mo 17 fNat. Int. eo3t & charge R. H M '
PIECES Alexandroff Heavy duck
OU 30 do Gogan Bruisquine do do
30 do XU do do
30 do Konoploff do do
dec 1 _
A FEW sets rich Cut Decanters and gilt Tea
China, just received, and will be sold very
low. R. H. MILLER.
12 mo 17 ‘_
Arti w nuiHiit'u pair ui v-uuhuj »vuiv wwm
just received by
dec 17 JAMES D. KERR._
WANTED, a few Spinners, of sober habits,
at moderate wages.
Q1 A CASKS of 500 pounds each
OlU 115 bbls. of 320 do do
Received per Schr. Sailor’s Return, from Lu
bee, and for sale by
dec 17 _WM. FOWLE & Co.
X‘ TIERCES Jamaica Coffee, prime green
tj received per brig Caravan, froni Halifax
for sale by W’. FOWLE & Co.
dec 17_
A rw/'k LBS. Cloves, in packages of 5 to 2(
'ibvrvr lbs. each—for sale by
dec 12 WM. FOWLE & Co.
8HHDS. new crop Orleans Sugar, of goo<
quality, landing and for sale by
A BOY about sixteen years of age, a firs
rate house servant, for hire for the ensu
ing year. Apply to the Editor of this paper,
dec 12__
5 ROUND Bales suitable for retailers or ma
nufacturers,just received and for sale by
kAA BUSHELS choice Potatoes, forsaleoi
OvFvr board Schoooner Albert at
dec 17 WM. FOWLE 4. Co’s Wharf.
a j'W'k BUSHELS, afloat, for sale by
dec 15_
December 19, 1834.
THE Stockholders of the Bank of Alexan
dria are hereby notified, that the annua
Election for ten directors thereof, will be held a
their Banking House, the third Monday, (beinf
the 19th day) of January next. Polls open fron
10 A. M. to 3 P. M. J. ROBERTS, Pres’t.
dec 19—eotJl9
N. E. RUM.
-g a HHDS. N. E. Rum, received per Wan
kinco from Boston, for sale by
dec 8 WM. FOWLE 4. CO.
new Confectionary establish
ROBERT BELL respectfully informs his
friends and the public, that he has taker
that elegant and commodious store on King-st
between Pitt and St. Asaph-streets, directly op
posite Dr. Vo well’s Apothecary Store, where h«
is now opening, and intends constantly to keep,
a large and general assortment of
He has just received, per schr. President, from
New-York —
l Dale soii-sneiiea oorueaux aiuiuiius
1 bale English Walnuts
1 do Palm Nuts
5 boxes fresh bunch Raisins
5 half boxes do do
10 quarter boxes do do
5 boxes VJuscatel do
2 kegs do in good, order
1 half barrel Currants
1 box Pine Apple Cheese
1 case Canton Ginger
1 do Guava Jelley
1 box Olives
1 do Anchovies
1 do Capers
2 boxes Citron
A few bottles Orange Marmalade
1 case boxes Prunes
5 drums Figs
5 barrels Pippin Apples
Also—2.000 Prime HAVANA SEGARS.
3 dozen Travelling BASKETS
1 do Reticule do
2 nests two handies do
2 do open work do
1 do uncovered do
4 dozen Children’s do
1 do Rattles do
A full assortment ot aurtmuiv rsiani
I PRY CANPIE8, from the manufactory of R
L. &. A. Stuart, New York;
A large and handsome supply of TOYS,
suitable for the approaching Holidays;
With CAKES of every description; DOLLS
of all kinds and sizes; Snuff Boxes, Combs,
Hair Brushes, Violins. A-®- *®
WEDDING and other PARTIES supplied
with Cakes and Confectionary of all kinds in
first style at short notice.
The subscriber respectfully solicits a share of
public patronage ROBERT BELL.
Alexandria, Dec. 16, 1834. d3t*cotf
MECHANIC'S Bank of Alexandria; Banl
of Maryland; Susquehanna Bridge, pay
able at the Maryland 8aving» Institution,
dec 13 JNO. CORSE*
! AUCTION sales:
WILL be sold, at public sale, at the house
formerly occupied by Charles T. Chap
• man, dec. o»r Sat+rduu iht 20lK «ksl., a variety of
‘.Termscash. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock
A. M. EDW. BURCHSLL-Bailiff.
-1 The above sale Is postponed until Mon*
: day, 23d inst., (if fair) to take place at the same
\ time and place._, ■
1 Tuesday, the lJtb dwy of January next,
| at 10 o’clock, A. M., the eubecriber will of*
I fer for sale, at publia auction, in front of the
, xcv premises, tbs Brick Tenement and lot of
HHLOround on tha south side of Cameron street,
between Washington and kt. Asaph streets, now
in the occupation of Job* H. Ladd—in front,
| on Cameron street, forty seven feet four inches;
in depth one hundred feet. Also, a LOT OF
GROUND adjoining thereto on the South, ex
tending along its south li.ie thirty three feet to
an open court or alley, in depth twenty-five feet
six inches.
The above mentioned sale will be made under
two deeds of trust: one from John H. Ladd to
. Robert I. Taylor, dated lith May, 1819, and
one from John H. Ladd 4 wife to the same
trustee, dated ISth May, 1825. By order of the
dec 20—ts_WM^D^NUTT, Auct. __
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust, executed to me
by H. N. Spooner and wife, which is of re
cord in the Hustings Coart of Fredericksburg
and the County Court of Prince William—t
will, on Thursday the fifth day ofFebruary next,
at 12 o’clock, in the town of Fredericksburg,
proceed to sell to the highest bidder, at public
auction, on a credit of aix months, the purchas
er eivine bond ami seciritv.
One third of u Lot, lying in the Corporation
ofsaid town, known as the “FACTORY LOT,”
which is on the Rappahannock, «t the corner of
Lewis and Sophia street*.
On the Saturday following, at noon, in the
town of Dumfries, in Prince William County—
I shall, upon the same i'.rm* sell a LOT OF
GROUND, containii^one hundred and ninety
six Acres and 6$ pole*, lying in that county,
within four miles of Di4Ufriesi being a portion
of the Chippawumsie wAa;e, of —— Harrison,
deceased, which ww allotted to M* daughter Si*
gismunda Harrison. (n«i^ 3igi*mwnda Spoon
1 er.l About one-third wf (he Tract is cleared,
and the rest covered wilfc valuable timber. Mr.
Laurence G. Alexander, Cho reetde* near the
premises will exhibit (hum to pervont wishing to
I purchase. Possession will be given immediate
ly. but no deed until the payment of the pur
chase money. Acting as Trustee, I shall only
» convey such title as is vested in me, but which
is believed to be unquestionable. The sales will
I be without reserve.
dec 10—ts
ON Thursday, the 15th of January next, be
tween the hours of 10 A. M. und 2 P. M.
. an Election will be held'at the office of the C-om
Jany, to elect fifteen Directbre, to serve in thie
nstitution for the ensuing year.
The transfer books will b* closed on Monday,
the 12th, until after the Election.
dec 5—eotE__ President.'
rpHE Annual Meeting of the stockholders of
X the Washington and Alexandria Turnpike
Road Company, for the election of five Direc
tors, a Treastirer, and Clerk, will be held at
! Newton’s Hotel or Monday, oth January next
j dec 15—eotu J. B. LADD, Treasurer.
UST received—
13 hhds. St. Croix, P. R,, and new crop Or
leans Sugar
10 bags St. Domingo Coffee
5 hhds. Molassee
25 drums Figs
1 tierce Rice
653 lbs Bastard Loaf Sugar, ajjrime article
125 empty Bags
6 bbls. Apples
225 bbls. Family. Super, and Fine Flour
In Hture>
500 bushels Corn
600 do Oats
500 do Rye
100 do prime white Corn Meal
for sale on pleasing terms, by
dec 16—eo3t B. WHEAT A SON.
THE subscribers offer for sale tiie folloaji;;:
assortment of GENUINE A WELL SE
LECTED WINES, in owake and caee.v—
L. P. Madeira, pale and red. Murdoc 4 O'
T n .1 /. Hn Mnutno O.ii ■
4 Co.
L. P. do Tinta. vintage of 1S21
L. P. do Sercial, vimageof 1819
L. P. do Bual, do J827
L P. do Burgundy, do 1825
L. P. do East India, per Brahmin
L. P. do Payne A Co.
Gordon’s pure Grape Juice
Superior Old Brown end Straw Coloured
Sherry Wine, Woodhouse 4 Co. London.
Choice Old Sherry, gold, pale and brown,
Duff. Gordon 4 Co.
Do Burgundy Port; do Dry Port, Harris
4 Son
Old Hock, Dry Lisbon, Cansry and Smyrna
St. Julian. Medoc and Mentferrend Claret
Hermitage and Suuterne
Champaign. Taragona, Ac.
Choice Old Brandy, Hum, &*.
Fine London Brown Stout* and Porter rlAff
and Quarts
With a general easorUngnt of W1QCXRLE3,
Ail of which will be eold on moderate terns.
dec 5—eotf Fairfax street, Alexandria.
THE English Annual, with 13 splendid Jen*
Heath’s Picturesque do., Subject Scotland, 21
The Gem, 12 engravings
The Amulet, 10 do
The Forget Me Not, lO^o .
The Christmas Box, (Juvenile) B ingTavtofi
The Juvenile Forget Me Not, 10 do
Am^riean Annual*/•r 'lM
the Religious Souvenir, by G. T. Bedell, D,
D., with 8 handeome engravings
The Token, with 10 do
—The whole bound in morocco, richly em*
' bossed, and gilt Received for salelay
{ dec 20—eo3t E. KENNEDY*

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