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T tKiiB.
Daily paper - - - - S? per annum.
Country paper - !> Per annum.
try is printed on Tuesday, Thursday, and
rr 3. NICUOLL.
Like mist upo’ the lea,
An’ like nlcht upo’ the plain,
Au!d age comes o’er the neart
Wi’ dolour an’ with pain.
Blithe youth is like a smile,
Sae mirthful an sae brier;
Syne wrinkles on the cheek
Come like frost upo’ the Ic if.
O, war I young again,
War my heart as glad an’ free,
Ai’ war my foot as firm
As it was wont to be!
I wad in youth rejoice
Mair than I yet ha'e dune*
’Tis a happy, happy time,
But it passes unco suae.
Frae a distant stranger lai.J
l cam’ to sit again
In the hame that sheltered mo
Ere I gaed across the main:
But its wa’s war lyin’ low,
An’ the bonnie tree, that grew
By that couthie hamestead’s dour,
Like mysel’, was withered noo.
I sought my youthfu’ friend,
His heart was deadly cauid;
lie had lost the gamesome glee
O’ the merry days of auid;
lie took my offer’d hand,
But he scarcely rais’d his e’e;
An' a chill cam’ o’er my hear;*,
There was nae place there for me.
I sought a maiden's hame
Whom I lo'ed in my youth;
But nae maiden noo was there:
She had slighted luve and truMi;
1 land her wi’ the bairn
O’ aniiher on her knee;
An* I turn’d an’ cam*' aw a’
WV a tear drap in my e’e.
When my brither's ha’ I sought.
Who had sieepit on my breavt,
Whan we baith were bairns young,
I fund he was at rest;
A t* my sisters, dearly lo’ed;
War a wa’ aruang the lave,
Aneath the chilly inool,
lu a cauid but peace ul grave.
I thought the hills war changed —
The brown an’ bonnie hills,
Aid the woods sue /a' o' sang,
An* the wimpliu’ m •untam r.lD;
But nue years could alter them,
$ae the thought was vmitirj
An’my bosom whispered Jab/b,
“The change is a' in thee.”
I sought the nameless grave,
Whur my r. thers banes d:J 11*;
Whar the lips that prayed lor nn,
War dust and ashes dry:
I thocht that kirkyard mould,
Might on me pity take;
But the very grave was gam:
0 my heart is Ime 10 hi oak .
An’ I am sittird noo,
1 po'the kirk yard wa’,
An’ gloamin’s ghasl’y veil
Upo’ the earth doth fa*,
The clu 1 «r nicht is mirk,
* But there’s a darker gloom on nog
T hJ gloom of friendless hearts
Wf tears I canna see.
Steam Batteries.—Tire chief Engineer, in ills
report to the Secretaiv of War,on the subject of
Steam Batteries observes:
**Thut steam batteries would be most emo
tive and powerful auxiliaries to tiie other means
of defence now existing and to be created for
the protection of our sea-board, there can be no
doubt; and the almost necessity of their con
struction is evident, when the length and extent
of our bays and harbors are cons.Jered. Alter
s ich an examination of the subject as time would
permit, and making use cd the best information
in my power,?am fully ofopiniou that they ought
to be so constructed, that w Idle they possess the
necessary strength.they shall draw the least pos
sible draught which, when fully equipped ought
not to exceed four feet; they should be provided
with at least two guns, of the largest calibre and
longest range; an apparatus attached to fur
nace for heating shot; and a propelling pow r
- able t > give them a velocity of ten or twelve
miles an hour. Vessels ofthis description would
possess the advantages of being able to change
their position regardless of shoals and bars al
ways to be met with in our harbors, placing
them beyond the reach of a pursuing enemy;
and in case of calms or storms, or any other
cause, obliging the enemy to anchor, might se
lect such positions as to place their opponents at
their mercy. They would likwise be efficient
in preventing maurading excursions in boats,
ro often attended with distress and min to the
peaceful and unoffending citizen. In relation
to the number ofsuch batteries required for each
of the waters named in the resolutions, I cannot
venture to recommend less than ten for the har
bor of New York, including the neighboring
Bays and Long Island Sound; six for the Dela
ware river 2nd bay, and ten for the Chesapeake.
The probable co-t of each is estimated to bo
from $25,000 to $30,000. though from want of
ail exp nonce in naval architecture, this amount
is not pretended to be correct.”
South Sla Island Tior.s.—Sir Isaac Newton's
theory ot the tides seems to be of little or no ser
vice in explaining the phenomena of high and
low water in Polynesia. A host of evidence
has been collected, establishing, beyond all
manner of doubt, the fact that the tides at (he
South Sea Islands are scarcely any, if at all. in
fluenced by the Moon. The y a ter rare’v ri^s
more than a few inches at any season of the
year; and an unusally high tide, at no tune, ex
ceeds the elevation of one foot. But the most
extraordinary circunrstanee in connection with
these phenomena is this:—during the whole
rear, without regard to the moon, it is invaria
bly low tide at (5 o’clock in the morning, full
tide exaedv at noon day, and low water again
at mx in the evening. The true time is estab
lished and known altogether by the flowing of
the water, at ail the Islands. It has been sug
gested that this may be accounted for by sup
posing a suspension of the lunar tide-wave, in
the region where these beautiful, paradisiacal
abodes of once unsophisticated human nature
are located.— Scientific Tracts.
The Fourth Annual Mtetit g oi die A.exan
driu Orphan AsyRai and I emaie fite * vnocl
Society, was heal in the 2d Preibvtenan L i.ui cn.
on Thursday evening, Vi-h Juiiuory, Hob: on
; motion of th** Rev. Mr. Harrison, .lunn \\ fibers,
i Esq. was Cain d o the chair at <1 V. m. Page ap- j
•pointed Secretary. The meeting was opened)
with prayer by the Rev. Hr. Hill id V» inchesier, (
! and the minutes of the last annual meeting were .
The Annual Report was reno by the Rev. Mr
Harrison, when on motion u! the Rev. Mr. Com- :
stock, it w as
Resolved, That the Report be accepted and 1
: adopted.
On motion of Thomas Semmrs, Esq. i! was
; Reserved, '1 hut the expedience of the j a.t
: year has only served to deepen the conviction,
| both of the feasibility of our plan, ai.d of the
| importance of persevering exertions in order to
fia continued usefuines?.
Edgar Snowden. Dsq submitted the following
• ro'o’ution, which was unanimously ad >;4cJ —
Resolved, That in the opinion of this u cetmc
every proper means ought to be used \ >r t..<*
i perpetuity of the Female Free School in con-4
| nexion with the Asylum.
i he Rev. Mr. llill offered the following leso
1 iutiou w hich v as adopted —
Resolved, That the thanks ol this Society are
due to the public lor the liberal support which
j they hav e hitherto alHrded to die objects of U)N ;
; institution.
On morion of the Rvv. Chas. Mann, the fol
i lowing resolution w as adopted—
Resolved, That the thanks of this Society be j
I given to the IT»nrd of Managers, for the pru
! deijee and fidelity with which they have man* .
| aged the affairs of the institution dining the past j
j vc at.
j' The Rev. Mr. Lipscomb, offered the following
I resolution, which was adopted— i
j Resolved, 'That a committee of V fee be ap*
I pointed to prosecute the petition f<»r aid hereto
! fare presented to the Congress of the l . states. ;
The Society proceeded to the election of Oifi* ;
i c«. rs and Managers lor the ensuing year, and
i the f blowing persons were duly chosen, viz:—
Mrs. Ann CT.AGr.Tr, 14 Directress.
Mrs. Jamieson. 2d Do
Mrs LUtciikk. Treasurer.
Miss. jS.mith, Secretary.
>’rs. Johnston, Mi^s (Jri:Tiln,
Mrs. Murdiicv, Miss Gilpin,
Nils-*. M is<\ Miss Davis,
Mrs. Dr. Vi well, Mrs. Cawood.
i Mr Douglas, Miss Dm Reman,
Mrs. C. F. .-*e, Mrs. Dr. Fail fax,
>.) Mary Ha? per, Mrs. 11. C. Smith.
Consulting Covin' Httc.
Rev. F.lias Harrison, Mr. S. U. Larrnour, !
Mr. John \\ it hers, Mr. James Keith,
Mr. I. R. Tho : pson, Mr R. Jamieson.
■ Co o' )■ Hire to aft and to the I'cli.'iou to Cong; ^os.
A C. Cazenove, John Withers,
Edmund 1. Lee, O. C. Cazenove.
j Agreeably' to the proposition oi the Rev. Mr.
i Maun, to extenu the usefulness of this Society,
j two gentlemen pledged themLf-lves for the sum .
[of forty dollars each to support two orphans;;
; two ccntlcmeu forty dollars, for the support of ;
| one orphan; lour gentlemen forty dollars, for
! the siippoH of another; and seven gentlemen f< i
j the sen: of ten duilurs each, towards raising lie
: sum of one Iniudred dollars, to suppoit two or
I phuns for one year.
Oa motion or the Rev / r. H r.'isou. 4 was
j Resolved. ! i at tr.e precee mgs oi tins novt
; mg and the Rep nt of the Hoard of Mai. • •'*
be publ.dhed in ’he Alexandria *.
.h TIN WITH ERR, Chair.u .
V, >: Rage, Stcitm/y.
Fjurth Annual "court of the O. [ Jinn Asylum
| and Free Female School Society of Alexan
dria* January 11, l*j?0.
The feelings with which, for the f4*iutli time, :
i t'.je Hoard of Managers of this institution pre- |
, sent themselves before the public, are those ofi
i mingled gratitude and confidence. O' gratitude, j
because, uotwithMuti ling th.e limited nature of ;
their resources at the comment e inent if the;
year, and notwithstanding the pressure of an j
unwelcome debt, the smiles of a benifice.nl ITo
| videne'e t;ave been so continuous and multiplied !
' as not only to encourage and facilitate their la-!
hors, but to anticipate the'r wants, and to re
lieve them from all tt.eir appreiien>ions. Of
confidence, because of the strength which lias
been imparted t> pre\ ions conviction, that no
j Institution manifestly called for by the circum
stance s of the times, and icgulated bv the prin
ciples of Christian philanthropy, will ever bode- j
sorted by a discriminating public, or t wr aban-!
, dotted by an own thing Providence, T! use are
lessons, both of profound interest, and « f prac
tica! utility: lessons wbitdi the wisdom of God ;
has been communicating to his creatures thro’
tiie medium of experience, in all ages of the ;
world; and which, in these latter periods, are
; operating disclosures, beautiful and lowly in
their aspect; sa; lime and glorious in their « I
; foots. By them, the desert is beginning to smile,
and the icildtruess to bud and bJvc.- m ns lJu
rose: while the social ^m-.^pii it* d to renovated
action under the stimulating yet benifi.n i.t influ
ence which they exeit, is developing ft-atriv.*
, ana multiplying associations, by width, the
| tongue of the orphan is made to sing, and the
heait of the widow to leap for joy.
Such is the design of that Institution, win so
fourth Anniv* r-ary we are tills evening cun
veiled to celebrate. An liiM;iu!ion basi c! up. n
1 the princ'4 les 'hat pmear.d tituii filed i\ li
! giori. which consists in vi>itii g the widow and
the fatherless in their alllictk ns, and in *•; i:ig
ouiselves unspotted fr- m the world. ILtheiio
its action has been m ces-arily limited, De
pending upon the voluntary contrib; lions uf a
public, generous in dis{ osi:; n. but hniibul in re
sources, the fn Id which was ot ciii d, though
wide and inviting, has scarcely yet been enter
ed. Something, it is true, h :s been achieved:
enough both to stimulate to renovated eifuits,
and to awaken in the bosom tin* liveliest emo
tions of gratitude and praise. Considering, in
| (iced, v. fit nee it is that their rev enue lias be en
derived, the circumstances of commercial em
barrassment, m ihe midst of which thevr Iiave
been struggling from the fi*>t mumeut of the so
vnety s exis er.ee, and the strange fact that ru i
ther the Legislature of the District, nor the Cor
pui a te a ui horit ies of the town, iiave ever t xteiui
I towards them so nun ii as even a complacent
. ucspunuciicy unu snan.e vv nne retl at lllg the pa- ■
ges of their past histoiy. Iiave abundant reason i
to stand amazed that it has been in their power
to accomplish so much as that histoiy details, j
b rom an inspection of thia interesting record, ]
it appears, that the whole number ol Orphan .
children that has been admitted into the Institu- \
sonf£ of whom ;• ’ ’ 57 '
1 t a ry n • ’* s ‘ • * cai o, i * •"“ j
>f tais number. 6 an ve conpk ted the uxunM} .
process ol set) >ol education and di mevt.c n m.n
mg, and are now seizing an apnim.m ►• p y1 j
useful i.u u try in the various frnmu • ot i ^
lability lo which they ! ..v.j l pen bourni. *
nearly ail of thes-% rep >rts of a very encoui^g
ing character have been rrce.veC with rieqtam
cy; and fiom the mode ot V m ant ee.n*nt
training, under the fostering mmm nee o, (
pie, hapj
exam; -, • p< is their
portnient in a'■ ter life, will
t > b em :uis\ adorn the society in *.vb cn mev u ve,
but to shod a cheering lustre on mat <_• p iany>
House, amid the comfoits* t which tuen e.niy
powers have fun a matmeo. V» hat had been
ih-ir characters and d .-imv. hi t ; *r the m:m y
reaching ot tins iu v, iv ir s'. : ote a chitsmm v ..a
y t h 1 . a ’ ~ ’ • ■
etermine. Left t » * • •
are < ■ '
dated with lh re? ■ ■ ' • ,:15S*
tort line, their hUtorv —& » Hi- expo» lent e and
f 1
a .a‘hiuV Can be re?rMated Mr filing a --me ' me
of judgment — would have h» err m;e of iyuo
i nee, of degradation • ■ i nie; w
ing pair-', had exhibited the record ut mnci v,
and wretchedness, ami r ■ nr. ow liicy au* 'm
ricited with a decent education, aov. tiny me
protected by the p ie oi gospel pr incipf-.
Mow ihev aie >io ia iiinita! > y me co : «:U»s i i a
peaceful’home. Ami now, in the walks of use
ful ir da. try. cor.firming by practice, he lesi-ons
y have imb 1 1 * 1: * 1 '
h. ij pi: ess in hfe. of rraucjuii.ty’ in dr.ma and i/1
a joyful immortality i » the world th. *t is to ia unr.
At the commence mrnt ol t. e year which is
now closed, the in-titu'ion had no icr i- > cate,
in the various si iges of m< ir mo.i s' c train ng.
10 orphans. Of ihe.e 3 w . re male, ami 7 female.
Since then 1 has been removed by’ death, 1
bound out after iiaUhing the ran scr med course
.if education, and tm* remaining are in a com
mendabie progress ol prepar ation fir a n! c con
dition. During the same period, tie H aid
have received urider their care as novitiates in
die As slum but live, v, ucli v> .,i leav” ine com
ber at die present time three inrgf r than at the
pen in of the year. \\ »y tin . ha v - *cei ye i
i, o more, is ai« t-adv ctthcioniiy Of-pla i.m •
{I•»\vc Vel ii.nili| :.**(3 might i ' me <-ppn • •
aiuI however desirable, m a nay res; eels, tint
none might be i» jech d. their aval! .b.e means
re Jimi 1 t o . i r t o ft t ; be r.ui
ter; and they me ' id: aw me, by running
in det.'l for the sake id achi« vmg n.s apparent
good. they might, hi the le.mib, not only mi*m
their object, but ha/ i * the existence ol a per*
petua 1 evi!: — 1 >osi :,i; g the confidence of tied'
constituents and p.m as. and jeoparding the
usefulne -s of the Im^l.tntion i'seb. instead. the; r
f io, of rashly inei easing their pecunury re
sponsibilities by novel experiments or lavish
expend ure, they have felt themselves called
upon lor the exercise of the mo t pi udent ecoii
orny; that in tlii wav. !n corntxmn with otner
exerli ors of an extra i inary character, they
might i < iifve the .Si < irjy linen the weighty re
somis'Dilid* s vine w* re already on it. And
IP!- object, it ali nes * m pleasure to add, has
lanm failv accomp islmd — the last payment o!
nearly twelve hundred debus, having been el
ected on th • 1 oil! ay of April la t; so that the
$ochfy is at this moment not only Ire* burn
del !. ami in tin* po. -e.-sion of a large and ccm
mo.hons estahii.'i.me t. but moving onw ai cl on
t .e in i tide ol sncci s. lid evperim* nt- pr mm
ing i>.) rea ise, without some ci mumd m g.ect, on
• ' ♦ * oart i'l its com.!; lilt- loudest anticma
i •inol its ber.eiact* i «;.*.* 1 fiieuv.s.
In re] it ion to the s< : ool, h>i me in>ti in •;« n
of indigent female < . Idren, which forms ano
ther department of he iub< rs ot yom l^oa;«I,
:.:e;r report i.-- of a character e pially encourag
ing. This part of .their plan is, indeed, t very
day disclosing it atoms of steadily increasing
inti-rest: am! li.e conviction is strengthening
with every succeed ng year, that its final re
mits upon the social c< inmnmty. w ill be ;is beni
ficent in their bearing as t o e nt the A>ylem.
\\ hich iiiiiv be recoil *d its the n'.ost imp<>iaait
of these objects, can i nly be determined t y f e
devel pements ol the iulm •*. In the leehngs of
your Hoard,’ the posh. *n which they occupy m
precisely the san^e. Ti.ei e ai e interests «d no
ordinary magnitude, ’inseparable Iron) each;
and wiide not a dona is entertained that ti e-e
interests would i o appreciated by a discerning
community, wi re the) separate and alone, yet
tfie beauty ol their plan and the consummation
of their claims is n*a iih stly involved in the
union of the two. Hv this hap; y combination,
each moving in its aih ted sphere. and c<:c h se
eming it' antieipati d (■ jeet, wiih no conllict its
their respective m« •» m . ts. the advantages ol
each are not only di «hut, and a mutual iu.-tre
reflected upon the wh *.e, but a mine prominent
ro!i* f is impa) ted io those iiu« s by whiv.li the i x
< . es of t tile world.
\\ ;t!i the exception ol t'm. t i.ivms lor \\ i.ich
provision has b. en made in the C’onstitutK»n,
the School has m v i l • - u .-u pei di d si.u- the
u\ Mtiiic ol t! ( Jr'* c.i : . Hot ween si>:t\ and a
hundred female i hnd, ♦ . are hote. dany, irnbi
1)1 :ithe i mb me; t •; of .. -h d ..; .d prm t. i a I < »iu
% • « r . • f _ l
(* i c» j U i 1 i i i' (! I • * * i»I \ • i» . i • v ! i. I 1 ' 1 1 11 •! K ! 1 i * “
!v i.:-t in."!'*. l?.f u* i; ivtjy i a ; n to believe,
1)a«i i>t n r I • > ii u' p 1;;.» t : ;> i,1: Ire lo- •- *I v. 1..• i>
had. no <h ulu. invited tir* pathway of tmui
; i ei ill,. !.rc w i;!i a Host cl iymn am. e and a cloud
cl uL^cm ity, il nut i I \\ i etc hcdncr s a t d j-ormw.
( ve.a down to t* o e!; .dim < cm* ol their exis
tence. And all this at an t x; ense i ct exceed
ing one huiuiii d and aim ty lived »ii..r- per an
cuin— w liich wil make an aver, m* of l v.i sixty
c» ids a (piarter f . each ri.ubif— a re.-mt which
ware it nut foj the bn Is in lot* < me whi' h are
cit-ai \y d< inon.dratcd. rniyht n j cm! t!.e c; c i a -
lions of c; i (!u:i!y iiseif. Aid y» t. the object a
vow id. h ine.-t ileinoiisli a! !y aicnmpk: l.t d. -
as t«f^
i:o nm; while the quaiUiiy examinations el •
• xnithiinc features as <•;.? ei mi: in th- ir c« ; >
phxion, as are cj di;.ar iy discover hie in other
Institutions, 'fids is !h • u uform testimen y, i. t
id yum Lhund me;«*jy. but of rvi iy ccimiiii'tT
id compctei)' cxpe.it n a-, that iias m n appoint
ed to that otfic*; while ail ti e p.rec^ciiim report
iiave been eminently -mh.i id.lv tlm.t cl tie*
last. Its pi ('sent condition i a- Uniterm*: in its
aspect, cm at any pre y ou- enod; alhn*din<r the
n»c>r ample deinnusirat.on. boh of the impor
tance • 1 t!:o scheme, ami the ability of tin >e
w Mo have be* einra^ed a- ii st? in ters
A t on .:ii;ii to ti e Id port cl t!>* I .-t Anniver
sary tin re \u rein the hands ofy< ur id: i mrer
£18 36. Since then, there l.a* been received
£2076 45, from tie* follow n j .-cure***. viz:—Do
nations lor tin* Orphan House £703 20—sub
5crij tn ns for t' e support of the Asylum ai d
School £555 < 3—Fail £472 f 7— lion ecflndu*
[ry 142 27—Mrs. Wii'dtiui'toirs legacy, p* r \V. j
fl. Foote, Fr-q. £60 -Various other sources £52 ‘
56, wliich, together with the unexpended l a*
a nee, will make £2074 45. Of this sum, there,
lave been expended lor the support of the Asy
nm £5S6 54; for the house and lot. as before i
dated, £1175 27; for the School £105 50: for
axes, insurance, wood, ai.d sundries SI in 45,
Which will leave an unexpended balance m the )
hands of your 'IT earner, at she present t..m\ ot j
SdS S3
i this
which your Board deeply regret, a.: !
winch they havi i. ade ail inellectuai * *b>it to i
be relieved, it is tint of taxes to the Col pv ra- ,
[?e»n—a burden whit-.h (eon* idering tie* cemplox
of their i ti >n, the ■ bject at >• bich it |
aim-, arid the sources whence ts revenue is ue
rived) they had indulged the hope might con- ,
-Tfentiy have been reunited. J.‘ut a* that bor.y j
a? .v ied ot her wise t . m a is I ' em I
ir, simf- v to - Lute the (a t*ijd lot then put t
know/tliat if a small part of their charitable ;
contribution* ha> been iliveiteo from I:.c object j
t»»r which it v as bestow# .1. the cause mu.«t be ,
(vUinn. not in any will of inchs, but in c icum
sl. ;,ces beyond l.he leach of their to.,.ti,*i.
hi ». e whol % the disc! sure* of tl past ye !
have b*-e:i inch in .nstruclton They have **t-ep
e e i Li e convichoo bo:h of the feasibdity o! our
plan, and o! i!.o character <>('!«• te>ult.-.
fi' V have demonstrated the pi acticauinty o»
educating and Hipponing, ami! all the corn
fit!' of a tranquil home, f-ra sum less tuan titty
dob irs per annurn, t very poor «i pi • • 1
that th y ha » the tl ty to »c. e ve. It I
taught u'<. tl a: Cm Si 1»> pi r annum, evei y im.t*
f ni be child low n might p ite in
benefits of a s-mud and practical e.unmtion. -
. d v hat is of ... . reatei imp* rtai ce it has
effectually c nvn ••• ii »«-. that while sn» n are i:,e
tacts in tiie c se. there i.eed be no m.-m * n ~
it respects the continued imiuificenci ot a Chris
tian community; an i no fear ot dtieiictmn on
t;,e pai t of a kind ami beneficent Prov idence.
______ . <~1 ■ 1——1-—-~
Tl.e following ! i j ly important and accopT;i
blt? M ess a re v.'is un Monday, trausmu ted bv ti e
President of ti e Failed rotates to outn Louses
by Congi e?>:
7b the Senate and House rf RepresaiiuUvrs:
The Government ol Great idrituin has olured
1 its medLtion lor ti.e adjustment ul the di>j»u:e
between the L nitcd States am. L1 ranee. Caiviul
ly guarding that point in the controversy.u Idea,
as it involves oiirl oner and independence, ad
mits ol no com} r mi-e, 1 have cheei fnhv ac
• * »offer. it iviou y • } er
to re uii even l ; > tbe :n:hit st measiii» s of a cum
: pnN >ry character, ui,til it is ascertained whether
( ranee has cm.int d or accepted the mediation.
; • therefore rce mme; d a suspension ol all pro
ceedings on ’hat pan *d my Special Message ol
the lot fJanuary t . •" a partial
1 non interci urseAvkh France. '•> idle we cannot
loo highly appreciate the elevated and oisiutei
1 esled motives of the offer of Great Fritam, am:
| iKtve a iust reliance upon the great inllm-nceo!
■ 1 hat Lower to rc.-lorc the relations of ancient
: fi ion d si bp bet m u tin t nil d Slab'? and ; tail ce.
! ami know', t o< > t!,at our own pacibc pom \ w i ii
: be Mricdy adhered to until the national lienor
i compels us to depart Horn it, we should be im
• M-n>ible to the ( x. o>. a tomi,lion of our counti y.
: and forget the ie-.sons ol t :<■ 1i .erne, il we did
| not t then nii> ai d seditiously prep.tie for an
id\tT->fi re-u t. i he pe<;ct* uf a nation dors not
depend exclusively upon its nv. n wid. m»r upon
; t: e ben eh cent policy cl m*i ghmu: r. g i’ow ei 1
i that nation winch ;s louml t• *t d.y unpre; area
for tile exigences and daige;>ol war. although
1 it come without having given warning ol its
■ approach.m criminally neg.;gent < !honor and
its duty.
1 cannot, too roa.c.y i *p,*■ i1 ;; ; a-a< !< e11d, -
I lion, already made, h phot* iha seaheuid in a
; pro j vi state ol ia h*m e, aid # i ore. pt .y t > } ; o
vidiv ihe means h r a :!y }.:<*<.'«• I.i:g our coin
- i:iei ce. f.MDm.v. J..c us. x.
Washing (on. l-'eh.P. 1SH6.
'The fallowing article in rei ition to th.^ Mes
sage and the . rop >sed mediation appears in the
G K> i >C.
The Message (u yestei lay contain* an » medal
announcement that li;-. Ibiti'h * iovernment has
temivi vd tlifoil-i - f :t> m elation. I >i t.he st tbv
meiit of the diliimrli *s nrv existing Set warn
Ida i c« and tie* Ft ted Sb »f» •: an i t. ..Iso fat a
{!.- nature of tin* c;. -c would allow, this oh.-r
has been } rum; t.y acc, ;a, .. !.v ti.»a Lxm u i\e.
As it is not yet known v.dn tie r France wi.l ae
cept it on her part, it was probably deemed
pi'emaiui e ami inexpedient. «ii I, .* present time
to lay bei .re < ongivss the c■ «'• r; c?pumh*m e on
the subject. MV haw* i.icvi ver. r< ce v» d such
information 11, legal ti to ,t. a*- ! i be able b> cor
rect ?! ti e of ti e i move, imsung, -tn>t.s whicli
11; t v * * appears! in the puhiic j m ; ,d >.
The pr*>; os-.! v. :m u ; lie b» ai , t ce; b d f>\r
t! ;s Gcvrrnmei.t. in ti »■ vu i \ y fo, m id <i
in tm !i:terci/nis>*. Mr. ’1 e Fharge
d’A If..il v- o| Great lb itain. ; , b)i:.?tim -
t jf)!is ]’l't Ci V('d i I <' il I ii'.< ( , ; \ • i I. I:. v*;d, a < (;. r >
sed to t! e >'ecie’ary «d r tab', :i n> b* ,d; ring
the m< d atinii. w Idea v a? »< ui d« v the
>‘,a c:ion « { li e i , e>; i<*i,t. t y i.je » e, ; i.■.;.; s oI
. he.cthrof Mr. bam.! 'ad (uhi.. is pn»! a
b’y a c< uiiti ) j>11ri of !! e pi < j.n-ai ; «' .. < .•<! tc
ill*• French hnvna.«. < it .) v !.. -■( .1 e( : a - ;in*
leg rot will) v. I.U a l. o Urim-h C »vci nmm.l i. <
i; i — e<! the nror re s • f t’ e j. ;• mob i. ding
bet.1.< on rrai.:ea ! thi F; iled s, j> i:,
d e l s * (- O •' IO '; < * ' *! i'! 1 » Y i < p» l ' 1 i l! ’ •» b i d 11 | • [.!
ties. (* m a t Emit in, 1 - .. i c »jy i • ; > ■
each <4 Ihe i;vu piwcrs. and cutei mining for
both l«he jia; -I ! i i*.■ <. y f» * ht g . is induced l >
proji.'ne iu r *;• c d <dhcrs 1 >r the auju-tmen! <>;
their dibicuities, under tiit* b fot :h »t it may be
t fleeted i'ii ihe mi i.c!* les » f justice, and in ;
ninmu r cum burnt v.iiii l! e nice st sentiments of
r. at.cmi! h< u>r. ! he i db r of Mr. For.- \ th, as
v.eu dej'.sfn: d, i'■ iprocales the fi it I»J1 v s« nti
moists exprcs>rd by i.be Frit: h (*ovei ament.
■ : f v ith< ut indi e ... need accu t < . .
gives such a vievFt f the p: csent posture of the
subject as to >\:i w. that tin reft! a.l of France lo
execute .no tie.*.!1, to I'.Ii. amounts to a denial
< d j a i.c a* on her pa i l. a id v. iann connect) d wit!)
the | ret -muni < a v ! n h that ivfusai b I n dm!
• i v* Iv« s !;:«:• n:.i in;, ic. s d the highr-t md. »•;
ina mm n a> i; j i * ret d on the as-uinit.th.i . ;hat
a foreign pm\<r. nl.nsr acts are spi k* n of by
the pre-ddent of t!ie United Stales. in a me>
s. . gn 11.’.11*ini11(“ii i * !;.in 1 ■ • t ot1gress, in c d icd i -
ence to hb constitutional 4!uties, ai.d wfuels
deems it.-Hf ogg! iev# »t by ihe language tim
ber] b\ him, may, a^ a matter of righh r< jmie
frmvs ihe <dovenimen! of ;!»*• Unite ! States, a. di
rect offici il explanation of such language, un- -
del the penaity id sj<■ ■, c«»n>e^|ueac('s as the <•!
•! 1 ded pasty may thiin\ proper to j re>cri e.—
i !.e ine< in; at.mi.ty el ihm psetens.ims w ith the
theory of our constitution, and with the j ractic e
under it —the ground takers ! y the Pioident in
segard to it—tlse impossibility of his dc par*ing
from that ground—and Ids conse(juent ir»ability
to 'tt’ject a point so essentia! to the in depot.dene e
and honor of iii^ counts v. to the control of any
foreign power (t.owever great might be hiscrjtivf
fi lence in its justice or impartiality) or to do <;r 1
consent to any act by which the influence of this i
principle, in the action of our political system
can be obstructed or impaired, are, as vse un- 1
derstand; fully stated bv t!:e Secretary of State.;
Y.'ith this a vuv, si o.'the prt*: a nds senr.i. en;*,
on tf.:s point, «(.<! an e>:plu t x.va... . ;
the oii r <d iiiedictii< a acco; '• <i; i ; ;• ;> (, , .
j» ex• i • s < *i, t at 1 iie gof d *. f*Kv.> *o .1 o.., ;
tv. xuhiod hy tilt l‘iw v uted CO.U-.lii l dill «. V...
1 j a \ e | * r o i n p l e Li i t ? 11 i t e; p o b! 11 o. i, i * * a y he? i • ^■. v.
tu! in it >l(W ii ^ ail the i e»ai.o«.o of ; 13; ^ j,.,.
the United States to a friend v footing. >i*c::
we understand is. in btief. the tenor of the re.
sponse given by the Lxecuiive to the pr .>• ual
of Gi«*; 11 I > 1: f a i n.
In coi.rrxion with the foiegrirgstm r.i■ j/
we'also think it proper to say, th it, as Gi '
informed, th • ieiter of acceptance ,.» .
,,*>w Jb*ivov.\.!> cl any inletd-on ;•> :
France, 01 to question the gra d faith .
King, in the menage c*l 1 • *.1 t.. ti
Mr. LiivingM.>n, in his nth.: d c :o; tU r
at an early bay i i the name «.b hist hot* . ;
unii ins statements vver ' subsequently ap; , tC.,
j,y t!u; Ih evident, through the Seci etarv r ,
|;«t? i ;s mes> *ge at the Cvunnirncei..**. 1 ( ;
tl.o pr* sent Mission. The appiouat on t. a- .\.
pressed, includes. both in form and m ..t; ,
ai! the ex, la nation that can ever be give* .
sistei.t!v wi’h the nature of our gov* mm, r,
I * , * c; i c u n: t a 11 c t s of the c a .* e. la ',.•**» ♦. ; * a
lb.-* occasion referred to. of the cln.ract* 1
des’.L 11 **i he .M• s age ul 1 %h 1. the lb«.> 1 < ;
1.1 t at aii i,f part f 1«*>: 1 in* g 1 o u 1. d < n w..«... . •
li i*> ai ' «tvs >n*o f in this co.itrcvei' y; i 11
in both tamvs, lie a dnm*d himseil to fei.c
ai ies of the Ann rican Gov* r; 11a nf. in t .1* < 1
cise of tiiat very duty id n'eivem:. un * u
will, i 1,, ;^ for the inv 1 oi>ini. 11v o. v i.ir 1 . hi ; .
ejir.l powers. il<* has SO *-f» !.UOUS.) COi. i i. v.’ .
I To have entered into fuiii.e* explain! 01.
: this poii t, even with a third party, op-n. y
after theden.*ands rei ent y made * \ t»a v 1 * 1 i*
Gov n i.merit would have invo.v* d an at t. ■ , ,
merit of the principle in question, and in t
respects have been derogatory to Lm m. ....
, of the nation.
Ti e acceptance of trie cbP led ivedi * * .
wnilst it is o guarded as j <•» to ciu.;:*. 1
, in the < igiiit^t ilegree, tae < s-e: f I n t ■:< •!< * ;
the country, lias ye; been made w iih >iw n ; r* . ..
ness, and in a manner so frar.k and com , • .
rv, that however it may result, *t miot ni * * > l
1 ii v s!reio't’.en the already incon**-,;..*.e j<*
of our course, it is a a* w proof, addt ; ; ,
many f* fine given, of the eaimst c*>.i. oi .
looted St lies, to come to a good u.vh r' tai.o.i /
wiiii the G >v« n ment i*f I iai u*. 'i i.,.i d 1
be met in a cor res | on e. in y s j 11. t t.y t! at P»i \ • 1. -
! ment, ar.d may i^'Ue in the peilonnai.ee »:
| her engage merits. . t! ra
frier.diy intcrcr urs«* ai.d kin i 'o;ii 1 hotv. «
the two countries, must ceitain y La ti »
; every American.
cos ^ ns:o?=..
i p t: e S l iiu1*' y* s f i day,
Mr. L'**n?on pi* oub* d n {eti bo.* fo in s* ; h y
i citizen $ of Alexandria, j ra v: ..g lui :; t M.pj \\ *
i sion of Loiter es.
Mr. Ceu to ids rorolutio: s were taken up and
Mr. Leigh addressed tie- Senate at length.
In tiie Home of Kep. esentut: vt*s, the c
. was occupied v . !« the c moderation of the A.
- \ od A oj rer; . * a ;u did.
In tie Senate on Monday, after sou.e moi
inii tii mess. lie- S.mate piece* ded to ti e c m
! sider. i- n * f *; • Sta ding Order of the Day
Mr. Pc .Dub rk. - ..’ion.
Mr. < m i concluded the o''-♦•rvat 1 as
e<Mi:11iei ee«. o\ i ‘.in uh i iiur>*!ay? a u! mov e 1 <
■ amend t! e lit si iv olufioii !>y striking out the
vuib 11 p ih ' ! * i**i e “revenue. ;
Mr. White foil nved. for the purpose of r* : y
mg t i ' one points w hich had be*, n mged i y I s
e ni gun an : th-* Senator from I’em. y>\
I i 1\.i. I *ut!i na , .• and w inch Lad not o* * a si.hi
; ciently ai.s v m < d.
Mr. U u dy m;d a (< w words in o.pluimt a
< of 1;.' lot mer i’emai Ik'.
Mr Pinson replied to the observations w . ;
had heon .ra »• on the other side.
Mi. Leigh th* n expre* e<i a di -s.re to >av a : v
, woi, (:>, t44. i ;;.e. c- p >a the Scant * adjourn*.«!.
I lit* Mousse! ! t epi< s *nfat;ves wasoccuj * 1
th“ \v!io!e day held b ideloci , in a disci s.'-a
a.el succession of on Mium aim mg iyu,
I k'*v. ir g resolution, u ;v< «i by Mr. P.m y.
<d Sot.!:. < atohna. on Thmsb. \ ]«." :
** 1 ve*i. That ah ♦ t■ <* ii»i ia!s v. hl< 1 ; t\•*
i>i •.oi « .!' 11 d, »ir mm h(*i ea f ‘ r !>’(*: i < i . ’ >
i i 11 ■’> j ; > i > s* *. {»r i. \ i;: g I * j* ; i i) o: 11 * * n m t.. e ! ’ •
b ! C t i i O. i,!,. i: | a. 111 b «I i - D t, t1 1*0 S *) 111 fj • : t ■ > t ■;
*‘ti 1-j .a In in •. t n * hd. < i ii < in .'b a 1. .
J..! v . ) v. i i» i.. e a m e t 1141 j * j, t t * i * * t * *. pi*
>'' t ’. i .! ' i i * )\ .. 1 *4 1!; • 11) 1 ♦ ) t i I i i \ ilgtiOU *
. v . • : ■ ) .ib (\aiy •; i j * r pa; or *) i j > i * } u . u a
tk • i::-.y to* -i bii.itled in ;«•,.»{:< u h> t: .! •
j * ' ■ i. Uo ) tbt o i * b t* > a >* !* c i t < on mu! * e. v. ’
t ( ngn
coi^i '!» i mb .. * * • ,«>. :y to ii.a *h r* ... . -. v
j illi lh«i institution of slavery in
St . 'i this i mfederacy; a 1 t at
o; i ion (»I {; >1 i! i ii -e, i. *m*_u oss < light im t h• .
: it i i: any \. ay v. ilh .* iy\ ch i*i ll.ejh-bai
» 1 * * •11 :»u i i. i a * c < t u * ■ it v» an i tie a * i o 1 • • *
’a** p:i: tic lai h. unwiN.**. impolitic, ah i *’. :
' It -’•> tin* l nioo; «»-. g:n:-gf .-i.cii i
t ' ‘ ( o i c; 11 - e i, - ■; • ;i !: * • j! I d *g i:: * •., f *
UO'to**, I:r■ V ’ i* he"! c!l v*u!Ut d to * I. *g
; ethic mind, to repie>? agit.-tiieu t* ; . y
t .t**11.01*1. to "U tain ami prcsi*rv* tn • j . ; «
.•{ t .* "lave'.a ib, -g h l.»‘* s. m *i **J tk ,
t: :> i • >* 11t. a .*1 tu i »• • »*s* i! • i i:.i * i : \
ti ireomov 'si (..*• \* *.e.o;.
T* to* r -nil . !* t! o v.!»*b«* d *. * y. *
II **r * :i!’* r to b • ■ lot i! i b ) f»:j t ;" '/ • t \
til i! the o :e ’no* w a- lal-cn ."•;»;»! ah u
It ■ * . f tills I * "O; i!. \i, li ,e \\. f !" ‘1
t» ' c t : i; I ' o! u;11 i;; * ’ /./<7 >' ;>; b < : ’ i .
v*-em.*i!;b nays h !.n _*• n» ;o:it r<. A(t*r
■ ’ * i * ■ i.. i I.. 111 g j • j i t. y: i *. ! t;, o i , , e j • »
gl l i k! in.
L he .vie s ;;c ii on tk*' i »»•" *!ojjf * •• < •
t!) e . > i' * m i ’ i > >i < v. a s t • « ,, i . !. .. i. b i * t .. • . *
the < i iiiu.it!* e **.u I'ori gn ib'kiti'T.^j t4. t . ‘
[ lo1!-** a-.'j-eo a !.
I r vin t r a h\vi.:c.“Ye-imd.iv a liti! a -c
bay, i tint* : i lob. u hilt* * * ri i; joyed m s\vt ; n
Vii a: ii<>;•*.> ;!<••. }. -tuck lb-t :n t: •
a: is. i <• c c oh id ') <*x t ricui tt I, or i t . c«. .
joro it v. a* known t!j t l, , \ {*• w., > iu d <;;• r.
was r.•: *iIi u ■ d td« a! •. It w a-u vibent. h oi.i
. * is ai<toc(* a I or < oat u? ‘bat o .bud n:a i * _ ■
violent >'rr.y be I * u xTicati-Jdnu-n-.
ti-5\\ » >; W iu i Or C< . *1 oilC t;I
iv l»y w .. «./ex;u riment. and won. ! •• v
fSTt ids ii!.*, tail ( r I.is cries bci!.^ lio.n ; ;; *'
It V. : . .
draw hilt* e*jwards, and lie was cut cut < *
chimney by the viii^e! of the mason.—<
A [, P X A APR r A MU SEP M is open every biy.

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