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Richmohd. Va July 15, 1810.
I WAS the original discoverer of Judkins* Ointment, !
and sole proprietor of the patent from Sept’r, 1317,
u til the expiration of the same; but, having connect
«1 myself with Dr. Judkins in the commencement, I
permitted the Ointment to bear his name. 1 he term
of the patent having expired on the 25th June, I have ,
made au improvement in the same, and taken out a pa
tent thereon. N SHKPHkKD
lj* I n position having been practised upon the nu >
lie by a spurious article, bearing the name of “ !u i
kins* Ointment,** the proprietor avails himself of the
authority granted to him in his letters paten,, now to
call the Ointment after his own name, Henceforth it
will be known by the name of
OINTMENT, (formerly Judkins’,)
When I first made and prepare*] this Ointment, and
hid, in s-veral instances, experienced its good etieett*,
I sent it to several physicians, with instructions »n what
cases to apply it, who were of opinion that the oint
ment would be a valuable public benefit, l concluded
that the Ointment would occasionally fall into many
hands, some of whom would probably undertake to
make it, and knowing the difficulty of the process - ne
vertheless, it might be propagated in this adulterated
s®e, as it might in some degree resemble the origi
nal ] in this way its good effects would be oblitera
ted. Under these considerations, l secured the origi
nal and certain rented t for those obstinate diseases,
some of which have so long bafHeJ the skill of me
dical science:
1st White swellings ot every description;
2d Sore legs and ulcer9oflong standing,
3J Schirrus or glandular turaor3, particularlythose
hardened tumors in women’s breasts, which oftentimes
erminate in ulceiate/i cancers;
4th Felons; or what some people know by thename
catarrhs, of every description.
5th Uheuoutic painsofthejoints;
6th Sprains and bruises of overy description, or in
whatever part situated;
7th Tetters of all kinds. In this complaintthe pa
tient, in applying the ointment, must keep the part
outo fwater;
8th Chilblains or parUatFectcd by frost.
It is also one of the best remedies for burns and
•oaltU. It eases the pain and draws the fire out in a
short time.
For women’s swelled breasts an J glandular swel
lings, it is superior to any medicine yet known to the
medical faculty. It is much safer than mercurial ap
plications, (as it does nut contain the smallest atom of
any preparation of the mineral,) because it dues not
lay the patient liable to injury from exposure to cold.
This Ointment has cured sores of many years stand
g. Where it is impossible or imprudent to heal tlir*
external sore, in consequence of the bones becoming
carious oi rotten.it will stop the progress of ttie caries,
rcres.se the quantity of discharge, remove the otTen
sive smell, and ease the pains.
It cures the worst Felons and Whitlows, on applica
ioa of forty-eight hours.
The following notices on this may suffice*—
\zrxanuuia, February 26, loa5.
Thin may certify that l have, for a long time, been ,
a&iated, at brow, with attacks of (iout or Rheuma
tioi in the feet or other part* of the body, from which
Ihave always found relief by using l)r Judnins’s Pa
tent Specific Ointment, (now called Shepherd’s) pre
pajadcy Ur Charles ilerstons, of Frederick Fown,
llarylBd, in the manner prescribed in the printed di
reatioR. i have taken pleasure in spreading the
knowledge of this valuable remedy, believing it tube
one of the best of all the Patent Medicines, and by my
advice, several persons who were afflicted wall pains
like my own used it with great benefit.
Washington City, 11th Sept. 1835.
Doctor ff, ii union: Sir—I now undertake to
do what 1 should have done long since. Two .
or throe years my wife was afflicted with what
the Doctors call carbuncles on her back, and
tier sufferings trom which, for two months, were
beyond all description: ttiey broke, at different
times, into from fifty to one hundred holes, and
when the cores were extracted, and the skin cut
**ff? the places became one large sore, about six
inches in circumference, and were then an inch
in depth, bhe was attended by one of the first
liky9icians tit this City, and various remedies
were tried without rendering her any relief, or
preventing the sores from increasing in size to
•«ch a degree, that we became seriously appre
hensive that she coaid not survive much longer.
A friend calling to see her one day, and advis
ing the aae of Judkins's Ointment, 1 procured
some, and, however incredible it may appear,
yet such is the fact, two plasters effected a per
fect cure. Yours, respectfully,
Nbw-Market, Fob. 21, 1S33
f Mr. /7erstons: Sir—1 bought an article in Bal
timore having the name of Judkins’s Ointment.
sold some ol it, that was returned tome, not
oeing good. It is true, It had not your name on
'Jne lable round the pot which I now understand
s on the genuine article, as made by you.—
^his is to give notice that the public may be
guarded against an imposition of the kind.—
Yours, &c. A. I. BARNEY.
Dr. Drish, a Druggist in Leesburg, Va. inform
ed the subscriber, that three persons had each
obtained from him a pot of Judkins’s Ointment,
(not ol the subscriber’s make.) After having
tried it, they found it was not good, and return
ed it to him.
Messrs. L. $ R. T. Lowndes, merchants, Cumber
land, Md.
Gentlemen: As Mr. Herstons’ agents for the
sale oi Dr. Wm. Judkins’s patent specific oint
ment, 1 would inform you, that last summer l
was afflicted with a sore leg—the fame of Jud
kins's Ointment induced me to get a jug of it—
jut it happened not to be of Mr. Herston’s make.
1 used it according to the printed directions, but
my leg kept getting worse.
Mr. Herston’s, travelling to the west stopped
at my house, during the time, on looking at the
ointment 1 had, he immediately pronounced it
not of his make, and furnished me with one
which was. On opening and smelling it, 1 was
sensible of the difference, although it looked
like it. 1 then applied the ointment he gave me
to my leg; it became in a state of amendment
on using the first plaster, and so continued until
it got quite v. ell.
This ointment is certainly very valuab e, and
it would be a pity it should be lost to the public,
by a counterfeit article bearing the name, and
teingnot genuine. WM. K. NEWMAN.
C umberland, Md. May 24, 1831.
Mr. C. Herstons,proprietor of Shepherd’s P. S.
Ointment, (formerly Judkins's,) near Frederick
City, Md.
before leaving Doonsboro’, l had heard much
ol an article, in which you appear before the
public as pioprietor, named Herston’s Judkin’
P Specific Ointment, made by c. Herston
new trederf ?k Md and oi its cfecfded effiernrv
«. . •>: -in persons .jth whom in' red ac-1
,ua ne.1. Since my resiilei ce m L!;.l ..moiv, it j
has performed a cure on a friend ol mine alllut
ed with piles. Having myselfbeen a suli.oei fin
some years with this distressing disease 1 now
unhesitating applied your ointment in my own
case, and am gratified that I can say it made a
perfect cure. . \
1 thereby certify, that i was for many months j
afflicted most grievously w ith the tetter upon ;
both of in v heels, causing openings large enough
to admit a person’s finger. 1 tried various re
medies in vain, when I was induced totiy Jed :
kin’ Ointment, and was cured by the use of a ,
sinsrle box. I am anxious that others, similarly
alHicted, may avail themselves of so valuable a j
rcim.dy: ROBERT i ULTON.
Charlestown, Dec. id, 1^29.
Having had much experience, tor many years,
in making this Ointment, and being concerned
in the patent right, the public have a .right to be
cautioned against imposition—and, in order to
effect this, and to secure to ihem the genuine ar
ticle. it has been though advisable, as e'jove sta
ted. to use the authority granted by Mr. Simp
herd, and to call it after the proprietors own
The following will be hereafter attached to
each pot—u S///J/i//7'/*/TS l* A / 1 Jj
( ir/r U!S i'Alii Y7\ (furmingly Judkiu's)
in i le and so!>!, wholesale and retail, by
<\ H EUS roNSmoar Fi ederick, Md."
To more fully guaid tin* public, (the proprie
tor’s.) C. Heritoirs name will appear in his own
handuniting, written through the circle outside
the ointment pot.
To be sold wholesale and retai., by, DU.
GUN TON, Druggist, Pennsylvania Avenue,
FAUUHAll Druggist, Penn. Avenue
Messrs. JAMES do do
F. HOWARD Seven Building’s
E. FERRIS, Georgetown.
Letters post paid, directed to the Propiietoi,
C. HE US TONS, Frederick City, Maryland,
will be attended to.
The above article, is offered for sale by the
subscriber. A large profit allowed to country
dealers, who purchase to seb again.
3 m0 |o_|y Agent for Alexandria.
WILLIAM STABLER, Chemist and Drug
ft gist, Alexandria, general agent lor the sale
of Dr. Ralph’s Improved Hygeian Bills, respect
fully states that he is enabled to supply this Medi
cine to the public and his mercantile connection,
upon the same terms that the General Office at
New York supplies them,—a liberal discount
being made to retail merchants, for a descrip
tion of the qualities of these pills, ne refers to the
following advertisement ol Doctor Ralph, v iz:
“The very general demand for Dr. Ralph’s
Hygeian Bills, can only be accounted for by
reason of the unexampled benefit and cures
which thousands have experienced from their
use. Moreover, fhey are founded on the wis
dom and experience of the British College of
Physicians and Surgeons, of London: and are
recommended by the writings and practice of Sii
Astley Cooper, Mr. Abernethy, and Dr. Babing
ton; as well as by the the greater part of the more
eminent practitioners of England and the Con
The limits of'an advertisement will not allow
of entering upon an explanation of the principle
on which this medicine is suited to so many dif
ferent complaints. It must suffice to mention,
that each package of the pills contains three
boxes, two of which are gently opening, with a
strengthening quality combined, adapted to the
most feeble constitutions; while the other is pur
gative, but more or less so according to the dose.
Thus, by varying these Bills, and altering the
doses agreeable to the directions given, it is as
tonishing to witness the number ol diseases which
are cured or much alleviated by them; while
there is no disease whatever which can possibly
be injured by their use. 1 hey contain no mer
cury. and may be taken without the inconveni
ences ur caution which other medicines gene
rally require. The particular diseases in which
their efficacy has been proved and tested, in ma
ny thousand individual cases, are the following:—
Dyspepsia, and the whole of those numerous^
maladies which arise from habitual constipation
of the bowels; Apoplexy, and all alfections ot
the head; Gout; Lliieumatism; Scrofula, with
every species of Salt Rheum and Disorder of (he
I Skin; threatening Consumptive Cough; Liver
! Diseases, whether the effect of intemperance or
I hot climate; Fever and Ague; Common Fever,
vie.; Inflammations; Cholera Morbus, vie.; Jaun
dice; Dropsy; Piles; Gravel; Gleet, and certain
other complaints of the Urinary and Genital or
gans, &c. vie.
This medicine is also eminently useful in the
whole class of disorders peculiar to the female
constitution, especially in Nervous and Hystc,
rical disorders, Epileptic Fits, St. \ itus’s Dance
vie. vie.; Sick Head Ache, certain obstructions,
sexual weakness, vie. In smaller doses, it may
be relied on as the best and safest medicine in
pregnancy, and for the common disorders of
The directions given with these Pills are re
markably plain and particular—the proper dose
and management of them being carefully men
tioned under the headofeach disorder separately
Jos. Ralph, M. D.,
Graduate of the University of Edinburgh;
Member of the Royal College ofSurgcons
London; Lecturer on Midwifery and the
Diseases of Women and Children, &c.
and author of the ‘ Domestic Guide to Me
N\ B. Dr. Ralph’s Domestic Guide is a little
volume designed for the use of every family,
particularly those residing in the country. It is
written in the plainest manner, and is intended
to enable individuals, both male and female, to
undertake the management of their own com
plaints with safety and success. The price is
very low, being only 50 cents, though neatly
bound in boards, vie. Indeed the object of its
publication is rather with a view of spreading
useful knowledge on disease, than of any proft
arising fit)m its sale. Joseph Ralph, M. D.
For sale by \VM. STABLER,
3 mo IS—ly Alexandria, D.C.
fTJ’Leesburg Genius of Liberty, Winchester
Virginian, and Warrenton Register.
ROBERT H. MILLER has just received per
ship John Marshall, from Liverpool, an ad
ditional supply of EARTHENWARE AND
CHINA, which makes his assortment very com
plete. On hand—
German and gnglish Pipes in boxes $ gv. each
Window Glass, various qualities, from 7 x 9 to
12 x IS
Furniture Knobs, plain and cut, some very rich
A complete assortment of plain, moulded, press
ed and rich cut Glassware,
For sale as usual at moderate prices and up
on a liberal credit.
Alexandria 11 mo 2S, lS3f>.
(Nat. Int.co3\v. Williamsport, Harper’s Fer
ry and Charlestown papers lawlw, and charge
K, II.
To Khcumatic Invalids!
PERSONS suffering under Rheumatic Affection are
respectfully assured that they can obtain o
proprietor and his agents a safe and admira. e ~
dy for Rheumatism, however obstinate ihe *!1”’
may be, and in all its different stages.
Hr. Jcbb's Liniment!
will afford immediate relief to the patient, *,u '!4S
sometimes been attended with such extraordinary wC
cess as to cure the most h dressing Rheunutiam in
twenty four hours, even wtien ot vear-% standing
fliis highly vahiah’e Limm'nt is recomm ,u f
•ith a confidence four led on the expern nee ° ,,M
ny vears, not only as a cure for h*t **x~-ov.iat.i t, s
ease, hut as an excellent npp!-cation for "d if ness ot t
,1 o!rus. Numbness, Sprains, Chilblain6* ^c
(This article is considered so superior to every
thing else, and to possess such uncommon virtues, that
it is Ofdt red from all parts of the country ]
rj* An \. ent recently writes: “ 1 I' ^se s' m me a
further supply of .Jebb’s Liniment ilie first opportum
tv — I shtll probably sell a considerable quantity, a» Jt
is recommended hy some ot our physicians yerv i go
! ly, although contrary to their r ole9 and regulations to
[ give encouragement to such (or. patent) me. >c m s
Rut is a mod decided proof of their confi U nee in its
invaluable properties
Another agent writes: “1 wish you toforw.ir . m<
some more ot .1 en'ib 1 .immen!, v hieh fi t*» '' c »im^ m
e.liucll very iry.ly.” fr.ee> VJ e*n » a
The f-'ninfii! an l Dehihi.i’in!' Comuluint of
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous in^tanet s
has been Ihorotishly cure,I, by the a iministration of
:> U M F R 1 US’ R E M E I) Y F 0 R
a?' the i*ii.jES.
rEli 11S approved comp.mini al*o mitigates sno re
i moves the symptoms which frequent!* accompa
ny that disorder, and increase the danger of the pa
tient, viz: pains in loins, headache, loss of appetite,
indigestion, and other mtiksot debility
A relieved patient write** from a distance:
“ It is but justice to inform jou, that 1 have nse<
your Dumfries’ Remedy for the Piles tor some time
past, and have found it eminently succcs-dul.
The remed* is quite innocent, an<! may be adminis
tered to all ages and hotli sexes. Plam and ample di
reclions. will) a description of the complaint, accom
pany each pickage, which consists "t two boxes, one
containing an Ointment, .iml the other an bu ctuary.
Price f \ for both articles, or 50 cents where but
one is wanted.
■ rf^llis agonizing disorder is cored in its m st painful
I 1. stages, by one of the m simple as well as p-*w
erful re medic* known in modern practice I he
afford instant relief, without iuftic mg the slightest ut
inry on the teeth They are applied external!) to the
parts affected, with the greatest case and expedit.on,
and generally operate as a soothing lenitive to the
suffering patient. Price 50cents a box.
OK most obstinate character, after hav ng battle.j
the skill of the most eminent physicians, and
withstood the most highly recommended medical pre
parations, lias been checked, relieved, and cured; ill
a number ot instance** in and about tins city, ny using,
for a short tune, l>r Relfk’s
in connexion, according to the directions accompany •
iug the Specific It is also one ol the bc"l medicines
known for Sick Headache, Sickness at the Stomach,
Nausea, and Flatulences.
Price of the Specific and Pills, 50 cents each.
Debilitated Females!
complaint** peculiar to the female part of the
& community, have been long successful!) treated
by the administration of the Aromatic Pills, originally
prescribed and compounded by Dr lielte l hey
cleanse the blood from those disorders ol the female
constitution, for v- hich the piils are an effectual speci
fic; tiiey restore a free circulation, reform the irregular
operations ofthe sangu femus sv'.tcm, ani rectify me
disordered habits. The proprietor’s confidence in the
stipertor excellence of this equal!) innocent and povs -
erful preparation, is founded on the most decisive tes
timony from many restored p tiients Me can assure
this portion of the public, that when
are regularly taken, according to the direc'ions, ac
companying them, they revive and establish the desir
ed health) habits, and restore to the pallid counte
nance the natural glow of health and good spirits
Married ladies will find the pills equall) useful, ex
cept in cases of paegnaucy, when they must not he
taken; neithei must they be taken by persons of hec
tic or consumptive habits. They may be used success
fully b\ either men or women in all Hypochondriac,
Hysteric or Vapourish disorders. In all cases of this
description, the pills purify, invigorate, and revive the
disordered system. Price f\ 50 a box.
• * None genuine un esssignedon theoutside prin
ted wrapper by the sole proprietor, T. Kidder, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. f. Conway. I* or sale,
with all the other “ Conway Medicines,” at his Coun
ting Hoorn, No. 99, next door to J. Kidder’s Drug
Store, corner of Court and Hanover streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON KIDD Eli.
And also, by his special appointment, by
jan 15 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
• Large discounts to those who buy to sell again.
Itch Ointment!
rpil E extensive sale and established reputation of
E Dumfries* Itch OintmtRt, encourages the propri
etorto recommend it with renewe d confidence to the
public, as a most innocent as well as powerful applica
tion for this anno} ing disease- .The most inveterate
cases have been cured in one hour! by this esteem
ed Ointmc nt It contains no mercury, or other noxi
ous ingredient, and may be confidently applied even
to the youngest children, or to pregnant females.
Price 374 cents.
* • \p>ne genuine unless signed on the outside print
ed wrapper by the sole proprietor, T. Kidder, imme
diate successor to the late Dr. W. T Conway. For
!e .with all the other “ Conway Medicines/* at his
Counting Room, No. 99, next door to J. Kidder’s Drug
Store corner of Court and Hanover streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON KIDDER.
And also, by his speciai appointment, by
\VM. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
Large discounts to those who buy to sell again.
IEONARD O. COOK respectfully informs
A his friends and the public generally, that
he has removed to the south side of King street,
between Columbus and Washington streets, in
the house formerly occupied hy Phares Throop,
where he still continues to manufacture all kinds
of Cabinet Furniture: and also informs them 1
that he has on hand at present, and intends at
all times to keep, a full assortment of the best j
Fuvv\\ture> made by the best woikmen, and of j
the neatest fashions; which he will warrant
equal, if not superior, in quality to any ever of
fered in the District, and which he will sell low
for Cash or a liberal credit to punctual persons.
Anri he hopes, by his punctuality and attention
to business, to secure a portion ol the public
Old Furnituie neatly repaired and handsome
y varnished.
' TURNING handsomely executed and at the
shortest notice. iy 15—tf
Public .mention!
i S respectfullv solicited bv the subscriber, to an i.i*
I valuable preparation, the merits of which have
been tested by tune, and «re sustained by un louhted
Botanical Drops!
»re every year increasing their long esUbnsiied repu
t *tion. Thev h -tve outliv* cl man\ rival preparations,
and are continually gaining upon public co .tidence
Tin* Botanical Drops Im e been successful’.! a Imiti
istrred for mam years, as a thorough rem «ly for that
well know n and prev dent c’ass of invetertte diseases
win. h originate from a vitiated hab.t of bod>, «>r an he
reditarv predisposition in the patient, and general!)
appear under the various and distressing shapesof
Scrofula, Sp.lt lthenm, l.eprosv,St Anthony's Fire,
Fever Sores V hite Swellings, Scurvy, Foul and Oh
stinate Deers. Sore Legs and &)'*' s, Scald Head, and
: Venereal 1 aint. t
lu tlte last mentioned condition f thes\sttin, me
! 11..,hn.ral l)n p« will be found t.» er.,1 exit ll.e lurk
i iup poison, win re no rcorv !.h- totally fallen, and tbus
prevent the patient from entailing the seeds of an he
reditary disease on hi" ofhpnng
Dr. Helfe’s H*»tai.kal Drops are successfully used m
casts of violent eruptions after the tneades - red
hhnehes - pimples "*> die fice -f- spring eru t.ons on
j Die "kin -and ether disease** of the external Mirlacej
| and me m** *»f he MM cp':ng .in 1 Autumnal physics
j known, to free the s\stem from humou *
! \ phisician of eminence, who had witness'd the el
| ficacv of this article, lud the candor recently to vek
now fed ge to the proprietor, that he considered it the
best medicine known, for tlm complaints f.r which it
is intended, and that it ough* deservedly to stand at
the head of the whole c’ass of such remedies,
price M a bottle, o” 6 bottles Mr i5
I rgllinSK uli:) would retain or restore these desirable
; l personal advantages, are assured that nocompo
I sition can be obtained super or t the p[pf,
This is an elegant and pleasant prep *ration in every
rtspect, and has, for many years pant, given universal
satisfaction wherever it lias been used
, The Autri ptic SMitrifice is exempt from acid and
'other deleterious ingredients, which too frequently
; enter the composition of tooth powders in common
! use, and it wh tens the enamel of the teeth without
doing it the lead injury, 'I he regular use of this ad
* mired powder by purifvmgthe mouth and pre.vtntinp
;the Hccuirulatu n of tartar, operates as the bed p.e
j ventive of the Tooth Ache the Dentr.fice removes
i discolorations, and reston s the beautiful native white
ness of the enamel. As its application braces and
strengthens die (dims, it secures to them their healthy
and Horn! hue, and, by removing all offensive foreign
! accumulations horn the teith, preserves the natuzai
sweetness ol the breath. Price 50 cents
* ^* is'one gt nuine unless signed on the *>u t si J c print
ed wrapper by the stile proprietor, 1 Kidder, imme
; diate successor to the hde Dr W. d Conway. I or
sale, with all the other “Conway Medicine,” at his
Counting Room. No 99. next door to J Kidder s Drug
Store, corner of Court and llar.ovtr street, near Con
ci rt Hall, Host on I H() M I’SDN KID DKR.
And, bv his special Hppointim nt, by
W \t. STAID.KR, Kaiifax street. Alexandria
* t# I.Mrge discount to those w ho buy to seil again.
Asthma! .V Oalarrli!
; | N that ].mg train of diseases which stem to grow
’ i with tlie growth ot civilized society, Consumption
takes the lead in its relentless inroads upon human
life; yet liis dreadful disorder is easily ovi rcome in its
earl:er stages. It is only when neglected that it ar
rives at the terrific maturity which so often baffles the
sagacity of professional science. An obstinate cough
is the customary forerunner of the pulmonary con
sumption Improper neglect in the timely adminis
t rat ion of simple and salutary remedies, is Mj'e to be
reproved by a dreadful succession of consumptive
-\ tYiptoiiifl oppression ot the breast; greenish and
bloody spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shri
veiled extreineties, and genera! emaciation of the
whole l)od',; prostration of strength; flushed cheeks;
swollen feet and legs and at lust, in 'he lull posses
sion of the mental faculties, 3nd while hope still whis
prrs her flattering tale-cold extremities, and a pre
mature death.
For the various stages of thL complaint, one id the
most approved remedies ever vet discovered is
This exceedingly powe rful, and >et equally sate and
innocent preparation, lias elite ted thorough and rapid
cures upon patients supposed to have been far advaoc
ed i n a confirmed Consumption, and w ho have exhibit
ed the appearances which usudly indicate a fatal ter
mination of 'he disorder.
As the- Fills require in ordinary rases no confine
inent, they n ay be administered with confidence and
safety to all ages an 1 classes of people. Unexampled
success Inis hitheito attended their administration in a
great varietv of cases; and the proprietor cun refer to
a multitude,* which testify to their efficacy in reviving
the emaciated victim trom the bed of disease, and re
storing him to the blessings ot iccuslotncd health and
Price fl for who/e boxes of 10 pills, and 50 cents for
hail do. of 12 pilis, with directions.
Albion Corn Piaster!
r H^H K Albion Corn Plaster softens the corn, however
l old and tough, and extracts it to the ver> roots
The relief aflorded is gentle, immediate, and tho
The proprietor begs leave to submit the following
case, from Mr Sioweli, who is well known to the in
habitants of this city, especially at the Smith Knd and
South Boston, as a very worthy and respectable citi
A Cace
Sir T d«'not hesitate to give my most unqualified
approbation in favor of your valuable Albion Corn
plaster. By the use of less than a box, Mrs Sioweli
has been cured of a corn on each foot, which had been
exceedingly troublesome and painful for >ears, and I
think it but juatice to your invaluable preparation to
add, (for the encouragement of those who, owing to
repeated disappointments in the various remedies re
sorted to, have finally despaired of a cure,) that your
Plaster cur*d her corns, after tr> ing other highly re
commended remedies *o no purpose; and what in
creasesmy confidence in the superiority ot your Plas
ter, is the fact, that it has been used by several of m)
neighbors with equall) good success (Signed)
Seth Stow ell,
Keeper of the Toll house, South Boston Bridge.
Mr. T. KmiiEn, Proprietor of the Conwa) Medicines
Boston, June 17th, 1829.
' / Price 50 cents
rilHK studious, the weakly, and others, who are
JL troubled with soreness or inflammation of that
delicate organ, w ill be able to obtain a most pleasant
and invaluable application, in
This well es-ablished Wash for the Kye is perfectly
innocent, and gives immediate relief, even in very ag
gravateu cases of soreness ana inflammation.
Price 25 cents. .
None genuine unless signed on'he pT^n
♦ ed wrapper by the sole proprietor, T. Kiddder, im
mediate successor to the late L>r. W I Conway, for
sale, with all the other “ Conway Medicines,” at his
Counting Room, No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug
Store* corner of Oourt ami lletvtter streets, no.rLon
cert Halt, Boston. THOMPSON KlUUEK.
And also, by his special appointment, by
ian 24” Fairfax street, Alexandria
Darg ouut to »h"*ewhobuy to sell again
IT is detuned advisable to protect ll *■ pub’
from daily impositions, to add an mu' *
label on each packet of the GLNl INK \u .1.
S )YS PILLS, which must bear thesignatun o
each Agent through whose hands it passes jn
addition to my nam *. as no apothecary or drug
v/**st is permitted to vend the same.
Sole IIygean Delegate tothc U.S. Brook!\ n.N.Y.
///;.!///// SECURED.
By the use of the Hvgeian \ egetahle Univer
sal medicines of the British College ..f Hea!t .
London, which have obtained the apprnl .thm
and recommendation of thousands, (who. by
the blessing of Providence, have br»'n cured in
Consumptions, Cholera Morbus, Inflammations
internally and externally; Dyspepsia. Fevers,
Ague, Indigestion, Bilious or Nervous A flections
land all diseases of the Liver, Yellow Fever,
Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbago, Tic Dolorei!*,
1 Dropsy, St. Vitus’ Dance, Epilepsy. Apoj 1»*xy #
Paralysis, Palsey, Green Sickness, and ah <
| structions to which the female form is>«>d: -
I tressingly liable, and which sends so many o
tin.* fairest portion of creation to their tmtiim .
j grave-; Sma'lf P«)x, Measels. Wlmnping < hi
Scarlet Fever. Asthma, Jaundice, Gravel, St«», -•
: and all urinary obstruc tions: Fistula, Piles. Sti c
! ttires. Ruptures, and Syphilis, in all its stages;
' Constipated Bowels, Worms. Scurvy, Itching o?
! the Skin, King’s Evil, and all Cutaneous Pi.-or
' ders; in short every comnlaint to wliich the i;u
1 man frame is so d’irefullv subject, under all their
varied forms and names; as it has been indispu
tablv demonstrated, that Man is suhjo't ti <,i lj
one real disease, that is the 1in lim it ij *J lue !n< < 7^
(from whence springs every complaint that cai?
' possibly assail his complicated frame) and a
very slight trial of the Universal Medicines whs
! evince their all sufficiency to clear.se and purify
! that source of life, as well as disease, and re-hu>*
' the suffering patient to the blessings of Health.
This valuable Medicine being composed only
of vegetable matter, or medicinable lieihs, and
warranted, on oath, as containing not one par
ticle of mercurial, mineral, or chemical substan
| ces (all of w hich are uncongenial to the nature
of man, and. therefore destructive to the human
frame) is found to be perfectly harmless to
1 the most tender age or weakest frame, und» r
: every stage of human suffering, and. at the same
i time! the most certain in searching out the nu t
• of everv complaint, however deep, and of per
j forming a cure, that was ever offered to tr.<*
: world.
The Medicines are comprised in these dilW
I ent articles only, viz. in two kind of Pi!i>. dp>ig
; nated No. 1 and No. 2; the first is a powerful.' nt
■most gentle, mild aperient or op* ning nudi
' cine-, detaching and partially removing tin* l i
| linns ropy humors, w hilst the ;\o. ^ pins cany
' off those and the serous, acrid and putrid hu
mours incidental to the body, and act t<*gef»r
| as a ferret in a warren never resting until
* every avenue of the human frame is thorough
ly searched and cleansed <d it< impm it it
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders are of great as
sistance to patients, and facilitate the t vneuath n of
| bad hun ours; they soften, cleanse, ard detach the
acrimonious phiegm; are cooling, and allay the thirst.
! One, two, or three powders may be taken throughout
the day, mixed ;n half* wine glass of water.
The genuine Medicines can be had of
\YM. POMEROY, Alexandria.
' Sole.I gent for the District of Columbia and its vicinity
• By whom the Pills are sold in packets of one, tw <>,
and three dollars each, and the Powders at j/4 cent*
per box, with printed directions; and also by the hi*
lowing Sub-Agt nts: K. \V. Polkir.horn, between 9th
and 10th Greets, Penn. Avenue; and T. C. Wright,
(ieorgetov. n; of whom alone can the Me<iicines l e
warranted genuine. By appointment ot Dr. II S.
Moat, II.!’. M., M B C. M , Brooklyn,New York,*he
. sole importer of these Medicines.
Morrisonia, or the Family Adviser, price f-Th, I '■>£•
1 tical Proofs, illustrated by numerous ca-es of cure,
bird edition, price cents; to be bad asabov
(V rlificcite from Alahanm.
I eert'.fv that I was for a long time severely .diet
ed with an ulcerated mouth, and small ulcir> on
the outside of my fat e, which were occasioned by the
use of \lt rcury in the attempt to cure me of a vent*
real complaint, and had despaired of being cured, but
seeing ana !\ertiseroent of the the Hy geian Med.cire,
sent to Mobile for a package,width I used, but amir
tained tf. it they were a medici* c prepared by a per
son called liver, and from the use of which 1 rect.ved
no bent fit Upon being info!mi d of them ben g sj m
rious, 1 obtained some of the genuine Morisonb 1 IU
of y our agt nt for this State. Mr J Warford, Jr , at d
for the benefit ol those w ho may he suffering as I wa1,
' am hippv to say that, by the use of the piU**, in d<’*
s of ten to fifteen, for one month, my c< m;d.oi.’s
ere entirely cured, and that I am now in a*- p d
health as I ever was. V' H " •
jun24—tf Mobile, Ala Nov. 1, 1^-4
ioa TONS, onboard brigs I Runup
S ® nj Abeona. for sale bv
dec 5 \VM. FoW I.E A ( o.
/^\ That large and commodious \\A;»K
Ti.i 1 J( )USt*,. at (he corner of K mg and i u\ • ’v
streets, well known as a first rate stand ho t •
and grocery business. At ply to
W. O. (;A UDN I’R
jv 1-tf For W. II. MILLER*
4 HALF chests Gunpowder Ten. ju>t r*
■/ ed per “F.sther" horn Poston, and 1 i '• ‘ 1 >
n<iv 2( s. M ESS ERSMI i 11
milE subscriber, corner of King an 1 R
JL streets, respectfully informs his < hi < i
mers and the public generally, that he fa-'U
hand a good assortment of siipenor PLA1 n
FUR & SILK HATS of the late, t fashion, ar 1
of the best workmanship. Also. Ladies
Misses Reavers, Fur Capes ami Poas, <d va! *
ous qualities, cheap. Also, Caps and W e
Hats. Sc c.—all which will he sold iow, and < v» <
exertion made to please anil merit a share <»i
public patronage. I solicit a call. Hats mane
to order at short notice.
/ 7 IIS of all kiwis pitrrhas**!.
f DRUMS this day landing from '•
S ® H M I Amulet, for sale by
dec 12 VVM. FOWLE & <
\ SMALL quantity of superior qualitv just
received. ItOBT. II. MILLER*
12 mo 11 __
\LOTION at the Market Square every
urday Morning, commencing at x ocl< c *
for the sale of FURNITURE, &c. , .
To persons having only a few aitido •
1 . i .Ii I _*• „ _ .. » , r\ i 1I! f I ! t \ ( 1
Ut*C l

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