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,„Ip draw toward old age, the infir
flfhen Pe ' ® j0incd with the various ills of
more and more grievous; and
!'■ C oiind continually decaying the bur
St"'-' m-s at last hardly supportable. lo
& yf’,.present, all moral or religious con
t a ill only observe, that if one would
f" of iife. or under any distress what
.-,Jhave h s grievances as tolerable
pyvf.(’ '/t ,..ie no surer means lor that end
" ^V.vor to preserve an equal, compos
f-'rltred temper of mind. To struggle
*:a, , !nd raoe at every misfortune or hard
s': 'fvarinv open the wound and making it
^ r .niHxinS the mind to contentment
&?• Ace is the most likely means to heal it
,"J'ntherefore obvious what conduct pru
’•? Vr-ets to in the case of dis'ressand hard
rence • V13
I-’.:'.w! a! tiiilit does thi^ show tm* nrutienct*
Ki/ Do we not see that they who
’:“,ai \'c».kid-r..hle real disties-es in life to
1,‘" , ,u!„ t..ke care to make t> emselves mi
v uni-teriiw wp imaginary, or heisrht
^ tis;der..hle mist-itui.es. Does not a
« ,, t:,e midst of affluence and with m
■ ,I1 , | u tiou'iT, make himself as tin
: a toid look or dvp >rtment from a
• " m power, as a poor tradesman is at
r,: a princip dcn-tomcr? Is not a line
^ Vt ‘t, Jistre^cd if her lap dog has a lit
;y* a-c as a poor woman about the sick
t\ 7 7ui *? Such imaginary unfortunates
'* Me.tvilv I»f the afilictions of life, while
77.0 ms under any w nth mentioning but
7 ! r.yuf their own making.
n-mle have ail their lives allowed
v7-m >uve way to fooiish discontent and
it is no warnder if when they come
'’71)(.'(li‘7 themselves unhappy, and
‘77r7e‘*vUhi,ess make ail about them uu
,, a:i,j pat d int«> their hearts to wi-h them
7;ou* ol tne world.
r., irl „f Ml owing ol I with a good grace is
. 7 o( the least considerable in life. In order
y, . it is absolutely necessary that a man
’.ve'saet.tthe Urn er parted h;s days m a man
r rCni-ident with teason and religion. He
, :iA< .> hkt*ii his life wholly in sinister pur
*. grasping at riches, in aspiring alter
. -r i‘7t'. in amusing himself with show and
fit mi. m wallowing in sen>ua!ity and vo
,;i ..N „s. what foundation has he laid for
} age with dignity? What is more
Wi-alo d.-spised than an old man who-e
: motored w ids knowledge and unaflect
i ,-t* <d goo !ness—still groans alter
■ 7s of > still h inkers alter the scenes
v •] evt mupi !v engaged him — scenes ol vanity
r..) }iii \ m any age, hut in the gravel pait of
j.. liiuutmal and inmovrous. \ et theie is
;,:)e more certain (I »r nniversa* experience
. ('-• •li- i!) than that according :i> a person has
!es mind in the younger part ot hie,
7 tr will r»e to the last The ruling pas-ion
7'a:n tail- till all fids. lie w ho has made the
, •,(.!,!> chief delight, will drink on even when
«, _ ,Mj v breath to swallow a glass of wine.
. ; . .;,v Ji teller will creep after hi< mistress
\o;*'n liis knees k n» n. k t1 *g* • h«11. I he m ii.
, he. - ail h - life made rich-s If s ( »od, w iii l e
, ram'’ ng allt r the wealth ol tins worhl wifli
| .I)* in the of her. 1 ho vain quo to wi.i
,v>w alf cta ion w h : <• c m > • longer move
,. a. p i--emi hut p*ty. rl e to i; !o-- cat d p!a\ ei
w, wa>te ih** last a", lie rt uiair.s ol aa* in an
i)U>e;:ient unworthy «d tie* m«*>t inconsidei ate
:g* Kven when alt is over, how olfen do we
;)).inv i»i.J t;i thou' vuoi v *rs 111>m d w ♦ .!
u a •. ro »s.ire ioj i!i • v j • • \ies. and even the »i
u! t!< nr vouuger da;. -?
d . >tiii ! it h,* «nh’*r a ise tlmn that tlie mind
u. ■) t ■.!< li? o-i fir huv yen's togeih**r con
> i i v h tit ”m* wav, should jo-serve to the
i-j t c ot ;t !t i- r.*co veil • :•<! k*‘pt -<> long,
in t: ** -am ’ n> inner, fh »-e w h i 1» *ve ' »*en ?o
v;>p t-1 i \ lew life in its proper dgiit. a^ a trail
vpiv <taf*\ to he temperately enj »yed w hile if
• —win have improved then mi< d> with
r. M^Pnlge, .ind enriched them with viitue and
i -ty—h.i\»- qualified tluunselves for aching tta*
Ii-* ro'a hid:: g scene wodi the same propriety
ifxf. To >uch. theii iiado.g them-clves
pi .i tc h»o active or ti.»- gayer -cei e» of life.
- n * ;r>.inner of m-n iiti ati*»n. lmlifferent t<*
t iii while t-figaged in them, they (put th»nn
w;rb ].’111 T, nice, sure to find in rediement a
iii • n ihi--sf etPer! aimneot fiom sober
u 1 wi-o conver-atio!i. from *'e.o!ing. and from
v 'au .if flint in*!pe word for wuieh th.e con
v" !> a woil <peiit life as ures them *»t
•• j t<’iiig in a-late of prep.ir i’i'in. Useful by
' ir v\i^r- .irol pi us c**nvetsa*ion u hile they
. •. :{.• v g * > ..ff the st ig • I a hum fed, leaving tie
’ ! he-in the -wvet -nvotiV n! a good name
a * tie* imiviMi; appiobation cd *!»e wise and
K'»od. Senf.x
font) \ \ L't»\ —A la c* Kneli-di w: !M, an rye
v ", m >v^ ♦ »t !,** >c**M*'. gi vthe |ol’»»w im‘T descrip
* > i of the am; u?ath>n of this herd’s aim. It
n ike> ont‘?s run quicker to read it:
"N > mmier laid Nelson neen examined by the
>•:?ice*»t» tnun immediate amputation was re*
r ainei>d**ii. I niid»es<e<l him mvseif. and laid
* a <i »\ui on the c.*bin t.11>**-. making him as
r Ri 11 it> e a< p<»"sit»a*. tun the wound was one
j d U m* t> mi die«ul$uil> painful, tor tile
as -h trt»-red to piei es ami I never re
er ■*> have seen >ueh a fracture b« fore.—
I u lea* y.' n.j;d \t*.s«>i ; *so. <)*k t»*r de-patch,
i i k *o\v hii" ce.'S too w ell tor me t » »ear. or
y i*-1 cause mi iee»*ss«rv pain.’ I thought l
* •' R 1 '• • i *vt* d m ppr d \* tu*i» l "a w ihe first cut.
N' ‘h* 'a n bio* ia*vei moved His lips it is tine,
">*.■ t* i .•*"* !v m*‘"S»‘d togmhei; but *ha', I have
v " o t *. .*% is a "tr>»ng siuii ot d 'tmm nation,
d s cheeks wme pale iron) the loc-s of blood;
1 1 h»* up.mar- font from the exertion of ies
1 l ,g >h,* men whom he saved from
1> bk X. Oh! how i foil when l saw the long
** be. bright as ti e^binnacie lamp dazzling a!i
<;r N»*.son looked a* it. and m a moment
*[ u i' down t > the bone, right round and round
a,in. lie did not flinch from this blit just
‘ "n\ w hen the surgeon drew the skin buck.
* ‘"ked iip. '1'hen came the saw; and Tin
o it the carpenter sa w ing off the heel of a
v 'add• .»_v sail boom could have set to woik with
: : >'e coolness than the doctor. Off leil the limb
^Nelson's good right aim: one that in the at
*‘K k r.vit a nioti:h previous w ith the Spanish gtin
r' ,ats% h »d defended its owner, and saved h;s
•• . as wed pei haps as John Sykes’s skuil. Mo
s o er wi she limb dressed, the knives remov
tae assistant surgeon despatched to look for
ot: Pr'. than up gets the Admiral, and—‘Brae*',*
S ,*vs :h\ >lget some paper, and write down the
*e<pa*c!» as ! tell you.’ And it’s as trus as the
•ospei, he told every word, and heir; the paper
“,ui read it himself to see that it was all correct
}iittough it was 11 o’clock at night before it was
. i iWMxa—**ay-'~**—w
yen every day in the weelr, Sundays excepted. (
. Indian Litigation.—An instance has come to
our knowledge, of a departure from the imme
morial habits and customs of our Indian neigh
bors, in adjudicating differences among them
selves. which appears to us worthy of record.
A quarrel having arisen between two of the
natives, in w hich they could only “agree to disa
gree”—the party deeming himselfaggrievea, re
solved on a recourse to the white man’s law’s
for justice—deeming, perhaps, in the simplicity
of his heart, that she alone ministered, with her
dread sword and impartial balance, amid the
legal pomp and circumstance with which the
courts ol the land are invested.
The most singular feature in this novel case
was the employment by each of the contending
parties, of an Indian advocate; natives of the
Seneca nation, and students at law in this city
—- to plead in due form their respective causes.
This was done with zeal and ability by the coun
sel on both sides, firs? stating their arguments
in English for the couit, and then recapitulating
the substance to their clients, in the Seneca
tongue—citing authorities readily,and appealing
to decisions in point, to establish their several
This instance of a regular suit in our courts,
in which the litigating parties and their legal
counsel were ail aboi igines, is, we believe, some
thing unique— at least.it is the first have
been acquainted with. Though not personally
present to notice the demeanor ofthe parties on
this occasion, we presume the imperturbable
gravity of the Indian character predominated,
and regulated the conduct ofthe disputants In
deed, it seems to u>, that the reserve and digni
ty—the fearless integrity — the earnest, simple,
impassioned eloquence—the courteous defer
ence and decency —which were peculiar traits
in the proud ami loftv nature of the Indian—
might be introduced, with decided advantage,
into the practice at the bar of our courts; and
should think the experiment well worth the en
deavor of li ving to impart these desirable quali
ties into its warring and incompatible elements,
by encouraging the Indian youth to excel in the
paths ol legal science.— Buffalo Advertiser*
Sir C. Bell, the distinguished Surgeon and wri
ter has been appointed to the high station of Pre
sident of the Boyal University of Surgeons at
At Ids residence, in Northampton county, V a.,
on the^lst ultimo. General Ssevehn K. Pahkek.
In his death Northampton has lost a son ol
whom she was proud, and whom she ever de
lighted to honor lie was successively a mem
ber of the House of Delegates and Senate of
Virginia, a member ol Congress, and again it
member of Assembly, at occasional periods, lor
many years. He was ever faithful to his con
i siituents, and acted a bold and decisive part in
| i*very public bodv to which lie a as attached.
j N**ar Oak Grove, in Westmoreland county,
on Sunday the lbiii of the last month, Dan
iel Fitzhugu E-q in the 79 year of his age. At
an early period ol life, anil before his return
; m Europe, whither he had gone to complete
I his education. Mr Fuzhugh was elected a mem
i tier ofthe Legislature of ins Stale for the coun
ty of King George. The events ofthe Kevolu
i no then rapidly transp ring, soon found him a
j willing participator in us st»uggh>. and enjoy
• jug the confidenc e •>! General Muhlonburg, " as
selected in that officer as his aid. In many ol
; the most important engagements he was to be
! seen battling Mr his country and had the proud
-fiti"h»ernn to witness the final triumph of A nier
. ic »n patriotism, at the siege of Yoik.
In Edeefit-ld District, South Carolina at the
house <> f Dr. Mays, on the ‘JMh ult. after an ill
ness of tw« ntv days,of an inflammation o: theii*
i ver, the B»*v. Li THKit Bice, an old and able Min
i ister ot the Baptist Church, and one of the most
acti v e founders of the Columbian College.in this
District. ____
C <) MVliaUIAL
Price of Prothtre in Alexandria yesterday .from
Rugous and I ess els.
Flour, per bbl. 89 37 a 0 00
Wheat, white, per bush. 1 aO a i 90
Da. red. do. 1 50 a 1 85
Corn, (from wagons) 0 85 a 0 90
|» ye, - do 1 00 a 0 00
Flaxseed, * 1 25 a 0 00
Oats, from wagons, bush 0 45 a 0 46
Do from vessels, do 0 38 a 0 42
t V’HN Meal, per bushel, 0 90 a 0 95
Baton, per cwt. • 00 13 a 00 14
Butter, fresh, per lb. 0 20 a 0 25
Do fiikin, do - 0 13 a 0 14
Lard. do - 0 124 * 0 14
Blaster Paris, retail, ton. 6 00 a 0 00
Fi.ouw.—Yesterday, the wagon price of Flour
was 89 37 4
Grain. — Corn yesterday sold at S3 cents from
wagons, and 90 cents from vessels.
The demand far Ashes is limited. 'Hie sales
of Coffee are moderate. The sales of Cotton
for the week are 2100 bales with rather more ac
tivity towards the close. L >rge sal*' Cam.
Logwood at 835. The price of Western Flour
i< 89 62 a 75 lor common brands, and 10 00 lor
,anev. Troy 9 50 a G2; Ohio 9 50; Howards!.
JO nn ( ]fi 2 ). \\ heat lias sold *il 195 a 290 rtS
ton. of all sorts 100 a llOcts; northern Rye
119. Barley 100 c»-; live sales of Manilla Hemp
at 8 ISO; .Violates heav\; iheie is a fall* demand
for Sugar. Nothing new in Naval Stores. I he
whole stock <>f Wl) ile Oil has been taken lor
exportation at 49 C's. Spenn is rather higher,
fot-ogn Li se* d son) at UK) a 102 c G mo. Bee!
is firm. Pork drooping. Rice in fair demand.
Scve.al p.ncels of Brandy are landing and mo
derate sales making hi former prices.
Money is quite scarce to day, and Money
Stocks lower ;ha»> at any time before._ *
Arrived. October 31.
Brig Columbia, Ryder, Boston; pluister and
general cargo, to YVm. Fowled. Co.
Sclir Friendship. Hollinger, Philadelphia; to
S. Shinn & Co. anil freight for the district.
Sc hr Rambler, Hurst, Machodocjcorn, to YY .
Fowle & Co. r , _ -j ♦
A sclir in sight, suyposed to be the President,
from New York.
Sailed, October 31.
New ship Alexandria, Turner, Mobile.
Schr Tionett, YVilliams. Boston.
At Norfolk Oct. 25, brig Columbia. Ryder,
in 6£ days from Boston, bound to Alexandria—
put in to land a detachment of seamen under
Command ofCcpt. Babbitt, for the ’J. 3. ohJp
North Carolina.
REMAINING in the Post Office, Alexandria,
1st November, 1836. Persons asking/or let
ters in this list, will please say they are adver
Ann Arnold William Alexander
Mrs Mary Addison James Alien
Timothy Batcheldor D W Buckey
Thos 11 Buckner Salina Breast
Reuben Berry C W D Burns
! Mary Bar minis Thos L Boggess
j Jus Bailenger
Capt Jno Cohagan 2 Marla Crany
! Hugh Carolin John Clare
Samuel Cadle Rebecca Curry
Eliza Charles
D .
Philip C Deakins3 \V iiliam Drevvry
: Thomas Darlin
i £
Rev W Ellllott
i Thomas Francis John Frizzell
Aurelia Fairfax 2
; James Goddard Mrs Jane Gibbs
! H
\V Herbert Capt Jos Haskett
; Thomas Hall Miss Jane Hall
• Miss Eugenia Herbert
i w T
' Andrew Johnson Henrietta Johnson
William Jobson
Patrick Kinslow
; Samuel P Lee Nathan O Lock
Daniel W Lewis John G Law
Samuel \Y Lewis
Master of A W Lodge Mr E Mason
Capt Jos Melcher William Mullen
• Joseph McCroy Capt W Mckenzie
Miss Mary E Mason Jas D McMnllin
T Marriott James Murray
i N
Charles L Neall
Mrs Ofuffer
i p
■ George Padget Capt John Peoabody
1 Mrs Sarah Pickering Sarah J‘i ice
Stephen Patts James Pain
Capt Pindar
i R
i Richard Rateleffe John II Reily
Mr Robbinsun (ship Columbia J
i 1 s
Chas Stuart Wesley Sum mors
Rev A Stewart Henry Smith
John Stevenson Porter Smith
diaries Scott Sarah Ann Sanderson
Thus J Shelton
1 T
j Reuben Thompson Joseph Thomas
Cat ha fine Tippett W R Thornton
i William J Tayior Mis Frances Tracy 2
Thos A T wyman
i w
Emily Webbs Needhim W usliington
; U VV V\ intlsor George \v align
John Wilson
nuv 1 — 3f DANIEL BRYAN. P. M.
1 _
THE subscribers beg leave to inform the c:t
izen> of Alexandria, and tin* public gener
ally, that they have entered into Partnership, in
j the TAILORING BUSINESS, under the firm
; of ATWELL Sc HOBWELL. in the shop im
mediately next door to the Saddle & Harness
factory of Mr. Hawkins and one door west of
Pitt, south side of King street where they will
be happv to receive and execute punctually* all
i orders in their line o{ business in the most lash
j ionable and durable style of workmanship.—
1 They also beg leave t » express a confidence
that by strict attention to, and capability in bus
! iness thev will merit an 1 receive a share of pub
j lie patronage. V\ M. A l W ELL,
Hi)v l-eo3t EDWD. HOKWKLL.
N. B —A. Sc H take this method of informing
the public that limy are determined to allow no
I person, to w ear anv gai ment of their m »ke w itii
• which they are not entirely satisfied and pleas
ed. ___
j 4 k BARRELS Porto Rico Sugar, now iand
> I w ing, quality fair to prime
5 nnv l DANIEL CAWOOD Sc Co.
____ - — — - - -- — - ■ — ■■■■■<
LOOKING GLASSES, HAK • W A 1% it*, ccc.
rpHOMAS MOUNT has just received a very
I. uaiids<»me addition to his stuck of goods
consisting in part of Gilt and Mating my 1< rame
• Looking Glasses. Brass Andirons. Shoveis and
I Tongs, Waiters, Knives. Scissors, Brushes, Fan
Icy and Travelling• Baskets, Jeweiiy, Combs,
; Hair Braids and Curls.
1 On Hand—Greco. Wire Fenders; Flint and
j Percussion Guns; with a great variety of goods
• as usual, which will be sold very low for cash or
\ to punctual customers. oct 31—dGt&eo^w
GEORGE HIGH, late of Baltimore, came to
this place about three months since, in the
j capacity of a Painter and Glazier, and obtained
i such work, from several of our most respectable
| citizens; he obtained several kegs of while lead
! id us, under false pretences, winch lead he dis
|M»e<i of at a reduced price, am! cleared out
with the money, swindling sever.il persons be
sides ourselves. This is t » caution the pubi c,
' from being swindled tiy said High; he is about 5
fret 4 or 5 inches high, dark complexion, lately
; had his hair shav ed off now weals a “ if *g ’ and
i I hat not paid for. SAM’L. HAL Lib & Lo.^ ,
! ,H:f Alexandria. D. C.
! [Nat. hit. and Balt. Pat. will insert the above |
j 3 times, and send their account to th s office ]
HAVING opened a Commission Store in
Leesburg, Virginia, ihe subscriber will rc
i ceive ail kinds of Goods on commission, and
• will keep them separate, so that they can be re
turned when required. JOHN JOHNS TON.
| Leesburg, Va. Oct. 19— 2w
IHA VE received by the ship Columbia just
from Liverpool, a large assortment of HARD
I WARE, which, with my stock on hand, makes
■ the assortment very complete, and will be sold
j on the most accommodating terms. Also on
j hand Davis’ploughs and plough irons; 1 expect
to keep a constant supply of these ploughs,
which will be sold at the manufacturer’s prices
oct 13—eo4w JOHN W. MASSiE.
On and after Monday next, ihe 17th inst.
the Cars for Baltimore will leave the Depot in
this City, until further notice, at the following
hours, viz!—9j A. M . and 3 P. M.
Washington, oct 13-tl
PROPOSALS will be received by the Alex
andria Canal Company, until Monday thej
! 28th November, inclusive, for building six Stone j
! Piers of the Aqueduct over the Potomac, near j
i Georgetown.
The Piers to be founded upon the solid rock '
which has been discovered all across the river j
at the depth of about 25 feet below the tide*, \
and to be made of the hard blue granite which *
i9 so abundant and fine upon the margin of the
river and canal, within five miles of the site of,
the work.
The stone to vary from 6 to 20 cubic feet, and 1
laid partly in hydraulic and partly in common
lime mortar. The two large or abutment Piers ;
] will be 21 feet thick at high water mark, and]
! slope in their whole height one inch to the foot. !
] being about 60 feet 2 tenths, by 16 feet 2 tenths 1
at top—and the four single Piers or Piers of sup- ]
port, to be about 41-1G by 7-16 at top, sloping !
in like manner as the abutment Piers. j
i The masonry of each of the two large Pier9
will contain about 2500 cubic yards, and that of.
each of (he four smaller Piers will contain about
1500 cubic yards.
It is desired to have the masonry executed In j
the best manner, and according to more minute ;
and accurate details and specifications which '
will be had by reference to Capt. YV m. Turn
bull, Engineer, in charge of the work—com mu-!
nications will be directed to him in the City of;
Washington. ;
The letting will take place at Alexandria on
Thursday the 1st day of December next.. All
proposals will be directed to the subscriber, \
Clerk of the Company at Alexandria.
l cct 29—3tawf2SN Clerk of Alex Canal Co. j
[Giobe & Nat. lnt.J_ J
O/i the I5tii inst. the Packet Brig ISAAC
!<£*££ FRANKLIN, William Smith, master.— ]
Person* wishing to ship will do well to be ready ]
in lime as she wili sail promptly,
nov 1 — 115JOHN ARMFIELD. j
FOR BOS TON—With Despatch. j
The regular Packet Brig COLUMBIA,
| ££-S£CIement Ryder, master. For freight or!
! oassaiie. apply to the master on hoard at Cen
tral YY'hurf. or to \VM. FOYVLE & Co.
nov 1 __
j The Packet Sc hr PRESIDENT, \V. !
j iA. Judson master, will sail on Thursday,
j Fui freight apply to S. SHINN & Co. \
] nov 1 _JanncyVs Wharf. •
F O R PHIL A \) E LP \ IIA — Via Canal.
The regular Packet Sloop MILLER, S. j
Hand master, will sail on Wednesday.—
For height apply on board, or to
i nov 1 Jannev’s Wharf. I
for new orleansI 71
I ..-5c The copper fastened and coppered
^schooner DOPE, A. S. Hussey master, j
will be in readiness for cargo on Saturday next ;
— and s.iii with despatch. For freight or pas- j
sage apply to GEO. JOHNSON & Co.
Oct 27 ' __ j
Tlic superior, compered ship KATIIA*
j &££ltlNE JACKSON, John FeaboJy master,
! wi l leave Georgetown 10ih proximo, and will
j stop at such places on the Potomac lor passen* j
| gets as nV'.y be agreed on. For freight or pas
sage in ihe'cubin and steerage, apply to
j oct26 Union WTiarf.
! The superior coppered ship COLUM- i
! \tIA will sail «m the 5th of November, and
take freight k>w. Applv to
j oct 24— \VM. FOWLE & CO. 1
Delaware Stale Lottery.Class No. 44.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Del. on Tuesday J
Nov. 1.
CAP IT \L PRIZE $7,000.
40 Prizes of $400.
| Tickets only 82 50—shares in proportion.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 43, for 1S3G. j
To he drawn in Wilmington, Dtl. Wednesday, j
November 2. I
| Ticke s 35 00; halves 2 50; quarters 1 25.
To oe had in a variety of numbers of
One floor front the corner of King and lioyalsts. ;
iTra ws rfiisljA v j
; Del a vv a re St a t e Lot t e rv .class N o. 41. fo r * 30.
To be drawn in Wilmington, Del. on Tuesday i
Nov. 1.
40 Prizes of $100. &c.
Tickets 82 50—shares in proportion.
Grand Consolidated Lottery. Class 4?.
To be drawn at Wilmington, Del. Wednesday j
November 2.
Tickets So 00; Iialvcs2 50; quarters 1 25.
To beiiud in a variety ol numbers at
j. w. viol
Lottery $ Exchange Office, upper end of Iiinget. j
Delaware State Lottery, Class No. 44, for 1S30.
To be drawn at II ilmington, Tuesday, Nov. 1. i
40 Prizes of 400 Dollars, <£c. Ac. &c.
Tickets only 32 50—shares in proportion.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class 43 jrnr IS3G;;
To be drawn at Wilmington. Del. Wednesday
November 2.
15 Frizes ol 1000 Dollars. ifec. &c.
Tickets S5 00; halves 2 50; quarters 1 25.
On sale i n great variety by I
j. coits*:,
Lottery<f L.cchanfte. Broker, Aterandria. j
Delawatr »S t h t t* Lottery, Class No. 44.
To be drawn in Wilmington. Tuesday, Nov. 1. j
40 Prizes of $400, &e.
Tickets only $2 50—shares in proportion.
GrandJCcnsolidated Lottery. Class 43, for 1836.
Will be drawn in Wilmington, Del. on vVcdaes
day Nov. 2.
Tickets S3 00; halves 2 50; quartets i 25.
To be tiucl in a variety of numbers ot
J. I.APlSf t.
The Tiaks House, formerly occupied by
tSw Pt.ter Fevvett, at the comer ot h.tnjt and
ifnion streets. DENNIS JOHNS _>N.
ocj 29_3t for the estate of E. L.ojc!, dec.
Tl “ —-- ■ - ... — ■
BY virtu? of a deed of trust duly executed to
me by Mrs Betsey Crook, bearing date the
25th inst., J shali sell at public auction, for cash,
without reserve, on Monday t‘ie 7th N«>v., at ll
o’clock, at her Store on King between Put and
Royel streets, next door to Mr. W. T. Harper’s
Dry Goods Store, her extensive assortment of
Millinery and Fancy Articles.
consisting in part of silks and satins, ribbon*?,
feathers and flowers, silk velvets, plaid and plain
muslins, bobbinet laces and footings, calicoes
and lawns, straw bonnets of almost every de
scription, satin and silk do., crapes and gauzes,
fur stocks and swansdowns, thibet shawls, silk
hdkfs, curls and braids, lace veils, foundations,
chips and wires, shirt bosom9, Brazilian combs,
dolls, materials for ladies* evening dresses, a
small lot of perfumery, band boxes, show cases,
racks, stands, etc. etc. Also, all her Household
and Kitchen Furniture, such as tables, chairs,
beds, bedsteads, &c.
Milliners and others are invited to call and
examine these goods, which will be ivady for
examination on the Saturday before the sale.
lor Betsey Crook.
Notice Is hereby given to the creditors to pre
sent their claims against Mr*. B. Crook to me
forthwith, anil execute to her a full release of
all claims and demands against her in conside
ration of what they may be entitled to out of
tlm fund provided by said deed, otherw ise they
will, by the conditions of said deed; be excluded
from ail benefit under the same. oct 2S-r-U
— ■ m»T-—:tj—■——————— ■ riiai n——m
rpHE President and Directors of the Bank of
jl Potomac, have declared a dividend of two
per cent for the last six months, payable on the
2d November next. C. PAGE. Cashier,
oct 29—3;& Iaw3w
'I^TOTICE Is hereby given that the Annual
ii Communication of the Grand Lodge ot the
District of Columbia wifi be held at Freemason’s
Hall, in the city of Washington, on Tuesday
next, the 1 st ot Nov. at 10 o’clock, A. M.
The Delegates from the respective subordi
nate Lodges, under this jurisdiction, are res
pectfully requested to come prepared with their
credentials and returns.
oct 29—3t Grand Secretary.
rriHE Winter Session of six months begins
JL November 2.
Tuition for the session, $26 00
Table, washing, fuel, lights, and ser
vants, per week 3 00
Library, room, bed arid furniture 17 CO
Students not boarding charged for II
bi ary, room, fuel, furniture, and ser
vants, IS 00
Matriculation fee.(paid on admission,) 10 00
A small charge for average damages.
Preparatory school, per quarter.
Tuition in Languages, Mathematics,
&c. loom, fuel. &c. $0 CO
Common English brandies, 7 b0
Charge to Boarding Pupils:
Tuition in Languages, Mathematics,
*c., 7 CO
Library, room, bed and furniture, 0 oU
Students may be admitted at any time.
Bills payable in advance: half at the opening,
the balance at the middle of the session.
Thirty sevt n and a half bushels of coal ol
io wed tor cacli boarder, twenty-five to a day
Tne extraordinary co d of provisions renders
it nocfs*rry for the Trustees to raise the board
to S3 for the present.
College Hill, Oct. 1833. oct 27 — lw
/» HALF Pipes ( Fine old
24 quarter casks > p . Wiue
43 cases, of 2 doz. bottles each )
1 pipe ) Very superior old Port Wine,
2 hhds > shipped cut an order f>r the
16 qr. casks ; best Old Wine, without limit.
Just received from Oporto, per Brig Primave
ra. via New York, arid for sale bv
lOih mo. 25th—eo7t PIiINEAS JANNEY.
[National Intelligencer. Glqbe, Metropolitan.J
rg^EA Sots, Urns, Cake Baskets
X Castors. Waiters, singly or in full sets
Candlesticks and Branches, Snuffers and
. Trays
Butter Knives, Nut Crackers
'Fahie and Dessert Forks and Spoons
Dessert s^ts of Knives and Forks, plated on
steel, with many other articles of {dated ware,
ali of (ino quality, just opened, for sale by
Washington, oct 27— d3t&eo3t
1”iD\V. S. HOUGH will this day open o fine
td ass jrtment of Men’s, Women’s and Chil
dren’s Gloves and Hosiery, viz: men’s woollen,
beaver, castor, buck and hoskin Gloves; ladies’
super black, white and assorted hoskin Gloves;
linen fur top gloves; boys’ woollen gloves; men’s
white and colored angola and lamb’s wool hose
and half hose; ladies’ white merino, Jambs wool
and worsted do; super black nno coi’rd mohair
do; super black and coi’rd worsted do; ribbed
black worsted do; boys’ and misses’ white and
mixed lambs wool hose and half hose; scarlet
and mixed Saxony wool and worsted do. for
infants; one case Russia or Manilla matts; extra
super black bombazines; blankets, flannels, lin
scys and saRinetts, in great variety; French,
German and English ruerinos.
10 mo 22—cc6t
IllFTY boys wanted to work in a wholes®]*
shoe manufactory, for export. The busi
ness will be made pleasant and respectable, and
offers a good opportunity for well disposed
and industrious bovs from the age of 15 to 18.—
A few will be wanted both older and younger,
oct 14—d2w3awtf WM. DEAN 6c Co.
*■>/'* BUSHELS Turks Island sScIr,
iiU^UUU the cargo of the Ship Virginia,
for sale by WM. FOWLE 6c Co.
oct 31_[Nat. Int. lw] _
George Cuthbert Powell— Attorney at Law.
WILL practice In the different Courts of
Loudodn and Fauquier Counties—h.s of
fice is in Middleburg, Loudoun County, V a.
fune 24— if ___
JN Darrels and half Darrels, lor >.3 / .
I oct 2'6-at WM. n.:—

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