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Rkhsosd. V»- July 15,1830. (
J WAS the original discoverer of Judkins s
H Ointment and sole proprietor of the patent
from Sept*r, 1817, u til the expiration of the
tame* but, having connected my sell with J?r*
Judkins in the commencement,! permittee e
Ointment to bear his name. The term o J
patent having expired on the 26th June,
ma le an improvement in the p?JVun
out a patent thereon. N. SIlbPlfbKU.
qy Imposition having been practised upon
the public by a spurious artic e, bearing the
name of “Judkins’ Ointment,” the Proprietor
avails himself of the authority granted to him
In his letters patent, now to call the Ointment
after his own name. Henceforth it will be
known by the name of]
shepherd’s patent spe
cific OINTMENT, (formerly
52When 1 first made and prepared this Oint
mrnt, and had, in several instances, experienc
ed its good effects, I sent it .to several physi
etans, with instructions in what cases to apply
It, wl)o were of opinion that the Ointment
would be a valuable public benefit. I conclu
ded that the Ointment would occasionally fall
into many hands, some of whom would proba
bly undertake to .rake it, and knowing the di
fficulty the process—nevertheless, it might
be propagated in this adulterated state, as it
might in some degree resemble the original
tad in this way its good effects would be oblit- |
er»kcd Under these considerations, 1 secuied j
the original and certain remedy for those ob* ;
stinaU diseases, seme of which have so long j
baffled the skill ofmeiical science:
1st White swellings of every description; !
2d Sore legs and ulcersoflong standing,
3d chirrustor glandular tumors, particular
ly those hardened tumors in women’s breasts, j
which oftentimes terminate in ulceiated can-!
4th Falcns? or what some people know by
the name of catarrhs, of every description.
J?h Rheumatic pains of the joint s;
6th Sprains and bruises of every description,
or i n whatever part situated;
7th Tt Urs of all kinds. In this complaint ;
the patient, in applying the ointment, must
keep the part outof water:
8th Chilblains wrpartsaffected by frost.
It is also one of the best remedies for burns
and scalds. It eases the pain and draws the
fire out *n a short time. i
For women** swelled breasts and glandular
swolli gs, it is superior to any medicine yet
known to the medical taculty. It is much sa
e? than mercurial app ication?, (as it does not
contain the smallest atom of any preparation 1
of the mineral,) because it does not ay the
patient liable to injury from exposure to cold.
This Ointment has cured sores ol many years
standing. Where it is impossible or imprudent
to heal the exter:«l sure, in consequence of
the bones becoming carious or rotten, it will
stop the progress of the caries, increase the
quantity of discharge, remove the offensive
smell, and case the pains.
It cures the worst Felons and Whitlows, on
applicat ion of forty-eight hours.
The following notices on this may suffice:—
Alexandria, February <26, 1oj5.
This may certify that l have, for a long time
been afflicted, at times, with attacks of Gout
or Klieumatim in the feet or other parts of the
body, from which 1 have always found relief by
using Or. Judkins’s Pa'ent Specific Ointment,
(now called Shepherd’s) prepared by Mr.
Charles Herstons, of Frederick Town, Mary -
%nt),in the manner prescribed in the primted
lirectiuns, 1 have taken pleasure in spread
ing the knw ledge of this valuable remedy,
oeiieving it to be one of the best of all the Pa*
tent Medicines, and by my advice, several per
sons who were afflicted with pains like my
own used It with great becufit.
chaulfs Mcknight.
Washington City, 11th Sept. 1S33.
Doctor IV. (runton: Sir—1 now under
ta*e to do what 1 should have done long
since. Two or three years my wife was
afflicted with what the Doctors call car
buncles on her back, and her sufferings
trom which,for two months,were beyond
all description: they broke, at different
times, into from fifty to one hundred
holes, and when the cores were extract
ed, and the skin cut off, the places be
came one large sore, aboat six inches in
circumference, and were then an inch in
depth. She was attended by one of the ,
first Physicians in this City, and vari
ous remedies were tried without render
ing her any relief, or preventing the
sores from increasing in size tosuch a
degree, that we became seriously appre
hensive that she couid not survive much
longer. A friend culling to see her one
da\% and advising the use of Judkins’s
Ointment, I procured some, and, howev
er incredible it may appear, yet such is
the fact, two piasters effected a perfect
cure. Yours, respectfully,
Nbw-Market, Feb. 21, 1S33J
Mr. ihrstons: Sir—1 bought an article
in Baltimore having She name of Jud
kins’s Ointment. I sold some ol it, that
was returned to me, not being good. It
is true, it had not your name on the lable
round the pot which I now understand
is on the genuine article, as made by
y0l,.—This is to give notice that the
public may be guarded against an im
position ofth# kind.— Yours, &c.
D;. l)rish, a Druggist in Leesburg, Va.
„ : mod the subscriber, that three per- j
*.ms had each obtained from him a pot
of Judkins's Ointment, (not of the sub- j
scriber’s make.) Alter having tried it, i
they found it was not good, and return
ed it to him.
Messrs. L. f IL T. Lowndes, merchants,
Cumberland, Md.
Gentlemen: As Mr. Herstons’ agents
for the sale of Dr. Win. Judkins’s patent
<pecific ointment, I would inform you, j
lliat last summer I w as afflicted with a
ore leg—the fame of Judkins’s Ointment
induced me to get a jug of it—but it hap
pened not to be of Jrlr. Herston’s make.
I used it according to the printed direc
tions, but my leg kept getting worse.
Mr. Herston’s, travelling to the west
stopped at my house, during the time, on
looking at the ointment I had, he imme
diately pronounced it iot of his make,
and furnished me with one which was.
On opening and smelling it, I was sensi
ble ol tne difference, although it looked
like it. I then applied the ointment he
eave me to ray kg; it became in a state ,
of amendment on using the first plaster,
and so continued until it got quite u ell.
Thisointmanti 9 certainly very valua
^ a*4 i wo*ki t* a p»V it shahid be
lost to the public, by a counterfeit article
bearing the name, and being not genu
ine. WM.K. NEWMAN.
Cumberland, Md. May 24,1831.
Mr. C. Herstons, proprietor o s>ncp
herd’s I‘. S. U*tment (lormei v Jud
kins's,) near F*erick City, M .
Before leaving Boonsboro’, 1 had heard
much of an article, in winch you appear
before the public as pi oprietor, named
Hcrston’s Judkin’s P. Specific Ointment,
made by C.llerston near 1< rederick, Md.
and of its decided efficacy in cures on
p rso wi whom 1 am well ; cquaint
ed. Since my residence in Baltimore, it
has performed a cure on a fnend of mine
afflicted with piles. Having myself been
a sutFerer for some years with this distres
sing disease I now unhesitating applied
your ointment in my own case, and am
gratified that 1 can say it madeaperfect
cure. J. A. BENTS.
I thereby certify, that I w as for many
months afflicted most grievously with the
tetter upon both of my heels, causing o
penings large enough to admit a person
’s finger. 1 tried various remedies in
vain, when I wasinduced to try Judkin’s
Ointment, and was cured by the use of
a single box. 1 am anxious that others,
similarly afflicted, may avail themselves
of so valuable a remedy.
Charlestown, Dec. 16, 1629.
Having had much experience, for ma
ny years, in making this Ointment, and
being concerned in the patent right, the
public have a right to be cautioned a
gainst imposition—and, in order to efleet
his, and to secure to them the genuine
article, it has been though advisable, us
above stated, to use the uuth rity granted
by Mr. Shepherd, and to call it alter the
proprietor’s own name.
The follow ing will be hereafter attach
ed t o e ac b pcot—u SII E DIIE l\ J)' *S DA -
merly Judkin’s,) made and sold, whole
sale and retail, by
J. HERSTONS, near Frederick, Md.”
To more fully guaid the public, (the
proprietor’s,) C. Ilerston’s name will ap
pear in his own hand-writing, written
through the circle outsidethe ointment
pot. To be sold wholesale and retail, by
Dr. GUNTON, Druggist, Pennsylvania
Avenue, Washington.
FARQUHAR, Dru w«*^ist, 1 e
Messrs. JAMES do do
F. HOWARD Seven Euildirg’s
E. FERRIS, Georgetown.
Letters post paid, directed to the Pro
prietor, C. HERSTONS, Frederick Ci
ty, Maryland, will be attended to.
The above article, is otiered for sale
by the subscriber. A large profit allow
ed to country dealers, who purchase to
sell again. WILLIAM STABLER,
3 mo 10—ly Agent for Alexandria.
To Rheumatic Invalids!
PERSONS suffering under Rheumatic Af
fection are respectfully assured that they
can obtain of the proprietor and his agents a
safe and admirable remedy for Rheumatism,
however obstinate the disorder may be, and
in all its different stages.
Hr. Jebb-s Liniment!
will afford immediate relief to the patient,
and has sometimes been attened with such
.extraordinary suecessas 10 cure the most dis
tressing Rheumatism in twenty-four hours,
even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recom
mended with a confidence founded on the
experience of many years, not only as a cure
for that excruciating disease, but as an excel*
lent application for Stiffness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains* Chilblains, &c.
(This article is considered so superior to
every thing else, and to possess such uncom
mon virtues, that it is ordered from all parts of
the country.]
qQ* An Agent recently writes: “Please send
me a further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the
first opportunity—l"shall probably sell a con
siderable quantity, as it is recommended by
some of our physicians very highly, although
contrary to their rules and regulations to give
encouragement to such (or, patent) medi
ines.” But is a most decided proof of their
confidence in its invaluable properties
Another agent .writes: “1 wish you to for
ward me some moreofJcbb’s Liniment, which
1 has recommened itself very highly.” Price 50
cents a bottle,
i _ .
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint
Reciifts immediate relief, and in numerous
instances has been thoroughly cured, by the
administration of
THIS approved compound also mitigates
and removes the symptoms which fre
quently accompany that disorder, and increase
Uie danger of the patient, viz: pains in loins,
headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, and
other marks of debility.
| A relieved patient writes from a distance:
I “It is but justiceto inform you, that 1 have
| used your Dumfries* Remedy for the Piles for
! some time past, and have found it eminently
i The remedy is quite innocent, and may be
administered to all ages and both sexes. Plain
i and ample directions, with a description^ the
complaint, accompany each package, which
consists of two boxes, one containing an Oint
ment, and the other an Electuary.
price $1 for both articles, or 50 cents whc*e
but one is wanted.
11H1S agonizing disorder is cured in its most
paii.lu! stages, by one of the most simple
as' well as powerful remedies known in mo
dern practice. The
afford instant relief, without inflicting the
slightest injury on the teeth. 1 hey are appli
gj externally to the parts affected, with the
greatest ease and expedition, and generally
operate as a soothing lenitive to the suffering
patient. Price 50 cents a box.
OF most obstinate character, after having
baffled the skill of the most eminent phy.
sicians, and withstood the most highly recom
mended medical preparations,has been check
ed, relieved, and cured, in a number of instan
ces in and about this c ity, by using, for a short
time, Dr. Relfk’s
in connexion, according to the directions ac
companying the Specific. It is also one of the
best medicines known for Sick Headache,
Sickness at the Stomach, Nausea, and Flatu* <
Price of theSpecific and Pills, 50 cents each.
A SECOND hand Gig and Harness,
f$r by GEO. WHITE.
Debilitated Femalesi
rniiR complaints peculiar to the female part
X of the community, have been long suc
cessfully treated by the administration of the
Aromatic Pills, originally prescribed and com
pounded by Dr. Relfe. They cleanse the
blood from those disorders of the female con- |
stitution, for which the pills are an effectual
specific? they restore a free circula* ion, reform
the irregular operations of the sanguiferous
system, and rectify the disordered habits. 1 he
proprietor's confide nce in the superior excel- ,
lence of this equally innocent and powerful \
preparation, is founded on the most decisive
testimony from many restored patients. He |
can assure this portion of the public, that when j
are regularly taken, according to the direc
tions, accompan)ing them, they revive and
establish the desired healthy habits, and res
tore to the pallid countenance the natural
glow of health and good spirits
Married ladies will find the pills equally use
ful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they
must not betaken; neither must they betaken
by persons of hectic or consumptive habits, j
They may be used successfully by either men j
or women in all Hypochondriac, Hysteric or j
Vapourish disorders. In all cases of this de- !
scription, the pills purify, invigorate, and re 1
vive the disordered system. Price 5U a
•## None genuine un'ess signed on the out ;
side printed wrapper by the sole proprietor, |
T. Kidder, immediatesuccessor to the late l)r
l\ Conwayj For sale, with all the other ‘Con
way Medicines," at his Counting Hoorn, No. ,
99, next doer to J. Kidder's Drug Store, cur
nerof Court and Hanover streets, near Concert
And also, by his special appointment, by
jan 15 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
• • Large diset unts to those who buy to sell
° _
>. 9 J> A I*
7 jnjyL £»»• Jj*
fflNHE extensive .sa!e and cstrdlisltd r^j’i
1 tation ol Dumfries*Itch ointment, tncuur
ages the propr.etor to recommend it w»th re
newed confidence to the pubhc as |i ni s i'lii >•
cent as well as powerful application lei tins
anno) ing disease. TT»e most inveterate Ci-ses
have been cubed in one hour! by this esteem
ed Ointment. It contains no mi rcury, or nth
t-r noxious ingredient, and may be co nfidenlk
applied even to the youngest children, or to
pr*gnantferr.ales — Price 37$ cents.
None genuine unless signed on the out
side printed wrapper by the sale proprietor,
T Kidder,immediate successor to the late Dr.
\V. T. Conway. For sale, with all the other
“ Conway Medicines," at his Counting Room,
No. 99, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, nearCon
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON KIDDER.
And also, by his special appointment, by
\VM. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
Large discounts to those who buy to sell
again. __
9N consequence of the very great and increas
ing demand for this invaluable preparation,
induced by the many cures which have been ef
fected by the use of it in cases of Asiatic Chole
ra, common Cholera Morbus in Children, and
disorders of the Rowels generally, the Proprie
tor has prepared, and will continue to keep on
hand, a large supply. Head and believe!
This Remedy has been used by many eminent
Physicians, some of whom have charge of the
Largest Hospitals in the United States, where
the Cholera lias prevailed to a great extent, and
been fatal to Intemperate, aged, and lunatic
persons. 1 heir confidence in this Medicine is
such, that they say they are not afraid of the
most Inveterate cases of Asiatic Cholera when
taken in time.
The following are only a small proportion of
the certificates 1 have of the efficacy of this Cer
tain Remedy for Cholera Those opposed to
Quackery will at once set* this is nothing of the
kind—for those persons who have subscribed
their names to these certificates, live among us
and are known to be men of the first standing,
and upon whose words the utmost reliance can
be placed.
When the Cholera was raging here to a great
extent, the Rev. l)r. John French had occasion
to use this preparation twice in his own family,
and has given the following certificate of its ef
ficacy !
“On Thursday, my little son came home from
school, making g?feat complaint of sick stomach,
and pain in the bowels. He looked to be quite
sick. I immediately gave him a dose of tins
medicine; he was presently relieved and has not
complained since.
“On Friday, while absent from home, a white
girl living at my house, was taken with nausea
and pain in the bowels. In the course of a few
hours she had five discharges from her bowels.
My wife gave her a dose of this medicine, and,
to use her own words, it acted like a charm.-—
She was well before I returned to t e house,
and has remained so ever since.”
Norfolk, Sept. 6th, 18o2. Joux Frk.xch.
Yolk County, Oct. 22, 1832.
Dear Sir—I take much phasMie in tendering
to you my certificate and my gratitude tor a
underfill cure p< rforrr.ed by the medicine t»»
which you have given the name of a certain n -
medv for the Cholera.
“One of n>y men was attacked yt stcid «y, v\ itii
the most violent spasms and vomiting, nsem
oling in every respect a confirmed case of Ct»o
lera. 1 flail ad ministered remedies of t vt ty kind
before this preparation of vours but without et
feet. Immediately upon administering y out Re
medy he became tranquil—the vomiting ceased,
the pains left him, and in half an hour after he
W is nearly well. To-day he is up and out, as
well as ever. Hoping those that are attacked in
the same way may he able to obtain tins remt dy.
I remain, years respectfully,
To Mr. li S. Bernard, Norfolk.
Norfolk, July 8th, 18.32.
With much pleasure do Iceitity to the efficacy
of Mr. K. S. Bernard’s certain Remedy for the
Cholera. I have liad occasion to use it several
times, in my own family, for very obstinate com
plaints of the bowels, and with great success.
Most cheerfully do i recommend it to all who
may be afflicted with any complaint of the kind
I always keep it in my house and consider it one
of the best family medicines 1 have ever seen.
. John Moult is.
Norfolk, June 12th, 18.34.
This is to certify that 1 have used Mr. R. S
Bernard’- “Remedy for the Cholera,” in many i
cases of disordered stomach and bowels, both
with young children and grown persons, and f
take much pleasure in saying that it afforded re. j
lief in every instance; surpassing in its effects
iny remedy for that dreadful disease, I liavt
“ver used. B. W. Catch.
This Invaluable Medicine can be liavl of the
role proprietor ROBT. S. BERNARD, Drug
gist, Norfolk, Va.
To prevent imposition a facsimile of my signa
ure will be attached to each bottle.
The public are informed that, WILLIAM
STABLER, Druggist, is appointed my Agent
or Alexandria, to whom those near are request
ed to apply.
A fre*sh supply received. WM. STABLER.
5th mo 11th—ly
Open everyday, Sundays ^ceptcd. .[
Restorer of the blood, for chrome
, and other Diseases, whether produced
from Bile, Phlegm, from internal morbid mat
ters, arising from bad cored old disorders, Irom
the use if Mercury, Calomel,Bark, &c. &c.; ir
(in females,) from the change of l.fe. To spe
cify somcof these diseases:—'i etter, Ringworm,
Scald-head, Leprosy, Biles, the Itch, Itching
of the Skin, Blotches, Scoibutic Eruptions,
Pimples, Ulctrs, wherther cancerous or of a
milder kmd, Mercurial Disorders of every de
scription, Heart Burn, Loss of Appetie, Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia, General Debility, Jaundice,
Bilious Aflect ons of the Chest and Liver, En
largement of the Spleen, Rheumatism, Gout,
Piles Dropsy, Gleet, luvoluivary Emissions,
Strictures and oilier Uri: ary, Complaints, inclu
ding Grave*, &c. It is also efficacious for Dim
nes« of sight, Blindness, (where not organic,)
Inflammation of the Eyes, Deafness, Pressure of
Blood to the Head, Hyprocondria in all its
shapes, Megrim, Sleeplessness and Nervous
Aflectians of evt ry kind, including Palsy. It
is no less serviceable in the removal of Sterility
in the one sex, than of Incompetency in the
other. It prevents the suppression and reme
dies the irregularity of the Monthly Complaint.
Also, the Flour Alhus, Green sickness, 11 isteri
c;t 1 pits, he. CiC. Its efficacy will he proved
however longstanding or deeply rooted ami
complicated the complaint may be. In all the !
diseases mentioned the Restorer is the chit f re
medy. Those where additional or secondary
medicines are r* quir«-d; wul be found sU'cd in
the pamphlet, with directions for their use.—
(2 and $3 )
TONIC ELIXIR, for diseases of the chest,
Ca’arrhs, ^Coughs Whooping cough, Pams in
the Chest or Throa*, hoarseness difficulty in
breathing. Asthma, Phlegm, Consumption,H» c
tic Feve:, and its concomitants. Distunes of die
Lungs, even if accompanied with the Spitting
of Blood, &c. (2 and r3 )
TONIC PORI -WINE, f.-r Rowel Comp) tints
Indigestion, Dispesia, (** netal Dehildi, M ■ 4-k
iuss, Nervous Alt'. c:ions,&c- (7o cents and ?1.)
ABYSSINIA MIXTURE, (in luprd fill in
OUST,) for G -noti' tea. ( 2 >
i ii.s medicine is in :.l \ corral Do-cul is a c» r
[v,. jvm.-d*, and wd! cure t be most deep roott-o
t h ei s, w iii»i nt ic iv i g an; iocoux t t> >.t
j-<tttieot xx hen all ot!i* r itmcdn.s have been
ivu.ml ini 11 ctuid. (>2 )
AROMATIC EX TR.it’. F, f->"dV' M.on,
CoId:-e«s in tin SliMiarh, No > !>i.< s or Weak
ness in the E mbs. Inactivity > 1 t.:-.* sVn, I’ch
i;-LT of the Ski", p bii-> in the.I mots, E ieuinatisiii,
(lout, &c. (5‘)ci nts am j 1.)
SPECIFIC, for Fi ver ami Ague. (50 cents.)
GOLD-MINE B M SA d, for Bi ions or Ner
vous A fleet ions, Boxx'ef Complaints Indig-s ion,
Heartburn, Wind (Fianlei.ee,) S« a-Sitkness,
coldness m the Stomach, Cramps, or Numbness
TJux or Diarrl.ee i, Cooler.* Morbus, &.c, (zU
BENGAL OINTMENM, for Titter, King
worm, Scald-head and Fowl Ulcers. (fl.)
DEPURVTlVK I’OW DKlt, lor 1) Imws af
fections, Head ache or M grim, fullness of the
Head, Dimness of Sight, kc. (50 cents.)
GENE INJECTION, for Fluor Albus, Weak,
ss, &.C. (50 cents.)
UNIVERSAL PLASTER, for diseases of the
Chest, Dy-pepsia, FYish Wound", Foul Ulcers,
Burns, Chilblains, Rheumatism, Gou’,Corns kc.
(50 cents.
AS TRINGENT MIXTURE, for disease* of
the Ches», Indigestion, Despepsia, Gem rul De
bility, Weakness, &c. (50 cents.)
JAPAN OIN TMENT, for Piles, (fl )
ORIEN TAL OIN T.MENT; for Blotches,Pim
ples, Itching of the Skin, or Chays, (whether
I arising from exposure t<> the sun or from cold;)
Chapped L'ps, Dander, kc, (50 cents.)
DECOCTION; a remedy lor Deafness, and
j other Auricular Complaints. lflJ.)
And a number of other auxiliary remedies
Fora full and particular account of Kuhl’sMe
! dicmes, their properties and nature, see pam
phlet; and^wherein will likewise be found dirt c
tious lor their use, and numerous testimonials;
which may be seen in all ptibhc plac» s, or may
be had gratis, at Dr. KuhPs. offices, or of his
. Agents, by mail.
None of the medicines are genuine which
do not bear the seals as given in the pamphlet,
entitled “Treatment of Chronic and other disea
i ses, See which is entered b> l)r. K. according
tothe Act of Congress, in the Clerk’s Oilier of
j the District (;ouit of the District of Columbia.
j (). M. LINT111CUM, Druggis*, Georgetown,
DR. C. FAKQUIIAR, Alexandria, D. (;.
El’S I ACE ik 1EMPLE, Druggist-, Rich
mond, Va.
BROWN k COLLING, Druggists, Peters
bmg, Va.
J. D RANDOLPH & Co., Booksellers and
Stationers, Norfolk, Va.
1)R. JAMES COOKE, Agent for Fayette
Johnson,(Drug Store) Fredericksburg, \ a.
FIELD k GOSS, Druggists, Chat lotlsville,
HENRY HIDES', Mercnant, Orange Court
: House Va.
JAMES BROWN, Druggist, Charlestown,
i Jffler."on County Va. may 4—lv
Qjr t’nblic . it feat ion!
S respectful!) solicited by the subscriber,
£ to an i.ivaluable preparation. tJi.* meri’io:
which have been tested bv tune, and are sus
tained by undouote*.t; stirnoM
: (£?• Eotaaical Ercps!
*r( every vear increasing their long isti.blish
fctj reputation, i he) huvi out.m<1 ri-<
vai rreparatiens, ai d arc contmuhilv garni >: ;
upon public confidence.
1 he lloi iiiical lirops hate been successfully
administered lor rr.au> ytais, a.-'a Hi*.;' 1 ;h ie ;
UKcij for that well know n and prevalent c ass j
ot mvetti.de disease s v» l.u 1» urn mate from a|
viti:;tt d habit ot nody,oran lit reditarv prcdis- ;
position ill the path i:t, and generally appear i
under the various and d:st: tasmg shapes ot
Scrofula, Salt iiheum, l.tpresy, St Antho
ny ’s Fire, Fever Sores, Volute Swelhr.gs,
Scurvy, Foul and Obstinate Ulet rs. Sore Legs j
and Kyis. Scald Head, and Venereal I amt. !
In the last mentioned condition of the sys
tem, the Botanical Drops w ill be found to era- !
dicate the lurking poison, where mercury has j
totally failed, and thus prevent the patient
from entailing the seeds of an hereditary dis i
ease on his offspring.
Dr. Kelfe’s Botanical Drops are successfully ;
used in cases of violent eruptions after tiie
measles—red blotches—pimples on the face
festering eruptions on the skin—and other dis
eases ot the external surface and are one cf
the best Spring and Autumnal physics known,
to free the system from humors.
A physician of eminence, whohad witnessed
the efficacy ot this article, had the candor re
cently to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
he considered it the best medicine know n, for
the complaints for which it is intended, and
that it (/light deservedly to stand at the head j
of the whole class of such remedies
Price i 1 a bottle, 6 bottles for *5.
THOSE who would retain or restore these j
desirable personal advantages, are assur
ed that no composition can be obtained supe- ■
riortc the
This i9 an elegant and pleasant preparation !
n every respect, and lias, tor many years past,
given universal satisfaction whtitvtr it has i
been used. i *
The Antiseptic Dentrifice is exempt from
acid and other deleterious ingredients, which
too frequently enter the composition of tooth
powders in common use, and it whitens the
enamel of the teeth without doing it the least
injury. The regular use of this admired pow*
der, by purifying the mouih and preventing
the’accunidation of tartar, operates as the best
preventive of the Tooth Ache. The Dentrifice
removes discolorations, and restores the beau
tiful native whiteness of the enamel. As its
application braces and strengthens \he Gums,
,t secures to them their healthy and florid hue,
and, by removing all offensive foreign accu
mutations from the teeth, preserves the natu
ral sweetness of the breath. Price 50 cents
• • None genuine unless signed on the out.
side* punted *r»pperby the sole proprietor.
T. Kidder, immediate successor to the late l)r
W. T. Conwav. For sale, with all the other
*. Conway Medicine,” at his Counting lloom,
No 99 next door to J Kidder's Drug Store,
corner’of Court and I la,.over streets, near Con*
cert Mall, Boston. THOMPSON KIDDDU.
And, bv his special appointment, by
\VM. STAID.F.U, Fan fax street, Alexandria
*#* Large discount to those who buy to sell
again. a
Asthma! A* Catarrh!
IN that long tram ot diseases winch seem to
grow with the growth ot civilized society,
Consumption takes the lead in its relentless
i inroads upon human life;yet this dreadful dis
order is easily overcome in its earlier stages.
It is only when neglected that it arrives at the
terrific maturity which so often baffles the sa
gacity of professional science. An obstinate
cough is the customary forerunner of the pul
monary consumption Improper neglect in the
timely administration of simple and salutary
medicines, is suie to bt reproved by a dtead
ful succession of consumptive symptom# - op
pression of t!.e breast; greeni-h and bloody
spittle; ulcerated lungs iti .i htuiic fever; s’ni
veiled r:.*remeti» and general cmaeiadrm of
the vvhob- bod1, ; prnstr.iLu i of s’reiigtl.; flush
I “d cheeks; swol'cfeet i legs; asm a< ■ n,
i n the fuii p M.t • •
»nd while hope st trs her flaltenrj
j —« oid e7.11» ni•t, , an l ; pre i<*.it * {* ■ *■ 1 • •
| For the v-.rum- **ugc : m Hus compL nt. one
I .1 the most pprovtd ver yet du •
cove: * o is
n , \ it r • v ■ 5 VSTHM ATIC PILLS.
This txcecdtngij pow i: ’ i;.:, m;<1 v t1 equafly
; safe and innocent \ e pa rat n,l e fleeted ho
j rough and rapid cures upmi pmkntssupp; sea
to hUv t‘ been far advanced i*i a confirmed Lon
sumption, and who h.ave exhibited ti e appear
ances which usu 1inurwUiC a iatal tc. n.ma..on
: of the disorder.
As the Fills require in ordinary esses no
''onfinemcnt, Ihev n ay be administered with
confidence and safety to ail ages and classes of
people. Unexampled success has hitheito at
tended their administration in a great variety
of cases; and the proprietor can refer to a mill,
titude, winch testify to theire fficacy in reviv
,ng the- emaciated victim from the bed of dis
ease, and restoring him to the blessings ol ac
1 customer, health and activity.
Price f 1 for who/e boxes of 10 pills, and 50
cents for half do of 12 pills, w ith directions.

libicn Corn Flatter!
; Albion Corn Blaster softens the corn,
j however old and tough, ami extracts it to
the very roots, The relief aflordtd is gentle,
immediate, and thorough.
The proprietor begs leave to submit the fol
lowing c*se, from Mr Sloweli, who is we if
known to the inhabitants ol tins c>ty, especial
!y at the South Knd and South Boston, as a
very worthy and respectable citizen:
A Case.
Siu—I do not hesitate to give my most un
qualified approbation in favor of your valuable
Albion Corn Blaster. By the use of less than
a box, Mrs. Sloweli has been cured of a corn
on each 'foot, which had been exceedingly
troublesome and painful for years, and I think
it but justice to your invaluable preparation
to add, (for the encouragement of those who,
owing to repeated disappointments in the va
rious renn-dies resorted to, have finally des
paired of a cure,) that ) our Blaster cur»-d her
corns, after trying other highly recommended
remedies to no purpose; and what increases
my confidence in the superiority of your Blas
ter, is the fact, that it has been used by seve
ral of my neighbors with equal!) good success.
(Signed) Seth Stoweli,
Keeper of Toll-house, South Heston Bridge.
Mr. T. KiDi’Kit, Broprietor of the Conwa>
Medicines. Boston, June 17lh, 18..9.
• #* Brice 50 cents
' r|pn L studious, the weakly. and otht who
i fl. are troubled v\ ith soreness or inflan.mu
! tion ot that delicate organ, w ill be able to ob
tain a most pleasant and invaluable applica
tion, in
or by 22 WA?£2U !
This well ea.abhshed VN ash tor the f ve is I
i perfectly innocent, and gives immediate rchti,
III V rT V j' L I I' luf C'S*. S ol sOItlitSS a I ill j
inflammation. Pr.ce cents
* * None genU’.nt* unit »s signed on the out' ,
i 'U'*.' jrni'r.i w ! *• .m « by t c son propm ti i,
} i\ Kidddcr. in ;;■* cioite -ucci s i t-« U;el.4t j
! Hr- «V. I’ (to.i\v i*.. sale, with aii the: otu
r“Conwa> ft i cii es,”st his< • » nt nj U< om, j
No. 99, lie j " ' ■ ' ‘ J Kic r’s hr Stcre,
:<,Y’K r of Court and H.uinver :-lrects, n> ..r
Conceit Lai:, lie n
•: i) v r s1} N K! r > i r
i Aiut ui: o. 5>v his i; tot, by
V Ui. S ! /'l! t.j
j ;n 24 F^»r! ix st reet, A- = c* '• r.-v
l.ari'e dt.-count to »!.« : • w ho s- h ai;
i __._)
Fit ESI If* V IMPOin El) DEI (is.
I L\S I la ( e.v d find 'or s X the • Mbs h er,
who r it cor.fluent !y r« <;oi n;f» * 1 then, as
j j j. ^ vvcie -diet'd wl i (ait n 11 i: i. p < i s'11 ».t •
! «){)>ei v :** ion. Among the articles are the folio .. •
! mg, v \z: —
Smiin’s Vermifuge, (» n I and the Panacea)!
both procured duect tiom Swaim’s I.a mrntoiy
Patent Hum plastic, m sheets a id squares; j
gum elastic injection b gs Sc.
Scented vvbi’e Soap, in bars; do. in pound .'
squares; Low ’s emollient vegetable shaving i'
Cake, delightfully perfumed, tor making strong !
creamy lather without imtating the skin; ca«tde- 1
soap; Low’s olive oil, chouse rriu-k, almond,!
rise and Naples Soap; Naples soap in jam, pre
pared by N. Smith Prentiss; toiUt and sl.avug (
soap, prepared by the subscriber, calculated lor j
chapped and tender skins.
Walkden’s black ink powder, a superior ar- j
tide, with the Manufacturer’s cautionary ceiiiti- |l
Cate on each package; transparent, black and j
note wafers; Lvans’s lead pencils; llroukiitan .
and Laugdou’s pencils, tor artists; Peeves fit F
Son’s water colois, in boxes; white frosting; In- <
dia ink. white, yellow, pale and green bronze; <
gddfoil; t.n foil* ' •'
French and Herman cologne water, imported; t
Palmer’s odor herons compound or American r
sweet bug, tor perlurnmg beaureuus,wardrobes, j
iiC ; i-ltar of rusts; bcuis oil; splendid cut pun
gents 1
Hair brushes, a variety of patterns, of excel
lent quality; dusting brushes; varnish do; mark
ing do; and large assortment oi very line tooth 5
brushes n
Mechis’s magnetic razor strap and paste, from j 'I
London; lueder matches, large and small; ther- |
mometeis*, of various pul cries; o..th or bri.lol
brick, for clear.it g knives; sttaving boxes; st
g.«r cases; an assortment of pocket books; sy* j
ringes, of various kinds; snuff boX' S Japanned j
lins, fur iigns; fhuruud coarse sponge
Englfeh chamomile flowers, fresh
Hest liussian Isinglass
Genuine Haarlem oil, imported fn m lh,!|.1| (j
Alchohol, of btst quality
Acidulated ginger drops;prpp< rmint lo2P, (,t>
Mustard, ot excellent quality, from l.oi <!oh
Genuine Gowiand’s l,« tiop, in pr red, |<,r rt,
moving every kind of coaisentss, erup.
lion and unpleasant appearai ce ot ti|c
German lustre; Spanish Muck lead
I Jest (al.«f>ra I qut rice
(Camphor; |)caids :heuiratic pd!<»
Supeiior bleacbtd Jamaica gng,r
Pea? I hal lo) ; se'ecb d tliubaib nxt
Shaki i *s herbs, &c.,of \ar.«us k.nds
Genu nc French sulphate ot q'unuie
Ameiican do do id best manufac *nre
VYratrine, strychnine, snlpl ate ;od;C<t,~
of morphine, aid other vegetable i,
Musk; Irish moss; nutmegs
Calcined charcoal, carefully prepared t, r rre
dical ust*
Gum arabir, very superior; long pcpper
I Jest Tin key opium, carefully s< lec’u!
Flake manna; white wax; soda, tor ,
Salad oil, of ier\ fine qual.-y
lied rose leaves, fre*h,and cartful!) prtparc»
Labarraque’s chi r.de of s< da
Kteosor, obtained trum the manufacturer
Hest Knglish and American calomel; m,
an assortnu id of other chemicals
Patent corn rubbers; trusses a variety
Horse fleams; adhesive plasti r, sprtad
Shellac; canary and hemp seed; ban j
Indigo; chipped h*gw( od
1 An additional supply ol Laudretids garden
seer Is
On land a general assortment of anic’ts, i,
the Druggist’s line, including a large inm, cf
of Patent and Thoiuao.uan Mcihcii.*
j«n 21 " M S I All! I.|f
I.eeshurv' Genius ot l.iherty, Warieiitou |jt
g >ti r and Who best* r Vngin an.
I £ : nK( OMMKM ED as decidedly si pe:.. 1
; 5 to any other known combination < ! \!(
i • . ,x ! r Coughs, ( oId<, Inline i /1, < ; m .
! •>, A thmri, Spitting id B!o<. ’, I. :
D.liicr.iu < i Bieadm g, H- o; ng<:> < ►: . i’
, t\ eiiknf s * • • • I ’ i ■ t, an .1»
, d..* i*ui:noi;:»tW • rgai.s
I bis medicine is t. i. I * I > mV. j.. *. r, . .
mended, by rumen uv i.n i rcq.» ct . ... .
linais, who have four.d i e Ik l Ip-m bs i v < ,
t.y v ho have bti n laboring i.r. r j r- *: q ;
Coughs and pains in il.e i rtt..-' an 1. \ : i n
supposed by tin.m-eives ~t.«l t. t r •
ad; .need in c< nMinq ti< n. 1 c\e bn i. ! ;
restored to perfect health by *.!*'. l-c i ;
valuable Expcctora. t.
Persons laocring under chronic ? r runoirr.n
tive coughs, will find great udvant*:ge* frc*n
carrying a small quantity of the nri an P.'pt-c.
torant with them, w hile attendii g to tloir va
rious avocations, and taking a teu^poonlui a
casionally. Their cough will he scarce!; tt>t
and the; will he enabled to expertor itc* w:• .
the greatest facility, and the irritating nav.it
will thereby soon he removed Mid a pern a.
nent cure effected. I.et the afflicted try it.
Prepared only by l)r D. Jay ne, of >al« m, ,Y
Jersey, and none is genuine without his v.::
ten signature to the label on the outside < t
the bottle.
1 hereby certify that I was cured of a violent
cough and pain in the breast by using lh»ctrr
Jay ne’s Expectorant Medicine- My wife also
was afflicted with a bad cough and pam in the
breast, attended with so much difficulty it’
bread ing as to prevent her from getting any
deep for a number of nights in successior; but
by taking two doses of this medicine she was
enabled to sleep quietly through the mglit
and in a few days by continuing it* use she
was perfectly restored. J icon Bi hokum.
Hancock’s Bridge,N. J Sept. -4, 18.;6.
I.ast spring my wife w as confined to her bed
j by a distressing cough and pain in her hrea-t
1 and side— Her cough harassed her day anl
night and her difficulty of breathing was so
great that she got very little sleep tor in nv
days and nights together—None ot the ineih
cine* she took appeared to he of ary service
to her; when Hr Jayne kindly sent her a hit
tie of Indian Expectorant which soi n and Corc
pletely restored her to health—She firmly be
lieves it the best medicine ever discovered
William Puri s >
Hancock’s Bridge, N. J. Nov. ‘Jl, Dl.-n
From .1. If. Smith, E>q. Brooklyn, 1.1
! hereby certif; that tlie above valiudl*- me
dicine has been used in in; family v ith g'» **
benefit in several instances. J. I! ■‘Mini
Brooklyn, Dec. 18J5.
Prom A. D h B. Sands, Druggists, No. ltd,
Pulton stn et, New t < i k
! Dr. D. Jayne—Dear sir: Your Indian K\ptc
j torant is doing well here. M e have i it :Y
(oee dozen left of the gross you sent t \ u
! will please* forward on u winter Mipp'y «•*
‘as convenient: It seem,'* to give univeiv.
J t is faction to all w horn we have In aid In in wI.»
I have U ed it—The season is fas’ apnrracb i K
wJ.t n such a medicine will he ir.m h no« <!e
! .;nd as it is well sup; orti d i y g <>d c* itifi* •'
t will r-cll very lapidlv. I lie only < J j*‘ ‘"!
j sci ms to he to the price; hut weh..vu?m» * !
* one customer wha objected to take . ‘ ’
1 accocui't. as no one doubts its virtu* s. '•*.
| respectfutlv, yours, A D. i>. ^ •'-1'*
Nov. 17,1S :6.
From the I? v. C (’ I'. . I:\'< i'g‘*•
f he American i’»’i-M
To 1)~. I) .1 !.« —n* a- *!:•• » i ■'< r i
* {’ »fu- li d':.u lv ; rtf j :.t-t. p* rsc.r -
n.v far. ; I \ i< r *. hr - - * >x year
< fit. h.det 'i I n •> < <*»> *♦ r tm 1 t ■ • '
< 1 I v the use of tid vhIiiv k* tv.t dik. • . •
'In jjk 'it •' ' J (•' 1, i> r r:d v ears !
uIn ot ; ■ s Tr'.it '■ ■ tn t i:e cit*• ' I t *
•t SO •;f l! ( lk v. Mr r.i.v r. of I’1. ' ' • " •'
traica. F ?r a*I c • * s < f c< ; g, , ,i ::
of the chot, lur g> ft'1 ’ M r* .*.1 <!'»'. *’
sitatiugly recommend t!i’> r.s 4c f *•’ »■
! have ever f.ied. My earnest vvi h is >1
Micrs skiicted as I have been. mav expvr • •
tlie same rc !;* f, which I am pirsuadid
will by libit g the Indian Expectorant.
<;. c I*, ( in s»v.
N R. Many of mv neighbors, on n.v :• << r-]m
mendation, have tried this medicine v id mi*
form success?. N. \o:k, June 15,
From the Rev. Jonathan Going. 1) D. k • ‘ r
of ttie American Rapt’s*.
I lirve used the above nvd.cinc with 1 -■
ccss for a cough and hoarsen'ss.
N. York, Dec. 1355, Josatiiav G !V"
Doc). D. Jayne - Dear sir T was for a■'r J?
time f*fHicte<i with a violent c< ugh atul d.hicul*
\y of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect health by usii g one bottle of x our In*
lian Expectorant. I have been m: ject t ■ *
:ougl» and pain in my breast for near tw**i. >
rears, and have found far greater benefit f,,,m
his medicine than from any other. | c* in
•erpeclfullv, yours, Si sax liu-f p
Canton, Nov. 21, 1S"*6. , ,
Many more certificates rrvght be added
he above are consider* d sufficient.
Saiem, N J. April, 1856. D J A \ N1 •
For sale by agents throughout the L'mted
states, w here also may be had Javne’s Carrr’*
lative Ralsam, for Rowel Complaints; Ja>•*
I onic Vermifuge, for Worms, Fever and Ago?
dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, &c.
Agent for Alexandria,
1st mo. 28—ly WM. STAID.Flo
Printed with ncaUies* at thu Udite.

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