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dollars per annum, payable
published regularly on
T,lS dollars per annum, PA. able in
‘r fl advance._
.‘Singone square, inserted three
r’ r Vtt Advertisements continued
"(Kthtee times for 50 cents a square for
insertion inside or 2o cents o«f*«</e.
lines are counted as a square.
8 Advertise nents by the year at prices
»0y agreed upon, having reference to
J^ Jual amount of space they may oc
eans advertising bv the year not to
JJ,i,e articles not included ini their re
*i -s.rcines* nor to insert tn their ad
SKSeats any other names than their
AL gular line packets.
,JS> »J
Jffir following Vessels will compose
TS regular Line of Packet, bet ween
is*. MTr
Wankinco, B. H Ryder, do
« Amulet. G. G. Nickerson do
»» Columbia, C. Rvder,
ThJ vessels are all of the fir ss,
.ith excellent accommodations for Pa-v
,raver,. The Masters good pilots, and
llU-nu anted with the trade They
villsail oucea week from each p.ace.—
A\VM_FOWLE -fc Co., Alexandria.
A C. LOMBARD & Co., T wharf,
Boston. J,,np 29~,f
_ The subscribers having pur-rffv
^chased of Messrs. Armfield.WAf
& co- «'v° °f ,hrir 5p end,d,h!m
Orleans packets, intend running them
Llarly between the two ports, leaving
eicb place on the 1st ol each month.
The brig TRIBUNE. Samuel Boush
(*.r. will leave this placemen the 1st or
"month. (December.) The brig UN
US, Nathaniel Boush, master, on t.ie
rttoseaviVh'iflg to ship had better havo
'fir servants at this place a day or two
previous to the vessels sailing. Servants
ns be kept at 25 cents per day. t reight
and oarfage as heretofore.
Washington City, Nov. 19-_
m The large and commodious House
Hon the lower end ot Prince street,
lately occupied bv Mrs. Hi lit it is well
calculated for a Grocery and genteel
boarding house. To a good tenant the
t*ot will be moderate. Apply to T bomas
King. King street. ap 6—tf
II The Brick House on Fairfax st.,
^northpfWm P. Green’s,
M The three story brick Store, with
iiidate roof, at the corner of Prince
imi Union streets. It will be rented low
»ftd immediate possession ?iven.
Also, the Brick Store on Fairfax
al5trf»‘t. adjoining the house occupied
ly Miss Ashton.
a And a Brick Dwelling House on
Henry s’reet, suitable for a small
y. Apply to
ia>2 * WM. FOWLF. & SON.
M The two story orick dwelling house
3<>n the North si te <9 Xing street be
Iween Alfred ;»nd Patrick Streets, at pre
lenl occupied by George Brent. Esq —
Session to be given on 22d January
Al,Sf>% the brick stable, heretofore oc
hipie.l by Mr. Ezra l^unt. as a liverv *ta*
r* situated on the alley between Alfred
M Patrick, nearest south to King street.
Possession na? be had immediately.—
^yto A C. CAZENOVE Jc Co.
a Th<* two story Biick House on Roy
?■ ^reet.opposite Mr. McGuire’s, and
lfli‘’’ning Miss Mandeville's is vacant,
in^ w°uld be leased at a moderate rent
^ ^respectable tenant—possession im
teaiatelv given
t- DAN’L. c a WOOD f Co.
At a reduced rent, a frame House
ai north-east of S.omuel B. Lavmonr’s
residence of Mrs. Hone,
I ;i. i N;ive ^,e highest cash price for
r ' y Negroes. from 10 to 25 years of
i f* ‘ 4 or Agent can, at a!! times,
k ai establishment formerly
hy ArmfiPld, Franklin & Co., at
^'trndof Dukpstrert.
llLu*^en* and Directors of the
Car* l*T'cre and Potomac Steam Pack
rid^a7’>** *his day declared a
• can»t ^ fi7e. dollars per share upon
itahu 3 or j°'nt stoc^ of the company,
m 0r aR*r Tuesday the 24th in
0r; st ,he Mechanics* Bank of Balti
•*Ml*t.ion wiU b« heW on Monday
*1!the °®ce of the Maryland
• Di*ma ^eam Packet Company for
*co!£0rV0 the affairs of
•pany for the ensuing year.
a-],;-- ?• WILSON, Treasurer.
-«ua»rp, Jsn i,_tf
GEO. S HOUGH has just received
a large additional supply of Fancy
and Staple Goods, which renders his as
sortment very choice and general, viz:
Super black, blue, and fancy cloths
44 drab, black, blue, and mixt cassi
Plain, twill'd and diagonal summer cloths
Lama casimeres, for ladies riding dresses
Blue and black crape lastings, for men's
White, brown, and drab drillings, some
Sup west end and stripe, for boys
Brown French linens, and grass cloths
Super Irish linens, cheap
Linen Cambrics, from low to very fine
do do hhdkfs, of all qualities
Low priced linen hhdkfs and lawns
Shirt bosoms and collars, fine
Stocks, of every description
A beautiful assortment of black and blue
black silks, some very superior
Plain Gro de Naps and stripe ditto
White, blue, rose, black and green sattins
do do do do do figured
silks for bonnets
Sett and cap ribbons generally
Fancy hdkfs and shawls
Painted lawns and palmettoes
Painted muslins, French Chintz and Cali
coes, a beautiful assortment
Super plain and figured Swiss muslins
Cross barred and stripe do do
Bishops lawns, mulls and fine cambrics
Mourning prints, muslins and Ginghams
Black and blue black French bombazines
in great variety, and very cheap
6, 7, 8 and 10-4 Damask diaper
Super do tablecloths
d> do napkins
Bird eye and Russia diaper
Bleached Russia and Irish sheetings
do cotton ao
Long cloth and cotton shirtings of all
A splendid assortment of women’s, men’s
ar. l misses cotton and silk hosiery
Paris, black, and colored kid gloves
Misses do do do
Men’s super black and col’d Hoskin (Jo
Super silk and Marseilles vesting
do black silk velvet
Green, black, and white figured thule, for
Lupins green barrge, bobinets
Italian crapes all colors
Super book muslins and do hdkfs
Cyprus Gauze
White, slate, blue and black Adelphi knit
ting cotton
Furniture chintzes and dimities
Colored cambrics and blue nankeens
Bed tick, some 4-4 and very superior
Burlaps and other brown linens
Twilled bagging
Cotton and linen checks
Pins, tapes, ribbons, braids, cords
Hooks and eyes, Colored and white spool
Patent thread, silk,
Cloth hair, and hearth brushes, combs
With a general assortment of domestics;
all of which having been well purchased,
will be sold on reasonable terms for cash
or approved customers. 4th mo 11th
JAMES VANSANT, King street, Al
exandria, (D. C.) next door to the
Franklin House, in tendering his grate*
firi acknowledgements to his friends and
the public, for the distinguished patron
age he has received from them; begs
leave to assure them, that,with an ample
supply of the most choice materials, he
will be able to render entire satisfaction
to those who may please to favor him
with their business, either by order or
personal application, and that will sell
all articles in his line, as low as they can
be procured, in Baltimore or elsewhere.
He has on hand at this time, and will
continue to keep a largcassortment of
the following articles, w holesale and re
tail, on the most moderate terms:
Patent spring saddles
Men’s saddles, best quality, stuff flaps
Do do do plain
Do do common do
Ladies’ do best and common
Plated and steel-bitted bridles, of vari
ous kinds
Plated and steel-mounted martingales.
Saddle bags of the latest fashion, and
Velisses and carpet travelling bags
Plated-mounted carriage harness
Do gig do
Brass and japan mounted gig harness
Plated, brass, and japanned mounted
cariole harness
Wagon, cart, and dray harness
Fire buckets and halters
And also a general assortment of
'Elegant Hard leather Travelling
/ And a great variety of
Plated, steel and brass spurs
Plated, steel and brass bridle bits and
Saddletrees and bucsklns, assorted
Buffalo skin saddle covers
Old saddles neatly covered with hog,
buck, and calfskin, and quilted at short
est notice. . , r „
Old saddles, harness, and trunks of all
kinds repaired at the shortest notice,
june 21—2aw
from Mr. W. Morgan, Sr’s. Boot and
Shoe Manufactory,
King Street, Alexandria, D. C,
intends to keep a general assortment of
all articles in his line of business. He also
tenders his sincere thanks to the public
generally for the distinguished patronage
lie has received from them, and feeling
assured of his ability to serve them, he
solicits a continuance of the same. He
hat a new SPRING SADDLE, invented
by theRev. Mr. Callahan, of Va. which
he invites the public to call and examine,
oct • eotf
Recommended by the Faculty,
F HOWARD’S Original and Genu
• ine Compound Syrup of Carrageen,
a safe, simple, pleasant and effectual
remedy for Cough’s, Asthmas. Consump
tions, &c. This Syrup has stood the test
of experience and is now extensively pre
scribed by Physicians.
Cd^Those who may have occasion to
use the preparation are advised to do so
under the guidance and direction of a
Many certificates might be obtained of
its efficacy, but the following are deemed
Certificates.—The compound syrup of
Carrageen, prepared by Mr F. Howard;
I deem an excellent and safe expectorant;
composed, as it is, principally, of the most
approved and efficient of this class of me
dicines, neatly and judiciously combined
with mucilages.
March 31, 1836 Titos. Miller, M. D.
Washington, March 29, 1836.
I am acquainted with the composition
of Mr Howard’s “compound syrup of
carrageen,” and have used it in my prac
tice, to the decided advantage of those of
my patients to whose cases it was appro
priate; it is a compound of safe and sim
ple expectorants and mucilaginous de
mulcents, so combined as to make a plea
sant and efficient remedy, in chronic and
spasmodic coughs, whooping cough, and
some forms of asthma.
W. B. Magruder, M. D.
Prepared and sold wholesale and retail
At his Pharmacy, near Seven buildings,
53*For sale by Wm. Stabler and Dr.
Farquhar. Alexandria, D. C.
4th mo 13—lw
IT cannot be denied that whilst many medi
cines which are recommended to the pub.
lie, have not even the negative merit of harm*
lessness, there are others which it would be
great injustice indeed and suicidal prejudice
to involve, untried, in a common condemna
tion. And when a medicine comes endorsed
with all the names that have adorned the an.
nals of the medical profession, and warranted
by the seal and signature of long and uniform
success, its proprietor makes no unreasonable
demand upon public confidence, when he
claims for i* a superior consideration.
The Camomile preparation of Dr. W. Evans
is undeniably entitled to this enviable distinc
tion; for whilst no medical authority in exis
tf. ce condemns it, every medical work which
alludes to it, and every medical practitioner
that is acquainted with it, freely acknowledges
its pre-eminent virtues; and that the latter
should do so in opposition to their personal in
terest must be attributed either to their candor
and love of truth, or to their unwillingness to
fly in the face of all observation, and the testi
mony of thousands.
I)r. W. K vans does not pretend that his
Camomile Tonic Pills cure all diseases. He
frankly and conscientiously admits that they
will not. lie lays no claim to the discovery
of the “Philosopher’s Stone;” and wishes no
body to believe that he sells the “Elixir of
Life;” but he does sav, and does beiieve, and
can prove, that in debility and impaired con
stitutions; in nervous diseases of all kinds; in
weakness of the digestive organs; in incipient
consumptions, whether of the lungs or the
liver; in the dreadful debility occasioned by
the use of purgatives; iu palsy; rheumatism;
(more especially) in the sickness incident to
mothers and to females of relaxed nerves; in
every case of delirium tremens, or that disease
which is brought on by intemperance; in the
wretched horrors of mind and body, which ac
crue from occasional inebrety; in loss of appe*
tite; languor; melancholy; pains in the head;
libms or sides, in corrupt; sallow and uncomely
comcplexion, caused by the bad state of the
fluids—m all these cases, and in some otners
mentioned in the bills of directions given with
his medicines, he does say, that the Camomile
Tonic Pills, interchanged occasionally with his
aperient family Pills, (the best known) which
are sold with them, will effect immediate relief;
and if used but for a fair period of trial, a perfect
cure. This much is placed beyond a doubt
bv daily testimonies which would be given on
oath, and for this much Dr W Evans can
conscientiously request confidence. He there,
fore need only add that his Camomile Tonic
Pills, together with his excellc*nt Family Ape
rient Piqs, Can be obtained, wholesale or re
tail. at No 7 Division st , near Chatham square.
New York, and of his authorised Agents in
in town and country.
(j^Dr. W. Evans—Sir: Be pleased to re
ceive the thanks of one who has been a great
sufferer for several years, for the great benefit
§he has received from the virtues of your ines
timable Camomile She has suffered
with pain and distress in the head, a tightness
across the stomach, shortness of breath, and
palpitation of the heart, exercise would al
most overcome her; but since using your Ca
momile Tonic Pills, her complaints are re
moved —she is able to exercise without fatigue,
and she is happy to say can now enjoy life
comfortable again.
Mrs. C. THORNTON, 84 Third st.
(^Newark, July 18, 1836—Dear Sir: For
four years 1 hare been so unwell that i was un
able to attend to my business, and for the last
four or five months was confined to my room
my complaints were rheumatism, pains in my
stomach, indigestion and loss of appetite with
continual pain and dizziness in my head; 1 used
different kinds of medicine without effect, until
I commenced taking your invaluable Camomile
and Aperient Pills; their beneficial effects upon
me astonish all who knew my situation. In a
few days I shall be at your office to express
my gratitude to you in person. In the mean
time I subscribe myself your obedient ®er
yant, B. S. JARVIS, 13 Centre st.
For sale at the Store of E KENNEDY,
Agent for Alexandria.
Washington Branch Railroad.
ON and after Saturday next, the 1st of
April, the hours of departure of the
evening train of Passenger Cars from
Baltimore and Washington, respectively,
will be aa follows, viz:
From Baltimore for Washington, at
half past 4 P. M., instead of quarter past
3 o’clock P. M., as at present.
From Washington for Baltimore, at
three-quarters past 4 o’clock P. M., in
stead of half past 3 o’clock P. M., as at
present. mar 29
ARE recommended as decidedly supe
rior to any other known combination
of Medicine ever offered to the American
When taken according to the direction
accompaning them, they are highly bene
ficial in the prevention and cure of bilious
fevers, fever and ague, dispepsia, liver
complaints,sick head ache, jaundice,asth
ma, dropsy, rheumatism, enlargement of
the spleen, piies, cramp and bilious cholic,
female obstructions, heart burn, rancid
furred tongue, distention of the stomach
and bowels, incipient diarrhoea, flatu
lence, habitual costiveness, loss of appe
tite, blotched or sallow complexion, and i
in all cases of torpor of the bowels, when
a cathartic or an aperient is needed.—
They have the testimony of the whole
medical profession in their favor, while
not a single case of ill consequences or in
efficiency, can be alleged against them.
Perhaps no article of the kind has ever
been offered to the public, supported by
testimonials of a character so decisive,
from sources as respectable, or that has
given more universal satisfaction.
Wherever these pills have been once
introduced into a family, they become a
standingremedy, and are called for again
and again, which is sufficient proof of
their good qualities.
It is a truth, that almost every person
who has ever used Peter’s Vegetable Pills,
recommend them to their friends, and it
is from this circumstance alone, that they
have gained such an unrivalled reputa
Prepared by Jos. Priestly Peters, M. D.
at his Institution, for the cure of obsti
nate diseases, by means of Vegetable re
medies, No. 129, Liberty street, N. York,
inventor, ank sole proprietor. Each box
contains 40 Pills—price 50 cents.
A fens sana, in carport sano.
“A mind well lodged, and masculine of
Death met Disease the other clay,
A nd thus they gossipped on the way.
Death—How comes it friend, in eve
ry shape,
You let so many folks escape?
A few years back and every elf,
Once sick, you laid upon the shdf,
Dyspepsia then had power to kill—
Asthma defied the doctor’s skill—
The lancet too at all times sought,
Its hecatomb of victims brought,
Then Costiveness could fatal prove,
And Rheumatism no power remove;
A simple cold, where’er you went,
A subject (o my kingdom sent.
How comes it then, that now a-days,
Folksslip your gripe and go their ways?
Asthma suosides —Dyspepsia cured,
The lancet is no more endured;
The sick to day forget all sorrow’,
And laugh at both of us to-morrow.
Disease—Dread sire! I use all means
I can,
To abbreviate the life of man:
I dog his footsteps from his birth,
’Till he returns to mother earth;
And though ’tis true that my success
Is daily growing less and less,
This satisfaction I can feel,
I have not slackened in my zeal.
1 use all means I used of oid,
Changes of weather—hot and cold,
I give them colds; I give them pains;
I rack their bones; I fire their veins,
l poison them w’ith rancid bile.
In place of the digestive chyle,
Yet all is useless—nothing kills.
Death— How’s that?
Disease—They all take Peters’ Pills,
These invaluable Pills, are for sal** in
Alexandria by Wm. Stabler, C. Far
quhar and Wm. Harper, and by all the
principal Druggists in the U. States,
mar 18— ly
Full /Hooded I torses for Sale.
BEING anxious to decrease his stock
of Blood Horses—the Subscriber
will sell on very low terms, the Mares and
Stallions, full bred, of the blood of old
imported horses—Johanna, 1 arifT, John
Richards, Industry, &c. Pedigrees given
with the stock. L. LEWIS.
N. B. Communications in writing, ad
dressed to the Subscriber, Berryville,
Clarke Co., Va.—Will be attended to.
march 31—d4w [Nat. 1 nt.— 3w]
WE have just received a portion of
our Spring supply of Boots and
Shoes—consisting of
Ladies fine French Morocco Slippers
do fine French style Kid Slippers
do cheap Morocco and Kid Slippers
do cheap Pruenella Slippers
Misses fine Morocco, kid &seal Slippers
do ch’p morocco, kid seal slippers
Mens’ fine calf fair stitched Boots
do fine morocco stiched Boots
do calf pegged Boots
j do seal pegged Boots
do coarse water proof Boots
do calf sewed and pegged Shoes
do calf sewed and pegged Munrocs
do coarse Brogans and Shoes
do seal and morocco pumps, with
and without heels
do Prunella Pumps, a new and beau
tiful article
Boys fine and coarse Brogans and Shoes
Hair seal Trunks
Gentlemen’s Gum plastic Straps
WM. MORGAN, Jr. A Co.,
M lb* old staod of J. U. White.
mar 29—d3w__
OAflA Bushels Ground Alum Saif,
100 seeks blown do.—hourly
expected—for sale by
ap 7 B. WHEAT A SON.
1 O HHDS. of first quality Muscovado
XU Sugar
20 do Molasses
just received and for sale by
ap 6 A. C. CASfiNOVE A CO.
The Genuine Ilygean Vegetable Univer
sal Medicines of the Itritish College
of Health.
“Hypocrisy is the tribute which Vice has
ever paid to Virtue?’1
IT is deemed advisable to protect the
public from daily impositions, to add
| an additional label on each packet of the
must bear the signature of each Agent
through whose hands it passes, in addi
tion to my name, as no apothecary or
druggest is permitted to vend the same.
Sole Hygean Delegate tothe U. S. Brook
lyn, N. Y.
By the use of the Hygeian Vegetable
Universal medicines of the British Col
lege of Health, London, which have ob
tained the approbation and recommen
dation of thousands, (who, by the bless
ing of Providence, have been cured in
Consumptions, Cholera Morbus, Inflam
mations internally and externally; Dys
pepsia, Fevers, Ague,Indigestion, Bilious
or Nervous Affections and all diseases
of the Liver, Yellow Fever, Gout, Rheu
matism, Lumbago, Tic Doloreux, Drop
sy, St. Vitus’ Dance, Fpilepsy, Apoplexy,
Paralysis, Palsey, Green Sickness, and
all obstructions to which tho female form
is so distressingly liable, and which s^nds
so many oJ the fairest portion of creation
to their untimely graves; Small Pox,
Measels, Whooping Cough, Scarlet Fe
ver, Asthma, Jaundice, Gravel, Stone,
and all urinary obstructions: Fistula,
Piles, Strictures, Ruptures, and Syphilis,
in all its stages; Constipated Bowels,
Worms, Scurvy, Itching ot the Skin,
King’s Evil, and all Cutaneous Disor
ders; in short every comnlaint to which
the human frame is so direfullv subject,
under all their varied forms and names:
as it has been indisputably demonstrated,
that Man is subject to only one real dis
ease, that is the Impurity of the Blood,
(from whence springs every complaint
that can possibly assail his complicated
frame) and a very slight trial ofthe Uni
versal Medicines will evince their all
sufficiency to cleanse and purify that
source of life, as well as disease, and re
store the suffering patient to the blessings
of Health.
This valuable Medicine being compos
ed only of vegetable matter, or medici
nable herbs, and warranted, on oath, as
containing not one particle of mercurial,
mineral, or chemical substances (ail 01
which are uncongenial to the nature of
man, and, therefore destructive to the hu
man frame) is found to be perfectly
harmless to the most tender age or
weakest frame, under every stage of hu
man suffering, and, at the same time, the
most certain in searching out the root of
every complaint, however deep, and of
performing a cure, that was ever offer
ed to tne world.
The Medicines are comprised in these
different articles only, viz. in two kind ol
Pills, designated No. 1 and No. 2; the first
is a powerful, but most gentle, mild ape
rient or opening medicines, detaching
and partially removing the bilious ropy
humors, whilst :he No. 2 pills carry off
those and the serous, acrid and putrid
humours incidental to the body, and act
together as a ferret in a warren never
resting until every avenue of the human
frame is thoroughy searched and cleans
ed of its impurities.
The genuine Medicines, can be had of
Wm.. Pomeroy, Alexandria. D. C.t and
also, of tlie following Sub-Agents—R. W.
Polkiuborn, Saddler, Pennsylvania Ave
nue, Washington, and T. C. Wright,
Georgetown, of whom alone can the
Medicines he warranted genuine, with
printed directions. As no Apothecary
or Druggist is permitted to send the same,
and to'prevent imposition, each package
of the genuine Morrison’s Pills, must bear
the signature of each* agent through
whoes hands it passes.
Morrisonia or the Family Adviser,
price $2 75. Practical Proofs illustrated
by numerous cases of cure, third edition,
price 37 J cents, to be had of the above,
feb 23 —tf
Pre-eminent far Cleaning and Preserv
ing the Hair.
Is unrivalled in its excellence for promoting
the re growth and beauty of the hair, and for ,
the immediate removal of dandruff or scurf. 1
When, fir m disease of neglect, the hair be j
comes hard, harsh, and dry, and beginsto fall
off, the Itestorative advances its growth, im
proves its appearance, adds to its elasticity,
and bestows to it a transcendent gloss.
This article is intended to supersede all o- j
ther preparations for the hair; and those who
use it will find in it a luxuriant appendage to ;
embellish, and for many reasons much prefer- (
able (particularly in the nursery) to any thing ,
of the kind heretofore offered to the public, j
Certificate nf the, linn K J Shields, of the j
House of Jfcpresentutices, . I
I have made an experiment of the “Persian j
Hair Restorative,” with great benefit. I be* j
lieve it may be *--fely used, and to great ad* :
vantage, by every one. It has greatly d.min- j
ished the dandruff, and very much improved ;
the texture of my hair, from the occasional
use of this preparation for eight or ten days.
E. J. Shields.
Pic. 16th, 1856. . . f
We concur in the above recommendation of
the efficacy of \he “Vwmtt UtatorxUve,”
in removing the dandruff from the head, and
of tbe other beneficial effects reaulting from
its application to the hair
N. Sicklxs,
I W. Tailor, M.P.
Of the House of Representatives.
For sale, wholesale or retail, by the prepa* ;
rer, J* W. SMITH, Washington, D. C. j
For aale by Wm. Stabler, C. Farquhar, AI*1
| exandria; J. F. CiIIm, C. Boyle, T. Watkins,
F. Howard, Washington) Q, M. Sothom,
Fr;C* 1 dollar per bottle* mar 77—ly
Druggist, Alexandria,gencrala
gent for the sale of Dr. Ralph’s Improved
Hygeian Pills, respectfully states that he
is enabled to supply this Medicine to the
public and his mercantile connection, up
on the same terms that the General Of
fice at New York supplies them,—a li
beral discount being made to retail mer
chants. For a description of the qualities
of these pills, he refers to the following
advertisement of Doctor Ralph, viz:—
‘ The very general demand for Dr.
Ralph’s Hygeian Pills, can only be ac
counted for by reason of the unexam
pled benefit and cures which thousands
have experienced from their use. More
over, they are founded on the wisdom
and experience of the British College of
Physicians and Surgeons, of London:
and are recommended by the writings
and practice ofSir Astley Cooper, Mr.
Abernethy, and Dr. Babington; as well as
by the greater part of the more eminent
practitioners of England and tk*'Conti*
The limits of an advertisement will not
allow of entering upon an explanation
ofthe principle on which this medicine is
suited to so many different complaints.—
It must suffice to mention, that each
package ofthe pills contains three boxes,
two of which are gently opening, with a
strengthening quality combined, adapted
to the most feeble constitutions; while the
other is purgative, but more or less so ac
cording to the dose. Thus, by varying
these Pills, and altering the doses agree
able to the directions given, it Is aston
ishing to witness the number of disoases
wl>ich arc cured or much alleviated by
them; while there is no disease whatever
which can possibly be injured by their
use. They contain no mercury, and may
be taken without the inconveniences or
caution which other medicines geneial
ly require. The particular diseases fo
which their efficacy has been proved and
ested,in many thousand individual cases,
arc the following:—
Dyspepsia, and the whole ofthoso nu
merous maladies which arise from habitu
al constipation of the bowels; Apoplexy,
and all affections of the head; Gout;
Rheumatism; Scrofula, with ewery *pu
ciesof Salt Rheum and Disorder of the*
Skin; threatening Consumptive Cough;
Liver Diseases, whether the effect of in
temperance or hot climate; Fever and
Ague; Common Fever, &c.; Inflamma
tions; Cholera Morbus. &c.; Jaundice,
Dropsy; Piles; Gravel; Gleet, and certain
othercomplaint^ofthe Urinary and Ge
nital organs, &c. &c.
This medicine is also eminently useful
in the whole class of disorders peculiar to
the female constitution, especially in Ner
vous and Hysterical disorders. Epiloptio
Fits,St. Vitus’sDance&c.&c.j Sick Head
Ache, certain obstructions, sexual weak
ness, &c. In smaller doses, it maybe
relied on as the best and safest medi
cine in pregnancy, and for the common
disorders of children.
The directions given with these Pills
are remarkably plain and particular—the
proper dose and management of them be
ing carefully mentioned under the head
each disordersepuralely.
Jos. Raltu, M. D.,
Graduate of the University of Edin
burgh; Member of the Royal College
of Surgeons London; Lecturer on
Midwifery .and the Diseases of Wo
men and Children, &c. and author
of the “Domestic Guide to Medicine.”
N. D. Dr. Ralph’s Domestic Guide is
a little volume designed for the use of
every family, particularly those resid
ing in the country. It is written in th&
plainest manner, and is intended to ena
ble individuals, both male and female, to
undertake the management of their own
complaints with safety and success.—
The price is very low, being only 50
cents, though neatly bound in board*,
&c. Indeed the object of its publica
tion is rather with a view of spreading
useful knowledge on disease, than of
any profit arising from its sale.
Joseph Ralph, M. D.
3mo2I —Jy Alexandria, D.C;
[Leesburg Genius of Liberty.]
LEONARD O. COOK respectfully in
forms his friends and the pubkc
general I v, that he has removed to the
south side of King street, between Colum
bus and Washington streets,in the house
formerly occuiped by Phares Throop,
where he still continues to manufacture
all kind? of Cabinet Furniture: and also
informs them that he has on hand at pre
sent, and intends at all times to keep, a
full assortment of the best Furniture,
made by the best workmen, and of the
neatest fashions; which he will warrant
equal, if not superior, in quality to any
ever offered in the Distriet, and which
hewill sell low for Cash or a liberal'cred
it to punctual persons. And he hopes,
by his punctuality and attention to busi
ness, to secure a portion of the public
Old u urnitui e neatly repaired and hand!
some.y varnished.
TURNING handsomely executed anc
at the shortest notice. jy 15—-tl
In the vicinity of the Town.
l’he subscriber offers for sala
bis place on the Little River
Turnpike Road, one mile from
_town,'containing about twenty
five acres, in a high state of improvement;
the buildings are two Brick Dwelling
Houses, a small frame barn and a good
cowshed. There is a good Orchard ot
choice fruit on the place, a well and
two springs of excellent water, and a
branch running ttuaugh a pail of tha
land, a small part oJVhicb is in wood,
i feb {h*tf A*%, C&ZSLNOVK^

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