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{?• FssblU JttenUon?
IS respectfully solicited by the subscriber,1
to an invaluable preparation, the merits ol
which have been tested by time, and are sus
tained by undoubted testimony
t?" Botanical Drops!
are every year increasing their long establish
ed reputation. They have outlived many ri •
val preparations, and are continually gaining
upon public confidence.
. The Botanical Drops hat e been successfully
administered for many years, as a thorough re
medy for that well known and prevalent class
o. inveterate diseases which originate from a
vk' ted habit of body,or an hereditary predis
position in the patient, and generally appear
t^der the various and distressing shapes of •
Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Leprosy, St. Antho
•tyVWire, Pever Sores, White Swellings,
Scurvy, Foul and Obstinate Ulcers, Sore Legs
and Eyes, Scald Head, and Venereal Taint.
In the last mentioned condition of the sys
tem, the Botanical Drops will be found to era
dicate the lurking poison where mercury has
totally failed, and thus prevent the patient
from entailing the seeds of an hereditary dis
ease on his offspring.
Dr- Kelfe's Botanical Drops are successfully
used in cases of violent eruptions after the
measles—red blotches—pimples on the face-—
festering eruptions on the skin—and other dis
eases of the extern&l surface; and are one of
the best Spring and Autumnal physics known,
to free the system from humors.
A physician of eminence, who had witnessed
the efficacy of this article, had the candor re
cently to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
he considered it the best medicine known, for
the complaints for which it is intended, and
that it ovght deservedly to stand at the head
of the whole c'assof such remedies.
Price #1 a bottle, o** 6 bottles for If 5.
THOSE who would retain or restore these
desirable personal advantages, are assur
ed that no composition can be obtained supe
rior tc the
T ii* ivi ?gxit an 1 pleasant preparation
in every respect, and has, tor many year* past,
given universal satibfaction wherever it has
been used.
The Antiseptic Dcrtrifice s exempt ron»
acid and other deleterious ingredients which
too frequently enter the composition of tooth
powders in common use, and it whitens the
enamel of the teeth without doing it the least
injury. The regular use of this admired pow
der, by purifying the mouth and preventing
the accumulation of tartar, operates as the best
preventive of the Tooth Ache. The Dentrifice
removes discolorations, and restores the beau
tiful native whiteness of the enamel. As its
application braces and strengthens \he Gums,
it secures to them their healthy and florid hue,
and, by removing all offensive foreign accu
mutations from the teeth, preserves the natu
ral sweetness cl the breath. Price 50 cents
None genuine unless signed on the out.
side printed wrapper by the sole proprietor,
T. JK-idJer, immediate successor to the late Dr.
W. T. Conway. For sale, with all the other
••Conway Medicine,” at his Counting Koom,
No 99, next door to J. Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and Har.over streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KIDDER;
And, by his special appointment, by
\\ M. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
*•* Large discount to those who buy to seil
a train.
Asthma! *V Catarrh!
IN that long train of diseases which stem to
grow with the growth of civilized society,
Consumption takes the lead in its relentless
inroads upon human life; ycl this dreadful dis
order is easily overcome in its earlier stages,
It is only when neglected that it arrives at the
terrific maturity whl-h so often bailies the sa
gacitv of professional science. An obstinau
cough is the customary forerunner of the pul
mouary consumption. Improper neglect in the
timely administration of simple and salutary
medicines, is sure to be reproved by a dread
ful succession of consumptive symptoms—op
pression of the breast; greenish and bloody
spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; sort
veiled extremeties, and general emaciation of
the whole body; prostration of strength; flush
ed cheeks; swollen feet and legs; and at last,
iu the full possession of the mental faculties,
and while hope still whispers her flattering
tale—cold extremities, and a premature death.
For the various stages of this complaint/one
of the most approvtd remedies ever yet dis
covered is
This exceedingly pow erful, and vet equally
safe and innocent preparation,has effected tho
rough and rapid cures upon patients supposed
to have been far advanced in a confirmedCon
sumption, and who have exhibited the appear
ances which usually indicate a fatal termination
of the disorder.
As the Pills require in ordinary cases no
confinement, thev may be administered with
confidence and safety to all ages and classes of
people. Unexampled success has hitherto at
tended their administration in a great variety
of cases; and the proprietor can refer to a mul
titude, which testify to their efficacy in revi v
ing the emaciated victim from the bed of dis
ease, and restoring him to the blessings of ac
customed health and activity.
Price $1 for whn/e boxes of rt»0 pills, and 50
c^ntsfor halt do of 12 pills, with di«ect»o:is.
\lbion Corn Plaster!
FI1HE Albion Corn Plaster softens the corn,
A however old and tough, and extracts it to
the very ?• >ts. The relief allordecT is gentle,
immediate, and thorough.
The proprietor begs leave to submit the fol
lowing case, from Mr. Stowed, who is well
known to the inhabitants of tins city, especial
ly at the South End and South Boston, as a
very worthy and respectable citizen:—
A Casx.
Sib—1 do not hesitate to give my most un
qualified approbation in favor of your valuable
Atbiok Com Plaster. By the use of less than
a box, Mrs. Stoweli has been cured of a corn
on each foot, which had been exceedingly
troublesome and painful for years, and 1 think
it but juatice to your invaluable preparation
to add, (for the encouragement oftho * who,
owing to repeated disappointments in the va
rious remedies resorted to, have finally des
paired of a cure,) that your Blaster cursd her
corns, after try ing other highly recommended
remedies to no purpose; and what increases
my confidence in the superiority of your Plas
ter, is the fact, that it has been used by seve
ral of my neighbors with equally good success.
(Signed) Sstb Stowxll,
Keeper of Toll-house, South Boston Bridge.
Mr. T. Kinnxe, Proprietor of the Conway
Medicines. . Boston, June 17th, 1829.
price 50 cents
TdK studious, the weakly, and others, who
are troubled with soreness or inflamma
tion of that delicatqjorgan, will be abie to ob
tain a most pleasant and invaluable appiica
tion, in *
JMa established Wash for the Bye is
pexfacUj innocent, and gives immediate relief,
even in very aggravated cases of sorenew and
inflammation. Price 25 cents.
• #* None genuine unless signed on the out •
side printed wrapper by tKe sole proprietor,
l\ Kiddder, immediate successor to the late
Or. W. T. Conway. For sale, with all the oth
er “Conway Medicines,”at hisCountingltoom,
No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, near
Concert Hall, Boston.
And alto, by his special appointment, by
Jan 24 Fairfax street, Alexandria
Laree discount to *hose who hnvtr.sell acrai
To Rheumatic luvalids!
PERSONS suffering under Rheumatic Af
fection are respectfully assured that they
can obtain of the proprietor and his agents a
safe and admirable remedy for Rheumatism,
however obstinate the disorder may be, and
in all its different stages...
Dr. Jebb’s Liniment!
will afford immediate relief to the patient,
and has sometimes been attened with such
extraordinary suecessas to cure the most dis
tressing Rheumatism in twenty-four hours,
even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recom
mended with a confidence founded on the
experience of many years, not only as a curt
for that excruciating disease, but ss an excel
lent application for Stiffness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains, Chilblains, &c.
('! his article is considered so superior to
everything else, and to possess such uncom
mon virtues, that it is ordered from ail parts ol
the country.)
(jj' An Agent recently writes: “Please send
| me a further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the
j first opportunity — 1 shall probably sell a con
siderahke quantity, as it is recommended by
some ot our physicians very highly, although
contiary to their rules and regulations to give
encouragement to such (or, patent) medi
ines.” But is a most decidtd proof of their
confidence in its invaluable properties.
Another agent writes: **I wish you to for
j ward me sorre more ot Jebb’s L.in.n.ent, hich
| has recomnienediueli very highly,” Price 50
; cents a bollie.
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint
j Receives immediate relief, and in numerous
instances Las beenthorcughly cured, by Hit
' administration ot
i fly THE FILES’.
! rjTjns approved compound also mitigates
I i and removes the symptoms vl-ith fre
quently accompany that disorder, and increase*
Use danger of tiie patient, viz: pains in loins,
headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, and
other marks of debility.
A relieved patient writes from a distance:
“It is but justice to inform you, that 1 have
used your Dumfries’ Remedy for the Piles for
some time past, and have found it eminently
The remedy is quite innocent, and may be
administered to all *ges and both sexes. Piam
and ample directions, with a description of the
complaint, accompany each package, which
consists ot two boxes* one containing an Oint
ment, and the other an Electuary.
Price ?1 For both articles, or 50 cents where
but one is wanted
rg'tHlS agonizing disorder is cured in its nr.nst
a. poll,tul stages, by one of the most simple
as well as powerful remedies known innio
dern practice. '1 he
afford instant relief, without inflicting the
slightest injury on the te-cth. rl hey are appli
ed externally to tre- affected, v iih the
greatest ease and expedition, and general'.}
I operate as a soothing lenitive to the suffering
patient. Price 50cents a box.
OF most obstinate character, after hav u^’
baffled the skill of the most eminent phy
sicians, and withstood the most highly recom
mended medical preparations,! as been check
ed, relieved, and cured, in a numberol install
ces in and about this city, by using, for a short
time, L)r. Helfk’s
in connexion, according to the directionsac
companving the Specific- it is alsoon^ of the
best medicines known for Sick Headache,
Sickness at the Stomach, Nausea, andFlatu
t cnccs*
Price of the Specific and Pills, 50 cents each
Debilitated Females!
rjuiE complaints peculiar to the female pan
i of the community, have been long suc
cessfully treated by the adminietration of the
Aromatic Pills, originally prescribed and com
pounded by l)r. llelfe. They cleanse the
blood from those disorders of the female con
stkution, for which the pills are an effectual
specific; they restore a free circulation, reform
the irregular operations of the sanguiferous
system, and rectifythe disordered habits, 'lhe
proprietor’s confidence in the superior excel
lence of this equally innocent and powerful
preparation, is founded on the most decisive
testimony from many restored patients He
can assnrethis portion of the public, that when
are regularly taken, according to the direc
dons, accompanying them, th'* revive and
establish the desired healthy habits, and res
tore to the paiiid countenance the natural
glow of health and good spirits.
Married ladies will find the pills equally use
ful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they
must not betoken; neither must they betaken
by persons of hectic or consumptive habits.
They may be used successfully by either men
or women in all Hypochondriac, Hysteric or
Vapourish disorders. In all cases of this de
scription, the pills purify, invigorate, and re
vive the disordered system. Price 5U a
• • None genuine unless signed on theout
side printed wrapper by the sole proprietor,
T. Kidder, immediate successor to the late Dr
T. Conway. For sale, with all the other ‘Con
way Medicines,” at his Counting Room, No.
99, next door to J. Kidder's Drug Store; cor
nerof Court and Hanover streets, near Concert
And also, by his special appointment, by
jan 15 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
• / Large discounts to those who buy to sell
Itch Ointment!
THE extensive .sale and established repu
tation of Dumfries'Itch Ointment* encour
ages the proprietor to recommend it with re
newed confidence to the public as a timstinno
centas well as powerful appliestiomfor this
annoying disease. The most inveterate cases
have been cured m one hour! by this esteem
ed Ointment. It contains no mercury, or oth
er noxious ingredient,and may be confidently
applied even to the youngest children, or to
prcgnantfemales.— Price 37j cents.
None genuine unless signed on the out
side priated wrapper by the sale proprietor,
T. Kidder,Inure dietr sr.ccesscrto the late Ur.
W, T. Conway. For sale, with all the other
“Conway Medicines,”at his Counting Room,
No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, nearCon.
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KIDDER.
And also, by his special appointment, by
WM. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria
’♦’Large discounts to those who buy to sell
again. _
JUST received and for sale by the subscriber,
who can confidently recommend them, as j
hey were ?elected witircaie under his personal J
observation. Among the articles are the follow- :
ing, viz:—
Swaim’s Vermifuge, (on hand the Panacea)
both procured direct from Swaim’s Laboratory
Patent Gum Elastic, in sheets and squart*,
gum elastic injection bag., &c.
Scented white Soap, in bars; do. in pound
squares; Lou’s emollient vegetable shaving
cake, delightfully perfumed, for making strong
creamy lather without irritating the skin; <^ti!e
soap; Low's olive oil, Chinese mu^k, almond,
rose and Naples Soap; Naples soap in jars, pre
pared by N Smith Prentiss; toilet and shaving
soap, prepared by the subscriber, calculated lor
chapped and tender skins.
Walkden’s black ink powder; a superior ar
tide, wi»h the Manufacturer’s cautionary cejtifi- ;
cate on each package; Y^mspateni, black am) ■
note wafers; Evans’s lead pencils; Brockman
and Langdon’s pencils, for artists; Reeves & j
Son’s water colors, in boxes; white frosting; In- j
dia ink; while, yellow, pale and green bronze; j
goldfoil; tin foil
French and German cologne water, imported; j
Palmer’s odoriferous compound or American |
sweet bag, for perfuming beaureaus,wardrob.es, ■
&.C ; ottarofrosts; beats oil,splendid cut pun- j
Hair brushes, a variety of patterns, of excel j
lent quality; dusting brushes; varnish do; mark- i
ing do; and large assortment of very fine tooth .
Mechis’s magnetic razor strap and pas’e, born !
London; lucifer matches, large ands'na’l; ther- i
ammeters, of various pat*ern«; butt) or bristo: j
brick, for cleank g knives; shaving box* s; s« -
gar cases; an assortment of pock* t books; s)
r.nges, of various kinds; snufi box. s Japanned j
ins, for signs; fine and coarse -pon.ge
English chamomile flowers, Iresh
Best Russian Isinglass
Genuine Ilaarlent oil, imported firn. Ilolk.nd
Ak in ho), of best quality
Aridukit* d ging.-t drops;;** pp* rrrinf ! >z* t get 1
Mustard, **t excellent qualitv, from London
Genuine Gow land’s Lotion, imported, f*>r re •
moving even kind of coins'n* ss, t*up j
Lon and unph asant appearance »>! the
skin !
German bistre; Spanish MacK lead
Best Calabria fquorice
Camphor; Dean’s ilicuma'ic pills
Superior bleached Jama ca ginger j
Peat 1 barley; se’ecte d rhubarb rout
Shaker’s heihs, Uc.% of various kinds
Genume French sulphate of quinine
American do do of best manufacture
Veratrine, strychnine, sulphate ami acetate :
of morphine, and other vegetable- pro- !
Musk; Irish me**; nutmegs
Calcined charcoal, carefully prepared f**r me*
dica* use
Gum arabic, very superior; long pepper
Pest Turkey opium, carefully selected
Make manna; white wax; soda, foi washing
Sal.ul oil, of very fine quali'y
Ked lose leaves, fresh,and cart fully prepan d !
Labarraque’s eld ride of s"da
Kreosot, obtained from the manufacturer
Best English and American calon el; on hand
an assortment of othtr chemicals
Patent corn rubbers; trusses u variety
Ibis-’ fleams; adtasive phistt r, spr« ad
Sbuih.c; canary :-n<t hemp seed; l.air powdei 1
Indigo; chippt (1 b'gwi (>d
An additional supply ol Lyndrctids garden !
On hand a g*n rai assorinent of unifies, in I
'lie Druggist’s line, includii g a laigt* ntiinbei ;
of Patent aim Thnmso.iiaii Meiimints.
j*m 21 M M. STABLER. I
i .ecsburg Genius of Liberty, >V.tn i i.ton i»V
gisti r and WmchesU r Yug::»i:tn.
IS RECOMMENDED as decidedly s; ptrioi j
to any other known combination of No ii
cine, for Cough?, Cold?, Influenza, Cot..mop ,
lion. Asthma, Spilling of Wood, lit,arson j-s,
Difficulty of Breathing, BoopingOough, Pain?
and Weakness of the Breast, and all distasts o!
the Pulmonary organs.
This medicine is highly and justly recom j
mended, by numerous and respectable indivi* 1
duals, who have found relieffn m its use. Da j
ny who have been laboring under protracted j
Coughs and pains in the bre ast and have been
supposed by themselves and their friends fai j
advanced in consumption, have been happily |
restored to perfect health by the use of this |
valuable Expectorant.
Persons laboring under chronic of consump
tive coughs, will find great advantage from
carrying a small quantity of the Indian Kxptc
torant with them, while attending to their va* j
rious avocations, and taking 8 teaspoonful oc ;
casionally. Their cough will be scarcely fe lt j
and they will be enabled to expectorate with ,
the greatest facility, and the iiritating n att< i
will thereby soon be removed and a perma >
newt cure effected. Let the afflicted try it.
Prepared only by Dr D- Jayne, of Salem, N. j
Jersey, and none is genuine without his writ* |
ten signature to the label on the outside of
the bottle.
1 hereby certify that 1 was cured of a violent I
cough ami pain in '.he breast by using Dcctui !
Jayne’s Expectorant Medicine. My wife also
was afflicted with a bad cough and pain in the
breast, attended with so much difficulty cf
breathing as to prevent her from getting ary
sleep for a number of nights in succession; but
by taking two doses of this medicine she v:ts
enabled to sleep quietly tlmugh the l ight
and in a few’ days by continuing it* use »!c ;
was perfectly restored. Jaccji 1?iw;ew ay. ;
Hancock’s bridge,N. J. S» pt. 24, lbJ6.
East spring my wife w as confined to her bed
by a d (stressing cough and pain in her breast
and side—Her cough harassed her day ai d
night and her difficulty of breathing was sc
great that she got very little sleep for ir.;«n*
days and nights together—None of the midi- !
cines she took appeared to be of any service :
to her; when Dr Jayne kindly sent her a bet
tie of Indian Expectorant w hich soon end com I
pletely restored her to health—She firmly be
iievts il the best medicine ever discovered,
William I’ollsoj,
Hancock’s Bridge, N. J Nov. 21, 13j6.
From J. H. Smith, Esq. Brooklyn, I.. E*
l hereby certify that the above valuable me
dicine has been used in my family with great
benefit in several instances. J. H. Smihi.
Brooklyn, Dec. 1835.
From A. D & B. Sands, Druggists, No. 100,
Fulton street, New York.
Dr. D. Jayne—Dear sir: Your Indian Expec
torant is doing well here. We have but about
oee dozen left of the gross you sent us. You
will please forward on a winter supply as soon
as convenient: It seems to give universal sa
tisfaction to all whom we have heard from who
have used it-r-The season is fast approaching
when such a medicine w ill be much needed I
and as it is well supported by good certificate* !
it will sell very rapidly. The only objection j
seems to be to the price; but we have not had :
one customer who objected to take it on that j
accocuntj as no one doubts its virtues. Very i
respectfully, yours, A. D. & B. Sasds.
Nov. 17, i«36. 1
From the Rev. C. C. P. Crosby, late agent of
the American Baptist.
To Dr. 1). Jayne—Dear sir: 1 have marie ilse
of the Indian Expectorant, pcisor.ally and in
my family for the last six years u ith great ben*
efit. Indeed 1 may consider my life prolong
ed by the use of this valuable medicine, under
the blessing of God, for several years. . I ma\
say almost as much in ihe case of my w ife* and
also of the Rev. Mr Tinson of thelsland of Ja
maica. For all cases of cough, inflammation
of the chest, lur.gs and throat, I do most unhe
sitatingly rtc' mitiend this ns the best medicine
1 have ever tried. My earnest wish is that o*
thersafflicted as I have been, may experience
• he same relief, which 1 am persuaded they
will by Using the Indian Expectorant.
C C. P. Chusbt,
N B Many of my ocig'hbois, on rry reconi
incndalion, have tried this medicine with uni
form success. N. Ymk, June 15, 1835.
From ttie Rev. Jonathan Going, D 1). Editor
of the American Baptist,
I have used the above medicine with suc
cess for a cough and hoarseness
N. York, Dec. 1335, Jonathan Going.
Docl. 1). Jayne-Dear sir: I was for a long
time afflicted with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect health by using one bottle of your In
dian Expectorant. 1 have been su' j'ect to a
cough and pain in my breast for near twenty
years, anti have found far greater benefit from !
this medicine than from any other. I remain,
respectfully, yours, Susan Iuslaud.
Canton, Nov. 21, 1836.
Many more certificates might be added but
the above are considered sufficitnt.
Salem, N..J. April, 1836 1). JAYNE,*^
For sale by agents throughout the United
Slates, where aho may be lud Jayne's Carmi
native Balsam, for Bowel Complait Is; Ja\nesV
Tonic Vermifuge, for Worms, Fever and Ague
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, Nc.
Agent for Alexandria,
ht 28—lv \VM. RTAW.F.R,
15!!. KCfll/S MKDiClNF.S.
rs Z FA- TO’ Fdx OF 'HIK BLOOD, lor Chronic
it; and < th* 1 Disrates. wlir f er produced
»r *»•»* Bile, Phlegm, from internal mrrh d rat
i* i ••, a* i> i p from fad cured obi d ?*>?• Xrs, ?r >n.
»In* v-o <{ Merrurv, Calomel.HaiJr. tec Nc ; v
(n tcis,) tu»u. iiu change (.1 Pi . To spe
c i • • *n» ' i tire <: > nwt"i— i *• • t« t, Kuiffxvo m,
seal .i-h* I/'po-v, Bd< s, the Bell. Peking
<>} ihe* Skin, Blotch* s, Sc* rbutic il nod i ",
Pimples, UU.« rs, v.p.jrhcr rs nceroi.s or of a
ir>«l;h- • k nd. Mt rcurh.l D yrk rs cf evt ry d»*
sedpdon, Hear )'ur: , Lo*s of Appt-tle, In !i
*;esii t>, R\"p'*: s:*., »> !•< > t’ Dib.klV. A Mindice,
Bit oos Ail'ecRons of Hie Chest and Live’’, iln
Sargerrn nt of the Sulei n, Rl'enma’ism, Cm»,
Pile*, D'opsv, <d**ct, I ixo!un’nr\‘ F.rrvssio' s,
Sli io’ur* s amf o'hei Urinan , Complain’s, in* hi
ding Pi-ax el, the. B is also efficacious for Dht
i:( s> <>t sight, Bln,dii «s, (where not organic,)
In flam mi! ion of tin- Kv •■?, Deafness, Pressure of
Bh od to t?‘e Head, Hx procwidria in all it?
?»!is**p« s, Megrim, Sieepl wit *-, and Nervous
Afltcians of even k.iui, including Palsy. B
<s no ]«ss sir*iceable in the removal of Sttrilitj
in the one sex, than of Incompt tency in the
nil t r. It proven's the suppression and rt me
dics the irreguLri’v of the Montldv Complaint.
ALo, t!p* Flour a I bus, Green sickness, IBsteri
c»| Fit" 6»c. Be. Bs efficacy will be provetl
how m or longstanding or deeply rooted and
coir plicated the complaint may be. In all the
disease? mention* d the K- s’orc r is the chit f re- i
medv. Those where additional or secondar)
medicui*ate ft quirt d; wnl be found stated in J
flip pamphlet, w till threc;ions for their us* .—
(2 and *>.5 )
TONIC KLIXIU, diseases *>f the (Inst.
Car.irh", Cough-, Whooping cough, Pams in |
the Cht st or Thru*, hoars* iu-"S didicnltv in j
brea’lrng, A‘thn:a, PLL gmt Consumption,II c
HuFcxe*, anti its.concomitants I)i-n :t"C*s <*f die j
j.ui g"-, ►veil it accompwtiu d With the Spitting !
of Bloc*), K r‘ (2 and *.> )
'I exit: pour.WINK, fur Howe! Complaints |
Indu e-t ■!., |)vs;h vn, (»ein i:*i Dublin v, U • ak- j
u. S". N' lvnus A*f1 ct!*ut",'ic (?.'■ cent" * ; I■ J ‘
AliVS-lM \ MIX l t RK. uu liquid ai.d m
j ' •*.■: C ».*ut (• 2 'l
\ l.l.; t Bid. AN I !>■ VPHH ITIC SVItt P.
J iifs !,,( .v i" nt id x < it i ;l 11.ido*s a c* r
. , I
taiii i ci’ii-i!\, and x% ill < ure tu»* nios* o* . p r<»ni; u j
t h e:", xx' t i<>ut k: vmg any inc.-nvenc* to ’lie j
patient when ail otli* r rentdn* have bet u i
Join d re fh ntuiil. (b- )
A Bl> \| A'idC L.\ ! K •*• C F, for indigeMion, j
CtddnCsS i:» tie* btomacb, Nu ehe* sj or Wtak
ness in tlic Lmibs, loactiv:ly of the !skm, I’ch
ieg of ’he Ski ', pains in thc.Lnnts, Uiieuinattsin,
Gout, l.c. (oUcvntsane /l.)
SPF.CIFIC. fur Fever and Ague. (50 cents.)
GOLD-MINK B ALS AM, for Bilious or Ner
vous Affections, Boxvel Cumplaint?, Indig* s'i«»n,
Heartburn, Wind (Fla ulence, St a Sickness,
coldness in the Stomach, Cramps, *>r Numbness
Flux tr Diarrhoea, Chokra Morbus, &c, (50
BFNGAL OINTMKNM, for Ti tter, Ring
worm, Scald-ltead and Foul Ulcers (f 1 )
DFLURA'I’IVK PQWDF.lt, for IHems af
Sections, Head ache or M grim, fullness of the
Head, Dimness of Sight, &c. (50 cents.)
GF.NI’ INJF.OTION, lor Fluor Albus, Weak.
??, kc. (50 cents.)
UNIVKRSAL PJ.ASTF.lt, for <li"er«? •« of the
Clu st, I)x "pepsia, Frt sh W ounds, F«-i:l Ulctus, j
Burns, ciinblaius, Rheum .tisai, Gou',Corni Ike. |
(50 ct nts.
AS r lit A GEN I M t a t l UE, ior disrates oi
the Cl .-St, Indigestion, Despe psit», Central De
bility, Weakness &c. (50 cents. J
JAPAN OINTMENT, for Piles, (?1.)
ORIENTAL ( 1 i N I'M EAT; for Blotches, Pim
ples, Itching <>t the Skin, <>r Chavs, (\vluth« r
Irorn exposure to the sun or from cold;)
Chapped L'ps, Dander, kc, (50 cents.)
DECOCTION: a remedy lor D utncsa, aid
other Aut (niar Cor.iphiivD. (,/.)
Ai d a ' t iv.boi ot o h. r a< xiliar\ rerre Fes.
p( i u lull :*i:'d [ aid coin- account of KuhtMle
de nts, their p:-'»per«ii s anil nature, see pam
phlet and wherein will likewise he found d*r c
iior.s tor their nv*, ;*nd noincr< us testin.oni «ls;
\vu it! iv..“.} he seen in <dl pubi c j ! «c s, <r mat
be had grati-, at Di. Ku».Ps. dlioes, or of his
Apt n s. by n.ai!.
No e ut lue medicines are genuine which
do no bear the seals as giv< n in the pamphh t,
entitled “ Treatment <d Chronic and other oi-t a
.,es, kc ,** w! icD isenttrt d r>v D . K. according
tothe Act of Oong;t ss, in the Clerk’s Office ol
the District Coint of the District ol Columbia
0. M.-L1NTHICL M, Druggist, Georgetown,
DR. C. FARQUIIAR, Alexandria, D. C.
El'S 1 ACE &. TEMPLE, Druggist.-, Rich
mond, \ K.
BROWN k COLLING, Druggists, Petes s
butg, Va.
J. D RANDOLPH & Co., Booksellers and
Stationers, Norfolk, Va.
DR. JAMES COOKE, Agent for Fayette
Johnson,(Drug Store) Fredericksburg, Va.
FIELD k GOSS, Druggist#* C larlottsvillc,
HENRY HIDKN, Mercnant, Orange Court
House Va.
JAMES BROWN, Druggist, Charlestown,
Jefferson County Va. may 4— ly
I WILL give the highest cash price for
Likely Negroes, from 10 to 23 years of
age. Myself or Agent can, at aii times,
he found at the establishment formerly
owned by Armfield, Franklin & Co., at
the west end of Duke street,
IT cannot he denied that whilst many medi
cines which are recommended to the pub.
lie, have not even the negative merit ofharm
lesrness, there are others which it would be
great injustice indeed and suicidal prejudice
to involve, untried, in a common condemna
tion. And when a medicine comes endorsed
with all the names that have adorned the an
nals of the medical profession, and warranted
by the seal and signature of long and uniform
success, its proprietor makes no unreasonuble
demand open public confidence, v hen he
claims tor T a superior consioerrtion.
The Camomile preparation of Dr. \V. Leans
is undeniably entitled to this enviable distinc
tion; for whilst no n edic*! authority in exis
t- rce condemns '»•, every medical wotk which
alludes to it, and every medical practitioner
that is acquainted with it, treelv acknowledges
its pre-eminent virtues; and tli£.t the latter
should do so in opposition to their personal in
tercst must he attributed either to their candor
and love of truth, or to their unwiliingiu ss to
fly in the face of all observation, and the testi
mony of thousands.
Dr. VV. Kvans does ’not pretend that his
Camomile Tonic I ills cure all diseases, lie
frankly and conscientiously admits that they
will not lie lays no claim to the discovery
of the “Philosopher’s Stone;” and wishes no
body to Relieve that he sells the “Klixirof
Life;” but he does say, and does beiieve, and
can prove, that in debility and impaired con
stitutions; in nervous diseases of all kinds; in
weakness of the digestive organs; in incipient
consumptions, whether of the lungs or the
liver; m the dreadful debility occasioned by
the use of purgatives; iu palsy; rheumatism;
fmnre especially) in the sickness incident t>
mothers and to females of relaxed turves in
.-very cr.se of delirium tremens, or that disease
which is brought on by intemperance; in the
, wretched horrors of mind fen<1 body, which ac
crue from ocrasim-al inebrety; in loss of appe
j titc; languor; melancholy; pains in the head;
jlibius or sides, in corrupt; sallow pud uncomely
comcplesmu, caused bv the had state ot the
fluids- in a'i ’.hoe cases, and in seme others
mentioned in the hdlsof direction* given with
i bis medicines, he doi s say, that the (.rn omde
Tonic Ti'ds. *nU r< r;ain;cd occasional*} with hi*
! •,:r*<"; t fami'y Pills, (the best km wn) wl.ich
1 arc s> Ul with t'iem, v. ill effect immodd Ue reb« {;
m ! if used but f .r a f d;r period of tri d, a p;*» feet
n!re. ] is n rich m jdr.ced beyond a doubt
V did!\ tes'.irv.onu s which would be giver. ui;
o.i!h,nnd fur this mu h !>r W. riv:r:> can
. t« r .j - ct ro- (• t tTp. tit- * *i< re.
fore need < id. v ad 1 tint I.is (. iu'J'.iic Ionic
riils, together with Ins excellent Family Ape
r'i |j* l’i {s, c.»u he* obi dined, wholesale or re
tail, at No 7 Division at, near Chathi n square,
w \oih, and o» !...o siuliioiiscd g1 nth m
n town and. country.
(r'-Dr. W. F.v.dis-S'r: Ye y’cased to re- !
c c! \ e the thanks o:- ( iuj who lias bt c!: a gr,■ ?!t .
sufferer for Revets! years, fur t!te great benefit I
•lie lias received from ti.e\i;tues on our iv.es* j
timuble Cumon.de Bill*- She lias suffered »
with pain and. d,istress >n the h» ad. a tightness j
♦cross th. stomach, An rtness of breath, and j
palpitation of the heart, exercise wimM al
most ovtrcon e hit*; hut since using your La
rnwrile 'l oi ;c Fids, her c* * amts are re
moved—she is able to exercise without filigi e,
md ‘-he is happy to say can now ev.joy iife
comfortable at uin
%\iH. C. TIIOILNTON, 8k Third st.
(jjTNewurk, July 18, 1855—Dear Sir: For
four y ear-.! Iiuy e b&n unwell that i was un j
♦ ble to attend »o my fotiAr.css, and for the iast ]
four or livt* m u;t:;s w as confined to my room !
,7iy comp amts wt-ie rheumatism, [jams m my
stomat 11, indigcslii i md tc.-s of appetite with
continual pain mi i dir./dme-s in m\ ht ad; I u»ed
liilcriM.t k:ad- »>l rn* dicinc* \vb‘* nt elf* ct, until
j commence*] tukuiy \' * ■ r.v;*!nabl’ Lamonme
•nd A pm lent BiL ;; their b-AUcficial effects upon
meudonkh :d! who knew my si’natiou l:« a
!ew days I Audi be a? your < f:ice o express
nv gr.iti’udo to \ou in person. In the mean
(one I swb-ci ibt- my-tlf vunr obedient -* r
v<nt, B b. JAUY1S, id Lentre st.
For sale at the Store, of K KF.NNKDY,
„ A cent f*>r Alexundl u«.
Vi-Xlr.TA I- Ml FILLS,
a - I !, I iii ing i xtiaCts from
i ’j I on nil d *p t•> l the highest resp C! »
riditv, *.!i< \\\ < m ' ixiv* .v that ti*c fume of
Prim t th V Bi is is n< t cni fined t<» this (F un
• r\ alone, and do*' \h ir vidue a-a eh Mi-* r of
lie st* inacli amt oov t-;s, and {■ u :i I; c r cl (he
Blood uie appreciated in I*.ure-pc u»so.
“V\ c’re not ourseLes,
When nature, bung o; p; ts.se T, commands the
l o sufier with tlie body.**
This is a trni-m conceived by the master
minded Slutkspcare, which, neither sophis'ry
nor argument can refute. To all those who
are suffering front Bilious at tacks, Indigestion
and Flatulency we would with great sincerity,
recommend as a never failing lemcdy, Bran
*1 ret ids Bills. The U stimoniiils we have had sub
mitted to us in favor of this admirab’e medicine,
fully just fy our speaking of these Bill-in terms
of the highest pr -ise. — London Free Press.
'j he Testimonial of M. W. I)i whurst, Ksq ,
Theatre of Z mingy, Gower street, Fuston :
square. i..oxnow, January 10, IS Ft
My Dear Sir—As you have requested inv j
candid opinion of your Fills I have much pit «• j
sure in stating that wiser* laboring under a sr. |
*-i(f*is diness, m August, 18.A, I tuck t.ic in by
\( ur advice and am hupfy to say, that their j
action was in every way ail that l could desire, j
and accordingly firm their use I dat* my re- .
covery. 1 consideictl tlicm an excellent f*
mily medicine. 1 rt main my dear sir, yours
truly. II W. D KV.ltlT.ST, F. L. F. S.
“Surgeon Accouctur, and t rou-ssor 01 itu- ;
man and 7. >ol* gic;;i Anut. and Cor. .*»cni. N~t. j
Hist. Society '*
“Prof >sor Dcwhur.Ds tPstiiTw.v, tovper.t
ing Dr Brandreih's l’d’% speak volumes Aftt-r
linn, ur m v vi ;h< sdati* g'y recommend tl.cn:
to ( or mi1 c! :b» -t>. ; s the v ry no phis ultra of •
-il KDti hilicus Pi « —London Covservat vr.
• •To the V ii i r. ( r M\\.M—“V\*c j
have published Mime!, us certificaU s rrcMiij
:t-ending to nil c ur leaders Hrandredd.* \hgo. i
Uiide Piils, hs tht rr Oft certain, most safe, and 1
u.\a ualde Medicine extant. As arti bilk in» |
and aperiei t Pi»ls, we are perfectly convinced i
t|u*v stand Lr above all othu?; :.s a Certain
cue in a:! cases < f v.scorbuds humors,
cresipius, and. al! af-cth-M cl the skin, dropsy,
asthma, store, gravel, pile?, and lumbago,they
will befoun l iuva’imble.— London dimes.
•* I he post popuiarnnd highly appreciated
Medicine in the naval and military clicks, is an
invention of Dr. Brandeth's, known as Rian !
deth's PiPs T his medicine is deservedly spo
ken of as an excellent corrective, alter the in
dulgencies of the table threaten ar.d produce
those unpleasant ‘next morning's remir.iscen-j
ces.* which never fail to annoy, worry, and
perplex the bon vivant.— Lonbard Standard.
(Cj’Alwavs Remember that no Apothecary or
Drug Store has the Genuine ttliAft DiiLTii'S
PILLS for sale.
1 he following are the regularly prpointed
AGENTS in the District of Columbia. I here- ;
fore if you want the GENUINE BRAN- j
DRETH’S PILLS, purchase ONLY of them. I
Frank Jay ton, Bookseller, Penn. Avenue, !
Washington City.
Jaine* Thomas, Bookseller, Georgetown, -
District of Columbia.
Kliz3 Kenneday, Stationer,' Alexandria,
District o! Columbia.
Dr. Bramlredi'a Office, 72 Saratoga street,
between Howard and Eutaw st?., Baltimore,
where the Genuine Medicines can at all times
be obtained. H. R. GREEN, Gen'i. Agent.
For Maty land, Virginia, and the District ofCo- j
(umbia. april 28—ly 1

II i GRJAN pir I .
’ r Dn'ggbt, Alexandra
Sent forthesaleol Dr i>a\ ■
Hvcklan Pii.i.s, rm '.*M
pubhc and his n>ercnntiw:i*,r'* ' ■
on the same terms Dm n,;''('tlctM
Hce at New York suVC 7n«ai«
beta! discount bein'- ■ V-:V,
chants. For a do-. .
of these pills, he veicit t', ,.**#■
advertisemei ■
1 in* very gen< ■ ’"■
Ralph’s Hygeia ) I I
counted for bv reason
pied benefit and cities
have experienced from t’* '•>',
over, they are founded on m ?’ ?!rB
and experience ofthe |>r- j
Physicians and Surtreoils' 0f
and are recommend-1! t
and practice efSir Asthu- ,"e
Abernethv. andJDr. Itat ir.*t0-■'Per’
by the greater pa it ofthe more’5"'"!
practitioners of England and •> .o*l
nent. "u l“'CoJ
The limits of an advertison-fPi • •• 1
allow of entering upon ai J
ol the principle on w hich thi*-. r 3t:ol
suited to so many did,Tent cor"
It must suffice to mention tr-^ J
package ofthe pi!Ucontains three* * 1
two oI which are uentiy onevr.
* § i n ^ ii u jwi y i orai'intM* •> r.. ^B
to the most It rhle c*oV..-t:«tTti^
other is purgative, hut m« rr or le^ " ■
cording to the dtvo. 'i»rs ; ,1 . Nt 2CB
these Pills, and alterin': theV,m ®
able to the ciir»'cti* ns «r[V( n jj
is!»ng to witn* s< i!,. : her
which are cured or tmieli aiW *t< ■'m
them; while there is r0disease! I
which can possibly he iiniod hli'l
use. fl hey contain ncpuue.'v .v’/r-J
betaken Without the im envti u\ i(\M
’caution which other i ■-b;
ly require. T1 c ; rtic , ‘".1
v. i 11 c!) 11 • e i t <. hi* »it . i ;: , * i .. i I
i . , J * ‘ u * ‘ o ci! ■
estedjn manv thorn a:. J .a b
are tliei*;'iov» mi : - I
Dyspepsia, am!t! o v.*, nJ
morotts maladies v»!vichar: .» ,, I'l
al const ; aPon ol t!»e h.»v ■ . : I
and all affections o| t! ;
Rheumatism; Scrohni, vv;,hm '
C U'S O f » > c» 11 Pl.eui!. «•!;.: I . (• Y i { j t £
' in; t!n eat< i in" Cornu ; , e,/„.r
Li\ or Ji.eases. \. 1 eh r \ v;, • , ...
►* V. Ii|.
temper ance < r hot * < • \\ \,{ af)(j
Agee; hni!ii.,rn ['ever, a e.: it;*, j
tions; Cholera Mo1 hi . dr,; J,a. ;(fk
i )ropsy; Piles; (*ravel; t rtaiB
other complaints ol tire t l diary and Ue.
nitalorgans. &c. <.Vc.
I his medicine is a-a omn'emv use ft i
in tl'xe whole class o 1«Ii. or»!x;s;.
the female constitution. ■» t\ \w \i;.
vous ami Hysterical di-oidris. ih-ii. o c
Lits.fct. Vitusa- Panc< vV c. 0 c.:> < kL :.i
Ache, certain oh ticc:i< ns. s* \i:.dv.»\k
ness. A c, In smaller doses, it n.i«yle
relic'll on as the best and salot a.oi
cine in pregnancy. a.i ! h i the cgu.mi
disorders of chiidien.
The directions ^ivcn with tliese Pills
art' remarkably » hdn and pariicr-ar—the
proper dose and ma na ir* non! of them be
m«r carefully mentioned rnnlei the laid
each disorders-, j nra!-*;y. |
Jos. It \u :i. M. pM I
(Iradnate of t’’o t nicer.d;y oj j-hiin*
In i* it ! 15 \b m: ►•rot the IL ya! i 'ollt-iy I
of S niyror s London; L» (tia* i *-a
Midwifery and the Piscans ol Wo
men and ( niidron, i*. c, ane auti.i-r
ol - he 4,1 Jo in r stic (iuidefo/.h : i aa .
IN. L3. 1 )r. Hai;*h s !'one >t c i i'
a little* Volnn e »it .•.i'fT'l Ini t! e In' f
every family. part; 'daily fi.ns* r* s • -
inir tit the cniti'iy. tt is v i t <*.*i
pi nines* ms ; • - 't > 'V<5 *o. ,
Inr ri:‘!i,mii'ii-i . a\[0 |
undo).e the i t t of t irow
.complaints win - :• f«*ty n -1 success —
The price is very iow, 1 eiinr nniv ’•<
cents, thot*_ h nc.it v home in hoard:,
■£c. Indeed tile ni * ct o| it< pllhlilM*
iion is rnther v. iJ• * a view o! >; i• «n!iiii*
uselul know It cue on tuan ii
any prolitarising from it- >nie.
Josi.rn II ai i ii. M. P.
For sale by JAM MS H. HA.MP/I ON.
U mn 21 — 1 y Alexandria, P.CJ
( Leesburg Lenius of L hertv. j
lt ATI V H,
Pre-eminent for (imhutg nit! I'i> ‘i -
itftr (h^ /lair.
Is inmvrdled m i«s excHlf ncr f r p-nrr.rt.-g
fhr* re growth mv! bcMP\ ol tl * ! :,ml4,i
the immediate removal of <• r*r.?:r:.R ir<n:'.
When, from di.-ta-e or r.rglect, tie l...ir1
cost's bard, lihifch, nnd dry, i»in! !<ey;i Hoi i
off, the Restorative advances its now*!., m*
proves its appearance, adds to it- «’
and bestows to it a transcei.dt nt gl»k'
This f rticle is intended tu sop<*>» u *• << "
tlicr preparation** lor the loir, m u d c V| *
use it will find in it a luxuriant s>j ja i/ s'- ';
err.hellivh, nnd for nrcanv r - ->■ tl J y4-1
dh!e (fiurt *culasl> in ti e rur.?*. r\to * } ‘ £
ot the kind heretofore of! red it the ; c .m;.
Certificate of t!>p Hu.i i. J t .<
liftnsc of Jtf i,t i . i. iJ t,. .
I hav* made a» experiment of dm “ ff n
l!.i‘r Restorative,** with pri f 1 r ’ ‘• * j
lie'v it may be r*»rcly use , ai It* "r: “
i * ige, by every one. It has
. ihe dandnd , md very *■
theUXlure of my Ih* horn t . : * £'
••• 4 * t j» i,
use cf l.io [ii■ Jwii.awli I*.*i f ’
li. J. •
Tier. 16th, tf *o. t . (
V c concur in the a> -v e rrm
tl e < :: ■ ' i the I • o Hair
in r» moving t i. * * dan In H from tl »
i)[ tUe i-t ;C r beneficial * *< .els fv.-c:v
its application to the h>.r
. N. ?n km.s
\V, '| a i in a, R P
Of the House of Kepre«mi-ioc’*
For saV, whole-ale or retail, I y t; e ] ■ ?
rtr, J. \V. SMITH, W*sliin;'t< b !;.
For Rale by Wm. Stabler, (’■ I -
examine.; J.F. OaPan, C. Movie, i- ,<4 ’
K. Howard, Wjuhir.gtciii G. ~J" '“*
Georgetown. , ,
Price 75 cents por bottle. n ' "4 f
f IIIARLKS DAWKINS, freond(.o-'i
Kj from Mr. \V\ Morgan, Sr *. Lootan *
Shoe Manufactory,
Kin li Street, Ahranriiia. D. ^
intends to keep a general a^orlr • ^
all articles in his line of busrn *-*• ,c
tenders? his sincere thanks to the I
generally for the distinguished j
he has received from them, and h Cw *■?
assured of his ability to serve them, 4
solicits a continuance of the same,
has a new SPRING SADDLE, mv
by theUrv. Mr. Callahan, of \ a. *1*'
he invites the public to call and exam y
oct G—eotf

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