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MORNING, August 11,,1S37.
'rfTl^rpacket from London the
Th* I i3 said bv the New York Her
M'’rl'rr ,’ brought out fresh orders for
^'Icnaseolt’.S.Bank stock, to be
11 Pld to England in lieu of specie.—
of the stock, both in New York
*"['Philadelphia, were at S119 cash, on
MrlaSi'W York Express, referring to
! "counts by the Montreal, says
u ,nev continues to be in demand in
- .“'...I and there is yet much uneast
■r,„.i ‘account of the Uniteu States.—
could not be raised on Excne
' 01 Bills tinder 5 per cent. The Umted
• Hank Post Notes are quoted at 93
' Considerable disappointment pre
?° i as to the small amount of specie
from tn s country, and the
'' et ship deorge Wastiington was
„ expected in Liverpool. Money
. y.o very much in detnand at Am-,
and the other principal cities ol |
''iv" movement which the Rank ol j
r aru| tias lately made as to the China
' ' lea trade will not be without its
xi'e tic id etfect in this country, for very
,,v of our ISuls ol Exchange drawn on j
I "on for business operations in China,;
'■ . ftlected by it. The mode of do
r [m sbuoncss is well known to com nit*r- j
" in *i» The or ic ice was, /if fore the !
| ‘ s. I states Hank devised a better one ,
. . out o! specie, Mexican doi- j
. ( ;iictlv d.iect to China;—but to avoid !
. i ,}i a tsw^iv drawn on merchant* j
; Ml. \\ Inch <Ira Its being regulated (
. '-j^i'di merchants in the Ma>t served -
v.. as specie, and thus saves the t'X
, am! da i!trol exportation.
' r.mJ >i.ni J ot Commerce ol Monday,
■ i \j. v s.—•• liiiis oil F.ngiand are >el- !
, ,,i js' p'e-n. On France there is J
, -i.iand. Specie is shipping ■
'[’ti<* Annapolis lvr*j)lil*llt!IU speaks of ’
,», !*,»•>- I!) that vicinity in the following ,
,»f iti'ytng term*:
* js. rfson continues every way favo
r •> |,>r vegetation. The rain which
f : almniaiitiy »>n Sunday night, will be |
a:M;M. tor tie* latter corn; and that crop
,v now he considered made. l\»bacco j
prio finely. The appearance of the i
, i try »' splendid. The fields and the j
j .M'N ^ive every evidence of a fruitful
s-Msaa And so delicious a temperature I
i whither continuing during u wliole j
vi timer. we have no recollection of.
The Pensacola Gazette of the 29th u!t
«*, »s, th it a ‘ .Naval Court Martial was
t >i sitting on board the frigate Constel
,,'ion, f«>r the trial of several officers.—
j: is understood that w hen its labors are
r()||i»h, the court has been ordered to
r*>M»,ve itself into one of inquiry, and re
i ive testimony in relation to the capture
(>{ the Mexican brig Gen. Urrea.”
The same paper says “that Capt. Haw*
kins and Lt. Myers, who were wounded
the battle of the 19 h. were brought to
IVnsacola. for the benefit of surgical aid.
thing further had t»een received from
vie con imand of Col. Drown against the
Indians.” _
The correspondent of the New N ork
Courier and Knquirer, writes from New
Orleans, under the date of the I50th lilt:—
‘d have just learned that one of our most
r»spectabe merchants, Julius \ airin, has
Cvn killed in a duel, dead on the spot,
I'V the hands of a respectable baker.—
This unfortunate affair, it is said, arose
fmm a dispute about a few paltry barrels j
«l flou r.’’
Prs.Harney. 1 uyterumi ii**iNkell have
arrived at St. Louis in the discharge of
tu*»ir unties as Commissioners tosehet
for th*» establishment of National
M trine Hospitals on the Western waters, i
Santa Kr: Tkadkks.— '{'lit* St. Louis Ur- j
fii'Mc.in s ivs—“We learn from a gentle- j
in from Howard c. that Cap*. W bite's j
■‘•mpiny of Santa Ke Traders, returned |
»f»*w <t.»ys sincet<> Fayette, bringing with i
‘ nn between SO and S 100,000 in gold]
arn| saver—the gold in dust and silver in
f’.us. Cupt. W.. we ui derstand has pro
I oviied e.t>t with between 15 and Sg0,000
‘ g(»Ll dust. The company has been ra- j
T ‘r unfortunate this season, having lost i
* Sol rhoir mules coming in.”
Hi* Baltimore Uepublican ot yester
'iy “Tne Hon. Virgil Maxcy left
'C ty for New York on Saturday, and
'*■ '*nl tor Belgium, via Knglaad, bv
* • lnst picket. This gentleman, in ad-!
’ >'» to the general objects of his mis-1
' »Mas m special chaige to negotiate!
'More advantageous terms in refer-1
^ to tin* inr* re>ts of tobacco plan-1
:s* the ii:ipoiuu»ce cf which iias at- j
*1 tin* attention of Congress amt i
'' fo'diient. \!r. Muxcv is too well ;
' ah to ip »h! commendation. We wish |
e*s in in* illusion, and a posper-,
• ' v »\ ,|g»« *•
1 lire seen by captain W*h te, at Xew j
a-* noticed yesterday, was at;
‘: •' t. m the stage barn of Matthew !
‘ i. Ste mboat Hotel, which,,
1 1 large h>h House adjoining, co lam- ,
- r e valuable boats, nets an J ii-hiog
'• ttini salt shad to the value c-i
1 continued on Friday even- I
— t>v a tire which commenced m the I
' about Id o'clock, and widen is at
:v 11;> incendiary.—Loss 614U0
•'Urance 5-juo.
' <‘,irn Ir on tiie St. Louis Kepubli-!
•tiivta great sensation was recently j
uced at Burlington, Wisconsin Ter-,
•v by a difficulty w ith a party of In
a>‘ A number of the Wmnebairoes j
- become mtox'c.ited in the street
^‘t to\u\, one of mem, in a moment I
struck his knile to the heart;
“BHingSac. Tne murderer was ini-j
^ and confined by the ci
" x.am!a guard stationed around his’
1 In a lew days, the streets ol j
l-ftou were crowded by the Win-;
-as, demanding their brother, and \
i,',1."’"11® Vt’hgence in the event of his j
given up. To prevent disas
i..,>HMV’tenet's .the citizens opened!
v.:;?,)n dowS the assassin lied;
M “*$ comrades.
. • t recently received in this city !
w)ndon- We learn that Lord Vis- j
•»t ^ the learned author ol
kcn^KldLWurk on the Antiquities ol
in extent and execution
^Pttcon-Vr Ve"°n’S E?ypt’ (cosl
Dublin1* p\-( ,e<J ,nthe Debtor’s prison
C aiteti States (Juzette.
North Carolina Election.—Wc re
ceived on Saturday night, returns from
a portion of the fourth Congressional
District, which gave in August last, the
largest Van Buren majority for Gover
nor of any in the State; and from the
change which has been elfected in the |
counties heard from, we have every rea
son to believe,that Mr Shepard.the Whig
candidate, is elected by a considerable
majority. We have received correct in
formation from Wayne, Johnston and
Lenoir.—The latter gave a greatly di
minished Van Buren majority. Wayne,
which last year, gave the Van Buren
Candidate lor Governor 530 a majority,
has given to Mr Shepard, a majority of
115! In Johnston there has likewise been
a glorious change. At the election for
Governor, this county gave the Van
Buren Candidate 303 majority—it has
now given tne Whig Candidate for Con
gress a majority of269! Neither has the
town of Xewbern been behind hand, in
the work of regeneration. Last year it
gave a majority of 20 against the Whigs;
and it has now given their Candidate
113 majority! The remainder of Craven
Carteret, Jones and Green, are yet to
oe heard from; and in but one of them
is a majoiity calculated upon by the
Van Buren party. So we may con
fidently anticipate a large majority for j
Mr. Shepard; and congratulating the i
Whigs of Craven District proclaim the i
victory theirs.— Itateisk liesrister.
Sensible Ucmakks.—The billowing re- '
mark m relation to the war on hanks j
,tnd hack charters was made by Thomas ;
Kvving, in the course of a speech which!
h*-» delivered at Steubenville, Ohio, on the ;
;Vh ol Ju v: —‘ Let me tell you. gentlemen,•’ j
says he, "let me teil you, that the right to 1
repeal a charter of a bank, includes also •.
a right ol the very same body of men. or |
anv others, to repeal the tenure by w hich <
you hold your lands.your property,oryoiir |
very homes. Tnev are all nothing but'
paper and p-irchmeiit after all, and the j
title by wInch you retain your possessions j
is n«»t more sacred than the titie under
w hich a banking corporation prosecutes j
its business.”
General Murphy, of Ohh\ in a speech 1
to the peoph*, alluding t » the ruin which :
mis-government had brought upon the
c aintry. and tne comparative ease wiih
which the people mignt have averted it,
said—“They staid at home that they
m ght save the profits of a day’s labor,
when, by going to the polls thev could
have saved the hard earnings of twenty
years ”____
The I*lind —There are few inventions
of modern times which will compare in
interest with that of printing in raised
letters for the use of the blind. Cut of*
as this unfoitunate portion of our fellow
beings has been from the chief means of
| acquiring knowledge, the lot of the oliud
has been such as to excite our liveliest
; sympathies. The intelligence manifest
ed by many who from bitth have been
deprived of vision, shows how vasl a field
of mind has been left almost uncultivated
whilst the peculiar nicity and tenderness
of feeling often displayed by them, aifjril
positive proof that in the finer and more
tender emotions they are not a whit infe
rior to those who are blessed with sight.
lii>tances have occurred, it is true, of
considerable acquirements on the part of
individuals to w hom the gift of vision has
been denied, but they have been so few
in number as to be held up as rare illus
trations of what may be doin' in the way
o! gaining knowledge through the medi
um of hearing. Of this description of pre
sons there was a most striking instance
to be met with in a person who frequent
ed some year since ih*‘ walk that encirc e>
the r<>ck on wtdeh tin* castle of Sterling
stands This individual has been blind
from his birth, and was of course, illite
rate, but so great was the tenaciousness
of Ids memory that he seldom forgot any
thing that was related to him. IJis sur
viving parent, a widowed mother, being
as Scotch generally are, very attentive
to her religious duties, had been in the
habit of taking her afflicted son with
her to church from a very enriv age.—
Forced to relv on hearing exclusively,
the little fellow had listened so attentively
to what he heard read at home and in
public worship, that he could repeat
almost any passage of scripture if the
chapter and verse was named to him.—
W hat was peculiarly surprising was that
he usually carried in his hand a large
key, w fuel) he constantly” turned around
his finger, and by which his recollection
seemed to be materially aided, so much
so that when deprived of this kev to his
thoughts, as it might be termed, he be
came bewildered, and I<»st much of his
faculty in repeating. There are upon
record numerous accounts of blind per-j
sons who by the aid of touch could not
onlv form a correct idea of the form of \
whatever they handle, but could al<o dis- '
tinguish colors, Of these there fiave been 1
manv instances in the Blind Asylum at
Liverpool, where the pupils are engaged i
in making lwine and carpeting of vuri-1
oii-s descriptions. In the last named ma- :
nufactuie they appear to have pef’ect fa
cility in distinguishing the different colors I
ol the vain, and throw up the various!
tints with surprising accuracy. It wa>!
reserved however for the discovery oi
rai>ed letters to open tin* way f«*r tin*
blind as a class to acquire knowledge.—
Previous to tins invention, t!ie difficulty
attending the acquisition of information
was so great as to restrict the stock of:
learning within a small compass, and to j
an individual here and there. By causing
the bibie and other works to be printed
in characters raided above the surface,
the blind have been enabled to pursue a
regular course ol study and to gain ac I
cess to information wnich otherwise must1
have been lost to them. In this great mo- j
dern improvement, the novel method of
printing adopted by Dr. S. G. Howe, of
the New England Institute of the Blind,
has been found to be ot the greatest util
ity. Several works such as “The Blind
Child’s First and Second Book,” Mur
ray’s English Grammar, Spelling book, j
Geography for the use of the blind. Atlas
nf the United States, with statistical ta
bles, General Atlas containing maps of i
the principal countries with statistical
tables, and the Book of diogramsof i\a-,
tural Philosophy, have been printed under
the auspices of the Institution above
named. In these wmrks there are no
comparisons drawn from colors or light
or shade, or illustrations from merely
visible appearance.— Halt. Amer.
P. OKL>,
Miniature Painter,
HAS returned lrom the North, and is
prepared to execute orders in his
hue. ^ uug 9—tf
In Baltimore on the 9th inst.Mr S.iifctEL
SMifh, of this place, in the 5Ut year ol
his age.
After a short illness, at Swan Point, in
Charles County, Md.. on the 2d instant,
Mrs. Uesecca U, Hollis, consort of Capt.
Janies Hollis, in the fiftieth year of her
age. Never have 1 had the painlul duty
of recording the death of a more estima
ble person, highly gilted with all the so
cial virtues of great moral and domestic
excellence, faithfully performing all the
duties enjoined on her in this life. Long
will she be remembered by her numerous
friends and relations,—long bemourn
ecJ by her affectionate husband and only
son: but we tru<t she has passed Irom tins
troublesome world to those joys promis
ed the faithful who died in the Lord.
Mrsi:r.\i August 8 —The Thermometer
ranged Irom77:o SO0. Alternatively clear,
fair, hazy, oppressive heat, suitry. Wind
very light, at 8. W.
August 9 —Mange from79to SS°—clear,
fair, oppressive heat, very sultry. V» ind ,
light, from 8. to S. W\
August 10 —Range, 3 A. M. to 1 P. M.
from 81 to So*. The heat throughout j
the last night was unusually great-— !
me Thermometer, stationary at SO0 in j
Hie open air, from 10 P. M. to day-light
this morning, and perfectly calm at the
same time. This day, the wind has been
bii>k from N\ W. accompanied with a
pure atmosi heie.
JtlJ*Our Advertising customers are
requested to send in their Advertisements
at as early an hour in the day as practi
cable. _
in. .. ■■ iw ini■■ ~i■ n 1 —
}Ji ice oj !* rod net i u Alexandria yesterday
from 1 Vagans and Vessels.
Flour, per t)hi. £$ 00 a 9 50
Wheat, white, per bush. 1 55 a ! tilt
Do. red, do. 1 45 a 1 55
Cohn. - 0 92 a 0 97
Lye, - do 0 80 a 0 85 !
Flaxseed, - - 1 25 a 0 00 |
Oats, from v.airons.hush 0 40 a 0 00
l)o from vessels, do 0 35 a 0 37 j
Corn Meal, per bushel, 1 00 a 1 12{,
Dacon. per cwt. - 8 00 a 9 Oo
Fitter, roll, per lb. 0 20 a 0 23
Do liikin, do - 0 14 a 0 17
Lard, do - 0 8 a 0 9
Plaster Paris, retail, ton, 6 00 a 0 00
Corn —On Tu**s 'ay, a Cargo of good
white sold at %-J cents and on Wednes
day.Iron) 4 to 500 oushels white & yellow
o» extreme quality, sold at 98 to be de
livered from landing on Potomac.
1 Flour.—The market is inactive, and
; no transactions going forward except bv
I retail. The store price ranges from 8b
j t.'. 89 25. We quote the wagon price at
8S 25 a 88 5b, with an advance for the
| occasional loads received of choice
( brands, made ot western wheat.
Sales of City Mills Flour at 88 25 a
| S 62A.
Grain.—Prices of new wheats have
! improved since our weekly report ol Fri
; day last; the supplies are less, and there
' is a better disposition to buy on the part
: of the millers. A parcel of extra prime
new red was tak»*n to day at 81 62, and
■ lots of good red have been taken at 1 53.
We quote fair good to prime reds to-day
| at 8! 5b a 1 60.
Sales of common quality for ign wheats
i have been made at 81 30 a 1 45. We j
note a sale of 4000 bushels foreign while !
] .it 1 55, and 1000 bushels foreign red a
81 50. At auction to-day 15,000 bushels
damaged foreign were so»u at 50 a 81 27
1 per bushel.
Sales of white Corn yesterday at Si 01;
to-day the market is dull, and a sale ol
white was made at 102 cents. Sales of
Yellow Corn yesterday at 10b cents—to
d lyTne market L flat and no sales mak
Sales of Md. Rye at 60 cents. Sales \
of 6000 to 7000 bushels foreign at 70 a 75
cents, and a parcel of 12.000 bushels fo
reign has been taken at 80 cents, delive
rable in another port.
Oats have advanced—sales at 37 a 38c.
Whiskey.—The market shows an im
proved demand, to meet the wants ol
the southern market. We continue to
quote hhds at 33 cents, and bbls at 35
cents. Wagon price of bbls is 30 cents.
The store price of Apple Brandy in
bbls is 38 cents.
Sugar.—At auction to-dav 162 hhds
Porto Rico w ere sold at 7 a y 05; and 60
bbls ditto at 87 15 a 7 30.
Molasses.—At auction to-day 32 hhds
Porto Ric«» w eie sold at 38 cents.
Akkivkd. A i ci s r 10
Sc hr ITico* y, occoqudi j Hour to to J. & j
J. li, .Ijiin* v.
Several Hay and river craft with coal,
wood, small ; arcels izrain, Ac.
No arrivals irom sea.
Shin Potomac cfd at Liverpool, for this \
poii 24th June.
Uria Lucas Lou h. cleared at New Or- j
leans lor P»aiumore, 1st.
rip HE subscriber respectfully request
JL ail those persons h ho are indebted to !
him, to call and pay the same to Messrs.
Hell and Entwisle, who are authorized to
receipt for the same, during his absence,
aug Il-eo^t VV M. M. MORRISON.
I WISH to purchase VV heat and Rye,
in Alexandria, and Wheat at ihe
Common Mills.
aug 11 __
2 NEA T new Buggy’s; one plain and
siivt-r mounted, and one second hand I
Barouche, with harness complete—for
sale by GEO. WHITE,
aug 11 _____
MUST A RDjCeiery, and Parsley seed,
for Mangoes and other Pickies, for
saie low by "BELL & ENTWISLE.
Who have also for sale a good supply
of Gakden Seeds. aug 11
goof Schr Rebecca.
aug 11 WM. FOWLE & SON.
Specie.—$343,000 arrived nt New Or
leans on the 2d instant from Tampico.—
A conducta was expected at Tampico on
the Sth with $200 000-81 iS.000 of which
is for the house of Lizardic, of New Or
leans. —
Specie Payments.—On Tuesday last,
the City Bank suddenly resumed specie
payments — All who heard ol it rushed to
cash their hills, but in the midst of the
bustle, the clock struck ‘ three,” and the
specie payments were again suddenly
suspended, when to be resumed we know
not. —
Dreadful Tiro!—About half past S o’
clock, Dsi night, a lire was discovered in
MrJ. Minturn’s new houses, m Phillip
pa street, corner of Canal, which en
tirely destroyed the whoie block- —
These five houses were yet unfinished,
and the lire was clearly the act ol an in
cendiary, for it bmke out sirnuit me.uisly
front and rear. W e hit Hum burning,
and know not how much firth r the life
may extend.—Acw Orleans Commercial
Hi* lief i».
—p ir»i MW p»'a ■ iiuij rr erKwi* -.1 n'rwmi
MAS just received, and offers for sale
7 libels, and 15 barrels of P. It.
and N. O. Sugar, Sugar-ho use, ami A.
O. Molasses in hogsheads, tierces, and
barrels: 12 bags of Rio, St. Domingo ami
Java Coflee; Imperial, Gunpowder and
Young Hyson Tea; 30 dozen Brooms;
Lard in fiikins and kegs; 3 dozen Paint
ed Buckets, with sundry articles of Gro
ceries, Glass and Kaithrnware, all of
which will be sold on accomodating
Also for sale, which will be sold a Bar
gain, a Seine three hu died and fifty
fathoms in length, with Rope and live
Capsons. fang 1! — oo.3\\ |
(Succrssors to Win. M. Morrison,)
Kiug-stieet, Aiexandila,
AYE on hand a large supply ol
BOOKS in the various department
ol Literature; among winch may he ibiiml
Allen’s Memoirs; American Citizen; An
pleton’i Wo’ks; A keel’s Resilience in
China; American Scholar, by G. C. Yer
planck; American First (’lass Book; Ame
rican Gardener; Agnew on tin* Christian
Sabbath; Abercrombie’s Philosophy; Ab
boil’s Young Christian; Age of Develop
ment; Anthon’s Horace; Allen’s Lectures:
American Common Place Book; Atlantic
Sketches; Adam*’ Geography, with At
las; Authorship, a Tale; Adams’ Roman f
Antiquities; American Orchardist; AI
van’s Prosody; Adams’ Latin Grammar; |
Anthon’s Sallust; American Abninac;;
American Portraits (Watterston’s;) Alli
son’s Lectures; Annals of Tyron Coun
ty; Afflicted Man’s Companion; Arith
metic, McGuire’s, Jes>’s. Pike’s, Smith’s,
[and McCurdy’s; American Farmer; A
merican Grammar; Aids to Devotion;
Anecdotes of Natural History; Autobi
i ography of John Galt and AdamClaike;
American Revolution; Art of Money
Getting; Ang^i’s Series of School Books;
Anna Goode!!; Autobiography of Sir
Walter Scott; Augustine, Saint; Alleirie
on the Promises; Address to Youth; Al
exander’s History of the Israelites; An
ecdotes of Women; yTDop’s Fables; An
nette W arrington; Apples of Gold; Ad- !
vantages of Mari fed Life; American Por
trait Gallery; Alexandria Almanac.
Bishop Hopkins’ Works, 4 vois; Barnes’
Gospels, Notes on Romans and Acts. Fa
mily Prayers, New Testament Questions,
ancj Defence; Burnet’s Exposition of the
39 Articles; Boswell's Johnson, 2 vols;
royal 8 vo; Bell on the Nerves; Brough
am’s Theology; Ban’s 8indent's Assist
ant; Beloved Pastor; Blair’s Lectures, S !
vo; Blair’s Philosophy and Rhetoric,
24 mo; Burke’s YVorks, 3 vols Svo;
Bridges’ and Bonnycastle’s Algebra; Bon
nycastle’s Mensuration; British Pieacher,
3 vols 8vo; Bates’ Divine Attributes;
Books of History, 1st, 2d and 3d; Bltie
Book, 1834; Book of Hearts; Bicker
steth’s Harmony; Burden’s Memoirs;
Baptists in America; Britain’s Apology;
Bickersteth on Piayer; Bennett’s Book
Keeping; Blake’s Universal Geography;
Buck’s 'rheological Dictionary; Blunt’s
Coast Pilot; Bravo; Beecher on Intem
perance; Berkley the Banker; Bunyan’s
(trace Abounding; Biography ol the Sa
viour; Baxter’s Cal!; Bible Dictionary;
Bible Illustrations; Blunt’s Reformation
in England; Bushon Genesis; Books for
the Nursery; Bennett’s Letters; Buck’s
Theological Dictionary; Bool; of Toy j
Books; Blue Laws; Barbauld’s Lessons;!
Bombay Mission; Bread of Deceit; Book j
of Evidence; Brown’s Technical Die* i
tionarv, iVc. aug 9 |
At a low rent, the frame building
Jline.ir the First Presbyterian Church,
lately occupied by J. hn Chance,
aug 11 JOS1AH H. DANIS.
~ HALF che>ts just received and on
J sale by
K J SHARES for sale, apply to
14- f a Hi* 10] JNO. CORSE.
Siock and Exchange Broker.
6 FANS of approved construction for
sale by GEO. JOHNSON & Co.
ati" 10 __ i
| TONS, cargo of Schr. Lucy, j
JLOLr from Luboc—for sale by
\ A ~ TONS, car*io of Schr. Caro*
143 line—(or sale by
aug 9 VVM. FOWLE & SON.
OQ BOXES Ariuvv Root—fresh and
fine quality
4 bags Ginger
2 bbls. old Copper
Received per Brig Favorite, fromBar
badoes—lor sale by
1HALF chest superior G. P. Tea, for
family use
3 dozen Painted Pails
10 nests Hingham Boxes
just received per schr. President, and for
aug 9 <
The Packet LJiig YIECIIXIA.
stiif Clement Ryder master, will have
despatch— for freight or passage app!v* to
a tig 11 WM. FOWLE & SOX.
r£xv The good Schooner REHCC'CA,
^4rCapt. Small, will he ready k*r a
cargo in a few days, and take a freight
to any eastern port,
aiig 11 WM. FOWLE & SOX.
The good Sen?. LUCY, Chnnd
I vd^tll^r, master—will have cpiick des
patch, for freight of J00 harreh; app y
11 U a ion wlniiT.
rn\ The fine Schr. LUCY. Chandler
master, carries POO bb!s.— aj-pn- p»
inis! 9 lAvMCERT & McKENElE,
rT^ The St hr. CAROUX7,. Duck
; master, carries hop i»;.I>. and
i will take a freight to any Eastern Port_
j apply to WM. FOVVLE v!c JSC.X.
itUg 0
A foil i"r«*I_s:*H wiii le* mven to a
Vi-ii? vessel (,{ about 50b banvia I;iii tiion,
j fot* Kichl.'HJnd — Jipp'v to
j nuirO \v i. KOiVLH £ SC.W
i' DU i -v -s’; (; \. THIS VV hi;lv.
r'r\ Td foie paekd :-c{xx>i:ei Ivl'II
! vS12mo.\!.» PA OKI. i\ K;.i< ssju-.••«•.<•.. •>
i ixkc I bo bands i»*«*int, aid a ci«*i :v loao:
| for w iiic'i apply to.
1 , 1 .1. xj , a 1 lv. .. i ( i\ i.. \ I j.
I ft HIT 8— d I r f > r I V. f. . * f
KOil i'!! K H K S H ’ iv d . LW( «.
((hi ' r<!,:t dr.',! )
rr?l Therein LViuim lv...-.: p Ivln-oM
w;£ni;i-U'r. w i,i .sail a- above, aid pa:,
laid* a deck I«*;»;!. A.O 'iv *n
an».r 8 WM. K<;W!d S: SO\\
1* Oil l*'iti*,iC* 11 i OK ( i .
[ r s. Tlx* One coppered si !•. « < ; -
Ai,'S?*j• 11 \ » • l.-'er, . ..»'
i Ild'ii ilia) tons; will lx* n\ii:y j -r a
| cargo— apply to
anu 4 WM. WO W ],M p. SC
r Oil It A li i d 11J Ol*- - >.
Tlx* s11o»*i ji>i* fa>j sailing a•»;
**r. ■rip*/ V OLA dll i.\,.loS» pi» l)d.\‘M*r, l ».:s
ter. w.bi Siill ih aii :xXt week. I*’*»r scad
stowage, nr pc„>i>ei liters, b.,,iay youu ,jc
coriiniodatiuris. Apple to
mi'j M WM. 1’OWf,!* «v* i1-' o.
V i\SS r. 1 ,S \\ I\ i ;• | >.
r“T v. o vessels <• f 5 to Wo I)t rr» I -
^.doacb, arc wanted for iWovbb’ero
and i\n tsxi .a* h, ,\ew iT;i:?*:*-hir**. piy
to V> M. r (J \\ id, c’p SO.s.
jv 18
Y he .Mall Si a j <* I'oivi
Wash.nghm, l>. C. t
* iraiijit' Court I I 'liiM*.
via AleXandpu. War
renton, Lee’s Springs, and Cuitvper
Court House, connecting at Orange
Court House with the line for the Widte,
lied, and Tine Sulphur Springs, novr run.
each way Mix times a wet k, ami p.;r>* :: N
a pleasant, rrrtaiu and expebiimu' route,
with sober, moral, and accommodating
drivers, and lirst-iate coaches atm te«*.m>.
f.The steamer Coi.r:t
| r:a,Ca pt. J a ines M11 eh •
•-!, will leave Washing
4*ii»ton for Not folk ev«• j y
Monday and Friday, at 1 1 o’clock A. M.
andaniveet Norfolk on the inputting
mornings, (Tuesdays and Satin da vs.)
in time lor the cars of the Portsmouth
and Roanoke Railroad, and the steam
boats for Richmond.
Returning.she will leave Norfolk eve
ry Wednesday and Sunday, immeointe
ly after the arrival of the Railroad cars
and the Steamboats for Richmond.
Passage and fare S3.
The Columbia will take off and land
passengers at Piney Point, going and re
turning. July 11—dtr
O' OFFER this valuable farm forsule. !'
8. issituated on the wateis (if Cedar run
in the Country of Fauquier, about six
miles S. E. ol Warrenton, and adjoins!
the lands of James Fitzgerald, Charm* J I
Stovin, Tlmmas Fitzhugb, and Dudley i
Fitzhugb. It contains 7o(» acres. The j
buildings are new. consisting ol a coni-:
fortable dwelling house, ice house.kitchen, |
it c.&c. There are two excellent gardens,
and a great variety of choiceFrmt Trees j
on the place. The farm is divided into ]
eight fields, all under good enclosures, j
and sown clown and well taken in Timo
thy. There are three timothy meadow*
which yield from a ton to a ton and a halt
to the acre, h produces well. Corn. (J .is, !
Wheat, Tobacco. &c., and is readily im
proved by clover and plaister. i
This Farm is as well adapted for gra
zing as any farm in Virginia. Some of j
the ajoining farmers, who have corn- (
menced grazing, have succeeded beyond j
all calculation; their success has added
greativ to the value of land in the neigh- j
bornood. The farm is capable of being
divided.—two farms of good shape and
size could be formed out of it. It has an
abundance of Wood—there being more
than two hundred and fifty acres of hea
vy Timber upon it.
This valuable property is on the line
of the contemplated Railroad from War
renton to Alexandria, which, beyond al!
doubt, will be built in a few years, and is
situated in an agreeable neighborhood.
The subscriber being anxious to re
move to the West, will sell on the rr.ost
accommodating terms. Persons, wishing
to purchase are requested to cail and
view’ the premises.
april 4—eo4m
WE wish to puichase 500 prime qtiaii
ity Cedar PcsK for which the high
est market prion will be oaid.
Jannev’s wharf. t
Stock and Exchange Broker.
aug s
NEW Wheat Family Flour, a prime
article, just received and for sale
aug 8
1 —b'-i1 '1_J u' , 'jlir 1 ■"» n r » - r<rti———ay
; T^/'ATCIIE?, Jeweir\*, Dry Goods an
V 1 b uncy Ai tides at Auction. This a.
; lernoon, at \» hitoks Auction Store, com
niencing at 4 o’clock, when will he sold
line gold patent lever watches; ladies line
gold lapine do; silver levers of various pat
ter;,*, having silver guard chains; line
! gold .'oh chains, with swing seals; Man
j tie ( locks, breast pins, »ic. Ai>o line
‘ ifali.m si*ks. corded skirts calicoes, lin
j ens, sheetings, brown and bleached cot
tons. patent threads, hdi. f> , shawls. vest
d'gs, tal *t* clot• is, grass iiuen, s* k and c-t
■ ton . »',t*ry. mu-lins, beautiful Drench
i :)•«. V- 's 0 rverv x.oiety; l fine cdf frame
m gfct e; ullfut flower \ases; lea
and dining plat?--; ( Ii.ua cake tides;
ma; f'*• or;;;]- .cal*; a; ihash l* paper hold
hue j ej; ai d pocket kuive*;
ra:ci>: { a spina:.-; toys; flute e; dirks;
j ov.-(»r'.r; ; lax p«vket books; card cast->;
| Cctuv; i; . i I * > i: i .*»* cal instruments; spy
i glaS'c -; bir* ii.n ,i -ii’ris; quarto tnble,
pMan c. v\ c. \m;:i a variety of ui
t.des a!i oi uiudi v. fli b * sold without
reserve. Id. V/. STL’KM A.\.
| nngll
I .? • t , at auction.
"JpO-,VOii i.) %*» tiiP U'li iP^t.
! - Ht I ) ••r . r«v, Uiii t<\* >i»:• 1 (.-ii l!n*
J ivmjso, !;-*• i *• 41 .'c i i1 !« nsp (ii,(! !<<t
vi « i:>' Ti.1'*’.’ ii; if ivaf ; ; i;!t» t ninn
t i“i*-!. (11Iiuclco iavci'M.^ Tcnr.siii • :uo
* c::o.
p 'i s i 1
i > 1 I- < I >llV< >‘l \ I ii ! 4 k. •
, /.• ' ' rnilurr. Her /’i.rlnrc*,
•i".* <>t And ion.
AN s 'i ip-:-.:.' y J,/.j ir. f.. at IOcYIpcI,
: ‘ * V.' ’• 11 ; »*• s i »• • i i i i J ’ i.1 11 W I * 11111! i 1; 1 »•*ti
'P''1!! •>! p i <'»}»•* jiU \ ai’idJ I,
■» I;n. P'* » :.i-. r Union, «>.i i.*s
r <». . . 11 ;..!< ^ <• .rn11;.i n. I.? v r: :i
A.*' ; ‘"f, . .»< •. i v. JiY!) i ir
* * * •« i«» t * ‘ ^ , i I < * i. • S t ► i'l, * , -i;f w,
. * • ' P • "*. * ‘ » l 11 j • : • S it 11 < J i‘ * i*.; 11 I • |‘t ‘,
i •• lino v. •* • !. Yoi.?:<, ;.i»J i r*
■ ’ '_Vi •»■ vs i r.. i\ I fill: U t »*. i-'nv'PS
( >.v i»4>‘.j, i.:; ,.i.> ... ) 4 lXUi!C>, Lj.»‘lh frf
V. C.
jt vr.p;i. * i * rp i'r ;'('*• s*. !•< i i; pf
r < * St • M* «: ii>I <i >\ t'u.; *_I i» 1U >c o i . J . J iai
1\ i ■ i n hrv.
. .** will hr a !;!;»•!/
nr j? i> * iij. ;• i;i ti * i*a,» < • f an,*. i’rrm^
't r ci»bh. GLUKG,, v, IJ ■ i !,,
• * A:::• t!«»i*«• * r.
7»; * ;»1 * * « . • ? i •
• i i ' i #. . * w 14,h,
' A t*:f* •11 AimaM. t.-cintr Safiir*
s-- •* (! a v. <11 i i < i v■ i< , ! t r c* a ?■ 11. v. »* 4- j j; i!)
: ! • <• «■ r■ *; r > >i*iI, f»y vi; t in* <-1 tun ii Ij-As. is
O ! y J. Sh.!;;>*! ct* ol tin' IV;:c< ;
•»<- > i y i, * <• a. j>i • (ice nI i• n* 1 Vr.cm,
tilt* i An v. ti .. • ;* 'M.-.:-**ti |im»eilv, to u , ;
a i ;t <• I (<: •»u;;«i •<Hi 1 fin* !• ;; 1«'ir.!! m; i i;r..
*-: • i;»*f I <l J««i t J * * i! till Mm* \. < St v»r I of
; '»i!: i :-;» rel i:i: 4 to the son'll cl \.i;*
'Tt’-'(*f, i u\it>-<l a- i'.ij.t>i;n'ir.L! mi
»* air/ax‘.-tivct llon't ! » the soiitji \v'«'i! d
"1 v. ti'J -! 1 • ft, -iitr2 lij'iin !i e fior:*i J,f.c of
t • t | • j »*<■».* o | •J' t (>;: ,; «] . j } (’Mi , |’ *«»
An. i Ms: 1 ii; 1 a; 1 itij t».f*11 c»* u’c-t v.’jth tit*
■ c: Mmt ii\i umi, . ml ; ano!» I h» \\\ ;f
Mi'fMhi It »t to a 1 i lent a.>y M.enc*
w.;a tin* I.ni* o; -at i a , arc! par .;>J >0
1* a!I (aX St! at t I i •at. Ihm: 1 (’♦ * c .-! a *\I.7
with ;« iin** p tr..l.to \*,'n f s-*s-t «•: *. 1 tact
i to i'Mi.s.ax s'nrf, Ifemce s.m-Miu a: <ji\*
■with tii1* street, ami t iiii’iti" tin ico 1 :a)
| i<’<*i to file ha; II I if•»■*: Jo s.th-fy o:ie
J eihioii in favtircj l i£:nji 1J.*, one 1.1
j 'iiV'T of .). ii. | htvi-, m;u? in lever of 'j*.
1*. l'av< a. ;n]n;ii»is!i atm' cl j. IP I'.iyue—
all of whim arc a j.unst ,!a:*u*s Jonv-on.
KDVv AUIJ lit 'HCi-EL,
iv 2s—ant? A. <\ C,
d/m us T<h.\n)nz;u\i\
Virginia Wheeling Lo;teiy, Ciass 5.
i W ill he drawn at West Had, \irgnda,
{Saturday. August |g. at 3 oVi kk,
iiilukst piiiZK $zr)}ooo.
25 Prizes of 120no Dollais. cvc.
Tickets > 10. halves 5, quarters g f»0.
’1 o he had in a variety ol iiim huso!
/.oftrry cf* K.rrhn t:e r llvuttw. A If'.rmuh in.
I Drawing of Newark College I,oh \n J.
OS 43 /3 33 35 01 Go (j 4 1 40 21 t
Drawing «»f Del. State Lottery, da** 3.:
73 10 hS 20 25 30 04 40 2 II 17 43
d/mus ro-Monnnw.
Virginia \\ heeling Lottery, (‘lass 5.
Will he drawn at West Krtd, Virginia,
{Saturday. Angn-i 12. at 3 o'clock,
IIKJHKbT UIW/A: f*5,000.
25 Prizes of |• 000 dollars. A;c.
Tickets $10; halves 5; quarters 2 30.
Oil salt* i n " l < ;• t v;inet y hy
.s. 6.2 8>iir>.
Drnwingof Vewa>k College Lot. No 1.
CS 45 73 33 35 Of 00 0 4 1 40 21 i
Drawing of Del. State Lottery, clnsc 22:
73 10 OS 20 25 30 04 40 2 11 47 43
HHDS. superior P. R. and Cuba
20 bags superior old white CcfT.-e
4o barrels old whisUeyi
.0 hhds P. R. Su."'tr
6 boxes refinedo and
2 half pipes pure peach brand/, jjst
received and for sale by
»u? 7 JAMES D. KERR.
10 half pipes
24 qarter casks
IS cas*s, 2 dozen Unities each, supe
rior Port Wine, from the house of Hunt,
Yeugue, Hooper & Go., Oporto, lor sale
by ^ \VM. FOWLE & Sop,
aug 5 Agents.
[Nat. Int. 2aw3w]
THE creditors of G. & R. AiiFon.
Merchants, trading under tin* firm
j of Gordon Si Robert Alii on, are !n v ' v
! informed that a Deed of Tru t, v -:s vj.
; ecuted to the undersigned on t; •• •
l dav of June las!. ;■ r <J \., . . »
them to the bet:, fu
must execute ih. , u .. u
Dase of ail claims nod demands on the
said firm within »i«y days from (he date
thereof—including therein ail debts for
the payment of which both the members
of the said firm are bound, and which
have been contracted for the benefit of
said firm. R. 1. TAYLOR,
jy 29—121A T. U. LOVE.

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