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\\0.' ^ • ~^-r-—--—-—
i--" \ntt»s command. in Tus
^|^bamaJ5 Percent premium!
" rrxTT^nouth, bot^d i°
V. ,aiied from Hampton Koads
r c A1 ’
;~ _—
"rrTof Missouri commenced is
rv « n paper on the 30th oil. The
‘ CoouUtinn Of notes that she
i->"; , . . .e St Louis Republican,
. {ttvn»y d*'liars.__
I . ,% 'Oi.iNA F.uxtio.vs.— w e learn
Peteisbura Constellation, that
'• ,s)-e-rlected in the Halifax
•‘■-‘.‘•“'U.. majority n<»t known.
'u’.rreti District. General Haw
re-elected. A corres
' 1 , n„. G'ohe States the result.
:':,t V.',. M.itkiin, c95; Henderson;
*h.'e t*o’lira Van Daren, the lat
•• ,inns have yet been heard from
ri) -triots/ So far the Whigs
,,v"'lost nothing, and have in
'Ipainidv gained or.e.Mr. Shepard,
• ■ n Distr ict. _
~ Gale at Nassau (Pi*
ot the British Sleep
.‘f ‘,;ird. at Norfolk, in 5 days
’ ' m , v ;> \ informs the editors
■ ; 'Za’ 'that a violent and severe
•V; „df,omE.-o E. S. K. visited
. J(,., sa'tiriuy night. 29th July,
witii mutual severity un
, o i Monday following, which
1‘.m.rvtotliotown and harbor,
r ‘Vil%♦•>>*•!*, ~‘>no of which was schr.
‘ * no'm- vcl from New Orleans,
Va unt to sea. and were not
k::.U.. when Cant. O. b it .
' i;>l0 v*>s^ U wore wrecked in the vi
,,•*♦!).* |»,i h«>r, and it was ascertain*
‘oh sortie idlin'crew had perished.
|,„useswtfrc blown down in town,
isapprthe i id thattlie corn crops
. .V I he nearly ail destroy'd.
was scarce and high-it was scl
frittsSg 5'1 ;>cr haslnd.
\;'Tin' N‘*w Orleans i'ee of the
. . • . * • \Ye h ive been favor
? ;»v‘;m 1ecti! !*• house ot tins i i!y v. uh
. . {»u.Hi extract of a lelier, itN eiv
*. i Sui .tli A mi a, <lat“il
■Ta-.jk -o, July 22.
• n'i>*.ir.\er,te lia- tieuinr.ihM a
ta** civr'jv <-t live ruifiju <>!
. . tcii it * »ul 1 • 1 *r*! a> given
n t'l-t.if'iim t * * the la’tei. «t1 * i they
; t atlvi- e t > enter a2 >in m’o n- -
, >.i- u iih Sant i iht‘L» »ven.
.. * {vi {|| r* •>{ {a iM'i! •• * >i ^ nu « v: Mil
.-iriT bri >: e acoint inniiial !«» an
. r ;-1 > iir* c.i iri:* * n*iain-t li.ai on ac
.? !af* i t*X s S Hit »
i ,•»;> in! to t! e call U; Lie jn!.t>»Viiri
»aij u inner:
; ti <!«*. n » ih'ho. v n*» fjl:r>o”—(I
. »r. I >‘j *u! ! <t »t, an * I " i. not.
• a « ... ;11 nee ci v. Ii.eh a >’i »riii <’e
. . ,. \ , f r tvalfY " is .!> >aaU'h‘M| | >i
• if,_| > tj i < \ • vo. \v,?;: <>ra r - t*> t h.o t In'
,• , ,v I iii2 I.i i! a 11 a»!n r t<» La* v;*
• (i,i i » :r ,.u iv.ii i»ox« t*\vi, in' v. a
wi,t*n* to be lioiini. *• i-nn* -ay lie i»
to Jaai}>n, oP*»rs to V»*ia ( i uz.
‘•ViCtoiS.i anil lifav ». if is SiiH.1, have
u!'u iurne.i Santa Anna in* u.”
Snri'HKPN ( MMJ K<I X I. I 'ON YKN’l I >N.—
Vv’t* S»*P t» V tlli' A IIP U'?l (< !IH>) C ll M*tlic
!!i-itthe> >tPh* I'm Meic i.»u»> art* desd
v !c ir.'tiiaf.ni; fheit*>e!ves (he exporters ol
• i. rowr. product* ami Ui * importers ui
• r lhv i suppi.es, ami to can v out the^t*
;• ■ t’ u (.’i*cm 1 • ir has been i>.>ued. call
, , t'uiven.mn ui .Mvith nils at Au
’.u-t i. mi October next, u c annex a
v, ;v of 3:
A rar\s, 0 *o. July 21st, 1837.
S r—A crisis has arrived in the com
r r a! .itlails of die South ami Soil’ll
Wdo; a cn>is ttie um>t favor.due tti.tr has
« aut> A since the formation of tile Amer
in j'ovorimp’iit to attempt a ne w ot jjaii*
.i iti 'ii ui our commercial relations w >tli
K'iro;>\ We ou^lit to he our own
in';1 liters and exporters, for the very
I- 'Ovaoifi, tiuit wo hiMii'h nearly ail the
■■■■■' rs of export in the meat staples of
• *Koo. llice and Tobacco. This is a
• njuiar advanta**4* for any pe pie to en
J Vet. ui;h ail this in our favor, by
:i . lire, vu* employ the merebants of the
R ’ atm cit.es a< our agents in this r*usi
• Miey export our immense valuable
^"ifuctions, ami import our articles of
ranvtnnption—-arid from tins agency
’ ■ y derive a profit which lias enriched
• '•'an; and. as ion:* as it continues, v\iii
’urtc11 them, at our expence. It h.is in
»*d ei'tier directly or indirectly, made
' utm’eot tiie .North and North West
vtut they me. It is time this unequal
>'ite of things should cease; that we
•' a d look tc the natural advantages of
‘ >i >itu Pwn us southern men; and take
*’ '' mays to secure to ou; selves the full
01 j 'Viiit-ut of them.
ymir views be in accordaneo
v :‘(M,rs, we propose, respect!uliv. tb it
v‘ tionof Southern and Western
‘ a. u;t< !}e field in the city of Augusta,
• *, <>n t .** third Monday in October next
!* aim th*'!-* to take into consideration
[ ‘Whole sin jeer, ns it stands connec
'V;^‘ °tir present ami fuiiire interests.
\.“i)egihat you will not think lightly
°f di;< in.ittT. It is a most important
’lnv**iving the interests of millions
remarkable case of preservation of
’ occurred hist week in the town of
j ’^'“Uvk, New York. A girl about
!; "iVe >oais * t age, with her infant bro
! 1 ‘ her arm>, m lowering a bucket
' 'VVt'' ‘hiny-s-x feet deep, with s>x
^ ' •- der hM her balance, arid botn
.' precipitated to the bottom. The
J-1 e> v>, the girl brought her mother to
♦ . .w'1 directed her to elm? to
•• un^ chiid, and had elevated
cio >ut avo t.mds ofthe distance when
j ‘ “:iu-“tor's strength failed, and they;
• »^a;n ?eii to the oottom. The daugh* i
^ • *Va succeeded in getting into the !
t, when her mother drew her safely •
(/v, * laborer passing at the time j
the well, and brought up the
f'uib :'k 'V bo(iy °* tne infant.
V;i, ' t )e of proper restoratives it |
d-ivue^°rp<* *f> an^ the following;
^was as playfMl asevor._J
P I’f ^bAN mod politely in- !
*^s tM'ilsand triends that on
he will resume, in this
;.«l.etmtulaulh=sna.ive, c>
O 11
Prince George’9 County (Md.) Whig
Nomination.—At an adjourned meeting
of the delegates appointed to meet in
convention at Upper Marlborough, to
nominate candidates to represent this
county in the next Legislature, held on
the 8th instant, the convention proceeded
to make a selection of candidates, and
on counting the ballots, it appeared that
Henry L. Coombs, Robert Ghiselin, "Wil
liam H. Tuck, and Robert Bowie, Esqrs.
had received the highest number of votes,
and were thereupon recommended to the
voters of Prince George’s county for
their suffrage at the next Oct. election.
On motion by Benj. E. Gantt, Esq.
Resolved, That a convention ol dele
gates selected by the People in their pri
mary assemblages for the purposes of no
minating suitable candidates for their suf
frages, is in strict conformity to the prac
tice of our party, and eminently calcu
lated to produce that unity and concert
of action which can alone ensure the ulti
mate success of the principles of the
W higs—the only true principles on which
this Government should be administered.
Resolved, That in recommending to
Whigs of Prince Georue’s countv, Ro
bert Bowie, William H. Tuck, Robert
Ghiselin, and Henry L. Coombs, Esqrs.,
as suitable persons to represent this
county in the next General Assembly,
we have disregarded every personal or
local cosideration, and acted with a sin
gle eye to the advancement of those
; great principles which every true-heart
ed Whig values above every ouiei con
On motion, Resolved, That the chair
man re assemble tins convention, after
due notice, in the event of a vacancy oc
curring in the above ticket.
Benj. L. Gantt, Chairman.
William G. Carter, Secretary.
What is Life —There is eloquence of
thoughts well as of language in the 1**1
lowing paragraph from Arnotl’s Ele
ments of Physic:
k‘The functions by which the nominal
body assumes foreign matters Iron) a
| round and converts them into its own
I substance is little inviting in some of its
! details; but taken altogether in one of the
; mud wonderful subjects which can en
engage the hum in attention. It points
! directly to the curious and yet unanswer
ed oue-tion. \\ hat islite? 1 fie student
: of nutme may ana'yze with ail his art
t!i<>"\* minute portions of matter called
! >eeds. ami w nteii he knows to be the ru
diments of future creatures, and tne links
by which ell it ess gen* rations ul living
realmes bang to existence, bat he can
out disentangle and display apart their
' mysterious life! that something under the
u iki-Mue of which e »ch hike germ in
.:ue time swells out to iiil an invisible
mould of maturity whicu determines it>
mi ms and proportions. Out1 such sab
-tan e thus becomes a beauteous r*ose
o s!i; ati'’tip r a hobie oak; a third an
rag « ; a fourth an ekphunt—yea, m tin*
s'i51u* witv out of tne in ,»-st iaiiteiia:s o!
* ornkeu sei tis and roots, atid ieaw- <d
* .<ii s am* ! its o! at dm i ile-di. is i)uilt
.; p .he human Paine itself, whet tier of
the active man*, to . billing graceftilhess
and skeo-fh; »>r of the grittier woman,
.to beauty around In r as light. liow
' passing sli atige that such should be the
.oiiginoi the bright human eye, whose
; gl.oice pier es as if the invisible son!
were shot wit.’i it—of the lips which pom
to th sweetest e oquence — of the larynx
: \vh ch, bv vibrating, fids the surrounding
fir with music; and more wonderiul than
.ill, of mat mass shut up within th? bony
forti ess ol the skull, w nose delicate tex
ture is the abode of the soul, with its rea
son winch contemplates, and its sensibi
1 lity which delights, in these and endless
other miracles of cieation!”
| We regret to state that an accident oc
j curred last evening in the Northern Li
berties. As Mrs. Dallas (the mother ol
' trie Hon. George M. Dallas) and her
'daughter, Mrs. Campbell, were riding,
! the horses became alarmed and over.-et
i the carriage. Both the ladies were dread
fully injured — Mrs. Dallas so much s >
that she expired in a short time. Mrs. D.
was advanced in lile, and was much h« -
! loved and respected in this community.
Her death will be sincerely lamented by
j a numerous circle of friends who have
known tier value—PhUmhlphia (taz. \
-- —
Lengthy.—Many good writers still use
this word, for which a new degree of
! comparison should be invented. 11 f<>r
; instance a minister preaches a lengthy
! sermon, it seems necessary that he
j should have strength y lungs, and a
; bread thy subject. It will thus be seen
that there is a class of words that could
be tidy arranged under a degree which
! is unknown in any of the existing gram
mars. The necessity of such a degree,
therefore, ceils for a revision of our Ety
mology.— Charleston Observer.
! Courage.—It is not the daringness ol
• kick ing a waiter at the tavern; it is not the
| strutting with a cockade, dressed in scar
let; it is not uttering oaths and imnreca
caiions at every wold, which tor ins the
I characteristics of true courage. That j
man only is brave who tears nothing sol
much ii«> committing a mean action; and
undauntedly iultiiis his duty, whatever
! m.iv be the dangers that depend on his
! way.__
Ex km flaky.—The brig Rising Stales j
1 owned, ty a company of colored men in j
; this town, commanded by Captain Cuff, J
! sailed irom this port on a whaling voy
age about a week ago. She is owned'
ffued out, commanded, and manned!
by men of color—and the w.iy sne potato .
j M*a was an example worth following. Ge*!
nerally, tor two or three days previous j
to going to sea, our ships are anchored ;
off in tne stream, and the greatest dii*
ticulty is experienced in getting the
men on board—some are intoxicated,
I some are hid away—-and others are bro’t
, down from the jail by the sheriff and
carried off to the ship. Masters and own
ers are seriously troubled in this way.— j
| But such was not the case with the Ris-1
ir.g Stales. The hour*for sailing arrived .
and every man went peaceably and so- j
beriy on'board of the brigw she lay at the i
u hai f The pilot stepped on the deck— j
the canvass was spread—the hawsers cast,
off', and the old weather-beaten pilot says i
that he never heard so little noise or saw
such a temperate and obedient crew, on
r.oard of any vessel that he ever carried
out to sea.—Sew Bedford Gazette, i
aug 7—eo2w ’
“Festivities are fit for what is happily
concluded; at the commencement they
hut waste the force and zeal which should
inspire us. Of all festivities the marriage
festival appears the most unsuitable;
calmness, humility and silent hope, befit
no ceremony more than this.”— Gotthe.
Lady, thy merry marriage bells are ring
And all around thee specks of festal
The loss of one so good and fair is bring
Methinks strange gladness for her fa
ther’s hearth;
Yet th'*u amid the throng art pensive sit
And well I know’ these revels cloud thy
And that thou, deemest such triumph un
A solemn and important rite like this.
These flowery wreaths, these sounds of
Some victor’s glorious deeds might ce
But thou canst claim no proud congratu
Untried, uncertain is thy future fate;
Nor would true friends a brilliant spell
cast o’er thee,
Giving to girlhood’s dreams delusive
But rather bid thee view the scene before
With calm humility and silent hope.
Thine is a path by snares and toils attend
Yet, lady, in thy prudence I confide,
Thou art not by mere mortal aid befriend
Prayer is thy stay, and Providence thy
And should thy coming years with ills be
Thou safely may’st abide the storms
of- life.
If the meek virtues of the Christian mai
Shine f >rtb as brightly in the Christian
wife. .
On the 10th instant, by the Rev. Mr.
Tipner, Mr. J »n.\ Gakkktt Coi.novKV, of
i Philadelphia, to Miss Si sanna IIuwakd
Uaouktt, of Aiexamiiia D. C.
On the 10th instant, at Onley, Mont
gomery county, Maryland, by the Rev.
,l)r Laurie, Cuaioks E. Siikuman, Esq. ol
! Mobile, Alahrsm », to M akuati; i A. daug'i
| Ter ol Joseph Ligar, Lsq. idled \\ ashing
I In Richmond, on Tuesday the Sth inst.
! by the Rev. Widiaro II. Hart, Mr. Ei>
w.\:;i) V. Si'akiiawiv. Editor of the Peter>
! burg Intelligencer, to Miss Eloisl \V ak
j kkll, of I?ienmond.
In Ball more. M.nyiand, on the 11th
1 mutant. J \.\u s D. Mrn:;u i.i. E>q. of Myrtle
Grove, diaries county, Maryland.
Of consumption, at his residence in St.
Mary’s con.i'v, \l .ryiand, on the
July, Kkam is Aukli., aged 17years.
i Oil the 6th day of April last, in Notto
| way county, Jimmy, an African, the pro
perty of Mrs. Margaret Marshall, at the
advanced age of one hundred and foriy
years or moi e. a> believed by his mi-tiv.vs.
Allhough Jimmy had been long in this
: country, it seems that not the first princi
: pies of the C!n iMian religion could be en
grafted on his mind. To his dying day
he believed, that after death, he would
return to the land of his fathers. But
Jimmy was an honest man and a faithful
servant and sentinel, for Mrs Marshall
felt that all was safe when she left home if
the key was in possession of Jimmv: nut
to white or black would he have de
livered it hut v ith the loss of his life.
A Card -—The undersigned, having, in
the last six years advanced from his own
private resources, about thirty thousand
dollars to sustain an independent press 1
1 at the seat of the national government, is
| no longer able to continue so great a sac
rifice. Hoping to obtain a local mercan
tile patronage, which would meet this
' extra expenditure, the publication of tin*
paper was transfered to i’aitimore,arid ins
anticipations would have be fully realized,
but for the derangement ol the currency,
which has not only arrested commeiciai
j operations, but prevented Iris southern j
1 and western subscribers from making
■ their usual remittances: the consequence
i <*f which has been, that the receipts have
fallen so far below Ins expectations, that
he feels himseif compelled to inaku a per
isonal appeal to the public forth.it ; id,
| which, under the circumstances, he be
lieves will be given. For this purpose,
lie has entered upon a tour of the South
ern and VVestei n States, and takes the
liberty of inviting .such of the citizens of
Fredericksburg and the vicinity, as may
be inclined to do so, to meet Dim at the
Court house this evening, at 5 1*. M..
where he will take occasion to submit a
few remarks in connexion with the sub
August 8.
I\o arrivals Irom sea. \\ mu IN. In. E. i
Saiu:i>, Aigust, j2.
Schr Carolina, Buchanan, Boston.
Schr llopt*, .Moore, Maranhnm. i
Sci.r Richmond Packet, Eliis, Boston, j
Schr Thomas Janies, Iiubb.e, Norfolk.)
Sloop Miiier, Hand Philadelphia, j
Shoop Union, Scott, ci'J. at Phiiaclel |
phia lUih, lor the District.
Schr Potomac, Knapp, hence at N. Y.
9fh in^t.
A Bushels Turks Island Salt; j
OUUO 5 casks old Copper, received
ot brig Favorite—for sale by
aiig 14 M ASTERS & COX._i
| / \ chests. and 20—13 lb boxes lmpe
JL a/ rial tea; 10 chests ol Louchong.
Lately exported for sale low, to close
a consignment, by
aiii? 14 A. C. CAZE\0\E.
^kTTH America Hides, lor
oiUv) sale by
a«ig 14 A. C. CAZENOVE & CO.
PL A 1ST Ell.
i dJ % TONS, car^o of Sclir. Caro
O laic—for sale by
THE creditors, and all others, having
claims or demands on the estate of
James Gordon, deceased, are requested
to present them, properlv authenticated,
for payment, on or before the first day of
January next, as [ shall surrender the
Estate then remaining in my hands to the
Divize, according to the terms of the
Will of the said James Gordon, now of
record in the Circuit Superior Court, of
Fairfax County. All persons indebted to
said estate, are requested to make imme
diate payment, as no indulgence will be
given. JNO POWELL, Adm’r.
with the Will annexed of James Gordon,
deceased. aug 14—fiw
(Successors to )Y)n. M. Morrison.)
King-street, Alexandria,
HAVE Oil hand a large supply of
BOOKS in the various departments
of Literature; among which may be found
Allen’s Memoirs; American Citizen; Ap
pleton’s Woiks; ALeel’s Residence in
China; American Scholar, by G. C. Yer
planek; American First Class Book; A me
rican Gardener; Agnew on the Christian
Sabbath; Abercrombie’s Philosophy; Ab
bott’s Voting Christian; Age of Develop
ment; Anthon’s Horace; Alien’s Lectures;
American Common Place Book; Atlantic
Sketches; Adams’ Geography, with At
las; Authorship, a Tale; Adams’ Roman
Antiquities; American Orchardist; Al
va ri’s Prosody; Adams’ Latin Grammar;
Anthon’s Sallust; American Almanac;
American Portraits (Watterston’s;) Alli
son’s Lectures; Annals of Tyron Coun
ty; Afil'cted Man’s Companion; Arith
metic, McGuire’s, Jess’s. Pike’s, Smith’s,
and McCurdy’s; American Farmer; A
merican Grammar; Aids to Devotion;
Anecdotes of Natural History; Autobi
ography of John (Lilt and AdamClaike;
American Revolution; Art of Money
Getting; Anget’s Series of School Books;
Anna Goo(B*ll; Autobiography of Sir
Walter Scott; Augustine, Saint; Alleine
on the Promises; Address to Youth; Al
exander’s History of the Israelites; An
ecdotes of Women; iEsop’s Fables; an
nette Warrington; Apples of Gold; Ad
vantages of Married Life; American Por
trait Gallery; Alexandria Almanac.
Bishop Hopkins’ Works, 4 vols; Barnes’
Gospels, Notes on Romans and Acts. Fa
mily Prayers, New Testament (Questions,
and Defence; Burnet’s Exposition of tin*
3(J Articles; Boswell's Johnson. 2 vois
royal 8 vo; Bell on the Nerves; Brough
arn’s rheology; Barr’s fctudent's Assist
ant; Beloved Pastor; Blair's Lectures, 8
voj Blair’s Philosophy and Rhetoric,
>4 mo; Burke’s Woiks, 3 vois Svo;
Bridget and Bonnycastie’s Algebra; i Ion
oyeasde’s Mensuration; British Preacher,
3 vols Sva; Bates’ Divine Attributes;
Books of History. 1st, 2d and 3d; Blue
Book, IbJl; Book ol Hearts; bicker*
stetn’s Harmony; Burden’s Memoirs;
Baptists m America; Britain's Apology;
iiicKer>t«‘lh on l*: ayei; Bennett’s Book
Keeping; Blake’s Universal Geography;
i Buck’s Theological Dictionary; Blunt’s
Coast Pilot; Bravo; Beecher «•» Inteni
j pcrai.ee; Berkley the Banker; Buuyan’s
» Grace Abounding; Biography ot the Sa
viour; Baxter’s Call; Bibie Dictionary;
Bible Illustrations; Ciunt’s Deformation
in England; Bushon Genesis; Books lor
the Nursery; Bennett’s Letters; Diction
ary; Book of Toy Books; Blue Laws;
Baibauhi’s Lesson?; Bombay Mission;
Bread ol Deceit; Book ul Evidence;
arown’s Technical D-etiorarv; Baron
Trenck; Bible Stoi ies; BufTon’s Natural
History, 5 vols; Bible Studies; Buck s
Models for Female Character; Brown’s
Concordance; B ble Atlas; Burder s Ser
mons; Brewster on Optics; Broshears’
Poems; Burns’Works; Bible Biography;
Barnum’s Flementary Book; Bicker
steth’s Chief Concern; Burder’sSelf Dis
cipline; Bright Beams uf Light; Brown’s
Imperial Bible; Beauties o| British C las
sic*;; Bloonfield’s Poems; Braddock’s Let
ters; Biki.cs of almost every description;
Bible Gazetteer. aug 14
rsplIK creditors of G. & It. Allison,
1 Merchants, trading under the linn
of Gordon & Robert Alii'on, are hereby
informed that a Deed of Tru-t, was ex
ecuted to the undersigned on the MOili
dav of June last, and in order to entitle
them to the benefits of said Trust, they
must execute and deliver a general re
lease of all claims and demands on the
said fii m within sixty days from the d lie
thereof-—including therein all debts lor
l the payment of which both the members
«>f the said linn are hound, and which
have been contracted lortiie benefit of
said fiim. R. !. TAY LOR,
j v Mb—t:2lA T. R. U>VK.
MAS just received, and offers for sale
7 Idids. and 15 barrels of P. R.
lamlN. O. Sugar, Sugar-house, and X.
O. Molasses in hogsheads, tierces, and
ban els: 1M bags of Rio, St. Domingo and
Java Col fee; Imperial, Gunpowder and
Young Hyson Tea; 30 dozen Brooms;
Laid in In kins and kegs; 3 dozen Paint
ed Buckets, with sundry articles of Gro
ceries, Glass and Kaithenwafe, ail of
which will be soiu on accomodating
Also for sale, which will he sold a Bar
gain, a Seine three hundred and fifty
fathoms in length, with Rope and live
Cap ons. fang 11 —eo.3w]
A CARGO of lObi) bushels lor SmitTs
i 'A. use, and ISuU bushels coarse lor
Grates, from the Gowrie Pitts, ol supe* I
llor quality, lor s de by
a11g 1M A. C. C A 7aK\0VK & CO.
W WISH to purchase W heat and Rye,
ii iii Alexandra, and \V iieat at Me |
Cameron Aims.
Bu: i t __|
NEAT new Bu^tiy’s; one plain and
Jmt silver mourned, and one second hand
Barouche, with harness complete—for
jiiiieby GEO. WHITE.
a i: t; 11 __
TON ,> cai'^oof Schr Rebecca,,
tv (or >«iie by
HUj 11 w M. FOWLE & SON.
— HALF cheats jus: received and or.
C5 sale by
a i j if 1 i A NOR v\ J p
p ,i<) «.A L DAN ii
* 4 S.j AUEs lor s* .
j £.^4: [atm M] i.%boao *.
l gusli aad E^chaa^e Broker* j
jpv The Brig FAVORITE, John B.
toiac Masters, master, for freight ul 3UU
barrels, or passage—apply to
aus 14 "MASTERS & COX, i
The Racket Brig VIRGINIA*
Clement Ryder master, will hat#
despatch--for freight or passage appl* to
aug 11 WM. FOWLE 6 SON.
rr?\ The Lrood Schooner REBECCA,
as£*£Capt. Small, will be ready l *r a ;
cargo in a few days, and take a freight
to any eastern port.
amr II W.M. FOWLE & SOX. j
f^rs. The good 8chr. LUCY, (‘hand
i£ui?lpr, master—will have rjiiick des
patch, for freight of 300 barrels: anp.v
j aug 11 Union winn f
f«>r freight.
tfrz. The Sehr. CAROLINE, Diick
master, cariies 900* UbN. and
' wiii take a freight to any Eastern Fort —
apply to \VM. FOWLE & SON.
j aug 9
J r.rjf; A full freight wiii he gvo 11 to a
vessel <.d about 509 barrels but then,
tor Richmond — apply to
aug 9 W.\L FOWLE & SON.
jcf*%. 'fhe line eoppeied ship ROMU
ylislLUS, Joseph Webster, master, bur
then M(j5 tons; wi;l soon tie ready for a
j cargo—apply to
I aug 4 WM. FOWLE &, SON.
j__ _ __ _ _ _ _ - -
,r:Hx Tim supeiiur fast sailing br:g
COLLMFIA, Joseph Dexter, ma>
ter, will sail in all next week. For small
stowage, nr passengers, having good ac
commodations. Apple to
nugS WM. FOWLE <&. Son.
V IT S L L S \\ A N 1 E11.
rm Tvu) vessels <d 5 to TOO barrels
^iireach, are wanted for Providence
and Porbm jitth, New Hampshire, apply
to Vv M. FO'n LE cb bON.
tv IS_
Tiie Mail Stage Irom
as^noton» D. C. \ r
:L '■ Grange Court-House,
via Alexandria, War
renton, Lee’s Springs, and Culpeper
(Runt Iiou>e, connecting at Orange
Court lioii'C with the line for the White,
Red, and Flue Sulphur Springs, now run,
each way six times a week, and presents
a pleasant, cerUtiu,<ixu\ expeditious route,
with sober, moral, and accommodating
drivets, and frsnate coagh.es and learns.!
aug 10 GEO. JOHNSON «fc CO. j
To Pineu Point. Old Point, Norfolk, and
Cape Penn/.
Thf» Ssfpnmhnr\t f'O
o’clock, on a pleasure excursion for lilt*
above-named places, touching at Piney
Point on her way down, ami then pro
ceed direct to Norfolk; leaving Norfolk
on Saturday forenoon, for Old Point and
Cape Henry. She will return to Nor
folk in the course of the evening, where
she will remain uniil Sunday, 1 o’clock,
which will give passengers an opportuni
ty to visit the dry-dock and the shipping*
Passage and fare on this occasion I#.
Piney Point and return, #i>. ;
The Marine Band will be engaged Oft!
this occasion.
Passage and fare for the w’hole trip $8. j
Theie will be no gambling permitted
on board. JAiS. Mil Oil ELL.
a ii g 14— eotd
Fuli Null FOLK.
^;jrt,-at » The steamer C‘>u :.i
xriA.Capt. Janies Mdco
i■ e!, \vi!» leave Washing*
for Norfolk every
Monday and Friday, at 11 o’clock A. M
and an ive at Norfolk on the following
mornings, (Tuesdays and Saturdays.)
in time for the cars of the Portsmouth
and Roanoke Railroad, and the steam
boats for Richmond.
Returning she \\iil leave Norfolk eve
ry U ednesduv and FuiitJay. immediate
• v after tne arrival of the Kadroidcurs
f j
j an I liie Steamboats for Richm-md.
• Passage and fare n3.
) The Co nmhia will take off and lain!
I passengers at Pmey i\ i.it, going and re
liurning. jufv If— dit
Will be received and executed wilh neat
ne.->s and de-patch. ordejs Kr
every deseiiption of
Persons desirous of having any of the
following cie.script'ons of work done,
may always he accommodated, and
on reasonable terms, by leaving
their orders with us—viz:
&c. c. &c.
Having an experienced pressman
and hands, whose attention is exclusive* j
!y directed to Job Printing, and expect-1
in" this summer a new suppiy rd several
kinds of neat Job Type, we shall be pre
pared to execute whatever worK may be
ordered, with neatness, accuracy, and'
despatch, and on ns low' terms as it
cun be done in this District.
23*Ail orders from the Country for
every description of Printing, meet with
the same attention that personal attend
ance would ensure. ap 13—tf
MUST A 11D,Cpiery, and Parley seed.
for Mangoes and other Pickles, for
sale low* by BELL EA I’W ISLE.
Who have also for su.e a good supp'y
of Gakdp.n Seeds. au- II
s* fM\ f
i } t: i
1 *
T '
• kj s iioin i.unec —ho sa »- oy
I %ug9 LAMBERT « M«K£.NZlEt
Watches, Jewelry, Dry Goods and Fancy
Articlee at Auction.
rpHIS evening at early candle light, at
A White’s Auction 8^! will Oe sola
fine gold patent lever watches; ladies fine
goldlaptne do; silver levers of various pat
terns, ha vfo? id 1/ri gu;ud iU‘:d; line
Lrn d fot» dir*,, v. it , s\v:n^ seaN; M ;n
Uc* chk‘i\: r-vi>t {nn>, Ovc. j>o inn*
i'a'i iu s. l corded .'•K.i’t-', calicoes, lin
ens. s‘!(t',.>bmwri and bicycled cot
j! ?*•, ? ;<.*'«; »ds hi.i\ Is , s!ui\\ !>, Vi *?•
i; j s. ’.1 * .*• •• i-:t:.Li ..>?« lir.cn, silk and u< f
* .1 !.* vt- v. i;.b ' iniiful French
0 s <»i eve. v v mety; 1 line put Irame
I liioi.li • ■ . . - beautiful llower vases; tea
ami ... _ pin!* ; <-{i t.a ceke } lutes;
uii.pt o t.i m: me.*; -; alabaster paper kohl*
**!•>, ir.'e c *• >; j -.’ii r.j.ii pocket knives;
1 • • i s; 11 it s ><>:»; i >; t ny .*; iiUt* s; t! IJ k *;
[sw i .P*; joei.it b-K.Ks;cuid Cum‘>;
earn*.--; i hi in ;hcah hMr**itfentsy spy
. vi.’S »* ; ir.' f i r **j i s h'rt>; roaitn . hide,
| • :• t.. }•. n : 0. wV C. W ltd it VUlh'tV <1 «i I -
a . s , ok * hid) ui.'i l*» without
1 res- iv *. Lb \k. ^TrUUMiV.X.
I • Ml
j i1 * : • i < i ( A LK.
| the r.o a < f buju-t, t*ein*5 Su'iir
: v ^ d.iv..»: | 1 c eU'Ci-w, tor ciisii. we sUad
! P» 01; ed to >e.l. (iy v>i hK* el (wo ii lab. is
sueotiV J S • ;*;»u». Justice ol the IVac* ;
a* * j o,.*• ! y 1\* .*:i. j .Mice ol the reace.
j llie »o,a \\ mo Hi cr»t*e«l prcpertv, to we:
i a i(l- el (bou.nl «t.»*i liie bath<in<* thereon,
situated aisii hi’inir eti the \\ est side of*
t t- a i i tx sfi **< ; and to t! e south oi Wolf
i^'i 'e-. 1 »c..ted i -» lo.iow >: Liiidmo on
! I ,c. l.»\ er i! Gleet to the southward
| <d »i op s.Yivi, ..mi up »n tin: n« r’11 itr.e of
*hat pi- t o oi po *iimt .*<»]d by .M. Miller to
Za. Fir,dp*. > union thence west with the
i line of that LMoui.d. ami | ;irdij* l(i> U oil
j street 94 feet to a 1J foot a key thence
I i;»» the line nfs.iid aih'v, anil parallel to
! Fairfax stie< t kh feet, thence eastwaidiy
j with ;i line parallel la V. oil* stivet 91 h*et
’ i<> Fa flax sheet, limnc** south wauliv’
jV‘iih 111'* sin » t. a?»d t-iudiny t!k reon hd
led to the tvi»in! i; t:: In satisfy one exe
| cut ion in favor ol Thomas Smith, out* m
| favor <1 J. il. Davis, one in favor ok T.
F. i'ayi e. n< tin mist i u tor ol J. F. F.ivnr—
1 all ol which are avail st j ;mes Johnson.
i::>n ai!i> i.niri'ri,,
*1 liiiOL>OUi: MKADK,
| iv rnU A. (( '.
/ i it. i i »v' tilt l}. i ^ .
I Gran 1 (Nri-b! !a*.<\i Lottery, Glass .*>:?,
j To L»c* il.aV.ii m \* i :nn.iiicii, r»uciuii y:
I A mm-’ M.
FrT./,Djv»' ].»}.• ivv *M.vn':»
▲ i«. Let* , i—iii , i « yOitiOii.
D» lav. :::v :*‘tafe lo'-an y. Dias'* No. *:».
I a o ot t .in v. n hi »* 1 iK'iOav,
August i.V
I’ll V I ' ’' ' t? ••
j liiu i 1 1- 1 i i Iii /.L
Tickets cJ o »—s b.uvs in jvojn>i lion.
< :i sau iii ijvcal v ,*i ini} by
V r * i > v» * v *v
; />;/.! u ,v 77//N /; i >.
Gran i < oti'O n!ated Lotbvy. i'ln^s 3!,
: Vv uj be di aw n in \\ ii.j»;n^;on, Deiav\aie,
M*»iulav. A• sri.s; 1».
HIGH v)S’V DliiZZ $rl MO.
j Ticket* c i 00—skates in • > < jk-i ben.
Delaware State Lottery, Class No. S3,
T# be drawn in Wltelv^ton, Dtla* are
Thersdarl Jniv 15.
*7fivpAi| i f ertef/ oi nuoiDtreei
3, €OB*K.
f nttrjy^ T. > fttnker.Afnn
LAND FOR sal;:.
T FA N C ocsiroti.s to m ii a j t of tin*
j h J ti n t ei land know u i y the nan :• i f
I Mount i.rin, o11 v.h i c h i ii >i '(; \\.;.. ,i
! part contains re i..i .-.ii \t v i , ;\i i • -.
I d roods, an.! 10 ; < dm, an*! is i.ivaicd into
! f w o Jots i.)v the* a\* i.eh Road, a-opuj
1 I To: a 1 i u n * i; i ti * link b i • n * to D. - *o11*
I Run; tin* LiMof v i ion ,oi> contain:. 7 t
j acre.’*; ami noum'i <i Ov tl»e >«dd « Ira ved
i Roa !, t!b* Mount Veinon Kmi!, libd the
! land of J./im R. t ’»# 1'.;i 1. ana is irmly
J a.i in w : d. >« (.on I i(.r, v.:..v a is
J imumdiaOuy op^mjf** the ib-f, on • 11• -
; North 'A 4*.-t >i.la cd the < Ira\MYd Road,
J adjoining the land iavly ewned by A < .
; (hr/.C'i'.uVt*. ami row by Francis As! h »*.;
| i •' t.i;ns !J ;.crr\ h rood-*, and 10 p<> «*~j
m.e third ot w I ich. i.y estimation. is , ;>•»
in wood. This him! i*. p!ea*;;nt!y Mbmted,
nut in.-re t'i in tv.o n.ih’s and a had Iroai
; file Market i.’oioeid Alexandria. it ;
thought t° brv Wi-ii . ‘.’a, !< d t * tdaaTi i ami
clover. From i;s ; i xi.oity to Amxai
dria, and briny imisr asb.y hen thy. — in
an agreeable neighborhood, it would b**
a deiijjhlftd onm. « t i iMdentv f»r a biini
ly. <»r laii.di 'S in town. I v. ill sell tin*
i whole, or each lot >eparu!< iy ii ur.Mred
An accurate plat ol the premiers may he
.seen at lids oilice, and the land will lie
shown on application to tin* sid^crit» r.,
mnv .*>0—enrf
P. OR It,
Minidlart I*a iuh r,
HAS returned lrom the North, and is
prepared to execute orders in h s
line. nmj b —tf
Allot iirj t;l /.«/(*,
WILL PRACTICE in tie* Court* ot
the District arid ncL'i.bm i* .« coun
ties in Virginia. i!is < / dice i* *»:i ! u- »*a>t
side of Royal between Kir,: ami i* i,,co
streets. AI ex andria. tm>\ »*u ' w k w ;t.
* i * i . ? i
l 1 V , . . . 4 ) .
(jeor'j(‘ Cut’ll,*>rt !J > • "..\U >r *<: cl f.a/r.
WJ LL praclic** i.i i..-. ..... ;, I ; i •
of Loud nil, I a >i . V . 4 i < r !.» •;
—his office ib ia V.id.eu.t-*s. I . u.i
County. Va. in*■< :.’-l— ?S
im’in,ac .\<>. it;;:.
JT WILL a'.!' .. . io »• c-<.;:• < ii»»n rf . ’i
H. clam«, er!rn-Td ? i- y > »r-\ ;
cent coimn . }’. SLA ’ )i* < *
Varrowbvi e, i-'au^.iier Co., \ u.
Bee 2 —wtt
CALF, GOAT. - ric*
t Q * * r ‘ *v
j^uvea p(lcc — i«Ji ou.c t>/
1 0 ino ao-eoa.n Ju.N. JA.NM5Y,

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