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UIXANimiA liA/.KT I'H.
T'np^r, - - - ®S per nnru*m
Mountry i'uj " , - - ** -5 per annum
*h#> A LEX AN DMA GA 7.E rT E. forth*'
rountrv. i5* pr.on Tuesday, f hurs
day and Saturday.
\ii ns! verb-omm* * appear in both pa
p^r>, and are inserted at we usual rate
Domestic J\cw$* i
Latest r:\v.i Florida.— We learn vei j
baity from .Major Childs, of the Cnited
States Army, bearer of despatches from
General Jesup to the Secretary of War.
vho arrived yesterday in the steamer
John M’Loan. from Florida,.but was ’in- ,
able to land her passengers until this ;
morning in consequence ol th“ gale, that
as the n was getting under * ay.
Capt. #»Tirun Maitland, of the o: d re
giment! . S. artillery, in a temporary fit
vt derangement, threw himself from the
stern of the boat and was drowned. The
stern boat was instantly lowered, but in
vain; the wind, which was blowing very
fresh, and a strong tide, had carried the
unfortunate Maitland bej’onUJ|^e reach of
succor. *
\Ve learn ?uvthcr, that Capt.
was in: iy esteemed .by his companion**
in arm- a- a gentleman and a a Ml-*nt rtf.
Cer; had served with reputation from th^
commence ment of Indian ho>tilin*?> and
(>i ins gallantry in action during the I i*t
s mil non he i eCcivcd the brevet rank of
CapMin. (’apt. M. severely wounfl
e.l a* the ba'tjoofthe Wahho Swamp* in
?sovemher last. Irom.which wound he had
uot entirely recovered when th** un orij
uate eu*nt just recorded took place.
\Pe learn also from Major Chfjda that
nbout lit.v Semino’es were cucauipui at
a stou t distance from Fort knur; th^t the
p<>*»t was healthy, and &>i was ijitict.
j^iMthzm rah iot.
>* ;;; i Fa.-t Oai.s—One of thcrack
•easterly Mo .vs comm >My ct.il
:* tnbrr gales,’’ which, hc.vevrr.
v visit our coast in ugu.»t
ed here on Saturday morning
• hniboris so comp ote y she.
,uk1 !«>cke*l,” we Min ve the ••a1
it r one bn? the “weather wOe
i that it was4 Mowing ;i ^ a i
uniil il o’clock ;it r; i/ht. when
,t ■?•: ms of a *‘re-. u! o* hunt” ^
♦ recognized in the ‘m a and
* uii.di it k -pt up, end the s. la h
* • ♦ toneutsof rain which it drove
u.'MniT tinw >.— i'i.e strife of. me
> con inu if until 12 o do< k ye>.ter
w the v i.'U* hauled io N. W • ti*J
i* v -vi Mir i th and conutiued to
,* *,i ; v g i.e from ti at p-oiat, nc*
•aided id» lain the remainder u:
x.. y^-r '\t* I ve heard * fno accidents
Mil r . u :i g t**ot ghwe .y * .v.»cc-t ?;•
, »> [ i ■ * i y i, j s • s t • oc s 71 - it . ■» c>! 1«• e
no ed >•* •. u ml mac !i a pu Y U* luo t 04 o,
. *> v. v i s 11 • e (ca t s, bi * av c . i«' •
; . id.— JNbvMdt il'.i'.l’ L
S rraueOA :* T.x is —The 'd«\u*nboV
Caroline, Captain Ci:«Uii'., oil her n;
from fvew O. leans to Misery, bt»r d u* i
boiler, near the Cog b.*r, yes?**,.!
evening. (’ u ?a> i ( i ffia Je'pnte'.e ' ■"*
i;i ‘sserger <»v* r laud for as-astance, from
whom we le u netl that t .e bmevs- ut*?*
bo h bu rated, and the chimneys thi c* n
don il.
p. S. Since the a;> >ve was written, the
Catoiine bus reached the city, m low id
the Fox.
The Caroline blew up n* 1 i \ lock P. M
only one b >ih r t ur>t. Mr. Lev», er.vi
j.eer. was badly scalded, but is expected
to recover. Mr. John Smith, the steers
in in. tiled wtul* coining up. Two r.e
gr es, deck passengers, were drowned.—
There weie five cabin passengeis, none
id whom re*.veil any injury. Five hie
men, McCarty, Mart, Crawley, (him, Me
Ciiuiick. had.y scJiided.— Mobil? .K'r.
The L.aj cii'T Sxaki: N it.— A* ?*»r P»!i
akim Thomas was returning on Satur
day ueek. from an excursion on the Cat
skiil mountain, he heard a grat rustling
among the leaves close ty, and presently
the startling sound of the rattirs, arpa%
rently of an enormous snake. He stood
momentarily upon Ns guard; and it w«*
meli he did so, for on lo<>ki c about h,;n.
h<* presently discovered the appalling
si^ht of a rattlesnake, with his h* ad at
x i *a>t, four feet from the ground, hi* body
c,»il above coil, his eyes Dashing fire, hi*
sKin eveiv minute changing color, and
I I* long fangs displayed, «s in the very
i ct of springing upon his intended victim.
Such a sight w ould have stricken terror
irPo tii- s<>ul of almost ary’ other man.
* xc“pt the gentleman in que>t!on. Mr.
'l li-»ii.;is, w ho is an old humer, find seen
rattle*!; .kes before. And as t!»i> animal
;*bv.*ys gives timely warning-before he
s: ike*, so M r. Thomas did not in th** pre
sent instance, for a moment lost* Ns pre
senee «.f mind.
H it not to trust himself too nenr his
honor d* -\ lad dangerous enemy, he kept
i.t a prudent distance; and elevating his
r:fi\ wh ch, fortunately he .had with him.
ju. jet flv a charge into the mouth of the
• ^i.ake, which, passing through the b».iin
nh.d out of 1he back part of !he hea I, kill
ed turn dead on the spot. Then taking a
hooked stick, which lie had prepared for
the purpose, he fastened it'in the very or
ifice he had just made in Mr. Snake's
skull and thus conveniently, but with a
g >bd deal of hard toil, dragged him to the
village of C'ntsJdil.
There, pr curing a two foot rule of a
c ii pen! t. he proceeded totlue measure- j
-«>f hi* slain adversary; and found
),;s dimensions to be as i*•!I **.vs: Length.
ii Net. .9 iaches; ctrcumferor.ee in i . •
I urgent put, Id inches; ditto, ro-jn J :;e
head, inches; ditto, round tne Tr>! ran
lie. 3 tribes, ditto round the las!. 2 inch
rs; i ‘noth of the whole series or rathe*, 3
lee* b iibh- s number of ranhw.22; ieagth
of die 2 poison us l ings, indues.
His weight was found t*> be within on*
ounce of 21 pounds. Aud, on trying mu
his *.cd, after being divested of bis skin,
there was found to be very nerily five
quarts* The skin has been stuffed, pce
parator)', as we understand, to being pre
- sented to the American Museum, in New
York. Bui, whatever may be its clestina
** it cannot but prove a real treat to
. > • ’.
the lovers of natural lOstory, wheresoever j
they may be. . t .. . , '
Thi^ imnien*e ennkeis believed tobf.v*' j
')(*ei;» the iarn.’St M hiS-speck's <d wkn h j
we have any record.— LciU'kilt «<./ . j
SmpwRnctv—Foi'htken lives lost.—A
Fiiend has favored us with the follow
*.;tr. The seaman,-Mr Cote* is in this
city at present, and substantiates the nc
?T ^p.jon's, Attend 0. 1*37.-A bailor
hV the mime <f Abrah«m heir, eh a says
r, u he i?. ns •’»'* he:i- fc*, the onl? *urvi
v-rr ..fH- At Au&ru*;ine packet schooner
S. S. Mills, cl \Jv tons hnideri hound to
Chat lesion, and upset off Jeh.fi Island, in
7 fathoms water, and all perished but
Tills melancholy disaster neenred dur
ing the jjnlc on Sunday, «bc C(h iiw’inl
ibout 11 ’oci‘»ck in the rrorninc. There
were on board, 15 in all.among them one
white woman and two 1 lacks, fll! drown
ed in th.c Cabin. Mr Cote reached the
middle ofJehyl Island about rn hour af
ter sunset, cm a spnr. The l«7-t i.e sa w
|of the wreck it was hot om up. «nd the
!captain and mate, and ran black sea
men, were on her Ci on, ar.d No otnpr
i men in the boat, which vres foil of * * nNr.
j Soon aber the boat passed by him with
1 nobody in it.
I There was a pchooner »*j si*(ht
I ?he upset, and run down.unnn her. tot:
} t»-» hr belief^**, saved none of ilifcrr^.—
I Th^y were, like hiro^**.?. about.
: fhat Ntho^e not drowned. It was too
' to kef’p a boat on ihe rr'P f,f the
| waves. He rrnriay^’d on J* kyl Inland
I all nijht. not k nowlfi| that the C.to.rj v»:ib
tub dated. and seeing the li^nt-hou^e, ho*
jea'i e to the north t ed c»f sf, and hr.duo;
j i plank.iaubt t J hi usell upon (he sound
•and with it paddle he bm^d on th^ Nink,
; fie paddied himself acr s?», ta/.n t! toe
last of the flood ltd yind lauded near Mi
! Several fragment* of the wreck had
| ff!nie ashoi** a.on* The br*i(h, together
I w’fh the foremost, broke b low the c»*’>.
1 t he schooner was in ballad.d i! ro bon
1st Augustine, and coauoan icJ by C.apt
S I'eliiuar!-— /JU! IL‘tt 1 + LLLl.
with tu in dull. very du \ and
} noriey scarce, although Cincinnati has
I te»t the pressure !<<*>>, probably, than any
i other lari*' town in tne Union. U v
{ have had but veiv lev* fai ore*, notuith
! our Bank-have collected two
t miiliuto* of dol cU> oT tnvir drbt -*ince the
| %u».pe!>sion of sp*cir paymyn*'*. Th> Cm
Icinnati Banks are as *:re as any in the
' Union, havirsr specie in their vMarts to
i . deem very nearly, if no! cj'iite, ail-the
at»tes thev have in ctnula ion. i‘hev
oi.nld ad re>un*e >t-ec;e payments t->
morrow, if ot .er It «nks wonl ! do the
KxiM atoj s in <v.»r ;f» irbet are be. t
en*'«urh. it 1^ ti ii'l* nit to i:H a check on
I fiiiiadelphia or .New York. vA j-»*r pen
! em [ i ienbu.n. Tr»? Hank »d the Unite J
j i. * U* u -r<i tv> char* * nanny «; halt o!
; *p.P p»-r Cell*. Checks on N e H 1 ?! , ■*«».
! 5 %m Tj»<r cent di-cp-oit f >r O on :,i.o
| ,,*• y —;»i» i The nofes :*» t ? .New
UiiV Pif.C, t! jf>p»Tffc t €! -C -ore. '-?!■»
vNaiii-i .on. - v . I) *) at* p“r t *nf discount;
iVistM'^'Oe, }5—.\i I j To LTlh —
IS ,,|f- '»! ‘ '.(> B U.K « f ihe l 111 eii oli-»T*'V
jCM.iifo.i d i pi in:mo !.»f <j«; Uiccir..- s :
- ;*.t:P r el iv° « i j it:r i ?r c<- r r. a ti ar»
! tti ih Kiaii'i Ko'-nr Z1 < r-; «*» *• :~k* v li:
i *: l -; t Sf • r Hoik ,r J0t.fi; ‘ C- ISf-H. Hr no
| [i mis, t»r>l <{! *.!iijr : ‘ » .» iv i. *
! jo. ets; lj oo, l..i; ,im, i'.l, t* if* u ; iai: d
; P eer»T>. 1 T'.e Ho k tan to.Ctb ho> »* rn .»•.e
! e.o « onfr.M l ;t»r ho:r- lor nr:,! w »;.b r. U
( • s ih .\!p1 it • t«ie m MKt't w il (,'p'!i u a‘ v. ,
j il> PU ti 3 -j’i |'^r i.e.ia• iav.i. i’ Ji j »•.;
!*:»st yea:’s pm k, JuVd, or bacon on hand.
I <V«i iitoafi Uni.
: i ■ l ■ I HI ■■ ■IIIIT-T--- ~ — '***
j Ccxn'ol ln'tUyjnv?.
i JesMP,. we learn, hew cuferr'drJ
i jn {lie service-* of RCa Indian*
I of different nations for lhwensuirg cam
pii'gn against lie* Semino es 1 to v are
| from the f dlowirig named tribes ‘B O Del
I twaies, iro Shav ree<, K-0 Kicapo< s. ion
1its and Fox®* born Missouri, to be
j conccr. Rated at h!. Louis Mo, arid «enf
II brace to Florida, a Fid ’l ft (Jhc»cfa*s, to
j be concen'rnled at Little Rock, Arkan
Nas. for the same service.
i It is stated in the Portland Aries that
j the Hon. John Higgles F. S. Senator
i freon Maine, was very severely injured n
i {>•* davs since, hv the filling of a porli >n
! of a hr ill ire-and that it is riot probable
j he will be able to fake his scat :n (Jen
gress at the opening of the extra ;?p*Mor>.
| The New York Herald of Saturday
! states, that Mr. lluies. and ttie Hon. Mr.
Barm", have anived at Now York from
. London, for’the purpose of looking after
‘their concerns in this country,
j It is s'atrd in a letter to the National
i InttiiiKfnccT, that, the Hon John FioycJ.
| late Governor of Virginia, died at the
1 Sweet Springs on W edneaday lnKt.
i The council of I be first municipality
have resolved to prevent the land.ng of
the convict Meunirr at New Orleans.
In New York on Monday, U. S. Ban!:
was sold to the amount of 450 or 500
<\\ a res for lldL Nine pea cent, premi
um, was asked for specie, awl eight per
cent, offered. The sales, iio w c v er, w ire
'small. ’ .
| • The Philadelphia packet ship-Pocahon*’
tas sailed on Sunday and carried out a
little something over SI35 000 in specie.
Its price, however, is declining, and the
importations for the Just few weeks have
i’.,r exceeded the quantity exported. •
Uosseter Cotton, E*q., Register ol^
Deeds for the county of lhymouth, Ya-s.
:ied on Saturday »«*t, aged 70, havi-nj.
laithudiy dhcharged the duties of thr.t
•flice for forty-eikbt years, and ti nt of !
County Treasurer twenty six yeais. H.*
Jalltei ar.d crairdfatlv r h< d held the same
Ifi'.e of RegiVer of Heeds before him.
me thirty-three, and the other /o» ty-thr »
year?, waktnc a period of a hundred uru<
twenty four years which the duties oi the
office have been discharged in succes
sion bv three’ members of the same fa mi
y. The county coinmissioners,on Mon
•J*y la, apointcd hit son, Rolsnd E.
Cotton, Esq. Register of Deeds and !
County Treasurer pro'tern.
The Doston On7. to* of Saturday 9 iy s:
—“There were, over £0 arrival* at 11»i
port yesterday, principally coastwise,
bringing among other articles, 3734 tons
of coal, 30,679 bushels of corn, 9700 do.
oats, 3159 do. of shorts, 1250 bids. o! Horn
•. r ”
Cv b .
The Louiir/.'e J turr.^1 s.it?:—“Since
’ the cl'»>e cT the late elections in the West,
the Van I uren men me flocking to the
Whig standard in i nrriense numbers.—
! We could mention certain name®, that
; would surprise the community.
| The arrivals of .Members of Congress
at Washington wreeearc increasing,
|and from evidences of their movement*,
; ue suppose? there is no cJor.ht but there
: eiii be emiornm to proceed to business
the liFsf cay of the extra se^.-.n.
An EagIPd) Custom fIou*e. Officer,
j lately nppi ehtnded a lady, who tvas a
? pwsngrr in one of the steamboats from
| Oatrd^v, ith tvs e!re hundred ells of Trench
t . ,
1 loner ];u®nuy!y no;*' np m tout roys
»‘mom ariicle ol Lo si nine apparoi—o
| .The LerVwr* Genid* of Liberty ha*
! received a neauti.Td specimen of Arrifn
jchewing Silk, manufactured from the
I native Mulberry. and rrch rf and twisted
j-»n a common wheel, tor a Udy of Lou
j down, v ho hid nerer before mentioned
l any such work. This proves the r xt?erne
j simplicity of the r.mnutHCture.nnd th#f ex
j prn*ivr nooses and fjx’tKc*. *re pot ne
IneccMarv for that moderate q mntipv nf
j •itk whic h a great majority of < »ir k.r
i mere could fft *c, by rat ?nt industry ap
I plied to the plain and sim: le niiarn with
! r i their reach.
A r.i< cling of the President:* and f ash
j |( of the Huu'ks of *St’w \ oik was held
ion the lc«h in^tciut. They appointed r.
committee to correspond with (he princi
pal Hanks in the L uited Suites, or at least
xiivh of them ns the Co n'l.iitre shad thud.
; proper 40 address. T he of j^cl i«, to ns*
| certain their re^pecl»^e view’s of the pro
| peir /iwe and place for holding a Conven
f tion to determine upon the time tor a re
1 'iinuption of specie payment®, nnd Vpon
jihe measures ncce>s-uy f >r that purpose.
Jit is expected that the Committee wbl
proceed without delay to too discharge
■ of their dwtb s.
j One of the many i]lcsrifimafr children
i of die late Ting V\ illiam \* a clefgvfvan,
;r.d h >h:s a living in the diocri** ot Lxe
ivr worth CjOi 0 per annum. A London
cm respondent s .y- of this young s, r:;,
iiiit hi* di cumin was compel f ■!, by bis
>hoim*fui irregularities. to-id jvet him to
^oir.'u.i! censure for having had the ef
to make T:e circuit of t h. -* * y ■ • r j -
|,yo( w i h « train of .yf cm cs»ni»<^',
j hmueR A c » w.th his avowed
I t:is -f»ws riding at h* T !?.», and a £ H ol
notorious p* t *,7 i>s for C'fr t '-uv*.
! k'rom II c i in1*: »»n ro f
i Aij7Uv?, v. c jr*.>r1 teei the .- * ^
| Ha: fi : ve (liruu.i-btfu ibe.f ,o -r/. :n Jn
iv -$ - >:{ P77- 1/ ere s» rh* i» specie •-f".
1 >M7, tl c:r crcrrUlion ib hf 16. !! . 1hfc‘
i ; r sites '•> "»J ' 7 3.
f The L S. (i izbfe of yr-brdny states
j tfut it has heard bom very good au? .or
| *y, of two inciri,r.»»'rs of F'lnun'o who
ihove b* fr» Jilin wed t*» the reigno 7 paiiy
i who will break from th ni lmmediateiy
! upon tbo a<sond)iing of t'onvie-s.
Orders have I ren received at Jefferson
i li.irrack*. for that p- rti >n of the ud He
! jiuu'nt of U. S. Diuipo 'h? stationed tip. re.
i to repa r to Flot iba.
j The Maumee Express stales, th;V the
| 'aborers employed upon a portion of tbe
!«Nmal in that neighborhood, have hern
| 11lowed eight drinks of liquor a day. anti
the consequence Is, a great number ol
them are sick of fever ami ague; while
those upon another job, in ti»e most un
healthy districts, who have been a.lowed
no liquor at all, are, to a man in good
; ih aith.
j At the lute commencement of Yale
Ctdlng", the Deyr e of A. H. was conic r -
; red in course on 27 vountf gentler; cn.
I . *
The Total Ahr-tincnce Society of
Montreal! have presented a silver u eda!
to Captain Henry Hudson, of the IJartJf •
• poo!, the first temperance vessel w hich
has entered the pent of Montreal.
A poor woman on ascending the lad
der of the ship Nestor at New You k on
i Saturday, for New Oilcans, gave her
child to a laborer on (no wharf, * bo in
! handin'* it to the mother, let it faii into
'the dock! The mother was stan* mg on
* tlie vail, about 15 feet from the water,
whence she leaped and saved her child;
amid the cheers of s< verfsl hundr? d per*
I sons,'find tor this bold octofaih cion and
h tuna nitty, the agent of the ship gave her
' a free passage and a dollar.
i The New York Express says that “the
1 act incorporating a company to construct
a rail road* from Baltimore to Philadel
| phia,allowed it to pass through the old bo
tanic garden of Hartrani3,- but the com
pany, it is stated, “with a degree of good
baste and national feeding, deserving the
iigtmat commendation, have determined
t leave unmolested Ihe whole of the per
de/tr-Oi dcterrnir.iiion which wili put
7 ‘ j
hem to f»ii thousand dollars odd*.!iOlial
iwietise ‘This is worthy of all praise,]
uid iriYcD the highest honor. on th*j,
; iste and liberality ol the company.'3
The head quarters of the 2 J regiment
United States artillery, are for the pres
ent at Upperville, Virginia, General
Armistead being.on a short visit to his
native stale.
T ii f iiSI) J*. V M(‘KNiNG, A t ©t t 24.
lIjRRtnLc Barbajjity. — On Tuesday
night last,a black woman named Dorcas
Allen, recently brought to this town, com
milled, a fn >st b irbarous and unnatural,
murder, by seizing and strangling her
two infant children, cne about four, thr
other about two years of age. She also
attempted to murder her other two chil
dren, who are much older and stoutei
than„the two killed, by beatirg them in
the face arid on the head with brick 'oats.
Ac, ly which 11»ey were horribly mnn
olrd. Those who saw the apartment
In which these atrocities were enacted,
represent tlie scene as appalir.g — the
»r,i^ and person of the unnatural muthei
! herself clotted with gore, and the wails
und fi )or of 11ic room covered here and
I ff err? with the Mood of her innocent off
! vpring. The verdict of trie inquest hel J
hr thr‘ Coroner upon the bodies of the
murdered children, v " th:*t :«Vy were
’ Triifal!? and feloniously strangled or, rhe
r-jg!d of the \‘A I in* tin? by their mother,
« ?!*».?{* woman, mu rd Dorcas A ien.—
i The v.ompn hisb^en arrested and com
' milted to j -x j I l or trial.
I The Must Ma-fer DencCftl bits returned
: to tier Scat of Government from In?
i Nortnem lour. Y>> mention this ro t be
i ceu^r \v' ere In the h shit of making a
! resistor of tee m *o i en!s of c#::r ••digni
i *eries,r t ii! bruriJ^e vr vo it r*“ke.j
»M- A» rth. if Mr. Kui dali ha* arrived at
; Washing*on._
• Yard us st reform3 are no de :n to*
i newspapers as to the probable condition
jiff parties in the House of HepiesvnU
j lives at the next session of Congress.—
’ We “Mil incline ioxur opinion expressed
' :\ .h r? days ago. There vv • j 1 on mere
I party questions of an immaterial nature,
be a small Admini -tration majority, we
think of five or fix. Hut on ?.!l great
questions affecting the public interest.’,
Me Administration viil be powerless—
! ami if it attempts to carry o;d any ultra
scheme *, such as Gen. Jackson leeoru
J ends ir. his letters t ) the Globe. it will
be in leun minority! The voice of the
: >rple has prevailed, already, so far a«
; *n make the Adiui.ii-trillion compara
j lively harmless.
Way n\ y.t w (/than* i“ a ton.—
| Bomw of our farmers would be aiding to
• at th »t fav.
j AiwMiami.— fbir iril'H .T»*i!if»ri r>? there
! rneiryinj* Conofesdonal f, '* in tbi*
i c*>rrm.< in irry fardny. » .»«?•■ *r(
| v,!b* P.•*finer the h*,It',f fba'
j \1 #* - - r ?i. (. ib-i[ ri/ir: end ,’lnrin ( *> . f* )
j !•#» * r bt o i ? j* cl' cb u .p•;n fbe IJunt-T •b''
;-.♦!» } ri'Onnce d’-diics. In that event. he
\) !, k > here f.-rbv eh cfe ; f.bp e Member
' ...
out o« (i e nve ft *»fi» /I; b •;.*'. , v x* U;xnn
' - 1 . . . i t
i • .*. i . » i . . , <. »» •’ ti iy < . •. * . i
-.Yc. p'._
Tnr crops thro; ;pi mt A /. K.:;’^ b.
* r' ,'!)»* b**p..\ f • • r • , r.-f >’ f!t•*i •»f ;*f *
j st* to r e f’.* *; m (j ii? n. I be mo*
in M .i e j r «.• ;ii e an i: t
l ■ • hi ve-i.h* i; i »i J 1 r *j ■ r I.:.. ■ i *■* * »• r c •• h -; c.
| .to; ; • • tea<1 of i mporf i rw I 1 * ■ 1 *r e 1 >
j ol noci' n-* v, !ii>' c i'l ■( vvrj.r ; ?(*r» -
! :»;v the j f»* enl cpv» v. i!l 1 oe tna i. n*~ef:
i iiit ill*' H* l rS Ii-r /:(*•!:-* C 11 * / > i ■. i > •*
| <1 te (»f M tine 1 t'U v e *.r rx,>v*»; «!• u f»f• £ b t»~
ill'll; two millions five hm:«!i*d ?
ftorbus I )• flour a «**ne. T'us y» nr the
j date w i ! be turnip* lb d to r «y somethin ;
! like tfu ee or Join bundled thou- •. nd dm
| !,u-s i\< Ms joomixd b- uuiy to * very f-*r
• njer who wuul I rai.-e over body t i:shrl
'•d pood v he .it. 1 h • wh»*<»t c •»»? > wih.
j there lore, rod oniy be abundant, but th*'
j * heat pi emix’s to be of a superior rpmSi
| 1
ly. In Yoi k county the lad year lV'0
' barrels c;f fi mr were i«ij>oit* d. nr.d m \»
t to Dror.bei k Yoik is f rrhap'*, the In >;
: i:rai11ini£ county in the v hide state. In
si»'ad of impoifinp "heat info A i-:K
i county, the home >npj ly " ill be rxten*
isive enough to meet the wants of tn*
| ueipijjoupp comities. In IYnob>co!
! souie of the farmers have sown twenty
Jive nctcs "it!) "heat, and a i’enfieman
from Danpor informs in tf’.e.t much of ii
v/iii yield from to .'10 bushels to the
acre. — S. V. h'.ry.r■> an.
i Cotton Crop.—A letter from Ed Is- :
| to Island, received at the Chailecton!
Courier Office, says—
* The late tempestuous weather has
been of great injury !o the Oo:v»n crop j
in exposed situation-. Every field has ,
suffered hurt in a gre iter or less tf-gree.
'I'iie damage would not have been ro
much as we now find it to he, if the Col
ton had been mote forward, ils back
wardness rendered it p*’tu!iailv liable to |
be affected 'by the winds. From the j
same cause, although the plants, where
the fine seed is not planted, promises a
lair harvest, yet no calculations as to the j
resuit can be made—should ihr drought j
continue a week longer, and be succeed
ed by heavy showers of rain. I scarcely j
need say, that the eff ct will be in the J
highest degree disastrous—on the con
trary, should we be visited by moderate
showers, the crop will prob inly be a fair
one. it cannot be large. The gale of ti e
last week has di-eased the plant; low
lands, rather lands that a1** not quite
high, horn the present appearance ol the
frui-t cannot be expected to produce
j XA ll,T, exchange town property for
.£ a good farm, and will receive the dif
ference or pay it according to valuation.
It must be in a genteel part of the coun
try and healthy. For further particulars
inquire ai this office-i* by letter, postage ;
paid. jffiy 10—tf
EfujcAtio* TliE district or* Colcm-I
ma.—Some month? ago our District was.
h rough its several corporate authorities
making some errangement to petition
Jongress in behalf uf education among
is. Latterly vf<? have heard nothing
said upon the subject—we would hope
i) it silence results from the arrange
ments having been completed, and the
.node and otject of application having
been agreed on, arid not because of an
abandonment r,r thc purpose.
Whist we boast our numerous exe-d*
; let institutions of learning tn the Li^triet.
a? must admit that they are not open to
til. They are generally very expensive,
ind their bent fils only to be attained bv
tho.-e whose parents are indep ■•ndsjd, •!
I jjut opulent. We need ttie introduction
'Wnongvi us of tr»cit system, w ti.cn he.
[given ‘•ueb a high character to our
1 tern States—the system ot primaiy 01
• tree schools. Atui have v.e not a rignt
[to look to l ongress to bestow hbitul.^
! tor >ueh object? \\ e conceive v.e Iwi *e.
ipd we hope denial will no whete te
[heard. We have no other legislative
■ hodv to hook to for such purpose. States
mil other territories have from time to
•jme had liner d grants of land from the
i pjp lie domain for education. 1* has, ic
1 cording to ct:r nation of things, beer.
’ wisely bfrtowed. for we conceive, that
j any fund, granted :vr such purpose, in
;r,y portion of our country, ia Wr*,i »n
I vested, and udl m the end make full re
I furn.
i \Ve are nvvnr: that our Government is.
! it present, involved in pecuniary embar
'rasimenfs, ?.r (} that rranyoffiur legi.ua*
Mors wiil avail themr-elvrs of (he f ;ct a<
I m argument, against such applicaiwn.
• (’hey need not touch the general trea-u
! ry f*#r our purpose; they have other re
I sources to which they might legitimately
(resort. They have large possessions in
icity Jots—they might v \ pn^riate some
| portion of them,—or should they be di3
I po-ed still to hold on to the n, they nrrgnt
(grant to each of the District Ccrpora
! lionthe w hole, or a portion of the slot k
; in the Chesapeake and Ohio (.‘anal Com
pany transferred some time since by
i those respective Corporations.
We tiirow out these crude and ha3fy
' hints, and hope our citizens will take the
! mailer under consideration. Let ih nor
in this, as in mod rn *.t>rj of Ibrtrict con
u’rn, cease to move. because dif?ictil jes
! »re sngge-ife I. We realty b°iieve our
i gi neral want of success in th^* fbstrict i*
attributable to t:»i- 3pirir o? timidity,* hie h
.!• at ks the character of it-* peop e. flare,
j w.-» believe, more than any v .vy* el.*1.
o'-d adage ‘nothing 7 n'ure nothin*?
j . ,inp’ h disregarded. Let uy
! from m;r a.athy, nod come birth with
iriir.d r ? r *; I pr.fpo^e, ar:( i at ca r.f. v
rdleve sncce-s v\i!l abend our ;-pp‘ca
0'.» p, ( fi’i'/rf-3. ( **: \ ;i71 Me, f
iwe a k tv b v - will not receive —/ Y/v
! 'n. •__
i N f. oK ! H V. I* M i ? • i * l l > —
! J’ he SO ) v i':: J \ »5 ‘ ll> > »*• ’i.-i * t\ '*!
, h-* j »*«*-< n * S V»ii C' > Siipi-ot t.*>‘ {
: .\.iin li.xi.a o') i.i- y 'h’ S' fti Ir •».: ;»e f.!
I t*X j ;* w ls »tn 1:'.i -• ;> i l • i- i;' vf
I p *}'••»
i’ j;:i ftt/1 *r. » I* ;;,'vr. ‘hr* V :•) Bo
j fen (*rLr;ii'j in Ko;- »:ir ° v-:—
L4“ l ho V> r. :* ni£ fl ?t- r tv mvv s
{*>*•' h ii' i • *» iii 'Mr re i- '
j r!»,i :* a c v.™r hv-*’*n : • C
j I ini ho \i »■..,- ►I m. ! I !•' :r> lir'U y ‘fir*
, j j *o r «s 11 > (. 11 HI • C C . 1 r! - • i w •'*, M !
: ur poi; :c *1 iru i i j, c-- »>o *.:»
i j, ,1 i | _ j i *; < !IJ* ( »;!«■•• p •! I ■’ l if i •' 1 » * 11 " i
| f»i ’ 1 f •' , * hViil <1 0 I .
ao P*r» :t . to” pf. O'. An*'n
1 •minoi’s sijns in K n u “iv a.- •! Iri*!• »
! i: t‘ w a M > i : J \ i - ' • I 1. 1v no c'-"i y •) t t!' •. •
i i * j «iin r.uiK ? •. no. Tvm. ho* -tr>
j ao id n v.»i • i 'i? t»y r,r ictssmii hor*ear
i.,rui‘ a ii harmony. Ih 'iratid {-'ori'i-w
'['he V a V dk. ri'ne^ ihe V hi fotirm
*;>r o n in the K ppire Sfarv -ny \
1 ■
, ()r,r opponents are in hoe i>'r• t •. ar.<J
claim the v. noii* > n h and \<r esf. »"• ith
io\v much jn-nice tim* cm cr»'v fv:.— .
I’hnt fh» v haw he.pen ns h imi-mPr|-», j
* o t»o jove there c.iiin'-t ho n <i<o;bt. ! *e.
font i" oorleas i.{, hot w» m'M i-Mirnm
)e.»r P n 'vv ;*m I fh-’n, p hmIm n >iVs VV -
iiave dune out hot. Augeis cuuni do no
ri’i',o C'in^innnii \\ pohlic »n. the Van 1
Buren organ o* the W e»t. say*:
“Much as v.e .nre (f: :pns- <1 to rr^pect j
• he opinions o« our I »fo wortfiv Bfe-^i u nr
upon rnatti r» alfectiiii! !l»“ ir.!rrr.>! ;:nt!
Honor ol the countr y, vm -,r • nt»r one 1
>i ho-e who b.-lievr* in t!: Mnlnlhoiiity oi !
his judgment v. iti) respect to a mi1)-j
ject, about which th«*re is so much *ir- ;
versity of opinion among the most able
Hid « x j e i i *' • i c * n 1 statesmen and tin an* j
ciers in thee .untrv. of all pnr!i“s.’?
fj. s. Frigate I nd r.rr n di nc e in Fncuano.
— lilt* i owes ( K n it • i' !•) ^ a cm ciUj U a
zette of July 8th, says:
‘•Our wails are literally placarded for
volunteer seamen for the ships fining at
11 jo several poits. There is at present an
untisiial scarcity of men. and much diffi
culty is experienced m manning Hieships*
Several prime hands (n;m this neigh
borhood have, however, we are informed
offered themselves on board the Ameri
can frigate Independence, now at Spit
A launch belonging to the In Ypen
dence, U. S. frigate lying at Spithead.
came into harbor on Sunday afternoon,
and soon after seven of the crew started;
the circumstance was soon made known
along the coast, £2 per man was off red
for their detection. The following.ruoNi
ing six oft it'fii were captured in a boat
near Thnrness Wood,fry three preventive
tfbeer', v.ho were on duty near this place.
I he deserters have been taken on hoard,
md no doubt have been punished ire
this; the other man is still at large. They
issort that the usage on board being ve
ry bad, was their reason for deserting.—
Another man has started from the ship
with SbO0.:>
Wile.they gbe.y?—We have a
way of req-iestto the editors of t!-eM
leigh RpjjUter.the Loui ?i >J ,3r.’ 'f'
the principal paper in y ,
ti)f 7 wlH, when fully inf .r- • • .<■.
■' r + ^ v* o. ■p •
-ults of the election*. : o ^
» dii rx^c' 3
count of ihc rotes In f o (1* •.„,/*
gressior.al district? of «r r*.
Mates. We ask this for pm s., /
'errnce. Rut another «/ <>.} rij
from each a tabtii ir ?.r» «,* .a •» - ,
vote? in two of these shit-**.
from Ohio, Georgia. j^r.,,v
Trnrfwe. viz: the Tan
from the Htate*. who nr* y. .,,f, 4
for the i!-’Ctr:nrs of ir **;f,c r *
have the privilf of ri - c, 'C • *
I’eS, or o| \ < r f {f; vr l;1 tj ;:.f? t "
eicpresse.1 wiii ul a in r v ;
t i ’ uent*.
\oith Carolina wM <, .
s \r%ti- <il a rovi) >; ify ;• j , «’ v - • , *
in h *rC‘ r*t*to'> i*r*•»i v r rr - v «. * !
-he » as lu'J ^ i-itiii'n *v-:. •« .
I f-S.
Tennessee Iw^ r,rp. Mr <;r:
States Senator fc> V *r. V• rf-p
cives twenty ihou>>ailU * j
Van I ut i n.
Indiana has an inc \\*y .’•> *,
— and M e h is « n? \ n
Mr Ti;-ton — ; r<*; ah v two.
G * * * * r j* 111, a! In r ! . -t v •f e, < • y ».■ p p ■
ihrrfi thousand m -Mr. » • • •• •
liuren, and M;e h *..■> iv»u » i ,:
at* ns.
Mew J-r-HV i« a’rt'xj •;■ *r V' . .
nail ha* on* \ .» IMr^n rV
Wnil. v* ho is go consist* r ir
.;s to have votp !*r Mr <P .
1'ie-i'i-* i ia-t v .n: o. a v ,:il rh- , v’
toe w ish^s of h;s S
Ohio trnve ^ix ih u in i re :
i!.iinM Van Ruren. ami r n - , ,
,\i/i Van llt.ren mMnl r>r «
ii nineteen, an ! h.isfwo '» : f., r ,
.•.to’*. They cap r4,,'!f.i of ;;j.
I* these oir.f* .'M’nntnr- v . . .
npi;t i i tneir dof* nce *f: » i., ;
i 'n an I w:io !> • v** c■ i.;ei! ii .•
#i‘v 7, wot:! i re:*i_r:i n.pir . r v -
ctirdiuQt Io the tlec^iun < 1 a .r_ --
:y of the people ol then re*,> ct.v** f rt .
•■he conservatives. ire* true fr,t ui>
count!y, wouii! have a maj r.:» ia .
at*4 ot tile United Hiatus. L *t li4 • . *
t:.cr they are wil'in^ to t .r r.
precepts.— ( . S r»
BarAi*ino imk VVa>d.—!:»: - 4
»i rhe fimt-Tul cf th* lav K n r ' .
land, v>i it a!I itt solemn rr^j : ••
' puoii?hni in th.* Lorvi »n \>r.n '• u
y 9lh. w? find the folio*in<< i;,,
rvcor-i cf the cererr.nry »>: • t r- ..
warn!;*’ an 1 afh'rwa.*:> prov
-ty!t» ami Tit ■ - 7 [he u;\ ".i.? .
sont so»»rreif,r;i>:
“The part of th* *«*yr e* h 7 v• M
t n r m '* n t h a v r .n ^ h , Mt rrt ! ' r
the' fV' tn of VV it'd or. nr ! A. ' «
’••! a rtf hi^n havsp * *• *rt ;
ch *r!-i>rs of f>r t:**> yA t • ;•
i: ar.<! an appropnai • /•-* A -. . :.
if.-* Roy*! P“r!y wa* (!*•; i-. r
vniilt, a »(i at V. i •» W n ’ . r r?
ojr .ix I>rp:;i> t'» i ;:tr;-T Hro.cif . K • «
\ r j p«. a*iv me**! fo r -M ;
*rM.th m■ !. > v. iri . • * ••.-!:
jrar.t or's it '..rim r:* ▼ • •., <
• hi*• '•tv i d ni l11. *a oi ill" ;•'!
; ) ’>• •:
**;'•!* h Bh it ? V■’fc‘ 7 A " *
■ * i | : r.(|f of ! h » '•M ' I: y f • r
J) i;je i*cy t ■' - i.:t • •( i ‘
\i i j’i'v, ’Ao-'t ex » '•.'if .'•
•A » i!.; , th V . h\ ’ »• hi,n •
• f t•,l* :if-*J Kb i: I• *i:i *»I hi* .
or ^ I:e. ill i, 1 *. i ♦ r» t •
t., i S v i . t r:; t o: rtf
. - , j t
t! i»• lit. 'i , F. .. •“ Z '' ‘ * * • *
i) i;*• o! r. ! J « •'<!' k ."<! I.
L : .i n;t «• *.y b* • • » i:t« i• ‘ I'
.. a. i • . i fV, f.e tt'.h ..'I : i *
f i i . '1..: *• -. t r* • * »
Vi t .ur Xi. it'*".
. ..j ; j * ri.»«. •. t • 11:
>; t .• r . • j ill .: > ■ “
i |t o d <i. < ^ i* ' i». I • :
( i, J Jl J . t o t [ ii»‘ <.
ei ft?
(’ll tSGE EXl .. • ‘
B i111ot -. »y - f •• ■ t:■ ■
i .r *.1. ri -*,i. ?•* > ‘ hi •
.■y ’ : r j i • | C i * i k * V. »r* i i .:
/0»A*i fr J! 11 • fli*’ pi •*hi t. j
a t t «- Hi •'».! Jit . politic ii I v
»,ta • „ ic*' t*i ri t> itt•"*. f
’ / »■ •{ ! l.O' a: a a '. > i >
v*o i.men ilouPt fin* : •' • .
-♦ j Oi;»e*f‘f
(r ’ll. j >f o'i ;
At.I O B'tirk Al^cficv li.' *«* { 1
.: * * r j to miuvf th tt i he f ft" '•
i • ; * • r • • ip
t.nDk j> ro t net 's ary, a • •
ty: no*’ t*li *:s that v.*• : •'!
i rea-ur y jortcy. t" ^ 1 *» :
Ltanks are not i» *• '•
-e tn ftiOf>»-*tf i.;im.r • pci ...
me if.— / .lh it J'f- i'
A v inier fif f. *' net:-1
-<•* * C'jnjjM hi' r:>‘ cf 1 "
of pi' klOL' hi - pncv.e* -I ■*. ’•' ' > j
siiufi bok in the f * t,u
im! v manner, f {«. k m ; ,
a pinch of snuff, *ho. d. * ’: I
sin tJ at* ugh is thumb, c',fl r:v''
-:ii i!i sh it attached tu a k a.*
w (ijcfi w.is unnoticed and *>
box. and bv which me.ms h * •'
shortly after ab •* to ;■ .
the depths of it- ov\ (a i - p,!< :-fb
ol t.V se fi^hiri.tr appat atti - w 1 r *
dy prepared in hi- tee-kef -/ • ^
. t The sp icioiH th ' ^
1 buil linz. on hdir-a>*
back btiiUiin*' on lie**».. V- t.
uy the subscriber. Tn» "
in tolerable repair, wou ’ : ■
rable resilience. I he 'l|;‘u
r*»nt ti»e bouse low 1 >r tt-“ i
ilie tint* for which he i* * ^
Possession will be cuven : y n
(Jctober or sooner il fni,,,K "
John iJoyd, K>q or l,» .VM?
atlg 15—if KDGAR -SM”
... That commodious itne1’
JijiD* clii'ig. w ith the fs" V
ZZm* in tiie rear, on i:.«; - |
'loval street, near K nit: i ^
nun! ny Mr. James Give”. ■■
jval-tl J. A. U-J.LL |
~ The brick Ore -’
jjj.Prince st.. opposite Jan..
Oaoinet Warehouse
jy 13 JO&MIIH.I

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