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ING. Str-r-..S?.
'*' ^ Doixc.s.”—The accounts we
"l I mi New Orleans are distressing
#* f° please and death still ravage
H'ed citv, and even seem to in
,5J! i„ the intensity of their Tearful
*,ea,!|e with our race. It is admitted by
fiapapcrs. «i;*' at Btf {ime has ",e
*** ,.f,l„. South-West been more
F 3"l,L" tive and our private accounts as
Iha| here, in this favored region,
pn ' „„ accurate c -nci ption of the
*' ”,„f*|ie calamity which now afflicts ,
t\Wx *
v, Orleans.
• the last three or four days, it J
, wn our unwelcome task to record ;
'os* of several of our la‘e fellow
|W oh" have fallen victims to the j
^.ic,. that now desolates one of the |
' , pit es ol our country. We add to
fines* cu15 , I
^•another to toe list.
pujihain, Thompson, McLean and;
. . ai| known and esteemed in this;
knotty, where they had relatives,|
nn,x.„n?, friends, and home, are now ’
phenol with the dead! If. in the im
r'i.,tecirc!esol our acquaintances,such j
Doings” we may well sup- j
thev arc wide spread an.I ca-1
baiteus indeed, extended as they must!
..^.riots from all sections ol the;
ISited States. Ail of these, with the ex -
^.nonof the first named who was our!
^„,r m years, were our school mates
|n, jompanions of our boyhood—the i
„ur youth. We feel their loss j
u reply * a"’1 sympathize sincerely with ,
,1,,ne who mourn their fate.
Of Win. 11. Thompson, we spoke,
i ,ii the news ol his dentil r- ached u>. ■
tVn.it we said, must hove been res
#1),d t» hy all who knew him. A de >
„.v„l tiibu'e is paid to the memory of;
p,,iml,i» McLean in another part «f to- {
,i V ' p iper. No praise that could be be- '
upon the character of this t»ene-j
Ignoble minded you h, would be out
fl{n;ac«. OfC. C. Krini*, it remains to say j
M fids, which we add with a heavy j
jtptrt, although the pen not unwillingly j
aft.to pourrray the excellence that .
luiked Ins course. |
It was our happiness to know Mr. \
Kratr intimately. He was one of the j
„,*1 unexceptionable young men ever !
raised in Alexandria. Respectful to age 1
—3gceeatde to youth—kind and courto
w*toail-he soon won the confidence!
community. He was strict- |
lyfSBrahle and correct in the discharge ,
vf all the duties of li e. Ardent in his |
ftliP!^. he was yet guided by a sound
judgment. Sincere in all his attach
m»ais lie yet learned to exercise di>cre
Mi and prudence. Theie was, in con-j
•*pa*nce, a stability of character about
hint, which coiumarded respect, while
his amiable disposition secured the e<
Vvm of all who knew him. He resided
in this place lor a number ot years, dur
in« which time he acted ns Clerk in the |
Post Office, and gave universal satis
Actuated hy motives of the mn>t noble
m'lire. Mr. Krini*, a few years ago, etui
graN to the South West, and settled in
Vw Orleans, lfis admirable business
luoiK and exemnlaiy conduct, soon
brought him into notice. He was cm
lioye-l in tie* Post Office there and came
to he* Assistant Postmaster—and the A
pn?id the Post Office Department. In
I dtiiad ms iit> services were invalu
ot?**. Die .New Orleans papers announce
'•'dr,i!» iu terms which show his stand
•"I I hry speak of him as one of the
,!l'Kt Valuable cit /.••ns they have lost by
; - prevailing epidemic—they assure us
: »• l*e had endeared himself to the citi
2W5»hy his courteous arfd gentlemanly be
'ivtour—and they say that society de
p'orfs ihe loss of so worthy and estima
tor* a member!
^ icb was the character of Mr. Kring!
1" the morning of his days he has been
tit Iowa, and destroyed in the midst of
k> usefulness. It ,s not we alone who
-there are others, far off, for
*• w be toiled, who will be bowed to
t■**eartfj by the heavy stroke which re
m’i‘1' I-*>r.» them their consolation and
‘T-i t Ifi, we submit ia humble resig
61 to the will of Providence, whose
£ i'!t'ninj r,»djis now laid upon ud
Uuuieky.—A slip from the office
CuiUihbU'S, (Ohio,) Ui L'ister, dated
^ir*t.snys.-‘*The g.eat Letter Mail
^ (*nc;iin iti ami so tub of that and
'*J>irra cities, was cut open last niithl.
U’l'li,uuh;s city and Spumhield, foity
west of us, and rubbed of all
contained. Suspicion has not
. t re>trd upon any individual in parti
Ack.ncv.—Xhe Philadelphia In
^ fr «ays—We understand that Mr
‘••Uhl Jaudon, the Cashier of the Bank
^ United States, was yesterday ap
led agent ut the Bank, to reside in
^ arid that Mr Cowperthwait, one
* Assistant Cashiers, was elected his
* y. *'pK UK.NT.
veiling house occupied bv
la«,| l>' on Water street near
tie "a i T' JU 6 ^ Ac‘liinir. Possesion may
.?! JOS. li. DAVIS.
Kfi tov^h?ac,te coal
OUA | ^ Primrose Anthracite
^Phii!iJ.UlUeceived P*‘r sch«* Wasp,
a<Jc*iphia; for sale bv
* u * & G. 4. THOMAS.
Correspondence of the National hit.
New Yohk, Sept. 23.
There has been a vast deal of skirmish
ing here in the political ranks within two
or three Hays. Slarnm, Liang. Sc Co.
held their torch light Loco-F« co meet
mg in the l*ark. A. Ming, Jr. the great
demi-god of Lstco Focoisin, harangued
Siamm, Bang, Tom, Dick, and Ilarry
then*,and alter this harangue ail went in
to Tammany, and the nrew light Loco
Focos there, say Mr District Attorney
Price and the custom-house corps, em
braced Ming Sc Co. These said Ming
Sc Co. were ejected from Tammany w lien
the gas lights were put out; and Ming
then gat up the Loco-Foco matches.—
Thus this breach is healed, but another
is made, and a w orse one; for this division
now is headed by men somewhat stron
ger than Slamni, Bang Sc Co. The “Rag
Barons,” the master mechanics of the
city, the laborers, not loafers, have come
to the conclusion that tin y have done
quite enough for glory,and that now they
must do something f >r bread, and, tin re
lore, they hold what they call a conser
vative meeting in Tammany on Monday
next. The State office-holders, general
ly speaking, are with them. They are
ail very powerful heie, and will have a
great meet in*?.
OJfice of the X V Courier tic Enquirer., )
New Yohk. Sept. 2 1, 3 P. M. S
Exchanges.—The decline in the price
of specie, and the consequent tail ol the
Tilt’S of exchange, isajui.>*t unprecedent
ed.being in the short space ol eight days,
«*r from one packet day to the uther.lrum
3A a 1 percent. This may be attributed
to a much much larger amount being of
fered th in was required by the demand,
as well as to an anxiety to self.
The transactions in Bills of Exchange
for .the packets ol the 2ph were chiefly
at 15A a IbA per cent on England, bs; 4
95 on France; 42 cts on Holland, 3T;j a
3S cts on 1 him our g, a ml S5 cts on Piemen.
1 he sales ol specie closed on S a turd y;
sovereigns 5 12.} a 5 13, Mexican dollars
lij pe* cent, premium; five banc pieces
SI OOA; Napoleons SI 02 a $104; Ameri
can Half dollars 5 a 5A pe*r cent m ein,
douhlo »ns were field above the price ot
tered. Treasury Drafts 1.1 percent prt*in
The amount of Specie >hipped by ye*»
erdav’s packet will pruoubly not exceed
S100 ooo.
Tne Gladiator, for London, sailed on
Friday, is supposed to have taken out a
b«>ut $150 000.
K.rfract of u letlfi' from il <islun*jton.
The Talk between tilt* Don. Secretary
of War, and the delegation o| the JMotix
trine, of which I advised you in my last,
was this morning resumed, at 10 o'clock,
A. M. in the same place. The Church,
as on the former occasion, was crowded
with visiters, and in addition to those a!
reaily mentioned, we had the pleasure el
seeing many ol our foreign Ministers, the
Postmaster General, and others occupy
ing reserved seats. Mr. Poinsett opened
the business for whf h they were conven
ed by informing them, through their in
terpreter, that their Great Father direct
ed him to know whether they had yet
decided upon accepting the oiler made
them by him, at their last Talk, and i(
not, what proposition had they to make.
As the several speeches which Mr. Poin
sett w as called upon to make, during the
Talk, were almost of the same purport,
it may be as well to give here their sub
stance; and, in like manner, condense
the teplies, made at difierent times by
some ol the braves, observing, however,
that the latter seemed to possess much
more animation, and decidedly less oil
fidence than on the former occasion.
The Hon. Secretary first observed
that their Great Father was disposed to
| he as generous as possible—that he had
considered tmir wants, —that his oif*r
was much more than the actual value ol
the land—nearly twice as much as was
accorded to the Chippeways, lor theirs,
and above all, he wished them to under
stand that his offer was final. Their G.
F. also desired him to say to them tha;
they must not consider him a Trader, who
bad several prices, and w ho might be no
wi ling to give a fair value for their land
—such was not the case;—on the.other
1 hand their Great Father was exceeding
ly liberal. The money he continued,
would be amply sufficient tor all their
wants—it would supply them with black
smiths, fools, and all the mticlcs ncces
sary for the chase. Besides the grounds
which they owned on the other side ol
the Mississippi were abundantly exten
sive for all their purposes. They could
cultivate a part, and reserve the icniain
der for their hunting grounds. They
| could purchase clothes like the white
man's cloti.es, and enjoy all the comforts
which he enjoys, fiom the money offered.
This was the subdance of what the Se
cretary said. The speeches made by the
Indian Chiefs—some four or five having
spoken, were a mere repetition of the
same thing. i hey observed, that at the
request of their Great battler they’ had
come a great length from their wild hunt
ing grounds in the far YVest. i hat the
lands purchased from the Ohippaways
were not half as good as theirs that they
j were very pour—their food being roots
I and grass, and their covering skins—that
j they* looked upon theirs Great Father as
second to the great Spirit above, and his
nation the greatest in the world. Their
| Tribe was, however, very numerous.—
Our nation being from the rising of tin*
< sun to its meridian,and thei*s from its ine
! ridian to its going down. They conclud
1 ed by saying that unless they received
i $1,600,000,—(the offer made being a mil
i bon) — they would return to their pover
j ty, pursue their game, and be buried in
the same graves with their Fathers.—
They appeared to be resolute in their de
On Monday the Council again met and
the following abstract of the Proceedings
is given in the National intelligencer.—
After the honorable Secretary ol War
had taken a few whiffs of the Calumet,
and each of the twenty-six Indians
composing the deputation had done the
same, the interpreter, Mr Campbell, was
directed to inform the Indians that we
would not offer them less for their lands
than the) were worth; that the money of
fered to them was not the Secretary’s
money, but the money of the Pccpie.and
that the Secretary could not offer them
more without the sanction of the great
Council (Congress) now in session, and
that if not accepted they would probably
have to return empty-handed.
The Interpreter was then desired to
explain to the Indians how the large sum
<»fmoney which was offered to them for
their lands w as proposed to be applied
lor their benefit. This he did, at the Se
cretary’s request, by stating, after the Se
cretary had named the several proposi
tions, which we understand to be the fol
low ing:
1 It is proposed to set aside out of the
proffered million of dollars, the sum ol
§200.000. to be applied as annuities for
their benefit, to provide them with sup
plies and all tin* necessaries of life forev
er. It w as explained to the Indians that
tin ess the money was so applied lot
their benefit, and that ol their children,
it would immediately be gone, and do
them no good whatever, and that i'. was
it very large sum of money, and would
supply them with every thing necessary
lor their comfort.
2. It was proposed to give $100,000to
the llall 13reeds, to extinguish theii
3 It was proposed to apply $70,000 to
he payment ol the just debts due trom
the nation.
4 It was proposed to apply §300 000 for
the erection of mil.*; and other buildings
necessary for their use and comfort.
5. It was proposed to let them have
i»ooils every year to tne amount of $1S,
000, witii the privilege of select in*! such
as they like; the goods to be furnished at
a iow rate.
G. It was proposed to apply §170,000
for blacksmith’s establishments, and the j
manufacture ul agricultural implements
7. It was proposed to apply 8170.000 to
he purchase of tobacco, salt, powder,
j and provisions.
I The above were the substance of the
piopusilions as we understood them.—
i Alter consulting lor about hall an hour,
mmofthe Chiefs rose and made a short
| talk to the Secretary o! War. We couid
n• ix hear tin* ex.'bii u ion ol the Interpreter,
i nut understood him to say that the In
i-.iiaiis wished u little time to deliberate
upon tile propositions in private. The
'Council then adjourned until four o’clock
ill I he afternoon.
I Monilatj ev-vning. — Die Indian deputa
i tiou met me cretarv of War this alter
j noun, but the Indian ('ouucii was not
prepared to give a definite answer to the
I (tovermnen! propositions, and adjourned
j to next dav.
At New Orleans, on the Itith instant, ol j
yellow lever, after an illness ol five days, |
vli. IKuolas McLean, youngest son ol
the lat Dan. .McLean, E.-q., of this tow n,
m the 22d year of Lis age. A few months
since, Mr. McLean, like many ol our en
i terprizin., young tow nsmcii, emigrated
to the S »u'ti W est, with such prospects
and talents is must have commanded hic
cess. All the attention which the most
devoted IriemLliip could bestow was in
vain; he was cut oil by the fell destroyer,
in tiie ii.idstof his usefulness, lar from his
nearest friends and those who had been
to him as parents from infancy. • The
w riter of this has know n him during the
greater part of nis short life, well knew
his stei iing qualities and can deeply sym
pathise wan his a Hinted relations, for the
loss of one so amiable and loving in all
the relations of life. But let us not mourn
us those without hope — he is called, wo
trust, to a better world, w here the wicked
le ase bom troub.ing, and the weary a;§
at rest.
In Washington, on the21th inst, Mrs Sc
san I) Coxe, wife of Uichard S. Coxe,
Esq a highly estimable lady, and belov
ed hy all who knew her.
In'Baltimore, on Friday evening last
Ai.ukkt Vandkventeh, of Loudoun Co.
V a., aged about 19 years, 'lhedeceas
ed just cut.-ring the verge of manhood,
a it!) prospects bright as the evening tints
of the summer sky, arrived in Baltimore
scarce two week since, when he was at
tacked with the billions congestive fever
wmeh de»i>ito medtca 1 <■ id and t he *k i nd est
e>t and Dios' unwiii ied attentions of a few
I youthful acquaintances and new made
j friends,made sad havoc with his manly
I form, and he is no mm e.
A milVKl). JS1 !*T KM|iKI{ 20
Ship Virginia, Graham, Liverpool; salt
and coal to Win. Fowle A Son.
| Sv\e,ii>h ship Mmnet.Oden, New Y ork;
ballast A. C. ( az nove & Co.
lli iii j>yien, Buyer, EuMpoit; to A. C .
Cazenove & (*o.
Biemen brig Courier, Wautsir, New
Voik; ballast Vo E. Duingeifield,
j Schi* T wo Brothers,Ueeh, Malt )X; coi n
to K. Shinn A. Co.
Sc nr Buluinao. Accotink; (lour to Jon.
; Schr John Marshall. Gardner. Patux
; on*; tobacco to A. O. Cazenove & Co.
j ('apt Gratiam rejioi Is in Eat. 4O2.Long
61], exchanged signals with ship Jane
I U ilKin<, Standing East, and a British
•ship in company shewint! a red signal
With a black ball with J. K. in it.
lur.Mou AM) a.
Schr lloouly, Vanan, hence for New
buiypoit, at Nodolk2:M inst.
^ |H| f |J|, ^ jl j,„ 1 a uppr ■ —■■■■
4 CONCF.lt r Will ue given by t!..'
r\ Ib'aizue Company of Musicians, at
me CitVHotel on Thursday evening next.
i’he company consists ol nine prolessors
,,t Music, from Europe. The programme
.it liivi Concei t will be announced to-moi -
row. ^‘i’1 -~-!l
4 Bit FAST PIN, with two rows of
A pearls, was lost on Monday aliei*
loon. Tne pin was attached to a b.ack
ribbon bow. , , ,
The ii 1 ier will be suitably rewarded on
leaving it at tins office.
a»ept 27—tf
ON Monday week last, an apprentice
to the Ladies’ Shoe Making busi
ness, named GEORGE WILEY, about
five feet two inches high, small head and
face, and walks straight and erect. He
took with him a blue coat and check pan
taloons, and other clothing. 1 will give
a reward of ten dollars for his apprehen
sion and return to me. All persons are
forwarned from hat boring or employing
said apprentice, as the law will be put in
fore against all offenders. The said
George Wiley is married and supposed
to have Ins wife with him.
sept 27—3t JOSEPH DODDS.
Rout, crupper and william
DEAN having associated together
in the Flour an 1 Grocery business, in
Alexandria, offer their services to th»*ir
friends and the public generally. They
will occupy th • house in which William
Dean has been doing business—will pur
chase all kinds of country produce, nr.d
furnish pi a: ter, salt, and all kinds of Gro
ceries at the fair market price. Having
provided •■.emselvec with a warehouse
for the purpose, they will receive and U v
ward all goo s consigned to them w ah
care and dispatch.
sept 27—co3m W \1. D K AX.
J'luister. »N <///, »./ uct j ns
A \ | fc i I’SU. gn in.il a aim salt
**\>\> v? jooo do Cadiz Salt
loft sacks tine hl*>w n s »it
500 tons piaister of Datis
15 hhds.W. I., N. U and sugar house
10 hhds l\ It. nrd N. O. sugar
30 hois old rye whisk* /
20 chests and half dusts Imp. Gun
powder and V. II. tea
4 0 hexes Ihuanri stai ch
20 do no 1. chocolate
10 do yellow sonp
10 do sj eim candles
25 do hunch raisins
10 do groin d pepper in :} and
lb papers
40 qr. boxei fine Spanish segars
10 doz painted nuckets
SO baas Rio, E:t. Domingo and old
white coffee, with an assortment o! wines,
liquors and groceries for sale bvr
sept 27 DAN. CAWOOI/& Co.
HDDS. I’ui to Rico sugar, of prim*1
100 hags Rio Coliee. just receive.! by
sept 27 A. C. CAZENOVK & CO.
bj DAGS juime green Havana Col
O *5 fee
20 1 1 boxes extra qualify sonars—
for sale by LAMDEKT cV McKK.sZ! L
sept 2()
A LL persons are forwarned, hunting
with either dog or gun on the nremi
ses of the Mrbs£ribers, or trespassing in
any other w e a>e de'ermined to
put the law iumrce against .11 persons
that may not n®R; ct this notice.
Prince George’s Co.. Aid. Sept. 26— 3'
1 LP»S Bacon hog round
luvi/ 10 bags old e.hiteCuba
to boxes No. ) chocolate
in kegs ground ginger
5 boxes Fig blue
Just received, and is offered f rsnle by
| sent 26 A. J FLFMINC.
vT}/* KEGS English Mu laid, vcrv fin
go quiliitv.rec ived am! i >r be '*v
/QUESTIONS to Murray’s Crammai
and Muirnys/s Gramm ir, abridged
— jus! received and for .".'.I:' !'»v
sept 26 BELL & HNTWPLE.
rjpIJE susc fibers, as Agents_ for the
JL “MalicirOstr r v. ottun and »v uiii ma
nufacturing Co.. Ric hmond have lvceiv
ed a supply of {'nil j\o. ] nJ Cotton ( Z
naburgs, the rpial.ty of which w >• com
pare with any simiiar good> made m i! »•
Lb States. A constant .supply ui.I b
kept on hand, hv
s^pt 26 i ’■ lon w iiarf.
eY/Y BUS 11. new Timothy sC'djju-t rc
ceivcd by
sept 20 ' IWHEAT A SGN.
H Ell KINGS, Ac.
*>YJ> DELS. pr*»ss brjTinps
1 *3 1 cask niadd' r
5 boxes cl.
2 Casks coal tar
1 do Kpsom s dt>
10 bMs t..i X |.iu j"'' ivi'fivt'.l .ii"!
forsiilf by 15. WIJKAT X c-O.N.
sr|ii ili
9000 a c .lii"
(jIT) Goat and Sheep s!.ins. received
and lor sale by
sent 25 — 3t WM. II. MILLER.
J A \' A t'UKi' E Id, cv i.
•tf BAGS Dutch CuwipJii) s Java
1 iv# Co lice
5 do prime preen i\ It. u*>
1 chest supei ior Powcliun*: Ecu in
5 baskets Sal id Gil
li) reams larpe size \\ rappinp 1 apvi
1 hri. !'psom Sabs
J brl. 1 bitch Madd r
2 L»bls. Wan.mi's London LnieA’nLi
Liquid and Pa-t<\ tn I"»D A j Us
25 keas White am! Bl ick Lead
1 Box Chrome Green
\ *• Yeiiow
! 5005 Principe Sejrars, in qr. box^s
1 t>ox Peppei Sauce, in bottles
l bap Nutmeirs—jn^t rec* .ved per
- the schr Robert Gordon, and for suit* inw
sept 25 _
ryf. wanted
By w ai. h gw le a son.
sept 23
The schr LUCY, Chandler, mas
SZ--ter, carries 1000 bbls—is a tirst
rate vessel—and will take a freight north.
sept 21
IT \) morrow.)
rflS. The schr INDEPENDENCE,
Cheson, master—for freight apply
sent 26
/.“fv. The schr WASP Broadshuw,
sUYxi master, will take height low, and
>aii on Wednrsdav. Applv on hoard oi
sept 1 d Onion u hai f.
r/Tv The line Packet Schr. HOPE
skVaLHow ES, Howes master, wilihave
| despatch. l or freight <u* passage npplv
SJ>nf la Didon wharf.
1'or Jtu’ktioui iiU. Last i'lorbln.
jrf«v '1he good brig CASHIER, M
sL^J-Varma, master, will sail soon, end
can accommodate:! f-w pasM*n»rers. Ap
plv to WM. FOWLE i SON.
sept M— f \ it. let. oi]
l OR FKE1GI1 I'.
^ The good Schr. FIRM, Kelly
C. •/; master, cat l ies SO barrel.', wdi be
i< ady for a cargo in a day or two and
take bright N» nh «»r South. An Iv to
sept t> Union. What!
£?y\ A good vessel o{ I to 5000 bush
iLLk?eis burthen. is wauled, to | roceed
.tt once, to the Rappahannock River, and
load lor Cn.iilesion, S. C. A liberal
freight will be given, on at plication to
si pt S \\ \i. id)U EE & SON.
r.'T^s, The firM rate coppmed ship PO
V. It? TOM At D. Ik Smith, master, will
sad for the above port early next me nth.
and take height and pa.ssengeis. Fur
terms, apply to
fTk. i la* line scan GEORGE, a!lord.
nia'M’, will have despatch, and
can lake 10U barrels on freight. Apply
sopt 4
The line <. upper* d skip EOMF
Vilii LCS. Joseph U ebster, M i l* r, wih
>.tii about the dO'n instant. For height
or passage, having good accommuda
lions, anplv to
sept 1 ' WM. FOWLE & SON.
.-t-k; The good Schooner EERKCCA,
xL^-Oapt. Small, will be teady for a
carg" in a few days, and take a height
to any eastei n pert,
ang i 1 WM. FOWLE & SON.
rfri The Sc hr. CAROLINE, Ruck
&!&£** in master, cariies 9<Ki bids, and
will take a freight to any Eastern Port—
apply to WM. FOWLE & SON.
aug H’
‘ a' 'Fiie Mail Stage Irom
ashmgton, l). O. h-r
Orange Coin t-II »u >e,
££S0JjJUfc**rU Al. Xiin.li in. tt ar
Con’d Springs, .in.! t. ufpt'poi
Omih, House, connecting at Orange
Court Hoii-e with the line for llie \\ hite,
Red. ami Flue Sul pis ur Springs now run,
each way six times a week, and piesenG
a pleasant, certain and expeditious route,
with sober, moral, and accommodating
driveis, and lirsM.Ee coaches and teams.
| J a ] •) (J FO. JO I L\s<) \ A ( o.
_ The steamer Cot.c:»r
^ ■*-p pt.\.( Mint. James M ch
■ . • • S^gy^^e?. will leave VV ashii g*
, • s ton for Not I >Ik ev t y
Monday and Ibid ay, at 11 o’clock A. .'1
tad an ive at ?F r!oik < n the loilowsng
iijnrn; n g-', (In - * s. •! »vs an I S.r m baV'C)
:11 tone lor the cars of the Ror! • nnn;‘ 11
11112 I\nii!i:'ki Raiii nud, and the steam
bonks for Richmond.
E t tm mag s}n* v.:!| leave Norfolk eve
rv V. ednesdr.v and Sunday, imr.ieai.ite
•y after the an ivul ot the Radio id cars
an 1 the S'.eamboiN for Riciim ml.
! Rassage am! lure * •.
The Co umb.a will t ike oil and lam1
| pa cm rs at Piney Point, going an I re
j t u r n i n g. jufy 14 d 11
;\U ill I*.
7 hereby J-'i \b M* ibut a General M- «’?
inn i ! I!ie Stockhode rs oi lhe .V. idd e
i’im.pRe i'oi;i{)a11y. will la* t;» IJ at tin
Council Chanda i, in liio town of A!«x
mdiia, on tiit* 21st day •>» Oct'ibej* hex’,
it 10 o’clock, A. M. i>y mil *r ot the
jh>.ttdn| Directors. rept 21—t l
,SUUAKfc>. &c
j f\ R. II and N. O. sugars
lit/ f> bhds. N. y IW if 111
20 bbjs old U II .-At V
I |(i boxes nlti'x t » area
• , | .
JO ** spei Ml l a: un*s
i i 4* lane y -h nan' •'<*. ip
b’ I l eani-j i »p eiid ifttei J> Cl
C t I .S Xt*S >!lil i\ 'vi . 1« ■ i i il - '
its. lre>li udays jmt received
litd i >1 sale
! v.. |.t •?■> jb intc t < et v* in.i!
j MiGhO W Oi.LKNS.
! RAMuR Double Kerseys
>y 1 c’o do all Woo!
i do Kersey Kinseys- for sale by
c0|,t 2d A. C. CAZKNOV!*: & CU.
BRAND j , GIN, &c.
e Tli'R ••liciw.csMibuiidy. viiitatic*
a. l -d i
I “ ‘ iSiiiiid)' iry' Ilo.iand («:n
5 c..ses **Oi ,tn;;e" Cuniiipa.trne Win*.
in j ml :»«et|es. a siipeiior aitieic
»o cases **> i yei* capp*’i. G veGit
!i) i, H-: oXes Bunch K :i>u s-jn-t re
ceived t y J* D. K KKR.
Si'li’ it *__
g Q iilJDS. R R. and N D. >r
it 20 baits* Cuba ant! St. ijuuiingn
5 harts o.d w },ite cuff *r;
10 boxes i fined siliMts
1U boxes coc a :?!2 i'* *acco. and
1 ceroon S. I4', indi'o; just rcc -iy- o
and lor sale by J A M L.S D. KiAtil.
.ent 22]
ON Wednesday alternoon, the 27th
instant, at 4 o’clock, will be sold the
(wo story frame House and Lot, on King
street, at present occupied by Mr. G. C.
• Harvey as a Dry Goods store,— fronting
on King stieet 15 feet 5 inches, and run
ning hack 100 feet to an alley. This pro
perty being situated in the most business
past of the town, deserves the attention of
all wishing a good stand for business.
AUo, a Ilou-e and Lot on Union street,
j formerly owned by Geo. K. Wise, ad
| joining M» s.-rs. Dearborn and W'hitting
,';»n. fronting on Union street 20 leet
j and i tinning back bJ *eet to ii ten toot fll*
; lev.
Term- liberal and made known at salt,
i mm.i 22 GEO. W HITE, Auct.
I ——————
I ,i!uaf>fe Heat Us,'ate at Auction.
S V\ Friday, the 20th day of October
nerct.at 10 o'clock A. M. will be sold
I in der a deed ;>( tiust from Jon. Butcher
' to On sut lerioer. tl *' desirable three sto
le Brick (3*ore and Ware House, recent*
. iy occupied by J. Butcher &. Co.
; One ti.ii d of the purchase money will
i be lujmrod in hand, ami a credit of six
, a.id u. i iv»* mouths wil. be given on the
j balance Ikr a; pioveu endorsed notes—
da.* like lo he j i (aim d tiil payment.
XU IN BU TCHER, Trustee,
srpt 25—dts
I'dhiic Sctlt of Valuable Jiaiduare and
j Cutlery,
J! Y virtue of a deed of trust from Jon*
! Y Y alii.>n Butch* r to the subscriber for
, the purposes therein mentioned, will bo
j sold at » ubiie auction, at the store house
oi cti|>i« d by the late firm of Jonathan
Butcher and Company, on King street,
in the town ut A U x.mdi id. on Wednea*
da *, the l;h day < f October next, the en*
'iie.-hi!: if Biitiiwaie and Cutlery, so
cm veyed to the subscriber, consisting of
,t large ai d general assortment of all the
usual articles to be h tind in an extensive
wred sale and retail Hard ware establish*
meat, and comprising every article eiu*
: niv.ced ia this bianch » ( business.
A libera! credit will be given upon all
huge Mims,—but the specific terms of
sale will be mote particularly made
known at the time and place of sale.
fc.de to commence at 10 o’clock, A,
M. and to be continued frem day to day
until nl! the poods are disposed of.
sc; t 'j-ts JOHN BU I'CHER, Trustee,
j [Nut let. Ba't Amer, tmesburg Genius
of fab, VCr.chester Rep, and Warrcntou
! Ya Tunes, tib day of sale, and send their
aec-muts to Trustee ]
/< /• iSiz/v, At Auction.
r\ tNJT.R the authority of a Decree of
■cJ the Citcuit Court of the District of
C;»lnm ia for the County of Alexandria,
i in the suit of u.e Bank of Alexandria
I against tin* heirs of Thomas Herbert and
! oih.ers—the subscribers will offer for sale
« t auction in front of the Bank of Alex*
andriu on the 2d day of October next, ut
12 o’clock at noon,"that large and valu
able tlr.ee story brick building and lot of
ground on the vast side ot l- «jh lax stfoot
•L.d hoiir> side ot Cameron street, at their
i j ;ti*rsecti'>n. A credit of four months
will be allowed on approved endorsed
j mitis tor ine punha.-e money—the title
I to he rctainid till payment.
nil r ;;o—N Ct m tiissioneis of sale,
f > I ■ I • | I > ' Q A f
i U I ) 1 4 i ' J » .VI, l i.
£ > \ K rid ay. the Kith day of October
i next under the amhoiity of a deed
i of trust from Anthony Rhodes to the
• ubrcrihets, they will"< ffvr for sale at
pubic auction, a vain ude Lot of GnWind
with the three toiy Brick hi ilding erect
; Kffieom c- mm-miy emit d tne “Union
| Tavern” shunted u!i the ^est side of
j Union between King and Brii.cc streets:
( :n f.ont on l nmi. sKree. thniy- eight fert,
j 'ip. jt*c t to the pa' me..! t.; an ar nlil rent
I charg • in lee i,( Ult/-n‘V« 'dollars.
! Ai n. a I t ot C.i m.d v\ ;iii a two story
! hV-ia 4. Kmhiing < i -cb-d ihen on, on tho
; >ontii si te of lb mee street twenty two
! hvt to th end «d V* .ster >treet—in front
inn BiieceHreet w e.dy-tln ee ft ct, depth
I ini l .• in'jr lei t futu iucf es.
! Tb . ahnve iiieotioued sale vt ill bo
i at eleven oh ha on the morning
j id ti e cl iy ab >ve imm'hu « *l in front of
I !.he Union Tn ve> n. Trri:^, one fourth
i :n end), the residue in e»juil payments
a! six, i we! ve. a m2 c; rhti en months, to
| ; ,.:i| j t» i <--t from d.ife; a• (! if the terms
j i ? t* i! f canp !i» <J v» i:h in f hr<o days it
wih be res .-hi at the i :sk of B e purcha*
I ,pj*. JNO. C. YOXVELL,
1 I iOfc. VO WELL,
Cf.pt ! I —e ds Trustees.
1) t i If S Tilts D \ v.
Delaware State Trea.Miry Lottery, No 4.
Id be drawn at Wilmington, \Vcdnes*
i dav , September 27.
Tickets vl no — hi i a res in proportion.
;), ! ,aaie 1 ns < n < dimty Lottery, No 6,
id i)e vi:.i’•*.!i in v\ ikuiimton, De 1 awate,
|nn stl.i v. Se; lender 23.
inoilLsT PRIZE £S,00()
T.e i > >*J ’>•> dares in proportion.
Vir'jin a Norfolk Lottery, Class No. 7,
Will 1.e drawn at West End. Virginia,
\jij,• 1,i v ,w e; *« tn1 m i .’1 i, at 3 o’clock,
'n Pri/.-s of JOOfj Dollars. &c.
'Pit k< t > i-io- shaies in proportion.
():i oaic ni "ieat vaj iet\ by
f ■ t 3* * 1 S*\T
• Hi.l i linat
nil 1 f{ s Tins PA Y.
;i v, • ! ,• >!n»e j’len my Lottery. No |,
1 fobe drawn at W ilmington, Wednes
d,iv. Sepfem1 el 27.
| Tickets >1 00-shares in proportion.
I'-d.iv at** Sn-^ex 1 onnty i.odery, No G,
l*o be drawn in u bimi Mon, Delaware,
3 imr dav, ; eplee ber 28.
! Ticket i S2 CO—sliar > in proportion.
Virginia Norfolk Lottery, f his5? No. 7,
UP,V d.*av.'ii at W*-st End, Virsfim-i,
Motn’av ». (i • » ;; ». at 3 o’clock.
i!PRIEST PRIZE £50,000!
f, » I r z.es of 1 ’ i dollars. &c.
T't;!:e* ; » - dares in proportion.
To bo bad in a variety ol numbers of
J. VOlihiU
l.itLl.; u 3’ 11 jci'huujt Jji uktr.Alexandria.

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