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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, October 07, 1837, Image 1

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" " ' ii i't » > i i«wi'»iw<h—iwrrw'i'i 't ! ii ^ — - - JmmiiBWWHMHg—M—e—WMEMwanmuag—mwm————
rv\XDlUA GAZKriio |
^piblisiied daily by
,■<)(;.Ill SSOIVDEA ,
s:> HU*F ykakly._
lln7/f TUB CO i s i’ll >)
l-.i\ iiU'DvY \Ni> s\rumnY :
‘ . ,>r.{ ASNU.M, PA¥ ABLE IN
fc *0U*AI*3aotancs.
Ti77rfWalv-A.lvert;se:nents •
•>'4*V x' litre inserlod tm ee
i'*1' ’ JvtM tiseen *nts commut'd
lf',,r !,rn7 I'm- 50 cents as.part: lor
■f, rtiwitp, or 25 cents «'*We.
s are counted as «aq«wt«.
Its toy the year, at prices
a- li'cioo reference lo l
aa, mat of space tncy may oc ;
•• , ,,h-ertis:as by the year not to j
-V: ;;:1 co,.Median-,r re
' „ trio insert .a ta-ir a l
Other name tmin tuui
' til'd A. t I.1NF . ALKC.K;
r\\ ,#> ££ 4^
■• ••-. S Veita "ill com,, .so,
:: .riowot P..CX-U between ,
• 11 . . .strict of Columbia:
' I* v-wcontb, Master;
*$&**.« *» !
. »‘V , i- i: /If'1,0
are ait oi ti.e fir ss,
on a nlalions for Pas-1
' i'i'. \i livrs good pilots, and t
■ -Vi.1*1-'! witn I1"-* trade. They
* «w* from each place.- j
■ ;M.N> V'.F. £ Co.. Alexandria.
“■ ‘t«>di}.\Ui> & Co., T wharf,
june gO-U j
I.KAVS l’A1 KKlt».
Ta«*»«-*seriiiersitavinapnr-j<|v !
n! Me,o s. Ari.ili -M.Wlk. |
'■*- jtC >.!"’ooftl>eirsple!niul Aea ,
nick -t.s intend running them 1
• V,-]-..etween ti.e two ports, leaving ;
Pace on the 1M oi each month.
i'UIUI-XF. i5»maei Boas!. ,
,, r ttiil i'ave mis place on ti.e Isto. j
tlVoealhci) la-ongiV;
.< \ g.ia del Bous!., umstei on toe |
f'le’l'iMiiig to ship toil better have,
Servants at t os place a day or two
„• , |, t,. t!.-*v sailing. Servants
Vekept at g., cents P-I day. 1-1 eig.It
taissa ’e as heretotore.
U’M iI Ull.U VMS -fc CO.
»> \''s • N ,v- .__ _
rrt ALKX AN 1 > 1* lU A*S l1 l X U 1 °*N
AM) GiiGilGK i' *W N.
i* lie Si earner Imskd
UUCK'Bt KG. Gapt. .bul
kin', will leave ‘ o»n
_j.uei ce street wnail
Satin lav uiiernoon. «t 4 o'ciocu,
-,ir ii»• she will leave Washington eve
}\S-‘dues lay uwrmug at o, and Alex- ,
utirtcft at 7 o'ciocK. | j
fr>h itaiie/ and returning, ^he will t*
x,‘*;ui l tan t passengers and iigat
i ds at tihMistial landing places on tne
(tonic. Tne tree*lit on such good.-,
ust bt* pai ! a’ tec tune ol shipment.
' will pleas** have then go >d'
h i ic'.v cut r^ed, and especially desm
i: • t*ie pi ico of delivery whether Alex*
il.ii, VVa'inngtoii or Georgetown
i:m ins-s o* miscarriage, to give im
-dtate notice to the Agent at the pm t ol
ojivory—tin*owneis oimo boat will not
fans 'erableu ile'Ssuoh n dice be given
Hthin ten days.
i« )o Is uaist t>e sent alongside before b
. ua the days ol depariure.
Ail bi^gage and parcels at the rUk ol
i.hvuor or owners thereof.
j ruAs. woil riuno tON\
3«> 3_(jtl A emit.
of ('ofHirtntrifftij*.
•»N. lit lT.IK.il .V ro. have this
> day dw'olved, by mutual consent,
r ;> irtnership; and the bii'in**.s> wiii
“M itu' he conducted by* don. Imtchei
■ • v\ wn i< aaii noticed to settle an
a..o Tie the h m.
jon. nu rciiKK,
^"y A— *f t li AS. IvO'S
/)'w\* i itriii of { of) irto' rxlii;).
rp lb $ hxermers have, tins day, u;s
*• >> vt*d then pnnner.'hip, bv in utnai
\\ :i\, II. Mount will continue
•'»' >'ss aioue and settle the at! brs
M?i:earm. \VM. U MOUN 1\
miv Itl-tf M. IVHUIKV.__
rp-IE President and Directors of the
*- d utuner*' and Potomac Stoa m Pack
*■’ ’Mpiay. it we this day declared a
"h-eivi.d five dollars per share upon
'capital or joint stock ol the company,
fs.v'Oie on or alter Tuesday Hie 2 1th in
Kii-at the Mechanics' Dank of Haiti*
At election will he held on Monday
• *0 in>t. <it the office ol the Mai yland
1 • Virgins St a n Packet Company for
a Directors, to manage the atfuirs ol
■ company for the ensuing year.
’ S. WILSON, Treasurer.
^Yfimnre. jan n>—if
ttnUl. MoLN r h wing a very large
aid general assortment ol l'ry
’ 1 ^ and neing anxious to reduce the
wall sell them verv gre.it bargains,
receive in payment the notes ol al!
u Jed specie paying Hanks in the
vnct« Virginia and Northern cities.
book binding.
V'ATLYexecuted,and Blank Books
C of every description made to order,
23 King street
The Gen-tine Hygean Vegetable Cnicer
sal Medicines of the Hiilish College
oj Health.
Hypocrisy is the tribute which Vice has
tcer paid to VirtueT
IT is deemed advisable to protect the
pubin from daily impositions, to add
an additional label on each packet of the
must bear the sign a tun ol each Agent
through whose hands it passes, in addi
tion to my name, as no apothecary or
drug^est is permitted to vend the same.
Sole Hygean Delegate tothe U. S.Brook
lyn, N. V.
HEALTH SHCl lit:/).
By the use of the Hvgoian \ egetable
universal in^ mines oi the British Col
lege of Health, London, which have ob
tained the approbation and recommen
dation of thousands, (who, by the bless
ing of Providence, have been cured in .
Consumptions, Cholera Morbus, Inflam
mations internally and oxternally; Dys
pepsia, Fevers, Ague,Indigestion, Bilious
or Nervous Alf'Ctions and ali diseases
of tie* Liver, Yellow Fever, (uiut, Rheu
matism, Lumougo, Tic Dolor* ox. Drop
.sy, St. Vitus’ Dance, Fpilepsy, Apoplexy,
Paralysis, Palsey, Croen Sickness, and
all obstt actions to which the female form
is so distressingly liable, and which sends
•m many ol the fairest portion ol creation
ro rm-ir untimely graves; fSmall Pox, i
Mea<eis. Whooping Cough, Scarlet Fe-1
ver, Asthma, Jaundice, Cravel, Stone,!
and all urinary obstructions: histtda, j
Piles, Strictures. Ruptures, and Syphilis, j
in all its stages; Constipated Bowels'
Worms. Scurvy, Itching of the Shin,!
King’s MviL and all Cutaneous Disor
ders; in short every comnlaint to which
the human frame is so direfully subject,
under all their varied forms and names: j
as -t his been indisputably den: oust rated, J
Mun is snhjtrt to only one real dis- j
that is the Lhimrily oj the Mood, j
(from whence springs every complaint
that can possibly assail his complicated
frame) and a verysiignt trial ol the l. in*
versa 1 Medicines will evince their all
mlhciency to cleanse and purify tu.at
source of life, as well as disea>e. and re
store the suifei ing patient to the blessings
of Health.
This valuable Medicine being compos
ed only of vegetaoie matter, or'medici- j
nabte herbs, ami warranted, on oalli. as
containing not one particle of neb cin in!,
mineral,or chemical substances (all in
which are uncongenial to the nature of
man, and,therefore destructive to the hu
man frame) is found to be perfectly
oariidess to the most tender ago or
weakest frame, under every stage ol km
mansuiLM ing. and, at the same time, the
most certain in searching out the root of
everv complaint, however Jeep, an.! ol
perlormins! ;» cure, that was everuhor
ed ro me world. .
The Medicates are compnsvu ».x
different articles only, viz. iu two kind o(
Pills, designated No. I and No. - ; the hi st
is a powmlul. but most gentle, mihl ape
rie.it or op ming medicines, dotac.nng ,
ami partially removing the hilimis ropy ,
humors, whilst the No. 2 pills carry oh ,
those and the serous, acrid and putrid
humours incidental to the body, and «u l
together as a ferret in a warren novel j
resting until every avenue of the unman
frame is th iroughv searches and c.can*- (
ed of its impurities. , , f I
The gmini ;e Medicines, can be had o
Win. Pomeroy, Alexandria D. C.
also, of the following Suh-Atfents-U. ^ •
Polkinhorn, Saddler, Pennsylvania Ave
nue. Washington, and P. t . W »ii»»i»,
Georgetown, ol whom alone can t‘><
Medicines be warranted genuine. with
printed directions. As no opd.mcais
or Druggist is permitted to send the same,
and to prevent imposition, each p »<■
of the genuine Morrison’s Pdt<, mu>l omi
t!ie signature of each agent thmugn
wlioes hands it passes. . .
, M„rri«.'.i.i or tin; 1-amtlv A.iv.aer
nri*e^> 7). Practical l i o*»is ilue-l: at* d
U Numerous cases ol c<m*. third
:;7i cents, to t>c had ol the .move
* febSKI—tf __ _
l.,s!rn iieiitul « </ 1 "‘"j Music.
I r. *; 11.5.1AM I'ilAT l\ professor of Mu
^ > MC. avails htmsellof tin* op P ">uni
tv o-'.-stif.-ssioj ios acknowledgements
wins blends. Who IniV" kindly petro.uz
; e.i his ex a ti 'Its owl informs tl.-n, HI".
the citizens 1,1 Alexandria ecu -ran>,
that he ha* made . rich nrraooeioonN os
will enable hint to receive several amti
; tional pupils. . .
• \\v pratt respectfinlv tenders .ns ?er
dices as an instructor on the Fia.to Forte.
! Guitar, Flute. \ tol.mce.lo. &c. A.■-.■>. a
1 .. teacher ol Vocal Music, ins system
j of instruction couwmtmc ttes. in at. easy
ian.l familiar in tuner, the ru himn s ol
the science as well as the more til,m use
' parts of the theory'-I Music, which tend
, to enldl'oe the mind CuUtva e the ta,o
! an I facilitate the progress of hi.ssclnl.iis.
i He has .Treat pleasure in relernni. to
\!*>s M. C’ dmnan, and Alters. i. n.
tlooU'nnd J. Mass y.
Any communication left at the Seme
: nary of Miss t'olemau or at J Mas-ey >,
A ill moot with imediale jt:ention.
I ap II—tf
rrillF* Subscriber, on * °f the iaTe film
j JL of Mount <fc O’Brien bespectfuiiy
informs the debtors to that urm, and nl
1 so the firm of Wbn. li. Mount & < <>.,
' that he h \s turned his attent on to closin -i
j ;if(> )un's of both concerns, and re
j quests all indebted to either, to cone* for
ward and settle their accounts between
this and the first dav of August next.
Wm. H. Mount continues t!te business
at the corner of Kim? and Fairfax sts.
where he will be happy to wait upon ad
who may favor him with a call,
may UO—bt*
A RE recommended as decidedly supe*
rior to any other known combination
of Medicine ever offered to the American
When taken according to the dhechon
accornpaning them, they are highly bene
ficial in the prevention and cure of bilious
levers, fever and ague, dispepsia, liver
com plaints,sick head-anhe, jaundice,asth-1
m;i, dropsy, rheumatism, enlargement of
the spleen, piles, cramp and bilious cholic, ,
female obstructions, heart burn, rancid
furred tongue, distention of ti e stomach
and bo a eh, incipient diarrhoea, tlatu |
lence, liabitu il costiveness, loss of appe- ;
tile, blotched or sallvjw complexion, anil
in ail cases of torpor of the bowels, when '
a cathartic or an aperient is needed.—
They have the testimony of the whole
medical profession in tiieir favor, while i
no' a single case of ill consequences or in
efficiency, can be alleged against them. !
Perhaps no article of the kind has ever I
been off Ted io the public, supported by *
testimonials of a character so decisive,
from sources as respectable, or that has
givt*n more univeisal satLfacti >n.
Wherever these pills have been once
introduced into a family, they become a !
standing remedy, and are called for again
and again, which is sufficient proof of
tneir good qualities.
It is a truth, that almost every person ;
who lias ev«T used Peters Vegetable Pills,
recommetid them to tiieir friends, and it j
is from this circumstance alone, that they j
have gained such an unrivalled reputa- >
1 repared !>y Jos. I homiv i mcis. m. \). .
at Ins lr:»tiumon, for the cure of obsti- .
nate diseases, by means of Vegetable? re
medies, Vo. 1.TJ, Libeity street, N. ^ oik,
inventor, ank sole pi op’ ietor. Each box !
contains 4d lblls—pi ice 50 cents,
L> E A T LI A N !> L) l S E a S E.
Mens sana, in corporc sano.
“A mind well lodged, and masculine ol .
Death m* t Dis use the other day,
A nd til us they go shipped on the way. |
Death —How com* s it friend, in eve- i
ry shape, i
You let so many folks escape?
A (ow veals back and e\i < \ t
Once sick, you laid upon tlx* shelf,
Dyspepsia thou : ad power to kill —
Asthma defied th** d mini's skill —
The lanc,4t too at ;»ii Junes sought,
Its hecatomb of victim* brought,
Then C'osl i renrss could fatal prove,
And /Duaimalts»i no powei le moves ;
A simple cold, whei e'er you wont,
A subject to my kingdom sent.
How com sit then, that now a days, »
Kolkssiip your gripe ami go their v. a\ s?
Asthma subsides— Dyspepsia cured,
The laonl is no limit* emlurt-d;
The sick to day forget all sorrow.
And laugh at both of us to-morrow.
Disease—Dread Hrc! 1 use all means \
i can,
To abbreviate the life o' man:
1 <jf>«r pis fmlstens from bis birth,
»Ti!j |k* returns to mother earth;
And though bis true that mv success
[s daily «rj kwing l*":s and iess,
This satisfaction 1 can leel,
I h tve not slackened in my zeal.
I use ali me ins I used of old.
Changes of eat her— hot and cold,
1 give them colds; i give them pains;
1 rack theirb >nes 1 lire th ir veins,
I prison them with rancid b:ie,
In place of the digestive chyle,
Yet all is useless — nothing kills.
pruth — How’s th »!?
Disease— I’hey a’l take Peters’ Pdls,
These invaluable Pills, are (or sale in
Alexandria by Win. Stabler, C. Far-j
quliar and Win. 11 n p-b and by all the
principal Druggists in the U. States,
mar IS— 1 y __ _i
F F A< - lb .‘it Y.
5" EON \ 111) O.CODE respectfully in
Li far,ns his friends and the public
' Genera 11 v, taut he has removed to the
: 7*12;!! si<Je of King street, between Colmn
an 1 Washington streets,in the house
fonnerlv occuipod by Phares Thmop, [
vvheto ho still eontinues to manufacture j
! ail kinds of Cabinet Furniture: and also j
' i,dorms them that he ha^on hand at pre
<end a:ul intends at ail times to keep, a
full assortment of tin* best Furnitme, j
made by the best workmen, and of the ,
neatest fashions; which in.* win watiant
Cq:ial, ii not suj.' nor, in ijuauiv to any ,
ever offered in the District, and which'
he will sell .o.v for Cash or a liberal cred- j
it to punctual persons. And, lit* hopes, j
i bv bis punctuality and attention to busi- |
j ness, to secuie a portion of the public |
I patronage.
I ' < ;id Earn it :ne nentlv repaired and hand
: some v varnished.
1 TUitNdNG handsomely executed nnc
at the shortest notice iv lb—U
hi the vicinity of the Town.
• The subset iher oilers fc*r sale
j place on the Little Liver
j *Vsdv Turnpike Load, one mile from
J -r^Vr^ lowii. .containing about twenty
live acres. in i high state of improvement;
;pe buildings are two Prick Dwelling
Houses, a small frame barn and a good
cowshed, i here is a lJOOki Oicbaid O:
choice fruit on tin* p ace, a well and
two springs of excellent water, and a
: branch running through a pint of the
Ui'u! a smab part of which is in wood,
feb 0—tf A. C. CAZENUVK.
I ___ -
V =J A S on hand < 'oach *>, ItuggiP’5. GiiT^.
A j etc. all o‘ \vh eh lie oilers for
on as acco:iii!»:»'ia,.i:i2 ierrns as t:n*y c sn
■ in* parch is *d oGewnei e. • eisoh> *^*-'0*
’ ;!llr to purchase Can iag»vs, are resp-w'*
•;,rv requested to iZ v*e him a call, as .he
wai ranis Ins ecpaai i.» wiiriau.uisiup, '1:! * *
as cheap as they can he procured else
i where. Aviso repairing done in the best
j manner, and at the shot test notice.
MThe small brick dwelling house on
Fairfax st., near Wm. 1\ Green: (to
whom please apply) possesion may be
had last of September or perhaps sooner
if required. JOS1AH 11. DAVIS.
sopt f)
M The dwelling house occupied by
Mrs Stetson, on Water street near
Capi. Du coirs; Dwelling. Possesion rnay
be had of JOS. IJ. DAVIS,
sept 23
•-V A Frame Dwelling on lower end of
U;2 Water street.
A Frame do on King street.
3 building lots on Washington street.
3 no do Patrick street
Vacant lo's on W liter strert—all w ill
be sold low, or leased on ground rent.—
For terms apply to THos. VOWELL.
Wanted 2 to $3000, for which real or
personal security wdi be given to the
tisfaction of the lender. aug 24
The three story brick dwelling!
:i *house with store adjoining on Kiiir- ;
fix sheet, the house at present occupied
by Miss Ashton. Tim House is spacious ]
and well finished. The w hole w ill be sold j
Jow. and payments made to suit the wish- j
es of the purchaser. App;y to
aug 28 \VM. FOWLK & SON.
• One half of the dwelling house ip
;:'j 1 per end of Join’s’ Feint, at a iow ren;
eng 30 JOSlA 11 11. DAVIS.
. v That commodious threeslory brick
'HIjlDwelling, with the extensive Ware
Rooms in the rear, on the Kasl side ol
Koval street, near King: at present occti
pied t>y Mr. James Green. Apply to
jy 21 -If J. &. W. H. IRWIN.
—V The brick Dwelling HOUSE, on
■‘j 1. Prince st.. opposite James Green s
(J.ioinet Ware house,
r JH H K highest market price v% ill be paid. j
i. for one hundred an i iilty to two !
hundred cords, ol Chesnut, Spam-h a:in
Black Oak Bark, bv the subscriber at
Ins store. low or end ol Prince street, oi
nt the 'J an Yard, near the stone Bridge,
mar 13 — 11 JOSEFH II. MILLER, j
[ Warreiiton Register, CharkM m Free j
Press. Leesburg Genius ol L:t>.—3t"|
t\7 M U. MUl'N i’ has commenced re- ,
H ceiving a pari <>I his tali ami win- j
d*i stock ol Fancy and .Staple Dry Goods 1
w h ch will In* sold unusually low lor cash ;
or to punctual customers: be will conti :
mm to receive by every arrival from the
north something new an I desiraoie, to
which he calls tin.* attention ol his .'needs
and patrons, lie w ill tiusduy open the lol
iu w n.g articles, viz:
in pieces sup Sattinetts, very cheap
10 do white flannels
(j do brow n 11 ol I a > d s
J case Cciiicoes, very cheap
2 hales brown shilling and sheetings j
10 pieces Penitentiary ulai is
20 do Hamilton L >ui» Cioih
Zi) do low* priced bleached Cottons j
0 do watered Moiti.cs
1 dozen Idank» t Sim w Is
1 do Thibet do
sept 12— It _
AM)ilIi\V J. FLKMiMh
«■'S' A8 ja.sf received per tsciii. \ iclory,
.8 3. from .Mew \ *tk
5 bbL prim** p n k
5 dozen sii;’< nor corn brooms
in <i .> do do hrishrsj
G bugs old government Java coilee |
f> q»\*ca-:k- M«u>eii!es Madeira wane
y casKs Mu-cat de Front.guac wine
5 ba-kets sup. dart In and Ciia.npaignc ;
1 cuesi Souchong tea
1 qr. ca-k o d Pol t w ine
21 boxes cheese
20 <i<> bunch Mu-oatel raisins
5 cases (‘hampaigne filler. A*’ «>[ :
which .on* oiieieu low to punctual co to
u. r-. s"i" w
shoe ma.nueacto . V.
mill’. hllfISCI Itl.'l-' I "l Vr 1-1 I It’d ir.!<> c ■
jj par ru'isaij', umlei ilirlir.iio!
liarnion and Man r.
\VM. HK A X,
A. L>. liAUMOX,
J v)>S. !! Mi LI. L »*.
TvTl.ev o.T-*r P*r sale, manulactuied in
Alex indtia, at ih**ii Facto-you kitigst.,
loCPO pair corse hrog.ms j
,)0t;) *• kip do [ of soocJ qu.t
1000 “ coarse boons lisy.
lono “ k.p : .
which will be sold n- low as L*e\ c.in
•xiught in any o( the northm n or east, i n
1 m a civets. The retailers in the I >i-ti .ct.a nd
i country merchants, are invited to cab
I and examine our stock. W e diel c-i,
1 untie to nb ulacture, an i u,w*«\> *• *v *
on h(in.!,#u. !i iivti. l*--s si* !>■* n’!'< <1 ""
We invite order-, which shau t'e prompt
ly a tended to.
' Lijht. slaughter. S‘.;.A an ! upper lea*
Ihr-r "in die rough, purcha-ed.
sent 4-lf | X«‘t lot. 1 n-1_
JI ST ivF.Cl- l VI'J)
T]1]DS V'.MV Superior 1'- K* Sugar
2 2 <Y> " do do Oil
v0on lbs. Middlings and U tins Macon
5 b.'X- s S;km in Carr: « s
7.3 Kenrn> wr.1,1. and vi;.!!ur P;‘P(‘r.
3 half Cn**sts Y . H. i r • .
i cnst! of Lu-i »••*» Mu-dan!
j (jo Vir Ji'jris (in °i )
6 barrels superior Gue ^
5 b • xes G und pcppei.- -
JO boxePchromo Yellow an.l Green
p,if,,_to»clhcr with n few <'.«■/.■'» 1 ails—
loi’ sale low by 11. WHEAT & SU.V
sc pi 6*
*Mi* «T——a—OM M ■ I. I !■■■! I IMIill
J3 EcPKC I FUU.Y informs the Citizens of
A/ Alexandria and his customers generally*
that doling the present season he has added a
; large sm .unt cl goods to his former ttock
which m-»ii» s fiis assortment very complete.—
: The followii • list comprises a p:»rt of the arti
' cles received and tl»e slog* previously on hand,
v z ?
, Evans’s Laneets, genuine, the most esteemed
Gum Lancets
| Spring Lancets, silver a-d brass
Stringes cf various kinds
Gup: ing instruments
Surgeons Instruments, in pocket esses
Ti cth Extractcrs
“ Forceps
Scales and \\\ igMs in boxes
Elastic Bougies
‘I rusSes, an asscitnr.ent
Hull’s U tero* Abdominal Supporter
btabler’s Rheumatic Breast Rump, &c*
2152 dozen Apotht caries’ G;t*s Ware
Cut and other kinds cf Smelling Vi.»Is
Nipple Shells
llretL-t Ripes
Nursing IF.tiles
Funnels. &c.
Compound Fluid K\tr»ct of SaiM-paril'a
Compound Syr.ip o< l.iv. ra « rt
do do of Iceland Moss
Oil of lPick l*i ppi r
do Ohpiva
do Cu;tbi
15 ack Oxvide of Mercury
l*r<cip:U'ed K\li*actot 15.uk
Ceiale of Copaiva, a val mole dressing for
Solution of Krcosot
Compound 1 luid Kxtract of Pink Root
do do do lluclier, a reme
dy of higfh vadue in diseases of the bind- i
dor ami Ki li e) s, tic. 9tb m ) *i8
[ WtioIk st«-r Virginian, Leesburg CeniiiStf ;
Liberty and Wa rcuton Register ]
(Succr-ssoj's lo Uni. M. Mnrrison,)
Kiajpstrect, AJcxanriria,
AVK on hand a large supply oj
DOOMS in the various depat fments
of Literature; among which may he found
Do wees Midwifery; Dewees on Children; ;
Rachc’s Dispensatory; Do Gerando on j
Seif fiducation; Dymon on War; Daily
Duties; Dictionary of O ii.cmioi *:
Pnane’s Public
Works 4 v I-; Dor
on Covetoii -mess;
Kxnosilor; Dwight's Theology, 4 voir;.
Douglass on P«elision; Dick's Chii-tinn*
Philosopher; Dick’s Philosophy of lie-j
ligion; Dwyei’s F’ncutmn; Dialogue <f
Devils; Duncan’s Lectures on Geivs.s;
Decision; Doctrinal Gttid< ; I)ilway's Ilo- j
man AntirpiRics; Doddridge on Preach-)
ing; Davies’ Legendre; Day’s Algebra:]
Davenport’s Gazetteer; Divine Promise;!
Doddridge’s Rise and Progress; Pyspep |
tic’3 Companion; Drapm's Natural Phi
losophy; Daveripoi t’s lli.-turv United.]
Stales; Dwight’s Hymns; Penman'-!
Aphorisms; Don Roderick; Daily Food; j
Daily Crumbs; Death of Ahel; Dr. |
Woods’ Letter to Dr. Taylor; Declara- |
lion of Independence; Dacachei's Letter !
to How(41; Davies'Shades and Shadows
of Linear Perspective. j
Ewell’s Medical Companion; Emer
son’s Arithmetic, pat Is 1, 2, aid 3, and
Keys to ditto; Eli wards’ Works, com
plete; Experience of t:»c flenrt; E !ioti’.$ •
t.otters from the X >rth of Europe; E ii'ly i
years of Dnhop Hobart; Mrs Fibs’ Me |
moirs; Ex taiples. or Family Scene ; Es- j
s iv lati'oduct -ry to Edward on the ^ i 1; j
Ely’s School Dictionary; Evening*;? En- ,
teriainmejds; Emerson’s Spelling Do k;
Endless A mil>ements; Entci taming
Know edi!'*; Eveiy Day Christian; Mrs.
Egor ton; Essential Faith (Mi-s A»a 'ti
ne. m): Eile;.; Ecoooinical Alla*; Epis
copal Psalmns end Hymns; Hz *kiu!bs vi
"iofi; H i epptid; Eclectic Koview*. Km
g i*h Deader; English (.'ompositiois (Pai •
ker’s); Evangel.eni Spectator; Elds on
Divine Thing*; ZEsop’s Fables, &e. t&c.
sept 13
rp*i i 1 K \\ iiole works of Jeremy Taylor.
Ji. wi'hahfeol tlie author, and acn
ticai ( x tmination of his writings, hy
Di*!i >o ilo er. in liheen octavo vol
umes — Eon ion edition— f >r *■-;t!*» i y
sept 2 ) lie. EE t\ E.Y 1 A J.*Ei:<.
Ai>i>i i iU-NA1 i.
i $ \ EDS. Eden: wrought Spikes
* v f ^> i / got) <l«* horse shoes
SiH 0 do prime bacon (shoinder and
mid lings.
lOn kt*r!* pure and Nov white load
5 i n et i s hum
S b a i r e! * (i; n e
3 ca.-k* Linseed r>:I
10 Pb.s Ditch ami ros;n
]0 nox s 12s jmisl* tobacco
1 e.o k copi * i as
1 do M.d /Eratos
I do Yellow Oc.rc
3 oj ?«ss b.’acK n g
1 do Eucifcr matches
] b ig corks
p b.iies oakum
, 25 tons plash r -jus’ receive d 1 y
CO..T I > B. V\ HEAT & SOX.
I; ;.;KiN Ki> ^1 Alter,
v- p. () X J** S, Iren I he ilostor. Refine.
>'L*P ry, this day l Hiding from
Vi'ankini o—fur salt* • *y
*pt 14 WM. POV8TLE & SON.
A T n re i«onnt>.e price a second hand
2± co >kin«: stove.
c,.; J JOSI AH I I • DA\ IS.
jj.pMO.N s.
i ' r* r,OV!',S fe**eived r
h ;. f,: •— •••>•
, • u v, m. r son.
i family flock
! .HA BBL*. miHTinr—l-'r -:»1 -* '»y
.£O DA.N L. OAWOOD & Oo.
sept 1 i
Plaister, Salty and Groceries.
| OI?| 111 HUSH, ground alum sa!f
1000 do Cadiz salt
JoO sacks fine blown salt
500 tons plaister of Paris
15 hhds.YV. I., N. O. and sugar h
10 hlids P. R. and N. O. sugar
30 bbls old rye whiskey
20 chests and half chests Imp. Osr
powder and Y. H. tea
40 boxes Poland starch
20 do no. ]. chocolate
10 do yellow soap
JO do sperm candles
25 do bunch raisins
10 do ground pepper in $ and <
lb papers
4<> ctr. boxes fine Spanish segars
10 doz painted buckets
80 bags Rio, St. Domingo and r* *
white codec, wim an assortment of wine ,
liquors uiuI groceries lor sale by
yeot 27 DAN. CA WOOD & C o
t BAGS Dutch Company’s Jjl r
A ^ Coffee
5 do prime green P. R. do
1 chest superior Puwchong Tea a
5 baskets Sal.id Oil
lb reams large size Wrapping Papt r
1 bri. Epsom Salts
1 brl. Dutch Madder
2 bbjs. Warren’s London Blacking
Liquid and Paste, in pots A J u»
20 kegs White and Black Lead
1 Box Chrome Green
t “ /* Yellow
5000 Principe Segars, in qr. boxes
1 box Pepper Sauce, in bottles
1 bag Nutmegs—just received per
the schr Robert Gordon, and for sale low
sept 20
illiDS. PortoUicosugar,ofprime
]' •') bags Rio Cofiee, just received by
pt 27 A. C. CAZBNOVE A CO.
1 A Bill>S. P. R arid N. O. sugars
A <> 5 hlw.N. N. E Rum
2b bl.-is. uiti whiskev
m boxes plug tobacco
in •‘‘peim Candles
‘L* “ fancy shaving snap
"b reams cap and letter paper
.»'» boxes smoked herrings
2.) lbs. fre>h nutmegs, just received
and lor sale l>y
_2 > _ _ Prince street wharf.
negro wollkns.
O 1 ALEiS Double Kerseys
1 do »io nil Wool
1 do Kersey Linseys—for sale by
sept 23 A C. CAZENOVE A CO.
■J PII j.. “I fen ness)” Brandy, vintage
x 1S31
1 “ ‘ St»..v. berry” Holland Gin
5 c ises “Orange” Champagne Wine,
in I bit bottles, a superior article
5 eases “silver capped” Olive Oil
lb ii.-Jl-’ ox* s Bunch Raisins—just re
eved by J. D. KERR,
sept 2 i
MJS1J. new TimotPy seed; just re •
*J\J ceivod by
f*P»26 B. WHEAT & SOX.
'rO Ki-.G.'S KiieJi*lt Mustard, very fine
v/ quality.received and [nr sale by
m ; | ji LAMBERT & McKENZIE.
0 BAGS prime gieen Havana Cof
OO fee
:.n 1 1 bn::e> extra qualify sosrnr^—
for sal by LAMBERT & McKENZIE
s*‘pt 2t»
fi O HIIOS B. R. and N. (). sugar
&_£i £0 bagrt Cuba ar.d St. Domingo
C«» Urc
• > bns fill] w !ii*e rofiep
J9 b*’X*'s mliued sugars
l1' boxes e.'ieuifitr tobacco, and
1 < «Toou S. J*. iudi jo; just received
a ml mr -nie bv JAMES D. KERR
**pl £2
A \ i flit At; I IE i (l.
f> f h 1 ' ^ * L ‘>t lb i.'iikisp A /.fbraritf*
• 7 v' < b>ai. j:M r eceived perschr VVa f?p
bn.ii Bnhuih ipbu; I</f >.*»!«• t*v
n ' 19 .5 & G. I. THOMAS.
i'-/\» • ».\
LBS. handsome country
r>«i>v>Alj/ , „ ed bacon, salt pt'frecl;—•
]:»'! ree' iv«d and Idr ‘■aV fry
pfb*f 22 DAN. (’A WOOD A* Co.
iv ILLS’ < Y( LO|*j;dja.
ifY'-l’ complete.* set nf Bee*:.' Cyrlopr
<!!a. L tub. neatly bound; for sale
S»'pt ] ri
4 ^ 1' A G^ Riot o{|» t»: 9fl dooiJ while
,J>'■ dn. — now landing and for sale Ijy
■ >■' S. ME8SERSM1TH.
i’1'!! r<» U!CO Sl'UAK.
*7 i \ Hill’S I’oito liico Sugar this day
l.«ric!;u*» and fur sale by
**\: 19 «. MESS Eli SMITH.
|' * * »ESiiELS siij tiiur seed wheat
*-* s i «./ Iur sail* by
U EKi.\ EIJ SUi Alt.
^ > I’f fV ol double arid single loaf,
* jus kv'i ivod nnd for sain by
sept 13 C. CA ENOVE & Co.
< i • • *\ j. . > \ 11 K \ E *
« 'i A » . i L n
* t a. ■ * • w* v;; & co.
sept IS
Lilt' »L . W u!.\ I ,s.
; a^AS’l will be paid fur well secured
j (I’loimd Kent. Apply at tbi* office.
I aug 2S— if

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