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gl' ( kiii* jifciiiiuw*
i S r •*>« > i'y solicit** *>X she subscriber,
I t» a .Tm'iolc 7■.■spKstion, tSe mer.ts 01
rbich isrebiuatsiwday tiu»e.»nd*re sus
.sued by i 11 Hints! leiliiSony,
53^ Botanical Drops!
very year increasingthfcir long establish
ei remitUion. They have outlived many
v it preparations, and are continually b *
upon public confidence. -oree,afullv
The Botanical Drops have *>ee° h ^ j
a lministered for many years. ednas
medy fur th.t wall *•»«"*££$tt .
uf invetef.te dne»ses whlcl“ “ **, nredis
viti.ted h‘->“of uuly-or... be«J.t«y P™
{•osition in the pstient, .ndgenewlly
u • »er the Hhe" ™ LePSyJ s. Antho
■*gS- ^'er C’s White' Swellings.
/ * ! VJuI Obstinate Ulcers. 9o»e Uegs
»nl sVes. Sc.ld Ue.d. «nd Venereal I sint.
In the last mentioned condition ofthesys
t„ n ,he But.nical Drops will oe found to era
il c.tetlie lurking poison, wbere
totally failed, snd thus prevent the patient
from entailing the seeds of an hereditary dis
ease on his offspring.
Dr. It life’s Botanical Drops are successfully
used in cases of violent eruptions after the
n ;asles—red blotches-pimples o:i the face
i**3ter'»ng eruptions on the skin—and other dis
eases of the external surface*, snd are one o.
the nest Spring and Autumnal physics known,
to free the system from humors
A physician of eminence, whohad witness Hi
the e'licacv of this article, had the candor re
cently to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
he considered it the best medicine known, tor
the complaints f*r which it is intended, and
t'.ut it ought deservedly to stand at the head
of the whole emss of such remedies
*»rice H a bottle, o- 6 bottles fur |5.
au XS3!
TIOSfi who would retain or restore these
desirable personal advantages, are assur
ed that no composition can b# obtained supe
rior tc the |
T its is in e!-Tiot and pleasant preparation i
io every respect, and has,for many years past,
given universal satisfaction wherever it has
been used
The Antiseptic Dentrifice s exempt rom
acid and other deleterious ingredients, which
too frequently enter the companion of tooth
pi Wvlers in common use, and ; whitens the
enamel of the teeth without doing it the least
injury. The regular use of tnis admired pow
<lwf, by purifying the mouth and preventing
• ^ accumulation of tartar, operates as the best |
preventive of the Tooth Ache. The Dentrifice
removes discolorations, and restores the beau
tiful native whiteness of the enamel. As its
application braces and strengthens the Gums,
it secures to them their healthy and florid hue,
and, by removing all offensive foreign accu
motions fromtiie teeth, preserves the natu
ral sweetness of the breath. Price 50 cents
•#* None genuine unless signed on the out.
si le printed wrapper by the sole proprietor.
T Kidder, immediate successor to the late Dr
^v, '4*. Conway. For sale, with all the other
•4 Conway Me iicine.” at his Counting Room,
No 99. n*\t door to J. Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and liar.over streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON K1DDKU.
An I, by his special appointment, by
WV1. STA1H.BR* Fairfax street, Alexandria.
*•* Large discount to those who buy to sell
J CJ oiisump ti on!
Asthinal »V Catarrh!
IN that long train ol diseases which seem to
grow with the growth of civilized society,
Consumption takes the lead in its relentless
inroad' upon human iife;yet this dreadful dis
order is easily overcome in its earlier stages.
It iaoniy when neglected that it arrives atthe
terrific maturity which so often baffles the sa
gicdv of professional science. An obstinate
coj -h is the custom u*y forerunner of the pul
m >:?iry consumption Improper neglect in the
timely administration of simple and salutary
me iicines, is sure to be reproved by a dread
f il succession of consumptive symptoms —op
pression of the breast; greenish and bloody
soiltle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shri
veiled extremities, and general emaciation of
tli'e whole o .-dv; prostration of strength; fluslt
ed cheeks; swollen feet and legs; and at last,
in the full possession of the mental faculties,
ail while hope still whispers her flattering
t ile —cold ext ern-ties, and a premature death.
i\>r the various stages of this complaint,‘one
t;w most approved remedies ever jet dis
This exceedingly powerful, and vet equally
safe and innocent preparation,has effected tho
nirh and rapid cures upon patients supposed
* i hive been far advanced in a confirmed lion
sumption, and who have exhibited the appear
a'ic-*s which <rsu ill-’ i nu ;C at e a latai termination
of the disorder.
As the Pdls require in ordinary cases no
confinement, thev may be administer.- 1 with
cunfi lcnce and safety to all ages and classes of
people. Unexampled success has hitherto at
ten led their a 1,ministration in a great variety
of cases; an t the proprietor can refer to a niul
tituie, which testify to theirefflcacy in reviv
•v* the emaciated victim from the bed of dis
ease, and restoring him to the blessings of ac
customed health and activity.
Price $l for wlio/e boxes of >0 pills, anil 50
cents for half do- of 12 pills, with directions.
\lbion Oorn Plaster!
ril lK Albion Corn Plaster softens the corn,
L however old and, tough, and extracts it to
the very roots, The relief a Horded is gentle,
immediate, and thorough.
The proprietor begs leave to submit the Fol
lowing case, from Mr. Stowell, who is well
known to the inhabitants of tins city, especial*
y at the South End yd South Boston, as a
cry worthy and respectable citizen:—
A Cass.
I^jSir-1 d » not hesitate to give my most tin*
qualified approoatiou in favor of your valuable
Atoion C irn Piaster. By the use of less than ,
• bos, Mrs. Stowell has been cured of a corn !
o:i each foot, which had been exceedingly !
troublesome and painful for years, and I think j
. out justice to your invaluable preparation i
*»»dd, (for the encouragement of those wiio, 1
owing to repeated disappointments in the va- !
rioua remedies resorted to, have finally de9 :
paired of R cure,) that your Plaster cur .d her i
corns, after trying other highly recommended j
eraedies to no purpose; and wiiat increases
my confidence in the superiorly of your pias
ter. it the fact, that it has been used by seve
ai of my neighbor* with equally good success.
(Signed) Setr Stow an..
Keeper of Toll house. South Boston Bridge.
Mr. T. Kioobr. Proprietor of the Con wav I
Medicines* Boston, June 17th, 1829.
Price 50 cents
*^|K studious, the weakly, nni others, wi.o
3 arv troubled witn soreness or iufiaimna
t Clt tbit delicate organ, will be able tb oo
H, 1 a .mat pleasant and invaluable applica
• crSSlT^ WATER!
rv. %ve.; established Wosu for the Eye is
ta» cent,and give: mmedia “relief,
even .r. very aggravated case* o soreness «nd
inflammation. Price 25 cents. ut.
• * None irenuine unless signed on the out
side ofin*ed wrapper by Pe sole proprietor,
r Kiddder, immediate successor to the late
I,'. vV T Con vsy. For sale, with all the otli
er‘"'Con way Medicines,* at hisCoontingHoom,
Mo- 99 next doorto J Kidder’* Drug Store,
corner’of Court and Hanover streets, ne*r
Concert Hall, Boston.
And alto, by hit speciaUpponitment, by ^
ian 24 Fairfax atreet, Alexandria
Lanre discount to those who huvtoscll again
■ ■
To Rheumatic Invalids!
f-EUSONS suffering under Uheumatic At
L lection are respectfully assured that they
can obtain of the proprietor and his agents a
*afe and admirable reme dy for Uheumatism.
however obstinate the disorder may be, and
in all its different stage*.
IPr. Jtbb's Itinimeni!
will afford immediate relief to the pav ent,
and has sometimes been attened with such
extraordinary sue cess as to cure the most dis
tressiftg Uheumatism in twenty four hours,
even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is rccom
mended with a confidence founded on the
experience of many years, not only as a cure
for that excruciating disease,but as un exce •
lent application for Stiffness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains, Ch’lblains, 8»c.
(This article is considered 90 superior to
every thing else, and to possess such uncom
mon virtues, that it is ordered from all parts of
the country.) , .
An Agent recently writes: “Please send
me a further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the
first opportunity-f shall probably sell a con
aiderable quantity, as it rs recommended by
some ol our physicians very highly, although
contrary to their rules and regulations to give
encouragement to such (or. patent) medi
• nes.** Hut is a most decided proof of their
confidence in its invaluable properties
Another agent writes: “I wish you to for
ward me some more of JebbN Liniment, which
j hasrecommeneditse.lf very highly.” Price 50
| cents a bottle.
Tht Painful and Debilitating Complaint
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous
instances has beenthoroughly cured; by the
administration ot
1^11 IS approved compound also mitigates
and removes the symptoms which fre
quently accompany that disorder, and increase
the danger oi the patient, vix: pains in loins,
headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, and
other marks of debility
A relieved patient writes from a distance:
•♦It is but justice to inform you, that I have
usedyour Dumfries* Remedy for the Piles for
some time past, and have found it eminently
The remedy is quite innocent, and may be
ad mi nis* ered t o a 11 age s and hot h sexe s. I I m u
and ample directions, with a description of the
complaint, accompany each package, w hich
! consists of two boxes, one containing an Oint
ment, and the other an Electuary,
i price fl for both articles, or 50 cents where
| but one is wanted.
THIS agonizing disorder iscured in its m<>si
painf ul stages, by one of the most simple
as well as powerful remedies known mmo
; dern practice The
! afford instant relitf, without inflicting the
' slightest injury on the teeth. They are appli
ed externally to the parts affected, with tin
I greatest ease and expedition, and generally
! operate as a soothing lenitive to the su liering
! patient. Price 50cents a box.
> Dyspepsia
OF most obstinate character, atter nnv ng
baffled the skill of the most eminent phy- J
i sicians and withstood the most highly recom*
I mended medical preparations,has been check
1 ed, relieved, and cured, in a numberot instan*
! cesin and about thiscity, by using,for a short
time. l)r. Krlfe’s
in connexion, according to the directionssc
companving the Specific It is also one of the
; oest medicines known for Sick Headache,
! Sickness at the Stomach, Nausea, and Flatu
! lences.
Price of the Specific and Pills, 50 cents each
Debilitated Females!
rpiie complaints peculiar to the female part
JL of the community, ha\e been long sue
| cesafullv treated by the administration of the
I Aromatic Pills, originally prescribed and com
pounded by Ur. Kelfe. They cleanse the
blood from those disordeis of the female con
, stitution,for which the pills are an effectual
-jpecific; they restore a fret circulation, reform
the irregular operations of the san<;u ftrous
s\stem, and rectify the disordered habits. The
proprietor’s confidence in the superior excel
lence of thu equally innocent and powerful
i preparation, is founded on the most decisive
; testimony from many restored patients He
| can asswrethis portion of the public, that when
! ere regularly taken, according to the direc
tions, accompanying them, they revive ami
establish the desired health) habits, and res
tore to the pallid countenance the natorr.
ijlow of health and good spirits
Married ladies will find thepillsequxPy use
ful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they
must not betaken; neither must they betaken
| by persons of hectic or consumptive habits.
They may be used successfully by eithei men
nr women in all Hypochondriac, Hysteric or
1 Vapourish disorders. In all eases ot this tie
! scription, the pills purify , invigorate, and re
i vive the disordered system. Price f>i 59 a
■ box.
! %• None genuine un’ess signed on theout
1 side printed wrapper by the sole proprietor,
F. Kidder, immediatcsuccessor to the late l)r
T. Conway. For sale, with all the other ‘Con
way Medicines,” at his Counting Room, No.
99, next door to J. Kidder’s Drug Store, cor
nerof Court and Hanover streets, near Concert
And also, by his special appointment, by
jan 15 Fait fax street, Alexandria.
Large diacounlsto those whubuy to sell
Itch Ointment!
'pHE extensive.sale and established repu- j
l tation of Dumf.-iesMtch Ointment, encour- f
ages the proprietor to recommend it w ith re
newed confidence to the public as a mos'inno.
cent as well as powerful application for this
annoying disease. The moat inveterate cases
have been cumao i* on* boob! by this esteem
ed Ointment. It contain* no mercury, or oth.
er noxious ingredient,and may be confidently
applied even to the youngest children, or to
pregnantferaales. —Price 37* cents.
%• None genuine unless signed on: he out
aide printed wrapp? 1 x proprietor.
T. KidderJ i»K idiatestecesfrtto the late Dr. 1
VV. T. Conway. For sale, with all the other
“Conway Medicines,*'at liisCounting Room,
No. V9, next door to 3 Kidder's Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, nearCon
cert Hall, Bostan. THOMPSON KIDDFR.
And also, by his special appointment, by
WM. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
Large discounts to those who buy to sell ;
again* ___
1 U3T received and tor sale hy the subscriber,
who can confidently recommend them, s*
liey were selected with c*»-eunder hi« personal
observation. Among the articles ire the follow
ing, viz:— . . j
Swuim's Vermifuge, (on hand the Panacea)
both procured direct from Swaim's Laboiaiory j
Patent Gum Elastic, in sheets and squares;
gum elastic injection bags, *. c. #
Scented white Soap, in bars; do. in pound |
squares; l.ow's emollient vegetable shaving j
cake, delightfully perfumed, for making strong i
creamy lather without irritating the sk»n; castor j
I soap; Low's olive oil, Chinese mu^k, almond,
rose and Naples Soap; Naples soap in |ars, pre
pared by N Smith Prentiss; toilet and shaving
soap, prepared by the subscriber, calculated for
chapped and tender skins. . j
Walkden's black ink powder, a superior ar
ticle, with the Manufacturer'* cautionary reitifi- I
cate on each package; transpa en*, black and
note wafers; Evans’s lead pencils; llrookman
and Langdon'a pencils, for artists; IL eves &
Soil's water colors, in boxes; white frosting; In
dia ink; w hite, yellow, pale an«l green bronze;
goldfoil; tin foil .
French and German cologne w’ater, imported;
Palmer's odoriferous compound or American
sw eet bag, tor perfuming beaureaus,wardrobes,
Jic ; ottar of roses; bears oil; splendid cut pun
Hair brushes, a variety of patterns, of excel
lent quality; dusting brushes; varnish do; #ark
tng do; and large assortment of very fine tooth
Mechis’s magnetic razor strap and paste, bom
London; lueder matches, large and small; ther
mometers, of various patterns; bath or bristol
brick, for e’eaning knives; shaving boxes; st
gar cases; an assortment of pocket books; sy*
ringes, of various kinds; snuff boxi s Japanned
ins, for signs; fine and coarse sponge
English chamomile flowers, fresh
Best Husvian Isingla-s
Genuine Haarlem oil, imported from Holland
Alchohol, of best quality
Acidulat* d ginger <lrnps;pepp* rminl lozenges
Mustard, of excellent quality, from London
Genuine Lowland's Lotion, imported, lor re
moving every kind of coaismess, erup*
tion and unpleasant appearance of the
German lustre; Spanish blactw lead
Best Calabria liquorice
Camphor; llean's rheumatic pills
Superior bleached Jama’ca ginger
Pca*l barle) ; select* d rhubarb root
Shakir's herbs, d»c., of various kinds
Genune French sulphate of quinine
Ameiican do do of best manufacture
Viratrine, strychnine, sulphate ami acetate
of morphine, and other vegetable .pro
dtu ts
Musk; Irish moss; nutmeg?
Calcined charcoal, carefully prepared for me
dical use
Gum arabic, very superior; long pepper
Best Turkey opium, carefully selected
FI ike manna; white wax; soda, for washing
Salad oil, of very fine quality
Bed rose leaves, fre-h.and carefully prepared
Laharraqne's chi rule of soda
Kreosot, obtained from the manufacturer
Best English and American calomel; on hand
an assortitk til of other chemicals
P.itent corn rubbers; trusses a variety
Horse fleams; adhesive plaster, spread
Shollac; canary and hemp seed; hair powder
Indigo; chipped logwood
An additional supply of Landreth's garden
On hand a general assortment of articles, in
the Druggist's line, including a large number
of |*a?ent and Thomsouian Medicines,
j *n 21 WM. STAHf.KIL
Leesburg Genius of Liberty, Warrenton Be
gihtt r and Winchester Virginian.
IS It ECO MM KNRKD as decidedly superior
to any other known combination of Medi
cine, for Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Consump
lion, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, Hoarseness,
Difficulty of Breathing, HoopingCough, Bains
and Weakness of the Breast, and all diseases of
the Bulr'.onary organs.
This medicine is highly and justly recom
mended, by numerous and respectable indivi
duals, who have found relief from its use. Ma
tiy who have been laboring under protracted
Coughs and pains in the breast and have been
supposed by themselves and their friends far
advanced in consumption, have been happily
restored to perfect health by the use of this
valuable Expectorant.
Bersons laboring under chronic or consump
live coughs, will find great advantage from
carrying a small quantity of the Indian Expec
torant w ith them, while attending to I heir va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspoonfui oc
casionally. Their cough will be scarcel) felt
and they will be enabled to expectorate with
the greatest facility, and the irritating mattei
will thereby soon be removed and a perma.
nent cure effected. I.et the afflicted tr> it.
Brepared only by Dr l>. .lay ne, of Salem, N.
Jersey, and none is genuine without his writ
ten signature to the label on the outside of
the bottle
r.r.irriFF atks.
1 hereby certify thr I was cured ofa violent
cough and pain in the breast by using Doctoi
.lavlie's Expectorant Medicine. My wile alio
was afflicted with a bad c.mgh and pam in the
breast, attended with so much dillicuity ol
breathing as to prevent her from getting an)
sleep for a number of nights in succession; but
by taking two doses ol this medicine she was
enabled to sleep quietly through the night
and ir. a few days b) continuing its use she
was perfectly restortd. Jacoii Riugf.wai.
Hancock's Bridge,N. .1. Sept. 24. 1336.
Last spring my wife was confined to her bed
by a distressing cough and pain in her breast
and side—Her cough harasM'd her day and
night and tier difficulty of breathing was sc
great that she got very little sleep for in >n;
(lays and nights together—None of the medi
cines she took appeared to be of any service
to her; when Dr Jayne kindly sent her a bot
tie of Indian Expectorant w loch soon and com- i
plctely restored her to health—She firmly be
lieves it the best medicine ever discovered
\V IhLI.tXt PoULSop
Hancock’s Bridge, N- J. Nov. 21, 1836.
From J. II. Smith, Esq. Brooklyn, L. V*
I hereby certify that the above valuable me- i
diciiie has been used in my family wiih great ;
benefit in several instances. J. II. Smith.
Brooklyn, Dec. 1835.
From A. D 8c B. Sands, Druggists, No. 100, |
Fulton street, New York.
Dr. D Jayne—Dear sir: Your Indian Expec -
j torant is doing well here. We have but about ■
| dee dozen left of the gross you sent us. You
1 will please forward on a w inter supply as soor :
as convenient; It seems to give universal sa
tisfaction to all whom we have beard from who '
have used it—The season is fast approaching j
when such a medicine will be much needed j
and as it is well supported by good certificates j
it will sell very rapidly. The only objection j
seems to be to the price; but wefiuve not had
one customer who objected to take it on that
accocunt, as no one doubts its virtues. Very
respectfully* yours, A. D. k B. Sands.
Nor. 1M836.
• i *
Frotu the Rer. C. C* P. Crost /, late agent of
the American Baptist.
To Dr. T>. Jayne Dear sin I have made use
of the Indian Expectorant, personally and in
my family for the last six years with great ben
efit. Indeed I may consider my life prolong
ed by the use of this valuable medicine, under
the blessing of God, for several years I may
say almost as much in the case of my wife and
also of the Rev. Mr Tinsor, ofthelslanl of Ja
maica. For all cases of cough, inflammation
of the chest, lungs and throat, t do most unhe
sitatingly recommend this as the best medicine
I have ever tried. My earnest wish is that o
thers afflicted as I have been, may experience
the same relief, which 1 am persuaded the)
will by Ubing the Indian Expectorant.
C. C P. Cbosbt
N B Many of my neighbors, on my recom
mendation, have tried tins medicine with uni
form success. N. York, June 13, !8»>5
From the Rev. Jonathan Going, T) D. Editor
of the American Baptist,
I have used the »»bove medicine with sue
cess for a cough and hoarseness.
N. York, Dec. 183 5, Jonathan Gmxo
Docl. I). J»yne-Dear sir: I wasfor a long
time afflicted with a violent e<»ugh and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect hcaRh by using one bottle of your In
dian Expectorant. I have been su' ject to u
cough and pain in my breast for near twentj
years, and have found far greater benefit from
this medicine than from any other. 1 remain,
respectfully, yours, Susan Ireland.
Canton, Nov. 21, 183d.
Many more certificates might be added but
the above are considered sufficient.
Salem, N. J. April, 1835 D. JAYNE
For sale by agents throughout the United
States, where also may be lud Jayne’s Carmj
i native Balsam, for Bowel Complaints; Ja>ncs’>
Tonic Vermifuge, fur Worms, Fever and Ague
1 Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, &c.
1 Agent for Alexandr a,
1 1st mo. 28—ly WM. STABT.KR,
r> ESTOKER OK THE BLOOD, for Chronic
i and of he i Diseases, whe her produced
i from Bile.'Phlrgm, from internal morbid mat
i ters, arising from bad cured old d sor lers, from
i the use * f Mercury, Calomel.Bark, &.C. &c ; u
(in ft* males,) from I he Change of Id**. To spe
I cify someot these diseases:— i etter, Ringworm,
Ucald-head, Lepio-v, B i s, the Itch. Itching
of ihe Skin, Blotches, Scoibutic Eruptions,
Pimples, Ulors. wherthrr cancerous or of a
milder kind. Mercurial Disorders of every de
script ion. Heart Burn, Loss of Appetie, In )i
i gestion, Dyspepsia, General Debility, .1 umdice,
i Hiho-is Aflect ons of the Chest and Liver, F.n*
! largement of the Spleen, Rheumatism, G«mi»,
; Piles Dropsy, Gleet, Involuntary Emissions,
{ Stric'ttres and other Urinary, Complaints, inrln
1 ding G avel, &c. It is also efficacious for Dim
j lies** of sight, Blindness, (where not organic,)
' Inflammation*)* the Eyes, Deafness, Pressure of
Blood to t**e Head, llyprocondria in all its
shapes, Megrim, Sleeph ssnes«, and Nervous
' A fleet ia ns of every kmd, including Palsy. H
f -s no less serviceable in the removal of S»erli»y
j in tiie one sex, than of IneompHency in the
I other. It preven’s Ihe suppression and rt-me
J dies the irregularity of the Monthly Complaint,
j Also, the Flour AI hus, Green sickness, H'Steri
; cal Fit**, he. ac. Its efficacy will be proved
| however longstanding *>r deeply rooted and
■ complicated the complaint m»y be. In all the
diseases mentioned the Kts’orer is the chitf re*
! medv. Those where additional or secondary
| medicines are r* quired; will be found sta'ed in
; the pamphlet, With directions for then usr-.—
j (2 and f3)
TONIC ELIXIR, diseases of the dust,
Catarrhs, Cough-, Whooping cough, Pams in
I the Chest or Throa’, hoarseness difficulty in
! brea'hing, AMhrr.a, Phlegm, Consumption,l|. c
; tic Fever, and i's concomitants. Diseases *d the
i Lungs, evm if accompanied with the Spilling
i of Blond, he. (2 and jo )
TONIC PORF-WINE, for Bowel Complaints
Indigestion, Dyspesia, Geneial Debility, W< ;*k
neSs, Nervous All*. ctions,&c (75 cent' and $1.)
| ABYSSINI A MIXTURE, (in liquid and m
* pns'e,) for Gonorrhoea. ( 2 >
. f'Itis medicine is in al Venera) D'soid* ts a err
j tnin remedy’, and will cure the most deep rooted
Fleers, without le»v ng any inconvci c* t«» the
patient when all other remedies have been
j found im ff; rtual. {$2 )
j AROMATIC EXTRACT, for indigestion,
! Coldness in the Stomach, Numbness or Weak
i ness in the I.imbs, Inactivity » f 11»e >km, Teh
! ing of the Sko*, pains in thejoints,R'leumatistn,
i Gout, &c. (oOcctits and fl.)
SPECIFIC, for Fever and Ague, f50 cents.)
GOLD MINE BALSAM, for Bi'ious or Ner
vous A fleet ions, Bowel Complaints, Indig sion.
Heartburn, Wind (Fta tilence, \S* a-Si< k"t*ss,
| coldness m the Stomach, Cramps, *»r Numbness
Flux or D arrToc*, Cuoleru Morbus, he, (50
j BENGAL OINTMENM, for Tetter, Ring.
; worm, Scald-head ao«l Foul Uicers (fl.)
; lections, Headache *<r M grim, fullness of tin
! llea«l, Dimness ot Sight, he. (5U cents )
I GEN T INJEC TION, lor Fluor Albu.*, Weak
! ss, See. (50 cent*.)
UNIVERSAL PI. ASTER, for cTim*»** n of the
; Chest, Dyspepsia, Frt sh Wound*., F>ul Ulo ts
j Burns, Chilblains, Rluumatism, Gnu',Corns he.
' (50 c* nts.
AS'I K1NGENT MIXTURE, for disease'* of
! the Chest, Indigestion. Desp* p**ia, Gem ral De*
1 bility, W*akne*s he. (50 cents )
JAPAN OINTMENT, for Piles (fl )
ORIENTAL OINTMENT; f*»r Blotches,Pim
; pie.*, Itching of the Skin, or Chays, (whether
ui.mg from exposure t<» the sun or from cold;)
. Chapped L ps, l)«nder, he. (50 cents )
DECOCI’ION; a remedy tor Deafness, and
j other Auricular Complaints. (f2.)
A' d a number ot mln r auxiliary remedies.
Fur a full and particular account n| Kuhl’aMe*
! denies, their pr*»|*ci ties and nature, see pirn
phlet; and-w herein will likewise he found dir* c
lions tor their use, and imnier* us lestiinonid®,
wtiich may he seen in all pubi c j.lac-s, nr may
he had gratis at Dr. Kohl's, offices, or of his
A gen's, by mail.
None of the medicines are genuine which
do not bear the st als as given in the pamphlet,
entitled “ Treatment nf Chronic amt other 'disea
se**;, Sec ,” w hich is entered by Dr. K. according
tothe Act of Congress, in the (Berk’s Ollice o!
the Dis’rtcl Cou;t <*f the District of Columbia.
O M •I.INTHIOU M, Drugg's*, Georgetown,
Dlt. G. FAKQUIIAR, A IrXaiidria, 1). C.
EES JACK fit I KMPLB, Druggist*, Rich
mond, Va.
DROWN 8t COLLING, Druggists, Peters
burg, Va.
J. D RANDOLPH & Co , Books*. Ilers and
Stationers, Norfolk, Va.
DR. JAMES COOKE, Agent for Fayette
Johnson,(Drug Store) Fredericksburg, Va
FIELD fit GOSS, Druggists, Charlotisviltr, I
HENRY Ilf DEN, Mercnant, Orange Cutirt |
House Va.
JAMES BROWN, Druggist, Charlestown, ;
Jefferson County Va. may 4—ly j
[WILL give the highest cash price for
Likely Negroes, from 10 to 2d years of
age. Myself or Agent can, at all times,
be found at the establishment formeijy
owned by Armfield, Franklin oc Co., at
the west end of Duke street.
READF.lt.—Tho following extract* from
London Taptr* j of the highest respects
hiiity, show conclusively that the fame ol
Unndreth's Pills is not confined to this Conn
try alone, and that their value as a cleanser, ot
the stomach and bowels, and purifier ot the
Mood are appreciated in Europe also.
••We're not ourselves,
When nature, being oppressed, commands the
i To sufier with the bo ly."
This is a truism conceived bv the master
mind ot Shakspcare, which neither sophisT)
nor argument can refute. To all those who
are suffering from Bilious attacks, Indigestion
and Flatulency we would with great sincerity,
recommend as a never failing remedy. Bran
dretli's Pills The testimonials we have had sub
mitted to us in favor ol this admirable medicine,
fully justify our speaking of these Pi.Lin terms
of the highest praise. —London free Press.
The Testimonial of II. W Pcwljurst, f.«q..
Theatre of Zoology, Gower street, Fusion
square. Low nos. January 10, 1334.
My I)» ar Sir—As you have requested my
candid opinion of your Pills, I have much plea
sure in stating that when laboring under n se
rious illness in August, 13)1, I took them >\
your advice and am happy to say, that their
action was in every way all that I emt'd desue.
and accordingly ftom their use 1 date ri.y re
covery. I consdeied them an excellent t*.
mily medicine. 1 n main my de*r sir, jours
truly. II. W. Dewhcust, F. L F. S.
“Surgeon Accoticher, and Professor of llti
man and, Zoological Anat. and Cor. Wfn Nat.
Hist. Society
•‘Professor Dewhursl's testimony, respect
ing Dr Brandreth’s PilN, speak volumes. Aftei
him, we may unhesitatingly recommend their.
to our subscribers, as the very ne plus uhraot
ill anti.bilious Pills "—London Conservative
“To the Whole Family cp Max "-""t
have published numerous certificates recom
mending to all our readers Nrsmdrelli’a Vege
table Pills, as the most Certain, most sale, and
invaluable Medicine extant. As anti hilmus
ind aperient Pills, we are perfectly convinced
thev stand far above all otbetsj ns a certain
cure in all cases of worms, scoibutis humors,
eresiplas, and all affections ol the skin, dropsy,
asthma, stone, gr »vel. piles, and lumbago,they
vill be form I invaluable.— ! .ondon I inu s
•* The most popti'arand highly appreciated
Medicine in the naval ami military circles, is an
invention of Dr. Brandeth’*, known as Ilian
deth’s PiPs Tins medicine is deservedly spo
ken of as an excellent corrective, ntier the in
dulgences of the table threaten and product
those unpleasant ‘next morning’s remmiscen
Qgj,* which never fail to annoy, \voii\, am.1
I perplex the bon vivant.— I.onbaul Standard,
j 0£)*Always li« number that no Apothct an or
Drug Stoic has llie Genuine DKA.v DUL 1 ll's
PILLS for sale.
I he following are the regularly appointed
AGKNTS in the District of Golumuix. i here
fore if you want the GKNUISK BWAN
DKKTH’S PILLS, purchase ONLY of them
Frank Jay ton, Bookseller, Penn. Avenue,
Washington Gity.
James Thoms*, Bookseller, Georgetown,
District ofGolumbia.
p.liza Kenneday, Stationer, Alexandria,
District of Golurrbia.
|)r. Brandreth’s Office, 72 Saratoga street,
between Howard ami Futaw st-., Haiti noiv,
where the Genuine Medicines c<»n at all times
be obtained. It It (JlthF.N, G.-n’I. Agent.
For Maty land, Virginia, and the Distriei «.l Co
lumbia ord 28— I v
rrpHE Fubscriber rrs.pccifu.lv informs the
1 Citizens of \ lexsmoria and his ciis'«»mer>
generally, that he ha* during the present *e«
son, added a large amount of goods to his for
mer stock, which makeshift assortment veiy
Complete. 'I lie fo lowing list comprises a
part of tl e atticles received and the stock pie
viously on hand—\ >z:
Cas'or Oil by w holesale and ret .il
Seidli z Powders of best quality
Spanish M liiti’ g of superior quality
English Lamp Black
do Chrome Yellow
Bakers Cocon ( excellent r.rtirle* for the
Do Cocoa pa*te S nourishment of die » ck
Extract ol Qumoe, which succeeds LtUei
tl an the sulphate of Qu nine in curing
some cases ol Ague and Fever
A Coll'd
Cold Cream and Lip Salve of fine quality
Scul'cap, a valuable remedy in nervous dis.
.1 m tube Paste, Guirrarvt Pas
Sulphate of Quinine, best French and Ame
Gold Foil for dentists, Gold Le*f
Eve Stoius
Oil of Vitriol
Lucifer Matches, best’imported|
Pink Boot
Whi-e Wax
Ox\ muriate of Potash
Copperas, by the bariel
llydriodatp of PotraliJ
Crystafztd Nitrate ol Silvtr
Lunar <Jau*tic
Sulphate of Morphia
Acita e ol do
Citr.iteof Potash
Salad O I
Glue by the barrt!|
I'enri Ash
Sr.l Antes, of find q;a!ify
«t.n!a, for washing
Gem a-. Lustre, for ch arting stoves
Tliot: soti»xn Medicines
pest Gcrr V?) • rIt
Ithtibat b Boo', sth cted
ILcc Gtr.gr r, f:t sh
do do Jamica. sofi and while
KbscuPa! Oils, viz: Oil ot l(i'n nv>ii, haven*
do., Bergamot, Bauge, Neroli, &.c.
MfCC, Nutmegs, Loi.g Pepper
Indian Bi.bber, neatly cut in ‘quarts
do do in balls
do do in thin sheets}
Canine achy Logwood, clipped a <1 ground,
Ground Fust c, ground Camwood
Best !t< dwood, gr« und
Verde? rid
(ground Brazil wood
Superior Engl all Mustard
Iiobinpnr.’s Patent Burley'
Patent Lint
Aohes ve Plaister, spread
Blister d<» do
Bed Ink in vrals
Black do do F.nglish
do do do muiuf.tctured by \V. S.J
Saratoga Water j
Bay Bum
P. B. Smith’s Copal Varnish, of different
kinds, Black Varnish
tto14 Fa rfax Street.
(Winchester Virginian, I rethurg Gen. of
Liberty and Warrenton Beci*ter.]
MThe small brick dwelling house on
Fairfax st. near Wm. P. Green: (to
whom please apply) possesion may Ire
had last of September or perhaps sooner
if required. JOSIAfl H. DAVIS,
kep 6
Mij piies then>
beral discount being made to rela‘^
chants. For a description of the r ^'
of these pills, he refers to the f, 4
advertisement of Doctor ltalph
“The very general demand f '
Ualph’s Hvgeian Pills, can onlv
counted for by reason of the [v't\*'
pled benefit and cures which th' ^
have experienced from their us/v
over, they are founded on ihVw: '
and experience of the Dritish C u'v
Physicians and Surgeons, c f j
and are recommended b\ tlje v ; -
and practice of Sir Asrlnv ri
neni. ; '
The limits o/ an advertiscmn ?
allow'of entering upon an
ofthe principle on v hicli ti is n>i(| '* f‘
suited lose many dit! venicoi,. • '
It must suffice to mention. /;
package ofthe pillscontainst! :'roV‘:C!
two of which are gently op, i.,: -Vi
strengthening quality . • ‘
to the most Inci te i'ot.siiititioi.>;\i \ '
other is purgative, but nei, <*: ?
cording to the dose. 'J I n*. ! v \ ..
these Tills, and altering tin* doses V. :
able to the directions given, it
tshing to witness the i.cn I, i ,,{
w hich 01 ecured or much allevVud
them, while there is m disease v';
which can possibly he injured !y ;if
use. 'i hey contain no men. uiy. ,:i’« „
betaken without the inconvvni, i,t,,
caution w hic h other medicines cm:
!y require. The paiticuiar di>m,/
w hich their efficacy has been pro*., a
e>trd,in many th.ou-.and individual no.
are the following:—
Dyspepsia, ami the whole of tho*#*,;
nierou< maladies v hit I; ai isc fiuu I,
alconstipation ol ti>e bowels; Ar« - .5
and a!} affections <d the f»« ad; <;< /
PlirumntPrn; Scmlula, uitheirnv
ciesoi Suilt Plicutii and I>i>«*je, ] • '
Skin; threatening t'onsi.ir| \,\*• r, ,.
Live) Diseases, v\ hether tl <•»{;♦ cl ol
temperance or hot < lunate: JYki
Ague; Common Fever, i\ <\; j, j,,
iions; Cholera Moihn>. Ac.; Jauiiilo -
Dropsy; Piles; Gi ai el: ( ir» f.u; <,,<
other complaints ol the I naan and » .
nital organs. A c. A c. 1
This medicine is also eiwir.n.tlv n-.
in the w hole class of discreet •> ;,n w, t
the female constitution. espn i;hl\ n< v
Vo Us and liysteiieal disordt r>. k| u< j
Fils,St. Vitus's Dance A c. A c.;huklm
Ache, cei tain ohsti notions, sexud to .
ness, A e. In smaller doses, it n am
relied on as I he best and sahst t
cine in pregnancy, and for the tm-m
t disorders ol cniioreo.
The directions given with tltsef'.
are remai kahiy plain and part it war
proper doseand management oltlo
ing carefully mtHrdinited undei ;l.c I
each disoi tier separately,
Jos. pAi.ru. M.J
Graduate of the Cniwusity of |(
burgh; Member ol the ltnyalCtv
ol Surgeons I ondon; I.rctunr
Midwifery and tht* Diseases W t
nien anti Children, A c. and,t&r
ol the ••DtMU'dit < 'Uit!e to
.*\. P». Dr. Paiph's Domestic (-11.*
a little volume designed lot il.c is.
every family, paiticiilaily tl*t»se
ing in the country. It is writtni m 1
plainest manner, and is intended a * ,
ble indiv id ua Is, noth male ai d f« ii:,iit-.;
undertake the management ol li nn.to
compiaints with safety nmi >1110*0
Tin: price is veiy low, being my
cents, though neatly hound in hv»a
Ac. Indeed the object ol 1h pnri.t
tion is rather w ith a view ol s'f»a*f:f.£
liseltil know ledge 011 disease. lluiltl
any profit arising 1mm iis sale.
Jo>):rn I* ai i m. M. f;.
For sale hy JAMES 11. HA.VII/IM
3 mo 21— Iy Alexaiiuiut. h C
[ I .eesldll g < Senilis ol L heilv j
1 1‘n-i xtim iil fir f leuuiiie <""1
in it tiifT l loir.
Is unrivalltd in itsrxr( lln re f< r p'ott"' 1
tie re prow tli ard b< mi* \ of *1» I *»•* >**• ’
the in mediate removal ot daiuin fi <r» ''
When, In ir, dm me nr i.rglect, U «• Ur*
con es hard, finish. anti <)*) , hi d l * >’*
..ft, the lleslon.»ive mUsi < i*> its ».*< wi. *
plover its appearance, adds *n i*
tiu! bestow s to it a tmisce* d* n* ) •'*>
I his article isn**0MUd t" m | o <’<r 4 1
i iht r pit j; a rat in i *• tor (he hair; nil tl o-t v ^
jtt<t it will tint; in it a luxuriant »pj rrV ,*
enhell sh, and for if ant i asi i a i i-t1 I'
• «file (| artindail) inil.t ncntn ,r
! ol tin kind liei\*t‘»f* re ‘ fl'red tad*t j
i _
Certificate of the Hoi, I! J Si.iM (1
Ihnisr oj Jtefii i *< rt itfr' ■
I 11 :tv c made xti cx|»» tirni M «*f “ (
Hair Hc*»lorali\e,” wi'li ‘
|«t'C it rr a\ be salcd) leid. ‘ ’
vantage, b) evuj < i.e It i • '• ■’‘^ (
l «f I. C* < j l|lC‘ (I a 111 III fi, :tti<i >,f.v r'
l,it* uxtme of rny iiH.r, hern ’ *
l»^c of ilili prcpM U1. loll lot f '
t: s
; Dec. lfiti*. nr6
c* concur in Mie ahmc rec0^' r
theefiicacy nl the'‘I’erMfcfi lli*,r h*' ‘
j in removing the <Unc!ri:l! horn 1,0 t
1 of tue utiici bent bend i ' j
its application to Iht hair
N. Sirn>*<
V\ . I iFLOH, M l’*
Of the I foil’C of lh *
For sa^e. wholesale or retan, h) * t I r
nr, J W. SHI Ml, W aaliingW*^
For sale by Win. Statdcr, </• ]
extifuiim; J. F.Calhni. G. b‘>)le, ^
F. Howard, Washinglm; t» >* *
Georgetown r«
Fncc 75 cents per bottle. msr *
SAD0LK. IIAK.VKKti- A'*I' ')k| V'
ma.m;fa«;t<>io . ,
/ (HAltLliS IJAU KIN.', ^m y
Xj (tom Mr. \V. Morpi.-e -Si s. 1’°°'
Shoe Manufactory. , . r
I\i)>,r Street. .\le.r(tttfh i(r- • ■ ' f,
intends to keep a general
ail articles in his line of bttsiJ^‘*** ' :
tenders i.is since* .* thanks to t
generally for UieciM*ngu»sbed 1^;..
he has received from them, «n
assured of iiis ability to s*|Vtli h*
solicits a continuance <*f tbe *■ l(C
by thellev. Mr. Cailohan, ot •
Ue in vitc^be public tu calUndi
oct 6- wotl

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