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S3 ri.HU liieaiion.
IS res*.* tllv solicited by the aubecnoer,
to «o . jvslassle p operation, the merits _
-Mich uevnheenteited ~>v time, end ere sun
jUMtud by undoubted testimony.
|DR. RELM5’*
ST Botanical Drops!
very yearincreasing their long establish
ed reoutetion. Thev hare outlived m»nv ri
val dreparations, and are continually gaming
dp.ia public confidence.
The Botanical Drops has e been successiu Iv
administered for min> years, as a thorough re
medy (or that well known and prevalent class
of inveterate diseases which originate trom a
vitiated habit of oolv.oran hereditary predis
position in the patient, an l generally appear
under the various and distressing shapes of
Scrofula, Salt Kheum, Leprisy, St Antho
ny*! Kirs, Fever Sores, White Spelling*,
Bctirvy, Foal and Obstinate fleers. Sore keg*
and By*s, Scald Head, and Venereal faint.
i In the last mentioned condition of the sys
tem, the Botanical Drops will t>e found to era
dicate the lurking poison, where mercury na>
totally failed, and thus prevent the patient
from entailing the seeds of an hereditary dis
eaae on hi* offspring. .
Dr. Uelfe*s Botanical Drops are successfully
used in cases of violent eruptions after t e
measles—red blotches—pimples on the face—
festering eruptions on the skin—and other dis
ease* of the external surface and are one o.
the beat Spring and Autumnal physics known, j
to freethe system from Uuniois
A physician of eminence, who had witness'd
theerticacy of this article, had the candor re
ceutly to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
be considered it the oest medicine known, tor
the complaints for which it is intended, and
that it ought deservedly to stand at the head
of the whole class of such remedies
Trice $1 a bottle, o~ 6 bottles for |5
T!|OSB wha would regain or restore these
desirable personal advantages, are assur
d that no composition can bv obtained supe
tz the
British antiseptic dentri^
TlUil vt »t an] pteasvnt preparation
in every respect, and has, for many years past,
given un versa! satisfaction wherever it ha>
been used
The Antiseptic Dentrifice s exempt r<»m
Acid and other deleterious ingredients, which
loo frequently enter the composition of tooth
powders in common use, and . wh tens tiie
enamel of the teeth without doing it the lea>t
injury. The regular use of this adin.red pow
der, by purifying the mouth and preventing
Ihe accumulation of tartar, operates as the be>i
preventive of the Tooth Ache l he Dentrifice
re noves discolorations, and restores the beau
tiful native whiteness ot the enamel. As its
application braces and strengthens the Gums,
it secures to them their healthy and florid hue,
end, by removing all oftensive foreign accu
mutations from the teeth, preserves the natu
ral sweetness of the breath. Trice 5'J cents
• • None genuine unless signed on the out.
side Diinted wrapper bv the sole proprietor,
T Kidder, immediate successor to the late Dr
W. |\ Conway. For sale, with all the other
••Conway Medicine,” at his Counting Boom,
No 99. next door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and It mover streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston. I IIOMTbON KIDUKtt.
And, bv his special appointment, by
Vt'M. STABLBB, Fairfax street, Alexandria
*•* Large d.scouut to those who buy to sell
Asthiim! .V Catarrh!
IN that long tram of diseases which seem to
grow with the growth of civilised society,
Consumption takes the lead in its relentless
inroad» upon human life;yet this dreadful dis
order is easdy overcome in its earlier stages.
It is only when neglected that it arrives at the
terrific maturity w hich so olttn oatHcs the sa
giCity of professional science. An obstinate
cough is the customary forerunner of the pul
monary consumption Improper neglect in the
timely administration of simple and salutary
medicines, is sure to be reproved by a dread
fil succession of coasu npiive symptoms - op
pression of the breast; greenish and blood)
spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic tever; shri
velled extremeties, and general emaciation of
III * whole body; prostration of strength; flush
ed" cheeks; swollen feet and legs; and at last,
in the full possession of the mental faculties,
and while hope still whispers her flattering
tale—cold extremities, and a premature death.
For the various stages of this complaint, one
the most approved remedies ever yet dis
covered is
This exceedingly powerful, and yet equally
•aleami innocent preparation,has effected tl»o
rough an l rapid cures upon patients supposed
• o have been far advanced in a confirmed Con
sumption, and who have exhibited the appear
ances which usually indicate a uiat termination
of the disorder.
As the Tills require in ordinary cases no
confinement, thev may be administered with
confidence and safety to all ages and classes of
people. Unexampled success has hitherto at
tended their administration in a great variet)
of cases; and the proprietor can refer to a nml
titude, which testify to theireflicacy in reviv
ng the emaciated victim trom the bed of dis
ease, anl restoring him to the blessings ol ac
customed health and activity
Trice $1 for wh alt boxes of >0 pills, and 50
cents for halt do of 12 pills, with directions.
\lbion Corn Flast&r!^
e* a»oiou Cora Plaster softens the corn,
L however old and tough, and extracts it to
the very roots, The rebel afforded is gentle,
J,n nediate, and iluro igh. '
The proprietor begs leave to submit the fo!
lowing case, from Mr Stowell, who is well
known to tue inhabitants of this city, especial
y at the South ftnd and South boston, as a
«ry worthy and respectable citizen:—
•\ Class.
*>•. $im ^.i Jo not hesitate to give my most un*
q Vilified approbation in favor of your valuable
Albion Corn Piaster. By the use of less than
a oox Mr*. Stowed has been cured of a corn
on each loot, which had been exceedingly
troublesome an 1 painful lor years, and l think
out justice to your invaluable preparation
§o add, (for the encouragement of those win*
owing to repeated disappointments in the va
rious remedies resorted to, have finally des
paired of a cure,) that your Plaster cur<.d her
corns, alter trying other highly recommended
ewediesto no purpose; and what increases
my confidence in the superiority of your Plas
ter, ia the fact, that it has been used by seve
al of my ueighbora with equally good success
(Signed) S^bStdwiu,
Keeper of Toll house, South Boston Uridge
Hr. T. tviDuan, Proprietor oi the Conway
Medicines. Boston, Juue 17th, 1829.
Price 50 cents
1m>t£ studious, the weakly, and others, who
L are troubled with soreness or inflanima
on of that delicate organ, will be able to ob
a most pleasant and tnvaluaole applies
’0“* * DUMKU1KS’
ur &7X2 WATER!
.^l| ^ii1>|iihcd W.$ii tor the Kjc I>
,rf«oily .«u«cent.»nd s»«» miedute relief, j
even in very aggravated cases o soreness and
inflammation. Price 25 cents.
> ##*None genuine unless signed on the out
ride printed wrapper by t**e sole proprietor,
T. Kid Jder, immediate succesaor to the late
Dr. W. T Gonway. For sale, with all the oth
er “ConwayMedicines,** at hifCountingHoom,
No. 99, neat door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court an I llanover streets, near
Concert llall, Boston.
And also, by his special appointment, by
jan 24 Fairfax street, Alexandria..
Larire discount to »hose who buvtosell apain
To Rheumatic Invalids!
1>ERSONS suffering under Rheumatic Af
fection ate respectfully assured that the)
can obtain of the proprietor and his agents a
safe and admirable remedy for Rheumatism,
however obstinate the disorder may be,and
in ail its different stages.
Ur. Jebb's Liniment!
will afford immediate relief to the pa* ent,
and has sometimes been attened with such
extraordinary success as to cure the most dis
tressing Rheumatism in twenty-four hours,
even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recom
mended With a confidence founded on the
experience of many years, not only as a cure
for that excruciating disease, but as an excel
lent application for Stiffness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains, Chilblains, Ike.
(This article is considered so superior to
everything else, and to possess such uncom
moil virtues, that it is ordered from all parts of
the country.]
(Jj* An Agent recently writes: “Please send
me a further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the
first opportunity—I shall probably sell a con
siderable quantity, as it is recommended by
some ot our physicians very highly, although
contrary to their rules and regulations to give
encouragement to such (or. patent) medi
.nes ** Rut is a most decidtd proof of their
confidence in its invaluable properties
Another agent writes: ** I wish you to for
ward me some imite of Jebb’s Liniment, which
hasrecommened* tself very h»gMy.** Price 50
cents a bottle.
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint
deceives immediate relief, and in numerous
instances has beenthoroughly cured, by the
administration ot
rjlHIS approved compound also mitigates
JL and removes the symptoms which fre
quently accompany that disorder, and increase
the danger of the patient viz: pains in loins,
headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, and
other marks of debility
A relieved patient writes from a distance:
“It is but justice to inform you, that I have
used your Dumfries* Uemedy for the Piles for
s some time past, and have found it eminently
' successful.**
| The remedy is quite innocent, and may be
! administered to all ages and both stxts Plan.
| and ample directions, witha description of the
complaint, accompany each package, which
consists of two boxes, one containing an Oint
ment, and the other an Electuary.
Price $\ for both articles, or 50 cents where
hut one is wanted*
riXIIIS agonizing disorder iscured in its m »9i
1 painful idagts. hv one olthe most simple
as well as powerful remedies knew it inmo
dern practice The
aflord instant relief, without inflicting the
slightest injury on the teeth They are appli
ed externally to the parts affected, with the
greatest ease and expedition, and generally
operate a* a soothine lenitive tothe sullering
patient. Price 50cents a box.
OK most obstinate character, after hav ng
baffled the skill of the most eminent phy
| sicians, and withstood the most highly recom
j mended medical preparations,l.asbeen check
| ed, relieved, and cured, in a number ot install
! ce/in and about thiscity, by using, for a short
j time, Dr. Helve's
in connexion, according to the direction?ic
companving the Specific It is alsoone of the
best medicines known for Sick Headache,
Sickness at the Stomach, Nauota, and Flatu
Price of theSpecific and Pills, 50 cents each
Debilitated Females!
Ixn E complaints peculiar to the female par’.
. of the community, hate been long suc
cessfully treated by the administration of tht
Aromatic Pills, originally prescribed and com
pounded by Dr. Itelfe. They cleanse the
blood from those disorders ol the female con
| »tUution,for which the pills are an ellectual
specific; they restore a fret circulation, reform
j the irregular operations of the sanguiferous
! system, and rectify the disordered habits. The
proprietor’s confidence in the superior excel
lence of this equally innocent and powerful
preparation, is founded on the most decisive
testimony from many restored patients He
can assurethis portion of the public, that when
are regularly taken, according to the direc
I tions, accompany ing them, they revive an<i
! establish the desired healthy habits, and res
i lore to the pallid countenance the natt’rr.
I glow ol health and good spirits.
| Married ladies will find thepills equally use
' ful, except in cases of pregnancy, when they
must not betaken; ueilhei mustihcy betaken
by persons of hectic or consumptive habits,
t hey may be used successfully by either men
or women in all Hypochondriac, Hysteric or
Vapourish disorders. In all cases ol this de
scription, the pills purify, invigorate, and re
vive the disordered system. Price £150 a
None genuine un'eas signed on theout*
side printed wrapper by the sole proprietor,
T. Kidder, immediatesuccessor to the late Hr
T. Conway. For sale, with all the other *Con
way Medicir.es,*’at his Counting Uoom, No.
99, next door to J. Kidder’s Drug Store, cor
ner of Court and Hanover streets, near Concert
And also,by bis special appointment, by
jan 15 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
*•* Large discounts to those who buy to sell
Itch Ointment!
'■IllK extensive.sale and established repu
te tation of Dumfries'itch Ointment, encour
ages the proprietor to recommend it with re
newed confidence to the public as a raos inno.
cent as well as powerful applies tion4for this
annoying disease. The most inveterate cases
have been cuaio is onx hour! by this esteem
ed Ointment. It contains no mercury, or oth
er noxious ingredient,and rosy be confidently
applied even to the youngestchildren, or to
pregnantfemales.—Price 374 cents
None genuine unless signed on he out
side printed wrappr fjy* sale proprietor,
T.K«dder,i 1UC jdltte seccersrrto tte laie Dr.
W, T. Conway. For sale, with all the other
“Conway Medicines,”st his Counting Room,
No. 99, next door to J Kidder's Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, netrCon
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KIDDER.
And also, by hisspeeial appointment, by
WM. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria
%• Large discounts to those who buy to sell
sgsin, _ _
JUST received and tor sale by the subscriber,
who can confidently recommend them, as
hey were selected with cave under hi* personal
observation. Among the articles are the folio**
ing, viz:—
Swaim’s Vermifuge, (on hand the Panacea)
bo’h procured direct from Swaim’s Laboratory
Patent Gum Khstic, in sheds a id squares;
gum elastic injection bags, 5*c.
Scented white Soap, in bars; do. in pound
squares; Low’s emollient vegetable shaving
cake, delightfully perfumed, for making strong
creamy lather without irritating the skin; castilr
soap; Low’s olive oil, Chinese mu.sk, almond,
rose and Naples S«*ap; Naples soap in jars, pre*
pared by N Smith Prentiss; toilet and shaving
soap, prepared by the subscriber, calculated lor
chapped and. tender skins.
Walkden’s black ink powdt r, a superior ar
tide, wi’h the Maoufac'urer’s cautionary cc»tifi
C:»te on each package; transpa.en', black and
note wafers; Kvuiis’s lead pencils; Hrookman
and Langdou’s pencils, for artists; Iteeves &
Son’s water colors, in boxes: white frosting; In
dia ink; white, yellow, pale and green bronze;
goldfoil; tin foil
French and German cologne water, imported;
Palmer’s odoriferous compound or American
sweet b;»g, tor perfuming beaureaus,wardrobes,
Stc ; ottar ofrnsts; bears oil; splendid cut putt
Hair brushes, a variety of patterns, of excel
lent quality; dusting brushes; varnish do; mark
ing do; and large assortment ol veiy fine tooth
Mechis's magnetic razor »trap and pas»e, f'onr.
London; lucder matches, large and small; ther
im-meters, of various patterns; hath or bristol l
brick, for cleaning knives; shaving boxes; St*
gar cases; an assortment ol pocket hooks; sy
ringes, ol various kinds; snuff box- s Japanned
diis, lor signs; fine and coarse sponge
r."gusn cnamomue uuv\ ers, iresu
Best ILissian Isiuglas
Genuine Haarlem oil, imported from Holland
Alcliohol, of best quality
Acidulatt d gingerdrops;peppt rmint lozenges
Mustard, ot excellent quality, from London
Genu>ru Gnwland’s Lotion, imported, lor re
n uving ev» r> kind ot coarseness, erup
tion and unpltasant appearance of the
German bistre; Spanish black lead
Best Cal »hria liquorice
Camphor; D* an’s rheumatic pills
Superior bleached Jama ca ginger
Pea I barley; se!ect» d rhubarb root
Shak* r's herbs, itc., of various kinds
Genu ne French sulphate ot quinine
American do do of best manufacture
Vt ratrine, strychnine, sulphate and acetate
of morphine, and oilier vegetable pro
dll' ts
Musk; Irish m >ss; nntrmgs
Calcined charcoal, carefully prepared for me
dica use
Gum aiabic, very superior; lone pepper
Best Til*key opium, carefully selected
Flake manna; white wax; soda, for cashing
Salad oil, of very fine qtialiiy
Red rose leaves, fre*h,a'id t art fully prepared
Labarraque's chi rule ot s >da
Iveosot, obtained »foa» the manufacturer
Best English and American calomel; on hand
an assortnn nt of otht r chemicals
Pdent corn rubbers; trusses a variety
Horse Hearns; adhts ve plash r, spread
Shtilac; canary and l emp seed; hair powder
Indig'*; chipped logwood
An additional supply ot Landretii’s garden
On hand a general assor’ment of articles, in
the Druggist's line, including a large numbei
of Pa ent and Thomsouiaii Medicines.
j»n 21 \VM. STABLER.
Letsburg Genius of Liberty, Warrenton Re
gistt r and Winchester Virginian.
IS UM.OM MENDED as decidedly superior
to <»ny other known combination of Medi
cine, for Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Consump
lion, Asthma, Spitting of Blood, hoarsen as,
Difficulty of Breathing, HoopingCough, Tains
;*nd Weakness of the Breast, and all diseases of
the Pulmonary organs.
1 his medicine is highly and justly recom ;
mended, by numerous and respectable indivi* j
duals, who have found relief from its use. Ma- |
ny who have been laboring under protracted
Coughs and pains in the breast and luve been |
supposed by themselves and their friends far
advanced in consumption, have been happily
restored to pet feet health by the use ot this
valuable Expectorant.
Persons laDoring under chronic or consump
live coughs, will find great advantage from
carry ing a small quantity of the Indian Kxpec
torant with them, w hile attending to their va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspoonful oc
casionally. Their cough will be scarcely felt
and they will be enabled to expectorate with
the greatest facility, and the irritating matte?
will thereby soon be removed and a perma
nent cure effected. Let the afflicted try it.
Prepared only by Dr D. Jay ne, ot Salem, N.
Jersey, and none is genuine without his writ
ten signature to the label on the outside ol
the bottle
I hereby certify thv f was cured ofa violent
cough and pain in the breast by using Doctoi
Janie's Expectorant Medicine. My w ile also i
w as afflicted with a bad cough and pain in the
breast, attended with so much difficulty ol
breathing as to prevent her from getting any
sleep for a number ol nights in succession; but
by taking two dose> ol this medicine she was
enabled to sleep quietly through the night
and in a few daysb) continuing its use site
was perftctl) restored. Jacob Bidokway.
Hancock’s bridge,N. J. Sept. 24, 18J6.
Last spring my wife w as confined to her bed ,
by a distressing cough and pain in her breast
and aide—Her cough harassed her day and!
night and her difficulty of breathing was sc
great that she got very little sleep for m
da) s an l nights together—None of the medi- j
cines she took appeared to be of any service
to her; when Dr Jayne kindly sent her a but j
tie of Indian Expectorant w Inch soon and com i
ptetely refuted her to health—She firmly be
licvcs »l tne best medicine ever discovered.
Will?am Poulsof
Hancock’s Bridge, N. J Nov. 21, 18J6.
From J. II. Smith, Esq. Brooklyn, L, I*
I hereby certify that the above valuable me ;
(|icine has b«.en used in my family with great
benefit in seveial instances. J. II. Smith,
Brooklyn, Dec. 18J5.
From A. D & B. Sands, Druggists, No. 100,
Fulton street, New »ork.
Dr. D Ja>ne—Dear sir: Your Indian Expeo
torant is doing well here. \\ e have but about
oee dozen left of the gross y ou sent us. You
will please forward on a winter supply as soon
&s convenient: It seems to give universal sa ;
lisfaction to all whom we have heard from who
have used it—The season is fast approaching
when such a medicine will he much needeu
and a* it is well supported by good certificates
it will sell very rapidly. The only objection
Neema to be to the pricey but we have not had
ne customer who objected to take it on that
ccocunts as no one doubts its virtues. Very
espectfullyi yours, 4. D. & li. Sasbs.
Proto (tie Rev. C. C. P. Cro»l /, tote ogent of
the American Baptist.
To Dr. D. Jayne Dear sir: I have made use
of the Indian Eopectoront, peroonally ami in
mv family for (he lastaia yeara with great ben
efit. Indeed I m*y conatder my life prolong
ed by the use of this valuable medicine, under
the blessing of God, for several years. I ma>
say almost as much in the case of my wife a no
also of the Kev. Mr Tinson of thelsland of Ja
maica. For all cases of cough, inflammation
of the client, lungs and throat, l do most unhe
sitatingly recommend this as the best mediant
I have ever tried. My earnest wish is tlut o
thtTS afflicted as I have been, may experience
the same relief, which I am persuaded the)
will by using the Indian Expectorant.
C. C P. Chosbt
N R Many of my neighbors, on my recom
mendation, have tried this medicine with uni
form success. N. Yoik, June 15, 18.)5
From the Rev. Jonathan Going, D D. Eilitot
of the American Baptist,
I have used the above medicine with sue
cess for a cough and hoarseness.
N. York, Dec. 183 5, Jusathas Goiso
Docl. 1). Jiyne-Dear sir: I wasfor a long
time afflicted with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect hea'th by using one bottle of your In
dian Expectorant. 1 have been subject to a
cough and pain in my breast tor near twenty
years, and have found far greater benefit frorr.
tiiis medicine than from any other. I remain,
respectfully, yours, Stbax Ihklaiid.
Canton, Nov. 21, 1836.
Many more certificates might be added bu'
the above are considered sufficient
Salem, N. J. April, 1816 D JAYNE
For sale by agents throughout the United
States, where also may be had Jayne’s Carmi
native Balsam, for Bowel Complaints; Jaynes’s
Tonic Vermifuge, for Worms, Fever and Ague
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, &c.
Agent for Alexandria,
1st mo.28—ly W\l. STABLER.
and i.the 1 Diseases. wtie her produced
Tom Bile, Phlegm, from infernal morbid mat
'ei % arising from bad cored old dsor lets, from
the use i f Mercury, Calomel,Baik. Ike. kc ; it
(in females,) fiom ttie change of l.fe. Ta spe
cify soment ihe*e diseases:—I eitei, Ringworm,
^eald-head, Leprosy, Btl< s, the l»ch. Itching
of the Skin, Blotches, Scorbutic Eruptions,
Pimples, Ulc»rs uherther cancerous or of a
milder kmd. Mercurial D Borders of every d<
scription, Heart Bun*, Loss of Appetie, Indi
gestion, Dyspepsia. Genera1 Debility, Jaundice,
Bil.ous AllVct'ons of the Chts* and Liver, En
largement of the Spletn, Rheumatism, Gout,
Piles I)ioi sy, Gleet, lovolun ary Em:ss'tn s,
Strictures and othet Urinary, Complaints, inclu
ding G avel, fcc. I« is also efficacious for Dim
iu-s*. of sight, Bhodn* as, (where not organic,)
luflanrimationot the Eyes, Deafness, Pressure of
Rh od to the Hi ad, lly procondria in all its
shapes, Megrim, Sleepl* s*nes% and Nervous
Afftc'ians of every kind, including PaLy. It
s no less serviceable in the removal of Sterility
in liie one sex, than of locompt tenev in the
other. It preven's the suppression and reme
dies the irregtihri't of Ihe Monthh Complaint.
Also, the Flour Aihus, Grcren sickness, H*s*tri
Ch| Fit* frc. ac. Its efficacy will be proved
however lung sfaudit g or tleeply rooted and
complicated the complaod may be. In all tile
diseases mentioned the If s'orer is the chit f re
medy. Those .there additional or secondary
! medicines are r» t|uir< d; wnl be found st.i'ed in
| the pamphlet, with direct ions for iLcii us*..—
(2 and i?> )
TONIC ELIXIR, diseases of tlie dost.
Catarrhs, Cough, Whooping cough, Pam* in
j the Chest or Thru:*’, li<>ai>i nr-* ditlir.olty in
! breathing, Asthma, Phlegm, CtMi*umption,H. r
tic Feve , and ds concomitants. |)iv ases of the
! Lungs, even if accompanied with the Spitting
ot Riood, &c. (2 and /3 )
I TONIC PORT-MINE, for Rowel Complaints
i |nd'ge*ti"u, Dyspesia, General Debility, Weak
Ilf s*, Nc rv«»tis All ctions,&.c (75 t ent* and f 1.)
| ABYSMMA MIXTURE, (in lopnd and in
1 pai’e,) f<»r Gonorrhoea. ( 2)
; This medicine is in al Ventral l)i*oid< »s >* c< r
tain remedy, Hill! Will cure tfie mos: deep motet!
Elects, w tluait leaving anv inr.omenc» t" tin
patient when all oth* r remedies have been
found iin tfi etoal. {f2 )
AROMATIC EXTK.vCT, for ind:gestion,
Ctddnc** in tile Stomach, Numbness or Mo-k
ness in the lambs. Inactivity « f the >km, I cli
ing of the Ski", pain* in thejoint*,Rheuiliati.sin,
Gout, kc (50c« lit* am fl.)
SPECIFIC. I«>r l ever ami Ague, mucenn.;
GOLD-MINE BALSAM, for Bilious «n Ner
vous Affections, Bowel Complaints, Imlig sum,
lie art but ii, Wind (Fla ulenre, ‘Sra-Sn k* es-,
coldness in tl»e Stomach, Ciamps, or Numbness
Flux or D.air. cr«, Cooler* Morbus, 8-c, (50
BENGAL OINTMENM, for Tetter, Ring
worm, Scald-head »»d Foul U'ct rs (M.)
DKPUIOTIVE POM DEB, tor B lion* af
lections. Head ache or M grim, lulluess ol tin
Head, Dimness ol Sight, be. (.50 cents.)
GENT INJECTION, lor Fluor Albu*, Weak
ss, be- (.50 cents.)
UNIVERSAL PLASTER, for di-ess s of the
Chest, Dyspepsia, Fri sh Wounds, F* id Ulcers.
Burns, Chilblains, Ulieumatism, Gou1,Corns be.
(50 ci nts.
ASTRINGENT MIXIURE, for <lis»* ase< r»l
the Ch»s', Indigestion, Despt psia, GeiUTai De
bility, Weakoes-, be. (.50 cents.)
JAPAN OINTMENT, for IMe«, (#1 )
ORIENTAL OIN I MEN I ; for Blotches,Pim
ples, Itching ot the Skm, or Chays, (whether
arising from exposure t«» tUe sun or from cold*)
Chapped Lips, Dander, be. (50 cents )
DECOC TION; a remedy lor Deafness, and
other Auricular Complaints. Uf‘2-)
And a number of mhor auxiliary remedies.
Fui a full and particular account ofKulil’sMc
denies, llieir properties and naiure, see pam
phlet; and^w herein will I kewi-e he found dine
nous lor their use, and iinintn us lestimoni ds;
which may be seen in all publ c plac- s, nr may
be had grali-, at D.. Kohl’s, oflices, or oi Ins
Ageirs, by mail.
None ol the medicines are genuine which
do not bear the sials as given in the pamphlet,
entitled “ Treatment of Chronic and othe*r oisea
>es, be ,” which is eiiteri d by l)r. K. according
to the Act of Congress, in the Clerk’s Ollice of
the District Couit of the District ol Columbia
O. M.-LIN I HICUM, Oruggis*, Georgetown,
DR- C. FARQUHAK, Alexandria, U.C.
EUS I ACE b 1EMPLE, Druggist-, Rich
mood, Va.
BROWN 8c COLLING, Druggists, Peters
burg, Va.
J. D RANDOLPH b Co., Booksellers and
Stationers, Norfolk, Va.
DR- JAMES COOKE, Agent for Faytttc
John-on,(Drug Store) Fredericksburg, Va.
FIELD & GOSS, Druggists, Chailousiilk,
HENRY I11DEN, Merchant, Orange Court
House Va.
JAMES BROWN, D'uggist, Charlestown,
Jetteraou County Va. may 4—ly
I WILL give the highest cash price loi
Likely Negroes, from 10 to 2b years ol
age. Myself or Agent can, at all times,
be found at the establishment furmery
owned by Armfield, Franklin & Co., «ii
the west ena of Duke street
THB wider of the followi"K •dvr'isemenl
believes m niiASDitiTHisM or Mbiiicirb
on the principle of common sense
How many hast ihou lead to the cold and *•
lent tomb? when, had they been without thy
demon like influence, might now have blessed
their friends and fam lies with their dcligli fu‘
and soul inspiring presence!
Endeavor to re d the following remarks and
advice without allowing the mind to be obscur
ed by any ip':s*s°f prejudice, orfdstf principles;
• ml the result shad he some knowledge, whe
ther it will amount to cunvic ion is certain')
more ihan I can tell. If it should, luppy uni
be the convinced!
I. II* iv lb M'MIWiV;
We know the ocean rrmains pure, while the
winds and tide* continue to exert »heir muv-iig
influeii'e, and it is the sa ne principle that inr*
pars p’l'ity to sprngs and lakes.
l.M tins principle c^ ase to act, let STA(»N \
riON be there, and what is the consequence*—
Kventlie mighty deep, in protracted calms, has
bem known to PUIDFY! Kvery one knows
• lie fact as connected with lakes ami springs of
water_when circulation ceases they become
stagnmt. I’U TKKF \C1T()N, wherever it ex
:sts, in however small quantities, if it comes in
couU' t wi ll ANIMAL L FB inj ires, oftende
stroy s,
Whether ye he h'rr.ry, or men of business
whtthfr ye he clerks, s<od nts or mechanics nr
whether ye be ol that iiiifortnnate class who
gain their bread by the needle, to all and each,
give ear.
lie ng deprived of exercise is to the tinman
body ms die deprivation of winds and tides ti»
tllC ocean: it brings alx ut a
stagnation of tub iilood.
rims it loses its p ir.ty; its circulation is imped
ed; the
and if not an immediate attack of some n»;«lig
nant fever, headache, nans a, loss of appeutr,
and a general debility of the whole frame is sure
to follow
I? n quires the temp* st and the tornado to
bring ah ill a state of purity in the ocean when
its w-ters have become stagnant; and it wi I re
(pi pt* repeated evacuations hy thr bowe Is |>t fore
•he bio* d can be rel eved of its accumulated im
purities, and nature left IV. e to restore every or
gan to iL pr< p**i he.ltliy ACT 1 *N And even
when this is ihme it is impossible for those to
enjoy In alth who take li’de « xercse, utiles
tbiy occasionally take some purgative of suffi
cient p Wt r to p *ifec.lh e'eanse the afuieiuary
canal of Miiy morbific tna ter which may he
'In re 1 wlgeil, and y el that con il do no INJ U ItY
under an> circumstances.
The character of Dr. BKANDBB I IDS Pill
i- so well known that they scarcely i tip ole to
be alluded to. Their safety to all ages, I om
die cluld of an hour * Id tu die man ot one Inin
lied ye<r , iheir nuld uss a* d yet die absolute
celtainty of effect according to the dose giv» n,
makes iliem die most <!e-ii ante medicine know n
Besides, no attention is required in the tine
they are taken; wh*. n, or in wnat mann r D el
lias nothmg to do wi ll tlinn Cold Ims posi
tively LlvbS effect on the body when thei a't
fiseil. Many persons when they have got w« t.
have, while out, swallowed ox or eigni topic
vent il em f om caichii'g cold, Slid die y alw tty s
Piiests, Lawyer0, and Polit c ans, Fiecmi n
and iiavts, all abke, w< o have used them, re
commend then* hi Units of the most unquali
fied pru se
(£j One thing n conclusion, never f irchasi
except ai the office of DU HU/NI UL l II, m
• lie agents who me appointed and advtr iseil
| by I on. A HON K ALL, NKVhU 1.0 I n A
ma t. SlOnlv bet that dowu in your me
ilioramiiiili book.
T lit following are the regularly appointed
*GKVfS in die Disttiei of Coinin' iu. I hell
tore if you want the GKM INK HUAN
DUK Ill’s PILLS, purchase ONLY of them
Frank Taylor, HuoUodltr, Penn. Avenue,
Washington City.
Jaine- Thomas, Bookseller, Georgetown,
District of Columbia.
Khza Kcnnedny, Stationer, Alexandria,
Distint ot t.olun nut.
Dr. HramiredPs Ollice, 72 Saratoga street,
between Howard and Kutaw st- , Haltcnore,
a hole the t»ciuiiiie Medicines emi at all limes
be outuim d. U U GiilvKN, Gcidl. Agent
Tor Vlaiy laud, Virginia, and the District of Co
luinbia april J8— ly
11 KSI'KlTKl U.Y informs the citizens ol
.1. Alexandria and tils eustumeis gciitiaihb
UihI during llit* present stftsoii lit* has added a
large anmuni of g»»v;;is to Ins turn cr stock,
which makes his assortment vciy complete —
1 lie following I.si comprises a pan ol the aili
cits received and the slock previously on hand,
viz —
Krun.bucket’s Tiils T
MeDA ill! >lbrl»J.pep*y
li.ckwitll’s do J
Jtidkm*-, thutment
Swaim’s TaliaCt a
do Yermduge
Lee’s It.llious P.lls
otiayer’s Renovating Ldpiid; Bernard’* do
for removing grease trom diesses, Uc
Jebb’s Klumrmtic Lini"ii.it
Landries’ Klectuary tor the Piles
do Uiutmen I tor do
do Itch OuitiiKht
do K> e \\ ater
Albion (join Pia&ttr •
Can.briaii tooth Ache Tills
Dud. Keite’s Ar.lihiliutis I ills
do do Aron atic Tills, for females
do do Bjtanicai Hrops
do do \ cgt table hpt citic
S ng’s Talent Itch Omtni nt, equal to the
best reined) lor the Itch
Edward’* Ta:n Extracting Lotion
Lou pound (Jhloriue i uotn \\ *»sn
Orris l oothwash
Krcosut do
l\tcosot Tooth Taste
Compound Syrup ol Iceland Moss
Ii.dclible Irk
Jayne's E\pe torant
do Carminative Balsam
Butier’s American Soothing Syrup, for ebil*
dien teething
Indian’s Panacea
Houck’s do
Mihy > Plaster Cloth
Balsam of Honey; Bear’s O.I
Henry’s Calcined Magnesia
Eva; ** Cnamoiiuie Puls
10th mo 11 Kairtax street.
[Winchester Virginian, ee*. t*cii Libeity,
and Wanei ton Register.]
JT AS on hand Coaches, ilnggies, Gigs,
i-*- Ac. ail uf which he otieis lor sale
on as accommodating terms as t ry can
')£ purchased elsewhere. Persons wish
ing to purchase C’an iages, are respect*
lul y reejuested to give niui a call, as he
wan ants his equal in vtoikman*hi;>, and
as cheap as they can he procured else
where. Also repairing none in Hie heal
manner, and at the shoi test notice
jy 3- 1>_
GUNPOVV DER, Impelia!, Young Hy
son, and Souchong Teas, in chests,
half chests,and catty boxos. For saie by'
dec 1U A. C. CAZENUYE OL Co.
WILLIAM STAliLEtt, Chemist sal
DiuggFt, Alexandria, genera)*,
gent for the sale of Dr. Ralimi’* impr ’
Hvgeian Pills, respectfully states thath'
is enabled to supply this Medicine to the
public and his mercantile connection, uo
on the same terms that the (ienerai 0|.
tic^at New York supplies them.—a {[4
beral discount being made to retail meV
chunts. For a description of the (juahtiel
ofthese pills, he refers to the follow^
advertisement of Doctor Ralph, viz:_ *
“The very general demand for br
Ralph’s Hvgeian Pills, can only ix* ac*
counted for by reason of the
pled benetitand cutes which
have experienced from their use. M,,rt.
over, tiiey are founded on Hie w\*(*{lRl
and experience of ttie British Coileu,.0|
" Physicians and burgeons, of P,»rx:„n.
anil are recommended by the writing
and practice of Sir Astley Cooper. M^r
Abernethy, and Dr. l»abington;as uHl&i
by the greater part ol the more eu•jr.ci.j
practitioners ol Knglaud and tli-Cuuj.
The limits oi an advertisement
allow of entering upon an expkinain.n
of the principle on w hich this medicine is
suited to so many different complaints.
It must suffice to mention, th.it ea>||
package of the pillscontams tl.iee t o.\,s
two ol which are gently opening, wutj *
strengthening(juuliiy combined. ada; t,
:o the most feeble constitution.*; v ink if.*
other is purgaliv e. but tool e or less >o;a.
cording to the tlore. 1 bus, by \iii v i; e
these Tills, and altering the does a«r*ri
able to the directions given, it is aster,
ishing to w itness the nun 1<1 ol di-c; >>,<|
which are cured or much allei atni D
them, while there is no disease wl,at«
which can possibly be injured by tlmr
use. '1 hey contain no mercury, audit ay
betaken without the inconvenit nte«,.'i
caution which other medicinesgeneiai
ly require. 'The particular diseases to
which their efficaiy has t)een proved at,!
ested,in many thousand individual i a>t s,
are the following:—
Dyspepsia, and the whole of those nu
merous maladies w hid: arise from I.annu
al constipation ol the bowels; Apoplexy,
j ai)4 all allections ol the head; (mut;
Kheuniaibin; bciofula, u ith evt i \ >pi.
ties ol JSalt Hheum and Disordei ol i! c
Skin; threatening Consumptive Coiiiri;
! Liver Diseases, w helher the elh i t <»i u..
! tempei ante or hot climate; Fcv« r and
Ague; Common lever, Ac.; Inllan n n
itions; Cholera Morbus, Ac.; Jam.due
i Diopsy; Tilt s; G) a vel; Gleet, a lid (eitian
| otliei complaints of the L l inary and
! nit a I organs, Ac. Ac.
j This medicine is also eminently usrful
; in the w hole class of disordei > peculno
1 the female constitution, especially in An
j vuus and llysteiical disorders, K| ilrptn
Fits,Si. N iliis’s Dance Ac. Ac.;Sic k Head
I Ache, certain obsti uctions, sexual we.ik
; ness. Ac. In smaller doses, it maybe
j relied on as the best and safest inn!:
j cine in pregnancy, and for the coiniiicio
j disorders ol ciiiidien.
| The direeuonsgiven with these Till*
! arc re ilia i kably plain and pal ticuiar- tl »•
propel dose anti ma nagemt nl of I lain i (.
mg carefully mehtiuned undei the Ik .m)
each ili.>oi der separately'.
Job. K Al l'll, M. l
Graduate of the t luveiMly ol I dn,.
bill gh; Mt in hr I ol the It nyal < 'oji»
ol ft HI groiis London; hi (turn ♦,
Mill wilery and the Diseases ol \\«.
men and Children, &c. and author
ol the “Domestic Guide to Medicine'
IV 1). Dr. Kaiph’s Domestic Guided
a little volume designed lor the use «!
every family, particularly those rim
ing in the country. It iswiittcn in ti.?
plainest manner, and is intended to ena
Die mdi\ iduaK both male ami h male, to
undertake the management of then own
complaints with safety and aucce.-s.—
The price is very low, being only .'f|
cent-, though neatly bound in ho.iuj:,
Ac. Indeed the object ol its pt*l»!i< .■«
tit n is lathe 1 with a View ol spi♦ ndiiii'
ds< 1 ti 1 knowledge on di>e«ise, than cl
any pi ohi arming iron;:is sale.
Just I'll i * A I I'll. M. I h I
For sale l#y JAM L ft ti. ii AM ll/i n.\,
Lee-hmg ,
3 mo 21— Iy Aitw.im.i la. D.(*
| I .resbin g (tennis ol Ldn i I v. j
KA i IV K,
/'r^t fntilt'hl fm ( itdhUi ir u ltd
in*: lltt Hair.
K unrivalled in itacxcelle net* ter pron idifg'
- he re grow tit ami beaut) ol il»i I an antM
the in mediate removal ol daiiiiii.ii oi s»wi.
VN ht It, In lit di.*ca-1 or Ilf g it cl, lit lib a It*
con.ta hurt!, Iiaisi , ai a iii), and Ocp.i *to l.tl
it, liie htsluralivc advances ds glow'll, m*
gloves its appearance, adds lo its elbsl.cn>
tlitl bestows lo it a liansccndt fit gloss.
I Iiis at hole is tide t ot ti to Mipcisede ;d! >*
)>Ci pit pal at il-i.k lot the hair, bid li.o:t wl‘>
•ISC 11 Will illiu lit II a luxuriant aj { t ioj. t to
Cll.billsh, blid toi II bit) I bSt.l S n t.cl. | It <t e
• die ^pai l eti ai i) to l l.e lioi.-t iv ) to ai ) Inn
ol tiu k.lid held dole < lit rtu It Iht { ohi*i.
( 'trliI'fiitc of l!n- Hun H J X/iirlds, n/ iht
J/oUtSi nj Ht’\n Liithlttl11 C3.
I have ruude an ex perm cut ot the ** • '
Hair Hcstoralive,” vih gu at It i t 111. ID
lie*vc il Hi a y be vdelv u.*.ed, at tl U» gicxt i
vantage, h) evel) tie. 11 has g M all) ti'li H-* ,
!-shed ihe oaitvli i.ti, audvtiy much mptbVtd
me icxiuie of in) hair, tiuin the occaoubA
i use oi this preparation lor cighi oi it i» tl;*v s
13 J. feuitins.
Dec. 16tli, 1836.
We concui m Use above rt*c«/n;:i c-1.«!at < i «f
ihetlhcaL) ol the Teonao |jaw lieslox >n,
m removing li.e ihmdti.lt from Inc Itcjd, **■<*
ol lUe ot..ci beliehciat duels leaUilfi.g U ■ 5j
its application lo Ihe hair*
N. Sl«'KLCS%
\\ . i At LOH, 'I lb
Of tlie lloUit of |(t:p| tSCll’aUtt'*
( Fit wlc. \*liolcs«le or retail, b) t c prey**
rt r, J W . S >11 I fi, VY bslim^too, In t.
For #ale by \Y in. Stabler, t). Faiquloa, A*
ex:«udti»; J. F. bulbil, (j. tio) Ic, I.
F. Howard; \\ aHnitgloli j L» >1. St/btl'i
Georgttou i».
Fricc 73 cents per bottle rm-r .7— ly
11/M. M. MUKLI&O.N takes liiia «n
f » Hind tu iiiioiitj ii.t* citizen.- ul A*
exundria and Hie puntie, (bat tie lias o-*
ployed an excellent Hook H-uoer. vn°
will alwavs execute ins woik willi H"'1
ness and durability. Flank Hunksol tU
ry de>ci i, linn, made in older at suet'
«iol(ci'. All orutis wi.l be l^il at * c I
diiid« i v *»n Kali tuJ^diecM. imniedaM
opposite Mi *5;ab;t i^P?\puilit Cary t*.ot •
dec 1—it
UU6IiFLfc U A. £a.t,c-*
giMil Mid YailKCfj la. sa>
dec IS {Union wuwi


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