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SI) AY V OK NINO. Jam. Id. _
^In theVenafc on Tuesday, a bill was
reported bv the Committee on finance,
embracing the project of the Administrn- j
ti<m van itig considerably from the sub-j
Tre isnry scheme of the late extra ses
sion, and by so much the more excep
tionable as it v iri *s from that sche.no -
The bill is of great length, and we have
no m .ms ol obtaining a copy ol it.- j
I t.c following is however, a summary ol
ns principal provisions:
Certain rooms in the new Trea
<nrv Building, with sales and vaults, are .
\n constitute the Treasury of the United j
^sd'Vhe Vint and the HrancK Mints j
also to be pub ic depositories of ihe j
ntihiic ni«n«*y«.
I ... tv,tain special depositories are to j
h .'created, viz: in < h .rleston. New York, i
' Heston. and officers to be a apo-ml- I
* I| ,r to he called Keccivers-Gonc-1
i ,| with salaries, Ac.
| , c.-rt tin cases, collectors of pu*>-1
lie m.'.ncvs m iy make special depo ites j
, be k- the kw upon such depositories j
.„ t,e retained bv tin* depositing officer. I
Mmv provisions are proposed, by j
bond nod otherwise, tor the security ol j
money in the ban Is of those officers. j
r,*h" Kxd isrve s*>ec!»» p^ymoats, lor all .
ibe-s an I debts t«» Covernmen*, to be re- j
fpir-.l af er a certain time, say, Our o-;
^ x v<*>r* h*‘nce. . I
b'u/ti*- fra* nr*, if u >r?t'r<Toof! aniiri’, ;
. r.tils tM* r. q iiM’»on of specie paym**nt> ;
at the K» ‘l Mtfircs. pfrmitfin«r tb<? altrr-;
, ,nv * of payisit! »h'‘ »»»<">* v in!«» Hie ?>oa j
y„y at ^ ashin'j**»r», Ct'r'ifi .ate* of Midi .
P t * bo n coivoJ as cu^li at the ,
II id _. |
T. rm vors !t is Mated iindn
<«,Vn} • '«»iisTi»nh»:«»jdt\ N'»v. IVh that a
-us « ale td -w in the H ark Sea a
j,.w d »vs am, dm ini* w hich about lurly
v,-.>eis oldilf rent ikiMods were w recked.
'I'lit* t)ir| iM 1* no* u a s (»rav li Kill 0;p s> i, j
ia lea w ill) wool, tallow and 11 iXseed
u (* total y h*st with ail on boaid in the
entrance t«» t!»“ I’osphorus. She is tie-I
only v-d is Vd named am »ni» th »se j
wrecked.— W'bilt Mercantile Atlreiliser. j
I sMirp,.KT^M o i n -t *.>nsiderah!e anxiety !
i>eXj»'tM vt t.*r thesat-ty *d the above ;
\*-4rl. which saileoMroin l.iveipnd on;
th • ^Vh Oct. in company with the packet
^|{*»>co»\ arrived h'*re a m >mh a^o. |
khe IS now seventy day* o»jt and m> ti- j
flings have here* heaid no-n tier. Sm j
|n. believed to have a number of pa>?eu- ;
jjers on hotrd —
Or. M’Oi.nfocK. the Van Ilmen candi- .
(t or, has been elected Mayor ol Mi*- cit\ ;
of IVdshiif*. Mr. M’Ciimnck had 1 |
votes, and his an’i-Va i Huren opponent :
(Irwin) had 1 lab, leaving a m»j »ri«y l"» :
toe f,.un»r«dM3. Trie anti-Van Hu en |
inen, h >wever, have secured a majority j
m the t 'l'V t 'olir.cds.
_ t
ril»in <KN IS l'\cr A t»«% Sfli'C? j
rmii'iiititv nl iii*‘ a'.itiM I** -•*'1 * - j
{ till r nn ill S s»i'»j *«•: !in .> »>•{>■ 1t* d a bd« |
i fiititlo 1 ‘An Ant ior iru* pivscrvaliou <> i
I tk.»* IumI Ii and ii:nraN t>f children nn
^tnyed in i«s;t•»«if*»f*««*» •♦*■•* ’ l h« bdl pm- J
I vidi-.s in tt children w ho art* n -t *b > t" ;
irjtl and \mp«* snah l>»% s»*nt u» school !
Ihiee iiinnilis in c-x ii and rvrrv V»'a», •
vhilfpn v att* t iPpt* y>'»l ill bu t >i n >; tli.ti j
l»,»cln d a*'S than i» n yoars s?» ill bf t*u»- j
j'l '\n«l in a lac oi v. a ■*! that i*'>ia* undt*i •
v XU’til \i'.ns ot a^** sSntii labm inorr
Ni di t"n |n*m s j»*r day. IViiadifS am
im;i *'t*d on pal** ids and L'natdiaiv;, aipi
it m» on finplay;*r~, Im anv evasion or v i •
Oiatiaa »d ih<* 1 »tv.
Tne \ »*:* k «»r l;r:*rKEN—i no l.otiis
vilie Journal sayo—‘vVe have soon the
Messages •>! the li .vernois ol (lit: t♦** n !
ite-*, an»l ii is a renia k*'ote fact tha! j
o’»ly >>m: »» »t ol I he wii »le numbci' ap- !
j*i;>vs mo n*i‘ )cmio..>l iii«m *>t I 10 i- |
tioiial 1\ X'OU’l vo, !«>• to* divorce of th*
e >V*’I niDOItl (lii.il lie* pe*>|> e. Tie* * \
crpti *ii f*» w !i fli w •• allude, is Ike hi >
\o<;i >i of \ a ‘am *.r
'I ,‘i»* W (». k'h»ck ( 'men m 1 >nh) Sen
|l|ll«| tako> th * V « >Y'Tii«H s Mi'',vl*I‘’, m
t ie', ttu ! jeon ar*i consolers ir no'hin;/ ;
|e«s th • » an as-nti’t u,»on »!»o adn.mUtr >- j
ti*>w11 «*t» otijht if> he r»*peile 1. It j
t > (ear Mt;»f such a i attack irain ;i J
“hifvidli ij in I *»," will ox* rt iimcti i
Hour** on lie* public mind a^uiifl ‘the J
I ''
l* i-. s ii the leaders here a*o cotnine !
t * the >:» ne eono.ii ion, and aiett>akm*»
jn**,'ir,r:o'.v to r t ,:iato on his Kxet-l 1
As an e|i s t to ih-* }>«^*tsrt ms pouiin*;
int : i'ot'^»o>s (V nn .\*>r'h*'» ) females, a- :
eo.iot the id iii'SM;) *»| i ex is.we iim'or i
s^t i id ih it the e• >!• >re : i.iv!i> s ot the S >ut!)
r*re a^out ’n ion? ms;ra*e ne » ns: ihe V a
♦•a 11 roboli,;)-: eu-r J fine <‘mm e>s “by
ii * manner «.a means t<> *Iow do five
£ ates to *» tin a p.) ileralin i .fl n nce m
il s f mm.miwo!t oh Ann rica by de a i
mi' imiuhdem V ouch rc>u» icelli
Arif OiItans }*i ttijuhe, 1
A ri-KSKV* HUNG i»t:M-?>n*r—There is i
I vi ^ hi !everpunl. Knulund, a man
ntnied .\i-.ion* f m Ity, who is seventy- !
f no years n.tl, and h;is h lil $*•!'?"t'•#* >i 1
•m v.*; I h* i; n o t ithei* ol thirty six chi!
and b-nt**_; a widow or, is no a “upon
I f another in ih l»
.vsHfTi/rruAi. nivmusiky.
(G! V \I!»STK Y applied b> Airi it*nl- •
^ hi . j >y J >h;i Antony Ch iptal, IVer
|' 1* i.eic*-, mem er ol the Institute, &e..
t! ' n t e s c »i,.I Ere nth edition.
I >-e American Gardener, containing
directions jet working a kitchen
u,r‘*t'nt t »r ♦ very monta in lire year, 'ey
J un id irdt-uer anil by Itavid lleptunn,
•- c god i,« i to l» >v. M. icer and Gen
Ml-on; tu \\ ueh is ad k il .1 treads*1 oil
i'iiiiu’, i»y a e: iz»*n ot Virginia, anil
" ' w hints oa me cultivation ol native
1 fas,d i.iivctious l i making domes
kc u;n**s.
Randolph'sCulinary Ganh ner,adapt*
'u tv'k*e present state ol our climate, Gy
' * '’Xperienced Gaidener, a native ol
!cuau. Kor see I*v
, Gu 13 ItfiLl/i KNTWISLE.
l^ERUl $OV3 Hou an Uepublit; Gil
i,l'v History ol Gieece; Ihu: arch's
| ,x‘ Mo.* Vim’s Ecksiastical Hilary;
■ tu aac >i»I‘»iue, octavo, lor sale by
Ilrnry Clay.
This favorite son of the west, and we
might add, favorite statesman of the A
merican people,is daily rising in the scale
of moral and political grandeur. Amid
all the storms of political events transpir
ing around hinr—through all the vicissi
tudes of the heated and convulsed scenes,
in which he mingles—notwithstanding
the personal ambition by sectional jeal
ousies, or by high party spirit—:n all he
Utaiids forth proudly occupying a iv»ri
• lion f,irabove the base passions that are
vi.-itde arouml him, showing both a!) the
essential attributes «>l ihe truly great and
good man. There is no t a>k more plea
said, then the scanning of the character,
and making th * eo .ouct of the g >od and
virtuous man. Wo like to observe the
blight ornaments of hum in na!me,
shrouded i» nil the hallo of their own
virtu *s mounted on the h’gh pedestal o’
•li *ir own greatness, ind endeared by
»jto remembrance ol their good \vork<, 1
standing fui h amid.-t the tumults and
strife which th even t*» co tvulse, il not i
!es»rov,»hn fabric of our government li i
is |:k ■ the breakingof tue m »m to an o
cean tossed non in* r. It is like the green !
spot on the arid wacte — the co A s»t»earn '
to ih * famishing tr iveller.
This may besaidfo be i high encomi
um to pass upon man,by n dme frail and
born to err. It is true, that !M r (‘lay, like j
otner men. In- ids faults—pis foibles, and (
weak points of character; but they are j
more than counterbalanced,by the ma-I
ny virtues ol character and conduct
whit li he possesses, lie has been the o‘»- ;
ject of malign, bi'ter and unieleniing at- •
tacks, frt.tn the east and the north, the j
>iou h* apt!— w e blu-h to own ir—rum die :
Wot; poisoned allows, Steeped in ad tile!
bitterness of man's hatred, have been j
hurled upon him, without number, lie |
has been tie* const ml a.id unceasing ob
j.M t ot tittack. both fr«■ m official influ-!
.•rici* and pt’iV ite maiiei*. M Hh a z *ai .
Iu\t WiUtld have made a fetter cau-e fri j
umphant, h is lie been pur-urd; and into J
• *verv portion of his life,whe lier at tonne |
>r in the councils «d the nation, have his ^
enemies attempt'd to pour tin* en omon- j
ed >rins*. Hub notwithstanding, bohnel
;h<» world, and to the minds of alt men j
whoso visions have not been clou led t»v j
• oferest or obscured by falsehood, he j
continuesu> occupy an exahed pr»* emi- ,
n«»nt*e over many of thf* f!is’ingiii<hei! !
•pen o| trie day—I I vmg example of «t
»rent and virtuous mind,trill nphieg over ,
• is enemies;—presi ling, like the genius j
n* P«mc*\ over Ih** »r-‘U'»:. d ocean of the j
eo mtry’s political i fftoul’i s.
What m m, whose heart has not tv*- j
come callous u> ai! die i»ubb*r »eeongs of j
patriotism, ha- read \vnh< m eaioti ms of j
,|,*a ,a: e, tli ‘ c. in so of f li is fear ir.s- slat ‘s- i
nail, on ’hat eXUiiO'g .III i d.i.igei’ou - I
111esti ui th* aboii i*»!i ol -l.ve;\? On
►» veiy occasion, Mr t'lav has sliowu
utlise fiipnd to ’he emergencies of m
c n iiryb peril, hut i y no Ionuei act ha.
he added >o much to tin* wreath with I
w Inch the furor e wili eucneh* his eame. j
*>v his fare a tempt t«» h mnoniz • th- ;
'e»*iiogs »d tie* south and Urn moth, upon
the -I ivery res ion. Mel* >k upon thi
ns one of th * most fe odes- and ha pr
events in tie lii-1- ry ol his political cu
It was a fe u’ess art: every one know*-*
ne exeitin*! character ol lie* ;tt><»ttfi*>!•
jii **»t 11)11 j a ml iii*' »■ xt rente j eab ■*! t • y, * v i>
ut a fwith v inch « vei v man's con
■ 111cf noon ihis mi’ jm t, is viewed l»V ah
‘nit especially hy me ei'iz ns «d the slave
holding st.d'1-. I'! it’ loud a ml d u-iiij
n dl.rr i-» md -i on j’ahus n| the trpu'a
rir.n *d !».»;• daughter, than ate Hi' people j
ti the soldi* md west of the course ol ;
• heir s ji’esinen llpdi this s111»J* * c ’. \\ e j
i*»ed nut d ‘ov 5iu* lae : we are, «*mphad- :
CM iv. lasftdi ntHy jmd >us upon ’his sub- j
pud; a d many ol tu m >mh st 111 ’!<• j
\ irchfohiess to preset ve our prop- r v «
*hao d-sire to muintnin, pit:e ami u;di- i
j:j ,idl 'd our l i ih'sf and i»ri\ ii*‘*!es a> ci j
iz^ns. ami tin* pi imc»pies • I our i»*»ver:i- i
neuf. ihit Mr. (hav, cndt .*! a-mie al !
sinal consid.‘rations, unci Ho n hi
option rr.i^lit have induct d him to !u s j
Hite, hobby tin i w i»i|il>e;i into tin* lindsl :
d He* stoi in, a ml w ith me ol. ve to aur 2i in j
i md. otlemp’ed l<* app.e er Ih * eh meals i
j f j j J ■,»r j i r s1 ’, in* it; u s; t)«i v t' know n, I >1 < * ’ h « ■ |
,va< htieiny hi** hosuin t > read wed at j
neks ImiM i i- I »»•-doit l>> imdiv-* j
w«iii d he impuMood—‘neml-flip f»r the!
v e ;t iis-ade !; hu’ they \w h;h“d n t in I l- ,
mirnt anainst his country’* p»uo>eiit\ •
iii.1 the p.'ipntuify (d h r it s* latpms.
Tji- ict vv as »> *u li i »1. N t fh d b:* j
eff u ts were attended \\ i !i immediate tie
oe^in .ill iyi:is! He* ol m *Ots i*» discoid, j
mi hr cause tin ir i.himdo hm leoi s tit! s' j
:>e to h It momze puiihc fee.in;:— *1 • •' — |
inik many of t mse wliu are m».v mu ,»•
iv\av ty she tana deism of the u«»; tl» — j
md to euii loth a more cool an ! ealm
r tlection III : In* :U Inds o| ! he *'i t i S' I -»« - • I
tne south. Such has been J he power oi
public s“t:!imenl so comp e ely ultra j
have tieen (lie pro; options id both tie*;
adv ca.‘e> ami oppon ints of Hu* aimh'.mu j
»i si a v e i y —! h • 11 p a ssi o i, i a >;. i limn t • -
11 *ctio.i. has cui.trolik d tia* ac ion ol me
oi..-s of the c n:j:n\i ul’. y. Mi'iiams ha ve
h ert cone* ived, pu' :orth a.i 1 i»e;ra 'idly
c ti ro d into opeivttom from toe iiitpu.se:
o[ the momen*; and without at y pi opes
( r stdiimei.t lej.anl to ii»e ere ti tu nla
mental pi incip'>< of our p orical fabric.
\1 r. position and ivino-Us in tii *
Sena’e aie calculated to a*v«*k*%n inq n
ry in the minds oi tin* Amerii an people
Ol, both side* “I die iptesTion, audit* 111
jluj'ftce will he and fell by tin' j^ri'a’
*»odv of Hie ci‘:Z*mns; and nurd co-dime*
to ex’end. until even the acini ot con
i* mss - hall he controlled hy ih We hope
p»cee tins pealing influence ♦ xt»*nded to
:he fin il seel e.emt of this daa-jp-rous
question. W heftier ail we hope for shall
he attained or not—whether 'his union
shall br spi t and scattered iut > frag
ments, u; on tne rock nsjainst. which slw
; now ;*.pn?,ati to he cit iviil or stiail steer
' clear and c >ntinue an endin':*! inonu
, ne*nt of the wjsd un and patriotism of the
Ameucan pen pi *, the name of him who
I heads this aritcle will go down to the la
le^t posterity as the *»rt\»i pacificator.—
Mi no it ri Kvpt'hiican
Jr ST received from i hilodeiphm, :» J
i>«>iurr«il assortment ol Lace G »ods. |
iconsT-tin" of thread laces and edgings,,
ibobbinets, ir.seritngs. si k blond edgings.
! and w ash blond do edged, quillings, si.ks,
At, Ac.—ad of wlvch will be offered f o
|sale for a few day- o- ly, ai my
t ,lo*e. GKO, \\ illl E*
‘ jan 15
j married.
! On the 16'h instant, at the residence of
j Charles Bennett, Esq., bv the Itev. YVm.
i Dana,John* Mark I.isle, Esq , o( Philadel
phia. to Miss Bos a li e Clifton Patton,
daughter ofthe late Uobert Patton.
i commercial"
l*t ict of Produce, in Alexandria from
11 a 'jons mid l'eysr Is.
Floer, per bbi. ( e\v) ST 75 a 8 00 |
; Wheat, v hilt*, per bush. ! 60 a l 89
Wheat, red 1 SO a 1 85
Conn. (new ) 0 6") a 0 06
Bye, - do 0 b‘5 a 0 90
Flaxseed, - - 1 12^ a J 25
Oats, from wagons, bush 0 37 j a 0 00
Do Iron) vessels, do 0 40 a 0 41
Cohn Meal, per bushel, 0 70 a 0 75
Bacon, per csvt. - S 00 a 9 00
Bi tted, roll, per lb. 0 20 a 0 23
Do fii kin, do - 0 14 a 0 17
Wagon Pork, 6 73 a 6 90
Lakh, do • 0 8 u 0 9
Blasted Padis, retail, ton. 6 00 a 0 00
Uai.mM 'Wk I’aihiot Omcr, f
Tiitasdtti/. i o'clock, l*. M. \
Fi.mk—City Mills' continues without
change at SS 75; extra SO. W e hear ol
no sales U e team that purchasers «il*e
•living 38 to-day I•»r II w ard street, from
•am »oik. We li'Mri/l no sales,from stores.
(j a \ i n .— Wheat, foiejgn prune, none;
doe.»f>t e red, prime SI 70 a 1 .SO; do good
n* prime 1 0 )a l 70; fair to good 1.00 a l,05;
white i»oo«l to pi hut* 1.75 a 1 SO. Corn,
vt-itow , 75 a 75;.—but little arriving, ex
cept bv wagons and I'ad II »ach-; white
75 a 78c. Ky<\ foreign prime, — ; do
n»**»iic d * 00 a 05* Oats, Maryland, 33 c;
V irgima, "7.
Whi-kky —-From wagons30c exclusive
>)fb*>h From stores, doc in bids.
15 \ro\. — Wes'crn, hog round iOj; City
curert Hi.
liiatvi;.-.—5»7 a 84. I.:ve Hug-, $3. Polk, !
88. Sheet1, * ~jlf i)> scarce,
j, urn —04 a Pic.
4 1’ a meeting ot the Company, held
/\ J.iiuiiiiy 1 V 1858. the follow ing mem
hr*S \v**ie elected ortlc-Ts |<) serve th"
-■iiMioig year. \ r/.: Commanders—T. F..
15 md. ( \ Kooit’s, M. .SoVvlcr, Jr. Su
hitrdtna:** Hircen.r—J. 11. Mankind, J.
M j >r. F\G. Piettymnn. IHgmato*':—
Or.J (Hi>'»n,S l'aac-\ D. Price. Kn
iiiue puinmatcT — !1. Ilradhy, J. Skid
1). U'l vVoad. Pi • >p‘’i m-aion—J
i»«mtv',l.i* Pasco *, W . U Mas>cy. Ax -
in'll -J. W. AikiuM n. C. liamadingcr.
I\ 'I yi* r. Toreh-inen—IJ. \ cited, J.
iV-,i*lin. 11 King. *8. Hanlon. ’Pre.isurei
— K.S 1)i.• igI i-s. (’Icik — J Muir.
( ’uip pa n v iidh'i i'f I’d lo :iu*et h ch. t.
j,,» 18—k.)3t' J. M Fit? Cl-ic
l.\« 11111 \ l .S OF HiA\ KH,
V \ Kgypt. Araoi i Petra* », am: the Ho
I Iv H in I by an A.emu: with a map !
ngi aving —Ihu d cdrir.n, wnh amn
[ 1111);— • i | w t > \ •»111 ■ u cN • • w ^ o • k, 183s.
Harm’s iletoea limit-; Yming Hai\V
Ftiend; Pcrsua-ives to Hally Peh ; A!- j
Irin.A.s \i m; Co a p. r’.- i I "ID Odes- ,
*• *v. 5 v«> 1 -; vv alt- on I •»«• M in<I; i e i v»11 ’ - |
Frer.cli Fa’ lo-; t'cimn's Pm in’s French
F.,1,1 *’s; He la Hackr?s Oeograpnv Ma
ma i; t ’ < • c i. n 11 e m a i: .-; H < i i i n i a i i Hit < I
i ha hi m ai—just nceived and tor sale by
j ,n IS 11 H H H & ll\rr WISf.Fi.
Oil i'll AN»>' COURT, A u:\ \npima < *o , f
./• / iiu m i/ Tt rm, t^as. s
a TAuV ST AMI-111 i iunl U ui. Stabler,
t a. Adinini-ti nto:s id Iv.t ward Sta!*li*»,
trc-M-a d, rendered to the (‘oui t then nth
u-cmiiit, a' «n!ei"ii-tra!nrs afnes'aid,
with 1 .he vouchers in support thereof:
which account will he a lowed and du
| \- recorded, unless eunse be shown to
!h* contrary, on or hefore the first Mon
lav in M u h next; w hich all persons j
itit ‘rested or concerned w < 11 take 11«• tsot*
A copy—Te-t. A. i\i<H>KR,
j pi |S—uli\v IvCi. M ills, j
OR i’ll A NS'COURT. Ai-cxamoma Co , i !
.Jurmi if Tmn, 1SJS. S
Uj M STAt’LMIl. < in ireian of Ivlw.
St.it.l -I*.-, infant children, ren-le»
*i| 1) s I >uri r account as s oar lion a loi e
^.4ill. with tin* vouchers in support theje
of; which will h,% pa'r-<*< 1 and du!) i('
coded, unless cause he shewn t » tin
■o.itrarv, on <>r le-foie tin* lir.-t Molina)
n \1 pel) next: of which all persons in
lere-b’d or concerned wii! lak*’n notice
A'cop v—Ter l: A. MOO It E.
jnn |V- wbw .. lle^. Wills.
oiTpIl \:\S’ t '< )UflT, Ai.f.xanpria <Nv, t
Jn-i'i/rn, Trim. 18.1$. S !
a^rjtj.l \M > T A 1II - Mil, ^ii:m!ian o'
v t Julia it. I lea liy, r-onh-red to the
c-»:nt Ins huh account, with the vouen
ei's in support there.'.': wnicn aicount
whine allowed and duly recorded, un
ir-r, ean.e !)e O.ev.n to ihe contrary, on
,,rl>« f .j,»t!it* tir-t .Monday ill Mart-n n-xt;
,,t* w inch all p r-on- mterc.-led or con
cerned will t ike notice.
A c-.>i>v—Test: A. M"ORR.
i;111 ]S — \v•'»w _Kej. \\ ilN
OKRilANS'COl'R Alcxandhia Co., f i
J.-in no f v 'I't'D/i) IsliS. V j
J^AAC Ci. HUl'ToN, Administrator |
| I) !< non vi ii h • ho \Y ill annex oil ol !
I dm K. v'Snoth, i!ee«‘a-ed. rendered to the j
<!«»»*!*! r*.is tii*'t ceouut as adm r .‘if »re-j
said.with the* vouchers in support thereof: j
which will he aim »\ ed and duly recoi ded, j
unless cause he shewn to the contrary, |
mi or before the first Monday in MaTch j
next; of wInch all persons interested or |
concerned will take notice. A ropy—.
i , , is--wG\v Keff. Wills. |
ORTH A .VS' < •OL'liT. A i cxandkia Co., ) i
Jnntorij I'cnHy 1 Sdp3. S j
J3 A I* R IET M. LLOYD, Adni’x del
1 5L ti'iui. non wi'h the will annexed ol
Edward IT yd, d«*ceiM'd, rendered to
the Court her seventh account, as Adm’x.
\f»resaid. with the vouchers in support j
I thereof, which account will be allowed'
and duly recorded.unless cause be shewn j
; to the contrary, on or before the first
Monday in Makh next; of which all per
i <ons interested or concerned will take
i notice. A copy—TeaA: A. MOORE,
; jan J8—wGw l?ej. U ills.
; OU PI IA N S? C 0 U It 1\ Ai.exaxdkia Co . (
| Jo unary ‘i'ernt, 1S1J3. ^
* MJTU MINOR. Administrator o! S.*
| O mori Siiunat r> d-cM. i^ndered to the
0ouit Ins first account as »min r. aioie
said, with t!»e vouclicrs in support there*
>!• which will he allowed and cub* ie
corded, unless c ause hesnewf; to the con
trarv, on or he fore the first Monday in
\1arch next; of which all persons inter*
est^d or concerned \s i11 take notice.
A copy—Test: A. MOORE,
jun IS—wGw Keg. \\ ills.
lORPHANS* COURT, AlexandriaCo.f £
January Term, 133S. $
' tor. de bonis non, with the will an
nexed of Charles Simms, deceased, ren
dered to the Court his Iirst account ns
adm’/. aforesaid, with the vouchers
in support thereof; which account will be
allowed and duly recorded, unless cause
be shewn to the contrary, on or before
the iirst Monday in March next; of
which alt persons interested or concern
ed will take notice.
A copy—Test: A. MOORE,
j.inIS—wGw ' Reg. Wills.
ORPHANS’ COURT, Ai.rxaK'dria Co., f
Jttnunry Term, lS.iJ. $
dian of Loyan Brandt, render
ed her fifth account, as Guardian
aforesaid, with the vouchers in support
thereof; which account will be allowed
and duly recorded, unless cause be
shewn to the contrary, on or before the
first Monday in March next; of which
all persons interested or concerned will
take notice.
A copy--Test: A. MOORE,
jan IS—w(j\v Regr. of Wills.
rjNlIAT the subscriber, of Alexandria
1. county in the District of Columbia |
lias obtained from Ur* Orphans’ Court of j
said county, letters of administration, i
on the personal estate of Samuel C. .
j Rush, late of the county aforesaid, dec’u.
i All persons having claims against the
| said decedent, are hereby warned to
I present them to the subscriber, passed
by the Orphan’s Court, on or before the
17th day of J.inuai y, 1^9. or they may by
law be excluded from all benefit to said
estate; and those indebted thereto are re
quired to make immediate payment. Gi
ven under my hand this |7lh d tv of Jan
AdminL'ioior of Sam’l. C. Rush dec d.
jan IS—.‘It
^TRAYEP, or stolen from Clifton, on
G? Saturday, btl) instant, a lariZ'* white
Cow. with ied spots, pretty much red
ib »nt the neck and head. Any prison
returnin'! her to Clifton Lo fye. near A!
exandiia. will tie hands uiielv icwarded,
mil all persons are li *ret y cautioned
igainst retainiiiL! the C<»w after this no
jm 17- 3 *
\T a meeting of the Sun Eire Engine ;
Gurnpanv. held on Saturday even
ili£f J.til. 1 if, IS.'JSj the I olio \Vlil«; !>er>on-»
were duly chosen officers to >ei vo the
»*nMi!0!i yea :
l>M*sid,’iit —John 11 nr IT.
Vice Pi e>i*tei»t—James P Mi I *!! *' T«> r'.
Cowmandeis—Robert Brocken, W.
f. ! 1 arp* r, John Summers.
K emulators —Tims. W Initioton, Robt. ;
Nash, John keir, Robt. Davis.
Sub-directors.— Robt. Ramsay, Geo.
Snyder, Geo. kenner.
Torch R areis.—James Wood John
Johnson, John Youm?, G orye Buliinmr. •
Property Men.—Geo. 11. Smoot, John |
IJooflf, Charles Triplett.
Axe .\ieu.—Ethan Allan, Hiram 'Ah b- j
T re n Mirer.—Washington T. Harper, j
Secretary.—John T. Crei^h.on.
j m 10—!>t
I’OPPLL, \.Vc.
S DDLS. Cuorn Tuba CofFiV’;
.J idols |inme N. O. Silii.ti;
i To .\ l.-b < Ciene^rc I »'i*PY P.oar inflate
t:el on sale i»v
i 1(5 ANnnj^V J. PLKMIXO.
J'ic/nri I: l*'n,et s. i*urt fi fth
g"y ANN.MI Monks NVoiks, complete
S .i£ in one 1,if ;*e octavo volume.
1 be \\ <ii k' o| Lon) I3y roll, includ.ivj
■Ik* sun ressed pi (’ins, arid a sketch oi
i- Life. by J. \V. Lak •. in ! vol. 8v.». ho
■ode t*\r LLLL & K.\ l W ISLij.
j m ! i
C’ni 'b))(t”nc lit fUi'iij, I i dn-jcof ib:Jo. ‘V'*
. > I i Aljl' pipes p» i in* I’hainpa jrne I *raU
£ by, vp.Mue .0 ISJd; 1>3 dozen quail
md pints ve.y mi >»•? i o t damp mm*, or
iiiiie, pine apple am] st o' biaud*; 2‘>) b.ii -
ie.s Mo '.onmdieia A h.sk* y, live years
iid. a superior article; reeriv d and 1*0'
,..je t'.y 6A M L. 13. LA KMUL i\.
pm Id
i HMDS, it mu, over Is p»oof; re
i *5* ceived and f•»r sal’, at ie>s Ilian
late pi icesp v SAML 13. LAUAIOl ii.
j-io Id * _!
LA >11’ <ML.
VjdiNTKL a ud Pall st i .dned Sperm !
\ Oil el lie* veiv best ipi.i! ty. i<- r sale !
,;y (.(J u K vV I. LA 1)13 Pi A i P Iv.
i.m ! it _
St’llUOL I.-| l LS.
f n |)()ft ( ijpv Hooks, ior a;p.
»> %r solid: 11 jil 1
JO do t y ,*h i ’o-d r*»oeks
kdiylish and t no in m Si a e*
Poster’s (iop) U mks, bom No. 1 to S
Lead and Slate I’ tubs; d ‘dls
1 iik, f-y Hit’ a 1 on "T smaller qtiau'dy
per dale by 13a.LL vie L\.n l A 1SLL.
j HI 11 _
c LUKA .\ T S. 1UKSI.VV:»I K t£6 E ,4c.
It.! ASK lr»*.'11 '/\ 1:1 e cm raids
20 b > X e > ami L DoX'S wiperior bunch •
13 casus ami b*>xe« snip. chce <• part oul j
2b l»al.'. common w tusk y. good Quality, ,
low pneed
lOf) budi new c *ra meal. «d fin° q'tab v :
lb h »if boxes GO'S 8 >: Id and 10* lg
lb nro>s sna. tmUhog corks; 1 e* ei vcd
and f«»r sale t*v
jan9 ' SAM. B. LAWMOITtt.
4 PUTST ra’e pair of scams of large .
i\ siz'.with twelve 0 > 0) wnitfhu.—llm;
owner having no use for taeiii, limy wn*i
oe sold «i bargain, apply to
j in 8—eu3t W M. H. M ILL LB.
a d\1\ BAGS Ki * CoU ; ion package';
f \ J\J oi Uu i Fow.Jcr,I mperial,Y oung |
Hyson, and Souchong lea; Aiudciia. ,
Lisbon. Sherry, Si Lunar, t hampagne. |
it,.at it, SaiMeiue and other line Wines;;
: ilmsins Prunes. Tamarinds — lor s:im l.y •
j »n 0 A. C. (l A '/• KAO V K K « o. j
( ASKS prime Goshen < neeso,
1 vl just iec«*i\rd and for sale by
jan o DAN. CA WOOD vV. Pa._i
I 111 BFSHELS mi store for sale
I in lots t ) suit pti cb i^r* by
janb LAMBEU I & M'.LL.nZlL,
Delaware Sussex County Lottery, No. ?,
To be drawn in Wilmington, Delawate,
Thursday, January 18.
Tickets $4 00—shares in proportion.
On sale in great variety by
Drawing of Delaware Treasury Lottery,
Class No i.
71 70 31 71 61 50 41 72 G7 2 61 33
Delaware Sussex County Lottery, No 3.
To be drawn in Wilmington. Delaware
Thur-dnv, January 18.
Tickets &4 00—shares in proportion.
Tube had in a variety oi numbers of
j. coiisr,
f,ottrvy$ [j vchanze Rroker. Ald:run»lrio
Delaware Sussex County Lottery. No 3
To be drawn in Wilmington, Delaware
Thursday, Januai v IS.
Tickets 31 00—shares in proportion.
Un sale in great variety by
The reputation of which hn vow become cxtihlifhed as the
most safe and fjficacivus rtntdy ever discoveredJ'or
IN FI, I EN/ A,( OM’\CO l Gif S, ASTI I Jl A,
, 'v—. r ^
•>* -. w.^
DAMKL G< >IU).\ 111), >o. 8 Gold
In presenting this useful remedy to the puhlie, the Pro
prietor is authorized by a Phy.-i • ian, from whom the lt.-cipe
was confidentially oi;i;,i.•••>!, t-» Mate, that he has u*e«i it
hinmelf. and in his extcnMvc piaeuee in Pulmonary e.fiee
linns, with astonishing ertti t. '1 he happy combination of
vi gefalde substances. ol which U is * olirely Composed,
are peculiarly adapted to iii»e.».uf ol the Lungs, Liver. and
'phis medicine has If-n uvu «wrv extensively. and the
propiletor lias not km v u a »iugle nisi.nice in which it h.u
faded in gi\ in » relief in •!!»•■ to s which i; i-. recommend
ed: even in cas* s ?ppro;n him’ to consumption, attended
with bleeding .it tin Lungs, and where all other remedies
had failed, the nmst th-ridi-d and flattering success ha?
nitrnilril ire oar. ( n»nii»t*:i edits, w !ii« h :i.> generally ttie
effect of eh- nuclei! p> r-; u I’hm. wi;i yield to its influence
m a h «v hours ; w h* n used i* asthma, hoarseness, wheez
iiig, am! -l.orti.c '■» ol hieaih, it immediate relief, pin.
miring trari'jinl rest and sleep. In whooping cough it m
without a rival. It operates with gentle expectoration, and
m;« v be gi ecu to inf nits w ii’i p-Tleri safety.
'1 to’ Proprietor would add, tli.it he ia constantly receiving
numerous testimonials of the value and efficacy of this
remedy, some certificate.-: of whir h may be seen on tin- bill
of direction.* accompany mg card bot'ic. Any person Using
it will he sure to recommend it . gain.
The above article i« «u»iu w holes,iIt* in
ic York, by th.* Proprietor and all the druggists.
Hjstou, by ile.isliaw ft Ward, Maynard St
.V.>ve>. & Rrovvei«. Stevens 5tCus»iing
I'lulmltlphia, hv 1-ne.o Thompson, J. S, J. \V Smith,
C W. r.irpeut. r, and A. Fullerton, jr
BnUiiiwrf. by R. II. Coleman 3c ('o.. Whitaker &
ih*rtol. and (I. N. Popplein, jr.
fiivrivonti, Ohio, hy Glascoe fc. ILiniaoi .md tlli'ii,k Co.
I*ilt\hui%h, 1*1)1 /t., hv Fames Si hoonniakt r 3c Co.
JVV/r Or/ran it. by Nathan Jarvis.
sVfnitv/, .V. 1 hy Sands & Shaw.
Montrraf, /-• by Geo. Rent.
Hn’ifar, S. S., by II. C Priedbam.
St. John*. .V. /» . by W. O. Smith.
And sold wholes,ilV hv the d«uggi*M and af-vthecariaa
generally throughout the Lulled State*
The iib‘*V’* m iy l*e It*-• cpnitinc of
C :0.i Si LEA DDE A TER,
jan ,9— ly A^rnts lor Ah'xaiuli.i.
Offl'C Ah suufti in Canal C>. )
ist .V.iiniLS.H. S
4 ORNBKAL Mm tine „j the Stock-,
xs holders ot tin* Alexaudi i-i Canal t o. ^
wii; he held at the C--uik i» Chamber in |
(he town of Alexandria on Saturday, the i
did (if February nex1, at id o’clock, M. |
in elect a President ol sail Co.iipmy in i
pi,ice of T F. M-»s >n, Ew| resigned,
liy oi der of the Hoard ol I) rvetoi >,
ii. JOHNSTON, Jr. CPU. A. C. Co. i
j HI tel ___
I^POCUESSI VE exeici^-s in Knultsh !
h Co hi po * i (i* *n, by I!. J. P.iiker. I *io
cip.ii of tne FraoKiin Grammar Sell *ol. j
fjodo-i; mIso, WiiFik Mercantile Aris11- j
meric, a-l ipted to the C .mmerce of the
UnitmJ State •, in d *me«tic «iu ! foreign
relations, vs it.i an appen hx, c >; 11.11nir.
practical system of Mcusuration. Guair- i
:nj and It > >k-lveepin*f— a first rote vvn.k !
—new ed.tioa, rrvi ed and enlarged; for ■
«al»* f>y 13EI.fi A. EX' i’ W l-vEE.
Who have on h m l a larire and g^nc- I
r; I assortment oi School Hooks, Station
ity, Ac. j ^ 1 1 j
MOL \SSSS A\i) SCO \fl.
.Ji/w IIHOS. of Mol isios; fo ty b »xes I
Philadelphia ndin-d Sugiij PoMu j
Uico Stijar. For sale by
jm <j A. C. CAZENOVE A Co. ;
HUSH. Maine Mercer T'ota- i
^1/5/ to**s on Ho.11(1 Schr Martini lor ;
sal • bv S PEP HEN SHINN & (■*». |
j c) J.iunr) \s w harl ;
CASKS of Wm'er ami Fall Oil. j
n w ■ i r t anted t o t> •* of t h - * l) t • --1 < j n a 111 \ .
for sa'ehy A. (J. CAZENUV E A: Co.
i \ n b
--•-- ,
A Co NSTANT supply N*». 1 and 2
i\ (hittoiv Ozabui a* from the Marches
n r MannfactU' ing Company, Kich
mond. he,.vy goods—lor sale atfictory
pi ices bv
Union w h • rf.
O A•>Kt „«.«,■ crop Klee
if 8 hall „ 1
received per bn*! Gee. Sumter, ben n< ,
hum Cll-.I li-sh'ii. for s.i f Ky
LAM HER 1’ A McklA/.l".,
ian a Ui.iua » harf. ;
- f\ BARRELS .md HdlfB:irre!s N".1
♦lU 1,2, and 3 Kail caught macktTa., ■
,0jaSn3 'TamBERT & MeKENZIE- J
"muscatel ROYAL RAISINS.
BOXES Bunch, M. i?* !,s
£\w ^halves du ila d«» di:tu j
.lust received per a,"J
for sale by A. 3. FLEMING.
Yfowcu Fv.r tint'd and ffaiintl waterprun»,
^ CASES contaii in*! 200 pairs nf flic
£ y’Drive seasons ole article jii^t rccciv
pcI; denkis arc invited lu call down anJ
examin • ti.e:i . rf nnvr
, j,*n 2 A. J. FLEMING.
— ■— ■« — ■ .. < %
, _
rVVlLL sell, for ready money, at pub
lic auction, before the front door of
the court house,in Alexandria,on Thurs
day morning «i n the istli in*t o’clock,
a negro girl, the property of Catharine
Butts, taken by distress for rent due to
Dennis Johnson, as agent lor llmiet M.
Lloyd, ndnvx. of Kdvvaid Lloyd, dcc’J.
which said s ilo has been heretofore at**
v’citised for this morning, and is post
polled until Thursday morning next,
jm 10—3C TIC O’. MKADK, Baiiiff.
UNDER a decree of I he Ciicuit Court
of the District of Columbia, tor the
County of Alexandria, pronounced ct
October term, ISdO end made final at
May term, 1S.'J7, in the suit of Jacob Doug
las and Mary Ann bis wife, late JMary
\mi Guthrie, and Elizabeth Guthrie,
complainants, against Sarah Ann
jiihon, Catharine Ilodgkinson and oth
ers, defendants, the subscriber will offer
or sale, at public auction, on the premi
ses, on Saturday the 10th day of Febru*
»ry next, at 11 o'clock, f»r cash, the te
nement and lot of ground, situate,
.ying and being on the west side of \V«
er street, and to the Sou haard of Wolf
drew, rind running thence Southwardly
a ith Water s reet, and binding theiewitlt
30 feet, thence, \\ estwardly, wilh a line
parallel to Wolf street SO feet to a 12 feet
dley. thence Northwardly with a line of
ho >a:d alley and pai allel to Water slice
tO feet, firence with a straight line to the
>egi nning. D. MINOR, I). iVL.
jan 6 —eofs for A. Hunter. Marshal.
i T a Circuit Superior Court of Law
and Chanceiy of F«in<|iiierCountv,
held on the 10:h *J.*y < t October 1S.'17.
Inman Horner, plaintiff, against John
Ko nger, John T. Kronaugh adminis
l rat or dr Louis non of John Eronaugh
deceased, James F.dnu.nds, Jufin 13.
Hunter, administrator c/e bohis mm of
Syhell Deckw itb d* ceased, and of Mar -
rn.uluke Deck w i'll deceased, Daniel
Han ing'on and Lucy his wile, I'.hz.i
heth Deck u ith,George W.Gunnill, ad
minist ratraior do bonis von ut John
Coffer deceased, S Inn on I’arsons.ad
rnini» tfor «>f M;ity (*«»fler d^cea.^eO,
Newman Dec k ith.Tar phy Deck with,
Jennings Deck u i'll. Thomas J. With
ers and John J. Jackson, administrator
dr Ln.is non of Levi; Dei k with deceas
cd, defendants.
In Chtnifeni
This cause came onto oe hfurd on the
apers hinneily read, and the report of*
i Commissioner Man* made puouani to
Cheonbr o| the 7t!i day ol the present
| mon’li to which Ihere w a* no exception
j and was atgiied hv On considr
i ration \ '.ereof. the Court, approving of
and cM.tii mini* the said repot t. doth ad
| i tje, order and deem*, that .1 .Id Uun!er
' admui'tr.dor d boni* non of Mai madiihe
libel-, wi it deceased, pay to the plaintiff
' ( >ur hun frrd and forty three dollars and
■ wo cents, wi h interest, at the rate of s'X
| per centum per annum, (tom the 1st day
| .if January IS’ /, until t rd • », on 1hn«i
■ an dikd and sixty one d,dials and fifty
cent--, part thereof: That the said Hun
t *r, administrator ::s aforesai I, do,on the
\<\ <1. y of J iuii ry JSdS. deliver to the
| Comniisdoi eis lit rcinalter named, till
t the slaves nienti.fin d in the said report
1 is allotted to John l'ronaugh as his part
j of ihe dow er si »ves of the \v:dow* ol sai l
\laininduke: That Edward fc.. Cut-k**,
J,, I; ii \\ . Tybeiyiml \\ ii !ia m \V . \\ a I lace,
who am hereby appointed commission*
ers for that purpoose, any two of whom
•ray act, after hiving first ndvertiv
,*il tin* lime and place ol sale, in one or
inoru newspapers lur four we ks nieces*
-ivelv , <!o nil tie slaves aforesaid, by
public auction. 1 >r reaiy nv>n?y, and
immediately thereafter, report their ppv
| ere*iing$ t»» the Com t in older to a final
j decree. And tin* Com t doth further ad*
jad r«.. order and deore. th it the plain
(iti piy into Court tin.* money herein de
| creed to him, wlumeeci Ihe same shall
! come to his hands, in order to a fin tie r
Jecive. Andbbeity is reserved to tlm
i plaintiff to apply to the Court for further
• lootces in thi* east* against tnesaid Hull*
r,>r. A Cop)—Pe?te.
WM. F. PHILLIP.*5,Ci’k.
f.i obedience to the a hove decree of
;he Circuit Snpeiior Court of haw and
Cujncriy for tlit? county of Fauquier, in
tin* c ise of florin r, Ac. vs. Kemper, At.
Hit* mideisigned, comniifsi-ineis therein
appointed, ui I pir.cerd to sell at public
>;;h* to the highest bidder, for cash, at
Fairfax ('curt House, <mi ,,)f* I'd* «biy of
Jannai v nex*, the n»‘g»oe* in du* said de
ep e menti m.dy ightint umber. cn»*i*t
inj of both sexrs and* ir.e of whom
ij*(» voun.7 lively and valnabh*.
r.l»\VAi;[) E. COCKE,
p..0 27_. :d Commissioner*
j Wit,I, s. II the Farm culled G'.tEEN’
s II LL. being ttf.it portion of my Dul
i try Tract. which hinds on tlmsiu’h east
icj.'l,. of in- Torrp'kc Road leading from
Warrei.lon l.f Alexandria, mile* from
the lurnn no ! 10 miles from the latte
; place, it contains about 310 i.cree, it wet.
I iva'fi'fcl_lia4 a good L'w. l ing on it. nilJ
a mill scat »i'llin avOyard- ot the 1 otn
wj,.-re a MU ""till command ai
lext.n-i.rcu told;—here is 100 acres in
uifiv.ilion. a portion of
which is vain.ihie .Meadows, and all r«
,i fine si<*10 <-f unproven p,u '.e Us[.
the L i:k(i is in w*o > h "hicn is bvcur\»ii'*H
v-rv valuable from it* pmxtmify lo Uar.
1 rerloo where fire woo l is a rer.dysa e
| hia(l prirrs, and Ui« re is a Muliciency «>f
' Chest.tit to support thefenoirg. 'i ht> t*
;1S <ji*siih!> 1 e a location as r»ny lit the up*
1 p(»j* Country, either f.r t! e gentleman in
i pursuit of pleasure, or tl,r oraclicr.l Far
m^r, seekin-z for profit;-a fuilher cl A*
<criplion is unnecessary, as fhoce fl«,*
'plaint' *1 with the L » el know iti riJvan
j' f\ :»f'c( a1111 • »t i»eTs incl>ned to pui chase, *> f
| course will view i\ Improved property
| in W a i rent on \uh he tr.ken for a part or
1 [Ur purchase money. F*>r terms, *
| .Ires, me (,,«»! i»i»io>.-t Warr*ut«n, Fau
j.Utter coHiity, Va.^ ^ jjOL'GLAS.
I n ov it 3 - •• ojt * A «n |_ __
' ~ U tlG-S. New Of leans Sugar, }U9t fC
0 c.-ive,l ai'ft for ....

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