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<»f- fnfWj fnertifirtu
f c\h-V ' M* *>V ui« *ab*ur»3ei,
I Ii«»tiv«lude p meats o*
flue i i*s lir’itditej >y ti ns, *nd are 4>ih
l>y iiii*H >tc I testim my.
wa. aaLytc’'*
Botanical Drops!
very year increasing their Jong es.aoiisn
ed reoutUion. fhev have outlived many ri
val preparations, and arc continually gaining
upon public confidence.
The B itanical Drops have been successfu I)
administered for many years* as a thorough re
iuody for that well known an l prevalent class
of inveterate diseases which originate from a
vitiated haoitof bo ly.oran hereditary predis
position in the patient, and generally appear
under the various and distressing shapes >f
Ssrofjla, Salt Khenm, Leprosy, St Antho
«y't Fire, Fever Sores, White S welling*,
♦curvy, Foul and Obstinate Ulcers, Sore Leg**
and Rye* Scald Mead, and Venereali ramt.
In the last mentioned condition of the *y*’
tern, the Botanical Drops will oe found to era
dicate the lurking poiaon, where ™ercury _
totally failed, and thus prevent the patient
from entailing the seeds of an heredita y
**S?KeSfB0,»Bo!"fic»l Drops »re successfully
atedi* esses of eiolent eruptions »fter ttie
measles—red blotches—pimples on the face
esteving eruptionaon the skin—and other dis
eases of the external surface? and are one ot
the beatSpring and Autumnal physics known,
to free the syate.m from humors.
A physician of eminence, who had witness *a
the efficacv of this article, had the candor re
cently to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
he considered it the best medicine known, tor
the complaints for which it is intended, an<
that it ought deservedly to stand at the head
•fthe whole class of such remedies.
i»rice #1 a bottle, o- 6 bottles for $5.
T‘|OSB who would retain or restore these
desirable personal advantages, are as<ur
d that no composition can br obtained supe
t: the
r vis is an and plexsvnt preparation
in every respect, and has, For many years past,
given universal satisfaction wherever it has
been used
The Antiseptic exempt rom
acid and other deletericnsingredients which
oo frequently enter the composition of tooth
powders in common use, *nd ; wlrtens the
enamel of the teeth without doing it the least
injury. The regular use of tnis ad n.red pow -
der, by purifying the mouth and preventing
the accumulation of tartar, operates as the best
preventive of the Tooth Ache. The Denirifice
removes discolorations, and restores the beau
tiful native whiteness of the enamel. As its
application braces and strengthens the Gums,
it secures to them their healthy and florid hue,
and, by removing atl offensive foreign accu
mulations from the teeth, preserves the natu
ral sweetness of the breath. Price 50 cents
None genuine unless signed on the out.
de printed wrapper by the sole proprietor,
T Kidder, immediate successor to the late Dr.
W, T. Conway. For sale, with all the other
••Conway Medicine,” at his Counting Boom,
Ha 99. next door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KlUUKit
And, bv his special appointment, by
WM. STABLK2, Fairfax street, Alexandria
• Large discount to those who buy to sell
isthiua! C.»tarrh!
IN that long train of diseases which seem io
grow with the growth of civilized society,
Consumption takes the lead in its relentless
nroad' upon hu nan life; yet this dreadful dix
order it easily overcome in its earlier stages.
It is only when neglected that it arrives at the
terrific maturity which so often bartl-s the S3
gacity of professional science. An obstinate
cough »s the custom *ry forerunner of the pul
monary consumption Improper neglect in the
timely administration of simple and salutary
medicines, is sure to be reproved by a dread
t il succession of consumptive symptoms -op
pressiun of the breast; greenish an 1 bloody
spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shri
velled extremeties, aud general emaciation ot
the whole body; prostration of strength; flush
ed cheeks; swollen feet and legs; and at last,
‘u the full possession of the mental faculties,
and while hope still whispers her flattering
tile —cold extremities, and a premature death.
For the various stages of this complaint, one
the most approved remedies ever yet dis
covered is
flit USLFE’3 ASTHVi vne PILLS.
This exceedingly powerful, and vet equally
•ale and innocent preparation,ha? effected tho
rough an I r apid cures upon patients supposed
•ohive been far advanced in a con.ir uedGoii
s.i option, and who have exhibited the. appear
cnees which usually indicate a aut termination
of the disorder.
As the Fills require in ordinary cases n -
confine went, thev mav be a Iminiatered with
confidence an d safety to all ages and classes of
people. Unexampled success has hitherto at
tonled their administration in a great variety
of cases; and the proprietor can refer io a mul
titude, wnich testify to theireiicacy m reviv
iig the e ntouted victi n iron the bed ot dis
wise, an 1 restoring hrn to the blessings ot ac
upturned health an 1 % ctivity
price $i for wh »Je ooxes of 10 pills and 50
e'U»for half do ol id pilU, with directions
Ubioa Corn Plasterir
FBI m feoioti Corn Blaster softens the corn,
l, however old and tougn, ami extracts it to
the very roots, 'Hie relict adorded is gentle,
immediate, mud thorough
The proprietor begs leave to submit the’fol
owing case, from Hr Stowed, wtio is well
known to tne inhabitants ot this city, especial
y at the South Knd and S joth lloston, as a
ecy *«,thv and respectable citizen:—
«a Oisi
i|tt^ d > not hesitate to give my most in.*
qualified approbation in favor of your valuable
klsion Corn Blaster, By the use of less than
bx, Hrs. Stowell has been curei of a corn
on cash tobt, which had been exceedingly
troublesome an 1 painful tor years, and I think
out justice to your invaluable preparation
Q %dd, (for the encouragement of those who,
owing to repeated disappointments iu the va
rious re nedies resorted to, have finally des
paired of m cure,) that your Blaster enr-d her
corns, alter trying other highly recommended
emediesto no purpose; and what increases
my confidence in the superiority of your Bias
ter, Is the fact, that it has been used by seve
ml uf nv neighbors with equally good success
'Signed) '<tT* Stuwbll,
keeper of foil-house, H-.istuu Bridge
Hr. ’f. Kcousa, Bropnetoroi trie Conwa
He licme*. Boston June 17 h, }ti>*
v#* priceSOcenU
IK ituiious.the weakly, and others, w ,o
■ arv troubled with soreness or in.lamma
A«i of tiat delicate organ, will be able to ob
a n“U pleas*** md invaluable applies
XT a7B WATS a!
trtn c*kDMao«-* mrasu lor me Ky- ,
lastly inamseni# gives ui mediate relief*
;vcn m v«?rv lir^ravated cases o soreness and
utiiftiiitn »tio!i. Price *5 cents*
•t* N >ue jjeutr.ne unless signed on the out*
•ide printed wrapper by tuc sole proprieur,
l\ Kidlder, immediate successor to the Ute
)r. W. T Conarav. For sale, with all the ot.i
*t *4Coowiy ‘4ed<cinesv*v st nisCuuntin^U*»oni,
xjo 99, next door to J Kidder’s l>W Store,
;orner of Court sod Hanover streets, neat
Concert Hall, Boston.
And also, by his specialatipoMtmert. by
tan 24 Fairfax street. AlewnArm
r.aree disen-mt *o 'hose who huvmseH »<“
To Rheumatic la valids!
PERSONS suffering under Rheumatic Af
fection are respectfully assured that the)
can obtain of the proprietor and Ins agents a
safe and admirable remedy for Rheumatism,
however obstinate the disorder may be, and
m all its different stages.
Hr. Jebb's Liniment!
\vill afford immediate relief to the pa ent#
*nd has sometimes been aliened with such
extraordinary success as to cure the most ois
treating Rheumatism in twenty-four hours,
even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recom
mended w-th a confidence founded on the
experience of many years, not only as a cure
for that excruciating disease, but as an excel
lent application for Stiffness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains, Chilblains, &c.
( Tina article is considered so superior to
every thing else, and to possess such uncom
mon virtues, that it soldered from all parts of
the country.)
jrj» An Agent recently writes: l lease send
me a further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the
first opportunity —I shall probably sell a con.
siderable quantity, as it is recommended by
some of our physicians very highly, although
contrary to their rules and regulations to give
encouragement to such (or, patent) medi*
Rut is a most decided proof of their
confidence in its invaluable properties
Another agent writes: “1 wish you to for
ward me some more of Jebb’s Liniment, which
;ia» recoiumened'fselt very highly,** Price 50
cents a bottle.
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous
instances has been thoroughly cured, by the
administration of
11I1IS approved compound also mitigates
and removes the symptoms which fre
quently accompany that disorder, and increase
the danger of the patient, viz: pains in loins,
headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, and
other marks of debility.
A relieved patient writes from a distance:
“It is but justice to inform you, that I have
used your L) .in»fries* Iteroedy for the Piles tor
some time past, and have found it eminently
The remedy is quite innocent, and may be
administered ic all ages a ml both sexes Tlu*ii
and ample directions, witha description of the
complaint, accompany each package, w hich
consists of two boxes, out containing an Oint
ment, and the other an Klectuary.
Trice SI for both articles, or 50 cents where
but one is wanted.
'T^lllS ag omzing disorder is cured in its m*'ss
1 painful stages, by one of the most simple
as well as powerful remedies known in mo
•k m practice The
*ttord instant relief, without inflicting the
slightest injury on the tetth. They are appli
ed externally to the parts affected, with the
greatest ease and expedition, and generally
operate as a soothing lenitive tuthe suffering
patient. Trice 50cents a box.
OF most obstinate character, after hav ltg
baffled the skill of the m . t eminent phy
sicians, and withstood the moat highly recom
mended medical preparations,has been check
ed, relieved, and cured, in a number ot install
ce>in and about thiacity, by usim;, for a short
time, l>r. Kklfk’s
in connexion, according to the directionsac
coinpanyiog the Specific It is alsoone of the
best medicines known for Sick Headache,
Sickness at the Stomach, Nausea, and Flatu
Trice of theSpecific and Pills, 50cents each.
Debilitated Females!
■ VI K complaints peculiar to the female part
L of the community, have been long suc
cessfully treated by the administration of the
Aromatic Tills, originally prescribed and com
pounded by Dr. llelfe. They cleanse the
blood from those disorder* of the female con
stitution, for which the pills are an effectual
specific; they restore a free circula ion, reform
the irregular operations of the sanguiferous
system, and rectifythe disordered habits. The
proprietor’s confidence in the superior excel
lence of this equally innocent and powerful
preparation, is founded on the most decisive
testimony tr »m many restored parents. He
can assarethis portion of the public, that when
are reg ilsrly taken, according to the direc
tions, accompanying them, they revive and
establish the desired healthy habits, and res
tore to the pallid countenance the nalvrr.
glow of health and good spirits.
Married ladies will find thepillsequaPy use
ful except in cases of pregnancy, when they
must not be taken; neither must they betaken
by persons of hectic or consumptive habits.
They may be used successfully by either men
or women in all Hypochondriac, Hysteric or
Vapourish disorders. In all cases of this de
scription, the pills purify, invigorate, and ie
vive the disordered system. Trice *i Jo
*,* None genuine unless signed on theout
side printed* rapper by the sole proprietor,
I'. Kidder, Tmmediatesuccessor to the late Dr
l\ Conway. For sale, with all the other ‘Con
way Medicir.es,” at his Counting Knoni, No
CJ9, next door to J. Kidder’s Drug Store, cor
ner of Court and Hanover streets, near Concert
flail, Huston THOMPSON KIDDKlt.
And also,by his special appointment, by
-n 15 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
% Large discounts to Close whobuy to sell
Itch Ointment!
I 111 li extensive.sate and established repu
tation of Dumfries*Itch Ointment, encour
ages the proprietor to recommend it with re
•iewt*d confidence to the public as a in s inno
cent as well as powerful application for this
annoying disease The most inveterate cases
have been cukkd is onebodb! by this esteem
• «d Ointment. It contains no mercury, or oth
'cr not'ousingredient,and may be confidently
1 applied eventotbe youngest childien, or to
pregnant female*.—Price 37$ cents
None genuineuuless signed or he out- I
nlepruned wiapj» ?- h», wle j ropNcto^ I
T.Kidder,* nif 2d’*air «ucc€Ffcrto the rate Dr.
W. T.Go.iway. For sale, with all the other
“Conway Medicine*,”^ h»s Counting Room,
No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner of Court and Hanover streets, nearCon
And also, by his special appointment, by
WM. STABLER, Fairfax street, Alexandria
•♦’Large discounts to tlK>se who buy to sell
mu:sul v nipouted duuos.
JUST received and 'or sale by the subscriber,
who can confidently recommend them, as
hey were selected with care under hi* personal
observation. Among the articles are the follow
ing, viz: —
Swaim's Vermifuge, (on hand the Panacea)
bo*lt procured direct from Swaim’s Laboratory
Patent Hum KUstic, in sheets a id squares;
gum ehst»c injection bags, ftc.
Scented white Soup, in bars; do. in pound
squares; Low’s emollient vegetable shaving
cake, delightfully perfumed, lor making strong
creamy lather without irritating the skin; castile
soap; Low’s olive oil, Chinese musk, almond,
rose and Naples Snap; Naples soap in *ars, pre
pxred by N Smith Prentiss; toilet ar.d shaving
•soap, prepared by the subscriber, calculated for
chapped and tender skins.
Walkden’s black ink powder, a superior ar
ticle, with the Manufacturer1* caulionary ceitili
cite oil each package; transpa en», black and
note waftrs; Kvms’s lend pencils; Hrookman
and Ltmgdon’s pencils, for artists; Peeves &
Son’s water colors, in boxes: white frosting; In
dia ink; whit**, yellow, pale and green bronze;
goldfuil; tin fill
French and Herman cologne water, imported;
Palmer’s odoriierous compound or American
sweet bag, for perfuming beaureaus,wardrobes,
ic ; utlar ufruscS; beat s oil; splendid cut pun
Hair brushes, a variety of patterns, of excel
lent quality; dusting brushes; varnish do; mark
*og do; and large assortment of very fine tooth
Mech’.s's magnetic razor -trap and paste, from
London; lucifer matches, large and small; ther
mometers, of various patterns; hath or bristo!
orick, for cleaning knives; shaving boxes; sr
gar cases; an assortment of pocket book*; s>
ringes, of various kinds; snuffbox* s Japanu cil
tins, tor signs; fine and coarse -ponge
F.iiglisb chamomde flowers, Iresh
Best U't->sian Isingla-s
Genuine Haarlem v»), imported from Holland
Alch 'liol, of bt-st quality
Acidulat* d gingerdrops;pepp<*rmint lozenges
Mustard, of excellent qoalil), from London
Genuine Howland’s l.'-ti"n, imported, tor re
moving evrr\ kind of coaisein-s*, erup
tion and unpleasant appearance of Hit
Ht rniatt lustre; Spanish blacK. lead
best Calabria liquorice
Camphor; D an's rheumatic pdls
Superior bleached Jama’Ca ginger
Pea-1 barley; select* d rhubarb rout
Shaker’s herbs, a*c., of various kinds
lieiiu lie French sulphate of quinine
American do do of best manufacture
V* ratrine, strychnine, sulphate «"d ac* tatc
of morphine, and other vegi table pro
Musk; Irish muss; nutm* gs
Calcined charcoal, carefully prepare*! for me
dical use
Hum arabic, very supe'ior; long pepper
best Tin key opium, carefully selected
Fiake manna; white wax; soda, for washing
Salad oil, of very tine quality
lied rose Laves, frc*lt,smd carefully prepared
l^ d>;»rraq'ie*s r III ride of soda
K*e«*sot, obtained ‘rum the manufacturer
bust Kngltsli and American Calomel; on hand
an aSM>rtm* lit of otlu-r chemicals
patent corn rubbers; trusses a variety
H'-rse Heams; adhesive plaster, spread
ShvdaC; canary and hemp seed; ha*r powder
Indig1*; chipped logwood
An additional supply ol Landreth’s garden
On hand a general assortment of articles, in
•lie Druggist’s line, including a large numbei
of Pa t nt and Thomsonian Medicines.
j,n 21 V\ VI. S IAbLF.IL
Leesburg (ienuis of Liberty, Warrciiton Le
gist* r and V\ inchest* r Virginian.
IS UKLOMMhNPKD as decidedly suptrioi
to *:ty other known combination of Medi
cine, fur Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Consump
tion, Asthma, Spitting of blood, Hoarsen >s,
Difficulty of breathing, HoopingCougb, Pains*
and Weakness of the breast, and all diseases of
i he Pulmonary organs.
This medicine is highly and jusfly recom
mended, by numerous and respectable indsvi*
duals, who have found relief fr*un its use. Mh
tiy who have been laboring under protracted
Coughs and pains in the breast and have been
supposed by themselves and their friends tar
.dvanced in consumption, have been happily
restored to perfect health by the use ol tins
valuable Kxpectorant.
Persons laboring under chronic or consump
ive coughs, will find great advantage from
carry ing a small quantity of the Indian F.xprc
torant wuh them, wttde attending to their va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspoonfui oc
casionally. Their cough will be scarcely felt
and the) will be enabled to expectoiute with
the greatest facility, and the irritating jnattc-i
will thireby soon be removed and a perma
nent cure effected* Let the afHicted try it.
Prepared only by Dr D- Jay ne, of balem, N.
Jersey, and none is genuine without his writ
ten signature to the label on the outside o.
the bottle
CKKTirf A'i'KS.
lliereby certify th» f was cured of a violent
cough and pain iu the breast by using !><»cU>i
Jayne’s Expectorant Medicine. My wile ais**
\ was afflicted with a had c High and pun in the
breast, attended with so much difficulty o!
breathing as to prevent her from getting any
sleep fora number of nightsin succession; but
by taking two doses ot this medicine she was
enabled to sleep quietly through the night
and in a few days by continuing it" use she
was perfectly restored. Jacob Uim.KWar.
il-uicock’* bridge,N. J Sept 24. lbo6
i.ast spring my wife w as confined to ner bed
by a distressing cough and pain in her orcast
and side—Her cough hara^td her day and
night and her dilliculty of breathing w as so
great that she got very little sleep lor in m*
days an l nights together —None ot the medi
cines she took appeared to be of any service
to her; when Dr Jayne kindly sent her a bot
tle of Indian Expectorant w Inch soon and com
nittelv restored her to health—She fiimly be*
(if vcs'it Uie best medicine ever discovered
William Polls*-*
llancock’feBridge, N. J Nov.Jl, #^6.
Prom J II. Smith, Esq. Itrooklyn, L. I.
• hereby certify that the above valuable me
heine has been used in my family wuh grea
oenefit in several instance*. J. ll.bMim
- Brooklyn, Dec. 1 #35.
i , ^
From A. 1> & B. Samis, Druggists, So. 1U0,
trillion street. New >orfc.
Dr. 1) Jayne—Dear sir: Your Indian Kxpec
torant is doing well here. We have hut about
oee doien left oi the gross >ou sent us. You
will please forward on a winter supply as soon
as convenient; It seems to give universal sa
tisfaction to ail wn jm we have heard froih who
have used it— Hie season is last approaching
when such a medicine will be much needed
*nd as it is well supported by good certificate*
it will sell very rapidly. The only objection
seems to be to the price; but we huve nut had
one customer who objected to take it on that
iccocunt? as no one doubts its virtues. Vcrj
respectfully, youra, 4. J».& U. Sash*. j
Von* 11 6
Fro;a the Itev. G. C< P. Crost ,, late agent c#
tlie American Rapiist
To Ur I) Jayne Uear sir: 1 have made ust
| if the Indian Expectorant, personally and in
my family for tlie lastsii years with great ben
efit. Indeed I may consider my life prolong
ed by the usa of this valuable medicine, umlei
the blessing of God, for several years- 1 may
say almost as much in the case of my wife and
also of the Uev. Mr Tinson of thelsland of Jo
maica. For all cases of cough, inflammation
of the client, lungs and throat,! do most unhe
sitatingly recommend this as the best medic* nt
I have ever tried. My earnest wish is that o
tilersatti ctcd as I have been, may experience
the same relief, which I a:n persuaded they
will by using the Indian Expectorant.
N R Many of my neighbors, on my recom
mendation, have tried this medicine with uni
form success. N. York, June 15, 18 »5
From the Itev Jonathan Going, l) l). Editor
of the American Baptist,
I have used tlie above medicine with sue
ce«s for a cough and hoarseness.
N. York, Dec. 18J5, Jonathan Gi»iso
Hocl I) J tyne-Dear sir: I wasfnr along
time afflicted with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect heaHh by using one bottle of your In
dian Expectorant. ibave been subject to a
cough and pain in my breast for near twenty
years, and. have found far greater benefit fiom
this medicine than from any other. I remain,
respectfully, yours, Susan Iiiklauu.
Canton, Nov. 21, 18do.
Many more certificates might be added but
the above are considered sufficient
Salem, N. J. April, 18>6 1). JAYNE
For sale by agents throughout the United
States, where also may be Ind Jayne’s Garir.i
native Balsam, tor Bowel Complaints; Jaynes’s
I'onic Vermifuge, for Worms, Fever and Ague
Dyspepsia, Sour Siomach, &c.
Agent for Alexandra.
i 1st mo. 28— ly WM. STABLER,
f > KSTOBKU OF TUB BLOOD. for Chronic
I t ami • the J Diseases, win* her produced
run Bile, Phlegm, from internal moiled mat
ters, arising from had cored oM d*sor lers, from
j tilt* use * t \fe*r<'»irv, Calomel,Bark Sic. Sc ; it
(in females,) from the change of life. To spt
cify someof *be-e disease-:—- I rtter, Bingworm,
^raid-head, LeprosV, li11• s, the Itch. Itching
of tin* Skin, Blotches, Scoihntu: K upti'i.s,
Pimples, Clears ulieither cancerous or of a
milder kmd. Mercurial D sor ters of every dc
srription, Heart Bum, Loss of Appetie, Indi
gestion, Dv spepsia. General Debility, .loindice,
ltdous Adrctions of the Chest and Liver, en
largement of the Sulet n, Bneumttiani, Gout,
P:le*, l)ro; sy, Gleet, luvoSun'ary Knss ons,
Suic'ures and other Urinary, Complaints, on In
ding G ave*, Sic. 1 is also efficacious for Dim
m s- of Mght, Biuidn ss, (wfure not organic.)
Inffrnmabouof the Kves, Deafness, Prtssure of
Bh-od to Pe Head, ll\procondria in all its
j shapes, Megiim, Sh eph ssiie*-, and Neivous
A'dtc'ians of ev« rv kuid, including Pal-y. It
■s no less s. rvicea’ole in >he removal of Sicr lity
in me one se*f, than of Licompt tern y m the
•»'her. It preven s the suppre-sion and reme
dies lhe irregul• rev of the Month!) Complaint.
Also, |lie Flour Alims. Gr-en sickness, Histori
cal Fiw. Vc. otc. I*s eflicicy will be proved
lumnrr hing standing or deeply rooted and
complicated the comolauU nia) be. In all tfie
diseases mentiom d the U s'm er is the chief re
medy. Those whtre additional or Secondary
i.edicuu s are r< cjuir. if; wnl be found -tVcd in
Hie p unphlet, w ilh direc- ions for their use.—
^2 an»I So )
TONIC lif.1X1 It, disc ases of die chest,
Ca'arrhs, Congo-, Whooping congh, Pams in
the Chest »r I’hroa , fmarst ue-s ditfii.uPv •»
Urealiing, A-thma, Phlegm, Consuniption,!! c
• if- Feve , and ds concomitants Di-ea-es of the
Lungs, even it accompanied with the Spitting
of B ood, he. (2 and )
TOMi; PCB I -WIN K, for Bowel Comtd.dnls
liuligC.-ti n, l)\s,)esiH, General Debility, W-nk
ii-.ss. N ov mis All ciiotis,&,,c O'* c‘‘n’*' a"d *1)
ABYSSlM v MIXiLKK, (in liquid and hi
pave,) h»r G -norrl.a*'. ( 2 )
\ i.gkt .ih.k an ri->vpiiiLi nc sybhp.
I’tiis medicine is in sd’ \ eiu r.»i l)i-ord< is u cer
IHMl remedy, and will cure U.emos' deep rooted
1 leers, w thoiil len.ng any inconvence to die
patient when all oiln i remedies have been
j round in. in efua*. (*~ )
I ABOMaTIC KX I’UACT, for infl’ipestior.,
Cold'ess in ill. Stomach, Numbness or Weak
ness in the L*mbs. Inactivity "I the ^km, Bell
ing of l»ie Ski , pains in th< .h-iiils, Uoeumalisin,
Gout, St,c (5dc» ms am fl.)
SPKCIFIC. for Ftver and Ague. (5‘J cents.)
GOLD-MINK IULmAM, for BTujiis <*r Ner
vous Affections, B"W*-I Complaints, Inrhg s on,
i|. art burn, Wiod (K'a id-iu.c, \Se;» Sn k r>*,
coldness in tin Stomach, (’ramps, or Numbmss
Flux or Dair.ioei, Cnoh ra Morbus, h.c, yve1
' __...... #• »a« l»* . _
IIFNUXL UI.M nir lain,
worm, Scald-head ami Foul U'cers t^l.)
DKI'UK 'Tl V K FOM DF.K, h r H limix af
echoes. Mead ache or M grim, Inline** ol ihc
lit ad, Dimness ot Sigh*, kc (.it) cents.)
4;KN I IVJF.CTION, lor Fluor Albu^, Weak,
ss, &.c. (50 cent**.)
UNIVERSAL FLASTF.R, for di^eas * of the
t^ln st, D> -.peps.**, F»*sli W.mints, F. ul Meets,
ii nits, Chilblains, Kheum.tis.n, lion’,Coma $*c.
i50 c» nts.
AS I klNOKNT MIX TURK, for • list asc* ol
Ihe Ch< s!, Indigestion, De»ocp*»,a, Ueficrai De
bility, Wraknes-, Xc. (50 cents )
JAFaN OINTMENT, for F lo, (fl.)
OKI KNTAl. DIN r.MFN I * for l>totcl»cs,Fim
j,Jes, Itching ot the Skin, or Ciiu)s (whether
.rCuig trom exposure t » the situ or tiorn cold;)
C'mppeti l. ps Dot ter, Sic. (50 cents )
doct. kuhl’s acoustic; oil, with
DECOCTION; a remedy tor I) atucss, and
other Auricular Complaints. (f~.)
And a number ot •>' h* r anxiiiut) remedie*.
Fora lull and pailicul.ti account ot kuhlMIe
dents, their pmpetties and nature, see pam
ildeti atnl wherein will likewise he lonml dir« C
tiotts tor their use, and iniiiicn us lestnnuui ds,
W11 tell FTta\ be seen HI all pub! C places, e-r Ilia)
j oe had gran-, at Dr. kuhi’a. offices, or ot lu>
Agents, by null.
None ol tnc medicine* are genuine which
do not bear 'hr seals as given m me pamphki,
entitled “ I ri atu.ciit *<t Cltrouic and other uisea
>e*, fkcwhich isenU red. t>\ l)<. K. according
!»‘he Aci of Congress, hi ttie Clerk's Ot.ice of
die D strict Couil ot the Dislnct ol Colombia.
A(»EN I S.
O. M.-LIN I'lllCU M, Diuggis’, Georgetown,
|)K. C. FARC|CHAR, Akx»ndru, IJ.C.
Kb'S i ACE &c i E M PEE, Druggist*, Kiel,
DROWN Sc POLLING, Druggies Peters
buig, Va.
J. D RANDOLPH & Co., Booksellers and
Stationers, Noitolk, Va.
DIE ^VMES COOKE, Agent for P.iyeftt
J<ilin>on,(D:ug Store) Fiedtncksnurg, Va
FIELD 6c LiO^S, Druggists, Ckai loli»\ilk,
HENRY HIDES, Merciiunt, Orange Court
House Va.
JAMES DROWN, D uggisl, Chaile.*to*n,
Jefferson Comity Va. may 4—ly
* * A S11 FUlt NKGKOFS.
rWILL give the highest cash price for
LiKeiy Negroes, frum in to Voyeurs of
age. Myself or Agent can, at all times,
be found at the establishment formerly
owned by Arnifield, Franklin & Co., <ii
the \» eot fiu *>f Duke street
*7—!lc r G£UJ KiiPilADT
MAIIK w iter of the fo lowing adv« r'isemeiil
1. b« |ieV S III P#HA* UiC-.TltlSH or MBlllfl3t x
jil the principle of co inn iiis-its
Ilow many hist thou lead to the cold and s»
lent t"iti i? when, iud they been without thy
Ic’inon like influence, inigfit now have Messed
their frien is an ! fimlcs with their dcli^'i IF
did soul inspiring presence!
Kndeavor to re d the f dJow'iig rein irks and
advice without allowing the miud 11> he oliseur
•u hy any mists of prejudice, 01 t use principles;
old the result sha I he suite kn-’wle tge u hr.
tiler it will amount to convic ion is ccr’aiidy
more 'han I can tell. Il it should, happy vwii
he the convmced!
Lll K IS M»>T|i)NT;
tk v t ii is s r i(;\ vnoN.
We know the ocean remains {» ne, wh.le tht
winds and lid-s Continue t'» exert •hen* inuv ng
mttneire, and it is the same principle that im
parts purity to springs and likes.
I.rt this principle cease to act. let STAti V V
I ION he there, and what is the c msetpience ?—
liven the mighty deep, in protracted Calms, has
oei n kn »wn to PIJITFY! F.very one know’*
lie fid as connected with lakes and springs «*t
wall r—when circulation ceases they become
Uagnmt. I’U l IlKKAOribN, wherever it ex
sts, in however snudi (juantmes, d it comes m
•;onta< t with ANIMAL L FF mj ties, otic ode
Whether ye he library, or men of busim-ss;
w hether v e be clt-i ks, s’ ml ids or meelr.nns, 01
win liter \r be ol lU I ii'dortun.de Cass who
gain their bread by the nectl'e, to all and each,
give ear.
He ng deprive I «f exercise is to the human
body hs die deprivation of winds and odes to
she ocean: il limig*. ab- nt a
b I Al.NA I t« >N OF HIK HI.OOl).
rbus it b<scs its p ifit;; its co euLtion is n» ped
ed; the
'lltK liO'AKLti ItKMIMK 00^1 INK;
• ml il not an immediate .•'lack nt some lo.Jig
mint lever, headache, n*us-y, Ions ol apj.e'iL,
and a general debiniy ol the whole iradic is sure
SO follow'.
|» requires the tempos* and tlio tornado to
bring ah ti' a state nt pnpty in the ocean win n
.ts waters have become stagnant; and it widiv
qii re repeated evacoa'mns by the bow* Is In h*rt
tie bio- il can tn- rcheted •>! iis a<cu nnia'rd mji
pori'ics, and iiatni'e left lr e to i> stole every or
•'an to its proper bedthy At! I loN- And even
when Hus is done ;t is impossible for those to
enjoy in allii who take h'Je exercise, unless
diey i/ccastoietily' take some purgative ot s ilh
cient poW^r to perfectly c’canse the aloneniary
^aiiul ot any morhitic ma.ter winch may be
'In re lodged, and y el that con d do no IN.) I U\
mder an\ circmns’ances.
The chaiactrr ot Dr. HU NN'DUK I H'S Hills
is so *v*dI known that they scarcely i«.q*nte to
be alluded to Their saicly to a'l ages, | om
die clnld ol an hour n|d to the man ni one loin
died ye«r-, 'heir mdd •< $s ;«"dye'. the abwiluw
I •ertiinty of t iled according to t e rinse giv- n,
• liakestht . he fimHl desii able medicine know it
desides, no attention is leqnired m the Hint*
ibey ale taker*; w In n, or in w oat maiim r D.ei
ius net long to do will tliem Cold ii *s p<»>..
oieiy l.KbS cited on tin* body when the an
ised. alaliv p Isons when (hey lnvt‘ g**l w t,
«ave, while oul.sw t lowed si.v or cignt to pie
,ciit tiiem i om caicnmg cold, ami they ai* ay s
Hriests, Lawyer-*, and FohtiC'ins, Freemen j
• nd Slaves, ail anke, w .o have a»cu '.hein, re
commend them in terms of Jit* .most ur.qnaii*
oed prase
\lj One thing u conclusion, never pu close
except at the oliice of DU HU> NT UK I II, ol
lie agents .vho <rc appointed and a lvei* isci!
Oy Iuip AttoVK ALL, NhVr.U t»0 hi A
DUtJCi SIO.iK. Sel that down in youi me*
inoiamiimi book.
1 be lollowing are the regularly appointed
AtiKM 5 in tiic District ot Uuinui <u- I here
lure if you want the l»KMJxr. lidA.V
DUK I It’d i'll LS, purchase ONLY id them
Frank l ay lor, ii • Jkscilcr, Hciin. Avenue,
rVusnuigum City.
Jame lliuiins, Hookscller, l»eorgctowti,
District of Columbia.
Lii/.a Ki'iineday, Statio ter, Alexamiria,
District ol Columbia.
• Dr. Hramlicdds Odic**, 72 Saratoga street,
ifctwcen Howard and Lulu* si .« iiaiu nort,
w* 11e 11 the 11CnU111e MctiitilaS Cull a( all tulles
>e obtained. Ii U CmvLIvN, OciFI. Ag< ot.
For At tiy land, N irguua, and the i>isti ici *»t Lo*
ninitna aprdJtf —ly
Tlllv SIU1S1 KiliKIl
i | KSPKt/i’LL I.I.V tulorms u»c cdizcns ol
it Alexalidi/a and his customei a ^cnci'alrt
vital dm in , the prcscill season be na.» added h
ar^e amount ol ^u-.'ib to lus iormet mock
.vlnclt makes Ins assortment vci) Complete —
i lie following itsl comprises a part ol tnc arti
cles received and Ulo stock picvuualy on lia.nl,
vu —
Krtimbackc ’a Pills
L oil's tin ( , ,
>U*:S <lu p»rl*J»|wW
licctwilli* no J
J.idkin’ (hutment
biVal.I.'a I'.iliaCcH
uo \ crimlo^c
I. ec’a il ihuua Pills
atiayers lienoVjtui|C Lupiid; Itornard’s do
tor re a ivm^ grease Iro u dte^aca, -- ■;
Jelib’a Utmumsuc LmiMK.it
itanttneb' Liectuary Iwr Uic Pi'es
do Omlirieii t tor uo
(1 J licit OiUtiHcllt
do Kj e V\ alt r
Albion Cm n i*iasvc r
Cambrian I ootb Aclic Pills
I) -C.. iie'llc’a AtJHbllloUa Pills
do do At imatic Pills, for fcitoucs
do do liotaiiical luops
tin do N v^.:iaide Jspci.ific
5» :yc’s Patent i cl» O.iittm ht, etpial to tlie
best reined) for tlie licit
Pdw *rd’s Pa:n Lxltacl.iy; Lotion
Pompon ml t ‘ hlorinc l u th W usn
Orris I'oolh a ash#
Kreosot do
Iv Ct*a it * uOn’i Paste}
Compound S/ tup ol Iceland M t,9
41.ilt libit. ii:k
J. *ytie’s Lxpe-loranC
tlo (.ar.n» .alive Htfsim
llulier’s American :>uul my i) rup, tn» rj'iib j
d ell teething J
Indian’s Panacea
llonck's do
51 ali} t Piaster Cloth
llaba/nol Honey; IL.arVs O.l
Henry’a Calcined Ma^nesui
Lva ’j Chamomile Puls
XOlfl tno It La max St* eel.
(Wit.Chester Virginian, ee*. Hen Lmeii), i
an I W arreMon ILyts cr ]
I I AS on hand Co a cues, JJuomes, (iii!’*. J
* 4- vVc. uii ol winch he otteis lor -itir j
t>n as accommodatin'' terms us t ,ey cm f
de pm chased elsewhere, J'ersons v\ i>n*
mi! In purchase Cania<res, aie respect
!ui y requested lu «ive him a cad, as he
warrant* Ins equal hi workmanship, and
as cheap as they c.iu tie piocured else
where. Also repairing none in the beat
manner, and at thesi»oi tc»i notice
jy :*-U__
GUM’OVVOlii:, impeltai, Young Hv- j
son, and Souchong l eas, m chest*. i
nail ciit*>U> and cull) boxes. For - die by |
dec id A. C. CAZEMA F 0*. Co. i
ItiYcni.w rnj.8.
Wii.lAAM SI Alil.Ktl, C'-.'i
Wit fortliesale ol Ur. U.M.ivhTiv- a i
iivuKiAN 1‘si-i s, respecttulivstate'*•
.s enabled to supply tins .\!et|,c,; ?
public ami lua mercantile Colima ' f
m the same terms that tin* <„ , *' «'•
^ice at New \ t»rk supplies {•,» '
beral discount being nude m
chants, i* ot a description o* j,.(1 (
ol these pills, he ivlusto i;.c |, ^
Advertisement *•! U< ci<»r Kti" l\
“The very genet a! d.-mj -'t Z',
Ralph’s Hvceian I Yds. ean ,5,dv • h
counted lor by reason m’ t:nu
| pied benelit and ctit es w i>a »• j>. .
nave experienced Lon, t::. , ” , <
over, tiiey are lound.-d p .
mJ experience ol the |;t (• v
Physicians and ^tueeons 4,» i
and are recommended l>v p ", "■
.ind practn e *M ;Sir Adi,-j [ ^
Abei m thy, and i h\ |;.p ;i|tt|(i|1. ; • ‘
oy the givnter p.ut ol ii|t> nll.,-tV***V ’’ q
practitioners ol KiuUuj ui d r !i ,:
nent. w
The limits 01 un ad veitiS;>nTl.
allow ol entering u}M*M i4!|
*>( the principle on vv im. h t..,., J ,:u,l! i
suited to so man) ddh i, ,,* 0,.( ' ' J
It must sullice to memm,,.’ (!
package id the pdh-t om.,,,, (! ^ ‘ ' •
i whici. .in- pimj
>m ngtiumug tpialuy coi?a,*" ‘ 1
:o the UU'st Icei le l < ms hit .1w ' ^
other is purgative, hut limn. [t*
Coldtlig to the do. e. '1 U:> i,, . <t'
these i ids, aioi alii ring {;K ,• \t, • -
able to tin* ilil detiuu.s g; \ ft ..
ishmg lu witness iin* m,,, I M ’ ^ ^
which aie ruu d or ran I, iUi{ ‘ "
them, w Idle then* is Im di.*e,.>e w . . v
winch can pns.sildy he o. •.. . . '
use. i hey contain im men i,it '
oe taken without tin* ijk oi»vri,n , u
cauiiou » hid: oil n IIM s
iy ivi|iiire. The |iaihui!.u ih>'„'d'>
a hn h then cthi.u ) i.n> i.et ,, | | U^,
estdil,• li many thou-unduuii wdiiuu ns
iri toelollowing:—
Dyspepsia, aie! the uli,,!,. o|
'Heroes maiada - vi Im li ,,i in,. j( 11(; ( (
at constipation ol (in i.owe,-; ^
and ail allecitons u| i).,. ,
"‘•'i.i in
iil.euui.iU in; bciojnia. wtt|lrv,,
eiesui ^ ct it ttheimi aioi I
bkiu; threatening < oasiuajin(
Liv er Disease.-, wl.eihei L.«- »•!:* t
I* in pel Alice or hoi i Hu ate; It;,, . ’
Ague; ( ummon l even , A e.; ||.|,<t?ll^
[nuns; ('lunera Muihi,>. Vvi-.; ji>tll
Drops) ; Liles; <_dnvel;Ln tt.. |Mj
other' coiiipi..n.Is ol the l.niltU V <i(| (
mini organs, Os i. A c.
1*his medicine is also endiieiith ,<
j ill lid* Vi hole class oj d Isol d, f- j,tM l( ,
I ilie leiuale const»tiili..u, espeenui ,> \(|
Veil- ami livstein al di.-m[., ,
h 11s,bi. \ lids > I home vV e. W i.; ,V« hy,'
Ache, cel tain ousti uctious, a, t>
nr.s>. vV c. In smai.ei dus. > n ,(ii>
idied on as the Lest an.; >,,,«* n
me in pi egiiaiu y, and |.»i ij,e u,(i
dlso| deI s ol cinklI eil.
The directionsgiven vvilli ti.«*-e P i
tier* mark a hi) plain and p,u in emr—
pl opei it«;se and m.mageineni:ilt|,
nig eareiui!y monhoneil undei lix
i i'aeii dtsui »Jers. j'aiuieiy.
Jo>. li m i n, M J!
Cir.olo.de of Use t.mv.-i .
hui l:1i; Moil;her«»| the liny ,h ( ,, ,
ol borgeon- London; I.ectUMT
Mid A dll) .llni l lie l »JM .1'( > 1,1 U
im ii and < mldieu. vV e. ,m,j .u*;;,
Ol ll)»* ”1 honest n: (»hide hi M, (j.( i
A. It. I M*. liapil s 1 lomest I
a little volume designed Im Lie i
• very t.imiiy. pal tiuilai !y !!...>,• f
dig ill lln; v;o,ii;»jy. Il i> unit*i. ;
; plainest manner, and is mteii.:..
I die iiohv iiiu.ii . noth maie ,, ,i •
aIIde| take too Iliaiotg»*ajeuI (, I •,
1 uolOpiaints V* nil su|el v ami nij, t • * —
i’llf priee is Very low, f • •:i. «•; v
Ceiil-, though neatly h'mi.d II. l
vVe. Indeed the o’.j. i t u] n.s jii i
non i> i a l he I v\ ill. «t v it tv id (• .
:i>e|ul Know ledge on d. t. .... v
any pi ohL»11siiig Ir*u,. n -ii».
Jo 'I i'il 11 ,1 i V
Kor sale hy JA M i ds li. il.\) j;
: I
.1 mo ~ I - |y A ie\..ii i. .! c' 1
j ! jeoslMIl g l Jen I IIS Oj |. ! • »rV I
15 ATI \ i*;.
I,i‘r i iHliWiif /w ( l • i hitf <i> I I’m'
/ n J l !• tj / in i /.
la unriVdili «t iti is c.te< Tenet f r *.-•*?*• •
11c re jjro vt t i, mi Oeai: * i < - I t' « I ■ ' 4*
tie in.Mitili.«*i rein* v.«f »<* d.i , i- ?' i'4
kV heii, 11 oil* illae* -e of 11■ f !• r.t, t: < I *
.oint.■> Iij»id, liais’i ami ilrv, *rd ‘>cy
• it, tin Ii - a t • <l ;*11 vc ai. t * I c* * lit , •' a
.HiVc» ilt a j* j> e •» r.»iiC c , H'l it 'o it- in-'1
i ii iic- ti* a;i lo il h t f «naCt ii< !c ll' ts' *
I !:; a ai l 1C lc i> • fi•». iiilc i! I• • '•••Jo » c *
i her jo ,*j».*.ra» n,ii" lot i !<» lo.r, . »• • n
| I c *1 va 1 < I till I III 11 1 III v.t .-.III •) } < •»>'
-•..Ol II all, ami lor li aii\ I non* i> 11* i *
ole *«t«tia>l\ ii. i i « ’ii i ci) l’ •» *
»t ltic k.iii held <loii i>j! i 11 to l•1 • , •
* till it f i nj lit 11' i< I. J <N/< >' ^
* S'i/t.S- tj it< , / • .'t <li :!• i ■'
htvc iii »«le wo e\|>• r mcnl «I l *t “rrr'
• i ’I
l.tir it eVor.iin e, ’* vu'h t ri >? i * i<
III c* It IliaV he Sllf!), l.'d', alii, t 'I '*
•alittt^C, i>j till I o-.fc It li.l.t jpfjll*
a!i» •! 11»» <J ui !rnti, »'i I v • i) ii I'd* *T,f,
i»e fc>to *' jf \ 1.40', f'>iiit die uCCti **
ne ' tins ■.rei atM’iJt. iorci^dii oi if lv*
• . J. Ml*-*
1>m: Ihlh, l*.i6.
W c concur iit • i»e »b ere ri n,(' ,i~ ,
’ he t ii:c.»c^ oi the *!'*•’ ti «i- 11 iof !e * '
tit icneo »njj the i] tinIrnli ?i•• m die i,f *
,t l tic i»l oi hciictiC'n c licit® rc-edif,
In tp^iitaiiuii lo Utc I. ir*
4\ *t If K ti*i
U . I ilM k- **
t i\ l!»! I!< use ol htp.'t'<-1*
per .sale. v*hoiet*lc til tc tail, t>) 4 4 *
-er, J . b*il J ii, D atiiiiif.toi', it. *
por aaV b) ll*. hlwbhi, !«• j
(TiMnliis; J !•. Dalian * • ^^* .
l’\ Howard, \\ abinli^tci , D. W
<»eti|'^ctow !»• .
Pi ICC ; > cents per butt'e. nr r *' ' ^
1AM>K •
M. M. \i< 11;i; t< ».\ t '
f 1 :i«««; to in;**! m* U.e < ;f./* • ■
AJl.tii la ai.il ilit* I U*> »<- ‘‘f °\ 1,1 ‘
}»IuV t ‘i Jfi «*X« ri '-i l l' :
.% ill a! a.is i-xe-*.ii*f l> - *. a w •J .
. <r.- *> >t < i«j • ii r.i!>i iif y. I c■ * * t t)
, v i, u-» »• t.t’> t'» i,ni,-r /“ .
' , »,.• \{ »•
. i i I u. • . . I . i ♦> I Vi *' I •“> '* * *
J iiiiiji I V *':» i‘ '»l' • : v !*
’ m . . . . • ' I? i:d! > -
."I o J.L' • •*
•tec i—tl
iiiiULM> ALU.'I .'Ll Li'- 1
3500 £US\

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