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Imp ariaai l ibrmatbai
IS respectfully «<>lic te<l by the subscriber,
tn in i ivaliiul ‘ the m-iit^ u
which have hewn tested by ti «»e, and u.c s I’s
tamed by u idotlVe 1 testimo <y.
01. ItSOKK’^
Bar am cal Drops!
It every year increasing ibetr long establish
ed reoutation. faev have outlived many n
vil preparations, and are continually gaining
upon public confidence.
Til - ft >Uni cal Drops lias e been nccessfu ly
a 1 ministered for nunv years, as a thorough re
m dy fir that w.*lt known and prevalent class
«,lin vet crate tis*Mses which originate from u
v< Dated ha »it of > > lv.or an nereditarv pre hs
p taition ri the patient, an i generally appeal
u-» ler the various and iiatresamg shapes of
Sc'ofjl t, Salt *theu*.n, Leprosv, St Vitho
nv* iFire. Fever Sores, White Swellings,
>» ttirvv, Foul a i l Doitirikte twicer-*, Sore Deg'
and Krs, Scald Hea l, and Venereal iVmt.
In the last mentioned con lition of t:.e sys
tem, the Botanical Drops w»li oe found to era
dicate the lurking posun, w h re mercury has
oaally faded, and thus p*event the patient
from entailing the seeds of an hereditary uts
case on hiHotTspring. ..
Dr. Kelfe’s Botanical Drops are successfully
se i in cases of violent eruptions atter tie
measles—red blotches—pimples on toe ice
catering eruptions >n the skin—and ot.ier d*s
essesottne external surface and are one cl
he best Spring as J \utu mnal physics known,
v Ireethe system Iro n huniots.
A physician of e oineace, w!ioha \ witness'd
eefiieacy of this article, h*d the can for re
cently to acknowledge to the proprietor, th it
he considered it the utst me i cme known, for
I) c complaints fir which it is intended, an *
hat it ought deservedly to stun 1 at the hei.i
oi the whole c a-»s of such remedies ^
thrice 51 a bottle, o- 6 bottles for 55.
Cr U1131
jDSR who would retain or restore these
1 desirable personal advantages, arc ass-tr
crj it no composition can b* obtained supe
t: the
T ihiui^Tnt an i piris^nt preparation
in 2very respect, and has,for many vears past,
given universal satisfaction wnerever it has
been used
The Antiseptic OerF-sJr-x exempt rom
Acid and other deltftcr;c'i?icj?c lionts, whic.i
oo frequently enter the composition of tooth
powders in common use, and : whitens ti»e
enamel of the teeth without doing it the least
injury, Th; regular use of this admired pow
tier, by purifying the mouth and preventing
the accumulation of tartar, operates ss the beat
preventive of the Tooth Ache- The Denfrince
Ti novijs discolorations, an I restoies the beau
tiful native whiteness of tne enamel. As its
application braces u%. 1 strengthens the Gums,
t secures to them their healthy and (lurid hue,
and, oy removing a!l oitensive foreign accu
mulations from the teeth, preserves the natu
1 sweetness of the breath. Pric' 50 cents
• • None gen line unless signed on the out.
de printed wrapperby the sole proprietor,
T Kidder, im nediate successor to the late Or.
W T. Conway. Fir sale, with all the other
** Conway Mediciu at his Counting Room,
No 99, next door to J Kid ier’s Drug Store,
orner'of Court and Har.over streets, near Con
cert Hall, Boston. THOMPSON KIDDKU
And, by his special appointment, by
* T VI. S rABLKK, Fairfax sireet, Alexandria
* / Large discount to those who buy to se!)
«*£ Con snm^tivn!
Aslhuii! *V tJitarrjs!
SV that long tram of diseases which seem io
^ gr.i .v wit-i the growth of civilized society,
Consumption ta'xes tne lead in its relentless
nroa L upon hum an life? yet this dreadful dis
order ia eusdy overcome in its earlier stages,
t is only when neglected that it arrives at the
terrific maturity which so uiten budles the sa
gacity of professional science. An obstinate
cou 'h is the customary forerunner of the pul
m iliary consumption Improper neglect in the
timely administration ad simple and salutary
‘ me iicmci, is sure to oe reproved by a dread
I J succession of consumptive symptoms - op
Dromon of the breast; greenish an i bloody
spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic fever; shri.
died extremities, and goner*! emaciation ol
the whole nod,? prostration of strength? flush
d cheexs? swollen feet and legs; an l at lust,
u the full possession of the mental faculties,
nl while hope still whispers her flattering
ale -cold ext.em.lies. an l a premature death.
For tne van >.i* s*. sgei u» tn a z ; upturn, oin*
t ie ui >si appi ov-d remedies ever y ti vua
covered is
. I,.** * •> zi a o r' ? m x i f ^ r»|T rpg
Thisexcee lin<ly p >.ver‘ i), an i vet equally
saf e and innocent prep %ralion,i)*s ejected tiio
fj igii ill rapid cures up a*i pa.icnvS suppose i
j ti ive bre » fir i Ivan ted i i i c>'Firmed Con
s i nption, an 1 who have exhibited the appear
a ic ^s ,v me11 i suah.* t >i aic.de a i it,411entimation
ol the disorder.
As tne Fills require tn ordinary cases no
onn le n-;nt, thev uiy oe a t nimatered with
onh leuoe a i i safety to ail ages an i classes ol
pee pic. U n e x * npi e .1 success n as m liter to at
leu le l their * l mmstraU o.o in a great variety
of esses; VI 11.12 pr ipr.ctor can reihr io a mui j
tit lie, w nc i testify to theiredi 3*cy in rev.v- !
:i * tne e nictated victim :r > n the 02 1 of dis
ease, an 1 resior: ig hi n to . 10 biessmgs of ac
u>ton;l fieaitu an J a ctivay
price 51 lor wtio.e boxes of >0 mils. and 50 |
cutst >c naif da oI l - p.i*-, «v»t*n directions, j
.A-lM-m Dora Plaotori
/ .\ioion Com toaster xoitenatne corn, 1
A. however old and tougn, an i extracts it to
ths very roots, l tic relict avoided is gentle,
remediate, »»d thorough
The proprietor begs »eave to submit the'fol
owm * case, iro n Mr. Stowed, who is well
|,| ,.va to tne inhabitants ot tins city, especial
y at the South End anl South ttnston, as s
ery inuv and respectable citizen;—
$IH- d » not hesitate to give n>y mostuu*
qiahhed approbation m tavor of your valuable
Albion Com piaster, tty the use of less than
"jox, 4r%. Stoweh r*s been cured ot a cum
on each Mot, whicn had been exceedingly
troubles') ne and painful tor years, ani l thin*
out juatice to your invaluable preparation
o add. i tor tne encouragement of those who,
Dwmg to repeated disappointments in the v.*
run* re ucdies resorted to, have finally des
paired of a cure.) that your Piaster cur>d her
corns, alter try ing otfier highly re com men led
eneliesto no purpose; and what increases
m y con tide ace in tue superiority of your dias
ter> is the tact, that it tus been used by seve
of nv neighbors wi .»equally good success.
'Signed) ^*tTb browsu.,
geeperof l oil house ^Sou'ii ttoston llrtdge
Mr. f. iimotr, Proprietor ot the ConwV
II* [tciu»». ti )ii)u dun*. 1/ hi, ?H29*
%m* E*ic*JOsdnU (
sOiiK AND iNFLAMKi) ts*YK3. (
ifc *t»l lions, the weakly, and others, w-.t
^ ar* troubled with soreoess or lailamma
onot that delicate organ, will be aoic to oo
in S pl**>*'r ' i i«IVAiO-*.bia 4P;i.ri
*'>n’ DUMFItlhS’ ;
Eye-Water! I
This well established wash for tne Eyes <s j
g;ves iminediatejelief, I
cvenin very t ated cas°s o soreness an
inli-i-n rw*uoft. Price J3 cents.
* m* N »ne genuine unless signed on the nut •
side nrin'ed wrapper by tKe sole proprietor,
T. K di ier, immedHie successor to the Utc
Dr. VV. T 0 >o viv. for sale, with all the otli
f er“Gon way Medicines,”at hisCmintingKoom,
No. 99, next doer to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
corner ot Go*;rt an 1 Hanover streets, near
Concert Hall, Boston
And *130, by his special appointment, by
jan JA Fairfax street, Alexandria
T,a-;»e discount to »hose who Suvtovffl air*
Xo li'ncumatse Isa valias;
SJKKSONS suffering under Rheumatic A •
A lection ar^ respectfully assured that they
can obtain of the proprietor and ins h^' lusb
**fe and admirable remedyfor Rheumatisrn
ihovever obstinate the disorder may be.aiu.
i m ail its different stages.
SPr. Jebb'H lAnimrsst!
will afford immediate relief to the pa" eni,
and has sometimes been attened with such
extraordinary suecessas io cure the most d.s
tressing Rheumatism in twenty-four hours,
j even when of years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is recom
mended with a confidence founded on the
experience of many years, not only as a curt
for that excruciattng disease, but as an excel
i lent application for Stiffness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains, Chilblains, &c.
(This article is considered so superior to
every thing else, and to possess such uncom
mon virtues, that it b oideredfrom all parts o!
the country.)
OTj* An Agent recently writes: “Please send
me a further supply of Jebb’s Liniment the
first opportunity — 1 shall probably sell a con*
iiderable quantity, as it is recommended oy
some ot our physicians very highly, although
contrary to their rules and regulations to givt
encouragement to such (or, patent) medi
ines.” Rut is a most decided proof of their
confidence in its invaluable properties
Another agent writes: “1 wish you to for
ward me some more of Jebb’s Luument, which
| haxrecomnaenediUelf very highly.” Puce 5'J
cents a bottle.
77ie Painful and Debilitating Complaint
Receives immediate relief, and in numerous
instances has been thoroughly cured, by the
admnistration of
approved compound also mitigates
jL and removes the symptoms which fre
quently accompany that disorder, and increast
the danger of the patient, viz: pains in loins,
headache, loss of appetite, indigestion, and
other marks of debility
A relieved patient writes from a distance:
“It is but justice to inform you, that 1 have
used your Dumfries’Remedy for the Files for
some timepr.st, and have found it eminently
The remedy is quite innocent, and mav be
administered to ali ages and both sexc s Fia n
and ample directions, w ith a description of the
complaint, accompany each package, which,
consists of two boxes, one containing an Oint
ment, and the other an Electuary.
1 Price i 1 for both articles,or 50 cents where
but one is wanted,
agonizing disorder is cured in its m s'
iL painful stages, by one of the most simple
as well as powerful remedies known in mu
lern practice The
* fiord instant relief, without indie* ing tin
slightest injury on the teeth They art- appli
ed ext<rnailv to the parts a fleet t d, v. it h ilit
greatest ease and expedition, and generally
operate as a soothing lenitive tothe suitering
p<4t'eut. Price SOcents h box.
~ :«-£$
Or most obstinate character, after Iihv ng
batfied the skill of the most eminent phy
sicians, and withstood the most highly recom
mended medical preparations,has been check*
ed, relieved, and cured, in a number of tnstan*
ce^in and about thiscity, by using,fur u short
tirti». Dr. Ue!.fk’s
in connexion, according to the dircctionsac
cumpanving the Specific It is also on-"* of tin
! Test medicines known for Sick Headache,
I Sickness at the Stomach, Nausea, and Fiaiu
. tenues.
Ff.ce of thcSpccifiqand Fills. 50 cents each
TT* 1 * I ■¥■ ;n TV' ■*? * <’"-' <1 *
,'.R V_. ,\jr „-*!...* v t-v A/ V/ 'oA u* ^ ^4.:* *■•» j. w x$ ®
TlllC complaints peculiar to the female puD
1. cf the community, have been long suc
cessful U treated by ihe administration of the
Aronntic lYds, originally prescribed and com
pounded by l)r Heife They cleanse the
blood from those disorders ot the female con
dilution,for which the pills are an eilectuai
specific; they restore a fret circula* ion, reform
the irregular operations ot the sanguiferous
s\ stein, and rectify the disordered habits. I lie
oroprietor’s confide nee in the superior excei
ience of this equally innocent and powerful
preparation, is fuunJed on the most decisive
testimony from many restored patients He
2an assurethis p ution of the public, that w hen
ire rep, il.xrly taken, according to the direc
uons, accompanying them, they revive an<]
establish the desired health} habits, and res
tore to the pallid countenance the nalorr.
glow of health and good spirits.
Married ladies will find thepills equally ose
ful, except in cases of pregnancy, w hen they
must not betaken; neither must they betaken
by persons of hectic or consumptive habits,
they may be used successfully b} eithei men
or women in ail Hypochondriac, Hysteric or
Vapourish disorders. In all cases ot this cie*
icripticn, the pills purify, invigorate, and ie*
vive the disordered system. Price ?>i 5\j
%• None genuine un’ess signed on theou*.
side printed wrapper b> the sole proprietor,
I*. Kidder, imnudiatesucccsscr to the late Dr
I'. Conw ay For sale, with ail the other 'Con
wav Medicines,” at l i» Counting Room, No.
99, next doer to J. Kidder’s Drug Store, cor
nerof Coui t and tlanover streets, near Concert
And also,b> his fecial appointment, by
*'U STAhLfcR,
15 rVifax street, Alexandria.
" .*1 %nge discounts to 'hose whoouy to seP
again. |
_ <
^XUF extensive .sa-r and established refill*
\ tation of DumfriesMtch n»nt»nest, encour
igesthe proprietors? recommend it with re
it wed confidence tc the public as a nv s ir.iin
-eiU as well as powerful application fortius
annoying disease. The must inveteratecases
have been cuhkd is oukuocr! by this esteem
ed Ointment. It contains no mercury, or oth
-r ucxiousingredient,and may be confidently
applied even to the youngest children, or to
pregnant females.— Price 37 5 cents. 1!
Nonegenuineunk-ss signed on heout ,
ride printed wrappr. bt vie proprietor
I T.”»ddrr ,i -v.: spree*1 < Ho the isie Dr.
,y. 1* (JoiwHv. For sale, with nil the other
“Conway Me licines,”at his Counting Boom.
No. V9, next door to .1 Kidder’s Drug Store,
cornpr of Court and Hanover streets. nearCon
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON KIDDF.U
And also, by his special appointment, bv
WM. STABLKK, Fairfax street, Alexandria
%• Large discounts ;o those who buy to sell
igain. __
FJIF&HLV l Ml*UIt Til D MtUtiS.
r UST received and or sale by the subscriber,
of who cm confidently recommend them, ns
hev werr selected w th rare under hi*, persona'
observation. Among th article*are the follow
ing, viz: —
*waim\s Vermifuge, (m hand the Panacea'
0o‘h procured direct horn Sw-om’s Laboratory
Pafent (ium Kins'ic, in sheets & id squares;
gum elastic injection b «gs Sc.
Seented white Soap, in bars; do. in P»un-*
squares; Low’s emollient vegetable sh»v»ng
cake, delightfully perfumed, t »r making strong
creamy lather without irritating the skm; caMiK
soap; Low’s olive oil, rhuiese rr»d-k, almond,
rose and Naples S »np; Naples *oap in ’ars, pre
nsred l>v N Smith Prentiss; toih t and shaving
soap, prepared by the so >s riber, calculated loi
chapped and tender skins.
Walkden’s black ink powd r. a superior ar
ticle, w-i'h the M,viutac*urer*« cniitionary re tifi
cHe on each package; transpa en', black »'»«
note waft.*s; Kvtus’s lead pencils; Brockman
and Laugdon’s pencils, lor artists; K'eves &
Son’s water colors, ooxes: white trusting; In
dia ink; white, ye low, pale and green oronze;
goldfoil; tin f il
French and tierman cologne water, imported
Palmer’s odoriferous compound or Amer-cai
sweet bag, tor periummg heaureaus,wardrobes,
kc ; ottar of roses; bears oil; splendid cut pun
Hair brushes, a variety of patterns, of excel
lent quality; dusting brushes; varnish do; mark -
••ig do; and large assm t.neut o' ver) tine t »otn
X - A _ C. ~ .
Mech s s magnetic razor 'trap and pave,
London; Inch r m itcnes, 1 »rge and sniad; thei •
irfmettrs, of various pattern*; oath or bri*to*
Orick, for clt*a i"g ko've*; shaving boxes; v*
gar cases; an ass* runent o' pocket nook*; s) •
rtnges, of various kinds; snuff box s Japanned
’ins, for signs; h ie and coarse *t onge
K»'ghsh chamo n-le dowers, fresh
Itest Ku*sian Isingla s
Genuine llaarlem-o;l, i oporttd from Holland
Alclmhol, ot best quality
A rid n I *t< d ginger < imps; pep per mint Nzeng •>
Must »rd, of excellent qudit), from London
Gtmrne Gowian 1** L"ti »n, imported, for re
moving evi rv kind of coats, ness, erup
tion and unpleasant appearance ot the
fit rmao lustre; Spanish blacK lead
liest Ca! ibria liquorice
Camphor; I) an’* rheumatic pills
Superior bleached Jit n a Ca gm.p r
Lea 1 narlev ; select d rhubarb root
Shak r’s herbs, i<c., of various k n ls
Genu nc Freeh sulphate of quinine
American do do of best manufacture
\\ ratrme, sti \ clihi'ie, sulphate and acetate
of morphine, and other vegetable pro
Musk !r.sh moss; nutmegs
Calcined charcoal, careiull) prepared fur me
dical use
Gum uranic, ve?v superior; long pepPrr
l»e>* 'I'uikey opium, cone-fully selected
Fi ike manna; white wax; sola, tor washing
Salad oil, of verv iiue quality
!<ed rose L aves, fiv-h.and oir? fully prepared
L ibariaque'.s < fd rule of smla
Ix’e'isot, obtained irom t!ie r» anufacturer
ILst KugJisfi and American c.dori el; on ham
an as-'Oitm* nt of olht r chcnic ds
P-itent corn rubbers; trusses a variety
»l..|\se fleams; adhes ve i faster, spread
Sn-.d.tc; canary and kma seed; hair powder
htd’go; chipped logwood
An additional supply of Lnndreth’s garden
On hand a general assortment of articles, u
'he Druggist** line, including a large numbet
*f La'« ut and Thumso nan Medicines,
jui 21 V\ M. S I AHLK1L
Leesburg Genuis of Liberty, AVaPcuiton lie
g'ster and VVinrlu sW Vnghuan.
S/ic lie aim's IjIhI rn Mmrnvtir JU-iurJics
!•( U CIIIMNKJ l' I 3 K A *• K S.
Of the class !l\ per:rophy including all the
f Ptis ot S ci ohll:’, v:z
7 fj'^ U! * 111< : V L v! I (; o i i-1» r p' • < > n, \ V’ h; f e S u e 1 -
iL 1 ii»it1)> fcpr 1‘i'ia, Scrofulous Sore Kyes.
Chronic 1) sense of the Liver, o! the ! le-mt, o;
the Sp'*<« n, of he Ki 11tics, of t!-e >poie, KingV
Kvi'; Lcucori'hcc i, Cn.oi o.vi-*, Menorrhagia, oi
Female complaints.
The.'i are hut d fferent modificat:ons of the
same disease, arisii g in in tiie s.t»i c cause, dis
tinguished ny the san e (.':: g o .es, an i cm ah <
SV the sumc remedies. I i;t ir common cans*
is an im pul r action of the LLctro-t* ovaiiic
forces in the system; they may ali lie detected
)\ prijsurc upon tiit si lesol ltie ver"ehi<e aui*
.r.-uids of tiie neck, which elicits ’he L eciro
tiilvanic S4 mptoins, and tliey may b* cur-dby
■ h se KieCro-Maguelic remedies 1 lie latte*,
tie accompanied t-y « compendious :n».dica
irea'i e; e.xpU iiing tii-* principles of the dis
covery upon which they are founded, ami s'a
tii.g he manner in which they are lobe appli
ed. In this work 1/.*. Sherwood demonstrate.
the fact that every p.t!t Ot tin* human body, to
gether \vi !. e very purde'e of animate and in
animate mut'er, is ei iier m a negative or posi
tive state t f ch'Cli:city ; ami t iiul every motion,
n ail matter, whether in .he largest masses oi
n the su a h st part ch*s, is piouticed by tlit
dtr.ct ng an I reped m; forces of tfusun versa
principle, i iie morbid action which pr-eluces
.isi use of the organs or limbs, he proves to .h
occasion* d by tiie undue pr-. pon it nmcr of on*
• of these forces m tin* system, and his :*< me dies
res’*.re liealth by sundumg tiiis-rregul-r acii-ni
io an equilibrium. 13v ih.s means, tiie v; ry
seeds of the disease are irnd'Cated and a per
uuincnt curt effected, even in cases w here ai.
hope of relef from ot her sources is abandoned
The L ectro-Magn.e ic I’ciTiedies are the only
pre parulions applicable to d*is pr* v.tiling class
of el sense, and they i tur d sappotntilie con
tidence rtptsed in them Ihe symptoms of
the class in' dis asesto which they arc applica
ble cai.be discovered, under the directions
contained in the work w Inch, icc dm panics the m,
w i hout t lie aid of a ph\ sicmn, an l they can b*
u ed with pitect safely and success without
dieting or inconvenience, or any further advice
than this w e;rk a fiords. Price 10 dollars; feu
saic by J- L SaYK5, D.'uggist,
dt c 25—7 v Kine *ireet, Ait x*ndr»a.
tiL\ i liUivDGlh,
Royal street, bttiDcmi iiidg and (*riuc69
A.'S on hand ana is constantly nian
utacturing Mahogany, Grecian,
Fancy and W indsor I hairs,xd the new
esl paitcrus and in the most approved
The public are invited; to call and ex
amine his present assortment, lieieelsj
assured that they will be luuid not to be j
inferior either in the durability oi their i
materials or the neatness oi their < xe !
ciuion, to those of any oil er manufnc* |
tuier in the District. Ue wdl execute
Sign Ornaniehtul l*ai;ding 4* (aiding. I
>11 nlitiieir various branches, on the most •
accommodating ter ms.
Old chairs will taken in part pay
ment (or new ones, or w»u repaneu j
md repainted at the shortest notice.
?l3r*Chairs purchased at this manufac
tory will be sent free of expense do any
wrt ofthe District,
nov -b—U
| S KKCO d M LN’DL!) as decidedly superior
1 to aov other kn nvn combination of Medi
cine, for Lough*, Lol ls, Influenza, Lonstimp
tion, Asthma, Spitting of lllool, Hoarsen *s
Difficulty of llreathing, HoopingLotigh, Pain*
and Weakness of the I’reast, an 1 ail diseases o'
the Pulmonary organs
This medicine is highly and justly recorn
mended, by numerous an 1 respectable indhi
duals, who have found rclieffrorr. ils u*e M<
ny who have been laboring un i r f rotracte 1
Lougiis and painsin the brea*l an ! h ivc been
supposed by themselves and the r ir ends v
advanced m consumption, have been h»p:u }
restored to perfect health by the u*e ot ' h
valuable K xpectorar.t
Persons i ii)'>ruig »n ler clro lie >: consurrp
tive coughs, will iin l great udvan! ige iron
carrying a small quantity of the in ban Kxpec*
tors lit with them, while attending to their v:.
rimis avocations, and lakoig a t *a*p >'>nl«* • >*.
c:asiona.ily. Their cough will he scarce!) It It
slid they wiii be enabled to expectorate wit!*
! the greatest facility, and the irritating mattri
will tin rvbv soon be removed and a perms
nent cure tiiVcted. Let the afflcted try it.
Prepared only b\ Dr D.,1 ay ne, ot vdem, N.
Jersey, and none is genuine without Ins writ
ten signature to the label on ttie outside o*
the bottle.
C r. I? T1 f 7 ' A1 T. s *
hereby c e r t > f > tbf whs cured of a violer.1
cough and pain in the bread by using D >c,o’
Ja\ lie’s Kxnectorant Medicine My wile nho
i was afflicted with a had c nig’: and pvti in the
i hrva.st, attended with so much dilliculty o!
hrea l.ing as to prevent her from getting air.
.deep f >ra number ot nightsin succession; btr
by taking two dose* of Lus m/d-ciue site wa*
enabled to sleep quietly thn ugli the night
aiil in a few (lays by continuing it* use s!n
avas perfecth restored.. Jacob 1:ii»*jb\va r.
Hwiic ockds (lridge,N l $<pl ‘J*l. I :>36.
j spring ny vife was conHned to n jr i*e *
i by distres ing c Migh in ! pain in her breast
j vinl -dde—IFr cough iunvcd her day v.i:<:
j night and lu r ditlicuity of breathi: g was s<
/real that site tfot very little sleep tor in n*
I dais an 1 irghts together—None ot the me-li
i e.incs slit* took appeared to be ot any -,erv;c<.
: *o her; when Dr .1 •> ne kindly sent her a hot
t‘e ot i ndiau F\pectorant wInch soon and com
pletely restored Iter to hcuii.li—Sue iitm’.v be
luvcsit the best medium ever discovered
\\ I l MAM
j Hancock Vdr* !ge. N J Nov.21, bod
From J. »! Smith, F q U'nok!>»\ F I
1 hereby certify that the sb-oc viit;a;»!»* ire
} i,cii:e hssb en useu in my fund) v. i h g'tu
I be nf*fi t in several instances. J H S>* • r*i
! Brooklyn, Dec. 18.>5.
From A D ^ H San Is, Druggists, No. IGt
Fulton street, New > * rk.
| l)r. 1) Jayne—Dear sii: Your Indian Kvpe'
1 torant is doing well here. S\ e h no hot ah >>;’
)t*e dozen left of the gross wm sent os. Y a
w ill please forward on a winter Mipply *c. sow
is convenient. It seems to give umi t rsd sa
i tidV.cti >n to all w'b .m wehav.- heard l:«*m vim
11 i\ e nt 11 — I lie season i* tnst np.• roac!■-‘.11y
; when sucli a in- l:C:ne wil . be r ueh nee ie
i .ml as it is v-'ei! support* A tv g >od c -ild cite
1 it w.ii sell very rap* lie The only object io.
I seems to he to the price; hut wr have not ha.
ir.e cti-'orr»*i who obj ret e i to take i’ on tnr.*
iccocuut* as no one dounl> .t.*- virtues ^ or>
rc'pectftt'h , ' ours. 4 D.& il. Samis.
Nuv. 7, 18. 6
From the He v C C P. Cr»sbv, ia’c ag- n* ol
the vmer'C'.n B .plot.
To l)r D Jav iic Dear sir: 1 have tn ide «is»
f tlie* inlian F s pectirant p. r.vjMwuy <iiid i;
;n\ f imiK for t he lu>t s** years 'ill, great t*en
efit. indeed I uii*. oous* ler my life prolong
j ed h\ the iiM1 ot Hus v «hi th!e medicine, ii:u!ci
i tut blessing «»f ti.nl, for several \ e i s I may
I vi\ almost is much in the cr-e ot :ii. wife a no
rcm) ofihe Ur v. VIr Fins-m of t'lev' »n l of J t
maica. Koi ail c »sts of cough, inihun n itio.
of the rhed, longs aud throat, 1 do most u-..:e
-jitaiingiv recommend thi.s.isthe Inst Mieihciin
I li;r»e i-vor tri*-,1. My earnest wish is Fite o
tin rsaftPcted as I lunr bum, in iv experience
| ihe same relief, wh'Cti I am peisuand they
wil! by Using t lie In .ban F\pecto;\mt
C F I*. Ihl'-SMY
■ N B Main or r*n neighbors, - n my rcr.om
meodation, have trod this me..ic»n;- w oii uni
| :or:i. success. N Yj:k, J*.ue 15. 18*5
i prom the Hev Jonathan Doing D D. F litoi
i .
of t be a i s i icioi !* • ,U id.
I have u-cd the-*o«»ve nv.*d.cme witli sue
I c*. *»s tor a cough ami ho.trs* n- ss
N. York, Dec l8o5, J«»>Arr(\> (» uno
Doc! I) J ivn<* Dear sir: l w"ist«»r a ' »uc
! time iitllict eil \v th h violent c »'gh arid di.iieui
ry (f l>r*-a* hi Tig, atten le 1 wo ii weakness and
; pain in nn breast, but have net n re.itore<i t<
: perfect nen’th ov usi *g one buttle oi vour Sn
, Ii-*n F.xpor.torant n.tve been mi jeel to a
Cough and pan* in mv b;e<isi for near twenty
years, am! have fonr.d far greater hen- fit tro i
l liis rn< tlicine Ilian fro.n any o',nr. Iri-iTton
j re-p«. ctfudv. yours, Stsvs Iui-.lahu.
j (ianton. Nov 21, !8od
S' .nv iri*»re cerl.fic'tes iiihrht he added hu
l he at* Ac a i e cotvideicu! -lUidii.nnt
^dem, N J. April, 18 J6 D J \Y\F
I-or sale i;y agents throoghou’ the Uniter
I states, w" ere ahvi may r>v to l .1 u uck »b«n;n
i 11;v* I' tl.s.im, for linwt l Foniplaint-; Jims’
Fori’C \ eflintaee, for M’*ii ;nsi Fever and Ago*
Uy ,-pepsia. Sour S omacli, ^c.
Agenttor Alexandra.
I 1st *1* * 2S--1 e WM S r \ «u KIJ
| »5 M l 1 l i' *5 1/ id K JS l A .\ 1 i . V 1 i v i v la i. O
l* rr-cmi ncn t for ( Yt. min it and Preset r*
| 2//i.r H'/e Hair.
Is unrivalled m its excellence f r promo* inj.
the re growth and btatiM of th< I air. an ! fo;
• he immediate removal a* dandruff or scurf
W hen, from dis«:a.-e or neglect, H e hair be
; comes hard, lursn, and diy, and beginsto fai
oft,t!:e liestorative adval.cts tt> growth, nn
proves its appearance, adds to is elasticity
; and bestows Ic it a tiaiiscemlenl gio-s
lio a article is intended to si: pe»-cde all)
iher prepuiMtic! s ici ti e hair; and t!io.*e win
u?»e it wi.S timi m it a luxuriant appendage t;
emheiish, and (or many r a:>ons much pic.'Yr
able (paiticu'arl) in li.e nut>t rv ) to a • tiling
:if tiu tiind herd dole off*, red to the public.
Ce'lHlccieof the Hon H J Hfiiei/s. of Hit
[JoUSe oj Jlepi'estnt itlL’es.
have ma le an experiment of the “ r’ersiai
Hair decorative,” wuii guat btr.tfit. I be
j iie'C it may tie safely u-ed, and to great ad
vantage, o> every one- It has greatly di.T.ir
ished the dan iruff, and very much impur-er
the texture ol ni) hair, from lire occaxi n.a
use r tins preparation tor eight or ten day s
f. J . Sill ELI’S,
Dec 16th, 1*:*.6
\y c coneui in the vbove recommend ttion <.
ihcilf.c.aer of tile ‘Persian IIail deslora'»ve,
removing the dandruff from the head, an
of tt-e nt «cr beiivticiai effects resulting lr r
its applica ion to the hair
N. Sickles,
W i aylou, \| !)
Of the House of Uepre»eiitative*
For sale, wholesale or rc'ail, by the prep,
re r, J W. SVI1SH, \\ aslmigton, li. (.1.
For sa'c by >' m. Stabler, <:. Farqulmr, A
exMuiria; J b.Hallan, ih»\!e, 1. Catkins
p\ Howard, \Yu»!,tngtcii; (i M. Sothnrn
Geoi getow n*
Price 75 cents per brittle lnxr 17 - 1 v
fxecultd with i,catmss at this Office. !
; rcmv cow.zi str*tp, |
I 'J'ltf rrjiulftlnn of trlii--1! h r; nvir > > ,) ,\j t thil/ishu, 03 thf |
Trm'X soft: a***l rffiririotix i'n?i"!r: < r> r n' yrnrrrrfl Jar
ZA,Viil DX( . , 1 . , ASTHMA,
WTOOPWM rt>* 051. v;j>5T’{ ?.\« or
£*.,0«>D, A>»> VUi AS-’MXTJONS
€it' 77?::
SY.'- *
- / ... - i -^~5&wV>
I>ANir.L GUl*OAiv:>, No. 8 Gold 8t .
NK\'. -Y ■'.< K.
I„ nrcFcnti i-r*5ii» i ' ■ the public, the Pro
prietor is authorize.! by i Pi-ysi. i.*m In whom the K ripe
vi.ts confji!* i.'iiiliv obt.iii * i. t" >f'.te. that !;'• has usen it
him* If. I in his extensive practice in I try afire
(j. *ii V'llh a kr * tii < £. i ::<* :..l }*J»V (%<»
ve/.'tab - subsfumvs. of which l! is entirely composed.
are pnuili.iriy aunnici. i > m*'... rs i i the i.vines. Liver, rut.I
This medicine ha '• • n u . "cry oxten ivcly. a ll •
• ,«vp i» tor lias not K> • w n i in:'’ * i k*i’i "e m wb;eh it Ins
!..ii-’ii in ;rivtnir reJi • t in • .i v i st-s. — w lie U it is nvopimend
id; cvi ii in cases ^pproac’ninc t*> consumption. r»K« ■ m- <t
with 1 at the Li thet s
had f;,il '. il e nt •: ih ci led id IS tteri • j success has
attended its usp. ('■ ,rnu. -it c- ' v«!•;- ?i arc, v iieraiiy the
•• • • ; . will yield to • r»ce
few hours; wh n is • d ia asthma. hnar?cne s, wheez
in", and shoiMies. of hieath.. it iiives i.i.i.u dime ri hoi. pro
enriiic tramp il i•-t sii>• 1 sleep. In who. pinff Couch it H
without ii rival. It operates with in nth*expectorati in, and
ui:sv he trivess t«* infants with ji cl. snt-ty
'i l„ ; ■ • tantly rcc iving
iitnuei'ou le-tini •ni.'.ls ol the value i.od H c.?ey «d t*>i:J
rented v. some rt; fir ate* of w birh tin. y be so n mi the bill
of directions s:.-.-* t> • ivin^eacii* i f. Any person using
it will bo sure l" !■«’•*<»;iiiit< mi tt o.
The above article i< <ul.; whole.- • It* in
y,tr Yoik, by the Propri to ... ! all the druertets.
]> .stun I v He.i'b.v.v ic W -r*l. M.ifuard Ic
;• i r, i v S;*’vens ki'ushir.e.
Philmlfhthni, l.vl - te 'ih. mn.-oM, .1. Ji .1 W Smith,
( C’ai i oiiti r. a id A. K'ulenon. jr
JiciHhtiore, by R. Ii. < ob-unui .N Co.. \\ bitaker it
i.artol. ami < r. ^ N. in. ir.
(* i ll r’V },o ti ^ f'*> 10, b V (i • i - *’ ■* .V I . .. !' " 11 *. ii l . - i: > n, ^ Oo.
/’ itsi't-i _•». I’/■ it.. by Ja.ne Si !v- musul.el i». Co.
S'ir ih'l•uni. by Nathan I.-rvis.
jllfui»>t ,V bv San !s & Si.uw.
M at mil, (J , b* Oco. i.* ut.
; Halifax X S., by II. C Pi h d am
! St. Johns X. P, , U*. O. Smith.
And sold wh d *.<nie 1 y tl. • dcu'jristl and arvA*"AT'-K
1 generally throughout the L mien S..ttes
I i ii v_* h 'OVC iii i\ ii**'-* ~,M,; * tit* ol
t'OGtC it I.i ib n I) L* !b A i ibiv,
,an S-ly Aje.ii-l‘»r A «‘X in«ii \
i. * 1 \ \ rS < > e A ■, i. \ A .\ l > i v i i \,
'! * 11 K w m r ot 1 !u* to ! n\ i o' -».v fis. • >• nt
k. i) Ik v s m K:; a* niu.Tii.s ; or MhiMCiX)
),| • } I-* J) !’ 11: CI p | »* ot CO : Ml II S' IS|*
PIlK.IUdJCF.! FA I’ .1. PUF.!U1>I0K!
) !| ; v many li ot i|»om It* ul to the Cold and si
I lent t- itV• ? w e i, hi.ilium been wiilnoit * liy
| i moo like mil lence, nn(;fit now have ’•!• s-e<:
I • i: ir ii it n ’s > i*! 1» n I es widi ilieir »K ii jii l •
j n d Mil i sp,r« i i> '• •- mu !
Knelt hot l<i t e ii •!. • l bow r*v:iarV.« and
advice with »ut allow.m; • ie on id lo be o m'Uir
ed |) v an \ nt is's of p< e j l-!ice, of ids,* pine* j) t s,
oid die rc-iiit slit i u-* so i.e bn >wie ipe oe
• bt r il veil a no int t ) c . ivie i > i s • t*r' a.'i!\
note 'bun I cui It h ii il should, bippy will
>e the CJi.V nrr-.i!
Id IT. !5 v* M ION;
jV. \ I il H SiM.N i l .fK\r.
We know li.e oc; an r n» ons p or, v\ li 1-* the
Winds an I tub s r oitinuc to vXiit 1 he i m v n N*
i tunui e, and it is die nr* prmepie di.it nn
uar - puilv to Sj ruses ami I .krs.
L« t diis pi mcipie c a»e to ict, let SI v C • N* V
j {C.’ be tiit-re, uni v. ii .1 is llit c •iis**(»u ■*'•> t —
i\v< nli.e :i.•;;ill* d t in pro■ rattled •• >h*.is, lit'
o iii kn ivvn to Pi ii FV! Kwry o n* mow
Ii. t id us c niitec'e l i n bikes a d springs ot
a.i'.i r —vhirii r.i Coiat on c.* s > lit* \ hecoon
,i p;noO. PU IdiKF iC FtDV, wb ivv-ritex
sis, in in> wev er s ii.h1 t| lant i it* , d i! cu nes ;n
conla- t wi li .\M »*AK L FK oij :ics, olleode
s' my s,
\ p r o * • r sj • ah v
X • • 1M..I .ill.*,
Whether ve i e I- t*ro\, or :;.e•» or !)us:.**s-;
a iic lilt r \ c be cl* ; *s, s nd i ts or mec.i . n *n
.v11 Uu*r vc be o. la t n iortuh.ite c as w t»^
e on ihe.r bica l by loe needle, l > .i!i -* ni ea b,
s ve ear.
lie n r deprive lift xerrme is to the human
indy as die dipiv t'O'i o| winks a id tides it
• lie ore oi: il brings hi nt a
S i a(.\ v i ! >N uF I UK in.noi).
rblls n l a_.s .Is p I tv ; lis C I J tl itsoil IS in ped- j
td; ti.e
! i 1 K i>') KLS i>K ,0 'i.a CO » i I \ K;
tnd :i not an hum dnue aii-tcn «*i so ne ui • •£ j
unii fevtr, !i •;* .* n* , hois !o s of ;»ppe ii. , |
Old tlp.M.cIal hvb. I } wi L.H. U.k It I.a <u, .i:iv.lv i
to ! >’ 1. »■/
I tvipiiiis tlie 'emp sf n t!se ionic. » <e |
br-nj at) ;i1 a si tie <n p l* ') i th ,* oc a i wo- i> j
its \v.»tc! s h.»ve heroin** si (j/.’i in , and 0 wi 1 r *• j
i an re repeate».l ev.tCMa'.;ons i* im now C > i M\ j
lie bio vl c.t'i oc ret t v. I »* Us e co nnl.t rd i.)i |
l lUi nies, ami n tt u e leh Ir e •'» ivs oiv i Vt : y in j
4;.in to it> -pei bedlny .\C i l ;N An I t ven 1
wiit'ii Mis ;s vi*mi • .1 is ::.i; issinie t. r ti« '«e t«»
enjoy iital.l) Yt .*0 i *%e ii'ie iahics‘, u hes
iltvy lice (Sion iiiy I. u:: >0.11 * pur, t’lve ol silk,
eiciii j) w r In p tivntiv v. c 1 *se die »I• > t n .vr 1
i.inal ol any uio; .mi r mt.tei* winch ni-v !>* 1
Jure I > C'd, all 1 ye III »* Co i vl vio no i .\ j U il V
I oihci* «oiy cir • •.* 1 -j v n s
r„e ( lor.vCUr ot Di*. h'.i vXD.iKi il*- WIU
l i - so *W 11 «*no .. I) ' l.:u die j» sC IV c! I «- J i It* to
>e uiii.ilcu! to- Ti.cir -.t^C* *0 a.! a,p i o n
die c'.i Id ot an boor • ! i t > die n an 1 1 ■> >e ioi-i 1
nett y e O' , 'lieu' 111 id t-s .1 11 ; c •.) * >• iic
e» t .mlY td v ii cl n c ttc* .4 bit .e dou* ei »■ n,
Hakes'll* Hi i• e :: 1 > si .v‘-n 1 > e ;<> • 1.C> • e k 11 **’ n
i t >, 11 » at:• 11 1 »u is 1 v*tj o.* »i in lbe 11 in
hr*\ nit* I a r. e1 1 *.Y ! i II, or IS I Y. .1.»v *l:a* nil 1' l; C •
lias nolb1 o^- t 1 il • vY: n li; 11 Coni n »s p.is - j
lively CKt>b t cl 0.1 K.< tm iy Uio oUie a*u i
fixed• • p r.soi.s v\ ,« . t. li .ve j;»n w t. :
.ve, w hoe out sw.tdo.ved t . • . . l > . c
• t. .it ti.e . j. Cil» C-. Cii..‘.fj v/i , l;a ..Uy .Ur P»i |
1. a \ < .
l’i tests, Lawyers mid i\n i.r* in«, Jiecnrun I
Illd *3 «4 V t r , «. i it > . C*, * O J • l » t i itli l lljlll, rt*
ColMGt. ll(l llilin ill lelillj ii» ;itC .io/al ui q G»l: |
lied f r;vM; i
;j One thir-g n c ‘nclttsinn, n ter pu«tVjv»* ,
tXCcJd;* lilt* idijce «»l Lit li•{/ N .. it K 1 I i, oi J
he a^e.-ls Aim -ue .inpnnUd ;*.nd UvLcf ised
>v hi:, A 111)V L ALL, Nr.Vt.d (A) i'< A j
DULL S ; D. L hel Inal dav»». hi ) om me 1
Uioramiun. uome. *,
I lie Hidjwi-.tf are the r»-^«LrJy appointed'
A ( j K A 1 S ill l he 11 * at I **'U <; i v /' . V, • it 1 -4 • l iiCTC
tore it veil v\a:.v the laL.Si I v h li.JA.V
U li K ills 1 iLls p irchtse «;M.V ut'iiiciu ;
1 hi i r, 1) i i.kaci.etq lY:m. Aiciiae, j
;*, e». n , dui i .
.!i 1,(’* 1 * >.'v9 15'j0i?e* lf j (1. er^e*i m n,
1; .unci ( ! Do! :». ;u.
hi z.i Kt. iii.odtiV, S‘.::lio .er, Alex.tt.d; i i, i
DiatrAt ui lo.i.k Ina.
Dr. Hr.oidiesiY O he-*, 72 Sinto^a s'-eet, j
.ct'xeefi ll »'Wsida:;d Ivit-.wsi*., hahinort, ;
w here »he* Lent;. -e Menueincs cmi at fell ;;r .• * I
ne obtained. It It l» »LK*\, D. n’h A/« i»i
itii Mai \ land, V.i'j’ii.ia, and i *e D.Lrit i i.i Do
h.mbii*. upriiiH—t)
O. G. I’ilK i i i M.',.\
Y A s’ Oil! UtMi l ’(); CI)«'S. ii i i s 1 i1 * S i 1!>. '
ii u &c. <*!. ol v.!:.cii in.* oilers loi *a.r j
OH its uccoinCi'H.it!!!!!' ill rii" its I n V Call i
!» (* 11 i I i C ;. i» S v. v I t * it* V* «i e’ 1t *. » < * > s1v J i s v * 11 >
in.u to puiciMM l aiiia^is, me rn ;”*cf
l it I y ivr jueslrii L* ii Ve* him u esiii, as in
w iii i niit> !»;s ftpini in w oi Lsjr.m.'iii;*, umi
ns cheap ns tin y cu/i procured «•!»*'
wl.Lit*. Also tv..until Li dotu* in Die* bes'
innimer, and »t ti.e -hoi U - ’> ..'due
jy 4_ _j
'» I. - : LA.NU SALT.
3 N itti'i |.«r by
I'll.I.ylm-, li.rp hot n km»n,sri!
i ap» r< ci*i'<*d lor ’heir . x::^. v’ >t
rnmedi le pow( |> of rc >tt»ri: y p, rv, t .j.V
to p.er.'O*;* r ir £ under nr ar’y n>r\ ; • (lJ
lisease to w! id the h« trait {Van t \s\. ,i,ic °
| W! I Ti taken KCiMnbi £ to ('jr, r s ?( «
(compainii.g tiwmth > : rt h ghlv be« tn ,!:t,
Ithepreven ion and cure of Hdion\ yt Vtrs
; vt r an'! Aon', l> <j cf.ia I »,-r . nap',,.,,''
<\rk Ilea lard e, .1 iu» ihce, A-*! u i., , ’
j KheurrVrsm hr-1 r^< ir.« nt« i !» s.i, ,, p
j Ml.olic, I’err.de Obstruct < ns, I!< ur* it, u\ \ r|
i red Tongue. N.nts, a, M cmd n • *|.t Meir.-(!i*
| !) K»t. It i,
| ! (a hr trial Mo't'v. m ss !.<**■ e{ \ } ’ 11*« j; *(
|e.l or Sallow (V.np\\u.v, and JM all rkM„*
j Torpor of the H IV. I Is, r I t re a c;.'|«.tric i r >n
j *pt r ent ’ ru e led 1 In» are r\.-u. j, },|v
i i.iitl m 11 .pcporuo, prod cin « nci ;• .r. ‘
tea. griping ;.or tv. U*
P : 1 - no Hide i tire k’tul lias , i< • 1
] ^‘-led to tire ] i Id r s-'jpnried »>«. t, sl n ,.,|s
j if a • li'T.'C’t r so d» clsive, tr< hi ( .r,, ,i% fi
i ’;'•••( {a .I» , 01 i i at i £: vcl: ll.or c U::i\ t i«.j| ,. #
, -idacM :j
Pliev I avetltc testl-riiry of t*-e u he.’e im
j :l! prof- svot* « U cir favor, w! i’e » « t H %u,y J
‘use of il cons. (| ler.ci s or m, pb; eil( N Ca|l (
ill* £• d :l£ I list tl;t‘in.
11 ir.drcd.s » •’ tii ’U«ands P’e ss i! q da* rl t y
’O' an e acipi.nuM d with IVtir-A Vegetable
Mis \: ? i • c. I *, in COMS'-.jii. nee of ,.Vr.4( rt!i.
•ary £<»odne*s, I aw attain, d a p» pu'-iriti un.
• fjr« f t<li litid i■ • the l.istt r\ of n ednine.
' The very circumstance:.! :*e that plivsirians
j iltUT) pit' "I the ITui- n (init ciiire esprciallv
l’.u the S nil her il States, \vh» r#* tin i line Ion *
; > rn in o^e) are r.i k'»i£ free u e tliem m
j !i ir ice, 'pi «ks \ oeariit s m tii: ir prai'i,
; ‘ dd i ; ties lie ! id that .•!! w m 11s«- tinsreialy
I ecoiruTu . '! the;ii to theil fuerids. md tlie t -
liT.oin in Cieii f ivor t> .il n.i'i irre'iN'i >(*•.
■ ni a ett i hi hons remed», u t; l to prevent cost ire.
j iessi!ie\ li ne II I rival (hie Pd v cent bi>\ vii |
1 *st,hi'h their churacter, mil pr vc that there
: s tnifh even in n a !ve:t\se«r.i lit
'I re t! ..u two mdiit ns of ‘>,>Vrs nf t|,(^
elehrPi t! !*:»*>. h ive he. n so d in the t’liitcd
'’ .*e» * :iee .1 ,*.u:tr\, 1H i >.
Mr. Me!•• rs has rrc- ;v <1 onwards «•( fiftcen
'll" rn! -i*: .di *u'cs, all £ ien in coils, inume
f ‘!»'’ £ on l , ’« in* i»\ Id s VI ed cif» s.
j Mr •;*..!•» d ;>. >os I’m -»l\ IS 1> \| !)«(!.,»
nstituli n; >r, the cure ol no «i ati «ii.ei*»*l.y
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ap J J. T. O. UiLCAl!.

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