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An election of Chief Engineer ot the Fire
rWtment of this city comes on to-mght.
whose name and associations first
Soke down the Tammany party in the city,
J'rrvin® with him two Wing members ol Con
gress and six Assemblymen, was the chu t ot
fhhf department. The Tammanv Common
rnnncil in 1836 turned him out because he
would not comer! that department into a po
inir 1 engine, and. the firemen took bun up tor
Blister,'then the richest olhee m the city, and
elected him bv 6,000 majority-over his Tam
nv opponent. . The Tammany Common
rouncil again, not profiting by the Gulick !es
«on have tampered with this department.—
; as\ jfiglit. or rather this morning, about 2
o'clock, they created 21 new fire companies,
secretly got up and organized, so as to add H
votes to their party among the foremen and
issistant foremen of the body electoral, and
this: at an expense to the citv, it was charged
in debate, of $100,000. The movement al
reiid v creates a great deal of agitation, and it
udoubtful whether Tammanv will etlect its
obit'ct, such is the rage of the old firemen on
account of this new batch ol just-born peers.
.V. Ik Corr. of A 'at. hit.
The committee or the Richmond, Freder
icksburg amt Potomac Company, to whom the
suh'cct was referred, have recommended to
the company not to act finally at this time
iipou the question of accepting or rejecting the
kite act, authorizing an extension of the road
to the Potomac. They think the subject ought
to he left open, under a hope that the Assembly
will, at its next session, modify the objectiona
ble features of the act. In the meantime, they
recommend preliminary measures to he ta
ken, to obtain a relinquishment of damages
h , the rout .yan I to c ntse piers for a bridge to
he erected across toe ltappoliannock.—Rich.
IVhi;. ■_■__ .
Exchange Bank of Virginia.—The Gene
ral Meeting of the Stockholders of the Fx
r'rnige Bank of.Virginia, which convened oil
Monday, adopted a resolution declaring it to
b-' inexpedient for t lie Ba nk to accept the act
of the Legislature, passe .(-April till, 1SW, au
thorising an increase of * ’oo,niH» to the capital
stock of the Bank, an 1tY' establishment of a
branch at Falmouth; with a capital to that
amount, to hesuhtcribed hv individuals.
Connected u ith tliis special provision ofthe
act was the general one* which calls lor a clas
sitic ition of tli«* otlerings for discounts, which
is also ine lilted in the resolution of non-ac
ceptance, so far as the Exchange Bank is con
cerned. The resolution was adopted bv the
unanimous assent of the individual stockhol
ders, the State proxy only voting in the nega
* The meeting assented to tlie amendment of
the charter, of the isth March, ISXit, changing
the annual election of Directors from the 1st
Tuesday in January to the 1st Wednesday in
Mav.— Xor oik' llefttld._
Tie* man that is to m ue out tustice and
right, to minister at the altar, and to exert a
commanding influence over the minds oi this
great people—where is he now! Perhaps
trundling a hoop — perhaps riding a plough
horse—perhaps in a public school—jossihiv
ilia Sunday school. But wherever he is, and
whatever he does, what can he more impor
tant than that he should be taught to love truth,
and to do justice, to be temperate, to be obe
dient to those that have the rule over him—in
a word, to he familiar with the principles of
eternal truth and justice whichi the Bible alone
reveals, and which are the foundation and
sanction of all governments, human anil di
vine, personal and social*1 And this is the ve
ry oh vet at which we aim—and unless all
analogy, and ali experience, and all pliioso
phy are at fault whentheir axioms are appli
ed to the discipline ol’ui little child, it. is an ex
ulted and unattainable end. —liep. of.lm. S. S.
l/iton. - __
The Great Western is already full ofpassen
gers, or vcrv nearly so, for her return voyage.
The Liverpool, packet shipGohunbus, which
sailed Saturday, was fnM.nnd compelled to re
fuse a number; and much the same was the
case with the London packet Mediator.—.Yew
York i lmerieau. ~ •_
Mr. Boyd’s kinds are to he sold at auction
by the Government. We hope, however, toat
he will not sutler by the operation.—-.Vissis
sijm Pay er. ,
Boyd stole nearly a hundred thousand dol
lars from the.people, and his locofoco Iri an's
hope that he will not sutler bv the sale ol die
lands, which be has purchased with the siou-n
inonev. Their feeling lor him is like that, ol
the old inti id for h**r lap dog that had bitten a
huge piece out ot a gentlemans leg. j ooi
little dear creature! ’ exclaimed sue—M bop*
it will not make him sick.”—LouiseiIle lournaI.
The Silk mocking Gentry.— V good an
ecdote is told ot the canvass in the No' jolk
District. It occurred at St. Urvde's, in Nor
folk county. Mr. I (ollemann descantingon the
silk stocking Aristocracy, IT. Mallorv seized
hint by the leg and lilting his foot up to the
popular view. showed hat Mr. Hollemann
himself bad on silk stockings! it was done in
humor, and produced, a roar ol laughter.
Richmond W hi.% _
Mn. CalhoiuN.—The Pendleton Messenger,
a paper published near Mr. Calhoun’s resi
dence, and supposed by many to indicate ins
views, says:
“In tin contest tor the Presidency, the Mes
senger will not enter the list, except so far as
t»approve or disapprove the acts ol the con
tending patties, as they may accord or •dra
with the cardinal doctrines oi its faith.
Not approving the mode in winch the incum
WAt received his nomination, we see no rea
son why a similar convention, such as is pro
posed, to nominate a candidate to oppose nim,
should receive our sanction. The opinions .ot
those who ditler with us will be treated with
lVspecr, and we w ill endeavor in all cases to
maintain the dignity as well as independence
<&lUie press.” _
.Temperance in the use of meats, appears to
oe producing its effect. I here is no better
remedy for high prices in anything that enters
min the consumption ot the citizens, than a
mAre restricted use of the article. It. as in
Recast* of Beef, the disease of high prices is
vio!»*nt, the restriction, to be adequate in its
^medial action, should for a time approach
tAt;d abstirtente. The thrice Hnrrrcnt ot this.
^Orning states that a lot of 37 (lead good Beet
* tdtle, were purchased by the Butchers on
lhnrsdav. *23 ot which at 10, and the remain
der at sa 50 per H>o lbs. There is a small
idling off, also, in the price of live Hogs; we
Wire the price at pit sent $0 a 3-1 per 100
!:>s lor go > I (ju ililies. — Bait. Bat.
Branding.—The Army and Navy Chronicle,
^ noticing the account ol the recent 'branding
whipping'*oft wosoldiers at I)etroit,siates
tiie branding, as it is termed, does r.ot
l^ean searing with a hot iron, but signifies
Hie rely the marking ot the letter If with India
ndg on some concealed part of the person so
recruiting ollicers may not be ini[M>sed on
-^tvaher. The inflic tion of corpora I punish
|flf*nt bv stripes or lash‘*s, is allowed by tin*
dh section of the act ot IS Tf March *2, on any
enlisted soldier who shall h * c uivicted ot the
<;tnie of desertion*. Tins section should be
^P-aled. 'There can be nothing more abhor
r|hit to the feelings, more calculated to break
htp spirit^ than the infliction ol tuis description
f at Cattle.—In conversation yesterday
Viiti a gentleman who resides in one of the
*?>t grazing counties of W estern Pennsvlva
|u,b a do.sft observer, he informed us that ow
the draught of last season, and the con
.scarcity of corn and potatoes, very tew
^'hjlc bad been fatted during the last winter
Ud spring in his section of the country, that
u*ICffs> high as they mv, would not warrant it.
is opinion js, however, that tin re is no scar
.1 > ni k an cattle, and that should the present
e‘ison be favourable to the growth ot* grass
*j "r«un, there will be no scarcity offal cat
e next reason.— FittsbuijMvocate*
Ancient Coin.—A NewTIaven paper states
that an ancient Hebrew coin, dated in the
eleventh century, was lately found in a field
near that place. As every thing connected
j with antiquity found in the new world is a sub
ject of great curiosity, as tending to unite the
chain of evidence that this is an old inhabited
country, we were anxious to obtain particulars
‘relative to this coin—but, as yet, without any
success. Many coins and medals have been.
I struck with Hebrew inscriptions centuries af
• ter the Christian religion was established; but
J they did not originate with tlie Jews, it is,
! indeed, v ery doubtful whether in the most
! prosperous period ot Jewish history, coining
! was carried on to any extent Before the
Hood, and long after it, a system of tratiic pre
: vailed; and although Abraham was very rich
in silver and gold, and money was frequently
spoken of in those times, vet it is apparent, that
silver and gold went by weight, and not‘by
coin. In later times, the shekel was coined,
about the value of forty cents, and was called
shekel or shakal, to weigh; and this circulation
of gold and silver continued by weight until
David’s time. 'There was a tradition—but en
tirely unsupported by Tacts—thatmionev was
coined bvr Abraham, Joshua, David and Mor
| decai. Shekels and halt’ shekels were the on
ly coins struck durimr the existence of the He
brew government. 'The Hebrew talent was
three thousand shekels, and sixty made a mi
na. The shekel of the sanctuary, so called,in
consequ nice of the standard being kept in the
temple, had on one side an insence cup, or, as
I some think, a cup of manna, and on the re
i verse, Aaron's rod building with an inscription
in Hebrew, or Samaritan characters, round
; the coin, “Jerusalem the Holy.” I have one i
of these coins in my possession. In later times
I in Judea, Greek and Roman coin circulated
freely. 'There is no reason, therefore, for be- ;
lieving that any Hebrew coin was struck bear
ing-the date of 1100, as said to be, in the one j
found recently.in New’ Haven—although lie- j
| brew characters may have been used on that.
I coin. 1 remember some years ago to have
I seen in this country a coin or medal, having;
I on one side a beautiful executed head ot the I
| founder of the Christian religion, bearing the
inscription in Hebrew characters ol “Jesus
I our King has come in peace.” 1 have seen it
I referred to in a pamphlet on coins published
fin this c vnntrv, and it must have been struck
somewhere about the 6th century. "Those j
who explore the antiquities of Central A in or- ;
iea and Mexico, should be particular in look
ing for coins—they are strongevidences in tra
cing the origin ot* places.—Evening Xlur.
Cn the tth instant, by the Rev. Mr. Sheer,
Mr. Wm. Nau.oh, ot* Washington, to .Miss
Cecilia Jane Fdeljx, 1 1 iscataway.
CO*A Sale of useful and fancy articles will j
| he held at the residence of Mr. Daniel F.
I Dvlany, in Fairfax County, (Va.,) on 'Thurs
day, the 13th of* June. The proceeds oi the
sale will be devoted to pay the expenses in- ;
jcurred, by repairing Fall’s Church.
This old Church, built previous to the revo
lution, has been restored from a ruinous to a
* *
neat and comfortable condition, by the exer
tions of a few persons in the neighborhood.—
They are unable to discharge the whole debt j
incurred, without, appealing to the kindness
and liberality of the* community. An oppor
S tunit-v will thus be afforded to anv who may
" . 1
1 wish to spend a day in the country, retired
from the heat and business of a city, and, at
the same time, do good, to combine benevo
lence with pleasure. Mr. Dulaxy’s residt-nce
is easy of access, being about seven miles
from Washington,and Alexandrian little w itii
drawn Horn the Leesburg Turnpike. je 7
Arrived, June 0.
Schr Visitor,-, Boyd’s Hole; corn to
S. Shinn < <>.
Schr \\ iiliaai Nelson,-, A quia; corn to
Silas Burke.
schr Milhado, A pplejiate, Port Deposite;
; lumber to B. V aters.
schr < harlvne Mayme, Rice, Port Deposite;
j lumber to B. Waters.
Sailed. June, 0.
Schr W. A. Dawson, Baltimore.
Ship Columbia, Stinson, of this port, was off
tilt* bar at the mouth o! the .Mississippi, hound
to New * rleans, 27th ultimo.
Ship Katharine Jackson, Dorry, ofCedrire
town, at New York, June 3.
Schr Edwin, Iiowes, hence at Boston, the
; 3d of June.
Schr Edward Vincent, Latham, el’d at New
, York Ibr tins port, 3d inst.
I j. jL Fairfax street, opposite the First Presby
terian Church, si\ty-si\ fret srvrii inches
front, running hack one hundred and twenty
three feet five inches, with a ten loot alley on
the North side. Persons wishing to purchase,
. will please cali on Josiah H. Davis, whoisau
thori/.ed to act ibr me. J. E. Ef).\B >M>S,
je 7—tf Philadelphia.
rpiIREAD LACEiS, Ldi'mirs, and insert insrs,
X from 10 cents to s* per yard; imitation
do; Lyle msertimrsand ed muffs; Bobinet edit’d
U.uiiiini's, and wash blond do; 3-1 and 4-4
plain and figured dotted Laces; black (Lured
Luces for Veils, and a sweat variety of other
Laces, just received from Philadelphia, for
sale at U bite's auction rooms, lor a lew days
only. je 7
<M >FFEE, &c.
O / * BAGS Government Java, Rio and La
v) oiiira (’otfee
10 half Chests, Gunpowder & V. H. Lea
5 boxes Loaf Siyar
75 sacks Liverpool Fine Salt
*25 casks S. Madeira Leneriile and S. Ma
laga W ines
25 boxes Bunch Raisins
20 jars and kesrs Garrett's Snuil
1 cask Alum
50 reams Wrapping Paper
5 Inis. Porto Rico Molasses, a prime arti
3000 ll.s prime Bacon. (City cured)
50 bags Shot, assorted numbers
3 barrels l’olaud Starch
In store and tor sale bv
je r Prince street u bar!’.
| A/FADE!R A, Sherry, Poit, Lisbon, Sicily
11VJL Madeira, St. Lucar, Champagne, and
■other WINES, till warranted pur* and ol the
best kinds, constantly tor sale, by
V 7 A. C. CA/.ENOVE &, CO.
A a BOXES Young Ilyson Tea
|‘-.r\/ 20 boxes Imperial do, ot good
uualitv, will be sold low, to close the consign
ment, by A. ( . C A/.EXON E N. C1 ’■
je 7 ______
1 OA RAGS of Rio Cottee, a prime article,
j J ,~L V/ lor sale bv
je 7 A. C: CA’/.EXOVE & CO.
1 . v/\ KEGS Extra White Lead, just re
I UU ceivedy by
,,,B.- WHEAT & SON.
m HALF chests Young Ilyson Tea, just
received and for sale by
[ k 6 R. X \V. RAMSAY.
npHE subscriber announces to the public that
JL this pi Austin t and delightful retreat Avill
be opened on the first of June, ibr. the recep
tion of company. Situated in the heart of the
Shenandoah Valley, it is the most easy of ac
cess of ail the Virginia Springs, placing the in
valid from the seaboard as well as the votary
! of pleasure, alter a few hours ride, in a brac
ing mountain atmosphere—in a neighborhood
agreeable and proverbial lor its health, and
hut one mile distant from Cain's Depot on the
Winchester and Potomac Railroad—where a
public conveyance will always meet the cars
—and about live miles from Winchester.
This Watering Place, long and favorably
known under the name of Duvall's and Wil
liam's-Sulphur Sprum, has been resorted to by
persons laboring under liver affection and oili
er derangements of secretion, with the hap
piest effect. The efficacy of the water, attes
ted by numbers from the Atlantic cities, to
which it is so readily accessible, is believed to i
be equal to that ofany spring in Virgini i.
The accommodations have been greatly in-j
creased since last season—including a large j
three story brick building, containing from for
ty to jiny lodging rooms,well finished, besides
a large bail room, Ibr which the best music
has been provided—baths to suit the wishes
of die visiters and other improvements to meet
the extended reputation of the summer resort.
Every effort lias been made to place this de
lightful Watering place upon a fooling with t!it*
most fasliishona hie place of tie1 kind, and eve- j
ry exertion will be used to give sntisfiction.
Frederick County, May 31—*2;lvvfnv
faucujieii white sruMimt springs.
rjAjlR crowds that hav e visited these Springs,
1. and tlie general satisfaction expressed,
have encouraged ihe Company lo make exten- :
siv e nnpiov ements since the Iasi season.
Besides enlarging the accommodations very '
much, iii other respects, t he lor mm* Bath ! 1 ouse |
will he found greatly ini proved, and furnished
with a copious supplv ol lot and cold Sulphur
and Free Stone Water, and a new and elegant
e litiee, upon the most approved plan, will he
ready !>v the first of July, and be equal, it is
loped, to anv Bathing Establishment in our
Country. Vs ithout pretending to vie with the
linen mi led Warm^priny Bath, the temveraiure
of that celehrab d f nintain is at the option ol
the visitors, either in the centre plunging bath,
or in the fourteen private rooms whic11 sur
round it—the whole being enclosed within tin*
(Wagon Gothic exterior, whose mi in-rets and
spires indicate tin.* determination of the com
pany to please the fancy and gratify the Jastes
of the invalids, as well as the votaries of plea
The extraordinary virtues ot the waters,
proved in numerous instances—the salubrity
of the countrv around, in full view ol the
mountains, supplying tin* finest meats, vegeta
bles and fruits —its ready access to the sea
board, dicing within fifty miles of the District j
of Columbia and .> > ol Fredericksburg—the j
elegant hall-room, adorned with new iirigm- j
ficent chandeliers and resounding wit Ii the j
strains of a most delightful hand of music—the
extensive .buildings—the noble portico—-tIn* 1
improved grounds and shady walks, relreshtai
with jets d’eau, present attractions to tin* pub
lic which it will not ov erlook.
To secure the best wines, liquors, attend
ants and servants, every attention has been
paid. The roads have been improved. A
costly bridge over tin* Uappahannock, within !
a few hundred yards of the Spring, is in rapid i
progress t.<> romph tion.
Aew and elegant stag* s run daily between j
Wasiiingfon City and the Springs, It‘a ving **ach
plae«* earlv in the morning, and arriving at tilt*
Springs at ! o'clock, and at \\ ashington in
time lor the Ba it in 10 re ca rs ol tin* sa me day.—
This line continues to i .01 iisa < 'ourt 11 oust* dai
ly. bra lie! ling at-Grange Court 11 oust*, anti run
ning tlienee to ( harlottesv ille. It leaves tin*
Springs at live in Ihe morning, and runs that,
evening lo Lr>uisa (ourt ! louse and ( ha riot tes
... ■ 1 * * I I * /* n I
There will also he a oau\ on * irom r nswr
icksburg to (hr springs, and t i * 11 * *« tri-weekly j
to W inchesier.
The Springs will lr ready for the reception ;;
of company on the I oho! June, f hi tlit? Bii ;
of Juiv, the l>ec.!aratioii ol Independence.w hi i
he read, and at the earnest solicitation of ihe :
Companv, Mr. John S. Pendleton, the (listin- I
guished de!euat > from Ba;;j>:ibannock, has j
consented to deliver an i ration. I 'he Music J
and the Dane * will add to the attractions ol :
the occasion.
< hi the iirst Tu sdav in September. the Ha- i
c‘*s take place over I lie Victoria Course, w i th
in hail* a mile ol the springs.
Tli • I • w ■ : he as IoIIoavs: Board p *r ,
week dollars: per month, 55 do: lor two;
months, f>5 do; lor the season, ending the 1st j
('ctoher. Si) d<>. Servants and < hihlren un
der 1*2 years ol age, half price. Per day 2 do!- :
lars: Breakfast and Supper, 50 cents eacir
Dinn t, 7 ■ c arts; I o lgin< S 50 c ml x I tors *.
j)or da v, (>2 1-? ct nt q per week, 1 dollars; per j
month 1 5 doilars.
The subscriber has been appointed Superin
tein!ant,and trusts that lie will h * able* to give :
general satisfaction. DANIEL \\ ABB.
t—*2a\vtl0aug _
\ (i EX ER AT, attendance ol t lie .members
r\. is requested, at the next meeting of ihe |
Companv, to he held on Monday evening, j
June |0: upon w hich day. and all future days j
of meeting a Hag wall be displayed Irom tin*
Engine 1 louse,and the hell tolled atsun-down.
At a meding of the Companv, held May 31,
the annexed resolution was adopted:
Resolved. That tin* advertisement of the
Managers ol the Theatre, ot May *2^, ollering
a benefit lor the Friendship Fire Company
was unauthorized by said < ompanv. their in
vitation to participate in it, having been re- j
spec tin! I v declined.
;e 3—coBt JOHN M.FIR, Secretary.
rjjnj IF desirable country residence, called
1 nxr. ////./., J
situated \\\ Fairfax County, two and a hall
miles from Alexandria, on the road leading
from the Little River Turnpike to the Lees-1
burg or Middle Turnpike, on a neauhlul emi- 1
nenco, commanding a line view ol Alexan-j
dria, Washington, and the Potomac River.—
The Dwelling House is large and convenient,
with about. 21 Acres ol Land attacned thereto,
well enclosed. I
For terms, which will he made easy, npn.v
to JAMES R. RIDDLE, Agent j
For the Executors of <'. Bennktt, dec'd.
mv 31—7t | Nat. Int. 3t)
_j_ ___1___i
Kin? Street* above the Marshall !Iou*e,
H'AS just received an additional supply of;
fresh and seasonable DRY’ GOODS, |
! which, with former stock, const it lit os a desira
ble assortment, and will be disposed ol on the
.’most favorable terms, at wholesale or retail,
j Purchasers \\ ill please call and examine (or
CO”Recollect the New Store, net ween Pitt
: and S't-. Asaph streets._Y I_
T UST received a lot of Winch Colton Um
J brellas, light finished, suitable lor rarrvhe: ;
i in the sum as also, on hand, an assortment oi
! cotton and silk, largo* sizes.
je-1 King, above Pitt street, j
A N Excellent lot of Printed Calicoes, ol
| A good dark style, just opening, will be sold
at t welve and a half cents per van!.
King street, between Pitt and St. Asaph.
jc -1 " ___
( \ \ ME to the-subscriber's, near the Alexan
I Vg‘dria Poor Home, about tic* 20th of May.
astray PIG, not marked. Tim owner is re
u lies ted to come forward- pay co-ts, and take
ie 6—3t
Hr. William Evans' celebrated .1MERJCHX
SOOTH IXO SYRUP, Jor Children Teel hi a?.
MOTHERS who have their little babes af
flicted with the distressing,symptoms ulm-h
usually attend teething, should apply Evans-’
celebrated American Soothing Syrup, which
is highly recommended by numerous certifi
cates, and which may be had, at one dollar
per bottle, of BELL & ENT WISLE,
Booksellers, King street, Alexandria;
traordinary efficacy ol Dr. WM. EUJINS' cel
ebrated (UMOMILEnnd . IP ERI ENT . INTI
PIPIOUS PILLS, in alleviating afliicted man
kjtid.—Mr. Robert Cameron 101 Boiverv.— j
Disease, Chronic Dysentery or Bloody Flux.— i
Symptoms, unusual flatulency in the bowels, j
severe griping, frequent inclination to go to ;
stool, tenesmus, loss of appetite, nausea, vo
miting, frequency of pulse, and a frequent .dis
charge of a peculiarly fietid matter, mixed
with blood, great debilitv, sense ol burning
heat, with an intolerable bearing dovvnol the
parts. Mr. Cameron is emoying perlecthealth,
an I returned his sincere thanks for the extra
ordinary benefit he had received.
Ltelhmri, Ihrcr vrn.rs stfindin *.—Air. Robert ,
Alonroe, Schuylkill, afliicted with tin* above
distressing malady. Symptoms:—Great lan
guor, flat i ifenc v, (i ist nr bed rest, nervous beau- (
ache, difficulty of breathing, lightness and'
stricture across the breast, dizziness, nervous
irritability and restlessness, could not lie in a j
horizontal position without the sensation ol ^
impending sullbcation, palpitation ofthe heart, ;
distressing cough, costiveness, paiuol the sto
mach. dro wsine.ss/jrea t debility and deficien
cy of the nervous emTgv. Air. It. Alonroe* ;
gave up every thought ol recovery, and dire
despairsat on the countenance of every per- j
son interested in his existence or happiness, till j
by accident lie noticed in a public paper song?
cures effected by Dr. AN in. Evans’ Medicine in
bis complaint/ and every _ .symptom of his
disease*. He wishes to say his motiv e for this
declaration is, that those afliicted with the
same or any symptoms similar tot host* from
which he is happily restored, may likewise re
ceive the same inestima h!e beuelit.
Another recent, test of the* unrivalled virtue
of Hr. Win. Kvans'Medicines.—Dtjsveisin. ten
near* standi a r.—Mr. J. McKenzie, I7f> Mnn
fon-street was alilicted with the above com
plaint lor ten years, which incapacitated him
at intervals, for tic* period of six years, in at
tending to Ins business, restored to peiicet
health under the salutary treatment ol Dr.
W in. Kvans.
The symptoms Aven*— A sense of distension j
and oppression a11er eating, dist ressmg pam in
the pit of the stomach, nausea, impaired appe
tite, giddiic ss, p'i!pitation ol lue lieart, great
debilit v and e mac in lion, depn ssion ol spirits,
disturbed rest, sometimes a billions vomiting,
and j a in in the right side, an extreme degree
of languor and faintiwss; anx endeavor to pur
sue his 1 nisi ness causing immediate exhaustion
and weariness.
Mr. McKenzie is daily attending Ins busi
ness, and none ol t.ne above symptoms have
recurred sunn* he used the medicine. He is now
a strong and healthy man. lh* reported to
mvriads of remedies, but they wa re ad inef
fectual. I !e ]< willing to give any inlormation j
to the alilicted respecting tie* inestimahle ben- j
cfit rendered to him by the use ol Dr. \\ m. .
K vans' medicine.

/)areaia cm l lh vnchnri'lriansni.— Interes- ;
tin r Case. — Mr. WilliamSalmon,t aven street, j
above Third. Philadelphia, alliictt d lor se\e
i*aI years with the tbllowiug distressing syinp
toii.s. sickness at tic* stoniacli. headache, .
dizzhc*s's palpitation ol the lieart. impaired
a ppet it *, sour* I uues acid and put rescent eruc
tations, coldness and weakn *s> o| the extrem
ities, emaciation an j general debihtw distui *!>- ,
cd rest, a s ns * of pressure and weight at the j
stomach after eating, nightmare, great m *ntal
(b*spon h n«*v, seven* dying pains in the chest,
hack and side'. (‘ostivi‘ness, a dislike for socie
ppir conversation, iiivohtnni v sighing and
weeping, languor an I hi situ ie upon 1 lie least
Mr.Salmon had npp i *d to 1 lie next ennn *nt
physicians, who con>i ! *red it h won I the
power ol medicine to restore him to health,
how ever as his atihetion .had reduced him to
a very dep'orabh.* con Idiom and having been
r ‘comm ‘lided b\ a relative nj ins to make
trial oi Hr. \\ m. iwans medicine, he witn di
pjeuitv repaired to tIn* oilier* and procured;!
package, to which, he sa vs, he is indebted lor
Ins res t o ra! io n t») hie. i i < * * »; t i i a i i(i I r i * n d s. 11 e
is now envying till the blessiwgsol iceaitu.
Persons desirou- o! 1 irt 1 n r in I orma t ion \\a i I
b* s;itis!i *d in e\a rv particular as to tic* as
tonishing cure, tit Dr. in. 15vans’ Medical
( Mlice, 1UU ('hat!iam street, \.
.1 ('ac'C of Tie CoJoreu.r.—Vrs. J. IT John
son, wile ofCapt. jo-1 *ph Johnson, of I.vim,
Mass, was s -wrrly aliiiet-d for ten years with
'IT* Poloreuw violent jnin in her head, and
vomiting, wilii a f>11»'jimo h-at in the stomach,
and unabh to leave her room, sin* could lind
no ndiel Ironi llwadv'an* ol several physicians,
nor from medicines ofany kind, until alter she ;
had commenced usimy 1Y ('.vans'medicine, ol
loot halham sirr*et, and from that lime siie ]
hey a u t o a m n<!. and I *eis sa I is j ied 11 sue con
tjmjes tho medicine a lew lavs Ion are, will be j
periectlv min'd. IIele’/eiiee (*an hv* had as to
the truth cf the above, by caliinsr at Mrs.
.h)!m son’s damiller's store, (irand street.
New York.
7n ff.v(retoy:iinftr./ ct//<7 reiuccrkctble Cure.—^
M rs. • m, W i ; i msburgh, corner of ;
fourth and North sireets, completely restoi’cal ;
to health by tie* treatment of JY. \V. Id vans,
]0 ) ( diaihain street.
The symptoms ol this di-tressiinr case wen'* j
5H follows:—Total loss of appetite. palpitation !
of the heart, twitching of the tendons, with a
<runeral spasmodic adeetjon ol the muscles,
dilliculty ol* bren t hi nsr,-jViddi ness, languor, las
situdvw LO'eat depression ol* spirits, with a tear
of some impending evil, a sensation ol ilutf.er
111y at the pit () 1 the stomacii, i i i e e n I, n 11 an
si-id pains in dilf*nmt pans, srreat emaciation, :
with ot in a* symptoms ol extreme debility.
The above case was pronounced hopeless by
three ol* the most eminent physicians, and the I
dissolution ol the patient daily a wail-d byner j
friends, which may hr* authenticated hv tla*
physicians who were in attendance. She has
id veil her cheerful permission to publish the
above farts, and will also srladly yrve any in
formation respectiiur the heiielit she has re-j
ceived. to anv inquiring mind.
Mahy Pim.on.
. I
j vc rfect cii re of. 1st Inna, hjt//-rou r vein's stand
in >' elected bif the treatment nf
Hr. 1FA/. KJW.VS.
'This is 1 o certify, that. 1 was attacked with
the Asthma in the ninth year of my age, and
from that time until the present year, a period
e.f fifty-four years. I have hern snicert to that
disease. For the last five years, I had it al
most incessantly—not being exempt Irom it
11tore than twi*iit v-1our hotns »11 an\ onetime,
i had consulted the most skillful physicians,
and tried many remedies without any relict.— i
in June last, I commenced using iJr. Win.
F\ an's Vegetable Medicine, not with the ex
pectation of effecting a cure, for I believed tnv
case hopeless and my dissolution near, hut
w ith the hope of obtaining momentary relief.
Before I had used two packages, I was entirely
relieved and 1 have not been attacked with it
since. 1 can now sav that 1 am permanently
cured* of the disease, and I can confidently re
commend it to all w ho ji e a{]lit ied \\ 11h tins
distressing complaint. Sakah Simmons,
Prince George county, Md.
p-w^The above medicine can he had of
Booksellers and Stationers,
mav IS_Iv King-street, Alexandria.
Ncati ; 5. expeditiously executed at this office
I'oi Xoi folk, City Point, (aid Richmond.
y£fy Thie fast sailing Schr REPEATER, I
Norvell, master, will sail early next
.sMsfe. ^veek, lor freight apply to
j ip, The Schr WILLIAM H. DAWSON,
I fy f jf carries about 500 barrels, under deck,
..letnji-s apply (o i|ie Captain on board; or to
je 5__ A. J. FLEMING.
\ Five to six hundred barrels, will be j
/'IT/ tPven tu a ,S°Pd vessel, on freight, lor
■XA?!&= Philadelphia, on application to '
je 4 VvM. FOWLE Sc SON.
v.it; The line brig SYDNEY, .Tones,mas
fffX ter, will sail about, the lUt!) instuut.—
For freight of 300 barrels, or passage,
applv to Yv xl: fOWLL tk. ST*N.
F( )R H \LIFAX; N; S;
The SclirEU ROTAS, Snow, master,
to sail with despatch. For light freight,
(JJ. passage, apply to
The fine Schr. SI SAX Id DWIG,*
Young, master, carries 900 barrels,
an<] will be ready lor a cargo in a lew
days. Apply to
,e 3 LAMBERT & M< IvEXZlE.
C. M. TAYL( >11 cn. { O.,
n’AVEjust received, from Philadelpliia, a
large assortment ol gentlemen's line
white and brown grass Idn<*n an ! Gingham
dress and frock Coats. Also, a Ircsh supply
of Painted Lawns; Pongees, french Linens,
brown Holland, 12-1 Linen Sheetings, fine and
1<>\y priced f ' aheoes. bleached and unbieai lieu
Cottons, Checks, and a great variety ol Linen
and Cotton Goods lor gentlemen’s and chil
dren’s wear. A large variety ol Cotton I ho
sier v, some vc r/ line. Also, a variety ot othei
articles tor the season. All of which will he
sold very cheap. Call and see.
\>>.—A hamlsom" assortment ol French
Flowers, Xmi's Bonnets, and Putin Leal Hats,
ir 3—1W _ i
NEW GO* ;|)S.
T()] JX M. RRENT has uist received an addi
J tioual suppl vol goodsadapted to t.heseason.
Superfine clotIi.s, assorted colors
Main and ribbed ( asimeres
I .ondon Tweeds ( 'asimeres
('ashmeret, a new article
Napoleon Cloth, Summer ( loth
(Iambroons, Nankeens, I -n!lings
French I .mens and < irass < doth
Fantaloon Stulls and.Vestings
Flue-black Crode A triune and fig’d Silks
(Lode Rhine, Mateoni Lustring
] .ace. - tripod, and checked Cambrics
Rich Scarfs, \ Idkfs.. and fancy Shaw U
Linen t 'amhric and linen cambric hdkfs
Mohair, Lace, and Kid Cloves
J .ong ! .a w11 s, I risii I /men
Thread edging and I .aces
French worked Collars, plain and trim’d
Ribbons, Silk Hose, thread Cloves
(’ottoji I lose, all kinds
i i pass Cloth, Corded Skirts
<’aijeoes, ( dug ha ms, striped and plaid
Flack and blue-biack Romha/iiie
Ta hie covers a nd Ta hie ( lotiis
Knidish and American Long ( doths
Rvown, bleached and plaid Domestics
(isnaburgs, checks, ticks, urills, N.(*.
v 5—(•( i ~ t
NEW G< i< H S.
T> WASHINCTON &. Co., have just rc
I e ceived an additional supj iy ol’ seasona
ble Hrv Loo is. comprising a b *autil ul assort
ment ol
IK,\i'is Painted Muslins. Jaconets and lawns
Ridi I'd’ci.cd ca lico* s \ cry clean p
Super blue black Foult de Soie* and Crude
A I: i<pr
Ditto \\ bitt* Satin. Italian Cravats
Rich new style colored figured MIks
Real Ficneli Worked <’oilars some as low as
Rich embossed Scarfs and 1 fandkerehiets
(irntlemeifs si if er cofoiv< 1. linen < amhric do
Ta pc. loemst ich, a nd Colored bordered do
Lady Lesti thread, Mohair and kid Cloves
Clove Knott
Cent I emen> superior (oat >kin do
Superfine long Lawns, and Irish Linens
A large assortment ol thread Laces, Edg
iiius and. Inserting;
Sw iss Muslin, Insertings, and Cambric Edg
Fancx Drillings and 1 .ondon Tweeds Cassi
ni ore
Mouslain de Fains, ban Isom-1 and cheap
I ,*ic.* striped Muslin, a b *autii'il art.cle
I laid and striped Swiss Muslins
R. a| Weis!) «iau/e Flannels
M’will’d Sacking for Fags
e- 1 Hamilton Long cjoth Sheetings
\\ bite satin .laic s, lor < 'orst tts
Ladies super ribbed,and pla n English Silk
I lose may 2d
a mrn11:11 sitplv <
TJLCNT’S J ill* of (‘lirisi.
J.} i;in:i!*s Pile ol St. I “an!
151 nut's I .ife of Abraham. Isaac, kc.
! lensha \v*s Sheridan
Steven's Ineidenfs ol I ra ve!
Lite of Wiiberforre, hv 11is Sons
Thornton's Prayer's,
Received, and for sale b\
e .3 BELL & EN nVlSLE.
SlY-iAlt, COFFEE, ike.
b A HI IDS Porto Rico ^imar
i *20 baesUreen. Rio and Lainiira f'oflee
11 boxes \\ Iiiie I lav ana Sujar
5 do LoafSucar
5 ha It chests I mperia 1 Tea
5 bids due
f> do 1 ai inp < til
I (Vroon ('araeeas 1 inheo
1 Tierce Rice
ICO Rea ms W rappina Paper
"> hhds \Vin<key
10 ha rrels ( dd do
,) ha.as Pimento
Uf'ct'ivcd r> r M'hr. \V. !!. l>sr.vsoti, H>r s:i!<• l.>\
L< )WE D< )l I
BACK iN, BEEF, LARS'*, &r.
< / \(\( \ LBS. Baron, hoj round
• {4 H/U S50 Ills, smoked Beef
100 keys 1 .a id
H iihds. prime Porto RicoSucnr
12 barrels do. do.
0 hhils. ami 12 tierces retailing Molasses :
12 dozen Brooms
100 Reams Wrapping Paper
100 pair country knit < ’otton Socks
2 casks prime (’heese
Painted Buckets, nests of Boxes, with many
other articles receiving, and in store, for sale
3 - eo3t _
(• u upon* dev. You nr II\;s07i. and Imperial Iras.
\) *) 11 A 1 .Behests <Gunpowder j I eas. repre
*3 **3 10 iC Imperial sentdaslan
23 u “ Y. I Ivson S quality.
Received and for sale very low by
!eo W. N. & J. H. AleVKIGH.
1 i i B \GS prime Old White Coll’ee lor sale j
4n by W. X. J. H. McVElGH.
jo o J_;
aaa CASKS fresh T Lime, now land
?) 1/1 / in«i
50 casks Hydraulic Cement
A general assortment of well seasoned Enin
her, Shingles, £cr., for sale, on reasonable ;
terms, at my Lumber Ya rd, on * nion, and
North of King sreet. GEO. H. SAlOOi.
je 5—3t ___
•) Q | Q BPSHEES, the cargo of Sehr.RE
GO- In PRATER,- Xorvell, troin Rich
mond, for .sale bv T„
LA A i B E RT & MrhLNZI E.
ie •> Tnion wharf.
Gold and Silver Watches, Jewelry, Get man
Silver Ware, 2yc.
THIS EVENING, at early candle-light, will
be sold, at my auction rooms, a hand
some assortment of Jewelry and German Sil
ver Ware, consisting of Gold and Silver Le
ver. Lepine Watches; common do.; gold pla
ted and gilt breastpins, and linger rings; andi
rons; gold silver, and German silver pencil
cases; gold guard and fob chains; best and
second quality German Silver table and tea
Spoons; butler knives, sugar tongs, and spec
tacles; Freemason's razors; gilt earrings, and
a variety of oilier articles.
The above articles arc direct from the
bands ol the importer, an 1 are for saie, witti
out limits.
Dealers are specially invited to call and ex
amine the assortment now open tor this day
Only, it being the intention oi die owner to
leave here on Saturdav morning, tor New
Vork 7! Gim. v
/\\ Saturday evening. £th instant. at early
v / candie-light, will he sold, af my auction
rooms, to. close sales, a variety of Goods.—
among them are:—"Wood Clocks, good tune
pieces; one eight day braes do; bl ink books;
lull bound spring backs; jocket w >< d and
ivorv combs; Frazilian and Japanned d >: Ger
man Goods, in variety; < otlon cords: 1 bun
ming 2k, s’ons Needle^; German Silver Ik neds;
sugar longs; caddv, salt and simar >j eons;
plated desert and tea do; Jewelry, Nee.
10"*>a!es ol Furniture. N.<\, alien i< 1 to m
the Market Square, ewuy Saturday morning,
as usual, at 0 I-- o'clock.
lo o GIN ); WHITE, Vucfr.
jpjRSFS. MFPKs, AM) JIAi: \l>\
j?r auxin fy re.5 j{ ciioxleus.
rpjIM romp! f ion of thor w w; km I'mrY
JL Ridge e ua hies tin* Pallimore v.v < -‘mo Rad
Rot:! f om p i n y to disp *ns * with tic* I bu -
ses and Mules, heretoloiv employ* d at Tijt- li
dined PlaneThey wiII, ftcc< i • &t
1?uL• i*• Auction at Mount ( dart" ! Vpol. on \\ ost
Pratt street, in this city, on Frida v J to Juno,
at 1U o'clock, for cash. 70 Read oi Heck. mz*
•gi) Ca Triage l lor es
3S i)ralight I *oi■ >< . and
0 Mules, with their iiamess.
The Carriagi* I Jorses have* lx en accusum < d
to quick travel, match well in f airs, are ; entle
in ha rues.- and ol line action and a: p» ar; e
The Purden Horses are large and poweHuI
and have hren accustomed to slow am! heavy
draught. Tin* Mules ha \ e he* n sen-m-d «
the entire .stork heretofore o\\ ned by tee* one*
panv. are perfectly gentle, and n c>eemmf
working condition.
Paltimore,—Junc I— ts
I, ,-u — ? ;• ■ r ** mm.
Va. Monongalia A cart my Pottery. X<>. 3.
W ill hr drawn at Alexandria. Virginia, on
Saturday, June 7th, at I o'clock.
Midi K>T PRIZE w3*Utin).
Tickets 10—shares in proportion.
To be had in a variety of number* of
J. 0< >R>F!,
Lottery and Hvchanze Broker. .IB randna.
lira wing ol the Md. ( ore o!*d. Lottery. Vo. 1"
35 76 61 16 78 33 *2 L 9 70 a5 39 13
Va. Monongalia \caucn" Lot* ! \o. 3.
W’ill be drawn at Alexandria, V: tea, on
Saturday, June 7th. at 4 o'clock.
HP PRIZE shu.uuu.
Ticket * 10—shares in proporU-»n.
On sale ui great variety hv
fpVXi E* SLR \H ‘Ns .—St * !* j i oh' ;aen< in : m
l 1 th»* < ’hutch of 1! it' Epiphany .Li : to dpliia.
! hv Stephen 11. Tymi, P. P.. Rector: price two
Select Eamiiy and LarLii Sermons, jor the
use ol l.imiii •> and destitute c»*nii t* :a* ions. hv
the Rev, < 'harl - r. Mcllvairie3 D. D., B is ho j
'ol' < >hio, vol. •>.
L he veley, or t he Mail o I Honorj by Lady
Lvtton L/ii \\a*i*.
'The Lira! A < to Book, or authentic narra
tives of tii:* livt s. exploit*, and executions o!
lilt* most c Lbrated Sea Robbers. with nu
merous enpravin:/s.
Siiipwreck * an I Pilasters at Sea. or lii*M
; ideal Narrati\e>: ol the most b«>ied c:ilainhies.
and pro \ i< !e n t ct i ♦ 1 * *! i v * niu1' * lrom hn and
' jamine. on th^on-an. with numerous emra
| vino*.
The Tusculan Uueslions of Marcus Tullus
L’icero, in live hooks tran*laied hv < ,eor*je
Alexander* ti*. Esc.. meinbei ol the .uuen
ca ii i 'Iiih)sophica! >oci-*t v. t ra ns!a tor ol Rot ta s
I I istor v of lilt* \\ a r of I ndept iidehce. ^.e.
Ellen I lart, or the little St rvant <orl. writ
ten lor th • American >unda> School Lnion.*
.1 u>t publish* and lor sale hv
T)ROG|\'S new' Lm versa I Gazetteer, ''i*t
iJ published. (L ’>:».) in on* larje volume,
containing, m abb;i:o:i to the usual matter ot
useful information directly or induvi tiv you
nectIv wrtli tin* sub’eets, but net io he lound
in other work' of this description—the whole
brought down io hh, l or >aL hv
A TREATISE on the Mulberry Tree and
L\ silkworm, and on t.he produr*a/a a ; t . i
liulad urn of silk. emb< liished u if It appropri
;jt(» ei)Lrravinu*. hy John t'lurk, supeniiten
dent of tlie Morodendron Silk Company <>l
Philadelphia: s < ond edition. Just publi
and lor sale by BELL & ENTW IsLE
• 3
SUND \ Y v'f M i()(>1, UNK >N.
rpi ]E Depositor. of tli * \: > a \ ia "me /
.1 School l nion in* been removed to tin
Bookstore of BELL & KNTWlsLK. where
the publication* »H the society may he bad,
at tin* Union prices. mar 20—wtt
Tit.v i pep< >sjt< >R Y.
rpjlE p< jK)<it<n\\ *>t tiie Alexandria Female
.1 Tract Society lias been removed to the
Book Store of BEIT, Sc EXTWTSEE, win*re.
the publication^ ol the American Tract So
ejelv, and manv ol its hound volume* may be
had: and where, also, may he had m»n> ol the
hooks of the American Sunday school I nion,
at Union pi
( \K )GINE. or the Pirate's Treasure; al>o, the
Demon's <’ave: Tales hv Georjre Aim Hum
pi j rev's Sherburne, of W a >1 limit on Pity. Just
published, and tor salt*, price .o emits, by
CASKS, just received, ami for sale on
* ) oo.od terms, bv
\N assortment, lor salt* hv
K instreet, a hove the Marshall I louse.
je t
\ STRING well built Carryall,ol r_!(K>dfi
f\ nish, lor sale a ban/ain.
je 1 LOW E v poUOLAS.
M( >L V 5SES.
mlinps. Cuba Molasses, ;ust received
and for sale i>v
r j " KERR & MeLKA.V
]>] s. }iist received per Schr. Alexandria,
j and lor sale by A. J. lLLMlNG.
I jc l

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