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rygeian pills. <
Druggist, Alexandria, genera! a
gent for the sale of Dr. Ralph’s Improved
Hygeian Pills, respectfully states taa
s enabled to supply this Medicine to toe
public and his mercantile connection, up
on the same terms that the uenera •*
fice at New York supplies them,—a li
beral discount being made to retail mer
chants. For a description of the qualities
ofthese pills, he refersto the following
advertisement of Doctor Ralph, viz: ■
“The very general demand for Dr.
Ralph’s Hygeian Pills, ean only be ac
counted for by reason of the unexam
led benefit and cures which thousand*
ave experienced from their use. More
over, they are founded on the wisdom
and experience ofthe British College ol
Physicians and Surgeons, of London:
and are recommended by the writings
cad practice of Sir Astley Cooper, Mr.
Abernethy, and Dr. Babington;as well as
oy the greater part of the more eonnen
practitioners of England and th* Con i
The limits oi an advertisement will not
allow of entering upon an explanation
ofthe principle on which this medicine is |
suited to so many different complaints.—
It must suffice to mention, that each j
package ofthe pillscontains three boxes, j
two of which are gently opening, with a
strengtheningquality combined, adapte 1 j
to the most feeble constitutions; hile tux. j
other is purgative, but more or less so ac
cording-to the dose. Thus, by vaiying j
hese Pills, and altering the doses agree-:
able to the directions 8 iven,
ishing to witness the number of diseases
which are cured or much alleviated by
them, while there is no disease whatever
which can possibly be injured by theii
use. They contain no mercury, and may
betaken without the inconveniences oi
caution which other medicines genet al
ly require. The particular disease* to
which theiredicacy hasbeen proved and
ested,in many thousand individual ca*e*.
are the following:—
• ■% r* . 1 _
Dyspepsia, an l the whole 01 inobt nu
merous maladies which arise from habitu
al constipation oK he bowels; Apoplexy,
and all affections ot the head; Gout;
Rheumatism; Scrofula, with every spo
ciesof Salt Rheum and Disorder ot the
Skin; threatening Consumptive Cough;
Liver Diseases, whether the effect of in
temperance or hot climate; fever and
Ague; Common Fever, Ac.; Inflamma
tions; Cholera Morbus, Ac.; Jaun Lee
Dropsy; Piles; Gravel; Gleet, and certain
other complaints of the Urinary and Ge
nital organs, Ac. Ac.
This medicine is also eminently useful
In the whole class of disorders peculiar to
the lemaleconstitution, especially in Aer
veils and Hysterical disorders, Lpileptic
Fits,St. Vitus’sDance Ac. Ac.; Sic k Head
Ache, certain obstructions, sexual weak
ness, Ac. In smaller doses, it maybe
relied on as the best and safest medi
cine in pregnancy, and lor the common
disorders of children.
The direcuonsgiven with these i u.s
are remarkably plain and particular—t ie
proper dose and management ot them be
ing caref ully mentioned under me iieai
each disorder separately.
Jos. Ralph, M. D.,
Graduate of the University ot K im
burgh; Memberof tne Royal College
of Surgeons London; Lecturer on
Midwifery and the Diseases ot \V j
men and Children, Ac. an 1 aum ji
at the “Domestic Guide to Medicine.’
A. i3. Dr. Ralph’s Domestic Guide is
•itcle volume designed lor tne use of
every family, particularly those rcai i
ng in the country. It is written in tiie
plainest manner, and is intea led to ena
ble individuals, ootn male and female, to
undertake the management ot their own
complaints with safety and success.—
The price is very low, being only 5r
cents, though neatly oou.vd m boird;,
Ac. Indeed the object of its public*
ion is rattier with a view of spreading
useful knowledge on disease, than ot
any proStarising from its sale.
Josm*u Ralph, M. D.
or sale by JAMBS H. HAMILTON,
3 mo 21—ly Alexan tria, D.C
SOJAYl&it O'J Vl^L YIN r
D!\ft’lUEV, DVSISS l\Y!i\f, an] all other
derange I’eiits ot the S onteh ai.l li > .v
eN, are <s.Feet ^liy ciredoy D i. J.ir uh Oau
Dr. D. Jayne—Dear Sir,—Hiving male use
o your Cur ninative dulsam in my ti nily, a id
finding it to oe ad n rab y a laptei t > viie c> n
plaints for which it is intended, l take pleasure
in recommending it to the us; ot my friends
nod the public generally, believi* g those wh i j
•re afflicted with any of these co npliints wil
find relief in the use of this valuable medicine
Joxathin G>ixo, D. 1) ,
President of Grunviille College, Ohio.
New York* May J09 ldJ7
^a&tixohe, m arch 27th, 13J3.
Dr. Jayne.—Dear Sir, You u,.k me what
proofe l meet with of the etii;ucy of your me
dieine. 1 can safely say that A n.ver prsscrib- |
ed a medicine tor du vet Complaints tent has
given mo so muc i satisiuuti ji* a id my p alients i
§J speedy and perfect relief as this. Whene
ver introduced into a fa n ly* it bee > nes a
•tanning reme dy for those ait aenu, a id is call
td for again and again, wuic i l th.nk u p etty
good proo of its eticicy and usefulness; in
tueSunner Conpiiiat of ciiclrea it has tre !
(juentlv appeared to saute » t ie lidle victi us as j
it were* iron the grave. It saved t le life u
my child* aul of sued uni si*m a chill. t |
have repeats lly heard said: la dysenteric af
fectionsof ad Alts, l nave time uni again seen
act like a charm, a id give per ament redet !
a few hours—l may say in a lev mm it.es. —
il fine, it is a vuluoie mediums* an l in fa m
v4io ili Di without it. U:upecdu iy*
U L. M. D
L*te P'hysicUn to the litiu u are Dispensary,
Mdajentfort le 4iryD.il Y'accui el istitatioii
ro© Dr* YV a. 11 ten* t'a.or or t !i» mptist
Church at YVoilitJ v i> Sile a c m u>\ \r. J,
Kron ©Ion* ic|uiui»;: vju Dr. Jayne’s
Oifnoiiutivd 15 iUa n, l oeliev'e it to be a %'er/
happy co©oimti>n, an i a met u me it cum in
many co ©plaints w uc i al a >oc c >.i» an ly oc
in co a Ury, sac i as t5 >vel A lection
o Cfciliron, Colic, Ora npo, Lo JiS MSb, D/s
peptic Disorders of the $:o me ), Cmj is, ano
Affections of the itrjist, t ojetler With Ultiioss
diseases attended wit i oooraess of the Sto
mans* a vi believe that p.iysicia is will otter.
Bad i * ustfal fa a; ly 1:1 t tetr >) >u l>, a i 1 j.i
proper Ur d j n^stic u*j, ail cm be p j
the hand *1 per*ms xi Urj* witu peric.
%Ky, -V* iiacox, M. U.
Woudito vn, 8»le » G >•» N[. I., viiy i, liJi.
Prepared and sold by 1) '. i>. Jxvue, Xj. 2.
South roird *treet. oet^ei i Miriec ailoheo
at. „ . .
Tb* publi arc apectfully int.rnsd thx
r. Wra. Stabler, Dra.'^iit, Alsunlru, is l0;
seat for the sale of the aoutre naedicmb.
* D.\V1*» J.1YNB 1
iphia, June -ly
IS RBCOVI MENDED as decidedly superior
to any other known combination of Medi*
cine, for Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Constirop
tion, Asthma, SYtting of Blood, Hoarseness,
Difficulty of Breathing, HoopmgOough, Pains
and Weakness of the Breast, and all diseases of
the Pulmonary organs.
This medicine is highly and justly rscom
mended, by numerous and respectable indivi
duals, who have found relief from its use- Ma
ny who have been laboring under protracted
Coughs and pains in the breast and have been
supposed by themselves and the»r friend.; fat
advanced in consumption, have oeen tvappit}
restored to perfect health by the use ol tu.>
valuable Expectorant.
Persons Insuring under chronic or consump
rive coughs, will And great advantage trom
carrying a small quantity of the Indian Expec
torant with them, while attending to their va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspoonful oc
casionally. Their cough will be scarcely felt
and they will be enabled to expectorate with
the greatest facility, and the irritating matter
wiM thereby soon be removed and a perm*
nent cure effected. Let the afflicted try it.
Prepared only by Dr D* Jayne, ot Salem, N.
Jersey, and none is genuine without his writ
ten signature to the label on the outside o*
the bottle.
hereby certify thf: was cured ofa violent
cough and pain in the breast by using Doctoi
Jayne’s Expectorant Medicine* My wife also
was afflicted with a bJ>d c )dgn and paw in the
breast, attended with so much difficulty o
breathing as to prevent her from getting *u)
sleep fora number of nighlsin succession; but
by taking two doses of this medicine sue was
enabled to sleep quietly through the mgut
and in a few days by continuing its use she
was perfectly restored. Jacob Riuokway.
ITuicock’s Bridge,N. J. Sept 24,1835*
Last spring my wife was confined tonerned
by a distressing cough an i pain in her ureas',
and side—Her cough harassed her day and
night and tier difficulty of breatoirg was so
great that she got very little sleep for mm*
days a?i 1 nights together—None ot tile medi
cines she took appeared to be of any service
to her; when Dr J iyne kindly sent tier a hot
tie ot Indian Expectorant which soon and com
pletely restored her to health She firmly be
Brves it Uie best medicine ever discovered
William EouLst**
Hancock’bUriJge, N. J. Nov. 21, S35
From J» II.Smith, Escj. Brooklyn, Id. Ii
i hereby certify that the above valuable »T.e
ilmine has been used in my family with great
benefit in severs 1 inst unces. J. il S.&iru
Brooklyn, Dec. 1 boo*
From A. L. H B. Sands, Druggists, No. IGu,
Fulton street, New fork.
]>r. i) J ivne— Dear sir: Your Indian Expec
torant is doing well here. We have but about
oee dozen left ot the gross you sent us. You
will please forward on a winter supply as soon
as convenient: It seems to give universal sa
tisfaction to ail wh j:n we have hoard from who
have used it— 1 it ’ season is last approac/ung
when such a medicine wul be much needeu
and asit is well supp irted by good ceitihcates
it will sell very rapid.}'. iae only objection
seems to be to the price; but we nave not had
one customer who objected to take it on that
accocunt; as no one Bouots its virtues Very
respectfully, vours, 4* 'ha B. San os.
Nov. 7, ldd6.
From he dev C C P. Crosby, late agent of
the American Bxptist.
To Dr. D J.jy na Dear sir; l it ive m *. Is use
of the in lian E xpectorant, personally an 1 in
my family for the Ust six years with great oen*
ent. Indeed 1 nuy cruulcr m/life prolong*
ed by the use of tins v ilu ib!e :n e licine, n i let1
the blessing of U id, for sever*! ye irs 1 m iy
sav ahnastas much in tne cise of my wife an i
also ofthsBev. Mr fins >n of to el aland of J i*
muca. For all cases n? coug u, i no i n n ition
of the chest, lugs a \ 1 throat, L do n out unhe
sicating*/ recom nend this \s tils oestm :dc:uc
l hive ever tried. My e truest wisli is tint o
thersa dieted as l have seen, miy experience
the sane relief, which l an persuaded they
will by usiagthc Inina E xpsetonnt.
(J.Tj P. Caosur
N B Many of my neighbors, on my recon
gmeudaCon, have trie] this me licine with uni.
torm iiiCuCS). N» i Jt x, J iiSv *b> r ] >o»
From the Bev. Jonathan firing, D I). Ei.tu
of t ie American Baptist,
i have use J the*o)ve medicine with suc
cess for a cough an I hoarseness.
N. York, Dec. 1 dJ5, Jonathan Dung.
Duel. D. Jiync—Dear sir: i wasfor along
dm j adlicted with a violent cougn and li riic al
ly of areathing, atten iei with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect health by using one oo;t!e of your In
'dim Expectorant. luvebeen su »jeci to a
enugh and pain m ny breastfor near twenty
years, an 1 have found far greater benefit fro n
this medicine than fro.a any other. [ ren.i,
respectfully, yours, Sjsxx hicLinu.
Oanton, N j/. 21, 1335
M tny ra >r~ cerad: ues might be added bat
the above are considered su iieient.
Salem, N J. April, 13i5 jj. J AYNE
For sale by agents throughout the United
States, wnere als > ;niy be had JavnPs (Jar.nh
n alive Rilsa ft, for Rowel Uo n.nlaints; J uyiiesh*
funic Verm fu/e, for ;Vor.ms, Fever^aud Ague
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomich, toe.
Agent for Alexandria,
1st in). 23 — lv W >1. SIWREER,
Pre-eminent for Cleaning ami Preserv
ing the iliir.
Is unrivalled ui its excellence for promoting
the re-growth and beauty of the hair, and foi
the immediate re.m >7*1 of daudruiF or scurf.
vVnen, from i.seace or neglect, tne hair be
en nes hard, n xrs >, and dry, an 1 begins to fall
jiF, the Restorative advances its growth, i n
prjvesits app* trance, ails to its elasticity*
an J bestows to it a transcen lent gloss.
thus article is intended to supersede ali>
ther preparations for the htir; end tho-e who
use it will du i m it a luxuriant appendage to
e n>e:i.sh, au J for many r asons much prefer
ibis (particularly in the nursery) to any thing
of tne iind neret afore irtbred to the puolic.
Certi ticute of the I hi tJ J Siimds^of the \
l >:t >e of ilepreseni itirris.
have m ideal export nent of the •«Persian
:iiir itcstor itive,” with groat benefit. I be
Ueve it m iy os safely UieJ, and to groat ad
/aaUge* by every one. It has greatly dimin
ished tne dix ira:F, a i l very much improved
the texture of my hair, from the occasional
»se r mis ore juration for eight or ten days
£4. J SUXELDS* ,
Dsc. 15th, 1335
\Ve concuru\ toe above rec m nenaation cl
chee ticic/ut the ‘ Persian il air Restorative,*
n re n >ving the dindrud’ from the nead, an*
>t t le ot ior beneficial e feats resulting front
, ts ipplica ion to the hair.
^Nb 5 cenLES,
W. Tjlyiob, M B*
mi me House of Representatives,
For sale, wholesale or retail, by the preps
•or, J. W. SHI HI, W ashington, L). C.
For sale by Wn. Stabler, C. Farquhai, A
riAuiria; J.F.Cullan, C. Hoyle, I. Watkins
Howard* Washington; G. M. Sothorn
ieorgeto wn*
Price 75 cents per bottle. ar27 -ly
__ --— - -v 1 »■ r —- - ( ^
i'Ul-’N ri.\u?
'.xeouteJ \yMU neatness at tfcls Office
•c The true riches of life is he itth ”
know that health and the ability to la*
bor constitute the wealth of the great
of the people in this, as in most other
countries To preserve, therefore, that health
hv natural means is a grand mural an 1 pTiti
cal scheme, to fulfil which, requires our utmost
attention. The unprecedented pop ihritv
\nd universal approbation which this medicine
has achieved throughout the United States
the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, an 1 the 'Vest
Indies, fully justify Dr. Peters in warmlv and
conscientiously recommending them to the
special attention of the afflicted
Dr. Peters has spent much time in experi
menting with different vegetable medicines for
diseases of the liver, and now offers his Vege
table Pills, as the best, m »t convenient, and
cheapest medicine that can he prepared tor ge
neral use.
One great quality of his Vegetable P.lls
that they hare the alternative principle com
bined with their cathartic, or operative
qualities, so that they not only cleanse
the stomach an 1 b > vein by purging. !>'tt they
regulate the liver, change the morbid secre
tiofis strengthen the digestive organs, purity
the blood, in vigor Me the circulation, and give
tone and energy to the nervous system
They are nr,Id and plessant in their operi
tion, and convey almost im mediate conviction
of ‘ heir utility frv>m their first dose. They can
be taken with safety by persons of anv age;
;\n(l the feeble, the infinn. the nervous an 1 the
delicate, are strengthene ! by their opertti >n,
because they clear the system of ba 1 hu
•nor*. quiet nervous irritability, an 1 invariably
pn.duce sound health
‘ The vegetable Pdls are a sun remjly for
jaundice, sick and nervous hen laehe, dyspep
da, costiveness, sickness ofthe stomach, heart
burn, all bilious complaints, fevers oi aii
kinds, and if taken at the‘co n neocement will
invariably check their progress, anlstvertip
patient from a protracted an l dtngermu sick
iiesg '1'iiey a» e invalti ible in nervous and hy
ncchondrica! aflectioos, lo;s of appetite, an l
•all co npl tints to which fern ties alone are sub
ject. I bey opcrMc as a mil and soeedv
pir’ftj, a?. I are a site cn i ce1111o i^.riw 1 j. f'/.
* orms in children.
For sale by Wm. Stabler, *Vm. Marper, Coon
k Lealbeater, and I fin l. Sayrs.
Alexandria. Arrd 6 IS>9._*_
MU ill SON’S 1M!j! jS.
'riHE Gaiviin * Morison’s Pills or Uni
IL versa! Venerable MoJicines of the
British Oolite of Health. Tnesc Mcvh;*
cines cure all diseases Which adaiit o
1. Th *v re n ive fra n the stonich, liver and
intestines Mo > I n iking irtfins,*!! abstmc
lions to the dire perfiium ice ot their healthy
2 They purify Hi* bln 1 hv in re a sin.? ts va
rious excretions, ail 1 prevent disease hyena
blin^tne i> > 1/ successf iily to resist the pre
lisp is'i'i;? an 1 existi c i i>ns to -i seise.
3. They increase the action of the r>si*o
ents, by which all ^norbi 1, ^rottisare t : se i in
to circ il itioa, aid aUerwarls exp bed trim
the body.
4. ihiey rest >re the re? d i-uty of th ise pm
■cesr.s u;n i which the f >r n r.ioa *a 1 circaU
cion of the bio > 1 depen Is
Tiese a»*e the o ily m»lioin *s known in
which stti 11 i d ises hive a o ) verhil an 1 >eneri
ciM effect; an i yet, of which, in ex’reiieci
>e<, such very In.r4*r doses ri.\y be a 1 niniscered
4 - a /\ ess* 'f, ail w i * h jjro ldy incensed a d v a 11
ia/e to the patient
Fne B itis'id >';i eg? <>i 112 tun uv-mg rev.; a
-il. * i mils 1 and :n i I e v>i 1 the app linrma r
II ira'io Ship'iearl be ins cnse.i
l.) be in an v m 1 m . r the aen*. of tie idr.cis,.
G glege of it eii’b.
George Taylor being now, an 1 fr» r. n nee
forth, Lie sole g -neru agent in tue U. States,
of the British College of It tilth. f »r the salt
if M iris m’s Pills, or jIs 2 Vegetable U 11 versa:
'1 idicins of the British College of Health, ii
-a ut be evident to aP, tint no person bat the
;ai.l George Taylor bis any right or i utb >nty
to nominate or appoint general agents for tne
ads of the ib >ve medicines.
T le former General Agent has very justly
ibservcd, that since the legii decisions .v sic',
have established tue ciarii o. t ie (■ in » no <Iy
r^in .}> li^inest > protection from lirectco.m
terfeiters, nu r. oeri ess ire the s-ehftmcs of a 1
principled inuvators to evalethe just penal
nes of the la .v, and scarcely a u v.vspoti jr cm
oe taken up that d >es not teem with wii >le co
iumns of garbled extracts from Mr M iris m’
publicati ms, an I >/ th is u lbltis 1 ugly assn n
mg his ideas, and ere a his very «r ord ?, vainh
strive to rob him of his origin! discovery by
which he hi* rescue 1 luvour fro n a series o
>u*Terin^s of thirty-live yetrs co itiuiu ice, an 3
led to the r >iu luioo of the s jinJ out simple
syste ** of tue ify/eian p^yhclo^y; whcreis,
ai nut Mr. M >ris >u pi* >p u uled this system
t) tiie L iglisi cu n n 1 h:y, and In! nut iu
truth ipread witli a rapi lily com n^nsuraie with
its importance through Great B;itun,th: C >n
• ir»eut 01 jropc, t ie N 111*>ns tue List, uo j
ciic U iik *d Scales of America, anc , in fact, hi
y*m r A Lucies and a 1 v iciles eUihlis led in
ever*/ civilized Na'iou of tue Ltrim, neither
their names inr their ijfuriat pretenUoii
wool l ever have been heard of.
Caution! —No pills sold in t 1t United States
of America are the genuine Mnrisn i’s tM.’s, or
V’eeetable Universal Medicines of the B.ntisu
College of Health, unless each box, eu turning
such pills, be signed with a tac-simde nf ,J Ui-j*.
Morison the ilygcists signature; an 1 also witu
a fic-simile of the signiture of the siid Ueo.\je
, Pay lot, assucli General Agent afnresai !. Tu :
label is as follows, and is arli ;e 1 to e ich bo c*.
James M orison, "> Hamilton Place
tue U/geist, S King Gross London.
The following Agents have been appoints 1
for thi above \1 a heuei, of w i >-.n only liu
<renuine ininor-'ed M orison s i ms can o j o»>
Vv’*. \> ,\tK tv S i!c Agent for tbe District <>:
Colu nbia, Bridge street, G mrgeto v n an t o:
the folio wing b ob-agen .s ~Bcd -X r.ntw’is;e,
ixiag street, Alexi idria; 1 • C i> rign., High
street, Georgetown; It. Vv’.-g it at UcIntireS
Auction Store, opposite the Mirth Market,
Penaslvania Avenue, Washington City.
The ipills are sold in packages of 1 and Jo
ind at 25 and 5J cents ach, wail directions; tbe
powders in boxes at 25 cents.
65 Wall street, N. V irk, Sole General Agent
je 11 — 1 v
Corner of Km: ail iWukington S'reets,
HA TEFUL 10 his frienJs and the
lX Public for the patronage heretofore
rec *ived, would respectfully re nind them
of Ins wi iiness still to serve them i i that
eapaci'y. m iv 6
vy M. N. & E. BSH'vLFiV have just
? 7 received an additional supply ot
reasonaole Dry G >o 1consisting of m a
oy desirable and in ids me articles,—
which they are determined to sell on the
most accommodating terms. Call! as
bargains may b ; expected an 23 —if
T110 M P S 0 NIA N i N FIR M A R Y,
On Fairfax' and Cameron streets,
Medicines for sale compounded by Dr.
Thompson. up 18—tf
Imp ort ant Information!
fS respectfully solicited bv the*subsc,'b~L
a_ to an invaluable preparation, the roe-i J
vhich have been tested by -i ^»e, an a‘e
i tioed hv undoubted testimony.
id Iv^Lir -i
Bo taxi cal Drops.
Is evvry veari ncreasing their1 ong establish
reputation, fnev have outiive* m*p*^ ***
val )”j‘piriri‘>ns. m l are z >orinual«y • * K
up »n public, confidence. r
The II >tanical Drops have been«ucce^«‘ /
i Iministereii for maiv years, as a thorou^ re
^ *dy for that well fcno*» and preva ef‘ 7
»f inveterate liseases which originate rm“ *
vitiated habit of on !v.or an hereiiUrv pvt^
pout ion in the patient, an t generaby appear
under the / arious and ii-itresssng shapeso
Scrofula, Salt Bhaum, Leprosy, St. An no
ov’s Fire, Fever Sores, White Swellings
Scurvy, Foal and I istinate Lie1-. ., . '
■t, 1 «, -s, Scald Bead, and Ve«ier**U *««*•
11 Mie last mentioned condition ottfiesv*
tern, the Botanies! Drops will be found to er ‘
dicatetbe lurking ooison, where rnercu, > •'-*
totally failed, an! thus prevent the piuen.
from : ttailinsfthe taeds of n Hereditary i •■->
ease .n hi« > Fsprini'.
Dr. itelfe’s Botanical Dropsare luceessrui.s
•ise l in cases of violent eruptions alter Lie
n tasles—red blotches -pimples ont;»et »ce
f-.sterinj emotions >o the skin m l ot ler . |J^
-asesofthe exterm! surface; and are one o.
ihe oesl >pring aid Vtitumnal physics known..
■<, free the system from humors
\ physician of eminence, whohad witness’.
•heeTicacv of this irticle, had the candor re
mnt'y to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
is c > isidered itlhe oest me l*c;o2 known,
the complaints for which it is •-mended, *n :
t int it o-i 'ht deservedly to stand at toe hesu
»f the w hole class of such re nedies
Price £1 a bottle, o“ 6 mottles for f c
vVIJITF rssri! A-Id HR ALT Hi
G- -J VE3!
■ «r)SK who wo'ihl regain or restore these
I. lestrabb personal advantages, are assur
nl that no composition can o? obtained supe
Tirnsii ASTi»KPnc dsntiu |
t? r n 1,'
r iv.* i j.
I Flip's an elegant in 1 prison preparation
n a very respect, an 1 has, for rumv years past,
r,v8n universe! svisfaction. woerever it ha
■* p p I l
S’ne .\ntiseptx Sler.trificesis exempt from
icid an 1 other deleterious ingredients, winch
• oo frequently enter tiie composition of tooth
pnvders in common use, andi twhitens the
• in me I of the teeth without doing it the least
i nur”. The regular use of tnis ad n.red pow
*sr, by purifying the mouth and preventing
2umulatton i>I tartar, op er*tcs as the, b..
preventive of the Tooth Vche The Dentriftce
enoves iiscobritior.s, and restores the heau
ifol native whiteness of the enamel. As <t£
ipplic;n<jn Prices an i strengthens the bu ns,
t'sec ir,.. to them their healthy and do. id hue,
inn oy fv moving ail oTensiv : foreign seen
n ilations ft jm the teeth preserves the natu
ral sweetness of the breath. _ Price 50 cents
0 0 \r J -J » lliSii U ' i I C: 0«i t. • i . ‘*'lt
•; \ * printed wrapper by the sole pr iprietor,
j% Kid let*, i n c.i lute successor to * Dr.
V i\ Kjivwav. F«»r -file* with ad tbs otue?
• Con way deiicine,*’ at D-wWing d n n,
vd 99, door to .1 Ki Her’s Dm ' Store,
;arrtrr of K i-rt an 1 iUr.over -streets, ne tr 0 m
ert ffali, ll-jiton r;r.)k4FS:> \T &IL>D£*
-in i, bv his special ftpp'^niiinent, oy
vm . sr\HKKil, Fairfax -drect, .\:e<m lna
* * f nr/e iiscojnt to those who buy to^yls
j I i &*1 h
H [*’1 '5.v, 9, ■ -j 35 /
^ f &• .j ^ j* J rs s* r 'i!
; \7 tbs-, ion.; train of diseases winch see... to
• i-rotf wit.i the ijr-nyth ot civilized s >ctety, j
Janv.i notion U^es the leal in its Mlemls,.
nrui l > anon in tun hie; yet this dreadful !is
>r ier is eas ly overcame in its earlier stages,
t is .iniv when neglected that it arrives^ the
terrific m aunty wnich so often 3 i lies the sa
racitv of profeiii anal science. An obstinate
•ooru is toe cit'tomiry forerunner or tiie pul
-onarv cons t nption I nproper neglect in tne
• neU a i ntnistralron of simple and salutary
: licuiis, is sure to oe reproved ay a dread
f'»l •>ivv.1 Sii >n ol c ! hm n )11v e syrnpioii'* *op
>r23/,an of t:ie K-ast; greenish mi bloody
.p/utie; ulcerated iunjjs and nsctic lever; shri.
.•*lied xtre nrties, and general e r.aciauon ol
i,g wnote hi i >: ;.r istraao > u! si.euef'.yUiish
i ir cheets; •* v alien feet aud iei;s; an i at la-.t,
:o"rhe full p liSis-.ion ol the mental faculties,
ml while nope stili wu spurs n.-i ha,.c-(..ijt
a'e cold extremities, au t a premature .»e»tn
For the various st ages of this co npiamt, one
>f the most approved r»* sie ites ever yet do |
-.o ere.d.
rnisexces Itn^ly po werful, and yet equally
safe md innocent prep iration, has efVecteJ tho
,'o t rh an i rapid cures up »n patients supposed
(to i a v •. o e e i r ar tlvaucel i u %>confi r n eu i . on
! Ml Option, til l Who have exhibited the appear
mces vhich is i iil*»n iicate a filial tef r,i:*aUosi
: \ I he discr i’.Tt
As tiie i*i»Is re { lire <n ordinary cases no
cj iine naat, thev ’U&v oe * t rmuatered with
con iJence aa l safety to all ages an i classes o.
>o)ile. Uae«anpicd success iuh hitherto at
en led their a 1 nirustraiiou m a great variety
,f oases; an l the proprietor can refer i j a irm!
.»tade,*wlr.ch tesuty to their e iicacy in reviv.
:nr i:\c e oaciuel victi n iro n tne oed of dis*
m c vi ! re-itonng h;;n to the blessings o* *c
ojs o neo heiUnai.i ctivuj
^rice i I ior whole OoEes of >0 pills, and 50
m 111* t)r nai» o c, 13 n11«sj wit«.i directions* j
I -_ i
\ Mblon. Horn Piaster!
j i liK \i >i) i Burn duller sol tens the corn,
V no vever oht an 1 toig i> and extracts il to
| file very roots, l ne re•»e< a .* u* ded »s geuvuc,
i; nmediute* and tuorough
The proprietor begs leave to submit the to!
!ovm< Ci=»o, Iron Mr Stowell, who is well
*cn ) v n u) t u e i n u a a i • a * i ■ a o! this city, especial
ly »l the S mth tin t and S Mth Boston, as a
very worthy and respectable citizen:
{ A Cask*
d not hed.&te to give mv most im- |
pusdihe i approbation m favor of vour valuable j
\ioion Corn blaster By the use of less than ]
i box, Mrs Siowell has oeen cured ot a corn
on each f-ot, winch had been exceedingly j
troublesome and painful tor years, and 1 think i
it out justice to your invaluable preparation]
to add, (ter the encouragement of those who, j
o.vmg to repeated disappointments in the vu- !
riois remedies resorted to, have finally des- :
pa red of acure,)tua your Piaster cured her
corns, alter trying otfter highly recommended
remedies to no purpose; and what increases!
j my c mridencc m the superiorly of your Pdas* j
f ter, is tie fact, that it has been used by seve* :
ral of m►' neighbors with equally good success.
bj.rn hto w sl jt,
iveeper of olfhouse, South Boston Bridge.
Mr. T. Kiun-mi, Proprietor of the Conway
Medicines* Joston June i'Ah, }d2J.
4 P*ice 50 cents* ;
fc scu iums the weakiy, and others, wui
' hr*, livable i with gnreness or tnfiamma
tion ’ delicate organ, will he able to ot>
tuin 1 m Jst pleasiiit an linv iluible anoliciUmc .
\ r m * o ■ > i r* c*
j I \J U a J i1 ; I . 1j b*
ibye*’ w nt jfc i
* j
This wel established Wash for the Kye is j
perfectly innocent aad given rmmeiirde reliei. l
even \n very aggravated cases o soreness srul
innHmnwuun. Price 25 cents.
9 9 None genuine unless signed on the ou
sidenrin-ed wrapper by tv'c sole prcurietcr,
l\ Kirldder, immediate successor to the Utc ,
Dr. W. T Goo ^'iV. Fo.’ sale, with aH Die oto- (
e?'*Onnw»y Medicines/’at hisOouui •
Vo. 99, next door to J Kidder’s
corner of Court in 1 fiinover streets,
Concert Dali, Boston.
And also, by his special*r>poio*m^-'* J,y
W M. S r.\i5LK»h
»an 24 FVtrfYs street, Alexandria
f/<tr^e discount r<> tho&* A*v;0 puvtoseM a<r*ir
T*n H. **«**■* ’*.? grs Hds!
nfcRUSONS suiFering under ilium mat ic A‘
t ction are respectludv assured that they
can ..ntair, of the proprietor ana his agents a
4afe ami admuahte remedy for Uneu.n uism.
„ ./ever obstinate the disorder mav De.ai.-1
jr. ail its differentstages.
&r. Jzbb's Liniment!
vill afford immediate reiief to the pa' cm,
uul has sometimes been attened with sur.i
extraordinary success as to cure > h>. nos
ires-nog dheumitUm in twenty-four hour*,
,-ven when .if vears standing.
fttis highly va'uab’e Lininwnt is recorn
m-mled vv;t‘i a confidence founded on t.se
experience of nnov veara, not only as a cure
for that excruciating disease,but as an excel
lent application for Ststmess of toe Join.a,
Numbness,Sprains, Chilblains, Sic.
gl’o.s article is considered so superior to
everything else, and to nos seas such uncom
•tj-jp virtues.thatn s orderedtrom ill barts.i
’"8f Wn'l'vM recently writes: “Please send
:nA°a further supply of J ebb’s Liniment tne
firs* opportunity — i shall probab.y sel. a con.
jsiderable quantity, as it is recummen .ed o*
some ot our phvsicians very highly, .dth nh..
ronfary to th »ir rules and regulations to gt'e
encouragement to sur.n (or. P^ent) inedi
ores ’’ llut is a most decided pro d of htir
eonfil'.mce in its invaluable properties
Another agent writes: “I *'ish >(,u 10 r,,r;
* ard me some more of Jebb’sldmmeut, wiuc.i
h?i5 recoDcrieoed’ •'scii very u'g*-D* t .ic. .)
- cents a bottle.
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint
deceives immediate relief, and in numerous
instat es has been thoroughly cured, by the
a din ni st rati on of
;)u \i K R I ?.S’ RM M Kl) V FOR
L* It J 1L j_J e.
'SI I IS approve:! compound also mitigates
L and removes the symptoms w»ich :r?
Kiently accompany that disorder, am; increa
se danger of the patient vis; pains m toin^
headache. Idas of appetite, in ligestun, an;;
other mirks of debility
A relieved patient writes from a :.is' ance:
‘’ll is but justice to inlurm von, :hat.! ■•‘•ave
used your l)Vnfrles’ Itemedy for the t'licsiur
some time past, and have round it eminently
pieces -st’u 1. * ^
! lie remedy is quite J*»r» ■
id i-rimC'tereti t *> r* • r£zZ* ' 1 ■' - •i - - **•
ind vn-iio I.reodons, w.uu description •?.
complaint, accompany each p*cs«ge, wmen
consists of two boxes, one containing an Oint
ment, in l he >tner an ' " 1 lfJ •
Price il for both articles.or 50 cents where
^ut *>.ie »s wa>\>^ K
,, . » 7,S ' • ’ V \ p f 4• ? J *
1 • /< 5 1 Mil L III'*
X«£4i 4vr ’tit -■
'3V!!S disurjct ;scu«*c t in >'s m >s
1 ;).»n.fii! s-i.Ls. »>V «>.>■' t*r» -ie n; 8!,n:,:‘'
is well US powerful ;e.-.ic lies known m.n>
ic rn of’ic!ics ' *iC
CAM5'itt A a Mdi.i i lu.i,
.ilJoni II,sum relief, without inflicting the
si;^!ite't ur-ur- *>i; the tcstn I iiev s,il* u>p*i
.‘j,v ,m&\\y to the p.rts *.n'ecteil, with ilk
gre&tfst e *e k< i e koo.
•>:»erate as a ■>■> »*h'*i ' le.iit ■>•••' lo'.ie »u‘Serins
P a t * e n t • ** ficeodceutsaoox
£ ». S ri *, > ♦ V; 1 / *
51 • ' // P »i n ; r ± *•' t''Ai >
i)“^r */ i A ^ A
g * r' most obstinate ch incter, aider having
\ P >adIe i the s’Dliol the r« >s e n*m r.tpm. •
^cians an i witiistoo ith m •- ‘ «< n
le'-i n - 1 : d p r er) trail ons. has- Che u
*d, relieved. a:i > cured, in a u uu nor or ;u u u.i*
• • t* • l • i 't' l 'i 1') O Cl 1 tistS C. t > , O y it * i il g , i 01 a s 11 )i v
fine. Dr Kblfr’s
in connexion, according to the directions c
companvi'ijj tile Specific It is ilsoor: - of k.v
•)e,t incdtct.ics known tor tlca
Sif.kness at the Stomach, Nuas^u, auir i ;hi
p rtCc o i 1h c *>,) cc., (\ c a ml P i! * s • 5 \J c ■- u l s e «c i;
lf..r5^ J *5 ® 1- v-> rS »«v y *'* ,Q 5 A C? *
rj .Jf J, 3. 1 V w* D i-4 itl* Cr -iiAi •--» A V J 5
5* i rt conri'amts peculiar it) tht lemale part
rL of the community, have ueen long sue
i{v rp^ited ovihea.liVj ni?-lrat*.j«i of Du
\ro r* itic ‘Mis originally prescribed imi co u
pointed bv Dr. itelfe 'Phcy cleanse Die
o’cjod rru h chose disorders o* the to uDe co.i
atitat 10:3, for ’/•' 111ch tnc pu«s are a'l ehectuit
soccitie; llic> •uitort-a fre/ circuia-ion. reform
tlie irregulai operations cJ the sanguderous
system, an l rectify the iii^ord'. red hahiis 1 ne
proprietor’s confidence m Ihcsup^rtor excrU
1 e 11c e of tins e sjpi st;! > 1 id gc e n t ^ • 1 i p * * w e *. * 1.
preparation. 15 f iunicd on the mo it deceive
testimony from rnanv restored poieius lie ;
•can nssurt:-!iis» portion 01 Die jiuouc. that tv oe:» *
Oil. UC.SJI’■ (k & A An a Vi •- iw v Aj! :e l
y\u l
ire rej lfnrly taken, iooar iinp to the direc ;
si.MH, aceoTi’pH-jyjn^ them, Us.) rev.ve &.;d j
esUUiiisn t:i3 desired iv.-sdhv ii i-r-its, and re', j
'.ote to toe piii-.J c ; t ,'i -o the iii-vv?. i
.-tow of hauilh n:j spirits
MaiViJv .i !v!J ' -Ov. ..- ' i ‘ U / U*''
ful, escejiiin • > •* i
iitust nutoeUien? neithei mamtaev betaken
y persons Oi ilc. l • C Of r.i-JilSU '1 ri *»>1 s,
riiey rr.^y oc tiiieci success! u 11 v b\ citj.oi iniin
: or wo.iK’fi m i\ i • ? y p‘iCiiondr»AC <1 y >teric nr
| Viipounsli itsorUei s. in»:icasw.* ot thin de
scription, * tie p # I. s p u 11 r y , t«i i. tf«< ri c • a •. \1 re
vive tile disordered > vsie*n ihict ?>*. .>J
» ** None genuine u n eas signed on t Seoul*
t:k1c printed wrapper b\ the proprietor,
T. Kidder, immcdiatesueces^r to the Kite »>r »
T. Comvuy For sale, with nil the other 'Con- |
w.ty Me itcir.es, ’* at pi* C:JU!»tui„ N .j
99, next cicoi* to j. Kid tor's Cvu.; Store, cor
ner or Couri and ilsnover niteet>. near Concert •
Hall ost;' : KiniK-li,
Ann a<so„oy uis fecial ipp m i?n=*nt, by
^ Vi . Si A i L ?> i: ,
*r; Kv street, AU-sundriu*
. , • i*i
v j «■«•<«•<» dlSCOilSitt » O ••••’> C ..ii ) ‘* \ it i'c...
4 l**ln wu*^.*v*.w
o r; - t!
nr , ’ ' ' » J ’r J
]_; U AI e . v i.. s I
« *5 . v—’ tr » f
3 > ifTk :f* r. }> ^ T& \M :" r> *TS »
*£3^* 9 z *» - e--’ ... 4v v.i w .*
sTjir; xicnsiv e. s'ii e n ostannaneu repu
& tstion or Dumfries'Itch OtfUrneiU, enccuc
i^esthe proprietor to recommend it with re^
newed confidence tc the public us a rites in no
cent ns well as r>o*£ertul application f.;rth:s
i annoying disease. The must inveteratecased
| have been ccann is omk imiuuMj} thiL-esteem
1 Oinlmet. ! t cor#i-jins no n *i ccry or ut';»
I ~r noxiousi n^re tieut ,and m ty ne couhdeiilly
; ip,plied even to the your* ■'cst children, oi lc i
nantf’e:na!es.—d'/r cents ^ I
None genuine uulcis signed on the out j
A ;e printed v*r ppe the oie ntopnetor, \
I\rtidder,i mr siDst? successortu the late Dr.
vV. T.Coawav. For sale, with all the other
“Conway We ficineV at h-.s Counting Uoom,
Vo. 99. next door to J Ki ider’sDrug Store,
corner of Court an i Hanover streets. neirCon.
cert Hall. ttn-Mon THOMPSON KIDDKR.
And 3W0, by his special appointment, bv
WM S r\BL?HL Fairfax sireet, Alexandria.
* * ' Large discounts Co those who buy to sell
/>/*. Sj) >'i d.v />-r // / /.cv' e/rr/» h»r nick
Hula he.
'••Si; \ ;ON \im.i; advice
' \YV.v not nurse
\Vhen nature, h dne oppress *d, cim
•11 * u ! > I!)•* mind
r{L> sti Ifw i ’ h tip* i) “I*'.
•* T ike dm * i>v hi»* f nvl >ck, says the
;ida"u. Take moil cue at ill * proper
fj n,» c jv we. It is a cn itl-T of l»?<sdif.
liuiliy to n^c-Ttain the ptoper ti.no, lo
-1 u*l\ relief from m *»Jicine. to an it is !•>
»is c. n v e r t i i e proper 11; e i i a i 11 e which is t«►
1'Laiu‘nter coin'ort lo the afflicted pa
tient. Dr. Spoheds K ix r of lleaitn,.
which has oru dn-d i celeb* jty in the an
nals of phy-uc,’ u p o mped in ancient or
opnler n times, his performed Mich as'on
isiiinir cures, Hm nnmL‘*rs oi tip* facul y'
in justice to Dr SSn-mn, have pwnhoiv,
fPC'Oded their op; p.|< of it > WO lid er till
and extraordinary h a.th restoring qu.il-'
« l ir-.5J
Dr SjtoJtnx KUrrr of Uru 'lh O/;#?nation.
S\ rout mis ! !<«* the !ol;<»v\ In*/ or** >ut r'
ro viH 1 to it- u*e Sickness at the sto.
roach, head iC e*, d //. piipdntior'
d the Iv4 a*', impaled ;«pp«-»it«-f mmm* •
r*»m(?- acid and ioif»e>cent e: ucMtinn* -
coldness and weakness «d Iext. enii
ii»*s, emacivinn and goa»oa! Met) { is,,
iltsiiirpod rest, a S'-im* ot inc-.-nn* and
weight a'the stom »ch after eating n gi t
o;ue. g r o i' mental despond*nry, severe
!l\’ia ; p dn- in the cnest b ick and *!<!»•$
(• )s i ve:i ’ss a dislike (»»r soi ir y or c li
vers id n. iny dmrai v sighing and w eep.
!ne? { iOgn »r and I i>s11ude Up >n to** i *a-t
xe cise
h ins Ivcnine a .rone* ai pract c-‘ ui !>
,n irjv to 11s• * 11os a■« ii« l * i ‘ ad c is•»s oi
•olds, pain- in ’ i i • b Hies. o heavy dl*
igre.Mhie I • * * i 'g*y n : dm/ to he.i j ich«»
• ir chi !i mss. fh> l»o irs»mes- il taker)
through th.e d sy. b c > noietejy restores
[ f't /» y ) j * ■ (» \v:'ll not pin ) ‘ | Cl \ / S i I \ i 0 S S —
X | o) n >; n .j »i i * ’ . i'll an oil'll- »»* C i) C -
in*n are cored by b. Tli • -t » o ci is
kent in P h jeCi a i n bv P, and it i • «{ ri <>
impossible t ■» t• any disease h *o d io n*
i,.nice vvh .e a p*.v.s>a is uan4 this
-y r on
t^i; ; ik'* 1 d si’v it pm lopes a ni iv,
*1- j 1 ny. a v ui \fy j r\u.ic\ oy driv
ing • •! i 1 i • ’: 1 ‘ 0 0 m's > f i 1 e > y - i«* 1». ?
dhh ‘ |e;\di *g poi its to l!l * oy ii .M’|
vV11 iC j til ‘ gr * it 0> * o' (II S hVf op iS P»r.
ho ned. is h 11 the si miach is toe so it <*f
,;j rl;s»* Mr*- of a I- v n.ru 1 e. and ai.y
I is > r (1 e r .11c ! nil o th*» >t »m ic i inui: ed
)/ this flMirl*. i'h-i'e |S lner*dor* II I
iWm* nr c hi, as inn hi oil an n at mo or de.
nioty, nr sickness o’ -1 nonce; (*’X ept
vbti I mi t es. f ('i ju V ) e dy -eataf' f i»r
] 10ful 1Ce, <)I dy -.• e, sIe, ull[ 0.t! it ^ i 1
Mire Toe ue.ly timia »*s lh it peop e
'!i mid he (iri i * 11 f arel de,M*od open u —
i"or astlim 1 it lias n > e<]0 1!.
To tie h id of .1* 'Ll V 1. SA YUS.
I>ru r*'i it.—A n*n• f o* m • im opi let o
iiiv 'A
,KVi JJUiiUL.lL,
»A lNT V.!«
Hoynl; in.'f'l f;tt c-*"; h:-u an l t*rinre
'j Ef AS <)u >i i.’id (in is const a n i ly ntaii
i lii til .clm i ii! A! ni'iii u:y, (ireeian
eaticy and A ir.d'sur Chairs, of liie new*
*sl patterns audio file most approved
i vie
T!i“ public are invited t > call an 1 cx
mime his present assorliin tit. Hcftois
assure ! tti ti ,.iey will lie t iund not to la;
ia(i;i u>i e.tht’i in the dm aiithiy ol ti elf
mat'ds or toe neatness <d tiitm exe
ctiiton. to those ot any oil ei inamdic*
surertn tlitf Uistticl. tie will ex cm e
Si Ah tj- <)i tur mini J'uirJiuA il'li
:ii ah iiien vat irtts branches, on the in ist
: C i onu r. t)il t1 ’ ll I * i »i i s
CI) 1: Tv It! I'tM'lk^H iH p '1 i t jriiV*
...(‘it: ;nr \\ oij:j^ (. r will t)C r cpaiu'ii
.* J *e-t at iii* sin )t!f <*.
r V ('iialt's vut c 1.as, d a' i; i- it;anmac
i,,rv v> ili ;e -e;.! tier at expense to «•
par- r.f the f ' i' ’ * •• • er,
(.j A ,\ i) r <) i; ;s *. i j. ..
• sa’)-crA).,i i11 'in f *r < \\<\ eitmr
£. <*nil. or b it a On<is ol U»r p|a lit s'l*»li
c.ti'fi! OAK bur inr rst ntr a *1
(V>i.i.\ko o.Ja :i s M >nr«u?. drcrao i*
be ini* ii- s; rolls *i! rrt hiil\ j, tht* li nir
i{.\\ j for bis own occupation i nr viil
idjoinion M r. i,i)wt*!l s Fa ini vvoii.d t,,n*
dst ofaboir. i**0 acres. inarr of
liiiiht be desi:rd, incMidintr abmi ;>>
icrrsot frit* uuMiiow land, npl <i tovia
>iy t_ro,)C i wa*i 11nu bouse. i tic* 11 a( ' *11
run other end, on the lit rat 1 * m n; * * t\ ♦ *
\vi\-Man from Alexan 4ria to \Vin< keM«*»,
wool ! Co .»SiS* Ol’at) )iU ; i IV >a or <j(i oti’V
)! kind, ioc ai J;n;: two d wriling-, one he
no no It min iy of to irk. and ocmpv !
ts°a Wiiii'Mi Si oid. 77t u:Intlv of •ft*
:jnrr!utns at tnrvjor • ilfu.'r, mav id a aij
in at o i*. iii* r. Of ill i writ *eculed, a !*
; n:e<v»t pav aide bn i ye at y. LVi'
L .sinno; of pm cbi-a e, can vv -v
Oiunitsrs, on a ppiiCai inn to Mi. .*‘»~‘pf
i a w k i ii'. i f ■* ai i! i li ‘i i d t K ! ]» ».
SA Ml; fi I- L. w MJ YaAl MA’i'
Ovik 1 i i • i ; I J O U J * U 4 1 V/ O A ii a i * > > * ‘ •
\ j; i’n 1)0. Soils ‘irs.ll OUs of [«iO(
ana improv lii*i ibe above. 1 a i ar
.Vl i t)<* <«;i OO -’d bv lot: jnesmi oc.* f
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§ 100 K F. A A ill K
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