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Druggist, Alexandria, general a
fcent for the sale of Dr. Ralph’s Improved
Hvoeian Pills, respectfully stales that he
i3 enabled to supply this Medicine to the
public and his mercantile connection, up- :
on the same terms that the General Of
fice at New York supplies them,—a li
beral discount being made to-retail mei
chants. For a description of the qualities
ofthese pills, he refersto the following
advertisement of Doctor Ralph, viz: •
“The very general demand for Dr.
Ralph’s Hygeian Pills, can only be ac
counted for by reason of the unexam
pled benefit and cures which thousands
have experienced from their use. More
over, they are founded on the wisdom
and experience of the British College o
Physicians and Surgeons, of London,
and are recommended by the wilting*
and practice of Sir Astley Cooper, i r.
Abernethy, and Dr. Babington;as well as
by the greater part of the more eminent
practitioners of England and ta * Conti
nent- .. _ . .. _
The limits oi an aaveniseuicm «
allow of entering upon an explanation
ofthe principle on which this medicine s
suited to so many differentcomplaiaU.
It must suffice to mention, that euc.i
package ofthe pillscontains three boxes,
two of which are gently opening, wita a
strengthening quality combined, adapter
to the most feeble constitutions; wmie tne
otheris purgative, but more or less so ac
cording to the dose. Thus, by varying
these Pills, and altering the doses agree
able to the directions given, it is aston
ishing to witness the number of diseases
which are cuied or much alleviated o>
them, while there is no disease whatever
which can possibly be injured by their
use. They contain no mercury, and may
be taken without the inconveniences 01
caution which other medicines genet a -
ly require. The particular diseases io
which theirelficacy has been proved and
ested,in many thousand individual ou^c^
are the following:—
Dyspepsia, and the whole of tnose nu
merous maladies which arise from habitu
al constipation oft he bowels; Apoplexy,
and all affections of the head; Gout;
Rheumatism; Scrofula, with every spe
ciesof Salt Rheum and Disorder of the
Skin; threatening Consumptive Cougn;
Liver Diseases, whether the effect of in
temperance or hot climate; tevei and
A true; Common Fever, '.Vc.; Inflamma
tions; Cholera Morbus, &c.; Jaundice
Dropsy; Piles; Gravel; Gleet, and certain
other complaints of the Urinary and Ge
nital organs. &c.&c.
This medicine is also eminently useful
in the whole class ol disorders peculiar to
the icmale constitution, especially in Ner
vous and Hysterical disorders, Epileptic
Fits,St. Vitus’s Dance &c. &c.; Sick Head
Ache, certain obstructions, sexual weak
ness &c. In smaller doses, it tnaj oc
relied on as the best and safest medi
cine in pregnancy, and for the common
disorders ot cnildren.
The directions given with tnese Puis
are remarkably plain and particuiai the
proper dose and management ot them be
ing carefully mentioned undei tne ni_a_,
each disorder separately.
Jos. Ralph, M. D.,
Graduate of the University of Edin
burgh: Member of the Royal College
of Surgeons London; Lecturer on
Mid wifery and the Diseases of Wo
men and Cnil iron, Jfcc. and authoi
of the ‘'Domestic Guide to Medicine.’
N. x3. Dr. Ralph’s Domestic Guide is
a little volume designed (or the use of
every family, particularly those resid
ing in the country. It is written in the
plainest manner, and is intended to ena
ble individuals, both male and female, to
undertake the management of tne;r own
complaints with safety and success.
The price is very low, being only 50
cents, though neatly bound in board:,
Sec. indeed the object of its pubiica
tion is rather with a view of spreading
useful knowledge on disease, than of
any profitarisingfrom its sale.
Joseph Ralph, M. D.
For sale by JAMES H. HAMILTON,
3 mo 21 - ly Alexandria, D.C
DlARftlUEA, OYSR'H'AkY, an] all other
dwrinjeivsuts of the S’o.incn and Bow
els, ares Feet Jly cured by Da. Jains’* Caii
l)r. D. Jay as—Dear Sir,—Having made use
of your Carminative Balsam in my family* and
finding it to be ad n rabiy adapted to the com
plaint* for which it is intended, l take pleasure
in recommending it to the use of my friends
and the public generally, believing those who
are afflicted wita any of these complaints will
hoi relief in the use ot tins valuable medicine.
Jonathan Going, D. 1) ,
president of Granvdilc Boilcge, Ohio,
New York, May 2d, ldJ7
^iLTinoiis, March 27th, 1833.
Dr. Jayne. —Dear Sir, You ask me what
proofs l meet with of the etficacy of your me
dicine. I can safely say that l never prescrib
ed a medicine for Bowel Complaints that has
given me so muc » satisfacti) i, a »J my patients f
»o speedy a id perfect re ic* as it us. *Vnene*j
ver introduced into a fa mily, it becomes a
sutnuing remedy lor those ad aents* and is cal!
cd for again ani again, w uch l tlmU a pretty
good pro i ot its e Ucacy and useful less; in
the Sum ner Co npUi.it o\ chi dren it ha* fre .
quentlv appeared to snatc i tne liule vicii ns as j
it were, from the grave. It saved toe life o
ray child, and of sach ao l such a child. I
have repeatedly heard said: io dysenteric af
lections of adu ts, 1 have time ani again seen
it act like a charm, and give per nanent reiiei j
in a few hour*—i may say in a few minutes.—
In fine, it is a vBmoie medicine, and no fami j
ly should be without it. Ucspectfu ly.
M. L. Knarr, M. D
Late Physician to the tldn n >re Dispensary,
an i ai«nt for t ie atarvland V-.cc.ae Institution
Fro n Dr. W n. Uacon, Pa tor or the Baptist j i
a Church at Woodstown, Sale a county. N. j.
From » Ion; *c i uiotance w.th Dr. Jayne's
Carminative Itilsan, I believe it to be a ver\
happy combination, an 1 a useful medicine in
many complaints which at non cons antly oc I
cur in our country, such as Uowel A lections!
to Children, Cholic, Cramps, Looseness, Dys
peptic Disorders ot the Stomach, Cou’hs, and
Affections of the Urea.t, together with sllthnso
diseases attended with Sourness of thu Sto
Uiach; and believe that physicians will often
find it a ustful remedy in their hands, and one
that is proper for domestic use, and can be put
into tne hand of persons at larjfe with perle.t
safety* Wm. iiacox, M. D.
Woodstown, Salem Co., N. J., May 4, 13,1
Prepared an 1 sol i oy D-. D. Jayne, So. 2 .
South Thir l street, aet wee i Marine and (Jac.. I
The publi* are spectfullv informed ttur {
Mr Win. Stabler, D u^<ist, Aletandria, is ra, j
Agent for the Sate of tue amove mediant.
y'hiUdelph.s, J me 9 1— y
m •• \bb — m Bk>^a.- mm a ri * bl. . • »* • • • *
I fS RECOMMENDED as decidedly superior
I. to any other known combination of Mecli
I cine, for Coughs, Colds, Influenza, Consump
tion. Asthma, Setting of Blood, Hoarseness,
Difficulty of Breathing, HoopingCough, Pains
and Weakness of the Breast, and all diseases ot j
the Pulmonary organs.
This medicine »s highly and justly recom
mended, by numerous and respectable maivi
duals, who have found relief from its use. a
liy who have been laboring under protractec.
Coughs and pains in the breast and have een
supposed by themselves and their friends far
advanced in consumption, have been happily
restored to perfect health by the use of this
valuable Expectorant.
Persons laooring under chromcor consump
live coughs, will find great advantage from
carrying a small quantity of the mdian bxpec
f torant with them, while attending to their va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspeontu °■■'
: casionally. Their cough will be scarcely felt
; and they will be enabled to expectorate with
• the greatest facility, and the irritating matter
* wi’l thereby soon be removed and a perma
t nent cure effected. Let the afflicted try it.
■ Prepared only by Dr D* Jayne, of Salem, N.
Jersey, and none is genuine without his writ*
[ ten signature to the label 03 the outside o»
, the bottle.
hereby certify thtt was cured o* a violent
cough and pain in the breast by using Doctor
Javne’s Expectorant Medicine. My wife also
was afflicted with a bad cough and pain in the
breast, attended with so much difficulty o
breathing as to prevent her from getting any
sleep for a number of nights in succession; but
by taking two doses of this medicine she was
enabled to sleep quietly through the night
and in a few days by continuing its use she
was perfectly restored. Jacob Rioo* wav.
Hancock’s Bridge,N. J. Sept 24,18o6,
Last spring my wife wss confined to ner oeJ
by a distressing cough and pain in her breast
and side—Her cough harassed her day and
night and her difficulty of breathing was so
great that she got very little sleep for urinv
days an l nights together—None of the medi
cines she took appeared to be of any service
to her; when Dr Jayne kindly sent her a bot
I tie of Indian Expectorantwhichsoon andcom*
plctely restored her to health She lirmlv be
Urves it the best medicine ever discovered,
William Poclsov,
Hancock’&Bridge, N. J. Nov.21, 836.
From J. H. Smith, Esq. Brooklyn, L.!«
1 hereby certify that the above valuable ire
d.oine has been used in my family with great
benefit in several instance*. J. II. Smith
Brooklyn, Dec. 1835.
From A. D. Be B. Sands, Druggists, No. 100,
Fulton street, New York.
Dr. D. Jayne—Dear sir; Your Indian Expec
torant is doing well here. 'Ve have bat about
oec dozen left of the gross you sent ua. Y ou
will please forward on a winter supply as soon
as convenient; It seems to give universal sa
tisfaction to all whom we have heard from who
have used it—The season is last approaching
when such a medicine wil be much needed
and asit is well supported by good certificates
it will sell very rapidly* The only objection
seems to be to the price; but we have not had
one customer who objected to take it on that
accocunt. as no one doubts its virtues- Very
respectfully, vours, A» D.A B. bAsos.
Nov. 7, 1835.
From he Rev. C- C P. Crosby, late agent of
the American Baptist.
To Dr. D. Jayna Dearsir: I have made use
of the Indian Expectorant, personally and in
my family for the last six years with great oen
efit. Indeed I may consider my life prolong
ed by the use of this valuable medicine, and _t
the blessing of God, for several years- I may
say almost as much in the case of my wife and
alsoofthe Rev. Mr Tinson ofthelslan.i of Ja*
maiea. For all cases of cough, inflammation
of the chest, lungs and throat, l do most unhe
sitatingly recommend thisasthe best medicine
I have ever tried. My earnest wish is that o
thersatflicted as I have been, may experience
the same relief, which I am persuaded they
will by usingtheLilian Expectorant.
C. C. P. CnosMr
N. B Many of my neighbors, on my recom
. rnsndat.on, have tried this me iicine with uni
| form success. N. York, June 15, 1835.
! From tbs Rev. Jonathan Going, D. D. Editor
of the American Baptist,
I have used the above medicine with suc
cess for a cough and hoarseness.
N. York, Dec. 1835, Joxathas Goimo.
Docl. 1). Jayne—Dear sir: I wasfor along
done afflicted with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect health by using one bottle of your In
dian Expectorant. have been subject to a
c-iugh and pain in my breast for near twenty
years, and have found far greater benefit from
this medicine than from any other. I remain,
respectfully, yours, Susa.h Irklauu.
Canton, Nov. 21, 1835.
M my more certificates might bq aided but
the above are considered sufficient.
Salem, N. J. April, 1835. D. JAYNE
For sale by agents throughout the United
States, where also may be had Jayne’s Carmi
native Balsam, for Bowel Complaints; Jaynes’s
Fonic Vermifuge, for Worms, Fever.and Ague
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, Ac,
Agent for Alexandria,
1st m ». 23— l v W M. S T AB LF,R,
THE New York Sun says: BltANDRETH’S
PILLS have been used among many o
our friends, and in our own family we have
used them nearly four years when we required
medicine; in that period, no Doctor save Mr.
Brandreth has crossed our threshold, and no
medicine besides the Doctor’s Pills used. Our
beiiet is ‘keep your boweis and blood pure,’ and
every kind of disease will be prevented or cur
ed. The Brandreth Pills are eminently calcu
lated to do this, and thereby much lessen the
sum of human misery.
The New York Evening Star says: Bran
dretn’s Pills are a medicine which their own
intense worth will always secure for them a
large and ready sale.—They have deservedly a
high reputation; and as a family and anti-bitli
ous remedy it would be difficult to equal them
among all the patent medicines of the present
The New York Commercial says: Thev re
move all morbid humors and purity the bibod.
To the whole family of .Man.—We feel botli
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to
all our readers, Brandreth’s Vegetable Pills* as
the most certain, most safe, and invaluable
medicine extant. __ As antibilious and aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced theyatand
far above all others; as a certain cure in all
cases of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas, and all affections of the skin, drop-(
sy, asthma, stone, gravel, piles, and lumbago,
they wil* be tound in valuable.—London Times.
Eliza Kennedy is the only Agent in \lex
andria, for the sale of Brandtreth’s Pills
Baltimore Oifice, SO South Charles street
R. R. green!
may 22—6m_General Agent.
CASH and the highest market prices will be
paid lor any number of likely young ne
groes of both sexes, &.c. All communica
tions addressed to me, at the old establish
nent of Armfield, Franklin & Co., west end
>f Duke street, Alexandria, D. C., will meet
,vith prompt attention. i
mv —tt‘ _orru>nc* trrmr • « ~
j ;
•f The true rich es cf life is heditk. ’’ .
WB know that health and the ability to ta
bor constitute the wealth of the great
mass of the people in this, as in most other
countries. To preserve, therefore, that health
by natural means is a grand moral an 1 politi
cal scheme, to fulfil which, requires our utmost
attention. The unprecedented popularity
and universal approbation which this medicine
has achieved throughout the United States,
the Canadas, Texas, Mexico, and the Wes
Indies, My justify Dr. Peters in warmly and
conscientiously recommending them to the
special attention of the afnicted. . . ^
Dr. Peters has snent much time in expen i
menting with different vegetable medicines for
diseases of the liver, and now offers Ins Vege
table Pills, as the best, most convenient, and
cheapest medicine that can be prepared tor ge
geral use. ... ...
One gr?at quality ot ms v eg^aa.e i ms
that they have the alternative [>rincipie corn
bin id with their cathartic, or operative
qualities, so that they not only cleanse
the stomach and bowels by purging, but they
regulate the liver, change the morb.d secre
tions strengthen the digestive organs, purity
the blood, invigorate the circulation, an 1 give
tone and energy to the nervous system.
T!iey are mild anil pleasant in their opera
tion, and convey almost immediate conviction
of their utility from their first dose. They can
he taken with safety by persons of any age;
and the feeble, the infirm, the nervous and the
delicate, are strengthened by their operation,
because they clear the system of bad hu
mors, quiet nervous irritability, and invariably
produce sound health.
The vegetable Pills are a sure remedy for
jaundice, sick and nervous heahche, dyspep
sia, costiveness, sickness ofthe stomach, heart
burn, "all bilious complaints, fevers of all
kinds, and if taken at tlie'com nencement will
invariably check their progress, and save the
patient from a protracted and dangerous sick
ness. They are invaluable in nervous and by
pochondrica! affections, loss of appetite, an 1
all complaints to which femdes alone are sub
ject. 'I hey operate as a mild and speedy
purge, axd are a safe cud certain remedy lor
worms in chddren.
For sale by Wm. Stabler, Wm. Harper, Cook
& Lcadbeater, and John l. Sayrj;
Alexandria, April 6. 1 __
THE Genuine Morison’s Fills or Uni
versal Vegetable Medicines of the
British College of Health. These Med:,'
cities cure all diseases which admit o
i cure.
1. They remove from the stomach, liver and
intestines, the blood-making organs,all obstruc
tions to the dire performance of their healthy
2. They purify the him 1 by increasing;ts va
rious excretions, and prevent disease by ena
blingthe ho ly successfully to resist the pre
disposing and existing causes to dtse ise.
3. They increase tue action of the absorb
ents, by which all morbid, grothsare taken in
to circulation, and afterwarJs expelled from
the body
4. Tney restore the regularity of those pro
cesses upon watch the formation and c-ccula
tion of the blood depends.
These are tbe only medicines known in
which small doses have a poweriui and oeneS
cial effect; and yet, of which, in extreme ca
se*, such very large d ues may be a 1 ninistered
fearlessly, and with greatly increased advan
ta^e to the patient.
The British College of Health haviogrevok
ed,annuUe 1 and made void tbe appointment
Dr. Horatio Shepheard Moat—be has ceased
to be in any manner the agent of the British
College of Health.
George Taylor being now, and from hence
forth, the sole general agent in tue U. States,
ofthe British College of Health, for the sale
of M trison’s Pills, or the Vegetable Universal
Medicine of tbe British College of Health, u
must be evident to all, that no person but the
said George Taylor his any right or authority
to nominate or appoint general agents for the
sale of the above medicines.
Tue former General Agent has very justly
observed, that since the legal decisions w.ncli
have established the claim of the Genuine fly
gean Medicines to protection from direct coun
terfeiters, numberless are the schemes of uo
principled inovators to evade the just penal
ties ot the law, and scarcely a newspaper can
be taken up that does not teem with whole co
lumns of garbled extracts from Mr Morison’:
publications, and by thus unblushmgly assum
tng his ideas, and even his very words, vainh
strive to rob him of his original discovery by
i which he has rescued himself from a series oi
sufferings of thirty-five years continuance, and
led to the foundation of the sound out simple
system of the Hygeiati physiology; whereas,
lad not Mr. Morison propounded this system
to the English community, and had not its
trutn spread w'ith a rapidity commensurate with
its importance through Great Britain, the Con
tinent of Europe, tue Nations the East, and !
the Uni“*d States of America, anc, in fact, hi
ving Agencies and a Ivocates established in
every civilized Nation of the Earth, neither
their names nor their ignorant pretentions
would ever have been heard of.
Caution! —No pillssoldin the United State;
of America are the genuine Morison’s Pdfs, or
Vegetable Universal Medicines of the British
College of Hjalth, unless each box, containing
such pills, be signed with a fac-simdeof James
Morison the liygeists signature; and also with
a fac-simile of the signature ofthe said George
Taylot, as such General Agent aforesaid. Tue
label is as follows, and is aiH ted to each bo i:
James Morison, tlimilton Place
tbe Hygeist, $ King Cross London.
The following Agents have been appointed
for the above MeJiomes, of w i>n oniy the
genuine imported Munson’s Pills can be o‘o
Wm. Pombut Sole Agent for the District of
Columbia, Bridge street, Georgetown an 1 of
the following Sob-agents-Beil & Entwisle,
King street, Alexandria; T. C. Wright, High
street, Georgetown; II. Wright at Mclntire’*
Auction Store, opposite the Marsh Market, <
Pennslvania Avenue, Washington City.
The Pills are sold in packages of I and $3
and at 25 and 5J cents -ach, with directions; the
powders in boxes at 25 cents.
6J Wall street, N. York, Sole General Agent
je 11 — ly
Corner of King mi l Washington Streets,
GRATEFUL to his friends and the
Public for tiie patronage heretofore
received, would respectfully remind them
of his williness still to serve them in that
capacity. mav 6
WM. N. & E. BERKLEY have jus!
received an additional supply o!
seasonable Dry Goods, consisting of ma
ny desirable and handsome articles,—
which they are determined to sell on the
most accommodating terms. Call! as
bargains may be expected, ap 23 — tf
On Fairfax and Cameron streets,
Medicines lor sale compounded by Dr.
mu - I.Ainnk! lilt WWIUI llv/Wi. - ^ Km
Important Information!
B" S respectfully solicited by the' *ts 0)
L to an invaluable preparation, to
which have been tested by ti-ne, an
tained bv undoubted testimony.
dh. relfe’?
Q?"Botanical Prop3
Is every year t ncreasing their ion J ajj 1 ^.
ed reputation. They have °“tM^ ,raia*inff
val preparations, and are sonaiuu**., s
*«»« *Wch «*..■« how.
vitiated habit of body,or an hereditary P
position in the patient, and generally *PP^
under the various and distressing shapes o
Scrofula, Sait Rheum, Leprosy, St.An.no
oy^ Fire, Fever Sores, White Swelling*.
Scurvv, Foal and Obstinate Ulcers, Sore eb»
and fie* Scald Head, and Venereal U.nt.
In the last mentioned condition <>. trie
tem the Botanical Drops wiil oe found to era
dicat^ttie lurking poison, where mercurv has
totally failed, and thus prevent the
from i ntailing the seeds of n hereditary
Dr. llelfc’s Botanical Drops are success.ull>
used in cases of violent eruptions a-ter tiu
measles—red blotches-pimples on.the ,ac®.
festering eruptions on the skin—amt othe ■
eases of tl»e .a,-faces .nl
the best Spring and Autumnal p../ sics ^own,
to free the system from humors.
\ physician of e nir.ence, whohad witness
the eVicncv of this article, had the candor re
cently to acknowledge to the proprietor, that
he considered it the best tue hc.ne mown, >
the complaints for which it is 'nteoded, and
that it ought deservedly to stand at tue head
of the whole cla^s of such remedies
price £l a bottle, o-6 bottles for fc
I^'fOSK who would retain or restore thest.
desirable personal advantages, an* assnr
ed that no composition can be obtained vopc
T iis is an elegant anlpleas?n preparation
in every respect, an 1 has, for many vear>p»st,
riven universal satisfaction wne-eve, it n t
ieen used.
f he Antiseptic Oentrificcs is exempt froni
icid and other deletericUHinjre lients. w.uc i
too frequently enter the composition of tooth
powders in common use, andi t whitens tne
enamel of the teeth without doing tt the Iea*t
injury. The regular use of tnis admired pow
ler, bv purifying the mouth and preventing
the accumulation of tartar, operates Athene*;
preventive oft he Tooth Ache The Dentnfice
renoves discolorations, end restores the beau
tiful native whiteness of the enamel. As its
application braces an 1 strengthens.he Guns,
.t secure, to them the>r healthy an 1 llo-td hue,
met, oy tv moving all offensive foreign accu
mulations fiomthe teeth, preserves the natu
ral sweetness of the breath. Price >) cents
* • None genuine unless signed on the nut
side* printed wrapper by the sole proprietor,
T Kidder, immediate successors the late l>r.
<V T. Gouway. For sale, with ail the other
“Conway vteiicine,” at his Counting Boom,
\j() 99 ne<t door to J Killer’s Drug Store,
cornerofCourt and Hanover street, near Con
cert Hall, Boston THOMPSON' KIODKft
\n l. bv his special appointment, by
JVM. STABLCSt, Fairfax street. Alexandria
♦ Large discount to those who buy to3«i!
Asilft’sfifi! & Ciiturrh!
L»g tfiat long tram of diseases winch see,.* io
grow with the g-owlli of civilized society,
Consumption titles the lead in its relentless
mroad • upon tiu'man life; yet ibis dreadful dis
>r ler is eislv overcone in its earlier stages,
| it is only when neglecte I that it arrives at the
I terrific miturity which so often oa.die3 the sa
gacitv of professional science. An obstinate
cou^li is tne custom iry forerunner of tne pul
! nonary consumption Improper nsgtect m .
I tmeiv ad ministration of simple ar. l salutary
ne Heines, is sure to oe reproved oy a dread
full succession of consumptive symptoms --op
pression of the oreast; greenish and bloody
spittle; ulcerated lungs and hectic lever; sim
veiled xtremeties, and general emaciation ol
the whole euT/; prostration of strength; flush
ingcheess; i woilen leet and legs; an i a! last,
to the full possession of the mental faculties
in 1 while tiope still whispers her flattering
tale cold extremities, an l a premature death
For the various stages of this complaint, one
of tne most approved remedies ever yet dis
covered •
This excee lingfv powerful, and vet equally
safe and innocent preparation,has effected tho
rough an t rapid cures upon patients supposed
to rave been far a Danced i l a confirmed Con
sumption, and wnn nave exhibited tne appear
ances which usually indicate a tatai ter mination
of the disorder.
As tne Bills require in ordinary cases no
confinement, thev may oe a lmimatere-1 with
confidence and safety to ail ages and classes o.
people. Uaexa nple-1 succes* nas hitherto at
ten led their a lministration in a great variet.
of cases; and the oroprietor can refer to a mul
titude, winch testify to ttieire ncacy in rev.v
iug tne e naciate l victim fro n the oed of dis
ease and restoring him to tne blessing* one
customed liealtn and ctivity;
Price £1 tor whole boxes of >0 pills, and 5;.
cents for halt do of 12 pills, with directions.
Albion Corn Punter softens the corn,
nowever old an I tougn, and extracts it to
the very roots* I'he rehc* adordea is gentle,
immediate, and tuorough
The proprietor ocgs leave to submit t he \ol
lowing case* from 4r. Stowell, wno is we!
known to theltinatmants ottms city, especial
ly at the South ttni and Sooth Boston, as a
very worthy and respectable citizen;
A Cask
Sin —l d ) not hesitate to give mv most un
qualified approbation in favor of your valuable
Albion Corn Plaster Hy the use of less th in
abox, Vtrs Stowed! has been cured of a corn
on each J-'ot, which had been exceedingly
troublesome and painiU»tor years, and l think
it out justice to your invaluable preparation
to add* (for the encouragement of those who,
o«mg to repeated disappointments in the va
rious remedies resorted to, have finally des
paired of acure,)tna your Plaster cured her
corns, alter trying outer highly recommended j
remedies to no purpose; and what incr^-^3 j
my confidence *n the superiority of y our p;a*, !
ter, is the fact, that itlus been used by seve* j
ral of my neighbors with equally good success, j
(Signed) Sktu Szowsek,
Keeper of oil-house, South Boston Bridge.;
Mr. T* ICiDDLii, Proprietor of the Conway ;
Medicines- Boston June I7th, *82°. *
Pnce 50.cents.
rWiKsiuiious the wealjly, and others, win
^ are troubled *ith soreness or latlarnrna
tion f> tl»at atlicate orqan, will oe able to oo
>aiii a most pleasant an linvilutbleanolicatinp
This wel established Wash for the Eve is!
a _ • • J 1 ^ i
■ H At... vti *«* 1 a l . a *Ji . — . . . * •• I
ercn is very tggrtvfrted cs*« o icrenw*
inhammanon. Price25 cents*
• • None genuine unlesssignedonthe oi
side prm'ed wrapper by the so,e ProP^e.^ ’
T. Kiddder, immediate successor to the ste
Dr. W. T Conway. For sale, with all the
er “Con way Medicines,” at hisCountingl.oom,
No. 99, next door to J Kiider'3 tirug f'tor->
corner of Court and Hanover streets, r.e»r
Concert Hail, Boston. vti
Ar.d also, by his special appointment, by
;an 24 Fairfax street. Alexandria _
Lare-e discount »j Hios<- who buvtosell atram
To Rheumatic Invalids..
5TSER30NS suffering under Rheumatic A.*
faction are respectfully assured that the)
can oDUit. of the proprietor and h«s sgentsa
safe and admirable remedy for Uneumati.m,
however obstinate the disorder may be,an
in all its different stages.
Ur. Jebb's ZAniritent!
will afford immediate relief to the pat ent,
and has sometimes been aliened with -ueh
extraordinary suecessas to cure the ‘
tressing Rheumatism in twenty-four hours,
even when ot years standing.
This highly valuable Liniment is n '
mended with a confidence founded
experience of many years, not only as a cure
I for that excruciating disease, but a* a *
lent application for Stillness of the Joints,
Numbness,Sprains, Chilblains, &c. .
(Tin* article is considered so supenc
every thing else, and to possess such uncom
mon virtues, that it s ordered from all parts o.
Hie country." .ipi»«a»«end
,7 An Agent recently writes: Pleasesend
me a further supply of .lebb's L.mment he
first opportunity —I .hall probably sell a con
siderable quantity, as it is T iTv^’Tl houeS
some ot our p!iv3icians very highly, alth h
cont-ary to their rules and regulations to give
encouragement to such (or. patent) met i
ines.” Rut 's a most decided prom o. tneir
confi lence in i tsinvaluable properties -
Another agent writes: “ I wish you to for
ward me some more of Jebh'a Liniment, which
hasrecorsmened'Uftll very highly. L r,c'- J'j
cents a t>ott le*
The Painful and Debilitating Complaint
tteceives immediate relief, and »n numerous
instances has been thoroughly cured, by t ^
admi mstration of
/R^lllS approved compound also mitigates
1 .and removes the symptoms which fre
quently HComoHiiy t bat disorder, and increase
(be danger of the patient viz; pains.m iomv
headache loss of appetite, mdijesdon, an
other marks of debility
A relieved patient writes \ rom a l»s-ance:
«‘It i3 but justice to inform von, t tint I have
used your 1) imfriev’ Kernedy for the Pile* for
some time past, and have found it eminently
1'iie re ue lv is quite i n non ent, and may oc
administered to all ages^n 1 both sexes. I'ia-n
ami ample Jirecuons, wuha description o. the
complaint, accompany each package, which
consists o( two boxes, one containing an Oint
ment, and t he other an f/iectuary.
price £1 for both nr tides*, or 50 cent* v, i.ere
but one is wanted.
the tooth ache
I IS agonizing disorder iscured in its most
|. painful stages, by one oft be most simple
as well as powerful remedies know n innio
| dern practice I he
af!orJ instant relief, without inflicting the
slightest i nuirv on the teeth I hey are *pp i
ed exleruady to the parts afiecte<l, with the
greatest ease and expedition, and generally
operate ss a soothing lenitive tot.ie suitering
parent. Vrice SOceiUs a nox
< Ttr most obstinate character, alter hav ng
\ jf t> a died toe skill ol the trust eminent nhv*
sicians and withstood the most highly recom
mended medical preparations.hasoeen check,
ed, relieved, and cured, in a number ot instan
ceun and about thiscity, by using,for a snort
linrid, Dr IIklfk’s
iintlbilious Fills!
in connexion, according to tiie 'Jirecwons,c
cornpanving the Specific It is alsoone ofthe
nest medicines known for Sick headache,
Sickness at the Stomach, ,,au3ca, and l* i &, u*
I’nce of the Specific and Pi ils, 50 cents each
|, 1 K complaints peculiar to the temale pari
2. of the community, have been Jong suc
cessfully treated oy the \dminiatration of the
Cro nitic Pills, originally prescribed and com
pounded by Dr Kelfe They cleanse the
blood from those disorders ot the female con*
slitution,for which the pills are an edectua!
specific; they restore a free circulation, reform
the irregulai operations of the sanguiferous
svstem, an t rectifythe disordered habits, The
proprietor’s confidence in the'Upertor excel
| lence of this equally innocent and powerful
preparation, n f >unded on the most decisive
testimony from many restored pa ients. He
can assurethis portion of the public, that when
' I
ive reg jlnrly taken, ttccucumg to the direc
turns, accompanying them, they revive an/1
establish trie desired health) habits, and res- j
tore to the pallid countenance the natvrr*
glow of health md good spirits.
Married ladies will find the nils equal/v use
fnl, except in cases of pregnancy, when they
must notoe taken; neithei must they betaken
bv persons of hectic or consumptive habits.
; They may oe used successfully b> either men
i or women in all Hypochondriac Hysteric or
Vapouri >h disorders. In all cases of this de
scription, tire pills purify, invigorate, and te- ;
vive the disordered s ystem. Price f>i 5j
• f* None genuine unless signed on theout*
side printed wrapper by the sole proprietor, j
T. Kidder, immediatcsticcessor to the late Dr
T, Conway For sale, with all the other 'Con
way .Medicines,Mat his Counting Knom, ,
99, next door to J. Kidder's Drug 5*;ore. r v,r#
nerof Court and Hanover stress, >'z*r Concert
11.11 oMf i-.ON iioiaT
Am a tso.oy ;i:§ fecial ippoi itr.ent, by
*b 1 i d’aii fax street, Alexandria.
' ** La»g;s dis«;aunmof hose whobay to sell I
asaio j
■■■ It i
fSHlir; xiensive.saie n established repu
1 tation of Dumfries*ftch Ointment, encout
agest he proprietor to recommend H with re
newed confidence tc the public as a roos inno
cent as well as powerful application for this
annov mg disease The most inveteratecases
have been cured n* or* e hour ! by this esteem
Ointment, U contains no meicurv oroch.
er nosicugi ngredient ,&nd may ee confident!) J
applied even to the youngest children. oi tc 1
uregnantfemales.—Price 37$ cents I
None genuine unless signed on the out* \
• • • . i . i » • .
T.ftidclfcf ,1 fitrcdlate succcssorto the late Dr,
W# T.Couwatf. For sale, with all the ether
“Conway Medicines,“at his Counting Hoorn,
No. 99, next door to J Kidder’s Drug Store,
cornpr of Court and Hanover street, nearCon.
cert Hall, Ilor,ton. THOMPSON KIDDER.
And also, by his special appointment, by
\VM. STABLER. Fairfax street, Alexandria.
‘♦'Large discountsto those who buy to sell
Dr. Spoil a's ptrmamat cure for tide
“seasonable advice.”
“YVe’re not ourseives,
When nature, being oppressed, com
mands the mind
To suffer with the body.0
“Take time by the forelock, says t£ie
adage. Take medicine at the proper
j time, say we. It is a matter of less dif
ficulty to ascertain the proper time, to
seek relief from medicine, than it is to
discover the proper medicine which is to
administer commit to the afflicted pa
tient. Dr. Spohn’s Elixir of Health,
which has obtained a celebrity in the uri
nals of physic,’ unequalled in ancient or
modern times, has performed >uch astou.
isliing cures, that numbers of the faculty
in justice to Dr Spohn, liave publicly,
recorded their opinions of its wonderful
and extraordinary health-restoring qual
Dr Spohns Elixer of Health Observation.
Svmptnrns like the following are sure
to yield to its use. Sickness at the s'o
nlach, headache, dizziness, palpitation,'
of the hear, impaired appetite, some
times acid and putrescent eructations,
coldness and weakness <f tfie ext*emi
ties, emaciation and genera! del) !uy,
disturbed rest, a sense of pressure amj
weight a? the stomach a Her eating mgl t
o’are. greal mental despondency, spveie
flying pains in the caeM. back and sides
cosdvere'ss, a dislike for socieiy 01 con
veisa?i >n. involun arv s»ghmg and weep,
ing, languor and lassitude upon the 1 ‘ad
It has become a genera! practice uidi
many to use this article in ail case.-, ol
colds, pains in the bones, or heavy dis
agreeable feelt^gs^ tending to headache
or chilliness. For hoarseness, if taken
through the diy.it completely restoie^
the voice without producing sekness.—
Whooping cough, and al. coughs u\ chm
dren are cured by i*. 1 he sdomaCh ii
kept in per fee t order bv it, and it t- qui e
impossible that any disea.-e should com
mence while u person ii Usin* thu
sy run.
tak*n daily it produces a rudy,
h'*ai hv, and you ig, appearace, by driv
ing off ah the humors of tne system?
The leant »g points to rh** »ry u.uon
vvliicu ill * great me o' this bvrup is pre
<Jro-ireii. is that the stomach is the seat of
all diseases of a feverish nature, and any
disorder incident to the stomach is cured
by this arncl *. i here is therefore n j
fever or co|d,as’hma.infl iinmation or de
bility, or sickness at stomach; (except
wi h (ema es, enci nte.) or dy>ent »ry, or
jaundice, or dysrepsie, but what it wid
cure Toe only thing is that peopm
should he pa’ient and depend upon it.—
For asthm i it has no equal.
To be had of JOHN l. S A YUS,
Druggist,—Agent for me proprietors.
niv 3
.EV1 i J U KDLE,
Royal* treat between H'.us an l Prince
5 | AS on nana an • is constantly man
a fi. utacturing Mahogany, Grecian
t Fancy and vVindsor Chairs, of the new.
est patterns and in the rncst approved
-ty le
The public are invited tj call and ex
amine his present assortment. He feels
assured that they will be found not to be
inferior either in the durability ol their
materia.s or toe neatness of then exe
cution, to those of any other rnanufac**
turer in the Disttict. lie will execute
Sign 4 Ui numtotal Painting 4* tiding,
m all their various branches, on the most
accommodating ter ms.
Old chairs will betaken in part pay
ment tor new ones, cr will be repaued
and repainted at 'he shortest notice.
;i y Chairs purchased at this manuiac
it?ry will be sent lice of exo'nsn to #*ny
par1 of the 1 bstrb *c\ W
rflIIE subscriber offers for sale, either
JL end, or b)th ends of the plantation
called OAK HILL, late the estate and
residence of James Monroe, deceased—
oeing desirous of retaining the Home
stead for ids own occupation. Tne end
adjoining Mr. Powell’s Laud would con
sist of about DO acres, more or less, as
might be desired, including about f)5
acres ol fine meadow land, and a tolrra
niv rrood iweliing house. The tract at
the other end, on the great Turnpike
leading from Alexandria to Winchester,
would consist ofaboui the same quantity
of hind, including two <1 w ell mgs, one be
jing built entirely of brick, and occupied
as a Wagon Stand. 77i i whole oj the
purrhace money,for either, may remain
on mortgage, being well sec ured, and
interest payable ha f yearly. Beismiu
desirous of purchasing, can view the
premises, on application to Mr. JosepL
Haw kins, residing at Ouk Hill.
Oak Hill, Loudoun Co Aug 13, Ib3S.
N B To persons desirous of puremus
ing and improving the above, faculties
will be afforded by the present owner
a u u i S — tf
I^AXAWAY from the subscriber, in
SdL ilie County of Alexandria, some
months since, negro MACE, (Irequently
c nled Ignatius Dorsey j Toe said negf'1
h mulatt'^ driCj about thirty (wo or
'.Iiiee years of ag-'; five (eet six or seven
inches in height. lie has a lameness in
one ol his legs, believed to be his right
one, which causes him in walking to
limp, and to place the toes of the right
loot, instead ol the whole loot, to the
ground; and also the (high correspond
ing to the right leg to protrude consider
ably. It is "highly probable he is now
engaged at work at some ol the lishiog
landings on the Potomac. I will give
reward, if taken, and so secured*
that I get him again.
ap 27-f ED *,VA R D S W A XX.
" TO LE l .
The store and dwelling at the cor
:jtl ner of King and Pitt streets, witfy
me warehouse and large garden lot ad
joining. For a retail grocer or ToOacco
aist, the stand is equal to any in thy town,
dossessionmay be had 10th of Mey. Ap«

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