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V S. Gazette.,
2 stock to-day were rather light—
fTBited St**” shares brought an advance.
sold at" the first Board at 79, and
L offered for them at the second board.
Kentucky Bank ha3 fallen off, and closed at
■ h gecond hoard at 54, todays. The street
. ♦^• somewhat enlivened this morning, by a
aersons’ recontre which took place between
Iwostockbrokers,Myer Levy and E. B. Hart.
In the course of some stock transactions, the
- latter became indebted in a balance to the
former, which he being unable to obtain, re
po^ed to the board agreeably to usage.
The Board in consequence put Hart on their
black book, which induced Hart, when the
Board adjourned, to give Levy a tremendous
cowhiding. At ihe Second Board, the Brok
ers passed • # resolution that Hart should be
prosecuted for the assault at their common ex
Very little done in Foreign exchange. The
Oxford, for Liverpool, sailed this mornine, has
36?,000 in specie. The Westminster, for Lon
don, takes out $26,500 in specie.
The rates on inland Exchange are rather
worse to-day. There was no alteration at
the board, ^notation for Philadelphia to-day
is 7,7;, and Baltimore 7 and 7*.
Massachusetts.—The Boston Post declares
that, having sent circulars to every t.,wn in
tha state, and received transcripts of the elec
tion from every town.it is rowenabh'd to slate
that Marcus Morton has receivred a majority
of all the votes given, and is consequently e
Jecfed Governor. The Posi also declares that
aVanBuren Speaker of the House will be
chosen, and that, by filling the vacancies in the
Senate wjith members of the same party, both
branches of the Legislature will be of the
same complexion. We shall see.
Smuggling of dry goods in a genteel way is
said to be carried ou to a great extent at De
troit. ___
■ A letter from one of the most distinguished
Whigs of the Union, calls upon the Whigs of
the General Assembly of Virginia for imme
diate and thorough organization.
We learn fmm the Upper Canada papers, that
the beleif was generally entertained by our
neighbors across the water, that the ’Hunters’
were to make an attack on some point of the
frontier. The utmost vigilance was conse
quently the order of the day. The troops were
on the alert, and every preparation was made
givjp the invaders a warm reception at eve
ry point where it was supposed they would be
likely to land. So far as we have been able
to learn, there was no cause for alarm, bul
the Provincial authorities are evidently deter
mined not to be caught napping
A letter received from the Postmaster ot
Cincinnati,states that the Mail from Madison,
la., under date of the l*2th, was stolen front a
steamboat on the morning of toe 13th. It is
feared that it contained letters for several of
the merchants of Philadelphia.
Lone as the session of Congress can he, and
is likely to be.it may yet prove too short lor
the eeatest of the seven labors of Hercules,
Ihatol cleansing the Augean Stables. There
is no river to turn through them, and abridge
the labor and the time; and tve therefore cal
unon Wise and Stanlv, and the noble band ol
vouns Whigs in Congress who have the zen»,
"the courage, the patriotism and the physical
capacity, for the arduous urn.ertakinsr, o
commence the work as soon as the House is
organized. They can hardly conceive the
hwh expectations which the count rv has torm
edTof what they are toaccomphsh for Reform
and the restoration of the purity of the Oov
ernment.—Rich. Whig.
The following passage occurs in a long, in
coherent, vulgar, and on the whole most ridi
culous article in the London John Bull, a!! a
bout Yankee dishonesty and the sufferings ol
unfortunate English creditors who. have lent
money or sold goods to A ankees.
“All this, however only reminds us that
when both Houses of Congress went by de
putation to Andrew Jakaon, and endeavored
to “bell the cat,” and told him that his con-'
duct was ‘‘hiehlv unconstitutional in removing
the taxes out of the ha nils ol Old Nick, and
of removing from office the Secretary ol State,
whom the people, dear souls, supposed they
had elected, the tough bit of “Old Hickory”
merely poked with his tongue a quid to his
cheek, and said, “Well but I have done it.”
The accumulation of blunders in this little
paragraph is absolutely delicious, reputa
tions from both houses of Congress going to
“bell the-cat” withOen. Jackson—removing
the taxes out of tbe hands of the omnifacient
Nick Biddle—the Secretary of State elected
hy the people! oh wonderful, wonderful, won
derful, and yet airain nonderluh and marvel
lous out ofall whooping!__
JikT«i a Thompson anti Betts presiding.
Tkhmixatiox of Wood’s Ihial. Die tria.
ofSamuel R. Wood for perjury, which has
occupied the Court for several days, *ermina-i
ted yesterday, without being passed on by the
Jl'?he prisoner was indicted for perjury, al
»Jed to have been committed by swearing
falselV in relation to the cost oTgood* which ,
heTmported last April in the Ship Sheridan.- .
The Sols given in support of the indictment I
were entirely documentary consisting in part
of letters, which the prisoner had written to ,
h s father, in which he desired Inm to invoice I
whatever goods he sent him at two thirds ol j
*K®ip real cost The account books of the >
prisoner’s father were also adduced, and tht
eniries in ^n.corr»bora.^dU,e evince c<»
laired in the letters. There were also omer
written documents produced in evidence,
which, tajteu in connection with all the cir
™m*t*nees which transpired, made out a
S5S»la ca,e of asai"51 the j
^ Counsel lor the prisoner quoted the law, in
relation to prosecutions for perjury, which pro
vides that in order to convict persons of per
jury there must be two viva vote witnesses,
or one witness corroborated by circumstantial
evidence. And as in the present case the pub
lic prosecutor could not produce a viva voce
witness to prove perjury against the prisoner,
nis counsel coutended that the case must fall
to the ground. , . ,
The District Attorney denied his position,
shd contended that the testimony of both of
the viva voce witnesses might be supplied by
circumstantial evidence. . . r
MJudge Thompson coincided m the opinion of
counsel lor the prisoner,and said he_ consider
ed it necessary that there should be at east
one viva voce witness to prove the falsity o
the oath This he considered to be a settled
technical rule of law, the application of which
no doubt Wight be extremely inconvenient,
and appear unreasonable in particular cases,
but it was not for the Court to legislate upon
the select. It was his duty only to inquire
what the law actually was, and so apply it.
Judge Betts differed in opinion with Judge
Thompson. . .
At the Court thus differed in opinion, the
cate must go up to the Supreme Court, and un
til they have adjudicated on it, the matter
** it is.—N. Y. Com.
i a, ~-*— --
Me. Editor:—Can we not get through the
Christmas holidays, without those noisy de
monstrations of jay, with which our ears are
annually greeted? I refer particularly to the
explosion of gunpowder. If small buys, or
grown boys, choose to break forth into turbu
lent expressions of gladness by themselves,let
them do so; but they have 110 right to disturb
their more quiet and peaceable neighbors. If
they want to burn powder, and rend the air
with their explosions, let them go without the
limits of the city, and crack their pisto.s to
their heart’s content. |
In the first place, this practice is absurd, in- ]
appropriate, and ridiculous. Why should j
these explosions take place now rather than
in February, March, April, May or any other
month in the year? If ever the public mind
should be serious, it is at the close of the year.
If ever, as individuals, ive should think and
refect, and teach our children to think and
I reflect, it is at such a time. Surely it is no
time for noisy mirth. Many ol us have lost
! friends during the past year, and such sounds
grate harsh discord on the ear of the afflicted.
Besides, how ridiculous to associate such
things witn the sacred birth of the Son of God!
If it were the birth-day anniversary of some
naval or military hero, there would, at least,
be a congruity in burning powder in honor of
one, whose profession is intimately connected
with that article; but to celebrate the advent
of the Trince of Peace thus! It is, 1 repeat it,
supremely ridiculous.
In the next, place, it involves much expense
Of money, which is worse than thrown away.
No one is benefited by it; and how many poor
would be made happy by what is thus wasted.
In tlm third place, it is a danrcrous practice.
Serious injury has resulted from these explo
sions, in which boys are permitted to indulge.
I have seen them sadly disfigured in this way;
land even life itself* is endangered.
Besides, there are many females, our mo
thers, wives, sisters and daughters, who are
shocked by these explosions, and who natu
rally recoil from such violence. A case of
death occurred, in this place, not long ago, as
the result of a shock, produced by a heavy
explosion of gunpowder.
Finally, it is a violation of the law. There
is reason for the law. It is a good one, and
ought, therefore to be obeyed. Where are the
guardians of the law? where the police offi
cers, that no notice is taken of these open vio
lations of the statute, for which, not a shadow
of a necessity can be pleaded by the peipetra
tors? How bad the moral effect of these un
disturbed violations of* the law on the moral
sense of the community! If you say, the law
cannot be enforced, I deny it. I say it can be
enforced, if the officers of the law shall sim
ply undertake to do their duty. Just offer a
little reward of $20 for every case of convic
tion, and let an example or two be made of
offenders, and see how sx>n they would be
found out, and how speedily these annoying
sounds would cease! They even began last
week; and, shortly, it will be difficult, if* not
impossible, to walk the streets in peace. No
one has a right thus to disturb the public tran
quility. Will the proper authorities look to
this matter, and give us one pleasant Christ
mas season? We have a right to demand it.
Alexandria, Dec. 23, 183S.
The remark in your paper of ihe 17th inst.,
inquiring as to the cause of Gov. Cali s remo
val, induces me to offer the conje3ture that it
grew out of ihe difficulty with the Territorial
Secretary, J. T. Duval, Esq., who has like
wise been superceded. I would rather the
President's motive had been trie inhuman and
barbarous act of Call, in sending to the Is* j
land of Cuba for blood-hounds, to hunt clown
the last remnant of a brave people; an act so
atrocious that its page in historv wi’I not be
believed; being an everlasting disgrace to the
age and country. C.
Virginia, Dec. 25.
TfTE Subscriber is authorized fo rent or
lease, a fishery on the Potomac River,
considered by men of experience in the busi
ness, as inferior to none other on the Potomac.
]t has only been used for a few years as a
fishery, at which a small country Peine was
employed with great success. To one who
would'make a suitable outfit, for an extensive
business, the rent will be moderate,
THE Young Lady’s Companion, in a series
of letters, by Margaret Coxe, author ol
“Botany of the Scriptures,” “Wonders of the
Deep” &c Aids to Reflection, by Samuel Tay
lor Coleridge, with the author’s last correc
tions, edited bv Henry Nelson Coleridge,
F.su -’to which is'prefixed a preliminary essay
bv John MeVickar, F.sq. professor of Moral
Philosophy in Columbia College, New York.
I Memoranda of Foreign Travel, containing
notices of France, Germnnv.Switzeriand, and
Italy, bv Robert j. Breckenridge.
I Letters to an only daughter, on confirma
! iion bein? a manual for the youth oft he Protes
Stant Episcopal Church, by Rev. J. L.Biake, D.
D author of Letters on Female Accomplish
ments, iCF’This little volume has been adopt
ed bv the General Protestant Episcopal Suri
i day School Union, as one of the Books to be
| kept on sale at its depository.
i Transplanted Flowers,or memoirs of Mrs.
! Rumpff, daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq.,
; and the Duchess de Broglie, with an Appendix
by Robert Baird; just published ami fi>r sa le
! jjy BELL & LN i w IbLh.
j dec 19_1_
/CHRISTOLOGY of the Old Testament
I , and a Commentary on the predictions ot j
the Messiah by the Prophets, by U Y . Hem?- j
stenbero; translated from the German by ;
Reuel Keith, D. LX, professor in the P.E. The - |
ologica! Seminary of Virginia, complete in a
volumes octavo. , ... . ;
Also a supply of the second and third vo
lumes, Yor those who have purchased the first
volume. . r , .
’ " bell & EN'TWISLE.
BEING an attempt to prove that Tea and
Coffee are among the most powerful poisons
of the vegetable kingdom. Just received, and
for sale by BELL &■ ENTWSLE.
dec 10__
AN annual meeting of the Stockholders Oi
the Washington and Alexandria Turn
pike Road Company, for the election ol five Di
rectors, a Treasurer, and a Clerk, will be
held at the Citv Hotel on the fust Monday ir
Tanuary, at half past 3 o’clock.
dec 5—eotd Treasurer pro tern
President s’ Message will be sent
in to Congress,probably, to*day,at 12 o'clock.
In this event, we shall endeavor to deliver it
to our town subscribers at an early hour this
afternoon^_____ -
PniKTEK to the House.—The conduct of
| the Globe, in regard to the New Jersey repre
sentation's accounted for by the fact that
on the rejection of the constitutionally freturn
ed members from that state, depends the
question of printer to the House. Hence the
vituperative editorials of that journal upon
this subject. It is not long since Pickens de
nounced Blair and the gang who liang upon
the administration, as ‘the most profligate set
of wretches that ever crawled into power.”—
“Sir,” said he, in one of his indignant speeches,
“sycophancy and servility have taken the
place of all the heroic and manly virtues.—
The rooks, together with obscene birds, ha ve
perched themselves in the high places of the
land, and we sit here beneath, surrounded
daily with their filth and corruption.” Blair
was chastlo^J in the most scathing manner,
and in reference fo him. Mr, Piemens,
declared that he “looked for all the world hke
a galvanized corpse.” And yet Blair has
been fawning round Pickens, and Tickeri^
will probahlv vote lor him lor printer. Ciair
was in the House on Saturday, watching the
proceedings with intense anxiety—not for
the love of country, but for the love o* the
loaves and fishes. “There, Pickens,” said one
of the Whigs—1“There stands your galvanized
corpse” The hit was clear and pointed.—
One of the rumors is, that Biairis rather too
tough a dorse for the friends of Calhoun 1o
swallow, and that their votes for printernre to
he given to “Blair, Rives & Co.” General
Duff Green, in that event, to form the compa
ny. It would be more manly, however, for
Mr. Calhoun’s troops to vote for Duff at once.
[N. Y. Commercial.
On the evening of the 1st inst., by the Rev.
J. De Pui, Air. Frederick Stahl, to Miss
Alicf. Lawra^on McLean, eldest daughter of
Mr. Samuel McLean, all of Galena,Illinois.
On the 19th inst., hv the Rev. Mr. Steel, Mr.
Edgar H. Bates,to Miss Sarah E. Bontz, all
of this nlace.
On the same dav fit Washington by the
same, Mr. John W. Williams to Miss Fran
ces T. Mason, daughter of Dr. Daniel Mason.
On Saturday evening last, by the same, Mr.
Wv, Sivai m, to Miss Sarah Ann Doji ft, also
of this place.
At Sperryville, Rappahannock Countv, on
the 12th, by Fleer C. George, Mr James H. j
Britton, to Miss Elmira T. Markham.
JUjP*The following services may, by per
mission of Divine Providence, be expected in
the Methodist Episcopal Church in this place,
on Christmas day:—Prayer meeting at 5\ o’
clock; preaching at 11,—and the annual meet
ing of the Temperance Society of said church,
at in the evening. Addresses may be ex
pected on the occasion. The public generally
are respectfully invited to attend these ser
•i-IPThe semi-annual examination of the
Female Free School of Alexandria, will take
place on TUESDAY, the 21*h December, at
the School-house. The friends and patrons
of this Institution are respectfully requested to
attend. The exercises will commence at 9
o’clock, A. M. dec 23
Price of produce in Alexandria Jrom Wagons
and Vessels.
Ft our, per bbh. (new) - $5 00 « o on
Wheat, red, - - - 1 00 a 0 00
Do. white, - - - 1 10 a 1 12
Hye, - - •• • 0 55 0 00
Corn,.0 50 a 0 00
Flaxseed, - - - 1 00 a 0 00
Oats, from wagons, per bush. 0 30 a 0 3*2
Do. from vessels, do. - 0 23 a 0 30
Corn Meat., per bushel, - 0 50 a 0 00
Putter, roll, per lb., - 0 20 a 0 22
Lard, do. - - - 0 12 a 0 11
White Feans, - * - * 1 00 a 0 00
Wagon Pour, - - GOD a 0 01;
Planter Paris, retail nor ton, 5 50 a 0 00
Ground Platster. in bulk, - 7 50 a 0 00
Do. do. per bbh. - 1 44 a 1 50
Flour.—We contimu? to quote at $5 from
Wagons: considerable sales from stores,
last week at $5 12 V. We heard of no transac
tions yesterday: the receipfsare comparative
ly light for the season, and a good deal going
into store to he held by the owners in the
Country with the’hone of obtaining higher
prices. The stock on hand is not now heavy?
Pelow a lew miles, Schr. John Emory ami
Schr. Pennsylvania, bound up.
Sclir. August, Bradford.Garrey’s Ferry ,E. F.
Steamer Columbia, Mitchell, Norfolk.
KF. Subscriber most respectfully tenders
to his juvenile friends, and to ihe public 1
in general, the complimentsof the season, and
in accordance with his old established usage,
he will exhibit an
as well ns to-morrow evening. (Christmas.)
The representation will be
| made by himself, at bis leisure hours, whilst.
! upon tlit* great deep, well worthy the notice of
all. His assortment of
Confectionary, Cakes. and Toys,
is very complete, and he will fie most happy
to wait upon such of his friends, who, in days
gone by, he waited upon, when in theiryounger
years. And from his juvenile friends he ex
! beets a Holliday visit.
dec 24—3t Prince, near Royal street.
AFRESH supply of Italian Maccaroni, ami
1000 lb prime Northern Cheese; received
this day, ar.d for sale !>y
dec 21 KERR & McLEAN.
T?OR ft! ing papers "itiiout folding or piercing,
r a convenient U.ucle—just received, smet
for sale by BELL Si EN I V, ISLL,
dec 21_____
\ GOOD COOK, who can come well re
77 commended. To such a one, good wages
will be given. Apply at Shuler’s Hill,
c! ec 20—1 vv _._
I^OR the ensuing year a good r.nigh Carpen
^ ter1 A slave would be preferred,
dec 21— foi 1 jnn F. FOOTE,
Near Hay market, Prince William County.
"mahogany GLASSES.
JUST received from New York, Mahogany
Pier Glasses, neat hollow Mouldings. On
hand Mahogany Mantel and Peir Glasses, oi
almost every description, lor sale cheap by
dec 20 GEO. WHITE.
: buckwheat flour,
A PRIME article, just received, and for sale
by ’ C. ASHFORD,
dee 23 F corner of K ng and Wash’s sis.
W THOMPSON, General Agent and Col
• lector, Washington City, respectfully
offers his services to publishers of newspapers
and periodicals in Philadelphia, York,
Boston, and elsewhere, to collect accounts or
receive subscriptions for their respective peri
odicals, Irom persons resident in Washington,
Georgetown, Alexandria, and the adjoining
counties of Montgomery, Prince George’s, and
Anne Arundel, Maryland. ,
The advertiser suggests to distant. publishers
the convenience and advantage ol their hav
ing a permanent agent at the seat of the Ge
neral Government, through whom subscribers
in arrear, resident in any part of the Union,
might remit, by members of Congress ano
others visiting Washington city, the amount
due for subscription, &.c.
Merchants and others sending accounts or
agencies to the subscriber, will have their bu
siness faithfully attended to. Letters of in
quiry, &c. must be postage free.
The advertiser will undertake to collect
publishers’ and other accounts due in Balti
more, as he visits that city regularly on the
| second Saturday of every month.
References.—Messrs. Gales & Seaton, I hos
Allen, Wm, Gunion, G. fc-T. Parker, and D.
Cla^ett, Washington city; the proprietors of
tfie American, Patriot, Chronicle, Republican,
and Register, liaJtimore: C Alexander and
John Rowland, Esqrs., Philadelphia; Gardiner
Spring, jr., and D. P. Hall,Esqs. counselors a
law, New York, and Donald McLeod,* L.>q,*
a proprietor of the New York Times.
Mr. Thompson having referred to us in
the above advertisement, we cheerfully state
that he lias acted as collector for us for seve
ral years past, and that fie has discharged his
duty with attention and fidelity and to our en
tire satisfaction. We believe that distant
publishers would not readily find a more com
petent or faithful agent.
Gales & Seatoic,
Office of the National Intelligencer,
dec 12—!m _____
HUGH C. McLAUGHLIN, Principal, will
be opened on Monday, the kAl of Decem
ber, in the large and commodious three story
brick house, situated oh Duke street, between
Water and Fairfax streets.
In this Institution, instruction will be given,
by ».he Principal, in the Latin, Greek, and
FrenchLanguages,and inthe different branches
ofan English and Mercantile Education, usually
taught in the best regulated Academies. In
teaching the dead languages, the “ratio studi
oruni” of the European Colleges will he strict
ly and invariably followed, as it is now uni
versally received in our most distinguished
Classical Institutions, and acknowledged to be
the only method of acquiring a thorough and
substantial knowledge of the Greek and Latin
Classics. The greatest attention will, also,
be given to the Mathematical department, a nd
ample provision made for a full course ol in
struction in that branch of learning.
Mr. McLaughlin being already well known,
in his profession, in the District, deems it un
necessary to submit any of the many recom
mendatory notices, in bis possession. \V ith a
view, however, of satisfying those at a dis
tance who may be disposed to patronise ‘ 'Ihe
Classical and Mercantile Institute,' of his ex
perience as a Teacher, he respectfully submits
the subjoined letter from one of the late
Judges of the Supreme Court of the United
Mathetta, June G, 1335.
T hereby certify that the bearer, Hugh G.
McLaugiiltx was elected Principal of a School
in this neighborhood, which iie conducted, tor
some time, to the satisfaction of all parties.
His English and Classical acquirements, to
gether with his exemplary and gentlemanly
deportment, recommended him to general no
tice, and qualified him, fully, for the charge
which lie had undertaken. G. DUVALL.
The Day Scholars will be limited to 20, and
received on and alter Monday, the 2d Decem
ber. Terms, $10 [>er quarter of 12 weeks.—
The Boarders to 15, and will he received on
and after the 1st of January. Terms, for
Boarding, Washing, Lodging, and Tuition, in
all the branches taught in the Institution, $130
per annum, pavahle quarterly.
N. B.—In any future enlargement of the
School, the same difference in the number of
Boarding and Day Scholars, wiil exist, and
be, under all circumstances, invariably adopt
e(|# nov 30—Im
LLP The House, rented by Mr. McLaugh
lin, for the Alexandria Classical and Mercan
tile Institute, undergoing, at present, some
little repairs, for the heller accomodation of
his pupils, lie will be happy to see any person
having business with him, until the repairs are
completed, at the office of the Alexandria
Gazette. -__.
-p KENNEDY has just, received per Bn-.
Tj. tishCttieen, the following English Sta
tionary, viz: Backgammon Boxes, Chess
boards and men; Bristol Boards, all sizes;
Johnson’s Miniature Dictionary; Testaments
and Bibles, Oxford editions; Dory Combs,
and leaves for miniatures; ^Note Paper, perfor
ated edge: and envelopes lor notes, an elegant
article;'Marking Ink. verv superior; Work
Boxes, for Ladles, ot cedar and rose wood,
four different sizes; Japanned ditto; Portable
Desks, of rose wood and leather; Stephen’s
Blu“ Writing Fluid; Violin, Guitar, and Harp
Strings; and Q.uilis of the best quality
These articles are all fresh, and wifi be sold
at very moderate prices. dec 21 eoGt
J having entered into partnership, under the
firm of Eaciies & Powell, will conduct the
Flour and Grocery business at the store lately
occupied by the former, corner of King an,.
Faveltestreets. . , .. . .
They will, at all times, give full market pri
ces for Flour, and such other country produce
as thev may he in the habit ol purchasing,
such as thev are not. will be disposed of to the
best advantage, charging a moderate com
mission. , „ „ . - , , .
A constant, supply of Groceries ot the best
quality will be kept on hand, and sold as low
as the market will afford.
Flour received onslorage on the usual terms.
They respectfully solicit the custom of their
friends, with the assurance that no pains shall
| be spared to merit the same. nov 1—eotl
Office of the Ches. Sr Ohio Canal Company.
Washincton, Dec. 10, 1339.
1\TOTICE.—An adjourned general meetinguf
].M the stockholders or the Chesapeake and
Ohio Canal Company will be held at tfie City
Hall, in the city of Washington,on Saturday,
the-21st day of the present month, at 12 o’
clock M. JOHN P. INGLE,
Washington, dec 12—eotd Secretary.
HISTORY of the Christian Church, from
the ascension of Jesus Chsistto the Con
version of Constantine, by the Rev. Edward
Burton D.D Regius Professor ofDivinity in the
University of Oxford; with a memoir, note
&c., by the Right Rev. G, W. Duane, Bishop
of New Jersey. Just published, and for sale
dec 21 __
OR Wonders of the World Displayed, form
ing a repository of whatever is remaric
able in°the regons of nature and art,extraor
dinary events, and eccentric biography; from
the thirteenth London edition, with 43 ilius
tea lions. Just received and for sale by
dec 22 BELL St EN1W1SLE.
A convenient two story Brick Dwel
ling HOUSE, in good repair, on Water
rtreet between King and Prince streets.
■FfiTSrwill heiterate. A,,fly « the
store of W. N. & J. H. McVeigh.
' dec 16—tf
The fine brig PATRIO'I
Her, now loading, will be uespnuu
i named ia tel y; and can take some
ages on freight. For which, or
passage, apply to
The good Sehr COPPER, Town
send, master, carries 1,000 barrels, will
sail the last of tiie week. For freight,
apply to G. 1. THOMAS St CO.
dec 17 _ __ |
Je-i THE fast sailing coppered brig MA
RY HELEN,C. W. Hamilton, master,
| will sail on the 19th inst.,and can take
| 200 hblson freight, for which, or passage, hav
ing good accommodations, apply to
dec 13 WM. FOWLE & SON.
The good Sclir WILLIAM PENN.
Raynor, master, carries 600 bbls, will
sail in a few days, for freight, apply to
dec 13 G. I. THOMAS & CO.
.4^ The good sclir. SUSAN LUDWIG,
Young, master, will have despatch,
&infcSLan,| can take 2 or 300 barrels f.eight.
Apply to the master, or to
dec 4 Union Wharf.
Office Sup’x. Por.'cr, )
Alexandria, Dec. 16th. 1339. )
SEALED proposals will he received by me,
until 2 o’clock,on Thursday 26th off he pre
sent month, lor cleaning and keeping <• It a
nil the paved, and unpaved Streets, Lanes,
and Alleys, within the settled limits of the
Corporation, for one Year. To commence on
the til st of January next, and the contract to
end on the 31 st day of December 1310.
dec 16—dt26th Snperintendant Police
VT7M. N. & E. BERKLEY being desirous
VV of lessening tlieir stock of Dry Goods,
have determined to dispose of them at reduc
ed puces. They have
Cloths and Cassimeres, of all shades and
Cnssinets, a large and good assortment
Blankets, of all descriptions, much cbeaper
than heretofore
Flannels, of all kinds
French and English Merinos, very cheap
Calicoes, of all qualities and prices, &c. &c.
With many other very desirable goods, which
they are selling on the very best terms.
'i hey invite their friends to call and see them,
dec 18
/GRAVEN ASHFORD has just received at
his Store, corner of King and Washington
streets, a fresh supply of Groceries, makinghis
assortment complete, and would respectfully
inform his friends and the public, that he is
determined to sell at very low prices. They
will please call and see his assortment, and
judge for themselves, to wit:
St. Croix and P. R. Sugars, (part prime)
Single and double Loaf do, (part Boston
White Havana and crushed do
P. R. and Sugar House Molasses
G. P. and Imperial Teas
Rio, Laguira and Java Coffee
Baker’s prepared Cocoa, and No 1 Cho*
i and l boxes Bunch Raisins, (tresh)
Sperm Candles 4sand 6s, Jand Sperm Oil,
Mould and dipped Candles
Yellow and brown Soap
Liverpool Sack and Table Salt, in boxes
Painted Buckets, Ingham Boxes
Cloves. Allspice, Cinnamon, Nutmegs,
Ground Pepper, Ground and Race Ginger
Mustard in | Canisters, Starch
Salt Petre, Fig Blue, Chalange Blacking
Powder and Shot,
Also, will be kept constantly on hand,
Corn Meal,
Glades and Roll Butter. dec 19
JOSEPH GRIGG, corner of King and West
«J street, and at his old stand on King, be
tween Washington and Columbus street, have
just, received, and in store, for sale —
20 bags Rio Coffee
75 kegs Glades Butter, dairy parked
18 casks prime Cheese
10 hhds Porto Rico and other Sugars
30 boxes Raisins
800 bushels Ground Alum Salt
1 cask best Winter strained Oil, with a ge
neral assortment of groceries. Also, Bran
and Shorts, Cut Straw, Oats, Corn Meal, kc.
all of which \vill be sold for cash, or to punc
tual customers. dec 37—eo3t
K HHDS. New England Ruin
*) 10 kegsNoj and 2 Glades Butter, receiv
ed and for sale by
dec 21 ' BENJ. T. FENDALL.
IpL BBLS. superior white wheat Family
tJ Flour, just received and for sale by
dec 21 " BF.NJ. T. KENDALL.
OAK and Pine Fish barrels, of
.1*101/ pood quality,deliverable at Quan
tico, for sale by
dec 20 W. N. &- J. II. McYEI jH.
** HHDS. handsome Porto Rico Sugar
O 100 boxes Bunch Raisins
25 boxes Northern Mould Candles, as
sorted sizes, received, this day. by
dec 19 KERR Sc McLEAN.
young hyson tea.
CHESTS Young Hyson Tea, represented
f) to be a good article, for sale by
r BAGS green Rio Coffee
25 boxes Bunch Raisins. Just received
and for sale by LOWE &. DULGL ...
dec 19 _ ____
EBBS. old Rye Whiskey part very su
20 perior. Just received and lor sale hy
dec 10 LOWE Si DPI. Gl.A .,
TAR, &c.
9 10 do Rosin . , .
in do Pitch, just received by
• . ,a |B. WHEAT Si SON.
\ LOT of choice Roots, which can he tie
A livered any lime between this and tlie
‘Novo Scotia Herrin?* in Barrels.
A FEW Kegs best No. 1. Glades butter,
f-Cheese m boxes;—lor sale by
TT7TIITE Mustard Seed, this year’s crop,
YV just imported from London; also, Rape,
FTemn'-nd Canary Seed,—received and for
sale by ' HENRY COOK
dec 17 King stieet.
G> OAA LBS. prime Goshen Cheese, lanu
OivH HI ing and fcr *ale by >r
I dec 17 ,\V. N. & J. N* McVEIQH.
"ITTILL be sold, on TUESDAY, the 31st day
VV of this month, at the late residence of
R. H. Coefrerilte, deceased, in the County of
Fairfax, nine or ter likely NEGROES of both
sexes. Terms of sale—a credit of six month*
will be given, the purchaser to give bond with
approved security. NEWTON KEENE,
dec 18— (ltd Commissioners.
Virginia Leesburg Lottery, Class S,
Will be drawn at Richmond, Va., on Tuesday,
December 2-1.
66 numbers—12 drawn ballot*.
Tickets $5 00—shares in proportion.
Newark College Lottery, class 10,
Will be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware, on
'^Tuesday, December 24.
75 numbers—I t drawn ballots.
Ticket3 2 50—shares in proportion.
New Jersey Lottery, Class 1,
Will be drawn at Jersey. City, on Monday,
December 25.
HIGHEST PRIZE $10,000. ’T£
£0 prize of 400
Tickets $2 50—shares in proportion.
On sale m great variety by
Virginia Leesburg Lottery, Class 8,
Will be drawn at Richmond, Va, on Tuesday,
IvCC 24
Tickets 5 00—shares in proportion,
Newark College Lottery, class 19,
Will be drawn ai Wilmington, Delaware, on
Tuesday, December 24.
75 numbers—14 drawn ballots.
Tickets $2 50—shares m proportion.
New Jersey Lottery, Class J,
Will be drawn at Jersey City, on Monday,
December 25.
50 do of 400, &c. &.C.
Tickets $2,50—shares in proportion.
For sale, in great variety, ftv
Opposite Wm. Stabler & Co’s Drug Stc-e.
f ^F-Tbe highest premium given for Gold
and Silver, and Northern Drafts. M. S.
Virginia Leesburg Lottery, No.S,
Will be drawn in Richmond, Virginia, oa
Tuesday, Dec. 24.
66 numbers—12 drawn ballots.
Tickets $5 00—shares in proportion.
Newark College Lottery, No. 19,
Will be drawn at Wilmington, on Tuesday,
December 24.
75 numbers—14drawn ballots.
Tickets 2 50—shares in proportion.
State of NewJersey Lottery, No. 1,
Will be drawn atJersey City, on Monday,
j 2d
50 do of 400, &c.
Tickets $2 50—shares in proportion.
Grand Real Estate and Stock Lottery ol Lou*
siana. Class 1,
Will be drawn in nil this month, (Dccember.V^
Tickets $10— shares in proportion.
To be had in a variety of numbers ol
Lotlery and Exchange Broker, Alexandrian
Who gives the highest premium for Gold and
Silver, and Northern Checks and Drafts.
(For the purpose ol Paving the Main-street.)
be drawn at Fredericksburg, on Tues
JL day, the 31st December, 1839, under the
Superintendence of Commissioners appointed
by the Mayor and Council, the following re
markable Lottery.
Only 1000 Tickets and 168 Prizes,
Arranged as follows:
1 Prize to be The Fredericksburg Exchange
Building, to be conveyed without discount
—valued at
1 prize of $1000
1 do of 500
5 do of $100 each, 500
ICO do of $50 do 8;000
Tickets §50—(No Shares.)
Prizes paid fo:|y days alter the drawing—
Cash Prizes subject to a deduction of 15 per ct.
Node of Drawing.—1.000 tickets, from 1 to
1,000, will be put in one Vv7heel, and 1G8 prizes,
with the blanks, in another—to every Number,
a Prize or Blank will be drawn, until ail are
The Fredericksburg Exchange Building, is
situated on the Main street, corner below the
Farmers’ Hotel—fronting also on Hanover
Street. The Building covers upwards of 5,500
square feet ol ground—with an elevation of 33
feet—is entirely new, and built in the most
substantial manner—the walls containing near
ly half a million of Brick—the front on both
streets being 153£ feet, laid with the best Bal
timore, No. 1, pressed Bricks and workman
ship, $G0 per thousand.
The Building contains three splendid Stores
on the Main-street, finished in the best style
two large Offices on Hanover street—an clc •
gant and highly finished Assembly Room,,55
feet by 33, rising 14 feet pitch—with Ladies’
Anti-Rooms adjoining on the second story.—
On the third story, six single Chambers and
three double, all of' good size and well finish -
ed. The Building also contains a splendid
Dwelling, with parlours,chambers, and closets
adjoining, elegantly finished in modern style,
suitable fora large family, with Kitchen, &,c.*
complete—Cellars under the whole Building.—
All the large Rooms are finished with Orna
mental Cornice of Stucco, superb Centre Pie
ces, &c.
The present occupant of the Exchange, ef*
(era $2,500 Rent for the ensuing year.
As an evidence of the value of the above
Prize, and popularity of the Scheme, neariy
one-fourth of the Tickets have been already
taken. Adventurers will lose no lime in send
i intheir Orders.
Persons wishing to select any particular
Number or Numbers in the above scheme, will
be attended to, and the Number sent, if not
previously sold.
Attention is called to 1 he very unusually
small number of Tickets in this Lottery—re
quiring but a moderate share of Luck to draw
the Capital Prize, with a Single Chance!!
Commissioners appointed by toe Mayor and
Council, are, Wm J. Huberts, Hugh M. Pat
ton, Jonn S. WelHord, John M. Herndon, Pe
ter Goolrick. . , , ,
The Corporation is bound to the payment ot
Prizes; and the best scheme ever ottered to
the public, only 1000 tickets!!!
I - pOrders received, and Tickets sold by
WM. D. GREEN, Agent.
Fredericksburg, Nov. 12—eotd_
I,BS. fresh Zante Currants, received
OlKl this day, and lor sale by
dec 21 KERR k McLEAN.

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