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Terms o/Aioertisin. v—Advertisements not
exceeding one squire, inserted three times for
one dollar. Advertisements continued alter
three times tor 50 cents a square for each in
sertion inside, or 25 cents outside. Sixteen
lines are counted as a square.
Advertisements hv the vear, at prices to be
agreed noon, having reference to the usual
amount of spice they may occupy.
Persons advertising by the year not to ad
vertise articles not iucluled in their regular
yisiness, nor to insert in their advertisements
any other names than their own..
The Br. Schr. ZEPHYR, can take
the hulk of 300 to 3 >0 bb!s., oa freight,
apply lo S. MESSER3MITU.
nor 19 __
Lrr Tlie regular Packet Schr EDWARD
VINCENT, Knapp, master, will have
dispatch, and can take the bulk oi
two him I red barrels, apply on hoard or toj
Si SHINN & Co.
nov 16 Janney’s wharf.
•vj;r _ a good Vessel can have a freight lor
fiTw Norfolk, on application to
nov 14 __
»TFIE SchrlOLF., Captain Norwood,
Will take aOO bawls, at a low freight,
► Sm jinv Easeni port, l oin Boston to
Halifax, apply to
nov 13 ' A. C. CAZENOVE &. Co.
p-ir* FilFF'lHT
vj-e The Schooner PAN MATANZAS,
Howes. master, carries about 1301)
Ixir&a barrels, will he ready for a cargo in
a few days. Apply to
On and after Sundav, the
-ist December, the Steam
boa t- Pfl EN IX will ply re
g il irlv three times a day, between Alexan
dria an I Washington, viz:
Leave Alex a tdria at J and it, A M., and
35, P. iVl.
Leave Washing! >a at D an ! 13, M., and I,
P. Yl„ unti further n nice,
nov 3.) JOHN WILSON, Captain.
jf iil V Jccom noJ Uion Line for Winchester,
In future, there will be
'a Stage leaving Wise’s Ci
£ty Hotel, Alexandria, and
Taylor’s, Winchester, every da v except Mon
day. The Proprietors of the Mail Line from
Alexandria to Winchester, islmig »o accom
modate the public, have determined to run
daily-have first rate teams. Coaches, and
drivers, and every facility and attention will be
paid to ail who give them a call; and hope their
exertions heretolore, will guarantee a l.beral
patronage. Fare to Winchester, S3,
ang 37—tfT. J. NOLAND & CO.
„_» The large house with a convenient
Cv-fa Store under it. at the corner of King
JiiliL and Henry Sts.
It has been lately repaired, but to a good te
,n:int, improvements can he a;bled to make it
H comfortable residence, 'filestoreis an ex
cellent stand for a country, or town business.
Apply to Mr. John West, who will shew the
tnuse at any time, or to
iy 17—if Executor >f Joseph Mandeville
„ n The House and Lot, late jn the oc
cupnncy of David Middleton, located
*!i:BLon Broad Creek, in Prince George’s
Co'.mtv, Maryland. This property is consi
dered *a good situation for a Tavern and Gro
cery, it having been long used as such. And
as the premises are out <>l repair, it will he
solil a bargain; or, to a good tenant, it will be
rented on mo lerate terms. The rent lor tire
year may be expended in tire improvement of
the premises.
Any person wishing to buy, or rent, Will
Elease apply to the subscribers, who will make
mown the terms.
„ a The \mdersiyned, intending to leave
fni® Middlehurg, wishes to sell the HOUSE
. InglELa nd LO T he now occupies, sitnited a
few hundred yards from the village. The
dwelling house is ol brick, 3 storv, (iaclu ling
basement.) well arranged for comfort. There
are 51 Acres ol Land, ol the best quality, with
a g Mid brick kitchen, brick stables, ice house,
wnd granary; with a never failing spring of
fine water, besides a first rate well in the
yard. If application be made immediately, a
bargain may be had ia the property. Terms,
accommodating. W. F. BROADDUS.
P. S. Apply to the undersigned, or to E. Sa
amuei Broaddus. Middlebu g.
iVithJIehurg, Loudoun <?o., Nov. *29— tf
HENRY COOK is authorised to
ofler for sale, from five to ten thou
sand Morns Mulficatilis TREKS,
(averaging 4 feet of matqjre wood,)
_ tiir the low price of fifteen cents
**ch, if taken as they stand. For further par
ticulars, earlvapplication must be made, (i!
letter, posit paid*) to HENRY COOK,
nov 7—tf Druggist, King street.
12,009 genuine Monts Multicauhs i
Trees for sale by the hud or foot—
the greater part are from 5 to 6 feet
in height. Apply to
'sep*23 .Vmvell's wharf.
10,000 Morns Multicaulis 'frees,
a genuine article, ol* very superior j
growth, the greater number from 5
^ m a feet hhdi. They will be sold
ly-t le bu i or f>>t; m M*iri:r» the branches;
either ca.se, the ro>ts will he thrown in.—
They fnu b» delivered !*tiv true daring the j
teouth of November. Apply to
Lower end Kin? street, A! ‘xaiulna* D. C.
[Nat hit. Sawlw] _
IB Character of Thomas JetJersoa, ns ex
hihited in his o wn writfO-T* hy Theodore
IJtrtJjtot; ***t published; and a further supply ol
Lg£*s'remarks on Jefferson. for sale bv
Hfltfiy; 8ELL & ENTWISLE. I
Vo!. VII.
Duel’s “Cultivator” and the “Genesee Farmer.’
Willis Gaylord and Luther Tucker, Editors.
Jesse Duel & Co. Proprietors.
FfllHE first number will be issued in January,
IL IS 10, at which time all existing subscrip
tions will terminate, and the paper will be cl is
continued, unless the subscriptions shall have
been or are renewed. The price, as hereto
fore, " ill be One Dollar a year payable in ad
The publication of the Cultivator was com
menced at 25 cents per volume; the price was
afterwards advance I to 50cents, and at the
commencement of the fifth volume, to one
dollar per annum. It is due to our pat
rons and ourselves to explain the cause of this
increase in price. The size of our pages has
been enlarged, the quantity of matter increas
ed and the quality of the paper improved, tin- I
! til the expense of type-setting and paper, the ;
t two prominent items o'.’our expense, is now
more than double what it was when the price
j was 50 cts. and four times as great as it was ;
| when the price was but 25 cents. To enable ,
the reader to judge of its now lehuive cheap- j
ness,compared with literary periodicals, we >
state tor their information, that a volume <>fj
j the Cultivator, including its usual extra sheet,
contains about double the quantity of matter
{ that is contained in two volumes (published
m a year) of the North American Review.—
The subscription price of the two volumes
of the Review is five dollars—that ot the Cul
tivator one dollar. To be equal, in propor
tion to the quantity of matter, the price ot the
Cultivator should be ten dollars a year.
- CP Subscribers to the Cultivator are res
pectfully notified that all subscriptions termi
[ nate with theen I of the 6ih volume, and that
| paper trill be fo(carded to any subscriber,
j "unless paid in advance, either to the proprie
"‘ tors, or to their authorized Agents
dec G Special Agents, Alexandria, D. C..
Alexandria County, ^sct.
October Term, 1333. )
'•Vnu Fowle, surviving partner ol Thus
Lawrason & Wm. Fowle, late Copart* ^
ners i» trade, under the (inn of Lawn
son Fowle—Complainant, ^
against } 5
Philip Cl. Marsteller, Joiin Lawson. Josiah ^
II. Davis. Samuel M. Janney, Executor s
of Jonathan Janney, dec'll., and John ^
Adam—Defendants. J
| rj^HE defendants Philip G: Marsteller, and
l Samuel M. Janney Executor of Jonathan
■ Janney not having entered their appearance
to this suit, and answered the Complainants
Bill, and given security according to the slat- |
me and trie rules of the Court, and it appear
ing to the satisfaction of* the Court, mat the
said Philip G. Marstellerund Samuel M. Jan
ney are not inhabitants of the District of Co
lombia, on the motion of the Complainant* by
bis counsel, it is ordered that the said Philip G.
Marsteller and Samuel M. Janney do appear
j here on or before the first day of the next May
Term of this Court, and answer the Complain
ants Bill and give security for performing the
decrees of the Court. And that the resident
defendants John Lawson, Josiah H. Da vis ami
John Adam do not pay, convey a wav or se
Crete the debts by them owing to, or the mo
ney, estate or etiects in their hands belonging
to the said Philip G. Marsteller, until the fur
ther order ami decree of the Court; and that
a copy o1 this order be forthwith published in
the Alexandria Gazette for two months suc
cessively, and another copy posted at the trout
door of the Courthouse of sail! County.
Test, EDM. I. LEE, C. C.
dec 1 \—d*?m
Mexnndtiu County, J sct.
October Term, 1S39. )
Samuel Bartie—complainantj 1 ^
Pery E. Brocchus, Benjamin N. Broccliu*, ^
CharlesGo.skin and Sara!) Matilda, bis S
wile, Hugh 1,*. Simpson am: Charlotte ^
his wile,Jane Perry Brocchus,and Mary ^
Brocchus, Dells: J ^
i IE above named defendants,Benjamin N.
1 & Brocchus, Charles Goskin and Sarah Ma
j tilda his wile, Hugh L. Simpson, and Charlotte
his wile, Jane Perry Brocchus and Mary Broc
chus, not having entered their appearance, to
this suit, and given security according to the
statute, and the role* of the Court; audit ap
pearing to the satisfaction of the Court that
the said Beniamin X Brocchus,CharleS'Goskin
and Sarah Matilda his wile, Hugh L. Simpson
ami Charlotte his wife, Jane Perry Brocchus,
are not inhabitants of not inhabitants of the
Dstrict of Columbia on the complainants mo
tion it is ordered that the said Benjamin Croc- \
clots, Charles Gorkin, and Sarah Matilda his i
1 wile, Hugh L. Simpson and Charlotte his wile,
! Jane Perry Brocchus, and Mary Brocchus, do
i appear here on or before the first day of the
; next May Term of the Court, and answer the
, complainant's hilj, and give security for per*
forming the decree* of the Court; and that a
con of this order be forthwith published in the
i Alexandria Gazette, for two months succes
! «vely, and another copy be posted at the front
door of the Court-House of the sain Comity.
Teste: EDM. !• LEE, C. C.
dec 12—d2m
Alexandria County, ' sot.
October Term, 1S39. )
WillumS. Jett, Complainant,')
Peter R. Beverly, Charles Car- )• In Chancery.
ter Lee, and Henry St. Geo.
Tucker, Defendants.
rptiE above named defendants, Peter R. Be
1 X verly and Charles Carter Lee, not having
entered their appearance to this suit, and giver,
i security according to the statute, and the rules
1 of the Coirt, and it appearing to the satisfac
tion of the Court that the said Peter R. Bever
ly and Charles Carter Lee are not i> habitants
of the District of Columbia, on the Complain
ant’s motion, it is ordered that the said Peter
R. Beverly and Charles Carter Lee, do appear
here on o- before the first day of the next May
Term of the Court, and answer the Complain
ant’s Bill; and that a copy of this order be
forthwith published in the Alexandria Gazette ]
lor two months successively, and another co- j
py be posted at the front door of toe Court
house ot the said County, rest,
nov 27—dim EDM. I. LEE, C. C
ntlHK subscriber having made arrangements
k with a Nortliert maimlaetory, will be con
stantly supplied nil) Look in a Glasses ol every
kind which he will hi* enabled *o sell,1n'holesale
or retail ut eery reduced prices. Large man
tel or pier Glasses with gitl or mahogany
frames of any size <>.• pattern, u ill be lurnished
to order at the shortest notice. !
He has now on hand a handsome assortment
of small sized Glasses; and those wishing to
mrchnse will find it to their advantage to give
uoV 27 J
0 f
The Cheapest JVork ever Published in this
i rpHE Subscriber will issue weekly, from the
| JL Press of the Boston Daily Times, and
i Boston Notion, a publication of the above title,
| in eight imperial folio pages, each page being
I half the size of the juge ol the Boston Notion.
Each sheet will contain One volume of a no
vel, of the ordinary octavojsize, and will form
a series of
All the most popular English Novels and
Romances ol the day; with such desirable an
cient works as a re not to he obtained at the
boo kse 11 e rs. A r r a n ge m e n i s having bee i \
made in London to secure the earliest recep
tion of new books, this republication will be
the first in this country.
The Cheapness with which hooks can in
tliis manner he alforded, renders it an object
for booksellers and others to give their orders
early, as the edition will be limited, at first
Five thousand copies, and many persons
will desire to secure and bind the year’s vol
ume, which will equal to fifty two octavo vol
umes, a t.*f>ur dollars. Thus copies of valuable
woks maybe obtained fora trifle more than
is paid to Circulating Lib.aries merely for one
The sheet will h* printed in handsome style
—with a fidioand running head to each page,
wide margin and good register;? «*'< render
ing it fit to n eserve for binding at u*e ex mo
tion of each year.
Terms—Four dollars per annum—two dol
lars and a hail, for six months. Three copies
for ten dollars.
Five copies for sixteen dollars—ten copies
for thirty dollars per annum. No discount will
he made for less than three copies.
Subscribers in the city can have the work
left at their residence or stores every Thurs
day forenoon.
Postmasters and Booksellers throughout the
country are authorised to act as agents, on the
terms specified.
Copies will he sold singly at the Counting
Boom, No. 7. State Street, for ten cents each;
and will be furnished to orders for eight dol
lars per hundred, payable in advance.
All the carriers of’the Times & Notion can
he supplied with any number of copies they
may want, on the above terms.
Not a copy will be sent from the office be
fore (lie money is received for it, as the pub
lisher is determined its circulation thull he en
tirely upon the cash principle.
The first number will he published on 'Thurs
day morning, November 23, and the publica
tion will he continued every 'Thursday ’tiiere
'The regular subscribers will he supplied
during toe term of their subscription, with any
missing number, which it mav he possible to
procure. GROUGE ll< >BFRTS,
Publisher and Proprietor.
Boston, Nov. 11 —*d\v
, House, Shiv* and every descrivtion of Or flu
me ni a l Carving, Gil din?, Bronzing, and
Enameling on (Has'*; Pie.i'ire or look
ing (Hass Frames Re-gilded,
TEIE subscriber respectfully informs big
friends qml the public in general, that he
has commenced the a hove Brandies in all their
variety, and is now prepared to execute any
orders he may he favored with, at his re si
deuce, on Fairfax street, near the intersection
Qf Prince. He will, also, execute Fancy and
Plain Sign Painting; ditto, with ornamental 01
Plain Block Letters of any size, either with 01
without Boards, so that any required number
of letters may he transported to anv section
of the country at a small expense, and applied
as Signs, either on the Fronts of Buildings 01
on plain hoards, and can he re-painted and
gilded at a sin ill cost and by an inexperienced
workman, when necessity requires it. Also,
Fancy and Plain Wood Type; Patterns (“or
Castings or Moulds, for stucco work. Silk or
satin Banners or Aprons painted, &c.
A SMALL Farm, containing from two to
Cx. three him I re-1 acres, within six miles of
Alexaulria, with comfortable buildings, well
watered,an I the soil susceptible of umrove
inent. For such a liberal price, in cash will be
given. GEO. WHITE,
nov 21—3t
los r
TYIE week before lasr between Mr. Ilallo
1L well’s Lecture room and Cameron street,
or on Ca moron street, a Ca m jo Breastpin. The j
finder,if required, shall be compensated upon
leaving it at the oilice of the Alexandria Ga
zette> dec 5—tl
TTKXRY of Raise, or the States of Bloks i
iT by the author of the Gentleman of the
Old School, The Huguenots, The Gipsv, the
Robber, Richelieu, &c.
v The Governess, bv the Countess of Bless
'Pales of the Grotesque and Arabesque, bv
Edgar A. Poe.
Also,a continuation of the Memoirs ofChas. 1
Mathews. ComeJiqn, nclulmg his Corres
pondence, and an account of his residence in
the United States.
Also, Alciphron, a poem, by Tliorr as Moore, !
Esq.author of Lalla llqokli, See. Just pub
lished and. for sale by
. jz BAGS new crop RioCoHee
, _ f) 25 boxes M. R. Raisins
6 halt'chests Y. 11. Tea
5 hints. New Orleans Molasses
10 casks Goshen Cheese
5 boxes Honey Dew, small lump.
1 box superior Cavendish uu. Tobac
co, ! Ts
15 boxes Liard browiijSonp
2 frails A lieant Almonds, in store,a no
for sale o\v, by
dec 17 ' A. ,T. FLEMING.
rpiIE Subscriber lias received and offers
X for sale
5 quarter casks of Ota rd and Dupy’s Brandy
ofLS.Tl.a very superior article
4 halfpipes of A Sigoeit do
10 lihds of'N. E. Rum
5 pipes of C. Gin
2 pipes of FT Gjn
£oO bbis Old Whiskey
S half an I 2 pipes of 01 I J Yionon^ahal i
15 lihds common do
20 hbls of white Wheal Family Flour
50 boxes and half boyes Raisins
50 sacks fine Salt
300 bnsiis, ofGround Alum do
5 baskets Champaign Wine
Also in store a fall ass >rtm?;R of Wines
Groceries, kc., See.
A MEMOIR of the PubiicSemees of Wil
/X ham Henrv Harrison, of Ohio, (the Whir
Candidate for llie Presidency,) ‘.v James Hall; 1
for sale by BELL ii ENTWjSLS.
dec io
IF. FOX, has just received, and this day
J* opened, a variety of new DRYGOODS,
of various kinds, which, with his former stock,
makes his assortment very complete, among
the articles received, are the following—
5 ps super Satin strip’d Mouslaine-de-laine
5 do Mourning do
20 do common do
Blanket Shawls, Beaver Cloths'*
Cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings
French an I English Merino’s
Green Flannels and Furniture Chintz
5 pieces figured Gm-dc-naps
Colored Cambrics and Tickings
Ladies’ Purr’d Gloves
Satin and Gill Buttons
Glasgow Jeans and white Flannels
Check’d Silk Aprons, and Cravats
with a large assortment of CheapCalicocs, al
of which lie is determined to sell at. a vcr'j
sm al I prufi /. De a I e rs, am1 co ns u m e r s, are re -
'spectfully mvited to give him a call," as bar
gains may be had. dec t)
“P WASHINGTON & Go. have just re.
| J ie ceived an additional assortment consist
ing of
* Superfine wool-d ved black, blue, and other
fancy colored Cloths
Blue, black, and fancy col’d Cassimere
Superfine medium, and low priced Cassinetts
Kentucky and Glasgow Jean*
. Roger’s [latent Welsh and other white Flan
I nets
Superfine and other low paced red Flannels
Peifry and other low priced plaid Kinseys
Ditto and other plaid Do Domestics
Brown and bleachd Domestics ol all kind
; Fla in and figured Floor Clod) Baizes
Together with a few pieces Ingrain Carpet
ing, which will be sold low.
dec 2
H’ AS received his Fall supply of Dry Goods,
- and his assortment is now very large
and general; among them arc —
Cloths of all colors, some very superior;
drab, black, and invisible green; a super se
lection of new style Cassimeres; figured and
plain saliin 'Zesting; super worsted and woo
en ditto; lambs woo!, merino,cotton and silk
shirts; merino wrappers, for ladies; mohair,
I merino, and worsted Hosiery; silk and cotton
1 do, of all qualities ami colors; silk, kid, and
mohair Gloves, long and short; French ami
English Merinos; a splendid assortment of su
per Mousseline de iailies, both black and fig’d;
plain and figured Silks, in great variety; plaid,
Brocheand French Shawls; 5-1 an I 10-4 linen
sheetings; do damask and other Ji ipers; beau
tiful gum elastic table covers; cloth do; super
tufted and other hearth Bugs; 1000 yards
woolen Carpeting; cotton, hemp and Venitian
do; fine beaver and pilot Cloths; drab and
dark Flushings; plaid and plain Kinseys; coarse
woolens lor servants; woolen stockings for
ditto; sup while, grey, dark mix I, scarlet and
black woolen Varus; Knitting do; French
chintz and calicoes; furniture do; French
worked capes and collars; men’s Stocks; and
super black cravats.
A general nssortment.of Dorn *stics,to:mtb< r
with almost every article in the Fancy and
Staple Dry Goods line loth mo JStJi
npTIE Lot, at the south part of the Town, at
X present, and for many years past, occu
pied hv William Yeates, asa
Also, the Lot. adjoining, known as BROOM
| LAWN, each containing about ticcrihi-tv'o
acres. The location and quality of the Land
is generally known—the GAR !) T\ containing
I a choice variety of Fit err—a ml the soil ol both
j lots adapted to every purpose of cultivation.
The a hove property wili he rented (ora term
I of years, either together or separate. The
j rent will he moderate. WM. FOWLE.
aug 13—if
i >rTAHE Partnership lately subsisting between
A. the suhscrib rs, under the (inn of COOK
Sc LEADBEA PER, was by mutual consent,
dissolved on the Huh u t. All demands on
tiie concern will he met by Henry Cook, to
whom all debts are requested to be paid as
earlv as convenient. I IENRY C('01\,
FFRNRY rjnOK presents his grateful ac^
i kno wGdgements to his friends (or the
support so liberally conferred upon the late
firm, and trusts hv close personal application
to business, and selling articles of every des
cription genuine, and at as low a price as the
superiority of them will admit, to secure their
continued patronage a ml support. nov 3
FI 1 T M A X U l\ 1 C T U HER,
Cornerol Ivmgaml Rova! streets, Alexandria,
T> ESPECTFIJI LY informs the public that
XV he has removed tq the above place, for
merly kept as a Hat Store, byJ. T. O. Wilbar,
where he is prepared to oiler for sale on the
most accommo dating terms,
11 A T S A N D C A P S,
of every description and variety from the j
highest to tiie lowest prices. nov 11—3m
,t" — ■ ~ 1 * ■ 1 — i
TOFjX ARNOLD, at the north-east corner of
• I King ami Royal sis, has on hand and com
tin lies to manufacture at the shortest notice,
of the latest style and fashion. He is at all
times prepared to furnish his friends and cus
tomers with such articles in his line, as cannot
fail to please, having entire confidence not on
ly in the durability, hut!he beauty of Ins work.
Grateful for the kind patronage heretofore ex
tended to him he respectfully solicits a contin
uance of the same, promising to bestow tlie ut
most assiduity and attention to all calks or or
ders confided to him. The best journeymen
are empioyed in the manufacture of Ins Hals,
and none but the most superior articles of
fered. nov 28— lv
ed,and is now opening,a large a ml fresh
assortment of Fall and \Ymter Dry Goods,em
bracing all the varieties to be met with or
wanted. He invites a call from his friends
and the public, assuring them better bargains
shall not be bought elsewhere by the piece or
P. S. His variety of Cloths, Cassimeres,
Ca*sineft$, and heavier goods, is large and
cheap. oct 1 — tl
t\ Fairfax street, opposite the First Presby
terian Church, sixty-six ltet seven inches
front., running hack one hundred and twenty
fhreeYeet five inches, with a ten foot alley on
the North side. Persons wishing to purchase,
will please call on Josiah FI. Davis, who is au -
iliori/ed to act for rue. S* E. EDMONDS,
e 7—u Philadelphia1
4 •' k
~ - .. ^ -* ^ mm- .-w »:. --*• r
[From the Temperance Herald.]
Cineas now seeing Pyrrhus intent upon Ii
preparations for Italy, took an opportunit
j when he saw him at leisure, to draw him in'
the folhiwing conversation:
rhe Itoitrans have the reputation of being
excellent soldiers, and have the command of
many warlike nations: if it please heaven that
we conquer them, what use shall we, sir, make
ol ou«* victory r”
“Cineas,” replied the kin?, your question
i answers i’seli. Y» hen the Romans are once
I subdued, there is no town, whether Greek’ or
| Bar hariun, i i all the country, will dare oppose
1 us, but we shall immediately Ire masters ofali
Italy, whose g eatirss, power and imporlanc
no man knows better thau you.”
Cineas,after a short pause, continued, ‘‘But
after we have conquered Italy, what shall we
do next, sir?n
Pyrrhus not yet perceiving his drift, replied,
there is Sicily very near, and stretches out her
arms to receive us, a fruitful and populous is
j land, and easy to be taken ; tor Aga hock
! was no sooner gone, than faction and anarch
prevailed among her cities, and every thing
kept in confusion by her turbulent dema
\\ lint you sav. my princp,r said Cineas, c*
very pmbable; but is the taking td'Ticily t
conclude our eocpcdi io.usf”
‘ Far from it,” answered Pyrrhus; for if hea
ven grant us success in this, that success shall
only he the p elude to greater tilings. ITow
can we forbear Lybia and Carthage,then with- j
in reach, which Agothocles. pven when he
fled in a clandestine manner lor Syracuse, and
crossed the sea with a few ships only, had al
most made himself master of? And when
we have made such conquests, who can pre
tend to say, that, any of our enemies, who are
now so insolent, will think of resisting us ?”
‘"To be sure,” said Cineas, “they will not, for
it is clear tnatso much power will?liable you j
to overcome Macedonia, and establish your- j
sell uncontested sovereign ol Greece. Put I
when we have conquered all, what are we !
to do then
,c vVhv, then, my friend r said Pvr ims, laugh*
| mgC'we will eat, and drink, and be merry r” <
Cineas having brought, him thus far replied,
j “And what hinders us from drinking and tak
ing our ease now, when we have, already,
tuese things in our hands, at which we pro
pose to arrive* through .‘-.‘as of blood, through
infinite toils and danger, through innumerable
calamities, which wv must both cause and !
sillier r” i
i his discourse of Cineas cave Pyrrhus pain,
but produced no reformation. lb,* saw the
certain happiness which he gave up. but was
not a hie to [invpo i iie hopes that flattered his
desires, lie ha I, before this, a fair occasion
given him by lo tune, to enjoy himself in quiet, .
and to govern his own kingdom in pence. i
T’jtholaterer and Mailr-uss Maker
King, between Washington and Columbusst*.
nov IG — Iy Alexandria, D. 0.
ripUH Young Lady’s ( oin;>nni.in, in a series
§ o! letters, by Margaret Coxo, author ol
4T>otany of ibe Scriptures,'* c* Wonders of the
Deep” &c Aids to Reflection, bv Samuel Tav?
lor Coleodge, with the author's last correr
(lions, edited by Henry Nelson Coleridge,
I Esq.; to which is prefixed a preliminary essay
bv lohn McYickar. Esq. pm lessor of Moral
Philosophy in Columbia OoReor. New'York.
Memoranda ol* Uoreign Travel, contninir g
! notices of Trance, Germany, Switzerland, and
Italy, by Robert J. Breckenridge.
Letters to an only daughter, o;i confirma
tion being a mM. uni for the youth oft he Pro'es
■ taut Episcopal Church, by Rev. J. L.Blake, D.
j D audtor of Letters on Female Accomplish
ments, -rUr'Tiiis little volume has been adopt
ed hv the General Protestant Episcopal Sun
day School Union, as one of the Books to be
kept on sale at its depository.
Transplanted Flowers,or memoirs of Mrs.
Rnmplf, daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq..
| and the Duchess de Broglie, with an Appendix
[ by Robert Baird; just published, and for sale
dec 19
TTI STORY of the Christian Church, from
O the ascension of Jesus Chsistto t lie Con
version of Constantine. by the Rev. Edward
Burton, D. D Regius Professor of Divinity in the
University of Oxford; with a memoir, note
. by the Right Rev. G. W. Donne, Bishop
of New Jersey. J us t published, and for sale
‘dec *21
CVR Wonders of the World Displayed, fbrm
^ ingn repository of whatever is remark
able in flie regons of nature and art,extraor
dinary events, and eccentric biography; from
the thirteenth London edition, with 13 illus
trations. Just received and for sale by
dec 2*2 BELL & EXTWISLE.
IIllISTOLOGYT of the Old Testament.
\J and a Commentary on the predictions of
the Messiah by the Prophets, by E. W. Heng
stenberg; translated front the German by
Re lie! Keith, D. 1)., professor in the P. E. The
ological Seminary ot Virginia, complete in 3
volumes octavo.
Aifco, a supply of the second am! third vo
lumes, tor those who have purchased the first
Jim published, and for sate nv
Y>EING an attempt to prove that 'Pea and
I JL) Coflee are among the most powerful poisons
of’the vegetable kingdom. Jus! received, am! 1
for sale by BELL & EXTVVSLE.
dec 19
| A CALL to Onion on the principles of the
I lx. English Reformation—a Visitation Ser
mon, by \V. F. Iloolv, D. D. Vicar of Leeds,
and Chaplain in ordinary to the Queen, with
I notes and nr; appending, containing copious,
' extracts from the Reformers.
A letter to the Right Reverend Father ip
God, Richard, Lord Bishop of Oxford on the
tending to Romanism imputed todoct l ines field
j of old, us now, in the English Church, by the
Rev. E. 1>. Pussey, D.D., late Fellow of One/
i Coilegxs Oxford. For sale hv
noon uichard’S,Almanac, r«r the
. X Non hern Neck ol Virginia, for I8!0, by
1 itichard Snunder, Jr. calculated more parti
cularly for the latitude and longitude of the
j Northern Neck, corresponding with the uteri-1
| dinn of Washington City, and will answer for
Virginia and Maryland generally. Just re
I ccived. and for sale hy
1 dec 'J BELL &E XT W ISLE.
' • ' -s ■ * ,
i*ut)Tuned in Richmond, •
TTNDEIi this title, the undersigned p opo'es
U to publish a W eekly Journal until ihe
close ol the Presidential Election, on a plan
and at a price which will place it within the
reach of a large portion of the community who
do not hike a newspaper.
The design of the publication is to present
facta $nd arguments beasing upon the promi
nent questh ns a! issue between tlie twogreat
pa nies of the country, and to embody these in
a concise, simple, yet comprehensive form.—
In the preparation ol’inatter for this journal the
publisher expects to be aided by the best ia
Innfs in Ihe State; and if is his purpose to ap
peal to the reason and calm judgment of men,
and not to their passions.
Relieving that a majority of the people are
essentially honest in their intentions,and that
they only err when misled by false informa
tion, it will he a main feature in the Yeoman
to spread Indore them such papers as can be
sustained by indisputable proof—by extracts
from the documentary history of*the country—
and hv facts which carry upon their face the
evidences of truth
The Whig party of Virginia now have every
just motive for union, energy and zeal, in the
struggle before them; and the glorious exam
ple of New York, will stimulate them to ho
norable and unceasing effirts in a cause whu h
they believe to be identified with the dearest
| interests ol the country.
The Yeoman will he issued weekly cn n
sheet of suitable size, at the extraordinary low
price of One Dollar and twenty-five cents for
, nine months; but to justify this cheap rate, ho
less than 6000 copies must he issued.
This will require only ahoutfifty to one hun
dred dollars from each county in the State—a
sum which the Committees of Vigilance will
find hut little difficulty in raising.
Fjve dollars will pay for four copies; but
persons paying lor from 10 to 100 copies in
advance} will be furnished at One Dollars per
'The attention of the County Committee *
respectfulily invited to the subject, as imme
diate action is necessary.
Richmond, Dec ‘21—hv
TTT THOMPSON, General Agent and Col
\ V . lector, Washington City, respect fully
utters his services to publishers of newspapers
and periodicals in Philadelphia, New York,
Boston, and elsewhere, to collect accounts or
receive subscriptions for their respective peri
odicals, iroin persons resident in Washington,
Georgetown, Alexandria, ant^Ahe adjoining
counties of Montgomery, Prints?George's* and
i Anne Arundel, Maryland.
The advertiser suggests to distant, publishers
the convenience anti advantage of their hav
ing a permanent agent at the seat of the Ge
neral Government, through whom subscribers
in arrear, resident in any part of' the union,
might remit, bv members of Congress and
others visiting Washington city, the amount
due for subscription, See.
Merchant and others sending accounts or
agencies to the subscriber, x\ill have their hu
i siness faithfully attended to. Letters of in
quiry, &c. must he postage free.
The advertiser will undertake to collect
publishers’ ami other accounts due in Balti
more, as lie visits that city regularly on the
second Saturday of every month.
References.—Messrs.Ogles it Seaton,Thos
Allen, Wm. Gunton, G. fc T. Parker, eqd Lt.
Clagelt, Washington city; the proprietors of
the American, Patriot,Chronicle, Republican,
and Register, Baltimore: C. Alexander and
John Rowland. Ksqrs., Philadelphia; Gardiner
Snrtnw.jr., and D. P. Hall.Esqs. counsellors at
law, New York, and Donald McLeod, Esq,,
a proprietor of the New York Times.
-p \]r Thompson haying referred tous in
the above advertisement, we cheerfully state
lhat he has acted as collector for us for seve
ral years past, and that lie lifts discharged his
duly with attention a ml fidelity and to our en?
lire satisfaction. We believe that distant
publishers would not readily find a more com
petent or faithful agent.
Gales & Seatoh,
Oifice of the National Intelligencer
dec 12—)m
*_ #

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