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.« 'ptie. ir*6 Wedes jf lift ^
W£ k vo v th»t health and the ability to U*
3>r c,nutate the wealth of the great
mass of the pa >ple in this, as in most other
c >untries. To preserve, therefore, that health
by n\ural means is a gran i m>nl an 1 p >liti- i
c il xchr ae, to fuinl which, re | tires o ir utmost
atte iti > t. Tie unprecedented popihrity
hu i a u versa' approbation which this me licine
lui achieve l throaghoat the Unitel States,
the Cm 1 is, Texas, Mexico, and the West
In Vies, faliy justify Ur. Peters in warmly and
coiscienti Msly recommending them to the
special attention of toe addicted.
Ur. Peters has spent much ti ne in e*oeri
rne Tin * with different vegetable me h.cioes for
diseases of the liver, and now offers his Vege
table Pills, as the best, mo*t convenient, and
cheapest medicine that can be prepared tor ge*
eeral use. , , _.n
One grsxt J iiVity of hi* VejstaSle P.»*
thit tiiiy h.ve tt»a sltiriutive principle c >n
b'ml wilta fiair cu'.uouc, °f ^c^tnje
•IwUties, so th it they not on y cj-anse
the stom.ch an 1 hovels oy P«'<”\**,,u
re»uUtethe lirer, e'i*n?e the mo.oiJs.cre
tiJn.; strengthen the dative or-sns, purity
t ic blood* invigorate the circulation, and give
to le and energy to the nervous system.
They arc m Id an 1 pleasant in then.’ opera
tlon.an.l convey aim vst imneliate conviction
of th *ir utility from their hr at Jose. Viiey c an
betaken with safety oy oersons of any age;
H U the feeble, the i i ir n.the nervous an l the
delicate, are strenrthenel oy their operation,
because they clear the system ot oil ho
rn >f;,l det nervous ‘.rrit ability, and invur.abi)
produce sound heahh.
The vegetable tMisare a s i^e remedy for
jaundice, sick ail nervous he* Uche, d/spep
sia, c esu ve less, sickness of tne st omoc.i, he art
b im, ah bilio is complaint*, ie.ers of all
kin Is, and if taken at the‘oo n nence neat will
invariably check their progress, and save the
patient fro n a protracted an 1 dangerous sick* |
ness. Tne*/ are invaluable in nervous and hy*
p >chon l.ical a Sections loss of appetite, an 1
all co rip’ tints t > w:uch le isiles ilo.ie are sub
ject. they operate tts a mil and steely
purge, af. I are a saie c id certain re »Y-iy tor
worms in children.
For sale by -V.n ^iMer, ’V n. Harper, Coo*
fit Leiloeater, ml Join i. Sayrs.
Alexandria, Anril 5. H>9_
MO.llS J \M-S i*i? JjS.
ffl 13 G?:i linn M >ri$ »n*s t>i»ls or jhi*
-M. vorsnl Vegetable Medicines of the
Dtitish College of Health. These \1edi
ciaeo cure all diseases which a 1 nit of
1. They re n >ve *ro n the stonach, liver and
intestines, the blood-nuking organs,all obstruc
tions to the dire perf*r nance of their healthy
2. They p-1rify the hinod hy inureasl ng: ts va
rio is excretions, and prevent di^eiae hyena
bliogthe b > ly successfully to resist the pre
disposing cn I existing causes to diseise.
3. They increase the action of the absorb
eats, by which all norbi 1, grotnsare taken in
ti circulation, and afterwards expJled froui
the b cdy
4. They rest >-e tbs re* d irity of those pro
cesses u.o >.i w ucti the t >rmitioii and circiila
tion of the bio j 1 Jepen Is. _ j
These a-e the only medicines known in i
. whi:b sm i!l 1 )*es !i i/e a p > verful an 1 beneri
c”.»! eT-ct; an l yet. of whim, in ettrsme ca
s>i;, siih very large loses n ay be a 1 Tiimstered
tiariessiy, a i l -vil » greatly increased advan
tage to cue patient.
f\ie British Bali i re of Hedia having revok
c i t ivitiel i ii ii void me upp rintnient
Ur. 11 v.a.io Shepieari > it- he his ceased
to be in iv/ •Tun.r the agent of tne British
Gode*e of lieahh.
Ge >r*e Tivior jein* now, m 1 fr ) n nence
orth, tne sou general agent in the U. States,
«>f the B.itish G allege of Health, for the sale
0f M arise a’s L'GU, or the Vegetable Universal
'le liuine of the British Gohege ot ilea.. > it
inist be evident to alb tint no person out tne
said ciiJ»*gc i .iv * jf i) any right o* aa^h >.ity
t j uo'n.n .te <n ippoi.it gjauial ageir.s for t.ie
sile of the ib >ve moiiciuc,
T le for ner General A-rcnt has very justly
observed, that smee the legal decisions which
li aye estibUs aed toe claim ot the Genuine Hy
ir -i i .1- Heine-.to orutecticm fro n lirect coun
terfeiters, n i noerless \tz the schemes ot un
principled inovutors to evaiethe just penal
ties of the lav, anl icircely a newspaper can
be taken up that does not tee m with whole co
lu onset garbled extracts from Mr. Mori son’s
publiciti >.is, an \ by tum unblushingly assum
in* his ideas, an i even his very words, vainly
strive to rob him of his original discovery by ;
which he h n rescued himself from a series of
8 iTurin** of thirty-five years continuance, and
led to tne foundation of the snmd out simple
systen of the Hygcian phydubgy; whereas,
iiud not Mr. vloriiou p1* pounded this system
to tne English cannuaity, and had not its
truth spread with a rapidity co n mens urate with
its imbortanse through Great Britain,the Con
tinent of Europe, tne Nations the East, and
the Uni^d States of America,anc,in fact, ha
vin* Agencies and a Ivocates established in
every civilized Nation of the Earth, neither
their names nor their ignorant pretentions
wcmll ever have been heard of.
Gau it os! — Xo pills sold i n the Unite J 'states
of America are the genn ne 4oriso P.s Pil's, or
Vegetable Universal Medicines of the British
College of )1 eakh, unless each box, containing
such pills, be signed with a fac-sinde of Jao.es
ai orison the (lygeists signature* and .^Iso with
a facsimile of; le sig i store <»f the s iid George j
Tayloi, assoch General Agent iioresai i. fiie I
label »9 as folio vs, and is a fixe 1 :<j each box: |
Jamc3 M >nsn i, ? Ha uJton P.ace
thTH/gest, $ King Gross (.on Ion
The follnving Agents have been appointed
for th2jAb we M e ii n ies, •** w « ► u only the
genuine i s i.iried tlor.io.i j Pil.s cm. oe ob«
twasdT „ . .
\V:«. Po ie it ' :-e V g; it i irthe ^-strict of
Cola n >ii> tJ.n 1; i steer, G i >r,ptJ*n an l ot
the t adoAfing S r>- a gents —l! :d x i.itwisie,
King street, Ale\aniri»; 1\ !• >V;;git, High
dire it, Ge nrgeUi w i; »•. iViignt at Mclnlioe •
Auction S:K£» opposite t ic Mirii Market,
Vemsivania Vvenue, Wasiington City.
T le Pills are sol i in packages of l an i f i.
a 11 %td> an 1 5 J cents each, with directions* th*
po.v lers in boxes at 25 cents.
1 G& >:IGS rAYr.OId,
6} Vdl street, X. York, Sole General Agent
j ^ li—iy _
R y i il *lre*tt bet oee i /U'*2 Prince
a AS on nma an us constantly man*
ut utnrin^ vlihogany, Grecian,
Fancy a *J .Vi 1 Uur Cmirs, of the new*
est pitterns niJio too mast approved
style, «
T 1 j public are iuv to i m c ill an 1 ex- 1
auii uo hu oresjut assort nent. Ho feels /
a?* : tn u i v~»y will he t >m i n >t to he
lafen >r e.t i *r i i the i it anility oi their
in if ’n i.s if ine a * p ies> *>i ujeti exe
cut* *o, to tmse of m/ > h m* minufae*
tiren.i the J.strict. tie will execute
S/yv, f •/, :i I ie i‘ il p li i'l l * V
in ah their v t.u > i> or i iches. .> » the m >st '
an; > n n > f i»* w ter ns.
f>jj onir^ wil! oetixee ;n > ».U puy
lfl Mp >r a' v om, *-r w :l :>; r * > ured
a * 1 r'o lilt' ! it • i * > »•»<*’. ’>i n >t;ce
e if c.i t 'v* 1 iu '» s n i i t; ic^
i > A'ti! *e s • P *i«?e n» i.’>* i » i 'y
p^fi of Me Pi$i*K i uj* ■*«*
TO persons afflicted with the Following c >m
plaints, vis;
Scrofula, Leprosy, Salt Rheum, St Antho*
ny*s Fire; Fever Sores, even when the bones
are affected; White Swellings; Vijlent Erup'
tions, after nteazles; Scurvy, Foul Festering
Eruptions, Pimpled and Carbuncled faces, bore
Eves, Sore Legs, Scald Head, Ulcer*. Venerea*
Taints, when Mercury has failed, end a.'• c l,arj
lers arising from an impure state ot the
tnd Humors—are assured that DU. RELFE a
^Botanical Dro »s!
C>otini* Unrivalled, for the Prevention, Re
lief, and Cure of these complaints. In proot o
which, read the following
£>U«*4aKiBL* cu«« or a case or 12 years
stavdixo. Extract of a letter. Sir My g,
which before did not look like a human limb,
is now entirely healed up. (after resisting eve.
ry other application for 12 years!) Previous to
taking your Relfe** Botanical Drops, l had gi
ven up all hope of relief.”
Another Case. An Agent writes—" There
is a person taking the Botanical Drops, evi
dently with the greatest advantage. He de
clares, to use his own words, “It is doing won
ders for him,” an 1 is, as it were, “snatching
him from the grave.”
Numerous instances h is occurred where per
sons were pining away a miserable existence,
lothing they could procure affording them
permanent relief, until they hid made use of
the above invaluable Medicine;
riiey are also the best Spring an i \utumnal
Physic Price $ l, or 6 b ottles for $5.
ONE of the best anl most thorough reme
dies known for this troubleso ne co n
plaint. It has more perfectly answered the
purpose for which it is intended than any otner
now in common use, and affords immedia.i and
permanent iieltef, both trom the disorder it
self, anl its accompanying symptoms of pain
cite, indigestion, and other marks of debility.
ijj*Price $1 for both articles—Ointment and
Electuary—or 5J cents without,if one only is
warded. # ^
Xj*None are genuine unless signed T. KID
DER, on the wrapper, [sole proprietor and .
.cccKssiiito Dr. CONWAY,] by whom tney i
ere for sale, at his Counting Room, No. {JJ,
Court street, Boston, and by his special ap
pointment, by WM. STABLER,
r *oct 23 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
i Consumption!
3'B WE, from their extraordinary success in
j l!\. giving instant relief, and in curing Colds
Coughs, Asthmas, Difficulty of Breathing,
Wheezing, Tightness of the Chest, Fain in
THs Side, Spitting of Blood, Chillness and
Shivsrings that precede Fevers and t.uvo
Complaints generally ! become one of the
most popular Medicines known, and are sought
after from every part of the country; on ac
count of the astonishing success which lias at
ten led their administration in the above com
plaints, frequently curing the most obstinate
cases, and giving the most unexpected relief,
ifter every other remedy had failed, and per
sons had given themselves up in despair of a
cure :
They have been kno wn to cure persona sup
pose 1 to be far gone in consumption, and ex
hibiting all the appearance of approaching dis
And such have been the salutary effects o
these Pills even in hopeless cases, as s o tar u»
nitigate the sudering* of the paMen , as evi
dently to prolong ide tor d»vs a.id weeks, and
jive to it, a p isitive comfort thoy never ex
pected to enj »y.
The operation of the pills is won let*.u» m
casing respiration, quieting the cough, and
orocurin j comfortable rest.
C mi non colds are frequently rcm >vcd in a
ew hours*
Although [says a person speaking of
these Pills,] my wife has tried various modi* |
ernes ot the first] celebrity, for an Ast imatic
Difficulty, (or affection ot the lungs,) wnich at
limes was exceedingly distressing, confining
her to her house for days and weeks together,
I she fin Is nothing give" si a it the uelief which
j Kklfk's 4sth>iatic Pslls i»t> ! — casing her re*
piration, quieting her cough:and giving her
comfortable rest,” And this is the testimony
of hun Ireds or thousands. The relief which
igei> people, as well as others, experience
from the us** oftheie Pills, is truly astonishing,
and ren lers them i ivaluable to many; and are
in fact to some, hu essential auxiliary to then
comfort, and almost to their existence !
rLjf»A Physician informs the Proprietor,
that a genHemin in the country observed to
hi n, he hid reason to believe the use of these
Pills had been the means of saving his life.
Price—whole boxes, 30 Pills, : hall do.
12 Pills, 50 cents.
To the Editor of the Inquirer.
()ji the principle inculcated bv the
O great and good l)r Franklin, to dilluse as
widely as possible every means in our power to
mitigate or soften the afflictions of suffering
mraanity, I feel it incumbent upon me to make
;nown through the medium of your useful pa
jer, that on reading therein an advertisement
>f Dr- Jebb’s Liniment, for the cure of RtlE LI
MA FIS VI, 1 was forcibly impressed with a be
lief tli it it was calculated to remove the severe
Rheumatic Affection to which I had been for
seven or eight years subjected, sometimes al
most depriving me of the use of my limbs. I
iccordingly procured a Bottle, and before I
had used the whole of it, found very sensible
relief- This increased my confidence in it, and
jel me to obtain another bottle, the use of
aiiidi has completely removed the swellings
a,i 1 pains of my limbs,together with the cramp
an 1 restored them to their wonted vigor.
I am respectfully yours,
Hempstead, L. I. March 24th.
persons suffering from thcabove complaints,
an l in despair of a cure from the failure of the
various remedies they have used, are invited
to make trial of this long and celebrated med
icine, which has in years past cured and re
lieved, as it is also now doing, thousands who
had despaired of relief. Nothing but a fair
I trial can give an adequate idea of its unrivalled
| exCellencc. It is also one of the best applica
tions known for stiffness of the joints, numb
ness. sprains and chilbiains. Price 50 cents.
.^^•None are genuine unless signed T. KID
DER, on the wrapper, lsolb puopuiftoii and
scccKssoa to Dr CON WAY,] by whom they
are tor sale, at his Counting Room, No. 99.
Court street, Boston, and by his special ap
pointment, by WM. STABLER,
oct 23 Fairfax street, Alexandria.
Coders the Teeth beautifully and perma
' tjy white, e nDellishes the enamel, removes
he foe tor arising from decayed teeth; usually
e^neJ offensive breath, prevents their decay,
>1 \ » ache, era lica'es the scurvy from the
u n?, an 1 i n,)irt$ a injit dish able sweetness
o the breath.
\a experienced Uni jgist pronounces
forth Powder one of the best he has ever
U with, cither Foreign or Ujmci'v Price j
sent .* *
u&soxs afFlictkd wiTik
ITT ILL fin 1 in thejose of the ALU10N CdtdN
>¥ PL dS rKK, one of the most efficacious
remedies known for th*t troublesome com
plaint; as huo Ire Is or thnusan Is can, an l are
rea ly to testify, to its having answered a better
purpose than any thing they have ever used.
Phis application never causes the least piio,
although it s ifcens^ the C >rn and dri vs it out
by tlie roots. It g*ves i * neditte ease as soon
as applied, and is as thorough as it is gentle in
"SeireCt3KSV|\UK\nLP. CUU’SSt
V gentleman near (ireerificl 1 writes
•< It has cured a Corn, which for yei'*s had
caused *ne inconceivable pan an 1 trouble, ( af
ter trying various other re ne lies ;) and having
received 3uch relief myself, l advise all, how
ever obstinate the complaint, to make trial of
the Albion Corn Plaster, and l haven) doubt
they will soon be a9 ready to express their
gratitude as \ am.”
An Vgent, in writing for a further supply of
the Albion Corn Plaster, observes—“ I have
ma le sale of ail you sent me, and find the ar i
cle to be all it professes to be, as those who
have used it find it to prove the ‘best article
for Corns they have ever met with.*
Price, 5J cents a bos, with directions.
S*or females! i
For ‘Obstructions, Debility, Hyp >c ion Jria, j
Green Sickness Giddiness and Palpitation of ■
tiie Heart, Bid Digestion, Loathing of Food, ■
ini Fains of the StouncV The Fills purify
an 1 promote a brisk circulation of the bio >1,
when become sluggish and obstructed from tne
foregoing disorders, revive the regular habits
>?the unhealthy femi’e, whose sickly and pi’ ;
lid countenance becomes reanimated, an 1
freshens with the natural glow of restored
health. They are equally conducive to the
health of married ladies, except in c-.ses of
pregnancy or Consumption, when they must
not betaken. Price $l SJpcrbox.
F.'^J^.sone ire genubie un’eis signed T. Kt!)
DEB, on the wrapper, ( s >le l*r iprietor an 1
success >r to Dr. CONWAY,] by whonthev
are for sale, at his C noting B >om, No. 9J,
Co irt st;(et, B jstnn, an 1, by his special ap*
pointme? t, by \VM. STABLEB,
oct do Fairhix street, Alexandria;
ilntibilioiis Fills!
IjJDIt inligesti >n, Loss of Appetite, Listless*
nes3, Healachf*, (I istiveneas, Flatulence,
Cholic, Bilious \ffection% Sic.
To comment on the efficacy oftbese Fdls,
after a successful experience oiwany years in
England and America has established tneir re
putation, is needless. Suffice it to observe, that
for redundancy of Bi e, Flatulence, Gostiveness,
Headache, See. he. they will undoubtedly prove
far more serviceable than those drastic purge
too frequently employed, and will not only at
the same time tend to re nove the offending
cause by gentle motions, and strengthen the
digestivee organs, but improve the appetite
md renovate the system. Price 5J cents.
HOWEVER inveterate ill one hour’s appll*
tion, and no danger t'r > n taking cold, by
This preparation for pi Msantness, safety* ex
pedition, case and certai ity, stand* unrivalled
for the cure of this Iron desome complaint. It
s so rapid, as well as certain in its operation, as
to cure this disagree; b! * disorder most cnee*
:ual!y in one hour’s a; p ication only !
It does not contain tne least partied of iner
:nry, or other dang r os ingredient; an l n».>
>e applied witti per e ;t safety by pregnant to
rv.t'es, or to children at the breast.
Price, o7 1*2 ce. ts i box, with ample diftc*
The relief is im nedi:ite» without the l^ist in
iury to the Teeth. Price 5rJ cents a hox.
For Sick Headache, c^c. Price 50 ceiPs.
! jj^None are genuine unleas signed P. !vii)
|)KH, 01 t'ie wrapper, fsole Proprietor and
successor to Dr. CONWAY, J by *h >:n they
ire for sale, at his Counting It^om, No. 99,
Court street, Boston, an! bv his spend ap.
pointment, by WM STAID.Bit,
oct 25 ’Fairfax street, Alexandria.

JTIOU SOUK or INFLAME ) BVKS- l<Hl)ll)£ kU'l W11
i gives such immediate hki.if.f. On recent
lore eyes, the effect is must salutary. Where
the complaint Iras been of years stun ling, anil
i'n some exceedingly bad cases,the mod unex
pected and desirable relief h is been found in
the use of this BYB WA TBit, after every oth
er remedy hail failed. Persons who have used
it, pronounce it without hesitation t;if. west
ever met with. Price 25 cents a bottle.
£j*“None are genuine un'ess signed T. KID
DER, on the wrapper, [sole ru p.uETORand
SUCCESSOR to Dr. CON W AY,] by whom they
are for sale, at his Counting It >om, No. 99,
Court street, Boston, an l by his special ap
pointment, by WJ1 SI AliLhU,
oct 26 F iirfax street, Alexandria. "
The subscriber offers for sale, either
end, or bjthends of the plantation
called OAK HILL, late the estate and
residence of James Monroe, deceased
being desirous of retaining the Home
stead for his own occupation. Tne end
adjoining Mr. Powell’s Land would con
sist of about K)0 acres, more or less, as
might be desired, including about 5:>
acres ol line meadow land, and a toiera«
oly good 1 welling house. The tract at
the other end, on the great Turnpike
leading from Alexandria to Winchester,
would consist of about the same quantity
of land, including two dwellings, one be
in<* built entirely of brick, and occupied
as°a Wagon Stand. Tkj whole oj the
purchace money, for either, may remain
on mortgage, being well secured, and
interest payable haif yearly. Persons
desirous of purchasing, can view the
premises, on application to Mr. Joseph
Hawkins, residing at Oak Hill.
Oak Hill, Loudoun Co. Aug 13, 1338.
N. B. To persons desirous of purenus
ing an 1 improving the above, facilities
will bj afforded by the present owner
aug 28—if
• ported by the ships Pioneer and General
Washington, just arrived from Liverpool, a
gener a I a nd la rge assortment of MARDWARE
and CUTLERY. which they now have ready
tor sale, on the most liberal terms, and invite
a call from country anil other merchants.
[Win. Rep., Warren.Times, Lees. Gen. of
Lib., and Nat. Int., will publish the above for
two weeks,and charge J. W. Massie & Whee
ler*___ sept 17
A ND Repository of Useful Knowledge, for
/l the Year 1340, f >r sale bv
IS KECOM\1 -VM JE) as Izcidedly superior
to any other n nvn combination of Medi
cine, for Codgbtr Colds, Influenza, Consump
tion, Asthma, Sorting of Blood, Hoarseness,
Difficulty of lirei hing, HoopingCough, Pains
and Weakness of the lireast, ani alt diseases of
I the Pulmonary organs.
Tnis nedicine »s nighty and justly recorn
nen led, by numerous an 1 respectable indivi
luals, who have round relief from its use. Ma
ny who have beii laboring under protracted
Coughs and pain sin the breast and have been
| supp ised by the nselves and the^r friends rar
advanced in coosu notion, have been happily
restored to perfect health by the use oi this
valuable Expect >ra'U.
r crsems Woonng under chronic or consump
tive coughs, will finJ great tt Wantage trom
carrying a small quantity of the Indian Kspec
torant with them, while aUend’.ngto their va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspoonful oc
casionally. Their cough will be scarcely felt
and they will oe enabled to expectorate witli
tie greatest fan - ty, and the irritating matter
w M thereby soon oe removed and a perrna
nent cure ejected. L-:t the r/H cte l try it.
Prep *e lonly by Hr 1). Jayne, of Salem, N.
Jersey, an 1 to'c i s genuine without his writ
ten signatu e o the label on the outside o»
the bottle.
*; <2 1 ATE? i
i hereby ce ufy t’i*: was cured ofa violent
cough and pa a in the breast by using Doctor
Jayne’s Kxpe :tu?ant Medicine. --y wife alio
was aillicted with a no 1 cough an 1 p un in the |
crcast, attended oilh so much di iiculty ot
brerdhng 1 a prevent h fro n getting any
Jeep for a nu nVer of rrg’.r.sin iu^cesaion; but
by taking two doses of tms mel cinc she w?.5
e labiea to sleep nuie'.iy through toe night
and in a fe w days by continuing its use ohc
vVus nerfectv- restore !• .I icon ’i1" ;k vai«
\i viz joVs dridje,NT. J. Sept e4.l 'oS*
Last spring my vifc waa con Fined to neroed |
by a distressing cough an 1 pain in her breist |
an.’* side—Her c > ugh harassed her d*y an i j
t»igot a:id her di liculty of breitdi.'g was so j
'real that she got very little sleep t >*r in in*’
Jays tt:ri nights together—None of the me di
cines she ton* appeared to be ot any service
to her; a lien Dr juyne km Uy sent her a bot*
lc ot in lua Repeat sriut which soon an loom*
;>!eteSv re stored her to liedth due irmly re
'\i /esit the beat medicine ever hsenvered.
WlLLf \'l 5* f;!,v'T,
{Inncock’sD i ige, N. j. Mo* . Jl, 8.*b.
;Frn-n J. i!.5m th, 3s]. Dr loh’yn F. !*
i hereby certify l iar * ue ao »*’c v •: u »a.e .re
dicine h is been use 1 in »“/ !a rviy wiin g _■
b cnefit i u several i iistances J* »i 3.«itru
Brook!)it, Dec.loJ j.
From A. L. & B. 3 in Is, Druggists, No. IOC.
t* niton street, Ne w V orii.
Dr. D. Jayne—Dem sir: Vo sr Indian Fxpe':
torHfit is doing well here, v* e have but about
oee dozen lett ot the gross you sent us. You
wiU niease forward on a winter supply as soon
as convenient: It seem*. ti» give universal sa
tisfaction to all whom we nave heard from who
have used it — l‘fu* season is fast approaching
v/hen suc!t a medicine wsi be much needed
and a®it is well supported r>> good certificates
it will sell very rapidly. The only objection
seems to be to the price; but we have not had
one customer who objected to take it on that
accoc intj as no one doubts its virtues. Very
respectfully, yours, *• D,k d. Sax us.
Nov* /, lodo.
From he dev C* G F. Crusty, u«e agent of
the American Baptist.
To Dr. H. Jnyne Dear sir: 1 have m i ' so
of the Indian Expectorant, personally* i in
my family for the list sis years with grea r u*
elii. Indeed I may cunsider my life prolong
ed tiy the use of this vdo able medicine, un ler
tiie blessing oi II » i; tor several years* I may
my aln >Ht:is much n t ie c-.»e of my wire an 1
also of the Ucv. v»r Ft ’.sin oft leld and ot.l*
tmica. For ail cases of c -ugh, in la n nation
of the chest, u igs a’1 1 throat,! d i n Ht un te
sh.uing’y recoin non i tl.isas the best med cine
! have ever tried. My earnest wish is tint o* j
I tiicr* a■ liicte.i a > ! !rave neen, inay e xn?rie ioe
the sane rcUef, v/h-cli l am persuaded tiny
I will by using the Indian Expectorant.
1 G. C. F. Cnosur
N. B Many of my neighbors, on my reocm
meudauon, have tried this me Heine with uni
form success. N. York, June 15, 1355#
From the Rev. Jonathan Going, l). f). Editor
ot the American Unjust,
I have used theabove me Feu.e with suc
cess for a cough -%u ! hoarseness.
N. York, Dec. 133 5, Jonathan Going,
Dec!. D. Jayne —Dear sir: I was? or along
rime a'ilicteil with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness an 1
pain in my breast, but have been restored to
perfect health by using-one bottle of your In- !
dian Expectorant. have been subject to a
c-4iigh and pain in my breast for near tw enty
years, and have found fur greater benefit from
this medicine than from any other. I remain,
respectfully* yours, Susan Iiielaiiu. j
Canton, Nov. 21, 1336.
M my more certificates might he added but
the above are considered sufficient.
Salem, N. J. April, 1336. D. J AYNE,
For sale by agents throughout the United
States, where also may be hid Jayne’s Carmi
native Balsam, for Bowel Complaints; Jaynes’*
Tonic Vermifuge, for \Yrorms, Fever^and Ague
Dyspepsia, Sour Stomach, &c.
Agent for Alexandria,
1st mo.23—ly WM. STABLER,
THE New York Sim says: BRAND RET I PS
PILLS have been used among many o
lour friends, ami in our own family we have
‘ used them nearly four years when we required
medicine; in that period, no Doctor save Mr.
Brandreth has crossed our threshold,!, ml no
medicine besides the Doctor’s Pills used. Our
beliel is ‘keep your bowels and blood pure,’and
every kind ol’disease will lie prevented orcur
ed. The Brandreth Pills are eminently calcu
lated to do this, and thereby much lessen the
sum of human misery.
The New York Evening Star says: Bran
(Iretli’s Pills are a medicine which their own
{intense worth will always secure lor them a
• large and ready sale.—They have deservedly a
high reputation; and as a family and anti-billi
ons remedy it would be dillieuft to equal them
among all the patent medicines ol the present
The New York Commercial says: They re
move all morbid humors and purify the blood.
To the whole family of Maa.—Wc feel both
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to
all our readers, Brandreth’s Vegetable Pills, as
the most certain, most sale, and invaluable
medicine extant. ^ As antibilious and aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced they tand
far above ail others; as a certain cure in all
cases ol worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas, and all affections of the skin, drop
sy, asthma, stone, gravel, piles, and lumbago,
they will be found invaluable.—London Times.
Eliza Kennedy is the only Agent in Alex
andria, for the sale of Brandtreth’s Pills.
Baltimore OiFice, SO South Charles street.
|R. It. GREEN,
may 22—Cm General Agent.
CAST! and the highest market prices wi/1 he
paid for any number of likely young ne
groes of* both sexes, ike. All communica
tions addressed to me, at the old establish
ment of Armfield, Franklin X Co., west end
of Duke street, Alexandria, D. C., will meet
with prompt attention. i
** Druggist, Alexandria, general a
gent forthe $ Re of Dr. Ralph’s Impkoted
flvcBiAN Pills, respectfully stales that he
is enabled to supply this Medicine to the
public and his mercantile connection, up
on th^3ame terms that the General Ci
lice at New York supplies them,—a li
beral discount being made to retail mer
chants. For a description of the qualities
ofthese pills, he refers to the following
a Ivertisement of Doctor Ralph, viz:—
“ Fhe very general demand for Dr.
Ralph’s Ilygeian Pills,can only b.' ac
counted for by reason of the unexam
pled oenelit an l cures which thousands j
have experienced from their use. More-!
over, they are founded on tfie wisdom
and experience of the British College of
Physicians and Surgeons, of London:
and are recommended by the writings
and practice of Sir Ast ey Cooper, Mr.
Abernethy, and Dr. Babington;as well as
by the greater part of the more eminent
practitioners of England and th ' Conti
Theli ruts01 an a ivertisc-mcnt will not
all aw of entering upon an explanation
jf the principle oil waich this medicine is
•5 uleci to so nuny Jiff rent complaints.—
!t must saTiee to mention, that one!,
o ick vge ofthe p'ilscontaius three boxes,
t vo of which are gently opening, with o
str * ig!honingqu ility combine 1, adapted
to the :.i )st feeble constitutions; while the
other is purgative, but m are or icss so ac
cjrding to the dose. Tims, by varying
these i. iit^, and altering the doses agree*
able to tiie directions given, it is aston
ishing to witness the number of diseases
which are cured or much alleviated by
them, while there is no disease whatever
which cm possibly be injured by then
use. They c int tin no mercury, an l may
betaken without the iacoa/enience* o»
caution wnich ot.icr medic nes genet al
ly require. Free particular diseases io
A’hic.h liieire lie icy hasbeea proved and ■
e '-t» I,in :n my th risaa 1 indivi iualcases,
arc the following:—
Dyspepsia, and t ho wliulc of those nu
r.ero is mal idejs wnich atist iVont iiubini
ti consiijNii; m of he bowels; Apoplexy,
iiid ail aueciioiiS ol lie head; Gout;
It‘ierrr>.itism; Scrofula, with every spe
cie? cf Fait iiiicum and Disorder of the
SUin; threatening Consumed ve Cough;
Diver Diseases, whether the effect of in
temperance or hot climate; Fever and
Ague; Common Fever, >vc,; In.lamina
tions Cii dera Morbus, -v j.; Jim lice
Dropsy; Files; Gravei; G *«*t, and cert lin
other complaints of the Urinary and Ge*
ratal organs, <Ac. Sec.
This medicine is also eminently usefui
in the whole class ol disorder* peculiar to
the leiiialeconstitution, especially in .Ner
vous and Hysterical disord »rs. Kpileptic
Fits,St. Vitus’s Dance v c. %fcc.;SicK Head
Ache, certain obstructions, sexual weak
ness, Sec. In smaller doses, it maybe
relied on as theb*st and safest medi
cine in pregnancy, and for the common
disorders of cnildrcn.
The directionsgiven with these Pills
are remarkably plain and particular—the
proper dose and management of them be
ing carefully mentioned anieruc In-ad
e a c h d i s o r i c r b e p n r a t x 3r.
Jos. ilAi.rw, M. 1
Graduate of the University of Kdin*
burg-a; Member of the Royal L'o.iege
of Surgeons London; Lecturer on
Midwifery and the Diseases of Why
men and’ C nl Iren. Sec. and aulhoj
of the “Do ic tic< ?u de to Me licine.’
\T. Hr. RdlplPs Domestic Guide is
i little volume dt signed for the use of
every f rui.y, particularly those resid
i\r \\) the c > i:itry. It is written in the
plainest m ran u*. and is intended to ena
ble indivi imils. both uir!e and female, to
an lertuk • the man ige rent ol their own
co iipiamfb with sal *ty an 1 success.—
I'm* price Is very low, being only 5f
cents, though neatly bound in board:,
Sec. Ini ml tlie object of its publica
tion is rather with a view of spreading
useful knowlelge on disease, than of
any prod larLing from its sale.
Joseph It alth, M. I).
^or saiei)y JAMES H. HAM![.TO\,
1 .eesbrrg
M mo il -lv Alexandria, D.C
?'\!\7Bll:35A, DYSKN' TAUY, and all other
dera:iger*cp.ts of the Stomach and Bow
els, areeTecMP Jly cared by Da. Jaime’s Cai-!
minative Halsi:i.
Dr. D. Jayne—Dear Sir, — Having made use
of your Carminative Haisam in n:v family, und !
: boding it to r>e admirably adapted to the co n* i
I plaints for winch it is intended, I take pleasure !
j m recommending it to the use of rny friend*
[ and the public generally, believi* g t;-.o-,e whe
! are afflicted with any 01 these complaints null J
inj relief in the use of this valuable medicine.
Jon atha n Going, D. D ,
President of Granviiile College, Ohio.
New York, Day JO, lbJf'
Baltimore, March 27rth, 1855.
I)r. J&yne. — Dear Sir,* You a*k nie what
proo h l meet with of tue efficacy of your me
dicine. I can safely say that l never prescrib
ed a medicine for Bowel Compl tints that ha* 1
given me so much s *tisfactio i, and my patient* i
so speedy and perfect relief as this. \\ hene* !
ver introduced into a f< roily, it becomes a
stun ling remedy for those ad.neiP*, and is call
ed for again andagiin, w h»ch I think a pretty
good pro • of its e ncicv and usefulness; in
the Summer Comp! tint of children it has fre
' nuer.tlv appeared to snatch the little victims a*
it were, from the grave. It saved the life ol
:r.y child, and of ruch and such a child. I
have repeatedly heard suM: In dysenteric af
fections of adults, I have time and again seer I
I it act like a ch irm, and give permanent relief1
in a few* hours—I may say in a tew minutes.—
| In fine, it is a v iluable medicine, and no fa mi
lyjhouldbe without it. Uespecttu ly,
M. L. Knatp, SI. D#
Late Physician to the Baltimore Dispensary, '
and agent for tiie Man land Vaccine I ostitution
From Dr. Wm. Bacon, Pastor or the waptis
a Church at Woodstown, Salem county, N. J.
From a long acquaintance with Dr. Jayne*?
Carminative Balsam, I believe it to be a very
happy combination, and a useful medicine in
many complaints which almost constantly oc
cur in our country, such as Bowel A'Tection
to Children, Cholic. Cramps, Looseness, Dys j
peptic Disorders of the Stomach, Coughs, en^
Affections of the Breast, together with allihos.
diseases attended with Sourneis of the Sto
macli; and believe that physicians will ofter, j
find it a ustfut remedy in their hands, and one
that is proper for iomestic use, and can be pu
into the hand of persons at large w ith perfec
safety# Bacon, M i\
Woodstown, SatemCo., X. .J., >iu 4, 1^31
Prepared an 1 sold by l)r. !). Jayne, No 2(
Scuth Third street.between Marie: and Che** i
The puhli are speeffulfv informed tru
*jr. Wm. St .bVr, Druggist, Alexandria, -9 m;
KztvA for the sale of the anove nurlicint.
Philadelphia. Juries 1 — y
Dyspeptic Cordial, for Dyspepsia, Sick lUad
ache, Rheumatism, Ope, 4
TN the following diseases, it is recommends
-L ns a prompt, mid in most cases, an eiiectmi
remedy:— Udi
Dyspepsia, Sick or Nervous Headache Cl o
he, Crampor Spasm, in the Stomach,Cholera
Morbus, Hysterics and Nervous diseases <n»
nerally,Chronic Dysentery, Diarrhmaor VmV'
in?, Sea Sickness, Cholera Infantum, Itheun a^
tism, Chronic Liver Complaints, Female Irre"
gularities of a Chronic character, attended
with cold leet, pain in the hack, limbs, —
It is also particularly recommended to those
who are suffering under debility, languor de
pression, of spirits, with irregular or defective
appetite, restlessness at night, with unsound 0r
disturbed sleep. In these cases this Cordial
will be found an admirable remedy.
Baltimore, S. Liberty st., Feb. 13, 1839.
To G. E. Pryor & Co.—Gentlemen:—I wil ’
lingly comply with your request to furnish a
statement ot the case in which your Ihspeptic
Cordial was used with so much advantage —
It is briefly thus:—My niece, Mrs. Wallace
bad been suffering for several months under a
train of symptoms, such as usually denote the
worst lbrmof Dyspepsia, viz: defective an; ^
life, impaired digestion, languor, debility.
These symptoms were at length followed l.y
great depression of spirits, sleeplessness ai d
nervous agitation, while every articleswa.
jowed, even water, was followed by distress!
ing pain. While in this situation, a iriend pas.
sing through Baltimore, who had resided in
your State, and was familiar with its effects,
ad\ ised the use of a bottle of “Drs. Dreshaeh
lvu!m & Pryor’s Dyspeptic Cordial,” the usee/
which, in a few days gave great relief, and
finally cured her. PHILEMON TOWSON.
From the Rev. Leonard B. Gurley.—I have
confidence in the Dyspeptic Conliaf, prepared
by Doctors Dresbach, Kuhn Sl Pryor. It has
been u-ed in my family lor Sick Headache and
severe Rheumatic Pain?, a Heeling the should
eran.l idlest--and has afforded immediate
and apparently, permanent relief.
Tiffin, Ohio, 1S38.
Interestin ' Case.—'Sly wife had been af
dieted with a Chronic affection of the fiver
lor several years, her sobering severe pain in
ihe si.lt1. shoulders, extending across the hack
of the neck into the head,pain in the stomach
with oppression,-hail appetite and debility.—
At this stage of disease, 1 commenced Drs,
Dresbach, Kuhn *n. Prior’s Ihspeptic Cordial.
In the use ol two bottles she was restored to
better health than lor sev eral years, and could
again attend to the ordinary duties of the fa.
iiiily. I have used in Cholera Morbus, Diar
rhoea and Choliewith prompt relief
Seneca Co., Ohio, Dec. 10th, 1S3S.
For the last twenty years I have been sub
ject to Iivplent and severe attacks of sick nua
ncr v'(mis headache. These a (tacks were ollen
so violent as to unfit me for business and eon •
fine me fo bed. I luring thO long period ot sut'
lering, 1 have never met with a remedy which
would afford me more than partial relief until
I ounmenred the use of Drs. Dreshaeh, Kuhn
& Pryor’s Dyspeptic Cordial. I had anattark
a few days ago. and having found some relic,
on several occasions, from taking small <pi;ui»
lilies ol’ this reinedy, l now determined to mve
it a fair trial. 1 took 3 doses, hail an hour
apart, one tablespoon full each, and in the
course ot a short time was so much relieved
as to be able to go about inv usual business.
Seneca county, Ohi<u Dec. mb, 183S.
For sale by WM. STABLER & CO.
Alexandria, D. C ,
And for supplies to C. 1IERSTONS,
wh mo I -— I y Frederick, Md«
^* Ml t 'oiighs, < 'olds, Whooping Cough, Paio
( a- and Soreness in the Breast. Influenza,
!«'onsumptioit, I foarseness, Difficult Breathing,
and Diseases of the Breast, and Lungs gener*
In presenting tins useful remedy to the puLB
he, the proprietor wishes to state that this
Syrup is composed of Irish^ moss, combined
witl» such other articles as have been found
best calculated to uliord relief’in the above
named diseases.
’i’his medicine lias been used very extend
sivclyand the proprietor has not known a >in
g|e instance in winch it has tailed, m giving
rebel’in diseases for which it is reoemmended
even in cases a pproaehing to consumption, at
tended wit!i bleeding at the lungs; and when
all other remedies had failed, the most deck!*
ed ami flattering success has attended its use.
<’omuion Colds. whichare generally the ell-i t
«)! obstructed perspiration, will vied to its in*
lluence in a few hours; when used in Asthma,
Hoarseness, Wheezing and shortness ot
breath, it gives immediate relief; m Whooping
Cough, it is without a rival. It operates fy
gentle expectoration, and may he given both
to adults and infants with perfect safetv.
Brepared and sold by C J It TIIOKPB,
Chemist and Druggist#
And lor sale hv John J. Sayrs, King street;
and William Stabler. oct 1—tt'
I > E^RECTFFLLY informs his friends, and
i t tlie public generally, that he has fillet! up
bis house in the best .style tor the accomn:o
• lation of all who may fiivor him with tlieir
cii'tom. lie is now prepared, and will con
tinue throughout the fall and winter, to serve
up all the
in: ur. in ns or Tin: sn.isox;
Consisting of the finest and freshest OYS
TERS, (cooked in every variety of style,)
Rdiie Wings, Kora, and, (at the profier
tune,) Canvass Racks, and the other de-'
scription of Wild Fowl.
His 15ak is, also, supplied with the BEST
Suppers can he furnished, at all times, fo
private parties, and every exertion will he
made to give satisfaction. sep2l—3m
1*. S. Families furnished with Oysteks.
I^OR thecomlort and satisfaction of having
a keen sharp Razor to shave with, nc
subscriber oilers |br sale a Metallic < ’om^ninC
that will, in two minutes, produce such a k»,( n
edge to your Razor that surpasses any thing
ever yet offered to the public.—Only try it. and
if it tails, your money will he refunded. 1’rue
by single box, 23 cents; to those that purch^*
U sell again, the price will he reasonable.
WM. HARFKR, Druggist.
' XT’ Certificates from the most resprctah.6
citizens of our town can he shown, of the un*
paralleled quality of the .Metallic Compound*
Also, for sale, an innocent and sure rente*!/
for worms in children, (never known to IjiI.)
A fresh supply of Drugs and Medicines
ceived. sept 26—Cm
f PFIE Oo-Partnershipheretofore existing, ttn>
x der the firms of Isaac Kell &. Sons, arC
of Thomas Kell St Co., are tins day dissolved
by mutual consent, in consequence of the with*
dravval of Nathan Kell from said firms.
The business will be continued at theo a
stand, lower end of Kin? street, by the sub
scribers, under the firm of Isaac Kell Sor’f
who will liquidate all the debts a?ain>t l,.i
former concerns. ISAAC KELL, Sr i
jy21—tf ISAAC KELL, Jr.*%
\ N assistant in my Store, who is a too*
±Tl Salesman and Clerk. None need aPP1/
but such as call furnish unquestionable^*
dence of fitness for the station, •
Middiebur*', Au". l‘> ti

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