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si, a,
THURSDAY MORNING, April 33, 1310.
The American People will read, with pain
and mortification, the account of another dis
graceful affair in the House of Representa
tives, which took place on Tuesday, between
two members that body. We are not suf
ficiently acquainted with the details of the
matter to justify us in giving an account of
the *?ht; hut it seems to be generally under
stood that in consequence of the use of the
“damned lie,” by Mr. Bynum, h* was imme
diately rapped over the head and face by Mr.
Garland —the cause, ir must be confessed, was
an exciting one, and few men could have re
strained their hands after such an epithet had
been applied to them.
The House has appointed a committee to
enquire and report upon this matter. This
mav do for the subject in hand. But vain will
h#» the attempt to rfstore the lo<t dignity of
House—lost not hv one scene of violence—or
1 .vo—hut by a gradual declension for ten
years past—unless there is an entire reform.
Mr. Merrick, from the Committee on the
District of Columbia, lias reported To the Fe
rn te a joint resolution authorising the Secreta
ry of the Treasury to purchase for the United
States the banking-house of the old Bank of
Alexandria,and toeredit thedebit due by said
hank for the amount of the purchase money;
read, and ordered to a second reading.
We learn, hv a letter from Caroline County,
that, on last Saturday, at Tort Royal, the
l*eop!e were addressed hv Mr. George Fitz*
Hugh, in favor of the Administration, and
that, at the solicitation of several of the most
-Tcspectahlc gentlemen of the County, Mr.
Thomas Semmf.s, of this place, who was on
a v'rst to the County, replied to Mr. Fitzhugh.
We learn, hv a letter from a friend, that Mr.
Femmes' reply, though delivered on the spur
of the moment, was an able and conclusive
one, and that his defence of tire character of
Gen. Harrison warmed the hearts or all who
listened to him in the cause of tire old soldier
si nil patriot.
Those \vho visited the Theatre, on Tuesday
night, were delighted with the inimitable nct
chgof Mrs. Fitxwillmm, who,indeed,equalled,
if she did not surpass, all tfie expectations
that had been raised. If Mrs. Fitzwilliam
d«>e* not draxv houses during her stav, we
suppose it will be admitted that a Theatre
rannot be sustained here. We were only
sorry ’.hat there were comparatively so few
present to enjoy the treat on Tuesday—for
there Ins been nothing like it in the Alexan
dria Theatre for many years. Not that Mrs.
Fftzwilliom is supported, as she should he, by
some of the other perfo rmers—but her own
fine acting—so natural—so artless—caused us
to forget or overlook the imperfections of
others. From rhe first appearance of tins lady
on the boards of an American Theatre, down
to this time, she has not failed to attract
crowded audiences wherever she has played.
Her stvle of acting exactly hit the ptihlic
taste—as well it might- and the testimony of
the play-going public has been unariUious in
her favor. Her Songs, too, are exquisite!
The sweet tones of her voice live in memory
after they have died upon the ear. Hut, we
do not intend to write a critique upon Mrs.
Fitzwillia.m’s performance.
Lfa & Blanchard having arranged with
the author, Mr. Dickens, for the early publica
tion of “Master Humphrey’s Clock,” in this
country, announce that their first number, em
bracing two of the London weekly numbers,
will be reaily for publication on Wednesday
morning, April 29.
in addition to the numerous illustrations
by C’atermole & Browne, this number will
contain the beautiful portrait of the author, so
long promised,and now nearly finished.
The selling price txvelve and a half-cenfs
per nun her.
Hereafter, Master Humphrey’s Clock will
be published every alternate Wednesday at
an early hour, simultaneously in Philadelphia,
New York, and other places. Each semi
monthly number will contain two of the Lon
don weekly numbers, and embrace about six
teen large pages of letterpress, numerously il
lustrated by George Catterrnole and Ha blot
in answer to many inquiries which have
been sent lo ns, we would state that the Fish
eries on the Potomac, this year, have been
successful generally. The Fishermen com
mence, this week, to “ cut out,” as it is tech
nically called—that is to take up their seines
nnd close their business.
A letter in the Richmond Enquirer, giving
an account of an electioneering effort, made a
•e'v days since in Hampshire county, by a gen- j
tieman from Frederick, declares that “the eyes J
'of the orator rolled and burned like a bison’s”!! j
Tne debate, in to-day’s paper, will be read !
with interest. Mr. Graves's masterly exposi- !
tion is worthy of praise.
Successful experiments have been made in
Philadelphia in taking likenesses with the Da
guerreotype apparatus.
Tb* New York Evening Star contains a let
ter trom w„K M- price, dated Taris, March
aildrws-Av^ Messrs. Yanderpoel and Cur- |
<is. asking t ir m prooilf the appoint
men«oraCommmv.t>rC(>n,,ress t|> j|)Ve<ti.
":lU' "»* a,1*‘Se,, f",*u'«mmitie.l on the re- !
v?m* ** h,m: He T' 'hat he had no :
connexion whatever witham,
that, so far from being a del-n. ^ G
ment wouid, on a fair settlement, £ indebted '
to him. He announces his intention i >Ujrn ,
,*o this country in the course oi this mom |
"--^ \
\ Pam paper ot the list tilt., has this cun-*
o'is and valuable medical tact: “The young
hov hmnd murdered in a field near Villette
nn‘ having heeu recognised, and the process
**f decomposition having commenced, the mn*
titrate® ordered it to be embalmed by M.
GannaPs simple method of inter lion through
’ »e carotid arteries, so that this evidence o|
t *e crime miv remain producible. This is the
fir<t operation of the kind performed by order
af’u>tice, and it was completed in a quarter
u* an hour.**
Theexcoriation, that Mr. Graves ndinims
i the other day to Mr. Pickens, of South
' ;*n*!»na, was dreadful. Several of the Whig
niemhee® were desirous ol trving their hands
n 1‘ickens, but after the speech of Mr.
graves, nothing remained for them to do.—
‘heKentuckian left no rirkens for any hodv
1 G tntght conic after him.—[Louts. Journal,
Doubts Increase as to the at first supposed j
large amount of money carried off by \V. B‘
Dabney. The numbers of those who believe
that lie took none have been added to. In the
course of the examinations of the Bank, ru
mor says, that except a very small amount
(about $5,000}checks have been discovered to
represent the deficit. The stronger opinion
is that the transaction through which the 1
Virginia Bank has been defrauded commenced
| many months since; that Dabney was the
! dupe of otiiers in its inception; and that he has
l been intimidated into the prosecution of it1
'through threats ot exposure, while he hoped
that by that course those who duped him
might be enabled ultimately to refund the
; large amount he had embezzled lor their be- j
! nefit. Whether or no this will ever be made
, to appear to the satisfaction of the law, is pro.
hlematical; but that public opinion will set lie
'down to this conclusion we lee! satisfied,
i We are strengthened in our view of
'the subject:—that loin the gradual and
'long existing process ol the fraud, it was
I not"probahle the Bank would he forced to any
‘sudden or rigorous curtailments, or that it j
i would have to depart Irom flie course it has
(tor some time pursued. It has been straigh- 1
, tenet! it. its operations lor some months past
i by the fraud. The inexplicable lactof its
! weekly indebtedness to the otiier banks and
another fact that most of its emissions ot notes
! returned upon it immediately, not even passing
the suburbs ol the city, shew that a secret
; hand must have been dealing most liberally
| with its binds. The Bank had to accomtuo- j
'date it self a II the time to these circumstances
*—hence there will hardly he any necessity
for adopting a new system ol curtailments.—
It has been curtailing its suspended debt with
' much rigor, yet it has been restricted by an
i inaceountable scarcity of means to discount;
upon. I
We have been templed into this much gos- '
i sjp in advance of the official report upon the
Bank, against our own advice; but as our ob
ject is to stay alarms which might be excited,
and to throw a glow-worm light it possible,
I on a subject full of mysterv, from the most be
! nevolent intentions, we will he excused.
[llicli. Compiler.
Brutal Murder.—Many of our citizens
have a melancholy dutv to perform this aftec
j noon, in attending the funeral of Mrs. Hall,
sister of Meigs D. Benjamin, Esq., who was
i killed on Thursday, at her residence on Long
Island, hv a colored man. whom she had em
ployed about her garden. The murder was
committed suddenly, doubtless under the in
| fluence of mere brute passion. Mrs. Hall
, was remonstrating wuhthe man for some neg
i lect of orders, when he raised his spade and j
struck her a tearful blow on the head,following '
it up witti another on the neck, and a third on
the hack— either of the three being sufficient
: to cause death. Mrs Hull was taken into the
' house,and died soon after--the murderer mean
i time quietlv resuming his work, as il nothing
■ had happened. He was arrested and commit
ted under the verdict of wilful murder, found
by the coroner's jury —New York Com.
A Lo«g Le\p.—The New Orleans True
American has chronicled a leap by Miss Kerr,
the danseuse, which would make her fortune
if she could only repeat, it on the stage. She
was a passenger on board the Selma, which
vas snagged in going up the Mississippi, and
when the boat parted in the middle, she found
herself on the hurricane roof of the part sink
ing in the deepwater; with a desperate bound,
however, she sprang on the part falling toward
the shore.and at one leap cleared a space of
twenty eight feet. Without stopping, she es
sayed bv another spring to reach the shore.
But the second efiort was too great, she fell
short, anc descended, uninjured, into the sott
mud of* the Mississippi, waist deep. When
extricated, we imagine, she could hardly be
m a plight to appear among the Bayaders.
A late Natchez paper lias published facts of
some interest to the cotton planters in the
United States, ft appears that the British gov
ernment last year appropriated sixty thousand
dollars, for the purpose of obtaining the neces
sary information, machinery, and operatives,
for improving the cultivation ol cotton in Bri
tish India. An English agent sent to visit Mi>
sisNsippi and Louisjnnia, has succeeded in hir
ing eight Mississippi ns and one Louisianian,
who are to proceed without delay to India,and
on their arrival there, take char ge each one of
a cotton plantation, which may serve as mo
dels for those ol the natives. These Ameri
cans are to carry with them cotton gins, as
well as plantation tools and husbandry, of
the most approved patterns known or used
in the Southern States.—Phil. Gaz.
Tif crease of Population.—Within the last
three days sixteen hundred and sixty-six pas
sengers have arrived al this port from Europe.
New York Com.
——U-BglM IWUll ■ ■■ — *J- UL1-'l..LL»LL»JM ——
The subscriber would re
spectfully inform the public that
lie has opened on King street, a
lew doors west of the Marshall
House, a well selected stock of
Drugs, Medicines, Perfumery,
Fancy articles, &c.
Having received the certificate attached to
this advertisement, (the original of which can
be seen at the Store) he trusts to be enabled
to make it result to their interest to extend to
him a portion of their patronage.
To prevent mistakes, no medicine will he
dispensed from this establishment, without be
ing plainly marked or labelled.
Alexandria, April *20.
Baltimore, August, 1839.
We the undersigned, have known James
Harvey Monroe, as an Apothecary and Drug
gist for several years, he having during his
stay with Robert H. Coleman & Co., Chem
ists, No. 133 Market Street, compounded our
prescriptions always to please. Hence, we
do not hesitate to reccommend him as an at
entive and careful compounder of and dealer
in medicines, &c. Wherever he may estab
lish himselftn said business, we would re
spectfully recommend him as such.
Nathaniel Potter. M. D., Theory and Prac
tice of Medicine, University, Md.
Samuel Geo. Baker, M. L>., Materia Meilica
and Therapeutics, 17. M.
Wm. N. Baker, M. D, Anatomy and Thysi- j
ology, U. M.
Richard W ilmot Hall, M. P., Obstetrics,
Hygiene ami Medical Jurisprudence, U. M.
John Buckler, M. D.
Ashton Alexander, M.P., Provost.
Samuel K. Jennings, M. D., Materia Medi
ca and Therapeutics, Washington College.
James Harvey Monroe having served in
our employ a period ot nearly four years, we
take pleasure in recommending him as an
“Apothecary and Druggist,” deserving en
ap 2*2—tf ROB?T. H. COLEMAN &. Co.
Oficc Sup. Police, )
Apiil 17th, 1840. $
OEALED Proposal? will he received by the
I ^undersigned until 2 o'clock, on Friday,
| |jje Hay of the present month, for furnishing
oiian'iiiporotion 0| Alexandria, with what
(and niif LAMP OIL, of a suitahie quality,
he requireuber will he received,) which may
vear, when£ bgbting the Lamps, the present
ha if require it! public accommodation
The quantity o. .... .
one thousand pallor.1 i3 estimated to be about
during the vear. and .'vh,[h be required,
quunuties, and at such*1 he delivered in such
quire (I a>. >* shall be re
ap 17—td ^ MILLS'.
\ GOOD second-hand Ra roue. SALE.
*jL hie Harness. Also, a good 8*u bh dou
Horse, well broke to saddle or hariu1' y°l,ng
1 p:> at Mr. Wise’s Hotel. ap k Ap
On Thursday night, the 16lh inst, Mr. Fhi*
lip Alexander, Teller ol the Farmers* Bank
of Virginia, at Fredericksburg.
At Lnndsdowue, in Spotsylvania county, on
Wednesday, the 15th mst., after a short ill
ness, Mrs. Elizabeth T. Taylor, in the 58ta
year ol her age.
!i jPWe are authorized to announce Capt.
Thomas Nelson, as a candidate to represent
the County of Prince William, in the House
of Delegates of Virginia.
•i^PWe are authorized to announce Col
John B. Hunter as a candidate, to represent
the county ol Fairfax, in the next General :
Assembly ol Virginia.
Fi^pWeare authorized to announce En- 1
ward Sangster, as a candidate to represent
the County of Fairfax, in the House of Dele^ I
gates of Virginia.
'•^Advertising customers will greatly ,
oblige us hv sending in their advertisements (
as early in the day as may be convenient. j
Flour, per bt>l.,(new) - §4 56 a 0 00
Wheat, red, - - - 0 95 a 1 00
Do. white, - - - I 00 a 1 10
Rye, - • • 0 45 (i 0 46
Corn,. 0 44 a 0 45
Fi.axsf.ed, - - - - 0 75 a 0 00
Oats, from wagons, per bush. 0 26 a 0 27
Do. from vessels, do. - 0 25 a 0 26
Corn Meal, per bushel, - 0 45 a 0 00
Butter, roll, per lb., - - 0 12 a 0 20
Lard, do. • - 0 8 a 0 9
White Beans, - • - 1 00 a 0 00
Plaister Paris, retail per ton, 5 50 a 0 00
Ground Plaister, in bulk, - 7 50 a 0 00
Do. do. per bbl.. - 1 44 a 1 50
Flour —We reduce our quotation of Hour,
from wcgor.s, to $1.56.
Flour.—There 13 still a scarcity of vessels
to carry away our produce, particularly to
England. During the past week the following
vessels cleared from this port with cargoes,
consisting chiefly of flour, corn and cotton.—
On Tuesday the new brig Janet, for London,
having on board 1390 barrels of flour and
1100 bushels of corn. On Thursday, the pack
et ship Thomas P. Cope, for Liverpool, with a
cargo 81*25 barrels ol flour, 1000 bushels corn,
139 hales of cotton, and another of Norris’s
locomotive engines, for the Birmingham and
Gloucester Railway Company, making the
filth that has been sent out Irom this city lor
that company. On Saturday, the ship North
Star cleared for Liverpool with about 4700
barrels of flour, 1100 bushels of corn, and 25
bales ol cotton. To-day the packet ship
Algonquin will sail for Liverpool with a cargo
of2800 barrels of flour, and 10,000 bushels
Pennsylvania wheat. The ship Dublin will
jail for Liverpool in all this week with a car
go of 4000 barrels of flour, 16,000 bushels of
wheat, and some cotton. The ship Ocean
Ins a cargo of flour engaged lor Liverpool.—
II vessels could have been procured even at
high freights,several additional orders for flour
would have been executed only a few weeks
since. It will be perceived that the cargoes
for the above vessels amount to about 25,000
barrels of flour, 26,000 bushels of wheat, and
3200 bushels of corn, to say nothing of cotton
and other articles, the cost of wnich exceed
ed one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.—
During the past week about 500 hogsheadsof
of quercitron bark have been taken chiefly
for shipment to Europe, the larger part of
which will be despatched from New York in
consequence of the scarcity of vessels here,
_Phil. N. Amer.
Tobacco—No change whatever in prices.
Fl<»vk— has advanced a shade since our
last reiMirf. Sales to-day at $4,75 and 4,81.
Wheat—95c to ?1.
Co it n—Market dull, 45 to 48 cents.
Grain—Steady sales o! Corn at 53 a 56c.
Cotton—The news lias had the tendency to
check sales. Freights however have drooped
a trille, and shipments at ;d. This is calcula
ted to sustain the price.
Flour.—In consequence of the drooping ac
counts from England prices have declined
here, and sales of Philidelphia have been
made at $5,12, and 1500 barrels sold.
— — — •— -- - - - — — — ■ ■■■ . ■■■■ —
Arrived, April 22.
Brig Morosco, Allen, Wilmington, N. C ;
to Lambert and Mclienzie, and timber for the
Brig Hartley,Kelly, Barbadoes, via St. Tho
mas; ballast and specie to Lambert. &, Mc
Brig Olho, Small, Boston; plaister to Lam
bert & McKenzie.
Scbr Seaflower, Martel, Halifax; plaister to
Wm. Fowle &. bnu.
Schr Sea ford. Notingham, Charleston; salt
and cotton to Wm. Fowle & Son.
Schr Eliza, Reed, Mattox; corn to S. Shinn
& Co.
Saii.t d April 22.
Schr Richmond, Benjamin, Barbndoes.
Schr Morning Star, Freeman, Salem.
Schr Peru, Allen, Newbury port.
Schr Olivia, Wallis, Ncwbern,N. C.
Steamer Columbia, Guyther. Baltimore.
1)ROP0SALS will he received by the un
JL dersigned, until 10 o’clock, A. M., on
Thursday, the the 30th inst, for renting Hooe’s
wharf, from Strand street eastwardly,for one
year from the 1st of May next,(excepting that
part now occupied by G. 1. Thomas & Co., of
which possession wil be given on the 11th of i
June next.) The renter to allow a sufficient
passage between the river and the tobacco
Warehouse over the wharf, and to permit the
landing and shipping, without charge, of all
tobacco going to and from the raid Ware
house, and not to keep Plaster of Paris piled
on that part of the wharf lying east of the
front line of H. Daingerfield’s Warehouses.—
For further particulars enquire of
ap 22—did U. JOHNSTON, Jr., And.
FROM the Office of the Alexandria Ga
zette, on Tuesday last, 11th in.it,, where
! he was an apprentice, a bov named GEORGE
WASHINGTON MORRIS, about 14 years of
age, small in statrte—but weil built, brown
hair, and light eyes. It is believed, he went
to Virginia, and is probably in or about the
neighborhood of Leesburg. All persons are
forewarned from harboring or employing
said boy, and all reasonable expenses will be
paid tor his apprehension and sending him
home, ap 21—3t
OF J. Butcher and J. Butcher &. Co., who
are interested in two deeds op trust, ex
ecuted to the subscribers in May, 1837, are re
quested to meet at the Office of C. McKnight,
Esq., on the East side of Royal, between King
and Prince streets, on Tuesday, 28th inst., at
4 o’clock, P. M.
CHARLES McKIGHT, \ Trustces*
ap 20—dSt
THE subscriber has just received, a large
addition to his stock of Dry Goods, em
bracing almost every article in his line ofbus
mess together with a variety of Fancy articles,
which with the goods received previous, he is
'idling at very low prices. He invites his cus
tomers, as well as all who want good cheap
Goods, to give him a call, as he will without
| fail sell at prices to suit the present hard timet,
up 10 L. F. VOX,
A scene of unparalleled excitement occurred
in the Hall of the House of Representatives on
i Tuesday morning. The excitement is tre
mendous, and an outrage like it has never been
known in Congress.
I Mr. Saltonstall was commenting upon a cer
tain unofficial document in relation to the con*
duct and expenditure** of the Government,
i Mr. Wise made some remarks in explana
tion of this document—the Globeof this morn
ing having commented upon it. Mr. Wise
appealed to the clerk, to his colleague, and
to public documents to prove that what he
said was true.
Mr. Salton3tall resumed his remarks, and
while he was speaking, Mr. Bynum, of N.C.
came to the part of the House in which Mr.
Garland, of Louisiana, was sitting. In the
hearing of Mr. G. and while addressing him,
he stated that the document was a suspicious
paper, and intimated that it was corrupt.
Mr. Garland maintained that it was true.
[All this conversation was between the two
members, and one or two in their vicinity.|
Mr. G. appealed to Mr. Linn Banks and
others in proof of what he had said. Mr.
B. confirmed it.
Be that as it may, hard words soon passed
between the two members. The lie was giv
en by Mr. Bynum, and Mr. Garland in answer
to it, seized Mr. B. by the throat, and struck
him nvo or three times. Mr. B. in return,
after scratching the lace ol Mr. Garland,
drew a knife. He uttered horrid impreca
tions in a voice which was heard in the Hall.
Mr B. was seen by the crowds in the
galleries with his knife in his right hand,
and heard using the most brutal lan
guage, “liar,” “puppy” “scoundrel,” &c.
Mr. Garland no less excited, but more si
lent, continued to deal heavy blows against
I his antagonist. Assonn as could be, the two
members were separated by Mr. Evans,and
Mr. Banks, aided by ihose around them. Af
ter the separation, Mr. Bynum still attempted
to reach Mr. G. and to stab him with the
knife which he brandished in the air.
The Speaker in the meantime took the
Chair. .The Sergeant at Arms was ordered
to arrest the members, but their friends pro
tected them. Both now withdrew from the
bar of the House, and partial order was re
stored.—Balt. American.
Destruction of Brock’s Monument.—
Every tourist will remember Brock’s monu
ment, adding to the picturesque beauty of the
landscape. Yesterday morning about 4 o’
clock. the inhabitants of Lewiston and Queen
ston were aroused hv a report like that of the
heaviest artillery. On looking out, a column
of smoke was seen slowly ascending from the
tall monument, and as it drifted away, the
obelisk-like tower was discovered to be rent
and shattered from ‘‘turret to foundation
stone.” What possible motive could have
induced this worse than Vandal outrage, we
are at a loss to imagine. No man was more
universally respected on both sides the lines
than Gen. Sir Isaac Brock. Brave, courteous
and humane to a degree that reminded one
of a preux chevalier of former times, he
commanded the esteem of hia country’s
enemies even in the time of war; and had his
life been spared and he continued in command,
the escutcheon ot England would not now
be stained bv the ruthless atrocities perpe
trated by her forces and savage allies, in the
campaigns of’13 and ’I t. Nought but the
most wanton anti fiendish malignity could
have prompted anyone thus sacrilegiously to
disturb the repose of the gallant and honored
dead.—[Buffalo Commercial Advertiser.
An.) positively her last appearance.
First Night of The Irish Widow.
Widow Brady - - Mrs. FITZWILLIAM
By particular request, Mrs. FITZWILLIAM
will repeat the character of
Widow Wiggins.
bO~Xotiee.—A Piano Forte having been
procured from Washington, Mrs. FITZWIL
LIAM will accompany herself in the Song of
Jim Crow.
Will be performed the celebrated Comedy,
Sir Patrick O’Neal - • - Mr. Chapman
Bates • *«--• Mr. Hardy.
Nephew * - * - • - Mr. Wilmot.
Kecksey - •> -Mr. Miineh.
Widow Brady - Mrs. FITZWILLIAM.
In which she will sing:
‘*Och Gramachree Kilkenny Dear ! ” and her
Medley of Melodies.
After which, the Dramatic Entertainment, in 1
Act, written expressly for Mrs. Fitz
wii.liam, and acted in New York
and London with great suc
cess, called the
Or. Music Mad.
i In which Mrs. FITZWILLIAM will sustain 6
The whole to conclude with the Laughable
Farce, entitled
Sancho - Mr. Hall
Jacinlha - - - Mrs. Cbapxaf.
1‘^pThere will be no performance or. Fri
day and Saturday Evenings, in consequence of
the Company’s having to perform in Washing
ton. On Monday, Mr. FREER’S Benefit
t. ^PFirst Tier of the Boxes and Pit, 75 eta.;
Second Tier, 50 cents; Gallery, 15cents.
[tJPFor characters, Sic., &c., in the above
plays, see bills. ap 23—It
(1UTHBERT POWELL, Administrator de
j bonis non, with the Will annexed, of
Charles Simms, deceased, rendered to the
Court his third account as gdministfator a
foresaid, with the vouchers in support there
of—which account will be passed and du
ly recorded, unless cause be shewn to the
contrary on or before the first Monday in
June next, of which all persons interested or
concerned will take notice. A copy—Teste,
a p 11 —w6\v Piegister of Wilf 1
The tine fast sailing Brig OTHO,'
Small, master, will sail on or about 1st
May. For passage only, having com
fortable accommodations, apply to the master
at Janney’swharf, orto
The regular Trading Packet Brig
► HARTLEY, John Kelly, master, will
1 have despatch; for freight of 800 bar
rels or small stowage, apply to
The good Schr. ABIGAIL, Trewor
gv, master, will have despatch, and
wants small stowage; for which, apply
ap 23 Union wharf.
The fine Schr. AUGUST, E. Brad
ford, master, will hnve despatch; for
freight, apply to
The regular packet brig COLUMBIA,
Pitts Howes, master, will have des
patch, and can yet take some freight;
for which apply to
a p *22 \VM. FOWLE k SON.
MThe spacious and healthy Dwelling,
with a valuable Fruit and Vegetable
Garden of one acre, now occupied by
Mr. Shay, one square south of my residence.
Possession of the house may be had on the
1st or May—of the garden, now.
ap9—eotf SAM’L. B. LARMOUR.
Sussex County Lottery, class 17,
Will be drawn at Wilmington, on Thursday,
April 23.
Tickets 82 50—shares in proportion.
Virginia Petersburg Lottery, class i,
Will be drawn at Alexandria, Virginia, o»*
Saturday, April 25, at 4 o’clock.
Tickets 810 00—shares in proportion.
To be had in a variety ol numbers ol
Lottery and Exchange Broker, Alexandria
Who gives the highest premium for Gold ane
Silver, ana Northern Checks and Drafts.
Sussex County Lottery, Class 17,
To he drawn at Wilmington, Del,on Thursday
April 23.
Tickets $2,50—shares in proportion.
Virginia Petersburg Lottery, No. 1,
Will be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Satur
day, April 25, at 4 o'clock.
Tickets 10 00—shares in proportion.
On sale iu great variety Dy
Sussex County Lottery, class 17,
Will be drawn at Wilmington, Delaware,
Thursday, April 23.
Tickets $2,50—shares in proportion.
Virginia Petersburg Lottery, Class I,1
Will be drawn at Alexandria, Virginia, on
Saturday, April 25, at 4 o'clock.
Tickets 10 00—shares in proportion.
For saie. in great variety, nr
Opposite Wm. Stabler & Co’s Drug Sto»*e.
f JPThe highest premium given for Gold
and Silver, and Northern Drafts. M. S,
HAVE just opened an additional assort
ment oi desirable SPRING GOODS*
Some beautiful MouSlaine de Laines
Rich fig’d Jaconets lor ladies’ dresses
Small do ditto
Painted Lawns—very cheap
Black Italian Lustrings
Fig’d and plain Silks
A handsome assortment of Thread Laces
and Edgings, Bobbinett and Cambric Insert
ings._*p 21
A Meeting of the Stockholders of the Steam I
Boat Phenix, will be held at Wise’s Ho- j
tel, on Monday next, the 27th inst., at 11 o’
clock. Punctual attendance is requested, as
business ot importance will be laid before the
meeting. By order ol the Committee.
ap 22—5t_S. SHINN, Treasurer.
rWILL NOT pay any debts contracted by
H. T. Wilbar, in his own name, or on my
account. JNO. T. O. WILBAR. ,
A FEW empty hogsheads and barrel*, for
sale by GEO, WHITE.
ap 22
6)A HFIDS., and 50 barrels,—in store, end
XA.3 -landing—for sale by
ap 21_WM. FOWLE &. SON.
1 AA HFIDS prime Cuba Molasses—land
1 w|| ing from brig Mary—for sale bv
prA BALES for retailing purposes, just re•
•)yJ reived and for sale by
ap20WM, FOWLE & SON.
3Ann BUSHELS Turks Island and Li
9v/vl/ verpool coarse Salt. For sale by
ap20WM. FOWLE fc SON.
4 KA(\ LBS. Loaf Sugar
1 OUl" 1000 lbs prime green Cuba Coffee
2000 lbs do do Rio ditto
5000 Spanish Segar* in rjr boxes
2iu gallons Whale Oil, in tierces
800 lbs roll Butter in bbls
2 butts superior Cavendish Tobacco
10 boxes fresh Lemons
Landing in store, and lor sale by
ap20 A. J. FLEMING.
t T BOXES of prime quality—for sale
3p 20 b> A. C. CAZEXOVE fc Co.
r HHDS. new crop, and of prime quality,
O •) this day, landing, and for sale by
ap (9 _WM. FOWLE *, SON.
gjQAA BUSHS. Sait, cargo ofSchr Ahi
^Q| III gail. from Turks Island;—for sale
by [ap 13) LAMBERT k McKENZIE.
IX 2 volumes octavo, full bound; price $2^B,
—for sale by
Z\3 10 half tierces, fVeth Rice. !>om Chaply
eston, via Notfolk, landing and for sale by
A K HHDS. prime Porto Rico Sugars, land
43 inc per John Emory, from St. Thomas,
for sale by LAMBERT k McKENZIE.
ap !8
a yAA BUSHS. T. I. Salt, on UirdSchr
l !)UU Firm;—for sale by
---- ■- - ---— I
To close the balance of the Stock noie remain
ine on hand at the Store Room in King
Street t a fere doors below the Marshall
ON Thursday and Frvdayerenhif?*, 93d and
94th mat, consisting of Ctoth*, Caasi
mere's,German Silver Gowda, Jewelry, Cutle
ry , Combs, Buttons, watches, and a Variety
of Goods—The public are respectfully invited
to examine the same, as it is intended then
it possible to close the stock,
ap 99 GEO. WHITE, Auc.
T1 NDER the power of a deed of trust, exc
U cuted to ine by the late John A. Stewart,
for the purpose* therein mentioned, the sub
scriber will offer .'orsale at public auction
to the highest bidder, on Saturday the 2d day
of May next, at halt past 9 o’clock, A, M. in
front of the Druggist’s shop, on King street,
in the occupancy of’John I. Ssyrs,—the fol
lowing valuable real estate, situated in the
town of Alexandria—that is to say:—A lot of
ground and Buildings, on the south side of
Prince street, and east side of Pitt street, at
their intersection, in fronton the former fifty
feet, on the latter one hundred and eighteen
Also, a frame building and lot of ground, on
the West side of Royal afreet—a little to the
North of King, formerly occupied as a Baker’s
shop, about 16 feet in front,and 90 feet in depth.
The above described property will be sold
subject to (he claim of aower of the widow o
the said John A. Stewart. Terms, Cash.
ap 8—(Its Trustee.
UNDER the authority of a Decree of the
Circuit Court of ine District of Colum
bin, at Alexandria, in the suit ol Robert J.
Taylor, on behalf of himself and other credi
tors, of the estate of John A. Stewart, dec’d.,
against the said Stewart’s Administrator and
heirs, the subscriber will offer lor sale at pub
lic auction, on Saturday, the 2d day of May
next, the folio win? valuable real estate, situa
ted in the town of Alexandria—thatis t>say:
1st. A Tenement and Lot of ground, on the
north side of King street, between Royal and
Pitt streets, pow occupied by John I. Sayra as
a Druggist’s Shop, in front on King street, 26
feet, in depth 85 feet.
2n. A Lot of ground and Bui Icings, on the
south side of Prince street and east side o
Pitt street, at their intersection, in front on
the former fifty feet,on the latter, 118 feet
3d. A Lot of ground and buildings, on the
north side of Prince street, 73 feet 5*12 to the
west of Royal street—in fronton Prince street,
52 feet 2 12—in depth, 157 feet 7-12, formerly
occupied by John Horner.
4th A two story Brick Dwelling-house and
Lot of ground, on the north side of Cameron
street, between Piit and St. Asaph streets, for
merly occupied by Samuel Messersmith, in
from 24 feet—in depth 1UO feet 7-12—subject
to an annual rent in fee of S33 33.
5th. Half a square of ground, or one acre,
bounded on the west by Columbus street, on
the south by Gibbon street, on the north by
Wilkes street, and on the east by a line from
Gibbon to Wilkes street, parallel to and equi
distant from Washington and Columbus ats.
6th. A frame building and lot of ground, on
the west side of Royal street— a little to the
north of King, formerly occupied at a Baker’s
shop—about 16 feet in front, and 90 ft in depth.
7th. An undivided moiety of a two-atory
frame home and Lot of ground—adjoining
that last mentioned on the north—in front,
about 15 or 16 feet—in depth a bout 90 feet.
The sale will commence at 10o’c)ock,A. M.f
in front of the Druggist shop, on King street,
and be continued at the tame place until all
the property shall be disposed of. Lot No. 1,
will be sold free from the claim ot dower of
the widow of J. A Stewart—the residue sub
ject to that claim.
Terms of sole—One tenth part of the pur
chase money to be paid in hand—the residue,
with interest from the 1st day of June, 1840, to
be paid in three equal instalments, of 12,18,
and 24 months, from the day of sale, to be se
cured by the notes of the purchasers, with
endorsers, to be approved of by the Court—and
the title to be retained till all the payments
shall be made. ISAAC ROBBINS,
a p 2—eots Coro’r. of Sa !e.
WILL be sold, at Public Auction, on Wed
nesday, 13th of May, 1840, if fair, (if*
not the next fair day.) the valuable property
known by the name ofRock-hill Mill, together
with a lot of 52 acre* of good, improvable land,
attached thereto, about half of which Is in
wood On this land there is s comforts hie
dwelling house, and good store-house conve
nient to the mill, with some other improve
ments. The n.ill ia well situated, being on a
lasting stream and in a fine wheat-growing
country. It is in a state of good repair, with
all the necessary machinery for the manufac
ture of flour, &c.
Terms—One fourth cash, and the remain
der in two equal annual payments, carrying
interest from the date. Also, at the same time
and place, all my personal property, for cash,
consisting of one negro woman; horse; cow;
hogs; household and kitchen furniture.
Fa nquier County, a p 7— eo 1 w
IN pursuance of a decree or Urn County
Court of Fairfax, in Chancery, at March
Term, 1840. I shall proceed toaell, at public
auction, on Saturday, 9th of May next, at C«tta%
Tavern, West End, at If o'clock* M. that valu
able Tract of Land, lying In Fairfax County,
about one and a half miles frotn Alexandria,
formerly belonging to David Watkins, de
ceased, late of the said County, containing
about twenty-five Acres. There ar# iwocom
«modioiM DWELLING HOUSES on the
premises, with nil necessary out-houses,
and a good and never failing Spring;
also, n fine Orchard of Peach, and other Fmt
Terms of Sale—TftrtV1 birds of the purchase
money, being the portion payable to the adult'
heirs of the said David Watkins, will be re
quired in hand, and ft credit of two year* will
he allowed on the reaidue, to bear interest
from the day of sale, the deferred pay men u
to he secured bv bonds from the purchaser,
with good sureties. LAW, B. TAYLOR,
mlifft—3taw8tv Commissioner,
1 p——,
The subscriber has justce.
pceived an improved instrument
l for the above purpose, which
will be found superior to any
other kind now in _ .
Certificates from the rooet eminent Physi
cians can be examired, ptowp*
ment to be, in their opinion, the If*1 now m
toe. For sale by HENRVCOOK,
apet ph^oniet.
liriLLlAM ADAMS begs lest* i*Mectfu|Jy
W to icfawn bit friend# and the eitisenaof
Alexandria, that he has rented a shop, at the
.mn*r #nd of Kina street, where he will be
any work,
he WWi

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