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r.,-v —. T. ;• tJaaMB
g i j» « *f - ' • ‘ '/V U%S£ >’]
\ RE dai: * '*/'* •. ir" 'nv <»f *he m *st n<
J\ toreshi ,■> •» . i w » .d-rt.i; 07 R ^ t ait»;v- •;
er 0n'p :^r*; ,y > v-, -* ..:■> liequen^nt wuieh ;
they navp *’•> v •>*•* » n-a saining mark _roij»<t :
wh'r i su 11- i-v» v* >‘ dmppomte I h >:>**. en-1
vv an I ' ‘« * i"* *s 3"“ !♦*•,’v e ! whin >ut t
disf*ac*i > >. Fa • i t.v i i i l en m?rv a--'* a ike ,
filled W!?*l * "►*.* a • lis5*. T"“ ^ » '1 -i u i o > u*- ;
bouse a- *.»’•>•» 'Va 1 '•"f vir* j**i. ^ i a.I
di'iHiPs :»"..»■• » • .'s. tri»v s*’,;; re
tain their v * . h "» rc(*'<, « id exe?‘t tnem, ]
una»tendp • ■ >;■»!»•* •«■* i. i i*v are
simple in • ■ * * v->v«i i v u . ■*
thoro i*a ? t f op*vi* »?, ant wi.uvii*ed in
their res
It., 1 X ■> \ ^ t , A ) ^., »^i i ,
Are And-3:;i *u«. \n-hvsevu in! Anti
Merc iriahaa 1 may » nt'v beconai fared a I’m- ;
▼icRS\r, \h-v:rr: out thev ire peculiarly be
neficial ir» fill v.vu? r.»7»r>’aints,— Ye low
»n1 3j!i > y ’/*»,• ■•*<. F^\--»r an ! Ague, Dyspep
sia,Or »*o. C!v*r ’ >'v> Yni ■?, ^vk * tea 1 -ache, (
Jltn ii*:e, AcVli’1. 'V’opxy. R ie irna'ism, En- (
largpai'*n? t ,e f^ol-"*4*::, pt e4*, ^ no Vernal*
Obstruct »•■»■</1-a*in irn, Purred Tongue, Nan- ;
sea, Dis; *•»■>; >u of rhp Stomach an 1 Bowels, ;
Incipient Diar a pa, Fiaiuletve Habitual Cos
tiveaess, Loss of \pnp(i*e, Blobbed or sidoiv
Complexion,an 1 in all cas-Mot Toroor of the
Bowels, wave a Cathartic or no Aperient is j
n?ede i. Thev ar<* exceedingly mild in their
operation, producing neither nausea, griping,
not debility.
i' T^Forsale bv all the Druggists in Alex
andria, \Vashiugtoa,and Georgetown.
inly 2*— !y __
V: t a ’A L l 11 P* PIT *ES
THE NrVv Voin St:a lays: TVlANDRE’l il c?
PIT/ S havc beet usexl among many o
our friends, and in our own family w*e have
U'pd tiiem nearly *our venrs w!:en we required
meilicmr; if t’iat ’>t%rio !,n40 Docnar save Mr.
Brendictfi has crossed our tlireshout, tnl no
tr.edkir.e Vsi icsthe Doctor's D isused. Our
HTtciis cke€n %onr how el ■? a n ! blood pure, n11«,
every kin ] o['d\*vr~e will be prevented orciir
e f. T!ie Brandretii Di’.ls areemmm/’v calcu
lated to do this, an ! thereby much lessen tie
su n of human mivorv.
ph* No r York Evening ^r*r vovu Prm
oreth's PilIs ar4* a mp fieioe which their own
intense worth will a!w »vs wore for thorn a
|m*ge nn.lrea !v sale.-- Fhey b \'p d^sor'/ed v a
h'.uh reputau **i; aud as a *amd v a n 1 anti-bi.ii
oas reiria fv it won’..! be di ricult to equal them
a nong all the patent medicines of the present
tl a v.
T he X- w A*x>rh " viyr/rci:! <;tvq They re
in iveYil morbid b'rnors and purifv the b’oo !.
To the whole ‘vnih o'* Min.—We fee! both
pleasure and satisfaction in rveommendinsr to
m‘| our renders, Brandretb's Vegetn!> e Pifs, a5?
the most certain, most safp, and invaluable
medicine extant. As antibilions an I aperient
Pills, wp .ire perfectly convinced thev tand
far ah >ve all others;’as a certain cure in all
rises of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas, and all affections of the skin, drop
i/, asthma, stone, gravel, piles, and lumbago,
r 'ey iviH he ♦bundinvaluable.—F.ondon Times.
rmuanisTs xj:vfm m wf asexts
Eliza Kennedy istheonlv Agent in Alex
m 'dria, for ta^saie of IVa.u Itreth’s Pills.
Baltimore Oifice, da South Charles street.
max 22- 6m Genera! Agent.
rp IF f >!!v> vim letter from the Rev. J. \Y.
L Siwver, of ^hiftshurv, Vermont, in con
> i ol’t.ie virtues o[ Dr. J ivne’s Hair To
nic is iVo n so 2'» > 1 a source, an 1 so strong a
voucher for me article, that we give it to our
reiders. Ifanv of them are similarly afflicted,
they will think us lor the inf irmatiou, as none
are disp »se 1 to c insider baldness a a a i*l it ion
to personal he-inty. Where a remedy is real
ly <? >o 1, it sao it 1 he uaiversau> known, w*iile
aii"*a nckerv should meet a prompt exposure.
1 ' [S. F. Post.
Shafubary, Bennington Co. Yt. j
Aug. 4th. H10. $
Da. D. J\tve:—Dean Sik—Learning
through toe me dm n of tne newspapers the
e ficacv of vour il Vi l T >NIC, an 1 being ac
ouiiotel with soue of those recoinmen I in? it.
to wo: Rev. C. C Park. Rev. Dr. Babcock.
«i(id Rev. L. Fletcher, and when in New York
I ist spring. 1 purchased two bottles, with a
view to mike the experiment. I have been
uuite hal i tor about four ve»r.\ an 1 obliged to
wear a wig. in lee I, il iso institutional with
•mv ftimlv to be bald in early life. 1 confess,
I n id b it little conti lence m tlie attempt, iia
• r.ig b-sea so bil I, and near IS yea is ot age,
aul that pirtol mv bead destitute oi hair
exceedingly smooth. I however, commenced
igreeably to vour directions, a.i I used one
uVtle faithful!v, and with very little effect
Snt before 1 had used the second bottle, a
/cry fine fuzzy hair became perceptible, which
*• mtinued to grow, and now having used the
i |ir S pottle. I hive bad tnree cuttings perfor
ms I,an l tne prospect is very flattering, tlrat^
■ shi l agiin he blessed with a line head of
nair orn i nent a! ami uselul. lam exTeniv.lv
gratified with tlie prospect, and from obserya
cions m i le. ?n mv ot my trien Is, and ac jiiain
»v»ce«, w io mve herertofire regir! ed the
nrepiration as deceptive, a il on’v a catch
pe in v concern, a re no ,v w*’l satisfied that it
is 4i Frnlh— No Fiction.’’ J. W. L \ WYFR.
Prepared onlv by Dr D. Javae, No. 20 South
Third Street, Philadelphia. Price $1.
Messrs. Wm. Stabler, an i Co. arc mv a
geatsia Alex ladna for the sale of the above
article. D. JAYNE.
sep IG—ly____
T^OR Coughs, Colds, Whooping Congo, Pair
_ and Soreness in the Breast, Influenza
Consumption, Hoarseness, Difficult Breathing
an 1 Diseases of the Breast, and Lungs gener
a v.
\\x presenting this useful remedy to the put,*
lie, tlie propriet >r wishes to state that this
Syrup is comprised of Irish moss, combined
with such other articles us have been found
!v»>r. calculated to atfard relief in the above
m imed diseases*
This medicine has been used verv exten
lively and the proprietor has not known a sin
gle instance in which it has tailed, in giving
relief in diseases for which it is reoemmended
even in cases approaching to consumption, at •
tended with bleeding at the lungs; and when
all other remedies had failed, the most decid ‘
e i an t fluttering success h is attended its use.
Com non Colds, which are generally the effect
of obstructed perspiration, will yie d to its in
fluence in a few hours; when used in Asthma,
Hoarseness, Wheezing and shortness ol
hr *ath, it gives immediate relief; m Whooping
Cough, it is without a rival. It operates by
gentle expectoration, and may be given both
tv> adults an 1 infants with perfect safety.
Prepared aui sold by C J R 1 HORPE,
Chemist and Druggist#
And f»r sale by John J. Sayrs, King street
nad WUiia u Stabler. oct 1—tf
liver complain V.
rpllH lise aseolten terminates in another ol
L a m »re serious nature, if proper remidies
are not resorted 10 in time. In all forms o!
of this disease. Dr. Harlich** Compound
stre ighthaiu/ an ! German Aperient Pills will
perform a perfect cure—first, by cleansing the
atomic.!! an I t> »we\s. thus removing all dis
e tses from th Liv*r, by the use of the German
Aperient Pills, niter which the Compound
Strengthening Pills are taken to give strength
ani tone to those lender organs which
require such treatment only toeflecta perma
nent cure. These Dills are neatly put up in
small packages, with full directions. For
saie, at No fi North Eight street.—Also by
Upholsterer, Bed and Mattrass Maker,
Kto*. between Washington and Columbus st
• mjv id—Ir Alexandria P.C.
r4lN.;it»AL. i.nASONS
Why Dr mjch’s compound strengthening
'dur1 German Aperient Pills are used i
ov allc’ass-es of Peoplein pre
ference to other Medicines.
BECAUSE th«v are prepared from a pure
extract of herbs, a wholesale medicine,
mill! in its onerati >n an 1 pleasant in its etfect,
the most certain preserver of health, a sale
and pflectual core of Dyspepsia or Indigestion,
an I a'I atonioh complaints, a preserver and
puri'ier of the whole system.
Because they soothe trie nerves of sensihi!
itv and lortilv the nerves of motion, imparting
to their most subtle fluid its nris’ine tone, thus
giving strength and clearness of mind.
Because they never destroy thecoats of the
stomach and bowels, as all strong purgatives
Because science and experience tench us
that no m;»repnrgntiveal(>ne will cure the dis
eases of the Stomach and Nerves. Weak
ness is the pritnarv cans® of a host of diseases,
and, hy continually resorting to drastic purga
tives, vou make tne disease much worse in
stead ofbetter.
Because f>r. Harlich’s Medicines are nut
up upon the common sense principle, * to
cleanse and strengthen,* which is the only
course to pursue to effect a cure. Lastly,
Because these Medicines really do CURE
the diseases lor which they are recommend
s,.^Principal Office f >r the United States,
No. 19. North Eighth street, Philadelphia; al
so for sale by JOHN I. SAYRS, Drug’s!.,
•iph_iy King street.
SO is it with those who neglect their colds
and Coughs. At first you complain ot
having a Cold, which is neglected; alter
wti’ch .a soreness is experienced in the broti
rhin^ with a I lacking Cough, ami finally the
disease settles upon the lungs, which the
patient will soon perceive hy a wasting away
i of tne body, attended with hectic fevers and
j spitting up of nand blood and matter from
j u’errs on the lungs; a pain and weight is also
j experience ! at the affected part oi the lungs;
! the function «»t the animal economy growltan
| giiid; the hodv becomes dry; the eves sink
• leep within their cav.ities; at length the pa
tient pa vs thedeht of nature, when he is fiai
tennu hunself with the hopes of a speedy re
covery. To obiate ail those distressing symp
toms. ‘-Spare no Time” in procuring Dr.
Swa vne’s Compound Syrupof \Y ild Cherry, at
h-» very co-nmencemeut oi vour Colds and
Coughs, whereby many nights of sweet re
pose will t»e procured, and time and money
saved, and aboveall your Health Secured.—
Therefore, remember, delays are dangerous!
The above medicine can alwaysbe obtained
at the principal office, No. 19 Nortn Eight St.,
Philadelphia:—Also hy
•jpy— |y _TOYTN t. S VYRS.
ENTIRELY cured by the use of Dr. O. P.
_i liar!itch’s Comp >und Strengthening and
German Aperient Pills.
Mr. Solomon Wilson, of Chester County,
Pa., afflicted for two years with the above dis
tressing disease, for which he had to use his
crutches for 13 months his svsmptoms were
excrutiuting pain in all his joints, especially
in his hip. shoulder and ancles, pn.n increasing
always towards evening, attended with heat.
Mr. Wilson was at one time not a hi** to move
his limbs on account of the pain being so great;
he being advised by a friend of his to procure
Dr. Harlich’s Pills, of which he sent to the
agent in West Chester and procured some;
on using the medicine the third day the pain
disappeared fas!, and in three weeks was able
to attend to his business, which h^ had not done
for IS months; for the benefit of others afflict
ed, he wishas these lines puhlisned, that thev
may be relieved, and again enjoy the p!easu;es
of a healthy life.
Principal Olfice, 19 North Eight street Phil
adelphia. AUe for sale by J. I. SAYRS.
ap 13—I y _
A TORE proofs of the efficacy ot Dr. Hnr
i\L lich’s medicines.—Mr. Jonas Hartman
of Sumneytown, Pa., entirely cured of the a
hove disease, which he was afflicted with for
six years.—His symptoms were a sense ofdis
! tention and oppression after eating, distressing
| pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, loss of
; appetite, giddiness, and dimness of light—ex
treme debility—flatulency, acrid eructations:
sometimes vomiting, anti pain in the right sine,
: depression ofspirits, disturbed rests, faintness,
and not able to pursue his business without
causing immediate exhaustation and weak
ness. Mr. Hartman is happy to state to the
public and is willing to give any information
tothe afflicted, respecting the wonderful bene
fit he has received f.om the use of Dr. Har
lich’s compound strengthening and German
Aperient Pills.
Principal office, 16 North Eighth street,
Philadelphia:—Also forsale bv
ap 13 —ly JOHN I. SAYRS.
j ''I'MIERE are many persons that we daily
‘ J.. behold, whose countenance and frail
trembling limbs denote atfliction, which we
find has principally originated from neglect of
proper remedies at the commencement ol af
fliction. At first the patient complains of
biie on the stomach atten led with Sickness,
Costiveness, &c.; he neglected to procure
proper medicine—at length he comp ains of
pain in the side and stomach with sour and
acrid eructations; his appetite becomes im
paired, his rest troublesome, his mind harass
ed, and all things around him appear not in
their proper station. He still neglects him
self, when, in all probability, the disease may
at length be so fast seated, that no medical aid
will replace him again. At the first attack ol
sickness there should be “no time lost” in pro
curing Dr. Harlich’s Compound Strengthening
and German Aperient Pills, which immediate
ly remove bile from the stomach, obviate cos '
tiveness, remove disorders to the head, invig
orate the mind, strengthen the body, improve
the memory, and enliven the imagination
tiius restoring the body again to its proper
functions—principal office No. 19 North Eigth
street, and at JOHN I. SAYRS.
ap 10 ____________
I AM truly happv to state to state to the af
flicted community, that a member of my
family was affected for ten or twelve years
with the above distressing disease, during
which time numerous medicines were procur
ed withoutohtaininganvrelief. Havmgheard
of the good effect of Dr. Harlich’s Compound
Strengthening and German Aperient Pills, 1
was induced to give them a trial, and, I am
happy to state, by using one single box of the
German Aperient Pills accompanied with a
bottle of the Strengthening Tonic Pills, that
they have eradicated the disease. I conceive
it due to those afflicted that I make this ac_
knowledgment.that they may likewise procur"
the same invaluable medicine, and thus be
freed from these distressing diseases.
With gratitude and respect.
W.m. M. Spear, 125 Old York Rond.
CO*Eor sale at No. 19 North Eighth Street.
ap 9—ly_
REMEMBER deb vs ore dangerous. Thou"
sand die annually from that dreadful dis
ease CONSUMPTION, which might have been
checked at the commencement and disappoint
ed of its prey if proper means hail been resort
ed to The very many who have thus been
snatclied from that fatal ravager, by the time
RUP OF WILD CHERRY, bear testimony
to this day announcing the cures, the wonder
ful cures, performed by the use of this invalu
able medicine. !
M.yFor sale only at No. 19 North Eighth
street^ Philadelphia, and respective Agents.
Agents.—Mrs Parker, Beach street, Ken
sington, Wm.G. Cook, Ba’timore, ana John f.
Sayres, Alexandria ap4—Jjr
WE do n»»t like to praise every species oi
medicine extant; nor, indeed, are we
one of those who believe in the administra
tion of medicine for every trifling physic* '
irregularity. Still, there are times when the
u*e ol drugs is imiierntively called for, and
when a little care, judiciously exercised in
the selection, mnv serve to avert yeais of
hodilv pain, if not premature death. P*r
Harlirh’s Pills, we think, are iust such a reme
dy for ordinary i'ls as might, with safety,
comfort, and utility, he resorted to. They
are gentle in their operation, sure in their re- J
suit. As inaperient they areadmirable. ope- j
raring and cleansing the hodv, and purifying
the humors insensibiy, as il by magic. As a
tonic, they cannot he excelled; aiding the di
gestion bv strengthening the stomach, ano
adding rare activity to its peculiar action and
secretions. The office lor their sale, is No
19 North Eighth street, and for sale hy
*p t—1 y [Phil. Spirit of the Times.
”\,TANY people are very apt to consider a
\ I cold hut n trifling matter, and to think
t hr%t—“it will go wav of it self\n a day or two,”
and give themselves no trouble about it.
But to such we would sav, “he careful of vour
colds”—do not tamper with your constitutions.
It you desire to live to “a good old age,” he
careful to take such remedies as will
eftectanpasvand a speedycure. Dr.Swayne’s
Compound Svrup of “Primus Virginians or
Wild Cherrv,” has cmed more colds than
any other medicine, offered for sale in this
country. The certificates of cures effected
hv this invaluable medicine, which the propri
etor is daily receiving, are of the most grat
ifying character, and tend to show its snna,
tive properties, and the high rank it holds in
public estimation.—[Medical Definer.
For snip at No. 19 N. Eighth street, Phila
delphia; and by JOHN I. SAYRS,
apl-lv * _Druggist.
Dr. IIor lick's Compound Strcnrtheninz and
Crrmon ,f?nerxcnt Pill*,
\ RE a safe and efficient medicine, and can
/V he taken hv the most delicate female.—
They seldom fall in curing Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, nain i^ th“ °ide and Breast, Sick
Headache, Loss of Appetite, Palpitation of
•h*» Heart, Nervous Tremors, Lowness of
spirits, (which too manv are subject toD Hv
nochondriacism, Hvsterical Fainting, Vomi
ting, &c. Use these pills according to direc
tions. and a perfect cur* will he the result.—
For sale No. 13 N. Eighth street, Philadelphia;
and hv JOHN I. SAYRS,
To Dr. J far lick's Jsrcnt:
Dear Sir:—I was attacked with a very seri
oms complaint, last fall, much like Uheuma
tism, with pains in every part of mv body,
which were greatly increased upon the least
motion till they became severe beyond endu
rance; mv tongue was furred and my bowels
costive; I became much alarmed and sent for
twenty grains of calomel and ten grains of
islnp, which I took; fliev operated hut did
not relieve me. I then sent ton physician stat»
mg mv case, and he prescribed for me, hut
fiis medicine had no effect. I t.ien sent to
vour office. Ml Ft. ('lair stH and obtained a
package of Dr. Harlich’s Pills, and took two
doses of the Anerient in the box. at the same
time taking those in the phial as directed,
and the third dav mv pains had left me, and
f soon regained mv usual health. 1 reallv
believe the>e medicines valuable, and 1
am certain that they po«ess the property’ll
an eminent degree of promoting insensible
perspiration, and thev immediately remove
obstructions in the circulation, as was the
case in mv attack. I despise all nostrums,
but Doctor Harlich’s Pills possess virtues
which place them high a hove the impositions
of unprincipled quacks, as ever one will find
that makes a trial of them: l do not hesitate
to <dve them a high re commendation.
Pittsburg, Feb, 1 10.
The above medicine is for sale at No. 19
North Eight street, Philadelphia—and hv
ap 1—lv J. I. SAYRS, Alex’a.
CCOMPOUND Strengthening and German
j Aperient Pills area safe and efficient rned
ioine,nnd can be taken hv the most delicate
female. Thev seldom fail in curing Dvspepsfa
Liver Complaint, pain in the Side and Rreast,
Sick Headache,Loss of Appetite, Palpitation
of the Heart. Nervous Tremors. Lowness of
Spirits, (which too manv are subject to,) Hy
pochondracism. Hysterical Faintings, Vomit
! intr, &c. Use these pills according to direc
tions. and a perfect cure will be the result.
For safest No. 19 N Eighth street,and at
ap G—ly JOHN I. SAYRS.
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry Bark.
DR. S WAYNE : Respected Friend—From
the very beneficial effects which I have
received from the use of thy Compound Syrup
of Wild Cherry Bark% 1 am fully willing to
testilv to tlie asfonisngeffect, My attack was
that of a common cold, which began to threat
en something of a more serious nature. Lie -
ingrecommended to use the above Syrup, I
finally gave it. a trial, and am happy to sav it
gave me almost instant relief. I have used it
frequently, and always with the same benefi
cial effects Ifotliers would use this medicine
at the commencement of their colds and
coughs, they would prevent a disease which
would he more alarming in its character, ann
much more obstinate in the cure.
Edward L. Ppsbt.
N. W. corner ol Arch &. Fifth sts., Philad.
For sale hy JOHN 1. SAYRS, Druggist,
ap6—ly Alexandria.
LJPPrincipal Office. No. 19, North Eighth
street, Philadelphia. ap7—ly
DR. O.P. HARLICH’SCompound Strength
ening Tonic anil German Aperient Pills.
These remove all those distressing diseases ;
which Females are liable to be alllicted with.
Thev remove all those morbid secretions j
which, when retained,soon induce a number
of diseases, and oftentimes render Females
unhappy and miserable all their lives. These
Pills, used according to directions, immediate
!y create a new and healthy action through
out the whole system, by purifying the blooo,
and giving strength to the Stomach and how
els; at the same time relieving the pain in the
side, back, and loins, giving appetite, and in
vigorating the system again to its proper Junc
tions, and restoring tranquil repose.
Ask for Hr. Harlicli s Compound Strength
ening Tonic, and German Aperient Pills.
Principal Office No. 19, North Eighth stree*
Philadelphia, and at JOHN I. SAYRS.
ap 11—ly_
AS the season is advancing when Summer |
Bowel Complant prevails—the Subscriber
offers his Cholera Infantum Syrup, as a sure
remedy for the prevention and cure of the
Summer Rowel Complaint in children or oth
ers. This medicine cures by its Tonic and
Antiseptic powers, and the patient's strength
increases with its use. Of theadaptatinnofthis
remedy to this disease the experience of the
ast five years lias abundantly proven; on sale
. r.y by WM. LANPHIER, Surg, Dent
a ;6-d:f
'Lpfrior Seidiitz Powders, 3 boxes for Si.
Cee’3 Ar*',i Bilious Pills 25cts. oer box,
THE subscribers will sell three squares ly
ingin the Notlh-westem corner of the.
Corporation of Alexandria, within the enclo
sure immediately north of Mrs. Mason's resi
lence. Information may he obtained by letter
uldressed to them at Washington, or personal
app’ication at their Law Olfice,on Pennsylva
nia Avenue, a few doors west of Fuller’s Ho-1
aug 29—tf SWANN &. SWANN.
County of Alexandria, [ to wit
October Term, 1510. )
(Conrad Wittig—complainant)
azainst [ IN
Oscar I.. Krautni, an 1 Josiah ; CHANCERY.
I>. Hills—defendants. J
f ■ ’HIE defendant, Oscar L. Kramm, not hiv
I. in? entered his appearance in ihi- suit and
given security according »o the statute, and
the rules of the Co'irt, and it appearing to the
satisfaction of the Court that the said Oscar !
L. Kramm is not an inhabitant of the District
of Columbia; on the complainant's motion, it
is ordered that the said Oscar [.. Kramm do
appear here on or belbre the first dav ol the
next May Term of the Court, and answer the (
complainant's bill, and give security for per
forming the decrees <>1 the Court; and that the
resident defendant, Josiah B. I fills.do not con
vey, pav atvav. or >ecrete, the debts hv him
owing to, or the estate, monev or effects, in
his hands, belonging to the sain absent de- j
fendant, until th^ further order and decree of
the Court; and that a copy of this orfer he
forthwith published in the Alexandria Gazette
for two months successively, and a no ll.tr copy
I he posted at the front door of the Court House
of the said County. A Copy.
Teste. ' C. F. LEE, C. C. -
nov 13—2m i
Countv of dfprandtin, [• to wit
October Term, 1310. )
George W. Gore, and Eliza"
his wife—complainants
Charles Murray. Administra
tor of Matthew Robinson, IN
dec’d, William D. Nutt, Ad { CHANCERY,
ministrator of Eliza’h Ro
binson, dec'd, John M. Ro
binson, and Wiiliani Keat
ing—defendants. J
rrUIE defendant, William Keating, not hav
JL ing entered his appearance in this suit,
and given security, according to the statute,
and the rules of the Court; and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the Court, that the said
William Keating is not an inhabitant of the
District ol Columbia; on the complainants mo
tion, it is ordered that the said William Keat
ing do appear here on or before the fir<t day ol
the next May Term of the Court, and answer
the complainants hill, and give security for
performing the decrees of the Court; and that
a copy of this order he forthwith published in
'he Alexandria Gazette f< r two months suc
cessively, and another eonv be posted at the
front door of the Court House of the said
Countv. A Copy.
Teste, 0. F. LEE, C. C.
nov 18—2m _
Countv oi Alexandria, £ to wit
<tctober 'i’erm, 1S10. )
Richard B. Mason—compainant 1,* !
axainst £
Daniel Jackson, William Rockwell. Jon’n 5
Trotter William L. Hudson, Richard p
Cornwell, George Hall. Peter Sea ion kj
Henry, Henry Wilkes. John H. Cornell, ~
George Wilkes, Silas M. StilweM, Chas. ^
Wilkes, William G. Kidgley—defend- y
anls. J ~
riXHE defendants, DnniH Jackson, William
JL Rockwell, Jonathan '[’rotter, William L.
Hudson, Richard Cornwell, George Hall, Peter j
S. Henry, Henry Wilkes,Charles Wilkes. John
H. Cornell, Geo. Wilkes, Silas M. Siilwell,
and Wm.G. RiJMey. not having entered their
appearance, and given security according to
fhe statute, and to the rules of the Court, and
it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
that the said defendants are not inhabitants
ol the District of Columbia; on the complain
ants motion, it is ordered that the said de
fendants do appear here on or before the first
day of next May Term of the Uourt, and an
swer the complainants bill, and give security
for perfuming ihe decrees ol the Court; and
that a copy of tin* order he forthwith publish
ed in 'lie Alexandria Gazette for two months
successively, and another copy he posted at
the front door of the Court House of the said
Countv. A Copy.
Teste, C. F. LFF, C. C.
nov 19—0m _
Alexandria Countv, ^sct. j
October Term, 1S10. 3
Seth J. Todd and Win. C. Urine,
complainants, | ^
a^ain^t { *
Rebecca J, Hill and Wm. C. Gard- j
oer, executor of Joseph Maude I ^
ville, deceased—defendants. J g;
Fl^IIEdefendant, Rebecca J. Hill, not having
l entered her appearance, in this suit, and
given security according to thestatute, and the
rules of the Court, and it appearing to the satis
faction of the Court that the said Rebecca J.Hill
is not an inhabitant of the District ofColumbia,
cn the complainants’ motion, it is Ordered,
That the said Rebecca J. Hill do appear here
on or before the first day of next May Term
of the Court, and answer the complainants*
bill, and give security for performing the de
crees of fbe Conn; and that tin* resident de
fendant, William 0. Gardner, do not convey,
pay away, or secrete the debts, by bun m\ing
to, or the estate, money, or effects in his hands
belonging to the said absent defendant, until
the further order and decree ol the C ourt; and
ij,a t a copy of this order be forthwith published
in the Alex’a. Gazette for two months sucres
sively, and another copy be posted at the front
door of the Court House of the said f oun y.
A Copy—Teste : C. F. LLh, L. C.
nov 16—2m _
County of .llerandria, ' sct.
October Term, 1 ^40. \
Levi Woodbury. Secretary of ihe Treasu
ry, (for the uVe of the United States,) »•
—complainant £ !
azainst g
Henry T. Dundas,Thomas Dundas. John
Dundas, Sophia M. Rev ton, Newton ^
Keene and Nancy M.his wile,anil Eliza .n, j
THE Defendants. Henry T. Dundas, Thus. |
Dundas, John Dundas, Eliza Dundas and
Sophia M. Peyton not having entered their
appearance in this suit, and given security ac
cording to the statute ami the rules of the j
| Court, and it appearing to the satisfaction o! i
[the Court that the said Henry T. Dmidns.Tho- 1
mas Dundas, John Dundas, Eliza Dundas,and ,
Sophia M. Pevton are not inhabitants of the
District of Columbia, on the Complainants* |
motion it is ordered, that tfie said Henry T.
Dundas, Thomas Dundas, John Dundas, Eli
za Dundas, and Sophia M. Peyton do appear
hereon or before the first day of the next
May Term ofthe Court, and answer the Com
plainants hill, and give security for perform
ing the decrees of the Court, and that a copy
of this order be forthwith published in the Al
exandria Gazette, for two months succes
sively, and anothercopy he posted at the front
door ofthe Court House of the said County.
A copy : Teste,
nov 16—2m_C. F. LEE, C. C.
GOLD, Silver and Bank Note Broker, OL
" fice, opposite Wm. Stabler & Co’s., Drug
Store, Fairfax street, 2 doors South of King
Bills ofExchange and Bank Checks on most
ol the principal Cities of the Union, bought
and sold at best rates.
Drafts, Notes and Bills collected on the most
favourable terms. .
Bank Notes on all solvent Banks in the U.
S. discounted at die lowest rates.
Gold and Silver bought and sold.
aug21— tf ___
I HAVE one handsome Barouche and two
Buggie3 with lops, all well built and hand
some articles, which I will sell low, to close
sales. J* -'ORSE.
may I t—t*
IN consequence «>r*he decease of J. W. Mas
>;e, the surviving nirtuer earnestly re juests
all persons in debt'' ’ .o the firm of J. \V. Mas*
sie Sc Wheeler, to '•ill and settle tfieir ac
counts and it is hoped ihitstHelv piyment
will he made, as it will not he i». his p > ver to
grant much longer in lulgmice.
Survivingpartner of J. W. .lassie Si Wneeler.
sept 11> —H
T W. M ASS IE & WHEELER have just
• J * received, hv the Ships Alexanlria and
Columbia, direct, an I Ship Scotia, via Haiti
more, M pickages, consisting of single and
double barrel shotGuiis, Flasks, Shovels an 1
Tongs. Sofa Springs, Maslm Kettles, Trace
Chains. Sad Irons, Hooks and Hinges, Coal
Ho Is. Onrrv ('ombs. P »r!i; merit and Butt Hin
ges, Wagon Boxes.shoe Thread, Curtain Pins,
Curtain Bands, Bed Screws,Castors, Wrought
Nails, (Inrse Shoe Nails, and a genera! as
sortment ot Birmingham and Sheffield Bra^s, j
Plated and Steel Hardware, which, with their
Stock on hand, and I)omestie Goods daily ar- j
riving, vviil make their assortment very com
plete, an I will enable them to seil on as good
terms as they can he had in larger markets.
The surviving partner takes tins opportuni
tv to solicit ttw old friends and customers of i
the I louse, and all others, to favor him with a !
call, as the necessity of closing the business!
of the firm, within a limited period, makes it i
necessary to reduce the Stock of Goods as !
low ns possible, amt BARGAINS may, there
fore, be expected. J. W. M. Sc W.
Per E. Wheeler, Surviving Partner,
sep 10—11 ]
ROBERT II. MILLER, Importer, has just
received by the Ship Alexandria, direct
from Livcrponi,
of new style and pitierns, manufactured for
him within the pim dimmer.
By the next arrivals, hr* will con innc to re
o*ive additional supplies, which added to hi*
piesent very de^iratile stock, will enable him
to olfer an assortment, such as cannot be ex
celled elsewhere, an l which will be sold upon
accommodating terms, and at northern price-.
1 N. 15.—Tv an earl v arrival, R. H. Vf. exp**v's
supplies of ware with Harrison and Log Ca
I bin engravings, from designs sent out to the
| Ton tries by iiimseit. Whig Merchants wil
| lie supplied upon the “Credit System’’ at rea
sonable prices, in time to celebrate '.lie ap
proaching triumph of correct principles
st p In—tf
7J1HE safest, best, and most popular Pills
1 now in existence, are Dr. l.eidys Blood
Pills, a continuent part of which is Sarsapa
It h useless h^re to name the good qualities,
or comment upon the medicinal virtues of
these Piils, as the public are luily aware of
ihetn. Suffice it to say they are an effectual
Whether employed asa purgation or .sa puri
fier of the blood and animal fluids, they are
equally effectual, possessing as they do, com
bined properties not contained in any other
Pilis, and may he employed hv young and old,
male and lernale, under all circumstances,and'
without restraint from diet or occupation, ami
without fear of produing debility, or ieurol
catching cold.
As numerous certificates from individuals
and physicians have from time to time been
published, and the character of the Pills so
well known, tt is only necessary to inform the
public where they may he procured genuine—
lor there are individuals so base and villain
ous, that tliev sella spurious article, shielding
themselves Horn prosecution, by varying a lit
tie, fhe manner of their putting up.
The public will therefore be particular, and
observe that the genuine are put up in small
square, oblong boxes, with a black and vel- 1
iow label, covering the entire box lengthwise,
and containing on two sides 'he signature of
Dr. N. 15. I.eidy. J frPrice, 25 cts. per box.
U r sale by HENRY COOK, f'hemi*t,
nov G King street.
ENRY T. WILBAR respectfully informs
his friends and the public generally, that
he has taken ftie More, next to Mr. Benjamin
Barmii, and formerly occupied by Mr. J. B.
Hills.—where he has received all kindsot
goods in his line, which he will sell on very
reasouahie terms. Persons calling on him,
may depend on getting a real genuine aiticle,
nid warranted to give entire satisfaction.
My stock consists m part,ol Moleskin. Silk*
black and while Russia, and Beaver napt
Hats, low priced and medium qualities, ail ol
the latest styles. Otter. Seal, Nliter, Musk
rat. ('hull, Chinchilla, Seiette, and Hare seal
Caps of a II the various shapes now worn.
I la's and Caps made to order at the shortest
(’mfomers’! Infs and Caps kept in good order.
N. B.—I have also on hand, a lot of Rib
bands, Flowers and Braid Bonnetts, which l
will dispose of at cost. sept 29—-tl
\orth-\Vcst corner of Kin" and Royal streets,
tie randria, I). C.
rpHOM AS WARING, having increased his
JL stock for a lull Fall business, uivitets a
general call. His articles are all good arid
shall he at a small advance.
The farmers of Maryland and Virginia are
respectfully requested to examine the assort
ment, which they will find every way suitable
to their wants. Hals and Caps of all fash inns, !
qualities, and prices, will he sold to suit ’.he I
tastes and purses of all who buy.
oc 13—3m f Warrenton Tones 3tj
Chair Manufacturer .$• Ornamental Painter,
King street, between Washington and <’o
lu.nbus streets, where he Ins removed,
HAS on hand, and is constantly mariufac
. hiring Mahogany, Grecian. Fancy an l !
Windsor Chairs, id* the newest patterns, and in
the most approved style.
The public are invited to call and examine
his pre eut assortment. He feels assured that
they will be found not to be inferior either in
the durability of their materials, or the neat
ness of their execution, to those of any other
manufacturer in the District. He will execute
Sign and Ornamental Painting and (Hiding,
in all tht*ir various hianche*, on the most ac
commodating terms.
Old chairs will he taken in pirt payment for j
new ones,or nil! he repaired and repainted at
the shortest notice.
;'^p*Ch nrs purchased at this manufactory, j
will he sent free of expense to any part of the I
District. sep 22—tf
TN Warren County, Va., about five miles
from the County seat. (Front Royal.) This
Farm contains about 275 Acres with a comfor
table dwelling; the land naturally is of a ve
ry productive soil, and its nearness to the
county seat, secures a constant and excel.ent •
market for all its productions. It might be turn- \
ed with very great advantage to a grazing
Farm, having the advantage of running wa
ter. There are also a Tan Yard, Cooper Shop,
and other out-buildings on the premises, this
property offer.? strong inducement to any per
son who may wish to engage in the Tanning
Business, being one of the most desirable and
profita hie locations in the county, for that bu
ness. The purchaser can ha ve, if desired, from
t to 6 years to pay the money with interest
from date, and a deed of trust on the property.
Persons wishing to purchase are referred to
\1av>r Wm. Wood and Samuel Simpson, who
reside in the neighborhood of the above earn
ed property,'or to the subscriber’s,at Front
sep 4—tf
ff 9 IlhCOMMFNl'Kl) aidcciried’y siper'. r
■ to any other known combination of Ve i»»
cine, for Cough*, l olae, Influenza, Consump
tion, A*thir.a, Setting of blood* llc&r-er.ev*
Difficulty of breathing* tloopingCnugh, Hain!
and ft e clerics* o< the breast, and a!'. dUca&e>of
the Pulmonary organs.
This medicine »% highly ai d j in i' v rieim*
mended, by nurarrous an j rtspectibdc ind vi.
duals, w ho have found reiiei frem its use. it s.
ti) who have oetn hiborug under protracitd
Coughs and pains in the cr< ast ami have btCi,
'Upposed by thcr«tse:\t s and their fr ends hr
a lvaitccd m cu;su.r;.j turn, have fcetr. happily
restored to perf. ct ht a th by the w«t of this
valuable Kxpectorui t.
Persons Uooru.g under chrer.i crrrns'in r.
ive coughs, wid hi d g real »d\»i,trge frr ^
'•"* > mg » smaiiqiitt t ,t y u* the ir.t •*!, y;*^ tc
j i ••ki,' ui;hthnr,w tie ttt• r rc’ii p t<> h irvo
| *1 il '' 1 * if * v: t!1 R'llJ, S t» k^f oi n*t||
5 V . I *■' * ■ i* » , ' v !: l*e *« .-ret \ *t !t
* !,! thev w di be emi: • < t»° mi\ irt< jv . {
the g:eved f*co y, si o the itr t»t r g n kt.f'
wi1 * therehx s« < n r e rtnc’.cd gig a ptiTa
nt nt cure efVc.»rd. I it Mf ill .cw,! t,x j,
Prepared oniv by Lr t>. Jhv » e. ot ^
Jersey, am! i.. nr ;> /* • Tf u ill.on Ha e •
ten signature t(. the It ♦’ or the ou j, de 0
the bolt V
i'EKTIIl lil LI
1 b\ certd) tht v as cuied of a v.clcr.*
coi pi und path in the breast by uidng Ih cti.r
i Jay ue’* Kxprciorar.t Medicine. My wile sho
i w,t!» afliicted w ith a oyd cough and pain in the
breast, a-tended with so much dithruiti of
breathing as to prevent her from ge tir> iny
ileep for a rurr.bt r of nightsin *:t ccession. bi.'t
by taking two do*e* of tins medicine she way
enabled to sleep quietly thn ugh tie mgrt
and in a few' drys by continuing its me *fe
was perfect!} restored. Jacob Uinr.vwAr.
i Wv^cock’s Bridge,N\J.Sept 24,1836,
1,3 b * p t*. r y, T1 * . w t» * c i. f i r c. t ( fi.j r o t J
b> * tlifetf* • 'ii ||( t » 1| i li t H it Ml Ur ottkkt
in.i >i k — !f«r c gi* •.:'i; • id. }»r <!*\ ai d
night and her did., u fy <f treat; ng whsm>
greattti.it si.r* gut kii I.Pk sleep lor nuiiv
d»\si!» l n:g!it * tiyeP tr—.* r.e oi the ire<‘i*
Cine* slit* took p| <. arco to h.-id ary ^ervice
to her; v.!.111 li. J.m ! e z:r.d y stiii her a bot
tle oi Iiiiliwu h.xpeclotuiti which so. ni,(id coin*
pleteI\ rest1 >ruii at r to he.-dth Sho fiimly be«
hrvcbit tht bo* rried‘cmt cver iImti *eied,
M ! LL1 4 4j poet “«*«,
llancock’sl’ridge N. J. Nov.21, b36
I jfrom J.!!.S.r.itS, K?;]. If-o'lli n f.,|/
| 1 hereby certify tl:ut the abov< vult aile ire*
riiciuc has menu o! in itu (airily vdh great
benefit in several ii htii.ctfc J II Sriin,
Hrjtkij n# I tc « • k *) 3 •
From he ter C. C IN Cputby, lute apvnt 0
ti.e A ir.triCai. Baptud.
To Hr. I>. Jayne l>ear sir: I have ma *e
ofthe Indian Expectorant, personally * » mi
mv fami'v for the U>t * x year* a it It grea In*
eM. Indeed I in, y consider mv life prolong,
ed b\ the use ot this vdisable medicine, irn<h r
the blessing ot God, for several years I may
9i\ a most as much in the ch*p o| mv wife and
a!*u- ofthe Itcv. Mr I’msor* of thelvland of Jx*
ini ca. For all ca«es of cough, inflammation
ofthe cheM, tings an ! throat. I do mo*t unhe*
i aitatmglv rcernnn. i d t! l.s..*thc best nr ed cine
| I ha't ever tried. My earnest uis! is that o
j the:* alihcted as I have hr t n, may exj erience
[the same relief, which I am pertuadtd they
will by usingtht Indian Expectorant
C. C. IN < HO'BT
N. B. Many of my n- ghd <>rs, on my recom
menduNon, have tru ! ih s me irmt with on;,
form success. N. York, June 15 I8J5,
From the IJev Jonathan Going, I) I). Fdifor
ot tfie American Baptist.
I have used thc«hove in*dicine with ice
ce«s for a cough and hoarseness.
N York, Dec *8J5. Jonathan Going*
Oocl. 1) Jayne — Dear sir: I waster at ng
Cime afflicted with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
pain in my bronsN but have been restored to
perfect health by using one bottle of your In*
dian Expectorant. have bee n subject to a
evugh and pain in rry breast for near twenty
years, and have found far greater benefit from
this medicine than from any other. 1 remain,
respec fully, yours, Si han lasLAnn.
% J k 1. t * 11. Nov. J!, l£\'r\
Many mor< certdicates might l>e added but
the above are considered.sud.cu trt.
Salem. NN J. April. 1816 n. J AYNE T
f-ur sale by agents throughout 1 he I'nited
States, where also trey be had Jav ne M f srtr.i*
native Mals*n, for Bowel CompUintSf Jayne’s
Tonic Vermifuge, frr U orms Kuvt.r ai.d AgUJ
Dy-p^ps'H. Suor Stc»tr Bch, he.
A gent for A'ex Andris.
1st mo 28—Iv \V\t. STAID F.1N
_ « ___
nl AltUIDF. S DY-FAI MvY, an i *11 other
dtranger'eu: s ol the Sio nuefi and Bow*
eW.ir' ; feci » d'y outdo;. Da. J at neN (.'ah’
« I > AT I V ] liiLkiM.
• Dr. I >. Jayne — D-. a- Sir, — Ifaving ma le ure
of y uu» Gurmirist ive I a i salt t r* mv ! aiv.Uv, an J
fitviir g't to ot 1 Irn nbiy adapted to the con*
plaints tor w bit'll it i-» 1 ntended, I tak* pl» «i*ure
in recommending n to tin* o*.»* ot n y fneruis
anil tlie public generally, belitvu g t;-.«>se wfm
are *»fil ictrui with any of t i.ese coiH| lain»» tv ill
Jind rei:ef in tilt use of tins valuable nteoir ue*
I ON ATH A s (iOING, 1). 11.,
president o* tiranvuNit Golkge, Ohm.
'/'Mew York, May 20. I P.,’7
£ALTTXf#:ti, iiarch J7D.
1)-. J yne. — U.ar Sir, V«n# ;»*k me w |.*t
proof* i meet a; it <J tut elLotcy ot vour rr.**
Jirine. 1 cnn salt!) that I r.evci pre«cri!>
e< 1 a inrdicim for llowtl Cmr.ph.ui • t r.at f.a»
giv^n me hO muc s«t:»‘i; tio.i, ami rr.v r titrr*
so speedy ami pt.rfecf rebel asihi*. V%r;ei.»*
ver introduced into a family, it becomes*
standing remedy for those aibr.Mit*, aim is c*M
ed for again and again, which I th r k a prr*it)
good pro • of its efficacy and uvefuli.esk; m
the Summer Complaint of chi'rtren it hss fre
fluent !v appeared to ■* r: at c* the hit It \ ir- irr «
it were, trom the grave. If sated the Ide t
xy child, and of such and such a child. ?
have repeatedly heard *aid: In dy»enferi; if
fections of adult*, I have tirre an 1 agan s^f
it act like a charm, and give pern sr.ei.'r lief
in a few hours—I rr^y say in a lew rrimm?*--.—
[n fine, it is a vahiab.e medicine*, and n>» f
lyshoutd be without .t. Utspecdu lv,
M. L. V. I *
l.ate Physician tothe llilt more Ifi^f *m*rv,
andagen*For trie Vl*rvIan i Vacnm Insti'nt on.
From Hr. Wm. Bacon, l'2-.tor ofthenaptut
aChurch at Womlstow n, Salem county N. J*
From a long acquaint-nee with l)r. Javre I
Carminative Balsam, I behevt it lo be a very
happv combination, and a useful medicine in
rnanv con.pUints which almos* cons^n’lv
cur in oorcoun'ry, such as Hove’ AdVctor*
to Children, Cholic. Crsmps, Looseness, I
peptic Disorder*, of the Stomach, Coughs tn
Affeqtion* of the Breast, toge'hrr with si
disease* ittended w.th Sourness of the ?to
mchjand believe that phys-cian* will cKn
find it a useful remedy in their hands, and o*e
that improperfardomestic use, and car he pti
into the hand of persons at large w ith r «rft
safety# \V*. Bacow, M. I’*
Woodstown, Safem Co., N’J., May 4, IwjI*
Prepared and sold by Ds D. Jfayre, >0 ^
South Third st. between Vfarke1 and • he cl
The publi are soectfully informer tr»
Mr. Wm. Stabler, Drug* st, Alexandria, is rr
Agent for the sale of the aoovt* medicine.
* DA\ my: r
hiladclphi** 3 * * *

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