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A?iP .l*iilv pfF^ctiii^ some of the most, as
“ *!&'TO^erM CIJRKS thatlev
er hive tx-:i known -in consequence of which
I he v hi ire now h-c» ne i s‘um»-> mirk nsroust
...him ill th * -irro-vs of lis ij>,>>n»!e*l horn*, en
v "anW,,'.ri: .’>!^ »-> arc* «vitl..»n«
.iiiti ict! > 1. T 1 * I * V 1 11 I country are alike
fiilf I ivit'i th rir nni'je. l*ie pilaceail 1 p> »r
(,•>.,<e ahke tcho with th^ir virtue*. In nil
tfj.,1 lfr*»\ «j i !e • iii ft* n;>*r »tires, t'v»v still re
tu.i their w » i lerfiil pi'.vers, an I exert them,
n intten le i fw i*e <»r s>tniri»i. I hev are
9 iu!e;.i their »:*<•;)ir.it: >*i.*n:l I in their ncfi >n, :
th >*o;i *n in then* »;kvmI: > l. an l nnrival’ed in
their renal is.
Jaundice, Asthma, Drojxv. Rheumatism, fcn
..nrgenent of the Spleen, Piles,Cholic, temple
Obstructions,Heartburn, Furre I rongue, Nan*
Sea, Dissension of the Stomach and bowels,
Incipient Diarrh ea, Flatulence Habitual bo>
tivenes^. boss of Appetite, Blotched orsailow
Complex ion, an I in all cases o( roroor or the
Brwels, where a Cathartic or an Aperient is
needed! They are exceedingly mild in their
operation, or*) tu ing neither nausea, griping, |
not debility. . ...
Sr^PorsaTe bv nl! the Druggists in Alex
andria, Washington,and Georgetown.
julv$3 — fy __
TI1E NewYor* Sui *avs: Bit AN DR STM’S
FILLS have beet used among many o
our iriends, and in our own family we have
used them nearly four years when we required
medicine; in that period, no Doctor save Mr.
Brand ret n. has crossed our threshold, nd no
.nedicine besides the Doctor’s Pills used. Our
beliefis lkeep vour bowels and blood pure,’ am.
every kind of disease will he prevented or cur
ed. The Brand re t!i Pills are eminently calcu
lated to do this, and thereby much lessen the
sum ot human misery.
The New York Evening Star says: Bran
qreth's Piiis are a me Heine wuich their own
intense worth will alwavs secure lor them a
large and ready sale.—Thev have? deserved.va
high reputation; and as:> I a mily an 1 anti-.u.lt
ous remedy it would he didieult to equal them
among all the patent medicines ol the present
The New Arork Commercial says: Tliev re
in ive ail morbid immors and purify tne blood.
To the whole family of Man.—We feel both
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to
all our readers, Bran Iretri's Vegetable Pi!ls> :»s
the most certain, most safe, and invaluable
medicine extant. As antibiUous and aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced they tarn!
tar above all others; as a certain cure in all
rises of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas, and all affections of the skin, drop
•/, asthiea, stone, gravel, piles, and lumbago,
t ie v will be *outid i u val in file.—I .on-Ion • i'ues.
nn’iccisrs x;:veu m.wk .igfixts
Eli/.a Kennedy is the only Agent in Alex
« *<iria, for the sale of Bran (tretb’s Pills.
Baltimore Odice, so Smith Charles street.
R. **. GREEN,
mav 22_6m General Agent.
w v.ir:i x >ncixa.
T'f" fillo.vin' let***r from the He*/. J. 'V.
Sawyer, of S‘i iftsb rv, Ver n out, m coii
fjnviti'ri 'it i i • ^irt'i s'•! i)i, J i\ .it sll.ti. Po
nic is from > » go . I i source, an I so strong a
v metier for the article, fiit we give it to our
rei lers. ffany oft'i? n ire simi.anv aitlicted.
they will th ink u< for the inform uio », as none
are disp»s? I to c msi ler baldness an addition
to personal b?an*v. \\» n *re i *emelv isrenl
I v ,r»> I. *t et, r it I h * i it versih v k i i.vti, tv .it I e
aU’n'jtck.Tj sh.uiJ .u-*et a pro.u >t ex^Hure.
Shaltsbury, Rennington Co. Vt. )
An?, till. IS 10. S
Du 0 J vtvk: —vn Sin-Learning
through the ineduin of trie newsmpers the
efficacy of your II AIR TOXIC, and hem? ac
uiuintetl with some of those recum^iii
to tv it: Rev. C. C. Park. Rev. l)r. liahcock.
and Rev. L. Fletcher, and tvhen m Netv Y ork
ast spring, l purchased two bottles, with a
view to mike the experiment. I have been
unite bald for about four years, and obliged to
wear a ivi®. Indeed, it is constitutional with
mv famil v"fo he balil in early life. I comess,
1 hail hut little confidence in the attempt, ha
ving been so bald, and near 43 yeaisol age,
and that partof my head destitute ol hair
exceedingly smooth. I however, commenced
agreeably to vour directions, and used one
bottle faithfully, and with very little effect
but before l had used the second bottle, a
verv fine fuzzy hair becume perceptible, wlucn
Continued to grow, and now having used the
third bottle, 1 have had three cuttings perfor
med, and tne prospect is very flattering, that •
I sha l a train he hlesse I with a fine lie i l ol
hair ornamental and useful. I am extremely
gratified with the prospect, and iro n observa
tions mi le, muiv of my Inends, an I ac rum
tances, wmo have herertolore willed the
preparation as deceptive, air I onL- a catch
penny c.i'icer:,, arc ii nv well satw.U t;i. I «t
IS rrntli —V* f icnnn. J. Y\ . L Y \Y Y ..tv.
Frepireil onlv hy Or D. Jayne. Souta
Thirl Street, Philaileiphia. i’nce 51.
Messrs. YVtn.-Stabler, and Co. are mv a
.eats in Alexandria tor the sale ol the aWe
article. D.J.YY.Nc.
sep 16—l y_ ___
FOR Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Pair
and Soreness in the Breast, Influenza I
Consumption,Hoarseness, Difficult Breathing
and Diseases of tlse Breast, and Lungs genef'
21 V
In presenting this useful remedy to the pub*
lie. the proprietor wishes to state that thi<
Syrup is composed ot Irish moss, combined |
with such other articles as have been found
best calculated to afford relief m me above
lamed diseases. .
This medicine has been used very exte i
«ivelv and the proprietor has not known a sin
gle instance in which it has failed, in giving
relief in diseases for which it is reoemmended
even in oases approaching to consumption, at •
tended with bleeding at the lungs; and when
all other remedies had tailed, tne most decu.,
ed aud flattering success has attended its use.
Common Colds, which are generally the effect
of obstructed perspiration, will vie u to itsm
fluence in a few hours; when used m Asthma.
Hoarseness, Wheezing and shortness o!
breath, it gives immediate relief; in W hooping
Cou2h it is without a rival, it operates by
kiltie expectoration, and may he given both
to adults and infants with perfect safety.
Prepared and sold by C JR THORPE,
rrepa Chemist and Drnjgist.
» n,t for sale by John J. Sayrs, Kin? street:
and William Stabler._,vr
ftvits disease often terminates in another of
T a m « serious nature, if proper remits
to iu time. Ill all forms of
SFJtodSSfi, Dr. Harlicir-a Co=,;
stretighthnlng and German Apes tent L ills \\ ill
perform a perfect cure—first, hy c.ea using ihe
stomach and bowels, thu3 removing ao «i$
easesfrain the Liver, hy the use of the German
Aperient Pills, afier which the Compound
Strengthening Pills are taken to give strength
• tvl tone to those tender organs which
require such treatment only to effect a perma
nent core. These pdfs are neatly put up in
nickages, with full directions. For
a lie at N;» 10 North Eight street. — AUo by
W a 1* JOHN f. S \YRS,
a p J —»y__
- UpheUterer, Bed and Mattra** Maker.
Kuufbetvveeu Washington and Lojuuih.is st|
. -v»v 16-tr Alexandria P.C.
r4l*i3PAL. itiaJWOXS
Why Dr H trueh’s compound strengthening
and 'iernian Aperient Pills are used
Dy all classes of People in pre
ference to oiher Medicines.
BECAUSE they are prepared from a pure
extract of herbs, a wholesale medicine,
mild m its oneration and pleasant in its effect,
the certain preserver of health, a sale
and effectual cere of Dyspepsia or Indigestion?
and all atomach complaints, a preserver and
purifier of the whole system.
Because the)’ soothe the nerves o. sensibil
ity and fortify the nerves of motion, imparhng
to their most subtle fluid its pristine tone, tons
giving strength and clearness of mind.
Because they never destroy thecoats of the
stomach and bowels, as all strong purgatives
do. .
Because science and experience teach us
that no mere purgative alone will cure the dis
eases of the Stomach and Nerves. Weak
ness is the primary cause of a host of diseases,
and, by continually resorting to drastic purga
tives, you make the disease much worse in
stead of better.
Because Dr. Harlich’s Medicines are out
up upon the common sense principle, ‘ to
cleanse and strengthen,* which is the only
course to pursue to effect a cure. Lastlyf
Because these Medicines really do CURE
the diseases tor which they are recommend
ed. , . ,
r, jPPrineipal Office lor the United States,
\h>. Kl, North Eighth street, Philadelphia; al
so tor sale by JOHN I. SAYRS, Drug’st.,
ap9—jy King street.
SO is it with those who neglect their colds
nod Coughs. At first you complain o!
having a Cold, which is neglected; alter
which a soreness is experienced in the Brori
chin, with a Hacking Cough, and finally the
disease settles upon the lungs, which the
patient will soon perceive by a wasting awav*
of trie body, attended with hectic fevers and
spirting up of florid blood and matter Irom
ulcers on the lungs; a pain and weight is also
experienced at the affected part ol the lungs;
the function of the animal economy growltau
guiil; the body becomes dry; the eyes sink
deep within their cavities; at length the pa
tient pays thedeht of nature, when he is nat
tering himself with the hopes of a speedy re
covery. To obiate ail those distressing symp
toms. “Spare no Time” in procuring Dr.
Sway tie’s Compound Syrupof Wild Cherry, at
he very commencement of your Colds and
Coughs, whereby many nights ol sweet re
pose will be procured, and time and money
saved, and above all your Health Secured.—
flierelbre, remember, delays are dangerous!
The a bove medicine can a I ways be obtained
i at the principal office, No. ID North Eight St.,
Philadelphia:—Also by
upa-ly TOIIN I, SAVRS.
TENTIRELY cured by the me of Dr. O.P.
j Ilariitch’s Compound Strengthening and
German Aperient Pills.
Mr. Solomon Wilson, of Chester County,
Pa.,afflicted for two years with the above dis
treusing disease, for which he had to use his
crutches for 13 months his sysmptoms vvere
I excrutiating pain in all his joints, especially
in his flip, shoulder and ancles, pain increasing
! al ways towards evening, attended with heat.
! Mr. Wilson was at one time not ab!*»to move
| his limbs on account of the pain being so great;
ne being fit! vised by a friend of his to procure
Dr. Hariich’s Pilis,’ of which he sent to the
igent in West Chester and procured some;
on using the medicine the third day the pain
disappeared fast, and in three weeks was able
to a t tend to his business, which he had not done
tor IS months; for the benefit of others afflict
ed, he wishas these lints publisned, that they
may be relieved, and again enjoy the pleasures
of a healthy life.
Principal’Olfice, 13 North Eight street Phil
adelphia. Alse lor sale by J. I. SAYRS.
ap 13—ly__
TORE proofs of the efficacy ol Dr. Ilnr
;V L lich*3 medicines.—Mr. Jonas llartman
of Sumnevtown, Pa., entirely cured ofthe a
bove disease, which he was alllicted with for
six years.—His symptoms were a sense ol\jis
tention and oppression after eating, distressing
pain in the pit of the stomach, nausea, loss ol
apatite, giddiness, and dimness of light—ex
treme debility—flatulency, acrid eructations;
sometimes vomiting, and pain in the right side,
depression ofspirits, disturbed rests, faintness,
and not able to pursue his business without
causing immediate exhaustation and weak
ness. Mr. Hartman is happy to state to the
public and is willing to give any information
to the afflicted, respecting the wonderful bene
fit he has received from the use of Dr. Har
lich’s compound strengthening and German
Aperient Pills.
Principal oifiee, 16 North Eighth street,
Philadelphia:—Also for sale by
ap 13—iy_JOHN 1. SAYRS.
COHERE are many persons that we daily
j behold, whose countenance and frad
trembling limbs denote aiHiction, which we
bud has principally originated from neglect o!
proper remedies at the commencement ot af
fliction. At first the patient complains of
bile on the stomach atten led with Sickness,
Costiveness, &c.; he neglected to procure
proper medicine— at length he compains of
pain in the side and stomach with sour and
acrid eructations; his appetite becomes ini
p iired, his rest troublesome, his mind harass
ed, a id all things around him appear not in
their proper station. He still neglects him
self, when, in all probability, the disease may
at length he so last seated, that no medical aid
wiil replace him again. At the first attack of
sickness there should be “no time lost” in pro
curing Hr. Harlich's Compound Strengthening
and Herman Aperient Pills, which immediate
jy remove bile from the stomach, obviate cos*
tiveness, remove disorders to the head, invig
orate the mind, strengthen the body, improve
the memory, and enliven the imagination
thus restoring the body again to its proper
functions— principal office No. 19 North Eigth
street, and at JOHN I. SAYRS.
ap 10
I AM truly happy to state to state to the af
flicted community, that a member of my
family was affected for ten or twelve years
with the above distressing disease, during
which time numerous medicines were procur
ed without ohtainingany relief. Having heard
of the good effect of Dr. Harlich’s Compound
Strengthening ami German Aperient Pills, I
was induced to give them a trial, and, I am
happy to state, by using one single box of the
German Aperient Pills accompanied with a
bottle of the Strengthening Tonic Pills, that
they have eradicated the disease. I conceive
it due to those afflicted that I make this acw
knowledgment. that they may likewise p.-ocur*
the same invaluable medicine, and thus be
freed from these distressing diseases.
With gratitude and respect.
Wm. M. Spkar, 125 Old York Road.
rcy-For sale at No. 19 North Eighth Street.
ap 9—ly_
REMEMBER delavs are dangerous. Thou
sand die annually from that dreadful dis
ease CONSUMPTION, which mighthave been
checked at the commencement and disappoint
ed of its prey if proper means had been resort
eel to. The very many who have thus been
snatched Irotn that fatal ravaper, by the time
RUP OF WILD CHERRY, bear testimony
to this day announcing the cures, the wonder
ful cures, performed by the use of this invalu*
a*-rTPFV«r sale only al No. 19 North Eight),
street Phi'adelohia, and respective Agents.
AoetiTs —Mrs Parker, Beach street. Ken
•iingtoli, Vm.G. Cook, Ba'timore,ana John I
Sayres, Alexandria'* ap t—ly
WE do not like t«» praise every species oi
medicine extant; nor, indeed, are we
one of those who believe in the admimstra
tion of medicine for every trifling pnysica
irregularity. Still, there are times when tne
use oi drugs is imperatively called for, an(*
when a little care, judiciously exercised in
the selection, may serve to avert yeais oi
bodily pain, if not premature death. Dr.
Harlich’s Pills, we think, are just such a reme
dy for ordinary ills as might, with
comfort, and utility, be resorted to. 1 i»ev
are gentle in their operation, sure in their re
sult. As an aperient they a re admirable, ope
rating and cleansing the body, and purifying
the humors insensibly, as if by magic. A* a
tonic, they cannot be excelled; aiding the di
gestion by strengthening the stomach, ano
adding rare activity to its peculiar action and
secretions. The office lor their sale, is No
19 North Eighth street, and for sale by
ap 4—fy (’Phil. Spirit of the Times.
MANY people are very apt to consider a i
cold but a trifling matter, and to think
that—“it will go way ofi/seZ/in a day or two,”
and give themselves no trouble about it.
But to such we would sav, “be careful of your
colds”- do not tamper with your constitutions.
If you desire to live to “a good old age,” be
careful to take such remedies as will
effect an easy and aepeedycure. Dr.Swayne’s
Compound Syrup of “Prunus Virginiana or
Wild Cherry’,” has cured more colds than
any other medicine, offered for sale in this
country. The certificates of cures effected
by this invaluable medicine, which the propri
etor is daily receiving, are of the most grat
ifying character, and tend to show its sana^
tive properties, and the high rook it holds in
public estimation.—[Medical Definer.
For sale at No. 19 N. Eighth street, Phila
delphia; and by JOHN I. SATRS,
apl-lv _ Desist.
Dr. Ilarlich's Compound Strengthening and ]
(ierman rtvenent Pith,
\ RE a sale and efficient medicine, and can
/Jl betaken bv the most delicate female.—
They seldom fail in curing Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, pain in the Side and Breast, Sick
Headache, Low of Appetite, Palpitation of
the Heart, Nervous Tremors, Lowness of
spirits, (which too many are subject to.) Hv
pochondriacism, Hysterical Fainting, Vomi
ting, &c. Use these pills according to direc
tions, and a perfect cure will he the resul t.—
For sale No. 13 N. Eighth street, Philadelphia;
|a„d by JOHN I. SAYRS,
To Dr. Uarlich's Agent:
Dear Sir:—l was attacked with a very seri
ous complaint, last fall, much like^ Rheunia
tism, with pains in every part of my body,
which were greatly increased upon the least
motion till they became severe beyond endu
rance; my tongue was furred and my bowels
costive; I became much alarmed and sent for
twenty grains of calomel and ten grains of
jalap, which I took: they operated hut did
not relieve me. I then sent to a physician stat
ing my case, and lie prescribed for me, hut
his medicine had no effect. I t.ien sent to
your office, (41 St.Clair st) and obtained a
package of Dr. Uarlich’s Pills, and took two
doses of the Aperient in the box, at the same
time taking those in the phial as directed,
and the third day my pains had left me, and
l soon regained my usual health. I really
believe these medicines valuable, and 1
am certain that they po^ess the property’ll
an eminent degree of promoting insensible
perspiration, and they immediately remove
obstructions in the circulation, as was the
case in my attack. I despise all nostrums,
but Doctor Uarlich’s Pills possess virtues
which place them high above the impositions
of unprincipled quacks, as ever one will find
that make* a trial of them: I do not hesitate j
toidve diem a high recommendation.
Pittsburg, Feb, 1310.
The above medicine is for sale at No. 19
North Eight street, Philadelphia— and by
ap 1—1 y_J. I. SAYRS, Alex’a.
COMPOUND Strengthening and German
Aperient Pills area safe and efficient rned
icine, and can be taken by the mo<t delicate
female. They seldom fail in curing Dyspepsia
Liver Complaint, pain in the Side and Breast,
Sick Headache,Loss ot Appetite, Palpitation
of* the Heart, Nervous Tremors, Lowness ol
Spirits, (which too many are subject to,) Hy
pochondracism, Hysterical Fainting*, Vomit
ing, &c. Use these pills according to direc
tions, and a pc .feet cure wiil he the result.
For sale at No. 19 N Eighth street,and at
ap 6—ly JOHN I. SAYRS.
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry Bark.
DR. SVVAYNE : Respected Friend—From
the very beneficial effects which I have
received from the use of thy Compound Syrup
of M ild Cherry Barkt 1 am fully willing to
testily to the astonisnseflect, Myattack was
that of a common cold, which began to threat
en something of a more serious nature. Be
ing recommended to use the above Syrup, 1
finally gave it a trial, and am happy to say it
gave me almost instant relief. I have used it
Frequently, and always with the same benefi
cial effects. Bothers would use this medicine
at the commencement of their colds and
cough*, they would prevent a disease which
would be morealanning in its character, ana
much more obstinate in the cure.
Edward L. Pcsey.
N. \V. corner of Arch & Fifthsts., Philad.
For sale by JOHN I. SAYRS, Druggist,
ap(5_1y . Alexandria.
LO^Principal Office, No. 19, North Eighth
Street, Philadelphia. ap7—ly
DR. O.P.HARLICH’SCompound Strength
ening Tonic and German Aperient Pills.
These remove all those distressing diseases
which Females are liable to he afflicted with.
They remove all those morbid secretions
which, when retained, .soon induce a number
of diseases, and oftentimes render Females
unhappy and miserable all their lives. These
Pills, used according to directions, immediate"
ly create a new and healthy action through
out the whole system, by purifying the Mono,
and giving strength to the Stomach and bow
els; at the same time relieving the pain in the
side, back, and loins, giving appetite, and in
vigorating the system again to its proper I unc
tions, and restoring tranquil repose.
Ask for Dr. Harlich’s Compound Strength •
ening Tonic, and German Aperient Pills.
Principal Office No. 19, North Eighth stree*
Philadelphia, and at JOHN I. SAYRS.
ap 11—ly_
AS the season is advancing when Summer
Bowel Complant prevails—the Subscriber
offers his Cholera Infantum Syrup, as a sure
remedy for the prevention and cure of the
Summer Bowel Complaint in children or oth
ers. This medicine cures by i*s Tonic and i
Antiseptic powers, and the patient’s strength
increases with its use. 01 the adaptation of'this ]
remedy to this disease the experience of the
ast five years has abundantly proven: on sale
tr.yby WM. LANPHIER, Surg. Dent,
a o 6—fit f
ricr Seidlilz Powders, 3 boxes for Si.
i Lee’s An:i Bilious Tiils 25c ts. oer box.
THE subscribers will sell three square; ly
ing in the Notth-western corner of the
Corporation of Alexandria, within the enclo
sure immediately north of Mrs. Mason’s resi
dence. Information may he obtained by letter
addressed to them at Washington,or persona!
application at their Law Office,on Pennsylva
nia Avenue, a few doors west of Fuller’s Ho
County of Alexandria, / to wit
October Term, 1340. )
Conrad Wittig—complainant)
against I IN
Oscar L. Krim n, an 1 Josiah [ CHANCERY.
B. Hills—defendant*. J
rglHE defendant.Oscar L. Kramm, not hav
I. ingentercd his appearance in this suit am!
given security according m the statute, ami
The rules o! the Court, and it appearing to the
satisfaction of the Court that the said Oscar
L. Kramm is nol an inhabitant of the District
of Columbia; on the complainant's motion, it
is ordered that the snid Oscar L. Kramm do
appear here on or before the first dav of the
next May Term of the Court, and answer Die
complainant’s bill, and give security for per
forming the* decrees ol the Court; and that the
resident defendant, Josinh B. Hills, do not cor -
vey, pav away, or secrete, the debts hy him
owing to, or the estate, money or effects, in
bis hands, belonging to the saiu absent de
fendant, until the further order and decree ol
the Court; and that a copy of* this order be
forthwith published in the Alexandria Gazette
for two months successively, and another copy
be posted at the frontdoor of the Court House
of the said County. A Copy.
Teste, ' C. F. LEE, C. C.
nov 13—2m ______
County of Alexandria, . ro wit
October Term, IS 10. )
George W. Gore, and Eliza"
his ivife—complainants
Charles Murray. Administra
tor of Matthew Robinson, I IN
dec’d, William D. Mitt, Ad- {'CHANCERY,
ministrator ot Eliza ’ll Ro
binson, dec\!, i >im M. Ro
binson, and William Keat
rpHE defendant. William Keating, not hav
X mg entered his appearance in this suit,
and given security, according to the statute,
and the rules of the Court; and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the Court, that the said
William Keating is not an inhabitant of the j
District ol Columbia; on the complainants mo
tion, it is ordered that the said William Keat
ing do appear lie re on or before the first day of
the next May Term of the Court, and answer
!tie complainants hill, and give security lor
performing the decrees ol the Court; and that
a copv of this order he forthwith published in
ihe Alexandria Gazette li r two months suc
cessively, arid another copy he posted at the
front door of the Court lluiise of the said
Countv. A Copy.
Teste, C. F. LEE, C. C.
nov IS—2m __
Co u n ty oi Jllexn n dr in. J* r<* w i t
<tctober Term, I S K>. )
Richard B. Mason—compainant ] . •
against j ->
Daniel I ackson, William Rockwell. Jon’n !
Trotter William L. Hudson, Richard I ~
Cornwell, George Hall. 1‘^ter Seaton ^
Henry, Henrv Wilkes. John H.Cornell, —
George Wilkes, Silas M. s til well, Chas.
Wilkes, William G. llidgley—defend- y
ants. j ■“
rpiIE defendants, Daniel Jackson. William
JL Rockwell, Jonathan Trotter, William L.
Hudson, Richard Cornwell, George I Tall, IVier
S. Henrv, Henrv Wilkes,Charles W iIkes. John
H. Cornell. Geo. Wilkes, Silas M. Stilweil,
and SVm. G. Kidgley. not having entered their
appearance, and given security according l*>
the statute, anti to the rules of the Couri, an i
it appearing to the satisfaction of the Court,
that the said defendants are not inhabitants
oi the District of Columbia; on the complain
ants motion, it is ordered that the said de
fendants do appear here on or before the first
I day of next May Term of the Court, and an
swer the complainants bill, and give security
lor performing the decrees ol the Court; and
that a copy of thC order he birth with publish
ed m *he Alexandria Gazette tor two months
successively, and another copy tie posted at
the front d'-'r of the Court House oi the said
County. A Copy.
Teste, C. F. LEE, C. C.
nov IS—2m __
Alexandria County, /Sct/
Ociobcr Ttrm, 1*10,)
Seth J. Todd and Win. C. Onne, 1
complainants, I
aminst I =:
Rebecca J. Hill and Wm. (\ Hard- j ^
ner, executor of Joseph Maude- I ^
ville, deceased—defendants. j g;
riWEdefendant, Rebecca J. Hill, not having
|_ entered l.er appearance, in this suit, and
piven security according to tfieslatute, and the
rules of the Court, and it appearing to t he satis
factionofthe Court that the said Rebecca J. I lill
is not an inhabitant oft lie District of Colurnhia.
cn tfie complainants’ motion, ii is Ordered,
That the said Rebecca J. Mill do appear here
on or before the first day of next May Term
of the Court, and answer the comphinants
bill and give security for performing the de
crees of the Court; and that the resident de
fendant, William C. Gardner, do not convey,
pay a way, or secrete the debts, by h m owing
to, or the esta te, money, or effects in ins hands
belonging to the said absent defendant, until
the further order and decree of the Court; and
tj)at a copy of this order he forthwith published
in the Alex’a. Gazette for two months suer* s
lively, and nnotitercopy be ported at the Iron!
door of ttie Court-House of the said <’»m:i v.
A Copy—Teste; C. F. LEE, L. C.
notr 16—2m _
Count i o'*. llerandrin, ■ *r-r.
(ictoher Term, I S (0. \
Levi Woodbury, Secretary of the Treasu- )
ry, (lor ilie me of the United Slates,) j »*
—complainant 1 r
acainst 1 ^
Henry T. PundasTliomns Pundas. John { ^
Dundas, Sophia M. Pevlon, Neivton ~
Keene and Nancy M. h:s wile,and Eliza ^
Dundas—defendants. I
rpilH Defendants, Henry T. Dundas. Thus.
I Dundas, John Dumias, Eliza Dundas and
Sophia M. Peyton not having entered tlieir
appearance in this suit, and given secnrit v ac
cording to the statute and the rules of the
Court, and it appearing to the satisfaction o!
j the Court that the said Henry T. Dundas.Ttio
!mas Dundas, John Dundas, Eliza Dundas. and j
Sophia M. Pev'on are not inhabitants of the
District of Columbia, oil the Complainant*
motion it is ordered, that the said Henry T.
Dundas, Thomas Dundas, John Dundas, Eli
za Dundas, and Sophia M. Peyton do appear
hereon or before the first day of the next
May Term ofthe Court, and answer the Com
plainants bill, and give security for perform
ing the decrees of the Court, and that a copv
of ihis order be forthwiih published in the Al
exandria Gazette, for iwo months succes
sively, and anothercopy hr? ported a. the from
door ofthe Court House of the said County.
A copv : Teste,
nov 1G—2 m _C. F. EFE, C. r.
GOLD, Silver and Bank Note Broker. Of*
r fice, opposite Wm. Stabler & Co’s., Drug
Store, Fairfax street, 2 doors South of King
Bills of Exchange and Bank Checks on most
of the principal Cities of the Union, bought
and sold at best rates.
Drafts, Notes and Bills collected on the most
favourable terms.
Bank Notes on all solvent Banks in the U.
S. discounted at the lowest rates.
Gold and Silver bought and sold,
aug *21—tf
I HAVE one handsome Barouche ami two
Buggies with tops, all well built and hand
some articles, which l will sell lovy. to close
sales. J> -*ORSL.
ma>' 11—‘
IN consequence of-'he decease of J. W. Mas
sie, the surviving nartner earnestly requests
all persons indebt'''* .othe firm of J. W. Mas*
sie & Wheeler, to call and settle their ac
counts; and it is hoped that speedy payment
tvili he made, as it will not he in Ins power to
grant much longer indulgence. .
" E. WIlEELElt,
Sumvingpartnerol J. W. Massie & W heeier.
sept 16 —if __
T XV. MASS IE & WHEELER have J'tst
•J • received, bv the Ships Alexandria and
Columbia, direct, and Ship Scotia, via Balti
more, 40 packages, consisting of single an
double barrel ShotGuns, Flasks, Shovels and
Tongs. Sofa Springs, Maslin Kettles, Trace
Chains, Sad Irons, Hooks and Hinges, Coal
Hods,Curry Combs,Parliament and Butt Hin
ges, Wagon Boxes,Shoe Thread, Curtain Pins
Curtain Bands,Bed Screws,Cantors, Wrought
Nails, Horse Shoe Nails, and a general as
sortment of Birmingham and Sheffield Brass,
Plated and Steel Hardware, which, with their
Stock on hand, and Domestic Goods daily ar
riving. will make their assortment very com
plete, and will enable them to sell on a-* good
I terms as thev can he had in larger markets.
The surviving partner takes this npportuni
11y to solicit tfi" old friends and customers ol
the House, and all others, to lavor him with a
call, as the necessity of closing the business
|of the firm, within a limited period, m ikes it
necessary to reduce the Stock of Goods as
low as possible, and BARGAINS may, there
fore, be expected. J. W. M. St NV .
Per E. Wheeler, Surviving Partner.
sep 1G—tf
I T>ORERT IT. MILLER, Importer, liasjust
1 L received by the Snip Alex lndria, direct
from Liverpool,
'»! new style and pilterns, mamtjacturedfor
him witlnn the past summer.
l>y the next arrivals, hr* will continue t<> re
ceive additional supplies, which.added to his
present verv desirable stock, will enable him
tooiferan assortment, such as cannot be ex
celled elsewhere, an i which will be sold upon
accommodating terms, and at northern prices.
N. !?.—I5y an early arrival, R. IT. .M. expects
supplies of ware with Harrison and Log (’a
inn engravings, from designs sent out to the
Lotteries by himselt. Wing Merchants wil
he supplied upon the “('redit System at rea
sonable prices, in time to celebrate ’.he ap
proaching triumph of correct principles
sep 10—tf __
North-11 est corner of hi ns and Royal Streets,
. Ilexandria. I>. C.
HPIIOM AS WARING, having increased his
L stock for a full Fall business, invites a
general call. Ilis articles are ad goou ami
shall be at a small advance.
The farmers of Maryland and Virginia are
respeellullv requested to examine the assort
ment, which they will find every way suitable
to t heir wants. I la ts a ml < *aps ot all fashions,
qualities, and prices, will be sold to suit the
tastes and purses of all who buy.
oc 13— 3m fWarrenton Times 3tJ
Chair Manufacturer S' Ornamental Painter,
King street, between Washington and t'o
Jumbus streets, where fie has removed,
HA.S on hand, and is constantly manufac
turing Mahogany, I i reman. Fancy ami
Windsor Chairs, of the newest patterns, and in
the most approved style.
The public are invited to call and examine
his present assortment. He leels assured that
they will he louml not to he* inlerior either in
the durahilify ol their maleimls, or tf.e neat
ness of their execution, to those of any other
manufacturer in the DHtiict. lie will execute
Sijn and Ornamental Paintins and (•ildtne:,
in all tiieir various bianches, on the most ac*
commodating terms.
i >ld chairs will he taken in pirt payment for
new ones, or will he repaired and repainted at
the shortest notice.
i; pCht.irs purchased at tins manufactory,
will he sent free ol expense to any {.art ol the
District. _sep 22—tf
Countij of. UcTnndriu. ' to wit
(>ctobcr Term, is 10. y
Richard B. Alexander,Gustavos B. Alex
ander, ami Susannah l\ Chapman—
complainants :c
n.ainst ^
William B. Alexander, Frances Swann, J ^
Mary B. Selden, Charles A. Alexander, J
Edward It. Lippitt, and Mary A. E. his j ^
wile. William F. Alex irider, Wilson C. | ^
Selden, and Nelly Selden—deh n hints. 1 —
riiup: Defendants, Kdw.lt. Lippitt, Wilson
1 C. Selden, Nelly Selden. and Wm.F. Al
exantler, not having entered their appear
ance in this suit, ami given security, necord
inu to the statute, and the rules ol theCmtrt,
and it appearing to the satisfaction <d liieCoiii t
that the said K lw. It. Lippitt, Wilson C. Sel
den, Nelly Seldon and W:n. F. Alexander, are
not iidiabilants of the D. of Columbia, on the
coni pi a m’s mot ion it *s ordered that f he sa d. L.
It. Lippitt. Wilson C. Selden. Nellv Selden,
an 1 Wm. F. Alexander do appear here on or
before the first day of next May Term of tic*
Pourt, and answer the < o:nj Jaiuanls hill, and
_»ivc* security for performing tin* decrees of the
Court.and that a copv of this order he lorth
u idi publidied in the Alexandria <lazette for
two months successive!v, and another copy
lie po>ted at the front door of the Court Home
ol’tlie county.
A copy: i’este, C. I’ LF.K, C. r.
nov ID—2m _J
DIS ntlCT < >K C< M.CMf’d A. f
County of Ilcr indrirr. to wit:
(V.tober Term, I -10. j
Common Council of Alexandria, ) » j
against j -
Pearson Chapman, Executor of George , g
Chapman, dec’d., Chas. I. C.nVtt, Si- J
rail Harper, Town'diend Waugh. W fu.
Yea ion, and Thomas frvvin, Executor! * j
of Thomas Irwin, dec’d. I
The defendant, IVarson Chapman, Execu- }
tor <ij George Ciripmsm, dec’d., not having !
cn **:ed his appear ince in this suit, and g:v» u :
<eciiritv according to the statute, and the rules |
,,f the Court, and it appearing to the snti-dac- i
lion of the Court that the said Pearson Chap- ;
man (Executor of George Chapman, decMA is j
not an inhabitant of the District ol Columbia, j
on the complainant’s motion, it is or lered, j
that the said IVarson Chapman, do appear ;
hereon or before the first dav of next May
Perm of the Court and answer the complain- •
ant’s hill, and give security for performing
the decrees of the Court: and that a copy o.
tliis order he forthwith published in the Alex- |
audria Gazette for two months successively,
and another copy he posted at the front door
of the Court House of the said county.
A copy: Teste, CASSH *S !•• TEE,
,icc 11 Clerk of Court
Bell & ENTWISLE. Booksellers, King
street, Alexandria, D.C., are Agents for ,
t!ie sale of the following Patent Medicines: j
Camomile and Aperient Pills
Pr. Goode’s celebrated Female Pi Is
Pr. Hunt’s Dyspeptic Pills, and
pr. Evans’ Soothing Syrup, for children
Genuine Hygean Pills, Nos. 1 and 2, and
Vegetable Aperient IdealisingPowders.
Indian Vegetable B ood Purifier,
Compound I lop Fids.
Re n o va t i ne Powd e rs,
Cni versa I Liniment, and
\fT,|p nnd FcverPuwiiers
\ supplvof tiie Blood Purifier anti Com
>oun<l Hop Pills Hist received.
SS KKCOMMBNDfcDasuecideiil) |u .
to any other known combination ct \.^j‘
cine, for Cough?, Colds, InPut'iiya, ( ousunn!
tion, Asthir.s, fn-ttirg cl Mood, Hoarsen^
Difficult! ot ttirrul ,T £, H copingCough, Pain!
and ft'es'Ai*e*?oltl:e Mreavt. and alldisea«esof
the Puinior *rv tfgu.a.
This mewicir.e «s highly and justly recc®.
mended, by iiumeiuu: and respecUbleindivj
duals,who have found ft litt from its use. ||g*
hy who have bci n laurrirg under protra?ted
Coughs and pains;n ti e bieast and have bcpQ
supposed b> then ative* and their friends far
advanced u; cuum .1 pticn, have been happily
restored to perfect htalth fcy the use of this
valuable l.Nf celt iM.t.
Person*lauonr.p under fi roni orccnstirr
tivc coughs, will find great sdvantfgefrcni
carrying *sn al ^um tit\ of the Indian KXptc
torur.i with thcit, w; iie attending to their v*
riouo avt ctto «rst and tas ir.g a teaspocr.fui oc
jcasiunaly. Their ccogl will be scarcely ^|t
and they wJIbt* enatitu u expectorat* v \\
the greatest facility , and the irritating n >tJ<f
wi'i tlu reov st» n Le renewed and a perrr*
ne« t cure t fleeted. I tt the afi icttd try i*
Prep^rt! only by DrD.J>\rt (fvvjeir N
Jelst) , am' ik ih . s *:t * 11* u 1* p< 1 t t 1 a rp>
ten sign at 1 r t 11 the i •. t < ’ « 1 : t, iM(j
tl.i -j tilth
* >. > ill! ‘/"I I .
i I .1 t » U ‘ ( l. i * . * f.
CCI: * *«• i II U r a ti « Ml . I ,ftf.
Jw. \ rit ' j if rfM ' U f 1 . t » V J-. k|.(
afr.i :» u • < , , i ? « i . t|.
t)fc 2.M. >: t; !.t t \ I : ft t t 1 < p.! (
brc:i:i:l:>. u i fiK I / t: i I f ('til i ir,
i tC*-'! to! * 1.t: rr» t ; i |-. j- i t it ‘t ff c fMi K,"f
t» J 1 a c. ’ ( y t1* I >■ ' t: « 11- > i: > i ( I f>« k t t U|)
enabitc ?• s.t.tf t! »
dl. -» i li t it u u \ : t \ Ci' l tii li ii } i i». ( «. ( „ i ^
*as [ eiii cii\ rt-N t ft.* Jam i |'pMVj|
H,,.i c« ci't t r ij;! ' .i.Str fl (§
£ bS ‘prT; * v .. |»t v< : C« ' t J 4. t. , cftcC
|JV • 11f*.tri i( ui i! i:». f::• • i < :er’ fk>:
Kl* ii t : C: C * * • ( l I l Ml i ' k t I - I ( J, 4,
nigh'! er titiheu \\ of iuil .ik K
Klca’ t!.:- f o-t ' i rv h i Vet, I* r n I.
d H ' t t 11 4_'lv t lit * » t •* . 4 i 4 (•' I | j flti*
cineb bhc took t pf »i-.rct ii xnv e vl(t
to lit I-; u » 4 P !»» .1 ’Pi * I ' v; ; CJ
tie O! i mlltt! K \pe ( tOl;.{ V- i i C Ml' • 11 {tr(.
pletel\ re^t red ;.o t !t« >1. u.x,, ott
•ievoit tiie uo r.'.t* v ir,« rv *. « \tri ,
'* ILLI/ « P l. L -« »#
flancuc& .Bridge N. J Nov 21, *36
^fro;^ J. h Striiif , Kso. Um» ! ,
j fierebv certil- tha: the fiber valt aih* tt.
dio’.ip" Iihs V en oed in rr v (*■? i!) v ith £rut
b?r.efi’in vt veia‘« «r KlbRcea J ii wit^
Brooklyn, J>ec.IK>?.
From lie b*v c c r. ct- ; ,ie )
the Amtncn »<ajit• • t.
To I)r. H .ipynt sir: ! Lav< m i *e
of the lial;an F.> peclt per^ifab;
my fami i for the ueb . i: \ e r- s.i». , r <• t r
eht. Inuet l l m. v con- iti» ? ;n l te ; p ini
ei! bv tl.r Un' o! h.i •/ h.;«o. n c .heme, uia tr
the bltstiop «;i fui vcr; : j.-i.ii I n.^y
say u’lPOhl its mue! it! the t. *> •»' u v uifeard
a too ot the ib v. \!* ! .n.-or, </. 11i i i.l of .U*
inoica. For ail cast' or CMipi , iriiar ir-atten
oftlechest, uns** ar t* «.* rcvt.l *o>t unhc*
s»itat;ill* y rcc< rv.’c. ! .I.iva* the c *i>» T?*et; cir.e
! have t » *r bn.!. \. v ^ »_• ? y.j f, ti.&to
thei .! • .... ex peril :.cc
• • , ed they
, v, i. l* j''; -! \ .«. i.t. h \ j • (c; i c r.. n t
<J. C. !'. Cimhrt
N. ” V&?" of r.i v nc :pl'{;Grs, on my recom
meiicit.f i’., f;:.Vw t"ie'• th .< me icsiu with uni
form succeis N. \ t r.1 , .bine 1.5, lijjj*
Frcmthe I f bcinp, I). I). F!diter
o! ' ■ rici-p. I’urJiat,
( 1*s.v' • tie mr irt'ii.cinc vu?h sue
ces.s for t co .' ' •• .ir.‘en* s»s.
N York, Dec t ' bb Junat in n (Ioibu*
Dot’I • f • .* hy f« • I. • *.i! sir. I wa -for a |ri ^
Ctmt ai; icU b v bo .. v o.'ent c ugh and difficul
ty of breathing, itteeded Aid, a eaknos *r,d
pain in my brer.v , l et h, ve oeet, restored tc
pt rfer? hro*th bt •»** rp nn«* bottle of your In
dian Kspectoi.inr !>..v» bc* D su jrrt to t
C*»ugh and p .:n in tr v ; rt s' for neartuenti
year.-, and have* ' :• -n r benefit from
this medirir., tnar it' f fiber . re nr. air.,
respectfuli’ y$esa.« ItthLAni.
Canton, Nov . *, ’
Mam rnt»i\ cvr .hr-? • r bt added 6ut
the above art con- d« • -or .cunt.
Salem. N. .1. ri I > (• J>. .1 \ V\f.
f or sale by t "" "b «it M< t o ted
stales, w.V. rt s o I n Jet i *.t rrr;
native C'dacro, ft.r P». a * ! ( t, ■ | Uir t: : Jj>o'»
Tonic X ,u . »: r U r;rn % Kevt r a- ! •. tie
| *y -:;op-1l* s'i m •,< 1 <*(_*.
A4:eo' ft<r A e v *: c ,
J .* if n J^— 1 \ . v i , !> i f. j
-r \< t: v.1 •
: £ i \ i < ! . ! 1. • . \ . . ’ Vi , t
* P ier» ].:« r n V o i* ’ ’ . I -
e iiv ■! • !•»■*: r • . , r ** ► < /
<51 n a t : \ i - r \ v.
l;r. I*. • vr | : ■ . ' ,V < l
•»F VO;. ’ ■ ' if It ’ • ' ^ ; II »
Hil * • *’ : t !' t ■ , I . t • ’ <■ l* Ik i
1 r r v l,i' !. :• ; ' i 1 ,;»• <. »u t
in rec I . , ' (In ii c in* fi*"
uvl Uie • • r. ru ; , "i l*t \ ,t r >• • »« w
ire Hlll.cto.i *a 11ri :u v » t U e-» < ori.| «•
i .1»] rtfK ; U ' iir li-.l of 11 - V . :i!/ i |r ' III
Ii) vat m * * ( ci * r,. iI .
l*resi(’*" f* r it * < * r
N’ew Voi s , : •
ilT('li'I>i • •• • . 11 .
Pr. J V — ‘ » ' . \ , k Mr
Dronfi* l ?r i f -Vi 1 ‘ <• ‘ < ", '
die ire. I 5 • :» I i'< v ’ |
fd a ir.f d-ci It
£iv*-n rr\< o mur ,fi • ° * •'* ( ’
so speef' r' 1 * j!* •
ver intron » r 1
stunning rr merh f' « - • ' • ’* ••
ed fot a^:u! uo i< »t : i» » ; * j r
good pro 'ot t' c\ kfl !,m • j. »
th.° Summer Pee’ii.-t.ii* o’ • i:. <t rt r t li ‘
q,Ien*!v ppear^'1 tf» • *■ t-:tc t ; tf.- v» irr *•
it were, from the |jrav< ft • '
tv el'dd, and. of suci a«’d sorb a club*,
have repeated.!) Lean ,.i : 1«. dy‘enter c •»
fectiop'ot y.-loit-, ! haw f i rr c *n ! atfan v*
it aC‘ like a charm, an : f ive pef.r *r.-. ?.? reli*.
in M f»; v* hour-— I rr:;»\ -ay rn h' *.v t< mutes —
In fire it is a v doable rr, Itrir;*. ar,d r.'tdTi
lyahouldbiiwithout.it. Ktapcctlu Iv,
H. L. Kx*?r, M. h#
I atf phy-dci'an tr. the 1J .it more 15 -p *n>
anda£en? forthe M rv land Vaccin; Ins’it nt or.
From Pr. vrm. Paeon, fF;t tor or the iiaf1*1*
a Church r%» Wnodstou n. county
From a Ionise;' v'i* nr.ew,‘b !)r. ■ y* *
Carminative italsum, ! b< I rv<- :i to ! v<
happv combination, an i r* use hr. I rreoc.n* 1
complaint- whir', .| rr•*.* cc.isCr;*,y ■'r
cur in oorcountrv, sue* >s Rcwel Vi'Ctfr*
to Children, Cholic. Cramps.I 'o-erey M
peptic Diaorder- of the Stonr. .ci', Coojr s *
Affertioir nt P Hrea*t,to£e»l e: with d' ' ’*
diseases i ttended with Sourne“ r th** * f
•nachsand believe that pi.v«c<*n* \u' ’*
<ind it a useful remedy in the»f r»Mi d« '
that if proper fnrdomestir o-e and can P
into the tun'* of peraon* at h r$r* w «t! ,
safetv. '•> v>
Woodstowp Sa’e^r’o., N • *•,
Prepared an «oM by Pr- 1 *. *
SmP* Thir t *♦. betweei '* * *f
The puM are soecfftjMs mforne *
Mr Wm Sub'*-rt flro** st. V ?*- K>.n.*r >
*eet.t for the s-ile of th#- vf "*dr r
** fn\n» ;aV'K
hiladelplda June 0 1-V

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