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tvh cl, with the exception of the steamer
Tone or two sloops, are on foreign stations.
3 V-amst» sudden “tt.ck, therefore, by even
. iv-ble rorce, or the more formal attack by a
fleet, we are comparatively powerless in
n3But are webetter prepared as to the sinews
r«,r money, than with its mortal tnstru- |
^ienfs.’arms, shins, and men? This is an in- j
S that we must postpone till another day,
Jfiimay lead us into larger details. Mean- |
time we invite attention to the reflections here j
presented.—N. Y. Am.__
This institution, we regret to say, has again
been reduced to the painful alternative of sus
pending specie payments.
In the short space of twenty days, since its
vaults were opened, we understand that the
Bank lias paid out nearly six millions ol dol
lars in specif funds.
The daily increase of the demands upon its
vaults, from the eastward,rendered it impos
sible for the Bank longer to resist the torrent.
It has reluctantly yielded to the force of impe
rious circumstances. The great error, we
consider, arose from the Legislature requiring
the Banks to resume before they were prepar
ed for it; for how can the Banks pay the peo
ple, before the people pay the Banks ? When
the Bank of England suspended specie pay
ments. it required twenty-two years to re
The irr«mense rtsmefces of the Bank or the
United States, and the zeal and integrity of
Directors,are a sufficient pledge to the pub
lic. that in the shortest possible period, it will
r some specie payments, and discharge* with
good faith, all its obligations. Forbearance
and moderation are, therefore, alike enjoined
bv justice and sound policy.
We the resolutions passed by the
Board of Directors, at a special meeting held
last evening.—U. States Gazette.
Bank or the United States. >
February L ISU. $
At a social meeting of the Board of Di
rectors of (lie Park of the United States, held
at the Banking-House, the following pream
ble and resolutions >veie unanimously adopt
Whereas the Bank of the United States,,n
compliance with its pledge to the public, has
made a lair and bona fide effort to resume and
maintain specie payments having since the
1 *»ih of January last, paid out an amount little
if at all short of six millions ol dollars, in
coin or specie funds, and whereas tne en(>rt
to maintain specie payments by this Bank has
been rendered abortive by the intentional ac
cumulation and extraordinary enforcement ol
its instant liabilities, therefore
Resolved, That this Bank is under the ne
cessity tor the present, of suspending specie
Resolved, That everv exertion will be made
by the Directors to collect the dehtsar.d con
vert into cash the assets of fh s Bank, for the
purpose of resuming payments in specie at the
earliest practicable moment.
Resolved that the foregoing preamble and
resolutions be published.
Extract from the mirutes,
A. LARDNER, Cashier.
It will be seen by the subjoined proceedings
of the Delegates from the different Banks in
the city and county of Philadelphia, that
they have unanimously resolved to continue
specie payments for all their liabilities, wIucIl
{♦hows a firm confidence in their means o<J
meeting engagements.
Iklegaie Meeting of the City and County
At a meeting of IVlegates from the Banks
of the City anil County ol Philadelphia, con
vened upon official m~ice of the suspension
of specie payments by the Bank of the Uni
ted States,held February -1th, 1-Gt.
Present, Delegates from the following
Bmks, viz : Pennsylvania, Girard, Philadel
phia, North America, Farmers and Mechanics,
Commercial, Mechanics’, Western, Penn.
Township,Southwark, Kensington, Manufac
turers* and Mechanics’, Moyatnensing and the
Bank of the Northern Liberties.
John White, Esq , was called to the chair,
am! F. A. Ray bold, appointed Secretary.
The following resolution was unanimously
adopted :
Resolved, That the Banks represented in
this meetiiu;, will continue the payment of
specie f;>r all their liabilities.
Signed, JOHN WHITE, Chairman.
F. A. Rat bold. Secretary.
Philadelphia, Feb 1., 1S1L
Prom the Eplorixg Expedition.—The
ship Nantucket arrived at Tarpaulin Cove on
the 2d mst r“ports having spoken, July 23,
ctftheFcgee Islands, the l:. S. brig Porpoise,
Captain Reynolds, all well, hound toMallolo,
to rejoin the commander in the expedition in
the srlr. Flying Kish. The Vincennes and
• ’id FV acock were at Sandal Novo Pay. The
expedition were engage I in a survey of the
1 <*gee Islands and Shoals, which was nearly
completed, am) the squadron would sail tor
the Sandwich Islands in ten days.
* aptiiin Edwards informs that it was re
forted at Fongn Pay that an American ship
1L'S wrtrked at Fesree Islands, supposed to
w [lie Shylock. of Sippican;— crew saved
Jt ii >:■ 100 Mm,l.
In? Nantucket touched at Pernambuco, and
tp?-'rts there, to sail 3d u!?., bark Flora, from
• iM.jwicii Islands for New York, put in tor
j-'’ •' e'* fhe Rev. Mr. Emghnm ami family,
J'»ai i.‘ahu were passengers on board the
* "'a —N. y Express.
• ’ lu ano Mr Webster.—Pay after
uv for twelve months past, we have had it
Mn the high authority of the Globe and En
^1 ^r* that these two illustrious Sutesmeu
hrbn,t\J (he nt'wt unkind feelings towards
tiotner. IVTcv. i: was said, restrained
rVfT,eraiUt> °t d;eir feelings, which were
r taahgnnnt and hitter on that ac
. ’ , - I.et the Presidential contest dose,
firV'^V0^*) ar‘ * t‘KM1 vve would see the
v' IrtKfential considerations would no
>i»*r r>"’v°r:,le l(> restrain the outburst of long
. ^lousy and hate. Many of the ad
• ,s Jhese great men looked forward to
TSev rf,1|“et* with fear and trembling
'i. er^1-vn<>t < re:,n) lbstthc Globe and En
trii-i * never utter any thing but the
Vi V*'* ' i‘hewhi e he teilmg nothing.
envV *V“v>'^* ,S;h'h a supposition did not
'Ook-,i\KM.P* *m,ginatioh*. They confidently
nai'p** ‘I* *u,e ’^etinjf «»f< ongre^s for the sig
.*w t Kt'illies. They have continued to
Mr''e r*7enl dav. ;»ud still the promised
‘ , ['"} begun. So far from it, nil the
3r*itu\ * ‘ 0 r‘‘C warmest mutual friendship,
f confideuce between the two
•-erents .thit were to be.)
Uichmond Whig.
rv. ^Minolaif tbe banks in tins State
•' j. i ':, ltl ,rv v,i,; - 1 V- lY*Wi; specie
NiV>M:-,j6-5 l*lit* discounts amount to
jn.j* J'» Me increase of discounts since
5;'tiJ !’ ''*)% ;*nd a ii iIS millions,
M "lcre,ISf °l cirou’ation about live mil
t-^Mte Stock for 100,000 at per
it >V / u' (lay at par. Ohio 6 per cent.
L ' r\ta:*f Ha‘^ ‘-5 ootvn to 47.-N. Yo.k
“0I ln».
The “suspension’’ of the Pennuyivania Bank
of the United States, will, we presume, lead
to the immediate winding up of that tuslilu
lion. ___.
Uniform Bankrupt Law —We give some
space, to-<by, to the debate on toe Bankrupt
Bill, which was begun in the Senate on 1 hurs
day. _ ,
The weather on Friday night last was fa
vorable to observations of the Lunar Eclipse.
The Iowa News gives the name o( Dacotah
Territory to a portion of the country now
within its borders, and which it says will he
formed into a distinct territory when Iowa
comes to be admitted into the Union.
In the Legislature of Rhode Island resolutions
have been adopted, instructing their Senators
and requesting their Representatives in Con
gress to vole for a distribution of the proceeds
or the public lands, in favor of a National
Bank, and in favor of an immediate repeal of
the sub-Treasury law.
We are glad to find that the laws of Lou
isiana, against carrying deadly weapons, are
being put in force. A man was recently fined
twenty-five dollars in the Recorder’s Court of
New Orleans, for wearing a bowie knife.
A correspondent of the Albany Argus, wri
ting from Lockport, states thatoneof McLeod’s
bondsmen had, in consquence of the demon
stration of public feeling, withdrawn his hail
and that a suit having been commenced a
gainstMcLeod, by the owner of the ‘•Caro
line,’’ the bail nmv required, to give him liber
ty, would he $1*2,000.
The New York papers announce the death
of Dr. Anslie, Assistant Health officer of that
port, who has fallen a victim to his zeal ami
devotion to the sick at the Quarantine Ground.
The bill to grant a discretionary power to
the Baltimore and Ohio Rail Road Company
to increase their rates of toll upon certain ar
ticles of transportation, passed the House ot
Delegates of Md., not long since, by a vote of
42 to 21. The subject has not yet come up for
discussion in the Senate.
The new code oflaws recently promulgated
in Turkey provides that every Turk, Mussul
man, or Christian within the territory of the
j Sultan, is entitled to trial by jury. If he he
a Christian, he is allowed to have one half of
the jurors of the same creed.
Ice. fulll a quarter of an inch thick, was
formed in several parishes of Bermuda during
the night of the 21th December.
African Colonization.—The Journal of
Commerce, in referring to the increasing suc
cess of the Colonization enterprise, has the
following: “We learn that the receipts of the
American Colonization Society during the
year 1810amounted to the very handsome sum
| of $62,130 91.” __
The Medical College connected with the
| New York University, has been organized;
^on. Theodore Frelinglwysen, President; Dr.
j^^invilleS. Patterson, Professor ol Anatomy;
Valentine Mott, Professor of Surgery; Dr.
John Revere, of tiie Theory and Practice of
Medicine; Dr. G. S. Bedford, of Midwilerv;
; Dr. Martin Payne, Institutes of Medicine and
I Materia Medica; Dr. J. W. Draper, of Chem
istry. Great expectations are entertained of
tins College.
Caveat Actor.—It is stated in the New
York papers, tint Dr. Reese,a practising phy
sician, has been sued for false imprisonment.
The Dr. was called to attend a pfiitlcmnn,
who was suffering from delirium tremens,
and he sent him to the lunatic hospital.
The Life of Oliver Goldsmith, with Selec
tions from his Writings: By Washington Ir
vin*.—This is another valuable addition to
the Harpers’ Family Library, in two volumes,
forming Nos. 121 and 122 ofihat excellent col
lection. With Irving the writing of Gold
smith's Life must have been eminently, if r.ot
technically, a ‘labor of love;’ for no two au
thors with whom we are acquainted have so
many qualities in common, both of head and
heart,asColdsmith and his biographer. The
genius of each consists not in the power nor
the brilliancy of his writing.'; but it is quiet,
loving, humorsome and mildly radienl as the
beams of the setting sun. The spirit of gen
tleness, of humanity, shires through all their
works; they dwell always upon the sunny hill
side of Life—and take no account of its chill
shadow* land, or if they doit is only to light
it up with the mellow, beaming splendor of
their own genius.
Natural Curiosities.—The Boston Society
of Natural History have recently received,
through the politeness of i>. S. McCauley,
Esq., C. S. Consul at Tripoli, two rare varie
ties of African sheep. Three of these ani
mals, arum, ewe and lamb, covered with
i close, thick wool, are fine specimens of the
foul-horned variety from Ben/.ari, in the I ri
poli regency. They are also distinguished by
the great breadth of the *aii, which occasion
ing attains the weight of 15 pounds, resem
' bhnsr marrow in its substance, and esteemed
i a great delicacy by epicures. The fourth speed
! men, a ram of the Fezzan variety, is clothed
| with hair, which forms a mane upon the neck
1 and shoulders, and attains a length of several
inches on the dewlap. In the hair, as well as
long and slender legs, this animal nearly ap
proaches tl;c goat; while the projecting nose
and recurved horns, eminently distinguishes
this variety. _
“In this country/’ says an English editor,
' • it is considered the height of folly for a man
to *?et«11 unk and lie across a railroad with the
idea of obtaining repose.” The same opinion
obtains to a considerable extent in Amcuca.
Resumption.—The Ranks of this town, |
(and, we suppose, of the wtime Slate,) apree- j
ably to the arrangements entered into with
the Ranks of Baltimore, resumed specie pay
ments mi Monday last. We understand tha.
on that day, not a single note was presented
at the counters ol either ot the hanks here lor
which the specie was demanded.
We will take this occasion to state, that,
since the suspension, tin* Ranks ol this place
have furnished specie to all who have requir
ed it for ordinary business purposes—only re
fusing it to brokers and others who wanted it
to specula^ upon. —Winchester Republican.
Baltimore, Feb. 4,1841. )
Thursday Nignt. S
The last published account of the progress
of General Harrison towards the seat of the
Genera! Government, which I have seen to
day. is tha t which will be found in the Patriot.
That account, dated “Tuesday, Feb. 2," an
nounces the arrival of the President Elect at
.Uniontown, Pa, on that day. I have juit
i [earned that it was announced this evening at
j a meeting of the Tippecanoe Club3, convened
at North Bend, in this city, by a messenger
who arrived to-day direct from Uniontown.
that General Harrison may be expected in
' Baltimore on Saturday afternoon; that he will
| spend next Sunday in the Monumental City;
land probably proceed to Washingto» on
1 Monday or Tuesday._
The Board of Aldermen, and of Com non
Council, of Washington, have adopie 1 the fal
lowing resolution to attend the Inauguration
j of the President ofthe United States onthe
j fourth of March next:
I Resolved, f?cThat the two Boards, with
' the Mayor and officers ofthe Corpora tio i. will
attend ihe Inauguration of the President of me
United States on the fourth of March nex».
! and that a committee, consisting ofthe Mayor
| and two members from each Board, h ‘an
pointed to make arrange meats for tint pur
• pose.
Approved, February 3, IS41.
Charles W. Goidshorough and Waliacy
Kirkwood, Esqrs., were appointed on tli * part
of the Board of Aldermen, and Samuel Bacon
and W. J. McDonald, F.sqrs., on the part of
the Board of Cummon Council, pursuant to the
above lesolmion. .
It is rumored here that the British Minister
at Washington has addressed to die President
a remonstrance against the conduct of the
Collector of this port, in the seizure of :5riii.*h
goods for alleged violations ofthe revem-e
laws; and it is intinia'cd that particular re
Terence is had to certain compromises <aid to
have been made hv him with some ol the
importers, under which their goods have been
released, on the payment ol a stipulated sum.
The foundation of this rumor you will know
in good time.—X York Corr. of Nat. Int.
Ice —We regret to say the usual supply of
this important luxury, and indeed great neces
snrv to the comfwts of housekeeping in this
city, has: nearly failed in this vicinity. 'J fit*
winter has been so mild, tint the ice has not
I frozen sufficiently hard and thick for placing
in ice houses,—nearly all of which in this vi
cinity, are empty,and now the ice in our ponds
lias entirely disappeared. It is hardly i<> he
expected that the weather will he sulficicnily
cold hereafter for the ice to form thick enough
to be cut up and transported. The prospect
ot laving in a stock of ice ’his year is very un
favorable.—N. Y. Express.
A Sailor's Retrospect.—Died, at. Rostou,
America, Mr. Thomas Parker, age I i»o, a na
val ollh er in the Revolutionary war.—Tilt*
following is an extract from Ins log hook.—
First part of the voyage, pleasant, with fine
hrecz sanl free win 's—ail s iis set —spoke
many vessels in want oT provisions — suppli
ed them freely. Middle passage: Weather
variable—short of provisions—spoke several
of the vessels our supply had eon!)! * 1 to relit
—made signals of distress—they up helm ami
ho-eaway. Latter par : boisterous well couuaiy
winds—current of adversity setting hard to
leeward—towards the end of tin- passage
cleared up —with thequadrant ofh mesly had
an observation—corrected and made up my
reckoning—a ml, a Iter a passage oi .‘>0 yeais,
cam? to in Moitulity Road, with the calm,
imruiiled surface of the Ocean of Eternity in
IJe.vry W Thomas, Lsq, will be supported
for a Delegate to the Slate Legislature at the
ensuing election, by Many Voters.
—a———iwc urwramy— wwc—in—■—■
Sailed, February 6.
Schr. Laurel, Mott, New York.
Schr. Sarah Lavina, Thomas, cleared at
Turks Island on the 17th Jan., for this port
• ''Jr* We are requested to rail the attention
ofour readers to. the ad vertiseme it, in a nother
column,oflhe Rev. J. COVERT'S BALM OK
L.IKK—which, as we are informe ! Ini'. become
one of the most celebrated rr.;u\li. s now in
use, lor tlie cure oPOONSUMP I'i• >\\ BID >.V
and all diseases of the I TINGS AND WIND
PIPE. It is also highly recommended as a
remedy lor DYSPEPSIA and LIVER COM
Judging from the numerous testimonial
which we have seen in the circulars in the
hands of the venders, we should think it
well merited t he confidence of the public—a mi
especially the attention (if all invalids—
among the certificates we see the names oi
some ol the most distinguishe I medical gen
tlemen and clergymen of otir e mu try.
This medicine may he had of most of the
Druggists in the District of Columbia, and
tliougbout the country, where circulars may
he had gratis, imv Ji)—dmii
! Gp* Invaiuis, and especial! v persons sutler
PLAINT, are requested to ren I Dr. IT IELP.S
ail vt rtisement of TOM AT G P» LLS in a not her
column of Ibis paper. imv ;:t>—d6m
A MEETING of the subscribers to the
^ X Birth Night Ball, to he given on the :H.i
instant, will he held at Wise’s City lintel on
MONDAY , (this day,) the 8ih instant, at IJ
o’clock. M. fpb vs— n
| / \ D>' 'ZEN, (New York,) in store, for sale
ft h S
| KEGS Orange coilsty. New York,
Dairy, in store, and lbr sale hv
feh S A. J. FLEMING.
O) BBI.S. in store, and lor sale hv
feh 3 A. J. FLEMING.
BAGS old white CnfKv
'-rl I 10 boxes loaf and lump Sugar, in store,
and for sale by A. J. FLEMING,
feh 0
BASKETS, (extra brands,) w Hore,
and lor sale bv
VLOT of those superior Sieel Pens, select
ed expressly lor ladies u<c at.Seminaries,
&.e. Just received anti for srde f»v
fel) \ King street.
1 i \ 1111DS. part prime, just received in
I stoie, and lot sale I*v
feh 1_A J. FLEMING. j
OARS,of various kin is and sizes, for sale
by A. 0. CAZESOVE & CO.
ftb 1
THE subscriber having taken out license
xml given the requisite.secu^itv for the
faithful performance of the duties of an Auc
tioneer, *Vdl hereafter devote liimseIf to. said
business, a mV will also receive consignments
on comintesion. The Public patronage is
respectfully solicited.
fcb 5 —dif King st, Alexandria D. C.
THE subscriber is authorised to sell a tract
of Land in Prince William County, Va.,
bounded by Potomac River on the east, and
ihe stage road leading from Alexandria to
Fredeiicksburg on the west, containing up
I wards of
1500 ACRES,
land, according to the original patent, should
he near 2 )00 acres. The ship channel of the
river is within i :»r 500 yards of the beach:
a ml if extensively improved, as a fishery, it
would be surpassed by lew on the river. It
j extends about a mile between the mouths ol
jQihintico and Chappi wain sick Creeks, and
1 i11s been profitably fished by Messrs. Long
it Groves. If the Fishery and Land is not
sold, the Shore will he for rent the ensuing
season on very low terms. There are at least
20.000 cords of wood on the land and much
■ v ilu ilde timber.
TcriiIs—Five thousand dollars cash, and
'five thousand in five ve;ir?, with interest.
Apply to \YM. S. COLaUHOUN,
jail 22—coif near Dumfries, Va.
superior grumjIy ri.rvos.
1 rpHE Subscriber lias received,at liMPii.no
i X Store, six of these superior instruments.
—The tone of these Pianos is powerful and
sweet; with superior curled mahogany Cases
Stands of the newest patterns. £o'iie ol
the first Pianoists of Alexandria, Washington
and Virginia, have purchased ol the same
quality, and after 110112 tiieni many vears,
hjghiv approve of them 1 wi'lsell the Pianos
as'low as such instruments can be bought m
the rolled States.
N. H I receive a constant supply. Second*
hnnd Pianos received in part, pa r bv
feb 3-enU* Ale\*andria, D. C
fWarrenton Tiini'S, 3 times J
Henry w. pa vis,
^T^ILL attend to any claim's confided to his
it care in the Courts ol the District, and
of Prince George’s County, »Md. Ofl.ee on
King street, squ'.ne above Wa'diington street,
jail 27—-t oRv _
\! 11T1CE is hereby given to Pie Stockhohl
j.N cis «rf th* Alexandra Library Or. that
an election will be .held at the Library Room,
on the 13th of the present mould, lor the pur
pose ofele<*ii ig a President and eleven Puree
tors. to serve the ensuing year,
ft b 3—eotd GEO. DRINKER, Lih’n.
to costk icr<)in ./.v/> fjrmers.
rl ^! IF subscriber offers a 1 Private Sale —
II \m In i f»!e draft I lOIlSFS,—among it
them are several fim? team-*. A1 s«>,
:>*) CARTS, wiih iron cxles an I through
h »xe*, built upon the most approved plan.—
■? four horse and one two horse WAGON,
with Harness complete.
Persons wishing to pur chase will fim) the
present a rire ope >iunity, as the terms will
t»c made accommodating.
tan 21—Vau lin J.YMF.S RGACIT.
P. S, —'flic ! lors-s can be «een at tin* Farm
of the subscriber, at the junction of the Alex
andria an ! Washington an I 1 ’ohimbian Turn
eikr Road Inlf a mile -.ve^tof Potomac P,ridge,
leading to Washington, an i 3 miles from Al
exandria. _ __
TFT him read the following certificate,
j from the last New World.* Gentlemen
of the Bar, having important cases on hand,
will see the importance ol securing a supply
of this celebrated Candv, which seems to
make el ^nence more elo ju-mt:
“To Messrs. J. Pease $r Son: Sirs-I have
had occasion to use your celebrated Candy on
the person of mv child, who was pninlu'iy af
llicted with the WhoopingCough. and it gave
immedi.a!e rebel, i have so used it, and have
found it very good to clear the voice. I had
a very important ease on hand in our court,
aud nItm using a small rju»utitv of your m*-*di
catedOandv. I spoke with much more ease
than I did lie fore. < >ne cannot speak too high
•IV of it. Yours. truly.
“Member of the Pittsburg Par”
VP- -p,, ;,p genuine,of RELL &. EN
rwHU’,, Agent* tor Alexandria. Reware ol
Spurious (’ompouu Is. Confectioners are not
allowed to sel the genuine article. fe!> 1
Year HeXitndria. on the Virginia side oj the
i\jO. I.—A sweepstake, lor Colts ami Filiies,
|\ ()r**pped spring of IS3*. to lie i on in 'lie
pill of |SII; subscription, $100 each, hall for
feit. mile beats, to name and close the 1st of
Annul, mi. „ , , r,.„.
No. *2. — A sweepstake, for Colts and fillies,
dropped in the fall of 133*, lobe run in the
♦all of ISII; subscription, $200 each, half lor
iVit, two mile heats, lo name and close 1st of
August, ISM.
No. 3—A sweepstake, for all ages, (free on- j
i\ for horses, the | ropeity of persons residing
north «>f ilie Rappahannock River, together
with the Counties of Rappahannock, Madison,
Orange ami Culpeper, south ol the Potomac
Fiver.) prior to the 1st of January, 1311; sub
scription, $230 each, half forfeit, inree mile
hea is. Jo name and close 1st of August, Ivll.
Now three Mihsmihers.
,J;1 aa - if W M. MFRSHON, Proprietor.
l,i.*n(*r prices than can be Mad in the normern
nniket-s. From merchants and others, who
deal in the article, he respcclfu.ly solicits a
Crll at !ijs old stand, on King street. His pur
chasm? terms hein? always cash, lie Mallets
idmsi-lf to rice such encouragement as "'Ml
prove it decidedly to their interest, to so! in
the Alexandria market. . f
He. also, lakes this opportunity, oi iniorm.
his old customers ami the public, that he
continues to Maiiefaclurt*, and will constant- !
lv keep on band, Fur. Silk. Mole Skin, anil
Russia HATS, of Hie various la.-htonB! !e ,
s!i.-ipcs, which, for beauty and durability all |
being manufactured under bis own immediate ;
inspection, cannot he surpassed in the t mon, j
and, whicli lie will sell, wholesale and retail,
"ii the most aiT.oimnuJuiiiig terms.
deco— eo.3m _
p \N AW A Y, a bout theCth November, from
j V the tar to of S. L. Hodgson, in t be ( n»*nt>
of Loudoun. Virginia, a mulatto man named
THOMAS KENNEDY, aged about 2.3 years.
His complexion is that ol' a brown mulatto — j
He is thukset, about Mve feet five or six j
inches high—has a downcast look when po- •
ken to. bis hair inclining t«» curl. He is we i
known in !l»*s town. Ft FT Y DOLLA..3 "*•* .
t)e paid for his arrest and delivery to me, il j
taken out uf the State, and 830. it within it. j
Administrator of Fortin Hodgson, j
nov 27—eoif (Nat. Int.2 weeks.)
•'.CT^The Whigs of Alexandria are request
jed to meet at JanneyN wharf, on THIS (Mon
j day) MORNING, at 0 o’clock, fur the purpose
j of proceeding to Washington, to receive the
President Elect, who is expected to arrive by
the morning Car*, from Baltimore.
r*y request of the officers
feb 8—It of the Tippccanoz Clnh.
Franks, master, will t:tLe freight to
either of the a hove ports. Apply to
feb l G. t. THOMAS & CO.
a _ On and after This Pat.
vW-- -pV-T^Tiie Steam boat' PI I EM X
wft ran at ihe following
hours until further u )tice, viz ;
Leave Alexandria at3,11, A. M; IV St *’ P.M.
Leave Washington at U', 12 do ; 2j & 1< do.
feb 5 JOHN WILSON, Captain.
*_ft That convenient and eligible store,
0,1 ji-'ug street, next door to my Con
■£=la8jfee.t?omry, lately occupied by Messrs.
BuslmelI &. Swift. For terms apply to
feb S—e*>3t DAVID APPICIT.
a « The front part of the lower floor of
the DWELLING, lately in the occu
-«fcStoPancy of Mrs. Norris as a retad store.
Pi ^session given in February. Apply to
jan 30 THUS. VO WELL.
fRON, Brass, and Composition Castings, of
I. every description; High and Low Pressure
Steam Engines, F*. e Engines,Sheet Iron Coals
.Mill and 'Tobacco Screws, Turning Lathes,
Cells,oi all sizes, Letter Copying Presses.SfcC.,
or other Machinery, executed promptly, arid
on il»e most favorable terms, by
T. W. & It. C. SMITH.
The above have a very large assortment of
Fa items for Mill and other gearing, &c.; also
a variety of it tudso.ne p uterus, tor Cast Iron
Railing, &c. sep 17—eoly
XX7\M. L AXfHIER, DEXTIST, respectful
\ V ly continues Itis tender o! services tothe
citizens and visitors of Alexandria. Oflice
removed next door to Cook’s Drug Store, on
Kin/ street.
All neces.v.rv operationsupon diseased teeth
performed carefully, and very attention given
directed to promote the health and prolong the
usefulness of such Teeth as shall come under
his care.
'Tire Mechanical branch being wholly exe
cuted by himself will enable him to furnish
Arttficial Teeth, much cheaper than can be
procured elsewheie in this District.
The success which has’/enerailv attendee
his efforts, both in the Surgical and Mechani
cal Tranches, while lie lias been in practice
here, taken together with an experience of
seven years in that practice, it is almost ?>n
neC‘\ssary to say, is the best evidence of bis
ability. inh7—Sa&Montf
AT Ihe suggestion ol his friends and for
the nccoinmoiL* ion of those who prefer
Botanic, remedies, the subscriber lias obtained
an agency for the sale of Botanic Medicine,
together with an assortment of Soaps, Perfti
mery, Cosmetics, Tooth Powder, Tooth
Broshes, Tooth-ache reined)', (superior,) Co
logne water,Specific remedies &c. Among the
Medicine is comprised the following articles:
Composing, Mayberry, African Cayenne,
Biifer Root. Dyspectic Pills, Butternut! Syrup,
Golden Seal, Lobelia, Rheumatic Ointment,
Nerve Powder, Spice Bitters,Conserve Holly
hock, Cough Syrup,Cholera Syrup, Rheumatic
Pills. Peters Vegetable Pills, I.ee’s Anti Bil
ious Pills, Seidlilz Powders, Soda Powders,
Tyler’s Compound Syrup Gum Arabic, Fever
Powdwrs, &c.
Hunters' Medicines for the cure of secret
diseases, (for particulars see Balt. Sun;; alto
gether containing a stock of articles which
have been carefully selected, and Can be en
tirely relied upon as pure and superior in qual
The excellence of these remedies have only
to he recommended to those who are uaac
qitninted with tlmir efficacy. Those who
have tried them know their virtue. For sale
Dentist next door to Cook’s Drugstore, Kin
street. nil) 25—*2awly
rr\\]V. Depository of the Alexandria Female
I. Tract Society has been removed to the
Book Store ol BELL ik. ENTWISLE, where
the publications of the American ’tract So
ciety, and many of its hound volumes may of
had: and where,niso, may be ban many of the
books of the American Sunday School Union
at Union prices. lc 7 —wtt
a HilDS. new crop N. O. Sugar, of hand
I \ * some quality, received, and lor sale, by
lib 1 WM. BAYNE.
IIHDS. in store, and for sale by
Teh 3__
0) TIERCES, j Fall Sperm Oil, warranted
& 1 Bhls., ) prime.
n I‘mCCS’ 1 Clove rated, ffrst quality.
2 bhls , )
jo bids. Mess Pork
10 bids. Shoulders only
10 half bids. Mess Pork
A lot of new Hams
Superior Chcests, far^e S7.«
Cjskh No. I do.
For sale, on iron*! terms, bp
Union street, midway of Prince and King Ms.
I cli t _____ i
^w'v/'k CASKS, a lull assortment, in store,
/s^l ll I ami rcreiwj per Srltr. l),;inj** Jor
sale f»v WAJ. KOWLE St SON.
ja n 03 __ _
1 HA BUSHELS prime Cloverseeo. on
j Ul " hand, for s ile by
frh !-2.v JOHN B DAINGrr.BriEi.r), j
^ r \f\ BUSHELS Turks I#l*n4 Salt ,
25-000 J5.0W do. St Ubr. do. |
' ' ' ' \ r.r.O s.itli, I.iverpool blown (jn. j
2 000 bushel, do coarse do. |
|„.«.Ve.«dr»r*.iel.»pow_LEts0N> .
{•til ___
VE^Or.LEANS Sugar and Molaw. for
A sale by A‘_CvHo - |
Double and single L >ut. in j
Crushed do. >u barrel. j
an 23 _ ___
Neat:y& *xpeditiuusl; at iai»omr*.
THE Mibsonber,intending to n.ake a change
iti Ins bu.-dncs*, wili offer, on Monday, the
8th instant, at. it) o'clock, at Public Auction,
a considerable portio » of his well selected as
sortment ol DRY GOODS, embracing parti
cularly those discriptions adapted to the pre
jsent season, of which, arc many desirable
varieties—sue!, as Cloths, Cashmeres, Satti
nets, hianktis, merinos, flannels, linsev.?,Can
ton flannels, checks ard j In ills, bed ticking,
kerseys, tCenr.icky jeans, Moedainede lames,
calicoes, pongee*. ginghams, lawns, shawls,
handkerchiefs, pilot cloth, furniture check, fur
niture calico, blenched and bm. cottons, atul
a variety of niiset ilaneom articles. Persons
wishing Dry Goods will do v\c' 1 to attend the
sales as purchases irriv be made much lower
than at lhe usual rates.
r j Terms of sale for purchases amounting
to less th.io Lfty pedlars, cash Above that
amotmB a credit <d sixty days will be given
for approved endorsed notes.
N. B Lad>.« are part'cularly invited to at
tend, as arrangements w ill be made lor their
special accommodation, and the goods will
• he sold ui such lots a., to suit the general pur
jrhaver. leb 5
A1TILI. be sold on the premises, on Mon -
VV day.Sfh of February, at 11 o’clock, a
HOUSE and LOT, on Duke street, adjoining
the residence of Mrs. Preston, East of Water
street. jan 26—d3t&tvts
PURSUANT to a deed of trust, by George
Calvert ami wile, to the subscribers, ami
tearing dale on the 2'Jlh day ol Dee., 1810,
and f>r purpose* in said deed, specified, will
be offered for sale, in the town of Upperville,
on Monday the I .At Ii of Februarv next, il fair,
if not, the next fair day. (and will he continued
from day to day, till completed,) the following
^ Thirteen young, and likely, NEGROES,
consisting of men, women and children; 255
head of stock CATTLE, 18 milch COWS, 5
yoke of Oxen, 2 road and 4 (arm Wagons, and
gearing; 3 ox Carts,27 head ol HORSES and
COLTS, (some of which are very valuable,
and ope a stallion.) and a variety of Farming
Utensils, including ploughs,, harrows, hoes,
rakes,fans, &.C. &r.; 110 head of slock Hogs,
about 5000 pounds of Pork in brine; a riding
Carriage (nearly new) and harness; the entire
crops ol Wheat and Rye, in thegroundj at three
Farms, (in all about 100 acres:) atm. al lh*
ofsafcl Calved, consisting of Piano, Sola, Car
pets, Centre I’ahle; Beds, Bedstends and bed
ding, &c. Sic. Also, the lot, in the town of
Upperville, now in the occupancy ol said C al
vert containing a bout Fight Acres, upon which
„ . is a large mwl comfortable L»WLL
LING HOUSE, Stone Barn, Kitchen.
iSSjJfieGranary, spring ami spring house;
an excellent Orchard, together with iHl
mprovemenls necessary, to render it a •[*&•
rable residency About 15 aerosol woodland
in the victuity ol Upperville—the land is very
‘superior atul well timbered, to fee so,din loci
of two acres or more, to suit purchasers. f
Also, for private sale, r large nud valuable
tract ofleaseJ LAND, situated in the county
of Fauquier, near Farrnwsvine, rniiea sue
Mountain Meadow, containing a l»out eight hun
dred acres, and considered to be well adapted
!o farming and g.azing—about 500 acres of
which is well taken in blue grass and clover. f
Term of Sale.-The Negroes will he sum,
on a credit of eighteen months; the Hoc.**
and Lot,it? l'pperville,and the wood land, and
the leased land,on a credit <>f9 and IS months:
for every thing else, in all sums of £10 and
under, the cash will be required; and, over 610,
a credit of nine months-in every ease, the
purchaser, or purchasers, to give bond, with
approved security, and interest from date.
All persons ha ving claims against the said
Calvert, wiil present them, properly established,
to the Trustees, within six months Irom the
date of the deed aforesaid, or they may be
excluded from its benefits; and, all those in
debted to him will make immediate pay
ment to us. ___
jan 5—eots JOHN CAItR. y
_ ■■■ — — i ■ ii -Mi n M
Maryland State Lottery,Class 7,
Will be’drawn at Baltimore, on Monday,
Feb. S.
75 numbers —13drawn ballots.
| do of 10,000
Tickets $j 05—share in proportion.
Alexandria l ottery, ( lass No. 3.
Will be drawn at the .Mayor's Office, or*
Tuesday, Feb. ?, nt -1j o’clock.
75 numbers —1< drawn ballots.
Tickets S< 00 -shares in proportion.
To b£ ha-2 in a variety o! numbers cl
Exchange Broker, opposite Wm. Stabler &
Co’s Drugstore, Fairfax street, Alexandria.
Drawing Md. Consol Lottery, No. 6
52 CS 30 5 22 07 17 53 33 35 31 10
Maryland State Lottery, No. 7.
Will be drawn at Baltimore, on Monday,
Feb. ?.
75 numbers—13drawn ballot*.
1 do or 10.000
Tipkets $5 00-shares in proportion.
Alexandria Lottery, Class 3,
Will be drawn at the Mayor’s Olfiee, Tues
day. Feb.?, at 4J o’clock.
75 yiimher*— 11 drawn ballots.
Tickets $4,00— shares in proportion.
For sate.in greirt variety, by
fc J. CORSE,
Lottery and Cizhan^e E» o!'crt Alexandria.
Maryland .State Lottery, Class 7,
Will t»e drawn at Baltimore, on Mon-Jay,
Feb 3.
7j numbers —13 drawn baBois.
I do of 10,000
Tickets $ j 00—shares in proportion.
Alexandria LoPery, Csss 7,
Will be drawn utthe Mayor ROrc, on
Tuesday, Feb. 0. at HoViock.
73 number'-—M drawn ballots,
Tickets 4 00—>hare* 111 proposition.
On sale in great variety oy
’ NOrUTH!!
\ FRESH supply »»f J. reas-e h Sor. * re
ebraled llorebouud Candy, just rer*- v»-■:
an ! for j^ale, -n HENH / COOL*
feb 5
N~E. RUM AM) M,i> '.V!I!?R'-'
O c linos, n. i i
yCi) 50 h*.W. ;4J s» :
P«Ml«b> VM. f - '[.T. w-.
jan 29

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