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-,'\Y MORNING. AltliWiIS4t.
' wtt!, characteristic circuitry,
T:* J'a «!«««:«'»‘»'s«f*,ra
the memory •* the «>-»•», I
1 " Z create an that Go: «r-l
'i'" 1 . nosed to the measures ot ...>
;i;;S";:tra;Ut, mid -uscieecc *.ricl*a ,
,t: Attffll • •
. ,vcr this r.tserah'e outrage opm ,e
- • •'
" dictated to him «hat he
!i'am!.!.« case of Ids «.vp.«»to:t. act
. ;• 1::S CMiSetl* • •
’ ', Vv,e t ext hear the story of the ‘-HIGN
... ’ uVl.4j- Or • vill the revilers ol the
‘ , ^tv> )\ eo:it nue their vile .sbmlers upon
t)v once more asertins that
** ■. r..:: D >TARP?"
' V |t'aj:;via j.latmcd ami carried out his
... ;.nl no a>:ni acted !»r him. lot-ic
^:r i. ar* «;f his brief a *iu» ‘ nitration,
i , .» vrT'Ojmi1 y e:;:>wme an«! ap~
. . uTh< rwi e »s t > insult tl»e
“ / i t|..»;tir;ei rreh.lent, am! to
" *' ff' { t; i-i-s :>l* the American people
. ■ hi, p!iced him iii the ex*
. . tw mcn he hiiCxi, au>i v. ere jjb—
• >-»i * |>:*n in In' efforts t > 4' eari v
...\ < cf the GovernmeriV7
u . ‘t- • ** *
c’*meter an i fame arc now in
* • . Vis cousitrv. Whv u lj t:m*e
* . . ,
: t >'»! v bo!;i who! i.e i\as ;n
<e„ . ,i • cri'v’over nn ! novel b> crave
. ,.r their sluiitler ?
•• 7- i!it* r, ’*: ':-t7at: *rr fur Y>’rishin_,r •
... -,v ‘*v>s at i!s t:^t session, tf;e
tJ. ft iVrt:>atb»i» ha - cornhtencei!.
v, ’>; ] ► i*;.ntjra,,“'' I as sera* > •>! {eYtrsif!
tluzeUe. ia* “hoM the pen of a
Tfu Iy w r • * e r __ __
Ti»e stirt:'»4 of ‘Nullification’ ;«;aiu.in foot:,
f * i. i’.t, surprises every hoiy. Hut people
, e;ovv*;-!u:i.>he.i a* the »*>■ y chine attempt.
I of .ate Texas pnptrs can be seen at
x efiazritr *tea»hne It com.
Wc are in.iebteil to ^apt. ra»»■<, o{ t; e ;
; om, a? ths port, horn IVrmmla, »*>r a ?iie
„; :e IVrnuiiht rate:?. They are onfheat
theGa/ett** Hen litte Ilootn.
c bvj iitfu! hues on Ine I'eatii ot (»oneral
lirnsun, mitten by an accon phshed lady,
;:;d tir.ja»ai:y (uhlFhed in this paper, have
U*ene v oop;(\l.
Stv n'oi our churches have been I i;ii£ hi
f nk,n> a s _’;i of n/naadeij !i'r the late Fu
> .ert i inrrison.
V.V 'Ce l»v tar papers that the rt co-n’eend.i
Unoftiie I’reFdent, srttine apart the I !: I»
t*a> i»t’.May next, as :i [ ay ot Fasting and
?:jv**r,hn< hr**n heartily aft i.ese-.d hi bv the
•• urelies of ail denomination'? ot‘ * *lu Ftiaiis
i:: iHir land.
U’fr; meetings expre' ire ot i!ie utmost
lci;fc in the princ ipi^s and as of
a rc>o,* t»t Tvler are i.eid a!! over the country.
The rclaum.-i ot (*en. I i *:* ? r;s«;:i fire lr.tieb
better now than if t.he (if utrnl had lived, for
t was h > iatention, it is said, to appoint none
«t them to nfTice.
lift i’l: ESI i>K NT's s a I. \ U Y. — t Mil* Ct'.StOlM
brethren are cpies lion in*; the riel.I of P.csi
•eut Tyler to a salary as President.\\ i11.o*it a
'.onjressionai act. There is ro act providmj:
• ini; a President’s salary to a Vice Pre
' ent—hut there is one livini.' the salary ol
h? President, at $25,000, which we think a
i i.Jantly sulhcienf. When Mr. Tyler took
tt'Kith ol office, as Presided, he became
■ ;ch to ail intents and purposes, lor the residue
the Presidential term, as fndy as if he had
ten elected to the oliice—lie incurs the tespon
’tohtie*, and is entitled to the emoluments o;
I tie office, from that time. Ol this we do riot
dF.srsXl k>K THE PilESIOENT.—The edi*
')r°I tiie P»a>toa Transcript says in.* lias kept
»o»py ot each of !us exchange pa|>ers which
bounced :lie death of the President, which
intends t > have hound in a volume lor pre
'fWatain. He also Kept a list of t use pa
trs '•'haUi <*.u! not dress m mourmni: on ae
‘t "l the h:l aneliolv event. As yet it
•aiatrs on!v live wtdeh omitted to put on the
di e outward habiliments ol sorrow,—the
■1 uiai »*i ( oi amerce and New l'oik Post are
'A<) of ti e live.
at the r.*iiroad depot in Provi
n' e k"'i ii s pocket picked on Friday of a
y.M't te.e .\Yw 7, stamcnt, the thief probn
’’,ls S|/--* and h»rm. mistaking it for a
dhe gentleman hopes the Pel -
rn.i\ .earn p useful h*s><>n from the spoils
“•*' • U* thus dishonestly obtained.
• 'NT!i Pvtinc Cabal.—A large
v *** ^,:itfrican merchants was held in
5 ° • *:I ^ e^>ri,ar'V *asI* to take mea*
‘ fV° urll,er tl,L‘ construction of a ship ci
1,c Pdotmis ol Darien. The meet
^ "asoi opiLion that as the whole credit of
State<to belong to the Tinted
, undertake it without
*l>*i ( !ilt r lii‘ti,,ns interfere to snatcli
•nterpri^ ‘ ^ rrofil a,ul (‘:e!it ol so 8«vat an
ttatt*i he HartfordCouraat
:.,vj t. a ^111 ‘esnan called at thatoiiicea
:.per a't>? >,a,ul *Kli;l his subscription to the
!i,:!t.hehai1 ia|;ei* *i
ba, ma. ‘ ‘1 years beib.e
'-"ears n C time of its exisienre,
C,>Ura,,t is a very
Ucinj,,. C‘" 'c‘:rc ll> b*ar persons speak ol
*'^"Jbe papeno«r 10years.
Advocate, in al
|T:»sdav ^ ,aieSl'Vere storm, says, that, on
>*t,«.'l?!U*"’ at s,lm:s<‘> >be snoiv vras at
it continu-d to tall
n,3:' 1 i: ‘1 <?ay. The Hartford
toret.jro f V ^ ‘ l'ut vvas force*!
*-hicojv. ?r°uU kewe literally blocked up
.'-'•m*Courier ot‘ Wednesday* su vs •
* fiiermometer , > > f y
Lho(ir th moruing, s»t o*>d
^ “ htie s-.r..,t,ve',‘jf"s below the treezin.* !
5,1 caliej J.o ® 1 me prt >-ut .season can
, ?v* *» *-award u this !
VJ IS t.‘ v ! liees t,r,vc hardiy
. v ;a cc-* i;JJ J ‘all.in. Tli ‘van.-:, ex
““,k *v‘*‘ )l* e\-pov- * lo ti:e - iu-i :
L*r:htr i: ,V * •'*'** cold aii i wet, and a;- :
‘•fo^avp;0c^..Uoi, 4j j
The following letter from a Sf. Louis pa - j
per, is sensible am! to the point. 1 he w riter,
it appears, had been nominated on the
Working Men's'* Ticket, as a candidate to
iepresent one ol the wards ol the city. After
a brief introduction he says:
Inasmui ii us 1 am ami ex Cl li.»»c hcCU a
Whie, ami as the Whigs have a regularly
nominated ticket t’or said Ward, l am oppos
ed to creating;! division in their ticket; and
I ertherwmre, as l am opposed to ei eating
distinction in the community—as the interest
of the Mechanic and the Workingman and
the Scholar, are one and the same; as I know
ot no distinctions «h>i ween man and nun, ex
cept that caused by merit and dement; and
presuming that you are aware, that 1 am a
worker in metals, as Tubal Cain ami oilier*
wt-ie, and also that l am not yet possessed ol
brass enough to aspire to any ollice, l take
this opportunity to y, that 1 desire only to
be a candidate for the favors of my fellow-cit
i/«*us, iii the copper, tin, ar.d sheet iron hue,
and that l occasionally man utac Lure ‘‘.Ylutcli
i less Paste lllacking.”
Those of all classes, fellow-citizens, who
may feel kke bestowing their sullrages upon
me during the political year in tnv tine, will
. liud me ever willing to serve them at the old
stn nd, 50 Main street, nearly opposite the A lie -
ii*»n llou>es. Therefore, 1 beg you to
state uv»st respectfully, to the 'W orbing Men,
that l decline accepting the honor they have
conferred upon me bvsaul mumriation, apd i
hiM that if they are determined *0 run sucii
a ticket, they may find s Vne {erson b-itvr
: ip.nhfied to represent theii* peculiar wants ami
’uteregt, tt;a n l i.’.ould bed elected,
i S. V. Fan s wo a Tit.
! We hope tint this worthy candidate for ;!te
( bminess favottrs of the community may have
a success!ul canvass of it.

Xj.vr. Pilll.OtiKN* I’uu.NT T‘» PfelATlI.— 111 t!lC
Sr. Ji»!»n Gazelle, of t!»e 8th inst., we linu the i
two f flowing meianrlml v pa rag: anhs :
• 1 j
*• ('n ?v!on*Jav last a very melancholy catns- j
trophe occurred at Margaret s l’>av—fourchil- ,
df-'iu belonging to Mr. John Pooinn, wa re !
burned to death, during the absence o| their;
mother, w ho had gone to tl e river lor water, i
’i he premises of Mr. C'oolan wa*re entirely !
( oas'.nned —-he iias a iso lo>t J. 1 < 1.1 c.isa, and j
is perfedly destitute.” !
‘‘The (remises of Mr. J. Cf. Nelson, of
iTruro, were burned to the ground on Wed
nesday last and melancholy to rtlale three o|
his children, an apprentiee and servant girl
iviished in the lire. Nelson an i his wile
barely escaped panicipat'iig ‘tie 1 »te of taeir
| color-tun * te offspring and servants. ’
Tim Moon.—A Dnblm correspondent of an
English piper gives the f blowing observe
ti«»ns of l>r. Itohinson, of Armagh, on the ap
pearance of the m<>on( as seen tbroojh L< nl
( immense telescope :
4< The sharpness of the rocks anti peaks in
the tnoon is (juite surprising; and this fact a *
lone would show th.tt air an t water are ah
sent. 1 le aho states that no volcanic action !
is row at work in the moon, nor has been
slic e the invention of telescopes. (>,te ol it,
m<’ii»*t*»it»s is near! v 17,uao feet i'» hen. fit a hove
the plain Irom which it rises. »ieneruily,
however, tl;e\ are about ;»,uot> IVeh**
Bktroiijki> vs. Motmkh.—A si.icii ir and
painful litigation lias recenfy beer, in priwre^s
at Boston; ore wine!* to all kindly hearts must
cause regret, although nonecan fail to sympa
thize with the helinjr in which it originated.
Ti e suit was in rep'evin—hrouzht by a mo
ther to obtain p »s<ession of a watch and p >r
trait formerly heloneiiu* to her dead son.—
i he defendant was a \t.imjr Indy to whom the
>; a was t»etiolhed, ami tt was cleariy 'loved
ilia: the watch and picture had been eiven to
he: bv the deceased just before embarking lor
i!,e vo\ape on winch he was lost. The ver
dict was ,n lavor oh die betmtheJ; lest one
hurdle knows whether the most to rejoice
with her, or s/tn ve with the mother, at this
:sn’ e i»t a co-Ue-t tor tiie e »d m.en.orials so
i i'jiby prized and so vainly desoed by si.cm
U ith.
A Sicknim; fn.MT.—We saw on Sidnuav
i‘\clung. says ti e Salem Ilegister,a tr.o>t Ii
miiiating it.stance of human <!c.’irelation. It
was a young man in the prime of life-when
humanity ought to present its freshest, most
v^orous buoyant and delightful aspect —
beastU crunk in our most puidic streets. lie
il.au laiien on the sidewalk ip, utter heipless
!ne'S,and there lie lay wallowing pi the dirt,
and mumbling his p.coherent nonsense in
drunken msensioddy as to his degrading co i- j
ditiop. The passers by gathering round him I
as he lay and after many ineffectual attempts j
to arouse him and persuade him to go home, j
were finally compelled to place him on a hand '
cart and drag him to iris pi-ace of residence in j
that pitiable plight! Young nnndo you im- [
apine tint tlie hearts of your friends were j
gladdened in your rvturu m such a mis» rahle !
state, or that they were : tiv better fitte 1 for :
entering upon ti:e duties of t!ie Sahlntli? be- |
ware! beware *1 the fatal cup! Could you I
have seen yourself as we and others saw you
you would hereafter avoid the tempter as men
do the plague and never again commend the
poisoned chalice to your lips.
Ice Business at tub West.—We learn
from the Cincinnati Republican that the ice
business is carried on extensively in other
place* besides the sea coast of New f.ngland.
Something is (tone in this way on the Ohio
river. At I (ogan'sCreek, 5 miles below l.:nv
| reneebure, la., and at Tanner's and Langne
ry's Creek, 25 miles heiow Cincinnati, large
[quantities o! ice are packed in flat Boats, ami
[shipped below t'»r different towns on the coast
[above New Orleans. The plan is to anchor
I flat Boats, about 100 feet long, 20 wide, and
| 5deep, m ’lie*e creeks, and let them freeze in.
As soon as the ice is of sullicient thickness,
! tlie boils are loaded with it, ami it is so well
[arranged and packed in straw, that no percep
tible ioss occurs by melting, and the very
straw its*‘il sells at a profit. One man cleared
NI200 last year by iiie>e shipments. The use
of ice is becoming general at all the the nver
towns, sinceit is sold at a moderate price.
in Cincinnati, there are twenty-four large
ice-houses, capable of containing -IGO.OoO bu
shels of ice—and some ten or fifteen smaller
ice-houses, which contain about 10,000 bushels
m tlie aggregate—and yet we are told that the
supply of ice in the city lias never exceeded
the demand far home consumption, and for
steamboats, so that none is shipped. The ci
tizens of Cincinnati seem determined to Keep
cool so far ns it may depend on ice.
■ ■ - —. , -
“Ifever there was a Virginian vvhoi* lioitml
by his own repealed and enthusiastic declara
tions, to vindicate the rights of the States, lo
construe the Constitution strirtbj* to strive
against a monstrous National Bank, then we
>;i v, with all due respect to the man ami the
office, John Tyler is that man.”—Knqtiirer.
Very diilereut was the language heid by this |
! same print previous to the election. J*»Im Ty- j
ler was then an arrant Federalist, leagued!
with the Fanatics and British Whigs. No I
Democrat of the modern school would touch !
him w ith a ten loot pole. Co!. Dick Johnson—
the Bank, Tariff ami Internal Improvement
iinn—was the politician afur their hearts.
t o Inss'undaru ttiev rallied—and they did all
iti their power to elevate h.m to the second ol
iicc ot the Government. They failed.and ifie
u an whom they then vsiiified and traduced, is
now tnei’hief >i£v;>t.,.re of the Republic—
«’»»d they Isave the edrontcry to come forward
•»ow,and to i:;>n!t him with their praises! in
riuS we h.tve a specimen of their candour,
i.teir itiJtpcn deuce, nn l their love of principle!
Having witnessed an opeiation performed j
in Uos city «>:i Friday las!, by l)r Warner,(the j
Professor of Surgery in the Medical College,) j
winch, lor its novelty and severity, rivals the .
boldest efforts of the art, l feel it a duty to the ;
operator and the community to give you a de- |
laded account ol it. The subject was a negro j
23 years ol age, aliiicted with osteo-surcomn,
extending from the chin to tlie articiatiou <»! '
tlie lower j,i\v wiih the left temporal h'rtne.— j
Tlie negro had heenseut from Norh Carolina
to receive whatever benefit me resources oi ■
surgery promised her; and after consultation,
Dr.'Warner determined to remove half of tlie !
lower jaw, wi ll the diseased mass attached j
•thereto, i he patient was placed in the sit- i
ling posture, aim secnred by strong bands to
the chair—tlie head being sui'ported by an as- >
sLtant. The operation commenced by re
moving t!»e two left-inns or teeth. Aiiincis-j
ion was then made from the left nrgieoftbe
mouth to a point a! out hail an inch in Iront ol
the left ear, sons to command tin* lell articu
lation • *! the jaw. A second incision was car- .
tried perpendicuharly lrom the termination ol
ibis an inch below the angle o! the jaw a ,
tlii.d ii:ci uon along the centre of the lower
lip. extending downwards upon the neck an !
inch below the jaw. All the parts enclosed III '
; inese mci>ions were* dissects! ofl and turned
.down upon the neck, exposing the en’ireha!'
inf the lower jaw with the diseased mass.—
[The jvw v.as separated by 11*e use ol Hey’s
[saw, iua line a little totiic left ol tlie centre ol
•tlie chin, lly a rapid dissection, the lower
! jt\v was separated from its attachments with
; in the mouth. This was followed by cutting
j the in-ertion of the temporal muscle to tlie
coronoid process, and Ibe disailicufatioii ot its
| attachment to the hdt temporal bon?. The
! remaining steps ol the operation consisted m
'dissecting out t.he diseased bone, and tying
1 the bleeding vessels. No one but a spectator
I can imagine the appalling horrors ol tins oper
ation, with the friglitfui exposure of the cavity
jofihe inotr.h wlncii resulted—thecaviiv id the
: tto'oat. U:*-* \v hole extent oftiie tongue, the hiu
jeotts row ol teeth in tlie upper jaw, ail being
i b ought into view. The removal ol thedis
i eased 11 w occupied a bout t wenty minutes, and
! would have !>een nc(»)mpli'heri, in a much
‘shorter time, but lor the constant struggles ol
jibe }*atienf. ’I’he parts were then snugly re
I placed, and the patient put to bed, and, I am
j happy to stale, is now (on the sixth day alter
Jibe operation)doing remarkably welh witii
jth*j (fittering prospect, of recovery,
i Iii justice i«» the operator, 1 cannot with
hold my testimony to his firmness and sell
; possession; lor wfnlecvery.spectator was hor
I ror->tricKen at the magnitude and severity ol
the operation, his countenance was calm, <*x
iobiting a | roper union oi" confidence, deter
cimatam and benevoler.ce.
Richmond, April 1 Jib.
The contributions to Science by our Fxplor
iniT K.\i'edition (of which a wry lar^t* con
signment has already readied ibis country by
a late arrival) will open a wide livid lor iu
•{uiryand dmjui-ition.—Nat. Int.
Avivnir.tt Toknado.—The Natch*/ Free
Trailer ol the 2ulh silt says—“On Monday
ni/dit last, a destructive tornado, passing from
the soul owest. to the nortiiea st, a bout one hun
dred and lifty yard? wide, a ml we have do in -
donna lion how lonnin extent, struck down in
\ mite county, beiweeti the d we’hnjCof 1‘lios.
'Tolbert, K«j. and Col. Caswn, near Liberty,
i it was as nnnouM > the timber as Uiegreul
Na’ciiez tornado.
No particulars relative to damages done
have vet been received, but. if any dweihnjs
we c in the track ^eri*>ns Mtehicence *n iv iic
apprehended. 'i nt* wind raided iiinband fear
f'liiv over Natch**'/, on the same ni-'bt but not
s'l'iieienl to occasion disaster.
fh'jisisTFiNCY.—The last‘‘Standard*’ C sffd
harping upon the pitiful appropriation m*:itie by
Con^res i of £tj, o,io for funds bin:; the IV siden
tia! Mansion, at the commencement o! a new
Ado.inidranon. Vet that pat.rr thought it all
rii’iit lor Mr. Van Jbern to p i v more than this
sum for Lamps and Candlesticks 3 It created
no alarm :n the levast of ilie F.dit<*r of the
“Standard,” when the same pink nl Cemorra
cy paid upwards ol S12,UU0 (i.ist double the
whole approprpriatiou now complained oi) for
Looking Classes! These facts, winch are on
'< cord, show what importance should he at
tached to the canting homilies < 1 the “Stan
jdard,’’ “M!ol-e” and the h*s>er !i::htsoi’ ‘W
1 time ac\!*’ at>oij! the **aufu| extravagance of
the party now in power.”—Lulcigh Keijister.
A Hnirry Hkart!—A young girl, a Her
man, died |.ii»Jy at Iki11ii:ic*ri‘, under circum
simees deeply affecting. She was engage.]
•o he married to a young man of Philadt-I, iiu,
who, lor reasons best known to himself, com
municated to hern short time since. Ins in
tentions of abandoning her On receiving
this information 'die became ihcchild of sorro v
an i despair for ten days, when reason left its
seat, and she became an awful maniac, un
ceasingly calhug on her lover lo'come to herd'
< hi tin* evemiig of her dealli, she ordered her
‘"a edding ga rmeu t to he pro pa red,” saying mat
she was to ht* maruled at in o'clock,'’ the p c
ei'e tune of her r!ure lo a world of spi
rits ! — Lhilt more < ’Iipper.
In fJpo-fcimvn, !>. on the 1 !th April,!
Mrs. Janf. I If.loiunv, formerly of Ipper Marl- ;
hoiough Aiaryland, in the51th year ofne. age. j
layr^r TT^sr^r. r-vwn' ti-.- 1
Maryland Tobacco, - - §1 00 a 7 00 j
Flour, per bin. - - -4 25 a 0 oo '
W heat, red, - - - o 35 a u oo j
Do. white, 1 oo a 0 eo j
It ye, - O 15 a 0 18 I
Corn, - o !t> a 0 SO 1
Fl..\seed, - - - - 0 75 a 0 00
Oa*ts, troimvagons, per bush. 0 30 n o 33;
Do. from vessels. - - o 28 a 0 32
Corn Meal, per bushel, - o 55 a U 00
Putter, roll, per Hi., - - o io a 0 is;
Do. iirkm, oo. - - 0 12 a OIF
Lard, do. - • 0 8 a 0 0
Clover Seed, - - - 5 75 a 0 00 ;
White Peaks, - - - 1 00 a 0 00
Plaister Paris, retail per ton, 5 00 a 0 oo ,
Ground Plaister, m bulk, - 7 00 a 0 oo 1
Do. do. per bid.. 1 33 a 0 00 ,
Do. do. per bushel * 0 25 a 0 00 i
I Fiaurand drain.— The sales of the present
i week have been confined to those lor home
Oise, ami lor export to the domestic Eastern
j markets. For the latter purpose, however,
: there* has been a good demand, and the |
ri'io rltected this week amount to mure i:i !
'he aggregate than those ol any other week
•luring the last thr*;-£ months, lor the like pur- |
pose. !
i’rices ft a vc remained firm and without 1
change. We quote CannlSi/JS; a $5, and I
Georgetown ami 1 toward street at ^4,81 ^ a J
5ES7-. A sa!e of 500U bushels Wheat has]
been made at G5» cents. Corn is scarce and
sells at 51 cents per 56 ibs. Rye also has im
proved, ai:d sales made at 51 cents.
.>CT<M-rrr4.7^»r*wa. a»u i i i. i mm U,»J
mWriwm i'j \\ • ^idvaV'
Arrived, Apuif. Id.
Schr. Rubicon, Kills, Sail Key, (Turks Is
land ;) sail to Masters & C\»x.
Sehr Kolu iiKao star. Uenion, Toyd’s Hole;
corn lo S. Shinn N. <
Steamer Columni*, Giiyiher, OnlDmort*!
freight lor the District.
•Saii.lp, Arm!, t .
Car Tie Stratford, Brown, London.
British r*i .,‘ r\iane's lit•'-c Uiii,, ikubudos.
-'IIP The drawing of the Alexandria LoJle*
ry, (Mass N *.. 13, for ISII, lor Internal Im
provement, tic. will take place at tlie May
ors’ oil'' e, Alexandria, 1). C on i ucsdav,
(THIS DA V,) 2Udi April, at U nViock, P. M.
1). S. Gr.£iiUnY & Co.,
n p 20 — II M a iKHje rs\
\i~y We are amliorDed to announce Citu
brkt Powi;m. iSu. as a candidate to repre
sent tlie district, composed oi lhe eouni.es ni
Fairfax. F.ni juier. an ! I/v.idoun, in the next
Coiiprtss ol .'he l niicu Slates.
l-Zr' Inva;i»is,mi espeei.i 11 v personssuder
\ns Prom PY’SPFdhSiA Otl'UVLiMTOM
PL A! NT, are reunited to read Pr. PLIFLP3
advertise men* ol’TOM ATO PiLLS i:i anotner
column oi this paper. nov* 30—dCui
yTTlLL be paid loenv person who will give
\ Y i:i:brm:it.on so that we recover a IP >N
of PAOriTlROTY FK i'LATLS, which was
stolen from "iv lodging*, at Mis. Morgan's,
on Ki.»:* street, about the 17th in-tan?. 'Hi?
said tb»x is of tin. {.aimed I lark, is about II
inches in length, by :>* indies in width and
height. It contained IM plates of copper,
thiXily plate I with silver, •+ inches long hv
2 inches whie, and marked at the bottom
Cord tain k Co. M-edCd & WARP,
a p 20- 3t
sttja51 rs (■ v \.; r.
C‘TF Yll'L'"S Strani Refined Candies assort*
0 ed ; received and h»; >;«!e at
\ Prug Store.
CHE ■. i’ OilOCLiULS.
77'liMi: Seg irjd lb*. lor SI,up.
A 4,‘ Rio Coii-e o 1 Ms, jur ■: i.*'0.
Best Gunpowder ar.d Imperial Tea S7Qts.
per {> mod.
a yoerg Liysou (hi #”» do c,o
La rn{>' 0 h'otn Gd' c!s. t-5 -f I. '.2 per « oilhui.
For sale by ‘ JAMFS si iFF.ilY,
jj |) 2 1 I'ppo-etr* the Hi »t Rt’! .
ONF THTP. pure fill Strained Cp:rm Oil
V } JO bhL No. 1 Shad
go bid*. 1 Gross Tierring*, of tL*a
year's mpt ct on. For sale bv
;.p gO Tib )S. V: )\YFl>..
TS hereby given the Sto» khohiers of the Lit*
1 lie River Turnpike Road Co t pnny. tbat a
dividend <‘l lour p>*r cent on I he capital Stock,
i:as been declared, and will be paid to them,
«sr to t!»t*ir !• ::a 1 i cp: est Idative :, on and alter
Tuesday, the oth mM , tit lie* Bank ol Poto
mac. by o:der cd the P.eb lent and 1 irec
tors. ' V,’. C. PAGF, Tsvasurtr^
aj> 5 — eog-.v of Little River T. Co.
r PENDERS ins sincere i. 1.1 * !: ; to the citizens
JL l*>r t!ii:r rucrev>fu! efforts in removing
h;s prop t; v at ilie late lire, a mi respectfuliy in
forms them tint ft* irm temponniv opened
Lis. I MEN [' at l:.< ihvcldng, on King street,
jd/wniug ' ir. . oim v :i.! Lev finish Stoic, where
m* ui!i o ’ ii»; :*y t > receive :i continuance of
ihe hh mm! jMimwi'ieluTrtoforeconfc i re : upon
him, ns n > exertions shall I e spared upon his
part in order to render satisfaction to nil win)
n:»y favoi him with «!»c culling, making, or
'ep.ning of g:.t!emen’s or youths* Coats,
uonml;heiiiVests, Lantaloons, &.U., every
variety ofv, oh .1 I; * -.vui execute with neatness
ami lie-pa!c!i ugoo tt.e most reasonable terms
a p \ “ — eo hv
LTAS received, and is now opening, (at his
I 1_ Store, op.aosiie Cook’s f Png Store.) I os
Spring ami .summer sup| ;y of HitY (!MJI>*>,
eonipi i'MiL' a vt rv la 1 ge a mi ha mlsonie assort
iiieiit. including hotii Staple and Fancy, that
js e.t w a id desirable—all of which he respect
hilly offers to his friends and the public, on
the most j’avocable terms, and solicits an
jfxnniin »tioii ivibie purchasing. «*’.;• I!'—if
sn*)A WATER.
P)IIEP MINE m the best manner, with the
X mo l improved apparatus, will he kept
const a ni 1 v lor sale throughout the season;
also, Lewmr. and oijier .S’yrujs, very oarefully
prepared from refined Sugar, by
LiEltPOIN V isi TAI.ROT 1\
Corner of King and Washington streets,
an m
A 7 A. F. C.!,AI!!;K!i:is itie honor to inform
x*_ tir* I.•'*dies and (K nfieiuen o! Alexan
dria, Wa-d ’nitto'i, (.’•-<> jrioivn, and their vi
cinities, that lie mu mls giving a MAY CYC
13ACC. (Friday. A;-ii! iilst.) at the Alexan
tl r i.i 'i hea»t e—lor u hi eh occasion, the I o\ t*
estahlChment is mnier^oint! an entire repair.
Tickets ol adn;i**sio|i, W —to be h »•'! at Ci I!
Sw I'ntwislf’s Ihrd; :*tore, \\ ise’s C11 v I 11»f* 1,
Marsh;:!! 1 ioii'tu and at the door on the eve
ning. a p 13—coiwdlw
TAYCS JACK respectfully takes this meth
#5 od 01 tendering lus sincere thanks to the
citizens of Alexandria lor their kind and suc
cessful endeavors to save his property Irom
de*trwctio,). by tire, <»n the tiC'lit of t.he HHh
instant; and, would hereby inform them, that
he has opened a Finn* More in the Ira me
htiildin? one d»’or Fond' ol James Rn id's Car.
ber-Fhop, on Royal strtv R and nearly opposite
the new Market Mouse, where he ear. always
be found, and will he happy to receive a con
i in mure of i he libera! patron ape hereto! ore be
stowed upon him.and i* ready to maiiuiuciure
It 00 IS /AW) M/O/.’S,
of every description, with neatness, and at
lot* shortest notice. li;s prices are moder
a t e. ap 17 —eo3t
srpniMMlt CiLllM PIANOS.
T I'ST 1J KCI-.I Vr'i > three more superior
.5 PIANOS, of ti.c same quality ilnse
lioretolo'C sola. Some of the first PinnoLts
< f Aiexan inn, WashlliOoM.n ml Virginia have
purchased ol me same quality, a ml in"h!y nji
prove of them.
ALSO—In store, five more of tie same
quality, ant! one second hand Piano in good
order. I wsi! sell the Pi nos imvassucii
instrument* can be to:;<:iii in the L’niled
Sut t es.
N. B. Second Siam! Pianos received in part
ap 17—eo"t* Alt xaudrin, D. C.
f Warren?on Times, 3t j
FRIMi; P. it. SFG Alt.
I 4 4"> linos i day Ian dio^, a r,d Tor .sale at
, a red weed j nee
•1 Id;Js A. 0. Srg ir
np 19 A. J. FLFMlN'
CM \i!UvtLAN*i> COAL.
\ CARGO e* C(uj i t'Miels i-srpt-rior qraioy
1 C'niih:’.': !• • I Goal. •*,-^t rrreivrd nod l< r
sale low if i;.f»iied r-»r IVorri t!sc !>'>nt ny
ap 1G— <f T. W. & R. C. SMITH.
rpWKNTV lamsaad leet of live quarter, ;
JL steam xr,:co!, doorjn;: hoards,—lauded on
Canwron street wharf. For sale hv !
ap 17 A. C. CACFNOVF Sc Cn.
rpnF. BEST M5EUM OIL, ldencl.cd and
l unbleached. ;< kt pt ronMnutlv f«T sale
ap IS ("on.fr ot* Kins &. Wa'diOsi^’1 st*4. j
VLOT nfSup^rior Sujar inn 1st.;? slii< rv;»rn- j
in*:, from Jfchr. Aie.xandiin, f>r .s.de ! y
«p, 17 A. C. CAZENOVK & *’0. ' i
4 OflO BUSHELS Bonaire Salt instore, j
JAM Ft F and will be s«>I*l verv io*v, to ri.»;^
sales, by - l.AMBLRT dra ..
Mi. 1 7 •
. '
F>T> F V TF \T ]
■p 'a 5? ■ ^ ^ "'vT rip g |
ci* w a. -h1^ -0. -l « -“- ■ 9 ;
E X EV L T E 1) w 1 T II
a ? 7 v A n q P ? A H A / fl Y T F
iA Jj i*j ii / i ft i L? t a E /A A* *A b- * ■
£\ TP fc/l TI f*
KJ JL( l.1 Jl <J k'j 9
c o n n r. r, o f
•■>.'•>i ■ -” .' : • > A "\vP .«. • / -i. -VO -'1'-'- - .•'
„ .'jjj jw»_i -4^ —' y s-i-s.y j-jy« ** - * -—-j
s\ 4* a r\ r-r»«7v«vv rp ,-\ «yf> ,
DA T»T i* 12 LETS, CIRCULARS, tick
ets, iiasdbilu, warrants,;
at t:i e snortes r xoticr.
.Yi-:ir spniXG acMMi'ii a$o:>:i. j
('. M. & r. TAYLOft,
i*r? *sirr. thi: mu-iiti. iiol'-u,
v" ^ A VP pist received, an ! are now «>:>«*ni:i;t. .
i.i large and la! I a^ *. Iment <d Spring i
and SitiiinKT Good<—a!11 1 u l».ci] w»li lu* sold
low to sis l the times — a:Moii*» winch vsdl be
Blip. (da •!;, invisible •grcinml brown Clot!..?
I>ai!i and light, colore d Ca> i acres
Sifiide millel Cassuneres: Pondon Tweed do
lie si black Wellington i ii>ub\l and plain Sum
mer Moths
Cash mare?, a handsome article for Coats
Black, invisible green, and brown Summer
Clothr, low | ric»*
Black, dral), bln?, ami mixed P.viileu do, lor
boy’s wear
Gambro >n-, plain an 1 ribb*!. Frminels
White, bulb, ami figured Valencia Vestings
s,,per;or Pc.tin. Weltn-.js*, and Marseilles do
B |c!i liipd 7-1 Pi Ik Shawls; wm.il si/e do
1 *l.iin and lig’ii Idee-black Crude -v:j>
Blue-! lack Batin lor dresses
Mattcom Pusirmg, an i c unmon black Silks
Mo Ip ced'd ‘Silks far drawn b meets
Col’il Bishop Lawns^ do do
lti!)!)om>, plain and ng'd
Pm bossed and Satin sniped Challeys
! Fancy Morn!:n «le imi .e, sonic very low puce
| Fine Kurdish Kdk; ribbed Hose ami 1**2 Hose
Mohair and Pm Mic Gloves and Mills
Painted Muslins and Pawns in great variety
Fine Pace Muslins lor Dresses and Capes
Damask', t ur.bord, cross barred and sniped
Curtain M uslius
Superior Cambric ami Jaconet Muslins; com*
mun do
Bishop Lawns; Mull and Book Muslins
FiaM and plain Swiss and Bonnie's
White and black Tbule tor Caps and Veils
7-1 black do f.»r shawls
Jaconet and Took Muslin Handkerchiefs
Drench, British ami American Calicoes, beau
tiful nssoi linenl
Manchester and other Ginghams
Dij’d WoMed, a handsome article lot hoy’s
we a r
Plain and ribbed Linen Prilling*
Suj crior plain di do
insii Linens, very line, and low price
G-l and 12-1 Brotitsly and In**.; Lmfu Sheet
i figs
12-land 13-1 fine Marseilles UmBs
Victoria Rohes and corded skirls
Riant ;*11d fieri! —stjie.ied !,.inet11 i.mtiimllat.d*
kcrciin Is
Superior Linen Cambric and common Carn- I
brie for ! laudkercbn fs
Ladies’a ml Gentlemen’* best rams Kid
ISilk and Cotton Glove*?—some for children
Large assortment of wlfle, black, lead and
mixed < 'otton i losiery
Grass Linen and Sill; Hntidkcrebh is
Superior Satin trimmed Sumuitr Snicks ami
! inry Cra vats
[ .i neti R »s t»ms, (‘oi’ars. ^’it ■ pen tiers
Brown Moil.iuds, Bird’s-Kye, Kusssia, and
Tat |e Diaper
Parasols; JStia Deepens, and rmhrelias
Together with a Iuil assortment of Cheek
Blenched and unbleached Shirtings and Sheet
Burlaps, Linen, nfid Cotton fKnaborgs
Penitentiary Phni**, < hi Cloth*?. ^e.
*, cases Plorence Braid and straw Bonnet*,
Palm Leaf lioo i ? and 1 !ats
1-1 and f.-t Straw Mailing; Carpetings and
With ail other articles usiMilv found in the
biisin *. ap f3
At kii. 19, ISII. $
rr*,nn morning exercises will commence, in
I. t'nt* Kiiiilislt Department ol'this Iristitu
tion, fi or;i t Ins da te.
I* is deemed unnecessary to remind parents
and guardians < f the advantages winch I nose
under tneir charge u dl secure by attending
loomin'; school. I nose who permitted their
Mins and wards to attend last year’s morning
session'* arc, do nue>s luliy satisfied tint the
hours devoted to morning ‘tody, under the
eye of their teacher, v\e:e weii and preditab!)
A written e.xcn?e will he required Srotn all
who do no! attend. Hours oi attendance,
Irotn (> to 7 o\ lurk.
ap h. ('. Mci.Aronrjx.
7 7 V Semin;:rv for youths will be removed
i’\ 1. to Alexandria 1). C., on ti e Lt day of*
May, in a retired an f commoni<ms building,
formerly die residence of the late Judge
Thomson U. Mason, at t!ie northern extrem
> ity (<f th.e tow a. No pupil not heretofore a
i member of my family while admired over
I -I years oi age, an I the number will be lirmt
N*1 to l *>. There are some vacancies winch I
; desire to fi I.
i Great attention wid he paid to the moral*,
! manners nn ! h Huts, «d my pupils, w ho ail rc•
•side in mv family vnd form a part of U: none
I others are admitied. Attaciied to the pre
mises is a large garden. A fondness fir hor
: ncu’tural pursuits Ins been cherished among
! my pupils with obvious ad vantage. The dis
i cipiiae is strict tint parental, and a rigid oh*
!sei vance of a!i the ruUs is required.
The course of Instruction is liberal, suited
t«) an entrance into schools of higher guide,
into college ami mercantile life. It embraces
English, Latin. Greek, French, Composition,!
( .vil History, Natural and .Moral Ph.losophy, 1
Geography, the Globes. A iihmetic, Algebra,!
the Idea.cuts of Geometry, Look Keeping,
ami the evidences of Christianity.
Terms.—For tuition, hoard, fire, candles,
washing, mending, mattress and bedding,
ike fln^c lor the S«*ii«»!nsi,c year Id
moni'i* \* ?E<0, payable half yearly in nd*
Vaca’.joji trow lit Au_Mit to ia^t of j
The Rev. Dr. R. IDnh, Rev*. Fk R. Lippetf,
Rev. Mr. Packard, 'i liei»lo"icai Seminary i.tar
The Rev. C. R. Dana. Daniel Minor Esq , ;
Geo. P. Wise E.-vj.; Alexandria D. 0.
WILLIAM B.aii.vr, Jr. |
mar 16—eo.3dtvM
DIRLXT Irom New York dozen fine!
_ hlnck Nsner amt Ru>«i.! Mats, of
rj’ii'i'v amis* portion oj the De Or?ay si v Ip, j
u-in«-h I •.’.•til sell on p!»*asini» terms, Call and
% MIDDLE n:e f WOMAN as Ilotsclfeep- !
, rr, with respectable references. To eurb j
'f-o I * •••;.’ •*• • »> m*nef)t iiUiU- ’
1 v'c.j a! toiS («tT;CC* *
... : .1
Vil Auction,
rpiihS evening. Tuesday, the 20th inst., nt
X 7. o'clock, will be sold at my Auction
Rooms, a variety of articles just opened.—
Among them, blue, black, brown and olive
b own Cioths; London and mixt Cassimere*;
real grass and other linens; Cottons; cotton
balls, brown and black thread, pios, needles,
Japancd Ware.pocket and pen knives; knives
and lurk*, tea trays, and varieties of bread
trays, spittoons, fancy boxes.kc,
A1TILL U* sold on Wednesday morning, a-t
>V 10 o’clock in front of Hugh Latham’.-. on
Royal street, an excellent Carriage, suited to
one or two horses, with harness, in good ordt r,
and a Cuggv, with side Lamps. Also.
Sundry lots Fu niture; one large Wardrobe;
one single Gig; barrel Tomato Catsup; one
Fme table ; Liquor Case; a few quirter boxes
warranted Cuba Fegars; a long Ladder
Fcotch and Nova Scotia Herrirgs, Candles,
kc., kc., t<i close in consignments.
To which will Lc added—
One hundred fathoms ?eino
'I’wo capstan*, one boat, o;srs nr.d anchor
Two coils rone and cooking utensils
About 700 (eel lumber
The .Stine, Rope, and Cooking utensils, c: »i
be seen nt Mr. .Matthew Snyder*.*, Senior, cn
Pi ince street. The Cat stnns, Boat, Oars An
chor and I umber, will be shown upon appli
cation to Mr. Unrough, Blacksmith, corr.ei of
Duke and Onion street }.
The last mentioned articles will be s< ! t,
without reserve, m one lot, to I Lc highest ‘ad
der, to close a partnership concern.
an M Attclionecr and Commission agent*
PjTUIE subscriber, being desirous to r<rr.n\\*
fi to a city, in order Jo devote Ids undA ided
attention to Ids profession, will positively, nt
12 o’clock, M . on Tuesday, tlie fourth c! iv of
\;uy next, it fair; otherwise, on the firs( (air
dav thereafter, upon the premises, oiler for
sale, nt puh!icat« tion, the very valuable Fai m
on which he resides, in the county of Fairfax.
Va., and about four miles from the town of
I Alexandria. This Farm contains about eighty
hundred acres; upwards of two hundred ot*
which, arc in heavy wood and timber. '1 le
balance of the land is cleared, and < f excel
lent <;itn!ity, being lor the most part n rood
loam, nifirtly f:ee of stone, and easily enlri
vated. Il is peculiarly suite I asa grazing and
m_n dairy farm. The improvements are,
a two story Thick Dwelling House,
A tf'Jl.with seven rooms, and the i.ecesvnrv
nut-building*, all sitmled upon no eminence
covered with a grute of forest tut**, over
looking the entire farm, and remmkaHe h r
its perfect healthiness. There is a wciNd lit.**
pure water, n iikimexcellent garden, and goo I
Apple and Fen eh orchards of well selected
fruit. F s needless to give a more n inch :V
cription,i as it is presumed and chaired ih.it
persons dispose*! to purchase, \\ ill, in .1 e menu
; while, call, view the property, and judge lor
At the same time, and as soon ns the land i*
sold, the slock of Mor*cs, Cattle, She* p avd
i Jogs, together with th** Farming Utensil*. £tc.
will, in like miniirr. he sold. 'Fern** rr»;.
known on day <»} sale. 11. C. MA'SON.
tnh 31—eots
Alexandria Lottery, Class lf
Vi ill be drawn ;ii list* Mayor’s Ohi*e, on
Tuesday. April 2R.
7 7 numbers —I1 drawn toMofs.
Tickets 3 00—shares in prnporition.
On salem great variety by
J. LA THE v.
Drawn Nos. of the T’nion T.otterv, Ch*s< 2.
•23 2 3$ Cfi G ) 02 00 37 17 7G P* 21 31 53 03 0o
Alexandria Lottery, Class 1 5f
Will bed awn at I lie Mayor’s (Mice, Tnes%
day. April 20, at V, o’clock
75 mini horn—11 drawn ballots.
Tickets 63,00—shares m proportion.
To be ban in a variety oi r,mrth**r« • •:
Alexandria Lottery, Class t“.
Will be dr;iwn at the Mayor’s Otlirc, «»r
Tuesday, April 20, at *1i o’clock.
75 min’d ers—I1 drawn ballots.
Tickets 63.00—shares in proportion.
On sale, by the package, certificate. or
slirre, bv ' EDWARD SlIEEfJY.
Alexandria Lottery, class 15.
Will be drawn at the Mayor’s Of|-ej>, on
Thursday, April 20, at *U o’clock.
75 numbers—11 drawn ballots.
Tickets $3 on—shares in proportior.
For saie,m great variety, by
J. cc usr.
IVIES riUU'.XS? *•>.. Managers, 1.01
ri:nv OFFICE,
On King street, opposite John I. Sayrs* Ding
Store, where a great variety of hand-mine
PRIZES have recently been sold and catfceu,
The Pokomoke River Lottery, Class No. 51.
Capitals, $0,000, 61,0(0, 61,000, &»*.
Whole* Tickets, 22-shires in proportion.
The Pokomoke River Lottery, Class No, 55,
Capitals, $6,000, $'2,<JC0, $1,000, &C.
11 drawn ballots.
Whole Tickets only $1—halves, 50cent*.
*t* Orders for Tickets, from the country,
enclosing miniey, or prize Tickets, will be
puRCtovliy attended to, and tlie drawing*
forwarded, by mail, as soon as received.
JAMES PHALEN Sc Co. Managers, #
Alexandria. D. <*.
ingfon am1 Georgetown.
Ten imnilM only will he received whose mor
als, manners inteliectti.il ami religious iin
prnvemt nt will l«e the object of constant and
on re mi' tin? rare.
Charges |er annum; Tuition, Board' wash;
in*:. In*:', lights, payable halt’ v*&riy >r* ad
vanee. * * >|75,On
Bed and bedding, lO.Ofl
Vacations—ti.e month-td Octoberand Ap
References, Rev Dr. Ke»rh *>t The«*it/gica|
Scmitf.'try o( Virgin **, Ia\ ‘ Kairhix, Alexan
drin, Mr. Wr.>. ). \\ e;r of Prince William Co,
Henry [’anrlix fc>^ id Fanlax ('un:\lj.
ap f7--d2vy [Nat Int.J
PA' 7 Larwel. wi.j> Giver frame; also
j ; . « ca>e nldmrgirai instruments A
liberal n ward will he paid for their delivery
gt iljivolhce. vp 17—^

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