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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, May 12, 1841, Image 1

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V(). XU. WEDNESDAY" MORNING, MAY l% IS11 f<0. 112
AK“ ri-v -
^ T •• ^ \ \* •> >. { V f« A /. »a t ^ **j |
S.VO.Y />'•■ v>
\N \ :. r.WVSf.K n U.F YJiMii.Y.
. < \ \’»;• i \ GA*E rrE,
.. /.,<,! ^ •> KV.IJI f. VU!.Y ov
.. 'V ri' «<>•"’. and >\r:;«t-*.u
f- * ’ , . .n -f. i*vt W.-.K 1 < %»»V VH:..
vutsa S'|iwre ••■. * " - : 1 *
\ ». c-miIn ouiuic*
■ i •('*'* -
i , , . *• pi(*t4 t1 * I tlC lISl* 14
* * I; ) > rl I l.l-» 1' * - * v
1 . , . • ■ • • ,1"' M‘>•
. war lurt to Jiu
• .. is.f .u !*•■-I ri t;r^-n* r^i^l
• ’ ' ? , . • T i*i T i“ir a U
' -__
r, y\V V«>UK <»\* M* >Ni> \ Y.
\ . • . \ ■ |M $, t' »i»f. •••■- - ran |
,f . In mi Icr aeck, ami a 1lx* \
! ” >r V/. -V >VR Sc < •>.
• r.;,. , from »h * a‘-*>ve ve^e!. !n»in \V:»r*»
.t»! «■ r n i > an*I !>ra• I >. lea l !t
. • , F. .. r r aa;. ; *l>» sa.t* asaUove.
V ^ _
pi » ji \UFA\. N S.
■:t I'l.e Uri^li brur WILLI W. ;
. lc i'1 >. u (• hive le^patcii, an! tike :
sr*> ;..j tuned I'rrijM; for which :»pn!v in
\V \l. i '« >\VLR & SOW
p »:t i; »> r<
• -r f i i>* i! * 4 ’ i i r 1 *.u* l\ e t 1 >nII \ I u1 * 1 •> i \.
| — , mast«t% wi . Iwve ties*
. rri . • , i • t r ■ • a c h t ‘ *r | > >N v * 1! t*, a ; |» v 11)
JVfixi i ~i\ h roir~ToB.tcco.
" V , s. i-’ * ;u intends ruaniti4 a
...» *>*tween Aiexan Iria, I*.
.-r>s . ■ i> Ion co *, Mil., once a w eek ;
• «»e eric imaged, he \v«!i take height
...., >»,'•* r**nn>. For *reiirlit, apply to J.
s t »rt lohacco. or to
r .» o' Alexandria. ‘
p m FttF.i’ ill r. !
rr '1 ‘Mie I i-'f sail i in: Sc hr SAKAI l
'-A i \Yi\I \, K;cinrd 1. Jannev.mas- j
.irvj^r^ U*;f i;i** i a1 out " • > barrels, ?ui\v :
• • v ; *r e ir * , a i I w hi t »ke treurht tor an v 1
x,;t' . to F l. THOMAS.
a; *►—»:' .____
AC' ' >M.\i*»; >ATl< >N.
A|>oo as the n:»\ i ;alion
! V- .^-loM's. the I'roprietoi > wiii
■'■dfc-.'* F-^rm1 tlailv between A'exan
, .. ui, I wo Jities ol (*o iche?:
> - s; l. ur wj.l cave at 1) o’clock, the -ml
* k. \. M , lor Washington, return
ive W.i dungoiii at A and 1 o'clock
/ • •* >e at •» a ,»p V a t \\ ise s I 11 v !!ori*i. A1 •
: i, ml lithe i ieoerai Ma je 1 hlice.op
: ,. . 11 S avS tie* tel, S\ a si imgf on t hy.
i\ziv jn cents.
i> t >N \* ili vk. FI.LAiIN‘^%
l. < > < > K I i K U K?
•o' /1 ir^iniH M■/.< /ft r «//•/* .r
"Nil h» > i’ \ l L> M Vi L > l V < ’
v tA.i.i-i;. to aa l from Winchester,
Through in one da v.
Loaves Wise’s Hotel,
' ‘7*V-r’% A * a u; i i ou Tuesday,
: I hurstlav, iuui Sutus lav*
»>*, \.. »!• \. \l . an ! a: nvts at ,
•i To tmr: i! li .o - a \. \l., reaching fay-;
« (I »;o . v\ >■ ■.••.■'• i'i >i;* ‘ u\* h >c k l*. .\I,
I.** ive> i’ iv,or*> II Cel. \\ incheste'’, at I
'■ft. \. \l., i»:i sin? iv, \\ e !lit*>»!a v, a ml
;a iv in.; |'i .< u i hi a Maidietai i! at>oi;t
. •>i »t a or .M*k. iii\vsti;iaf Wise's Hotel
on in i, a: I >V. >ck V. M , in time for I he
^ ' .1 i »fn;t It v;t.
■ ' * I**' ire t ;> t o:ir to tms \ . No. 1,
> ’A i.' i a a * 1 Jo.;a Wl*,. ;e\ to keep
•••" it !;;•*. ’ll
i s. !i • <• oia»*<’ts at Winchester, w ith the
• ' u ' uihe:!ami, ami Larkcrsourj
s‘ l.**N.
v • ' •:* sf ats a i Wm.-'n i loJei M<*\a m’»aa:
Vv r .' .: • i\»' T ; L limit l f \ier. Aitiie;
' * ' ! >‘o \1: . i o‘»a-\ndei>.»n.Hector's
' '’ .» t‘-i;s > ;. I'ppei ville; >ottIt*, fans;
' ’ I: lav oO Hotel, Winchester.
f > . v., three *tn’!ai s.
Ml »\l A> J. \< »L \Nl) vX Ho.
I : • I I j. I v M, I s |n _ ^tit I
V »MM- n> \ 11* *\
Flr »/ l.i w: ny s / .
•' 'i* .. —^ 1 nt in* Utn,jneil ii iviiii*
-i*' Ai,
h— ' . aecotin* I’l o[*i ieTo' s <>| hhe
• »• ' • : *t 1 one ot "■ taue >. i n; - i
1 M 11 > t • t's \| i rMi.i ! t I it •It'.; • A r \ a n
*• 1 ., t * i\ KMro ! r.n nA I lotei. \\ ill*
' ^ 1 . ’ »to* ins method ot retirmiia
*J • ? i • i':i!»!n* tor the libera! ;»a >
' 1 • * ' ♦ -vi * wed .a nd |i rd:.e them
n » ;> i is to co.iutum tie* L.ne
‘ 1 ' ' ' M* >■ ’> aild hvaui II.* a’K)US.
L •’ N'*' /« i-"inr ll''f tn irid.
f 1 -e t Li:m wo; lea v-* the Marshall
. i. as !;••: r*t'»! >»v,every I'ues
>r' ' • »} «’i 1 s.ntir.lav, at I o'clock. \.
'aY‘.v‘r ■'.* ,r Livtor's Hot. !, Winchester :
^ ’ > i*. M. a:»d connect \\ 11h j
* K i ‘ Cnmbcrlun i and Par- 1
**•> '.i':
T ‘ ' 11 h d"i n x * I id' :ifs!
V * 1 ‘ 1 s t b*te , \\ lint he "ter, Ya.
Y '! 1 ’d Linlivani Sunday, :U 1
Y . ,'Yt * 't A evisi.liia Name j
:,:i t »m time for the steam
,! ‘ " I'hnijio-t, |\ (\
; // er' 1 inv" e«*o i Troy Coaches,
’ - h l 'iliWl's,
\ v,|K:>;o attic Marshal! Home, j
• v Y i: A ‘!r *'‘-»’s.t\»:rf.ix Court I louse; ,
' h Roht.W.Lall ;
!0 v ‘ttic's Lins; iv. Little’s, !
. " * 1 * '* ’ Li v »r's l lof«-j. W.neliesf*•*-.
i:v* ;Y ‘ierfhaore, .<J tliroiuo — Ao
. » *'ved. . ' .
,\V . * * v1 " ill at nil times be
1 :l> Hotel, w aches ter, to
■ c ■'1 \v attention t<» Pisset reis
'■ f'*; a» 1 ' will furnish Horses
; j'' Y‘; t>rir th'( • 1 '!us jorfatu*
.nJ’,;,;. : ‘•^Lftr.NouT.Tu &. cm.
$fgpf) . K. ' ' 1 ! \ KOIJX; y,i \\
T mY ”;' N, hv '• • '/ /'av: t\fcTOtiv
I • • Y ' ! : • ( ’ nj*osii«»>n Castings, »>t
h ’A i L_d» and Low Pressure
jmeSjShce* tr»>n Uonts
1* Screws, Tu . in; Lathes,
r r Copy J j 2 Presses,^.c..
'n exec ire I promptly. a.u!
* • K> worabte terms, bv
•r , . _ d\ W. & It. C. SMITH.
'Y ' '■ ' . i- je a ;s > ■ nent ot
... _ '■ ■■ eat in?, &c.; . so
.* ’x’. u 1:1 Lu ;.c ;> it tents, tor «‘a >t IrvU
‘ sep 17—eolv
* PiU.N I'INgT"
*‘‘‘v e.xcenitd altidi oifict.
f i ii i *H*AMS Ruled PouNciip Paper
l« Jg f 100 do. plain do (Jo
Ioo reams ruled Letter do
1 »:> do plain do do
•J J do Letter Paper, assorted colors
10 do Loj Cabin Letter Paper, super
1> do ('ouotirijj llouseCap. closely rul’d i
Jo (J > Pom i ».fice Envelope Paper
j do super jilt Note Pa per, some t'ai
"> do su|*er extra iri!t Letter Paper
l do super [Rolling l’aper
J > do S\ rap; in" Paper, Cap and Crown j
10 do 1‘ni‘de Crown ami Hardware
I'm per 1
jo jroce Mwe Punnet Hoards
» mi n idle do do
1 ) -o pounds P> u and Han 1-Hox Hoards j
it’oce pucks Priotmj and Visiting Cu vis
1 11 do/.,*n J omly's spi-1 mg Hook
• > gro r N itu>:i.il ami other Primers..
- '■”* *Ruuis, !ci»;11 No. 10 to \o. ."0
Jsl ut* Pencil'-, *\r»jl.'>ii un i German
>0 d'*z *u S!utt*s, assorted si/.es
1 i pou.ids super r.uHi'h Note Wafers
1J i.:o do Ltiur nod Pea Wafers,
assorted colors j
00 do do extra Red, Hlick, and j
Rro.i/.e Sea diet A ax j
b u*>/‘ n ivory and l»o.\ \\ 00,1 Males
G do Bra^s Dividers,some with move
l*.e legs
bo Rra>s Ih«»tra<*to\s
G tio Par liiel It iiiei s
2 do cases Mathematical Instruments
1 do Ruling Pens
Besides Log >1 at»s an ! Log Books, Nautical
Bn >k* and t 'harts ; M’i [' n / i. BoUixK ot t ve
ry variety; B.ue and black Ink; lek Powde ;
India Rubber, Drawing Peucit.s, Drawing Pa
per, and llis'o; B'-ai I; l o; k Inkstands and
n» Sand Boxes; \\ \ Id. PAPER and BOR
l >ERs ; s PEEL P .Nm m g:eat variety;—
Kaiii.lv i»11>ie' and Poit Koiios; <’•»;.v and K\
p.eiiiig Books; Hi. \NK B:>'>K>; Seliool Bi—
t», e > a nd I e >la men r >; Prayer i *>o. k all siz.t s
at.d ‘piauties—good plain ones til per do
zrti ; Stiver i’t.mls. Penkmvt s, and Liaser^;
11n>i«v P »per, van m*. co.oin's ; .Ymtc Paper;
( \>;n Plates ; IV ht'd eeit brale.i I l*‘R !■ -
HOI ND CANDY ; Evan's Camomile Pills,
Morison's PdPs. ike. icc.
Allot wincii are olimed at low prc^sj'or
tdrdrrs !rom the country, enclosing the
in mev, pro uptly attended to.
•We an >d 1 twin" the liigle-st market |
place, :n mon**y or goods, tor good clean H ags, j
Count*) merchant' an : odiers having the ar
ticle o dispose o!, are invited to give us a call, j
\\ e think they will tin i our Mat ionary and ;
Books as low as tne\ can buy elsewhere.
BELL Jk EN l’V\ ISLE, Booksellers,
mil' I j—gawt. King >K, Alexandria, D. C
j 4\<\ (KRDCE steel Pens, of the most ap
S t proved makers, including
l i n wood's London >U **i; A arin's Yen';;nthe
I ireiev's Rh idiagrajilne; Win in's Tippecanoe
\\ u,d p's Magnum Bonum and Ne pUr> unid
Double l’atent Extra tine Perryan
, Ku sii.i u's Victoria; < ’eveland’s >pring Regu’g
i led* y s Piaui'di !; ‘ Eliot's Eagle
Wa rm's Bank a nd Dili* e
I lee ley’s t o>kl pate Ruby
Asti’s Knifed >ta tes • lov element
xjiIIoPs ( b i English Baronial I
\\ indie’s Compensator; \\ min's Nuptial
• Eliott s Damascus a n ; Double Da ma sc us
: BIiotlN Uuvea's Own; Ponce Albert's < >vcn
Ker^t.au ’s ! .ou’n t M*:ct; Mpeheli s sup l lexiu.e
Ladies’ Ruby; Ladies' Bow n Hail
»lihoft’s Victor! i: Jacob’s Kme Pouts
Besides manv idner>. on cards and in boxes',
(join ?? I a groce i.» 7 > ci ids a dozen. Just
received Irom U.e importer, and Ibr sale by
G groce wall’s eeietn a:ed London DR AW -
IV i PENCILS, i 1. B, Mill t, and II III!; an
assort men 1 ot iBnlgei s ik E.m s PEN ix NI v I*m; j
a tut Dio/. M i sh**»’ Eh ver E \ ER PU1N l Pc.N - j
i i i. s ( for s;, ;e !otV. •* P
1 r> r 5*ut>!i>i.eil by CELL LN l’\Vl<LE.
J Alexan In.i, i>. C. I he Xt w .\ation<il
contaimii:; a full ienutti portrait ol
Heneiil W’:*-<!»!iit!•«»n ; likenesses ot all the
Presidents ot Uie I dated Slates, inrlu.liuj
(ien*. Vai Harmon; the time when ami p ace ;
where h-• ^.c ; an account of the engage -
meut he* ween the Hon "tit u* ion and <« on ten e.
I tattles ««t Lex iny'on ami Bunker s <ii!!,&c.;
besides an liuMiioih la hie lor tearnuu.r chil
li i f i the tone of da v hy a clock or watch, and
other mleies»iHLr matter.
Tue National Primer is one of the best pub
lished, ami is selling rapidly at the low price ;
i;• cents each; 50 cents per dozen ; S3 per ;
i »i ders from the < nuuiry,enclosing tlie ca di, 1
prom pi I v at tended to. ap -it j
NAl *TP At. IK K)Ks, HH Ain’s, kr.
s ) >\ HI IV 11'> American Navigator, las •
I ) edit ion; M • in v '•> Na vigation, used in the
* mted '"tatemNav\; Merchant and shipiutts |
ter's As>L't:'.nt ; tin* Expeditious Measurer,!
•o x!in\v the sood con?* nts ot packayes and j
cad\s; Blunt's t oast 1 dot. t hirteeut li edit ieii {
h: • - light down t » t !• *; i • iu!11 s Nautical A!
ut ;:iici\s; t ai _;o Book"; Lou Books; < harts
ol t lie ""O' it In ■ rii * oa>t ol tin’ ! mted Mams. !
trom New 3 ork to st. A ngu > t me; W u* Iwa rd •
and Leewaid West India Islands; Bahama*
thinks; North \t!autic < Vean; Mouth ol the)
V .ssi>s':p:>i, Bi trmti (Ahanne!. w ith Book ol
Pi ■••ft ion . \r., ^c. for■ >.»: • • hv
p i : - i BELL vV KXTWISLE.
Mi >u I: NEW Pi CLIP ATI* >NS.
VNP.W Tract of the Times, hy an o| I
oiil fadi o:iod * ’Inn ciiui :n, price o cents.
Tab s lor the People and their chddien —
the Settle* s ai II »me — hy l lari leL Mai tme.ri.
id./ iheth t oo ii'oa, or the l* lower ami
I'; u.t of Penia’c Piety, wiih oilier >ketehcs,
hv *• Ireacu-. ’ Ju>l received and lor sale hy j
/ All Duj licitv Exposed, a comedy in five
V / acts, t>\, >ir Kowurd Lytton Rulwer, an
ti: >r of •‘Eirl.ei.t'i,'’ Nr. Price cents.
For si',- I v BELL & EN HVISLE.
J A REAMS .!t»i:• j Puller's Vtlimn Quarto ,
vI’U P«)si,s,tin l:n:Mi, iiueu stuck, nhiu?
an 1 flue, a su;euor article.
|u Reams Rul er's Vellum Quarto PoM, rul
ed. Just received, and lor salt* l*v
"n REA MS j;ood ruled Letter Paper
Ovf aO 4* plain do <1,0
a«) 44 “ ruled Foolscap
o»> •* 4 plain (to
2o Xi stron? uncut can, fori
"*ci‘Oi> x at t*ie lovv price »»! >2.">0 l>y tiie Ream;
• i• iaL to 12 cents a Quire; — lor salt* l*v
MM; -ellers am; Statiouets, King st. Aiexan
Itia, A. o.
luO ^roce steel I’em, ol the most approved
uii x^i's. price vl pereroce to 75 cents per do/.
-y*\ai.!u\ Warreaton Tunes, and Lees-J
•am -' ' cm L.lu> tfie amount of Si. an 26 *
- -u ■ -x, .-i ■ ■ v* -i. i.r x • r-f grg^.- - ♦* - ■ —; - ■ «■; t*r^rw.rrr *
k 4 Y Seminarv (or youths will he removed
! i* L to Alexandria I>. <>n the 1st day of
I May, in a retired and commodious budding,
fortnedy (he residence ol the late Judge
Thomson E. Mason, at the northern extrem
ity ol* the town. Ni pupil not heretofore a
member o! my family will he admitted over
1 1 years ot age. and the number vrill he limit
ed to id. There are some vacancies which 1
desire to fij|.
(Ireat attention will be pai l to the morals,
m Miners and In hits, «»f my pupds, who all re
side in mv taiuilv and form a part of if: none
others ate admitted. Attached to the pre
mises is .» large gt.uien. A fondness lor hor
ticultural puiMtits ins been cherished among
my pupils with obvious at! vantage. The dis
cipline is strict Mil parental, and a rigid ob
servance ol all the rules is required.
The course of Instruction is liberal, suited
to an entrance mio schools of higher grade,
into college and mercantile life. If embraces
English, Latin, (Leek, French, Composition,
Civil I li>tt»ry, A itural and Mora! Philosophy,
' Jeognpliy, tiie< Rohes. Arithmetic*. Algebra,
the Elements of tieometrv, Look Keeping,
a ml the evidence-* <>f < "In isiiamty.
Terms.—For tuition, hoard, fire, candles,
washing, mending, mattress and bedding,;
tiie charge for the Scholastic year of 10 1
months is Sjq q payable hu1f}carly in ad
vance. Vacation from 1st August to last of!
The Rev. Dr. It. Keith, Rev. E. It. Lippett,
Rev. Mr. Packard, 1‘heologicai Seminary near
The Rev. C. ft. Dana, Panic! Minor Estjr,
Leo. L\ Wise Esq ; Alexandria D. C.
\VILLIAM. 13REX l\ Jr.
mar 10—eoSdwM
ov: llvXmtED DOLLAllS UKWAltl).
I K TVKEX in any nou-slavcholding State,
JL and Fifty Dollars if taken any where else,
it safely delivered to me. or lodged safely in
jail, so that 1 get hiio again, my negro man
III) .s OX.
TTe is about forty \ ea r> old, and a stout, black, j
tleshv felb*u*,—a In'.ut five leet <> to !) inches
high,—with a broad full face, wears whiskers
sometimes, and has lost the lirst joint of j
one ot Ins lingers fn»m having a hone-felon
some \tars back. lie also lias some scars
under 11is jaws, or lhoat, occasioned try the
scrofula when a hoy. lie had good clothes
generally, hut may now show differently.
fie it It home on Laster-Sunday, the 11th in
stant. to go to sre his wife, at Mr. Win. Lyles,
Jr . a few miles, with full cou>ent from my
manager,las ue.nl for several Years past) and
was to have returned home on Tuesday after
— and since have not seen or heard any thing
of hum more than his w lie says, tie let', her to
eoine home on sai 1 Tue'day.
; Fishermen on the Potomac, and
elsewhere, wil! please to keep a good iookotit,
—also, all ('upturns ofvevseL; and all persons
are forewarned from harboring or employing
said negro. II. D. HATTON.
I latton's Hills, near Piscata way, ALL
51 p T>—dit^eotf
\ House servant without children, is wnnt
. ed fora family in the country—for which
good wages will be paid; apply to
imy J b. WHEAT 6c SON.
frt/\ 1HIDS. Wmskey
aiisi.l*. S Oock Spring G,n.
Landing and f >r sale hv
my l ' \\ M.‘ FOWLF. Sc SOX.
P. R. & N.O. SUGAR.
n \ I1HDS I*. IL 6c X O. Sugar, han l
11 /Mune «piu!ity, received iindLorsa'e low,
by (may 4 _ WM. BAYNE.
■\T|-AV liiit'iiiis Molassses in Mils, l’hila
deijdiia manulactured Oded Over Coats,
Jarkelis and l'ruwseis; f» dozen Oiled llals.
For sale by TilOS. VOWELL,
inv 3 Union Street.
7>oNAIuK Salt, (e-joal to l urks Mnnd,) in
.13 stou*, and will be sold at led need tales; j
to close sales l v j
my 3 LAM CERT & McfTEXZlEj |
,T*)i U \ CUsHELS, the car?o of Scbr.
Jew,— For sale bv
111) 3 W.M. FOW 1.L & St »N\
t ’(i I’Tt <N < iO( »l)S.
SIXTY bales Shirtmux, MieetingsandOs
linbu.gs;—received tins da v, and for sale
by " A. C. CA/.KNuVE & CO.
my 3
Si’OliEAOE. !
| jEllulNtiS «*i* sliad can le stored in a j
1.S ?oo»l Erick Warehouse near itie Wharl
ami will be sold ior a Eiokeraee. by
mv 3 Union Sheet. I
_ _ _ j
y J k T<' hue coarse Salt
r limn bus. 1 in ks Uiaml do.
For sale by i liOS. VOWELL.
piv ;j Union Street.
/^lArtEIi. LLV 11 ej-a red, a nd for sa le, a t
u, i v 3 i >rui! Store, Km? st.
:\ i 1 I
~ * \ REEL Pij'fctte Apples, in line order,—
r received and lor sale by
( < M )K1N( i FURNACES. ^
Ir^T iveetvni an assortment of Fookin::
Furnaces cased with Sheet Iron. For sale
by ap JP] R. H. MILLER.
BELS Potomac llvdrau ii* Cement,a i
• >W superior article. Just received ami l"r j
sale bv G. 1. THOMAS. j
ONI" HI IP. pure fiii Strained Sperm Oil
_ jo bids No. I Siutil ... I
•jo bids. No. 1 Gross Herrin??, of lids I
years inspection. For sale by
aii 20 THUS. YiAYELL.
ENi i i -» r1 A i i..' PANE MuNcA j
VfTA.N i ED—ly
V\ [a;»23] J. LAP11EN.
i ^ f\ PAPERS, containing the seeds of
1 / w in 111y beautiful annuals, biemiieis
tnd perennieli; j*i>t received and lor sale
lib tn*» 2" ____
I P'. Fresh Race Girder
£\J\1 oO llw. do white Jamaica Po.
1 t>o do Cim;piny Nulmes?
S3 “ do Cloves j
Received and for sale low* hv
-i mo J'5 W.M, STAPLER ot Co. ,
! 1A. Counsellor al Law, !aie cf Virginia, iiav
I ing located bmi<elf in the city of New York
I for eigtit years past, resf>eoifully tenders his
: acknowledgements to his friends in the South,
lor tlieir confidence and patronage in various
1 matters of business, ami solicits their contin
uance. He has had much experience, both in
1 this State and that of Pennsylvania, in caus
ing fugitive slaves to he secured, and will
continue toeflect such objects whenever call
ed up mi. His plans are so well matured, by
having at his command the most elficient aid,
located at dillerent points, and successfully
harmonizing, that he w ill have mote complete
success in future than heretofore—indeed, it
clothed with full authority, lie can cause any
fugitive slave to be secured, who maybe in
the tinted States, north of Mason and Dix
on’s !me. All the statutory enactments of
fins State on this subject, have been pro
nounced unconstitutional by the highest tri
bunals. it ujil therefore be seen that the
provisions made in the constitution on this
subject, are paramount lo ali other enact
ments, whether State nr Federal. There are
thousands of fugitive slaves in this city and
its environs, and they continue lo multiply
These being, nf best, very unpopular
in cases in this quarter, (lie having the Aboli
tionists, the flesh, and the devil, to contend
with,) it will he necessary lor those wishing
to secure his services, to forward turn a power
of attorney, duly executed, and minutely
descriptive of the fugitive, and also a fee of
s^o, lo defray preliminary and contingent ex
penses. His universal charge lor securing
such slave is *lou, and ali reasonable ex
Mr. Pettis will promptly and faithfully at
tend to a nv business confided to him, touching
ins profession. All letters must Le post paid.
New York, April Ig—eoGm
HAVE received the l’ollowmgarticle,which
they oiler for sale, viz—
The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsa mis believed
to be deservedly the most popular medicine
ever kr.own in America, for coughs, colds,
asthma or phthisic consumption, whooping
coil’ h, a ml pulmona ry a flections of every kind,
'fiie proprietors have received.and are receiv
ing numerous recommendations from many of
our best Physicians, wiio make use of it in
tlieir practice The names of a fe.w individu
als who have given tlieir testimony in lavor of
this article are here subjoined, and for a more
full account see the envelope to the bottle.
Doc:. Amory Hunting,
“ Truman Abell,
“ Thomas Brown,
“ Will in in Perry,
Duct. Samuel .\iernll,
I “ Tini’y Bay lies,
| “ Jer’h tills worth,
“ Albert Guild.
Lxtract ol a letter irom Mr. t.. a.Clay, wings
ton, Lister count v, A. Y, to the proprietors:
Yours ot tlie iUli instant was duly received.
A remai ka bit* cure wa<el!ccted by the Vege
table Pulmonary Balsam m the winter and
spring ot 1835. The person, Mr. Moody, had
been sick a long lime with the consumption1
His physician had given him up. i le was re
d«i*-«?d so law as to be unable to help himsell
and was raising a largequaniit v ol !>looil when
fie commenced using the Balsam, which eject
ed a complete cure, and he is now as hale and
hearty as ever he was. Mr. Moody has re
moved from this town, but he has promised
me a more detailed account of his case, which
l will forward you. C. 8. Clay.
Kingston, A. Y. June 2*', 133.3.
Counterjcits—lieu'arept Imposition —Each
genuine bottle is enclosed m a bine wrapper,
on which is a label, signed by Sampson Heed
Aone other can he genuine.
The outside yellow label will have, on and
after Pec.’33, in addition to that ol Sampson
Reed, llie signature of ll'm. John Culler, one
of his partners.
Look out for a spurious mixture called ‘ve
getable pulmonary balsam,’ sometimes signed
Samuel Lee, and sometimes Sampson Lee,//ic
name being written in away to resemble the
genuine signature!! said to l>e prepared by an
unprincipled man in Bangor, .Maine.
Tor sale by the subscribers, in Boston, and
by their appointment, by W in. Stabler is. Co.,
their onlv Agents for Alexandria.
Boston, nov 20—eol v
1T7M. LAXPHIElt, IHI.VTIST, romper!ful
\ V I v continues nis tender ol services totlie
citizens and visitors ol’ Alexandria. Office
removed next door to Cook’s Drug Store, on
King street.
All necessary operations upon diseased teetli
performed carefully, and every attention given
directed to promote the health and prolong the ,
u*elu!ncss of such Tef.tii as.shall come under :
his care.
The Mechanical branch being wholly exe- !
cuted by liimself ivill enable film To furnish !
Artificial Teeth, much cheaper than can he
piociii'cd elsewhere m this l'i>tnct.
The success which lias generally attendee J
his elioris, both in the Surgical and Mechani- \
cal branches, while he has been in practice
here, taken together with an expenence of
seven years in that practice, it is almost uu
necessaiy to say, is the best evidence of Ins
a hill!y. mb7—Monti
\FuL> i I supply ol line French Flowers,}
]«ii Insih tire iusitie ami outside of the Lon* :
net, ami French Wreath*, together with com- j
mot: side Flowers ami Wreaths. Also, age- j
i.erai assortment ol* Parasols and Sun screens, i
just opened, hy C, M. tv F. i'AVLLU. |
ap*2J___ |
T IS T rumvt'l a Mnalj and select assorl
*3 merit ol Astral Lamps am! Girandoles,
with prism drops, various sizes, patterns and
prices, winch will be sold low.
Mantel Lamps, Cut and j lain Glass I.nmrb
and Glass Candlesticks, together with a gen
eral assortment ol Tea and Table services;
China and Liverpool ware, pure white, and
fancy colours.
•tth nio 29 R. IL MILLER.
ICE!! ICE!!!
rpiIE SUBSCRIBER will keep at his Store
X Ice ol the be*t quality, at cM lor loohal!
peck Pickets ai d wnl warrant a lull .supply
imid the lOtii ol October next. It "id be de
livered from sun-rise until 6 o’clock, P. M.,
(Sundays'excepted, when it will be given out
until 9 o’clock, A. M.)
up 12—if JOHN LAWSON.
■j CASK French Brandy (tin proof)
J l qr. casks Madeira Wine
5 <;r. casks Sweet .Malaga Wine
Jmi received and for sale bv
npCd Ocjosife the Market.
Q \ POUNDS, Ho-round, prune Bn
Om con, just firmed, and f>r safe b>
ap 28 W.M. FOWLE d*. SON.
‘ » »_jw agjari.'. tiesi.'- .._i .agBgmKiOWPtcetti
t jLT AS just received from Philadelphia and
f -Ljl New York, a large ami well selected aa
| sorlatent of .Seasonable
As his stock is entirely new, he deems it un*
necessary to enunierate tire various articles.
: He invites the public generally, and his old
i friends and cu>iomers, particularly, to give
him a call, three doors hi low the corner late
ly occupied by Wright &, Harper. apG
I IT AS received, and is now opening, (at his
. JL Store, opposite Cook's Drug Store.) Ins
j Spiing and Summer .supply of DRY GOODS,
comprising a very large and handsome assort*
1 ment, including both Staple ami Fancy, that
! is lit wand desirable—all of which lie respect
; hnly oilers to Ins fiiemls and the public, on
| ttie most l.ivocable terms, and solicits an
| examination before purchasing. up I'J—if
Dry Goods, Auction Commission Merchant,
King street Alexandria, D. C.
OFFERS for sale, a large Stock of DRY
GOODS, of recent selection at very low
prices; and as there is a very general com
plaining of the scarcity of money ami hard
times, there will he an additional inducement
lor him to give good bargains for the leady
money. Tne following goods are enumeru ted
Coat and Pa italoou Stulls, consisting of
Cloths, Cassimeres, Satinets, Summer Cloths,
Cashmere Cloth, black L’umba/.iiie, Gam
| brooms, Drillings, Ermiuets, Colton Drillings,
| &c. &c.
vestings.bilk. \ alentia, .Marseilles,\\ citing
Velvet, Cassimere &c.
1 Iaudsome Goods lor Ladies Presses, includ
ing Mouslaiue de Lames, plain andfig\;; Black
Italian Lustrine, plain and fig’dGro de Naps,
Blue Black Pmi de Soi*», Gro de Rhine. Punted
Lawns, Muslins, Manchester Gingiia ms, plain
and fi’g Pongee, pla.n Ginghams, Chintzes and
! Calicoes, See. &.c.
Lares, Edgings Qtiiillngs, Inserting*, Wmk
ed Collars, Worked Muslin Bands. Black and
White Square net, Veil Stulls, Mohair Square
net,Cambrics, Jaconets, Book Muslins, plain
and fig’d Swiss, Bobbinets, &c. &c.
Penitentiary Domestic Plaids; brown and
bleached Cottons; Burlaps, assorted numbers;
Colton Osna burgs; twilled brown and bleach
ed Cotton**; Hamilton .viieetings; Satin Jeans:
Russia Sheeting; Irish Linens; Russia a ml
Bird’s-Eye Diaper; Furniture & Apron Checks,
&c. &c.
Gloves, Hosiery, Spool and Ball Cottons,
Sewing Silk; Twist am) a great variety of
Trimmings of the best kinds.
L'Jp'L. STAXSBFRV continues to offer
hi*service* ns a general Auctioneer, and begs
losav, that in devoting bis attention t“ this
branch of business, Ins regular Dry Goods
business will not he interfered will , but wiil
be attended to as usual.
A young man with some experience in busi
ness, to attend in the Dry Goods Store.
may 3
C. M. & F. TAYLOR,
A YF just received, :md are now opening,
._a large and lull assortment of Spring
and Summer Goods— all of which will be sold
low to su.l the limes—among which v\;!i he
Blue, black, invisible preen and brown Cloths
I'aik ami light colored Cassimeres
Single milled (’ass,meres; London Tweed do
Best black W't liington ribbb’d ami plain Sum
mer Cloths
Cashinarct, a handsome article for Coats
I Black, invisible green, and brown Summer
Cloths, low price
Black, drab, blue, and mixed twilled do, for
boy’s wear
( CuinhrniMis, ply in and ribbbl, FrminPts
White, bull, and figured Valencia Ye<tings
^t.perior Satin, Welting*, and Marseilles do
Rich ligM 7- J silk Shawls; small size do
riain ami fig’d blue-hlack Crude Aap
Blue-black Satin lor (trusses
Matteom 1 .ustnng, and c« intnon black Silk5?
Mode rul’d vhks for drawn bonnets
Coi’d Bishop Lawns do do
Bibb.ms, plain and fig’d
Fmlmssed and Satin striped CluFlevs
Fancy Mou>bn de Lame,Mime very low price
Fine Fnglish Silk; ribtied Hose and 1-2 Lose
Mohair and Bin .\ic Gloves and Mitts
Fainted Muslin* and Law n* m jneat variety
Fine Lace M usiins lor I 'r< sses a ml < ‘apes
Damask, landlord, crose-baned and stiiped
Curtain Mtsdms
Stipe:ior ( :irubric ami Jaconet Musiins; com
mon do
Bishop Lawns; Mini an.i i»ook amis mis
Figbl anil plant Swiss ami Bohineis
White and black Thule lor Caps and \ cds
7*4 black do lor Hiatt Is
JaconPl and Book Muslin Handkerchiefs
French, I*r11and Amer.can Calicoes, beau- t
idol a -sort ment
.Manchester and oil er G'n:han>s
I- igM Worsted, a handsome article lor boy’s j
uea r
Plain and r.!>h°d Lii en D Mings
Stifei ior plain F.ngli-h do
I r i>ii Linens, very the. nod low price
6-1 and 12-1 Broiusly and Irish Limn Hied
12-1 ami 13-4 fine Marseilles Guilts
Victoria Robes and voided Skirts
Plain and hem-studied Lmtu Can,!,; ic Hand
Superior Linen Can brie arid common Cam
brie for ! lamikerehu fs
Ladies’ and Geiillenien’s best Paris Kid
Silk and Colton Gloves—some Mr children
Large assortment <*| wh’te, black, lead and
mixed Cot ton l losiery
Grass Linen and Si I k Handkerchief*
Superior Satin trimmed Su.mmtr Stocks and
limey Cravats
Linen Bosoms, Collars. Surrenders
Brown Hollands, Bird’s-Eye, Russsia, and
Table Diaper
Parnv-oL; Sun Screen*, and Umbrella*
Together with a full assortment of Check
Bleached and unbleached Shirtingsand Sheet
Burlap^ Linen, ami Cotton Osnaburgs
Peniteutiary Plaids, (hi Cloth*. &lc.
j cases Florence Brai i and Straw Bonnet*,
Pa ini Leaf Hoods and Hats
4-4 and 6-4 Straw Matting; Carpetings and
With ail other articles usually found in the
business. ap 13 j
OERMONS by the late Rev. Daniel A Clark, I
O author of ‘Conference Sermons’4 Chiwcii
Safe,’ &c., m two v»!*.
Lectures on Uni versa lism, bv Rev Joel
Parker, D. D., President of the Union Theo
logical Seminary. New York.
Also, n new edition of B.shop V» i I son’s ‘a
era Privata, re-printed entire.
Just published, and Mr ?.ilc bv
S ji ‘25 - L hNXh
*"1' 1 —■—r———
By I. S. Sleeper.
We have never met with a better collection
of sea stories. Whether humorous or puthe.
if, they are written with great spirit, and as
far as our slight knowledge extends, with cor
rectness of description. The following :>»
from the ‘‘Impressmentof Seamen**— a pap*
giving details of British cruelty, which make'
the blood tun cold to even imagine:
“In the year IS10, a brig belonging to Saletr.
was overhauled by a British cruiser on if-’
South American coast. The cretv were com
posed of Americans, athletic, hue looking )(,
lows. But the cruiser was in want of liar. .
—and the boai ding officer ordered two of I*,
seamen to pack up tneirs duds, and go into t r
limit. The men neieihunderstruck—and if
captain remonstrated in the strongest tern
against an unjust and atrocious act. Tl
lieutenant shi tigged his shoulders, and coo y
said, ilial it was needless to multiply words
about it lor tne men he mu>t have—and not
withstanding their protections, he believed
they were Englishmen! There seemed to he
no alternative—lor with a mar. of war on tin*
ycenn,as well as a pirate, might often make;
eight. (hie ol the men silently resigned him
sell to his late, although he w’as well aware
that it was a dreauJul one. The other,
whose name was Barnes a noble looking
fellow ol six feet in height, ami of due projj
portions— untested against the course adopt
ed by the Englishman, declaring himself
to be a native American citizen, and entitled
to ihe pnvilegesuf an American. The othcer,
however, was inexorable, and finding his or
ders reluctantly obeyed, was about to proceed
to use (orce, w hen Barnes took his clasp kmle
from h:s pocket, opened it, and grasping it in
his left hand, diew it across the palm ol Ins
right hand,—then, dropping the knife, he seiz
ed the liuge s and with a wrench fbicedthem
back until they lay parallel with the wrist, mi
direction of the elbow, and at the same tim ex
claiming to ihe astonished othcer, ‘Now take
me, il you like, on board your rascally craft
l shall he a cripple lor Ide.”
Another Atnei trail was seized on a similar
occasion. Iiis protection was disregarded;
and m conse<inenec ol Ins brave resistance t«*
the British kidnappers, ne was taken on board
i fit ir vessel, and whipped by order of the cap
•* tits bands were loosened, ana ne aro.'e
irotn lii^ humiliating posture. lie glared fierce
ly around. The captain was standing within
a low paces ol him, as if fie enjoyed to the
bottom of Ins soul the disgrace and the tor
tures inflicted on the poor Yankee. The fia|>
leM syflerer satv Ifulsmileot exultation; and
that moment derided the late of f»is oppres
sor. W on the activity, the ferocity, and al -
most the strength of a tiger, the mutilated
American sprang upon the tyrant, and grasp
ed him where he stood, surrounded hy his o!
livers, w ho for the moment seemed paralyzed
with astonishment, an-l l elore they could re
cover their senses, and hasten to the assist
ance of their commander, the flogged Ameri
can had borne lmn to the gangway, ami then
clutching him t>y the thioat with or.e hand,
ami firmly embracing him with the other, de
stine his struggles, he leaped with Inm into
me in. hid waters ol the Demarsira! They
parted to tece ve the tyrant and fits victim—
then closed over them, and neither was aller
j ward- seen. Loth had passed to their Ia«>'t
■i ■ <■■■ ■ ■ ■■ ■■!■■■■»*•1 v" ■„! '■
J HARVEY MO.MU !L, King St., a few doc r*
• a buve • lie Marshall House, has comment -
ed the manutactuie ol feUUA \V A l ft.lt, the
Fountain fee. having been put umood order,
during the past:Season; and he trunks he can
please ail who may lavor him. Uuxesul Tick
ets and 1 ickeis now ready.
lie has now the follow mg Syrup4! ready, and
others wi!i be added in their reasons: fsher
bei t. Lemon, Un ger, Orgeat or Almond, fc.1 r
sapatula, and \ antlla.
>o-ia Water put up in bottles, and sent to
invalids when tequesled. my 1
jj UF.PAItLH in the best manner, with thfl
inti-t approved apparatus, will be kept
constantly h>r sale throughout ihe season;
also, LciiiOr. and other Fyiups, very careluliy
prepared from relineil Fugar, by
i'iPJliI’Ol A i & TALBOTT,
Corner of King and Washington streets.
a;> Id— u I in
( KiMPOUND fluid Extract ol Sarsaparilla
\J l:»r puiilying the ITLCOD, and rtmuvin.,
all diseases arising from excess of mcrctu
*-:;\po'Uies and impi udencies in hie, &c , ana
is especially recommended lor Kheurna
iitiin, Srrofnlfi, King’s Evil, Ulcerations of the
throat and legs, pains ai.d swelling of the
hones, tetter, pimples in the lace, and S( ily
eiu. lions id the shin—all cl which, will 3odd
m.dcr the me «d 0us preparation, for sale at
the f Vug Store of
Corner King and Washington streets',
ap 19—eo!t.»
T|' 11L Compound Cniorme '1’ooih Paste
X Do do lo Wash
*1 he Orni Tooth Powder
Rose do do , &c., See.
And a variety of choice Tooth Brushes,
Hair Brushes, Condi*, ixc., received and ‘or
vi e i.y J. liARVEV MONROE,
mav 3
Y01II1NG injurious is contained in tm
I'mciwreol Pearls, and as a cosmetic
is most valuable, as it renders the skin so*:
and tian«pt erit. eives a healthy glow—and
removes heckles, pimples, &c., and is v» /
clieap; loi .sa,e in quantities, to suit, by
nu> 3 J. ii. MUNROE, King Street.
HIGHLY recommended as a substitute
lor um an! coib’e ; forming a light aud
salutary t<»* vt rugt* 1 *>r weak stomachs^ and
|».i r tic ilia ri) usdn! in nervous and dyspej.t*<;
cases. For sale by
4 li;o 5C W M. STABLER & Co.
*CARRELS of good common Whiskey
jU *25 no sujenor Old Whiskey
•til to,
5') kegs Baltimoie \o. 2 Cutter
Received Una d^-y an*l tor sale bv
ap b A. C CAZENOVE & CO.
Jf.fduirt t ha n ft Mattruts Maker,
{mi, te ..v ec Wa* *.i ^t<».» ami Columbus st
mv Alexandria D.C.
W\l. LANPU1KR, Jr.
DENTi Vr. on King, near Washington
Alexandria <*ov 17-ly

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