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Alexandria gazette. [volume] (Alexandria, D.C.) 1834-1974, June 24, 1841, Image 3

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Tr ,^-1 *\ »*'• 'J)'1 4\ fK •
A 11-mV- «•». • * —J* Wti
4' *'
-SPAY Mi'kMNu, Jf.ss -M, 1-41.
idtoM n.intiDA.
. . >\ ['nil'ulur* rcit't regard to the cap
ture p> i'mtcoochee.
>y *, »<vi:» • is a copy olThe oiiicial report
, ' t * court* in img o dicer of fori 1 Duce to
r,p. iHtf.s: !
v» •-A**t the information of the Colonel
{., ;,m !;:iit the Atlantic District, l have to
r ,r: ti: »l'o»\»:.k>ciisk, King Philiip’s bro
. • ■*, ir».I lourtcen other Indians, were taken
f;. j i. ,)*! tfie :j I instant, together with tiiree
nr! amongst the three is the noto
r »,s *• J >.**.,** who has been rhe companion of
j«kk, in ins murderous assault upon
i .j c :e:is near St. Augustine, The present
i>■.€'* I our w;th Joe, and he assures me ,
|Vj t e isiiins generally have no idea ol i
co;-. : g ia Ihr emigration. Their “talks11 j
u . ve been one continued tissue of;
;i ■<.; >. i md deceit, ‘or the purpose of oh*
-:j ;es of every kin !, and to put me
: iy g;nrf. This party brought twelve
! «"; i : >:nes. Coacoochee liking care
•, cm * ‘he horse borrowed of me to ride to
’..at 1; s camp.
•r »*e the inhabit tuts of St. Angus
• •* • ;? jii.-it >o { thirsty Chief, and his h>r
. 1)*:i !, are once more in our power;
_v. : ai >• to instructions, 1 have turned
, . L:eufei»ant Lkow.v 15 Indians and -
:e: : - v be escorted to St. Augustine.
i : ck'-e ti. s communication without
r;> • j ».: - ,-'u a!', wlio may have any thing
\ A: > w j Ciiiel, the utmost caution
-.-.lUois. or he wiii again escape
:i.cu- i i'p. when there will not he blood
!. i i.i lh »rida to slake his revenge. I
. . to r\o>''S n:v entire satisfaction with
"o - . mu !e an i success with which Lieu
• ; i Ol.Oii. 'IKl'IOE, ^!IEMM \ N, a IIJ
i v .. . r, ». ted the duties assigned
vr CotHiuandin
,• > !• s •'\c. A\i, on a torced inarch,
c > r.*. • uvenin m pursuit ol tne re- ,
; I ol men, women auiichil- !
•pm ’ 1 . to he in a camp thirty or forty
l.» fUl * * • •' •
•; ..r M.N l vT !VES.— The I loUSC,
, ;• - occupied nearly all day in
. <». i motion to reconsi ier a vote
; • • • :ig day, referring the to1.1 for
• .' t..! M.ti fieasurv to the Com
»y> an! .Means. I*port tins mo
: ; f-» ami com, relative to the re
p? . : : - Treasury were given by ma
i/. . Mr. Wise, p.umty intimated Ins
. ; • the c-air>e of ihe Senate in re
jta * • i vv. w 11 in * lit estu hi isf. ug a substi
■ -\ is, b >weYer1 finally re-con
^ ! , ; t:• »* Repeal l h! referred to the
S . : l - j.rmil • a • :i’e S o.i fie* subject.
• >f i e’ nia aey. vote tor t!;e recoils:*
{'■' ;*[■>;; 'Vh pretfv n« ir'.y a party one — lire
U'i, > \ i !>>r st it ii.:/ ’he subject to the
»> lect D * iiin.ttee.
w j . v i by to-day ’a pa -
■ • e ■ ion »;f ::;e Senate w .la i e;ai d to the
... ... ; -, i the District
r: >. v.v. s'iv that they asked f«»; 6rem£«‘indj
f I ’.a . have given them a stone ! May
wt* mu i. ' \*f it some triends will take up
tie* mvtt.- ,n •* House and do tiie District
Namiers;; c:; /.eiis from all sections of the
couulrv coi.iin . ■ • ( v.si Mount Vernon ilaiiy.
< u: vtj.anci can always be proem td m this
> i-‘t r>’ a Itlttr from IVas/unrion.
Dt»:i :»■ atue excitement prevails la-re in
c • e iif iheueci'iou of the Senate on
i; t L’.di ct !*»ank Ihil. liverv body sees and
acka.m .edges the injustice of the proceeding.
Ii is str >: g y hoped tiere that the House ol
Uep;cM.iitalives will interpose.
TV n ierstaml i»;,it the Uev. T. C. Thorx
t * ig txe Haliimore Annual Tonterence, who
*-> fiv v Pastor of the l omul;y Ciiu-ch in Wash
ingti i e iv, has been elected President ol
( .!fge. Miss.sstppi.— If the uppoint
i i*- ' acce; ted the duties of the ollice will
•c Li’-'.v i i;. <»a next November.
I me > Lixs.—The IJostoti Da.ly
M. '.nr stiles tii,it the establishment ol
1 1 aoivi hue ofsteam packets, for (he con*
vv.a « *. j NSfugecs and tiiai.s, ins {covert
n. ■ ■' n w <.■- .on coucei n in l>o<n its c*rauebes.
. ..<>m ;• .ss, tigers, m addition to ihe
rr>,-. ; . ..i^• u received irotn the Dritish Gov
t:- : i ), \t;t* convey *nce ol the mails, must
,h:*‘C '-.e un blinking a very good one lor the
• cm s. i ijlt* i t ve .ue derived from ihe
•” a nsa.ix »4y given to li e government, it
' '’ate.:, a \ ^-4 \h of i/diMHW.in place of an
fx.tnse id if . • mo p^r annum, winch was m
c re.i *u t;.e si;;^m i ofthe old llaiil ix and
l jacket liae, beyond the wiiolere
1 I •'1 ; i;»sta_e*. ‘Ihe advantage is as sinking
1 c part »>: ti.e puniic who pay lor the ac
{ ‘.nau’; ion, a', t is t;n the part ol the con
1 o li i-i, :4t d ti;e government. Instead o{
r' a ' .ng liieu letters by ilit* Uoyal Mail, two
‘ I.,- v.eeks marretirol me private packets
; V n wv rece.ve the.u in ihe general about
?-,e N niig jei iod in advance of every other
1 an e; o c*Mniiiunication.
‘ • '• V vks|j vl kor M \ryi.\xi).— We learn
1 a Me-.: tr;m*> have been discovered m tne
‘t j ' 1 ’ < ‘fitly taken u. Maryland, and that
L ^ • m i' ; .ct Attorney yestentay caused
:-M ; agunsl twooi Uit- Deputy Mat
s 1 • t n‘->e wlits were placed in ihe hands
• . st v Du, Uie \tarsiial, but, as our m
■ 1 g‘'t‘s. I t* leiu>«*d to serve them, and
1 fr'‘ >u- resigned his oliice.—Pail. Pat.
*1^ v 'n '.tu: on.situated in l'ampuerCoun
* ' ;•» Oil i;«.e m tin road from Warrcnbm io j
' v in ri i. ms neon m successful operation I
r o o >cars, under ti.e care of bllder
’• l oe next session will commence
1 • ’i a irv, 1 - 11. The building hav
' 1‘i*n eu irued, a greater number ofstu
i* c.i a at received. Tuition, m Latin and
v 1 *• 11 c.nniiMi, s->:.; Fuel, $1; Board,
• t * c utiii >i ten months. All students
• lr • i U;e .i.iy «>| tiieir commencement
• ' * he <ess:on. xviinout a epecia.
1 . •' o .<m * to tlu* r;m trary.
_ ; \S. ii JNTON, ITes’t.
i‘» > ta i * ii;s. ;
j j * s Maine Vercer Potatoes,
*'' .!,H£ wiw l. an i ! >r snit* by
>vt Pu.h\ X Co.
' " j innc>‘s Wharf.
e htiudsrt vndk.vjk. |
W\sjiiMiTON, June 1*5, I'll
//,, !'reiidt:it o: fie Crated States:
I \ u Si 11The undersigned were appoint- ’
,* \ bv \i.c c.t /.eus and li.e City Couiicii ol
< ni11, ami by many ot th.* sui viving j
vg; ci' of liie ute war, toupply t-» tne widow
•i„.i ih iiuv of >;jr distinguished fellow-citizen,
inr late i resident of the I mted States, lor
permission to remove his remains from the
t*ilv of Washington to the State of Ohio lor ,
i, t**r;11e111. 1 ..ey ha^e mane the apphea,k>.i
directed, ami have received permission to
j; Turin that sacred tni>t. They have now
the b *m*r ol reporting to you their arrival in
thiftCiiv, and of asking your approbation of,
the measure contennplatej, and your Co-ope- 1
ration in carrying it into ellech
We are fu iy aware of the high estimate
you pi iced on the talents and virtues of our
himau.ed iiii u l and fellow citizen, the late
Chief Magistrate “f ;he Cmom iviiose friend
ship am) emdi lem-eyou,. lS'iSSeo mauv >ea.s.
We saw the tear fail from J«uir vye and
mm: A wit i the tears o! the u itio;* we ; tut*
iiiMTuiahie Will of Heaven removed *‘im
front us.
Knowing these thing**, we approach you
wiiii c uilideuce, well assured thot you will
justly appiecii.ie our motive lor tin lertaking
the uiucriilii! ou:y we have been deputed to
perlm m. and that the sjhih.* kuid ft-Ciinii which
lias mirked your course through life will
prim u’ y »u on tins i>cc:'.s:ou to almrd us your
cuuuieu, ucc, a mi, if necessaiy, your eo
operat r;i.
l!' it meet your approbation, tin* committee
will do the nisei vt s (he iiouor of *va it iug up u
ymiatt;* L’re.s i •nil’s i iom-c, at any h •..-nr you
111'! V ple.ise tVi ;e.
With u:g:; re>pect, c, e are, your friends and
felloe 1 ■'. uv) .). i'■ R\kl,
♦ ’i i. s. r LARKsi >.\}
V.!h \V' n >! >R!' 1T\
Ri Ft S l b H >Gi A,
l. win it:man,
A. 1 »U I >i A , i
P. A. I’-' ‘ A'ILL,
A. McAldMN,
J • 1' .A it r. 1. \ iy
V.\\Mi i xjirojr, June IT, ! : l
Okmi 'l .\*; — \ our I .iter ol tut* i'dli was
duly handed me. and l lose no time in le
il:i4 to 1:;•* mehngs and -“iii linen! >' w hicli
' • ui In ve e X in e '>t‘d lor y o', Tsrl ves ana I.iom*
yoi.represe.it, and widen you have correctly
ascribed t » me in regard to me lamented
dealh of tiie i .te ..‘resident. As a Citizen !
respected mm. a-, a patriot ! honored him, as
a liieud lie was near and dear to me; that
• he people ol t MCionati aim ,d desire lo keep
watoh over ms e.nai .> bv entombing them
near their t* l ., i> t>ut natural an i hecouunp;
ihat tii* in', e Lest, ivi.crc so main cvi
{»•n■*es ot in'- pi. mu’ use!u ik>s ate to he louud.
nIiomuI unite !*i the same w;>!i, was to have
been expei te ; and that lue .surviving s.>(
dier.s ui u;s im.iiV hat ties, led on hy loin e>
victo y urn! to gio.y. Would >ig;i to pel lorJi.
tm* 1 «st meiam o • v da’ r*s o the remains ol
their n con i.an b*r, i> limy in con-'Oir.ince
with the { room; ng d a noble am: generous
S) mputhv. l c • d not, i! 1 w a s a 11i 1 i*n ized
to do s ». o; .•»>.-e inyseil to their Wnlit.*.'. i
to lit hnd >o.i d, i g to urge oil t*r*m. til ol *.:>
in,live >*ate. m my k : »wie He «*» c mtmtied
at'on men*, t" i tinongh the who e per ou
ol his me 1U hie -hi ihti C.a:m> « I h;> leia
nve> iacre, w ;. >se de-me it would he u; 11 me
mortal remains o! lhe n’;ustno;j> son >homd
>leep under the s ,me tuil with those ot ins
‘h'titigw.siied ! ; iuer, one of the signers ol the
Defiant on of I: d.-pen icnee—in the wish ol
the c:t./ei.s of m> n <tive conn > la claim no
lint i * now left ol inn !nr u amn they so lalclv
cast their almost unanimous suI’mge -to say
nothing ot in a u *v n ' e *i in pst a iiitd,; s i am i y
|,|ood, to many ol ins near relative1*-, mul
W(l} j t > lu • lT«t n o v I • v) > 1 \ cls<OC*iiilO(l i i i n 11 c M
connected with the late exciting political
Conte>t — these < o.» a : u a t’.ons n :t |:! <■ v
some reasonable ground tor op.o-mg your j
v.isi es. but the a>sent winch lias been given
hy ins ics;.<• cted w.xiovv and oearest rt! inve
t<» the request of the peoj e ot Cincinnati :’.d
ini:s of no opposition on t:i> part, neither in
my individu tl nor otiicial character.
I shall feel it to be my duty, however, to
submit out correspondt*nce to me i wo Houses
of Congress now in session, hut anticipating
not'llait from that pi irter to thwart the wi«i»
e> exp essed by yom>elves»u consonance with
it»*»se i»t tne widow amt nearest relatives ot
the late President, ! «ea illy pnnmw you my
co-opera lion towards e»ia biuig you I ) !m til the
sacred trust which Immjht you to mis ci ty,
l tender to each ol you. gem ciiitb, my cor
dial salutations.
JO!I\ TYLcdt.
To J. Burnet, J. C. Wrigut, and others ol
[ jiw I '.lilllllll f •
5— 4. '—A ,c- 'A •> • I
i,A g.-J.A -.-r’l ilk
i win >ci! the following p.-opeity—
A web liui**hed brick IMvclimg House, co
vereil wnb shte, on Wo.I street, opposite
.Smith's Foundry.
A frame i avt-iu 1 louse adjoining, occujiied
bv (’apt. Vexiles.
A brick do t!>» adjoining, occupieil
bv C;ipi. i 11 moinls.
A frame Dwelling House, occupied by Mrs.
A frame Building on Wolf street, between
I’uiou an i Water streets.
A small Frame Dweiung, on Lniou street,
occupied t»y Mr. Han no d.
A brick Dwelling lb»ti>e,(m Water street,
occupied b> c'apt. Allen. }
A frame dx> do. adjrbdng, occupieu
hy Mr. Me hi a w.
A frame c.o d.o, tm !’.ii. lax st, oc
cupteti by Mr. Hangs.
The V\ a:ebou>e ,»ml !w eiitug I bui'C, oppo •
site the Fit: mt‘i s' Hank.
A three story brick Dwelling House, on
Prince street, opposite James Hieen's.
’1 nice haunt* Dwelling imu-es. oil Colum
, bu> street.
A lot xd Hround oi: Kei’-ifs v. -. irl.
Several building Luis on V. a..magtuu and
1 St. Y>apii streets.
A Lot ol Hround, corner ot Duke and Hen
ry streets. J-Jsl \ i l I i. D Y ' 1 >.
I te Is—Li __
i 3 i T<>rent the large Three Story fire
T proof stoie. NVharl and i.umber N an?,
__< id^ia 1^1 v occupied t)v in.‘o 1. I hum is
’ Co., ad■ came the wareho'ivns o! in. lovv.e
fit Sou, Irontmg on ine Kivrr Colonial*, ami
C'mm.street,in the townoi A.examii i.j, known
as a hi’Nl ia e biMness stand; po^eS'-ion may
tie had ! • Hi July, pediaps sooner, it reipsir
ed. JOS' AI i i i. 1 »A Y!>.
i N. 15. Tie attention of persons irom die
j Counli v, who mean to locale hi Alexandria,
J is purlieu arlv invited. ,Jiy ->
To the Debtors of the late firm of Damci Ca
wood \ Co.
| r?Miw undersi^neddiaviug been appointed by
_L the Circuit Court ol ih»* Ihsiuct ol <*>
lumbia. to take ;n>*sess;on el, ami ircei\e, ad
bunds, notes, and accounts, ami oinet ev'iden
| ,*es of debt, now ilue to the «srinep'hip o;
i>amel Cawood tc Co. the debtors of the
said firm are hereby informed, that be alone
authorized to receive payment of, ami settle
the accounts—thev are therefore re ;- ired to
arrange tue -aime forthwith. »»ti;^fw:>e. it wiii
hr necessary to take lezal steps to enable him,
without delay, to execute t.»e direct *. v ol
saui Court. M. t . GACL'A
^ Air. E.t vr-! Green has t ■■ ' ! »■
r.ei> nl the i • tirm ot 1* u . ■ 1 a «».»n ix. t u.
a:. ‘ j; fu.iy authorized tosm’.j a : i u-crive
pay meat lof \\ . * . G.
» I « * t
»c It — w!
It is related by some worthy historian that
“once upon a time” an almost interminable
number of folios were written, anil many
heads turned,in vain attempts to solve the ques
tion, “ Does the hook catch the fish, or the
lisii catch the hook.” There is another ques
tion of more local interest which has much
perplexed one head, if not more, in vain at
tempts to answer it satisfactorily. It is this—
“Hoes the patriot catch the partisan or the
partizun catch the patriot?” Alter 41 im
partial investigation,” “mature deliberation,’*
and “candid consideration” we are disposed
to decide in the negative; that is, that the
love of country originates in the love of par*
tv, and not as is vulgarly supposed exactly
the reverse; for tins most weighty reason,
viz: Not one short twelve-month since the
whole land echoed and re-echoed with the
j-1 n <11 n if of bells, and the roaring of cannon.”
Danners floated in the breeze, and the air was
*ent with the shouts of freemen !
“The Heavens, the earth, the very air
V, ^re 'Dl with patriots nle, \
roetsand akers every where
Seemed bur-C”? ^e . ’
Dm now, alas, ho'v changed ! No longer
does The “spacious Hail of Liberty groan
under tiie pressureol the niultiiuJed dense
masses” obstruct the public thorough-fa rc •—
Hie day is past—the Hall is deserted—the
lm.ltitude departed—the orators done.
Hot with the cessation of the crackling
blaze of party thorns, is the fire of patriotism
extinguished ? We trust not, although it
would indeed appear so. Not two weeks will
have elapsed ere the Recurrence of our na
tional anniversary, and .vet neither word noi
deed gives “note of preparation.’’ Suiely we
'ought once a year at least to lorget the dis
tinctions of Wing and Tory, Federalist and
I>emocrat, and lay ing aside ail parly or local
prejudices come up to the celebration of our
National birth-day, with the highter feelings
o: tiie American Citizen.
In "Washington. on the 20th instant, hv the
Rev .\ir. Van I Iorseigh, Mr. Georg*: Ward,
of that liiv, t * Miss Mary Jane Glenn, lor
meriy of Alexandria, D. C.
In W ashington, on the ->ist ultimo, by the
Rev. J. r. Smith, i>r. Henry l>. Elute, of
Xew York, to .Mis> Eli/,auetu J. LJaggott,
ot Fait lax County, Virginia.
<hi Thursday.the27ihof May, by ttie Rev.
7. 11. Goldsmith, George 11. Robinson, to
Mary F. daughter of the iate John Payne,
deceased, a’d of King George County, Ya.
< hi Tuesday evernn r, the 22d instant, after
a ;,iiKraCf.d illness, Rosalie A. Daingek
r iei.o, wife ol i ’tiny Damgerliel 1, in the 25th
year of her age. d^rMler luneral will take
• ace from die dwe.dng o!' her liusbaml, on
lt.ce street, tins (Thursday) morning, at.
Iniii j :ist 10 o’clock, to winch tiie Ineniis (>\ I
'In* 1.indy are res, eciluily invited, without
further notice.
j i • --it-. -T-srr. - itvt ■y^r.r-irs.j igMfiiiliMfiTW——
Vl/Ji.lihllUlil Si*
Price of produce tn . Hemndria Jrom Wagons
mid \ esscls.
Maryland Tobacco, - * $5 00 a 6 00
Flock, per hoi. - - 1 87? a 0 0o
Wheat, red, - - - I no a 0 05
Do. white, * - 1 00 a 0 05
Rye, - - 0 15 u Old
Corn, - - - - 0 58 a 0 GO
Fi.AXSF.nn, - - - - 0 75 a 0 00
! U>ts, from wagons, per hush. 0 35 a 0 37
Po. Iroin vessels. • * 0 28 a 0 32
Corn Meal, per bushel, - 0 70 a 0 00
Rutter, roll, per lb., - - 0 16 a 0 13
Do. tiikm, do. - • 0 12 a 0 14
Lard, <io. - - 0 8 a 0 0
Clover Seed, - - - 5 75 a 6 00
White Reins, * * - 1 00 a 0 00
Plmster Paris, retail per ton, 5 00 a 0 00
Ground Plaistek,in bulk, - 7 00 a 0 00
Do. do. per l)hl.. 1 33 a 0 00
Do. do. per bushel - 0 25 a 0 (JO
Flour,-'Has advanced further 12J cent-?.
SGies ot common brands Western at 5 25;
< diio 5:» 5 12.
j Crain.—Steady sales of corn at 56 to 5Sc,
I weight. Rye .We.
{'niton — l he market is unusually dull and
sliipptis holding olf fora reduction.
R >S fuN MARKE R, June 21.
Flour.—There is a better feeling in the
Flour market, particularly lor Southern, which
has advanced, owing n> tiie small stock and a
joo.I ilein t nd tor export. The arrivals oi
< *ni ) vi i New Crleans, have nearly or ijUile
n • st .1. l ilt* sales of tiie week -ire as follows?
:,od hols Howard Street, 5 25; 200 do do,
5 27; 2nd do do. . 31, I lliS ; 200 do do. 5 l‘J,
Go days, and 300 do 5 37, 1 ms; 1000 do Fred
crick>imig Extra Eag.e brand, for shipping,
5 7 5, tins 1 200 do Michigan, partly for ship*
ping, 85, cn>h; 300 do Georgetown extra
| brands, .> jo, 6 > days ; 500 do Fredericksburg
! common, •» 2 5 per t*!»i, 1 ms. Faies ot Gen
j nessee, eommou brands, 5 12, and Imcy 5 25
’ pci td»i, cash. The market closes lirm with
i m'tutries tor exp >rt.
Gra N.—’fhe market hasslightly improved
! I',); i ‘oi n since our last. Closing rates lor yel
j low ti ll Me, and while 577c. Fales Nuilh
I Riu-r Uat>, lsc, Eastern,-Ide, and Delaware
; 15c per bushel, cash. Sales by auction 10
! tierces white Leans, 1,17 a 1,27 per bushel,
icasn. __
' ./'’Hie drawing of the Alexandria Lotte
i v, « No. 2*, lor ISil, lor Internal Im
provement. is.c. uiil lake place at the May
jors’ oiinv, Alexandria, l>. C on 1 hurxlay,
! hi i ii> 1 h\ \ , z li!i June, ai ti o’clock. 1*. M.
D. S. UllEUORY &. Co.,
j it* •> 1 — 1 r Managers.
1 VAN 'WAV from ihe subset iber, onSun
it day, June 2 !tii. H. F. GPAV, an appren
lice lu the favoring business. A suitable re
; ward uni be given lor ins apprehension so
that l get nun again At* persons art* hereby
1 loi ew arneti bom harboring or employing Him,
as the law wili oe enforced on all so oliending.
je 24—toil J. b. EMERSON*
•• HALFS Scotch, Ingram and Venetian Car
! IJ pelmg>, reCe.ved ami for sale, low, bv
je 25 GEO. Will 1 E.
<hi., SUGARS, 6ic.
4 II i ll>. Crude W liale Oil
| 1 :> bi>is« Fall Sperm Oil, warranted pure
10 3 gallon tin Canisters best sperm Oil
10 0 do do do uo do for
> l, including tne canister, worth $!
1 blul Si. Croix Sugar
1 ) bbis Porto Pico oo
iiest Gunpowder Tea
,i;iva anti St. Domingo Coffee
| s bbis American ! inseed Oil. warr’d pure
| Mes> Pork, in bids, Virginia coin led
p.u’on. Herrings, and Mjad
• i o »/.e:i glazed i iat >
A It o' ■ nor oid cheese. free of insects
F«>r salt, ‘.vhulesaie or retail, bv
i iiioii between King and Prince sircetJ.
1 V 21
Cooper,of the British brig Emily, from Africa,
who has furnished the following intel
ligence. He left Sierra Leone on the 11th of
of May. When he left it was very sickly at
that place. A number of deaths had occurred,
among them was Sir John Jeremie. i he Gover
nor General, lie had been but a few months
in the country.
While Captain Cooper tv as at Sierra Leone,
two vessels came up from Monrovia, with pas
sengers bound to New York—the brigs Rudolph
Owning, and Mentor. They had some twen
ty passengers, among whom were the Rev. j
John Seys, the superintendent of the Metno
dist Mission in Africa, Mr. Jayne, late printer
of the Luminary, and Mr. and Mrs. Dupees.
Shipwreck.—The new ship Diana, ('apt.
Boutelle, from Liverpool, while approaching
Boston harbor, Saturday night, ran on the
ledge of rocks near the light house. She had
no pilot on hoard at the time, and was running
for the the light with a fair wind. When the
captain thought it prudent to haul off, he or
dered the tuan at the wheel to put the helm to
jtarboard, but in the contusion of the moment
jlC » ut the helm to port, an J the vessel struck
immea.-le**v a^lerwart*s# The Diana isa new
ship, not b*vwn coppered, tins being her lirst
voyage, is l,wneci by II. Lincoln, and
Holmes"fc Sun, Pf Hcslon an.i was, v.lue.l a:
$33,000. Site was ii.sired at ifie .Merchants’
Office $20,000. Treino.'it®*'''yyt'> anii arrcn
35,000.___, 1
Tippecanoe Mon cm r;\i—The peo;.:e cf
Indiana are discussing tne propriety ol erect
ing a monument to the memory of the Hero
who led on, and the men who fell on, trie held
ofTippecanoe. Against the propriety and jus
tice of such a move, the Michigan Gazette
thinks no argument can now he ollered. The
hero ol that bloody strife lias gone to his final 1
re>iing place, and U could not be charged iliat
the erection tf a monument was intended to
laud the living. Spencer, Warwick, Davies,
Owen, and a ho-t ofot. ers, sleep on that me
morable ground. Let tlie people of Indiana,
therefore, commemorate such an era in their
history, by the rearing ol’a pile that may p but
after ages to the worth and virtue o! tne il
lustrious dead._ _
We understand that private Letters from
Paris, of the 1st of June, ad vise that the dilii
cullies winch induced Messrs. Lalitte and
Company to suspend the Tcxian Loan had
been removed, and that the loan would he
opened on the 3d instant, with all the power
and influence of the above named house, which
had resolved to carry the matter thiough tri
umphantly.—Nat. lut. i
Colonel Richard M. Johnson, lale Vice
President of the United States, has been elec
ted to the Legislature from Scott county, Ky.,
of which he was a resident.
A destructive lire occurred at Elmira, New
York, «n Thursday last, which consumer
twenty-lour houses and stores. The build
ings were ail ol wood, and are insured to a -
bout one hall their value.
The Tallahassee Star states mat Willis
Alston, who killed Gen. Leigh Real, in April
last, and who has been closely confined in
jail since that period, was brougnt up under a
writ of habeas corpus, belore Justices Ililyard,
Brown and Lee, and after a patient bearing of
the case, and mature deliberation, was ad
mitted to bail. The bond for bis appearance
at court was fixed, we understand, at S]0,U0'F
The St. Louis Gazette says:—We are
told that a large quantity ofarseuic was found,
in the Reservoir at the Uity Water Works,
this morning. It is frightful to think that we
have among us any beings in human form ca
pable of such an act.” _
The Temperance cause is making rapid pro
gress in Pithburg. Three meetings were ia-e
ly held there, at which live hundred and sev
enty persons signed the pledge of total absti
nence. At Schenectaday, New York, u.ore
lhan800persons have taken the pledge. 'Phis
reformation is principally brought abouithrough
the agency of the Reformed Drunkards sent
from Baltimore.
_ -i tnmiitmmmrn m nr-.^v-ie1 mm ^^
The iscnr LEo.NA, J:o. Mitchell,
master, will leave Alexandria lor
•“**** Norlolk on Saturday, June -dm iiot*
with what freight that may oiler;—Apply to
je 24—3t* " B. WHEAT EON.
r|AUE Proprietor ol tins pleasant, and de i
X rable Minaiion informs tlie public 1 .* 11 i!
is now open for the reception ol Company.—
It is .situated most eonvememly— in facility
ol access Irom the Seaboard to mountain an
is excelled by no wale?mg place in tuc Uumu,
being but one mile distant fiom >!» pneii'**u >
Depot, on the inchesler &, I'niimiore Rail
road, where a public conveyance will always
meet the cars, ascending and descending—
and five nines Irom Winchester, vi-ued by
daily lines of stages from the su, rounding
country. Tins watering place, long ami fa
vorably known under tne names of Duvall's
'and Williams' Sulphur spring, has been nu
merously resorted to oy persons labnimg un
I der liver atieciion, anu wtner tierangeinenis «d
'.secretion, with the happiest eliect. T he eili
jeacy of trie water, attested by mmibeis Irom
i the "Atlantic cities, from which it is \ eruhnrly
!accessible, ;s btl.eved to be equal to any me
dicinal spring in Virginia.
! During the past season, additional improve
ments have been erected to meet tiie mcreas
| ed demand of visiters,—the priucipa! <»i winch
consists of a large three story brick building,
containing from f»rty to fiity rooms,—oiler mg
' with former accommodations ample coiJdwrt
to the votary of health or pleasure. Every
effort has been made to place tins de.ighlful
watering place upon a footing with the must
fashionable places of the kind—and every ex
ertion will be useil to give satisfaction to all
who may visit it.
The proprietor takes pleasure in stating that
Ihyan understanding with the owner, of ihe
line between Winchester and Washington,
that stage running to and irom these places,
will pass rtguiaily by the spring during the s
. ~p The p«tahiishtm nt will be under the
charge of tiranviile Jordan.
j* 14—w3iv BRANCH JORDAN.
T">OR removing Korn Woodens and other
X.; Oh'iit^, mi. t-rciiNe, stains, an 1 \ne brown
rusty i« m i k common to Mlk», icc., (highly re -
| commended, j received and f»r >aiv h,
1 £j15—euJw JOHN l. SA *i RS.
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust, executed by
Jonathan Butcher, to the subscribers, lor
the benefit of those creditors of the said Jon
athan, and Jonathan Butcher and Charles
Ross trading under the firm of Jonathan
Butcher and Company, * who have complied
with the requisition of said Deed of Trust, the
subscribers will offer for sale, at Public Auc
tion, to the highest bidder, on Saturday, the
7lhday of August next, at 10o’clock, A. M., in
front of A. D. Harmon's Shoe Store, ail the
right, title and interest of the said Jonathan
Butcher to the following Real Estate in Alex
No. 1. A Italfacregrass Loton the north
west corner of Alfred and Princess streets, at
the intersection thereof, and running east and
bounded by Princess street 123 leet 5 inches
to the centre of the square; thence South and
parallel with Aifred street 170 feet 7 inches ;
thence west and parallel to Princess street
123ft. 5 inches to Alfred street; thence inrili
170 feet 7 inches to the beginning, adjoining
i the Court-House Lot.
No. 2. A vacant LOT on the north-west
! corner of Columbus and Princess >treets. at
the intersection thereof, running ast on Prin
cess street Id feet 5 inches; thence south 17ti
feel 7 inches to the centre ol the suuare;lheiice
west 18 feet 5 inches to Columbus sired;
thence north and bindmgon Columbus strict
173 feet 7 inches to the beginning.
No. 3. A two story frame DWELLING and
\J>T on the east side of Washington street,
between Uueen and Cameron streets, and
nearly opposele B. 1 lallowell’s Seminary, U
leet 0 indies front, running back PH feet.
No. 1. A one story frame MOUSKand LHT
on the ea ntside of Washington street, begin
r.ing 87 feet ird.^King street; thence north 23
(cep thence east bG *‘>et •» inches, thence south
2u feet, thence west 30 fed, thence smrij 3
feei. thence west GO iVet 5 inches to \\ aching
ton street, thence to the beginning.
No. 5. A three story brick \\ AREM'dhr-E
covered with slate, and LU f, on the iioitii
side ol King between Royal an I i aiii ix
streets, now in the occupancy ol \aron » h
Harmon as a Shoe More, about ~' by G.1 Sect,
subject to an anm.ity of ten dollars.
No. G (hie undivided fourth *1 a L() I\ on.
the South side of King between Washin Eon
and Columbus streets— the Lot is 3i) by 1.0 It.
No. 7. A two story Dwelling MOUSE—the
front part liame and the back brick— \/it 11 a
large LOT, on the North side of Wolf, be
tween Pitt and Royal streets. Phis property
has the ad vantage of a pumnol coot water,
under cover and near the kitchen door, ami
attached to it is an excellent brick milk-house,
a brick smoke house, stable, carr.age, and
wood house.
No. 8. A Lot and stable on Washington
and vVoll'e streets, at the northeast corner
thereof luO on the former, and 70 feet on the
No. 9. A two story frame Dwelling MOUSE
and LOT on the Soutii side oJ W cite street,
the former residence of Jon. Butcher ; on
this lot there is a pump of cool water, with a
brick tmlk-liuuse, and oilier out bouses, 05 by
170 7.
. - .1 r-% . t • 1 . . I
No 10. A vacant LU 1 on the south sine oi
Wolfs street., adjoining the bat mentioned
property, 60 leet more or less to the Last Ime
of a four toot alley, extending Southward by
176 leet 7 inches.
No. 11. A new two story frame Dwelling
House and Lot on Soiitn sule of Wolfe street,
adjoining the last mentioned iol on the \vesi
23 by 176 7.
No. 12. Another new two story frame dwell
ing I louse, and Lot on the N. >\ . corner of
Wolfe and Columbus streets, adjoining the
last mentioned property, 21 feet on VV olie. ex
tending Southwardly and on Columbus street
176 feet 7 inches.
No. 13. A hall-acre Grass L^t on the South
west corner of Columbus and Wilkes street,
west of McLean’s Hay Press.
No. 11. A small Ira tut* Dwelling and Lot on
the West side of Washington street, and ad
joining on the South to No. 3, t> the North ol
McLean’s Hay Press.
No. lj. A gra^s Lot find Stable, at the rn
tersectu n of Wilkes ami Columbus street, luo
lectori Wilkes and 176 feel 7 inches on Colum
bus street be the same dimensions more or
No. 16. A frame Dwelling House and Lot
on the West side of Columbus street, 12 It. by
100 more or less—occupied by William .Solo
No. 17. A small dwelling House and Lot or:
the Somh side of Wolfe street beginning
feet from Columbus street, thence West 2*2 ft.,
them e Souili 112, thence east 22, thence North
112 leet to 'lie beginning.
No. 13. Another small Dwelling House and
LoladMiningti.e Iasi mentioned property, m
the West 1 l*v 112 leet.
All the above described property will be
sold subject to Dowery.
ZCj-Tcrms of SaleOne fifth of the pur
chase money, will be required in hand, the
balance in three equal instalments <>[ s.x.
twelve and eighteen mouths will) interest.—
Title retained until the deferred payments
shall have been made. Notes with approved
endorsers will he required ; m dehiifl ol
payment the property wiil be subject to a re
! Milt.
CilAS. .WcKNKillT, i lr" lte •
ON/*Added to the sale of the above, vvi !
be a >liares of tiie Chesapeake &, < >h;o Can i!
stock Stock—ail pai l up. And 5 snares of
, :in* Alexandria C.»nal stock, ail pud up. — <1 lit*
Ixiiare of the Middle 'load Turnpike k,
and one .share of the Thorough!.n e i LipStock.
1. k. and L. a a tv.,
| je 23—d;>t&2au ts iiu-'ees.
'L_.il j— T i - i
A f- - A f A
r ijl JuJL _1.1L
^ >'i order of tin- heirs, will he soi*i at Aoe
13 turn, to the highest balder, on the | rem
ises, on Till IHCAV, Hhof July, Hi!, me
following property, free from all nicnmhimice,
devi>ed. per w;l! of the late Samuel Sim
mon !s, to wit :
Two brick Houses an ! Lots on Fairfax
street, between King and Prince sheets, now
m t’.e occupancy of W ilium Loi r and W li
lum Wright.
t hit* frame House nml Lot on Koval street,
adjoining ti e property ot Presley J.tCobs— :
Jeet front on Koyai sfeet, running West to
the centre of the square.
i uie Ira me i I"U*e and Lot on W o le street,
now in the occupancy ol Mr. Wood, — Icel
hunt on W'oife street.
A one acre Lot adjoining Lock Harbor, east
of t!,e Poor l!t*u>e
Terms ofSale—One third cash; the halai.ee
in six months, with interest Irom day of tuie,
with bond and approved security.
le 25 —dts
IEU CURES on the Sphere and Limits of
j Woman, and other subjects, hv George
W. Curnap, Paitor of the Fu.ti Independent;
Cl urch ol Baltimore. Just published and tor
sale, {nice Sl.no by
r \ EOuGETOWN inspected Family Flour
vJT Superfine do.
Orcoquan warnnkd no.
V .r imi emuruon surer line am. hue. ; y
bingle barrel ,
jc -23 THOS. Vo WELL. »
rpHE subscribe! having determined to re**'
1 move !o ihe West, will otter for sale oh
the lGth dav of August next.on the premises*
or which he no v resides, near \\ arret.ton, in'
the county ol’ F.n:.,uier. The farm contains
7t»G acre*, IdO of which are in wood, and tim
ber. There arc from'JO in 100 acres in mea
dow: the resi Jne of the open land is finely
taken in Clover, bine grass. :<;ui English grass.
a_:» The Puddings are all new and of the
gyFm hrsi kind Phey consist ol a large
—yLbnrk Dwelling bou-e,Ki'chtn.School
house, Ice house, < E erseer $*hous£. Stables,
Granary and Servan!s’-hou>:v
There is a Li r^e ORCHARD of 30 to 10
acres ol the choicest Northern fruits, such as
Apples, Pears, reaches. Cherries, Fimas,anR
a variety of garden fruits. The whole farm
is well watered ami in fine grazing condition.
At the same time and place will be sold the
Farming Utensils, the growing Crops. Cattle,
(chieMy Durham.) Sheep* » logs and Horses.
Liberal terms will be given on the
land, and nine months credit onail other pur
chases above !<•'; li:» purchasers giving bond
with good security. The farm may be pur
chased at piivaie sale, on applicat on to me.
N IT—I have two or three I;t:ndie_ : v of
blue grass pasturage to red I!. A . * .
Pellevieu. Faii'iiae: Co.. \:i., my 11 — < r :2
nr* v* *rv«/ .*#»» r— < Tgr: - « «r jnmr. i#V! a « » *■ 1^—
A lex an i ;:i L< ”er.x <’h*
Wili b • i! tv, i! :tt the A; Ivor’s OlHce, Thurs
day, .1 are 2 1. t 0 o’clock
73 mr il . :> - i I dr «\v u hnliots.
11 i«. t: 1>'P I'Ri/.E >E ,<>oo.
Tickets si ; ’—sha• < in proportion.
Foi sa:e,n: great vaueiv. : y
Drawing of Al *.\.::;.!ria Lottery, No. 27.
3 20 lil ill I.' J 5 27 g:* Cl Id 10 22
Diinvir, • ol’ Md. State Lottery, No. 13.
cl it 2> 01 E 0" 71 71 3 5 I 20 2S.
DR V\V > THIS !■ AY.
Alexandria. Lotteiy, Pla^2A
Will be lira '.v h at li.e Ma \a>!', < Hlice, )!1
I j.iJi-* iiiv* .t1:111 21.
HID HE f UR!/..'. *.
Pick* t- .-2 .’•* -'hare- ia pro. rdop.
< Hi -l- ;C :•*; ? a’ v Xu' v u>
.1. f.APHFN.
* - N« s -E 52 7 5, ha 'Pi k e a prize of
AgXu j»i i:j •• a: i. M 'e I. "r! v, * mss t<*,
| drawu 2 i -1; m -1 a a' u i !o the Alan’
ager.s Pc w ml of.: parch > •.: !r m Lawmen’s.
DRAM : •
\lev ir•.i ! c»'*.v. r' 2*\
Will !»»* d a viiat ' .** Al a v >r*s • *il re, on
'• • j!u - la v. ; mu’ 2 t. a t • o’clock.
DUU h i- P UR i/.E, ,‘7.‘
Tickets .'*-2 . t—>!n(a - in pi• : Ron.
T<» oe I*at.: i » a varies •*; of
* . S\ \ DEE, .1 r
. : VV S . • DAY.
A a*Xa ad-.a ! .•»* ter-. (’i•: •>',
Will he dm wu at Em \:.*var's “thee, on
1 hur ia . f ne i\ at l ■ do*k.
HUH!!..- P UR!/!’. >* V *• x
Tickets EJ '• » - -re-;a pr- port on.
( m Mile, hv the p::<'t,a a*, renHicjfe, or
share, by ' EDWARD Si ILKLlY.
No-. P. !2, 1 Md. SxiI■'■ Lottery drawn the
1 -ch nasi., a prize of sisoul al SHEtiiY’i
LOLTE'AY Al\!> !,: ;;;i \N-,!•: ( i Fire.
.LIMES I'll.!!.EX b W.. Maria rrs, LOT
TEl'\ nl i lEi ,
King st.,nearly o;; »>’U* J.!. >a' Prug ctore
Lit VY. > THIS FA Y;
On Thursday, the Iokmmd.e i rrtery n il!
he lira wii, at \\ ilmm*.: m, 1 el. * ’ rj *t! | ru*e
si;;:!1; «;;),» i ;4t’e *'1 \ one l 1 0<Hi,one of
Whole TicktM harcs in proportion.
On Friday, the ' ie<>: yeto-An [.ottery of Pel*
a ware, for the erection <>i an AcaUen.y and
Mason c Hall, and 1 r h i;dung ti/e Episcopal
'Church. Cjipit.d pr.ze
Whole'1 iekets S. : charts in proportion.
On Saturday, th*» Y:r ;ii.i i State I .ortory will
he drawn at Alexandria, Y:». Capitol priza
1 i0<» two of 25UO ; two of 15 io; two of
0T/--a!e in the greatest variety of lucky
nurnhers l»y the package, single ticket, or
All orders addressed to JAMES PIIALEN
& Co., Managers, lor Frizes or Shares weel
wi»h the same prompt attention, as ll on per
sonal application.
Charles County, \'
( A \ ;> | ’j! ir ;i 11' . In. ; - * t i t ; o;! in writing to MiC,
V ) tin* Mi isiT.be', t'.ae! JtuLe «•! the Or
phans’ Court oF Cti-ith.-s County, it (icing in
the recess «,l me «’ou.ity < on: i « ; said Coiin
tv. by J lines W.«iarn* r, pray mg for the benc
! lit id the Act ;•{' A *«.*:i:i* y. at Noveni
! her session, e:::i:'een In;;; !; »* 1 a: <1 free, and
the Never.*I - p.emerits !,.*•;eto, :• >e Io-d ole ot
| h.« pro; erty. a n .a . i -1 «d h;> <’;<•. i ;!.»;■ on oath,
as hit as a i tT'.iii b. t <*;;!•» nine iiohispe
! tition. and tbe ai i James NY. Curser having
‘ sati>lit ii m**, con . ett rit :c't.moiiv, flint lie
! has icm ted i,i 111 * m ac <1 ..arCind two
! years, imii.ednl* v prec*.. ri:: F •* tut * ol ins
application- -it ,s t; Ti*i.| *:> oi by (lie,
• tri.it tii«* s 11 1 J *u ; Vv. * i'i. i::*i In', niiil lie h
• heicby n,- b* -; .••<i. ;.r«.' . v j i «?; \ ol’ tins or*
j 4 er b;* li.'erted .;i >•; i «.*■ * .i t r, P'i!» isheil
n li»r j i. m ; i i (( • a . .. . - me a week I of
two oioniIi', ; . or to l b i \ **;.b iv :u \u*
^’ihl oex t, no!:t. io^ t!. • i i . ,f' <4,1 il.e said
,1 a (lies * v. * , ,i r; j- r. i > a jr.■ ,* > ;, 111 cs Conn *
ly Court <•{* to * si, i "a . Y i.,•. .j» August
next, tor i.i<* ' , , • i*.».t.1 a • mv
tee for 14ir.r ir-nedt. »o! t • • .can e. if any
they have, w'i> t.;■. \\\ (darner
, >fj;i b no* . v e the '• m • ,i' • S‘ b.-a J Act of
i A■*'tont.l*.. an . b •* v•• e! 4 *.•.*• aH then?*
I v), a . p i i v *• 2. i i. v . i,. i i *. > i j ,; i l hlS •>! > t
ijJ.y o 1 .. i«! > i • n: . i*. i - • 1.
I;- ii A ' \i( VFS.
True o ,. i'< *. • * • i NRM-.S,
1 !•*: k oi * .. i;. ■ > o ’ * .uii t, Mb.
je8—wit _
i HAIR I •
\ i * ot fa , . I'lfS*
. m;i_* > nobs, i’.> , ;oi• • • • : . 1 no ill
lini'OeSjFt : l\i».v» ii:C> i> ."* oa .iiigand
wa.siiiub • si, , . i i, * i »:.t C.»nio>l
Le.id i ' lie.! . bv.s.
Ju>'. re-T , 1 u.i i o ! , r.j if * : a r eiy low
prices. l.*e : ac: r-•. . j. , > if r'ti.tl
'tnca'i J HARM * o C.'RuU.
RAC N, LARD. DUI .. * R.- -i',
rSX|tc sfbss.r.m-i' ! s i.'.'.’*.., a.;] oilers
& lor so e*, a i I*• •• js *' -.
10 oho Ir.N ot Ro- oa. . , • !ioni !erx)
.’5>j lied' «b No. I t>a;<«
, 2,:‘*U > . ’) * oi I 11 .*••; ih • 1
; I 0.1 j - *'l ' 'oIi* <*
J Oil bbA ')! 1 ‘:. I .. " V , j,, ,,C,
j ibid • oi Ru : . i, i 4., i * ,,(!* 5 do o(
(’. V. invsev: l-i. iR {•;,.•*> ol . •* .cu IRandy,
of v:u ioia oo; i; :s; .Mini ,'rp**'* ol very bope
n.*r 0.4I t*»r 11.• i>; i » Innls o; i 011 1 Rico ami
N. i>. :■ ojjtt |o.so:.* |*i 12,(0 ** s^r irs, lo^etfier
wilt) a fu.i as :*oil ue jI ol briru's LnjuoH
and Wines. J.\ ). LANVSUN’.
je i—env.v
; v '
1. V >.
3 as\c LTM \ ian.. ii . 'i.oof.ie.s Racon, » •
• r\ f pi itii • ( 1 *, 1'
i '• n **_• •> lar.it rsc»* ve i art it
i Mrsnie hv R. 4:^ LA dSAY.

••1,■,, sy .u.
: - TURC ::L ! p.alor
IN*, , .
V L -1 Hint: ve .. • )•
' ;e*i VOvVULL.

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