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Treasury Department, Oct. 20, 13U.
OE\LEl> 1‘ilOPv>SALS will be received at
O thisoifiee until the Gth December next,
fur building the bull and tituna me spars ol a
vessel, to be employed as a Revenue Unuer,
of t lie burden of about one hundred and hit) '
one tons; to be completely caulked, I,a>’ei
with pitch, and delivered in the water.
fue vessel to be bunt agreeably to a 1 ^ *
arvi profile draft of spars, to be ioritisi.ee P
entering into the contract, and o n *
corresponding to the following dimtu s.
specifications, to w it: .
Length, between perpendicular*, a* .eel.
Breadth, moulded, twenty-two teet.
Hold, eight feet six inches.
Wad ri-e, twenty -four inches to hail II »ur.
Kee of white oak, to be suted ten menes.
beld wood, forward and alt. ..I live oak or
locmt. to be sided ten inches to be bailed
with copper ttree-nuarlerso' an inch m diani
'‘stern-post knee, oflive oak, to be bolted
with copper seven-eighths ot an inch m di
ameter- two in the body and two m the arm,
and riveted under the keel and ait side of the
stern-post. .
Inner stern-post, ol live oak or locust; to be
aided ten inches. .. .
Apron, of live-oak or locust, to be s»deu one
loot three inches. .
Fore deadwood and apron hots, tone o.
copper, seven-eighths ot an inch in di ime.tr,
one fool above deep ballast m»t k.
Floor timbers,of live oak; lu’.t »cks and top
timbers, of locust or red cedar, sided six in*
ches. moulded at tlooi heads eight inches, at
the plank sheer five and a halt mche>; to he
completely framed, the Irame bolts to he
three-quarters of an inch in diameter; ever)
other floor timber to he bolted with one cop
per bolt, in diameter seven-eighths id an men;
the alternate floor timbers to be boitei., nliei j
the keelson is fitted, with copper bolts, ol the
same diameter, anil riveted under the keti.
Keelson, of white oak. to be side J ten mones.
Mam iransom, of live o ik or locust, to he
bolted with two iron holts, in diameter se\ en«
eighths of an inch; tne remaining transoms to
side seven inches, and to be bolted with cop
per seven-eighths of an inch in liameter.
Knight heads and haiise pieces, of live osk
or locust, to be sided nine inches.
Outside pi ink. The wales, lour in number, 1
to be in thickness three and a halt inches, a* |
t) )u; seven inches wide, fairly and graduilly j
diminishing to thickness of the bottom plank,
two an«i a hull inches, ot white oak, each
streak of ihe wiles to be fastened to one j
ir une comprising two timbers, with three ir >n
spikes, and one non bolt ol live-eighths ot an
inch hi diameter, driven through and riveted
on the ind ie; and from thence to the keel,
the bottom planks will be listened to the
l imes, with six inch composition spikes, and
live-eighths copper holism the same manner,
t here will not be any treenail*5. Butt, and
hood en 1 bolts, to be three quarters of an
inch in dia meter of copper. 1 »ie wales are to
he plugged.
Flank-sheer, of yei*o*.v pme, three and a
hail inches m thickness, t ue s’ancheons, to
be of locust, to he placed t' form seven ports
on each side, with one between each port, and
three abreast of the masts, on e.acu side, to
Rtip;H>rt the channel*, and two on each side
between the forward p»rt and the bo-.vs —
The bulwarks, from thestem to tiie staneneon
of the forward port, to he of white oak. one
an 1 a half inches thick, thence to the stern ol
yellow pme, from one an ! a hail to two inches I
m thickness, m narrow streaks i’ume are to j
be two stern ports; all the ports to have shut
The rails to he ot oak or yellow pine.
Breast h »oks of live oak. two beio v the
deck hook, fisieue 1 with copper-bolts three
quarters ol an inch in diameter. Clamps,
id' white o ik or yello-v pme, m thickness at
the upper edge three laches, lower edge two
and a half inches, extending fro ns'.em t >stem.
Beams,ot yellow pme to be sided nine in
cites, and moulded seven an 1 a h ut niche*;
rounded two and a half inches; to he kneed
at each end, with one i »ice, an i one 1 ipknee;
to bo sided five i.icues, exeepmg the mast
beams, which are to h ive a dagger knee, in
lie i of the lap knee, to he boiteu vv.ti iron m
diameter three-quarters of an inch.
The grub kueesof ue t» ill po »p to be bolted ;
with iron tfiree-qa trter^ ol an m mil diime ;
eter, an 1 the bulkheads secure l fro n deck to
deck wdh iron bolts seven-eighths of an inch
in diameter. Heck plank, of veil).v pme, three
indies in thickness, not t > exceed live inches
wule midships, to be listened with iron spikes
and plugged.
The bowsprit, to be of yell )w pme, the
mists of yeluw pine; other smaller spirs of
spruce, of the dimensions noted on the draft.
The mast partners of live oak and kneed.
The cat-heads an I stern davits ot oak.
Salt stops to be placed where required.
Cross-steps of white «'jk , b »lled with iron,
one inch in diameter, and properly secured on
the keelson.
The ceiling plank, u nite oak to the floor
heads, thence 10 the clamps of yellow pine,
two inches m thickness, tastened with iron.
Berth deck ot ash or yellow pine two inches
in thickness, or lop, or fixed wnh hatches, j
raised about fourteen inches above the run
ning deck, extended from the lore to the main
mast. Cabin deck yellow pine one and three
quarters of an inch in thickness.
The arrangement of the decksaud half poop
(twenty-four feet in length,and sixteen inches '
high, from the main deck) as may fie directed
with bills, scuttles, h atchways, skylights, cav
il*, cleats, &.c. complete.
The shoe ten incites in thickness amid hip*,
tapering to the stem and stern post, of oak.
fastened with copper bolts three quarters of
an inch in diameter, and with stiilaofe compo
sition spikes.
The materials used in the construction to he
approved bv such otiicer of »iie Revenue ser
vice as the Secretary of the i reusury may ap
pot nt.
The vessel to be completed within ninety
days from the date of contract, and the work- ;
manship to be inspected previous to delivery
by two competent ju fges, one to be chosen by
each of the parties to the contract, who, in the
event of their disagreement, are to choose
a third, who are to determine whether the
work has been executed in all respects con
formably to the proposal and agreement.
The Proposals to be endorsed Proposals
for building Revenue Cutter.’’
nov l—2awtD6 Secretary of ihe Treasury. ]
WM. LANPH1KR, DE.NT/ST, respectful
Iv continues tiis tender ot servict* tothe
citizens and visitors of Alexandria, Office
removed next door to Cook's Drug store, on
King street.
All necessary operations u >on diseased teeth
performed carefully, and every attention given
directed to promote the health and prolong the
usefulness of such Teeth as shall come under
liis care.
The Mechanical branch being wholly exe
cuted by himself will enable him to turn
Artificial Teeth, much cheaper than can be I
procured elsewhere in this District.
The success which has generally attendee
his efforts, both in the Surgical and Mechani
cal Branches, while he lias been in practice
here, taken together with an experience of
seven years in that practice, it is almost un
necessary to say, is the best evidence of his
ability. mh7—Sa&Montf
h\i$moxwLE Juts 7iXf) cjps.
■ WOULD inform my frieads and the public
JL generally, that I have just received from
New York a large and full assortment of Fur,
Cloth, Selett, and Hair Caps,of the latest fash
ions, which l will sell on the most moderate
terms; together with a fine assortment of Mole
Skin, Silk, Russia, and Cassimere Hats, of my
owr» manutacture, winch l will warrant equal
any now manufactured.
fl. T. W l LB Alt. (
M Kmj s'., 3 doors above Royal
7■ ! 11E 2UBSCRl BEKS inform their triend*
| throughout the count y, that they have
0 wned, in connection with the seed business,
i jI* establishment for the sale ot e ver)'de^crij1
luon of AGRICULTURAL AND 1. >uli
I CULTURAL IMPLEMEN l'S, trom the wim
i known manufactory of Ruggles, Nou:*e X
I Mason, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Particular attention will be paid to having
the Implements ot the most approved con*
'strueton. . .
The undersigned lespecliiiliy invite tneir
friends to call anti see tiieir assortment ol
Ploughs, Cultivators, Corn Shelters, Straw
Cullers, Vegetable Cutters, Hoes, Garden
Rakes, Transplanting !’rowels, Ladies \Veew
mg Trowels, llook Bills tor trimming i rees,
j and Shrubbery,Xr. Xc.
| All these articles they believe can be tar
nished by them as low as they can be purcha
sed general! v in the Northern < Lies.
A. .k.*udriu»D.c»
In regard to Uie quality of the above men
tioned Implements, reference is made tv) the
j annexed certiticates. , .
The following is from the Report ol the
Hon. Joint Davis,Chairman ol me committee
on Agricultural Implements:
“The attention of the Committee was early
arrested by a large exhibition ol l loughs trom
the manufactory of Messrs. Kugg.es, . .m.s^
and Mason, of Worcester, who are well aim
favorably known to farmers in most parts oi
the United States. These gentlemen have,
during the past year, unproved their loughs
by adapting straight lines Irom toe share to
the other end ol the mould-board, and l>y
lengthening the mould-board and Und-^ue.
The advantages which result Irom these
changes will tie apparent when the 1 lough is
viewed as a wedge, which is lirst to separate
and then to turn over tlie soil. 1 his it does
by a combined operation, and it is obv nis!>
better that the lneiion ot the iurrow slice up
on the mould hoard should he equal, than tha«.
it should be encountered at two points, as the
concave mould-boards. I neetlectol length
ening the irons, the Committee are persuaded,
will be to keep the Plough more steady in its
work, and lay over more smoothly the Iurrow
slice.” .
The following is an extract trom one of the
Committees ot Wiuthr«»p, Me., which alter
speaking in terms ot approbation ot several
other Ploughs exhibited, thus >peaks ol tl ose
01 Messrs. R., N. X Al.:
-This Plough, in many important particu
lars, your Committee believe to be superior
to any Plough shown them. It combines
strength with beauty of model and propor
tion, will do the work m a superior style with
less power in the draught than most other
ploughs, and is a very cheap article oj its kind.
Other ploughs wtre exhibited trom the same
factory which appear to be constructed upon
philosophical principles with a thorough knowl
edge of and a happy adaptation to the wants
of the farmer.
“The ploughs were all of tlie best materi
als, and exhibit a style ol workmanship ivhich
does credit to the establishment, which your
Committee believe to be well worthy tne pa
tronage of every intelligent Fanner.” 1 be
same*3Committee uighly recommended the
Side Util, or Swivel Plough,as well worthy ol
public attention. Many other testimonials
rom other committees, and practical men.
could be inserted relative to the superiority ol
(bnn, material, workmanship and cheapness
of their Ploughs, but they are becoming too
generally and favorably known to render
hem necessary.
is a valuable improvement and much ad Mined
by those who have used them. 'The plough
man m a few seconas and with ease, can slnlt
the mould-board and share from one side to
the other, so as to turn a tu "ow cithei way.
|>y thi>i means, t he luiTOW s'ice may be al way >
turned down hill tn going either way, the team
going and re’UP'ing on the sjnie side ot the
land! They are also much used on levc1
grounds, where they have several ail vantages
over the common Plough, leaving no back or
dead furrows, ploughing nearer to, and turning
the eartii from the fences, stumps, fcu*., and
saving much lime and travel ol the team, in
sweeping round the ends of lands and liwsh
ing up with short furrows. Being formed on
thesatne vriuriple as the Green-Sward PI >ujn
they perform the work t.eur.y as well on level
ground. ,
resides eight sizes oT tlie LONG-A\ Ouiv
four sizes ot the Side-Hill or Swivel Plough,
they manufacture the PARING PLOUGH,
much used in reclaiming meadows.
VATOR, avrluable Implement in the esti
vation ol Corn and Potatoes. In coveting
gram, sown broad-cast, it will do twice as ^
much and'be tier work than the Ploughor i [ar
row. Its use in the Root culture is important,
as it raises the ground, leaves it light, level
and thoroughly pulverised.
to sow perfectly most kinds of Garden Seeds,
! Ruta Baga, Mangel Wurt"el, Beet, Carrot,
■ Broom Corn. &.c. &c. With this machine, an
acre can be sown m three hours, with com
parative ease, (he rows are Ps fa need, the
furrows made, the seed sown, covered and
compressed by a roller at one operation.
expedite very much'he operation ol truns
' planting,and'by which plants may be removed
without disturbing the earth a bout the roots,
id mo 15—eotf
fpUF. Subscriber offers ‘br sale Ladies
!_ SHOES, of the very best quality, at me
following reduced prices :
Morocco, Kid and Seal Siippersand
JetFe-sonsat - - §1,00 per pair.
Light Colours - §1,25 do
Morocco Walking Shoes, and French Jeller
i «>ons - - - §1.25 per pair.
Misses and Childrens* Do. in proportion.
/^Country Merchants would do well to
call and see before purchasing elsewhere, as
they can besupphed with from one to twenty
dozen at the shortest notice, and upon tlie
most reasonable terms,
N. P>. I would inform my o!H customers in
general, that all work charged, will be al the
following prices: — Morocco. Kid, and Seal
Siip;>ers *1,25; Inht colored $1,50; Walk
ingshoet 1,37; French Jedersons’ $1,50.
West 0 leofFairfax, between Cameron and
dueen *u?ets. dec lG— l >
H1HIS beautiful thorough bred race If 'rse
X vvill stand the remainderofthe season at ilie
Abingdon Farm, in tlie countv of Alexandria,
on the Alexandria and Washington Turnpike
Road, equidistant between those cities. He
wassired by Rob Roy, bred by the Hon. Jno.
Randolph of Roanoke, dam by Oscar. X.c.—
He is 10 bands high, of great strength and
action, and his colts are ol the iinesi promise.
The terms are §20 for thorough bred, nn I
I $10 for cold blooded mares,—-3U to insure—§1
togrootn* my 3—dtl
\ NEGRO Woman, who is a good plain
Cook. Washer, and Ironer,—tor one ol
good character, possessing those (jnaMications
a fair price will bf given. Apply t».
a tig 30—11 BENJ. T. KENDALL.
fflHE Yard, attached to ihe Warehouse oc
1 l ctipied by G. 1. Thomas and Capl E. Ha
ang IC—ti _ _
Between Cih and 7th stsM near Brown’s Hotel ^
I seplS-ly Washington D. C,
EXRY T. W1LBAR respectfully informs
his friends and the pOlie general.1 ', that
he has ji*>t opened, on lving street, two doors *
above Royal, a very large and tresii assort- f
mem f Bonnets, Straw Goods, and "entle* j
men’s Leghorn and Fur and Silk I bits; uid takes j
tins oppm tuuity of returning UiS tnanks to Ins
leilow-cttizens ior the custom heretolore re
ceived. and hopes, by strict attention to bu
siness, to merit a sha.e of public patronage.
My stock is iurge and complete, consisting
L part of—
lu dozen Florence Braid Bonnets, ol the
latest style, and varying in
price from $> to $10
25 tio Shaker Hoods, white and color
ed, of last patterns
1 JO do Palm Leaf flats, oi'every varie
ty, which are now worn
C do Gentlemen’s Leghorn flats, ns
handsome as any ever offered
in tins market
Artificial Flowers, Rihbonds, Bandboxes,
Wire, Ilop.net Reeds. &c.
Also, ti dozen white Russia Hats, high and ;
low crown, with wide brims; Mole-Skm ami i
Siik Hals; black Russia ami Xulses, ol the ,
best uuality. , , .
All of which I will sell, wholesale or retail,
on the most reasonable terms,
1 invite tbe Ladies ami Geib’emen to call
ami examine for themselves; and country
merchants shall have great bargains lorcaHi. ,
Customers’ Hats kept in good order, gratis. ;
mb :>1—tl__. j
HAVE received thefollowingartide, which
they olfer ! >r sale, viz
The Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is believed
to be deservedly the most popular medicine
ever known in America, lor coughs, colds,
asthma or phthisic consumption, whooping
cough, and pulmonary a tied ions oi every kind.
The proprietors have received,and a re receiv
ing numerous recommendations Irom many ot
our best Physicians, who make use of it in
their practice The names of a few individu
als who have given their testimony in fa , or ot
this article are here subjoined, and lor a more
full account see the envelope to the bottle.
Doci. Amory Hunting, | Duct. Samuel Merrill,
*• Truman Abell, ) “ 1 mfy Bayiie*,
“ Tliomas Brown, I “ Jer’h Ellsworth,
“ William Perry, j “ Albert Guild.
Extract ol'a letter from Mr. C. S.Clay, tv:m •
ton, Ulster county, N. V, to the proprietors:
Tours ofthe Dt! instant was duly received.
A remarkable'*ure xv'asetiected by .he \ege
talde Pulmonary Balsam in the winter and
s| ingot IS35. The person,Mr. Moody, hud
been sick a long time with the consumption'
His physician had given him up. 1 ie was re
ductal so low as to be unable to limp hunsell
and was raising a largeguantity ot blood \\ iieii
he commenced using the Balsam, whicheliecl
ed a complete cure, ami lie is now as hale and
hearty as ever he was. Mr. Moody hasie
moved from this town, hut he has promised
me a more detailed account of his case, x\ hief
l will forward you. C. S. Clay.
Kingston, N. V. Jtiii? 1333.
Co iinter Jc its—Hew a re oi 1 mpos it inn.—La c n
genuine bottle is enclosed in a blue wrapper,
on which is a label, Signed by Sampson Heed
None other can he genuine.
The outside yellow label will have, on and
aiier Dec. ’3D, in addition to that of Sampson
Heed, the signature of B in. John Cutler, one
of his partners.
Look out tor a spurious mixture calleu ve
getable p .imouary balsam/ sometimes signed
Samuel Lee, and sometimes Sampson Lee, Hie
name being written in a tray t>. resemble the
genuine signature!! said to oe prepared by an
unprincipled man in Bangor, Maine.
For sale by the subscribers, in Boston, and
by their appointment, by Win. Stabler &> Co.,
their onlv Agents for Alexandria.
Boston, nov *20—eoly
BRANDED! f *• i n.LS
'TM1E New Voi.x Sui -.ays: Bit AN DUET li’S :
1 PILLS have heet used among many o I
aur friends and in our own lainily we have j
used them nearly four years v hen wereguir d |
medicine; m that period, no Doctor save Mr. i
Brrr.diet.: has crossed our threshold, ind no :
»Lt'uu i/.e besides the Doctor’s Pills used. Our
belie! is‘keep your bow els a nd blood pure,’ a ml
everv kino of disease will be prevented ore r
ed. The Brandreth Pills are eminently calcu
lated to do this, ami thereby much lessen the
sum ol human misery
'i’lie New York Evening Star sa /s: Bran
u vii\s Pills are a medicim which their own
ntense worth, wdl always secure lor them a
arge and ready sale.— l 1 ey have deservedly a
ngh re put at ion; a r.d as a family and ant i-billi
ons remedy it would he difficult toe<pial them
among ali il.e patent medicinesot the present
a a v
The New Y u k Commercial says: They re- 1
moveyI morhid h unors and purify rue blood..
To the whole faintly of .dan. — W e lee! both
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to
all our readers, Brandretn’s Vegeta hie P Is, as
the mo it certain, most sale, and invaluable
medicine extant. As antibilious am* aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced they tan'
tar -’hove all others; as a certain cure in ad
^ases ol worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
; erysipelas, and all atlections of the skin, dn»p
asthma, stone, gravel, piles, and Inin ha go,
f ijev wdl he ‘bundinvaluahie.— London ’/inn s.
nnUiiviSTs steveh m.ide .we.vts
John Gird is the only Agent in Alexa .dm,
jor the sa»e ol Bran p reth’s Pills.
Baltimore Office, corner of Ligh. & Mercer St.
mav'22—f>m General \pent.
T^OIl Coughs, Col \s, Whooping Cough, P..ic
1^ ami Soreness m the Breast, Influenza,
I Consumption, 1 loarseuess, Dnlieuit Breathing.
.1 D.seast^ol the Breast, and Lumrs gener
a. y.
in preserving tins useful remedy to the pun*,
:c, the proprietor wishes to state that th;*
Syrupy ct trposed of Insii moss combined
\x, (h sucho er articles as have been found
best ealeu attd to aliord relief in the above
I named iliser.se>;.
I This medicine has been used very extend
lively and the proprietor has not known a sin
! g.e instance in which it has failed m giving
1 relief m diseases for which ii is reoemmended*
even in cases a pproacliing to consumption,at;
j tended with bleeding at tlm lungs; and when
Jail other remedies had failed, the me jtdecidJ
ed and flattering success has attended its use.
Common (’olds, winch are generally the effect
of obstn cted perspiration, will vie d to ils in
fluence m a few hours; when used in Asthma,
Hoarseness, Wheezing and shortness oi
breath, it gives immediate relief; in Whooping
'Cough, it is without a rival, it operates hv
expectoration, and may he given both
To miults and infants with perfect safety.
Prepared and sold t>v C J R 1 llORPE, j
Chemist and Drujgi*t.
A no for sale by John J. Sayrs, Ring street;
nud William Stable.. ocl 1— tf
\ s the season is advancing when Summer;
Ci i. v.v'd f’omplant prevails—iheSubscnber ■
offers hist hofera Infantum Syrup, as a sure i
reined* ldr the prevention ami cure of the |
Summer Bowel Complaint in children or oth* ;
er^. Tliis meilicinecures hv its Toni and j
Antiseptic powers, and the patient’s strength
! increases with its use. Of theadaptationof this
remedv to this disease the experience of the
ast five reais has abundant!v proven; on sale
or.y bv " WM. LANPHIF.R, Surg. Dent,
q jG—d:i
'Uj trier Seidlitz Powders, T> boxes for $t.
Lee’s An*ibilious Pills i»5 cts. ner Box.
Dr.\ nsr, or> Ring hear W’aHiington sf.T
Alexandria. wov i«— * 1 y
Lrt the render remember that thefnllnicin;
remedies cun be. tin l only oj the . I 'Cnt}
J. i i All VEY MONROE,
Agent lor the proprietors,
3 doors above the Alarshall House, Kang street.
OR. TA YL' )R\S BALS A \1 of LI VLB A HI l
i'nr ('onsumiition an l l.ii'cr ('oninjuint.
Coughs Colds, Asthma, Difii tolly of Breath- |
mg, I'ams in the side or Breast, Spt ling o: j
Blood, Catarrhs, lLlj talion of the Heart,
Oppression and Soreness of theCliest. Pleu
risy, Whooping Cough, Hectic Fever, Night
Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration,
and all other /.dec1 ions of the Chest, Lung i,
and Liver.
This Medicine is for sale by the sole Pro
prietor, at 375 Bowery, between Fourth and
Fifth streeets, N. ., Ue*». 'Pavlor, M. D.
Forsale by J. HARVEY MuNROE,
Druggist, Alexandria, i). C.
Liverwort, even in the common wayo! pre- j
pa ration, is wm versa! I y known as 11 it* hes t a i *
tide for diseases of ihe Lungs, ever discover- |
ei! ; audit is obvious that a litgnl y concentru - '
ted preparation, seconng the w ho;e v ir t ne ol
this inestimable herb, must be m\a!u 11>!»’.
Moreover, tins medicine contains the med'Cn!
propert es of the Bugle weed Lungwort, fe
ver Root, and many other routs and hei bs.—
It is al>o warranted not to cojram any m:
cury mu.era!, or mineral preparati-.m ; an !
.<inon reward w.ii he given any i»er>ou wh .
will prove ih;.s medicine to contain miner
ofn/iykmd. Suc.li his been me soccer <U
tins Balsam, that ;t is warranted me i -*hu- «*i
producing, in any msi nice, in i.’i ’-i< *-‘il v.-..
Within me Iasi le v n.n - tu«* *'• *’• s j'" l ii>
sov’ereign reinedy h ive been iueaw. bev »n !
precedent ; and its rep it man Mi'Mi d i » :
Maine to Texas; mu-» nr*>m.14 toe e *n 1 R 1 •
bestowed upon a simpv n • In* ■ 1 pr**p > 1 r 1 1,
purely vege ta b Ie, 1 nd tiie tr111 v •>■»t• * i 11'■, 1 ■ >~ *"i
lect alien fug us u>e. I’mvsi-m ms t» *, l o.n a
coiivietion ol Us mil Riess, > 1 let v a 1! siicee-,*.
emplov il in their prictice, rec-Mtime.nl .t 1 »
th^ir palieiits, ami esteem mis medicine sa!e
and in vaiuaid- ; p irtumiaray as u hoes not m i
lerlere with any other mediem- patients may
! he taking at the same tune, nor restrict them j
[to any peculiarity of diet, confinement, Nr.. ;
1 thus enn bling persons to receive the iuil tieue -
lit of this medicine, and follow at the sime
time, if they wish, the advice of their physician.
To persons ol disordered nervous systems,
or those who are unable to rest well at night,
this medicine is most emphatically recom
mended. The inestimable value ol this cele
brated medicine has been rightly tested, and
found not wanting, l ie* 1 roprietor is daily
receiving the most flaneiing accounts ol it>
success f and il is t uly gratilying to s iy this
is emphatically tlie med.cmeol tiie TE1 d Lid
It is used by the Medical Faculty, supported
by the Clergy, advocated by the whole New
York Tress, and is in the home ot most ol our
from the hundreds of certi icat. s or its
wonderful cutes, 1 he I sen! St lefts only two;
(he perusal of which, may induce the sirjt rer
to purchase the remedy. and snatch, j erlmps,
another victii. from (lie yawnin ' grace:
Nr.w VoiiK', Jan. 2, ld >d.
Pear Sir—1 feel uncquivoc 11 pleasure m tne
opportunity now offered me of expressing my
approbatory opinion ol your Ba siniol Liver
wort, and the'■uccess 1 have ever obtained
• from its administration. 1 have used your
medicine in upwards ol sixty cases, compri
sing all stages ol disease, Rom incipient Cm 1
and Cough, to advanced Ththisis, and have
invariably lound immediate reiit-l. 1 rec mii
niend it cheerfullv m ail ca>es where tiie Chest
| and Lungs are effected, particularly in Con
sumption, with Scrofulous Diu'e- s. l*»>r
Chronic Cough, Pain in the«"he>t, Spilling of
I Blood, &.C., 1 have no he.s.tation m pronoun
I ci 11 g your \ egetahie Med 1c111 e unr.v ai.e.*,
e,yt’iili respect, your obed eru servant,
[ Memberofthe CollegeofSurgeons. Edinburgh.
j Although Dr. Tayloi’s Balsam of Liver
wort has found hundreds of advocates and
h s proiluceil so large a number of testi
monials in us favor, 1 cannot withhold my
small meed of r.aise. Being predisposed to
Consumption, h ill from peculiar Rnin’ioii
ami hereditary transmission, I tried every
means to check this disease, and strengthen 1
naturally weak constitution. I spent two
years at Tisa, one in Rmi e. n.o in Florence,
and another in tlu south ol f ranee, see;.
meantime, the advice of the best physicians.
Two years since I -eturned to tins counii \, m
about the same situation as w! en I icR it l
had seen, m the reading rooms m Ed ope,
much >aid in favor ol Dr l avl-.r’s lRls.mi *d
Liverwort, and as s».dii as 1 ai riven . 1 tais
city, 1 used n, and m three m.uuhs 1 was >0
well I concluded l could sately pa-s the
winter here, a ml did so. I have u<ed an oc
casional bottle now and Hum during the u ic,
! but a in now in as gon I he * it h a> is i;'"i ‘
! My cough has whoily ceased, and my lungs
have every feeling oi health.
Western Hotel, <'ourtiam! st., N. \ .
Dailey's Magical I'avi-Extractm; Hum Oint
' Composed from 3<> compounds '**ntiimm\
m the Imriiest lorms. me six p i ram »tiui, ! • •
,siiL.3inay minor virtues, mo>i uncoil.ml m
I soo'.limiz, healin/ and perlect cure —
Is the onhi ccrtmn. soot ung, prompt *1111
' Specific m the world.—
; Also rapidlv cures amhimn < lona-Man I
: imr and inactive sores, swellings, deep brumes
and inflammation, felon, fever sore, white "Vel -
1 In./ cut, frosted part, >ore eves, mumps chile.
' tender ftel, chap, sore throat, broken bre.i t
1 prevented and healed, sta *. hue. / iu-su p
i wound.clidbiain. cut 1 neons disease, t'r5si; ei • '
(—indeed all kinds of sores incident tom.n;
an.I invainahie 10 draw hlMers ; ^ >otti>,
l draws, and heals, and «i in a few davsre
f moves ttie red appearance jver produced .so
t long by bltslei in/.
The names attached to Mr. Dadey’s certi
ficate are mostly gentlemen well known to
me to be highly respeclab.e and men of vr *
city, and their state P.erP wouid have weight
with me. J. E. K A i I IIP h\E, Mayor.
Albany, Dec. 2, 1310.
LIVES there a hems? who considers not the
invention a blessim, that promotes ease
i and destroys pain. It has I gen wed and ti'.iiy
' ,bserved, that “lie who makes two b.ades oi
grass grow where hut one grew before, is j
real benefactor to hiscountry.” Can any eu
logy, therefore, he too high hirth.it man, who
! withttie bless ng of God, is enabled, constant
j *y rescue his fellow creatures Irom sutfer
ii,", impotencv and at) untimely grave. Lik*>
magic, stidi results follow the application of
Halley’s Magical Pain Extractor on /.!; kmd>
of hin ts, Plough we give oulv nn£ item ol its
promptness tielow.
Steamboat Swifsture, Albany, net. J., 1 ~'
Mr. Dally—We, the undersigned suderers,
mangled by the explosion of the boiler of the
steamboat Swiftsme, certify, alter twenty
hours of pain, from dreadluliy burnt, scaided
and bruised parts, weie anointed with your
Magical Pain Extractor, which gave us im
mediate ease and aoa^ed the svvei !m_s>. *\ e
consider it the best article in the known
world for such aillictions, and all may he as
sumed they will he easy at once on application,
without any additional pain being produced,
and healed promptly without scar.
Thomas Havens, Nicholas Ha vis,
»mnrv v*r*»s' John Kearney.
Te«ti®ony ol tne Captain, Crew, See.. bil
lows as may be seen oa circulars widen ma v
ne had gratis at the Agent’s store.
Every family should keep this remedy, as :t
may be needed when t v*y lea* expect
ie 21-Gfu
'* RE d.i*iy tdlectnu! some of the most as-.
/L touist.mg a ml womiertul (’l RES thatev- ;
i: t:.iuL> been known—in consequence ot which j
li.ev have now become a shii.ir.g mark against ,
»viiu*b ail the sirrows ol disnppoin11d hope. t. n- j
w ami uucharitableness are levelled without
distinction. The town ami country are alike j
tilled with their praise. The palace ami poor
house alike echo with their virtues. l|i tit ,
climates, under all temperatures, they still re
tain their womiertul powers, ami exert them, j
unattended by age or .situation. 1 hev re
simple in theirpreparat:on,mi!d in their action,
thorough in t deir operation, and uiiriv.il.ed in
their results.
Are Aiui-Biliou , Auti-Dyspeptic and Anti
Mercurial,ami mayjustlv heconsniered a l m
vkksu. MF.mci\i hut they are peculiariv be
neficial in the following complaints,—N ellow
amt Biiious Fevers, Fever and Ague, Dyspep
sia. Cronn. Li vcr < ’omplaint s, S»<*k I lead - ache,
Jaundice, Asthma. Dropsy, Rheumatism, En
.:irgccient the Spleen, Piles,! holic, femaie
«ib^ti uctions.l fearl hum. Furred Tongue, \;m
sca, i intension of the stomach and Bowei .
incipient 1 )>a rdiu*a. 1-ia lulcnce Habitual t os
tiveness. !.o>s ,>| Ap >etde, Bioicln d or >adoiv j
I'.*;Jir.ltf Xion,:iI! i ,11 all Cof Torpor ot the
iio m* s, ,vIi e a Gathiroe oi an Aperien* is j
!. Thev • »*>;cec Singly mild in their
> -r 11 on.:>'•> twin l muihcr nausea, griping
iji ; -b'bii: t v .
. i , p • |>v i ■* Druggist * in Alex- j
!r i. V i- ,g M...n i Georgetown.
11 V - ~ -lv
a » it i N < ) I i t i .V1 i.
i'll . ! i » v:iig u- ! *i I i i ii»* Rev. .1. W .
i m act, o! ^h ill>i>u.rv, Vermont, in coii
ijrma»i ii oi ine virtu <■. » d Di. J a vot* > i Ian l»»
me i> Si‘o u so got#; i NiMirce. ami ><» strong a
viiucner !>k tue ai t: 'It*. l.. it we give n to our
rea oei’s. I! a n v ut tlie.ii a ; e sum! ’fly a !lhcled,
• ;.ey wnl in.m'K u> lur I lie u; furination, as none
y re ut* i 11. t' msajei a blues*, a a addition
l > ;.Ci s ma i lie i ut v. V, i»ei c a rente.I v is rea I -
! v got) i. 11 s;iu it i ne • r.11 v»*r" 11»> k ■ • ■»w n. white
all fi:j.ic»\crv sao i. i meet a prompt exposure.
,S. K. Post.
Shalt^burv. Bennington Co. Vt. f
Aug. till, 10. S
r)K ;> Jayne: — Dr. \k Sir— Learning
thr 'ugli the medium ol tne newspaper the j
ctid’acv nfvour ll.vtR T‘ >NR\ ami hemg ac
i minted with some oi’those recommending it,
j. , vvit: Rev. r !’. Park, Rev. Dr. Babcock,
ai .1 Rev. L. Pietciier, and when in New N u k
’asi spring. t purchased two bottles, with a
yiewtomike the experiment. I have been
quite bald To-* about lour yeai «, and obliged to i
we-r a wig. indeed, it i> constitutional with
mvtam.lv to he b .Id ine- riy hte. I conic. •,
l hau nut lit tle confidence in the attempt, ha
; vmg been so t»a!d. ami near 1R* yeaisol ajge,
i ami tii'ii pari ol mv neaii <!e .ituteol hair j
exceedinglv smooth. I iiowever, commenced
| ajreeablv to your directions, ami used one
hottie laitlduliv. ami wdh very little etlect ■
aur oelore 1 nad used the second hottie, a
1 very tine fuzzy hair became | erceptihie, winch
continued to grow, ami now. having uvt *1 tut
tmrd hoit c I have had three cutting* pertor
mcil,ami the prospect is v»*.y hatienng, that
! sh * I again l>e blessed with a line iiead <d
| hair ornamental an 1 useful, lam extremely
1 gratified with the prospect ami from observa
i tiom, made, maiiv o. my friends, ami acquam
taucewho have herertolbie regarded the
preparat hi as deceptive. ami osdy a catch
peii'iv concern, are now well sati^lied that it
is-* Trntti— No Fiction.’’ J. W. L '»A Li*.
1 Prepared onlv by Dr D Jayne, No.'20South
Third Sti-et, Pinladciphia. Price •'?!.
Messrs. Win. Stabler, ami <’o. are mv a
,r(Mi|s in * !♦*v ia !ria Uor tile sale ot the above
article’ ' D..IAVM-:.
| seplb—lv __ __i
TO Till*- I’AKD l IF.ADKH \M> oTllKUS
DOKS anv know a neighbor or a liierul win
has been iiald, and whose head is now
covered with fine hair? < hie whose coal col
lar was covered with dandrutl, ihough brush
ed every h mr—wiiich has now vanished en
tire! \r Or one whose lurrsat earlvr'je were
turning g;ey. who now lias not a grey ban.—
' Children whose heads were covered with
sc ml’, -whose hair would nol grow, that are
now ‘Mowing l.he Inhest crops ol hair.' Some
eases must he k«*•»'• 11 to most persons. Ask
them the cause, ami you will he tool. the>e
things have heent me h. the use ol tiie B.vKM
)[■' C( lid/ \1|>I \. < M 20 vears growth is tins
,i c ;cl e, its dem.' mi me re a sin a n nun 11 y n,*iir‘
; i. mdred ner cent.—though when discovered
; not oppo *o hv M'»\ thing t »r the same purpose
! ;j,i\y assailed hv almost unmlieriess mushroom
ipa v|j prep iralions that will rum t.u- hair it us
ed toiiuv evtmt. Cati more thin • hese facts
he wauted — reler *o the recommendations hv
; , jist o! na i.es ol re-peelah hfv, m:e«|iiailed
i hv anv older article. Kook to these things
i |MJV fj,|s a: ti.*‘ \ >ia \ ami p:e>er\ “ vour hur
1 hv its use. or i! bald re tore it K Kites. at
1 lend to th;s—numhvds in !;:sninnatiie hie ate
• J- ,1 r 15 as til** toilet. I .oiig hair very apt to
, , jes, ,i e the !>aim ol < Nilumt) l
in t •; ;e to s a ve vo11 sei v»*s t In* <1 jsgr.ee ol ha hi -
iif'ss 11v neg «'Ct ol vour j»ei>>ms
It : s v * 11 r* i: 11 \, i s no ■ i i j s t s i.» j ire sc i ve the
: |iles of rr ‘me, v\ dh winch a hnuiitjiu!
,:„r !i is ni In ved you- u e the Hal ill. lor it
wii do it
cv ri »n t«» kkmf.mif’.kf.!).
Several most fjtgrnd attempts h ve been
I made toco rderle t lue true Kahn <d fo.um
'h,:!. <(»u:e >l* th** unpostoas |,ave gone * far
| as io comiTedeit the >p!ei;dnl wrapi er*. ami
| the Falls of Niagara, and every e\ ei .»:*i infk
except the name* ol ‘’o:u-lock, which they
da re not torje.
To »void itimosiii, re therefore, always look
I jor the name o!’< hm,stock N < '•>. or \. S. < 'mil
i stork and never ‘my the article mi css it has
that eame up* n *1.
Sold .V holes ile an 1 Kedah, only at No. 2
Fletcht r street N. 'k
ITor i i he ro>i«»M 1 iironii'le, Jan. I' .
g —> We>eebv an ad verti>emerit maMother
! column that Messrs. Comstock ami Co., »he
authorized Agents for (>!dridge’s halm of < ' )•
iiunhia, have deputies to sell that article in
P.oston and eiseu here.—We kr.mv a lady of
this city whose hair was so nearly gone as to
expose entirely her phrenological develp
me'its, w hich, considering h it they betoken
. ed a uiO't arm ib.e disposition, was not in real
ity very unfortunate. Nevertheless Hu* mourn
ed ibe lossof locks that she had worn, and,
.after a year’s fruitless resort to miscalled res
toratives, purchased, sou e mouths ago, a bot
tle or two of< )|d idge’s Balm, and sin* lias now
ringlets m rich profusi 'ti, glossy, and of raven
hlacKiiess. We are not pulling—none of the
comn’Oiiity has been sent to ns, and, indeed,
: we do not want any, lor though we were
obliged to wear a wig a year ago, we have
i now, through its virtue, hair enough,and of a
passi b!e <jua!itv, o' Our own.
Darin? I'rnud. The Balm of Columbia has
, been imitated by a no'orious counterfeiter. T.et
jit 'ever f»e purchased or used unless it have
i the nn me of I.. S. t’OMS fr if’K, orthe signa
ture of COM> fOCIv k Co. on a splendid
wrapper. Thm is the only external test that
t ill secure the public from deception.
Address COMSTOCK k CO,
Wholesale Druggists, No w-Vork. j
j .*.>. 2 F!e;cher-street.
COT .ON FT, SFAVFB. Postmaster at Bata
via, is know ing to the fact, that Or. Bingham,
of • iennessee county aged over 7o, and for
more than 17 years verv 'bald, has had hi'
hair fulfil rpsforprf f»v tfte use of one bottle ot
* I if* Ba I rn ofColumbia from COArSTO^’K & CH.
For «q’e by J. f. Savrtt, A\ ru Harper, k
T. H. Monroe, Alexandria fee 1 — Iv
\SFRVANT woman, of good efiara-'ter,
>fe must be a pood washer, inner, arid
I seamstress. Apply at this office, -ep2!
b IU'.OU>iMtM'l-l» aultticuit) *uj.trie*
£. to i'.lV OlUt C »l:OW ll C0ll.UlRi.UCI4 0| JVJ^
C.tiC, tui Go Of U», U *v,s, ll l.Utt it, tciiCD »,
t.Oli, .uU.i! ov wU’U.t c Cl i loco, liChfitl.t *i
l/ill:ci.»tv ol Uli ••mu , lice j 11 \ k |
*i»o #» trtXi.o as ui cl»t l>11 as.V, ai..„ ai,uu.tsst,t <•
tUC k* U ill.Cl. a» > op ..» o
i litt mcGicii.t > a Ui^hit at.u jV p|v rCCC[.
aiciuleu, dv no me tout ti.u rtp uutu irq^
.I o a la, v» ho nave lee i.o (tllciti* u. i p Lit. ^ ^
ii) vi no !.u\c bet i- ibioiii.^ ci otr putricu
CoU^lis and | hii.mii the bi taai w.t hsu btij
supposedb) Uitn acivta ai.u U.tir friei.est •
advanced in cunsun Jtton, Lave tttn hip ^
restored to peil».c\ htfciih h) the tie oi ft
Persons laboring under chreni orccrsur
live counts* will hnd ^rtat acur.u^ fttJ
carr) »np asn.fcliuuantit) ol ti e tr uiiri tipt.
torunl vi itU tl.tm, w lukt atui.ou b u tj,tlI ^
rious avocations, aiui taxing a ttsij.cci.ic, p.
CaMUlJall) . I ‘‘til Ci L^t. a ll. bt italtt.lv ftit
ar.u the) v ill oo cnaLieu tu txpcitiiu a
the greatest lacilil), she the ntiluu.^ n klUr
Vi i'i tiicicuv su i. Ut rcucvco ai.o a junk,
nent Coic tutiiii. i t u t i tlv it.
hij - in v.|,l; l > 1 • 1 '-'i'l 1 ' 1 *-t ri , *> ,
Jera. .u.o ui n i >. *■ • c...» •uccU.ta;,.,
It l» Jij/.aluU '* •' the --i l • « I U t CLP c« t,
lit J <U.I . I
tii'i.u nn; 1
ii 4 ! c L ; 4 • • ■ •. • * * ‘ 4-1 • 4. i. c i k % r j j
t n t > -4 4 , *•» •». «i «• -•»** .• i ) oil: , i (tu!
* - > 1 W . , 4 ‘ ’ « ‘ 4 . V 4 . I i. I V I v t t
W<i; .it loo \ » 4 i . . i < 4 «. j ,. t v
Uf 4 I. 1. L. . .4 I 44 4 ‘ 1 ' 1.4. . I l ^ ^ |
. Tt ....... . U * . • , • 4 4 4 . . J * . . J 4 .
... ( t 4. . tft * . I . 4 * ‘ ‘ • * • * 1 • • .Uu.,1 |
. IV. 4, 4il • ■ 4 . . . ■ ‘ • 4 i 4 • i V V . I
11 • - •* •' “ , ■ i ' • •' lv I iU . (1;
i l. 4 i . t. 4. . 4. * 4* . j ' 4 > • . . : , i 4 4 t » l (
•Ab. , ll.lUi' i'l 4 . . . • * » ( * « •' 1 t V i V ..
4 01.. ill.. ...it, - * . i 4 -t .
i. ‘ ,,in . u.y a ..t v . Li.!■» i ci n i.tim
U) a , i j . ‘ 4 1 ..'I 4.41 f !■ .* *1 4 |-.i. II. I. C t . i ( . 11
u .. 4 i > l .. 4~* 4-4.1 4 4 . ( • • ‘ 144 i 4 l u j kl (
i. q. I, l ..1.4. 1-. l iiiii.Cl-.ii e. V.ih
( let! t .. .- * I . .. 1 ’. \ 4 I \ i: .1 4 4 M4 1 i l< ! I! , It
4*0 \ l l.vj lllj. 1.1 f l Cf tU.ll" ^ 4 , . C . 1. I ? I.t
illltf S».4 104.1. uj., if!4.i. t‘» oi toll)
io lU . . » i.c I. bl Jn) 4.t c 4.4. ) ml. I U ! # U
lit: U . 4 I iii 1.. I • l'. ' J 4 4 14.1. I. V i* i *cl S.i/4 ! S I ( UU.
|lclcl\('csu.44.4*l.cl 4.0 I. el- 4 il l I.C >1 i U .) { ( ,
»u vt .* i \ tl.t ou t:.eo.-. .i ion 4-* i*4 4.ve u.
\ i.tiii r»u.ii,
iic.uc* 4 i. ;iir.4,i. ,»••*>• Nov ^11 !>.;
jKr4 n J. Ii .t ti.itl., Ksq ki ockiy i, I., , ,
. ikltlj) Ce f til) tbA4. I tie. abuTt V t-liaut At*
lln,lhe libs eh meti ut in> talid) v*lit. fti|t
mb. in u Vclbl »t:t tt.Cc fc
t>r j* ki) ii* t • t c• 14 •> j.
Vroin Le iie*v. C* O t*. Ci'isoy, .attbtrrr,o
tiie Am ncbi liu; i.&t.
To l)r I). Jayne I)t-hi air. I lifttt frui it
olttic i lid ia i. bxptclciawt, ptr*u.i'i)k i .r.
my t &ntily twrtlie»i»stxix)cars vs itl. ^rt a t»n
eht. tmieed I m^y couxider my lite prolong*
ed i>\ tt.e list oi tttlfc valuable li.euicil.e,Ulititf
tile t)tei»Mi*K ct (*od, tor mvtiki yetis I nr i.>
say airr-us? xs> mucti in tbe cast utny wifi me
a I*;, ctll.e isc\ . Nil linxoii ut tlte Island ot Jb*
maica. K oi ali cases oi enugi , inHan natitr
ottl.ee! #>t, ungs and throat, I do n osl urbe*
sitatiiigly recor.n.end ibitaa tlie oest n.tUicire
1 iiave evt r tried. My earnest *v ttli is it.ato
t!»e: katriicte4i a:- I bas t bet n a> e> { etitr.a
ttie same relief, wbiclt i an. {tiMmutC tie;
vsiUby usii g 11.c!r.d1 i Kx; tcu.ni t
C. L. 1 . < UOfebl
N.lt. Mail) o my litigt boib, on n.y rtcon
mcnbat.op, t.uv e t "ieu U..s iu 4 ;c nt ^ ut. i c
form succ^tj*. N. \<-ik June )5.2«v)t
Fr'Jil. the lit' JoT.uti.ui <»uiw£, D 1). Kari'.r
■jitite Arrencbit liaptibt,
t navttutd tiie*bo\t ired.cu.t wiii me
cess tor u cco£ l: *n<; ntsb
N York,Utc tM) >. Jonaiii/s U'jiiu.
0 c c i.! > • J-ttr.c Ut«rw,r: I wubloi a loi|
Cime alticted v. 111: a v stile id cony i> a:.<' «1. H cl
ty tii breathing, attended with wcbkiios»r
pair: n; i» y brthbi, bot ha\t tit en rtkicitc
j eiltf S.tbUlib} using owt bi ith <d y<.t:
di:tii I.Apcctrrai.t. havt btt;. subject ut
csivj^li arc! ; au in it \ b:e<*&ttor t.taiUtt
ye:u b,:»nd hitv c l or i r i a r r 11.«11 i bt l.t bt f <■
thisir.cGic.itU.twirt.il anvotl.tr. ren»
res^trtluli} veir*-. Sji>*.v Imwt:
v.ai.t 11 Nov . . 1, lbc.
U o v i: <■ I • : .-rl.I.C Ur iMghl lit aifdtc Cl
the d. < \ c tit ci i.'ii tit * > !I oi« lu
Sab r , N. J. \[ r: bd a J WSK
J*ij >.!l ! > V a *. • i . 11 : » I g I «• i. I 11 ♦ l I
Stat.r v. !.»i'_ .*• :■ < 4 ‘ b«>‘ Jatrt iiT
i: j 11 \ . 1 i bn 11 , i. I I > > v t i I • 1 * ; • •• • 1 .1 >; J • 1 (
I' i: V« ! ' . ; : f C V « r k r d r I |
J)) * j c |. ‘ I -. t I , V » i. f v I *• c
\ i l I v c t :i: i I t .
1 . _! \ \\ M s i a Ml Mi.
L’ A i . v 1 K 1 v l /» > • i . i* *' »I
, lAffKPP ;\M ' i.Dii, biuiullo'D'
i £’ <.r.vi.;.>r i. i •#: P s’* ?. .itb *••*• I! *'
eis, r». j . * **• .! ’ cut«i’ b> Du j a y*>. *' *'
mi na*: n i .»» • i v.
i.r. 1- ; V fu *- i c;.! Sir,- Davu ^ ; *
(,( ' \ • l. f 'J i. • U * t \ 4 lo h l» I 1 I* * ' ' ■*' 1 '
t; Imi a to t in iah.) in. «• 'P
r ' v {ol V lilt . it Is ll'lt* £ « *"• t O*
HI rt c ‘ ;; n - ; ,!.i * M t«> ft * ,<>« ti K > fr"
«: » I ^ti.t rr: •> , *;i !:cvw y l; «>* ’
• r. i . :C ' t ! \y \\ l \ < ! ! I « M C< S) , •;< I 1
ind re. * I if ti t lilt < ( It If
H N A 7 II A s (.< IM., b. ' i
l res he i '»i l fai.v 111»i Dc11■-J.t•
N. u York, l.i\ J~y D ~ %m , .
, a L*i \y. < n i» *«*rcl - < t >
Dr. J!i% r < •— I c fc« *'H, N < » -‘k n f
p,<:ofs | net ; Ai»h cl Du <fi cic) o' sfi*’';
di ire. I can sale !\ ll at l rt vr r If* *r ^
oil u >r< dtCn.t it.r li* v. t i 1 * n p*s 1 1 l' * ^
jr;vcn rr e *.<> rr i: c D ■» Don, n v f*f
so *p*r«P &•■«] ptflec r« l et as th ^
yer i! t r < t: i f t < nit a T t» ly * 1 • c
bturcru rsncii) (erttios< eri-,
ed for :»p::ii' ar«:aj/a»n, ut.ol ‘ 1 *• e
r.Tf . »s ei' ctci M r « ,k';.
I', ,r ( i it o' r! <» "’u 1 ,
<5«fo' • t(.r.fto,..tel
II «(>> , I < f. t* <• t-r:.w- I' ikiy
n V chi m<l of s. el nod such • •
• v« npotted!} I .. *> , .
:rfI;or. nt c.tults, I i:av( ' i it f
it act like S charm, and Rive pern .ne-m
in :i fev hours— I nr.bj • r. a i< * nj
In Fne.it is a valunfcl* rrcdiciric, r ‘
i D should be without it. r »
i 13. I . Kforr, M.
ardagenlfnrthe Mtnhml Varcim I"* _ f
[ Frr.m l)r. W'm. I'acnn, Favtor nl :",f
i aOl.nrelial W«- ilstcvt it. Saletr c<.,
I rc m t\< r.prucquKintarce '* >f.,
C.,mmr.ive IMk.,1, • 1bt,“V‘l I.diCr. *
hi-; p'. cerr-hi ration, '• * ,,st ,;v re
tutn corrplfcint*. wl ich a?«roj-’ c'r'* 7 r,
rurin our ceur.try, ^ *1 r * * l'v' j «*
to Clildren, Dl.ol c. D.r»rr r( r t f,:
peptic Disorders of the Stcrr 3' , * fh>f
Affections cf the Pr^*t,tope«l er u ..r • ;>f#
tterded ui»»i Sm-rre- rf t ^<f
Tachjand believe that phjfri*rs fc'rf»Cr*
^nd itaosff.il remedy in tl.eir hf*V'Vr ^jtt
tiiaf improper ferdorrestic u«e. »r . . rff»t(t
j rite the hand, c.f perser« at lar(re *< >
..fttv w"vBirM,’n '• '
Woodstnwn, Salem Co.. N.J. • • ^ .,i
Prepared and so!<l by Hr. h'» la>f ^rir
•soi.fl, Third st. between VarUt ’ ^
The public are resectful.y
Win.Stabler & (’n. Ortjff2i^». A '' n fi, r '?•
my Agents for the sale of j.\YN&
Philadelphia. Jure * v

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