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nymj(****s*t • w-«-*--e
County of Alexandria, t sct.
October Tetm, 1311. ) ___
William N. Brown—complaiuant, j s
vs. 2
Richard M. Scott, A. S. Willis, and Sam- I 5
uet Duncan, copartners in trade, uruier , „
the firm of A. S. Willis * Co, and Ro- ^
bimoo Dagges—defendants. > •
rpHE Defendant, Richard M. Scott,^not ha v
X in* entered hiaappearance, ami e
enrity according to the statute an
oi the Court, and it appearing to t -- ^ no(
lion of the Court, that the sa d R
an inhabitant of the
the Complainants’motion. t > of the
•«*»' ■*» i
K£rKSE for performing the de
tie Court; and that the resident De
fendants A. S- Willis, Samuel Duncan, and
Robinson Dagges, do not convey, pay a way or
secrete the debts by him owing to. or the mo
ney estate or effects in their hands belonging
“said Defendant; and that a copy of this or
der be published in the Alexandria Gazette
for two months successively, and anther co
py be posted at the front door ot the Court
House in said county. A Copy—Teste,
dec 4—d2m CASSIUS F. LEE, C. C.
Alexandria County, > to wit:
October Term, 1841. )
Jane W. Muir, Mary W.) ) »
Muir, and Elizabeth L. ^Com|)l’nts. | g
Muir, ) |> 5
Vi. j £
Stupbia M. Peyton, and \ DeTenJants. t ,il
Reuben Johnston. > J ■
THE Defendant, Sophia M. Peyton, not
having entered her appearance, and giv
€fi security, according to the statute, and ru es
•f Ihe Court, and it appearin'; to the satislac
lion ot the Court that the said Sophia AJ.
Peyton, is not an inhabitant of the District of
Columbia, on the Complainants’ motion it is >
Ordered, that the said Sophia M. Fey ton do ,
appear here on or before the first day of die ;
next term, and give security for performing
the decrees of the Court, anti that the resi
dent defendant, Reuben Johnston, do not con
vey, pay away, or secrete the debts r>y him ,
owing to, or the money, estate, or effects in j
his hands, belonging to the said absent de ]
fendant, until the further onler ol the Court, <
and that a copy of tins order tie published in
the Alexandria Gazette lor t*.vo mouths, suc
cessively, and a no die r copy fie posted at the
front door of the Court House ol said Coun
ty. A copy:
Teste, CASSIUS F. LEE, C. C.
dec 4—41*2111 _ _
Alexandrt« County. sct.
October Term. 1311. )
Wtd Fowfe, surviving partner ot Thos. ^ S'
Lswraso.i, late trading under the firm I o
of Laurasou &, Fowle—Complainants, 1 S
vs. I *
Philip G. Marsteller, Sa E. C. Hutchinson, | 5
defendants. J "
11HE defendant, Philip G. Marsteller, not
having entered his appearance and given
aecurilv according to the statute ami the rules
of the Court, and it appearing to the satisfac
tion of the Court, tint the said Philip, is not
an inhabitant of the District of Columbia, on
the complainant’s motion, it is ordered that 1
the said Pniiip G. Marsteller, do appear here
on or before the first day of the next term,
and answer the complainants’ bill, and give
security for performing the decrees of the
Court, and that the resident defendant, G. C.
Hutchinson, do not convey, pay away, or se
crete the debts bv him owing to, or the mo
ney* estate, or edects in his hands, belonging
to the said absent defendant, until the further
order of the Coin; and that a copy of this
order be published in the Alexandria Gazette
foi two months successively, and another co
py be posted at th** front door of the Court
House of said countv. A Copv—Teste,
dec 4—2m CASSIUS F. LEE, C. C.
Alexandria County, 'SCT.
Ontober Term, 1341.)
James Irwin—Complainant, )
William F. Ruden*tein, and j'Irl Cfi>jucer^ «
James Smith—Defendants. J (
fflHG defendant, William F. Rudenstein, not 1
I. having entered his appearance and given
security according to the .statute and the rules
of the Court, and it appearing to the satislac
bon of the Court, that he is not an inhabitant |
of the District of Columbia—on the Complain
ants motion, it is ordered that the said Wil
liam F. Rtienstein do appear here on or be
fore the first day of the next term, and give
security for performing the decrees of the
Court, aod that the resident Defendant, Jas.
Smith, d > not convey, pay away, or secrete <
the debts by him owing to, or the money, es
tate or effects in his hands belonging to the
said absent defendant, until the further order
of the Court; and that a copy of this order be
published in the Alexandria Gazette for two
months successively, and another copy be
posted at the front door of the Court House
ol Said county. A Copy—Teste,
Alexandria County, [sct.
Octobei Term, 1341.)
William Mankin—Complainant, 1
vs. ^
James EL Mankin, John T. Mankin, Eli- 9
aabeth Deinaine,late Elizabeth Mankin, J
and Wm. Deinaine her husband, Thus. [> |
Throopand Mary Ann his wife, late *
Mary Ann Mankin, and Elizabeth Man 3
kin* widow and relict of Charles Man- ^
kin, deceased—Defendants.
THS Defendants,Thos.Tnroop,and Mary
Ann bis wife, (ate Mary Ann Mankin,
not having entered their appearance, and gi*
OOP security according to the statute, and the
citleaof the Court, and it appearing to the $a
tbdbction of the Court, that the said Thomas
end Mary Ann, are not inhabitants of the
District of Columbia—on me Complainants’ I
g*»tion, it is ordered that the said Thomas
Throop, and Mary Anti his wife, do appear
here on or before the first day of the next
term, and answer the complainant's hi!I, an I
give security for performing the decrees ot tr e
Court; and that a copy of this order he lo th
with published in the Alexandria Gazette, for
two months successively, and another copy
he posted at the front door of the Court House
of the said couuty. A Copv—Teste,
dto4 CASSIUS F. LEE, C. C.
Alexandria Coui.ty, \ sct.
October Term, 1311. }
Elisabeth Mankin, Administratrix and
widow oi Charles Mankin—Comp’t,
James E. Minkin, William M inkin, John 3
, Maakio, Wm. Demain, and Elizabeth | 2
bis with. Thomas Throop, and Mary ; a
AM tUS wife—the said James, William, £
John* Elisabeth and Mary Ann, being ^
ihiwljf children, heirs at law, anddis
ttbutaes of Charles Mankin, deceased,
r IS defendants, Thomas Throop, and Ma
ry Am his wife, not having entered their
jpanooii and given security according to
- ISestatute and the rules ol the Court, and it
a the satisfaction of the Court, that
Sottas and Mary Ann, are not in
f the District of Columbia, on the
t's motion, H is ordered that they
iei« oq or before the fiist day ol [
mi, and answer the complainant's
re security for pe. forming the de
erefs of the Court, and that a copy <>f this ur
der be forthwith published in the Alexandria
QMHttfe lor twu months successively, and
MMier copy be posted at the frontdoor of the
^M»t aoiwe ol the said countv.
*Co«r—'Teste, CASSIUS V. LEE, C. t\
Am f—9m
'■ «iIE -UBSOiilBERS inform their friends
1 UwiEuUhe country, that they have
opened, .11 counecUon with the seed husiuess,
! an establishment for the sale eJ*r-Vu,e)s1?.r.‘f'
known manufactory of Ruggles, Nourse it
Mason, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Particular attention will he paid to having
the Implements oi the most approved con
struction. . .
The undersigned res[>ccifiilly invite their
friends to call and see their assortment ol
Ploughs, Cultivators, Corn Slieliers, Straw
Cutters, Vegetable Cutters, lloes, Garden
Rakes,Transplanting Trowels, Ladies Weed
ing Trowels, Hook Bills for trimming Trees,
and Shrubbery, &c. &c.
Ail these articles they believe can be fur
nished by them as low as they can be purcha
sed generally in the Northern Cities.
Alexandria, D. C.
In regard to the quality of the above men
tioned Implements, reference is made to the
annexed certificates. . f
The following is from the Report ol the
Hon. John Da vis, Chairman of the committee
on Agricultural Implements:
“ The attention of the Committee was early
arrested by a large exhibition ol Ploughs troin
the manufactory of Messrs. Ruggles, Nourse
and Mason,of Worcester, who are well and
favorably Known to farmers in most parts oi
the United States. These gentlemen have,
during the past year, improved their Ploughs
by adapting straight lines lrom the share to
the other end of the mould-board, and hy
lengthening the mould-board and land-Side.
The advantages which result from these
changes will be apparent when the Plough is
viewed as a wedge, which is first to separate
and then to turn over the soil. rlhis it does
by a combined operation, and it is obviously
better that the friction of the lurrow slice up
on the mould hoard should be equal, than that
it should be encountered ai two points, as the
concave mould-boards. Theefiect ol length
ening the irons, the Committee are persuaded,
will be to keep the Plough more steady in its
work, and lay over more smoothly the lurrow
The following is an extract from one of the
Committees of VVintnrnp* Me.* which alter
speaking in terms of approbation oi several
other Ploughs exhibited, thus speaks ot those
of Messrs. It., N. & M :
I “This Plough, in uuny important particu
lars, your Committee believe to be superior
! to any Plough shown tnem. It combines
!strength with beauty of model and propor
i tion, will do the work in a superior style with
| less power in the draught than most other
ploughs, and is a very cheap article of its kina.
Other ploughs were exhibited Irom the same
factory which appear to he constructed upon
philosophical principles with a thorough kno wl
edge of and a happy adaptation to the wants
of the farmer.
! “Toe ploughs were all of the best materi
als, and exhibit a style ol workmanship which
does credit to the establishment, which your
Committee believe to he well worthy tne pa
tronage of every intelligent. Farmer.” the
same Committee highly, recommended the
Side Hill, or Swivel Plough, as weil worthy of
public attention. Many oilier testimonials
rom other committees, and practical men,
could be inserted relative to the superiority ol
form, material, workmanship and cheapness
of their Ploughs, hut they are becoming too
generally and favorably known to render
hem necessary.
is a valuable improvement and much admired
by those who have used them. The plough
man in a tew seconus and with ease, can shilt
the mould-hoard ami share lrom one side to
the other, so as to turn a furrow either way.
By this, means, the furrow slice may be always
turned down hid in going either way, toe team
going anti returning on the same side ol the
land. They are also much ined on level
l grounds, where thevhavesever.il advantages
over the common Plough, leaving no back or
dead furrows, ploughing nearer to, and turning
the earth from ttie fences, stumps, &c., and
saving much time and travel ol tiie team, in
sweeping round the ends oi lands and finish
ing up with short lurrows. Being formed on
thesame principle as the Green-Sward Plough
they perform the work nearly as well on level
Besides eight sizes of the LONG-WORK
four sizes of the Side-Iiill or Swivel Plough,
they manufacture the PARING PLOUGH,
much used m reclaiming meadows.
VATOR, a valuable Implement in the culti
vation of Corn and Potatoes. In covering
grain, sown broad-cast, it will do twice as
much and better work than the Plough or Har
row. Its use in the Root culture is important,
is it raises the ground, leaves it light, level
and thoroughly pulverised.
to sow perfectly most kinds of Garden Seeds,
RutaBaga, Mangel Wurizel, Beet, Carrot,
Broom Corn. Cite. With this machine, an
acre can be sown in three hours, with com
parative ease, the rows are distanced, the
furrows made, the seed sown, covered and
compressed t»v a roller at one operation.
expedite very much the opera lion ol trans
plantius,ami by which plants may be removed
without disturbing the earth about the roots.
3d rno 15 —eotf_______
THE Subscriber oilers for sale Ladies
SHOES, of the very best quality, at the
following reduced prices:
Morocco, Kid and Seal Slippers and
Jeffersonsat - - $1,00 per pair.
Light Colours - $1,25 do
Morocco Walking Shoes, and French .Teller
sons - - - $1,25 per pair.
Misses and Childrens' Do. in proportion.
^jJ^Country Merchants would do well to
cal! and see before purchasing elsewhere, as
they can be supplied with Iron) one to twenty
dozen at the shortest notice, and upon the
most reasonable terms,
N. B. I would inform my old customers in
jerteral, that all work charged, will be at the
following pricesMorocco. Kid, and Seal
Slippers *1,25; light colored §11,50; Walk
ingshoee 1,37; French /etlersons’ Si,50.
West -. le of Fairfax, between Cameron and
•Aueen Rivets. dec 16—ly
11RIS beautiful thorough bred race Horse
. will stand the reniainderofthe season at the
Abingdon Farm, in the county of Alexandria,
on the Alexandria and Washington Turnpike
Hoad, equidistant,between those cities. Re
was sired by Rob Roy, bred by ttie Hon. Jno. I
Randolph of Roanoke, dam by Oscar, &,c.—
He is 16 hands high, of great strength and
action, and his colts are ol the finest promise.
The terms are Sit) for thorough bred, and
$10 for cold blooded uiaresp—30 to insure—§1
to groom* my 3—ill I i
A NEGRO Woman, who is a good plain
Cook, Washer, and Ironer,—throne of
good character, possessing those qualities loins
a fair price will hr given. Apply u.
aug 30—tl BENJ. T. FENDALL.
THE A ard, attached to the Wnrehouse oc
copied by G. L Thomas am) Cant E. Ba
nug 16—tl
Between 6t»i and 7tii sts , near R«*uvn’i Hotel,
sepfS—ly Washington D. C.
RLNRYT. WILBAit respectfully informs
lus friends ami the public generally, that
he lias just opened, on Ring street, two doors
above Royal, a very large and iresh assort
ment of Bonnets, Straw Goods, and gentie
meu’s Leghorn and Fur and Silk Hats;aml takes
this opportunity of returning nis tnanks to ins
fellow-eitize ns for the custom heretofore re
ceived, and hopes, by strict attention to bu
siness, to merit a share of public patronage.
Aly stock is large and complete, consisting
in part of—
l'j dozen Florence Braid Bonnets, of the
latest style, aud varying i»
price from S3 to §10
25 uo Shaker Hoods, white and color
ed, of last patterns
1 GO do Palm Leaf Hals, of every varie
ty, which are now worn
G do Gentlemen’s Leghorn fiats, a* ■
handsome as any ever oiiered |
in this market j
. Artificial Flowers, Uibbonds, Bandboxes,
Wire, Bonnet Reeds, &c. |
Also, Gdozen white Russia Hats, high and
low crown, wilh wide hrim>; Mole-Skin and ;
Silk Hats; black Russia and Nutres, of the
best quality. , ,
All of which I will sell, wholesale or retail,
on tiie most reasonable terms. i
I invite the Ladies and Gentlemen to call
and examine for themselves; and country
merchants shall have great bargains for cash.
Customers’ Hats kept in good order, grutis.
mh 31—tf____
W.M. STABLER £c CO., i
HAVE received the-follovvingarticle,which
they otter for sale, viz— *
The Vegeta hie Pulmonary Balsa mis believed
to be deservedly the most popular medicine
ever known in America, lor coughs, colds,
asthma or phthisic consumption, whooping
cough, and pulmonary affections oi every kind.
The proprietors have received,ami are receiv
ing numerous recommendations from many oi
our best Physicians, who make use oi it m
their practice The names oi a lewr individu
als who have given llieir testimony in ia *or ol
this article are here subjoined, and lor a more
lull account see the envelope to the bottle. t
Doct. Amory Hunting, I Duct. Samuel Mei tub
4* Truman Abell, | 64 I'ini’y Bayhes,
44 Thomas Brown, | “ Jer’h Ellsworth,
44 William Perry, ) “ Albert Gunu.
Extraciofa letter from Mr. C. S.Clny, iviugs
ton, Ulster county, N. V, to the proprietors:
'/ours ol the Otliinstant was duly -eceived.
A remarkable cure was etiected by die Vege
table Pulmonary Balsam in the winter atm
spring of to JJ. The person, Mr. Mood;., had
been sick a long lime with the consumpiion
His physician had given him up. He v as ic^
ducedso low as to be unable to iielp limisell
and was raising a largequantity ol blood when
he commenced using the Balsam, wiurheliecl
ed a complete cure, and he is now as hale ana
hearty us ever he was. Mr. Moody lias l e
moved from this town, but he has promised
me a more detailed account of his east, which
i will forward you. L. Clay.
Kingston, N. /. June 25, 1333.
Counterfeits—Beware oj Imposition .—Each
genuine bottle is enclosed in a blue wrapper,
on which is a label. Signed by Sampson Reid
None other can be genuine.
The outside yellow label will have, on a*m
after Dec. MO, in addition to that of Sampson
Keed, (he signature of IVtn. John Cutler, one
ol* his partners.
Look ou t fo r a spit nous mix l u re call ed ‘ ve -
getable pulmorary balsam,’sometimessigned
Samuel Lee, and sometimes Sampson Lee,//it
name being written in away to resemble the
genuine signature!! said t«» be prepared by an
unprincipled man in Bang >r, Main'*.
For sale by the subscribers, in Boston, and
by their appointment, by W.m.Si.i^ler Co.,
tlieir only Agents for Alexandria.
HEED, M ING x t o fLEil.
Boston, nov 20—eoly _
jliI\.aLV-E » *_ rfuL'
THE New Yo;acl'j gays: BRAN RET Li »S |
FILLS have been: used among many o j
Durlnends and in our own family we have
used them nearly four years when we required
medicine; in that period, no Doctor save Air.
Srcudiet.: has crossed our threshold, arid no
iLedicir.e besides the Doctor’s Pills used. Guy
heliel is "keep your bowels and blood pure,’ and
every kinu oihiisease will be prevented or cur
ed. 'File Brand re lb L’ills are eminently calcu
lated to do this, and thereby tnuch lessen the
sum of human misery
The New Vor;; Evening Star sa rs: Bran
aretn’s F ils are a medicine which tiieir own
ntense worth wdl always secure lor them a
arge and ready sale.—They have deservedly a
•ligh reputation; and as a Bundy and anti-billi
ous remedy it would be ditiicult to equal them
among all the patent medicines oi the present
The New Yoi k Commercial says: They re
move a l morbid humors and punly me Piooii.
To (he whole finally of Man.—Xu feel bod;
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to
all our readers, Brandretn’s Vegetable Pi. s, as
the most certain, most safe, and invaluable
medicine extant. As anti bilious and aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced they t urn
tar above all others; as a certain cure in ad
oases ol worms, scurvy, scorbutic*, humors,
erysipelas, and ail aHectiunscfthe skin, drop
sy, asthma, stone, gravel, piles, and lumBago,
tiiev will be 'butniinvaluable.—LondonTlines.
John II. Gird is the only Agent in Alexan
dria, lor the saie ol Brandtreth’s Fills.
Baltimore Olfice, corner of Light & Mercer Si.1
, R. R. GREEN,
may 22—Cm General Agent.
FOIl Coughs, Colds, Whooping Couirh, Pair
and Soreness in tiie Breast, Intiuenza,
J Consumption, Hoarseness, DilKrult Breathing,
id Diseases of the Breast, ami I.nmrs irener* ,
a. y.
In present*nn this useful remedy to the pun?,
nc, the proprietor wishes to state that this
Syrup is cur j.osed of Irish moss, combined
vx .th such o.her articles as have been found
best calcu altd to afford relief in the above
named diser&cs.
This medicine lias been used very ex ten/,
lively and tlie proprietor has not known a sui
?.e instance in wlucii it has faiieJ, m irivinn
relief in diseasesfor winch it is reoeminended*
even in cases approaching to consumption, at' \
tended with bleeding at tlie lungs; ami when j
alt other remedies had failed, the most decaf-, i
cd and Haltering success inis attended its use.
Common Colds, winch a re generally the effect
of obstructed perspiration, will vie d to its in
fluence in a few hours; when used in Asthma,
Hoarseness, Wheezing and shot tness ol
breath, it gives immediate relief; in Whooping j
Cough,it is without a rival, it operates by j
gentle expectoration, and may be given both
to adults rod mlants with perlectsafety.
Prepared ind sold by C J R R IIORL E,
Chemist and Druggist*
Ann ror sale hy Tr.hn J. Sayrs, liing street; !
mid William Stab.er. oci 1 it
AS the season is ad vancing when Summer j
Bowel Complant prevails—ihe Subscriber
otters his Cholera Infantum Syrup, as a sure
remedyfor the prevention and cure of the
Summer Bowel Complaint in children or oth- i
ers. This medicine cures by i»s R'omc and
Antiseptic powers, and the patient’s strength
increases with its use. Of theadantatinnofthis
remedy to this disease the experience of the
ast five years has abundantly proven; on sale
on ▼ by WM. LANPHIER, Surg. Dent,
ip 6—dll
SuperiorSieidlitz Powders, 3 hoses for *i.
Let?'3 Anuhilious Pills g:> cts. ner Box. I
DENTIST, uoICuk? near Washington ft.
Alexandria* uov L7— 1 y
j^et the reader remember that thejoltoam^
remedies can be had only oj the Agents
Agent for the proprietors,
3 doors a bove the Marshall House,Eiug street.
for Comamplion and Liver Complaint,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Difficulty ol Breath
ing, Pams in the side or Breast, Spitting oi
Blood, Catarrhs, Palpitation of the Heart.
Uppressiou and Soreness ol the Chest, Pleu
risy, Whooping Cough, Hectic Fever, Night
Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration,
and all other Affections of the Chest, Lungs,
and Liver.
This Medicine is for sale by the sole Pro
prietor, at 375 Bowery, between Fourth and
f ifth streeets, N. Y., Geo.Taylor, M. D.
Liverwort, even in the common way ofpre
I a ration, is universally known as the best ar
ticle for discales oi the Lungs, ever discovt r
H,1 - and it is obvious that a highly concentra
and invaluable; particularly as n does not in
terfere with any oilier medicine pa dents may
lie taking at the same time, nor restrict them
to anv peculiarity ol diet, confinement, oic.,
thus enabling persons to receive the lull beue
I lit of this medicine, and follow at the same
time, if! ney v> Lh, the adv»ce td their piiysician.
To persons ol disordered nervous systems,
or those who are unable to rest wed al night,
this medicine is most emphatically recom
mended. i rt' inestimable va• ue o! t n is Cc .c -
{•rated medicine has been riguiiy tested, and
found not wanting. Tne Proprietor is daily
receiving the miM Haltering accounts ol its
success; and it. is truly Kratiiying 10 say inh
is t‘u |)li 11i'-*a!iy the meuicineol the Pev >i Lb!
It is used bv the Medical Faculty, supported
by Hie Clergy, advocated by the whole New
York Press, and is in the house of most of our
fro hi the hundreds ot certificates oj its
wonderful runs, the "Jgenl" selects only two;
the perusal of which, may induce the sufferer
to purchase the remedy* and snatch, per nap s,
another victim from the yawnin' grave:
Nr,\v \ oiiiv, Jan. I
Dear Sir—I feel unequivocal pleasure in the
opportunity now offered me ol expressing my
a (pro! • lory opinion ol your La Lam o! Livei
wort, and the success l have ever obtained
from its administration. 1 have used your
medicine in upwards ol sixty cases, compri
sing nil stages of disease, from incipient Cold
and Cough," to advanced Phthisis and have
invariably found immediate rebel. I recom
mend it cheer!nil v m all cases w here the Lhest
and Lungs are eilecied, particularly in Con
sumption, with Scrofulous Diathesis. For
Chronic Cough, Pam in liieChest, Spitting oi
Blood, Sic., I have no hesitation m pronoun
cing your Vegetable .■M*?diCi,;e uur*vahem
' \Vitii re , eel. vour ohed cut servant,
1 CtLv >. CAMPBLLL, M. l>.
Member of the Coliege ol Surgeons, Ld.u on; on.
WOXDFS’FUL O • •? OF <’■ »XS«J I* HON !
Although Dr. TnvIoPs Balsa in <>{ Liver
wort has louiui hun Ireds ol uuvoeates and
has produced so larue a number of testi
monials in its favor, l cannot withhold my
small meed of praise. Being predisposed to
Consumption, both from peculiar lorma’ion
and hereditary transmission, I tried every
means to checK this disease, and strengthen a
naturally weak constitution. 1 spent two
years at Pisa, one in Ron e, I wo in Florence,
and another in the south ol France, seeking,
meantime, the advice of the best physicians.
Two years since 1 leturned to this country, in
about the same situation as when i leU it. 1
had seen, in trie reading rooms in Europe,
nuicli said in favor ol Dr i aylor’s :j «isa:n o!
Liverwort, and as soon as I arrive.! in tins
city, I used it, and in three months 1 was so
well 1 concluded I could salely pass tue
winter here, and did so. I have used an oc
casional hot tie now and then during the time,
hut am now in as good health as is possible.
Mv cough has wholly ceased, and my lungs
have every feeling if hcalili.
Western Hotel, Court land st., N. \ .
Dailey's Magical Pain-Extracting Burn Oint
Composed from 30 compounds, containing,
• in the highest lorms. the six paramount, be
sides may minor virtues, most important to
soothing, healing and perfect cure—
Is the only certain, souLumg, prompt Burn
Specific in the world.—
Alsu rapidly cures ambiguous, long-stand
ing and inactive sores, swellings deep bruises
and inflammation, felon, fever sore, white swel -
| ling,cut, frosted part, sore eyes, mumps,chafe,
’ tender feet, chap, sore throat, broken breast
prevented and healed, stab, bile, gun-shot
wound,chilhiain, cutaneousdhease, erysipelas
|—indeed all kinds ol sores incident toman;
and invaluable to draw bilkers; sooths,
•draws, and heals, and it in a lew days re
moves the red appearance ever produced so
long by blistering.
The names attached to Mr. Dailey's certi
ficate are mostly gentlemen well known to
me to t>e highly respectab.e and men of vera •
city, and their statement would ha ve weight
with me. J. L. RATHBOXE, Mayor.
Albany, Dec. 2, P iO.
LIVES there a being who considers not the i
invention a blessing that promotes ease!
I and destroys pain, it has been well and trulv
j observed, that “he who makes two blades of
! grass grow where blit one grew before, is a
real i enefaclor to hUcountry.” Can any eu
! logv, therefore, he too high tor that man, who
i with ihe blessing of God, is enabled, constant*
i iy to rescue his fellow creatures from sulfer
iiig, impotency and an untimely grave. Like'
i magic, such results follow toe application <d
Dailey’s Magical Fair. Extractor on nil kinds
of hurts, though we give onlv one item of iis !
promptness below.
Steamboat Swifsture, Albany, Oct. *27, IS 10. i
Mr. Daliy —We, the undersigned suflerers,
mangled by the explosion of the boiler of the
steamboat Swiftsure, certify, after twenty
hours of pain, from dreadfully burnt, scalded
and bruised parts, were anointed with your
Magical Fain Extractor, which gave us nn- j
mediate ease and a Slaved the swellings. We |
consider it tlie best article in the known
world for such afflictions, and all may be as
sured they will be easy at once on application,
without any additional pain being \)~oaueed.
and healed promptly without scar.
Thomas Havens, Nicholas Davis,
»T^11rv Yafps 7 )hn Kearnev.
Testimony oi tne Ciptaiii, Crew, &c.s fi>i—
lows, as may be seen on circulars which may
be had gratis at the Agent’s store.
Every family should keep this remedy, as it
mav be needed when they least expect it. •
je *2 l-~-ttu
t RR J.iilv-'t-lfeciina some of the most as
A touching am! wonderful CURES tiiatev
er have been known—in consequence ot which
they have now become a shining mark a gains
which ail the arrows ofdisappointedhope, en
vy and uncharitableness are levelled without
distinction. The town and country are alike
tilled with their praise. The palaceand poor
house alike echo with their virtues. In all
climates, under all temperatures, they stiii re
turn their wonder!ill powers, and exert them,
unattended by age or situation. I iiey are
simple in their preparation, mild in their action,
thorough in their operation, and unrivalledin
their results.
Arc Ami-Bilious, Anti-Dyspeptic and Anti
Mercurial, and may justly be considered a Uni
1 ' ‘ ‘ :• I V -
Inrgement of the Spleen, Piles, Cholic, Female
Obstructions,Heart burn, Furred Tongue, Nau
sea, Distension of the Stomach and Bowels,
Incipient Diarrhoea, Flatulence Habitual Cos
tiVencss. Loss ol Appetite, Blotched or sadoiv
Complexion,and in all cases id i'orpor of the
Bowels, where a Cathartic or an Aperient is
needed. They are exceedingly mild in their
operation,producing neither nausea, griping
not debility.
i ppo/sale by ail the Druggists in Aiex
4 nil ri a, Wn shington, a nil G eu rge tow n.
July 2$—1 v __
•''Spill-’ TjUdwih^ letter from the Rev. J. W.
A. Sawyer, ol Siiallsbury, V eruiont, in.con
firmation ol the virtues of Dr. Jayne’s Hah 'ru
nic is from so good a source, and so strong a
voucher lor the article, Li3t we give it to our
readers. 1! any ol them are simnarly alllicted,
they will thank ns lor the iuformath n, as none
are disposed to consmer Said ness an addition
to personal beauty. Where a remedy is real
ly goo i.should be universally known, while
| athiuuukery snouid meet a prompt exp. sure.
. S. L. Post.
ShaltsDiiry, Bennington Co. Vt. \
Aug. lth, tsn>. )
D't 0. Jaynf.: — Dear Sir—Learning
tl;r:*uuii tiie medium ot ttie newspapers the
► l': car v of your 11A! it TONIC, and being ac
v Minted with some of those recommending it,
t > wo: Itev. C.C. Park, Rev. Dr. Bui cock,
ai;j Lev. L. Fletcher, and when in New York
hist spring. I purchased two bottles, with a
view to make the experiment. I have been
quite l,aid for about four years, and obliged to
wear a wig.* Indeed, it is constitutional with
;ny family to be bald in early lile. I confess,
l nan nut little confidence tn the attempt, ha
ving been so bald, ami near lo yeais o! age,
anil tn.it pari« I my head destitute of hair
exceedingly smooth. I however, commenced
agreeably to your directions, a no imeti one
bottle biitlibnly, and witii very little effect
hut. be!ore ! had used Uie second’ bottle, a
very fine luz/.y hair became perceptible, which
continued to grow, and now having uwd the
third bottle.I have had three cuttmgs perfor
med,ami the prospect is very fintrerme, that
! sha 1 again he blessed with a fine head ot
hair ornamental and useful. I am exbemely
gratified witii the prospect, and from observa
tions made, many ol my >nends, ami acquain
tances, who nave herertoPue regarded the
preparation as deceptive, and only a catch
penny concern, are now well satisfied that it
is‘*Tnith—No Fiction.’ J. . I i7V F.ll,
I5 re pared on! v by i)r.D. Jayne, . o. Jo Miutli
["bird Street, Philadelphia. Price '1.
Messrs. Win." tabler, an Da. are my n
irent> in ' b*\in In i loi tae va!e o! ’.*:■** above
article. D.JAlNL,
seplG—ly _
DOES any know a neighbor or a fi »eml who
ha< been Bald, ami whose head is now
! covered with line hair? One whose coatcol
! lar was covered with dundruib though brush
I ed every hour—which lias now vanished eu
! t.ireiv? Or one whose hairs at early age were
I turning giey. who now has not a giey hair?-—
j Children whose heads were covered with
| scrub—whose hair would not grow, that are
; now growing tiie juiiest crops (>| hairr Some
! cases roust be known to most persons. Ask
j them the rause. nod you w ill he tohl. the^e
i tinngs In ve teeii done by t he u^e ol the 1 > \ L »<
i. f.s ijTLMBiA. Of go years growth is this
■ article, its demand increasing annua hy some
I hundred per cetH.—trough when discovered
not .^.post'd ! y anv thing for the same purpose
now a ssn i led by a I most m umht*r:e> > mu ;bi ooul
tr :Di preparati ms dial will ruin the hair il us
ed t<>anv cx»eut. «n more than the^e fads
he wanted—-refer to the recommendations by
a list of names <d respectability, unequalled
by any oilier article. Look to these things—
buy this article. Slav and preserve your hair
by'its me. or if bald restore it. Ladies, at
tend to this—hundreds in fashionable life are
using it as the toilet. Long hair is very .apt to
fallout. Ladies, use the Balm of Columbia
in time to sa ve yourselves the disgrace of bald
ness by neglect of your persons.
It is your duty, as moralists to preserve the
beauties of nature, with which a bountiful
Creator has endowed you—use the Balm, lor it!
w i 11 d o it.
—Severn! most, flagrant attempts have been
made to counterfeit Urn tree Baltn of Cohmi- |
bia. Some of the impostors have gone so far
as to counterfeit the splendid wrappers, and
the Fa! is of Niagara, and every external mark
except the name of Comstock, which they
dare not forge.
To avoid impositions therefore, always took j
for the name of Comstock Co. or L.iS. Corn
stock. and never buy the article unless it has
tint name upon :t.
Sold "vVho'esnie and Retail, only at No. 2
r ieic«ic• Sifcci. .<» ^.
From ii,e Boston Chronicle, Jan. 10.
*. r3 We set* by an advertisement in another
column that Messrs. Comstock and Co., the
| authorized Agents for < ddridge's balm of Co- ,
mm! in, have deputies to sell that article in
Boston and elsewhere.—We know a lady of
; this city whose hair was ^o nearly gone as to
j expire entireiv ht»r phrenological develp
; ments, which, considering that they betoken
»*<I a most ami ib.e disposition, was not in real
ir v very unfortunate. Nevertheless she mourn
ed tlie loss of locks that she had worn, and,
after a year’s fruitless report to miscalled res
toratives, purchased, some months ago, a bot
tle or two oft >i iiidgeVdnlm. am! she has now
ringlets in rich profusion, glossy, and of raven
hlacKtiess. We are not pulling—none of the
commodity has been sent to us, and, indeed,
we *h> not want any, lor though we were
obliged to wear a wig a year ago, we have
now, through its virtue, hair enough,and of a
passable quality, of our own.
Darin? fraud. The Balm of Columbia has
been imitated by a notorious counterfeiter. Let
it never be purchased nr used unless it have
the narneof L. s. COMSTOCK, or the signa
ture of COMSTOCK Sc Co. on a splendid
wrapper. This is the only external test that
rd! secure the public from deception.
Address COMSTOCK & CO.
Wholesale Druggists, New-York.
A«>. *2 F'leicher-strcet.
COLONEL SE WER. Postmaster at Bata
via. is knowing to the tact, that Dr. Bingham,
ot Tennessee county aged ever TO, and for
more than IT years very'bald, has had his
ha 1 r fully restored bv t he use of one bottle ot
the Balm ofColumbia fromCf )MST()C K & ^/()•
For sale by J. I. Savr?, Wm. Harper, °L
J. H. Monroe, Alexandria f r 1 —iy
\ SERVANT woman, of good character,
rV she must be a good washer, iroi.er, and
3eamstres9. Applvat this olhee. cep?l i
IS HECOMMENDED asdecidedly superior
to any other itnown combination of Medi*
cine,for Cough*, Colds, Influenza, Coniump*
tion, Asthma, SpHting ot Blood, Hoarseness,
Difficulty of Breathing, HoopingCough, Faint
and WeaknessoUbe Breast, ana all diseases©
the Pulmonary organa.
Thismedicine is highlyand justly recoin*
mended, by numerous and respectableindifU
duals,who havefound reiieifromitsuse. Ma
ny who have been laboring under protracted
Coughs and painsin me breast and nave been
supposed oy themselves and their triends far
advanced in consumption, have been happily
restored to perfect health by the use ol this
valuuoie Expectorant*
Personsiaooniig under chroni or ccnsump*
live coughs, will hnd great advantage from
carrying a smaliquantity of the Indian Expec
torant w itb them, w bile attending to their va
rious avocations, and taking a teaspoonlul oc
casionally. Their cough will be scarcely felt
and they willbe enabled to expectorate w ltn
the greatcstfaciiity, and the irritating ir.attcr
wiM thereby soon be removed and a perm a.
nentcure eiiected. Let the afhicted try it*
Prep&redoniy by Dr D» Jayr»e,otSalem, N«
Jersey,and none is genuine w itkeut his writ*
ten signature to the label on the outside o*
hereby ceitity th? ; was cured of a violent
cough and pain u; the breast by using Doctor
Jayne’s Expectorant Medicine, ky wife also
wasarriicted with a Lad cough ana pair, in tfce
bt'ca>t,siltndea with so much oilhcuity of
breatl.iR} as>u> (.reveirt Ur Situ. fctuii’g »ny
sleep foia number oi nigiiifcin£Ucetssion;but
by taking t\vo dote* ot mu mecicii.t she was
euabiec to sleep qticiiy through the night
and in a few days by cootir.un.g its use she
was perfect!) rcbtoieu. Jacou Uiegluai*^
Hancock's L£.dge:N . J .btpt bv,lbb6*
i asiapring n;y wdt wfcicor.ti to to ner bed
by a ulSUcfeMOg C^ugii and j.Uiil I I* iitl blthkt
&i,d tide— bet cough harassed htl cay and
nightana her dithculty 01 breathing wasso
great that sue got vciy little sleep ler n any
t_ay v hJ nig] Istogetnet'- I^oi.e 01 tlie ttcdi*
cir*e> she too* appeared to be ol any service
to net; v* ben Dr Jay re kinuiy bent lit i a hot*
lit. UI 1 » Ui.U. l.Al colors I l V. l:ici SO L It Slid COIH
piettiy restored uci v»; at w»iii who firmly be«
drVeSit tLtbth lUO’ClM CVt J d:SCOVfcied.
I i L. I;C?>C i» >^,i > Pii * t. . 4. • • J • a'1 t v ^ i t 06■.
^ l" t 0 IL i! > I , S l*i OuK D 1»1 t» | «
a hereby ceituy uiai the, above vticaelt n c
(iiome hub been uacu m my family with great
‘ncf:‘in several instance*. 4. ll.bwixH*
tiroekiyn, Dec.lc*>3.
! Vrom In Kov. C. c i . Cio-.by, iateagerf o
the Alliericai tia; l.vt.
To Dr D. Jayne Dt aiair; i have m*« •» sc
olliui Indian Expectorant, per*cnai;yi i in
; my family for the last six years withgrea len*
■ efil. Indeed I nmy coubiud n.y lite prolong*
J ed by the use ol tins vaiu&Lu medicine, under
the blessing cl Ccd, for several >imts- 1 may
l sav a1 most as much in the cate oi n.y wife and
! also oitne Uev. Mr i msoii ol thtIsland of Ja*
iiiaica. Poi ail cases or cough, inflammation
I olthechest, ungs and threat, I do most unhe
■ siUtirg); recomu i no ihisasthe cesimtdicine
1 have cu i tried. My earnest wish is that o
! tlic: t *rdicttd ijs 1 have been, may experience
the baiue reiiet, which i am persuaded they
w i! by using the i ndi&n Expectorant.
(j. C. t\ Closbt
N\«j. Many ol my neighbors, on rr.y recoaj
I ine.iuauoi*, have tncu ih.s medicine with uq
I form success. N. Yoik June 15, 18J5*
IDromthe Dev jonsdi or. Going, l>. D. hdiler
jiine American Baptist,
l nave used the&oove medicine with sue
cess tor a cough And hoarseness.
N. York, Dec a8}5, Jonathan Goikg*
Doci .D. Jayne- Dear sir: I wusfor along
time adiicted with a violent cough and difficul
ty of breathing, attended with weakness and
j pain in r. y breast, hut hevt been restored to
! j Lffec* health by usn g one bottle of your In
! d;»n Expectcraiit. Lave been subject to a
| c^ugh and pain in my breaslfot ee:u twenty
! years,unci h-»e found far greater benefit from
this medicine than from any other. remain,
respectfully, ycuta, Susan lni.lahl.^
carton, Nov . 21, Ifc^c'.
i:a y iiiOi\ sciBficates might be added but
! the above srt consider: hsufiicient.
Salen , N. J. Apri., 1836 U. JAYNE*
hoi sale by agents throughout the United
i Stales, whore also may be had Js> tie's CariTii
i native Urti.'urn, for Bowel Complaints $ Jayne's
j Tonic Vermifuge, for Worms, lever and Ague
j Dyspepsia, 8• ur bturniirh, c.
A gen t for A:e\a r. d ria,
1st mo.28—ly WM. STABLER.
ft felAl&IUUEA, DYSKNTAUY, an»l all other
1 2 derangement s of tl e Stomach and Bow
els,arceffecftldly cured by Du. Jayne’s Car
misativ >. Balsa m .
Dr. 1). Jayne—Dear Sir, —Having made use
oi* yourGarminative Bslsamin rr.y famiiv, and
finding 11 to oe admirably adapled to the com*
plaint* for v. Inch it is i ntended, I take pleasure
i in recorr:nrendin> it to the use of try friends
and the public generally, beiievii g these who
arc a ftt ided with anv of these complaints v»i)
.‘ind relief in the use of thisvaluablc medicine
Jonathan Going, U. 1).,
president or Grai.viiilt* College, Ohio*
New York, Hay 2'2, lb.37
rALTlMOltK, MaiCI J7ui,Iho,5.
It. J*yne.— Dear bir, Y'ou a*k me uliat
p. oof ft I rreel wbh ol the efficacy ol your rr,e»
dicire. 1 cansalcl) say that! never prescrib
ed a medicine for Bowel Complaints tl at fas
given m< so muchsatishicticn, and rr.y patient*
I so speed) and perfect relief as this. \Y her^
ver introduced int< a family, it becomes a
! at unci ng remee \ < ii h» ■ ' ad t; 11 t -t a no ss c:> I.
ed forag:i;;i j;nci igaiis which i think a prt tty
i good pro » of its ef cacv ana use'fulness: in
the Summer Complaint ot chi’dre i. it ! a> Ire'
«jueni‘»* , nearer to -i. .!ch M»t little victim « a**
! it were, from the grave. It saved the life ol
| :r v child, and of such and such a child. I
I have repeatedly hearsaid .* ]n tl) sentenc
fectiersof &dtj it*-, I have * ime at»d again fuo
i it act like a charm, and give permanent rtlie
in a few hours—1 may say in a few n inutes.—
In fjne.it is a valuable medicine, and nofarr.i
: should be willicutit. lie«pectfuHy.
V. I.. K 5i rp9 M • 13*
Lite iMiVsiriar. t( the Baltimore Dispensary
j andagentforthe Maryland 'v ar cin< Institution.
From l)r. Wm. Bacon, paster ol the uaptift
.Church at \Voodstown, Salem count,- N. J.
From a long acquaintance w;th Dr. Jayne s
Carminative Halsam, I believe it to be a trtry
hannv combination, and a useful medicine in
manv"complaints which almost constantly nc
cur in our country, such as I'cwel Aficct.crs
to Ch'Mren, Chohr. Crsn pa,I cosine*., Dys
•.entic Disorder, olthe Stomach, Ccugha, *nc
A flections of the Breast, togetf erwilh sllthope
diseases! tterded v jt b Sourness of the Stc«
x«ch; and believe that physicians will eften
find it a useful remedy in their hands, and ere
that igproper for domestic use, and can be put
intc the hand of person? at large uith perfect
safety ^Y M Ricojr, M . T>*
Woodstown, Salem Co., N. J. May 4, 1831*
Prepared and sold by L)r.D. Jayne, No. 20*
Eolith Third st. between Market and Cheanut.
The public are respectfully informed that
Win.Stabler &. Co,Druggists’ Alexandria,are
my Agents for the sale ol the above medicine.
Philadelphia, June 0—1 v

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