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4 BILL amendatory of the several Acts
establishing the Treasury Department.
Sac. 1. Be %t enacted by the Senate and
House of Representatives of the United States
.America in Congress assembled, That
there shall beam! hereby in established in the
Treasury Department at the seat of the Gov
em nentof the United States, a Board, to be
titled the Exchequer of the United States,
to be composed «l the Secretary of the Trea
sury for the trne being, the Treasurer of the
United States for the time being, and t tree
Commissioners, to be appointed by the Presi
dent with the advice and consent of the Sen
ate; on* of the said Commissioners first ap
pointed to he appointed for uvo years, one for
four years, ant! one for six years, and vacan
cies subsequently oceuring to be so filled as
that one vacancy shill regularly occur at
tlie end of every period of two years; tbs
Hid Commissioners not to be removed from
nffice, except f»#r physical inability, incompe
tency, or neglect or violation of duty; and
incase of any such removal, it shall be the
duty of the President to lay the reason before
the senate, auu on toe am organization oi
the Board, one of the three Commissioners
thsll, by the members thereof, be elected
President, who shill bold his office lor two
years, when a new election shall be made ;—
•a<i m like manner a new election shall take
place afterwards at the end ol each succes
sive period of two years. And the Secretary
of the Treasury sh»II have authoiitv to ap
point all such inferior officers as in the judg
ment of the Board the transaction of its busi
ness may require, the amount of their respec
tive compensations to ?»e Used by ihe Board,
who may take bonds lor tne faithful discharge
of their duly for such sums and in su<h man
ntras the Secretary til the Treasury shell
direct. And each of said Commissioners
•hall receive an annual salary of —— dol
Sac. *. Jind be it further enacted, That the
laid Board ol Exchequer shall have power to
publish agencies or offices in such o! the ci
ties or towns of the States and Territories oi
the United States as it aiav judge expedient,
aot exceeding two in any State or Territory,
and also wherever Congress may by law re*
quire the same to be established ; and such
officers and agents as may by the Board of
Exchequer t*e thought necessary for the man
agement of such agencies, and the transac
tion ol their business, shall be appointed by
the Secretary of the Treasury on the recom
mendation of the Board of Exchequer; and
the said Board shall have power to fix the a
jauvint of the respective compensations of such
tit..*. «* rvl*. \ \J til A. Pd(tnl<i twin. In* ihu
OiiiVb a ip| v iv \r * v iiumv »*«v
government of such agencies, the transac
ton ot their business, ami the rendering ac
counts of all their proceedings. And in such
regulations they shall so assign and arrange
the duties of the officers of the said agencies
as that one of those officers shall be a check
mid control upon the other, and for that pur
pose they shall require that the accounts and
proceedings oi each shall be entered in proper
books. And any of the officers of the said
agencies mav be removed by the Secretary
of the Treasury for physical inability, or in
cowpetency, or neglect or violation oi duty,
but it shall be his duty to state every removal
of any principal officer ot any agency, with
his reasons therefor, m his general annual re
port o! the transactions of the Board of Ex
Sac. 3. And be it further enacted, That
tha aaid Exchequer and its officers shall be
the general agents of the Government of the
United States for receiving, safe keeping, and
disbursing the public moneys, and transferring
and transmitting the same under the direc
tion of the Seretary of the Treasury; and all
the public moneys received, from whatever
sources, shall, under the same directions.be
paid into the said Exchequer or its agencies;
and the principal officers employed 10 such
agencies shall give bouds to the United States
for such amount and in such form as the Sec
retary ot me Treasury shall prescribe for the
faithful performance of their duties. And the
said Board of Exchequer and ns several agen
Cieaahall pav all warrants, drafts, or orders
made thereon by me Treasurer of the United
States, and by all disbursing officers and »
gents of toe Government having authority to
make such drafts or orders. And every such
payment shall ne made, at the option of the
person et.u*led to receive it, in gold and silver
coin or in Treasury notes.
Bsc. 4. And be it further enacted, That
the said Exchequer and its officers shall per
form the duties ot Commissioners of Loans,
in receiving subscriptions, transferrin? slock,
and paying dividends and interest thereon,
under the directions of the Secretary of the
Treasury, and shall rentier to the Treasurer of
the U S. all necessary facilities for transfer
ring and disbursing the public funds as 9ha 11
be required by hun, and shall perform all the
duties of pension agents under the regulations
prescribed by the Secretary of War, and
shall render and perform ail other duties and
services in relation to the collecting, keeping,
and disbursing of the public funds as shall be
prescribed by law or by the Secretary of the
Sec. 5. And be it further exacted. That it
shall be lawful lor tne Exchequer at the Seat
of Government, and us several agencies, to
receive on private deposit* gold or silver coin
or bullion, the proj>erly o! individuals, to be
held as in other cases of deposites made by
individuals tor convenience and security; and
to issue certificates ol ihe lacl of such de
posite having been madV; which certificates
shall always be redeemed on presentation at
the agency where issued But the amount so
deposited shall never exceed in the whole fif
milliard nf riolLirV. to bf» distributed bv
the Board among its several agencies accord
ing to the extent of iheir business respective
ly; and for issuing such certificates no higher
premium shall be demanded thansbail be suf
ficient to indemnify against the hazard of loss
god remunerate for the safe keeping the de
CHtt, and in no instance to exceed the one
If of one per cent. -But paper issued by
the Board and its several agencies, whether in
the form of bills or of certificates of drposite,
shall be redeemable only at the place where
issued, unless the Board shall see cause to or
der otherwise.
Sec. 6 ind be it further enacted. That it
be the duty of the said Board of Ex
kMQtier, within three months alter its first or
9*uxatioii, to establish such by laws and
rul+vuf proceeding as it m*y judpe expedient
Eod pyiper tor the regulation of its concerns
. andjjie government of its ^agencies; and co
^TeII existing by-laws and regulations
, /.orTjtletd be lore Congress every year at its
S'ldlt* it further enacted, That the
the Treasury ia hereby authonx
tail to cause to be prepared Trea*
("denominations not teas than five
X'ceding one thousand dollars,
shall be signed by the Treasurer
.■I tie United Stales and countersigned by the
nTihe Board of Exchequer,and made
livable to the order of the principal agent at
each agency, and shall be by him endorsed
tehee issued at such agency, and which notes
tlull be redeemable and shill be redeemed in
gold and silver, on demand, at the agency
wher^ issued; and Treasury notes intended
to b^>4tued by the Board of Exchequer at the
utpomn Government shall be iu like form, sod
tiall be payable to the order of the Commis
afoot rs, and shall be endorsed by some one
of them when issued, & shall be redeemable at
said Bored on demand, in gold and Oliver,
nod exact and perfect lists of all notes so
signed shall be kept at the Treasury; and
all Treasury notes issued under the authority
of this act may, when redeemed, be re-issued
by the Board aad its agencies respectively.
tac. g And be it further enacted, Thai the
amount of Treasury notes issued and outstan
ding shall mil. at any one time exceed the a -
mount of fifteen millions of dollars,unl ess oih *
tcwiaa ordered of provided by law; and the
| Secretary of ibo Treasury is authorized, from
I time to time, on the application of the Board
j of Exchequer, to furnish for its own use and
I that of its several agencies a suitable amount
of such notes, to be used in the transaction of
its business; and all dues to the United States,
orany.afficer or department thereof maybe
1 paid in gold or silver coin, in Treasury notes
issued under this act or in the notes of banks
. which shall be immediately convertible into
specie at the place where received.
Sec. 9 And be it further enacted, That the
Board of Exchequer at the Seat of Govern
ment and each of its agencies shall settle
weekly, or ofiener, with all hanks in their
neighborhood whose paper they may have re
ceived, and pav or collect, as the case may be,
all balances between it and said hanks; and
no individual shall be allowed at any time to
stand as debtor to the Exchequer or any of us
agencies in account; and it shall be the duty
of the said Board of Exchequer, and each of
its several agencies, at all tuues, so to limit
i its issues that its gold and silver on hand shall
be equal to one third the amount of such is
sues outstanding.
Ssc. 10. And be it further enacted, That
the said Board of Exchequer may draw bills
or drafts on any of its agencies, and may au
thorize any agency, to draw bills or drafts on
the Board or any other agency, and may sell
and am boride its agencies to sell such hills or
drafts for a premium not exceeding the fair
cost of remitting specie tothe place of payment,
and in no case to exceed two per centum on
the amount of such hill or draft.
Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, Tha». it
shall he la tvful for said Board of Exchequer
and each of its agencies to purchase domestic
hills of exchange, subject to the following
rules and regulations:
1. No bill ot exchange shall he bought
which is payable in the same Slate or Terri
tory in which it is drawn, nor any bill payable
within less than ■ ■ miles of the place of
2. Bills drawn on places not more than five
hundred miles distant 1mm the place ofdraw
ing shall not he drawn tor a longer time than
thirty days from date; and bills drawn on
places more loan five hundred miles from the
place or drawing shall not be drawn for a Ion*
ger time than thirty days Irom sight.
3. In no instance shall niorej be demanded
from the seller ofsuch bill,by way of interest or
exchange, than an interest not exceeding six
per cent, per annum for the time which the
said bill has to run, and a rate of exchange
never exceeding the cost of remitting specie,
and in no case to exceed two per cent. And it
6hall not be lawful for the Board ofExchequer,
or any agency, to purchase any bill drawn by
or upon any member or officer thereof, or in
which such member or officer shall many way
he interested; nor to receive any depositeor
any inonev belonging 10 any sucn memuer ur
officer. And no bill shall be purchased or
draft sold at any agency, without the assent
of at least two of the officers of such agency;
nor by the Board of Exchequer without ihe
assent of two of its members.
Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That
no agency established in any State under the
provisions of this act shall, contrary to any
law which such State may enact, receive any
other deposited than those oT the United States,
or make or sell dralts on purchase bills, other
than such as shall be necessary inthecollec
lion, transfer, and disbursement of the public
Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That if
at any time it shall be found necessary to car
ry on tiie operations of the Exchequer Board,
and its agencies hereby created, the Secreta
ry of the Treasury may cause to be prepared,
issued, and delivered to the Exchequer Board
certificates of stock of the United States, in
the usual form.bcaringinteiestata rate not ex
ceeding five per centum per annum, to ana
mount not exceeding five millions of 'dollars,
the interest of which shall be payabble semi
annually, and the principal shall be redeetna
nleat the pleasure of the Government after
the expiration of twenty years from the issue
thereof. And it shall be lawful for fhe said
Exchequer Board to eeli and transfer the said
stock for gold or silver coin, or bullion. And
it shall be the duty of the Exchequer Board to
provide lor the punctual payment of the inter
est on the said stock as it shall become due,
and for the reimbursement of the principal
from the profits and other means and resour,
ces of the Board and its agencies But the
faith of the Government, nevertheless, shall
be pledged for the payment of the interest
and the principal of such stock.
Sac. 14. And be it further enacted, That
the Board of Exchequer and its seveial agen
A .ft A A _ ^ #1 l^ftl.1 A A An I A i,f
ClCS Snail KCCp rtiiu unmm ov»o»»i
books, for the purpose of entering and recon
lug in one set, all transactions respecting the
collection, keeping and disbursing of the pub
lic revenue, and transmitting the public mo
neys from place to place lor the service of
Government, and in another, all transactions
and account* arising Irom dealings in ex
change and other transactions not on Govern
ment account All profits accruing from deal
ing in exchange on individual account and
from private deposites shall be applied in the
first place to pay all salaries and compensa
tions, and to defray all expenses incurred un
der the authority of this act, and the residue
thereof shall be placed semi-annually to the
credit of the Treasurer of the United States:
Provided, nevertheless That the said Board
may defer all such credits to the Treasurer,
until the amount of profits aforesaid beyond
expenses shall exceed two millions of dollars,
land may retain said amount of two millions
as a fund to meet all contingencies chargeable
on the Exchequer and its agencies.
Sec. 16. And be 11 further enacted. That if
it shall at any time become necessary to bring
suit on any bill ot exchange or other debt or
liability arising out of any transactions under
the provisions of this act, such suit may be
brought in the name of ihe United States in
any Circuit Court of the United Spates, or any
■State Court having competent jurisdiction
Sec. 16. And be it further enacted, That
the necessary rooms and vaults tor the safe
keeping of the public moneys and for the trans
action of the business 4)1 the Board of Exche
quer and its agencies shall be provided
! by the Treasury Department at the city of
! Washington, and in the custom-houses, mint,
I branch mints, and other public buildings be
longing to the United Slates, so far as the
I same can he furnished without detriment to
; the public service; and where the same can
not be so furnished, the said Board may pro
! vide others.
I r» « J It a 2 i A iiftt mji i That it
OKU* !#• <AIV( Mywr tun
i shall be lawful for the Board ot Exchequer 10
i appoint as agent for the Board any specie-pay
| ing bank in any State in cases where it may
not be deemed expedient to establish an of
fice or agency of the said Board, as hereinbe
fore provided; but such bank shall not be au
thorized in any event to receive deposites or to
purchase or sell bills or drafts on account of
the Board or Exchequer.
S«c. 18. And be it further enacted, That
full and exact accounts ol the proceedings ol
the Board and its several agencies shall be
furnished to the Secretary of the Treasury as
often as he may prescribe; and it shall be the
duty ofthe said Secretary to lay abstracts ol
the same before Congress at the commence
ment of each annual session, and to furnish full
and particular accounts and statements ofthe
transactions of the Board and its agencies
when required by Congress; and the amount
of Treasurv notes outstanding at the end ol
every quartet shall, so soon thereafter as the
same may be ascertained, be published by the
Secretary of the Treasury.
Sec. 19. And be it further enacted,That if
any member of the Exchequer Board, or any
officer or clerk employed in its. business or a
nyof its agencies, shall convert to his owu
use, in any way. aoy money or security de
posited with or belonging to the said - Board
or any of its agencies, or belonging to the U
nited Slates, or any other person or person*
dealing or deposing with the said Boerd or
any agency, he ahall be deemed gouty ol lei-,
'ony, and. on conviction thereol before any
court of the United States of competent ju
risdiction, shall be seutenceiJ to imprison
ment for a term not less than-nor
more than-years, and to a fine equal
to twice the sum or value of the property em
bezzled. j
Sec. 20. And be it further enacted, That if
any officer or member of the Board of Exche
quer, or any of its agencies established under
the provisionsol this act, shall give or sign a
false certificate of a deposite having been
made with any agency, or shall issue or de
liver any draft or bill of exchange without
having received the full amount thereof and
caused the receipt of the same to be duly en
tered in the books of the said agency, or shall
be guilty of any other malpractice by which
any responsibility of the said agency, or of
I the Board of Exchequer, or of the U. Slates,
; shall be improperly created or increased, he
| shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and
on conviction thereof, in any court of the JJ.
States of competent jurisdiction, shall be sen
tenced to imprisonment lor a term not less
|than one year nor more than seven years,
and to a fine equal to the amount ol the false
; certificate so given, orof the bill or draft so
issued or delivered, or to the amount of the
responsibility so created or increased.
Congress.—The Senate has given the
, bill to repeal the Distribution Law the go
by, refusing to refer it to any Committee.
The vote for reference was Ayes 17—Noes
24. As for the Tariff debate now unne
cessarilv going on in the House, it is but a
reiteration, for the most part, of the argu
ments used in the debate on the 44 two first
days.” In the mean time legislation is
stopped that members may talk,
Mr. Robert Tyler is about to publish a
volume of Poems.
Wm. L. White—a veteran sportsman—
is announced as the Opposition candidate for
Hanover County, Virginia.
Mr. Wise ha.s made a ^disclaimer to Mr.
Bolts ot any allusion to him in his letter and
“that no part of the letter had any reference
to Mr. Boils, except when his name was men
ioned in connexion with the Coffee House
letter, and in that nothing was intended to be
exceptionable.”—Richmond Shield.
This Ball which is to come ofF at the The
atre this evening, will, from all 1 can hear,
and from what 1 have seen, he a splendid af
fair. The preparations have been great on
the part of both sexes. It is owing, in a great
measure, to the circumstance ot there not
having been a Bali in contemplation for a
r\ear or so. The lovers of that delightful
amusement are ever eager to mingle in a
scene (which will no doubt be to them) of hi
larity and joy. 1 allude to gentlemen, who
are fond of dancing But a word or two a
bout the ladies: they appear at first with all
their usual indifference (female delicacy) to
disregard every thing which emanates from
gentlemen like the manifestation of over
anxiety. In a word, when a little ofr
slinate (if 1 may he permitted to use the ex
pression,) they frequently dampen our ardor
in an undertaking of this kind, by informing
us trial, ii mey go, it win ue entirely out oi
their power to do so, only as spectators.—
This has been the case, to a limited extent,
in the present contemplated aflair. 1 have,
however, caught them (at least those who
profess this seeming indiHerence.) for once in
my life The following interesting conversa
tion took place a few mornings since, within
rny hearing. It was not known to them that
any save themselves were listeners. It was
between two confidential friends who seem
ed to have an equal regard for each other, as
it>e sequel will show.
“Are you going to the Dali? I am really
afraid that my dress will not meet my expec
tation; I have just been considering. The dress
maker, however, thinks it beautiful ; and, as
you know, she is a lady of excellent taste.
It makes me, at times, feel a little melancho
ly. But it is of no use!—what are you going
to wear?*1
“Oh, I am always ready,—ready at all
times for a Ball! It is the joy of my life.
-will be there, and 1 know I shall
enjoy myself—that 1 will. The Managers,
too, are all a clever set of young men. No
want of attention will be seen however,
if-is there ; he is so gallant,—so polite.
But, then, - will he there, and-,
and a host n! others, whom l shall be delight
ed to dance with; and, at intervals, to hold
an agreeable chat with !”
This was enough. 1 had beard sufficient
to convince me that the iauies would, on the
all-looked •‘for occasion, be in attendance,
animating by their smiles, and giving encour
agement by their presence, to the young men,
under whose M anagement it is principally to
he conducted. By their presence, they will
add grace, dignity, and beauty to the scene.
They will have an opportunity of seeing
Alexandria, Dec. 23, 1341.
The Packet Schr BALANCE, Bates
master, will have immediate despatch.
1 For freight, apply to
dec 21 \VM. FOVVLE & SON.
The good Brig PLUTUS, Small
master, carries 1100 bbls. in readiness
to receive cargo.
dec21 LAMBERT & McKENZiE. j
Selling off to close business.
THE subscriber designing to close his busi- j
ness ai the stand now occupied by him, !
and to make a change therein, offers for sale
! at unprecedented low prices, DRY GOODS,
adapted to all seasons. Many articles will be
sold at cost, and some less than cost—his ob
ject being to make an early close, great bar*
j gams may be expected by calling soon. The |
stock consuls of ihe usual variety found in a f
Dry Goods Store. Without attempting to |
; enumerate, he would simply call the attention
I of those wanting goods, and invite them to
j come and examine. Persons wanting lots of
! goods, o! any amount, special bargains will
be given. Country dealers are rtquesied to
call, and all who wish to save money.
King street, 3 doors above Fairfax street,
dec 23
JUST received—fine distilled Rose Water,
powdered cinnamon, do cloves, nutmegs,
marbled caslile soap, potash, sal aeratus.
washing soda, chrome yellow,do green; anise,
fennel, and carroway seeds; spirits turpentine,
pcre winter strained Oil, &c. &c.,—at prices
suitable; with a variety of most every thing in
the Drug business, for sale at
• • .1 r~\ . /viP
dec so vpposne me rosi unice.
J V/VJ 200 barrels—tor sale by
dec 23_WM. FOWLE It SON.
45000 LATHS jurt received and for I
dec 22—3l
N. E. RUM.
ia'HHDS. received perachr. Balance, for
lU >*tc by Vf M. FJWLE fc 60S.
dec tf*
A resolution was unanimously passed in
the Senate yesterday,authorizing the removal
of the Statue of Washington 20 feet west from
its present position. Mr. Preston delivered
an eloquent speech on the occasion.
In the House of Representatives, yesterday,
Mr. Marshall spoke nearly two hours on the
Tariff question. His speech on this occasion
was one of his greatest efforts, and drew, at
was expected, a crowded and fashionable au
dience. He was followed, on the same ques
tion, by Mr. Rhett of 8. Carolina.
We gave currency yesterday, on authority
which we thought could not be mistaken , to
the report that the jewels belonging to the
Government, which were stolen from the Na
tional Institution on Monday, had been recov
ered and the thief apprehended. We are sor
ry to learn, tnat though the same report was
current in Washington and generally believed,
there was no foundation whatever for it.—
The jewels a re gone and the thief not arrest
ed. The robbery was a very singular one.
■■ ^
Price of PRODUCE in Alexandria from
fVagons and Vessels.
Maryland Tobacco, - • $3 50 a 6 00
Flour, per btd. - - 5 75 a 0 00
Wheat, (red) - - - I *20 a 1 25
do (white) - - 1 30 a 1 32
Rye, - - 0 75 a 0 00
Corn, (white,) - - • 0 62 a 0 65
Do. (yellow,) • - - 0 04 a 0 00
Flaxseed, - • - - 1 25 a 0 oo
Oats, from wagons, per bush, u 4# a 0 50
Do. from vessels. - - 0 41 a 0 4*2
Do. from stores, - - 0 45 a 0 00
Corn Meal, per bushel, - 0 80 a 0 84
Pork, (wagons,) • - 4 50 a 0 00
Butter, roll, per lb., - - 0 16 a 0 10
Do. firkin, do. • - 0 12 a 0 10
Lard, do. • • • 0 9 a 0 00
Clover Seed, - - . 7 00 a 6 00
White Beans, - - - 1 00 a 0 00
Paister, - (retailed) - 4 50 a 0 00
Flour.—The wagon price is firm, at $5,75:
we hear ol no sales from stores since those
reported in our last—the recent heavy trans
actions have reduced the stocks considerably
and holders now, are not disposed to sell at
less than $3, while buyers are not offering
more than $5,S7;.
Grain.—Nothing of moment doing in grain
of any description.
Pork —Themarket still lends uptvards, the
supply is very small, and good wagon Pork
would bring our quotation readdy.
FLocn.—Howard st. flour is held at $6,06*3
6,12a, with sales at the lonner rate. Cut
Mills $6,25, but no sales. Susquehanna is
Grain.—Wheat# are better—Maryland
reds 125 for fair to 135 for prime. Sales
Pennsylvania red at 136c. The supply of
wheal is hardly equal to the demand. New
Maryland curi4 48a4Bc for both colors, when
sufficiently dsi; for shipping. Maryland rye
75r77c. Oa<Stti44et$.
Whiskey—Sales of hhds. at 22 cts. and
bbH.at23jc. The wagon price IBc. exclu
sive ol the bb(.
Cattle — There were 600 head of Beeves
in the market yesterday—of which 500 were
taken by packers and butchers at $4a5 per
100 lbs., though some inferior sold at $3,50
and some superior at $6,50.
Hoes.—Drovers aud packers have not yet
come to terms, and iu consequence the pens
continue crowded. Drovtfs ask $4,50 a 5 per
1100 lbs., which packers will not give, and the
sales are therefore confined to small lots to
butchers, koine have been killed and salted
on owners’ account.
Arrived. December, 22.
Schr Repea ter,Travers, Baltimore; sundries
to Lambert & McKenzie.
Steamer Columbia, Guyiher, Baltimore.
Several Orali with usual cargoes.
Sailed, December 22.
Schr Bradore, Cody, Charleston, S C.
The Franklin Total Abstinence Society,
will celebrate its Anniversary in the Me
thodist Episcopal Church, on Thursday |
evening, 23d inst., commencing at 7 o’
clock. Several Addresses will be deliver
ed by distinguished gentlemen. The Choir
will be present, and sing pieces appropri
ate to the occasion.
The Public are respectfully invited to
attend. dec 22—2t
DG^The drawing or the Alexandria Lottery
for Internal Improvement, &c. Class No. 80,
/or 1841, will take place at the Mayor’s office,
(THIS DAY,) December 23, at 4 o’clock,
P.M. J. G. GREGORY & Co.
dec 23—It Managers.
RH. GALL A HER &, Co. have received
• and are opening an additional supply o)
Goods suited to the present season, viz:
Cassinetl and Glasgow Jlans; heavy blanket
10-4 Whitney Blankets; brown and plaid Do
Mohair and Silk Scarfs, for gentlemen
Ladies'Cravats; silk cords and tassels for la
dies’ cloaks
Florence and Gro de Nap plain and worked
collars, at Is, 25c, and 37£c
Woolen and buckskin Gloves,lb. men and boys
Worsted Mils Woolen and Canton Flannels,
white and colored
A good assortment of low priced Calicoes
Ail of the above goods will be sold at their
usual low prices, Tor cash. dec 23—3t
null V PCntTii'ITL'W
* ****** JL* * V tK/» *
J OHN I.8AYUS, offers lor sale, the follow
ing fresh and necessary articles lor family
English Mustard in any quantity
African Cayenne Pepper
Sal jEratus and Pearlash
Mace and Nutmegs
Ground Ginger, pure
Cinnamon. Cloves and Alspice
Washing Soda
Caraway, Coriander and Aniseed
White Jamaics Ginger
Pure Oil ol Lemou
Extract Vanilla .... . ..... .
Essence or Cinnamon, Lemon and ail the
I 4 . kinds uwd
Yeast Powdfrs dec 53
Standard English, German, Latin anti .Vi|«
cell an tout Works of Novels, History, $-c.
WILL be sold at my Auction Ituoms on
Thurstlay morning 23d inst. at 11 o'clock,
a collection of valuable Works, belonging to
the private Library of a Gentleman leaving
town, and others.
Among which are—
Hume's, Smoliet and Bissel's Eng. 9 vols.
Rollin'* Ancient History 8 do
Josephus 2 vols. Calmet’* Bible Dictionary
Cuinberland’s British Drama lOvol
British Essayist, containing Taller, Guardi
an and Spectator 2 vols
Fielding's Works complete 2 vols.
Ferguraon's Rome. Classical Dictionary
Works of Shelby, Coleridgeand Keats 1 vol.
Scott's Works complete 7 vols.; American
/-> . rk i . ii i:.i _l. ; t ...
VsUflSl Imil, Duwmuui a j
Magazine 3 vol., 1 German and French Dic
tionary, Dutch do. 1 Dutch universal Atlas,
col d; Bose’s practical Rural Economy 5 vois.
German, with other German works—Some of
the most popular novels, together with a va
riety of Historical, School and Miscellaneous
works;—ail of which will be sold, without re
serve, according to Catalogues, which will be
distributed on Wednesday morning.
Terms ol sale Cash. Books ready for ex
amination on Wednesday morning,
dec 18—Gt GEO. WHITE.
WILL be sold to the highest bidder,on the
Burgundy Farm, near Alexandria, on
Tuesday next, December 28th, on a credit of
six months, for bond and approved security,
several good work Horses and colts; also,
some cattle, several of which are in good or
der lor beer; also, some large work Oxen,
dec *23—ts SAMUEL LUNT.
fpilE undersigned, in pursuance ot the de
X cretal orders of the Circuit Court of the
District of Columbia, for the County of Alex
andria, pronounced at October 'Iertn, 1838,
and May Term, 1841, of lire said Court, in the
suit of the President, Directors, and Company
of the Bank ol Potomac, against Edw. Sheehy
and others, will at 3 o’clock on Monday the
27th day of December next, offer at public
sale, on the premises, the following U>t3 and
One lot and tenement, situate in the town
of Alexandria, on the north side of Prince
street, and to the eastward of Water street,
beginning on Prince street at the east line of
the lot, sold by John Harper to Win. Wright,
snpposed to be ninety-one leet and one and an
hall inch to the eastward ol Water street,
running thence easlwardly with Prince street
and binding therewith twenty feet, thence
northwardly with a line parallel to water
street, eighty-eight feet three inches and an
half, thence westwardly with a straight line
parallel to Prince street, thence southwardly
with a straight line to the beginning.
The other lot and tenement is shunted on
the east side of Water street, in the said town,
beginning on Water street 22 feet tothe south
ward of the dividing line, between the lot,
formerly CVlcCrea and Meas'sand the lot of
John Harper, thence south on Water street 22
feet, thence east and parallel to Prince street
40 feet to a ten feet alley, thence north on the
said alley 20 feet, thence to the beginning.
0(5*The terms of sale are the following, as
prescribed by the decrees—one fourth of the
purchase money to he paid in cash, as a depo
sit, to be forfeited, if the purchaser shall tail to
comply with the terms of sale, if the same be
approved by the Court. The residue of the
purchase money, with interest from the day of
sale, to be paid in two annual instalments, of
one and two years from the day of tale. The
deferred payments to be secured by the notes
of the purchasers, with endorsers, to be ap
proved by the Conrt—the title to the lots and
tenements to be retained until the deterred
payments are made. ,
If the purchaser shall fail to comply with
the terms of sale within ten days thereafter,
then the lots and tenement* ere to be resold
by ihe commissioner, at the cost and expense
of the purchaser. EDM. 1. LEE*
nov 25—eots Commissioner
THE subscriber, in pursuance of a decree
of the Circuit Court of the District of
Columbia for the county of Alexandria, pass
ed Octoher term, 1341, will, at II o'clock, A.
M , on Saturday, 22nd January next, [if fair, if
not the next lair day thereafter,] offer lor
sale bv auction on the premises, that valua
ble property on the north side of King street,
and west side of Columbus street, known as
the “Shoe Factory,*1 the same having been
conveyed to him by deed from A. D. Harmon
and wife, and Joseph H. Miller and wile, in
trust for certain purposes therein named.
• n The lot fronts on King street 100
feet, and on Columbus street 132 feet.
. m\ plat of the same with more precise
dimensions, will be exhibited on the day ui
sale. .
The buildings consist of a four story brick
tenement on King street, 26 feet in front by
24 ft. deep, with a wing also four stories high,
extending inline with the west wall of the
main building, 80 feet long by 17 leet wide
the walls of the main building and wing are
14 inches thick, and the whole is covered with
To the east of the main building on King
street, extending to Columbus street, is a two
story brick tenement 43 feet front by 16 deep,
with a brick back building in the rear Ironling
on Columbus street 80 feet by 22 ft. deep; and
on the north line ol the lot is an excellent
Upon the premises is a first rate cistern,
supposed to be capable of containing lOOhhds.
of water.
For any description of business requiring ex
tensive house and yard room, this property is
admirably adapted ; or it could with facility
and at n moderate cost be converted into a
commodious and extensive tavern.
The terms prescribed by the decree afore
said are, one tenth of the purchase money in
hand, the residue on a credit of six, twelve,
and eighteen months, with interest; the de
ferred payments to be in bonds with approved
security,—the title to be retained until the
whole is paid.
The decree further directs, that if the pur
chaser shall fail to comply with the terms
within fifteen days after trie day of sale, the
undersigned shall, aftergiving ten davs notice,
resell the same at the cost and risk of the pur
Trustee anu Commissioner.
dec VS—eTT&Sis__
PURSUANT to a decree of U»e Circuit
Superior Court of Law and Chancery
for the County of Fairfax, pronounced at Oc
tober Term, 1841, in the case of Mary Fol
lin, and others, against James and Richard
m • I • 1 .. L - . L. tli« Piini.
foiiinunu cjiiivio, in® •••», »"v
missioners, therein named, will sell at public
auetion at Dranesvil!e,lin the aforesaid eoun*
tj,on the 31st day •( December next, a num
ber of valuable SLAVES, consisting of Men,
Women and Children, Girls and Boys—the
property of the estate of John Follin, dce'd.
Terms •/ So/e—A credit of nine months
will be allowed; the purchaser or purchasers
to give bonds with approved security. !
I’ZJ^Sale to take place between 11 and 3
o'clock. .
H. W. THOMAS, . )
W. L. EDWARDS, > Commas rs.
T. It. LOVE, ) [*
oov 35— eota
■■ . i junan
k allLj AT auction, in lots.
I .7 ?‘.,b*cr,her wl11 °B*fr ■* Public AwiImC
rn!U,kCUC!’ 00Tuesday, the Wltad.f
11 '* °.n ,he Premi**»* th* fol
lowing very desirable property, lying in the
County ol Fairfax, Va. eight miles from Al^
exandria, and ten from Washington. D. C.#*
the best of Markets for butter and potatoes'
for the raising of which, this land is partieth
larly adapted.
Lot 1. About 225 acres, having thereon a
Urge Dwelling House, in good repair, an ex
cellent cellar under the whole, a well of good
water, cistern, spring and spring house or
dairy t two barns, stabling for 25 horses and
cows, about twenty acres of Ore hand; mostly
grafted truit, of the choicest kinds of apples;
pears, peaches, plums, &c., thirty acres well
taken in clover, with plenty of woodland.—
I The beauty of the location of the House end
; garden, is rarely equalled, and beilid P^**^^*^
| larly salubrious is well worthy the attentipfi
| of those wishing a country residence.
r a i a.. . __ _ •.» _i*
'♦ •• aiiuiii iunr?, Willi g C'lHiiuniVir
Dwelling-House, a good cellar, spring •hotlitV’
stable, orchar I, garden, and plenty of wood-*
| land. This, like lot No. 1, has a large prof*ft
| tion of excellent meadow, lying on the Aceo*
link river.
Lot 3. Or.e hundred and seventy*6veacree,
forty in timber, eighty in pine, aume of whioll
| are very large, fit for lumber, the balance itfli
year in oats, corn and potatoes. , •
Lot 4. Sixty acres, small portion of#ood,
some meadow, a few pines, the balance clear
ed, and not been ploughed for tome time. *
Lot 5. Two hundred acres—about fifty trf
this is excellent meadow, hut has b4en DC*
elected; twenty acres in timber, orchihf, 'i*
bout six acres well taken in clover, and the
rest old field and pines.
Lot 6. One hundred acres, with Dwelling*
House, spring-house, stable. &«c. a small Orth**
aid and garden, ten acres in wind, about the
same in pines, the balance under cultivation.
This lot adjoins the Little River Turnpike, op**
posite the Aoandale Post-Office, 7} utiles from
Lot 7. Eighty acres, timber land, lyipgoii
the Accotink.
LotS. Thirty fi\e acres, no th* kouth sMt'
of Ceiitrcville road, and adjoining the same io
The whole of the above properry lie* to-*
gether; the bounds or the different loU art*
principally roads, fence and water courses;
and will he shown to persons wishing to view
previous to day of sale. .'49
Terms — M» per cent cash, and possession on'
the 1st January, 1312; the balance in one year'
from dale, when an indisputable title will bo
given. Also, - • i
At the same time, will be offered on a credit
or nine months, for all sums over ten dollars,
the purchaser giving bond wilh sppVoved
curity. two Horses, one pair of Mules,. OlWe*
yoke of work Steers, twenty Cows, ColU,*
young cattle, and Hog*; about forty tons of
Hay, Corn Fodder, Straw, Corn and Potatoes;
threshing Machine. Ploughs, Harrows, Wa*.
con, Carts, Chains, &c.
N. C. Should the 28th prove stormy, it will'
take place on the 29th, ami continue till all is
sold. THOS. CRUX.
Ossian TIal!, Dec. 8—w2w&eots •
■ ■■■■■ ■■ ■■■ ■ -l11 ■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■-.
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Class A,
Will be drawn at Wilmington, Dsi, onThurs*
day, Dec. 23.
75 numbers—15 drawn ballots.
50 do of 1,000
Tickets $ 10 00—shares in proportion.
Alexandria Lottery, Class 80,
Will be drawn at the Mayor’s Office, on
Thursday, Dec. 23, at 4 o’clodi.
78 numbers—14 drawn ballots.
Tickets dl 50—shares in proportion.
To be haa in a variety ot numbers «i
Drawn Nog. of the Alexandria Ly., Claw 79.
j 25 11 43 I 30 23 27 56 29 63 40 42_
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Clift A; * “
Will be drawn at Wilmington, Del.,eo Thrum
day. Dec. 23.
75 nuniur.oi-15 drawn ballots.
50 do ol 1,000'1 ;
Tickets 810,00—shares in proportion.
Alexandria Lottery,Class 80,
Will be drawn al the Mayor’s Qffice,oh
Thursday, Dec. 23, at 4 o’clock.
78 numbers—14 drawn ballots.
Tickets $t 50—shares in proportion f
On sale, by the package, certificate! #r
share, hy EDWARD SHEEHY.
■■ — — ■ ■— ■■■ ■ - ■ ■ ^•
Grand Consolidated Lottery, Clasa A,.
Will be urawn at Wilmington, Del^onTfitfti*
day, Dec. 23. * •*’
75 numbers—15 drawn ballots,
HIGHEST PRIZE $30,000, '
50 do of 1,000, Ilf.
Tickets §10—shares in proportion*
Alexandria Lottery, class 80, * ‘‘
Will be drawn at the Mayor’s Office, on
Thursday, Dec. 23, at 4 o’clock.
78 numbers—14 drawn ballots.
Whole Fickets §1 50—shares in proportion.
For saie.in great variety, r>v
Olfice on King street, South side, •**
3d door west of Koval street.
RAN AWAY from i t»e subscriber on the
night of the 20th inst., WILLIAM COX-’
EN, an indented apprentice to the Broom
Making business
All persons are hereby cautioned not to
harbor or employ said runaway, an the late
will be rigidly enforced against suet: offend •,
The above reward will b t reluct a J/yptid
for bis recovery.
dec 22 —3t V»M. M. CHINO.
Z\r| BUSHELS of vary pr me qoalilj. •
on tn»ard «chr Amanda Ophelia.'*
at Central wt»a»f; apply to master on board,
nr to
dec 22VTM, FOWLR fc SON.
£\(\ BOXES superior quality Mould Can*'
Ovf dies, ahorl 6’s. landing from Schr. Al
exandria from Nevr York, and lor u*!r by
dec 21 WM N *i. J. H. VleVElGff.
7^ BARRELS Tar, in prime order
.2™ do *«<•; gr ■»*&,,,.
(3)AA BARRELS N«. A. ROSIN, ofiu^e
d«.i '
. _ ~ — — —
r BARRELS Spiras 1 urpeniine
il 5 d„ bni>tjt Varnish; .or <«f« by
jec 21 G.,1. TriOMAS. '
•» ‘ ’ " —
Sugar, Raisin $ and Buckwheat Ffakr.
A /X HHD>. good quality P. it Sngai,
1U 150 whole, and 1*H) half boxen prime
bunch Rain:*** ' ‘
28 whole and 15 hail Darrels, beat Buck-,
wheat Flour, *
rbis da v landing from 3chr. Alexandria, a* ‘
*»r sule oy A• j.^u ^ vu
dee 31

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