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_I_ III ---------- 111 rn • mi ——■■■————— ■■■■«■«U—— I t^rnmm ■■ .— ■ ■■■ rmmmmm—mmmrnmm+mmm ■■ m mm . ■>
■ * • • • ♦*
_ ___—«aa—i——wr+~
^ t ur_ .T.r-1 <ry»r r^uTa«u:-nrjc«nnaBgafi ■ i ■' n r ’ — -nri'i ..’■gM.uj.-asswg- rTBrF--£7?rai~m~-x*=zx7 *,***,*^il*^*i*^^CM^——
VrTBJ.isnr.il TiAM.f. nr
ync.l'i SXOirnR.Y,
A.* *4 ?V-i lV>fl?'I.PVrxft!.E HAf.F VEARf.T
xi FcvxnRIA na7.r.rte
/s PCTRT.TSII^I) MT.Wt*\uf.^ ...
rrp;si>w, tuixr^av, anij s\ruu>AV
vrv ■? > psa .iwr !, p-\t v:;f.r. tv amvavre.
Ter >n* of.ltr^Hvn~.—A.lvermements not
f *>nPs(|>nn', inspr*i tbrpf ^*
dollar. AdverUs^irients cmpmuetl nPpr
three times !tar V>cents a spnre ireach; in
sertion insHfi or 2> cents on/sure. -
dues a re counted ns a square.
Advertisements bv the vear, at prices to n?
screed upon, bavin? reference to the usuai
amount of space thev may occupy.
• Persons advertising hv the year not to ad»
verti.se articles not included in then* re ? i; I a 1
rr-iness, nor to insert in their ad ver tisi incuts
a rty other names than t heir own.
p >sT 0Fncry .usx ixpru, n. c.
*,f»rr, Mad arrives dailv at 3 o’
clock, \.\T.: c’ >ses.!adv,at2 M
m]th°m Mail closes dadv, at 11\ A%
M. ; arrives dailv from 2' to I P. M.
Warren ton ''tad onuses daity at 0 P.
arriving dailv at .’» P. M.
Winchester Mail closes ' Tondn vs, Wednes
days, an I Fn lays a! ;> P. M.; arrives same
days at ?\ AT.
Falmouth Mail, rin Ocenpnn, &c., doses
Tuesdays, Th’p's hv<, and s*ator-Ta vs at !) A*
M • arriving Mondays, We'npsdavs an!
Fridays at ! > P M.
Northern \«ek, W., Mni\ closes Mondnvs
and Thursdays, at M\ \. M.: arrives Sundays
Tuesdays, Thursdays, an 1 Fridays with-the
Southern mail.
l4eesKnr.r Wa > Madrl »-es Mori lavs, Wed
nesdays. and ^ri lavs at ' r*. f ! arrives ' ton -
davs, Thors favs. an 1 ^atur ?avs at 7 \. M.
Port Tobacco pfd.)' Tad closes ^uwhi vs and
We lues lav-, at 2 P. M.; arrives Sundays and
.... . . . t M
I nUrs ’ivs. \ .
T’nncr Marlboro' f'-MG Mai. r'.tw <undnvs
nol P»ies ’a vs, and Tbo*^ hi vs, at * P. *,
arrives 'Ye tues lavs. Fri lavs, nn 1 t>un lavs,
at 7 A. M.
VottinoVi oi ('FI ' M ".v c!os**s ^'hm ’a vs arm
Thors ! ivs, :if *> P. M ; arrives Yelnesdavs
and Sundavs. at 7 \. M.
The thr» e s»orv hriek Dwelling, on
King, seron ! door from M afer street,
ft ’ iii.no w occ f ed hv Mrs, Smith. Pos
session ffiYen October ! *th.
sept ' 2 *’«>f | s \ \- i. B. LAR dot R*
. The tvvo s»<>rv iVMt'K UOT’sR on
Hie south side of Kins street, between
'TaLpatrick an I Henry .streets. Posses
sion will t>e c»'<-*»•) oo m •» firs- of June.
\V \ C\ G MM »\ER,
np i7_*>a«.v!f * x. of J. Mandevilie
_. The upper part of th? Dwelling
House, on Prince Grett, opposite the
, j ]jL Farmers *ank.
dec to—tf JOMAH H. D
The ^to^e, corner *»f Prince and Wn
ter streets; 0 has an excellent drv eel
^i S-lar, (Slate itoof,> formerly occupied by
Win. B. Coax. TUGS. YoWKLL.
dec 1 _
n « A Frame Dwelling. on Kin?, between
£pa Ilenry an I-. street one vear’s
It SLree* mavbe expended, to put V m good
order. ‘ TUOS. VOW ELL.
dee ! _ _
1 STOCK of desirable dry goods
Seiiinr of to close oust ness.
TIIF. subscriber design.ng to close his busi
ness at the stand now occupied bv him,
and to make a change therein, oilers lor sale
. i .. . rvi* V” r a ions
at unpreceiiemeu mw *
adapted to all seasons. Many articles *.yill be
sold at cost, anil some less than cost—his ob
ject being to make an early close, great bar
gains may be expected by calling soon. ^ i lie
stock consists of ihe usual variety l'»tinu m a
Drv Goods Store. Without attempting to
enumerate, be would simply call the attention
ot those wanting goods, am! invite them to
come and examine. Persons wanting lots ot
goods, ol anv amount, special bargains w.:i
be given. Country dealers are requested to
calf^ ami all who wish to <;lV(\Il!,'ne,vI .
King street. 3 doors above Fairfax street.
dec *2.» _
HISTOlt V of ihe Expedition to Btissia, un
dertaken nv Mie Emperor Napoleon, in
the year ISP2. bv General Count Philip de Le
sur/with a map; two volumes o! Harper’s fa
mily Library. * , * ,
Lives ofihe Ancien* Philosopucrs, translat
ed I roni t tie French «*| Feuehu, *vnn m»ies
and a life of the author, by Uev John Lor
mack—No. I to ol Harper s Family Library.
Just published and lor sale ^ r r
<|ec 23 BELL fc. LN * A\ i^L.E.
f leu. o! Liberty.) _____
The question discussed, shall the whoi.e word
of Hod be jiven to the l lent tuns
THOSE wishing to Obtain this work, and
become thoroughly acquainted wuh me
proceedings of the American Bible Society, in
relation to ihe Baptists, draw i tromolhcial <to
cuiuents by one of the Corresponding Secre
taries, can be supplied by calling on
dec *22 Opposite the Custom House.
II^IIIF. highest price will i»e given for Specie,
1. and New A’oik and Boston tuuds —by
(*ec 6—tl J xO. l. LA ANS.
\ VALUABLE Building Lot, on the south
west corner t»f King and Patrick streets,
fronting 25 leel on King street, and extending
hack on Patrick street luuleet, to a 12 leel
alley, which ruu< throuph ihe s«j;ure
oct 20—tl MA l UiAs »S V Ih'.U, Jr.
THE Yar.l. attached Id the AVare.ioyse oc
cupied hy G. I. Tho.nasHt.d Curt ... Ea
s>,n. JOS!AU 11 DAVIS*.
*l!g 1G—tl __
FOX SALE, or exenance. I«r drv <••*-.> •>
TH. 3. Ri-AL < -
Washiiiston, dec C.—ti ____
H. VAN 1*AT TEN. Vl.l>.
f. •, . n'7 rr
i i •
Between f>th and 7th sts., near Brown!* Holt*,
•eplS—ly Washington P. O.
DRUG STORE, Kin; Street, opposite the
Unit f'tfjre, may he found a choice as- j
sortment of Fancy articles, Perfumery, &c. j
&e. viz.
P>«‘st !Vn T' I Pocket Knives
Chapman’s Razor Strop
Hair Brushes
Teeth Brushes
do powders and Paste
Hair Oils. Balsam Columbia
Pressing and Tuck Combs
French and American Perfumery
And evert thing almost required, at as low
] prices as the same quality article3 can be had
I any where in the District._dec 2 )
IS requested to a neat assortment of Fancy
Articles, some of which, are suitable lor
Christmas presents, viz:
Olio of Roses in Vials
Cologne Water in fancy Bottles
Silver Ever point Pencils, low priced
Silk Purses, Paint Boxes
Pocket Combs
Penknives, a neat article
Scissors, an assortment
Cut Glass Pungets, very rich
Rrndf Boxes, u great variety
Perfirn° Bogs
Shaving Boxes, and Brushes
(>d for the Hair
Cold Cream for the Beard
/,ip Salve, Work Boxes
Tooth, Hair, Nail and Cloth Brushes
Brushes with Glass and Comb
Fine 'Tooth and Dressing Combs, and 1
many oih#r articles, which are offered at
moderate prices, for sale by
dec -3 Druggist Kim : st.
ps^HE subscriber has receive I a fresh supply
of die following seasona!)ie articles :
Best ivtgnsii W usia f J
l’ore ( hi Lemon
Nutmegs a ml Allspice
Mice ami White Ginger
Preston's Extract Lemon, for flav inn*
1 inmmoo and < Moves
Essence of Roses for flavoring
ifround Ginger
Principe Segars
t ’.'Id < M ea m
Lip Salve
I inrehuuim
Pu ven/.ed Oe’ery for So ips
Pii na! uni
Benim la Arrow Root
bay tvun.
Liquorice Rail
JupiUt* Paste
French isinglass
< Mi Va mi‘a
Sheroi < n’s [Masters
Well s Plaster
Esse ce Cinnamon and Lemon
\|1 of wliidi will be sold >n moderate terms
at‘ HEN11V COOK’S,
,{e(» 21 I >rug Store.
p \ \IILY REUdUst rES.
f DUN t. S A VRS, oflers for sale, the iMiow
# $ mg fres.o and necessary articles lor iumny
English Mustard manv quantity
African Cayenne Pepper
Plnr>p< M^ence of lU<e.) , ,r f]a vom in^
Rose Water, >
Sal .Era t us and Pearlacb
\taljd \utmegs
Ground Ginger, pure
Cinnamon,Cloves and Alspice
Washing Soda
Cara wav, Coriander and Aniseed
White Jamaica Ginger
Pure < hi ol Lemon
Extract Vanilla j
Essence of China m m, Lemon and ai. toe
kinds used
Yeast Powders dec 23
rp[lE subscriber has f»rsale tiie following
.L valuable remedies for Coughs .ami Colds;
Dr S wav tie’s Comp'd Syrup ol Wild Cheny
Dr. Javne’s Expectorant
Flodoardo I io .yards -Syrup Carrageen
Hutchtn’s CompM Syrup Iceland Moss
Dr. Bateman’s Cough Drops
Pectoral Balsamic i
l)r. Jackson’s Cough L-wn-es
l>o do Syrup
W star's Cough Lozenges
Shsnnau’s do
Pease's i-Iorehound C ind\
Brown Mixture
Senna Svrup
Jujube Raste
r uri iu • t Ml’s R:» Isi'il
L*»rk wood’s t ougii L *udv
1 lili’s Balsa u. i lone «
Carpenter’s Svrup Liv • won;-— 1 >r sale at
11BNRV C > Hv’" Drugstore,
dec 22 ,vl':Llt
Mrs. M. ,/. Hcndnrr's Pennine Indian Bat'
sum of Livcrw >rt mi 1t lot eliound.
1) R KB A REP fun an Indian recipe, con
tjiiung Uie virtue o| l wentv-two ditier*
ent kinds ol roots and uei hs in ent.U t*»»i iIt. ,
the greatest of til! prep-*< di""' ever dncov.
ert’d", *,or Hie cure ol Consumption, Coughs,
('old's. Spit tins of Blood, Hooping tough,
rtsthma, Hi icultu or Breathing* lulintm/.a,
Uuiusey, Flansic, Croup, Liver Complaint,
etc, etc.
'Hie undersigned having received great
benefit for the cure of dise i^es above named,
with confidence we reeomutend the celebrat
ed Balsam ol Live-wort to ine punne.
Erm sl Webster, i bos. Haskins, Jr.
E. Ed»s, r* William-,
David F. Woodbury, E. I loriun.
11.Gall, Aii<sL. Hovtard.
?- p-jp^rsons wishing the above medicine
' wd please call at \be Drug and Apothecary
810,8 01 PUJitPOiN T & TALBOTT,
i Corner Ol ivia- ami Washington greets,
. „ , - Alexandria.
, dec lo ___
ITS/. A*. >S’dv DL[1ULI/\' . r
TN consideration »l hr- advance* ■ .
1 ,he season, Imc .leterisitiie.l ■'* *■'
,heir remaining svek ol W mler GOODS at
reduced prices. Thev i-vue U.eir Inem.s to
call without delay. '('e- ,
r-i ,ii,< Oassi.reres ani* L^ss net
Whituev, Rose, and coarse Blankets
White red t»reeo and yellow Hannels
Lmseys, Kersevs an I he*. l ic.-'-gs
French ami Fmgiisti Merinos
Monsline <le L.»"i*s il 11-• Ca.icoes
Lamhswool ami worsted Hosiery
i aiiilis wool Sturts a ml Drn-veas
\ lar*e assortment >>1 l-ieuclie.l mil i.iown
Domestic Goo-.D. verv cheat*, together with
other seasonable an-.: ilcsiraKe g »o :s.
dec l* _____
i \ c\ ris1’ or Kme- ucar Wushingtonst.
yf /
subscriber respectfully icform bis
1 friends and the public generally, that be
has received, and ordered more, of the most
approved patterns of Cooking and other
S TOVES—consisting of
N. Y. prem (.’coking Stoves, assorted sizes
TJ plate do do; two boilers, <J<> do
9 do do do; one do do do
Common 9 plates Stoves
William’s ami other superior parlour Stoves
A variety of COAL STOVES, of cast and
sheet iron, with salamander brick c> linders
Franklin Stoves, of assorted sizes and quality
Also, a lot Cabouse Stoves, assorted sizes
Old Stoves repaired in the best manner, or
taken in part pay for new.
Just received, per New A'ork Packe*. an ns^
soriment of the linest and best GRA TLS that
can be bad in tins country;—nonj such in the
District;—handsomely ornaments i with sum*
met* screens, c.
lie has a I ways on hand a generil assor merit
of TIN wares, warranted ol tire i est material
an i uorkmanship.
Copper, Tin and ^heet iron work done to
order, a id in the best manner.
All orders thankfully received and prompt
ly attended t >. and furnished at the Baltimore
prices. Country merchants can save by gel
ling their Tin icares in this place
The highest prices given tor old copper, zinc,
pewter, lead Sic. RICH A ID HILL,
Directly npposile Stabier’s Dr ig sfm e.
Fairfax street, Alex m ina, D. C
oct 2t>—eotf
E TURNS lii*' grateful ackno vh-dgemen’S
V to bis friends and etistorne s. {nr the en
couragement lie has received, m •;!•< ell'r ‘o
serve am) please them;and respe ohd!’ olieit*
a cmiiinuatioiioflliat support, wh ’di h $ fttim
ulated iiin exertions to a degre 1 of m.i,.
that a * it horr/es the hone t ha t his I mure labor
t o s°rw a ml give satisfaction, to them and
the Pubhc generally, will not fai .uhde every
honorable mnans io be co nmnn led shall be
put m requisition to accomplish ms de-'i **.—
Wiule for Snmsclf, he gives assur i in e, t !r»: all
materials used in various branch -sof his bus
iness shall be ot superior t:u iIn y a mt <d i!,e
newest st vie, he deems ii an act if msoce due
to his Master Workmen, to s:iy that they are
finished and skilful Masters of die branches
they are employed in; and, for b muiy style,
elegance,ami stability of execirion, the wo k
of bis principal Saddle maker, whl cli.ukmge
competition in anv marker A • * *asi ant sup
ply of the following articles on hand, uv.ieh
{;e will take pleasure in exhibit! u and m .re
particularly in selling, to any who mnv he
pleaded to call and ex imine, or oblige him by
a purchase.
Pa.;! Saddlescritlfnt rec^ sijperi-u quality and
Gent lemen’sShaIters.. ! stvle
Plain Saddles :fancy am] hair do
P.i tc-nt spriog do t plate Bridle t)Oe
L•».Iies’d• >of eve»*y pat-i!b-ae.s oo do
tern and latest style [Steel do do
Bridles o| every des-|srirrnps, S'pnrs. &c.
crip * ion | 1 rees and \vw hlnug
Garriage Harness ; Wagon. rart.and dray
Gig do well mounted 1 lumes.^o! every ce—
Saddle Bags . sc**iption
Clothes do BngiiBi bridle leathers
Whips of a lldescrip’.ioee: and Xhnbnga esolsu*
port mamca u &.c, r«t*rior qua in y
[Jard leal her Trunks of,[-American do do
The above articles together with ma
ny oilier things in Ins line, In1 oilers very low
and on the most aceommodal a : terms, to
cottiitrv merchants and his cu; omer* gem-r
ally who tin v favor him with a <*aii; ii * lit!*
lets himself that he can sell as low as they
ra n in anv otoer ctiy in t lie nnio 1. The p'.ihsic
will please call an 1 examine In < a sn.»• * men!.
\\ s. Ml or b*rs thankfully receive], an i
punctually attended to. r.po
virtues of Horeiiound arresting
3 the progress of cough and ronsiniplion,
have been universally known sn.ee the dis
covery of America. The In iivi* so celeb a
1 ted for cm ing nil diseases uiti Ieohs, mod
, very extensively the Horehoun 1. in all cases
ol l Uhls, wOUglJS, CilT. ll IS Ml liiriii i:mi, w it
are indebted for the knowledge we have <d
this valuable remedy, and did we use it as
free! v and p** * ut p* S v ns i fiasc t s n h • • n •. ,c * 1 he *
ings, the list of deaths from c-uiso nmion
wo ild be r..imperatively small, t » vs ha t if is a
present a.ln Indian never teas known to
die with Consumption,y because thev ai.vavs
take such remedies ns arrest the disease in
time; consequently being Iree Irmn !i<eases ol
the lungs, thev are the heartiest race ol per
sons in the world.
The compound Syrup of Horchouml is a
ire.; trim? suitah'e to persons ol all ages an I
Ecxes; an I il taken on the appearm c.e of tim
first symptoms, as a roach or y in m the
breast, will in nine cases out of !en all *id re
lief, and effect a speedv cure.
yJr Price 50 cents per bottle, prepare 1 and
soltl by Seth S. Hence, corner of Charles
and Pratt St. Baltimore, ami
Agent for Alexandria,
dec 2) Opposite the Post Olfi ’e
^ UST received—fine distilled Rose Water,
c.J? powdered cinnamon, doc «»ves. tonmegs,
maebied caslile soap, potash. sal jurat us,
washing soda, chrome yellow, do green; aii.se,
fennel, and carroway seeds; sp is !iirpenti:»e
pere winter str lined Oil, See. ,—;»* ; r ces
suitable; with a variety of most every Rung ill
the Drug business, for sale at
dec 23 Opposite the Post < ufice.
("'I EM3 of toe Modern Poets, with Biogra
T pine I Notices, by S. (2. Had.
Rural Sketches, by Thomas Miller, author
i of “A Day in the Woods” istc.
Poems, Narrative and Lyucal, by Wm.
| Mother vv eil.
Ancient Spani>h Ballads, Historical and
Romantic, hv S.G Lockhart, E>q..a new edi
tion, re vt>eo, vv ith an introdiriory essay on
the Ancient Ballad s of Spain, and an account
! ot the Romance of the Cid.
! Christ our Example, t»y Caroline Fry, ait*
j th«»r of4* The Listener,” &c.
I Parables by F. A. I£ummac‘:e% translated
I from the German, by Prof. J. ll. Agner.
The Scige ‘d Derrv, or Sidler.ngs of tlie Pro
testants, a Pale of die Revolu iou. by Char
lotte Elizabf ili, nist published, and for sale nv
dec 2J BELL & E.M TWISLE. *
(Gen. of Lib.)
/~i YLYNPRICAL Straw ciitter<, for horse
ami UiJHiu i power, of sever-; kinds.
GoidshorougiPs Corn shelter a . imsker—
said to died 1200 bushels per d »y. or ni4
and sh*ii ball the quantity.
Double corn sheilers—sm jher 4/.?. For
>a!e at the Alexandria AgrienR W.*re
house. WM. STABLER U Co.
* DCl2?
TT/^E are (he Agents lor Mrs. Mason's Re
♦ V publication of the Foreign Reviews and (
Magazines, and shall he pleased to receive
subscriptions lor the same Tor If 1*2. The
works issued by her are the London Quarter*
ly, Foreign Quarterly, Westminster and Ed
inburg Reviews, and Blackwood’s Magazine,
Bentley’s Miscellany, and the Metropolitan
j Magazine. To these is to be added Uie Dtih
, I in University Magazine, the work in which
| Harry Lorrequer end Charles O’Malley origi
! naily appear These Reviews and Maga
zines are issued immediately alter their re
| reint ii» ibis country by the steamers; and
those wiio prefer it. can have their Nos. de
livered free >»f expense in Alexandria.
Terms—payable in advance.
• For the four Reviews, S3 GO perann.
three of them, 7 00 “
“ two, ^ * 5 00 ,c j
j " one ' 3 00 - “
Blackwood's Magazine, 4 00 u
I “ Metropolitan Magazine, 1 00
\ “ Dublin University MagazV. I 00
“ Bentley’s Miscellany, 5 00 u j
DITRDbv Park Beniamin Esq , is publish- j
! I_j ed weekly in New Votk, in folio and quar- :
to form. a nd is one <d the a blest newspapers iti
tin' Cm ieil State''. It lias now reached a cir- j
1 ctii.aiton ot 2.3,000 copies! Its unparalleled
suit e's is no doubt owing to the great number
of steriiu! works which have been published
> in its columns, and to the lact that its pages
I a!-* not soiled by profane and improper jests,
vulgar ‘illusions, nr irreligious sentiments: in
j deed, t*^ object if the publish ers is to make
• it tb«* best Family newspaper in Jimerica.—
[>;.x . m> M acLeop Esq (well known to our
nti/i 0 is one ol the Foreign Editors of the
: New Wolf]
‘ . I'iie fourifi volume of ti.e Quarto New
World v\ ill commence on the firm ol January,
1312. That will be a good time for new sub
scribers io begin, as no a t licit* now in progress
of puMica• ion will be continued into the Hit
< Hiaco volume. Terms. £3, per annum, pay
able * ! advance. Subscriptions received by
..... f> wm i i* ■ r n
If/AA, Si I vv IZSl.W,
Agents, Aiexand m, D.C.
X. !',. All jnpers stopped a* soon as the tin e
e \; >• rr > f t; r which Ihey arc paid,
i j (»v* 6 ' t »e ii i us o 1 Liberty.)
r X A Vireceive:! the f«»llmvii:gariitls, which
X.l. they oiler for sate, viz—
1 T.j j Vegeta hie Puimonaiy Balsam is believed
to be deservediy the most popular medicine
ever known in America, lor coughs, colds,
asthma or p itbisic consu.nj lion, whooping
cough jatnl pu.unmary aileciions oi every kind.
The proprietors have received and are receiv
ing numerous recommendations from many ol
i our he>t P‘*vmci:his, who make use of it. in
• I heir practice The names of a few if divulu
iai? \ \ c given their te>tiinony in labored
tins tide are bere’liubioincd, and lor a more
• full account see the envelope to the bottle.
1 Doct. Aniory Hunting, ! Doct. Samuel Merrill,
*• Truman Abell, j “ Tini’y Baylies,
“ Thomas Brown, | “ Jer’h Lilswordi,
4* V iiiiam Terry, J “ Albert Guild.
Extract ol a letter from Mr. C. S.Clay, Kings
1 ton, Lisle, county, X. Y, to 1 lie proprietors:
i ours oi the nth instant was duly received.
A remarkable cure was effected by .he Vege
ta hie Pulmonary Balsam in the winter and
spring ol i i’The person, Mr. Moody, had
been sick a long time with the cons tun plica
ills n'ujsirian had given him uv. He was re y
duerd so low as to be unable to help himseil
j and was raising a large quantity ol blood when
he commenced using the Balsam, which ellect
ed a complete cure, and he is now as hale and
i heartu as ever he was. Mr. Moody has. re
moved from this town, but be has promised
(•:(• a more uetuiied account oi mscase, wmcr
l will forward you. 0. S. Clay.
! Kiugsion, N. Y. Juirv^. 1833.
Counterfeits—He w a re o j Imposition.—Each
gt*mime bottle is enclosed m a blue wrapper,
on which is a label. Signed by Sampson Utcd
1 None other ran he genuine.
I The outside yellow label will have, on find ,
:tfmr iVo.\>P, in addition to that of Sampson
' Reed, the signature of H'm. John Cutler, one '
, u 1 Ins i»a»Uners.
i l.nnl; nut for a spurious mixture called ‘ve
getable pulmonary balsam,* sometimes signed
Samuel Lee, and sometimes Sampson Lee, the j
name bcir.ir written in a way to resemble the j
renuine signature!! said to ne prepared by an ,
unprincipled ma.i in Bangor. Maine.
For sale hv the subscribers, in Boston, and
hv their appointment, bv Wm. Stabler Co.,
their only Agents lor Alexandria.
Boston, nov 20—eoI y |
ORPHANS’ COURT, ,2/exVr. County: \ j
December 'I erm, 1811. \ !
I \ s' Executors "f Samuel Mcssersmith,
’ deceased, rendered to the Court their first
account as Executors aforesaid. with the
vouchers in support thereof, whichaccounl w ill
lie passed ami recorded unlesscause he shewn
; to the contrary.on or before tiie first Monday j
m February next ; of which all persons in- j
terested or concerned will take notice.
A copy—l est, A. MOURE,
dec 2‘J—wGw Reg. Wills, j
ORPHANS’ COURT, Alex’a County, )
1 Vcember Term, 1811. \ ' !
rji-JOS. VOW ELL. Administrator of Mary
§ V. Fitzbugti. dec’d.rerdered to the Court j
• his D? account as \.I:nir»»<’r. aforesaid, \\ ith j
! the vouchers in support thereof,which account ;
| vvli| he passed and duly recorded,unless cause !
! Ir siiown to the contrary, on or before the ■
» fj-sj Monday in February next, ot which all (
| persons interested <>r concerned will take no- j
, tiee. A cop”.—Teste, A. MOORE,
| dec ?'J—wGw Reg. Wills.
• ORPH ANS’ COUR T, Alex'a County. ) s(T !
December l erm, 1841. * i
| PDWAuD BURCH ELL, Administrator de i
X_j bonis mm, wid; • he will annexed, of Ber
' ,i.,i,f Crook. decM. rendered to ihe Court his
i |S! and final account, vs Admin’r aforesaid, ;
j iv,il, ti»t» vouchers in support thereof, which
tvI{i t e passed ami tfuly recorded, unless cause
• he siiown to the contrary, on or before the first
j Monday in February r.ext; of which all per- j
, sons interested or concerned will take notice, j
A copv—Test; A. MOORE,
dec 2!)—\\6vv Reg. of Wills, j
SPlill.M OIL. 1
; T r$r received by the subscriber, one cask ;
of Superior r’ail strained, light colored, »
ispUR vt OIL. Three pillions, and upwards,
i at the rite of Si per gallon; !e*s quantities t
! t SI.25 per gallon. Apply to
| sept -25—itf WM. lanphier.
WANTED to purchase,
% NEGRO Woman, who is a good plain
\ Cook, Washer, ami Ironer,—for one ol
I good v ha racier, possessing those qualifications ,
h fair price will tvY piven. . Apply to
!* augHd-tl* BENJ. T. FENDALL.
From the Philadelphia Inquirer.0
As this gentleman is shortly to appear be
fore a Philadelphia audience, it may not be
uninteresting to your readers to peruse the fol
lowing ex tract in relation to him from “Combe's j
Tour,’? published the present year:
‘1 was favored with the perusal of a letter j
from Worcester, 6th September, 1333, written •
by Elihu Burntt to Wnlta n Lincoln, Esq. of J
tlsat village afterwards published, in which !
t!ie writer mentions that, being one of a large j
family, and his parents poor, he apprenticed ,
himself, when very young, to a blacksmith, j
but that he had always had such a taste ;
(or reading, that he carried it with him to his i
trade. He commenced the study of Latin ;
when his indentures were not half expired,;
and completed leading Virgil in the evenings
of one Winter. IJe next studied Greek, and ;
carried the Greek Grammar about in his hat, ;
studying it for a tew moments while heating j
some large non. In the evenings he sat down ;
to ijoiner's Iliad, ami read twenty hooks of it ,
during ttie second winter. He next turned to ;
the modern tongues, and went to New Haven, 1
wliere i t- rtcued to native teachers, in French,
Spanish, and Italian. At die end of two years
he lemmed to ins I urge, taking with turn such
books as he could procure. Lie next commen
ced Hebrew, and soon mastered it with case,
reading two chapters mi the Bible before
biei kias!: this, with an hour at noot:, being
ad the lime he cnui.l spare hum work. Being
iK-iiide to procure such hooks as lie desired, he
determine..! to hire himself lo*omeship bound
to Europe, thinking lie could there meet with
books u t M*e different purtshe would touch at.
He travelled more than one hundred miles
on foot to Boson with ibis view, but was
not able to liml what lie sought, ami
at Hint periotJ, neaiu 01 me Aineric<su
Aiil.quarinn Society at Worcester. Tlnth
ei he neiu los steps, and found a collection ol
ancient.modern and Or.ental hooks such us he
never before imagined to he collected in one
[.l ute. lie was there kindly allowed to read
v\ lial hooks he liked, ami lias reaped great
benefit bom this permission He spends three
hour- daily in the hull, and has made such
! good use ol these privileges, as to he aide to
read upwards ol fi'ty iunguiges wit:* greater
or less facility.
'The f Mowing is a specimen of Im commou
. place Book :
i LHint Uurrit tu accornt current icith 'lime.
Worcester, Juiiv. 5ih, 1338.
June 5—JO lines of Hebrew, 37 lines of Celtic,
G hours H forging.
1 June G — < i i ues < > I Hebiew, iO hues of Celtic,
; G timiis «*l tinging.
; June 7—go ii(:e" of iIr* brew, GO lines,of Critic,
51 pages o! French, 20 names of stats, 5
hour.- td forging.
! June 8-51 lines Hebrew, 75 lines ol Hebrew,
j -to pages ol French, 13 n«mes of stars, 8
• horn s ol tor one:.
June P—03 ii.'tf.s ol }lebrew, 50 lines of (Celtic,
' -IP pages «>f French, c iioursstud\inti Syriac,
It hou s (>f* |(»rg,njj.
June IG—ioo hues of Hebrew, 85 pages of
i Ficnch, 1 services at church Bible class at
I e proceeds to-date that he wrote and de
livered;! lecture on Astronomy. Many days
lie was unwell, ami yet worked haul, some
liit;es twelve hours a day r.t his forge.
TY^JLLIAM A I’WEI.L respecifnMv in
\\ forms his customers and the public ge
; nera M v, that he harpist received a select as
sortment ol lh*v Goods adapted to the busi
ness of a Fashionable. Merchant Tailor, ssi.d
is prepared io lurnisfi pattern? h*r » oats,\ e-1-,
f>:i mi!:! mi< Km- off lie la Inst stvie of Goods
as low as they can he bought else \v here, which
lie is preuared to make up in ti»e host manner,
an I warrant f.> tit-he will also make up, or
eui out with dispatch, upon the most reasona
ble terms. Coats. Vests, and Pantaloons of
every variety for those preleiriug to furnish
their own goods
A eii! is urgent I v requested from those
wsntio*i any kind of Tailndng done, as he is
confident of rendering mure satisfaction, in
the lit, finish, and price of work, done at his
shop,opposite the Insurance office,
oct it—eo'l
A FINK assortment ol line plain Aspiial
J\_ turn. Wave Beaver, Pilot and Flushing
Over-Coats. Also,
A han l -ome assortment of gentlemen s fi
gured and plain Mohair Scarfs,
dec 30—tf C. M. &. F. TAYLOR.
ALMANACS for 1812.
AMERICAN Almanac for 1312; Virginia
and North Carolina, Town and Country*
Comic. Citr/eids, Farmers, National, United
Stales, Housekeeper’s, (with numerous re
cipes) Temperance. Christian, and Church
man’s. For sale hy the groce, dozen, or sin
gle, hy
rr»iIF. Complete Works, prose, and poet leaf,
X cl >;jr Walter Scott, including his life ol
Napoleon; aNo, Lockhart’s Life of Sir Walter
Scott; the whole contained in 7 voU. octavo,
hound in mushu ami in sheep; lor -ale hy
MASTER Humphrev’s Clock and Nicholas
Nicklehy, hy Dickens,—just received and
for sale hy BELL EN TWISLL.
cite 23 [Gen. of Liberty.]
JUST received a handsome assortment of
pUm, roughed* and roughed and cut, cyl
inder shape,'HALL LAMPS, with Antique
Bronze Mounting—a nvw and handsome ar
ticle. A supply of old patterns and shapes,
which will he hold at reduced rates
Bronze and or molu Astral and Piano Limps;
Girandoles or Candelabra*, with cut glass
prism drops; pium anJ cut glass table Lamps.
11 ill mo 4th R* H. MILLER._ ,
A FURTHER supply just received, a-d lor
A sale by BELL & ENTWiaLE.
dec 29 [Gen- of Liberty0 . i
Ffi BAGS Java Coffee, of prime quality
rtec as sa le by 'VM. FQWLE &. SON.
^ Sacks Blown Salt, factory filled, for
/ 0 «a!e by
BUSHELS, in itfjRne order, for sale hy
dec *21 Jfc* A. S. WILLIS.
THF. subscriber intending to decline the .
Goods business for other pursuits, wi ,
sitively sell at first cost, for cash* by w •'
sale or retail, his large and well seicc ^
stock of Dry Goods, which has been pinch* ‘
on the most favorable terms. Persons Wfl'
ing Goods will find this a very advantage
time to supply themselves at reduced P •
The stock consists in part ol the toilo.- ‘ >
Blue, hick. brown, and iuvisible Ok
Plain, diamond, ribb’d, and fancy Cassimr --
Fine and coarse Casinetts—in great vane >
Merino,Satin and low priced Vestings
Super t>i;ick Velvets, tor Vestings—lancy <
Supe. plain and fig’rd French and English !•'
Mousiaine dt Laities, plaid, plain and hg rd. -
Chene do.
Worsted Plaids for children
Ro«lyn and rlaitan do
Blue black ami figured Silks
Florences of various colors
Plaid & Chene'Silk &. Chene Calicoei
harlston, & .Manchester Ginghrftns
Blanket, Taghona, Cashmere, Broctia .
tin Shawls
White, Red, Yellow, and Green blanm* -
Green Raise
Germantown lloiserv, ali sizes
Merino, Thibet, and other G»oves
Plain and Ribbed Cashmere, Thibet Motn*.
Worsted and Lambswool lloisery
Satin and Bombazine Stocks and Scan*
Linen Collars and Bosoms
Nett, Gum, and Webb Suspenders
Silk & Cotton Umbrellas
Plaid &l FicV! Bonnet Ribbons
Fancy do cap do white Cambrics
Swis.-*, Mull, Bishop,Book, and Jaconet} M •
ims, Super. lil’K Silk lihdfs., jLp ■
Cambric and Pocket do.
Irishl’inens, lawns, sheetings, napkins am —
ble Diaper
Super mi.xt am! fancy colored \urns
Low priced do
Whitney. Rose, and Single Blankets
Cloth and Cotton Tattle Covers
Together with a general assortment ol It e
and ! nv (/need Calicoes, checks, tickle
sheetings, bleached and brown cottons,
sev, Uc embracing a lull assortment of desi
' ble goods !«»r the present season.
Persons indebted by note or book acc<
will please fill and settle.
A few doors above Kerr McLean s, t*
next 'o \V Lite’s Auction Store,
dec 11-if ___ .
• "fall and WINTER DRY goods
HI A Y’H received and are now opening a I: • 9
? and well selected assortment of Fall:.
; Winter Dry Goods, amongst which, v\i».
It mini , _ -
; Blue, IF, k, Brown, an.i Invisible Green Ch-i.*
; Pine Wave amt Plain Beaver Cloths
Plain, Diamond, Bibb d. and Paucy Cassin '
'• Fme and Coarse Cassinetts in great vunm
1 Fine Cn shinere. Merino, kalinand low pr.
i Blue, Biack, and Cotton Velvets .
’ Printed Saxony, f rench and Pmglish Mcim**'
| Pine and low priced Bombazines
| do do MomHine de Lame.
Worsted i I »a!s G>r rtiiidren ^
Ito^lyii do a fine at time
B.ue, Black. a ml Fig’d. Silks
Scadet, While. Pink, Bl»ie, and otht" Colton
’/loreuce do
Jet, am! B. Black Mode
I !arl>ton, \!a nchester<»’ioghani°
Kmbroidered CaMimcre, Taglioni*
Satm, Bmcha. f ancy and Blanket Shaw If
White, Bed, \ Glow, ami Green llannel?
Germantown Uomccv, all sizes
Phihel ami M« mm Gloves do
i urge assortment Paris Gloves, blk and c
flaiii and Riohc.l Cashmere. Thibet, Mtii '
l.iinihs Wool, ami Worsteil II >/.>erv
Silk,Colored Worsted, amt Colton fringes
Silk Tassels (or Scarhs
Mohair ditto Cloaks
1 r<: 11. »im : t ■ ... I , .. _ l ..... r.i •>* it (•
; I IIHTI illl'l VO'imiv iv ..
Zephyr Worsted Reticules, (or I shilling
>at;n and Bombazine Storks
Figured Safin Seai Is and (Yavots
Linen Hollars and Boson,s
Gum, Webb, and Nett Suspender*
Silk, Cotton and Gingham Umbrellas
Plan! and figured Bonnet Ribbons
Fancy Can do
Swiss S.i von, Mull, Bishop, Book, and Ja<
net Mu-*!ms
Iridi Lmnis, Sheetings, Napkins and Tp *'
I )ia per
Damask Stair Linen, Russia Diaper, Crash
Crimson and green watered Merino
Light and green figured Baizes
Whitney, Rose and negro Blankets
Cioih and cotton table covers
White ami colored Counterpanes
Silk Shirts, Lambs Wool do, and Drawer*
Together w th a general assortment of I
and low priced Calicoes. Cheeks, Tickn
Sheetings*, bleached and brown Cottons,« -
naburgs, Liri^eys, ike comprising a full :
Hortment of durable gun ds for the pre**t f
arid appionching Seasons, all of which we :
determined to sell on terms to suit the exig* *
'*,es of the times.
1*. S A lew pieces of low priced Inpi* • ,
passage and stair Carpeting. oct t
ilie United States, and MILLIONS su
from Coughs and Colds that can he cured * *
It is decidedly one of the best remedies T.r
Coughs or Cohls, now in use $ it allays irr:
lion of the Lungs, loosens the Cough, cau*
ltie phlegm to raise free and easy, in astb .;»
and pulmonary consumption.
The very m?cnv who have been snatc.. l
from the latal ravager, hv the timelydK!
l)r. SieaynCs Compound SyrupofW tldtlic’
hear testimony to tins day id ’he tiondt.
cores performed by the use oi this iuvslu *. j
medicine. . „
Why will folk* have the Consumption? •
catise thev do r><>( avail themselves of the \ •
per remedy m time.
Why tv ilk folks have the Asthma? •
cause they will not use a remedy which * •
he easily procured.
Wliy tviil folks hive th»* Rheumatism? I
cause they neglect in lb* first place alten*
to a slight chill and cold.
Why are Colds, Coughs, Croup, «ml L;
Complaints so prevalent? Because peop;e \
not take advice in season.
The genuine to he had of the Agent,
J. I. SAYRS, Druggist,
dee 21 Alexand .
fFXIHS popular story is now completed, : *
l published m a beautiful octavo vol
with numerous fine copperplate engravi
printed on good paper Also, Lea &l Bln
ant’s cheap edition of the same work, for
dec 2/ [Gen. of Liberty J

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