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Manufacturing Districts or Eng- j
hwd.—The London correspondent of the N.
Y. Courier wriies,—"The state of the manu
factoring districts remains much depressed;
but not worse than at the time of y our last ac- !
counts. The failures have been numerous and
extensive, particularly at Manchester and at
Paisley, in Scotland, which is principally 'n
the shawl trade, and where scarcely a solvent
house is said to remain. There are, however,
some reasons for supposing that mercantile
•flairs may be about to revive in this country, j
for the foreign exchanges have become more
favorable, and the bullion is increasing at the
Bank of England."
The cultivation of cotton in the East
Indies, on the American system, it is said is
proceeding most satisfactorily. One of the
euperintendents says, "It only requires the
means, constant application, decision, indus· j
try, and perseverence, to make this beautiful
and productive country the largest producer of j
cotton in the world.1'
The Britannia brought about 25,000
letters, the postage on which amounts lo a
bout $7000. The number of letters for New
York was S000, on which the postage a
mounted to $2700 ; Philadelphia 1800, post
age $550; Baltimore 600, postage $175 ; Al
bany 273, postage $65;Charleston 503, postage
1137; Mobile 320, postage $123; New O-leans
500, postage $439.
The losses sustained by the American
Steam Navigation Company, to whom the
President and British Queen belonged,amount
to about 60/. or 70/. per share, on the whole
amount of the paid up capital.
The Louisville, Ky.· Journal of the 20the
: gives the following account of a mail robbery
**in that region. It says—
The mail stage, which left Louisville at three
oYlock on Tuesday morni,ig, foi Frank fort, was
robbed about twelve miles from this city; two
trunks and one box, belonging to passengers,
being cut from the hoot. The hox and trunks
were subsequently found in a hemp field, near
the roan, broker, open and rifled. About $50
in money were taken, and nearly $500 worth
of clothes and other articlts A $600 draft
jn one of the trunks wns recoverd by its owner,
not having been found by the villains
Medical College in China.—A writer
in the United Stales Gaze' te asks leave of
the editor to offer a few sober questions and
objections as follows :
Have'lit we enough misery and sickness at
home to attend to, and Hospitals and alms
houses to support, without takmy upon us that
enormous load of disgusting disease of the
Empire of China. The limes are hard—the
people are distressed — the States and Nation
are embarrassed and perplexed, and in re
spect to pecuniary matters tin* present may,
with iiο small degree of propriety, he called
our dark hour of commercial despondency.—
Besides, how do we know that any ol our
young graduates in medicine will he so mis
sionary in their spirit as to go on such an en
terprise ; and if they did, where is the evi
deuce that Chinese prejudice and superstition,
&c., wilt permit the application of our doubt
less better plan of medical practice beyond
ihe scattered poor outside of tiie gates and
walls of China.
fCr*There is another question touching
this matter, which, it seems to us, may he
taken into consideration, viz. Why should
we, Americans, be at the trouble and expense
of establishing a medical coilege, hospital,
&c In a British Colony ?—Tor, ii China be not
a British colony now, she will be in a few
jr^ars, beyond all doubt.
The Louisville Journal furnishes the follow -
ing sketch of rather a daring movement of a
young lady. Doubtless she has become the
••lion" oi the place ere this lime.
Λ Louisville Belle.—Λ lew nights ago, one
of the most accomplished Mies of this city,
whilst sleeping in the same apartment with
Mrs, Charles VV. Thrnston, wit ο is in feeble
hea'th, was suddenly roused by a slight noise.
Looking around her, she saw a ruffian, evi
dently a robber, at a window, in the act of
raising it. Leaping up, she bade him depart.
He hesitated a moment; but, seeing that the
two ladies were alone in the loom, he pro
ceeded with a terrific frown in effecting his
entrance. Thereupon the young !ady instant
ly seized a large pistol that chanced to be in
the apartment; cocked it, presented it at him,
and declared her determination to blow his
brains out if he did not instantly ffy.: He
knew from her.conntetwanee that she would
be as good as her word, and, snatching some
• small articles of dress from a chair within
'ftth1* length :he window, he fled 'with pre
cipitation. We are told that the young hero
ine would have fired if she had known that
the pistol was certainly loaded; but she had
feared that it was empty, and that a snap
would betray her defeticelessness.
Honolulu, July 10.—The Fourth of
July, the anniversary of the Independence of
the United States of North America, coming
on Sunday, the succeeding day was celebrat
ed in its stead, and with almost as much noise
and quite a* much enjoyment, as it would
have been at home. Drums and trumpets,
flies and horns, fidJIes and triangles, noisy
boys, the popping off of muskets, ami such
other extempore sounc's as could be got up for
the occasion, all lent their aid long before ear
\y dawn, to arouse our worthy citizens to the
tact that *%lheday we célébra te'' had arrived.
At sunrise, noon, and sunset, salutes of twen
ty-six guns each were fired from one of the
wharves while American ensigns waved from
all parts of the own At twelve o'clock, Gov.
** 1 — *■ ·*«·« kiiwlcnmw τη a η ι if» Γ
ΠΓΜΙ'Ι IIU »»α ι 1(4 u » ν m J ,
caused the guns of the Fort, one for each
State, to add their deep toned thunder m hon
or of ! he ^ real and glorious day—b compli
ment highly gratifying to the feelings of the
American residents, the more so fiom being
quite unexpected.
Dates from the Cai>e u! Good Hope to the
16th of November were received here yes
terday. They are not commercially impor
tant; hut furnish satisfactory intelligence to
the friends of humanity by advising that the
British Government has recently, through us
naval force on the West Coast ol Alrica,
done much lo suppress the slave irode. The
British sloop o! war Fantuma had returned to
Cape Town, alter a cruise of sixteen months, !
and reported that she had captured 33 slavers, !
and had liberated three thousand four hun* !
dred and twenty-seven staves who tcere in· j
carcerated on board of them. In no instance j
had any of the slavers been found under the
American flag.—Letter from New York.
Now, there was a little fact which had j
come to his knowledge, and which he wanted
to state on this matter. He was told that the
leading man among the signers of that trea
sonable petition was himself a modern Loco- :
foco, a Van Buren man, who ran on the Lo- I
cofoco ticket as a candidate for the Senate ;
of Massachusetts. The man was a disunion
isi, and that very fact probably had consti
tuted One of the reasons why the Whigs re
fused to receive him. This fact showed the
viilany of the farce which it was here at
tempted to play. Who Were the men that
were thirsting for the blood of the gentleman
from Massachusetts, and crying out ••Crucify,
crucify?* They were the political associates
of the very man who ha 3 headed this pétition.
—Arnold s speech on the Adam b caic.
The Albany Evening Journal of Saturday, ι
shows conclusively, by the following para
graphs, that the Bostonians are most effectu
ally "heading in" the New Yorkers.
Bos-row and Albany Railroad.—One loco· I
motive started off day before yesterday for <
Boston, with 56 freight ears in tow. The tolls !
the day before for freight east were §360.
One person (and there are others engaged
in the same business) has brought on between
30 and 60 tons of fresh fish since the 1st of
January, and our market abounds with the
finest οί this article.
G. W. Kendall.—We regret to discover
that many of our exchange papers, in copying
or alluding to the details of the capture of the
^anta Fee expedition, state that it is altogether
probable that Mr. Kendall has perished, and
that no hope of his return can be entertained.
Such is not the fact. In all the circumstances
of the case as we understand them, there is
ample encouragement. We entertain a reli
gious belief that Kendall will be in this city.
?afe and sound, within the next three months.
N. O. Pic.
Virginia and thr Navy.—If any State has
especial cause to be proud of our Navy κ would
seem to be Virginia. The President of the
United States, who is, ex-oificio, Comma n
der-in-Chief of the Army and N»vy, is a Vir
ginian; the Secretary of the Navv, ici a Vir
ginian; the President ol the Navy Board is a
Virginian; the First Clerk of ;he Navy De
partment is a Virginian; the Commodore of
the West India squadron is a Virginian ; and
the Commander of the frigate Columbia, one
of ihe Home squadron, (socalled, we believe,
from its staying at home) is a Virginian. A
noble !is· this, truly. Glory enough lor one
State.·—Boston Transcript.
A novel Case of Difficulty.—We are in
formed of a novel case which has recently
transpired in Washington co. in this Stale.—
Some years a^o a man and woman were mar
ried, and continued to reside together as man
and wife. Recently they discovered thai the
person before whom the ceremony was
performed was not authorized by law to
tie the marriage knot, and that their mar
riage was a nullity. When this discovery
was made, the woman insisted upon having
theceremony gone over again before a legal
ly constituted otficer, but the husband refu
sed; subsequently, the husband having reflect
ed that the principal part of the proper! y which
he held had been derived from his wife chang
ed his resolution and became desirous to have
the knot legally lied; but at this period the
woman had altered her purposes, and there
lore refused. Following up her resolution to
remain free, she evicted the husband from his
possession of the property, and our informant
says that the last he heard oi the case, wasthe
application of the husband to a justice of the
peace for some process to restore him to what
he had once supposed to be his own. Can
any of the St, Louis lawyers find out a suit
able process lor the exigencies of the disap
pointed husband.—St. Louis Repuh.
rPHlS evening, at early candle light, will be
JL soli),al my Auction Rooms, a variety of
seasonable Dry Goods, Hardware. German
silver tea and labie Spoon*,JJapint ed Trays
and Waiters, Clocks, Watches, kc.
Together with an extensive assortment οΓ
Clothing, si;cti as English Beaver Overcoats:
super dress and frock do ; English Cassimere
and common Pants; Satin, Merino and other
Vests, &c.
jan 29 GEO. WHITE.
t .Zr^SALE OF FURNITURE, &c. in the
Market Square, in the morning, commencing
at 9 o'clock. G. W.
ΊΜ1Ε subscriber having a paTr of good
strong Horses will undertake to do
any ploughing of lots, in the best manner, and
on as good terms as any of his· neighbors.
jan 29—31* Upper end King sireet.
Ο) Κ BUSHS. fresh, first quality, just receiv
ed,and for sale, at lowest mai Uei iiice.
Also, in siore, Winter and Fall Sperm Oil
Philadelphia Buckwheat Meal
Superior Old Goshen Cheese
Goshen and Shenandoah Butter
No. 2, Inspected Baltimore, do *
Salt in sacks, loaf and brown Sugars
Tea, Coffee, &c.> wholesale and retail.
100 Sj>ecie Dollars, halves and quarters, for
sale, on Union, between Kim; and Pum'e sis.
jan 29 THOS. VOWELL.
(7)PIPES,6hluls j London Particular, Dual Si
Λ 26 qr. casks Grape Juice, M » tieirn Wines
16 eighth do ) from the house of "Newton
Gordon, Cossart &, Co. formerly Newton,Gor·
don, Murdoch &. Co."— most of it itnporteii by
the late S. Messersmith, of this place, lor sale
The subscribers being sole agents lor the
District, wiï! receive and forward orders to
Messrs. N. G> C. & Co, Madeira. As the
Wines shipped by this House have been so
long and fully established, parties may rely
upon getting a superior article. jm 20
LAMPS—at reduced prices.
Fill-IE subscriber has on hand a large supply
of the above Lamps, which be ο fier s Γογ
sale at considerable Fess than firmer prices,
together with an Assortment of Astral, Hall,
Reading and Side Lamps.
Girandole, Silver and Ormolu, with rich
cut drops, one, two and three lights; all of
which he offers at moderate prices.
1st mo 27 UOB f. H. MILDER·
From Neir York.
SUPERFINE English blue-biack Dress
Do Blue, invisible green,and brown do
Do Black, blue, brown and in vis. green
Frock do
Do blue Overcoats, qoihed anvi wadded
Superfine diamond, brown and cloth do
Do blue, drab, anil mixtdo
Satin and Merino Vests
Valencia and common do
Merino and flannel Shirts
Just received, Irom New York and oilier
places, ami lor sale at unusually low puces,
jan 2 4 G KO. WHITE.
A LOT of prime Clover Seed just received
and for sale by
jan 27 A. C. CAZENOVF. Sa Co.
JO CASKS good quality Cheese; just re
1U teived, and for sale bv
jan 2C W. N. & J.H. McVEIGH.
{ LBS. New Bacon
lUlIU 4000 lbs. old do
5 hhds. New Crop Orleans Sugar
5 ha if chests Y, H. Tea
10 boxes Sperm Candles. For .sale ly
jan 25 B. WHEAT & SON
AN excellent female servant. Enquire a
S. Can's Tavern (West End.)
jan 25—3t
Bl'SHS. in store, lor sale in fots
*/ V v/ lo suit purchasers by
jan 20—2aiv-Iiv Irwin's Wl.arf.
BBLS.Tar, per Schr Elizabeth Emily,
Dl I and for sale by
θα Tuesday evening1, the IStli instant,
b} the Rev. Joseph Trapnell, Jr., James
' **teltj Esq., to Miss Rebecca Lane, all
°i tpper Marlborough, Prince George's
county, Maryland.
On Tuesday evening, the 25th instant,
by the Rev. Mr. Israel, Bushrod Wash
ington Reed, of Washington, formerly
of W estnioreland county, Virginia, to Miss
Mary Louisa, youngest daughter of Rich
ard Piles, Esq., oi Montgomery eountv,
I On Wednesday evening, the 26th inst,
by the Rev, Dr. Hawley, Robert Smith j
Chew, Esq. to Elizabeth Ringgold \
Smith, daughter of Richard Smith of j
Price of PRODUCE in Alexandria from
Wagons and Vessels.
Maryland Tobacco, - · S3 50 α 6 00 ;
Flour, per bbl. - ·· . 5 25 α 0 00 ί
Wheat, (red) - - - ϊ 15 a 1 20 !
do (white) - - 1 20 a 1 25
Rye, - . 0 75 a 0 00
Corn, (while,) - - - 0 55 α 0 57
Do. (yellow,) · - · 0 58 a 0 CO
Flaxseed, - - - - 1 25 a 0 00
Oats, from wagons, per bush. 0 45 a 0 47
Do. from vessels. - - 0 41 a 0 42
Do. from stores, - - 0 45 a 0 48
Corn Meal, per bushel, - 0 62 α υ 65
Pork, («vairons,) - - 4 SO α 5 65
Butter, roll, per lb., - - ο is « 0 20
Do. firkin, do. - - 0 10 α 0 14
Lard, do. - . 0 8 a 0 00
Clover Seed, - - - 7 50 a 8 00
NVhite Beans, - - - 1 00 a 0 00
Paister, - (retailed) - 4 50 a 0 00
Flour.—Thursday morning the wagon
price opened al $5,25. and remained the same !
at ihe miking up of our report yesterday; we
heir of no sales from stores—hut understand
it has been oiiered at 85,50. and refused.
Cattle Market.—Bkef is not much in de
mand—and is selling at from $5 to $5,50.—
Hogs a re worth from $5 to $5,25, and but few
in market. Sheet are selling Irom $2 to 4,00.
The news from Europe has not, afler all, hn<l
any effect on pioduce. Cotton was carried
η;) J cent the first day, but it has since lo>t all
it had rained. Flour stands without any
change. The stuck market has felt a ver> la
vorable influence. The advices obtained at
first have been followed up l>y an increase of
Domestic Exchances hive undergone no
cha i*.ae.
Flour—The market is very firm at $5,91 a
Cotton—is quiet, aivl prices hive receded
a little.
Chain—The market is without any change/
From the Ν. Y. Cou-ier and F.nq'iirer.
Bexves—UOO at market, inciodin/ 200 le!t
over last week, of which 2(m> were from the
South, and the balance from ibis State. Tiie
market was very dull, and onlv 600 taken, at
S 1.50 t«i $7.50, averaging $5,7:3 the 100 |t»<.
I'ows and Calves.— Γ tie r ·· were 70 hi nnr·
ket, and 50 taken at $25 to 10 each.
Sheep and Lambs. — We e nearly all soM
—Sheep at $1,75 to $5— Lambs at >Ί,50 to >3,
50 each.
IIay—Sales at 81 to Die :!;e 100 lbs.
M SI!Il» vsws. Ék
Λ 11 Π 1 V Ε I), J Α Ν U Λ II Y *23.
Srlir Victory, PennfHd, 1 days from New
York. to Stephen Shinn &, Co. an.'! freight for
Uie Distrtict.
MEMO 11 AND <.
Shi;) John Marshall, Poyihress, c!\l at Haiti
more lor Liverpool -27tn.
Schr Dodge, Hyatt, hence, at Xew York
At Holmes Hole Til Jan., srhr Miriam,
Carlton, hence for Boston.
*JJ=»Lectures to the Yotin^, in the Second
Presbyterian Church, on Sabbath ni«;ht, at
7 ox lock, are continued. Subject to-mor
row night—The Choice o f the Son/. The
public are invited to attend. The Month
ly Congregational Collection will be taken
up. jan 29
j'Cr^The drawing of the Virginia State
Lottery, lor the endowment of the Leesburg
Academy, Class Π «for 1S 1*2, will lake place at
Alexandria, Va. (THIS DAY,} January 29»
1812, at 4J o'clock, P. M.
J. G. Gregory & Co.,
jan-29—lt Managers.
ΊΠΪΕ Rev Professor M AFFITTT, will de
liver a course ol Lectures to the citizens I
of Alexandria, on the following subjects;
1st The Life o! Genius, being the address 1
delivered before the Society of Brothers in
Unity,"· in Yale College.
2d. Intellectual and Moral Power of Educa
όιΐ causes and cnecisot me American and
French Revolutions.
4ih Origin, Richness, Reauty and Power of
the English Language.
5th. The Moral Grandeur oi the Ameritan
The first oi the Course will be delivered in
the Alexandria L>ceum, on Friday evening,
February '1th, and the others in the following
Tickets- for the Course, Sl—to be had of
Messrs.' \V. Stabler &, Co., Bell Si Entwisle,
F'erpoint & Taihott,and tienry Cook.
I Sincîê tickets;25c, lo be had at the door, the
evening* of ifie Lectures; · jan29—lw
DRAWS on Saturday, 5th February
j Class C, for IS 12.
100,000 DOLLARS, in PRIZES of $500 each.
I Prize of $25,000 1 of $12,000
J do 6000 1 of 1000
1 do 2307 1 of 1900
Τ do 2000 1 of 1800
1 do 1700 lof 1COO
2 do 1500 3 of 1300
5 do 1250 200 of 500
Tickets $10, shares in proportion.
Orders from tne country, promptly attend
ed to by E. L. PRiCE.
jan 26—eo3t
ί flpHIS article is an admirable substitute for
!_ the common Yeast, in making all kinds
\)Γ BaUt?r Cake*, and has the advantage over
that article m making the batter light and
ready lor baking instantly upon stirring it in.
Buckwheat and other Cakes, when made
with this Yeast, are much less liable to din
agree with the stomach than when made
ivith the common kind; and as it requires but
a ft\c minutes to prepare the batter for bak
ing, the possibility of ever having them sour,
is avoided,' Prepared and sold by
i tan '2? Iviofi:stiect.
On the First day of January, 1842, com men- i
ced the publication of a Quarto Library Edi·
lion of the Brother Jonathan newspaper. The j
immense quantity of interesting Current Lit
erature which from week to week ha* hither
to been presented in the pages of the Folio
Paper, has brought us, from all directions,
expressions of regret that the matter thus fur· i
nished is not printed in a shape convenient lor1
preservation. To meet this reasonable ob
jection, we have hitherto published on Tues
days a perodicul in Quarto form, under the
the success of that periodical has induced us
still further to improve upon the original plan,
by the publication of the Library Edition of
Brother Jonathan, in a Ciuarto of Thirty-Two
Trie Quarto i* printed on a sheet larger than
the present folio form of the Jonathan. An
engraved title page, designed by one oi the j
first artists in the country, will give each ι u«n- i
ber an idea of completeness and taste. Kn- j
graving* of rare merit, such as have hitherto !
appeared in the folio form of the Brother Jon- j
athan, are introduced into each number; and !
the work forms Three Annual Volumes of 554 |
rages eam% ·ΙΠΠ WHICH will KM hi mi iuiiuowhk. ■
ornament fur any Library.
The Quarto Library Edition of Brother J<>- :
nathan, will be published every Saturday,each j
number to contain 32 large pages. It will he
divided into three Volumes a year, each vol
ume to consist of 544 sages, and to contain a
bout 40 elepantengravings, and 17 pieces of
popular and fashionable music.
Price—SI a volume, (Tour months) or $3 a
year, in advance.
ι CpSix volumes lor
Any Postmasters or others forwarding fit
teen dollars tor five yearly subscriptions, will
be entitled to Colman's edition of the
two volumes, «ιη·I illustratrated with near
ly one hundred of the finest steel Ensrravings,
the retail price of this work is Sgc dollars.
Or, lie may have instead of the Poets ol A
merica, a copy ol the
two volumes, with five hundred illustrations,
and twenty original portraits, the retail price
of this work, is also Six dollars,
They will be forwarded in anv manner that
the person who becomes entitled to a c «py
may direct.
'î p All orders must he forwarded, postage
paid to WILSON & CO.
Publishers, lfi-2 Nassau Street, New York.
jui 27—eo3t
' BlPiE Life οΓ Richard, Cœur de Lion, by G.
8 P. R. Jurnes, Esq. 2 vols.
Life in China. The Porcelain Tower, or
Nine Stories of China, compiled from original
sources, by "T. T. T.", embellished by J.
The Temple and the Country Parson. by the
Rev. George Herbert, with his life, abridged
from Isaac Walton.
Smyth's Lectures on Modern History, first
American edition, edited by Jared Sparks, 2
Professor Robinson's Travels in Palestine,
àc„ in 3 vols. Svo, with mips and engnvini'S.
Anecdotes, Religious, Moral, and Entertain
ing, alnhahetically arranged, with useful ob
servations, selected by ttie late Ilev. Charles
Theme* for the Pulpit, being a collection of
nearly three thousand topics, with texts, suit
able lor public discourses, compiled from the
works of ancient ami modern divines.
A Golden Treasury l*»r the Cbildien <»l God,
consisting of select texts of ttie Bible, with
practical observations for every day in the
year, by C. ll.'V· Bogatzky.a new edition.
Moral Philosophy, or Hie duties of man in
bis individual, social, and domestic capacities,
by George Comb.·*.
The Philosophy of Popular Ignorance, by
John Foster, author of "Egeayson Decision ol
Ch »r icter,7' Uc.
Person <1 Recollections and the Seige of
Derry, bv Charlotte Elizabeth.
Winch is Wiser' by Mary Ho wilt; Norway
and ι he Norwegians, by Harriett Martineau,
and the Golden Grove, by Jeremy Taylor.—
J ins ι published, and for sale bv
jin 35 BELL & ENTW1.SLE.
(Gen. of Lib. and Warr. Times.)
IN returning thanks for the patronage ex
tei.ded to him, in his business, the suhscri
ber respectfully informs bis customers, that
he finds it absolutely necessary, to make col
lections monthly, and he takes thi< method of
informing them of this arrangement, it» order
that n may not put them to any inconvenience.
He will piesent his bills on the 1st ofFebruary
and thereafter once every month.
WILL he rented out, for a term of yearst
a t the next Stafford Cow t, (the 2d Mon
day in February) thai well known and valua
ble Fishery on the Potomac Run, in the Coun
ty of Stafford, belonging to Mrs. Catharine B.
Waller) ami which has been fi>hed for the last
1 years by Mr. Henry Moore. Persons wish
ing to engage in Fishing mav do well to at
tend. JOHN MONCIJRK, for
j ι η 27—3w C. B. Waller.
FARUUHRSO.VS celebrated Spool Cotton,
white, black, and colored, from Nos. 10 to
1 tO, from 8.» to 200 yards each; for sale at N.
York prices, by the package of SO to 100 doz.,
by JOHN MARK* Agent,
Between 3 and 31 sis Pennsylvania Avenue,
jm 28—31 Washington.
Ί^ΙΙΕ «' ννi»ers of Singes and Omnibusses are
. positively prohibited Irom sending Jiose
vehicles to Mount Vernon. And notice is jiiv
en t«> all persons, that those who cone to
Mount Vernon in such conveyances, will be
considered as trespasser ι and be treated ac
VLSO, Journals of the late General Con- .
vention, and the Canons of the Church; j
and a Catechism to he taught orally to those !|
who cannot read, by a Bishop of the Church ; j,
for sale by
jin 24 BELL Sl EXTWI8LE.
I I J Ε have now on hand a few copies ofthe
\\ New World, containing the remarks
on the character of the Hon. Henry A. Wise,
for sa If, price 12} cents.
jan 21 BELT. & EXTWISLE.
HIGHLY recommended as a Tooth Wash.
Also, for removing from Silks, Woiiers
and other Cloths, Oils, Gjease, Stains and the
brmvn rusty look, common to Silks, kc.
For sale at J. I. SAYR'S
jan Drug Store.
FARINA'S Genuine German Cologne, the
best articlf of the kind, in use. For sale
bv the b^x, or single bottle at
J. I. S AYR'S,
ian 2Λ Drugstore.
rPl!E subscribers have for sale, at lue»r 1 ,
X yard, Anthracite Coal, broken screen· J
?<!, and cgj, suitable (or Grate» and Parlor' *
Stoves. . ·*
Also, Richmond Grate Loal. jl
i*n Co3t F\aM of Duke st. *·
In the Senate, yesterday, ihevote on the
House bill, lo repeal the Bankrupt Law, was
laken, and the bill rejected by a vote ol 23 to j
22. Mr. Cr.iY spoke ably against the repeal. ■
The Bankrupt Law, therefore, stands.
In the House of Representative», the Adams
case was again laken up, and Mr. Mar
shall of ivy., addressed the House in a most
eloquent manner for two hours. Mr. Adams
commenced l*isieply,in defence, and had not
concluded when the House adjourned. Mr.
Adams was again fundus in his attacks upon
Mr. Wise.
Judge of thk Coukt of Appeals.—The
two Houses adjourned last night at>our. nine
o'clock, alter having spent ihe entire day in
irniiless efforts to elect a Judge of the
Court of Appeals. The candidates during '
one day were the same as those the day be
fore. No new name was introduced The
vote was then taken &ix times. The loint or
der was postponed until to day. Messrs.
Leigh and McComas were withdrawn alter
several ballots.-—Rich.Comp.
The good schooner MARY AM
KLIA, Duncan, will take freight for
the above places; apply lo the Cap
tain on hoard, lyinu at the Foiiridrv wharf, or
j»n 2s \v. n. & j. il. McVeigh.
The two story Crick Dwelling house
north side of King street, between
Patrick a π J Ilcnry streets, now occu
pied by Mrs. Mary Smith. It is one of il»e
healthiest situations of the Town, and neigh
borhood of πυι best water. Possession to be
had 1st April, and probably sooner. Apply lo !
jan 27—tf A. C. CAZEXOVE & Co.
α n The Establishment, at present used
ffffffl aUl' occupied as an Alms'.House, (or
«ilÛSLL'oor·House,) in ill·? County o{ Fairfax.
The buildings consist uf a lar^e two-story
Brick HOUSE, with wings, a portico back and
Iront, six large rooms on each floor, and pas
sages through the centre or main building, a
kitchen under the same roof. ;/nd a large eel ·
lar; a granary and smoke-house, stable, and
two cabins. The lot contains about CS or 70
acres oi land, a portion of which is in wood,
and abundantly supplied with excellent water.
It is situated within haif a mileol the town
ol Providence, (the County Seal,) a neich
borhood universally healthy; and with liule
alteration or improvement, i« admirably cal
culated lor a Boarding School or Seminary.—
Ii the above be not sold before March Court,
next, ii will on I lie first day of that Court, he
ottered at nut)!ic auction in front o! the Court
House. F»>r terni*, u ppiy 10 Thomas Ay re,
James Cloud, Alexander Τurlev, or to
JAM Κ S HUXTEit, President,
pro tern.. Board of Pu»>r, Fairfax Co., Va
jaii 4—eotd
1)1! A WS THIS DA Λ .
Virginia Lees burg Lottery, Class Γ,
Will he ci raw ii at Alexandria, Va., on Sat
urday January 29.
Tickets β 10—shares in proportion·
On sale, by the package. certificate, or
shrre, by EDWARD SHEEHY.
Drawing Xos. of Alexandria Lv., Class 8.
20 31 GO 48 30 52 05 5G IU 43 50 53 40
J^Hair Ticket, Xos. 10. 40, GG. and 20.
31, Gl, prizes in the above Lottery, returner! to
the Managers for want οΓ a purchaser, from
SHEEHYS office, corner ol King and Wash
ington streets.
Virginia Lees burg Lottery, class Π,
Will bii drawn at Alexandria, Virginia, ok
Saturday, Jan. 20, at 41 oYh.»-k, P.M.
HIGHEST Pi' Γ/Ε $ ΐη,ϋϋΟ.
Tickets S10 00—shares in proportion.
For saie,tfi great variety, t»v
Oiîice on Kir.g street, South side,
3 1 door west of ['oval street. j
Virginia Leeshurg Loi ter ν, No. Π.
Will he drawn at Alexandria, Va.. on Satur
day, Jan. 29, at 4* o'clock, P. M.
Tickets >'10,ou—shares ι η proportion.
To lie ha.i in a variety ot numners ot
JAMES VAXSANT, Kinr Street, Alexan
dria, (1). C ) next door to the Marshal
House, in tendering his grateful acknowledg
ments to hisfiiends and the public for the dis
tinguished patronage he has received from
them, beys leave to assure them that, with an
ample supply of the most choice materials,
he will he able to render entire satisfaction
to those who may please to favor him with
their business, either by order or personal ap
plication, and thai he will sell all articles in
his line, as low as they can be procured in Bal
timore or elsewhere.
Me has on hand, at this time, and will con
tinue to keep, a laige assortment of the fol·
lowing articles, wholesale anil retail on 'he
most moderate terms:
Patent Spring Saddles
Men's Saddles, best quality, stufT flaps
Do do do plain
Do do common do
Ladies' do best and common
Plated and steel·bitted Bridles, of various
Plated and steel mounted .Martingales
Saddle-bags of the latest fashion, and corr.
Vebises and carpet Travelling Bags
Plated mounted Carriage Harness
Do do Ciig do
Brass and j ipan-mounted Gig Harness
Plated, brass, and j-ipanned mounted carit>Ie
Wagon, cart, and »!ray Harness
Fire B.;.:keU and Halters
And, also, a general assortment of elegant !
»3 rd leather Travelling Trunks, and a great'
Variety of tîie best Gig and Biuing Whips.
Plated, steel, and bras* Spurs
Plated, steel and brass Bridle Bits and Stir
Saddletree* and Buckskins, assorted
Buffalo skin Saddle Covers.
Old Saddles neatly covered with hop, i
)uck, and calfskin, and quilted at shortest no (
.ice. 11
Old Saddles, Harness, and Trunks, of all ,
iinds, repaired at the shoitewl notice.
a u£ 1— 2a '.v î y - j ι
I TTO It Ν Ε V Λ Τ t A vrv ; .
HAVING opened »n Office on the east side ,
of Washington street, immediately south j
>f K. rng street, will attend punctually to a ! I
>rofessninal business. j«n 15—eo3w
ΓίΓο 5Γ ; «
i ~ TONS aborted sizes, from the Trede- ' ι
I Ο gar Works. Pvichmond. For bale at ι
nanu^ctuiers* prices, by ι
Who wd be kept constantly supplied
an 27—tf j
~ ΜΪΛΙ ΈΚ Pa f A TOES. !1
BUSHELS Mercer Fotatoe*, in ; 1
d'n" · Σ rime order, f »r n!e m loti to tuit!
urcfts*ere, on boi rd the schr. Aflunda Oph· ,
lia, at WM. FOWLE'4 SON'S Γ
' jm 21 >l'hail I
rpilE subscriber, in pursuance of a decree*
JL of the Circuit Court of the District of
Columbia lor the county of Alexandrin, pass
ed October term, 1811,"will, at 11 o'clock, Α.
M., on Saturday, 22nd January next, [if fair, rf
not the next lair day thereafter,] «fier lor
sale by auction on the premises, th§4 valua
ble property on the north side of Kin? street,
and west side of Colun.^us street, known at
the 44 Shoe Factory/'tne same bavin# beert
conveyed to him by deed from A. D. Uarmou
and wife, and Joseph H. Miller and wile, in
trust lor certain purposes therein named.
The lot Ironts on King street ICO
feet, and on Columbus street 13*2 feet,
ë'IsuLa nlat of the same with m*re precise
dimension's, w ill be exhibited on tbe day ol
The builJitigg consist of η four story brick
tenement on King street, 20 feel in front by
24 Γι. deep, with a wing also four stories high#
extending inline with the west wall of the"
main building» 80 feet long by 17 (eel wide >—·'
the walls ol the main building and wtng'dfi*
14 incites thick, and the\vhole is covered with
To the e-j9t of the main building on King'
street, extending to Columbus street, Is si ttvo
story brick tent ment 43 ieet fronl by 10 deep/
with a brick back buiMing in the rear fronting
on Columbus street SO feet by 22 ft. deep; stud
on the north line o( the loi is anezctrlent
shed. ' :
Upon the premises is α first rate cistern,
supposed to be capable of containing IGOhhdf.
of water.
Kor any description of business requiring ex
tensive house and >ard mom, this property is
admirably adapted ; or itrould with facility
nnd at η moderate cost be converted into t
commodious nnd extensive tevero.
The terms prescribed by the decree afore
said are, one tenth of the purchase money in
hand, the residue on a credit of six, twél*'é»
and eighteen months, with interest ; the de
ferred payments to be in bonds with epprovej
sectiriir.—the title to be retained until ιΐιβ
wht» 1 e h paid.
The decree further directs. O at if the par
chaser shall fail to comply with the term·
! wiihiii fifteen days after the day of sale,
undersigned shall, after giving ten davs notice 0
resell the aauie ui the cost and risk of the pur
chaser. it OB RUT H. MILLER,
Trustee ana Commissioner,
dec lS-eTT&Sts
The above sale is postponed until Sa
turday, 2(Jth inst, or the next fair day after
wards. R II. M.
jan IS -eo*s
\Y7ILL be sold at public Auction, at the
V Market Square, on Saturday, l5fhinÂ.{
at 12 o'clock, λ!., two R It ASS GUNS, uenalfy
called Six pounder*, their carriages, and all
the apparatm thereunto belonging, and a left
of powder, the proper ι ν of »he First Regiment,
Jwl Rrijade, of ihe Militia of the District of
r^olun,hia, ι») satisfy rent due to Jonah II.
Davis. .
Termsof sale wi'l b'» made known on the
day. THEO. MEADE, bailiff.
jan G—cots
iU3**The above sale is postponed until Sa
turday, ilie 201 h instant, at the same time and
place. jan 15—eots
IMMEDIATELY alter ihe sale of the Shoe
Factory, I will oiler for sale, by Auction,
I large Iron lire proof Safe; ί Gold Watch
1 Carriole; a large lot of old and new La*t*;
repeins block and seats,*hoe knives, &c
jan 93—(9 It. Η MILLER, Trustee.
( \Ν Friday evening next, commencing at 7
> o'clock, the subscriber will sell, at his
Auction Room, the .Medical Library, of the
late Dr.Thorna»Senin:cs\ consintirrg of a great
number of '.voiks in every cepartn<ei»t of me··
dical knowledge— both ancieni and modern.'
The hooks are many of ; hem rare, andalJ"
of them o{ standard excellence.
In addition to the above, will he sold a
large assortment of Valuable, Miscellaneous
Book*, belonpintf io the e*t;« te of the same.
Among the miscellaneous Rooks, are Swift's
Works, in 18 vols. ·11 « », London edition; John
son's Dictionary, in two iari?e -îrο vol*., the
r\rmiii!i I iv < · r L· · f inMsmi 1 f i\s Kfl f»|;i Jul. 3 Villi.!
Ρ ι
SmolletVs routiuiMf:ο;ι ni Uujne; I>r. John
son's work"', complete rn (Tvnlsj \\ ebster's
American |)iriionary; the Spectator in 12 vols.
Chesterfield's L.etteis, Gregorys l-conomy of
Nature, 3 vois.; iShake<j»eare, Byron &c.t
IV11 li many works in every department of Li
terature 11*d .Seizure
The ΛΙetiicîiI Books comprise all the best
Foreign and Aiuerican authors—as Spaltafr
zani, .V.apendie. Brow n, Fou, I lui»ter, Cullen,
Good, As!ley Cooper, Bell, Armstrong. Dew
ees.Chapman, Wistar. Uti<h, Dorsev, 6lc. 6lc.
On all sums over &25and he low Sill, a cred
it of GO days ; on all a hove £50, a e red it of 4
months for approved endorsed notes.
Catalogues will be distributed previous to
the sale. GEO. WHITE,
javi 25—dis Auctioneer.
î'.jr^The ahove *aîe h postponed to Friday,
February 1th, at the same liour and place.
J.Ui 21—M
(Southern Churchman.)
i\ accordance with a decree of liie Circuit
Stificrior Court of Fairfax, ι he heirs of thé
Ute Coleman Brown, offer his landed ettal*
for sale, Tin* land (aftout eight hundred
acres) is adjoining the town of Centrevillf, in
Fairfax county. Va., about twenty miles Imm
the District, ά ud directly between tiv· Turn
pikes running llrtlier. It is divided into two
nice farms, with suitable and commodious
building" on each: a larue «t<»nc barn 50 feci
square, corn houses, uuik'house*, and out
houses for 30 or ίο slaves. 'I bis lam' is of tke
red soil, produces wt il, and is divided into tea
fields well inclosed. Il ha* a sufficiency of
wood and limber, and a good collection of
choice fruit. No laud can he better watered,
li va in» innumerable -prints, and Rytky Cedar
Κ un, running through Mi and lias ifiexhau*U^
h!e <juarn"s #»i the tiue>i f/ee-^îone. 1 here
— - ·· · · ·· - ' ·. 11.». 11**»ι ' :ι ι* i i*< m®t* 1 v la ken la
J I Ç ·1 l M I I ι »»»' . -
clover; sou»»* sixty f>r seventy afies of rioli
bolto it, ditched an J diked, and well sel in
lifwi'lï) ; iiiori· di.m a hnndrt*d bushels of'grain,
brined» rolled i*i placer and κοινή iu fallow;
forty i»r fifty acres ol corn land reserved for
>□!<!, nnd a j»lentv o! land lor corn *\ithoutii>
lerferrmg wnli the gran*.
The red s»»iι has always hee*i considered
he be<t m the Sute, and proverbial tor im
*?rsy jviip#ovewen\ with clover and
Seldomι has any land in the County fceen of
ered (jr saie embracing more *dvanlagC9!'
ι rid person* desirous of purchasing are invited
ο examine :t — particulate* those gentlemen
rom the North who *r»i t»urci*a ι»κι;;- ':%· the·»
It ινιΐί he s ild U> the hi^he^t bidder the let
March neyion tiit premise*. The term·
ire one tenth in hand, a.mi the balance in three
innual matai meut*. properly Mrcured'. Refer
ο S L Lewie, Centered!·· or to
♦an atvln FajrfaxCU Houae Vt."
f.JF^The Globe and New York Courier ao4
inquirer, will i><ease publish 2a wU. and teno
heir aecoo »ts to the advertiser*
Ν barrels autf half barrets, for «ale tv
if} A. C. l'A 7\ NO Vf k C (%.

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