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Corr. ol the N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.
Nassau, New Providence, March 30.
The steamboat Tay has just arrived with
English niai(9 from Havana. The slaves
which have be^n confined for murder ami
mutiny on board the brig Crtole, will now be
liberated, as I am told the order for that pur
pose has arrived They sre generally com
mended f«»r their conduct in this case.
A Heavy Defaulter.—The commis
aiooers appointed by the State of Louisiana to
examine into the affairs of the Exchange bank,
report Mr. Yorke’s (the late president) in
debtedness to the institution at $232,055,09
Mr. V. has, of course, gone to Texas.
The Legislature of New York has ad
journed to the 16th of August. The session
was ihe shortest for twenty years past. 323
acta were passed. A resolution was passed
condemning the course of Gov. Seward in re
lation to the New York and Virginia question,
and he was desired to send a copy ol the res
olution to the Governor of Virginia, which he
declined to tin, s aung nis reasons.
James Grogan who nine or ten months
ago committed nn assault with an axe, near
Cape May, upon Capt. Felch, of the schooner
Daiiiel Webster while on her passage from N.
York to Philadelphia, has been found guilty
of committing an assault and battery with in
tent to kill.
The Gas Bill reported by Mr. Under
wood, in the House of Representatives, au
thorising a gas light company in the city of
Washing ton, provides that ihe amount of capi
tal stock slut 11 be $200,000, divided into shares
of $100each. It also provides that the com
pany shall have power to erect lantern posts,
and make and lay pipes for the conveyance
of the gas, under and along any public high
way, or any lane, street, alley, or public
square of the city ol Washington, for the
purpose of conveying the said gas. Also, that
the machinery, lamps, pipes, &c., shall be
admitted duty free; likewise that all the pro
perty,estate and joint stork of said company
shall be bound and answerable for any con
tract md agreement made by the directors
thereof, but the stockholders shall not be
bound or answerable therefor in their indi
vidual capacities, or private estates. The last
section provides that if stock in' not subscrib
ed, within one year, sufficient for the organi
sation uf the company, this act shall be of no
G'cen Peas from Norfolk at $5 per bushel,
in Baltimore, on Wednesday, and served up
in fine UMeatilie Ladies’ Ordinary ol Bar
Min.’s City Hotel—the “Emperor of Land
lords” Jiiinsell presiding on the occasion.
It is not t >e habit of tJiis paper to introduce
intoits columns allusions to the affairs of pri
vate tile; hu! perhaps «c may, wi*hoin im
properly invading the privacy of social inter
course, so i.tr depart iroiii tins reserve as u>
make mention of an entertainment which we
understand was given on Wednesday last hy
the hospitable an I respected Minister of Rus
sia, which was remaikuhle no less for its
>pieruior than for the distinguished character
of the guests, and the bourn able motives
which may be supposed to have prompted the
assembling at the >a me ta ble •»! such a company
To do honor to the Minister of Peace f«om Eng
land, ami to hung a round the same socia I boa d
with him the feading men of ah *>f our political
parties, together with the Representatives of
Foreign Powers, is presumed t > have been the
motive for so marked an assemblage. Cur
readers wdl appreciate and pardon the liberty
of this notice, when we enumerate among the
guests who. we ham, graced the feast, the
names of F.x President Adams, the Secretary
of Slate ar.d other memtersof the Cabinet,
Mr. Clav, Mr Speaker While, Senator* Cal
houn, Crittenden, Preston, Benton, Barrow,
Wright, Rive*, King, and t »e General in*
Chief of the Army.
We may hope that a If the good leeimg
which if was the purpose of;he generous host
to promote among his guests will he found to
have flowed from the meeting —Nat. Int.
MISS PINE, proposes opening on Monday,
the Hfi of April,a select school for young
Ladies,in this village She w ill be assisted bv
well qoahfied and experienced teachers in the
respective departments. It wdl be their con
stant aim to furnish to young ladies, the best
advantages for acquiring a thorough know]
edge of all llie useful and ornamental branch
es of an accomplished female education The
religious education of the young ladies will he
particularly attended to. The boarding de
partment will be superintended by the Misses
Jannev who would fie pleased to receive into
their family fifteen or twenty voting ladies.
Miss P. has engaged Mr. Foster to teach
the French language and Music on the Piano
Forte. This ^en tie man has been for some
time associated with ihe celebrated School at
Long Branch, taught bv the Misses Nelson.
No Scholar will be received into ihe School
for a lest term than five months
Terms, per year, for tuition, $20 for the
higher branches,# 16 for the minor,board £|ui).
References— Rev. Wrn Jackson, Dr.Thom
son, Dr. McCormick, Dr.SamuelTavl »r, Ro
hert Page, John Hopkins, Treadwell Smith,
John Hay, Hamilton Washington, Berry vibe,
Rev. Francis McFarland, Philadelphia', Rev.
A. McKorkie, Staunton.
Middleburg, Va., np 5—eo6t
v n ur nnit ■ /—, /-vr, ,
HARVKY & ADAMS have leceived by
the schr Victory, from New York, and
ere now opening a large and rich assortment
o! French, British, and Amtricao Dry Good*
which they will dispose of on their usual ac
commodating tei ms for cash, or to good cus
The following is a part of their (ate arri
val, viz:
Black and blue black Gro de Rhrine
Do do do . Gro de Swa
Assorted figured and plain Mouseline de
Fig'd Bataanne—Satin Stripe Lnuisiene
Plain, striped and fig'd Swiss Muslins
Striped and plain Jaconet’s
Muslin and Cambric Edgings and Insert
Kid, Ftrknett and Leile
Thread Gloves and Mitts
Bohbinet and black Lace Veils
Muslin bands, and Reticules
Thread Laces and Edgings, assorted
Super Damask and fig'd Silk Shawls
Superblack Nett
Thibet and Mouseline de Lainedo
Super fnnfied and Embroidered Mantillas
lAmiitt* and black Fillet Scarfs; do Capes
WAP* French Lawns and Cambrics; assorter
French, British and American Chintzes; win
ground Thule ; super black and blue blael
Crapes black and col’d Wririetts; Mohan
Gloveaand Mitts; assorted rich Parasolsan<
Screens; Fine French Ginghams; Irish Lin
CM a Ad Lawns; assorted Hosiery; a largt
assortment oi Domestic Goods; woaded, blue
invisible green aud other colored Cloths, ver
cheap; London and French Casstmercs, j
la ret and rich assortment; a large assortmen
of Vettings; straw Malting, Carpel Bags, &c
together with a large variety oi o.tbc» article
which cannot be ennumerated, and to whicl
the attention of purchasers is res peel full/ 10
iieaced. , eth—JO^eolw
N. B. Excellent spool Couqa at fgfrte dot.
From the Baltimore Sun.
Explosion of the steamboat Medora.—Great
loss of Life!!!—-One of ibe most melancholy
.'occurrences with which our city has lor
tong time been visited, took place yesterday
afternoon, at about half past two o'clock—an
occurrence which sent a thrill of horror
|through the general heart, and carried the
i woe consequent on violent and unexpected
death into the bosoms of many families. The
steamboat Medora, recently built by the Vir
ginia and Maryland Steam Navigation Com
pany, and intended to ply between this City
ana Norfolk, was about to leave Culiey's whf.
upon an excursion Oown the bay. for for the
purpose of testing her qualities. A number of
respectable citizens were invited to witness
her performance; but how many were »du
ally oo board when the heart rending occur
rence of her exploson look place, we have, as
yet, no means of ascertaining. All things,
however, being prepared lor her depar
ture, the bell rung and the wheels made
three revolutions, when the boiler burst
with a tremendous report, throwing up clouds
of vapor, attended by fragments o!’ the vessel
i . _ • __ • _r _ ___ « ^ L .. k ..._—
a I Hi t»y IUC UUUiCS Ol uiii:m unman wciugo
who were on board—the whole presenting 10
the spectators a scene of in iescnba ble and ter
rific sublimity. As ihe smoke cleared away,
theeflecis of ihe calamity became visible. The
vessel was made, in an instant, an entire
wreck—all her limbers, (roui the engine for
ward, being rent a way. She sank immediate
ly to tier guards, and now lies **a sheer hulk”
in the basin. Hundreds ol prisons on Ihe
wharf,at it.e lime, displayevt itie utmost alac
rity in rescuing from ihe water the dead and
Under the circumstances, and in the ab
sence of any investigation, it is of course im
possible to say vvtial was ihe direct and im
mediate cause ol ihis fatal calamity. It is
generally supposed, however, that as the boat
had been some time ready (dr departure ami
the steam up, that the boiler must have been
nearly exhausted, a ml had become hot, and
that in this state water was turned in; it is
certain that at the moment of ihe explosion,
steam was letting off with consid era ble
A gentleman who witnessed the event from
ihe deck of the Georgia, directly opposite,
remarks that a dense smoke for an instant
obscured the immediate pari ot the boat at
which the explosion took place, and as the
report which* though as loud as a small field
piece, had a dull and heavy sound, reached
the ear, die smoke stack was seen darting like
an arrow out of ttie cloud a hundred feet in
to ihe air. and on each side were thrown the
tomes oi Human ueings wi n u;e arms anu
legs extender ny ‘heir whirling motion ihrogh
the air.
The Medora, at the moment, was immedi
ately ahati of the Steamboat Constitution,
«nd almost in contact with her, a tact which
it is r.eccssiry to name as explanatory oi se
vtral circumstances dualled below.
We auuex a list ol ihe persons killed and
wounded, the iaticv either suffering Iromcon
tusion, fracture or scalding:
John C. Moalc, Estj., General Agent of the
Company to whom the boat belonged, sutler
ed severe internal injury, attended with a
dreadful JVactu e of the nus; he was liken
tioui a piece of the upper deck m the water,
and convened home, wheie tie died within
in hour.
William Moaie, his son, a youth of about 14
years, was taken horn me wieck, dead, the
skull having been severely Iractuied.
John Vickers, long known as me proprietor
of a tavern in McClelland alley, was blown
from the boat completely over the stern of Ihe
Constitution, and fell on ihe whurl; he was
taken op dead, his beau being awluliy Irac
John Speddy, ship joiner, ot Bond street,
F. P„ was thrown on hoard the Constitution,
and feil upon a smut hand-mil, which was
broken in lwo; the scalp.ol lu> liead was cut
in three or four directions bom ihe crown,
each cot being as many niches in length. He
^uttered, in a stale ol apparent insensibility
lor ahoiK an hou , when he was removed, hut
died hefme he reached Ins residence, He
leaves a wife and two children.
John Young, Alice Anna street, F. F., a
millwlight, was taken out ol ihe water Irom
a piece of the wreck; one or two of his limbs
'were fractured, and he wa&so much hurt in
ternally, that he died at tne house to which he
was taken, wrhm a couple of hours. He
leavesa wFe and chi'd.
John Lecount. ol the Eastern Shore oi Ala
rylaud, was a fireman on board; taken out ot
the wreck, with boiii thighs and one arm bro
ker, and badly scalded; he was conveyed to
a house adjacent, and died about live o’clock,
lie leaves a w lie and children.
Ben) i in in French, a Pr inter, ol Fell’s Point,
was so nodi hurt and scalded that he uicd
within ail hour after (he accident.
John It. Boon-*, a painter, whose residence
whs in Lee street, was very much injured by
f ...... t........ .1, i. l w /»•. Li I. it. i 4< v niixi bp 1 c 11 r* i! lis k .
I he botly of John Burns, a tire in a n on boa id
was dra iv u up from a mopgsi the tioating rem
nant by the side ol the boat, some two hours
after the accident.
*1 lie body of John Harper, the second mate
was dragged hum the lore part ol the Medora
which was gunwale down, a shun time be
fore nigh'.
i he above completes the listol those known
to have been killed, and who were discovered
du:mg yesterday evening. The following is,
so far as it has been possible, in the ru:dsl ol
the most intense and painful excitement, U>
make it so, an accurate list oI the coiuiiitonot
others who were unfortunately on board.
Andrew K. Henderson, Esq., President uf
the Company, very badly scalded.
Captain Sutton the commander of the boat,
badly hurt and scalded. ..
Jackson Reeder,a son of Charles Reeder,
j an extensive machiuest on Federal Hill, bad
ly hurt and scalded—very low last night.
Joseph Craig, an engineer, very hadiy hurl,
and scarcely expected to survive; living in
Light street, near Hill.
John Mitchell taken from the wreck with
| boib thigh broken; Ys brother;James Mitchell
I is missing.
The following are ail very much injured, by
contusion or other wise: —
John Henderson, block maker, Pratt street.
Duncan Fersuson, the engineer ol'the Me
Samuel Glenn, * painter.
Richaui Middleton, cle»k.
, Richard Linihicum, merchant.
John Kaylov, baker. Market Space.
Samuel Smith, ship carpenter, near Canton.
Lawrence Rtegan.
Henry Snyder, moulder. ;
George Foley, Albert Ramsay, James Clark,
. William Roberts, George Clan&y. Daviil Fra
zier, James Crawford, an.t Robert Doyle,
machinists or workers in the building of steam
boats. . , . ■
Wesley Colley and George Hyde, two boys
of 12 or U yearsof age, badly hurt.
Missing—Francie McClare and Geo.Gettys,
William Bmion,Louis Wagner, and Williani
Tumblison, slightly injured.
A man named Hoofnagte was thrown by the
; explosion on board the Constitution, hut esca
; ped uninjured. Thomas Wildey, Es(j., was on
| board the Medora, but stood weli aft. his hat
* was blown oH, but he sustained no injury.
i Capt. Chaytor, ot ihe Constitution, w ho was
r standing on the larboard side of his boat, was
I thrown prostrate, and driven several yards uf
• on the deck by the violence ofi|>e concussion;
» upon recovering his feel, he found the unfurl u
, oate Speddy, mentioned in the hat of the kill
f ed, senseless and bleeding by his side.
i There were two of Mr. Moak's sons on
i board with him, one of whom was either
. thrown into the water by the explosion, or
! leaped in, swam ashore and hurried home to
1 announce the catastrophe, which was present*
» ly realized to its fullest extent by that afflict
ed family, the corpse of bis brother and th<
■ One man, a stranger, was carried along
Light street on a litter, his features dreadfully
distorted by the injury he had sustained ; he
was praying those who carried him to take
him to the poor house.
We are requested to state, that iu disrobing
the body of a young man genteely dressed in a
black suit, found at a later hour in the evening
a beautiful gold watch fell from his pocket,
which the friends of the deceased can have by
calling on Mr. A. W Ennis, 55, foot of Light
street wharf.
i The Mayor has acted with commendable
promptitude in providing such means as will
be best adapted to relieve the weight of sus
pense which hangs heavy upon every heart.—
The uncertainty of the number of those on
board, and the apparent few who seem to
have escaped, leave us with no unsubstantial
fears that the quiet surface of the water still
conceals from our knowledge an additional
havoc of human life.
To be drawn at Alexandria, D. C. on Satur
{ day, April 23d.
1 do 35,000 } of 1,600
1 do 12,000 1 of 1,500
1 do 6,000 2 of 1,250
I do 5,000 2 of 1,200
1 do 3.000 20 of 1000
1 do 2,500 20 of 600
1 do 1,769 20 of 400, &C
Tickets S)0—shares in proportion.
To be drawn April SOth, 1842.
1 Prize ol 30,000 1 of 10,000
1 do 5,000 1 of 3,000
t do 2,337 1 of 2,000
l • do 1,500 1 of 1,800
1 do 1,700 1 of 1.600
1 do 1,500 I of 1,300
1 do 1,250 200 of 500, &C
Tickets $10—shares in proportion.
Orders from the Country promptly attended
to, by E. L. PRICE.
ap 1C—eotd
“T/ie Spring Time of Year lias Come.'1
Be ye purified in your Blood,
And health will attend you.”
“The Life ol the Flesh is in the Blond ”
HOW is the Blood to he purified! Thou
sands can answer this question who
know from actual experience, that Sarsapa
rilla, Vegetable, or Bfood Pills, core giddiness,
drowsiness, singing in the ears, remove bile
from the stomach, core pain in the side and
head, and are the most pleasant pill for cos
liveuess ihat have ever been offered. Price
25c jer box The genuine for sale by
ap 16 J. 1 SAYRS, Druggist.
Ill HD. Spring expressed Sperm Oil war
ranted pure and very pale color; just re
ceived from Jupes & Sons, New York; for
| sale low by I he barrel gallon or smaller quan
tity at corner Water and Prince streets, by
7f r ("it ^ kBS. Shenandoah Butter
/ tjljv/ 20 fiikmsLard; for sale hy
That the subscriber, of Alexandria Coun
tv, in the District of Columbia, has ob
tained from the Orphans’ Court of said county,
Leiters of Administration, on the estate ol
LewisPiles, late of said county, deceased.—
All persons having claims against said dece
dent are required to present them to the sub
scriber on or before the 15th day of A pril, 1813,
passed by the Orphans* Court, or they may by
law be excluded from all benefit to said es
late; and Urns*indebted thereto r.re requifed
io make imu ediate payment. Given under
mv hand tins 15th April, 1312.
ap 15—3t* ANN PILES, Adm’x.
THE subscribers would respectfully inform
their friends of Alexandria ami its vici
nity, dial they continue to keep on hand at
their store, on King street, a good assorimen
of ihe following articles, vi/.: Men's thick
kip, call, grain, hull and morocco BOOTS;
Boys’and youth’s do do do; Men’s, hoy’s
and youth’s SHOES, of nil kinds: likewise,
ladies’, misses, and children’s, of all kinds,
which will be sold on the most reasonable
terms, lor cash, by the pair or dozen.
I ^pLADIES Morocco and Kid Slippers
made of the best materials and workman
ship for one dollar per pair, for cash; but when
charged, the usual price will he retained.
Misses and Childrens’ do. in proportion,
feh 10-ly BALLANGER & CLAFL1N.
1VTOTICE is hereby given, that on andaf
l\i ter the 20ih ol ibis month, the Ferry in
the breach of this 'bridge, conducted hy Mr.
W. Edsby, will tie stopped.
ap 14-dtd MajorTopo. Engin.
MRS. M a. HILLS will open this day
(Tuesday,) a select assortment of Spring
Millinery, consisting ol drawn bilk and Mus
lin bonnets; a variety of fancy Straws, Rib
bons, Flowers, Curis. Laces, &c., to which
she respectfully invites the attention of the
ladies. Second story of J. B. Mills Variety
store. ap 12—eo3t*
VERY light and Dry Porto Rico and N. O,
SUGARS, 12 Ihs. Tor St ; good bright N
Orleans do 18 lbs. for $f. Warranted superi
or Gunpowder Tea S1,12V per lb. Best Rice
5 lbs for 25 cts—and many other articles
equally as low, by A. b. WILLIS,
ap 12 • Fairfax st
A HANDSOME assortment of Parasols and
Sun screens. Florence Braid, Cypress
Willow andShaker Bonnets; Palm leaf Hats,
ap 13_C. M. & F. TAYLOR.
rilHE Poetical Works ol John Snowrier
1 Hopkiii3 (late of Alexandria, D. C.) con
taming Alberto, an Epic Poem, Delascns, a
! Dramatic Poem; and Miscellaneous Poems;
a neat l-2mo volume, bound in muslin,pri ce $1
just piit/fished, and for sale by .
ap 12 _BELL & ENTVV1SLE.
Afresh supply of “Baker’s” prepared Cocoa
just received and for sale bv
tap 13 WM. FOWLE & SON.
‘j P. R. SUGAR.
£1 HMDS P. R Sugar, just received, and foi
| O sale bv WM. BAYNE,
ap 12 , opposite the CNisioin House,
BACON &.c.
4 (\ Arw~| LBS. Bacon, Hams.Slioulu’eu
! and Middlings
16000 J* Jowls
* *10 Kegs Lard No. I.
Just received by
ap 14 R. fc W. RAMSAY.
a1 HE Subscribers have lately received a I o'
of old Principe Seg^rs, of superior qua
"iity. • WM. STABLER & CO.
apl5 - ,
8HHD N. O. Sugar
3 do P. R. do •
2 half Chests Gunpowder Tea, (fine qua!
• ityj
1 Cask Salaratus r . .
Just received by
< ap 14 _R. fc W. RAMSAY. .
I feel very little disposition to enter the lists
| with “L** to do battle against the oratorical
;fame or reputation of the Rev. Professor
iMafflt, I frankly admitted my incouapelen
cy to form an opiuion of this gentleman’s
merits, and that I never even attended his
lectures, listened to his dulcet tones, or wit
nessed his graceful attitudes. I made up my
judgment, however, upon information and au
thority, which were quite as good a founda
| lion for it, as we are all in the habit of rely
ing upon in similar ca*es My informants
were persons, of intelligence, taste and can
dor, who had puichased tickets for the Rev.
Professor’s entire course, but who were fully
satisfied, by one lecture, that the orator was
not what he was cracked up to be.
I shall continue of the opinion that the fact
of his lectures proving so entire a failure in
Alexandria, is very sufficient evidence of the
good sense and taste of our citizens.
I forgot to mention that I had read some
where a specimen of his lectures, and if he
gave his audience much of such tawdry stuff,I
can but congratulate one of his hearers men
tioned by ‘L,** who found refuge in a sound
Methodi3t Protestant Conference.—
We are informed that the Maryland Annual
Conference, which convened in Georgetown
on the 6th of April, after a delightful session
of seven days, rose, on Wednesday the 13th
instant. Its next Session will be held in the
Pitt street Church Baltimore, on the first Wed
nesday in April 1843. The Rev. W. IJ. T.
Barnes, who labored so acceptably during the
past year in this place, was unanimously re
ceived into the itinerant connection ol the
Maryland Conference, and appointed to the
superinlenciency of Clueen Amies Eastern
Shore. Rev. W. W. Ball has been appointed
to the Alexandria Station.
On Thursday, ]4tli April, at Mount
Zephyr, Fairfax county, Ya., Jane Mil
dred Washington, infant daughter of the
Rev. W. P. C. and Ann E. Johnson, aged
two years and nearly two months.
I As the sweet flower that scents the morn,
But withers in the rising day:
Thus lovely was this infant's dawn,
Thus swiftly fled its life away.
It died ere its expanding soul
Had ever burnt with wrong desires:
Had ever spurn’d at heaven’s control,
Had mi**itch’d its sacred firei.
Il died to sin, it died to cares,
But for a moment leit the rod ;—
O mourner! such, the Lord declares,
Such are thecliidren of our God !
Price of PRODUCE in Alexandria from
Hragons arid Vessels.
Maryland Tobacco, - - 83 50 a 6 00
Flour, per bnl. - - 5 5U a 0 00
Wheat, (red) - - - I 10 a 1 15
do (white) - * * 1 15 a 1 20
rye? - - 0 75 a 0 00
Corn, (white,) * • 0 ;>S a 0 58
Du (yellow,) - - - « f » 0 58
Flaxseed - •» — — 1 25 a 0 00
Oats, from wagons, per bush. 0 42 a 0 43
Do. from vessels. - - 0 00 a 0 40
Do. from stores - - 0 45 a 0 48
Corn Meal, per bushel, - 0 58 a 0 00
Pork, (wagons,) * • 4 SO a 5 65
Butter, roll, per ib., - - o 18 a 0 20
Do. firkin, do. - 0 to a 0 14
Bacon, - - - - 4 50 a 0 00
Lard, do. - 0 f a J
Clover Seed, - - 6 .*.0 a 7 00
White Beans, - * - 1 00 a 0 00
Plaister, - (retailed) - 4 50 a 0 on
Flour—we have no change to notice—wa
gon price $5,50 f**r standard brands, $5,75 for
extra: we hear of no sales from stores
Grain.—Sales one cargo white Corn 58c.;1
one cargo remain unsold
Fish-Yesterday Shad were not plenty.—
Prime lots, $6 a 87 per hundred, inferior 85 a
$5,50 Herringsabundanf, retail 1,25a $1,50,
cargo $1 per thousand.__
Foreign—There has been a fair demand
(or Foreign Bills for the last day or two. The
rale* however remain without change. On
iLondon,6} a 7^. Pans, 15 4U a 51 37t.
Rail Road Orders.—The brokers hive
been buying to-day at 40 per ct. discount.
Virginia Bank Notes —We continue to
quote the notes of the Virginia Banks g^ner
ally at 8 per cent. discount, and those of the
Wheeling Banks at 13 per cent discount.
Fi.ocr.—The price of Howard street Flour
has improved a hide. Sales to a moderate
extent to-day al $5,62;, but some holders re
lose t«> ierf for less than 5,75. The wagon
price to-day is 5,50.
Sales of City Mills Flour, to the extent of
about 2000 bbls. were made to-day at $5,75,
i full.
No receipts of Susquehanna Flour
r— a smnli 11if nf Md. led Wheat, not
free t*f garlic, was sold to day at $T .17. Prime
\id. icds would command $1,25. Sales to
day of Md white Com at 55 eta , and of yel
i low at 55 a 56 cts. We quote Virginia Ons
at 38 a 41 cts and Maryland at 40 a 42 cts.
, Arrived, April >5.
| British Brig Clifford, Jones, Kingston, Ja.;
ballast to Wni. Fowle &. Son.
Several eralt with lumber, Slc. for the Dis
{j^Tlie Rev. W. H. T. Barnes will
- preach his final serman, before leaving Al
exandria for the field of his future labors,
in the Methodist Protestant Church on
Sabbath night (April 17.)
1 Exercises commence \ before S o'clock.
(jq^Kor xMiscellaneous reading see first
page of the Daily Gazette.
poll will he opened at the ap
1 proaebing election for Colonel John Hooe, a
L ;candidate to represent the County ol Prioce
William in the next General Assembly of
of Virginia. Colonel Hooe’s qualifications are
we!! known: he has a large interest io com*
‘ 1 ijjon with the people of this County, and
! has heretofore represented ua faithfully.
Many Voters.
-- - -
iryThe drawing of Virginia State Lotte
ry. f7>r benefit of Monongalia Academy. No.
■F fm IMS. will take pfaee at Alexandria, va ,
THIS DA V, April I6th,at 5 o’cloek, P. M.
J • , • J. G. GREGORY ft Coj,
tvUIMUItfcSS. !
An interesting debate took place in tbeSe* 1
nate, on Thursday, on a resolution introduced ■
j by Mr. Woodbury, in relation to American !
! tonnage, freights and commerce, as effected |
I by existing arrangements with foreign powers,
i Mr. Woodbury made an attempt to explain !
j the objections that have been expressed with
j regard to the eoloniai treaty with Great Bri
I His statistics went to show that
the carrying trade, in American vessels, had
greatly increased within the last ten years, ,
and that the complaints now made by mer*
; chants and ship owners were unreasonable —
He was replied to by Messrs. Evans and Sim
j mows, who put him right about some of his fi
Jguresand promised still farther to show him
hit erorrs.
The Home of Representatives has agreed
to take the Genera! Appropriation Bill out of
Committee of the Whole, to day at 12 o’clock.
The Loan Bill, received from the Senate,
was taken up and passed by the House, and is
now a law.
The foreign relations of the country, and
the questions in controversy between Great
Britain and me United States have been
brought imo the debate on the Appropriation
Bill, and ably discussed by ivlessrs. C. J. In
gersoil, J. Cl. Adams, and others.
The fine coppered English Brig Clif
ford, Richard Jones, master, burthen
1500 barrels—will soon he ready for
cargo, and will take freight on very reasona
ble terms, to the West Indies or British Pro
vinces. Apply to
ap 16_WM. FOWLE & SON.
The Packet Schr PRESIDENT,
Perenfield, master, will sail for the
above port on Wednesday; for freight,
apply to S. sHINN & Co.
ap 16 Janneys wharf.
The regular line Schr. JOHN EMO
£Yyl?i> RY, Isaac Wood, n aster, lor freight
**rafce apply hi
ap 14—3t Union wharf.
The regular Packet b ig COLUM
BIA, Enos Kent, master, will have
despatch. For freight or passage ap
ply to WM. FOWLE U SON.
ap 13
The schr MARY AMELIA, Dun
can, master. For freight apply to the
Captain,or to
As their will be but one
4 Boat on the route on Sun
__ m.fSday, the PHEN1X will
make five trips on that day between Alexan
dria and Washington.
Leaving Alexandria at 8, 10, 1, 3 and 5
Leaving Washington at 9. M, 2, 4 and 6
o'clock. JAMES GUY, Jr. Capt.
nn 16— 11
* an(^ aller tl»is day,
Ov-—^r5?one of the b>ats will make
additional trip for the
better accommodation of the public, viz:
Leave Alexandria at 5 o’clock P. M : leave
Washington at G o’clock P. M., until further
notice. r I ALLEN,
a p 13— 1 '.v Captains.
A an<^ a*ler ^a-V|
y^*~—the 13th inst., the Sieam
boats Pticnix and Joseph
Johnson, will run at the following hours viz:
Leave Alexandria at 8, 9, 10, 11, *2, 3, 1 and
5 o’clock.
Leave Washington at 9, 10, 1!, 12, 3, 4, f,
and 6 o’clock, until further notice.
One Boat will make a trip daily to George
town, leaving Alexandria at 12 ami George
town at I o’clock. J AM ES GUY, Jr.
n p 13—tf Captains.
( The steamer BOSTON,
|Capl James Holmes, will
_ ______run regularly, between
'Norfolk and Washington, twice a week, com
mencing on Friday the 8th of April; lea
ving Norfolk every Tuesday and Friday e*
venings at 5 o clock, and Washington on
Thursday and Sunday Mornings at 9 o’clock,
and Alexandria at 10 o'clock, calling at !
Portsmouth and Oid Point Comfort to take up j
and land passengers, as well ns at the usual j
._•___.i _ i> <_
MiriM'l'lg [inucs <mi me i I'lwmdi.
Fare to Norfolk. *$.
Freight taken or moderate terms.
ap ?2—tf _ Master.
3 « A very neat, and comfortable two ;
fmfa story BRICK DWELLING on the east,
.JIl^SLside of Water street near the Farmers,
3ank. Apply to THOMAS BURNS,
Horner of Prince and Fan fax sts.
ap 12—eo3»*
A convenient two-story brick dwel- '
hug, with a garden atlaclted, s.toated
on Uneen street between P?tt and
St. Asaph. The house is newly built and in
complete order. Also,
Toe two story frame bouse adjoining, lately
occupied by the Key. Mr. Wheeler. Posse » i
sion given immediately. Apply to
ap 12—2aw3t SAM’L BARTLE..
IS hereby given the stockholders of the Lit- j
lie lfiver Turnpike Road Company, that a
! dividend ot three per cent on the capita! stock,
has been declared, and will be paid to them
or ihcir legal representatives (at nie Da** . /
| Potomac,) on and after Wednesday, the 6ir>
instant. By order of the President and tfi
rectors. WASH’N. C. PAGE,
an 5, 1842—eo2tv Heasurer.
| (Genius of Liberty and Winchester Itep ) i
AN assortment of handsome Fire Screens;
Landscape* and flower pattern*,.with
■ Borders to match. Jos'- * '
; ap 9—e<>6t JOfcJ.N H. GIRD. j
IT has proved to he the best article in use .!
for removing Grease, Faint, Tar, &.c , from
\ Linen, Cotton, and WoJ/en Goods. \ )
j Ruffles and handkerchiefs, which have long |
lain by and become yelloiv, by being wished ;
with this Soap, will become snow white.
Prepared and sold, wholesale and retail, hr i
K. HOWARD, Chemist, ' !
Washington D C. j
N. B. The genuine will have on theouisiJe j
envelope, the signal ire of Ibe proprietor and |
manufacturer. * j
A large supply for sale by the dogen <*r atu*
gle f^ke
' *•’.
i^NSaturdajr mornki^,16thinat. «c7J o’clock
will be sold in the Market Square—
1 second ha i d Sofa
Several Bureaus
. Sideboard. Chairs, Wardrobe
Kitchen furniture *
1 pr Patent Balances
2 large Scales and Weights
l Jack screw, large .. *•
A variety of Clothing suitable for the season
nlso, 20 barrels Maine Mercer Potatoes, ii.
fine order.
■■ -
WM CO.. VA., AT AUCTION.! • ..
BY virtue of a transfer made by Measrr.
Sami M. Jannev, and Sami. H. Janner.
on the Mill of November. 1837. to the atibseri
her, will be offered at Public .Auction'on 8a~,
turd ay the 2^ day of April .next, at- 12 o' •
clock, M.,al the tavern door of.Geo P, Wise,,
in Alexandria, sixteen shares of stock, i» the,
Occoquan Manufacturing Company, on eaot;
of which, the sum of $100 is said to have, beet,
The terms of sale will be cash.
Washington, March !7-w2tvfedai,
BY virtue of a Deed of Trust from France*
M. Jackson, to the subscriber, dated on
the 10th day of June, 1841, i shall as Trustee*
there in named —proceed to sell at public AuCri
tion, on the 20th day of April next ensuing, at
12 o’clock M., before the Tavern of Sc mut'd
Calls—(West End') the whole of that valua
ble tract of land called ‘‘ Mount Erm •• situated
in the county of Fairfax in the immediate vi
cinity of ihe toivn of Alexandria—(with .theeje ^
ception of that part lorming the ‘‘Mount Ver
non Race Course,) and now in the occupancy
cf the said Frances Maria Jackson, to satisfy
certain debts in the said Deed of Trust men
tioned Terms of sale, made known on t||t»
day oJ sale. UL.N.Mb JUMNSTON,
mar 19—3tawls Trustee.
WILL he sold on Wednesday,May 10, atile t
residence of Robert Kirbv, decfrf., nr:«r»?
the Pnhick Church, in ihe county of Fairfax „
the whole of his personal estate, constating ol
Horses, Cohs, Oxen, Cows ad Calees, a num
her uf young Cattle, and Hogs; one Family
carnage; one Riding chair ; one Wagon, Ox f
and Horse Carl ; Ploughs, Harrows, Wagon
Car, &c., plough gear, and a large lol o.
straw. -
Also, all the Household and Kitchen Fur
niture, ronsisiiog of Berts ard Bedding, Side -
hoard, Tables, Chairs. Solas, Carpets, Books,
and Book-case; one case Mathematical In*
siruirieiils, with a variety of other articles.
Term*,—All sums of #10, or under, cash ;.
all sums over, a credit of su months will be
given, lor good notes, with approved security.
THUS. DAVEY, Administrator,
a p 6— w i s
Virginia MouoiiMhalia Lottery, class E,
Will be drawn at Alexandria, Va. on Satu -
day, April 16, ala o’clock.
25 do of 2,000, &cg
Tickets §10—shares in proportion
For sale, in great variety, by
r:PH»if-iickeit Nos. 42,6k, 6£,ta prize tv/
ttie Maryland Consolidated Lottery,Clas*29,
drawn 13th instant, sold at LAPHEN’S.
Drawn Nos. of Alexandria Ly., Class 30.
13 74 58 17 21 6 33 36 14 16 30 54
Virginia Monongalia Lottery, L’lass.E,
Will be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Sa*.
tin day April
25 do of 2000.
Tickets *10 00—shares in proportion.
For saie,i n great variety, hv
Virginia Mononghalia Lottery* CI^rsE,
Will be drawn at Alexandria,. Virginia, on
Saturday, April 16, ai 5 o’clock, P M.
HIGHEST PRIZE $30,000.. .
25 do of 2.000 ; . . , ,
Tickets * 10.00 — shares mproportion.
On sale, by toe packajie. certificate, or
shr re, by - EDWARD SHEEHY.
DRA.WS THIS f)AY.' ...
Virginia Mononghalia Lottery, fta* E,
Will be drawn at Alexandria, Va., on Satuo
day, April 16, at 5 o’clock, P..M.
HIGHEST PRIZE, $30,000! ..
25 do of $2000, &C.
Tickets *10—shares in proportion.
To he had in a variety of numbers of
JAMES VANS A NT, Kin* Street, Mexan
drta, (r). C ) next dimr to the Mar*|»l .
House, in tendering bis gra<efiH acknowledge,
meats to hv* friends and ii»e public for the dia-.
lingixshed patronage be hn$ received from,
them, hens leave to assure them that, with ffi,
ample supply of ihe most choice material's,,
he will he able to render entire satisfaction
to those who »i«y please to favor liinv itf«,
their busmen, either by order pr personal ap-.
plication, and that he will se!i all articleain
his line, as low as they can be procured )p Bal
timore or elsewhere. ; , fc*
He has on band, at this time, and wrttr** .
tin IK? to keep, a larne assorirneni of. the tttf •
lowing articles, wholesale and retail Qd
most moderate terms: t .•
Patent Spring Saddles
Men’s Saddles, hest quality, si»4tIMpk
Do do do . , plait*
Do do common do • • *"■%
Liidiei’ do best and common
Plated and sleej.bitted Bridle**, of varioti!
kinds . ..... •••,->
Plated and steel monnted Martingale*
Saddle-bugs <*f ihgUttat rasiiioti,•/>#!
Pelisses ami carpet Travelling Bags
Plated mounted Carriage l la rues* >
Do ili> . Gig , dp.. , .
Brabsand ;ipau-tnounted Gig Harness
plated,braan<jja panned mounted cariolfc
Wagon,cart^ar.ddray Harness ^
fire Bucket* and Halters. , , ...
And, also, a.geQejral assortment of elegan;
hard leather Travelling Trunk*, and a great
variety pi the best Gig and Hieing \VJjjgg. * •
Plated, steel, and bra^ Spur*
Plated, sure! and bo*sp Brntie Bit* a on Sur ,
• ruP* r .
Saddletrees and Buckskins, asgorttn : ,
Buffalo akin ^Saddle #(*overs. •
Old Saddles neatly covered with hn
buck, and calfskin, and quilted at shortest pb .
Old Saddle*, H»rne<s. and Trunk*, of atf ,
kinds, repaired st the shorten notice.
tug’4—gawly .
ASHOR r ami «b»plf letter from a eoiw f->r
. vauye Ike Keeper containing instruct**" *.« *
for Uniting Swarms, raking Honey *

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