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- * ΒΙΑNCRET^ r-ïU^S
TUE New You outs tjs: BftANDUCTH'S
PILLS have beex used amoag many ο
ouriiiends and in our own family we have
■sed them nearly four years when we required
medicinc; in that period, no Doctor save Mr.
BrandreM has crossed our threshold, and no
oiedicine besides the Doctor's Pills used. Our
helieiis keep your bowels a nd blood pure,' a nd
every kino of disease will be prevented or cur
ed. The Brandrêth Pills areeminetUlycalcu
iated to do this, and thereby much lesser the
sum of human misery·
*N}The New York Evening Star sa /s: Bran
aretn's Pills are a medicine which their own
?ntense worth wdl always secure lor them a
'arae and ready sale.—They have deservedly a
ûign reputation; and as a family and anti-hiili
otia remedy it would be difficult to equal them
among ali the patent medicines ol the present
The New Yot κ Commercial s.iys: They re
move at morbid h:imors and purify tne blood.
To the whole family of Man.—We feel both j
pleasure and satisfaction inTecommendingto ι
all our readers, Brandretn's Vegetable Pills, as i
the most certain, most safe, and invaluable
medicinCe extant. As antibilious and aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced they tand
tar above all others; as a certain cure in ad
cases of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas, and all affections of the skin, drop
sy* asthn/a, stone, gravel, piles, and lumbago,
t hey will be foundinvaluable.— LondnnTimes.
John^H. Gird is the only Agent in Alexan
dria, tor the sa te of Brandtreth's Pills.
Baltimore Office, corner of Light Sc Mercer St.
* may 2-2—&o Genera 1 Agent.
— ■ » —. . , „ ■ ■ ■ ■1 ■ ■ ^
DR LEIDY'S Sarsaparilla Pil.'s have per
formed many very astonishing cures m
the following diseases, all <>f which are more
or less dependant upon the condition of the
blood and fluids of the hurmn bo !\\ final.y
iorolving the stomach, an J embracing the
train of affections resulting therefrom, name
ly—Rheumatic affections; General Debility;
ulcerous sores, scurvy, white swellings, dis
eases of the liver and skin, scaly eruptions,
pimples and pustules of the face, blotches of
the skin, tefter, rash or prickieheat, piles,
scrofula, diseases ol the bones, pain of the 1
*;ίλ ΚπλΙ- and soi ne, constitution*)! diseases, |
'"•M ν ! _
&c. &c. From ifη;njrily of the Bfooo ana
Fluids of the body, dérangement of the Stom
ach takes place; and these Pills are equally
serviceable in diseases resulting therefrom,
bowel complaints, dysentery, cholera
viz; ΐΜΛχι ν··..ΐ[ -, . _ .
morbus cramps of the stomach, indigestion, j
want of appetite, costiveness, headache,
heartburn, jaundice, liver complaint, stomach
coughs, sour eructations and acidities of jhe
stomach, waterbrash, inward fevers, foul
breath, bad taste in 'die mou'h, !} itulencv,sick
ness and pa η οΓ the stomach and bowels,
shortness of breath, &c.—Also, for glandular
affections, such as swellings of the glands <>i
the neck, under the arms, \:\ the groins, along
the spine, swelling of the breasts, &c. &e. &c.
The unparalleled success will·» which these
piHs have met, have induced unprincipled in
dividuals to practice impositions upon the pub
lie, bv preparing P«Ms and vending then) un
der the name of Sarsaparilla, Vegetable or
Blood Pi I is, which are an entirely different ar
ticle. The genuine Pills are put up in small
square boxes, around which is a yellow arid
black Iible. containing on the sides the signa
ture of Dr. Ν. B. t.eidy, soîe proprietor and
discoverer of the Blool Pills, to counterfeit
which will be punishable as forgery.
The genuine article may be purchased by
the single box, dozen or gross, at
tnar IS—3tao HENRY C{ M >KlS.King st
BEU\G a concentrated fluid extract of
SiiTSapan'Îr», ,%V.UU
mnmm Jran t ne core oT all diseases anting
from impurities of the biood—from indiscre
tions and imprudencies of youth, and consti
tutional diseases formed or produced by the in
ludicioos use of tnercurv, arsenic, bark or qui
nine. It is an invaluable remedy for all Rheu
matic Affections, General Debility. Ulcerous
Sores, White S»ve!linss. Diseases oi' the Liver
and Skin, Ulcerated Sore Throat, Ulcers of
the-Nose, Caries, or diseases of the [Jones,
Scrofula, or Kind's Evil, Erysipelas, or Si.
Anthony's fire, and all the unpleasant and
dangerous affec-'i »u> coasequent ·>η Syphilis,
Lues, Venereal, &c.. *^c. Asa general puri
fier of the biood at all times,and particularly
in the spring and fill, there can be no medi
cine more effectual. I
As a medicine calculated to soothe and j
nourish the system, after having been under
medical treatment fur any particular disease,
there can be nothing more adapted, restoring
the natural vii!oui of th* system and aiîaving
the debilitated and nervous condition of'the
system so common after sickness.
As a medicine for its remedial virtu** in all I
the above mentioned diseases and auctions, |
there is nopreparation more, efficacious; and !
s warrante»! to possess ;jÎÎ the b tasted virtues i
contained in the PAN YCEAS, CATiiOLI-)
CONS. EX ΓΛ AC TS, &e From a discovery 1
made by the Proprietors, there is a combina- j
lion of certain vegetable extracts, with the;
Sarsàparilla, (thai a ids greatly to its virtue*,)
found in this medicine, winch justifies the
Proprietors in pronouncing it p»ramount to \
other preparation-. !
This preparation will be found highly ser
viceable during the summer season, as a pre
ventive of those unpleasant and disagreea Me
sensations so co nm >n to many during warm
weather, namely Faintness, Giddiness, Ot>
pressive Feeling about the resion of the Heart j
and on the Breast. Dimness οί Vision. Stc\ ccc. f
It forms a delightful and wholesome beverage,
by addifi?·*! tab?? spoonful to a glass- of fresh j
spring or ice water, similar to the celebrated I
Lisbon diet drink; and with a small ouantttv
<·' * ι
οΓ su^ar or simple syrup, lornn inr o um-m
rilla mead, possessini:, however, in addition,
medicinal virtues conducive to health, and
particularly adapted to invali Is. K<>r travel
ling persons it is a requisite o| ^reat import
» ji^J^Puce per boitle. To he hid, uh Re
sale anil retail, al HEN Κ Y COOK'S
mh 5—if Dru» Store.
Ρ Oïl Coujiis, CoM Whooping Coujh, Pair
and Soreness m tfce Breast, Infiuenza,
Consuaiption, Hoarseness, Difficult Breathing,
iU Diseases cf the Breast, a ml Lunirs cener··
*- y·
In presents this useful remedy to the pu&i
lie, tue proprietor wishes to state that this
Syrup ;3 composed of Irish moss, combine*!
vr.th suchoiier articles as have been founci
best calcu ated to aîFard relief in the above
aaxied diseases.
, This medicine has been used very extenj
aiveiy au;· trie proprietor h is not. known a sin"
g.e instance in winch it lias failed, in giving
reliel 1:1 itiserxseslor is re<>c:n::i~:iJeiM
even in cases approaching to consumption, at »
tended with bleeding at the lungs;and when
all other remedies had failed, the most decidj
ed and Haltering success has attended its use;
Common Colds, wluchare generally the eilect
of obstructed perspiration, will vie d to its in·
fluence in a tew hours; when used in Asthma, 1
Hoarseness, Wheezing and shot mess ol
breath, it jrives immediate reiiet;in Whooptru
Cough,it 19 without a rival, it operates by
gentle expectoration, and may be given both ι
to adulta and infants with perfect safety.
Prepared and sold by C J R THORPE, !
Chemist and Druggist
And for sale by John J. Sayrs, King sireet; j
und William Stabler· uct l — tf
A NEGRO Woman, who is a good plain j
Cook, Waeher, and Ironer,—for one oil
good character, pos?essingthosc qualifications j
a fair price wiU bf £iven. Apply η
iuz 30—1/ 9ENJ5 T> F&NDALL. 1
Cultivated al the Wcathersfield Seed Gar
den, and warranted good !
\SPAR AGUS, giant
!y Mohawk
Early China ami Redj
Do yellow. G weeks 1
Do Rob Roy j
Refugee, or Thousand
to One
Red Marrow
Dutch case knife, or
London Horticultural;
BEETS. Early Blood
Turnip Rooted
do Yellow do do i
Long Blood Red
White Sugar
Mar.gol \V urp/el
BROCOLI. Ear. White!
do Pur{ile
Lar^e Ptir;>le Cape
CABBAGE, Ear. York
Lu rue York
Early Su^arioaf
Large Drimhead
CABBAGE, tee Dulclr
Green Globe Savoy ;
Eariv Flat Bittersea ι
lied Du?ch for pickiing
Lnr^e llat Dutch
Yellow GIoNe Savoy t
Early,and Larye Late
CAR ROT,Early Scar-;
let Horn
Lonsr Orange
CELERY, white Solid
Red d«>.
CRESS, Curled, or
Broa.l Leaved Garden
Short Green Prickly
Lonij cio do
Do do Turk*»v
ENDIVE, or Succory,
g re* η curled
KALE, trreen curled
LE Γ rUCΕ, Early
curled Sdesia
D<> white Cabbage
i LETTUCE, Ice Coss
Early Tennis li.tii, or
Imperial Head or Sugar
Loa ί
Ire Ilea·ι
L :i r g e R ο y a \ 0 a h b g e
Drum Head, or Malta
Royal Cape
MKLO.N, ureen uiuon
Large Musk
Long Island Water
Pine Apple
OS ION, Eii rly Red
Wethersfield Large
Yellow Dutch
White Portugal
PARSLEY, Plain Cur
Double Curled
PEAS Early
D") Warwick
Do Frame
Dwarf Marrowfat
PEPPER, Long,or Ca
Tomato. or Squash
RADD1SH, Ear.Scar
•lo Salmon
do White simmer
Cherry.or Scarlet Tur
White Turnip
Long While
^Yellow Turnip
Black Spanish
let Tobolsk
S PIN Ν AGE, Round
Lea ve.f.nr Summer
SALSIFY, or Vegeta
ble Oyster
SUIT AS tl, Early Yel
low Bu^h Scollop
Ε if. White Bush Scol
Do Bush Crook Neck
Fall or Winter Crook
Bergen Summer
TURNIP, Early Flat
Early Red Top Flat
Ε ιr|y Garden Slone
Lar^e FlatGlobe
Lar^e Norfolk
Long White
Long I Iauover,or Tan
Yellow Turnip, fine
Scotch <»r Aberdeen
Lonij Yeliow French
Purple Top Rut a Bag a
Summer Savoy
Sweet Marjoram 4
i rhyme
i White Mu<tard
Brown (to
CORN, Tuscarora
I do Sweet
j Fine ί14iχe:j Lettuces
The* above Seeds, just received and for sale
, by tne paper or pound, t>v
ί nih a2C Corner of liing and Wash. sts.
F il ES i i G ΛIl DEN SEEDS,
j R subscriber continues to se i Tlwrburn's
ΐ 3- Warrante·] (Janlefi SEEDS, and has now
ϊ receive·! a îuil supply for ilie season, consist.·
i ing of lite following choice varieties, viz:
! Elira Early Peas, Cr<
do Nu'11
( True May Pea*
i'folinc do
Dwari Marrow fit dt
Early double blossom
Frame and
Early Golden ΠοΗ;μιι
I Early yellow six week;
ι Beans
, Do China do
I Uroad Windsor cio
! Sword Lon^ Pod do
1 Green Nonpariel do
Lar^e white Li.nn do
Early blood Turnij
rooted Heet
LoriLr blood red do
Mangel Wurtzel
True Sn^ar l>eel
Early May Cabbage
Do York do
Larue York do
Early Suj jr Loaf ti»>
Early Baiter sea do
Late do do
F!al Dutch do
Larsje ltedrumhead do
Do Bergen do
Greeiicui'd Savoy do
Do Globe do do \
Red Dutch do—lor
Green (Juried Scotch
Kale—German do
Sea Kale
Artlchc ko and Aspar*
a Lrns seed
Early frame Cucumber
Long Green do
Small Gherkin do, for
L"i*g green Turkey do
Early Tuscarora Corn
Do gulden Sioux do,
r;oe 111135 days
Do Sujjar Corn, best
for boiling
Conn'cut lield Pumpkin
Mammoth do
London Leek Seed
For sale by
inh 3—3m
;Early curled Lettuce
Πο Cabbage do
Inmci'i'ii .1
!ee Let luce a nil white
» Cos do
Silver Skin Onion
Weihersfield lied d'* !
Sw^ar r'arsriip
> Early iî'.iSij Sijua^h
Vegeiabie marrow do
Lima or c<»coa mil do
iloun.l leaveil Spin icii
Prickly do «
Sa I sa l'y
ί/ir^e pick'-ins Pepper
Wa 1er Cress Seeii
Early Culled Cress
Early Cauliflower
La le do
Lar^'e purple cape
i î r · » c c ο î i
Purple Egg Plan! Seed
ivuly scarlet Horn
LoogOrause do
• X.stnn.jham do
I 'aivlma Watermelon
MiKneg and Citron
f Melon
\T iSiurfiuit)
Juried Parsley Seed
»Yhile Turnip llatidish
LmgScnrle' do
Do Salmon do
tied Turnip do
Veliow Summer do
Black Spanish do
White do
Large tted Tomato
Early White Dutch
lied Tnp do
iluta i>aga
Wnile »«iliii Celery
Itose coloured do
White l'utch Clover
(Orchard Grass
English Lawn Grass
\ FULL supply « ? .1 i ί ν expected—the growth
; :X. of Hil. A small assortment on hand—
Early York, Ear Iv Battersea, Early George
Cabbage SEEDS; Early Scarlet Radish; Blood
Tor niu Beet; Wtnte Solid Celt η ; Carrol, Bell
or Oxheart Pupper, Spin nage. Fariley, &.c.
; Those persons wanting Garden Seed*, which
jtliey m iv place perfect reliance on hy leaving
•their ordeis, W|»l have them filled up at a shor
! notice.
I Catalogues of the different varieties to be
seen at the store of
JO IIX I. SAYRS, Dru^ist,
mar 3—3m King st.
• \ S the season is advancing when Sumnrici
i^JL Bowel Compiant prevails—ihe Subscriber
otters his Cholera Infantum Svrup, as a sure
remedy for the prevention and cure of the
Summer Bowel Oimiplaint in ciâkiren or oth
ers. This medicine cures by its Tonic and
Antiseptic powers, and the patient's strength
increase.* with its use. Oi theadaptationofthis
[remedy to this disease the experience ot the
ast five ?ears has abundantly proven; on sait
on.y by WM. LAN PHI but, Sur?. Dent,
i j6—dtl
Slçiricr Seidlitz Powders, 3 boxes ior
Lee's A nU bilious Pills *25 cts. ner Box.
THE Yard, attached to the Warehouse oc
cupied by G. I. Thomas and Capt E. Ba
' Rl|£ IR—t!
W OilliSoi the Rev. Henry Blunt, com·
' V plete in 7 volumes, h.in'taomefy done
up in cloth* in uniform binding; price $6,00 1
for sale by BELL & ENTWISLE.
mar 30 fWarrenton Times.) |
XX which are warranted lo grow, may be
had a ι the Drug Store of
J. 1. SAYRS, King street, j
Large Giant
BEANS.Taylor's larg
est Windsor
Broad Windsor
Early Paris, or Six
Early Dun-colored, or
Large White Kidney j
Warren toil, or Red·
«peekled Valenline;
Refugee, or Thousand'
to One
Large White Lima
Re.I Cranberry
While Cranberry
BEE'TS, Early Blood:
Turni{» Roofed 1
Long:Rlood Red
Early Yoi k
44 Van irk
u George
M Fla ι Batiersea
Large Late Drumhead
Flat Dutch
Lir^ la tp Π at Uattersea
Glohe Si voy; iine curl
ed green
Lar^eCape Savoy, or
Large Orange
CELERY, While Solid
Early Frame
Loan Green Prickly
Early Canadian
Early Tu^carora
S'veeT, or Sugar
Large Green Bead, or
Royal Cabbage
Skilhnan's Fine Netted
Black Rock
Carolina Water
Long Island Water
Minorca» or Netted
Can tel up
OK ΓΙΑ, Common green
ONION, Silver Skinn
Curled or Double
Early Washington, or
M a y
Early France
" Double bios· I
somed France
4t Ch:i rl too
Dwarf Green Marrow
Hell, or Ox-neart
Connecticut Field
L a rye PieM
'Early Frame
Car! ν Scarlet Short
RHUBARB, for tarts.
dimmer Bush
iVe^r-table marrow; ex
tra small, delicious,
Cocoa Nut or Lima, for
fall and winter;
keeps till February;
excellent fur pies.
Canada Crook Neck,
for fall and winter.
ΓΟΜ ΑΤΟ, Large Red,
rUHNIP, Rtila Baea,
Sweet Marjoram,
vVinter or J'ot,
Summer Savory.
&c. &c.
Flower Seeds, embracing unina asum.
A mil r;i ι* ι ti us, fleuris eye, Mignioneite, Sweet
William, Sensitive plant, Pinks' of* various
kinds, ami several hundred different varie
ties;- lor sale a# above. a ρ 1
I Ν TELL EC Τ lr Λ L Devenaient and Per·
JL sonal Beautv, considered in connexion with
TILES The sculptor, whose study is to imi
tate the exquisite workmanship of natu.'e,
pourirays in his model of the hu nan form a
ί broad and elevated forehead. Tins develop·
iiient is not only consonant with, but some
times necessary to the possession of a high
.orderof mental faculty, li a line forehead is
a mark of intellect, it is no less an essential
element of personal beauty, and it is of im
portance to (hose, and there are finny such
possessed of this piominent feature though
obscmed by the encroachments of a too luxu
rious growth of bair, to remove that portion
of an excrescence wlreii tends, in their case,
only to deform. This can be done safely,
speedy, effectually, and if used in accord
'anee with directions, without the least incon
venience, by Dr. relix Gouraud's Depilatory
Powders. The furz on the chin, when an
noying, or the short hair oa the back of a
iadv's neck, when toi> apparent—the hair of a
mole, or the beard, when Ιπ^ίι upon the cheek,
may a I ; be removed and eventual! ν the roots
destroyed by tiie use ol this preparation.
.\îaiiitiuA«^«vr\#ih.· offrir ZTo.'n l'roadway, Λ.
V., and for sale in this ci I v, by Ins sole a «rent,
Mr, A. S, JORDAN, 2 Mille, 1st door from
Washington street, per boule.
For removing freckles.tan,pimples, blotches,
sores,hums, and all cutaneous éruptions, real
i-ina delicate white hands, neck and arms,and
elicuniL' a healthy juvenile appearance. -SI
per bottle.
Composed materially iioni Mowers and sua· ι
pies, imparls a delicate carnation tinge to the j
cheek, immovable by perspiration or rubbing
wjth a a:\ nlkerchiefor a linen cloth. 50 cents
per l>·»*tle.
03" A «en Is for Massachusetts, Mr. M. D.
Phillips, Briidey Place, Worcester—Springfield,
F. A. Cow les, Main sireet—Lee, Bull & FieM
— Boston, A. S. Jordan, - Mi!k street —Lowell,
Messrs. G. :i. Carîeton & Co.. Oily Mail—Sa
lem, W. & !>. Ives, Booksellers —Newbury
port.Chas. M. Hodge, Druggist. Connecticut
New Haven, A. Lo.v, Cnapel si reel—Hartford, j
Wells Co. 17*j Maii: am! *2Su N. Main street
— Middletow:·. Κ C. Ferre—Norwich, Win.
Falkner. Ne.v Hampshire; Portsmouth, W.
R. Presîon. Maint; Portland, Γ. 11. Hayes
Co —Bangor, Whiitier 6c Guild.
For sale by CHAS. C. BSllRY,
dec 2d— I y Kw g s t ree t.
"for TiiK "Siii.νΓαλΊ) c«7\îplÏÏai· )N.
rj>U iieai Harsh, Rough, and Chapped Skin, .
A. and render it beaotilullv soft, Dr. Felix
Gouraud'sKAU L>£ BEAUTE possesses pro
properties of surprising energy, in producing
delicate white neck, hands and arms, and
protecting them from the soiar heat, lis
soothing and ameliorating properties immedi
ately allay ihe smarting irritaiion of thtf skin
produced by the sting of musquitoes, ·>r other |
causes, assuages inflammation, removes cuta · *
neons eruptions, pimples, blotches, tan and red·
nes.% by its dilating properties it stops the for
mation o| wrinkles, and banishes them when I
present, and elicits a beautiful juvenile appear- j
I (UlUtr. i U l>e IIÛU 111» U'Htrrc CISCIII *KCVV χ «II TV
foul at G7 Walker street. I door from the cor
ner of Broadway. SI per bottle.
CAUTION.—See that 'Eaude Beauté, fab
rique par Or Felix Gouraud, New York,' is
blown in the lour sides of each holtie.
Beware of spurious imitations of tins cele
brated cosmetic, of the mostdeleteriouschar
! acter, containing mineral astringents utterly
ruin »us to trie complexion, and by their re
pellant action endangering health.
VEGETABLE ROGUE is composed materi
ally irom flowers and simples, an article
which, from its perfect assimilation with the
skin, and its correctness and permanency of
tint, gives to the countenance a bloom impos
sible, on the closest inspection, to detect from
nature; and is warranted free from any min
I era I substance ami immoveable by perspira
j lion, or rubbing with a handkerchief. 5U cents
' - - L - - ! Il » a
R_. tehx Gouraud'? Depilatory Powders
for uprooting Superfluous Hair without
injury to (he Skin. The following testimonials
from the New York press wiil recommend this
mvalnahie article:
•We have seen lested Dr. Gouraud'j De;>ii
|a:ory Powder; ami confidently recommend
the article to individuals annoyed with suj>er
fluous hair, which, by its use, u entirely re- j
moved in a short lime, leaviiug Hie skin, after
washing the part, perfectly white and smooth,
freed from the slightest irritation/—Ν. Y.
Evening Star.
We cheerfully recommend Pr. Gourand's
Depilatory Powders to all tormented with su
perfluous hair. Lathes with hairy lips, and
pale laced young gentlemen witl more down
on the : r laces than is wished, will find it an j
invaluable article. We h ive seen it tesfed, ·
and therefore speik bv the card.—Daiiy Ne ws, j
For sale only in Boston ty the appointed
agent, Λ. S. Jordan, No. 2, Mills street, at si
rȍr bottle. For sale b>
uer boiiie. For sale bv
» ■»
dec 20—I y
King street.
dec 20— I y
Let the reader remember tnat inejouowtnz
remedies can be had only of the Jigent,
Agent for ihe proprietors,
3 doors above the Marshall House,Kingstreet.
For Consumption and Liver Complaint,
Coughs, Colds, Asthma, Diihculiy of Breath
ing, Pains in the side or Breast, Spitting 01
Blood, Catarrhs, Palpitation of the Heart,
Oppression and Soreness of the Chest, Pleu
risy, Whooping Cough, Hectic Fever, Night
Sweats, Difficult or Profuse Expectoration,
and all other Affections of the Chest, Lungs,
and Liver.
This Medicine is for sale by the soie Pro
prietor, at 375 Bowery, between Fourth and
Fifth streeets, Ν. Y., Geo. Taylor, M. D.
, For sale by J. HARVEY MONROE,
Druggist, Alexandria, u. C.
Liverwort, even in the common way of pre- I
pa ration, is universally known as the best ar
ticle for diseases of the Lungs, ever discover- 1
ed ; and it is obvious that a highly concentra
ted preparation, securing the whole virtue of
this inestimable nerb, must be invaluable.—
Moreover, this medicine contains the medical ;
properties of the Bogie weed. Lungwort. Fe- ;
ver Root, and many other roots and herbs.— ι
It is also warranted not to contain any mer
cury, mineral, or mineral preparation; anil
$1000 reward v/il! be given any person who
will prove tins medicine to contain minerals
of any kind. Such has been trie success of
this Balsam, that it is warranted incapableof
producing, in any instance, injurious effects.—
Within me last few years the calls lor litis
! sovereign remedy have been immense, beyond
precedent; and its reputation sustained from
! Maine to Texas; thus proving tlie conlidence
bestowed upon a simple medical preparation,
purely vegetable, and the truly astonishing ef
fect attending its use. Physicians too, fiom a
j conviction of ils mildness, safely and success,
employ it in their practice, recommend it to
their patients, and esteem tins medicine safe
j and invaluable ; particularly as it does not in
j terfere with any other medicine patients may
I be taking at the same time, nor restrict them
tO'HÎV ptfCUi 1U Γ! ι y iiiti, ν<Ίΐ·ι..«,...—
tnus enanling persons to receive the full bene
fit of this medicine, and follow at the same
time, il'they wish, theadvioe of their physician.
To persons ol disordered nervous systems,
or those who are unable to rest wei! al night,
this medicine is most emphatically recom
mended. The inestimable value of this cele
brated medicine lias been rigntly tested, and
ι* 1 » ••tin#* Th» Krunriflor lsdutiv
Il'UiiU Ul/V "uiimiji - - , .
receiving tlie most Hatteri*1^ accounts ol its
success; and it is truly gratifying to say this
is emphatically the medicine ol the PEOPLE!
It is used by the Medical Faculty, supported
by the Clergy, advocated by the whole New
Vork Press, and is in the house ol most ol our
From lite hundreds of certificates of its
wonderful cures, the "dgenl" selects only two;
the perusal of which, may induce the sufferer
ι to purchase the remedy, and snatchy perhaps,
! another victim from the yawning grave:
New York, Jan. 2, IS39.
Dear Sir—I feel unequivocal pleasure in the
opportunity now offered me o! expressing my
approbatory opinion ol* your Balsam of Liver
wort, and the success I have ever obtained
from its administration. I have used your
medicine in upwards of sixty rases, compri
sing all stages of disease, from incipient Cold
and Cough, to advanced Phthisis, and have
invariably found immediate relief. I recom
mend it cheerfullv in all cases where the Chest
: and Lungs are effected, particularly in Con·
! sumption, with Scrofulous Diath^si*. For
; Chronic Cough, Pain in the Chest, Spitting of
! Blood, &c., 1 have no hesitation in pronoun
! cing your Vegetable Medicine unrivalled.
vVitli respect, your obed er11 servant,
ivjemoeroi trie uoîfege ôiâufgeons^diVburgh.
Although Dr. Taylor's Balsam of Liver
wort has found hundreds of advocates and
has produced so large a number of testi
monials in its favor, I cannot withhold my
small meed of praise. Being predisposed to
Consumption, both from peculiar formation
anu hereditary transmission, 1 tried every
means to check this disease, and strengthen a
naturally weak constitution, i spent two
years at Pisa, one in Ron e, two in Florence,
and another in the south of France, seeking,
meantime, the advice of the tiest physicians, j
Two years since I returned to Uns country, in
about the same situation as when 1 left it. I j
had seen, in the reading rooms in Europe,
much said in favor of Dr. Taylor's Balsam of
Liverwort, and as soon as I arrived in this
city, I used it, and in three months i was so
well I concluded 1 could safely pass the
winter here, and did so. I have used an oc
casional bottle now and then daring the time,
but am now in as good health as is possible.
My cough Itas wholly ceased, and my lungs
have every feeling of health.
Western Hotel, Cour»land st., Ν. Y.
D.iUey's Magical Pain-Extracting Burn Oint
Composed from 30 compounds, containing,
in the highest forms, the six paramount, be
sides may minor virtues, most important to
soothing, healing· and perfect cure—
Is the only certain, soothing, prompt Burn
Specific in the world.—
Also rapidly cures ambiguous, longstand
ing and inactive sores, swellings, deep bruises
i and inflammation, leion, lever sore, wniieswei
i line.cut, frosted pan, sore eyes, mumps»chafe,
• tender feet, chap, sore throat, broken breast
prevented and healed, slab, tu le. gun-shot
wound, chilblain, cutaneousdisease, er5sipelas
I—indeed all kinds of sores incident toman;
and invaluable to draw blisters ; sooths,
! draws, and heals, and it in a few days re
moves the red api>earaiice ever produced so
long by blistering.
The names attached to Mr. Dadey's certi
ficate are mostly gentlemen well known to
me to tie highly respectab.e and men of vera
city, and their statement would have weight
with me. J. L. il AT H BONE, Mayor.
Albany, Dec. *2, 1810.
LIVES there a bem? who considers not the
invention a blessing that promotes ease
and destroys pain. It has been well and truly !
observed, that "he who make·? two blades of!
gras3 grow where but one grew before, is a
real benefactor to hiscountry." Can anyeu
logv, therefore, be too high for tfnt man, who (
with the blessing of God, is enabled,constant
ly to rescue his fellow creatures from suffer
ing, iinpotency and an untimely grave. Like i
magic, such results follow the application of
Dalley's Magical Pain Extractor on all kinds
of hurts, though we give onlv one item of its
promptness below. I
Steamboat Swifslure, Albany, Oct. 27,1510.
Mr. Dally—We, the undersigned suflerers,
Qiangled by the explosion of the boiler of the
! steamboat Swiftsure, certify, after twenty
ί hours of pain, from dreadfully burnt, scalded
and bruised parts, were anointed with your
Magical Pain Extractor, which gave u* im
I mediate ease and allayed the swellings. We
consider it the best article rn the known
world for such afflictions, and ail may be as- <
surer! they will be easy at once on application, f
without any additional pain being produced, r
and healed promptly without scar. \
Yhoma< Havens. Nicholas Davis. *
V:ifpç * *hn Kearnet1
• retftimony of toe Cr\f,::»;n, Crew, ccc..^ loi- .1
.ows, as may be seen on circulars whicii may '
he had gratis at the Ageiv's sore.
Every family should keep tow» remedy, as it I
may be when they east expect i\
je 24—
Λ RE daily effecting some of the^ most as
Λ* toaishing and wonderful CURES thatev
er have been known—in consequence ot which
they have now become a shining mark against
which all the arrows of disappointed hope, en
vy and uncharitabieness are levelled without
distinction. The town and country are alike
filled with their praise. The palace and poor
house alike echo with* their vjrtues. In all
climates, under all temperatures, they still re
tain their wonderful powers, and exert them,
unattended by age or situation. They are
simple in their preparation, mild in their action,
thoroughin their operation, and unrivalled in
their results.
Are Anti-Bilious, Anti-Dyspeptic and Anti
Mercurial, and may justly be considered a Um
vtrsar. Medicim:: but they are peculiarly bé
néficia! in the following complaints,—Yellow
and Giiious Fevers, Fever and Ague, Dyspep
sia,Croup, Liver Complaints, Svk I lead-ach*%
Jaundice, Asthma, Dropsy, Rheumatism, En
largement of the Spleen, Files,Cholic, Female
Obstructions, Heart burn, Furred Tongue, Nau
sea, Distension of the stomach and Bowels,
incipient Diarrhoea, Flatulence Habitual Cos
tiveness. Loss of Appetite, Blotched orsn;iow
Complexion,and in all cases of I'ornor of the
Bowels, where a Cathartic or an Aperient is
needed. T4iey are exceedingly mild in their
operation.producing neither nausea, griping.
not debility.
ii'^PForsale by all the Drugsri0^ in Alex
andria, Washington.and Georgetown.
july "2S — 1 y
rpll£ following letter from the Rev. J. W.
JL Sawyer, of Shaftsbury, Vermont, in con
firmation o! trie virtues of Dr. Jayne's I Lair To
nic is from so good a source, and so strong a
vuueher tor the article, that we give it to our
readers. 1! any of them are similar.)· afflicted,
they will thank us lor the information, as none
are disposed to consider baldness an addition
to personal beauty. Where a remedy is real
ly good, i* should be universally known, while
all quacKerv should meet a prompt exposire.
eS. E. Post,
ShaftsDury, Bennington Co. Vt. £
Aug. un, i^u. )
Du D. Ja\.ne:—Dkau ^ικ.—Learning
through the medium of tee newspapers the
elFcacy nl* your ΙΙΛΙΙΙ I'UNICJ, and being ac
rnontiu/i u-iiii siimf of those recommending it,
town: Rev. C.C. Park, Ilev. Dr. Babcock.
at:d Rev. L. Fletcher, ami when in New YorK
'ast spring, 1 purchased two bottles, with a
view to make the experiment. 1 have been
(juice bait! lor about lour years, and obhged.to
wear a wig. Indeed, it is constitutional with
my family to De bald m early lite. I confess,
I haa nut little confidence m the attempt, ha
ving been so hald, arm near 4tî yeaiso! age,
ana uiat partol my head destitute of ban
exceedingly smooth. L however, commenced
agreeably to your directions, ami used one
bottle laithiuiiv, and wills very little effect
Dut belore I had used the second bottle, a
very fine luzzy hair became perceptible, which
continued togruw, and now having u*ed the
third bottle,! have had three cuttings perior
iced,and tne prospect is very flattering, thai
[ s ha 1 again lie blessed with a line head o!
hair ornamental and useful. Iam extremeh
gratified with the prospect, and from observa·
tions made, many ol my friends, and acquain
tance.*, who have herertolore regarded "tin
preparation as deceptive, and only a catcl
penny concern, are now well satisfied that il
is** I'rutίι—No Fiction.'' J. W. LAWYKR.
Prepared only by Dr D. Jay ne, No. *20 fcoutli
Third Street, Philadelphia. Price δ I.
Messrs. Win. Stabler, and Co. are my a
^ents in Alexandria lor the sale oi the above
srf'r» Ρ Π ΓΛ VλJi.
έΙΓρίϋ—ι y
DOES any know a neighbor or a friend win.
has been Bald, and whose head is now
covered with fine hair? 0»:e wiiose coat col
lar was covered with dandruff, though brush
ed every i»«>»ii — w hich has now vanished en
tirely? Or one wiiose ha rsat early age were
turning grey, who now has not a grey hair?—
Children whose fieads were covered with
[scruf,— whose hair would not grow, that are
now growing the fullest crops of hair? Some
ca^es must be known to most persons. Ask
them the cause, and you wili fie told, these
things have beendone bv the use of the BALM
OF COLUMBIA. Of *20 years growth is this
article, its demand increasing annually some
hundred i/er cent.—though when discovered
not opposeu by any tiling for the same purpose
now assailed by almost numberless mushroom
trash preparations that will ruin the hair it ns
ed to any extent. Can more than these facts
be wanted—reler to the recommendations by
a list of names of respectability, unequalled
by any oilier article. Look to these things—
buy this article. Stay and preserve υοιιγ hair
by its use, or if bald restore it. Ladies, at
tend to t h ; s—hundreds in fashionable life are
using it as the toilet. Long hair is very apt to
fallout. Ladies, use the Balm of Columbia
in time to save yourselves t fie disgrace of bald
ness by neglect of your persons.
It is your duty, as moralists to presei ve the
beauties of nature, with which a bountiful
Creator has endowed you—use the Balm, t'or it
will do it.
—Several most flagrant attempts ha ve been
made to counterfeit the true Balm of Colum
bia. Some of the impostors have gone so far
as ϊϋ counterfeit (he splendid wrappers, and
the Falls of.N'iagara, and every external mar;:
except the name of Coinstock, which they
dare not forge.
To avoid impositions therefore, a!wavs fook
for the name of Coinstock & ( or L. s. Com·
stock, and never buy the article unless it has
that name υρι;η't.
Sold Wholesale and Retail, only at No. 2
Fletcher street, X. Y.
Frori the Hoston Chronicle, Jan. T'>.
t. We see h y an advertisement in another
column that Messrs. Coinstock and Co., die
authorized Agents for <>idridge'<s balm of Co
lumbia, have deputies to sell that article βιη
Boston and elsewhere.—We know a lady of
this city whose hair was so nearly pone as to
?χ pose entirely her phrenological develp
ments, which, considering that they betoken
?d a most amiab.e disposition, wis not in real
ity very unfortunate. Nevertheless she mourn
ed the loss of locks that she had worn, and,
ifter a year's fruitless resort to miscalled res
toratives, purchased, some months ago, a hot
lie or two of Oldrid^e's IJalm, and she has now
ringlets in rich profusion, glossy, and of paver.
blacKness. We are not puffing—none of the ι
%oramo litv has been sent to u«, and, indeed,
we do not want any, tor though we 'were
obliged to wear a wig a year nuo, we have
now, through its virtue, hair enough,and of a
passable quality, of our own.
Darin? Fraud. The Halm of Columbia has
been imitated by a notorious counterfeiter. Let
t never be purchased or i».«pd unless it hare
the name of L. S. COM S Γθ( Κ, or t fie signa
ture of COM STOCK & Co. on ζ splendid I
wrapper. This is theonly external test that I
mil secure the public from deception. I
Address COMSTOCK k C O.
Wholesale Dnisirists, New-York* I
iTo. 2 Fleicher-street.
COLONEL SEA VER, Postmastei at Baia- j
na, is knowing to the fact, that Dr. Bingham,
if Gennessee county a^ed over TO, and for j
nore than 17 years very bald, has had his
\η]τ fully restored by xhe use of one bottle of
hp Balm ofColumbia from COMSTOCK 5: CO.
For sa-e bv J. f. Savrc, Win. ïfarper, ¥«
. H. Monroe, Alexandria! Jec I— M
\ v!PVANT wortinn, .>f £· od ci,ara«%ïrr j
• ?he must he a pooo wasj er, irrrer, nnd j
earnstress, App. ν at this otrîr» «epf>t ?
J Λ 1 IN fc'a 1Λ L ! ; ;· i .> i i ν ^ \ V
J S i i i.4». (JcCit. ι 1 it jtlio
ϋ to λ » / ν ο tht I i: lv ι. ctn.fcirtiii ι <.t Vtc
cine,C.·:·ν *»i. >·, ·. « Iw:ϊ>ί.Γ;I;t l l.i ) Λ » littt.!»
ticrij^S. ί·. C.» liU·! Γ ι i I *■1 > t · ι
i/ line blij Ο » j i'Li '·) ι \ \ ι ^ ι t J ^11
ÎHid W OÎiti î.lcufct.ul.k. -i,»,,,!! κ t tf
the Puiii.o:.Lî> ·. »»·>» ?
Thkfc RifcdlCkLl ' ·*» '<t4· iC(C-D)
irei.Ctii, L) r.ur».cr«;.i i t>; » tu Lit ilcW
dua»s,vbo ι fcve i'cui.o rtisLiin κ r.tist . k»ï
12y who L?iVt bee·· of e t ι *»tf<iticua
Cctlghl ϋΓ,ίί [.hiKM I* l! t Dlt^· Μ ι i 1\ I fc/ieir
supposed b> tl t rc.se hers trti ti t : : f ;; c ict i; r
advanced in cor.turc ρ tien, hb\t t<*· lt[jily
! ieitcitii tc j el**C thtbHh t) i! t ν ; » Ol th'
l tSltHk'M Jj-λ] t'C·
Perfentisccnrλ; untie r cl icru ο ι et run ρ·
tive cci uiiilind t* r 11.1 *ù\Μ.ι»·ρ fre®
csn>ir.», fts;r.tî:r.fu«.til\ ui the ir.titï. *>pc·
tr.r;- i : t vv it t tr.tir, * ii!«t *''*■ reii.c, te U t :t ι a·
fiO L> il V t'C b i î(> ?■ t · -I'd tbifcll·^ h 11 <C Γ j L } t (·
j cat;'. ι bli) . ï i Ci· CCI ç b h th Lt utrct i^v f< It
bocî ti.t y t !fc h : t d te esf.cctcifete ¥i h
i Hit gîeâietî, and i;,e irriUtirp η ttttr
ί tt ti: te lenc.cdfcnc a pim.
| ne m cor* ciic cu<·. I 11 the titiic Λ υ trj it.
i cr.k b\ 1 : l/. Jb) re,ofêaltir., N.
! .*crs»t > ,ai:û ;ior"c » s gt:r.«i:.e u iîhcut hit m rit
îtf-r attire t( tte Isbw! ce tfce cetside ο
! Ltoclti*.
csltji i ;it>p »
he:i b · certify il»f . ν ts ccrc d of t vicier t
ι · m
L'A i h hoi paii. ii. Oie b} usir.g Dcctcr
! Jbyiic'i rr.jnJcizin Mtclxii c. kr> viietUo
î v/lj .i:! ν i\\ v. b^d coi ch br.d pair.in the
j brc*!»t. a'tei.dtd w s t J> « ο π uch dift cully cf
: brefe-.t/:r;· t? le \ rtvei.l i.ntrtn getting any
! s : t c j fi/i b tiisr* bc î cî ;;if j *fi η seccessicn ;bet
i L»y irî|: U"c dose.4 oi tl.is nedicir.e bhe vu
'er.ibUû to s!ci j'· s1 i t- ·. : \ t;m:it tt.e riflt
! slid in h fev. cî ï.(îs î >; j * t ? u.'t »t t
«r s }· r· t rie c i i ' r^ï/i u ·. J - ; ( r !· π r. ï u ι τ · y
Hniicocfc. 't r.r κ } ■%> ,N . J . b t \ t. L< ,1
π ) «t t ν t : coi f f ce te r.« r te ά.
b) b ditttetMi j; Ci t> i- a!:ci î r. ! ci t tttM·
î:;;., -iCc- lier cci t h L;.ri: >it. i.c ι et s ne
• *
ni;.· lit &:;d i:t r ciii cu!t} cî IrcHJ vû si
^re'u'. that bi e u:;( Urnn.t
db \ S iiv} I » ! y ι ■ V ï t (. i. * i t I ·■* »v.l. ί i 'ι I II ♦ C? ι ·
cii:e> h!;» t >;{ l· j t i rt C. \ ? te cf t->sC!\ife
to her, ct.tr Jvm t îi \ strA 1 t r b tel.
lit- ο î ί nciif.: K? ptttoi sïii ν \ t i ftcrjii c ( η !
peteh reiîtrrto i^er to iieblth 51-·- ιΐιrr.!\ l e·
ht\t 111 11* t bca n;tcicii t e.^i discotitd.
1 LLlA.Mî Σ'π I M ?,
I: i.cccfc \-Γπνί£< . Ν. J. Ncv.£l, 8.ît.
.fr< π J. If Sr. itι.,Κϊΰ Ivroc.L!;. r, Î ,
^ iit Cv ι tii ν U:t.t the *Lct« ν ι- : ι trie ne
hafe bt tn I'.stti ι» r > Ni» i!> vrl-^rcit
r» «j;t fi ΰ f» t ft i n.r tai c c a J. Ii. ηι4
lit χ,Μ * ·*- r, J ^ c « 11 ^ ·
; V Γ')ίτ. ht -* v. C· 'J Γ. Cr^by, îatc sjrer· ο
t!ie Λ irt r:Cht Hej t;«?.
i c>i":r 13. Ji> y t le at £:r; It.av < rr 11 . ft
oithc îii'Jikix H>-ï ecU.jj.r.t, \ t rter «;St\ ι s · in
; ιΓί V ία ΓΓ.Μ } » υ Γ 1 ! » t h: 1· t i i 2 V ί SU t v. ill μ κ » I · C ·
ieiit. lîî^ecô I π f\ cc.mcj i γ» \ lilt ; r<
tu b^ tir liFfc i. î t'.if Valuable η cricii c, · reef
the blestin^ ot<-od, fers*\e:2l )em. î η fy
sa> aln osiKb π uch in the c*se ui π > vii( aril
; also ci tî.e ht ν . V.r lu.n π c ! the 1*1»; *i cf Jt·
m κι c a. F ο a!î casti < i ccl'£ !·, infign trtlie r
ο I tl.ecl e^-t, un^s arc threat, I do η on ui te·
aitc tir g !> ret< π i: t rc* tbita^ the tf ftrr ec3ic"n c
i Clive ever tried. *.?> esrrcst ui:.!. is t ! 2» I 0
iiit r*aîî icted ^ I have bet η, my esp crieree
! the ssiTii relief, which I an. ρ c 1 î- t; a d c ci t h c %
; ii iii b> liai: f the Indian Kxpe cit iirt
C. C. I1. (. nos β τ
*v P. ♦'tr,' o^rr} ne igbbcr?, f η η) rt-ccrr.
! rrtuda'.on, h-* t tr>cc tliifc rr.edic'i t v*itl i n
ι fort:: si CCt-tfr. Ν. York June 15. 1 £35»
I Fi'.u. i\L\ j ν ntut.» 1 tûi ^ , l>. Lv. KJito
j'tltt* American Baptist (
ί na\«us<:d t!: c above medicine uith suc
et*; foi a coiigl. and hoi.rstnt.-5.
. Ν York, Dec a^35, Jokatjo*· Goive*?
Cocl .!<. j»:;, ι ς- Lt hi sir : I i*i<111; r h lorg
Cime a'· ic'. ( ν ill. a vu;ie ni c< u^ i. ane: cift.cui·
i ty ο ί hrt alhir ^ , a 11 c π de d u » 11. v. e:akreÎihPd
paw inn.ybrtatt, hut l î.ve b( m reste rtcî te
f. 11 it r 1 iîc a!» i- b ν u.su.}r uiu t(.llU η t *. € t r f r J
dibn ha}.* en ru t, îib\t beer iui jccttu »
C^Lgh hi il pan ir.n \ b:ca(tfct Hear tuent)
' yi>rs,H! d i:a» ; i(.rr<.'itr L it : tt j ht t 111 f:t ri·
t..·: rr.t dicii e li : t« i:< rr» an* ( il c r. r< η air %
i ; Sira* liiiL/rx.r
i ii.'c'-.
y.'n.\ ir.r r< cor*:t·.cs't : rri^l t he s-.îdec but
• lit ubei e i : 1 ct>! »:c< ! f dsnfi eu nt.
W <1. t* il , J . Λ ί il I i lint 11 . J A \ Ν l· f
i ». » Sil.t i; αΛι l.tfr 11. rc»l^'1 C.l.t \\ | Ll-IttlJ
:s « ο t ν î : ; i. >. t tr t \ t· ί c J s \ ι t ( : r π ι ·
r.. t, V : {· j. : Γί ,i. ; PtwriCin; Ifc i i t * 1 Jurt'i
1 (m ·( \ » rrr il» y f. (<,r V» (-rr. L·. 1 tw r 11 (i / yt:e
; ; \ · [. * j s : t . ^·( 1.1 :· 11 η c i., c
A ·/,-!. k for Λ i :: .
1st r.r. \\ \J. S » A ÎM t
^ ι 1 A ϋΙ»!;ί< A , UYâKVl AU Y, uni;&Π of Γ.Γr
' il * d t range ρ » ι,· ι >.} ι tf><- S ter. a c i t Kiid Ho* *
L · " , ï i. i 1 ( ι ( / , ; \ Cilft t' ! ' Il J A y '< Κ ' h {.Λ h
*· \ λ Α Τ I ♦ ï j ; i F. V. ,V ·
I r. i? Jav κ—Ιϊ'ί'Γ >:r,- l'a vit.; r, &oi nue
ί of ·. ci:r ijar;. ii.kt \ r ρ π ·: \ J; η ι:ν t tnci
j 6:;ο.*:ι: 11 to ne idn.ir«hh iiia; ifd t» ·}< et π ·
j p.a;:. 'i . t ! ν l.ir h it ι.» ι jii< ι » t o, I t j» Κ t f Se ^ m. ri
j r? rte m iv. r:din*r Π t ο M.e t m ol η ) f ι κ 11 t
| ai.o th;. pi.r,·,c i[* i<t tilU , btf.cvii^ t.*<H ul.o
tu "i: :( 11 ο ν· i: ï; η \ of t ; «·>> t c. π j lut t s r. i!
, ' * : » t i ί ·ι s» t "It! r« v:t'i »ί '< ft ( <it ιι c
in M r :î : > ( 'ci > r., V . J ,,
* r 1 ' ( »r» r\ »il!f (,ol!< 11 # ί I i «
!ù-a \ < r?f JL, 1 > ; 7'
·, i : ί : m c ι. ii a: 11 27(1,1 '
ί r. J j * r ι. — 1 ι h ♦ i* iV ο t: α * t π t \» I * t
ρ. oc : · 1 i; ·. c. » v. i · î < f 11 t r if c fc c \ ο ί \ ( l f π t ·
• » 90
dietre. Ir>r* 't h sa\ tî ?■ t ! roet [ re*rr l·
ed a π e r: ici e fr » M » · wt î C* π ρ * ir f f t h s t h
pi* t .t :τ ι λ c· tf ne; s'tibtscticn, f>nd η } petit r f ·
so si U 0 ; :*»#d ftlicc'ltlci r. h t Jii*. M |,t I |
ver ι r. I » c < : ι c « c i:.u a f r.'ii), it beetnta
ε i t- r η: c ·: f rr t ( : ·. » < ι ( lu ^ < ailnfrt.«,ai(ji»CfcI
ed ior ajfiiin ar»«iM^ain, uhic!» I tl.ît k apreft
ρί.ί r\ pro « r: f r f s * fficscv arci iisefiilrets ; i:
the ·ι rr?r< r <,on plaint of chi'rirei iti kiire
fjiicn' ' ' *p[ t.irtd to snatch the I : i 11 « vie tin t e
if w t τ* , t ' e μ; ra\ e. 11 su\ r (' ν he life ο
rr ν c! » ί» r i' c', stjcl: and ;uct> a cl i!d. I
hr-v< rep^bîerï!\ |,ei»r<! said : Ι;ι d> >?ertcric tf|
icct'i r ί of ?. < 111 ! · t, I I e f · nre ί nd apt :n f* r t
itact l;!;e u cf;arm, urid ^ ivt \ ern't rert rclif<
in ί feν ϊ:<;ι;ΐ> — I ir-j; ^.rvir. a few nrirntff.·»
0 J
ïr. f re it is a va?ui« t; 1^- η ^c'ic · η#-, and r ο ft η I
IvphcuM be withcuiit. .t,
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