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y—-*'’”**7*7*— **—•—* fciu'
Hp.A^rsfcT »«suls
y' .New You our *%jv. BRANDRE1
r > haye&eet tbt 1 among many o
# and iS oaf awn family vve nave
a nearly h hit years when tre require
meffacinc; intiutl period, ao Doctor save . -
8ni*}fet»! his crossed ourthrejmo.u, :l 1 ()
Xera;i|j£ besides the Doctor’s Fh!Is use< . '
heli€iis k#ep v uir boweisand bloouPl ‘^ j; _
everv kino of d isc »se will he Pre\f' ^I\V ti,*n
ed. ■■riieRrahnlreiliPilUaretMnniM.- > ^• »
luted tadothKrml thereby imh lue^i tot
mim o{ ho nan miserv, p
T!ir» V York Kv«m:iS M.ir aian
'iretifs Fillsare a medicine wiuen toetr own
‘nfnse worth wdi always secure tor mem a
Sand ready sale.-They have deservedly a
airh reputation; ami as a hi mil v aiidanti-bim
ti is reined v il would be ditlic.ult to equal them
i:iv>i;4 ill the pw^teai medicinesoithe present
The New Yoi a Commercial suys: They re
move at morbid humors and purify trie hloon.
To the whole family of Man,—"NV e leel both
pleasure and satisfaction in recommcm.mg to
all our readers, Brandretn’s Vegetable PiHs,as
the most certain, most safe, and invaluable
medicine extant. A* antihdmus and aperient
Pills, we are perfectly convinced tney tana
Mr a Dove all others; as a certain cure in ad
oases of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
erysipelas,and all affections;'.! the sain, drop
m/ astlura,stone,gravel,piles, anulumbago,
fchev will be hiumlinvcduaMe.— London * ivies,
John i t. Cir.! is tin? only Agent in Alexa >
,tuu. tor thesa^e ot I>rn.:i itrtth's This.
BT.iinioie O'.Iice, corner olLiaht & MercciSl.
U. *v, U l* L1 j.’,
may a i-Biu • «leneru-l Agent.
satwapakiua or; r-L-oon riLL*?.
yin i rtn\"rS stars ! pat 1 da Fu.s hate Jar
Ulbrm’ei «>a»v very astonishing cures hi
£e foll-.»vvir.2 disease* nil of wh.cn are more
.»r less dependant upon the conation pi Hu
f, | an i fluids of the b un in ho ly. fin'sl-V
i• iv , * v i .r til' stomach. and embracing the
train of Elections resulting there Iron., name
lv —Rheumatic affections; General Dehiut>,
u ceroos sores, scurvy, tvnite swellings, dis
eases of the liver and skin, jc-i'y eruptions
peoples an 1 pustules of the face, blotches of
the skin, teuer. rash »r prickleheat, p.a.s,
scrofula, diseases ol the hones, pain o the
side, back and spine, coivstitiitmua. discuses.
&c ik.ii. l-’rom impurity »»! toe biood and
Fluids of the ho.lv, ittraiigenjent of t.iebtmn
«ch takes Place; atttl these 1 iU arc equally
serviceable in diseases resu.tu.4 tne.eiron
via: b nvel c nnplaiu’.s, dysentery, cooler,
morbus cramps of toe stomach, indigestion,
want of appetite. costive..C'S, bendat ht,
heartburn, hundicc. liver complaint, stomuc.i
cou»os. > :ur eruditions and ien.it.es o t..c
stomach, waterbrasb, inwar,. levers, bull
breath, bad taste in ibe month, liHii,enc\, sick
ness and pirn of the stomacn and bowels
shortness ol breath, ice. An-o. y>r
oHeciions, such as swellings <1 tut g.am.i
the neck under .he arms, in the groins, along
the spine, swelling nt the measts, bcc. ate
The unparalleled success tub. wniv.i
aids have met. have induced unprincipled in
dividuals to practie, m pusitrou cup >n toe P’i
lie. bv preparing Fills an t vending twin un
der the name o! Saisapar.lia, \ egetaf.e <>,
Blood Fills, which are an entirely nillerenl ai •
tirte. TJw* centime luiis ?»rt* out ti;> in siimu
s,a,ire boxes, around which is a ye.loiv anil
hla -k I F>l-‘ containing on ihe sides the signn
tn-• of ;)r. N 11. ! .en!v, sole proprietor and
discoverer of the Blood Pill*. !<» counH'ilei.
..vhicli will he punishable as lorgery..
Tin* genuine article may he p nil.aw
Il.tr single box. do/.en or amA “ _ f
. . iivvp V < A H )K >. Kmg sx
o Viwyiiwri*“ ‘
i .n concentrated fluid extract of
1) Sarsaparilla, .‘..onioned with other vege
4 ihle extracts which ree fers it a medicine of
great uliSit y in the cure ot ad di-eases arising
from impurities ol the blood — lr<>ru indiscre
tions and impru iencies o! vouth, and consti
tutional diseases lorme ) or produced hy the in*
in Itciou< use of iiu-rcurv, arsenic, hark or qui
nine. It is an lav’ iiu »h;e remed v lot all ilht»u
malic A flections Heuer. 1 Fetidly, Ulcerous
Sores, White Swellings, diseases oi m■■* Liver
and Skit?, ^ icmated S*>re l hroaf, * leers of
ihe N n?, »'aries, or d ;.‘eases ol the Pones,
.Scroliil i. or King's Evil, Erv-b Has, or St.
Anthony* fire, and all the uupteisaat and
danger O'is alien r> s consequent on Syphilis,
Lues. Veneie ?l, N.C.. &<\ As a general ; uri
lier ol triejbh-ndut all trues, and particularly
in the spring and t ill, there c.;a be i>o tucili
riiie more effectual.
As a medicine caleu ated to soothe and
nourish the system, alter having been under
medical tieilmeutlor any particular disease,
there can be nothing more adapted, restoring
lhe natural vigani of ihe sys’em and allaying
the debilitated and nervous condition of die
system so common alter sickness.
As a medicine lor its remedial virtues in all
ihe abov»* mentioned d.-eases and adecti >us,
there is no preparation more. elHcacious; and
s warranted ton -se..s al! the b >a$fe ! virtues |
contained to the PAN 'JJiaAS, (J.YTiiOLl
CONS, FK Vtt AC 1’S, :<c From a discovery ■
made by the Proprietors, lbe:e !' l combma- |
turn of cert: in vegetable extracts, with liie
Sarsaparil’a, (dial adds greatly l > its virtues.) ,
found in this medicine. wn ch jnsliiies the j
tVoprielora in pronouncing il paramount lo
oilier preparations. i
This preparation will be lot*, id highly ser*;
vicecble during the su nnier season, as.a pre
ventive ol liiose uuplea*'.*of and dtsngreeutde
sensations so common lo hkidv during warm
weather, namely Faintness, Giddiness, Op
pressive Fee.tug about the region ol the Heart,
and on She 1'reasf, Pimnessol Vision, :gc. cs.c.
It forms a delightful an 1 wholesome beverage,
by adding i table spoonful to a p a>s o| Iresit
spring or ice w iter, siniu.ir to the celebniiei i
Lisbon diet drink; and with a sm iii quantity j
of sugar or simple syrup, Lrms the iSirsapa- ,
rill a me id, possessing, uo'vevtr, in addition, i
medicinal virtu s conducive to hcaiih, ami
particularly adapted lo invalids. For travel- j
ling persons ii is a repasue »d great import j
_. - t . I »n I 1 1 11
M r i net* v i per »«» «»*• iiju. wn » tr- »
sale and retail, at HENUA t'UOK'S
mh iHf Drug Store.
Vr;: IEfACfcE C )tilI SYRUP.
17*011 Coughs* CoiJs, WiionptugCoiuh, Pair
and Soreness in the Breast, Influenza.
Consumption, i Coarseness, Dilhcuil Breathing. <
,d Disease3ot the Breast,ami Lamars «ener* .
t. y. % ’ *
In preserd- r.r tins useful remedy to the pti&v ,
tic, the proprietor wishes to state that this
corap ised of Irish moss, combined
w th such other articles a ; have been found |
•best ealeu ated to ailord relief in the above j
named 'diseases. . ;
This medicine has been used very ex’-.en* j
•iveiy a:i l trie proprietor lias not known a s.a- j
g.e instance in whi$h it has laded, m giving j
reliel iu diseases lor whiohit is reucmmi■udedf i
even hi cases approaching to consu nption,at* I
tended with bleeding al the lungs; and when j
all other remedies had failed, the roost dead* i
ed aud flattering success has attended its use. ,
Cpmm oa Cunts, which a re generally the eflect j
of obstructed perspiraiiou, wit! vie d to iism- 1
flueuce in a few hours; wheu used in Asthma. 5
Hi>afseue.ss, Wheezing aud shone.'S oi ;
breath* it gives immediate relief; m Whooping j,
Sough,it Is without a rival* it operates by j;
kiltie expectoration, and may bt given bv>th ?
to adults aud infants with perfect safety.
Prewired and sold by O J U THORPE,
Chemist and Druggist
A an for sate oy John J. Sa y rs, a iug
und \Vllliam Stabler. oc^ tf
ANEtfRO Woman* who is a good plain ‘
Coak, Washer, and lroncr,—f*»r one of
§nnd character, possessing those qualifications i
* fair £rice wBl U given Apply tt
Jt<* 30-r RUN.1 V FENDALL
m tart ww'
Cultivated at the Weathers field Seed Gar-1
den, warranted good !
ASPARAGUS, giant I MELON, Green Citron
I DWARF BEANS,ear-l Large Musk
I ly Mohawk 1 Lung Island Water
Early China and Red!Pine Apple
i |)o yellow, G weeks ONION, Early Red
Do Rob Roy j new
Refugee, or Thousand; Wethersfield Large
to-One ! Red !
; Re«i Marrow j Yellow Dutch
POLE BEANS, large! White Portugal
Lima (PARSNIP Log Smooth
Dutch casa knife, or]PARSLEY, Plain Cur
f Princess led
London Horticultural}Double Curled
Cranberry PEAS Early
BEETS. Early Blood Do Warwick
Turnip Rooted Do Frame
do Yellow do do ! Dwarf Marrowfat
i Long Blood Red i PEPPER, Long,or Ca«
White Sugar i yenne
Mangel W’urtzel .Tomato, or Squash
BROCOLL Ear. White RADD1SH, Ear.Scar
do Purple ! let
Large Purple Cape ido Salmon
CABBAGE, Ear. York; do White summer ^
1 Large York jCner*y,orScarlet i ur
Early Sugarloof ] nip
Large Drumhead White Turnip
CABBAGE, Le Dutch; Lung White
Green Globe Sairoy ^Yellow Turnip
i _ _ w-» lt-\i • ii__: .1.
harly rial nan erst-a |dicm:k oimiumi
Red Duicli for pickling RHUBARB, Ear Scar
Large Flat Dutch | let Tobolsk
Yellow Globe Savoy jSPINNAGE. Round
CAULIFLOWERS, , Leaved,or Summer
Eari\, and Large Late SALSIFY, or Vegeta
CARROT,Earl v Scar- b!e Oyster
let Horn SQUASH, Early YeL
Lon<? Orange low Bush Scollop
CRESS, Curled, or Do Bush Crook Neck
| Peppergrass Fall or Winter Crook
1 Broad Leaved Garden Neck •
CUCUMBER, Early I Bergen Summer
Frame j TURNIP, Early Hat
Short Green Prickly Dutch
; Long cio do ,Early lied l op Flat
* Do do Turkey Early Garden Slone
EGG PLANT, Purple jLarge Flat Globe
ENDIVE, or Succory,j Large Norfolk
green curled Lung White
KALE, green curled Long Haiiover.cr Tan
i, Scotch kanj
|LET PUCE, Early [Yellow Turnip, foie
, curled Silesia | Scotch or Aberdeen
' Do white Cauhage (Long Yellow French
, LETTUCE, Ice Cuss (Purple Top Ruta Baga
! Early Tennis Ball, or! Sage
i Rose [Summer Savoy
j Imperial Head or Su««i»;Siveei Marjoram
Loaf ! Thyme
tee l lead [White Mustard
j Large Royal Cabbage 15ro\V%i do
i Drum Head, or Malta; CORN, Tuscarora
j Royal Cape |w> bweet
I Fine mixed Lettuces
; The above Seeds, past received and for sale
i by ihe paper or pounti, by
mb 2b Corner of King and Wash. sts.
! do Nut!i !Do Cabbage Ho
I foie May Peas Imperial Cabbage do
. Bishops Early Dw arf Brovn Puich d*>
Prolific do .Ice Lettuce and wbite
Dwari Marrowfat do Cos do
Early double blossom Silver Skin Onion
Frame and Wethersfield Red do
Early Golden Hotspur Sugar Parsnip
1 Early yellow si.\ weeks Early Bush Squash
| Beans Vegetable marrow do
I Do China do Lima or cocoa nut do
, Brood Windsor no Round leaved Spin ith
j Sword Long Pod do Prickly do
. Green Noripariel do Salsafy
! Large white Lima do Large picking Pepper
'Early blood Turnip Water Cress Seed
I rooted Beet Early Culled Cress
Long blood red do Eariy Cauliflower
; Mangel Wurt/.el Late do
! Hue Sugar Beet Large purple cape
Early May Cabbage Broccoli
Seed Furple Egg Plant Seed
I Do York do Eaily scarlet Horn
Large York do Carrot
! Early Sugar Loaf do Long Orange do
Early Battersea do Astringham do
Late do d(> Carolina Watermelon
Flat Dutch do Nutmeg arid Citron
Large Itedrutnhead do 1 Melon
Do Bergen do Nasturtium
GmencurM Savoy do Curled Parsley Seed
Do Globe do d*» 1 White Turnip ftaddish
Red Dutch do—ior L >ng Scarlet do
picklmg Do Salmon do
Green Curled Scotch Red Turnip do
Kale—German do Yellow Summer do
Sea Kale Black Spanish do
Ariichi ke and Aspar-White do
agns seed Large lied Tomato
Early frame Cucumber Early White Dutch
Long Green do * Turnip
Small Gherkin do, for Red Top do
>k<.. I • t. ~ n...- n __
Long green Turkey do White solCelery
Early Tuscarora Corn Rose coloured do
Do golden Sioux do,White Dutch Clover
ripe in 65days Seed 1
Do Sugar Corn, best Lucerne
lor (wiling Orchard Grass
ConnVnt Held Pumpkin Mdiet
Mammoth do English Lavvn Grass
London Leek Seed
For sale by ' HENRY COOK,
mb 3—3(ii
\ FULL supply daily expected—the growth
Ljl of 1641. A small assortment on hand —
Earlv York, Early Battersea, & Early George
Uahhage SEEDS; Early Scarlet Radish; Blood
l urniu Bee»; White Solid Celery; Carrot, Bell
or Oxheart Pepper, Spirmage, Parsley, &,c.
Those persons wanting Garden Seeds, which
they may place perfect reliance on by leaving
their orders, will have them tilled up at a shor
Catalogues of the c?ifTerent varieties to be
seen at the store of
JOHN I. SAYRS, Druggist, .
mar 3—3 Kine st.
; ■ _« _ ^ ?
\ S theseasun is advancing when Summer
Bowel Complant prevails—the Subscriber
oRers hisCholera Infantum Syrup, as a sure
remedy for the prevention and cure of the
Summer Bowel Complaint in children or oth
ers, This medicine cures hv its Tonic and
Antiseptic powers, and the patient’s strength
increases with its use. 01 theadaptationofthis
remedy to this disease the experience ut the
ast five years has abundantly proven; on sate «
r.y by WM. LANPHIER, Surg. Dent. I
<1)6—d It
■U ftriciEeidlitx Powders, 3 boxes lor si.
Lee * Anuhilious Pjjls 25 cts. per Box.
fpilE Yard, attached to the Warehouse oc
3. cupied by G. 1. Thomas and Capt E. Ba*
aiiir 16—ti
A V" OIIKS of the Rev. Henry Blunt, com
V !,^le.ln 7 volumes, handsomely done
ip in cloth, in Uniform binding; price $6,00 ;
'or sale hv BELL & ENTWISLE i
mar 30 (Warrentun Times } l
A CHOICE collection of FRESH SEEPS,
which are warranted to grow, may be y
had al the Drug Store of
J. I. SAYRS, King street.
ASPARAGUS, ISkilltnau’s Fine Netted
Large Giant I Black Rock
BEANS,Taylor’s iarg-ICarolm t Water
est Windsor -Long Island W-ter
Broad Windsor Minorca, or Netted
lEarlv Paris, or Six; Cauudup
Weeks 'OKRA, Common jireen
I Early Dlgt-coiiired, orjONlON, Sijver v>kinu
(linker -PAHSLEV.
r Large White Kidney Curleil 4>r Double
Wiitienton, or Red-PARSNIP,
speckled Valentine PEAS, ^ j
! Refugee, or Thousand Early Washington, or
t to One ' i ’ Mav
POLE BEANS, Early France
Large White Lima “ Double hlos
i Red Cranberry wonted trance
I White Cranberry “ Charlton
BEETS, Early Blood Dwarf Green Marrow
Turnip Roo'ed fat
Lone Blood Red PEPPER.
CABBAGE, [Bell, or Ox-heart
Early York * PUMPKIN.
“ Yamck Connecticut Field
4‘ Geofee Lar«»e Field
“ Sugar I oaf RADISH,
44 Flat Battersea 'Early Frame
Large Late Drumhead Early Scarlet Snurt
Flat Dutch 'lop.
i ..... t r. f.» t.'i r, ♦ ti^ hppjf.-i a 111TIt 4 ft ft. for laris.
IQ v\. 4 -- »
Globe Savoy; fine cui i- SPIN NAG L,
ed green SQUASH,
Large Cape Savoy, or Summer Rush
Drumhead : Vegetable marrow; ex
CARROTS, tra small,delicious,
Large Grange Cocoa Nut or Lima, tor
CELEU Y, White Solid, lail and u inter;
CUCUMRERS keepstdl February;
Early Frame excellent f;*r pies.
Long Green Prickly Canada Crook Neck,
EGG PLANT, for (all and winter.
Early Canadian .TURNll', lima liar.,
Enr|y Tuseamra fS\\ EE !' IILLB ''r-ijLj,
Sweet, nr Sugar jRo^em.ary,
LiVl' I'UCE. Sweet Marjoram,
Large Green Head, or Winter or Pot,
Cabbage Lavender,
Royal Cabbage Summer Savory.
MELON, " &c. &c. .
Nutmeg- v j
Ffower SeeXs; embracing China Asfor,
Ann ran thus," bfoirts eye, Aligni* mette, Sweet
William. Sensitive;’plyut, Pinks’ »»! various
kinds, and several hundred ddlereut varie
ties;— for sale as ‘atrove. * " aP *
TO ■rHjJ'L.ADl ES.
i NTELLECTUAL TUxvemp neat ami Per- |
JL oonai Ream v, eon^SFrfcd in connexion w:m 1
Ur. FELIX G(rtIll.M«tv4 I’OUDllE-i SI S- !
TILES. Tlie soul(jl»r,.wlHise *ui;!v is to uni
tate the exquisite workmanship of u»«u.*c,
pom trays in ids model of the human Innn a
broad and, elevated I ore head. I bis develop ■
‘moot is not only consonant with, hut acme- ,
tunes necessary to the possession ol a high
order of mental faculty. 1! a line hothead is
a mark of intellect, it is no less an essential
element ol personal ht-anty, ami it iso. im
portance to those, and there are many >uch
possessed of this piomineiit lea t ore though
ohsnued by the encroachments o! a loo luxu
rious growth of hair, to remove that poifimi
of an excrescence which lends, m their case,
only to deform. 1 his can ot* none saitiy,
speedy, etlecnually, and if used m accord
ance with directions, without me least m’on*
1 vtnience, by Dr. Felix Gourauds Depilatory
; hoy mg, or rue sum i osnoi me i» »v»\ • ~ -
lady’s neck, when too apparent — the han-ifa
mole, or the beard, when high upon tne diet k,
ma> a I! be removed and eveulna'lv the roots
destroyed by the use ol ibis preparation.
Manufactured by Dr. Felix Govrand, 67
Walker street, one door from Broadwnv, X.
Y., and for .sale hi ibis eilv, by his sole agent.
Mr. A 3. JORDAN, 2 Milk, i d door from
Washington street. per bottle.
For removing lreck.‘es.tati,pi:ii;;!e«. looiciies.
! sores, Imens, and all cutaneous eruptions, rt J
| izing delicate white hands, neck inn; arms,and
[eliciting a healthy juvenile iipptarauce. 31
j per bottle. . * .
Compose.! u.nit’rully from iioivt-rsaml >:tn- 1
pies, imparts a delicate carnation tinge to me *
cheek, unmovatde by perspiration or rubbing j
with a handkerchiefor a linen cloth. 50 cents
per hoti|e,
I Agents for Massachusetts, Mr. M. D. |
I Phillips, Bri;.lev Place, Worcester—Springfield, j
F. A. Cowles, Main street—Lee, Bull & Field i
— Boston, A. S. Jordan, 2 Milk street—Lowell,
Messrs. G. U. Carleton &. Co., Cny i tail—Sa
lem, W. iSL S. B. Ives, Booksellers- Newhury
porl,Gitas. M. Hodge, Druggist. Connecticut
New Haven, A. Low, Chapel street—I iariford, I
Wells & Co. 173 Main ami 23U N. Main street
— Middletown, E. C. Ferre—Norwich, Win.
Falkner. New Hampshire; -Portsmouth. W.
R. Preston. Maine; Portland, T. R. iiayes
&, Co —Bangor, Whittier et Guild.
For sale by CiiAS. C BERRY,
dec 20—l v Kir.u street.
""’forY iYskTn and coaiit.eaTon. I
rjM) iieal Harsh, Rough, and Chapped Skin, •
jL and render it beautifully soft, Dr. Felix
Gouraud’s EAU DE BEAM PE possesses pro
nroperties ot surprising energy, in producing
delicate white neck, hands and arms, and
protecting them (rout the soiar heat. Its!
soothing and ameliorating properties imtnedi- ;
ately allay J he smarting irritation of the skin
produced by the sting of mosquitoes, or other |
causes, assuages inflammation, removes cula • '
neouseruptions, pimples, hlotches,tan and red* '
ness, hy us dilating propei lies it stops the for
mation ol wrinkles, and banishes them when!
present, and elicits a beautiful juvemie appear- |
ance. To be had no where else in Ne w \ ork
but at 67 Walker street. I door from the cor- j
ner of Broad way. 3! per bottle.
CAUTION.—See trial ‘Eaude Beanie, fab- [
rnjue par ur helix (Touratid, !\ew ior*v is i
blown in the four side* of e./ch bottle.
Beware of spurious imitations of tiiis cele
brated cosmetic. of the most deleteriouschar
acter, containing mineral astringents ulteily
ruin »us to the complexion, and by their re
pellant action endangering health.
VEGETABLE ROGUE is composed maten- ;
ally Irorn flowers and simples, an article/
which, from its perfect assrndation with the j
skin, and its correctness and permanency »»I ,
tint, gives to .the countenance a bloom iuipns- ;
sihle, on the closest inspection, to detect from j
nature; and is warranted fiee from any aim- ;
eralsubstance and immoveable by perspira- *
tion, or rubbing with a handkerchief. 50 cents j
her bottle. Fur.sale bv !
'CMAS. C. liERRY. j
dec 20—!y King street ;
DR. Felix Gmiraud’s Depilatory Powders
for uprooting Superfluous Hair without
injury to theSkin. 'i tie following testimonials
from the New York press w ill recommend tins
invaluable article: !
c\\ e leave seen tested Dr. Gouruu.i’s Depil- ,
arurv Powder; and confidently reconimend ,
the article to individuals anno>ed with super- !
fluous hair, which, by its use, is entirely re- |
moved in a short time, leiming the skhi, after •
washing the part perfectly white and smooth, t
freed from liie slightest irritation.’— N. Y.
Evening Star.
We cheerfully recommend Dr. Gourand’s
Depilatory Powders to ail tormented with su 1
{erfluous hair. Ladies with hairy lips, and f
pale faced young gentlemen with more down I?
on their faces than is wished, will find it an j
invaluable article. We have seen it tested, J
and therefore speak by thenrd.—Daiiy News, j
For sale only in Boston by the appointed |
i^ent, A. S. Jordan, No. 2, Milk street, ar 51 I
*r bottle. Fot sale bj ] J
dec 20- 1 y UfiAS C BERRY 1
FOR the Co;e of Cough*, Colds, Consump
tion, Bronchitis, Asthma. Spitting o!
Blood, Pain nod Oppression ol the BreaM, ..mi
•ill Diseases arising from a Disordered Con*..!*
lion of the Lungs . |
Perhaps, there is no Medical Observation
heller established. and none more generally i
confirmed hy the experience oi me best phy
sical ns of all ages in a!i countries, man .he
Pact, that many of me most u hicuu ami i n
curable Consumptions originate ui needed
colds. In a climate -so variable as ours
where the changes of weather are Ire ptentiy
sulrlen and unexpected, it requires more c ue
and attention to guard against this oan:erou>
enemy to human life, than most P^r ;°‘p' ii'L‘
aide ami wdiinirt<» heslo v. The hH.so. mor
tality exhibit the alarming ami most melau
j choly fact, that the number ol deaths by t his
disease are as tree ufoue. Inasmuch d»t.t «m
i this fata! disease is increasing and si rc.yi ng
'so widely ami fearlull v, and bidding oe.iiuce
| often to the combined skill of die nwst emi
nent physicians, it is a gratification to dr l,r‘'“
! pr e’or to he enabled to oil r to ail oi con
sumptive ha hits, or those alihcien witu dis
tressing pains in the side or hreiul, o* any
affection of the breast or long*, a reasonable
and almost cernuau prospt ct of rebel.
The virtues of lloreh' u.»d tor arresting the
fro tress of cough and consumption, have
been universally known since the discovery
of America, i he Indians so cc.ebraled <o;
curing all diseases w;ih herbs, used verv A -
! ensi vel v • he 11 oreli* on id, i n ad cases ol C* *• s,
Couchs* iic. his to them i hat we are indebt
ed for me knowledge vae oave ol this v »lu<t*
hie remedy, and .ud we u>e it as Ireely a id
nromntiv as those uncivi'i/.ed being•>. the ml
of deaths from consumption, wow o he com;
para lively small, to wliat it is is at jccseiii.
“An Indian never was known to die wi-h
Consumption,” because they always tike
such remedies as arrest the disease in toi'< ;
consequently hems (Vtfe from diseases (*i the
incus, thev are the heartiest rare o! persons
in the worid.
'The (Compound Syrup of i! »re!iou:ui ts a
medicine <u table to persons of all »!tes aid
sexes; and if taken on the appear nice ot the
firs! symptoms which are a coitz'i «*r puiu in
the breast- will in moor cases out ol ten, aijor I
relief and died a speed v cure.
For sale by FI FilFOI \ V & T VLH > V i
agents To r Se t h S {I a n c c, at * i * e j r »-)•'' i j * ' > * e,
corner Ivin.! a:« I A l-don uon sd. aim lv
Vi LL.S.
V^On purifyinz tnc blood, removing hue,
Jtf (. irrecli sf ail dns >rd. - >1 o. • ^ • ch and
bow els. costive ness, dyspepsia, N-.vnnuiiM;' m
!»ie head, . Fersons ol a lud bad!, * *• *>
are .subject to beit:i imc* zui<t.i.u s, uiou-i
ness, and sinzitig m the ears, arising ? •*
i»rcat a Now ol bh/nd to I he head, >1. > . * *‘V' *• •
be without tleon, as many danxerons symp
toms wdi be entirely carried oft by their mime
di *ie use.
F..r Ft*males, tli-se Pills are «• -t ln-:y « x •
cel lent; removing ail obstruct! >.is, *><w •>' ic '*■*»
:ng headache so very prevalent witn im*
depression oi spirit-, d uliness *»i siuh', * % “
a (lect ions, blotches, punp!e* ami oihowu •'s • •{
thtf skin, and give a iwaitby an * j.r.endc
bloom to the complexion.
As a pleasant, safe, easy aperient, 'Iwy '!‘c
1 i h • reeomme;'daf pui «»f a mi id oprea I ion. w i o
llii* isi >sl success.nl effect, and leqnue u * re
vtraiut of <lie{ or conlinement during l;tt*ir
; {isc. 1 ■ y regui iting the dose accoidmg in toe
| age ami sirength of the putrid, they become
' suitable for every c ise. in either >ex. to * t van
he required; and lor t*S h-rsy ^ people the* x. >
In l her to pr pareif. t- dr s j re bv
Pi F.itPJiN i zc PALI; >T,
Agents J )r Setii S. i Imer, al dirir l ong . n> e,
Corner ol Jviiig and A jshiugh.mi sheets.
1 ap / i>
Ci >LU iiBl v | <;< >LU \1B! \!
i\ »./•)iustoid\ t it,, the A g< n. i !
t d d fid ge > 1 > i j III t *1 AO; »J»11 h 1 i. v <; I : « I
article in i> os ton and eUe where. \\ t k* » vv
a lady \\ ij■)se !« i1r vv -is so 11ea • i y gout* t s ’ • *
expose entire! v her phfeno.ogiO A develop'**
tJU'hts which, considering toil thee oet
ed a must a him Inc dtsposiij in, was n o m i*
ality vtTv uiilortunale. Nevertheless. >h
mourned I’veiossoj the locks that .'-lie .had
uuni. and, alter a year’s Iruiiie^s resort ; *
miscalled restora fives. mocha >**.t, some
months ago, a bottle or uvo of (ildraige’
Balm. ami she has v ringlets in rich pi\du*
Mon. glossy, arid o! mven hbickues-.
Go then an i pu chase the juuiv < t*Iehri.vd
Balm of Columbia, by the u;g of which me!
sullerers will liuJ thetrselves ad uned with a
beautiful growth of hair, which orua hen’is i
universally allowed to he at thekei ! of man* I
ly and of female beau! y.— Bo* to . Post.
The genuine article i'ci'cived am! for sale'
aplS i ffuggist, K mg st j
* jJpHKSF Capsules differ from the articles in j
JL general use. as they a re prepared from the
pure and unadulterated Balsam, with the ad (
dition of the oil of Copaiba, \\ h:ch very much ,
enhances their curative nr merries.a! the s nnr
time diminishes their hulk, making them m r»
convenient in exhibition than the article' !
use. Reed and lor sale hv
ap 19 JOHN I. SAVlt^. Druggist.
IV? DNEOE'S Orris i'onth Paste is warr.tnf i
JVjl ed the best preparation |.>r cleaning au-i !
whitening the teeth, giving them a hnilrw.cv ■!
and preventing decay and pain, hardens i e 1
gums, and imparts a delightful fragrance to the '
breath. oUeis. per box. Prepared and fur
sa ie a t. A l (J \ itO h!‘S
ap IS Drugstore King st. •
MORE f )F THE il!
¥ UST prepared, a fresh !<>t of tlnwe valui - *
ble Anodyne aduesive strengihenmg i
i’I asters. i
Note—The wearers i>f these plasters fee! no ,
uneasiness iidid thorn, as tney ore s. read on ;
pliable white leather, and are warranted to j
adhere closely Prices 37Jc, 25c, ami 12 cis. j
made and for sale at MuNEoA’.S
up 18 Drugstore. King si.
''The Sjirins; Time of War has Come
Be ye purified in your Blood,
Aral health will attend von.”
HOW is the Binod to 8-* purdied! Thou*
_ sands can answer tins q ixsimn win |
know from actual experience, that .Sarsapa
rilla, Vegetable, or Bloou Pills, curt* giddiness,
drowsiness, singing m the ears, remove ode
Iroiii the stomach, cine p duui the side and
head, and are the most pleasant piii for c.;s
iiveuess that havt* ovvr been ollered. Price
25c per box. The genuine for sale by
ap 1G J. I SAVES, Druggist.
DR APATONTA ’ lU'jIIES’ceIt*brau*tl Red
Bug and Roach Exterminator. The pro
per use of this invaluable preparation wd! j
prove destructive to all kinds of vermin. I »i •
rections in full accompany each bottle.
None genuine unless signed by the prnprie k
>4,r. A. HUiUlES. i1
Received and for sale, price 25 ebs by
J 1. SA\ IIS, Druggist,
ap 22 Kmg strei t.
T OOK to your Pantries and Bed Rooms.— :
Ij Tins Exterminator for the'e noxi-uis i
rtrmin, is worthy the attention of all house!
keepers, and as prevention is better than cure '
lse the remedy before the feat ol the wealh '
r increases the malady. For a full proofed |
is efficacy it is only necessary to try it. which j
=5 better than ail the puffing in the wori 1
A supply for sale by I 1. SAVES, i
ap 30 King street, j*'
WM. LAN PH 1 ErTjb^*
D EXT I ST, on King, between Washington *
and St. Asaph Greets, Alexandria, D. C
^ov 17 — 1; l<i
[ I Bli aj.ly eflecline some oT the as*
J* ti:uishinf; am! vvomlertiii CLIU-S thatev*
$r ha^e been known—iu consequence ol which
they have now become a shipir.g mark against
! which all the arrow's of disappointed hope, en
! vv and uncharitable ness are levelled without
j distuftctiun. The town and country are alike
iiiled with their praise. The palaceand poor
hoiist* alike tei.o with their virtues. In all
climates,under nil temperatures, they still re
tain their wonderful powers, and exert them,
unattended by age or situation. They are
Simple i:t their preparation.mild in their action,
thorough in t kiir operation, and unrivalled in
• ht ir resul is.
Are Atui-Ciliotp, Ami-Dyspeptic and Anti
; YJercunai. and may just I v be considered a Uwi
VKRSii. Mmuoinj.: but they are peculiarly be
.icficia 1 in tl: * following complaints,—Yellow
• Vi: mis ’ v, rs. Fever and Ague, Dyspep
! ^la.Orou;}. Liver Complaints, S.htk Head-ache,
Jaundice, Asthma, Dropsy, Rheumatism, En
largement of the Spleen, Files,Cholic, Female
bh"n u. • .ons.i frarlbui n. Furred Tongue, Nau
s,.o Di-tension of the Stomach and Bowels,
iFnciVien! Dinnhcea. Flatulence Habitual Cos
| ti veil ess. I mss of Appetite, Blotched or sailow
Complexion, and in <«i! cases ol forpor ol the
! Bowels, where a Cathartic or an Aperient is
! needed! 'They arc exceedingly mild in their
i operation.producing neither nausea, griping.
i not debility. .
f-For sale by ail (he Druggists in -*viex
1 ^u.irn, ' Vasiiing.'m.an i Georgetown.
| jnlv 23-fy___
r i 1 . fol;c,wm_r letter from the Rev. J. W.
L F :\vyer, of Shafishurv, Vermont, in con
fi.:oali< no: tne virtueso! Dr. Jayne’s Hair To
nic is fir-t) so a source, a ml so strong a
•/tineher n»»* \i\ j article, that we give it to our
reiMi 'i s. !! any ol them are similar.y aftlicted,
•ncvwill ::. •: i; k us lor the inforn ation, as none
nr- <! i ■ < i 'ti i o c;insider ba Id ness a n addition
to yeisomi beauty. Where a rented v is real
!v giHi.j. e >i]o.ad tie universally known, while
:iii duacder siionid mad a prompt e\'posu?*?.
S. K. Post
^haltsmiry, Bennington Co. Vt. )
Aug. 4th, 1840. S
r>u J ,v*u.: — Deyst Sir—Learning
i; r-.ju’j; * be* 1] -‘m?Ti• ol the newspapers me
eii ga i: y ol v*.-tr HA hi TuNlO. and being ac
•j;.:ii;o’*d w i n j-i.ine oi those recommending it.
* j w ,i; ;mv. C.r. i k, Uev. Dr. Babcock,
; j ■[ ’;' rv. [. !•!• U-:.er. and when in New York
I’a >t >!•!' !■•*. I ■■■.]■ ;• b.»t .vo bottles, with a
•. ,.{<j iiie experiment t have been
: vhU lour years, and obliged to
j wear a \v;Indeed, it is constitutional with
i ,• ' [ 1 i i, t*.i.1 _• Ilfe. I ci)ii!r»,
1 i j• • ; ,' ;j’ ’ ;• i;::x il v. e ri t!:e a11e:np •, hk
! . ng bt b: Id. ann near 46 yeaisof age,
| 11ir:f pnrtc-t r\y r.e::.; destitute of hair
i exceed :: dy su.oom. I however, commenced
; a. » r.hi v to* vom* «!..■ ctious, and used one
h;->x f.’itiduiiy, a. d w:::. vv» y little effect
: .t \;v\-K,y ’ i . l i the second bottle, a
hail • K e pen eptible, which
[njj ut>ed the
[. ird boo tie.! h : v* :. 1 three cuttings perfor
med. r* n i t i!• ,■ ■ • >jieCt i' * * ry Mattering, that
i d a | . i '< he ! ! * s»‘ I with a line iiead o'
hair os•n:e: i .! rvd useful. I am extremely
gra idle d .giit.. : i : i t. a no Irom observa
tions !«.■ - do. n ,:i; ol ; i\\ friends a nd acqnain
who !:. ve «.e.ertohne regarded 'the
. . . ,. .. . inceptive, and only a catch
peunv ( e now we., satisfied that il
! Fiction.’* J. \ , LAWVkli#
■ ri • • T" i P. .tv hi , *J*J j j
i M. :kT. r ::11 :: •». ! ijc e > i,
'dc st '. V\ m ‘•'taf/'er. ; nd are rnv a -
i ii:;! ■ i ■ * ‘H.»i;; j j*; •; j i: r t!; e s ? •! e o t die above
jartic.e. P. JAYNE.
St* j I d— I y
. hi' an; kn i\\ a neighbor or a friend whe
a J , . ~ u ;‘.tId, an • whose head now
I c.>ve(X"i ;d i i. ;ie hn ,i r One whose coat col -
iar red ivith dand ihough brush
1 *■-*i ■ • e, * i;■';» - i\!•1 • it 111i i n.iH vanssiicd en
■ lii w oi.f wh e;e h.rrs a t early: ge were
• , Vv«. * now h«:x ii';t a grev hair?—
iiiiu;eu hem's were covered with
scrul.—v Inif j air v,( aid not /row, that are
now gro vin. the fuhvst err;1.- of hair? Some
eases mw! h- .mown to must persons. Ask
11... ’; J 11 > ‘ I !i!!'('. .‘I ' • i i » < * U \ ! * i !: J t <, Id . 111 se
thi:': 'have been d<re*f. A jopeol 11: e BALM
*.)K COLUMBIA, Of *20 mrs growth is this I
a."Bede, its demand increasing atmuaily some !
hundred ner rent.—;hough al./n discovered
not opposeu by aov thing f?r the same purpose |
now as;?;? lied by almost n numeric ssrntHtroom
trash prepara'mm; that ivd! ruin the hair it us
ed to any extent. (din more than these Taels
he warn.; i—.« :er to the rccoina nidations by j
a list (if im ..<• of respect a bi.'C .y. mien nr. I led
by any otm r article. Look to these things— j
buv this arm le. Stay and preserve roi;r hair ,
by its use. or if ba.bl restore it. Ladies, at- !
tend t*> : —hum! t eds in fa hiooa hie iltc a re
using it as the toilet. Long bains very apt to
fa 11L-tdies, t^e t he ibilm of Columbia
in lone to- save ; om selves :be disgrace of hald
ntss by neglect of your per u>ns.
It is your d d , as foora iws to preset ve the
bealilies < f : ?• ?rc, with which a bountiful 1
e'reato; ! . li; io**. /:! you— use t lie Bairn. for it
•»* ? .
\ vU 1 I ( t 11 i i .
—Several m ost j! j•:r:;t attempts have been |
made to counterfeit Be true Balm ol Col urn- ;
hi ?. Some of i ie impostors have gone so far ;
as to eouutC' f<ut -t he spbmnd wrappers, and
! he I*1, i! is o: N siga ra. and e v erv externa I n»a rk
exc ept tiie name of Comstock, which they |
dare not forge.
To avoid impositions Uierefore. at wavs took
I .r the nan:? ofOuui-lc./k & Co. or I, S. Com- •
'Adi/iii ! nevt r Imy the article tm-ess it has !
hi.*. name t:p< n *t.
•Sold 'iVlu-iesale and detail, only ::t No *2;
Bie-icher street. Nb Y.
Fron the micle, Jan, 10#
by a i. rrient in another
mimmi that vie.Nsn. ( omsioek an i Co#? the
i ut I io! i/e< i A /cuts ‘.oroldmige b.vmol Id*
..”./as. i.v- ii: js»11* > to seii that article m
Boston and chew! eie.— A c know a lady of
i,is city whose v. a► so near \ gone as to
?xpos‘£ eutsrelv her phrenological deveip- j
meats. winch, considering that »iiev betoken
i. .. i ... •. . • _i
; ti i i # * ii mi'* imv .» t w. n». *i . v • ^ ii>m 'ii.rr'i'
it v verv nn'io.u mu*to. Never' i.e,*-1 >»,e rmoirn
[>,t the loss of'locks thnf slit* had worn. and,
liter a year’s fruitless resort to miscalled res
fora lives, purchased, some months ago, a ho*
lle or t wo <>P )! i i hide’s fta im, am: she has now
rirclt.t . mric.’i prolusion, glossy, r.mi of raven j
h aeKi: 'S. \v e are not putiint,—none of the,
rmnmmiity has been vent to iu, r*< . indeed, [
we »:ia not wan* an., tor though we ,v;ere i
ubiig^d to we r a wig a w ar ago, we have ,
now. through v it ;• ue. i»•* *r ♦. ,ion^h,and oi a j
passable quality, o’ our own.
I'tiring b'f'.nd' a ’ < L.irnof t'olinntxn I,as
hi en mutated hy a notorious counterfeiter. Let
? never be purchased or used unless it have
henai ! ^ < OMST4 CKt orihesignn
:ure ol Co.MM 'e i\ at Co. on z splendid
wrapper. 1 Ins is i* , on v external test that
Mil securr the putdie. 1 ronmifceplufi:,
>\r)rtre<?s COMSTt '(’K &. I H
W holesale Druggists, S( w-York (
w>. 2 Klecher-slreet.
Vr!N AVn L no RAI.D' !
COLONF.L SLAVER. Posttnnstet r.i Rata*
tj, is knowing to the fact, that Dr. Ringhnm 1
if Tennessee county aged over 70, and;for '
ftore than 17 years very l aid, has hart his '
nir fulhj restored f>v the use of one bott eof
heRn!morr\)hitr*bia from CC;\i STOCK St CO.
For rate bv J. f. Sayre, Wm Harper, •
. fl Monroe, Alexandria jec 1— n
SERVANT ivomnit, .if pond character, j1
- rbe n list he n poor? washer, ir< ?er, nrd I
gairr frc^ . Af»|\ v at thu« oflici r CC|'2J *
IMJlAlN t A 1 ItC'l CitAhT {
|6 UttOMMtM blfttdaiotf)} ityuio
l a tc any otter knots uccn bir.atic \ cl fctd
cm,fos Coughs, Cclot,li.fetii 21 .Cc Lttn pk
tion, Abilin a, Suuni g tii blue ci, licantf ct$|
DiihculU ol bsealhir g , Hct| 11 yt« i g I, | tiri
anti Vv c a tut a» tu l.i breast «ai»c; aiidnctit t o
tie bidn ur.ar> « rgan*
1 hitu.tuicii.e «s highly i>C jtiaily rcccm
ireuutu, D) liiiCLtroci ace rcfcj tcut It u.civ
duals,* ho ha at found relit t(t« n ihui, hi.
ny avhoLiiit tte t laLcru g uidtt prcttacua
Cough* and paint is, tr,e creak i an t hat c be ui
supposed by tLtiraeUee and tl ci) frierdt iir
uelt&cctd it. coiiatrr pticn, hat t tier. |.»| j i y
restored lo j.trlecihealtl by the \ ?i ol thf
saleable fc>| ettcrsM.
fersc.ru it coring under cl rti i ctccutn p
itivc cecils, uiiihnd great »dttrttge fun
earning » sn el (jusntity ot the n.ciat I i j t c*
torant v ill. tteir, *hiit atteiditpti tl < 21 u.
ric us avecalic i.t and tskii £ a Uuj cet lei (1 •
cat it nelly . 1 hei: cough *ii» bt scarcely ft It
1 and they vu l hr enabled tccxpeclciiti a it a
the greatetuaciiity f and the irnfatir f n aiti r
1 u i'ithere by seen tc rtneted and a pur,ia
| Rem cuie tile cud. 1 t\ the afi.ictcc; tty it.
rttpatec only b) Lr 13* Jay re,cl Salto , iva
I * e raty ,and none is geruir.t u itl cut tic a ;i a
ter asgi aturc t c tl t label oc the olIbici 0
CSBTIf T imt*
r.t re h t cert;!) U:f . * a? cured of a vie It 11 k
cu p l &*> \ pa:; A < brer*’ by util g llucur }
jayne’r !'.>pentctau• Vccicire, h) * lit liio ,
w a i dii ietec v. >. i b^Cccvg! and pan ir tic I
brtaM,alter,dee vuth m> noth dill Ct!t) if |
oread.ir g a.* to ; re *c t*i h< 1 tic n genii j my
! iletf foi a nun be 1 el nig hTfir.itcctMic r, lit
| by isk ii g tv, c doit* ol Ihi* n tdieii t si e v»*
I enableu to bicep ^uitiiy through the t ig 11
j and 11. t fc* dt> * i) cent it tit g it* t>e »■) t
; w#* ptifeCtiy reati re»~. Jac< t Ii 1 renm.^
by b iiisUtaMi j cuph and pain 1 r. her brent
ami-ice-liei cough har*i->td hcidsy arc
| night and her diti cult) ct fcrcUhir p * at so
! great that she get \ e I \ little tif< f felony
1 da\s u l r:ij htstflgtti.ei-Acre ol the ir«di.
! ciiic * &he toel- nr j e ait d to be ol ary r\ice
u, htf; wiitf Dr Jay rt kindly sent ter a bet,
iit ui Indiat Kx? cetcraM v hid.a©« rand cm [
j Icle D restart c bet to health i\t riinlyke#
nt vt sit :r:e Its' rr.ccicir< eve> discevert d.
\t mtik PorLM’f
liMiCot fc fi-Hridgt, N • J. Ncv .21, 836.
f re it j. II .siimh, Ksq Uto< ,V l> r, L, ,
, herco v ccitiiy that t;.t iton vkiiable~jre
i:a* b* ei* uacc ir. in) fend) vitlgrtvl
r»« |. |, 'l f | > t V O : C I t T- ► i X I C € £ J. lf.SX’llf|
Lr.t D* t, 1 tc.) b.'i
r r r* n. tt It V. c. C P. Crosby, fate Eger*
il.c A r.itncx» Baptist.
**, i.; D . J y y re L ( a I bit: l b*v t ir ai » le
yI the hd.-;r. Dxpect'-ri-c t, personally i t« «r
t } :dr the* Ual ail years * ithgres I < r*
eht. \ nretd 1 r; >.y ccr.sir tr rr.y life prefer.?*
cdc.vtl : use cUlti* valual U m edirii c,under
t iu b t s >i; g i* i Gocjorstvtisi y e a I s l n i)
jh) uirr.usi as ;»uc hint he geet ( ! n > » if* arc
>1:' d t!.e iit \. Vt\ \ ii.sot. of tl c Island cl Jt«
n.aicit I*c ail ca.tf cl cough, inf.an nation
of li.ee he^t, v;f rat d liu oat, 1 do rroM untie*
sitatlr go reci •: i« « r.o this the leMirtdicire
t haw e v« f trud V\ oa i rest u ish is t} at t
ihtr»; tfcicteci ;.s i have bee n, n ay experience
the same relitf, vl icli i am peisuadtd they
ID by using the Indian Kxpectorent.
| C.C P. (.'bosm
’ Many o' try r.eigl 1 crx. on n y r?rcm
! .. . ’.dattCii*, i:hu tr»ec 11 »> rr c < fr re vitj i n
;. riiisuccttb. N. York June 15. 1835#
j.roir. trt Kev. Jur.ttl tr (ioit g, If. D. Kdito
DM fit American baptist.
>i V.uv cased the shew medicine vs it f. stc
ce *.» for a cough and hot-r&cn* **.
J v N York, Dec *835, Jonathjb Goiva#*
I ocJ.D. Jayne- Dear sir: I uaMcralcrg
cr, t a'i.ic* t (» v ul. a vicder.t c< u? i» and dift cil*
t> e.f breathing , attended ve it D ueak nets ai d
pt i: in rr) breast, but have be < r residet tc
; < rlt c i ht alih by iisiug- or t belt le of yet: I r j
Kxpectorant. have beer subject tti
c* ug b ai d pair in n y breast fer near tucru
ycM>,ai.« l.a\t fc.uicfar greatct hemft fica i
tf-ie iiit die ire than f: err ar.y oiler. re n air, H
rc>ptc:fuiiy. >oi rs. ^ Sesia I km *ri/I
c ar trn . Nov . k 1, 16 36. j
P iTinr* ceri'hcates rr.irht be added hut!
fi t ab<;\ c a71 cnn^i<*t rt d suff.cit rt
Sa.t n , St J. Apli , ibit Ii. J A^ N K.
in bjlt by t!.: :• tt.rc igl.ont i| t Lnttd
? tKtff. vf i rt *.»*« r,v} fct hvrf Jfiy i *t t:n •
r>;.uvt *?aisc rv, frj lu v c i (!i n f Uir ts, Join
• cr.ic V er if.ilepf, 1 * i Vi ui u s. 1* i.x 11 11 ii / yut
Hop pmf * ?11jt S!t rr ic L. N c
Aprilfor A'ex«i ret.
I t n «> 28—lv \\ M. s » M<! b li.
J HAKMfQ-A, DYSKMAHY, and all otf.er
d^r&ngc;; • nt » of 11»< Stomach anti |jcvx
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Woodstown Pa»em Co.. N.J. V*t 4f 1F?lB
Prep.rfdm.rt .old by Fr P. Javnr,>o.5C:K
•roiith Third .I.heinf*"*. mfcH m 3
The public nr? rrf|fcfully warned » 'l|
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