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_ ————————————————————————■—— - - . —
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Terms of Advertising.—Advertisements no!
exceeding one square, inserted three times fo
one dollar. Advertisements continued after
three times for 50 cents a square for each in’*
sertion inside, or 25 cents outside. Sixteer
lines a re counted as a square.
Alexandria County, S
May Term, IStO.1
William Starke Jett, complainant
Peter R. Beverly, and others.
ON the motion of the complainant, this suit
is now set fop hearing as to the defend
ant Henry St. George Tucker, on his answer;
and it appearing to the satisfaction [of the
Court that the order of publication in this
suit made at Oct. Term last, has been duly
executed, and the defendants, Peter R. Bev
erly and Charles C. Lee,having failed to ap
pear, according to the terms of the said order*
the Court, on the motion of the coroplaina nt,
proceeded to take the proof by him offered to
support his claim—that is to say, a copy of the
judgments rendered in the common law side
of the Court, on the 22d dav of December,
1820, in favor of Henry St. George Tucker,
against the def’t. Peter R. Beverly; The bond
given bv the defendant Peter R. Beverly, and
Henry Lee as his surety, on sueingout a writ
of error from said judgment to the Supreme
Court of the United States,dated January 9th.
1821. The certificate of the Clerk of this Court
that the mandate from the Supreme Court to
this Court had been received, and was now
on file; a copy of the bond dated 5th June,
1823, given by ihe def’t. Peter R. Beverly,with
Henry Lee, his surety,on obtaining an injunc
tion to restrain proceedings at law on the said
judgment; a certificate from the clerk of this
Court, that the injunction was dissolved at
May Term, 1824; a copy of the judgment of
the Circuit Court at Washington, 31st March,
1830, in favor of Henry Si. George Tucker, a
gainst the said Henry Lee, on the bond before
mentioned, given by him and the said Peter
R. Beverly, on sueing out the writ of error
before mentioned, and of the execution there
onissued^ copv of the proceedings in the suit
in Chancery referred to, in the compl’ts bill
in which the said Win. S. Jett was compl’t.;
and the said Henry St. George Tucker, Peter
R. Beverly and others were defendants; and
a copy of the deed of Trust, from the said Pe
ter R. Beverlv to the said Charles C. Lee, iT
the complainants hill mentioned, dated 9th of
Dec., 1823. And being thereupon satisfied of
the justice of the complainants demand as
charged in his bill;—it is now bv the Court
ordered that the Complainant’s Bill he taken
for confessed and set for decree. And this
__:_.. L- I_I_Kill
liimc li'jw ’*11 UC Iiraiu uu mt urn
and proofs thereof exhibited as aforesaid: It
is the opinion of the Court that the Complain
ant ought inequity to be substiuted in the
place of H. St. George Tucker to all his rights
and remedies under his judgments against the j
said Peter It. Beverlvand Henrv Lee before !
mentioned; and to the indemnity which was
given to the said Henry Lee, by the said Pe
ter R. Beverly bv the Deed of Trust before
mentioned: and it is accordingly decreed, that
the Complainant he, and he is hereby substi
tuted *o all the said rights and remedies of the
said Henry St. George Tucker, and Henrv
Lee, under the said judgment and deed of
trust: and that he he at liberty to sue out and
prosecute to effect all legal executions on the
said judgment, and by all other legal ways
and means to enforce pavment thereof:
And it is by the Court further decreed that the
Marshal of the District of Columbia, or any
one of his deputies do sell at Public Auction
to the highest bidder, for cash, the lot of
ground, buildings and improvements describ
ed in the deed of trust before mentioned; of
the time, place, and terms of which sale, six
months previous notice shall he given to the
said Peter R. Beverlv, as is required by the
terms of the said deed, and one month’s pre
vious notice by advertisement iu the Alexan
ilria Gazette, to be pubiisnea tnree times a
week; and it is further decreed that before
proceeding to make the saie, the Marshal or
his deputy who may execute this decree, do
file with the Clerk of this Court, his bond with
security to be approved ofby one ot the Judges
thereof in the penalty of $5000, with condi
tion faithfully to account for and to pay over
as the Court may direct, the money to be re
ceived from such sale; and the Marshal or his
deputy who may make said sale is required to
report his proceedings herein, to this Court;
and it is farther decreed that the defendant,
Peter R. Beverly do pay to the Complainant
his costs in this suit. A copy.
May Term, 1312. $
Wrn. Starke Jett, complainant
Peter R. Beverly and others.
TN this case it appearing to the satisfaction
of thecourt by the affidavit of cumplt this
day filed among the papers in the abovecause
that the decree pronounced in rhis cause at May
term 1310 has not been carried into execution
because the deft Beverly has not been served
with a notice as prescribed in said decree, and
the Court being further satisfied that said
Beverly is not an Inhabitant of the District of
Columbia, and that due and dilligent enquiry
has been made for him by Complt. at his last
known place of residence at Greensborough in
. _ - . • . . ft . * 1 _I ..
I me state ol Alabama, om mai s»iu
had ihen left his said place of residence and
had gone to some place unknown, and which
it was impossible to ascertain, hut that he
had not come to the District of Columbia or
to the State of Virginia, where complainant
resides, by reason of which removal to pla
ces unknown the said Beverly could not be
found so that a notice according to terms of
said decree might be served on him: And it
appearing to the satisfaction of the Court by
the said affidavit that the property then de
creed to be sold is in a ruinous and dilapidat
ed state and is thereby daily depreciating in
value, and that if sold immediately, it could
not, owing to said ruin and decay produce
more than enough to satisfy a very small por
tion of the Oomph s. claim, it is thereupon
now ordered by the Court that a copy ol int
decree of May Term 1810, and a copy ot this
decree be published for two months succes
lively, in the Alexandria Gazette, togethei
Wjth one month’s notice of the time and place
°f sale as mentioned in the decree of May
Term 1840; aft^r the expiration of which said
’‘me of two months, it is decreed and orderec
bv the Court, that the Marshal of the Distric
of Columbia do sell rhe property mentioned
u‘decree of May Term 1840, and aecordini
10 the terms prescribed therein.
A copy—Teste t CASSIUS F, LEE*
Alexandria County. }T
May Term 1842.
Catharine Scholfield Complainant,
George Scolt, Executor of Andrew Schol
field, Benjamin Waters in his own right
and as Trustee of Ann Cowman, Mary
Ann Zimmerman. Sarah Talbott, Ann
Doby, John Bnlderson, Lucretia Ed
mondson, Olivia Jone9, each of John
Wood’s children by his first wife, 5*
Rachel Ann Leavering, Hannah R. o
Janney, and Joseph and Sarah Schol- JJ*
field (children of Joseph L. Schol- a
field) Lewis N. and William Scholfield,
Elizabeth Ilopkins Scholfield, Rachel
N., Hoge and Ann Scholfield, child,
ren of Malhon Scholfield, Thomas,
M., Andrew, William G. and Jona
than Scholfield, and Martha S. Wil
liams, the children of Issacher Schol
field, and Jas. Stanton, son in law of
said Issachar, and Geo. Scott, and W.
H. Brown, defend’ts.
The defendants. John Balderson, Lucretia
Edmondson, Olivia Jones, each of John
Wood’s children, by his first wife, Rach
el Ann Leavering, Hannah Janney, and Jos.
and Sarah Scholfield, children of Joseph L.
Scholfield. Lewis N., and William Scholfield,
Elizabeth Ilopkins, Rachel N. Hoge, and Ann
Scholfield, children of Mahlon Scholfield ;
Thomas M., Andrew”, William G. and Johna
than Scholfield, and Martha S. Williams, the
children of Issachar Scholfield, and James
Stanton son-in-law of said Issacher, and
William H. Brown, not having entered their
appearance to this suit and given security ac
cording to the statute and the rules of the
Court; and it appearing to the satisfaction of
the Court, that they are not inhabitants of
the Distriet of Columbia,on the motion of the
Complainant, it is ordered, that they do ap
pear here on or before the first day ol'nextjOcto
herTerm of this Court, and answ’er the Com
plainant’s bill and give security for perform
ing the decrees of the Court: ana that a copv
of this order be forthwith published lor two
months successively in the Alexandria Ga
zette, and another copy posted at the front
door of the Court House of this county.
je 21—2m_
Alexandria County, ) 1
Wesley Summers & R. G. Violett,)
„ • ,'vr j T„c f Chancery.
Daniel Henry Watson, and Jcs.
Carson Watson, Dentils. )
The defendants Daniel Henry Watson a nd
James Carson Watson not having entered their
appearance to this suit, and it appearing to the
satisfaction of the Court that thev are not
inhabitants of the District of Columbia, on
the motion of the complainants, it is ordered
that thev appear here on or before the first
dav of the next October Term of this Court,
and answer the complainants’ bill, and give
security for performing the decrees of the
Court; and it is further ordered that a copy of
this order be forthwith published in the Alex
andria Gazette Tor two months successively:
and that another copv he posted at the front
doorof the Court House of this county. Test, j
jy 4-2m CASSIUS F. LEE, C. C.
Alexandria County, V
May Term, 1S42.
John B. Peyton, James M. Torhert, and)
Mary Elizabeth Torbert,his wife, com
plainants, ^
against £
Sarah Pevton, widow of Francis Peyton, o
dec’d, JohnB.F. Russell, and Cornelia } *
his wife; Samuel Sawyer and Lavinia g
his wife; John Richards, Jr., and Lau» c
ra his wife; Francis Peyton, Thos.
J. Pevton: John Peyton. Lucien Peyton,
and Henry Pevton, defendants. )
The defendants, John B. Russell, and Cor
i.elia his wife; Samuel Sawyer and Lavinia
his wife; Francis Peyton, Lucian Peyton, and
Henry rey ton, not naving entered meir ap
pearance in this suit, and given security ac
cording to the statute and the rules of the
Court;^and it appearing to the satisfaction
of the Court that they are not inhabitants or
the District of Columbia, on tfie motion of the
complainants, it is ordered that they appear
here on or before the first dav ol the next Oc
toberTermof thisCourt and answer the com
plainants Bill, and give security for performing
; the decrees of the Court,—and that a cdpy of
this order be forthwith published in the Al- ,
exandria Gazette for two months successive
ly, and another Copy posted at the front door
of the Court House of said county.
je 23—d2rn_ .
Alexandria Countv. $
May Term 1842.
BushrodC. Washington,Exec- )
utor of Bushrod Washington, |
deceased—Complainant. } In Chancery,
vs. \
George Atkinson—Defendant. J
rpilE defendant George Atkinson, not hav
X ing entered his appearance to this suit,
and given security according to the statute
and the rules of the Court, and it appearing to
the satisfaction of the Court, that the said
' George Atkinson is not an inhabitant of the
! District Columbia, on the motion of the Com
! plaintant, it is ordered, that, he appear hereon
or before the first day of the next October
I Term of this Court, and answer the Com
j plaint’s bill, and give security for performing
| the decrees of the Court; and, that a copy of
this order be forthwith published in the Alex
andria Gazette for two months successively^
and another copy posted at the front dooro.
theCourt House ol said county,—ie&ie.
jg 23_2m C> F. LEE, L C.
THE subscriber offers for sale at moderate
prices, Lamps of varioussiz.es, construc
ted for burninp Lard, which he will warrant
equai to “ Sauthwark s Patent Lard Lamp
. which is so highly recommended.
HAVE in store and offer for sale—
44 hhda P. Rico Sugars; part of prime
qua lily
32 bags Rio Coflee
30 boxes Manufactured Tobacco l*T$ to the
5 half-tierces fresh Rice
( 25 boxes Boston No. 1 Soap
1 20 boxes Nantucket Spenn Candles
100 pieces Brown Rolls. july 7—tl
A FEW barrels Pennsylvania for sale.
)y 20 THOS. VOW ELL.
| a a i\ BBLS. Soap boilers’ Rosin
r 1 1U 10 bales Cotton
20 do do batts
50 do do Yarns, Mr sale b;
2g A. C. CAZENOVE & Co.
THE History of the Reformation of the
Church of England, by Gilbert Burnett,
D. D., late Lord Bishop of Salisbury—with
the Collection of Records and a copious In
dex, revised and corrected, with additional
Notes and a Preface, by the Rev. E. Nares,
D. D.,late Professor of Modern History in the
University of Oxford. Illustrated with a
Frontispiece and twenty-three elegantly en
graved Portraits, forming four elegant 3vo.
An Exposition of the Thirty-nine Articles
of the Church of England, by Bishop Burnet.
With an Appendix, containing the Augsburg
Confession—Creed of Pope Pius IV., &c. Re
vised and corrected, with copious Notes and
additional References, by the Rev. Jame9 R.
Page, A. M., of Queen’s College, Cambridge.
In one handsome 8vo. volume.
An Exposition of the Creed, by John Pear
son, D. D., late Bishop of Chester; with an
Appendix, containing the principal Greek and
Latin creeds; revised and corrected by the
Rev. W. S. Dobson, M. A ,Peterhouse, Cam
bridge, in one handsome 8 vo. volume.
A Treatise on the Church of Christ, design
ed chiefly for the use of Students in Theology,
by the Rev. William Palmer, M. A. of Wor
cester College, Oxford; with a preface and
notes, by the Right Rev. W. R. Whittingham,
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A TREATISE on the Lord’s Supper, de
signed as a Guide and Companion to the
Holy Communion, by Rev. Edward Bicker
steth, Rector ol Walton, Herts.
Hints on the General Missions of the
Church, by a Presbyter, price 12} cents.
A Sermon preached on administering the
right of Confirmation, together with an ad
dress delivered immediately after the admin
istration, on the third Sunday in Lent, by
Benjamin T. Onderdonk, Bishop of N. York;
price 12} cents. For sale by
aug 6 “ BELL & ENTWISLE.
SUCCESS has in most cases attended the ap
plication of‘‘Monroes Odontcdgic Balsam"
when used agreeably to directions for the
Tooth Ache, and by its use, in a short time
the ex posed portion of the nerve is rendered dead
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filled or plugged without the pain that often
attends this operation. Price only 25 cts per
vial. Prepared and sold bv
aug 2 Druggist, King street.
Mexandria County—to wit:
May Term, 1842.
Anthony C. Cazenove, Wm. C. Gard-'j
nerand Lewis A. Cazenove, trading un- M
der the firm of Anthony C. Cazenove & 3
Company—complainants 2
i against } 5
Benjamin Blacklord and-Black- o
lord, trading under the firm of Benjamin 2
Blackford & Son, Isaac Robbins and •
Chas. McXnight, def’ts.
The defendants Benjamin Blackford & Son,
not having entered their appearance to the suit
and given security according to the statute
and the rules of the Court, and it appearing to
the satisfaction or the Court that they are not
inhabitants of the District of Columbia, on
the motion of the complainants by counsel,
is ordered that the said Benjamin Blackford
n f'I J _f X. XX X xx /x. kn r<x**n 1 ka r ref
ot, OUII, UU <1 ppt. u 1 liCIC «»I| UI OV.IVIV ,»»W
day of the next October Term ol this Court,
and answer the complainant’s Bill, and give
security for performing the decrees of the
Court; and that the resident defendants, Is
aac Robbins and Chns. McKnight, do not pay,
convey away or secrete, the debts bv them
owing to, or the money, estate, or eflects in
their hands, belonging to the said absent de*
Pendents until the further order and decree
of the Court, and that a copy of this order be
forthwith published in the Alexandria Gaz
ette for two months successively, and anoth
er copy posted at the frontdoor of the Court
House of said county. * ™ ^ ~
Teste: CASSIUS P. LEE, C. C.
' jy 23—2m
i Alexandria County, to wit: )
May Term, 1842.
Martha Morgan, complainant
Marv Stabler, widow of Edward Stabler,
dec’d., Joseph Bond, and Elizabeth his
wife, Ann Stabler, Robinson Stabler, ^
Thomas S. Stabler, John Leadbeater s
and Mary P., his wife; Willis Fawcett, g
and Susannah his wife, Edward H. )■ g
Stabler and Mary C. his wife, Rebecca o
Stabler, Henry Stabler, Richard H. ^
Stabler, Sarah Stabler, FrancisStahler, •
William Stabler, and Harriet Stabler,
THE defendants, Joseph Bond, and Eliza
beth his wife, Ann Stabler, Robinson
Stabler, Thomas S. Stabler, Willis Fawcett
and Susan his wife, Edward H. Stabler, and
Ma»y C. his wife, not having entered their ap
pearance to this suit, and given security ac
cording to the statue and the rules ol the
Court; and it appearing to the satisfaction ol
the Court, that thevarc not inhabitants ol the
District of Columbia ; on the complainants
motion, itis ordered matthe said defendants
do appear here on or before the first day of
the next October term of this Court, and an
swer the complainant’s hill and give security
for performing the decrees of the Court, and
that a copy of this order be forthwith pub
lished in the Alexandria Gazette for two
months successively, and another copy posted
at the front door of the Court House or said
county. CASSIUS £. LEE, C. C.
ir 23—2m
M _______
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White Lead in 25 lb. Kegs No. 1 pure
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Muriate Ammonia]
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White Wax
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“ Dandelion
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Flower Sulphur
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BY virtue of two deeds of trust from Robert
L. Armistead, of record in the office of the
County Court of Fauquier, the undersigned, as
Trustees, will proceed to sell at public auction
at the farm of said Robert L. Armistead, on
Goose Creek, near the Turnpike Road Fau*
quier county, on Wednesday the 17tli dayoj
Jhigusl next,
2 Negro Men, one a first rate house servant
56 head fat Cattle; 2 first rate common Cows
5 thorough-bred Durham Cattle—2 Cows, 2
Heifers, and one Bull. Pedigree will be
2 three quarter Durham Cows and 2 Heifers
same blood.
22 Bakewell Sheep; 13 Work Horses and
1 Stallion of the celebrated Tom stock.
6 Mules, 5 years old from 15 to 16 hands high.
18 Flogs; 2 Wagons, 1 Cart, 1 yoke of Oxen
Buggy and Harness, Farming Utensils.
Beds, Bedding and Bedsteads, a great varie
ty House-hold Furniture.
Wheat, Corn,Oats, and a number of articles
too tedious to enumerate.
Terms of sale—Cash for all sum* under §10
—9 months credit on all sums amounting to
810 and upwards, purchasers to give bond
and good security, with interest from day of
J. A. CARTER, Trustees.
Fauquier county, July 4,—eots
THE subscriber, under a deed of trust, will
sell at public auction, on Wednesday, the
7th of September next, that highly valuable
and improved property, called Conway’s
Wharf, with the buddings and improvements
thereon, consisting in part of a Steam Mill
four stories high, runing three pair of burrs.
The wharfis an extensive one, affording
great facilities ior the landing oi grain and
The Mill is well calculated for grinding
Plaster and Grain, and situated near the in
tended Basin ol the Alexandria Canal.
A nd at the same time will be sold a Dwell
ing and Store House, three stories high, and
adjoining the said Mill.
The sale will take place on the premises at
12 o’clock M.
DG^Tenns one fourth cash, balance in one,
two and three years, with interest, secured by
deed of trust on fhe property; and on failure
ofeitherof the deferred payments, the pro
perty to be re»sold at ten days notice.
The title is considered good, but the sub
scriber convey’s only such as is vested in him.
jy 27—eots JOHN HOOFF, Trustee.
BY virtue of a decree of the Circuit Supe
rior Court of Law and Chancery for the
County of Prince William, pronounced, on the
18th day of May, 1812, where Neilson and als.
are plaintiff*, and Neilson, Norris, &e. are de
fendants, the under igned, acting as Com
missioner, under said decree, will sell at pub
lic auction, on the premises, on Friday, the
19th day or August, 1S12, a tract of LAND,
containing 400 acres, lying in the County of
Prince William, on the road from Haymarket
to Leesburg and adjoining the Show Hill tract
of land (owned by Dr. C. B Stuart,) and the
farm of Wm. B. Tyler. This tract of land
can be sold in two tracts, if desired by pur
chasers. The land is in good condition, sus
ceptible of improvement, and is situated in a
healthy and agreeable neighborhood. It will
be shown to any person desirous to purchase
by the subscriber, or by Mr. BaylissPoley, on
the premises.
Terms of sale:—§150 in hand, and the bar
n n/tn ..I* t tin nllP/lltOCD ItinnPV tlP DD 1(1 ill !
aiiug I tuv |jut uiiuvv • -->
equal instalments, at six, twelve and eighteen
months, from the day of sale. Bonds with
approved personal security will he required o!
the purchaser, together with a deed of trust on
the land, to secure the payment of the same.
jC 14—eotd Commissioner.
I WILL pay the above reward to any per
son who will deliver to me, living at
Woodstock, near Aquia, Stafford county, Va.,
my man servant,
alias John Madison, who absconded from iny
employment on the K»th June last, and who!
have reason to suspect, has found his way in
some vessel trading up the Potomac to the
District. John is a black negro, 35 or 40 years
old, 5 feet 10 or 11 inches in heighth, wears
small whiskers, with short hair upon his head,
s little inclined to he bald, and is a plain plan
tation hand. Had on when he absconded, a
suit of woolen Linsey clothes, manufactureu
in Falxouth.
I will pay the above reward, and all reason
able expenses upon his rielivery to me ii ta
ken in the District of Columbia, or twenty
dollars if apprehended this side of the Dis
trict, WM. BAA LY.
Aquia, Stafford Co , Va. July 11—eolm
FROM the employ of Mr. James Gulick,
near Aldie, Loudoun County, Va., on the
13th ultimo, a negro girl named
about 16 or 17 years old, has thick lips, color
rather black, and speaks with rather an audi
ble voice; amongst her clothing, supposed to
have taken one snail red, black and white
calico wrapper, one pink and white calico
j dress, one calico bonne? much fa*, ed, has no
doubt winter clothing, but description not
particularly recollected. A liberal reward
will be given for tier apprehension and deliv
ery to the Jail at Leesbwg. Loudoun County,
or safely lodged in the Jad ol toe ( ounty
where she may be apprehended, nrd for in
formation of said apprehension and confine
ment, to the subscriber. r,rlnrT
Guardian for Hamilton T. Elgin.
Middleburg, Loudoun Co., \ a., nug 2 eoSt
TRAVELLERS and sojourners at the me
tropolis are respectfully informed that
they can have a suit ol clothes per fee i1 y clean—
ed and dressed in twelve hours’ notice, and
in a style as vet uneijucilled, hy the operation
of my London method of cleansing cloth, en
tirely different to the common way ol scour
ing,causing a coat,even if half worn, to have
the handsome appearance ot a new coat, and
not being any more susceptible of acciimtuat
"ne dust Faced coats re-dyed durable co
lors tested and approved try all the members
of Congress who have tried the experiment ol
restoration, by
WM. BELL, Coat Dresser &. Dyer,
South side orPennsylvania, near 4] street,
Washington, Established in 1S20, I22years
since.] Washington, aug 6—c»3t.
IN lull Pound Bundles—for sale at 121 cents
[aug 21 GEO. WHITE.
a SUPPLY OF FURNACES, pist receiver
J\. by HUGH SMITH & Co.
. / Jy 22
Some British journalists are very fond or
quoting the exaggerated descriptions given by
some of the Washington letter-writers, of
“scenes’* in Congress, as evidence that|com*
motion, violence, and ferocity, will ever char
acterize ail deliberative bodies where repub
licanism prevails. I will not put myself for
ward as an apologist ol the temper or taste of
those peasons at either end of the Capitol who
disgrace themselves and their station by the
part they take in such ‘scenes.’ But I main
tain, notwithstanding, that, in the long run,
and as regards the vast majority of the mem
bers, a comparison between the House of
Commons and House of Representatives
would be in our favor. There are, it is
true, occasional exhibitions in the House
of Representatives which have had no paral
lel in the House of Commons; of latter years
at least.
But, notwithstanding the occasional .‘out
breaks of temper and rude manners, I repeat
that the general aspect of the House of Rep
resentatives, is far more orderly and decorous
than that of the House of Commons.
The proceedings in the latter, are frequent
ly dull enough; but seldom for never quietly
An Amoi»t<*qn «*nnfail tn hrt
astonished at the noise and aonfusihn which
generally prevail. Although the Speaker
takes the chair about half past four, there are
not many members present until an hour after
ward. From six till eight, the principal oc
cupation of a considerable number seems to be
to interrupt the debate by various kinds of cla
mor, unknown without the walls of Parlia
ment, such 88 a peculiar and almost inimita
ble promulgation of the voice on the sounds of
*‘o—o—oh!”and “a—a—hV and “ba—a—hf”
besides incessant cries of “question, question!,,
From eight till ten, there is a marked dimi
nution of the forces; as the members, generaly
have gone home, or to their clubs, or to the
restaurants to dinner. About ten, again, the
benches begin to fill up. Honorable mem
bers have dined, as is evident from their
heightened color, and increased propensity for
noise and vociferotion, and cheering, and
loughter. But many of them intend to go to
some ball, or evening party, or to look in be
fore the close ol the opera, or the theatres.
Their full evening dres3 shows they have no
motion of spending the night in the House.
Their tactics of interruption to debate and for
cing on divisions, are therefore renewed and
continued until business men are compelled to
yield and the adjournment is agreed to. This
is not the occasional but the customary and
characteristic course of proceedings of large
portions of the House ol Commosn;and in'cora
parison with it, the conduct of the vast major
ity of our Congressmen must be declared to be
far more nearly such as the conductor legisla
tors ought to De; mnniiety more suouuea, ae- j
eorous, and gentlemanly.
Letter from England.
How to Cook Ccccmbe*9.—We have seen
a receive to cook cucumbers, somewhat after
this fashion:
Take the cucumbers and after cutting off
the rind, cm them into slices, then cut up a
few onions with them, pepper and salt them
to your liking, and add vinegar to them—and
then,—open your window and throw them
But it cooked as below stated, we conceive
them not only to he wholesome, hut among
the mo9t palatable vegetable dishes with
, which the table can be garnished. Our meth
od is this:
Pareofthe rine, then cut the cucumber into
slices lengtliicse, dust either side oi those
slices with corn meal, or wheat flour, pepper
and salt them to please your taste; this done
fry them brown, and you will have one of the
most delicious dishes that you can imagine,
combining in their flavor those of the oyster
plant and eggplant. Of their healthfulness,
‘thus cooked there can be no question, and of
their palaiableness, it is only necessary that
you try them, to say with us that they are
exquisite. _
At a meeting of the Company, on Tues
day evening, the 2Gth inst., it was unani
mously ordered, to give a musical enter
tainment at their Armory.
The Committee appointed to carry out
the foregoing resolution, have made ar
rangements to give the entertainment on
Friday evening the 5lli of August, at 7^
o'clock, P. HI. The members of the corps
will attend in full uniform. All officers of
the Navy and Army, and members of other
Volunteer Companies in the District, who
may think proper to honor the Guards
with their presence, are respectfully re
quested to appear in full uniform with
side-arms well supported by Fair ones.
The large and commodious porticoes
adjoining the Armory, will be well lighted
and handsomely decorated for the occa
* - « •
sion, and will attord a commodious prom
enade: confectionary and other temperance
refreshments will be furnished at a moder
ate charge. The Mijssum will be open
at night for the occasion. Admittance
cents. .
The Mayor lias politely promised an
additional police force to preserve order,
within the public square.
jy 28 Sec'ry. M. V. G.
££*The above entertainment has been
unavoidably postponed until Friday even
ing the 1:2th instant.
ang 4__C*
A HHDS. ? pure Cider Vinegar,
fr 20 bbis S • or
25 qr. casks Marseilles Madeira Wine
20 bbls. Cherry Bounce, just received am
lor sale by POWELL &» MARBURY.
' atfg 4
THE Schooner Napoleon, Yo*i<.
Master, carries about 850 bbls. \
freight for the north would be prefers
Apply to the subscriber, or the mast?'
on board at Cameron street wharf,
aug 3A. C. CAZENOVE It Co.
Three Dollar Books fsr Tteof
HOWITT’S Visits to Remarkable Places
first series; IIo witt’s Visits to Remark.,
ble Battle Fields, &c, second series; and How
ill's Student-Life in Germany; each in on*
beautiful 8 to volume, and usual selling pru c
$3—now for sale, price $2, each, cash, by
A FEW copies ol Bancroft’s United 8tate>
3d toI. for sale at 82 a copy, cash—pul;
lished at 82,50. BELL & ENTWISLE.
a lirr i
—» -
THAT excellent Ointment called the “Poor
Man’s Friend” which is Confidently re
commended as an unfailing remedy f«o
wounds of every description, and a cer -
tain cure for ulcerated sore legs, if of 20 yea'.*
standing; also Cuts, Burns, Scalds, Bruise.',
Chilblains, Ulcers. Scorbuted Eruptions
Pimples in the iace, weak and imflamed eye *
&c. &.c , for sale at
aug 2Drug Store.
AINS in the Bones, Joints, Jaw and Face
swelling of the Glands, Sprains, Bruises.
&c; For these afflictions use a bottle of Mon
roes Nerve and Bone Linament, it w*ll
found to be a speedy cure, price only 50 cent*
per bottle, a fresh lot just prepared by
aug 2 Druggist, King m.
OR. How Poor Men Live, a tale for younr
persons, by Mary Hovvitt, author o!
“Who shall be the Greatest.^’&c., another
of Appleton & Co.’s “Tales for the People
ami their Children.” Just publised, and for
sale by BELL fc ENTW1SLE.
nus 0
are confidently recommended to the pub
lic as an efficient article for expelling worms
Irom the system. They are nii'd in their op •
eration, and may he given 10 young children
with safety. This medicine has been a font:
time in use, and is frequently prescribed by
Physicians, who have seen its effects.
We, the undersigned, do certify that we
have used, in our families the Worm Destroy
ing drops, prepared and sold by Charles Rice,
Williamsport, Md and find them to be a high
ly efficacious and valuable medicine.
Dr. Van Lear, Henry Stinemetts, Geo. Stake,
N. Hammond, P. Summers, H Grosli,
A Friend. Michael Kreps, Jesse Long,
Hugh Long.
I do here’ y certify, that a few days since, n
colored child belonging to me, shout two and
a half years old, by taking part of a phial ol
the Worm Destroying Drops, prepared by
Charles Rice, of Williamsport, expelled one
hundred and eighty three Worms, and is now
doing well, .although for a weik or two previ
ous was not expected to live. I ain confident
there is no Medicine, that l have any knowl
edge of, to he compared to those drops for
exneiling worms from the human system.
Feb 7, 1835. JOHN BUCHANAN.
I do certify, that .a child of mine, three years
old, by taking a vial of the above Drops, ex
pelled belter than four hundred worms. The
first passage about eighty were removed.
JAMES DUGAN, Berkley Cy. Va.
IMn hereby certify that a colored child be
longing to me, about eighteen months old, by
taking part of n phial of the above Drops, ex*
peMed one hundred and twenty worms of a
bout eight or nine inches in length.
Charles Rice having agreed with the sub
scribers to manufacture the above medicine,it
will in futnre he sold only by them and their
agents. Each vial of the genuine article will
bear the lac similieof C Rice’s signature.
jv 30—tf Alexandria. D C.
epiIESE celebrated articles have now been
J. iHcd for nearly four years, and the great
est proof of their efficacy in removing the
various diseases for which they arc recom
mended is, that the demand for them has been
rapidly increasing,and persons who hive once
u<ed them not only continue their use, but re
CO’iimend them to their triends
COUGH LOZENGES are ti e best medi
cines in the world for coughs, colds, consump
tion, asthma, whooping cough, ftc„ ever dis
THE WORM LOZENGES nrc the only ar
ticles which never fail in removing Worms of
every description, both from children and a*
ereign remedy for sea sickness and nervous
headache, palpitation, lowness of spirits, and
all nervous diseases. For sale hv
july 20 HELL ft ENTWISLE.
VERY nice lump aud loaf Sugars, at 12$ a
11 cents
Very best double lo if do, it IA cfs. |»er ik
Good f»rii?fit. N. O. do 6j cents ,
Beautiful light P.R. Sugar, 12 lbs'ft Hlor *1
Very best Gunpowder Pea. $l,!2; cts |>erlh
do Young Hyson. *'
Common do 62> per lb.
Old White Coflee, 8 lbs. for *!
Good Rio do |OlbH. forfel
Be>f Salad Oil. large bottles 5hcert,g
Sii|»erior N Orleans Mola^es gfrft.Me p r ga»
Best bleached Sperm Oil |K*r gallon
Best bleached refined Whale, burns as well
as Sperm *1 per gallon For sale hv
1 ” a u ivir.i is
rr BBLS foilveri7,ed Sugar, a nice article for
O family use,— jusl received, an l t“r sale by
3112 I KERR St McLEAN#
TON’S plainer, cargo of Brig Lm
coin from Boston, for sale by
Manufacturer of Tin, Copper, Zinc and Sheet \
iron Ware*
East side of Fairfax and 3econd door South of
King street, Alexandria, D. 0.
• All orders in bis line will be thankfully receiv
* ed, completed when promised, and executed
in the best workmanlike manner, aug 2—iy
ALFRED H. LEE, M. /?.,
I ofiiee on King, between Patrick and Henry
streets, Alexandria, D. O.
te 50—eo6m

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