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TBE Subscribers have just received the
following implements, which, added to
their former Stock, renders the assortment
complete—to which they icr!'* •*>« attention
or the public.
PLOUGHS, or every variety and description.
CULTIVATORS, constructed for 1, 3, and 3
HARROWS, various sixes. /horses.
RAKES, for hay, grain, aud gardening.
WHEAT PANS« various sixes.
CORN SHELLERS; Huskers and Shellers
CORN and COB CRUSHER. "Baldwin's"
STRAW CUTTERS, various sizes and de
HAY and MANURE FORKS, [scriptious.
HOES, of every sire and va riet?,
HAY KNIVES, best "Ençlish."
AXES, best east steel— all sizes.
Gardening Implements, among which are
Mostofthe above articles have been se
lected from the best Manufactures with care,
nod are confidently rerun) men lei to be ol
superior materials and workmanship.
Alexandria, 4th mo 2d
T?OR the Cure of Cough*. Colds, Consump
t/ tioA, Bronchitis, Asthma. Spitting of
Blood, Pain and Oppression of the Breast, and
all Diseases arising from a Disordered Condi
tion of the Lung*.
Perhaps there w no Medical Observation
better established, and none more generally
confirmed b? the experience of the best phy
sicians of all ages in all countries, than the
Fact, that many of tb# most difficult and in
curable Consumptions originate in neglected
colds. In a climate so variable as ours,
where the changes of weather are frequently
sudden and unexpected, it requires more care
and attention to guard against this dangerous
enemy to human life, than most persons are
able and willing to besto v. The bills of mor
tality exhibit the alarming and most melan
choly fact, that the number of deaths by this
<fi*ea*e are as fire to one. Inasmnrh then as
this fatal disease is increasing and spreading
•o widely and fearful!?,and bidding defiance
often to the combined skill of the most emi
nent physicians, if is a gratification to the pro
prietor to he enabled to offer to all of con*
^umptive habits, or those afflicted with dis
tressing pains in the side or breaU, or any
affection of the breast or lung?, a reasonable
and almost certaian prospect of relief.
The rirtuesof Horehound for arresting tne
progress of cough and consumption, have
been universally known since the discovery
of America. The Indians so celebrated for
curing all diseases with herbs, used verv ex
tensiveîr the Horehound, in all casesofCohls,
Coughs, &c. It is to them that we are indebt
ed for the knowledge we have of this valua
ble remedy,'and did we use it as freely and
promptl? as those uncivilized beings, the list
of deaths from consumption, would be com
paratively small, to what it is is at present, j
**An Indian never was known to die with
«Consumption," because they always take
——— •«•'i.o# a« arrest *hp disease in time;
01*VI« « V
consequently being free from diseasvs of the
lung*, the? art? the heartiest racc of persons
in the world.
The Compound Syrup o! Horehound is a
medicine suitable to persons of all ages and
sexes; and ÏÏ laken on the appearance of the
.first symptom* which are a eou^àor pain in
4he6re<u*. will in nine cases ont of ten, aflord
relief and effect a speedy cure.
For sale at the Dru< Store o/
«orner King and Washington sts, ap 3—I v
▼iSo heal Harsh, Rougn, and Chapped Skin,
L and render it beautifully soft, Dr. Felix
Ooucaul'sEAU DR BEAUTE possesses pro
properiies of surprising energv, in producing
.delicate white neck, hands and arms, and
protecting the.n from the sofar heat. Its
soothing and ameliorating properties immedi
ately allay the smarting irritation of the skin
produced by the stinsr of musquitoes, ir other
cause?, assuages inflammation, removes cuta
neous eruptions, pimples, blotches,tan and red
ness, by its dilating properties it stops the for
mation of wrinkles, and banishes them when
present, and elicits a beau'Jt*? »wenile appear
ance. To be had no where Ci * . New York
but at 67 Walker street. I door from the cor
ner of Broadway. SI per bottle.
CAUTION.—See that *Eaude Beaute, fab
riqtie par Dr Felix Gouraud, New York,' is
blown in the four sides of each bottle.
Beware of spurious imitations of this cele
brated cosmetic, of the most deleterious char
acter, containing mineral astringents utterly
ruin »us to the complexion, and by their re
pellant action endangering health.
VEGETABLE ROQUE is composed materi
ally from flowers and simples, an article ,
which, from its perfect assimilatioti with the ,
skin, and its correctness and permanency of
tint, vives to the countenance a bloom imoos- 1
8iblèr«>n the closest inspection, to detect from
uature; and is warranted free from any min
eral substance and immoveable bv perspira
tion* or rubbing with a handkerchief. 50 cents
<prr bottle. For sa le by
Sec 30—1y King street.
DR. Felix Gotiraud's Depilatory Powders
for uprooting Superfluous Hair without
injury to the Skia. The following testimonials I
from the New York press will recommend this
invaluable articler
•We have seen tested Dr, QouraudN Depil
atory Powder; and confidently recommend
the article to individuals annoyed with super*
fluous hair, which, bv its use, is entirely re*
-moved it a short time, leaviing the skin, after
washing the part, perfectly white and smooth,
freed from the slightest irritation.*—N. Y.
Evening Star«
We cheerfully recommend Dr Goura nd's
Depilatory Powders to all tormented with su
perfluous hair. Ladies with hairy lips, and
pale faced young gentlemen with moie down
on their faces than is wished, will find it an
invaluable article. We have seen it tested,
and therefore speak bv the cird.—Daily News.
For sale only in Boston by the appointed
ajent. A. S. Jordan, No. 2, Milk street, at $1
rf r bottle. For u.t b\
jeciO-lt CHAS. C. BERRY
AS tht season is advancing when Summer
Bowel Comptant prevails—the Subscriber
offers hi*Cholera Infantum Syrup, as a sure
remeoy for the prevention and cure of the
Hummer Bowel Complaint in children or oth
ers. This medicine cures by its Tonic and
aAnthepÜr powers, and the patient's strength
increases with its use. Of theadaptation ofthis
»emedy to this disease the experience of the
aat five years has abundantly proven; on sale
on.j by vrM. LANPHIF.R, Surg.Dent.
_ . . ALSO.
Scff net Semite Powder«, 3 öojes for * i.
Les J An*iWllavB Pills 23 cts. otf ß0?
TtHE following letter from the Rev. J. W,
X Sawjer, of Shaftubunr, Vermont, in con
firma lion of the virtues of Dr. Jarre's Hair To
nic is from so good a source, and so strong a
voucher for the article, that we rive it to our
readers. If any of them are similar, y afflicted,
they will thank us lor the information, as none
are disposed to consioer baldness an addition
to personal beauty. Where a remedy is real*
!y good.i* should be universally known, while
all ouacicery should meet a prompt exposure,
^ ,S. E.Postf
Shaftsoury, Bennington Co. Vt. )
Aug. 4th, 1840. )
Da D. Jatxie:—Deae Sir—Learning
through the medium of the newspapers the
cffcacy of your HAIR TONIC, and being ac
quainted with some of those recommending it,
to wit: Rev. C.C. Park, Rev. Dr. Babcock,
and Rev. L. Fletcher, and when in New York
^st spring, I purchased two bottles, with a
view to make the experiment I have been
quite bald for about four years, and obliged|to
wear a wig. Indeed^ it is constitutional with
my family to be bald in early life. I co.nfess,
I haa out little confidence in the attempt, ha
ving been so bald, ana near 46 year* of age,
and that partot my head destitute of hair
exceedingly smooth. I however, commenced
agreeably to your directions, ana used one
bottle faithfully, and with very liti.e effect
but before I had used the second bottle{ a
very fine fuzzy hair became perceptible, which
continued to grow, and now having used the
third bottle,I have had three cuttings perfor
med, and the prospect is very flattering, that
I sha I again be blessed with a fine head of
hair ornamental ana useful. I am extremely
gratified with the prospect, and from observa
tions made, many ot my friends, and acquain
tance?, who have herertofore regarded'the
preparation as deceptive, and only a catch
penny concern, are now we . satisfied that it
isuTruth—No Fiction.'* J. W. LAWYER.
Prepared only by Dr D. Jay ne, No. 20 South
Third Street, Philadelphia. Price $1.
Messrs. Wm. Stabler, and Co. are my a
gents in Alexandria for the sale of the above
artic.e. D. J A YNE.
sep 16—ly
\ RE daily effecting some of the most as
i.1 toaishing and wonderful CURES thatev
sr have been known—in consequence o! which
they have now become a shining mark against
which all the arrows of disappointed hope, en
vy and uncharitableness are levelled without
distinction. The town and country are alike
filled with their praise. The palace and poor
house alike echo with their virtues. In an
climates, under all temperatures, they still re
tain their wonderful powers, and exert them,
unattended by age or situation. They are
simple in their preparation, mild in their action,
thorough in their operation and unrivalled in
their results.
Are Anti-Bilious, Anti-Dyspeptic and Anti
Vlercurial, and may justly be considered a Uwi
vlrsai. Medicixk: but they are peculiarly be
neficial in the following complaints,—Yellow
and Bilious Fevers, Fever and Ague, Dyspep
sia,Croup, Liver Complaints, Siék Head-ache,
Jaundice, Asthma, Dropsy, Rheumatism, En
.argement of the Spleen, Piles, Cholic, Female
Obstructions,Heartburn, Furred Tongue, Nau
sea, Distension of the Stomach and Bowels,
incipient Diarrhoea, Flatulence Habitual Cos
tiveness, Loss of Appetite, Blotched or sailow
Complexion,and in all case3 of Torpor of the
Bowels, where a Cathartic or an Aperient^
needed. T*iey are exceedingly mild in their
operation,producing neither nausea, griping}
not debility.
'CPForsale by all the Druggists in Alex
andria, Washington,and Georgetown;
july 23—ly
DOES anj know a neighbor or a friend whe
ha3 been Bald, and whose head is now
covered with fine hair? One whose coat col
lar was covered with dandruff though brush
ed every hour—which has now vanished en
tirely? Or one whose hairs at early age were
turning grey, who now has not a grey hair?—
Children whose heads were covered with
scruf,—whose hair would not grow, that art
now growing the fullest crops of hair? Some
cases must he known to most persons. Ask
them the cause, and you will be told, these
things have been done by the use of the BALM
OF COLUMBIA. Of 20 years growth is this
article, its demand increasing annually some
hundred uer cent.—though when discovered
not opposed by any thing for the same purpose
now assailed by almost numberless mushroom
trash preparations that will ruin the hair if us
ed to any extent. Can more than these facts
be wanted—reter to the recommendations by
a list of name3 of respectability, unequalled
by any other article. Look to these things—
buy this article. Stay and preserve your hair
by its use, or if bald restore it. Ladies, at
tend to this—hund-eds in fashionable lite are
using it as the toile .. Long hair is very apt to
fallout. Ladies, h e the Balm of Columbia
in time to sa ve yoursel ves the disgrace of bald
ness by neglect of your persons.
It is your duty, as mora.ists to preserve the
beauties of nature, with which a bountiful
Creator has endowed you—use the Bairn, tor it
will do it.
—Several most flagrant attempts have been
made to counterfeit the true Balm of Colum
bia. Some of the impostors have gone so far
as to counterfeit the splendid wrappers, and
the Falls ofNiagara, and every external mark
except the name of Comstock, which they
dare not forge.
TnavniH imnnsitions therefore, a I ways look
for the name ofComstock & Co. or L.S. Com
stock, and never buy the articie unless it has
that name upon *t.
Sold Wholesale and Retail, only at No. 2
Fletcher street, N. Y.
Tron the Boston Chronicle, Jan. 10.
filT* We see by an advertisement in another
column that Messrs. Comstock and Co., the
autik°ri*^ Agents for Oldridge's baJmof Co
iumbia,ha7« u?°uties to sell that article fin
Boston and elsew iîeré.--pWe know a lady of
this city whose hair wàS so fi?3ir'y ffone as to
expose entirely her phreno.OJp^* ccvelp
ments, which, considering that they tctokeri*
ed a most amiab.e disposition, was not in real
ity very unfortunate. Nevertheless she mourn*
ed the loss of locks that she had worn, and,
after a year's fruitless resort to miscalled res
toratives, purchased, some months ago, a bot
tle ortwoofOldridge'sBalm, and she has now
ringlets in rich profusion, glossy, and of raven
blackness. We are not puffing—none of the
commodité has been sent to us, and, indeed,
we do not want any, for though we were
obliged to wear a wig a year ago, we have
now, through its virtue, hair enough,and of a
passable quality, of our own.
Darin* Fraud. The Baim oi Columbia has
been imitated by a notorious counterfeiter Let
it never be purchased or used unless it have
the name of L. S. COMSTOCK, or the signa
ture of COMSTOCK & Co. on a splendid
wrapper. This is theonly external test that
mil secure the public from deception.
Address COMSTOCK & CO.
Wholes*lf Druggists, New-York
% 2 Fleichei street
Wil.il. GO BALD?
COLONEL LEAVER, Postmaster, at Batt*
via, i* knowing to the lict, that Dr. Bingbam,
of Gennessee county aged over 70, and for
more than 17 years very bald, has had his
hair fully restored by the use of one hott e of
• he Ba I m of Col um bia from COM STOCK & CO.
For *a.e by J. F. Sayrs, jWtn. Harper,
J. H. Monroe, Alexandria! jec 1—1*
LEWIS* White Lend, for sale low by
oct 3 WM. STABLER Jt CO.
IS RECOMMENDED as decidedly su®
perior to any other known combination
ot Medicine, for Coughs, Colds, Influen
za, Consumption, Asthma, spitting of
Blood, Hoarseness, Difficulty of Breath
ing, Hooping Cough, Pain, and Weak
ness of the Breast, and all diseases of the
Pulmonary organs.
This medicine is highly and justly re
commended, by numerous and respecta,
ble individuals, who have found relief
from its use. Many who have been la
boring under protracted Coughs and
pains in the breast and have been sup
posed by themselves and their friends far
advanced in consumption, have been
happily restored to perfect health by the
use ot this valuable Expectorant.
Persons laboring under chronic or
consumptive coughs, will find great ad
vantage from carrying a small quantity
of the Indian Expectorant with them,
while attending to their various avoca
tions, and taking a teaspoonful occa
sionally. Their cough will be scarcely
felt and they will be enabled to expecto
rate with the greatest facility, and the ir
ritating matter will thereby soon be re
moved and a permanent cure effected.—
Let the afflicted try if.
Prepared only by Dr. D. Jayne of Sa
lem, New Jersey, and none is genuine
without his u ritten signatureto the label
on the outside of the Dottle.
I hereby cerrify that I was cured of a
violent couah and pain in the breast by
using Doctor Jay ne's Expectorant Med
icine. My wife also was afflicted with a
bad cough and pain in the breast, atten
ded with so much difficulty of breathing
as to prevent her from getting any sleep
for a number of nights in succession, but
by taking two doses of this medicine she
was enabled to sleep quietly through the
nioht and in a few davs bv continuing
its use she was perfectly restored.
Jacob Ridgeway.
Hancock's Bridge, N. J. Sep. 24,1836.
From the Rev. C. C. P. Crosby, late
agent o( the American Baptist.
To Dr. t>. Jayne. Dear sir: I have
made use of ?he Indian Expectorant,
personally *»nd in my family for the last
six years with great benefit. Indeed I
may consider my lile prolonged by the
use of this valuable medicine, under the
blessing of God, for several years. I
may >ay almost as much in the case of
my wife and also of the Rev. Mr. Tinson
of the Island of Jamaica. For all cases
of cough, inflamation of the chest, lungs
and throat, I do most unhesitatingly re
commend this as the best medicine 1 have
ever tried. My earnest wish is that o
thers afflicted as I have been, may expe
rience ihe same relief, which lam per
suaded they will by using the Indian
Expectorant. C. C. P. Crosby.
N. B. Many of my neighbors, on my
recommendation, have tried this medi
cine with uniform success.
N. York June 15,1835.
From the Rev. Jonathan Going, D. DJ
Editor oi the Ameircan Baptist.
1 nave used the above medicine with
success for a cough and hoarseness.
Jonathan Going.
New York, Dec. 1835.
Doc*. D. Jdvne— Dear sir: 1 was for
a long time afflicted with a violent cough
and difficulty of breathing, attended with
weakness and pain in my breast, but
have been res'ored to perfect health by
using one bottle of your Indian Expecto
rant. I have been subject to a cough
and pain in my breast for near twenty
years, and have found far greater bene
fit from this medicine than from any
other. I remain, respectfully, yours,
Susan Ireland
Canton, Nov. 21, J836,
Many more certificates might be add
ed but the above are considered suffici
ent. D. JAYNE.
Salem, N.J. April, 1836.
Forsale by agents throughout the Uni
ted States, w here also may be had Jayne's
Carminative Balsam, for Bowel Com
plaints; Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge, for
Worms, Fever and Ague, Dyspepsia,
Sour Stomach, &c.
Agent for Alexandria,
1st mo 28—îy WM. STABLER.
all other derangements of the Sto
mach and Boweh, are effectually cured
by Dr. Jayne's Carminative Balsam.
Dr. D. Javne—Dear Sir,—Having made
use of your Carminative Balsam in my
family, and finding it to be admirably a
J — »«J ^a /»AmnlaSnto fftP wKi/th it îc
U tl j 111 U iV/ II»*# VWIII piM I II «W IV« v* ««IV«« mw • W
intended, 1 take pleasure in recommend
ing it to the use of my Iriends and the
public eenerally, believing those who are
afflicted with any of these complaints
will find relief in the use of this valuable
medicine- Jonathan Going, D. D.
President of Granville College, Ohio.
New York, May 20, 1837.
Baltimore, March 27, 1833.
Dr. Jayne.—Dear Sir. You ask me
what proofs I meet with of the efficacy of
your medicine. I can safely say that I
never prescribed a medicine for Bowel
Complaints that has given 'me so much
5?tisfac';.if)n. and my patients so speedy
and perfect relief 35 this. Whenever in
troduced into a i'ùmi!y, it tcromes ®
standing remedy for tho?e ailments, ana
is called for again and again, which 1
think a pretty good proof of its efficacy
and usefulness; in the Summer Com
plaint of children it has frequently ap.
peared to snatch the little vietims as it
were, from the grave. It saved the life
of my child, and ct such and such a child
I have repeatedly heard said: In dysen
teric affections of adulu. I have time and
again seen it act like a charm, and give
permanent relief in n few hours—I may
say in a few minutes. In fine it is a val
uable medicine, and no family should be
without it. Respectfully,
M. L. Knapp, M. D.
Late Physician to the Baltimore Dis
pensary and agent for the Maryland Vac
cine Institution.
Prepared and sold by Dr. D. Jayne,
,\o. 26 South Third st. between Market
ünd Chesnut.
The public are respectfully informed
«hat Wm. Stabler & Co. Druggists, AI
exandria. are my Agents for the sale of
the above medicine.
Philadelphia June9-Hy
Liver Complaints, Asthma,Bronchitis, Pains
or weakness of the breast, Chronic coughs,
difficulty of breathing, spitting of blood,
and all affections of the Pulmonary Or
In setting forth the virtues of this tru'y val- ,
nable medicine, we h3ve nr. desire to deceive
the afflicted, nor do we wish to eulogize it
more than it justly deserves, yet when we
look around us and see the vast amouut of
suffering occasioned by the various diseases
in which it has proved so pre-eminently suc
cessful, we feel that we cannot say too tnueb
in its favor. Various remedies, it is tnie, have
been offered and pufledinto notice from time
to time, for diseases of the Lungs, and some
have undoubted!? been found very useful, but
of all that has been yet discovered, it is uni
versally acknowleiged that none has ever
proved as successful as this. The medicinal
virtues of the Wild Cherry Bark have long
been known and highly exiolled in many dis
eases, by some of the most hminent physici
ans, but in this preparation its powers are
greatly increased, and its superiority at once
made manifest. Besides possessing all the
virtues of the Wild Cherry Bark, in a highly
concentrated form, it also contains an ex
tract of Tar, both of these being prepared by
a new chemical process, by which their me
dicinal properties are scientifically combined
and associated together, with such other me
dicinal substances, as to render it far superior
to any form in which it nas ever been em
The universal celehritv which this medi
^ _
cine is rapidly saining in every section m mr
country, and the many surprising cures it has
effected,has indeed established its efficacy be
yond all doubt, and clearly proves ihat "Con
sumption" may and can be cured, even in
some of its most distressing forms. We are
not, however,skeptical enough to suppose that
this or any other remedy i9 capable of curing
every case, and all stages of the disease: on
the contrary, we are well aware that there
are many cases beyond the power of medicine
to cure. Yet while there is life there is hope,
and from practical experience in the efficacy
ol this medicine, we can safelv say there are
few cases in which it will not alleviate thesuf
fering, and may prolong life for years. Such
indeed are the astonishing healing and resto
rative properties of this Balsam, that even in
the worst foröis of "Consumption,when the
patient has suffered with the most distressing
cough, violent pains in the chest, difficulty of
breathing, night sweats, Meedingof the lungs,
&c., and when the most esteemed remedies of
our Pharmacopias had failed to afford any re
lief, and after numerous other remedies had
been used for many months in vain, this in
valuable remedy has been productive of the
most astonishing relief. In the early stages of
the disease, proceeding from neglected colds,
termed Catarrhal Consumption, it has been
used with (indeviating success, and in many
instacnes when this disease seemed to have
marked itslvictim for an early grave, the use
of this medicine has arrested every symtom,
and restored the lungs to a state of perfect
In that form of Consumption, so prevalent
amongst delicate young females, commonly
termed debility, or ''going into a decline/' a
complaint with which thousand? are lingering,
it has also been used with surprising success,
and not only possesses the power oi checking
the progress of this alarming disease, but at the
same time strengthens and invigorates the
whole system more effectually than any reme
dy we have ever possessed.
Asa remedy in Liver complaints, Asthma,
Bronchitis, Slc .especially when attended with
« cough, hoarseness, soreness of the throat, or
oppressed breathing, it has been used with
equal success, a tid cured many cases of years
standing, after every thing else had failed.—
n common coughs and colds, croup in children
which prevail so extensively throughout the
winter, it will be found much tnoie effectual
than any remedy in use, and when colds set
tle upon the lungs,causingan inflammation with
pains in the breast, difficulty or shortness of
breathing, &c., the use ot this Balsam will
suppress the symptoms immediately, and at
the same time prevent the lungs Irom becom
ing more seriously diseased.
Such in Fact is the nature and simplicity of
this medicine, so powerful in action, yet so
mild, safe and pleasant in its operation, that it
might be justly termed "Nature's own pre
scription," and although but two years have
elapsed since it wrs first made public, we can
proudly say it hau acquired a celebrity unpre
cedented by any medicine in use, and is evi
dently destined to become the most popular
and valuable medicine ever discovered.—
For particulars see Dr. Wistar's "Family
Medical Guide," a treatise on Pulmonary dis-,
eases, which may be had gratis of any of the
CAUTION.—As several attempts have been
made to prejudice the public against this med*
icine, by an obscure illiterate quack, calling
himself Dr. Swayne, (the proprietor of a nos
trum called Swayne's Svrupof Wild Cherry,)
who has asserted that Dr. Wistar is not the
inventor, and otherwise resorted to the most ;
palpable and malicious falsehoods, it is neces
sary to put the public on their guard, and re*
quest purchasers to be very particular to ask
CHERRY," and observe these words blown
in the glass of each bottle, and the signature
of Henry Wistar, M. D., on the label, without
which none is genuine. It is also enveloped!
in an engraved wrapper, representing a jubi
lee under the Wild Cherry Tree, and a pam
phlet descriptive of the diseases, with full di
rections for using, copy rights of the same he
ing secured according to law. 5rjjP In or
der to protect the public from imposition, we <
will also give a reward of Five Hundred
Dollars, for the conviction of any person or
persons detected in counterfeiting the genuine
IfCPRemember, there is a medicine adver
tised called the " Syrup of Wild Cherry,**
which is entirely different from the BaUam, j
ailu has no connection with it fvhatever.
The genuin? Balsam is prepared for the
proprietor, and sold at wholesale by WIL- 1
LIAMS & Co, Chemists m>. 21 Minor Street, j
Philadelphia, to whom all orders must be di
rected, (post paid.) Sold also by Druggists
and appointed Agents in ail the principal j
Towns in the United States. Retail price,
$1 00 a Bottle.
0&~ A liberal discount to the trade,
i N. B. Druggists and dealers in medicines ,
i will find thisa very valuable and profitable ad
1 dition to their stock,arid should always have it
'on hand. An Agency may also be obtained
by a responsible person in any Town #here
none exists, by addressing as above, post- '
patd. For sale by
J. R. PIERPOINT, Druggist,
Si'le Agent for Alexandria.
sept 30—I y
6)Â HHDS P. R. & N. O. Sugar
/Q 1 30 bags Rio Coffee
SO " St. Domingo do
20 half chests Gunpowder Tea
1 " Souchong il (very fine) \
f 5 hbds. N. O. Molasses i
Î7 realms ruled and plain letter paper j
23 " wraping paper, this morning I
(andiaff from Barque General Tlarrrison from!
New Yotk and for sale by )
ayg 9 WM. BAYNE. 1
INTELLECTUAL Development and Per*
J. sona.1 Beaut v, considered in connexion with
TILES The sculptor, whose&udy is to imi
tate the exquisite workmanship of nature,
pourtrays in his rttodel of the hu^nin form a
broad and elevated lorehead. Tnis develop
ment is not only consonant with, but some
times necessary to the jiossession of a high
order of mental faculty. If a fine forehead is
a mark of intellect, it is no lefcs.sn essentia,
element of personal beauty, and it Is of im
portance to those, an J there are many such
possessed of this prominent feature though
obscured by the encroachments of a too luxu
rious grovyth of fiâîr. tô refaove that portion
of an excrescence which tends, in their case,
only to deform. This can be done safely,
speedy. effectually, and if used in accord
ance with directions, without the least incon
venience, by Dr. Felix Gouraud's Depilatory
Powders. The furz on the chih, when an
noying, or the short hair oa the back of a
lady's neck, when too apparent—the hair of a
mole, orjthe beard, when high upon the cheek,
may all he removed and eventually the roots
destroyed by the use of this preparation.
Manufactured by Dr. Felix Gouraud, 67
Walker street, one door from Broadway, N.
Y., and for sale in this bitv, by his sole agent,
Mr. A. S. JORDAN, 2 Milk, 1st door from
Washington street. JiCPSl per bottle.
For removing freckles.tan,pimpled, blotches,
sores, burns, and all cutaneous eruptions, real
izing delicate white hands, reck and arms,and
eliciting a healthy juvenile appearance. SI
per bottle.
Composed materially from flowers and sim
ples, imparts a delicate carnation tinge to the
cheek, immovable br perspiration or rubbing
with a handkerchief or a linen cloth. 50 cents
per bottle.
For sale by CHAS. C. BERRY,
dec 20—ly King street.
i niv.MiJiwy) »v i » i j » » i • »j . ». v. . .....
AC/ E, the undersigned, having purchased
V ol Richard Hill, Alexandria, one ofBar
mum's Paient Boilers, so highly recommend
ed for heating water lor washing and ha thing
purposes—for butchers and ha nera uses—for
steaming vegetables for stork; for evaporating
sap into sugar, and for purifying reluué brine,
&C.&C. ; hu# used by tt? chiefly for washin®
and ha thing purpose*, deem it a p'easure and
our duty to recommend it to the public, as one
of the best, most convenient, and economical
aparatus ever introduced.
;no. mcoobmick,
I have used in my family the above boiler
for washing, and can therefore recommend it
for that purpose. EDM I. EEE.
I purchased one of the above boilers and
find it convenient anJ economical.
inly 8—If J NO. C. VOWELL.
THE subscribers would respectfully inforu
their friends of Alexandria and its view
nitv,that they continue to keep on hand
their store, on King street, a good assoftmei.
of the following articles, viz: Men's thick
kip, calf, grain, buff and morocco BOOTS;
Bovs'and youth's do do do; Men's, boy's
and youth's SHOES, of all kinds: likewise,
ladies', misses, and children's, of all kinds,
which will be sold on the most reasonable
terms, (or cas h, bv the pair or dozen.
•'^LADIES Morocco and Kid Slippers
made of the best materials and workman
ship for one dollar per pair, for cash; but when
charged, the usual price will be retained.
Misses and Childrens' do. in proportion,
feb 10-1 y BALLANGER & CLAfLlN.
FOR purifying the blood, removing bile,
correcting all disorders of the stomach and
bowels, costiveness, dyspepsia, swimming in
the head, Sic. Persons of a full habit, who
are subject to headache, giddiness, drowsi
ness. and sin gin? in the ears, arising from too
great a How oi blood to the head, should never
be without them, as many «langerons symp
toms will be enMrelvcarrieil ofl by iheir imme
diate use.
For Females, these Fills are most truly ex
cellent; removing all obstructions, the distress
ing heartache so very prevalent with the sex;
depression oi spirit», dullness of sight, nervous
affections, blotches, pimples and sailowness of
the skin, and give « healthy and juvenile
bloom to the complexion.
As a pleasant, safe, easy aperient, they unite
th* recommendation of a mild opreation, with
the most successful effect, and require no re
straint of diet or confinement during their
use. By regulating the dose according to the
age and strength of fhe patient, they become
suitable for every case, in either sex, that can
be required; and for elderly people ihey will
be found to be the most comfortable medic'ne
hitherto prepared. For sale bv
Agent for Seth S. Hance,
Corner of King and Washington streets,
ap 7—1>
rHB New York Sun says: BRANDRE7H'S
PILLS have been used among many of
our friends and in our own family we have
■sed them nearly tour years when werequirea j
mediane; in that period, no Doctor save Mr. '
Brandretii has crossed our threshold, and no I
medicine besides the Doctor's Pills used. Our
belief is 'keep your bowels a nd blood pure,' and
every kino of disease will be prevented or cur
ed. The Brandreth Pills are eminently calcu
lated to do this, and thereby much lesser the
Bum of human miser%
The New York Evening Star says: Bran
aretn's Pills are a medicine which their own
ntense worth will always secure lor them a
arge and ready sale.—They have deservedly a
aign reputation; and as3 family and anti-billi
dus remedy it would be difficult to equal them
nnongal! the patent medicines of the present
The New Yoi * Commercial «ays: They re
move ai morbid humors and purify tne blood.
^ To the whole family of Man,—We feci
pleasure and satisfaction in recommending to
ill our readers, Brandretn's Vegetable Pills, as
the most certain, most safe, and invaluable
medicine extant. As antibilious and aperient !
Pills, we are perfectly convinced theytand
(ar anove all others; as a certain cure in ail
;ases of worms, scurvy, scorbutic humors,
»rysipelas,and all affections of the skin, d^op
jjr, asthira, stone, gravel, piled, ana lumbago,
tney will be foundinvaluable.—Louden Timet.
JOHN H. GIRD is the only Agent in Al <
pxandna, for the sale of Brandreth's Pills. I
Baltimore Office, corner ofLight & MercerSt.
*3«y 22—6m Genera 1 Agent.
M. SKY DER, Jr.,
nOLD, Silver, and Bank Note Broker ; of
" ficeon King street, south side, 3 door*
West of Royal street.
Bills of Exchange and Bank Checks on mo
3/ the principal Cities of the Union, bougl
md sold at best rate*
Drafts, Notesand Bills collected on the mo*
javourab.e terms.
Bank Notes on all solvent Bank* in the I
3. discounted at the lowest rates. j
Gold and Silver boughtand soin j
QO 1G —tf I
Steam Boat Phenix.
A FINDING that the limé
J»n.flT7î*cyP'*d m receiving ,„d
linoinf freight, will pre*
vent the Boat from starting at the hour« adver.
tised, and wishing to accommodate as Tar as
in my power, ihe hours of starting of this
Boat from and after this day wilt be as fol
lows, viz:
Leave Alexandria, at 8and 10, A. M.,2and
. 4, P. M. .
Leave Washington,at 9 and 11, A.'M»,3atid
5, P. M.
The Boat will also make one trip daily to
George Town, (Sundays excepted.)
Leaving Alexandria at 12 o'clock, and
Georgetown at 1 o'clock.
oct 6 Captain.
A ^ The Steamer CHESA«
CjH^^^JP^njSPEAKE^ will make a plea
sure trip to Pinev Point
and Cone River, everv Wednesday morning
leaving, Rilev's Wharf Washington, at half
past 6 o'clock, and Alexandria half past 7 o'?
clock: returning she will leave Piney Point
and Cone River, Thursday mornings,and take
off and land Passengers on the different land*
ines on the River. This arrangement will en
able Passengers that wish to go and return »he
same trip io spend the night at Piney Point
and Cone River, and have a fine chance for
Passage and fare to go and return the samt
trin £3. ,
The Chesapeake will leave for Norfolk *s
usual, every Friday morning at 9 o'clock.
Washington, July 23—tf
- The Steamboat CO-.
JE^-, «^?I«UMRIA. Captain J. Guy
thert will leave Baltimore
on Saturday evening 18th instant, for the Oil
trict, and returning will leave Alexandria
every, Wednesday morning thereafter at 7
o'clock. feb 10—tf '
I WISH to purchase Tor a gentleman ii> the
South, from 25 to JO Negroes of both
sexes; for tvhfcfi Ï will pay the highest cash
prices. Those having such to dispose of w.ll
find it to their advantage to give me a cal)
before they sell. Ï can he found at all urnes
a« my establishment, upper end Duke street.
All letters addressed to me will be promptly
attended to by me, or my .Agent.
aug 17-tf GEORGE KEP11ART.
JUST received from New York, an addi
tional supply of Drugs, &ct warranted to
be of the best quality, and for sale on the
mu*t reasonable ternis.;
Calomel. Hydro Sublimed
Refined Camphor
Henry's Calcined Magnesia, genuine
Peruvian Bark, pale and red
Sulphate Quinine, pure, do Mophinè
Aàefate Mwpbrne. Tannin
Magnesia'. English Ca leu ed
Covert's Balm or Life, genuine
Ammoniated Alcohol. Aqua Ammonia
Oil Rosemary, do Berga mot, do Cloves
Do Buter Almonds, do Lemon, best Indigo
Pink Saucer*, Elm Bark, do Powdered
African Cayenne Pepper, American do
Columbian Cream, perfumed Challr
Kidder's Ind, Ink, pure Pain» Soap
While Way, Refined Borax
Tapers, 6 mo
Whiiiu's Plasters, small and largé
Sherman's Poor Man's Plasters
. do Lozenges
A Icppo Scammony
Pure Acetate nf Lead
Sweei Spirits Nitre, C^chinéaî
Ipecacuanha, Friciion Matches
Hooper's Pills, Extract Logwood
Powdered Blue, Vandyke Brown
Frosiings, Orange Giiiii Shellac
BlueSinalts, White Mustard Seed
Canary and other Seeds tor birds
Nutmegs, Sic. &c.
i uct 5 J. R. PIERPOfNT.
aaiDSösiraa *
' {i-IPA fresh supply of Dr. Kuhl's celebrated
Medicines, just receiver? and for sale at
oct 6 Dmg Store. _
Known as Clarified Essence of Horehonitd
New Yokk, April M, Î841.
Sir,—-Wrfhin »he last two or three months,
f have used considerable of your "Clarified
Essence of Hoarhoimd Candy. And it has
enabled me to speak wfth greater ease and
less injurv to mv chest, than an? thing I hare
ever used. And I do think that every public
speaker, ought, if possible, always to have it
I in possession. And aW others who woulcT
\vi«h to en)ov the tree exercise of their lungs.
Yours, truly, DANIEL BERRY,
Pastor the Weafyan Methodist Church,
corner of Grand and Clinton sis.
This to certify that f was afflicted with a
violent cold, and so hoarse thai f could not
articulate above a whisper. I used a pack
age of J. Pease & Son's Horehonnd Candy/
which ï consumed in the afternoon and ever>
ine, and strange in relate, I was enabled to
speak as well as ever I did, the next day.—
Under God I attribute »his almost miracle to
roiir Candy, and you are w?fc?ome ro makë
it public for the benefit of whom it may con-"
cern. Yourp, truly,
J. LITTLE, 3 Allen-st,
Dr. Rogers requests us to sav, that he h**
practised medicine as a physician, for thirty
years; during this long period of ht.i practice
he has made use of various kinds of remedies
for colds, horseness, and that distress nig com•
plaint, the Whooping cou?h, and he believe9
with a* good successes physicians in geneial;
ane afier all, he finds none as successful as
Pease's Clarified Essence of Hoarhound Can*
dy—and he would recommend it to be 01W
versallv used. It can be obtained at 45 Divi*
The following aré a IM of our authorised
agents: Alexandria,Bell Sl Entwisle; Washing
ton city, Frank Taylor, 3nd Wm. Fischer
Georgetown, G. W. Southron, acp1 13—6m
1H1S approved implement is coming into
_ very general use, ard is greatly preferred
to the common Harrow or any other Impie*
ment for pitting in grain.
Having received very favorable testimony
of the utility of the Cultivator we can recom*
mend it with confidence to all Wheat grow«
ers,—for sale by
10 wo 3 WM. STABLER & CO.
I TIERCE Lard Oil of Lee & Co*. man»
J facture, Cincinnati, pale as water, burnt
as well as well as Sperm, and 25 per cent.
cheaper. . . .
1 lihd. bleached winter whale do., warren
ted to burn well in tfie coLest weather.
Also, fall and winter Sperm Oils, and best
Sperm Candles. For sale by
„et 4 Fairfax street.
"l LBS. superior Dried Beef— for sale*'
by A. S. WILLIS.

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