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The Democratic Review, political and
literary organ and vade mecum of the Loco
Foco party, has its November number,
adorned with a Portrait of President Ty
ler—thus, bringing him in the same gal
aiy with other distinguished politicians,
immortalised in the same way, to wit,
Cambreleng, Dorr, Sic. &c.
We have received the November num
ber of Campbell's Foreign Monthly Mag
azine, which contains interesting selec
tions from the periodicals of Great Britain.
We have already favorably noticed this
miscellany, nd find that it continues fully
to support the literary character which it,
at first, assumed.
We learn that the Georgetown Feiry
Landing, on both sides of the river, ( with
about 40 acres of land, the wharf in George
town, building, boats, &c.,) in the imme
diate neighborhood of the Potomac Aque
duct, has been judiciously pnrchased for
the Alexandria Canal Company—a valua
ble investment, of itself, likely, to be use- ;
ful for the Canal Company, and getting ri,d
of all future difficulty with the Ferry.
The New York Chamber ot Commerce, re
solved by a unanimous vote to pay their re
spects to the Secretary of State, on his arri
val in thai city, and thank him for the man
ner in which he has conducted the foreign
relations ol the çountry,—especially by avert
ing a war with England, which would have
teen the destruction of the American com
merce at a bio*?·
Wm. Cost Johnson's Plaw.—Thç National
Intelligencer of Wednesday contains a letter
from the Hon. Win. Cost Jchnsoq to hi* con
stituents. setting forth the grounds upon which
Remade a movement at th$ late session of
Congress for the relief of iha indebted States
Vpon the basis of the Public Land iund.—Mr.
Johnson's proposition was that the Govern
ment of the Union should issue two hundred
millions of stock to be divided amongall the
States in proportion to their representation in
Congress, and that the proceeds ot the sales
of the public lands go into thç National Treas
ury until the redemption ol the stosk by the
Government. -
Ideas or Glort.—Mf. Van Buren has been
deservedly condemned for the slavish senti
ment, that 'it was glory enough to have serv
ed under such a chiet' as Andrew Jackson.-:
The Madisonian editor has no, small share of
Mr. Van Buren'8 çmall spirit. In the last num
ber of the Court Journal ne $nd the following
grand ideas with regard to Mr. Tyler.
ilUTo m m M m Da·. Inn η m tn Vf m A kn _
ww ^ «7α y ι»·» · ι·«"·ι w# **··· · «»«r * - - |
dy-else 'high though his title, proud hi? name'
that he could boast of no greater title, could
attain no moreen via hie distinction than being
considered the friend of John Tyler,—the;che
rished associate of an honest man) a greater
claim to true distinction than bçing the favor
ite of an Emperor·"
Just imagine it therefore Mr* Webster's
greatest title, his most enviable distinction to
be tbe friend of John Τ ν 1er! What says the
Massachusetts Whig to this North Amer.
The following is an article in the organ of
tbe Administration at Philadelphia.
Tat Nixt Prisidkwcy.—The Whig pres
ses will have it that President Tyler is to be a
candidate for re-election to the high dignity
he now hold*. We know not whence they
derive their authority. Mr. Tyler himself has
never y et ψ vowed the idea, if the statement
of Secretary Spencer and others familiar
with the President's view can he relied on —
Whether Mr· Tyler will become a candidate
will depend upon circumstances yet undevel
oped in the womb of time. This much ap
pears to be certain that Mr. Tyfer will never
consent to run for a Second term' unless he
should be taken by the Democratic National
Convention. He will be the candidate ol no
other party. If the choice of the National
Democratic Convention, he would unquestion
ably receive the hearty eupport of the Dem
ocratic people·
Shoot not the Shcirbkls-tuet plant
the Oaks !—A correspondent of the Hunting
ton Long Islander writes as follows 1u in a
late English woric it is said, the truth that no
animal is created but for some wise purpose
is beautifully illustrated in the squirrel. It is
a singular but well authenticated circumstance
that most of those oaks which are called
spontaneous, are planted bv the squirrel, in
which way he has performed the most essen
tial service to mankind. It is related that a
person walking one day in the woods, his at
tention was diverted by a sauirrel. which sat
very composedly upon the ground. He
stopped to observe his motioas ; in a few mo
ments the squirrel darted to the top of a tree
^ ^ *· ^ ^ Vaa·. a»· 111 «■ · nil in
UCIIVaill IT IIIVII IIS lia VJ I'*. V ■■ <11 »»·'»§I ■■"· ·"
another infant he was down with an acorn
in his mouth. and after digging a small hole
with his tore feet, he stooped down and de·
posited the acorn—then covering it, he darted
up the tree again, and in a moment was down
with another, which he buried in the same
manner; this he continued to do so long as the
observer thought proper to watch him. This
industry of the little animal is directed to the
purpose of securing him against want in win*
ter, but his memory not being sufficiently re
tentive to enable him to remember every spot
in which he deposited an acorn, he must lose
many every year, which are dtstined to spring
up at some future period to supply :he place ot
the parent tree, perhaps a century hence."
Brooklyn Star.
From the Portmsouth (VaO Banner.
Duello Qkakdo.—The grand performance
set down for last Tuesday, did not take plsce.
The inclemency of the tveather and the in
disposition of some of the monkeys caused a
parley that resulted in an amicable adjust
ment, in part. Two of the aspirants for
bloody fame had agreed to meet at the Hos
pital Grove on Wednesday morning, but were
frustrated in the execution of their chival
reus designs, by the officious interference, on
the preceding evening, of one of the tniscre·
ants of the law, whose huge paw held them
in durance yile, until released by a recogni
sance duly acknowledged»conditioned to ah·
stain from naughty tricks. Saturday evening,
• perty properly armed, equipped and attend·
ed, repaired to the grove And interchanged
lesded compliments—ihe result of which was.
that one of them will not be able ta eut the
"pigeon wing'4 again for a spell. The hall of
hie antagonist grazed the right koee*peo, and
pesaed fntjrely through )eft leg. The
jjnnd h considered somewhat 4»ngerous.—»
Λ** Prl*· aie attached to the Navy—both
Midshipmen—ooe from Ohio, and the other
Some of our contemporaries are beginning
to croak about Mr. Clay's unavailability, and
recount the vstious objections that portions
ofth* Whi^nrty make to bin», at the same
time protecting m admire him Tor his talent*
and hi* straightforward honesty, and to have
eonfidenee in his sound judgment snd great
experience* It has ever been Mr. CIay'4 fate to
be nibbed by his pretended friends,whokindly
put ev<*y possible objection that can be rais
ed against him, Into the mouths οΓ his opp^
nenn—>wit'i the most friendly intentions (of
course) imaginable. A Western psper now
before us,is performing this malignantly friend
ly office. The Whig abolitionists, the editor'
says, are opposed to him! The manufactur
ers are opposed to hrm, on account of his
Compromise Act, and the South are opposed
to him for the very opposite reasons. Let us
help out this very candid friend All the an
ti-snuff takers are opposed to him because he
occasionally takes a pinch; those opposed to
smoking will not support him because îiç 14
fond of a good cigar; the free trad,ç* home
starvation advocates will oppose him because
he is in favor of encouraging h<onie industry
by suitable protection to the American labor
tr; every aristocrat will oppose him because
he was once a poor boy ami aq, orphsn, and
lias made himself what he is;all the anti go to·
mill folks will oppose him because, when a
boy. he used to go to mill for his widowed
mother; all the old federalists wi'jl oppose him
because he was, 14 the days of Madison apd
Monroe, one of the leaders of the Democra·
tic party, and because he has never since
changed his principles; and lastly, all auch
good "modern democrats'*as opposed the last
war, will now oppose him as they dui when
his voice nerved the arm of the American sol
dier;aod roused the drooping spirits ol the A
mericaη people; and when his eloquence de
picted in their ι rue colors, t,hç wrongs and in
juries indicted by England upoq the American
seamen, pressed in the most insolent manner
,ίτοιη on board American vessels and forced to
fight against their oi\ η conntrymen and bro
thers! What an array ef opposition! Should
it not daunt him!
But on the other hand there are a few hun
• . J Ι» ι · t · - t >
urtru iiiuu5di.« υι n o arueni ma aeyoieu
friends, a small number of larmers, mechan
ics, laborers, merchants, and others, whose
future posperity must depend on bis principles
being carried out by the government, and
now and then a man who would be glad to
see a man of integrity, talent and expérience
oace tRoçe at the bead of our government,
Ma pilot who can weather the storm." We
ahali not despair.—U S. Gaz.
Pennsylvania Opposed to the Protec
tive Policy.—Pennsylvania opposed to the
Protective Policy ! Can this be? Yes: she
has shown it in her late election. She has
virtually «aid, "I will not put my trust in the
friends of a Protective Tariff;! prefer those
who are opposed to it, and are in favor ol free
trade." It is in vain to df ny, in the first place,
that the Whigs, as a party, are the friends of
the Protective system; and it is equally impos
sible to deny, in the second place, that their
opponents, as a party, are opposed to that s>s
tern. A majority ol Locolocos has been t'ect
ed to both branches of the State Legislature,
which m rot elect a Senator to. Congress and
the inference tve have drawn, and others, in
other parts of the Uuion, will draw, from the
result of the election, is irresistible. Penn
sylvania· therefore, so far as can he judged
by the voice of tjiç people, through the ballot
box, can no longer be considered as favorable
to that system ol measures on which her pros
perity 'mu&t afone depend. Let the advocates
of free-trade and low wages, therefore rejoice
and take courage : let them persevere in their
efforts to break down the manufactures, and
reduce the value of the labor al this country
to the twelve-and-a-half cents-a day labor
of Europe; tor, with the cry o.i •'Democracy*'
upon their lips they need not despair of entire
Let them raise the shout of "Democracy,*'
•*hard money,''and l4free-trade," ahd the ut
ter prostration of American manufactures,
American enterprise, American labor, and
American commerce, will s ton follow. Then
will come "low wages,''or no wages ; and the
poor will be trodden in the dust and kept poor
«II their lives Oh ! what a glorioles thing is
this "Democracy," this "hard-money,*' and
this'Tree trad?,'' for ihç laborer» and how
wise and patriotic tlie people of Pennsylvania
have been to repudiate the Protective Policv
and its supporters, the Whigs! Who would
see Henry Clay» the father, and the ever faith
ful friend and advocate of this system. Pres
ident? Not Pennsylvania; no: she knows
her own interest better! she throws herself
intothe arms of "the great nullifier" and'Oee·
trade advocate," John C. Calhoun! or com
mits her destinies to Martin Van Buren, the
"Northern man with Southern feelings;" an
American with a British heart! Oh! won
derful wisdom1 unparallelled patriotism! and
afi for the supremacy of Locofocoism ! !!
[J. S Gazette.
There seems to have been a çall, the pasf
year for reform in our Navy, which has been
responded to, by Judge Upshur bringing to iri
al all those who ware charged with oflences
against the laws of the Navy, which measure
was alike just to the accused as the country.—
The Navy must be purged of all iil-doers. If
dismissal fall amongst the seniors, there is no
wantof juniors to fill the post ol honor, hy
honorable and c hi val ric men We have the
highest confidence in the pa triotism, honor,a nd
chivalrv, οΓ the great body of our Navy offi
cers. îf there are ' black sheep" amongst
them, let them be driven from the fold.
U. S. Gazette.
Mr. Cushing before leaving the city, was
waned upon by a goodly number of office
seekers in a body. Each had their tale to
tell,—their scars to show, and their hard ser
vices to recount One ol the foremost seek·
ers who presented himself to Mr. Cushing,
was a man who is seeking the office of United
Claies \jl«reh«l tKio ΠιαΙτίκ, 1-1 koacliiii
V » W «V VJ ·▼« w · W«|M · 1 1IIV · '!»» »* "V » t AV «uurivu
that hf was the firsi lo unfirl the Tyler flag
in this city, and he seemed to think that he
deserve*! at least to he rewarded with a good
office for doing so much to the President.—
The motive, we presume, must have been too
apparent 10 have produced much efject with
Mr. Cushing—and where the mark of the
Swiss is so plainly written upon the forehead
of the guilty, il can hardly produce effect for
good any where. Mr, Tyler will fjnçi ere
long thai in New York his 4egood name," like
his offices, is in the possession of the Har
pies. The men who were onpe the trading
politicians of hoth parties have hi® entirely to
themselves.—Ν Y Exp,
Oysters—Last night was a great day for
the oysters in our harbor The law régulât·
ing the taking of them, allows the privilege to
catch on and after the first »f November, Tor
a certain time, and Tor the last few days eve
ry thing in the chape of a boal in this vicinity,
hiH been in readiness for the occasion. As
early aa 4 o'clock vesterday afternoon, boat
al ter boat, scow after scow, and canoe after
canoe, could be seen steering for the large
oyster bed at the mouth of West river, and
by 10 o'clock in the evening it is estimated
that not less than 1000 persons were on the
ground· The moment the clock told the
hour of midnight, the strife commenced, and
al aunrise this morning, it was estimated that
over 10,000 bushels had been taken, and we
haye no doubt th%c Ie8$ than the actual
quantity. We saw several boat* containing
40 or 60 bushels, which had been filled bf one |
individual, and were toid thai many persons
took 30 and 40 and some even 70 and do
buanele. They can be boughi from 20 to 75
cents per bushel according lo the size.
New Haven Palladium.
A FURTHER supply'tib hand, and for sale
uov 3 KERR & MvLEAN.
Alextnde r Drysdale, Attorney of the (Jnii·
ed States for Geurgia.in the place of S. Cohen,
Alexander Waugh, Justice of the Peace in
the County of Alexandria, in the District of
Price of Ρ H OD U CE in Alexandria from
Wagons and, Vessels.
Maryland Tobacco, · · S3 00 a 6 00
Flour., per bbl. - 1 - · 3 87$ α 0 00
Wheat, (red) · - · 0 75 α 183
do'(white) ' - · · 0 90 a 0 95
Rye, · - 0 60 a 0 62
Corn, (while,) · · · 0 50 a 0 00
' Do. (yellow,) · - . 0 50 β 0 55
ΟΑΤβ,Γςοπι wagons, per bush. 0 28 a 0 30
Corn Meal. per bushel, · 0 60 β 0 65
Butter, roll, per lb·, · · 0 15 β 0 ^0
» Do. firkin, do. · » ο 10 a 0 15
Bacon, - - - - 5 50 u 6 0U
Lard, do. . . 0 ί α 0 00
Clover Seed, * · · 7 0d β 6 6j
White Beans, - - 0 75 a 0 00
Plaister, · (retailed) - 4 25 a 4 60
Flaxseed, - - - - 1 12 a 1 25
Pork, (wagons,) · - 4 80 a 5 00
Flour.—We continue our quo latins from
wagons, at $3,87with increased receipts—
sates from stores of 300 a 400 barrels at $4,
for King 3ireec, and $4,6}, for Central Mills.
The demand is good, and the markei firm.
Grain.—The market for Wheat continues
dull, arising, in some measure, to the
low stage of water, at our neighbor·
ing Mills, Good Red wheal is worth 75 a
78 cents. Prime White wheat sold yesterday
fro η wagons at 80 cents.
No Corn offering.
Cattlk Market.—Of Beei Cattle there is
a fair supply, which sells at $3,50 to $4.50 ac
cording to quality. Hogs fi^rcn at $4,50 per
hundred weight—aud çoming in only iu
small lots. Sheep are worth $1,50 to $175.
Flour IxsptCTjorj in Georgetown.—The
total inspection for t^e year 'ending'on the
3pth oi June last,' was 208,($7 bbls* For the
quarter ending on the 30th September last,
60,190 barrels. During the same time last
year, 45,902 barrels—increase in 1812, 14,288
•'Yesterday, the 10th ofOctober, was the day
fixed by the new Tariff for the payment oi
the reduced duties on salted provisions, and,
in consequence, public sales to a considerable
extent were arranged to take glace this day.
These sales comprised 1522 bbls American
Beef; 2199 do do Pork; 311 do do Hams; 691
bbls. Canadian Pork; 35 do do Beef—and ex
cited considerable interest and curiosity. The
attendance of town and country dealers at
the sales was numerous, and there were some
gentlemen from Ireland; the latter, no doubt,
chiefly to watch the progress of a trade
threatening to interfere with thai which they
have enjoyed exclusively for so long.
4,lt must be observe^. that the greater, por
tion of the United States1· meats were import
ed some months ago, and, having been eured
before it was known that there would be a
change iq the British dunes, were not so well
suited to the taste of consumers here, as
doubtless they will be rendered hereafter·
The pork was generally very well fed, though
rather fatter than the usual run'of Irish.
Of the beef, on the contrary, it was observed,
that it was not sufficiently well fed.
••We question whether the sales have re
sulted to the satisfaction ot the importers gen
erallv : the buvers evidently acted with more
1 · _ /*. l. 2 _ - ·__ _ « · L ^ .1 ^
wanness h um ucmg new ιυ uic uauc·
•01 the United Slates', provisions a large
portion was withdrawn. The hains sold fetch
ed 30s 6d to 31s per cwt, duty paid. Prime
beef, 38s to 39s per barrel, duty paid ; a very
old parcel went even lower. Pork, 41s to 46s
per barrel, duty paid. The Canadian pork re·
alized 43s to 46s per barrel, duty paid. Of
Canadian beef there was hule ottered, which
realized for prime 46s to 48s, and one lot of
prime π ess 5.0s per barrel, duty paid.
"Several pjrcels of American cheese were
offered, and sold at 36s 6d to 46s 6d per cwt,
duty paid, for inferior to middling quality,
whilst a few Iqts of good brought 50s to 549
per cwt, duty paid.
American Produce— Large Stock of Tobac
co.— We understand that so vast is the slock
of American Tobacco at present in the port
of Liverpool, that the Collector has lound it
necessary to procure additional sheds for the
stowage of that article, the qumtity lodged in
the old establishment amounting to upwards
of 11,000 hogsheads and packages. This ex
traordinary accumulation may probably be
owing, in part, to the unusual supply of tobac
co raised in the United States, by diverting
to that purpose lands formerly explored in
the cultivation of rice and cotton. We per
ceive that of the tobacco crop in 1838, the val
ue exported was 7.392,029 dollars;'In 1839,
9,882 943 dollars; and 12,576,703 dollars in lS^I.
Of the cotton crop the value exported was 64,·
556,811 dollars in 1838 ; 61,238,982 dollar? in
1839; and 54,330,341 dollars in 1841. Some
nf the overplus of tobacço may likewise be
due to the recent distresses of the laboring
classes, which have prevented them from in
dulging so freely as they otherwise would
have done in this favorite luxury. The check
in the demand tor cotton may at the same
time be supposed to have had its influence in
increasing f he produce of tobacco.
Sa'let), November 4.
Ship Virginia, Β*II, New Orleans.
Bark America, Berry, Amsterdam.
Schr. Exact, Bernard, Norfolk.
Brig Favorite· Masters, from Baltimore, at
Bermuda 24th inst.
Brig Gen. Grant, Rollins, from Alexandria,
19th inst.
Miscellaneous articles, The use
of Coal in England, and The Head and
Heart, see first page daily paper.
Rev. Edward Kingsford, may be
expected to preach in the Lyceum Hall,
to-;norro\v morning, at the usual hour.
i'ljPThe drawing of the Virginia State Lot
tery, for the benefit of the Monongalia Acad ·
at?, Class O, lor 1842, will take place at Alex·
andria, Va., (THIS DAY,) Nov 5, at 5
c'clock, P. M. J. G. GREGORY & Co.,
nov 5— It Managers.
PAULINE, a Tale of Normandy, by Alex
ander Dumas, translated from the French
by a Lady of Virginia, Just published, in an
Fxtra New World, and for sale, price 16 cts.
nov »
WE have received, per the ship Virginia,
from Liverpool,a full supply of Math
ematical Instruments, in fish skin and wooden
boxes, Dividers, Steel joints; Parallel Rulers;
Protractors; Ruling Pens; Ivory and Boxwood
Scale*; Ivory Scales, with protractors on
back; twelve inch Parallel Rujer*. &c wti\h
we will sell as low, f.ir caph.es they c$u be
bought at the North.
i nov 5 BELL k BVTWISLE.
THOSE suffering with Coughs, Pains in lb$
Breast, difficulty of Breathing,Spitting of
Blood, and all affections tending to* Consump
tion, who have more confidence in a prépara·
ton made from the recipe ofone ofihe most d s
tinguised Physicians in the United States,than
the quack nostrums now so abundant, are re*
commended to try Professor Philip Syng Phys
ic's Celebrated Pectoral Ceugli Syrup, which
being composed entirely of vegetable ingredi
ents, and free from all injurious narcotics, the
relief afforded is permanent.
It can also with safety be administered
the youngest infant* trial will convince the
most sceptical ôf its great superiority over ev
ery other prepartion.
Prepared only by J. W & R. W. DAVIS.
Wholesale Druggists, Baltimore
Pice 60. ots per bottle, soul by
* idH.N SAYRS. Agent,
pov 5—6»n for Alexandria.
THE first regular meeting of the fifth Ses
sion of the Alexandria Lyceum, will be
held on Tuesday evening, 8th in*.
The "Introductory Lecture" will be deliv
ered by Uie President, Chas. A Alexander.
Doors open at 7 o'clock.
Tickets to he had at the usual places.
n<>v 5—3t
ANOTHFR supply of splendid Paper Hang
ing, * ith Cloth Borders lo match. Just
ieceived and lor sale by
novo GEO. WHIT'S.
WINDOW Glass from 8X10 to 12*18, al·
H> Putty in any quantity, lor sale a t
nov S Drug store.
T1TH1TE Lead, No. 1, au1 extra pure, for
VV sale low at HENRY COOK'S,
nov 5 D u* store.
Ο f* i l ί \ BUSHELS of prime quality, ou
/wJLrVy board schnr Phénix» at Central
wharl. Apply to the master on board, or to
nov 5 WM. FOWLE & SON.
Α BOXES single Loaf Sugar
1,4 5 do A. 1 Family Loal do
In store and fur sale by
^ΠΓΙΕ Subscriber respectfully informs thotf
J. persons indebted to him individuality ei
ther by bond, or open account,lha t unless liqui
dated prior to the 1st December next, he will
without respect to persons, place each debt in
the hands of an officer, for collection. He
cannot give longer indulgence.
nov 2—71 GEO. Ο HARVEY.
rl^HE President and Directors of the Bank o!
JL Potomac have declared κ dividend ol
two ^>er cent on the capital «rock, for the last
six months, payable onarvJ after Wednesday
the 2d of November next By order,
oct 29—d4t&eo2w W.C.PAGE, Cashier.
Λ LlVlDENDol 50 cents, on each share ol
Λ Stock held in this institution» has been
declared, payable to the Stockholders or their
legal representatives,on and alter Friday, the
4 h ins ι.
nov 3—eoQw N. WATTLES, Secretary.
j υ ο ι (ncirnuciuj
best Dentnfice ever used
Antique Hair Oil, fur moistening and preserv
ing ι he llair
Diamond Cement, for joining broken glass, or
naments, &c.
Wis tar's Cough Lozenges, Brass Cleaning
Mixture, &r.
JUST RECEIVED—An assortment of Fine
Hair Bruhe ^
Fine Tooth Brushes, Fine Combs,
Dressing Combs, Silk Purses, Powder Puffs,
&c. &c., fur sale at
. nov 3—eo3t# Drug Store, King street.
Xnn SACKS Blown ) „ ,r
*U 5U0 do Ground Alum ) 1
Aboa'd the British ship Robert Watt,—for
sale by
I Hi t BOXES of new crop, in very fine
I vJU order; - landing from brig Mozart,
qnd tor sale by
nov 4 WM. FOWLE & SON.
BAGS Old Pale Java Coffee,—landing
per brig Mozart, /roni Boston For sale
A HALF chests very superior young Hy
IIJ son Tea, now landing from Schr L. L.
Sturgess, irom New York, anil for sale bv
nov 2 WM, N. & J II. McVElG'H.
BUSHELS coarse Salr, in
7000 sacks coarse ) large size and in best
4i500 do. blown ) bleached sacking.
The cargoes of Slnps Virginia, Alexan
dria and Pioneer,—ihe former npw discharg
ing, and the two latter daily expected froin
Liverpool, and for safe bv
oct 5 WM. FOWLE &. SON.
IT? INTERStrained Sperm OJ
\Λ lorsileal HKMIY Ό Κ. -
oct 28 Priig Store.
ΦΛ /ÎfW\ FEET «elected clear Boards
SJLMJIJW 60,000 Sawed Laths
1200 bu«h. Mercer potaloes—pri
Cargo ofSchr. St Helena, from Bangor,—
for sale by
rov 3 f.A V1REIVT h Mc$RNZ|E.
1 m 1 ■■■■!■ ■ « ■ ■ ι ————■ ■ f ■ ■ ■ ■ ι ι ■ t m
A Q HHDS. Cuba MuscovadoSugars
Id 3u hags prime Green Uio CufJee, this!
dav receiving, and for sale !>τ i
nov 3 YV. N. & J. H. McVElGH.
LBS. Sides and Shoulders, just re- |
ceived by
no ν 3 WHEAT Bl Sons.
UULLED Buckwheat Fl ur, in bhls. and ·
small packages. to Pint families. Just re
ceived. and for sale, VERY LOW bv
nov 3 A. S. WILLIS.
λ αλ CASKS fresh Tho3u»ton Lime—
OUv/ cargo Schr. Snean Ludvtig.—for sale
by Lambert & Mckenzie, i
*nrtv 3 !
4 PIECES drab just received Iron* the man·
ufacturer, and for sale t»v
POCRand Durand a half inch
Pirketa, for sale by
oct 28 A· C. CAZENOVE it Co
■ *"-■
Μξζαηάτίβ and Winchester Stage.
The Sc|ge will on arid
'after the 18th mst. leave
Alexaricrii at M o'clock,
A. Al.,onTuesdavs, Thursdays, and Satur
days, after the arrival of the 1,0 o'clock Boat
from Washington. Returning, wil! arrive here
on Wednesdays, Fridays, an'd Sundays, by 1
o'clock, P. M.
By the a hove arrangement there will he no
night travel. T. J.'NOLANÎ) & CO.
oçi I8--eolf
The store Room, now occupied,next
to W. T. Harper, a good stand for bu
siness Possession given inured late
ly. ÈTn^uire οί the subscriber,
The house and lot on St. Asaph at.,
near Friends' Meeting House, recently
occupied by Sarah Talhott—with cis
tern in the yard, and every other conveni
ence desirable for the comfortable accom
modation of a family. Apply to
oct 13—tf ROBERT H. MILLER.
A Dwelling House situated on Clueen
street, bt t we feu Pitt ami St. Asaph; ap
ply to
nov5-eo3t SAMUEL BARTLE.
Tbe last sailing Packet Schooner
PENNSLVAN1A, Wm. H. Thomas,
master; having part ot her cargo on
board, will sail on Monday, 7th in4f. and vill
take whatever other Ireight might otter. Ap
ply lo the master on board, or to
nov 5—2f Corner of Prince and King sts.
l'UK I'tilLAUfcLFHIA—(Fie Canal.)
The packet Schr. J. VV. Caldwell,
Brad bu y, will sail for the above port
on Saturday, for freight, apply to
nov4 STEPHEN S HI Ν Ν & Co.
THE good British schooners CON
DOR and CHARLOTTE, will sail
this week for freight, apply to
oct 26 WM. FOWLK & SON.
The regular Packet Barque SO
PHRONIA, R. Newcomb, Jr. master,
will sail at àn early day, a d can
yçt take some freight—for which. o.r passage,
apply to WM. FOWLE & SON.
oct 26
ANY person wanting to invest money on
Bond and satisfactory security in the
best Stock, can find a borrower for $2000 on
ly. For particulars, apply to
nov 3-d lw THOS. VOW ELL
Bracelets silver darts
^Bracelet Clasps Silver combs
'^apoz and Amathial Tortorsbell Combs
Breas pins Plated Cake Baskets
Finger Rings Silver Spoons
Gold Guard Chains Stiver Forks
Gold Pencils Plated Waiters
Silver Pencils Silver Fruit Knives
Pencil Leads Gold Watch Keys
Gold Watches S/jawi Puis
Silver Watches Plated Candlesticks
Silk Reticules Steel Cap Springs
With a variety ol other articles, received
and for sale by BEN J. BARTON,
oct 31 —di2Inov
HHDS. handsome quality Porto Rico
) Sugars
oO bois prime «ioshcn Cheeae
•25 bo^es Colgate's family Starr h
25 44 do Dipped Candles
1J qr casks Sweet Malaga Wine
10 hags Pepper
150 lbs best Indigo
1000 M Race Ginger
500 " Sal VEratus—thi< dav landing
from sçhr L. L. Sturgess I rum New York, and
lor sale by
novfc VVM. N. & J. H. MeVEIGtl.
HALF chests fresh Gunrowder Teas,
a large portion ol which is of very su
perior quality, suitable lor resiling—now land
ing from *chr L. L. Snirçess, from >ew York,
and for sale by
nov2 W, N. & J. H. McVEIGH.
UNDER authority ol a deed of trust from
3as. Irwin and wile to me. da'ed August,
1, 183-2, and duly recorded, and for the purposes
therein mentioned, I will sell, at public auc
tion, to the highest bidder, on Wednesday,
the ninth (fay ot Nov. next, at 11 o'clock, A
M., in Iront of the City Hotel, (Wise'b) in AI
lexandria, the following real property in the
town ol Alexandria, viz:
1 An undivided third part of an annuity or
rent-charge of $310 per annum, issuing out ol !
a quarter square of ground, with seven tene
ments thereupon, known as ••Danghertv's
Row/'and situated at the southwest corner
of King and West streets, together with the
right and title to the premises charged by vir
tue ol a re entry made thereupon by Thomas
Irwin, Senior.
2. An undivided third part of a lot oferound
on the north side of Cameron street, to the
eastward of St. Asaph street—in front 25 feet,
and 120 feet deep, wiih a email brick tenement
thereon, now occupied by Bathseba Gibson:
Terms made known at the #ale.
Selling as Trustee, I will convev only such
tiile as is vested in me by the deed aforesaid,
which is believed to he unquestionable.
sep 9—dtd
in . .
Trustee. >
Virginia Monoripnlia Lv.—Class O,
Will he drawn at Altx'a. Va.f on Saturday, j
Nov. $—ai 5 o'flork P. M.
78 η uni hers— ί 3 drawn ballots.
Tickets $10-shares in proportion.
Consolidated Lotr'y, of Md, Claw 160.
'Witl be drawn at Baltimore, on Saturday
Nov. 5 '
Tickets $3— shares in proportion.
For sale in great varieiv, by
' Yi. SNYDSR, h . I
Drawn Nos. ιf Maryland Congol. Lolery, j
Extra Class 124.
47 54 73 3 36 45 72 74 16 gO 69 4§
Virginia Mononghalia Lottery, Claps O,
Will he drawn at Alexandria Va.* on Saturday
N«»v 5.-5 o'clock P. M.
75 number*—13 dra ivn ballots
Tickets $10—shares iji proportion.
C«ntioIiJated Lolterjof MJ4 Class 160.
Will be drawn at Bariraore, on Saturday.
Nov 5;
Whole Tickets ijt3—shares in proportion.
For sale m greatest variety, by
- - - '
Virginia Monongalia Lv.—Class O,
Will De dra wnai Alexandria Va. on SalurJay
Nov. S, at ο clock P. M#
78 numbers—13 drawn balJor>,
Tickets SlO—sna.es hi proportion. ί
' *
Co'isoi'd Lotr'ry of iVaryland.Qlass 160,
\Vijl be drawn at Baltimore, on Saturday
Tickets £3,U'J—shares in proportion.
For sale in great variety, by
RY virtue of a deed of trust from Moses 0.
B. Cawood to the subscriber bearing
date, on the 26th June. 1839, ami the same ttu ·
Iy recorded in the Land Records of Alexan
dria Countv, I shall, on Tuesday,, the 6rh da?
: of December next, iffatr—if not,the next fair
day, at 12o'clock M., expose to sale, at pub·
lie auction —the tallowing described property
:—mat is to s;ty — a lot of ground, situated in
ι the tow» of Alexandria^ and bounded as fol
| lows; 'Beginning ai the intersectionol'GLueen
and Union streets, and running thence Soyth
27 9-1*2 feet on the west side of Union streçin
i.t&nce west, aud parallel with Queen street,
77 6 12 teet thence north, and parallel with
Union street *27 9 12, thence east, tin ifye
south side <>f Queen street to the teytiyig.
Sale positive. Terms cash
nor 5— lawts Trustee·
ΤΙΟ.γ 1
ON Wednesday afternoon, the 9th ins ant,
at 3 ο clock, will be sold on the premises
ι ha : large and valuable LOT OF GROUND,
at the corner of Washington and Princess
streets, fronting on Washington, 75 leet, and
on Princess street' 123 leei 5 inches. At its
western extremity a breadth of 40 feet, ex
tends north, 96 ieet 7 inches, being 21 feet 7
inches more than its front on Washington St.
Terms liberal and made known at sale.
nov 5—ts Auctioneer;.
tuio η λ ν
m * J I |/iA Β ·
BY virtue of a Deed of Trim, executed to
ι tie subscribers, by John Hooe, Jr., bear
in£ date the first day of May, 1941, aud duly
recorded in the Clerk's OlUce, ΛΪPrince Wil
liam County, Va , we shall· offer for sale 81
Public Auction, for cash, before the dour of
the Farmers' Hot·*! in the Town of Freder
icksburg, on Saturday the third day of Sep
tember next, the following Real Estate, to
wit: a tractor parcel of land, \ying and be
ing iu the County of Prir.ce William, known
by the name of Yorkshire, adjoining the lands
of Lovell Marders, Wm. J. Weir, and Win.
Brawner, containing about eleven hundred
acres, it being the same land which was con*
veyed to the said John Hooe, Jr , by Bushrod
Washington and Henry Turner: also another
tract of land, adjoining the abovç named
tract, called Locust G:ove, containing about
seventeen hundred acres, which iva3 devised
to the said John Hooe, Jr , bv his father, the
late Bernard I i«*oe, of Prince WiUiain county.
The title to the said land is believed to be
undisputed, but selling as trusteed, we shall
convey only, such as is vested in us by the
deed ol trust aforesaid
King George, Va., June *23—eots Trustees.
The above sàle is pos poued to Saturday
the 5th day of November, 1842. β ug 30
Market Square.
YXJ ILL be sold, on Saturday, 5th inst., in
\V the Market Square, commencing at 8
o'clock, Household and Kitchen Furniture.
Cooking, Ten-plate, and other Stoves, with
ovher aiiicles, including a few boyes <»| Sperct
ft.Sale in the evening as usual, at my
Auction Rooms, Dry Goods, &c.
nov3-2t GEO. WHITE.
Sale on Tuesday, Nov. &th inst, a/ 3 o'clock
P. M.t at White's Auction Rooms.
I^IRST qualify Bulbous Roots, just landed
irom a vessel, m a short passage from
Amsterdam, and in most beautiful order.—
They are pul up if. convenient packages as
sorted, v\ith printed catalogues, and every
name may be relied on as represented. They
are reported to be the besi thai ha ye come 10 the
District, and embrace all the choicest vari
eties of iivac\ nths, Tulips, Ranunculus, Pae
onies, <kc 6lc. &c.
nnv 3—ts Auctioneer.
WILL be sold on Thursday. 1 Oih instant,
at 10 o'clock, A ÎVJ. α ι the Dwelling
House & Store, of \lr. Lemuel Stanshury. oq
King, between Pitt and Royal streets, a va
riety of Household and Kuciien Furnilure%
such a$ Ha»rseai Sojaj'Cane (Jo, Lounge, Ma·
hogany Dnner, Centre.Tea and other Tables,
I Candle, Wash, and Workstands, Mahogany,
Cane seal and other Chairs, Rocking, do;
Cane seat Stools, Feather Beds, Bedsteads,
Looking Glasses, Andirons, Shovel and Tongs,
1 Glass she λ case, passage Lamp. b.c. Also,
Kitchen Furniture, one Parlor and two ten
piate Stoves. GEO. WHITE,
nov3—eojt Auctioneer·
BY virtue oj'a Deed ol Tru<i, bearing dale
the 7ih da ν of August. ISII, executed to
the Subscriber by Phineas Gibson, and IJar·
riet Α., his wile, and of record Γη thé County
Court of Loudoun, lor the put|,o>t cf securing
a certain debt therein mentioned,' in pursu
ance of deed, and l(»r the purpose of pay
ing said dçtit—the subsetiber oflered (or
sale for cash, on Tuesday, the 6fh day ol Sep
tember last, <in the premises, that valuable
Tan Yard property, situate·! in ihe immediate
virin^ty of Upp«*rviile. The imnroverneMK
consist of a comfortable two story dwelling
Home. Kitchen, Smoke house, and a large
two story stone Tan House, Baik Mil House.
&c , together with a variety of implements,
appeitaming to the Taning business,Wifl)sun
dry other personal property. The purchaser
of the s"id property, at the sale ko made on
that day, having failed to comply with the
term*, and a sale of tlie sa;d property having
Ur^tMIIC IICl ι ν, ΙΜ1·ΙιΙ,Μ|| « II*" /HI ililjr «JJ
November, 1313, ai the ri>k «Ί the former
purchaser, mon the premises offjr for sale to
ι he highest bidder, for cash, the above proper·
tν. mentioned »nd described in said deed υΓ
ir.M. The title of the a'»ove named property
(« unquestionable—but acting as Trustee, I
shall convey such nil*» onfv.as is conveyed lo
vei't 30 - pots Trustee·
"IPURSUANT lo a decree of* the County
Jt ('oiii t of Prince William Court!*, sitting
in Chancery, pronounced on the G»h of Sept.,
181*2, in the case of Matthew Da vu and *t!e#
& ι m I others, against Wtlham Ashl'ird and u ife%
and others. the under^igne f CortrnHMoiter in
the said decree named, will, on ihe iUili day
ofNoyemher.ttHrr a ι f»u'»'ic auction, to the
highest hairier, on the pre mi·***» — the Tract <)f
Land thereof Hezekiah Fairfax diM sei*ed#
ηud on which hu willow now reside·, l*mf
in the couru ι of Prince William, ,ιο Orcquaa
run, a nit adjoining the lands of Wm. Fairla*.
Sen,and Warren Davis, and contamina Z5D
x\cres. more or less This Ian I is situated a ·
bout seven miles trout Qccoqum MilU, and
attnui ten miles from Brent-vitte; — it i* well
watered, ami we'l timbered, and has or it 4
good Dwelling H*ue and Ki'chea—and a
tolerable good orchard, and as a healthy lo·
canon, it stands unnv:i!ied Term*. * credit
of twelve month** wit! be allowed it't» r*urchi
se· on the purchase money, he giving bord
and approved security, and totj : ; * ' e ben? re
taillai u»· ti ihe pu cii »se m,% ·*>\· j* yn'l
ocι 10—eolui* C tmuiMstoiter·
Λ Λ i LS.
*Ύ 4 d \ CASUS of Cut Nails, Brade 1*4
/ I ' ' Spike*, a fu 1 assortment fur sala by
oC% 22 A. C. CAZESQVZ * Co.

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